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Xew Elark Camel s Hair Che lot
good durable fabric and er sen Re
side 3S Inches wide iv
regular C9e alue C CC vd
clal at JJ Ju
New Black All wool Fine Batiste
silk finished IS Inches wide ery
line and guaranteed to r rc yd
wear 6Sc alue J J Ju
Xew Black Brilltantlne 15 Inches
wide a erv silky lustre pure de
Kngllsh make worth f OjC yH
Baby Carriages
These are among the new ar
rlal and stles and patterns are
handsomer than anv jcu hae eer
seen before The Baby Carriages
and Go Carts are beautifully up
holstered and graceful In every
curie The new Mattings are here
In a mjrlad of dainty patterns and
ecry quality is reliable Wc arc
complete furnishers including
Crockcrj Bedding Gas Bangis
etc Weekly or monthl pajments
arranged to suit jou
III EI9 621 823 Till St N W
Eet H and J Sts
It firralj In Washington af
Ittion and no othrr llrrad can takp
Its jJacr Ntt good in 41 hut jjooJ
all the way through and good oer da
Corbys Alodcrn Bakery
Of any make repaired JLCO
Mall orders promptly attended to
Including Pilsleu Extraction
S Jim5 W nd P
bUrrt lllliop j nd up
Uourt fcso to 6 p m Sundi 10 to
Li7 AMlrtant
Hit PtTTOVS PalnlM Dentr Titlon
v a uw za uoor
VWrranted 14 ynn
with finest hnn with
cord cse T
and hook 3IUU
Will wnr a wrir m
tS Cold Claw Wc
ruirantc natllartlon
A KAHV Oplician
U3S r iiw
20 inches wide
24 inches wide
27 Inches wide
Mr Ttlehard K Culver the well kiiiwn
cartoon gave a chalk talk one night
list wick at the residence of Senator and
Mrs Mason
Mrs I 8 K Itccves and family will re
side nt 1720 Twenty second Street during
the absence In Oil in of Iieuti mint Com
mander Reeves
Owing to the recent death of her fath r
Mrs George A Nlxun UIG Ithodc Island
Avenue will not nuke or return calls
Mr nnd Mrs Theodore I Levers and
daughter Miss May Adcle I cvere have
taken apartments at the Gladstone
The engagement has been announced of
Miss Matilda Agan daughter of Dr David
M Agan of New York to ex-Representative
J lrank Aldrlch of Chicago It
Is said that they met for the first time
63c yd
An Importers surplus of high grade
TilTeta Silks in all colon and sUks
principall fancies In two lots as fol
I- All that were Jl3 now
I All that were 1 50 now-
ress Goods-
Xew lIck All wool Uaskette ita
mine mikes a erj tasty gown oer
colors 12 Inches wide CfC
a real 75c ahic JU u
Xw Black All wool Batiste ery
fine piallt and llnish worth eery
renn of Kc to sue at 7 CC
special price pr
Xew rrench All wool Black Ktamlne
sheer and soft linish makes up
handsomel oer colors St ti
J1J5 alue J
Leiilcu Take on a Deeper
ami Gloomier Tine
t ntirn iciiiiit and 3Ialiinif fiilfi
Aiimiitf tin MoKtcMMCM of fnlnj
Aferiifoii A Iirnliiiitn if Mon
nntl Wonicii PromiiMiit In hoilet
t I 1
Socially considered AVaMilnffton is as
rk and dull and drear TennjsonH
Jtnfn Daj There are dinners of
course there are ahas dlnneis and
now and then homebody ghes a small tea
Doubtless also there are Junketings of a
crosed doors Ostensibly there is no such
condition these las as 1 social world
I Mi Caremc made a gay little break In
the monoton of lat week and the ap
pearance of Josef Hofmann gae an
other excuse for a grand social rally but
no such good luck awaits the week to
Senora Vicuna wife of the Chilean Min
ister was at home jesterda from 5 to 7
oclock The hostess welcomed her guests
In a becoming toilo of white silk low
ered with blue Mme Godoy wife of the
First Secretary of the Mexican llmhassy
was also among the hostesses of the af
ternoon It being her last reception of
the season
