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The CYiimis OIHw to Itcctify the
Returns Irom Jlarylantl
VniTxtmit Illrfotor A lno In ClinrKr
of In- WorU In iirr to vrrnre n
Kriliu tloii of li II llonil The lo
kIUoii TuUcn Ji 3Ir llerrlnm
The pndcllnff of census returns in St
Marj nml Oh lrlei Counties Marj I ind
1j the iMipulillon enumerators has been
the occasion of an Ine3tleatlon on the
part of the CensuB Bureau and will result
in what is practioallj a recount of the
two counties Dr Wines Assistant Dl
reitor of the Twelfth Census Is now in
Marjlind in cliarec of the work which
is being done twent clerkh implojed
In the Census Hureau
The original count whether accurate or
falsified will reniUn the official llsures
of the bureau Inasmuch us thej hio al
rend be n publNhed and cannot be al
tered ns the basis for apportionment
Such dlscrcpincies as are uncocred will
be acknowledged In the Census Hureau
1 ut will not be published In the reports
is the olirlal returns
s a result of the Iniestisition Into the
alleged falsification of the returns in
JItnlind Stephen A Abell 1 crosslnfr
lilicemau In tlds citj who served as one
of the enumirators in St ilan County
was arraigned In the Police Court estcr
da mornlni and he pleaded not guilt
He wnlel the prelhnlnarj elimination
and the cae went to the prrand Jun
Abell s bond was fixed at 1M after ton
slderable wrtnglinff between Mr SIo tne
Beographer at the Ctnsus Hureau who
has charce of the case for Director Mer
riam and Maurice Smith the attornc for
Mr Smith asked Hint the case be taken
up as his client desired to wnite an ex
amination lie asked that the amount of
bond which liad been placed at 1000 b
bj Assistant District Attorney Mullownj
Tuesda nlcht he reduced to J500 Mr
Sloane objected to this and s lid tint he
had been Instructed by Director Merrlim
to siy that JlOyQ was not sitisfactorj to
him and asked that a larger sum be re
Attoinej Smith said that under the law
the offence was onlj a mlsdemianor pun
ishable b a line of not more than JoOjO
or Imprisonment for not more thin two
jciri lie became somewhat heated in
his remarks and reftrrcd to what he
termed the impertinence of Director
nam in attempting to dictate to the
court what the bond should be He said
tht It was a milter entirely with the
The ball was finally fUed at V0 and
the defendants counsel Is git en until 9
o clock this morning to show cause why
the amount of the bail should be reduced
At the Census Hureau the returns from
St Marj and Charles Counties fell un
der suspicion as to their rellabilit when
first receUed from the enumerators The
surmise was reached that the returns
were Inaccurate and pidded Certain rep
resentations made by Democratic news
papers of the State charging fraud in
the returns In th Interest of the Repub
licans determined their bureau to Inves
tigate the matter In the Leonardtown
district the Inaccuracies in the enumera
tors reports were most patent and the
Instances of fraud were soon unearthed
bj the Investigation which was Instituted
b the Bureau
Abell enumerator of the Census In thla
district was arrested as the result of the
investigation charged with having on
June 2 ISmO while acting as in enumera
tor in District 111 of the Third Supervis
ors district of the United States Census
willfully knowinely and unlawfully
made certain false returns to the Direc
tor of the Census bj setting out In the
returns that seven pople were alive and
actual residents of the district while in
fact thej were all dead at the time the
returns wre made
The Census act of March 3 ISO defines
In section 21 the crime and penalties for
conviction of altering census returns as
That any supervisor supervisors
clerk enumerator interpreter special
agent or other emploje who having
taken and subscribed the oath of oflice
required by this act shall without Jus
tifiable cause neglect or refuse to per
form the duties enjoined on him by
this act or shall without the au
thority of the Director of the Census
communicate to an person not author
ized to receive th same anj information
gained bv him in the performance of his
duties shall be deemed guilty of a mis
demeanor and upon conviction shall be
fined not exceeding j00 or If he shall
willfully and knowlngb swear or affirm
falselj he shall be deemed guilty of per
jury and upon conviction thereof shall
be imprisoned not exceeding three jears
and lc lined not exceeding 50 or If he
shall wlllfullj and knowingly make a
false certificate or a fictitious return he
