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tin carl In September The arret at
No 0 sfitionhouse vvns his first lntimi
tlon of lining violated the Hw His Iirst
impule vns to send for Mr Mudd
Some ono In Police llndquirters came
to his rescue and telephoned the Ebbitt
When Mr Mudd came to the phone Abel
called out as though he expected to shout
over the housetops to the hotel Mudd
I v ij Mudd This Is Abcll and Im In
trouble 1 -Rant ou to come here and Kit
me out At Police Ilendiiuarters And
come quick Mr Mudd came quick
and that was an end to the prisoners
It is said the census Inspectors grevv
suspicious from the mere rht of the St
Mar returns and that other arrests
ma follovv Dliector Mcrriam wojld not
talk of the mttter jesterdaj excel t to
sa tint great irregularities evidently cx
isteil in the certificates from tint jvit of
31 irvluid Among the dead men reported
was Ieo Ha den at one time a merchant
in Icotiirdtown but man ears ago
removed to Ilaltlmore and dead itit
past decade Dut the Hav den propel t
is still on the St Mar tax rolls and
Mr HnMlens name was entered according-
on Abells certificate Trench
Thompson occurred to the prisoner as a
mui whose name might have brought on
the trouble He hid once lived In Iecn
nrdlovin but had come to Washington to
work at the Illggs However he had often
changed about and Abcll felt conlident he
would Mon be back home So his najne
went dovv n According to Mr Sloane Ha -den
and Thompson hiv e abundant com
Abell will be arraigned today The of
fence Is punishable b fine of not more
than 5100 or Imprisonment of not more
than live ears or both
jrfll OiroIllinK Chief Jnntlre llnkes
n ood YVitiic
1 UiiGH N C March 19 In the Im
peachment trill of the Sjpreme Court
judges texln Judge Robert II Douglas
was on the stand for four hours He told
or his connection with all the so cnlId
office holding cases and decltred that
it was jiever his Intention to override or
set at naught anv act of the Legislature
On the contrarv he nwns endorse and
upheld the acts when not compelled bv
Ids oath to decide against their constitu
tionally and even then he left in force
when possible all parts not conflicting
with the constitution
It had never been his purpose or ficslre
to bring the legislature In dispute with
the courts and he had never allowed
IJilltira to affect his decisions
It was shown that the rmjorit of the
c Hiceholdlng cases decided kept Demo
crats in ouice or instilled them in office
Judge Douglas made a fine witness and
created a good impression He held his
own under cross examinaticn b Cvrus D
Vatson the late Democratic candidate
for Governor
The Chief Justice finished liN testlmmv
this morning and tomorrow another Sj
jireme Court judge Montgomery will take
the stand 1ubllc sentiment Is largelv
against the conviction of the judges
The President of n iorUilllo C
Mill Kill lllmelf
ClIAIllOTTB X C March is -John
It Ashe President of the York Cotton
Mills at Yorkville committed suicide
cailv this morning b jumping into a
well fift feet dceo
Yesterday afternoon the cotton mill of
which Mr Ashe was at the head failed
for nearl SlOOfiO Despondcnc caused
from tiie wreck of this business venture
is said U hav e been the cause for his act
Mr Ashe left home early last evening
and on going out his front door informed
his wife that he intended klllirg hinself
Mr Ashe was nearl SO jears old and a
man of considerable business abilltv lie
was h membr of the Southern Cotton
spinners Association
Uiliott to Hnce Horalmii liider
Modified Condition
BOSTON March ID Thomas W Uff
son owner of the trotter Boralm x stated
this evening that the match between his
horse and The Abbott hid been arranged
practically in accordance with the terms
of his first ofTer
The only difference between Mr Law
son s original proposition and the terms
of the match as now arranged Is that in
stead of Mr Lav son naming the charities
to which the entire gale reeelnts of the
track areo go Mr Scannell Is to name
h tharllv which will receive half of the
r edpts Mr Kawson said
Mr beannell called mo up this after
noon and accepted the terms of mj lirst
i roposition to race for 13300 a side but
he requested that in giving awa to m
wish that the track receipts go for char
itable purposes he receive the privilege
of saing where one half should go
This 1 considered extreme fair and
we urranged the pfdlmlnanes of th
rautch Mr Scannell lias deposited lu
IW to bind the agreement and I for
warded a like amount this afternoon My
share of the receipts is to go to the two
lloston institutions 1 have prevlousi men
tioned and in case lioralma wins the
match they will divide equal Mr Scan
nell s f 2501
If 1 he Abbott should win Mr Scannell
gets my tSOOO but the childrens Institu
tions here still receive one half of the
iato receipts The rye is to be sevm
heats and I have tne naming of the
track The meeting will be held during
XKH YORK March 19 While the
terms named in the above despatch c ill
for 3aO0 a side In stakes It was slid
here tonight that J5oW a side would be
jgreed on before the negotiations are ccn