The lion M iud Pauncefote has re
turned from New- York Mme Ifu Is
about to take a trip to Atlantic City
Mrs I eger wife of the Haitian Minis
ter will Hall Tuesday for Haiti She will
be absent six weeks
The announcement comes from Ixjndon
that Mr W lar Muller until recently
Sfcond Secretary of the British Kmbinsj
will retire from the diplomatic ben Ice
Mr John B Mclean and family are
occupjlng apartments at the Garden Ho
tel Atlantic City whre they expect to
remain until after Easter
Prof Wisner who his been gllng a
succession of Interesting lectures at the
homes of prominent society people will
be heard at Senator Depews on March 25
when his subject will be Soutnlr dc la
Guerre de 1ST0
In llatlons are out for a dance at tho
Raleigh Monday evening Arll 8 hj the
following Messrs J Maury Dene Jr
Alex Britton Broune Seth Shepard jr
John n X rrume and Maurice Dupont
Lee Mrs J Mauri Dow Mrs F A
Gardner Mrs A It Browne nnd Mrs
Frank Hume art the patronesses
Mr and Mrs John Tlltston Granger
who came from Old Point for the Inau
guration spent the past week In New
Mrs Henrli tta Mnrshall of Tansdowne
Baltimore County Md innouncet
the engagement of lifr daughter Mie
Cash to Mr W llarrle Thompson of this
olt late of london lngland The w si
ding date has been set for Sunday April
Mrs J IMward Balby of Montpcller
Vt Is visiting her lurents Mr and Mrs
C M Gillette H01 H Strot and will be
at home Thursd ik in March 3 to C
Mr and
spending a
at the Inauguration Ball Miss Agnn 13
joung handsome and possessed of n fine
contrafto oice which has been cultl
ted abroail
teous repast was serel 3hoe present
were Mr ana Mrs rranK Wallace Mr
and Mr Gwirpp Daniel Mr and Mrs
1 r1 I T1ln1yn IIh til tm Tnn
HI1IU it ICtUllCIf i IIIU alii IfcW 111
-I W V XA11ltnl
rt Tuk Mr and Jlrs W F Balderston
Mrs Thomas F Walsh
week In Xtw York
Mr nnd Mrs Kdwln S ClarKson enter
tained a partj of friends at progresert
euchre Thursday cening at their resi
dence 2o3 X Street In honor of the tenth
annlersary of their marriage The ladles
prizes were won by Miss Sue Taj lor
Miss Frances Hungerford Mrs Ilerves
S Knight and Mrs V Balderston
while Ur Wade 11 Atkinson Ml Kdgar
J Clarkson Mr Kdward T Kaiser and
ur w I naiuerston carnea on tne gen
tlemens prizes After the game a boun
Dr and Mrs Wade II Atkinson Dr and
Mrs J S Allen Mr and Mrs Hervey S
Knight Misses Helen T MeKeeer Carrie
Kllne Julia Ivllnge Frances Hunger
ford Martin Sue Tajlor Anna Taj lor
Messrs Edgar J Clarkson Edward T
Kaiser Iin Leavey II S Thomas
James T Newton Walter C Balderston
The Columbia I Rights Art Club met at
the home of Mrs S V Hajden 1W
Fourth Street Thursday last Mrs Al
phonso Hart read u piper rn Discoveries
by Spain In North America
The Cosmopolitan Shakespeare Club
was entertained Tuesday c ening last by
Mrs Court F Wood at her home 311
Kast Capitol Street Aerial Navigation
Us Advantages and Possibilities was
dltcussed at roll call The first act of
The Tempest was read together with
introductory notes bearing on tho plaj
Later the hostess abslsted by her niece
MUs Whiteside served refreshments
After a social hour the club adjourned
Its next meeting will occur March X at
the home of Miss Craig l A Street
southeast Thoe present were Mesdamcs
Patten Pierson Wood Stanton Whit
nc and the Misses Weiss Malone JefT
cry Pettis Pierson Patten and White
One of the pretty home weddings of the
week took pi ice Tucsda March 12 at 3
oclock at the residi nee of Capt and Mrs
J Brenton Simmons 718 Nineteenth
Street when their daughter Mrs Pull
man and Mr John Norman Macleod of
New London Conn wire married Tho