shall be guilty of a misdeme inor and
upon conviction of either of the last
named offences he shall be lined not ex
ceeding JoOOO and be Imprisoned not ex
ceeding two eara
Director Merrlam of the Census Hu
reau said esterda that twenty men
from the hureau had been sent to tho two
counties In Maryland to review the work
of the original enumerators Clerks
from the buicati he stated had
lcen selected In preference to
enumerators from tho counties
in order that tho work should be
perfectly fair and impartial The popu
lation lists turned In bv the original
enumerators will be checked off by the
men mal lug the recount All names
found to be correctly accredited to the
counties will be approved Nann of
pernors on the lists who cannot be found
will be erased
Whether the pcnaltj upon conviction of
falslfvlng census returns in more than
one Instance is cumulative Director
Merrlim believes rests entlrelj with the
court to decide He states that this Is the
first instance of a recount authorized
under the Twelfth Census In view of
the fact that recounts under an preced
ing census were lnviriabl Instituted to
ascertain whether the population of cer
tain places was not estimated at too low
a Hgure while in the present instance the
complaint under Investigation Is an over
count the Director considers that the
situation is unique
hlle no recount In any other county of
Murjland Is nt pnsent Intended Governor
Merrlam states that If further develop
ments demand such It will be don
When seen nt the Kbbltt House jester
daj Representative Mudd denied any
connection with the case or anj knowl
edge of Abell s wrongdoing previous to
the arrest of tho latter
I want it understood said Mr Mudd
that I did not hue Abell appointed to
his position In the Census This was
done b the State Central Committee I
did have him appointed on the police
force in this city but to tell jou tho
truth there are to man Abells in fat
Mary County that 1 would never have
recognized the man had I not seen him
at the ltollce station Tuesda night when
he telegraphed for me
I never spoke to Abell In mj life be
fore then I never knew that he was
the census enumerator before a few dis
go when a member of the Marj land
folate Legislature mentioned the fact to
me I disclaim all knowledge of the man
and his methods
Now ns one of the men who helped
to draft the Census laws my worst cnemv
would not accuse me of being such a fool
as to advise nn man to puj dead men on
the lists If 1 had any desire to do wrong
1 could have arranged It so ns to avoid
discovery The only reason wh my name
Is connected with this case is because
Abell telephoned mo for hclpafter his ar
rest He did as I expect anj of my con
stituents Would do if they got Into trou
ble here He denied to mo that he had
ever used ray name In the matter
The Cos criiiutiit Ite cclfit
The receipts of the Government jest r
day reached 12SOTI Including cus
toms IK0S5S 21 Internal revenue 1 CT7
K0 mlscllantous 1C sS Ci The x
penditures amounted to 130iii leaving
n balance of receipts over disbursements
for jestcrdajr of iC307SS
J J Sullivan United States District
Attorney for the Northern District of
Ohio who Is at the Arlington on
business stated last night thit In
his opinion Washington was destined to
the most beautiful cltj In the world
4 T am gl id to see thit there Is a move
ment on foot to extend and improve the
sv stem of parks here slid he To mi
mind there should be a nitlonal park in
the Capital of the nation and I alo want
to see a boulevard of the States to which
each State should contribute an arch
This would be a splendid feature in con
nection with the proposed Memorial
Hridne which 1 hope to see made the
gnndest structure of tho kind in the
The United Slates will become some
tbt tho greatest silk manufacturing na
tion in the world said F H Thomas of
New York ut Chamberllns last nlBht
Todav iO jer cent ef tho silk used In this
country comos from American looms
There Ins ben a great falling oft in the
importation of silks and this is because
of the quilltv of tho goods turned out
Iitc The bulk of the silk mills todav
are locattnl in small towns in Pennsvl
anla and Now Jersey The Industry is
slowl traveling southward howeveranil
lti a tear mills have sprung up in Vir
ginia and in South Carolina Strang Is
enough we import all of the raw silk mil
manufacture it here lap in and Italv
suppl most of it In a few jeirs we will
cease to import the raw mati rial as
worms cm bo cultures here as well as in
