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The Iliirieil by ilie
Side tr His FirM Wife
Services n 1ip House In Indliinnp
oIIn nntl In tin- First I terlnn
Clinrcli Tlirnntt Follow the Ilfiilj
to Ms LbI ltestlnir Plncc
INDIANAPOLIS March 17 The funer
nl of ex President Harrison todnj was In
contrast to the military pageant that
market the removal veBterday of the
body to the Slate Capitol
Around the resMence in North Delaware
Street sentinels Kept watch during the
morning hours anil only friends and old
acquaintances called at the house Mrs
Harrison kept close to her room hut
looked upon the face of the dead Just he
fore the cofiln was closed for the last
time Mr and Mrs Russell Harrison and
Mr and Mrs McKee were also present
for a short time before the bod was re
mo ed to the church
At the request of members of the fam
ily It was determined to hold a short
prajer service before the removal to the
church and the hour was fixed for 1
oclock The memliers of the famil the
honorary and active pallbearers Presi
dent McKinlej and others were present
and the famllv arranged thcirseles about
the bier whie the others present occu
pied the parlor the room immcdlatel to
the rear and the lower hall
The Rc Dr Nicholas read the Scrip
ture lesson from eighth chapter of Ro
mans and the lte Dr Haines led In a
rlort prajer thus making the exercises
cry brief
The hearse reached the residence at 1
o clock The casket was brought out and
placed in the funeral car Mrs Harrison
came out supported on the arm of her
brother Lieutenant Parker Mrs Harri
sons slstet follow Ins They occupied the
first carriase Russell Harrison and his
wife and Mrs McKte occupied the one
Immediately behind and then followed
the carriages containing visiting ofTtals
nd friends of the famil the honorarj
pallbearers riding Immediately in the rear
of the hearse The cortege was precede
by a body of mounted ioliee The guarj
of honor consisting of members of the
Seventieth Indiana Regiment walked be
side the hearse
In the mean time the First Presb terlan
Church was being tested to its utmost
capacllj Tickets of admission were nec
essary but the demand was fcuch that
those charged with the distribution gae
them out freelj but with the understand
ing that they did not guarantee seats un
less the holders were there in time to se
cure them for themselves The result
was a rush as soon as the doors were
open and in a few moments the entire
M atins capacity except that reserved for
tin family and Immediate friends was
fully occupied and hundreds were stand
ing along the walls of either side and
atross the rear of the church
The lecture room was crowded with
those who had come too late to get into
the body of the church The interior of
the edifice presented a solemn aspect
arge festoons of white and black crape
extended entirely around the walls each
festoon being caught with a loop and tkd
with a rosette of the same colors- -
The Immense organ In the rear was en
tlrelj hidden behind a wall of black and
over this with the lower ends caught
bick and tied In graceful folds were two
large silk llaks The chancel rail was
trimmed also with black and upon this
were a number of palms and evergreen
After the floral wreaths arrived from
the residence they and a number of beau
tiful emblems were distributed among the
palms and ferns
The relatives and frknds entered the
church In the order in which the had left
the residence President McKlnlej belnj
the escort of Mrs Durbin and being sat
ed In a pew- with her and the Governor
As the coffin was being brought Into the
church the organist plaved a solo softlv
and as the funeral party became seated
the choir sang Rock of Ages on of
Mr Harrisons favorite hvmns
The Rev Dr HalnesT the pastor led In
a brief praver and the Rev Samuel J
Nicholas of St Louis read the Scripture
lesson The Rev Dr Haines then deliv
ered the funeral sermon He spoke elo
quently of the life of Mr Harrison and
of Jiis conscientious discharge of duty In
all thV relations that he had sustained to
the lieoplc He referred to his own Inti
macy with him and the helps which h
had received by communion with him
and declared that though the ex-President
had at times seemed austere he had
a kind und svmpathetlc heart and was a
man of broad charity
He referred to his devotion to principle
and to his country and said that all Ills
acts had been guided bj what he be
lieved to be for the best of those over
whose destinies he was called to preside
as Chief Magistrate
The sermon was followed by praver by
the Rev Dr Nicholas and the choir sang
Hark Hark My Soul as the -closing
livxnn The body was then borne from
the churth and the Journey to the ceme
tery was begun
As the funeral cortege left the church
the vast concourse of people who had been
held back bv the jwllce fell In behind the
carriages in every conceivable kind of
vehicle and formed a part of the fincml
procession as It moved slowly up Mcrl
dlan Street Through the gate and the
winding driveway the procession monil
slowly while at the distant arsenal min
ute guns were fired
The Harrison plot in the cemetery Is
located almost at the foot of a high eml
Hence At the base of the family monu
ment b the side of the grave of his first
wife the body was laid to rest
The services at the grave were verv
brief consisting of the reading of a few
jkterage of Strlpture and the Committal
Service by the Rev Ir Nicholas This
was followed by a prajcr bv the Rev
Dr Haines and this by a benediction
A New lorL MinUter Culls II I m n
Tjplenl lilltjiui CHIrm
NEW YORK March 17 The Rev
