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CIothiiiR Stoic ofM Dyieiifoith A
Co Completely Gutted
MocUn r Men CJcioil Almost n Totnl
Wreck CHtnlillMlimcnt of Droop A
oiib HaM 11 nrrtm ncnpe
Till nnninKC Ilxrl lit ftsOOOO
Thousands san a lire last night which
threatened to lolall letro the four
story double brick building 9 and 935
Penrslnnli Aenue northwet occupied
lij Mitchell D renforth Co clothiers
and Ednard r Droop Sons dealers In
pianos and musical supplies and which
resulte d in a loss cbtlmated at SOOOO
Ti renforth Co arc the hea iet losers
Their loss oiTa stock of clothing etc Is
placed at about JMVO The buildliiK is
owned bj Mrs K Ii Hitz and is d im
aged to the extent of MCX Mr Droop
hald last night that his loss if an would
bo slight
The Jire appears to hae had Its origin
in the rear of the cellar of the bulldlnR
Just hon It started is uncertain but it is
thought that electric wires became
crossed in the basement on the D ren
forth tide of the buildins and near the
shift of a lame freight cleator
It wis shortly before 11 o clock when
imoke was first dlscotered Issuing from
the eaes under the roof ToHcem in A ar
ren of the Tirst precinct and Spcclil
OlHcers Young and Jama saw hmole
while near Xlnth Street and PcnnslanU
Atomic and hurried to turn in an ilirm
from bo s 123 at Ninth and D Streets
Trior to the arrltal of the first engine
on the scene limes were isible licking
up the side of the building near the rear
It was at once eIdent that the fire hid
a draft from pome source as the
flames spread rapldl supposed going
up the eletator shaft from the cellar
Smoke and lame shot out from windows
and b the time the engines arrhed the
1 re had gained considerable headway
On the first alarm Chief Tarns respond
ed and sent In second and third alarms
in quick succession The theatres were
ompting at the time and thou mils
flocked to the scene Street cars were
blocked west of Eletenth Street and
east of Sttenth Street b long lines of
hose Kesenes from the Klrst and Slitli
precincts were eirlj on hand and fire
lines established behind which the
crowds were Kent at a safe distance
riremen ran up half a dozen Udders
at both front and rear and entered on
seeral floors as the flames wtre grad
uallj subdued Great streams of water
were thrown Into the building from roof
and ground Nine engines anil two truck
companies were on the scene after the
third alarm was sent in During the pro
gress of the fire Mr Droop arrited ard
directed the firemen in the efforts to pre
ent loss to his stock Word was sent to
Mr D renforth shortb after the lire was
dlscoered and he was soon on the scene
The four floors on the Dj renforth side
of the building are utilized in the fol
lowing manner Plrst floor mens eluth
lrg and furnishings second floor bojs
and children s clothing and merchant
tailoring third floor -workrooms fourth
floor stock and store rooms On eve
floor it is feared stock Is badly dam
aged although nothing definite was ob
tainable last night Smoke tilled the en
tire building and much water was thrown
onto the stock
On the Droop side though the smoke
was thick the fire seems to have done
little damage Little water was thrown
Into the raudlc store
To a reporter Mr Mitchell D renforth
said last night that he could not estimate
his loss with any degree of accuracy He
stated Unit he had been taking stock for
several weeks because of his spilng
opening which was to have been lit Id to-
One consignment of goods worth
alout JlOO including clothing of etert
description arrived late jesUrdi after
noon said Mr Di renforth and had
been placed in the basement at the rear
of the building preparatory to being ar
ranged throughout the store Other car
loads and much of our spring stock has
jet to come but I fear our loss will
heavj ihe viluc of our stock within the
bulldlne I think would reach about JC
OA We have no means of telling the con
dition of the goods until morning
Mr Dj renforth added that the stock
was Insured for JIJOOO in various com
lwnies Among agents representing com
jianies which carrj lines on the stock ar
mentioned Wolff S Cohen Fred fliese
klng and William 11 Saunders S Co
Mr Droop stated that he did not think
lie had suffered nnj loss He said he had
no lime howevir to examine his stock
J he four floors on his side of the building
are filled with miscellaneous stock prin
eipall pianos smaller musical Instru
ments and shet music Droop Sons
have occupied the building for a number
of jcars while D renforth Co moved
to their present location about four jears
ago fiom beneath the Metropolitan Hotel
Mr Dj renforth sajs he shall resume
business as soon as possible proliably it
the same building
After the fire about a hundred firemen
went to a lunch room on the Avenue
where all were served with food at the
exinse of Mr Dj renforth
At III if John i smith
Ij tie term of the will of lohn 1 milli
daied turmt iajp ir nres prnniisoit lorn North
Capitol Strrtt to lilt wife Surjli V snnl jur
in lm life Lpon her death tc will liinsts
that the property be divided znonz lin three
eliildren Mar II Margaret M and John li
ham raftli The remainder of hi rvtatc ihc tes
tator dirrrt shall be divided among his wife
and the children named in njual tharee
Latath e Ilroso Ouinlne remove the cause
Hnirulis 1eera arc a constant ami welcome