either of the above countries A silk mill
Is a thing anj city can be proud of Only
white 1 ibor is employed and that so
skilled that ettremi ly high wages are de
manded and paid
After his experience with tho last Con
press Senator Hanna is not quite as con
fident of the ultim lie success of the Ship
Subsidy bill as he used to be Not hav
ing et any assurance that cloture will
prevail in the Senate he does not feel
particularly eas about tho fate of his
pt measure
Will jou bring up the Subsidy bill
during the next session of Congress he
was askeel Inst night us he sat in the
lobbv of the Arlington
A bland smile spreud over his face as
he replied
Sufficient unto the day Is the evil
thereof Then he turned the conversa
tion to other topics
lleathcote Scrogglns of Glasgow de
clares he can tell the grade of a whisky
to within six months of its age by just
a sip As he sat In the lobby of the Ral
eigh Hotel last night no one would have
taken him for u drinker
I am not a drinker said he I am a
taster Just like the Chinese and Japa
nese tea tasters I simply sip Just enough
to get the flavor If I indulged too freely
mj keenness of palate would be lost so
it Is business with me to restrain my In
Mr Scrogglns Is Interested in Scotch
whiskies and in fact is In tho United
States to sharpen the appreciation of the
American for the lrtues of the product
of his native land
1 tell jou he asserted with good
broad Scotch accent jou dont know
what real good Scotch Is here You man
ufacture some that jou call Scotch but
It is not by any means You cannot get
tho water The fine aroma of the real
Scotch comes from the water with which
it is made You have no peat bogs hero
and unless you have water that has run
over peat bogs jou can never get Scotch
whisk j with the correct smoky flavor
They cant make good Scotch whisk- in
London or any place In England even
so how could you expect to make a good
qualltj here There Is no waj of Imitat
ing the peculiar flavor of bog water
which gets Into the whlhk when It Is
distilled Scotch whisk In Its real ex
cellence must always remain a distinct
production of Scotland Itself
VrKnnipiit In ilie I eleplione Case to
lie Conulailed INiclnj
Arguments In the telephone cases were
contlnud yesterdaj In the Court of Ap
peals Attorney A A of counsel
for the subscribers began his argument
and will conclude this morning He will
be followed Attornej A S Worthlng
ton who will conclude the argument for
the telephone compnn
The litigation against tho Chesapeake
and Potomac Telephone Compan was in
stituted by James F Manning Co
nearly two jears ago He asked that the
telephone compan be compelieel to com
ply with the act of Congress of June 30
IKK regulating the prices for telephone
service At tho same time Mr Manning
asked that the telephone compan be re
strained from removing Its Instruments
ani other appliances from his place of
business Soon after the tiling of the suit
for injunction bv Manning seentj live
or more other subscribers of the company
filed similar suits
TlnUeniiinn Quartette Conrt rt
The Itakerninn String Quartette gave
another enjojable concert lHt evening
this time at Ilamline Church Tho con
cert was given fi r Im nereflt of the
church and in artte of the inclement
weather called together a large and ap
preciative audience The icnnbers of the
quartette consisting Mr Hermann C
ltakumann first i fi Mr William
Green second v loll Ir Joseph rinckel
viola and W Vlll lo cello wer
aided b Mr S M lan pianist for
merly of this city but now living In New
York and also by Mr J Walter Hum
phrey the basso soloist of the First Con
gregational Church
The programme was Interesting and
presented a grest varletj The members
of the quartette scored another triumph
in the rendering of the Schubert quartette
E Hat Opus 125 hoard earlier In the sea
son They also gave a cazouetta and
dainty scherzo b Mendelssohn and a
charming number Whisporlng Winds
b GlUei phoed with muted strings
The brilliant Btjle crisp touch and fine
technle of Mr Fabian were displiyed In
the Field Rondo which he plaed by
request Mr Fablin also gave one of
Chopins nocturnes and with the quar
tette interpreted the fascinating mod
ern music of tho quintette written for
piano and strings bj the Austrian com
poser Nawratll Mr Hurrphrr s sing
ing of She Alone Charmeth My Sad
ness from Gounod s Queen of bheba
w is enthusiastically encored and he re
sponded with the old Erglish ballad
Drink to Me Only With Ihine Eves
The piano accompaniments to Mr Hum