Donald Sage Mackay preaching at the
Collegiate Church this morning on the
topic The Christian Citizen eulogized
ex President Uenjamln Harrison whom
lie regarded as the tvplcal American
Christian citizen Ex President Harrison
wjh mentioned In every praver of the
ten Ice Dr Mackay said that the essen
tial feature or Christian citizenship was
service Going on he said
It was mv privilege to me ct General
Harrison a number of times and If 1
r i m to speak of him with more than us
lal Interest it Is because of my ptrsonal
uliualntance with him Nino jears agi
J traveled with him In Vermont on a io
lllical tour and three jears ago 1 met
him at two Red Cross meetings It Is
rnv confirmed belief that for sheer Intel
lectual strength grasp of the situation
befoie him and Incisive telling state
ment of fatt he stood among the very
first of his time
Inst Trill us to IliifTulo
Via Iennsj Ivnuln Railroad
Ceiiimciuing March 19 two bit citcm tnL is
ialit to Buffalo
JBuy Lumber up ont Hnimn
jrlcM at Ctu atal X Y are nw V Libbey 4 Co
A Mate of slrffe lroclnlmed In
Four Cities
ST PETERSBFRG March 17 The con
tinual disorders among the students and
vvorklngmen In Moscow Odessa KlefT
and Kharkoff have led the Government to
proclaim a state of siege In all those
The situation in Moscow has been made
worse b a strike of the operatives in four
large factories many of whom joined the
demonstrators Troops are patrolling the
streets while others are confined to bar
racks Some conflicts have occurred
There Is a curious rumor that Count
Tolstoj has taken an active part In the
dlsturlunces In Moscow His recent ex
communication has had an opposite effect
to what the Holy Sjnod presumably ex
pected It has decidedly Increased his
popular and he is cheered whenever
he appears
The of n 11 rill nh Scout
Dcstroj ed
CAPE TOWN March 17 The Invaders
In the Graatr Relnet district have burned
a farmhouse belonging to a British scout
named -Meredith and evitted his wife and
fnmllv from the farm They slid that
Merediths was he first house they had
orders to burn In the Cape Colon
It Is reliably reported that Commandant
Krltzlnger has threatened to shoot an
British officers captured bj his men
YcMerd 1 and toda ten new plague
cases were reported including three Eu
Ihe Treason Court at Dordrecht his
concluded Its sittings Tile sentences im
posed Included fines amounting to a total
of 50yOJO the heaviest jet inflicted
His tiniest AMU Prohnblj ot lie
UUIlKiin d
BERLIN March J7 The wound In Em
peror illlam s face Is healing In the
most favorable manner The edges have
not jet united but Dr Bergmann hopes
to unite them so that the scar will be
merely a narrow line that will not dis
figure his Majesty The Emperor works
v Igorousl as usual
The outrage has had a distressing
sequel at Schneidemuhl where Helnrlch
Wetland eight -one jears old grand
father of the Emperors assjllant shot
himself He had declared that he could
not survive tin disgrace of his grandson s
Protestants tritlust Ills 7eul Defeat
ed nnil Punished
VIENNA March 17 According to the
Neue Frcie Prcsse the reforming zenl
awakened in the Shah of Persia during his
recent European tour and since put into
practice In his own dominions has led to
a erlous rising in Teheran where it is
said devout Mohammedans resented his
Majests progressive tendencies
The rebels were routed their leaders
Including several court favorites were
executed or exiled and order was re
stored The Shah is represented as an
nouncing his Intention to continue his
Belleville IlollerK ot to He Lard In
the Kuiscrs Vnij
BERLIN March 17 The German navj
like the British has condemned the Belle
ville boilers for use on warships and has
decided to abandon them
A Hunker trptiinl of Securing a Be
quest li Ventriloquism
VIENNA March 17 A sensational ar
rest was made here jesterday Herr
Vogl the proprietor of the largest ex
change office on the Graben was taken
into custody on the charge of having
poisoned In April ifJ a rich Russian
named Taubln This man was supposed
to have verbally bequeathed his prop
erty to Vogl who has since enjoyed It
The circumstances of the case are us fol
Taubin who was a miser and a drunk
ard lived In a squalid manner One
night a policeman took him home drunk
and Weeding A doctor who was sum
moned told Taublns old charwoman to
bring his friends as he was dlng She
brought Vogl who was an acquaintance
of Taubin
Vogl took a lawjer and clerk with him
to the misers bouse On arrlvlns at the
bedside the dlng man It Is stated re
covered sufficiently to siy that all his
possessions should go to Vogl after
which he died almost immediately The
bequest made In the presence of wit
nesses was Itgall ngular and Vogl
Inherited propert to the value of t2tr
Taublns body was cremated His Rub
slan relatives subsequently represented
to the polite that Vogl poisoned him and
they also declared that Vogl Is a ventrilo
quist and himself spoke the words be
queathing the propert to himself when
Taubin was already dtad
VoilligT C I Ilerreiliotfn Opinion nf
fin sjinmrock II
GLASGOW March 17 Charles V Her
reshoff II nephew of the American de
signer who has txen studying naval
archltectuie here his visited the jard of
Deny Brothers where Shamrock II Is
being built
He Is reported as sajlng aftirward that
the new boat Is very much like the Col
umbia In appearance He hoped that luck
would attend the British this time
lie believed that if the Shamrock won
on her merits it would do more to develop
aehtlng interests and promote good will
than anjlhlnJJ conceivable
Hour Ailmlriil HurUer Tight n Iirc
In JlronkIii