yiitor to le na of tlwuaands of homes Macrzen
benate aud Iasrr are the recognized rfprci
talirm ol jaire malt and hop leverages Ilioiir
nmt 21 rlintoii Bottling to for a case
bonder what MerU
will uy today f
Tonights Star
Mertz Mertz
Tailoi t
00G and 90S P Ftiecl X V
A CoronerK Jury lles IteNiHinHlbll
ll for the IIpciiuiiiV lentli
The Jurj of Inquest conened by Coro
ner Nevltt at the New Jersey Avenue
police station esterdaj to enquire Into
the circumst trees of the death of Line
man John McMnhon on Tuesday decided
that the owners or controllers of the pole
at the corner of- Tvvent -first and M
Streets northwest which fell with the
lineman were responsible for th deith
because the had not prov ided for a prop
er Inspection of the pole Attorney A A
Lipscomb looked out for the Interests of
the relitlvts of the deccised and Assist
ant District Attorney Sincliir represented
the Dltrict After the inquest th body
of McMihon wis removed from the
morgue to the home of a brother at 30
North Tajette Street AlexnndrJ i Va
Thomis Ii Purcell of lli Twenty sixth
Street northwest the first witness ex
amined testified that he wis walking
nlong M Street when he heard some one
shout Look out He siw the telcgnph
pole filling with McMnhon clinging to It
McMnhon wis on the underside and was
pinne d to the ground
John II Martin of Truck U was sit
ting In front of the truckhouse when his
attention was cilled to the fulling pole
lie and others nn to the assistance of the
prostrate mm lifted the pole from him
and carried him to the truckhouse
where they endeavored to revive him
He said that the pole was bidl decajed
and broke off Just beneith the surficc of
the ground There was also a break he
said about two thlids up the pole
George Parker jr who wis working as
a helper to McMahon at the time said he
was on the ground and In response to a
question from McMahon replied that all
was clear memlng that he was ready
for the third wire to be cut A moment
later he heard some one exclaim Look
lit siw the pole as It struck the ground
and ran to the assistance of McMahon
In answer to a question Parker slid that
when McMahon climbed the pole It shook
no more than an other pole and there
wis no indication that it was decaved
On cross examln itlon he stated that sev
eral of the iron steps had fallen as the
ascent was made but that nothing was
thought of It at the time He had as
sisted in the removal of tho District
wire s the Utter pirt of February and
wis of the opinion that it all of the
wires that the pole orlgimllj carried had
been in place the pole would not have
fallen Witness said that the work of re
moving the wire was done under the dl
rvtion of Mr Jeffries the foreman of the
Western Inlon linemen
lioszcll Taif of S2S1 Prospect Avenue
teild eif what he knew of the acident and
wis followed bj Walter C Mlen the
eleetncal engineer for the District
Mr Allen slid lie had searched the rec
ords but fallcet to find when the uole In
Question was erected The marking on
the pole he said showed Joint occupancy
bj the Distilct and the telephone coro
panv but he could not si which was
the owner of the pole The District was
given permission to use the pole in 1S9
when It was reset The pole according
to Mr Allen contained no sap and was
Till dried out but there was no outward
evidence of rot In answer to a question
witness said there Is no regulation re
specting the Inspection of poles Line
men he said can usually Judge of the
condition of a pole by the manner In
winch their spur climbers take hold of it
and when a dangerous pole is found thej
are expected to report It Occasionally
tests hid been nude bv running a long
steel instrument through the pole and
probing It but this was rarely done It
was the onl manner In which Interior
deca eould be detected
James C Simpson the Superinten
dent of the District Telephone nnd Fire
larm Service testified that McMahon
hul been emplojed as an extra man for
the District about four months ago Be
fore the lemoval of the wires the pole on
which McMahon was working had car
ried twentj five District wires sit tele
phone wires and four Western Tnlon
wires The District wires were all re
moved about the list of February Mr
Simi son thought that In case of injury
to the pole the Chesapeake and Potomac
Telephone Companv would have replaced
it but he could not sav who was the
owner The usual life of a pole he said
is from twelve to fifteen jears He did
rot know how long this pole had been In
stiviec but from Its general appearance
he would Judge about twelve years
Deputv Coroner Glazebrook who per
formed the autops testified that he
found the abdominal cavity filled with
blood and the liver kidnes and spleen
ruptured The nose had been crushed
In the opinion of Dr Glazebrook death
was due to hemorrhage- feillowing inter
nal Injuries The Jurj then retired and
returned the verdict as stated
Hie Polite leil to Iomle lllsxlnir
Irene liidertun
The polle e are making tfforts to locate
Irene Anderson 13 jears of jge who has
not been seen b her parents residents of
Ilrightwood D C since the Kill of
March Irene is described as of average
height with reel hair and freckled fate
When she left home she was attired in
The girl has been emplojed arf a do
mestic at the home of Jacob Melincode
1111 Seventh Street northwest ednes
diy night she returned it a late hour