phrys songs were beautifully plajed 1
Ur HIschofT
Colonel Ilv iiieston Ilotler
Representative Livingston of Goorgli
who has been 111 with pneumonia at his
residence J103 O Street northwest for tho
past few dis was last night reported
b bis pi siclan Dr Sprlgg to be mm h
improved Colonel Livingston pass d a
comfortable da estrda and last night
his condition give renewed assurance to
his man frb nds
Rare old laces re
quire special treat
ment in cleaning
Wescourthem thor
oughly and yet make
them retain their old
appearance They
would be ruined If
made to look as if s
fresh from the I
Goods called for and 4
A F Bornot 1
French Scourers an d
AJIoveto Kxtliiile Keporterd From
1 A It Congres es
A Dce Ulon llenortnl lo llne He en
Mnl lis tin- fltlollnl Ilonrd of the
clotj to Ilnr Press Itriirrsrlltll
I Urn Mr lulrlinilk Menmr
At the Inst meeting of tho National
Hoard of the National Societ of the
Diughters otUhe American Revolution it
was decided so it Is said ti exclude all
newspiper reporters from the meetings at
future innual congresses of the D A R
This move was made It Is reported on
account of a groat many letters having
Ken received at the headquarters of the
societ -in tills cltv from out of town
members in which the stigmatized the
conduct of certain members at the last
D A It congress as disgraceful The
said under the circumstances they were
ashamed to si that the were members
of the D A R
Inasmuch as there Is quite a number
of members who are newspaper corre
spondents themselves and who will re
port the proceedings of the congress to
their respective pipers the purpose and
aim of tho boird to prevent their pro
ceedings from becoming public will be
threatened to a certain extent A rule to
siispi nil such members who notwith
standing the decision of the board will
continue to report to their papers and
if necessary even final expulsion from
the society is spoken of
The progressive element of the society
which comprises a great number com
posed of literary worriers newspaper
editors and proprietors as well as artists
It Is said will resist this decision of the
board which call unjustified and
art rary to the last degree Thej
say If the members would onl use a
little more prudence wisdom and dignity
this action of excluding the press and
hiding the proceedings of the societj
would be entirely superfluous Even
member of the bo ird has been requested
to keep this mow strictly secret This
decision lias caused a great stir in the
local D A R circles ami it Is reported
that there are several chapters which will
at their net regular meeting protest
against the rule
When seen about the matter Mrs
Charles W Fairbanks the President
General of the D A It said List night
I 1ont remember any decision as the
I dont remember any decision such as
the one to which jou refer having been
made by the board It may havo been
made however but I dont remember It
The rule may have been adopted In my
absence but I dont remember
Indeed I really dont remember whether
the matter was discusse d at the last board
meeting but I will try to find uut for
Turther tlian this Mrs Fairbanks did
not in manner commit herself
At the headquarters of the society the
same method of withholding Information
regarding the matter was followed ThAre
stems to be a decided on the
part of tho members to keep the matter
a profound secret But that tho ques
tion was broached fully discussed and
acted upon Is Vouched for by a member
of tho D A R who also stated that tho
reason for the action taken the board
was that the members of the board did
not wish to again expose the society to
public ridicule
Mr and Mrs Henry May accompanied
by their daughter Miss Isabcllc May and
a part- of guests left for an
early spring outing to the South
Rumor has It that the1 marriage of Miss
Marj Conger Pierce niece of the United
States Minister to China to Lieut Harold
Hammond of tho Ninth Infantrj will
take place sTlortlj
Mrs Leger wife of the Haltlen Minister
lias gone to New York to sail for a six
weeks visit to her native land
Mrs Anne S Hobbs Foster of New
York is to be in town a few dajs this
week to exhibit a portrait of Mrs J C
Burrows which tho Art Committee of the
Pan American Exposition lias requested
her to send to Buffalo Mrs Toster Ins
painted portraits of Mrs Benjamin Harri
son the late Mrs Calvin S Urice and
other Washington people
Mrs Dora E Baldwin announces the
marriage of her daughter Gertrude
Louise to Mr Clarence Osborno McCul
lough of this city on Monday March 18