eluded Among the original stlpulatloi s
named Jiy Mr Iason was one that lie
would guarantee gate receipts of at least
If thnt Is the understanding said
Mr Scannell 1 will agree to raise CI
more If Mr I awsou will accede to ni
terms altout the charlt bwiuests
Mr Scannell added that he still thinks
the receipts paid b the public to he the
nee should go to some chtrity or chari
ties that one half nt least should go to
New Yoik and not II to one cit
The race will be decided probabl at
Iteadvllle Mass and the stakeholder it
is said will be the New England Breeders
Tulle Lathc Iromo ulnIne TaUcls Sic
V onder nliat Hertz I
willsa today
i Tonights Star
Mer it Mertz
I Tailors
t JtO and 90S F Street N W
The 3Iain Umoii for ConuI Hajb
Jietitm From lretoiin
Spent 111k Own mid Most of His dith
er Knlfirv Not Mnnj AppllcntltN
for the Olllre 1 he Itci ouriilt li of
iiiicnllou f tlie Trnnnvnitl
Adilbcrt S Ha Vnltcd Stites Consul
to Pretoria and the son of Secretar
Hav arrived in Washington vesterda
afternoon upon a leive of absence from
his post He will not return to the Trans
vaal in an official eapacit hovcver anl
Ids resignation will shortlv be announced
if it Ins not nlreadj been forwarded to
the President It was known when Mr
Hay left the Transvail th it he intcndel
resigning his position but as a Consul is
entitled to salar until the expiration of
his leae he was not expected to resign
until tint time
One of the chief causes which led Mr
Hav to return to Washington it Is said
is the great cost of living in Pretoria
since the outbreak of the ISoer vvsr The
salary of the Consul Is but K SCO and It
has been reported that the oung Consul
has been obliged not onl to expend all of
this amount but the greater portion of
his father s salar as Secretar of State
as -veil In order to maintain the dlgnlt
of his office as a representative of the
United States In Pretoria
While this fact has doubtless deterreel
numerous office seekers from applIng for
the appointment there have nevertheless
leen man candidates for the position
The President has leen quite successful
in placating them b the storv of the ex
perience of vounr Mr Hav In expending
his own and his fathers salary in order
to live there Secretar Ha has himself
admitted that this was true
Tli President Is in no haste to name a
new Consul as he anticipates that it will
bring up the whole question of recogniz
ing the sovereignty of Kngland in the
Transvaal by this Government The ap
pointment under the Interpretation which
this Government places upon affairs In
South Afrlci must be accredited to Clreat
Pritaln and this Is almost certain to
bring on a discussion of the Boer war
In the Senate when the nomination Is
sent in for confirmation
I lie Hev lew of the Commerce of Hie
orld rece ntly issued bj the Bureau of
Poreini Commerce of the State Depart
ment makes 1 note to the effect that
the Orange Tree btate was annexed to
Great Britain on Ma Is 1900 and the
South African Republic on September 1
3fVH although the assertion is made at
Hie Mute Department that this does not
commit fills Government to a recognition
of the sovcieignt of Great Britain In
South Africa I he first act of such recog
nition it is said will therefore be the
appointment of a consul to Pretoria The
consols of other nations In Orange Tree
Stilts clalired b Great Britain as Orange
River Colon and the Tratibaal still
htItli ticir old exequaturs and these are
n cognired by the British Government
and no change will lc made until new
consuls are appointed
Consul Ha expresses the belief that
the war in South Africa is aporoaching a
termination and that condl Ions will soon
b adjusted iqion a peace footing At
present he states business affairs are at
a st Iidstlll It is impossible for
hauls to secure goods because of the
great demands upon the railroads to car-
r soldiers and stores for the English
arm Ho believes that there Is a great
opening for capital as soon as the war
tease and also for American products
fspeclall machinery and agricultural Im
plements Mr Ila would not last night
discuss the military conditions in the
Transvaal and Orange Free State
Tin- lLiHcIinll Ilajer -to Eater the
lfiHtirniiec fnliicM
PiTTSBUIia March 19 Tom McCrecry
called at baseball headquarters this af
ternoon to announce that he has retired
from the game to go into the Insurance
business He said the Pittsburg club
would thus lie relieved of the duty of
tr ing to find a baseball berth for hhn
He had read In the papers that his re
lease had been offered to Boston and to
sjv the local club from any annoance
he wanted to give notice of his retirement
lxfore an deal could be made
Oltnrl n Moulden Vnktt the Court
evc r Matrimonial Bonds
WUhln a month after his marriage
Charles A Moulden In a suit for divorce
filed 7 eslcrda against his wife Agnes T
Moulden declares that she gave him
cause to petition for a separation on
stattitorv grounds He states howevrr
that he condoned her faults In hope that
he would remain true to her marriage
vows In this he states he was mis
On ltbruarv 38 last Moulden states