bringing with her a strange girl whom
she eiati d had lost her position nnd
wanted shelter for the night Owing to
the condition of the strancer Mrs Melin
code refused to admit her The Anderson
girl then became angrj demanded her
monej and getting it walked off leav
ing her clothes behind She paid a visit
to the home of her pirents In Ilrightwood
Sundiv but suited to them tint she and
her friend did not have long to staj as
the had to gtt hick to work Since tint
time nothing has been heard from her
t J stlnioiiliil to lie lemlererl lie
t olored ilfres ntitllic
Ill appreciation of the services rendered
his race the colored citizens of this tltj
will give a testimonlil reception to
George Henrj hlte at the Metropolitan
A M K Church on M btreet between
rifleenth and Sixteenth Streets north
west Frlil o evening at 8 o tlotk The
testimonlil will be given under the aus
plets of the Ladles Association of the
Home for Aged Colored People MIss El
la M Koston chairman
Among those who hive been invited to
speak are lion Willi ini i tlnndler
lon Charles Dick Hon George p Hoar
Ir Lucj i Moten Prof Jesse Iiwson
Hev J Albert Johnson Prof Kellj Mil
ler Hon II P Cheatham Itev Walter
II Ilrooks Hon John P Grei u and II v
F J Grimke A musical programme has
been arranged
Illliznnls til for Inmtee o Sell
nllinble Propert
A pirtitlon pult Was filed In eqult es
tenlav afternoon b It Parker Crenshaw
and others ag linst Itlchard P McCor
mlck and othcis petitioning the court to
divide among the lltlgints a valuable
piece of propert situated In Mount
Pleasant The complainants allege that
th propert was left to them by the will
of Mary S Millsein who died March
IKI7 The j also allege that they have
since enlojed the rents and profits there
of In the belief that It passed to them b
the will aforesild
It sems however that the will his
not n sufficient number of witnesses to
convev realtj In the District of Columbia
Therefore as to the property In question
Mrs Mlltson It Is el limes died Intest ite
The complainants ask the court to ap
point u trustee to sell the property and
distribute the proceeds among themselves
and defirdanls i Hilton Jackson Is at
torney for the complainants
WHO sl Women well i men re
d made rolaerablc by lldner anj
TO bladder trouble Dr KtWr
Swamp Itoot the great LMaer
B L M F reme lr promptly cures At
drutjUu In fllty cent and dol
lar alzea You may hare ft aarople bottla by mall
free alao pampklct teimij all about It and IU
wonderful cures
Addrcu Dr hUmtr Co- nmiliamton S Y
Corcoran Cadet Basketball Team
Loses to the Athletic-
The Flnnl Score HI to 11 The Result
In Doubt I nll the Inst Moment
HoiikIi Pill TliroHKliont nr
Partisans Vcarli start n IlKlit
After fort minutes of the scnpplest
kind of play at Washington Light In
fintry Armor list night the bisketball
team of the Eastern Athletic Club de
feated the Corcoran Cndcts by a score of
K to II Better basketball has seldom been
seen In Washington The result was in
doubt until within a minute of the call of
time Then Eastern tacked on a Garrison
finish and two goils from the field pave
them a flirty comfortable margin Six
hundred enthusiasts saw the contest
lJisterns tendency to adopt pugilistic
tactics as exemplified in their recent
game with the Light Infantry ciused
manv to look for something that would
border on tho precepts of the squared
circle The gime was however remark
ably clear of foul tactics although at all
times the pliy was rough This was
doubtless due to the efficient work of the
umpires who promptl penalized all In
fractions of the rules The onl npproach
to trouble came In the second halt when
an overzealous partisan displeased with
a decision of an official Jumped over the
fence surrounding tho field Quick in
terference on the part of plaers und of
ficials averted whit might have developed
Into a general fight
Three times during the game was the
score tleel The miln feature of the con
test was the close manner in which the
plaers of both teams followed the ball
The scrimmages were fierce fights for the
possession of the ball llut in spite of
this there were times when brilliant
passlrg on the pirt of both teams brought
the audience to its feet frantic with de
light Corconn was the first to score
Pearson gathered In a hot pass from Mo
riarty and turning flipped the ball into
the basket The ball was tossed up once
more Several smart scnmmiges ensued
and the Eastern rooters were given rea
son to cheer Thompson dropped a goal
from the side of the Held Score 2 2
There was no let up to the hot pace when
v is resumed The ball shot up and
down the field Evans of Eastern tlnallj
emerged from a scrimmage with the
leather and the next moment there were
two more points added to Easterns score
Easterns stock was now steadily rising
It took another upward spurt when
Short Hughes after a few futile at
tempts landed the ball in the net Score
E A C C C C C 2
Instead of becoming ellsheartened the
nerv Cadets took a brace and for a few
minutes there was all kinds of swift
work on the floor Plaers frequentl fell
to the floor with their arms and legs en
tangled and the ball was followed so
closel that it scarcely for a momnt was
free from the eager grasp of a plier
Mastln was laid out for a minute or two
but grittil resumed his pi ice Thomp
son made himself dear to the Eastern