1901 at Park Avenue 1resbj terlan Church
Wilmington Del
The ltM 1 V MulJliie Accepts the
in for Trinity Church
Tho handsome chalice voted at the
recent fair of the Knights of Columbus
to Holy Trinity Catholic Church was
presented last night at Carroll Hall G
Street between Ninth and Tenth Streets
northwest to Father F X Mulvaney S
J representing the Church The pre
sentation was made b William H Calla
han District of Columbia deput of the
Knights of Columbus In a brief and ap
propriate address Father Mulvano re
sponded expressing thanks and apprecia
tion for the donation
The ch iliie Is a masterpiece und cost
S0o It Is ot gold loi Inches in height
and Gothic In stIe On the base in re
lief are a cross of pearls and diamonds
and enameled medallions of tho evange
lists There nre also six amethsts dis
tributed about tho bam with artistic ef
fect Six carbuncles are placed iround
tho knob In tho middle of the shaft sup
jRirtlng the cup On tho face of the cup
at a point direct above the cross it the
base Is another cross Its center Is set
with a amethst and on each of the
four arms Is a magnificent pearl Three
enamels on the outside of the cup repre
sent the Sicred Heart the monogram
1 II S and the Pelican A finely fin
ished oik silver mounted case accompin
iid the chalice Tho chillce was mule
for tho Knights of Columbus by Jeweler
Edward Volght of 75 Seventh Street
The occasion list night when tho pres
entation was made wis tho wind up of
the fair of tho Washington Circle
Knights of Columbus All articles re
maining unsold were dlsoosed of bv nif
lie Tickets were sold until 10 o clock
last night w hen the drtv Ings began
Among other things disposed of were an
automobile a pi mo and i1 In gold
A unique driwing was for a sot of oak
furnlti re Each nun lutser of ticket
w is presented with a card to hlch Is
ittached t kej The winner of the prize
lias the ke which will unlock tho draw
ers of tho bureiu Tho drawings were
in ide b Iuno H Rudolph
- -------
For Thursday Only
X This hindsome dd kanit Gold-
leaf Clock llriutlrull doslgnod
I xactli like illustration
I teed to be a perfect tlniekoepi r
I and worth double tho price we ask
I for It For Tliursda onl 9K
917 Penna Avo N W
The Colombia The lbirEoninler
Next week the ColumbH will enjoy the
unique distinction ot being the only
Washington plu house to offer a musical
attraction for Monday night will mark
the first production here of the much her
alded and much talked ot The Burgo
The most lavish promises have been
made for this entertainment lioth as to
Its book and Its musical score Certalnl
this new production will have no causo to
complain of the chance it will have In
Washington and if It but fulfills the
promises Is quise certain to enjoy a pros
perous engagement
The book b Frank Tixley tells a
quaint storv of Peter Stuvesant Burgo
master of New Amsterdam In the middle
of the seventeenth centur who having
drugged a cask of liquor for distribution
among a band of hostile Indians Inadver
tently takes a drink of the stuff himself
He is thrown Into a deep sleep which
lasts until the jear ltOOwhen he Is
dug out of mother earth In City
Hall Park New York bj a gang of la
borers excavating for the Rapid Trarlt
Tunnel Stujvesant Is thrown In cornet
with the different tpes common to ibe
metropolis and evcrj thing Is treated a
comic vein The musical score bv Gr
Lurlers consists of thlrt -three ri
and has received much praise I s
melodic qualitj wherever prescm i
During the local engagement ihe
Burgomaster there will be matinees on
Thursday and S iturday
The ntlfillul ntile ItnsHell
Charles rrohman will present Miss An
nie Russell In A Roal Famll at the
Nitional Theatre on next Monda eve
ning The engagement will be for one
week with matinees on Wednesda and
Miss Russell has Just concluded a run
of six months with this corned- at the
Lyceum Theatre In New York She gave
the plaj there nearlj two hundred times
and time to a standing room audi
ence In her final week she had to add
extra matinees to the regular perform
ancesand even then hundreds were turn
ed away from each representation It Is
an absolute fact that Miss Russell closed
her season In New York with A Rojal
Famllj still In such enormous demand
that persons posted In theatrical business
say she could have continued at the I
ceum all through the season to standing
room audiences
The pltywhleh is by Capt R Marshall
who also wrote Ills Excellenc the Gov
ernor Is beautiful to begin with a deli
cate little romance carrying a love