that his wife visited his place of busi
ness and after abusing him In the vilest
language she could command assaulted
him in the presence of several of his
ctis tornets The parties were married In
this clly on July 21 and lived together
until Pebruar 17 last Moulden is rep
resented by Attorn Prank It Kes
Mar Brogdou also filed suit for di
vorce from her husljand Augustus V
Brogdon on the grounds of cruelt
dninkenncss and desertion The parties
were m irricd In this city in 15J and
lived together until 1SS7
William P Klelmenhagen filed n peti
tion asking for divorce from ills wife
Christ ina S Klelmenhagen on statutor
grounls The p irtles It Is stated were
married In Philadelphia Pa in Julv
lWi Besides asking for divorce Kleim
etihageu asks the tourt to award him the
custod of Ills son Robert G Klelmen
lev Dr lsoi Compares the Old
Religion With the sftt
The Re1 Dr Reese P Aisop rector of
St Anns Church BrookIn preached on
The Anglican Reformation under the
auspices of the Churchman s League at
the Church of the Epiphany Last night
The speaker dwelt at length on the causes
which led to the reformation of the An
glican Church and said that Queen Eliza
beth during the vears of religious trou
bles in Engand did not want to do iii
with the old Church but Instead onl
wanttd to make such moderate changes
as she thought would suit the times and
people He said she changed the service
from Latin Into English and was against
everj thing savoring of the superstitious
He said that when the Spanish armada
was defeated England was Protestant to
the ore and added that the Anglican
reformation was to restore the antique re
ligion and to do away with the new and
artificial additions to the primitive re
The black rubric with its restrictions
and exclusions remains to ths day
concluded the speaker and Is a part
of the common praer book The Church
is Catholic and It Is Protestant It Is Pro
testant ngilnst Romos superstitions and
assumption of power and arrogance
ion will readily swap an Inferior trade of beer
lor a f upi ri r trade after ou once tet acquainted
villi the quuliti Done Uit 21 Arlington
Holding Co for a Mie of Macracn Siuc or
Lager and ou will know wliat a pure beer K
A custoirer of ouri who had been suffering
from a severe cough for alx months bought two
botllci of Chamberlains Cough Itemed from ui
and was entirely cured br one and one half bot
tles of it It cites perfect satisfaction with our
trade llaynes Parker Cb Linevllle Ala A
pertittnit rough Is the first symptom oi consumr
lion and should never he neglected This is only
one of the many thousards who have teed
cured Ly Chamberlains Cough Remedy Tor silt
hv Henry Ivans whaletztc and retail and all
rlrlrTyl ic
Iletermlnc Responsibility
liiieiiliin MtMnliuns Dentil
An Inquest will be held at the Ken Jcr
se Avenue statlonhouse at 11 oclock this
morning ovtr the remains of John Mc
Mahon the Western Union Telegraph
lineman who was crushed to death es
terda morning by the falling of a pole
on which he was working at the corner
of Twent -first and M Streets northwest
An tutops will be performed earlier b
Deputy Coroner GHzebrcxJk
McMthon was a nntive of Buffalo X
Y and for somo time past had been liv
ing with his brother Otto McMuhon who
Is also a lineman nt Si North lavute
Street Alexandria Va He had been m
ploed as lineman b varlous telegraph
and telephone companies during the past
six months and about a week ago se
cured a position with the Western Val m
as an extra man
lu compan with IJneman G W Parker
he was osterda morning assigned by the
superintendent of linemen J M Jeffries
tp the work of removing four wires from
a line of poles tint were belns abandon
ed The poles were erected b the Chesa
peake and Potomac Telephone Compan
but were JolntI used b that compan
the estern Union and the District Pire
alarm Service McMahon climbed the
Iole at the corner of Trfent -first and M
btreets and cut the wires while Parker
remained on the ground McMahon was
astride of the lower cross arm about thlr
t feet from the ground when he cut the
last wire Without an warning the pole
which had been held up by the wires
broke short off at the pavement and fell
with a crash ncross the triangular nark
formed bv Twent flr3t Street and New
Hampshire Avenue
McMahnu was tinablc to extricate him
self from the cross arm in time to jump
as he reached the ground and he wns
jammed against a tree with the end of a
heavy pole on top of him The llremen
from Truck B house just across the
street rtn to ills assistance but found
McMahon unconscious The lifted the
heav weight from the lineman and it
v as seen that McMahon s skull was
crushed In and a large root of the tree
which projected above the sidewalks
surface had penetrated the smalt of his
back McMahon was carried to the truck
house and was taken thence to the Emer
genc Hospital It Is thought that death
was alnnst instantaneous
The dceasi d was about thirty years
old was a steady workman and bore a
good tharacter The pole on which he
was working it the time of the accident
was rotten at the base it is said and