NEW YORK March 17 Rear Admiral
Barker fought flames todiy which
threatened the power house hi the
Brookln Navy Yard The house con
tained much valuable midline r Ad
miral Barker nnd Capt Frank Wildes
were the first officers on the scene and
led the force of murine and sailor fire
men who answered the alarm
The blaze was hard to naeh and Ad
miral Larkcr displaed great ability as
a fire fighter the entire marine guard
was ordered out to keep back crowds
from the street rumor having spre id
that the Baltimore undergoing repairs
at the ard was ailame
The lire was caused by crosses electric
wires but vas put out before much dam
jge was done
Ilj mis Ilimlneiii CoIIckc Hlli nnd IC
lhulncfti Ehorltund Tiritinff 125 a jcar
Illond Telln
U-Ah-Ma purifici tbc blood The great spring
rioorliitr Ifl per Kill ft nil one
nidllt and Viln dried b KranV I ibbcy i Co
Will Waive Em Iiimvp ltislitrf in
MoiinIii and Turke lan
Si PtttTKliurj Reports Hint at Other
Concessions 1 lie ClierU till
Serlonsl AflVet the Chinese Slt
unllnii o e htniKc nt Tientsin
LONDON March IS A despatch to
the Times from Pekin dated Sunday
statts that Chinese officials sa they are
informed from St Petersburg that Rus
sia abandons her claim to exclusive
rights In Mongolia nnd Turkestan and
consents to modlf the stringency of her
control over the civil administration of
She agrees that the conv entlon between
herself and China shall be published as
soon as it is signed at St Petersburg
the signatures to be alllxed within two
This Is the first cheek Inflicted on Rus
sian diplomacy In China since Lord Salis
bury was cajoled into ordering the
withdrawal of the British ships from
Port Arthur during the crisis In 1S3S
It cannot fall to profoundly modify the
situation by convincing the Chinese that
there still exist International combina
tions capable of m tlntainlng equilibrium
In the Far East
PARIS March 17 A despatch received
here from Tientsin sas that the Rus
plans nnd British are occupIng long
trenches onl fort five jards apart
Th se are filled with troops but the
English outnumber the Russians twenty
to one Vnless the St Petersburg Gov
ernment takes a conciliatory view of thj
dispute the Russians will attempt to drive
nut the liimsh
Every possible Influence has been
brought to bear with the view to arriving
nt a friendly solution
Opinion here on the Tientsin affair Is
reflected by the Temps which says It
does not believe that It will have a
serious outcome It adds
Everything will be arranged but the
English will have had the unpleasant
role Some means will probabl be founJ
to withdraw the English officers from the
silly position they have taken up by ex
posing themselves to public rebuff
LONDON Jlareh 17 The latest de
spatches from Tientsin state that there
hns been no serious development In the
railway squabble between the British and
Russians Ulie position indeed remains
One correspondent sa s that the utmost
friendliness prevails between the oppos
ing parties but as a measure of precau
tion the guards watching the disputed
territory have been reduced to twenty
seven on each side to prevent a possible
collision during tne negotiations
Another correspondent declares that the
situation Is absolutely farcical but h
seems to regard it so because the British
are parleying instead of taking prompt
action as the Interference of the Rus
sians Is manifestly unjustified This ob
server places the whole blame on Major
General AlexicfT describing the Incident
as an attempt on his part to create trou
He adds that unless the general Is re
moved there will bo continual friction
vvhhh will eventually lead to hostilities
He never loses an opportunity of oppos
ing the Rrilish
Other reports say that a Russian gen
eral arrived from Pckln Saturday even
ing and that Tield Marshal Count von
Waldersec is cpected from Klaochou on
General Lord Campbell csterda of
fered to withdraw the British troops
from the disputed terrltorj on condition
that the Russians would also retire
General Wogack refused to withdraw on
the ground that the territory was un
doubtedly Russian und that the British
attempt to trespass was ample evidence
of the necessity for maintaining a strong
guard over it Communications from St
Petersburg are anxiously awaited
It Is stated In London that the affair
causes anxiety In Downing Street The
Marquis of Iansdovvne the Foreign Min
ister and Lord Salisbury were In fre
quent communication xtsterday and
both remained in town today
The Jingo nnd traditional Russophobe
newspapers treat the incident as one of
great gravity The former talk angrily
of Russian audacity and British suplne
ness The Dally Mall sas
A very serious blow has been Inflicted
to our reputation In the Far East For
jeirs our Influence In China hns been
declining and it has now reached the
vanishing point Yesterday it was Man
churia today it is Tientsin tomorrow it
will be the Yangtse Valley The da
after that It will be Tibet or Persia
and after that India
The conservative Standard which
has never acquiescent in Lord Salisourj s
or Mr Balfours dicta that there Is plent
of room for both Russia and Great
Britain In Asia takes comfort in the fact
that what It calls the Russian seizure
has not be n confirmed It adds that If it
had been the situation would be one of
tho gravest possible character Its sub
sequent rejections lead to the following
The rivalr between the Powers which
has been kept simmering owing to Rus
slan Intrigue ever since the beginning of
the present phase of the Chinese ques
tion would seem to have come at last to
an Issue It this Is intended as a trial of