Hdherents by scoring another goal from
a point Just under the basket He made
a bad break a moment liter when he
held Moriartv The umpires detected
the foul and Pearson made the goal from
free throw Score- R A C 8 C C C
n An exchange of free throws without
results closed the halt
Corcoran started In with plenty of gin
ger and plaed Eastern to a standstill at
the opening of the second half Moriartv
scored a goal almost as soon as the bill
was put in pli and Corcoran veils filled
the air when Mastln made the Cadets
score a total of seven Evans committed
a foul but Peirson missed the fpportet
nlt to tie the score Eastern plaed a
clever pissing game but could not con
nect with the uet Thompson trld to
trip an opponent and Pearson conv erted
his free throw Into a goal Score IS A
C C C C S The Corcoran rootrs
neurl raised the roof with their exultant
ells and their enthusiasm was doubled
when Drlek grabbed the bill at the end
of a splendid zigzag pass and shot It Into
the basket Score C C C 10 12 A C
Thompson proved again the savior of
Eastern a hopes when he tied the score
with a well thrown goal As the result
of a foul Pearson coolly dropped the
sphere Into the basket the goal from free
throw putting the Cadets a singlo point
to the good
A moment later the only trouble of the
evening occurred Somo Eastern plajer
threw the ball the full le ngth of the Held
and over the fence An Eastern partisan
knocked It back and Thompson catching
it threw it unmolested Into the basket
1 he umpire eiulte properl elecUred It
no noal When this decision was made
a bellow of rage came from the Eastern
rooters A large man in shirt sleeves
clambered over the fence to the field In a
threatening manner and started towird
the umpire who mide the decision Sev
eral others of smiller statt re but of no
less valor followed IIjerH and officials
interposed ami the shirt sleeved mill
went back over the ropes accompanied
by the other would be combatants
The di proved adverse to the Cadets
however when Thompson with his cus
tomary readiness mide another field
goal The Pasterns now had an even
dozen points to their credit and two more
from a goal bv Moflltt Just befo e the cill
of time dim lied their hold on the victory
Score E A C II C C C 11 The line
C C Portion
rsruk n i
learoi I I
Maln eentie
Monarty II II
IlelTner b II
F v C
1 ram
score K C II f C 11 Iteferee
Mr ltobiiihon P npires JleQuade nn I llaah
Timers Itiee anl Ilntton Scorer Hakcr OoaU
-Thompson t I vain Jloiatl llugles IVarwn
Moriarl Slatia llruk oalj from free throw
rcaraOD 3
Mm Ii lluMlneNs Trniistit leil nt n Mi et
liiff of Hie Joe Ue j t Inli
SrW iORK Mirch 20 At toda s
meeting of the Jocke Club the following
list of oflici lis appointed for the spring
meeting of the American Jocko Club
was approved Stewards S S Howland
Samuel Ross and Jissc Drown Judge
Clan nee McDowell Handicapper W S
Vosbuigh Starter Mars Cassid Pad
dock Judge J L Hall Timer W II
Ilarrett Clerk of the tours- and Scales
II G Crickmore
Tile following list of officials appointed
for the spring meeting of the Queens
Count Jocke Club was approved
W S Vetsburgh Starter Mari
Cassid Judge CI irence McDowell Clerk
of the be ibs C Cornehlsen Paddock
Jud e J U Hall TJmer W II liirrelt
V b Vosburgh was appointed oniclal
steward to n present tho Jockey Club at
the Queens Countv Jockey Club spring
meeting Thomas Heffner was reinstated
to ill privileges under the rules
The prlneipil Interest centred in the
outiome of the application of Henry
Spencer for a lleenso to ride this se i
son He wis set down last fill for his
ride on J It Keene s Commindo In the
Matron Stakes at Morris 1 irk The
stewards were evidently of the opinion
that he his not had sufficient time to
mend his minners anil his ippllcatlon
was russcd over It Is tho opinion of
mm In close touch with the members of
the Jocke Club that whether Sp neer Is
ever reinstated will depend entlrel on
his future conduct
Innr Peiilteiitinrj en
Juilke llarnard jestcrdj lmpoied scnleme on
the following named persons recently conueted
in Criminal Court o 1 lWrt M I la Un
larreii threa eri Harry S ond larrfliv
ol profnity from the lnlted sut three jearj
Irediriik Uilllnn rolured hmibrrakmr ten
yearn and John IValt rs clortsl lareenv two
ears In the f enllentury The senbiires will be
served at the jenltenliary at Jloumlville H a
I Menus On true Ism oul breath anl
dinuting dneliariiea due to catarrh male thou
anj of iieonli ubjecta of aversion Hon eorue
Jan M of srraiiton Pa aaa I aVtf feen
a martjr to catarrh fir twenty yean eunlant
hawkinir and dropping in the throat anl pain
In the head rery offeniive lueath I tried Dr
tneu a Catarrhal Powder The firt application
care intant relief Mter ming a few littles I
was cured Sou y s vv llllj SuMi and
t Slreela tdmomU A William Third street
and Ieuusrlvanu Avenue II
Its the Method Employed Which
Makes Success or Inllorc
One man with pen Ink and paper cm
produce a landscape another man with
same pen anil ink may not be able to
write his mme legibl It Is all In know
ing how
It is equall1 v true In the use of medi
cines The sahie remedies we hive toda
have existed for thousmds of jears but
If their existence wis known the knoAl
edge of how to use them was lacking
The became Valuable to the human
race only wljen experiment and science
showed the way to use them to get re