had been ktit utirieht hv the wires which
jt was supposetl to support When they
were cut tne pole rell with such force that
It was broken in several places
The brother of the deceased called at
the morgue shortl after the body reach
ed there and nunounced that when per
mitted to do so he would take charge of
the remains and send them to his old
home In Buffalo for burial He tele
graphed the news of the death to his two
sisters in Buffalo and It Is thought that
the will reach the city this morning
Log Itegrlmeiit o I I A U
HoIiIh mi Enthusiastic Meetings
A well attended meeting of Logan Regi
ment No 2 Union Veterans Union was
held last night at the regimental heacl
cuarters 516 Nlath Street northwest
There were present in addition to nearly
tho full muster roll of tho regiment a
number of members of other regiments
of the order In this tltv Preceding the
speaking which was the feature of the
evenings programme there was a muster
of new members A large number of ap
plications for membership were received
After the regul tr business of the meet
ing had been disposed of speeches were
delivered by officers of the U V U The
theme followed by narjv all the speakers
was that of the gooel of the union Among
inose wno tienverea auuresses were Commander-in-Chief
R JL Dvrenforth Divis
ion Commander John 1 Jleacham Past
Department Commander S R Stratton
Major oung of Sedgwick Regiment
Colonel Glassie of Hancock Regiment
Gen U Bogie Col J T Ran and
Colonel 1 inkling
Old OlIlrerN of the Gernimi EvniiKell
cnl o let lSl elcctrd
The annual election of ofllctrs of the
German K angelical Association of Pros
pect Hill Cemetery was held yesterda at
ill Seventh Street northwest With 1
single exception all of the old officers and
members of the board of directors were
re elected b comfortable majetrltles
The election ended a hot light for
control between two factions Mr pred
Imhof the re elected president was the
lealer of one faction and received a total
of 190 votes against ST caEt for the leader
of the rival faction Mr George Wugner
The faction represented b Mr Wag
ner it was claimed was active in charg
ing reckless extravagance In th manage
ment of the affairs of the association
The result of the election was considered
as slgnlflng that the majorit of the
members who voted were satisfied with
the present administration of affairs
lollov ing Is a full lit of the officers re
elected President Pred Imhof Secrc
tir Willi im Martin Members of the
Boird of Directors Theodore Plltt J I
Griebuur C U Brlckwedde George C
Rich P I ambri cht and J J Uppich
St eretar Innt iprutis the Sen
tence Impost d on IlitLer
Secretar Long has approved the find
ings of the court martial In the case of
Private Frederick H Baker of the Marin-
Corps who deserted in the Philip
pines and was commissioned a lieutenant
in the Filipino arm He was convicted
of treason and has been sentenced to
Hie imprisonment at San Quentln Cat
It Is stated that Baker fell In love with a
Filipino miideu who Induced him to de
sert his llag and join the forces of the
insurrectionists He is said to have given
the 1 illplnos valuable information con
cerning the plans and movements of the
While in the rani s of the nilpinos he
met another American deserter who had
leceived a simil tr commission as lieu
tcnint Ih two were used for a time in
drilling the rebel solders and thus avoid
ed iny open conPIrt with their lute com
rades J inilly Bakers American com
rade overtook an Inferior part of Ameri
cans but refused to fire upon them from
ambush He whs tlureupou tried b a
1 Illplnn court m irtlal and sentenced to
be shot Baker was commanded to have
charge or the firing platoon to kill hla
friend He refused to obe and succeed
ed In escaping to the American Ilm s
where he sunendered himself and was
placed under arrest He sought to have
the Americans rescue his friend but no
report has been made as to whether or
not he w is successful in this
Important to
Lodges and Societies
Dont close a contract for our Sum
mer Excursion until jou have seen
Chesapeake Beach
the only Seaside Resort near Washing
ton Vcr liberal terms offered
General Passenger Agent
1420 New York Ave NW
Her lct Hurt yt Itesponsllile fir
Mrs Cnlins Dentil
NEW YORK March 19 Coroner Bausch
began an investigation toda of the death
of Mrs Carrie B Cabus of 352 West
Eighteenth Street who was found dead ii
her Hat last Sunday afternoon her fox
terrier at her throat According to the
Information given to the police she fell
in an apoplectic lit and the dog which
she was feeding becoming excited seized
her b the throat and held on until forci
bly removed b her mother Mrs Brod
head Mrs Cabus was dead when Dr
Henry M Pisher was called in
Coroners Phsician O I anion went to
the house on Monda night and examined
the bodv To hts surprise li found that
the wounds In the woman s throat were
not caused b teeth but bv the thrust o
a knife Ha Informed Coroner Bausch oi
this today and the went to the home
together and made a further examln ition
Afterward Coroner Bausch said that the
dog had nothing to do with the womans