strength every consideration of policy
and honor demands that wo do not per
mit ourselves to be worsted Unless we
arc bhown to be tcchnlcall and formal
In the wrong there Is onl one solution
that we can accept Russia not to mlrjce
words must be induced or compelled to
retire even If the whole resources of tiie
British Empire should be needed to brin
about that result
The Radical D illy News thinks there
has been a great dial of mischievous ex
aggeration In the matter It bas
That two nf the greatest llistern Pow
ers should light for a railway siding is
inconsistent not only with civilization
but sanity
Nevertheless it Is not afraid that war
vvlll occur because there is no fiar of
lord Sillsbury going to war with Russia
tor a good cause or a bad one Russia
is a great Empire and is therefore- a lit
object for graceful concessions blic is
not a small Republic to be bullied and
The Tor Morning Post sa there
Notice to the Ill bile
Ilic TeiiDsjlvania Ilailrojd Company announces
that count encing March 18 dinutg car now ojter
atetl on train liuvlng Warlilngtnu at 4 10 p m
for PJiiladcfi Ida will Lc withdrawn anil Pullman
buffet broiler urlor tar ttrrlce kubttltutcd
tnleL Lumber dellier In suinll
Kiln repair woik ilicd all kind at Dili and
is no need to treat tho matter In a sensa
tional spirit It Is not likely except by
mlsmanagemcnt to cause serious trouble
The Independent Conservative Tele
graph deprecates the conduct of cer
tain excellent people gloating prematurely
over what with morbid precipitation they
describe as Ilritlsh humiliation it as
cribes the difficult to local officials and
expects n quiet settlement
PEKIN March 17 Prince Chlng one
of the Chinese Peace Commissioners re
cently visited tho British Minister ard
1 rcsseil for the presentation of further
specifications regarding the treaties to
be concluded between China and the
Western nations
He disclosed considerable anxiety to
learn Just what the Powers would de
mand No nctlon on the matter was
taken by the Ministers at the recent
meetings and as a result tlie Chinese
plenipotentiaries reaffirmed tletr desire
to conclude the negotiations j
The British Minister Informed them that
the Manchurinn affair had disturbed the
relations and as the Clitnese had reached
no result In that matter the Ministers
were unable immediately to meet the Chi
nese representativ es for further1 consulta
The Imperial court Is sending Instruc
tions to the officials to adjust as quickly
as possible all afTalrs with the foreign
ers especially those arising from the
Boxer troubles It has also requested the
names of efficient public men ajl over the
Empire the Intention being to select
thoe who are Judges capable of carry
ing out reforms
On the other hand however the rourt
Is promoting many officials who were
deeply implicated In the murder of for
eigners some of whom are named In the
list of guilty provlnclil officials
SHANGHAI March 17 Mr Conger
the American Minister will sail from
here today for Hongkong whence he will
sail for San Francisco He called today
on Sheng Director of PostB and Rail
ways and discussed with him Shcngs
protest against the sale I tile American
syndicate of the Hankow -Canton Rail
Sheng considers that the contract will
be void If the controlling Interest In the
company has been sold to the Belgians
It Is stated here that the condition of
LI Hung Chang has Improved
The Times sas It Is not et
proved that tho Russian Government
whatever too zealous officials may ven
ture upon Is ready to commit Itself to a
policy of deliberate aggression There
Is ever desire In this country to avoid
any serious dispute with Russia unless
vital Interests are at stake but If such
come to the front England will have to
stand up for her rights
VI r ltoekhlll Snys He I on the
1 erne f Collapse
LONDON March 13 Word received
here from Pekin sas the health of LI
Hung Chang Is again a matter of grave
Import to the various foreign Ministers
Mr ltoekhlll the American Special
Commissioner who visited Earl LI e-
terday says he is a physical wreck Jle
appears to be lnn state of titter collapse
although mentally as brilliant as ever
Mr ltoekhlll says he would not be sur
prised to receive word of hls4 death at
any t -
A lgiiiit Committee Knruaed l
I hem In en Orleans
groes of New Orienns are working earn
estly to restore friendly relations between
themselves and the white peoale and to
check a renewal of the nice prejudices
and ill feeling of last Bummer A dis
cussion however has urlsen intthe ranks
of the negroes as to what should be done
A meeting of well known ntgroes held
on Thursday adopted conservative res
olutions calling on the ma or to close all
dives rtgardlebs of color The more rad
ical faction of tho negroes met at Odd
1 cllows Hall and formed an organiza
tion known as the Negroes Vigilant Com
mlttie of New Orleans The resolutions
adopted express the fear that the fre
quent atrocities committed by negroes
may arouse an anti negro sentiment and
bring about 1 repetition of the race dis
turbances of last Jul
To prevent this the Negroes Vigilant
Committee ofTer their strvices to the
ma or anil the chief of poller to do all
In their imver to preserve Ihe peace to
report promptly to the proper authorities
all tilmes and acts of lawlessness com
mitted by members of the colored race
to assist in the apprehension and convic
tion of criminals iy giving Information
and testimony
1 he Vigilant Committee also asks that
all negro dives and dince tioiists be
clostd A committee of twent llve was
appointed to oiganlze committees in eacli
ward The organization represents the