The grip Is an old disease with n new
mme It is reall catirrhal In chancter
and the usual smptoms are those of
acute citarrh but the old tlmo catarrh
lowders salves and spra s do not cuie
it neither does the application of anti
septics through nn Inhiler give nn thing
more than relief for a short time
The antiseptics are all right the will
kill the germs of citirrh and grip If the
are applied rightly but their local appli
cation to the nose nnd throat avill little
because the germs are In the blood and
through the whole sstem
Stuirts Catarrh Tablets contain many
of these same antiseptics that nre iisest
In spras and inhalers but insteid of
applvlng them to the Inflamed mem
brines of the nose and throat they are
taken into the stomach and thus reach
the blood the real seat of the disease
and drive out the Infectious germs
through the nntural chinncls of the
bowels and kldnes
In other words Stuirt s Catarrh Tab
lets reach the cause of the mischief In
stead of merely local smptoms
The remarkable success of these tiblets
In curing grip catarrh and throat and
lung troubles Is because they drive the
catarrhal poison from the sstem and the
nose and throit become clear of the ex
cessive secretion of mucus which causes
the hawking spitting and gagging be
cause the secretion is not supplied from
health blood
Two jears ago Stuarts Catarrh Tablets
were unknown but toda have become O
popular through positive merit that drug
gists ever where In the United Stites
Can ida and Great Drltiin now sell them
III1 llCHldes Itoutlue lliislness at
the Acclsl Jlcetlnir
Little besides routine business cime up
for attention at the regular weekly meet
ing ot the Hoard of Education at rrank
iln School list night The question of
the revision of the histories now used
In the schools was not touched upon The
committee to which tho matter was re
centlj referred has not jet mide a re
port All the members of the board were
present at the meeting
There was one chinge of text books
recommended and approved bj the board
As a result there will bo introduced a
new reader for the first four grades of
the Washington public schools It Is
Stepping Stones to Literature and Is
designed to eventual tike the place of
the Normal and Tranklln reiders now in
use In addition to being a later and more
Improved reader than those workj it has
the advantage of providing a knowledge
of English literature to the pupil
In a recentireport of the Committee on
Teachers and Janitors it was recom
mended at Ithe suggestion of Superin
tendent Stuart that a number of assist
ants should bo appointed to aid prlncloils
of the larger buildings Superintendent
Stuart statetl that the principals of the
larger buildings were overworked Acting
on this recomnv nditlon fifteen teachers
were appointed The- will receive salar
ies of 123 per annum The list of those
appointed follows together with the
names of thp schools to which the have
been assigned
Miss Catharlor Ilurden Jefferwn Mi Mary n
Mulligan steveni Miss Jlarv Ij Sanderson Val
lach Mim S It arduer Pranllin Alls Carrie
Christiansen rcree ilis Fnima It Jones Iei
liodr ib L P JTamerr MNs Julia
K Dan CanietMits Sue 11 tlanlncr cbter
Mrs Georgia I VJUWwln Ilenrv h Chrisine
llrecltt ciant i 1 eonora iVncht Denmon
Miss Grace 11 Fuller Soaton VIIm Jlabel II
Lee Lliicon and lllas Ma M Washington Sum
ner Sumner Lincoln Garnet and bin ens are
coioreo senooii
The salaries of the following teachers
were ordered Increased from JI73 to JGvO
per annum S T Mason Teresa Henle
A 11 Miller J I Winfleld L E Pollen
It W Clift and E B Grahame
The following teachers salaries will be
Increased from H3o to SiTZ per annum M
A Baker O E Senior E M Bell F S
Lddane M K Glinn Mamie Lowrj B
M Brooks and M E Ilozzelle
The salaries of the following will be In
creased from J4J3 to JloO per annum V
11 Ludgate H A Dennlson Marv Weide
Xettle llurtt Alberta Walker K P Ken
nedy M B Moore Ij M Maustall and
Lula A McNally
A resignation which was accepted with
expressions of sincere regret on the part
of the members of the board was tint of
Miss yue Hunter Brockitt who slnco
1S 0 has been director of phjsical training
In the Washington schools
A communication was received from Mr
Ben U DaW i Secretiry of the Takoma
Park Citizens Association in which he
asked on behalf of the association that
the new public school at Takomi Park
be opened and readj for occupancy by
April The secretary was instructed to
inform Mr Davis tint the school would
be opened as soon as possible
A communication from the Congress
Heights Citizens Association to the board
asked that the wooden sidewalk sur
rounding the public school at Congress
Heights be replaced with one ot brick
The board decided to make the desired
Improv ement
Mrs Mar Hope West Chairman of the
Committee on Teachers and Janitors rec
ommended that J D Birston the j ini
tor of Hilton School be transferred to
Johnson School and th it the Janitor of
Johnson School Frank Vermillion b
transferred to Hilton School The rec
ommendation was approved
iuiiinl Meetlnir of Plsli nml Gnme
Prciteetlv e- Msoe lnttoii
The Game and Fish Protective Associa
tion of tho District of Columbii held Its
fourth annual meetlnp last night at Car
roll Institute Hill The meeting v ns
openxl by tho Secretary Dr Young who
stated that owing to a previous engage