death which lie said vv is caused b slow
hemorrhages due to three deep wounds In
the neck lnfllrtecl b a knife or some sim
II ir Instrument
I found In my investigation said Coro
ner IJausch that an ordinary knife such
as Is used for peeling potatoes w is lnr
close to the bodv The shape of the
wounds caused Dr O Hanlou and mself
to believe that such a knife had been used
to inflict the wounds To satisfy our
mlrds more futlv that the knife In ques
tion might have been used It was In
serts in the wounds It fitted exact
If th theory that this knife Is the
weapon that caused the wounds Is cor
rect then I Ilrmlv believe that they could
nevei have been self inflicted unless while
in h r lit she was gifted with super
human strength
Mrs Ii in belli Brodhead the dead wo
man s mother said 3he was In the front
room of the flat and her daughter left
her to go and feed the dogs A minute
later she heard a fall and rushing Into
the kitchen found her daughtr llng on
tn lioor with the dog tearing at tier
throat The coroner said that the dog
had not torn the throat Then he ques
tioned Mr Cabus the husband The lat
ter told the coroner where he ipent Sun
da and the coroner asked the rolice to
v erlf his statements
This seems to me a msterious case
said Coroner Bausch tonleht It Is a
case of suicide or homicide ind I will
not be able to determine which until an
investigation has been made
He also directed Dr O Hanlon to make
an autopsv on the bod to find out
whether Mrs Cabus had nn apoplectic
or epileptic stroke prior to her death
A Regular Season to Be Introduced
nt n Ilnvnnn Trnel
NEW ORLEANS March 19 The racing
men of Havana are determined to become
Americanized Among the visitors to the
race track toda was N Lambrson Sec
retar of the Havana Jocke Club who
will be Secretar of the New Morales
Park Association of Havana He came
hero to arrange for the purchase of a
number of racers and for a regular sea
son of racing in the Cuban capital
The Morales Park course 13 fashioned
after that of Sheepshead Bay and has
been put in first class condition Tl e as
sociation will operate as nn American in
stitution and under the control of enter
prising racing men Heretofore racing
has been held In Hnv ana on onl two
das of tho week Wednesday and Sun
da but the crowds have been large and
c nthusl istlc both Spaniards and Cubans
taking to racing
The Morales Park Association will open
up for racing on November 15 next fil
ing races nn cv cry d ly of the vv eek except
funda and It expects to do a big busi
ness It will ask for admission to the
Aiierican Turf Congress rs a full mem
ber Already eighty race horses have
been shlnped to Havana and twenty
more will be shipped there next Satur
day when the New Orleans spring meet
ing closes
P D I lidrrvroul it Ih Said W III
Succeed Mr Tlmiiins
BALTIMORE March 19 D Under
wood will soon resign as third vice pres
ident of the Baltimore and Ohio llailroid
This announcement was seml ofllclally
mule todav Mr Underwood it is un
derstood will become president of the
Irle to succeed II B Thoma who will
resign to become chairman of the board
of directors
Mr Underwood toda declined to nf
fim or deny that he had been select d
as president of the Erie road and con
tented himself with stating that ho had
no oiilciil notification of the fact Mr
Unucrvood has been with the Baltimore
and Ohio blncc ll JS
On assuming the management or the
road he instituted a programme of
dls nlsslng main of the minor
officials and en ploes He is known as
the repiescnlative of James J Hill and
It is thought his elevation to the Erlf
presldcnc Is due to the influence of the
Great Northern magnate
Coroner eltl to In t ntlKille
Dentil of iition Bennett
Coroner Xcvltt will todnv view the re
mains of Antlion Bennett the Hagman
of the Pennsylvania Railroad v hose
bod was discovered floating In the James
Creek Canal late vesterday afternoon
The remains are at the morgue Friends
have been notified of the d ath
Bennett had be n missing from his
boarding house 210 Seventh Street south
west since Februar 1 The police look
ed for him without result and friends
feared the worst 1 ast week II irlsirmas
ter Sutton dragged Hit James trctk fi
nal because it was suspected Bennett
might have been drowned Nothing was
found and not until estenia did the
bod come to the surfat e A passing citi
zen saw It floatlrg in the canal and told
Policeman Headle of the Fourth pre
cinct station The Harbormaster v as
then notified and the body n cov ered It
Is probable the remains will be t il en to
tl lata home of Bennett at Annndale
Va for burial
Mtlu ftiiHtd of IorKei llriug1it
lit re From eu J oi k
William 11 Richardson rolo cd charged
with former wus brought to this citv
from New York esterda and commu
te 1 to jiil bv Justice Barnard to aw lit
trnl 1h prisoner is charged with forg
ing the name of Charles L E Lnrd Sec
retar of the Swiss Legation to a check
for 0 drawn on the Rlggs National
Bank and luted Man h 1 list The al
lcied folgcr was committed about a
month ago whilo Richardson was cm
plord as i valet at the ltKatlou b