lioorer and less educated classes of ne
groes while the meeting held on Thurs
day und over which Col James
Ia nis burveor of the Iort presided
was composed chiefly of the higher grade
of the colored population
I ulon Hen Refuse to lntronlie n
Portsmouth Vn Itallnnj
NORFOLK Vi March 17 The Ports
mouth Va street railway which Is
mainly owned b Phlladclphlans has
been bovvtotted by orgnnlzc el labor be
cause of the alb geil refusal of the man
agement to recognize tho union in adjust
ing differences over wages
Ail the union emploes Of the road
struck today and a committee or the
strikers has been persuading pas engers
from entering the cars The have been
g nerilly succissful thus far No clash
has occurred et
The strikers have not used force and
sav they will continue to attempt peace
full to rcuuc the road 8 revenue
He Wits ll Pioneer In the orfoll
Clirden Triiflc IndUHtrj
NORFOLK Va March 17 Henry Du
bois Van Wck of Flshkill N Y died
at the Atlantic Hotel hero this evening
lrom grip contracted a few nights ago
He was a son of John C Van Wvck a
ineichint of N w ork Cit and was
born October i 1SL3 at the old Van WCk
homestead on the Hudson His career
was varied and adventurous In JS13 he
sailed from New York for California He
nfterward discovered the Gold Bluff
Up later ran a stage line from Yrekn
to Rid Bluff Cil Once an Indian shot
a poisoned arrow through his leg From
this wound he llmpd during life lie onl
recentlv icturned rrom Mexico He mar
ried the widow of George P Gordon In
ventor of the Gordon printing press
Mr Xm Wck was tho pioneer In the
garden truik industry In Norfolk He
fame to Virgin i In 1M with George I
Gordon and bought three tbouf tnd acres
of land Gordon died in 173 nnd three
jears latci Van Wck was married to the
widow Sli died In 1SU0 In California
Oeeiin ste niiislilii Mnv enients
NEW lORK March 17 rrived New
York Southampton LAqultaine Havre
Potsdam Hotterdtm California Nnpls
Arrived out Bovlc from New lork at
Virfnlk A Washington Steamboat Co
Delightful tilpi daily it C 30 p ui from foot
7th a to lid Point Comfort Newport News
rfolk anil the toutli For nhedule see rJ8 7
Lumber limlllj our first itliu
Jiiie lowest too onu flooring l J Libey
X Co
President Mitrhell Takes
equivocal Stand
VTertlinnts In the Conl ICecInns
most In n Innlc Over the Action of
the Miners Con entlon The Oper
ators Determined ia 3Inke n KlRht
SCRANTON Pa March 17 There has
been the greatest activity here through
out the day In the Mine Workers Union
circles as a result of the action of the
convention at Hazleton jesterday decid
ing to strike unless the operators agree
to a conference and recognize the union
Men have been coming and going about
headquarters throughout the day and
President Mitchell who Is now here has
had several conferences with leaders at
his hotel the St Charles
This strike resolution came upon the
business men of this city so suddenly that
they are scarcely able as jet to realize
Its serious Import The delegates from
this city who aitended the convention
when they started from Scranton wcreap
pan ntl so pacific In their intentions and
so entirely opposed to another strike that
It was not believed such a thing was pos
But today no efTort Is attempted to
deny that a strike is not only imminent
but that It Is almost positive to come It
is felt that the operators will not only
refuse to recognize the union but that
falling to secure recognition the miners
will surely go out on April 1 The un
equivocal statement of President Mitchell
this evening leaves this question no long
er In doubt
It Is either recognition or strike said
Mr Mitchell that is all that I have to
say The leaders now In the city will
meet me In conference nt this hotel at
10 o clock tomorrow morning and wo will
then agree uiion the form of Invitation to
bi sent to the operators for a conference
If they Ignore this invitation or refuse
to meet us then the men will go out
It will be up to the operators to accept
or refuse We are agreed that no compro
mise can Te effected
Equall positivein his statements was
Fred Dllcher National Organizer
Yes its strike was what he said
when approached it means a strike the
1st of April and I want to emphasize the
fact that It means a strike to a finish
Owing to the fact that nearly all the
individual coal companies have been re
cently absorbed by the big coal carrying
companies there remain here very few
operators competent to speak on the sub
ject of what response will be made to the
invitation that the mine workers will
send out tomorrow
There Is no doubt however judging
from the comments of the few seen that
they will not recede from their position
not to recognize the union in any wny
If this means strike said one of
them then let It come The miners will
find us just as determined as they are
and much better provided with the sinews
of war to maintain a long struggle
The Idea of a miners strike Is not near
Iv so popular In Scranton ns it was last
fall The Increased price of coal that has
prevailed since the former strike was de
clared off has shown the general publl
here that they are bearing the principal
burden of tho increase In wages that the
miners ed
IIAXLETin Pa March 17 The action
taken b the Mine Workers Convention
esterdiy -which makes the beginning of
another big coal strike on April 1 prob
able came as a great surprise to the coal
The turn of affairs In the convention
jesterda morning was entirel unexpect
ed as any number of delegates had ex
pressed themselves frctl In private and
to merchants of the town that they were