bride entered the room with her father
They were preceded b Miss Lottie
Cranston of Warwick it 1 the couln
of the bride as maid of honor The
groom was attended by Mr Hazen N
Vlttyt of Brooklyn N Y The eiremony
was performed bv ltev Mr Bagly under
a canopy of palms La France roses and
Spring Humors
of the Blood
Come to a large majority of people
Probably 71 per cent of these nie cured
every ear by Hoods Sars iparllli and
we hope by this advertisement to g t the
other 25 per cent to take this great Spring
It will sh irpen our appetite lire all
stomach troubles nileve that tlnd feel
Its strength ns a blood purlller Is dem
onstrated by Its marvelous cures of
Scald Hood
All Kinds of Humor
Blood Poisoning
Salt Rheum
Bolls Pimplos
Malaria Etc
All of which arc prevalent now
Will do yon n wonderful amount of good
De sure to get Hoods
A il f TSvJ fP 11 T f
Kxtra Heay MeUon
for unllned skirts
That Will Crowd Our Store Tomorrow
While on lime been bundled up in our furs enjoying he pleasures of winter we have been working and planning and
Lining for the Crnird Spring Opening that takes place tomorrow Our biners have scorned every nook and coiner of the fashion
world selecting a little here and a little there with keen ees for all that is beautiful and fashionable and best We invite you
to pas judgment tomoirow on the result of these months of ptepirition We desire particularly that joh shall be with us tomor
row in order tlurtou may iew this new stock irr all its grandeur and completeness and to make this occasion a memorable one we
shall spread tlicVrearn of these new Spiing fancies before voir for a SINGLE HAY at introductory prices that no house in America
could continue for am length of time without bringing financial disaster- Tomorrow ou will find eery orre of our fifty depart
ments abloom with the beauties of Eastertide Dress Goods Silks Hibbons Gloves Hosiery Neckwear EVEUYTniNG Be
with us tomorrow whether to look or to buy we wairt jou to view this magnificent gathering of Sirring Goods the grandest
and most complete ever showrr by the house of Lanxbtrrglr
The New Spring Dress Goods and Silks
Area credit to that domineering mistress of the mode Dame Fashion To be sure she has takerr some of her ideas from the weaves
of former seasons but she has modified and modernized them rrrrtil rrow they are all of them new and novel Tomorrow youll see the
stock at its best arrd one of the most interesting features will be the special ery low prices of which we herewith give a few hints
The New Spring Silks
23 inch Printed Satin in Rood
designs and erj unique ono too
All silk In IlKht mfdium ind dark ef
fects These are llffl al- 7 PC Vfl
lies to go at J J u
Liberty Satin and Foulards more
than 20J color combines a perfect
range of shades From the most del
icate to the er sombre is CI 1
in the assortment 1 u
21 inch Lumlneux the ery latest
and most durable silk colors are old
roe porcelain reseda cantor hello
itussian uiue rinK cream
white turquoise etc Jl 23 98c
24 inch extra brilliant and heaj
Foulard dark medium and llRht ef
fects oer 100 color combinations
These are all of them 75c A QC vfl
alues to go at t 7 Ju
Beautiful Ponseo in all at
the following special prices
Colored Dress Goods
Ilne All wool Nuns Veilings colors
are old rose reseda green navy mill
tan blue cream red tan mode rrcv
pean etc orwi eery QQC
penny 01 vk 10 go at s
IraUnt Suitings In 5 gras 2 blues
2 browns 2 greens tan etc These are
pure wool and will bo try popular for
spring Ample quantities A QC VA
of all colors worth Coc 7U