lardv Other checks said to hive been
forged bv HU hardson and aggregating a
large amount mi result in additional
charges being filed agilnst the accused
The Inlr mi Vsonreil tm KH
The second night of tho fair given under
the auspices of Canton Washington
Lodge No 1 and I nion Lodge No 11
I O O I at Odd Iellows Hull was
vvll attended and sueces of tlie en
terprise seems to be assureil All the
booths nnd stalls vvero well pitronizel
1 ist nlghtt and the ladles In ch irge were
kept bus suppllrig the ints of pur
rlnsers The raeinlters of 1ederil Iodg
were the meets of honor with their fam
ilies As was the case on the opening
nlitht tin Illustrated songs b Will
Thornton foinwd in attractive f mire of
tho entertalnnumt The late hours were
devoted in dinelng
Cold Ileiidnclie tlitnrrli llrlipved
In 10 llliuten Hnr II Vlaln 4 tui it
tlie liaptlst I innuimrl linreli IiulTilo iv
ftronff teJinicm lor onJ w a iirui believer in Dr
Vrneu d aUrrlul 1 uvwlrr He ha tried mini
uf reunii itliut ai ul lur iMn
Dr Ijin ofjlarrlul Ionler I va tinicllled al
once are 11 vurl It u a uiinlirul renudv
One Spllmlil relrvcs hra lic15 anj cM v jj
by I f Hjlllanv vuilli and 1 1 1
wonib It tvIlunr1 1iJ Mrect anl
fliooe a ber -1 l clitfcse a frif c 1 li -ill
et n Arlington II JttKn - la fur a case uf
IIeuricL3 Mai run htute or Laser
I Large I nfnlrnesn In the Avtnrd of
the Police liilforni Contract
A committee consisting of Capt JL A
Austin Lieutenant Inspectors rearson
and Cross and all the lieutenants of the
Metropolitan Police Torce of the District
of Columbia met recently opened the
proposals received and awarded the con
tract forXurnlshingunlfonnsforthe mem
bers of the force for the ensuing jcar
Bids -were received from tho Cher -Mo-ran
Compan of Sll Pennsylvania Ave
nue Henr L Kaufman of 520 F Street
northwest representing John Wanamak
cr of New York the S Barnhartt Tai
loring Company of ES Twelfth Street
northwest Oehm t Co of Baltimore
kjnd Rosenfleld Bros and C J Heller of
tne is on iorK doming House liammore
The committee after considering the
bids decided to award the contract to
Rosenfleld Bros and C J Heller fcr
uniforms and caps respectively on the
basl3 of the contract for the present
Captain Austin chairman of the com
mittee In reporting the decision to Major
Slv ester stated that to properly clothe
the officers and men of the force with
summer uniforms It would require forty
frock coats J10 sack coats 3s0 pairs of
pants AiO helmets 50 helmet cords and
23 caps Captain Austin also asked that
the contractor be required to use better
buttons than those last furnished and to
require him to havo misfits altered at his
Washington office
Tho proposals of the five competing
firms were made public esterdty after
noon by Major Sylvester They show that
the Cheo Moran Company was the low
est bidder and that the New lork Cloth
ing House Rosenfleld Bros was the next
lowest bidder the others being consldera
blv In excess of them
The proposal of the Cher Moran Co
for the summer uniforms was For all
officers frock coat 113 97 vest 260 ma
jor captain and lieutenants sack coat
12 50 for all other officers sick coat
vsiii trousers 1 83 on blcclts trousers
U 20
That of the New York Clothing House
was For all dress coat tllTi blouse
JSS8 pants 5 cyclers sack ooarSS
pants 1 15
That of the Chery Moran Co for the
winter uniforms was Major captain
lieutenants sergeants and patrolmen
overcoats 19 75 private with patrol wag
on overcoats 1525 blccle policemen
wv ercoais a an omcers trousers o w
officers with biccles trousers 315
That of the New lork Clothing House
for the winter uniforms was For all
overcoats 21 SO pants 6 77 vest 2 75
drivers overcoat JIS75 cclers over
coats 9 70 pants 313
There- Is considerable feeling among the
Washington bidders because the contract
for the uniforms of the police is contin
ual awarded to out-of-town firms Some
of them declare that the know that the
out-of-town firms nre underbid and et
for some unexplained cause the contract
has been regularly given for several ears
to the Baltimore Arm T P Moran of the
Cher -Moran Companv In speaking of the
m itter esterdavto a Times reporter stat
ed that he krevv for a certainty that his bid
was more than 1 lower than the price bid
b the Baltimore firm for the present car
Therefore he said if the contract for
the ensuing ear is to be the basis of that
for this ear the Baltimore firm was un
derbid Mr Moran declared that the
manner In which the contract is tvarded
is gross unfair to Washington business
Take our firm for example said 3k
Moran We can make these uniforms as
cheap as an body Of course there is
no concern In Washington that can manu
facture them on the ground but that
makes no difference There is the cost of
the cloth as the first Item the trimmings
etc Then re is the cost of making
Now we can do that just as cheaply as the
Baltimore house They do nothing that
we could not do unless It Is to get a dollar
or so more for a uniform than we wuuld
Major S Wester in speaking of the mat
ter said that the committee had acted
wholly within its rights under the law