not in favor of the strike that the ma
jority of the delegates were not and that
no action that would bring about a strike
would be taken Buojed up by this false
hope the business men of the region be
lieving that the present prosperous times
would continue for months to come gave
generous orders to the commerclil travel
ers solltlting for the spring and bummer
These men arc now in a serious pre
dicament They have stocked up for a
promising spring and summer business
with every prospect now of these goods
remaining unsold on their hands for
during a strike In the coal regions busi
ness of ever kind Is virtually at a stand
still and the only busy man is the sheriff
That in case of a protracted strike many
will be forced Into oankruptcy there can
be no doubt The business men of the
coal regions suffered severely from the
lick of all business last fall and were
only urn about recuperating from it and
its after effects when the prospect of an
other strike and all it implies stares them
In the face
Several merchants jestcrdav at once
countermanded orders the had given
and the drummers In town well aware of
the uselessncss of attempting to get anv
orders packed ther grips and got out as
quickly as possible
Today an aspect of gloom prevailed over
the entire coal region for cverjono Is
more or less effected by a big strike
People In a position to judge agree In the
belief that it will not be shorter than the
memorable big strike and that lasted
six months What a strike extending
over sin months means to the people In it
no one outside the coal regions has an
The miners have had several good piy
d ijs since last November when work was
taken up again after the strike and some
may have laid bj a little money but
hardly any have sufficient to keep their
families from want a month or two after
earnings have ceased The mine workers
leaders say that they have assurances
from other trades unions of considerable
flmnelal aid In case of need but the ex
perience of previous strikes has shown
that little faith can be placed In the
practical workings of such promises
It would take a very large sum wcelcl
to keep 130i0i men nnd their families sup
plied with even the barest necessaries of
life at least PJ0W and where this Is
to como from no one seems able to tell
Ihe treasury of the Mine Workers Pnlon
does not contain an thing like this sum
and while the miners of the bituminous
fields und other trades unions might be
willing to tax themselves for a few weeks
they would soon get tired of it
Besides a recognition strike never en
lists the smpathy that one for higher
wages or for the abolition of grievances
does and statistics show that full S per
c nt of strikes declared for that purpose
h iv e failed
What Induced President Mitchells sur
prising change of front within a few
hours from favor of an amicable settle
ment to one of a strike or recognition
proposition has not ns et been divulg
ed I tic few remaining delegates still
hi re talked a little more freely tod iy than
the did while the convention was in ses
sion and some of them gave a hint ns to
what brought about the change in senti
One of these men speaking to a reporter
said that when the delegates went to the
convention hall jesterda verj few of
them fnvored a strike When the Scale
Committee however presented the reso
lutions demanding recognition or strike
and Mitchell and other leaders spoke In
Double Dall rnst Trnln Service to
Ilufitilo via Peiius lv nnln Railroad
Beginning March 18 leaving V ashinicton 70
a m and 715 p m daily arriving fiulfalo S
p in and 7 35 a m dub Pullman parlur cars
ihning car and coaches on daj express Pullman
buffet bleeping cam on night evpress through
solid vestibule train
Mlllivork nil kinds
Some doors 1 each l1 iucliev white pmc Cth
and 1 ivc
favor of the resolutions it took everybody
oft their feet and all were In a minute
yelling Strike Strike
It came so unexpectedly said the
man In his simple way that we had no
time to think and then Mitchell put It
In such a way that ever body thought
the only thing to do was to endorse the
resolutions nnd demand recognition or go
on a strike
Would jou now the reporter asked
If the proposition were put to you agnln
vote deliberately and In cold blood for
either a conference with the operators
or If they refused to go on a strike
Not on jour life replied the man nor
would tnanv of the delegates The reso
lutions and speeches simply stampeded
the convention and tho result has been
this foeds action
A man connected with one of the coal
companies here said today that he had
positive Information that the operators
would more than ever persist In their re
fusal to meet the men In Joint conference
They declared they could not give way to
a threat in a case where they had seen
fit to Ignore a request If a strike did
come It would mean the utter dsfent and
disruption of the Mine Workers Fnlon
WlLkESBARRE Pa March 17 Busi
ness men are already feeling the depres
sion in business due to the fear of the
impending coal strike Although the pub
lic throughout the coal region did not
hear of it until jesterday morning be
fore the evening came manv of the whole
sale merchants had received orders can
celing consignments ordered In the last
few days and which thej expected to
hip on Mondaj and several retail men
have deemed It wise to send to the fac
tories and olg sales agents asking them
to hold back orders of spring and sum
mer goods that were soon to be shipped
The large shirt factorj of Russell thl
this city last night received a half dozen
cancellations of orders that were to be