ment Rear Admiral Itoblc Evans Pres
ident of tho Association wis to
be present Dr Ilirban was appointed
acting chairman on motion 1 Dr Yoi ng
The minutes of tho preceding meeting
were then read and approved after which
the report of the treasurer was received
The report of Major Slv ester tho
Chairman of the Committee on Legist i
tlon and who is ilso Game Warden of the
District of Columbia followed The re
port was of a particular interesting
cliar icter
I S Slurp of ho Committee on Tish
Dr Palmer Chiirman of tho Committee
on Literature and Mr Talbott Ch ilrman
of the Committee on Pollution real re
ports The report of Mr Talbott was or
dered published for generil distr jutlon
Mr Townsend of the lnlted States
Fish Commission give an Illustrated lec
ture entitled The Cruise of tho Alba
tross Among the South Pacific Islands
The lecture was Interesting and enter
tainlng and a vote of thinks was given
the lecturer Mr Talbott as thilrman of
tho Executive ommlttei proposed an
amendment to the constitution which
provided for the enlargement of all the
present committees Mijor Slveter ob
jected and proposed that i speclil meet
ing he cilled to consider the proposition
lie moved that copies of the amendment
be printed nnd that the sptelil meeting
bn called In not less thin two weeVs dur
ing which time copiesof the amendment
could he said be distributed among the
members of the association The motion
was lluallv carried and the meeting ad
journed The election of officers was
postponed until the next regul ir ra etlng
SI rue U b mi Iron Hod
George T Tloblnson colored empl0ed
as a lalsirer b the Purity lee Compiti
In K Street between Fourth and Fifth
Streets northwest was seriously Injured
at that place esterda Robinson was
taking bricks from beneath an old holler
when nil Iron rod attichtd to an engine
re II striking him on the head and neck
Ills Injuries were dressed at the Emer
gency Hospital Liter he was sent to his
home by Policeman Tompkins of the
Second precinct
Catharine Glenn Lett Home ami
Kssiajed the Bole ota jinn
Ilvril Willi n Inlr Coiuiinitloit ns
lltmlmml nml W Ilenleil Her
Set When Vrresteil Cvaileil Police
for We eUs Her Parents NoUHed
After having successfully evaded ar
rest for nearl two mo jths Catharine
Glenn eighteen years old whose parents
live at 1249 Thirt -second Street north
west was tuken Into custod by Blocle
Policemen Warren and Plemmons about
10 oclock list night and lodged nt the
House of Detention chirgesl with being
a fugitive from her pirents When ar
restee the girl was neat dressed In male
ature and her disguise was so complete
as to puzile the police She wore a pair
ot dark pants a fancy colored vest a
sack coat black derby hat and gold
rimmed oeglasses Her hair had been
cut short and was neatly parted in the
middle and her gait was truly mannish
She will be held to await the action of
her parents
The Glenn girl left home early In Febru
ary It Is sild because her mother refused
to let her keep company with a girl
friend To escape detection the runawiy
adopted the disguise stited and together
with her chum Grace Mendel went to
live at the home of Mrs McDonald col
ored at 27 E Street southwest as
Frank Thomas and wife
In the mean time the anxious parents
ot the Glenn girl reported her disappear
ance to the police Ivo girl of the descrip
tion given could bo located by them xlie
two girls frequently walked In the princi
pal streets of the city and at one time it
is said the Glenn girl stood directly op
posite her own brother win could not
penetrate her disguise
The police ot the Flrbt precinct learned
that a few nights ago the Glenn girl and
her companion visited a downtown cafe
and ordered something to eat much to
the amusement of the clerk who had
known the Glenn girl for a number of
ears They also learned that the Glenn
girl was disguised and that when the dis
guise was penetrated bj the cafe emploje
it occasioned no concern on the part of
either girl Policemen Warren and
Plemmons continued the hunt and last
night received informitlon where the two
girls could be located In full uniform
they proceeded to the place of abode of
the alleged man nnd wife
When confronted b the policemen the
Glenn girl maintained her bold dimeanor
declaring that she was a m m and not a
womin The police were a little dubious
but calmlv informed the girl In male at
tire that she must aceompiii thm to
the station The Mendel girl who Is a
resident of Baltimore Md and who re
centl came to this clt In search of em
plojment was not arrested Mr and
Mrs Gleni were notified of tho arrest of
their daughter nnd are expected to take
some action In the case today
AVoiiiitiis Home nml 1orelKn MIs
slounrv In St sslou
The second qjirterly meetings of the
Woman s Home and Foreign Missionary
Societies of the Methodist Episcopal
Church were held In Hamllne Church jes
terdaj The Home Missionary Society
opened Its meeting at IJ o clock with a
praver which was followed by a greeting
from the pastor Itev J W Steele The
minutes of the preceding meeting were
reid bv the reconllng secretary Mrs F
B Walker The reports of th secre
taries of departments and others were
read In the follow Ing order Woman s
Home Missions and Childrens Mrs C
W Kes Supplies Mrs S M Lake
Young People f Work Mrs M M Mitch
ell Mite Boxes Mrs C r Woodburn
Ileidi ig Circles Mrs Frank M Bristol