He said that no injustice had been dono
to an bodv He said that the Baltimore
firm had always been prompt in the deliv
er of the clothing when ordered that It
was of good quality and well made He
declared that the relations between the
department and the Baltimore firm had
alwis been pleasant and so far as he
knew the men were entirely satisfied At
least Major Sjlv ester thought the men on
the cominittee were intelligent enough to
know whit ey were doing
AKtd Colored Atimnu Found In ItnH
iouiI station Crltlenll III
Luellla Tucker the aged colored wo
rn m who was found in a helpless condi
tion In the Pennslvania Railroad depot
Jiondav night and sent to the House of
Detention was yesterday removed to the
Washington Aslum Hospital for treat
ment bhe is suffering from lung trouble
ard her condition is regarded as critical
The woman is nearlv a hundre1 wnra
old bin sjvs she has a grandson George
lr Cannon a phslclan living at HI Pa
cific Avenue Jersey City N J It Is
imitii tjiar ne sent her to come nnil
He with him and while en route to Jer
sej Cit the woman was b mistake put
ofl at Washington Instead of buiiig u
ticket through to her destination the wo
man appears to have purchased a ticket
to this citv Her grandson sent mone
csterda to Major blv ester for her fare
to his home but the woman Is not able
to travel
Il xcoiircit on IMrmiomt
Pr f imon Newcomb delivered a lecture on
41Le rrogrtati and Tcndencj of Atronoirj at
Columbian I at ntlit He iai greeted
by an ajireciatite audience Prof iewcomb re
view il tlie Iustor of a stronomj from lU in
ception and tracnl it development step by step
to the present time He said that the manr new
m antn notnj were due to the great
miprorrnient in astruiiutniral ini trummts
Bvo most salutary rollcfln
Sold In Eoxcj onl Acad Imitations
Sgnttueot iijia toi
STVriVltNT t Hie condition nt the 1IV5II1I ltd
llltl UN MUKINolltVMFCOVIaM ol Ham
burg it rmaiy on the JUt dar of December
lXXl ai required bv act of am roved
lulv a lsUS
filplUI t Xrxk l TVy 0
Capital ntxk J aid up SiaOOOO
Cash in bank 9S T2t 6t
Minks and liond market value 1jwjoC2j
rremtiiins uncollected in 111 hamU of
asints lSsoioi
tall loan KjUAJOO
1 1 BII 1T11A
Ileerve reinuim fund 090193 la
lteerve for unpaid Iomws and claims MVJ070
Nit FllrpllH 4UOiSS3
Statement of cxprue for i month
etuli ia Deiiiuber 31 lJ Ik CT1 50
1 O VHH 11 Vlaiusr
SnVcrilied inti saorn to befoic me lliii leth
day of laicli I Id
lOS f MWUlt
otar Inhlic Ivinss Cmnlv
HIT hlfl V VcltrtW Vgenti 10 I itrect
i hinglon I t ml
i i iio s vins
1K tTlVl Commissioners of the Dis
trict f Columbia W ashiiiKton March 1J 1J01
Notice is lierihy given that on SVTiltDA
SIMtCH 23 1601 the right to etalllh flh
wharves or dock 111 the Cit of Washington will
be sold b public auction for the term of one
car from March 1 Kvl at 3 oclock p m on
It strict bttuecn Seventh anl Mnttl ktreets in
in nt if the W aihlngtoii mirket all riihi and
I rlrHesw gianted or allowed by the laws of
Cororatlon of ahinKton and no wharf or dok
blnll be deemed eligible unless situated at some
pnl on the north ide of the Potomac itnrer or
die hatprn branch lntween Fletentli Street east
ai 1 Ioiirtcenth Street west Terms One hundred
dollars to Ik paid on the day of the aale and th
reiidiic to be fail ritun fUe dis from the day
of wile B order oi the Hoard of CommNMon
er of the l C IIFNKV II l M CI PLM
sioneis D C el5 10exS
MlNALII On Mirdaj Vlartli It lOnl at hi
reilente 5lt L Mreet northeast JOHN WIN
MIL - clerk in Southern dhUIon I mted
ctate PtmiMi OIIlc in liU fitj fifli iar
Ilineral from VIrV ip pl f Imrcli t 2
p in todai Varch Jo IrlenK inrit d to at
timl JaX
Kings Palace Department Stores
SIICMIa NOTICK Ml pslners anl decorator-
of L A ITSte K of L are renutd to attend a
special meeting IHIUVi ilMICH 22 7 0 ClOCa
P VI lunc4 of importance
r nviiMciA
mCO 3 Ilccordins secretar
TiCf I beg to inform m friends that I lure
connected myself with Mei Mks A Louipan
Khere with their wperior facilities at liy com
mand l can iromiic better service thaa ever be
eli3 lormerl vwlh Parker ilrnUet A Co
IIONT inl the opening at Hlllv Hauers saloon
jo Ml n iptftiilly invited mln j
man midwife has moved from 532 1 t ir
to 311 K 6t n rolO 7
New clases formiiiff easr quick method lo
pronource well speak read undeltvnd
MLIX PitLD IIOSIMi 307 Dstnw ear Uns
ml3 7
PHSO anl orpin leson 23 cents
5th st ne
AppW 721
ml7 7
Undertaker nnd Idver
U2 Firm Ave N W Washington a a
Spring Millinery Waists
Woolen and Wash Fabrics Continued
Today and Tomorrow
The most successful spring opening ever held by the Ireat Kings Palace
Department Stores Throngs flocked from all parts of the city and unhesi
tatingly rendered their verdict that our Milliner exhibit was beond com
parison In fnct words of praise were expressed for ever department and
customers are now enJolng some of the grandest values that weve ever
Remember we trim all hats free of charge
2 opening specials trimmed bats
wSfiTa1 baran fr the Opening we shall offer two lota of trimmed
mmfjfiHJi B the eaona handsomest effects of straw and hair braid