luO new styles of pretty Challles
some hae silk stripes small and large
figures suitable for all ages These
were made to sell for 50c OQC vd
All uw marked only Ju
5V jard for Jl 00 56 lnch all wool
Tailor Climlot a good firm cloth In
black onlv This price for one day
Steamtd gratis Splendid for Tailor
Xew Spring Broadcloth 52 Inches
wide all wool A full range of spring
colors ana two beautiful Lustrous
Blacks These are Jl 23 IOC
i allies to go at
Xew Venetians 52 Indus wide all
wool Colors are ilauve Mode Cas
tor Tan Grey Blues Browns Beds
and Black These are Jl 19 values
Comparison will proe S0C Vl
Fine All wool Granite Cloths all
wool good texture 40 Inches wide In
a good range of spring colors Just
for a little flier lours 1 lr A
Extra quality French Albatross In
rezzin willow old rose metallic blue X
cream white red husar iolet gray J
tan mode old blue navy CftC vrl 4
etc Worth 69c at only 3U Ju JL
Poplins and Satin Sollel both ideal j
spring fabrics colors are mode red T
drab gray nay tan cream marine T
old blue These are 44 Inch n AC vd 3
es wide and 1 alius r Ju V
Very Good Cloth Values
5C Inches wide
a good firm cloth
that will not sag Colors are Uluc
Grey Quaker Oxford and Brown
7QC Vd
DeUus Broadcloth Satin Face Per- T
maneni nmsn one pice J
Black only J2 75 alue SO 10 vd 5
Special Zly y T
Satin Cloth a new and poplar
Spring Fabric just received in
Greens Tans llodcs Blues Castor
Browns Beds Grejs and Black per
manent finish J225 1 AQ vd
VALUK Special at lOV
420 to 426 Seventh Street
carnations The wedding march and other
selections were renderetl by a string or
chestra The bride was beautifully gown
ed In grey brocaded silk grenadine over
taffeta with trimmings of Cluny laco and
iianne velvet nnd carried a shower bou
quet of bride roses The maid of honor
wore a most becoming gown of grej crepe
de chine with embroidered moussellne de
sole and carried La France roses Miss
Iiln M Pullman the little daughter
of the bride was dainty and sweet in
white over blue silk Among the out of
town guests were Mr and Mrs Franklin
Babcock of Providence It I and
Mrs S imuel C Blddle of Wilmington
Del After the ceremony all rcpaire vl to
the dining room where a collation wa
served the tabl verj beautiful with Its
decorations of La France roses smllix
carnations and pink capped candelabra
Mr and Mrs Macleod left for the South
for a two wwks trip They will stop in
Washington on their way back for a few
dajs nnd then proceed to New Ioudon
where ijeir future homo I- all readv for
them Only relatives and Intimate friends
of tho bride were present at the ceremonj
among them being Mr -and Mrs Law
rence Parker and Miss Parker Mr and
Mrs Bricham Mr and Mrs Lester
Causey Miss Causey of Delaware the
Misses i ilbsoii Mr Stone Mr Tharis and
Mr irass of Providence
The One Hundred Club of New- York
gae Its annual Ml Careme dance which
Is said to hae been more absurdly funny
than eer this year The studio where
Jlr Howard Constable and his sister
Miss Anna Constable make their home
and where the festivities arc early hIJ
was transformed Into a sort of Itonmn
circus and the Friends Ilomans and
Countrmen who were present made up
a procession of soldiers estals matrons
and senators who filed In classic draper
ies before the noblest Jtoman of them all
According to a local report the proces
sion moed to the enlivening modern air
Oh Listen to the Band plaed on ka
zoos and was kept In ordi r by guirds In
Roman nttlre The dlffere it personalities
were announced by a herald There were
some attractive turns and there was
chorus of m lids and mitrons who sang