Leaflets Miss Gertrude Houston neport
of Treasurer Miss Ella I Stlnemctz
Ileport of District Secretar Mrs D B
After the reports were submitted a solo
was sung 1 Miss Lucy Bowker Whlt
tler She was followed by Mrs J H
Bajliss in an address on Word From
Many Fields Miss Jean Trelcaven talk
ed on Satisf ins Experiences of a Nuno
Deaconess After benediction by tho
Rev Dr Steele the meeting adjourned
Luncheon wis served in the basement pZ
the church
The Foreign Mlssiomrj Society opened
Its proceedings at 1 15 oclock with the
li mn There is a Fount lln Filled With
Blood after which a Scripture lesson
was read by Mrs J It Hltt The read
ing or the minutes ot tno necoruing sec
retary Mrs L II Tllton anil the report
ot the District Secretary Mrs S M
Hirtsotk followed W E BSackstone
delivered an Interesting talk on Tibet
after which a collection was taken up
The reports of the District Treasurer
Mrs S D LnFetra and the Contingent
Fund Treasurer Mrs L W Hardy were
Other minor reports were received from
the following superintendents on their re
spective workB loung Woman s Work
Mrs E Harve Children s Work
Miss Ada Fowler Mite Boxes Mrs C
M BilllnsslB Reading Circles Mrs T
H Martin Little Light Bearers Mrs W
H Crook Chrlstmis Boxes Mrs H It
Naylor Bureau of Supplies Miss Rach
ael Htintle Worn in s Mlsslonarj
Frlend Mrs W I Children s
Mlsslonarj Friend Mrs W F Dales
Several other reports were received on
the work of the soclet and after bene
diction bv the Itev Dr Steele the meeting
adjourned The next meetings of the so
cieties will lie held the litter pirt of June
A Lunntle nt Inrce
The police are looking for Fred R
Owens twent four ears old said to be
Irsjne He made his escipo esterdiy
momlng from St Elizabeths Aslum for
the Insine He had been an lnmato ot
the asium for several months W liile
walking In the grounds esterdiy he
managed to give the guards the slip He
Is 5 feet 6 inches till and weighs 170
sot Due to NeirllKencc
The report of the proceedings and find
ings of the court of encuir which met
at Norfolk to investigate tho circum
stances of the grounding of the United
States training ship Dixie off Jlinhnil
Point In the Potomac River on Mirch 1
has been received at the Navj Depart
ment The court finds that th ground
ing wis not due to negligence on the
part of the officers or crew and recom
mends that no further proceedings Le
sIIkIU Diimncc 1 Ilrr
V fire in the estahliJiincnt of the ICu 5 Oil
Comfanv al IIarrion trcet tnacostla last
insht did to the amount of 1 The fire
it is xaul was caused by an overheated oil stove
It Dont VIvwi Im to Ite septliitl
When i ipvupiptr writer and uroof
reader tint works nichts cm feed himself
out of il sitiM i which most all thit
class buffer with it is worth while to
know the kind of food used
Th mnti is on one of the Hock ford
III piper and as Utins a new
p tper writer and proof reader also a
graduate in niLdfcint as well though
not pneticin nnkos a comhinitlon that
would produce a skeptic on the bubject
if nnthlnK would
D i ifttr da I read the proof on the
Grape Nuts Iood adertlstmt nts with the
feelinff that they were ill huncombe All
thH tim I was buffering from dyspepsi i
from the improper final I was eating at
tho iestaurant One da I siw a pxekase
of Or ipe Nuts a th rtst lunnt and tried
It with Rood ruh cream Ihe dish took
m fancj at once After a few lunches
at midnight I noted in Improvement in iny
feelings and was able to work with less
I hue used Gnne Xuts ns a regulir
diet suce then and hae Improved great
1 The old djspepsii nd lud feelings
that 1 thought were necessary adjuncts
to night work all disappeared and I am
able to do much more with less effort
thin Ltr before
I was nearli ready to give up night
work and seek health in somo other walk
in life but thinks to my chango In diet I
am now all right
Pleise do not use my name In pabllCs
Name can be given by los turn Cereal
Co J td Uuttle Creek Mlclu
Assisted in the Discovery of America
An Imprisoned DrnRiMt Kicntics nt
reittatillr ln
POTT3VILL Pa March 20 At 2
oclock this morning during i high -windstorm
Robert W Taylor a drugSiat dug
his way out of liisi cell in the PottsWlle
jail scaleel a rear wall and escaped
Tujlor was under an sen
tence for ailmlnlnerlnr poison In an at
tempt to kill lus wife The potion killed
his stepdoiiRhter aged fifteen Tailor
dug out of an elshteen lnch wall When
he was In the Heading Jail several ears
no for burglary he also cscapeel from
his cell In the same waj
Rubbed on infants
tender chest mans
throat and nose it
breaks up cold cures
t catarrh
Srtf Sm e anil Speedy
Masons Yellow IBrafa and Aane la
Cure Dyspepsia J i Igorator
Masons KceU
Cure Coughs f
Sun ofaMzht Rest f
SO Tablets 10c 111 DruaaM or mailed for
Masons Cream of Olives 2Sc
Cures Latarrli Burns 1imples ami Illes
II T Mason Chfm Co 515 Arch Su
lhll i la
srcciw voticc
SPtXItL NOTICE 111 pjintcrs ami decorators
of L KUS K of I are renttil to attend a
special meeting FIUDVV M H 22 7 O CLOCK
1 M Biwuesj of itrporunce
t nuiAcio
m20 3 Record in Srtreurjv
NOTICL I besf to inform my that I have
connected myelf with Mevr Sj1m tf Company
whe with their superior futilities at my cotn
irund I can promise better Venice than eter
iewis n iioonr
e3 3 Formrrh with l irker ltndgct A Co
man midwife haa moved from 532 13 st w
to 315 F st sir m6 7