sent throughout the conl region and the
manager has ordered three salesmen who
were to start on the road on Monday to
stay at home The hotels say thev ex
pect an Immediate falling oft in their busi
ness as the traveling men will avoid the
region until they know there will be no
strike or until the strike Is over
All the merchants jvtll retrench as much
as possible and there Is considerable de
pression on account of the conditions as
manv or them were Just recovering from
losses caused by the strike of last fall
Factories and concerns using laige
amounts of coal are going to store away
all the coal they can get between now and
April nnd the traction electric light and
steam heating companies are building big
storage places for it Householders are
enlarging their birs and will try to lay
In stock a supply large enough to last
several months
Those who did not take this precaution
during the last strike had to pay in
creased prices for coal
She Sojii slie AA III smnsh Atchison
nnd Ienic nvTortli Joints
TOPEKA Kan March 17 Mrs Nation
Is growing impatient and will start out on
a smashing tour in the coming week She
will first use her hatchet on Atchison and
Leavenworth joints
I shall slip over to Atchison rome
night when they are not expecting me
she said toda and smash a couple of
joints before the police know I am there
After the excitement cools down I
shall take a little run to Leavenworth
The saloonkeepers of Atchison and Leav
enworth have threatened to do me bodll
harm but my experience is that a Kan
sas jointlst Is alwas a coward and would
flaw out of a room at sight of me if he
could not get out any other way so I
don t expect much trouble when I go to
Atchison and Leavenworth
Mrs Nation sajs she will soon start a
tour of the State She has Invitations to
speak and smash In about fift towns bJt
she will not be able to accept all of them
She Insists that she is going to continue
the publication of her Smashers Mail
and threatens to sue a local paper for
damages for saying that the experiment
is a failure
Four- Men Die lit Sen on the Trnns
port Ivllpntrlcl
SAN FRANCISCO March 17 After a
trip of twentj -eight dajs from Manila
the transport Kllpatrick arrived today
with KS enlisted men invalided home
from the Philippines fort -five discharg
ed and sick soldiers seventeen discharged
civilian employes and twenty six men of
the hospital corps
Four men died at sea Sergeant Wil
liam Sexton late of Troop M Eleventh
Cavalrv Private Robert Emmett late of
Companj I Fort -seventh Volunteers
Private John W Woodall late of Com
piny D Twent -seventh Volunteers and
Private H V Ramscj late of Compaii
F Thirt -ninth Volunteers
The Iur In n Tennessee cgros
Cnse Hud Disagreed
MEMPHIS Tenn Slarch 17 On Satur
day evening nt Tiptonville the Jur In the
case against Ike Fitzgerald a negro
charged with assaulting Miss Davenport
near that place reported in court that
thej coul I not agree The verdict came
uneApectcdly as the evidence was most
The sheriff and his deputies attempted
to proteit the negro but It was Impossl
Lle for them to do so The enraged citi
zens took charge of the man rushed him
Into the count road and hanged him
from the limb of a tree outside the court
house janl Ills body was riddled with
V Woman Fiitnllj Illtten While In
nn Iplleptle Fit
NEW YORK March 17 Mrs Carrie B
Cabus fell In an epileptic fit at her home
early this evening and a pet fox terrier
which became excited or was angered
by what it could not understand seized
her by the throat opening the Jugular
vein She hied frightfully and was dead
when a doctor arrived at the house
Mrs Cabus lived with her husband
Joseph and her mother Mrs Elizabeth
Brodhead at 30 West Eighteenth Street
She was subject to epilepsy There was
nobodv at home except Mrs Cabus and
her mother who Is sevent four cars
The Cabuses have kept two dogs as
pets one a st Iter and the other a large
fox terrier The terrier was the especial
pet of Mrs Cabus She fed It and cared
for it and it w is alwas ready on occa
sion to protect her
The time had come for the dogs sup
per and Mrs Cabus left the parlor to go
Into the kitchen sajlng to her mother
that she was going to cut up some meat
for the two dogs Mrs Cabus had been
gone only a few minutes when her
mother heard a sound as of a fall and
went out to sec what had happened
There she saw her daughter on the lloor
nnd at her throat at one side was the
fox terrier with its teeth burled in Its
inlstnss fish Blood was streaming
over the floor
Mrs Brodhead seized the terrier and
forced its Jaws apart and driving it
away called for help from her neighbors
Mrs Cabus had lost considerable blood
and when Dr Henry F FIher who
lives just across the wa was called she
was dead
A Cimarder Hns u Storm Passage
NEW YORK March 17 The Cunarder
Campanli which arrived list evening
from Liverpool and Queenstown found
much stormy weather In her course She
took aboard many seacrests scne of
whli h broke on her hurricane deck twist
ing stanchions und d im iglng rails Ihe
Dowager Dnthess of Manchester her sis
ter I idy I tster Kaj t who was accom
panied by her husband Sir John Lister
Kne were passtngcrs b the Campania
Where It 1 ouches It Ilenls
Zema CuM positively cures Eczema and all
skin dincacs
Ilnlld that suburban eottiige with
I Ihbf L Co s lumber and niiUuiak iitnt and
Price One Cent
A Serious Tie Ui Threatened by
IJrooklyn Bridge Employes
The President of the Comrnj Try
Ihk to I nrestitll the KtTect of a
Strlk In peetnrs Ilelnsr
Tnueht How to Handle the Train
NEW YORK March 17 That tho
Brookljn Rapid Transit Company Is go