the music of Itosle Th y were gowned
in pilc pink with girlmds of mmnlts
the imtrons siig Six Little
In most solemn fashion Thev
were dressed
pale blue veils
In white draperies with
Mrs Chules Whelen and
lolett - lulen gav a turn called
Dido and Aeneas anc Mrs Francis
Iruj n headed n s t of rzceful Roman
dunces that elicited nmt orduse There
was as c m be im igincc er little In
clination for turning thuhibj down In
cidentillv It might be mentioned tb it Ro
man punch was a feature bf the supper
Hi- iiiinnin f rr wiiii
liuir Interred nt Vrllnuloll
The funeral of the late Col William J
Volkm ir rmtil States Armj retired
took place jestcrdjy Morning at 31
oclock from Ciwlers undertaking cstab
llsbmint on rennsylvnnU Avenue Colo
nel Aolkmtr dld at Pasadena Oil on
Maieh i Th body arrived in Washing
ton a few dajs ago
Prom Uawirs the rskit was borne on
a caisson to Arlington Iiatt ry C of
the Fourth riru Artllbry stationed at
Washington llirrak acted a3 an es
cort At Fort Mver tin funeral cortege
was met b the band of the Kleventh
ihe burlil s rvlce at the grave was
condutHd bj the Rev Dr Clark of the
I nllc il Stitts Nivil Aeaihmv it Ann ip
olls At the conclusion of the serviies
tliu customary volley was tired and taps
sound il bv he batten bugler
Mrs olknmr has been ill In Pasa
dna since her husbands death and was
unable to mUv the long trip to Wash
ington to be prirx nlni the fun nil Iiiut
Walter Ailkmir hud charge of the fu
neral nriiinip mtiits
Hit paNlM arcis wen MaJ Oen Prank
Wheat n Col Thorn lb Ward Col Ku
gene Fnht Major It I IIoxlo Major
It IZ Thompson and Major J U Savvjer
An Knrlnlile Itepiitnllon
lewis llaar W7 P street niaV a tpccialtv
of sewing machines Tleirtln by the week two
week r one we k l or f rty veara ilr lllar
has enjojrd the cuiiiMriice of his eustoiuerk wlii
have ntir fjilc1 to luic their vvanta carefully
attended by him
If theyre Richs shoes
theyre proper
Ten one F cor 10th
rntire Xew
I i is
I I tire
X I new
riuUduifr phone
High jnuV footwear
Ten one F corner
one fifty
Richs Pons announce
informal opening of
spring and summer
footwear fashions Monday
and extend to you an imita
tion to be present
The showing will depict
the newest fashions of this
countrys leading designers
arrd display the rare ele
gance and exclusiveness
that hae made the name
RICH accepted as the high
est authority for the real
swell creations
The Rich stles are the
fashion starrdard of the na
tions capital and serve as
models for less progressive
merchants who never rise
above irrritatiorr
This great shoe establish
ment with fie floors devoted
to shoe selling and the
handsomest in the world and
the largest south of New
York is at its best
A journey through its va
rious departments will be a
revelation to a on
A special showing will be
made of exclusive novelties
in shooting golfing riding
and surveying boots tennis
and fencing footwear la
dies house arrd carriage
footwear and evening and
reception slippers
Special attention is called
to the stock of childrens
footwear occup3 irrg entire
third lloor
Fashion Fancies
at Schwartzs
Without dotilit the most notable ar
ray of street and drcs rovnu for
ipring vtcar are heing shown at the
wtll linown ladips tailoring establish
ment of Win Schwartz 11S Con
ncticut sriiie Jlr Shwarti enjoja
the patronage of Washingtons rhte
society and he ha made extra prep
arationi In catering to th ewants
of his iutrons fnr the coming season
llodlsh ideas direct from the capitals
of Kuropran fashion centres are at tra
disposal of Mr Schwartzs ciitomers
and his fchowjni in fabrics comprises