swiwa i i J611 and low crowns turban toques coaching shape
Foliage in manj effe ctshUe na a prin Co1 Wmnifd with jet flowere
for hats for which others ask
you 500 and 6 00
60 dozen sample fiats worth
from 1 to 2 for
The lot consists of ladles misses
and childrens fane braid hats made
on wire frames ready for the trim
ming In all the latest spring shades
somo draped turbans some toques
some pancake shapes some coach
ing effects shortbacks LAIglon Mar
quese and many other effects In black
and all colors Jone will be sold t
milliners the offering is for the bene
fit of our patrons
Ladies and misses ready-to-wear
hats 125 and 150 Tallies OQn
Another Opening Special An Im
mense tableful of ladles and misses
read ear hats of plain and tough
Jap Straw silk velvet and quill trim
med in variety of walking shapes
and shortback sailor effects selling
elsew here at I 23 and Jl 50 for SDc
400 chiffon and straw hats 250
We shall also offer the fashionable
Chiffon and Straw Head ear Hats
some entirely of tucked chiffon
some of chiffon and straw In new
shapes and colors Including Turbans
Toques and Pancake effects which
are U values and which others are
offering as a bargain at Ji93 for 250
here for these three d 1 s
The Great Headache Cure
iromo Pepsin
Note tho Word Pepsin
Headache Indigestion
insomnia Nervousness
On the Spot
No Opiates Absolute Harmless
All Driicslsln lOc and SOc
Hurry Up
Dont delay our order for Eas
ter Clothing You can order com
fortabl now Next week our store
will be crowded with eager pur
The very newest Spring Suitings
are Striped Worsteds Our price
J15 W to order Is a very exception il
one for this class of fabrics fullv
25 per cent less thin elsewhere It
w 111 pa oil to see these goods
aiad orders filled
Ante for our SjIent talcmcn
941 Pcnna Ave N V
ornv suirdvy niLiG
for hats for which others ask
you 800 and 1000
KM I07 J1 Vmerlcnn Ileuiitr ltosr
xvltli ImhI and fnllnae lit
Tthltr red pink JrteW O
c trior rrt nm nntl ten I U
50c imported crush roses 19c
39c 50c and 75c flowers and foliage
All a flower and foliage importers
samples came to us last week and we
re pleased to be able to offer them
during the Opening at ZZo though they
nre the I3c iA and Tm valuesoffer
ed elsewhere They embrace
a na
tures heautlful flowers JLarge sprays
of foliage in autumn natural and
jreen shtdes ln all tho latest spring
colore foi ladies misses ahd child
rens hats corsage and hair effects
Choice Jt
Continued Opening Prices in Ladies
Readytowear Dept
nil I Mn i Am
uiiicis 1 irio suns
here at 898
A purchase of sample suits of chev
iots pebble cheviots Venetians and
broadcloths enables us- to offer suits
worth J12 to JIS at JSA Eton Jackets
with vest efTects trimmed with satin
and taffeta bands eicluslv e in stjle
and equal to the best modistes pro
100 5 and 6 skirts 325
Ladles All wool Cheviot Serge and
Broadcloth Dress Skirts in black and
blue and trimmed with satin and taf
feta silk finished with deep flounce
and with full flaring bottoms skirts
which are selling elsew heie at U and
12 taffeta silk skirts 898
Excellent quality taffeta silk skirts
with deep flounces and trimmed with
shirred satin ribbon In bow knot ef
fectsfull flare bottoms and well lin
ed S 33 Instead of 511
for misses and childs 250 jackets
Fifty misses and childrens reefers
of all wool cloth and trimmed with
braid with sailor collars sizes 4 to
11 ears for tl 3 which are usual
JiOO -tables
for misses and childs auto jackets
worth 53 and J350 of all wool cloth
with sailor collars some plain and
some braid trimmed In brown royal
castor tan mode In newest spring
styles and effects sizes 6 to 11 jears
350 for 5 to 7 silk waists
The lot embraces an enormous as
sortment of line taffeta sllK waists in
cluding corded and tucked plain and
fancy effects in all colors and black
They have bishop or bell cuffs and If
bought In the regular wa would have
to bring J5 to 7 IVo are pleased to
offer them at 35
S10 S12 S11 Seventh Street anil Tin Maiket Space -
i 00
For Ten Days
Our regultr price for these Glasses
is 1 50 the same as other dealers
ndvertlse they charge 3 for They
felS mw f tf
514 9th NW
i CtaBfcliii
Fortress Monroe Va
Overlooking Hampton Road the famous
rendezvous of the U S Navy
A Climate Unequaled Elsewhere
in the World
Old Point Comfort Improvement Go
Norfolk Washington Steamboat
Compan s steamers leave WashlngtOT
C p m arrive Old Point 7am Trains
of the C Ac O Ry leave Washington at
11 11 a m arrive Old Point C 35 p m
i n for sue nr f j qcinv cm r re
the modern fire
Etorae warehouse
ft n 51 T th American Security
IIJlTadrrH anil Tma r iv
every advantage of most approved stora e methods
Storaue 11 10 13tli M 1111
Ic leplione lUft
A 31 It U VU Gen 3Ier
Ever Think
that our linen will have lonjer life
if its properlv laundered Nothing so
wcarins on clotbing as rarclres wash-
mg Want to make enquiry about the
Tolman workf Its laundered b the most
irodertt of lrachtnes handled perfectly
let us 1 ave your nixt bundle and rove
bur assertions
Cor th and C XV
Phone Cast 657

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