ing to be prepared should any trouble
arise over the demands of the bridge cm
poes was made evident late yesterday
afternoon when tho night raotprmen re
ceived orders before starting to work
that they would be expected to break In
of the companys emptojes who pre
sented themselves during the night for
that purpose
The order caused some surprise and not
a little 111 feeling among the bridge hands
but at 7 oclock when about forty In
spectors boarded the bridge trains and
stated that thej were there to learn the
business the III feeling Increased Al
though the bridge men obejed orders to
the letter It was plain that they were
angry clear through and Just a bit wor
ried as to what it all meant-
The Inspectors were again on hand to
night One of them who Is learning how
to handle bridge trains said
I dont think there Is any chance of
an thing serious happening Just yet but
If It should why I suppose the compKhy
would want us well broke In so that the
bridge would not be tied up
Tho five men who were appointed a
committeo to wait on President Rossiter
of the Brookljn Rapid Transit Company
two weeks ago In the Interest of tho
seventy eight conductors and twentj flve
motormen emplojed on the bridge cars
have been discharged by the company for
Inattention to their duty Two of them
were dismissed on Thursday two more
on Friday and the fifth received his dis
charge on
This has caused the rest of the men to
feel uneasy and there was much talk to
night of a strike The officers of the
believe that a strike Is bound to
come and they are preparing for 1L
do not expect one tomorrow- morn
ing but would not be surprlssj If
the men went out during the rush hours
of tomorrow afternoon
The conductors and motormen of the
bridge train service who are not on djty
will hold a meeting In the morning It
may be that at this meeting it will be de
cided to strike In the afternoon
strike should It occur will affect no
one it Is said but the bridge trainmen
unles some of the other emplojes such
as ticket sellers and choppers should de
cide to go out also There has been no
sjnipathy talk from any of the other em
ployes on either the elevated or trolley
An Electric Wire Fnlls and Kills H
PITTSBFRG Pa March 17 Fire
broke out this morning at 8 oclock In
the IHram W French Co felt works
at the Point and within two hours the
ft It works nearly all the Pittsburg Ex
position Society buildings a dozen small
dwellings and several business estab
lishments were destrojed the total losses
aggregating ZSw William Sillier a
fireman was instantly killed
A strong wind was blowing and the
flames from the felt works sprang acros3
the street to the Exposition buildings
The more Important losses were Expo
sition Society 150i Hiram W French
Co J330O0 James Glenn machinery
1700 Henry Henk JlOOuO and Haugh
Keenan 5000
Miller was standing in the street hold
ing a nozzle A trolley wire fell on the
nozzle and he dropped dead from the
electric shock Several other firemen
were injured
Oulj One Mnn Injured In n Florida
OLENSTEE Fla March 17 rour
large boilers at Eppinger Russell Coa
sawmill and lumber works blew up sim
ultaneously last night ten minutes after
the one hundred or more men had quit
The entire plant ine of the largestin
the State was completely wrecked The
explosion could be heard for several
No person was In the factorj and only
one man was Injured He was wounded
bj the wreckage
C Johnson of Mies Mich Vppre
heuded in Columbus Ohio
COLUMBlS Ohio March 17 Cbares
A Johnson the missing cashier of the
Nltes Mich bank was caotured here
this evening by Secrtt Service Officer
Johnson has been here some ten days
rassing under the name of J A Elliott
and has been dealing In the stock market
He still had 200 when arrested He read
ily acknowledged his Identity and agreed
to return to Michigan without requisition
papers lie said
I am the man and I am ready to go
back and face the music
Ho declined to say an thing about his
movements since wrecking the bank and
leaving Niles two weeks ago
A Trio of Intnl iceldcnts of Recent
Occurrence Viar Cumberland Mil
CFMUEHLAND Mil March 17 With
in the past three weeks three double
drownings have taken place in this
region Miss Gallan and John McDaniela
were drowned while fencing the Poto
mac River near their homes at Little Or
leans and parties were today searching
for the bod of Miss Gallan without suc
Arthur Watson and George Gibson
lumbermen emploed by the West Vir
ginia Spruce Companj were drowned at
the second crossing of the Greenbrier
River In Pocahontas County W Va
lear Elklns The with two compan
ions were going down the rlveron a
raft made of five logs when the rapid
current of the swollen streim threw the
ntt against a bridge pier with such
force as to throw the men into the river
Fd Durner and Burt Norton the two
companions managed with some help
from workmen nearby to reach the
shore but Watson and Gibson never rose
to the surface
Four milts below the scene of tills ac
cident two Italians Ross and Ralfl were
drowned In the Deep Hole With another
man tney attempieu to cross ine stream
in a small bo it The boat upset nnd only
one man reached the shore
A Clilnnutun HIocLs u Itnllvrnj
Shangs threatens to stop the
railroad subway at Lincoln Avenue The
CelcstlalB shanty Is In the wav of tho
proposed Improvement and Lang wilt
stand a Tientsin sese unless the borough
legislators reimburse him
Union Trust and Storaze Co lilt F Street pajs
2 per cent on deposits subject to check at will
Lumber lists linvr
hot tare Lowest rates Fine itaJo bj Libbcy
i Co

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