the newest creations that foreign and
domestic looms have ever produced
Jlr Schwartz guarantees the heat of
workmanship and combined with the
reasonable prices he asls he is des
tined to ije a very successful spring
Tin- IlllillKiirnl thorns line Decolor
n Ierniniient Orumi litl Ion
A concert will be given In the near
future by the chorus of oto voices which
rendered the choral music at the fifth
concert at the Pension building In con
nection with the lnniiguril ceremonies
he repetition of this concert Is in the
Pitercst of a perm ment organization of
the members composing the chorus If
sufficient Interest is manlfc ted by the
public In the movement It is probable
that the organization will be continued
Great Interest on the part of the mem
bers of tho chorus Is manifested In the
proposal to create a permanent organiza
tion and the movement is moat popular
among them Percy S Foster director
of the Inauguration choral concert ap
pointed by the Inauguration Music Com
mittee Is the prime mover in the pro
ject and his interested mmv of the
most prominent people In Washington in
musical circles
At the approaching eoncert the mulo
rendered during the Inaugural ceremo
nies will be repeated with the possible
addition of a few pieces
Ihe date for the eonnert lite no A
bem nrranged definitely but near Uastcr
1ns been considered as the most appro
priate time for the event Should it bo
impossible to hold the concert then It
will probably be inude a p irt of the May
festivities The proceeds will be devoted
to some prominent charity
Convention Hall has been discussed as
offering the greatest advantages as the
pluc for the production of the concert
The acoustics there are all that could
be wl dicd and the building Is adequate
In size to accommodate an immense au
di nee The neiesslbllltv of the building
lb also an advantage th it has been i
sidt red
feet- Kuiimn Window
TIic Imex of superb t itrnu milliner
Ae never think vf trouble ataajs of joy and
plraure ami nur aim Is for 3011 to be of iht same
frjiru of mind TJittnc t Jl Vrliuton Hot
tlniC Co for a ta e of Mat rem freuite or
Laser and drink a bcttk Willi tour incah and
before rt lirinj ami 3 uu will tin a a be in 1
happy hiini r
For tomorrow v will hell n Jl 71
Itiilitv Irench Kiel in buiilc
tnti IIMJ ifiiirintel the ilnst
kid In all includiiic white
inoilo inl Brj Tried on and ir
i 35
2 rIiKp KM GIoes In uhiti
blicc brown modt Krej nnd tin
cannut v ilunlEcated ior less than
Spot il foi tomorrow
Trouville Glove Store
K V OConuell ct 0
CIS Mntli SI C
ilh Hc M IrubrclU Store
CO Uln store corner 7th and E
street Brmckea ail crcr tbi city
and In all markcU toW tfem
Samuel Friedlander Co
416 Seventh Street 416
The Store is Beginning to
Don Its Spring Attire
All the rage
IAlglon Ties
made of all colors
of chenille and tip
ped with gold
spikes regular
price 1 c Sc
Short and medi
um length Sitln
Strip Corsets white
or grey well boned
and perfect fitting
regular price SDc
Womens Solid
leather Combi
nation Pocket
Books silvered or
naments and well
made regular price
2Zc 18c
Imported Brooches
rich stone set
tings and heavily
gold plated regular
price 25c 10c
LAlglon Gold
Spikes regular
price Sc lc
Sterling Silver
Hat Pins regular
price 25c Ijc
SfSft Xr wy faorwad1ItC0bhiteni
deavors to make tomorrow an ldeai shopping day for you7 The privilcVc of
Is alwas accorded to iou when busing at this store
Preliminary Spring Exhibit of
Select assortments of graceful effects at extremely low prices
Somens elegantly Tailored Suit
in blue and black Cheviots Eton