HNO and organ lessonj 25 cen3 Apply 72
5th st ne ml7 7
omuf oFTlfEcoMMissiON lTis district
OF COLL MM V WashinstMi March 13 1001 No
tice Is hercbj Riven tlut in conformity to law
the pamphlet containing a list of taxes in ar
rears on real property m the District of Co
lumbia on the Urst dir of Julr 1000 ha been
printed a copy thereof will be delivered to any
taxpayer ajpljir therefor and if the tax due
toRcthir with the penalties and costs thjt may
have accrued thereon shall not be paid prior to
the day named for sal lumclr the 0th dar of
April rH the property invnhed will be sold
under our direction at public auction at the
office of the Collector ot laxet ot the District of
Columbia commencing on jhl 3TII DVY OF
AIRIL 1W1 anl continuing on each following
diy between the hours of 10 otloclc in the fore
noon and 4 oclock m the afternoon Sundays am
legal hoi nil excepted until all such delinquent
jropcrtj n sold Bv order of the Commiinntrs
of the DMrict of Columbia U1LIXVM TIM ML
Secretary cl 2125J3 ipll
DISTRICT OF COLlUHIl ttaunirton Manh
16 1901 Ordered That for the flVal rar to end
June CO lyOl and pursuant to the act of Con-
Kres providing tor a permanent form of lo
ernment for the District of Columbia approved
June 11 1373 and the tenth section of n act
to provide an immediate revision and equalization
of real estate values in the District of Columbia
also to provide an assttment of real estate in
sail District in the jear eighteen hundred anl
ninety six and every third ve r thercifter and
for other purpose approved utfut II lH a
lax be and the rame h herebr Icvieil of one dollar
and fifty cent- on cer one hundred tlollars of
real estate withm the Dutrict of Columbia not
exempt by Iawr except on the real property held
and ucd excliHiiely for agricultural purposes
without the limit of the city of Washingtou and
so designated by the 3e4tur in hi4 annual rejiort
the rate on nliich sliall le one dollar on every
one hundred dollars and upon all personal prop
erty in the District ot Columbia not taxable tle
where one dollar and fifty cents on eery one
hundred dollars according to tlia asesed valua
tion thereof Dy order of the Hoard of CommU
ii oners of the District of Columbia WILLI M
TINDI L Secretary elS J
Cnilertaikcr and tlTrjr
m Tttm Are H W Waihington D a
rJJ jKQat jOsi
Senora Blanco Countess de
Ovlcs it n Spauth lady of title
One of her ancestors Count Itcm
iro tie OtIcs gave two thousand
pcuctns tfaen a largo sum of
money toward the equipment of
the fleet in which Columbus Railed
and tho Countess baa now in her
noascfision a nnrchmenr fucrnerl h r
Ferdinand and Isabella thanking Count Remiro for his gift
Tho family of the Countess has for generations been near the throno of
Spain and one of hcrfamily Count Louis do OviesBigncd with John Qulncy
Adams when Florida was ceded to tho United States by treaty in 1810
It will thuit be seen that a word from a lud ouch as is the Countess
Blanca must carry preat weight Under date of Jnnunry 111 001 hcrlady
ship wrote Messrs Warners Snfo Cure Co from 400 Pennsylvania Avenue
Pitt8burrIans follows The past summerwhilo completing manuscript
for a book being somewhat overworked coupled with the intense beat my
nervous system became seriously nffected canning restless nights and loS
of appetite At this critical juncture four bottles of Warners Safe Cure
taken conscientiously completely restored me to health and I feel it due
you to thus express gratification and thanks
SEstonA Blavca La Condesa de Ovrcs
SZSS Seventh Street
The Opening which ends today
has been an object lesson
partieululy in flu millinery depai tment It lias tominced
hundteds of people of the folly of pacing bo much for millinery
when equal alue and equal style is to be had here for so much
The trimmed hats at 500 are good
illustrations of the saving
thai is possible heie A we said yesterday not a single hat
is a 5 hat is hats aie usually found Many stores are getting
S and - for their equal The variety at this pi ice is astonish
The same propoi lion of sa ing is noticeable in all trimmed
and untiimnied millinery foliage flowers and mnteiiiN
Ladies will find our charge system wondei fully helpful in
bining their spiing millinery Isot a penny nioie is asked jou
for the prhilege
I F1 ttrSrirTatsssratsssssW x
We are shoTlng the largeit line of
Go carts and Baby Carriages In the city
aa immense number of different patterns
You will certalaly Bad our prices the
901 903 Seventh Street
Cor of I Eye St
lei tatelii
Fortress Monroe Va
Hampton Roadi the famous
rous of the U S Navy
A Climate Unequaled Elsewhere
in Ihe World
Old Point Comfort Improvement Co
Korfo Washington Steambott
Companys steamers leao Washington
S30pni arri c Old Point T a m Trains
of the C O Ry Ieie Washington at
1111 a m arrhe Old Poiat 635 p m
The Great Headache Cure
iBroiTso repsin
t U
Note tho Word Popsln
S Headache Indigestion
Insomnia Nervousness
On the Spot
No Opiates Absolutely Harmless
AU DriiKKlats lOc 25c and COc
---- -
Well Dressed Men
I n no are parinuur uuuut iuc iiiuauciiiirt
X of their shirts and collars hud wnJ
f their tra Ii to U3 We arc expert
crs ana guaranicc exteueni worit
Cor Cth and C XV rhone Iist Z7
1 qt FOR LE B7C J QflVV mi Vi rr
Austins Dog Bread
li the best food for do
- Jl

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