Jackets lined with taffeta Silk collar
and reveres stitched with taffeta new
est flare and bishop sleeve SIO J o
worth J18C0 lZ4o
Womens separate Dress Skirts all
wool blue and black Cheviot full Hare
with flounce trimmed with three folds
of taffeta silk lined
and perfect hanging worth
An Automobile
for 25c the latest
Imported novelty
automobile ink
stands regular
price 39c 25c
Torchon Lace 34
inches wide select
patterns regular
10c and 1214c oc a
Womens Swiss
Ribbed Vests low
neck sleeveless lace
trimmed and soft
silk finish regular
price 19c 1214c
Duponts Rose
Cold Cream war
ranted genuine
regular price 25c a
Jar 12c
Only one Jar to
a customer
Womens Corset
Covers made of
soft finish muslin
regular price 12V c
Women s fine Cloth Suits Eton
Jackets with white Silk Vest effects
lined with taffeta silk seven gore
flare Skirt tallor stltched Cf A n
made to retail at 2500 1 H y
Special sale of Womens new spring
Walking Sielrts In Oxford grey blue
and black all wool cloth welt seam
and tailor made worth SO A
up to jroo zoy
Visit our Millinery Department
Newest Spring Fashions Now on Display
All Hats Trimmed Free
Chenille and Vel
v et Dot Veiling
new meshes nrlce
25c a yard L4c
Bleached sheets
Slxiw Inches extra
heavy muslin
hemmed and ready
for use regular
price toe isc
Bleached pillow
cases ix2S inches
extra heavy muslin
nemmeu ana reauv
for use regular
price 1254c 10c
Extra heavv un
bleached muslin
full jard wide
regular price fe a
ard 5c
20 yards to a
New spring per
cales yard w ide
blue pink green
and red grounds
neat design war
ranted fast colors
regular price 1214c
In the Basement
Dining Room Lamps beauti
fully decorated china bodies
regular price 150
Special our reg
ular J1W Crochet
spreads Marseilles
patterns full dou
ble bed size and
extra heavy 75c
Womens black
satlne jnercerlzed
waists trimmed
with stitched folds
and buttons new
bishop sleeves Rnd
worth J175 JL13
Silver medal mu
cilage a bottle 3c
Large ball of
best darning cot
ton black white
and tan lc
Full uuart bottles
of strung ammonia
If dozen fine
pearl buttons val
ues up to 10c a
dozen SVic
Photogravure masterpieces In orna
mented Kbonold frames size 11C
10x12 Inches regular price 5Cc J 1
Samuel Friedlander Co
416 Seventh St 46
sVss ft
unarming Ideas id Ladies Mm
lJewitchiiifideMfrns for Ladies Dress Costumes aud
Sheet Gown Elegance and refinement characterize every
eminent we make Only expert people employed who have
ncqnired the Inrsines by tears of practical experience
Each garment parses a critical inspection before leaving our
establishment Thus a perfect fit and satisfaction is assur
ed to our patrons
Now Line of Imported Fabrics to Select From
Ladies arc respectfully united to examine original de
sin5 in ladies tieet costumes and iereption gowus now on
Established 1S32
The Oldest Mimic House in the Citv
Spring Openin
w r s
n Jbins cc Co
fW7 Pennsylvania Avenue
Pianos Musical Instruments
And all Kinds of Musical Goods
rnicrcERixc PIANOS
Reliable goods only and rro niisiepiesentalion of any
kind in our establishment
Accommodating Terms Special discounts for cash
Eervthiii we sell is a baigain Try us
High Art Ladies Costumes
Vacloy Zalesak
1022 Conn Are
Ladies Tailor and Dress
Late of Vienna and Willi Worth of
Ladies desiring
elegance irr their
Sirits Jackets etc
will see
it to their advantage to in
spect my latest importations
in the choicest shades Suits
made to order by an exper
designer fit finish and
woi kiiranship guaranteed
Models now on display
from the leading houses of
Vienna and Paris

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