story of the most exquisite quality and
Miss Russell s simplicity and naturalness
which are re enforced by a subtlet and
strength ot acting that cannot be resisted
enhance this primary value
The production that will be offered at
the National Theatre Is tho same as has
been seen at the Lyceum In Miss Rus
sell s compan Is Mrs Gilbert formerly
of Dal s company who lias a role that
exhibits her splendid ability satisfactori
ly Tho other members are Orrin John
son W 1 1 Thompson Law rence D Or
say Richard Bennett Charles Butler
Robert Hickman Harry Rose Allan Mur
mne George Forlies John G Edwards
John R indolph Donald Oallaher Horace
Pell Frank C Lo Rondu Harris L
Forbes Eeanor S inford und Mabel Mor
Chnses Delia Fox nml nnilesille
Delia Fox whose unaffected natural
ness charming personality and a bit of
a curl right down the middle of her fore
head won her fortune and fame In comic
opora will entertain the patrons of
Chases New Grand next week She Is
said to be herself again after a long
fight against ill health and has become
as much of a reigning favorite as she was
In the tuneful roles of Hopper daja She
will give a brief repertoire of songs
chiefly those with which her past Is
A dHlded contrast will be afforded by
Mary Dupont and Charles Lothian who
will be seen for the first time here in
their rural comedy An Evening With
Aunt Martha It is said to be a genu
ine little atmosphere sketch and to
rank with the best that are elevating
polite vaudeville to a place of respectful
consideration with cultured theatregoers
Frank Gardner and Lottie Vincent will
offer thoir musical farce A Shattered
Idol in which they will endeavor to
demonstrate their superiority as singers
and dancers The Sisters O Moors claim
ing to lie the most daring and expert of
sensational slack wire performers will
make their initial local appearance For
mer Grand favorites Conway and Leland
will return after a long absence These
two are the mern monopedes and
they are not only unique phslcally but
alo exceptionally clever Trovollo tho
ventriloqaiil comedian will be seen In
what Is said to be a good speclalt John
Healey a monologlst who claims to be
the real comedian and the biogruph
pictures among them being one of the
liwton funeral at Manila will complett
the bill
The Infnjrettr The Onlr Wnj
The Only Way a dramatization of
Dickons wonderful stor of The Tale of
Two Cities Is the bill announced for
next week at the Lafajettc Square Thea
tre This production Is to be made the
gala event of the season Special arrange
ments have been made with the owner
and dramatist for the presentation of
this plaj and special scenery and cos
tumes are now being prepared There
are over fort speaking parts and It will
require 100 ieople to properly stage the
play The storj has boon rend bj most
everjono who reads at all and the possi
bilities for scenic and stage effcts can
well be Imagined Mr Ormonde will play
Sjdney Carton and Miss HasweM tho
female character Miml J T
ullivan will be seen as Jean Uefarge
und Mr igite ns Charles Darnay the
self deposed Marquis do St Ev remondo
Air Craven appears as Dr Mane ttc and
Grace Scott as his d uighter Lucie Mr
Rogers Miss Mneklntosh Mss Ma nan
Mr Murph and Frsd Sullivan will all
be seen In character parts and Messrs
Mahono Conle Van Tiie Hall Rock
wood and man others will assist in
making a complete production
lilt- Vi iiilenl It rrj I 12ns ern
Terr McGovorn champion btntam nnd
lightweight pugilist of tho world has
boon secured b the management of The
Bowery After Dark company which
opens a weeks engagement at the cad
eni next Monday night to pi ly the part
of the Howery boy
Tho play has been rewritten entir ly
new scenery painted and an i ntlre new
act added The litter is said to bo an
x let reprodm Hon of the aren l of the
Hroidwaj Athletli Club of New York in
which Terry McGoverrr knoeketl out
George Dixon thereby- winning the
featherweight championship and where
he also defeated Frnnk Erne the light
weight champion This act will enable
Mr McGovern to show his skill and
prowess to the audience for at each per
formance he will give a boxing exhibition
with his sparring partners The other
scenes show a typical Bowery dive in full
blast an opium Joint with real Chinamen
enjoying the effects of the drug a street
scene of the busiest part of the Bowery
and last but not least the snake pit The
plot of The Bowery After Dark Is de
scribed as thrilling and the climaxes
Llood curdling
The usual Tuesday Thursday and Sat
urday matlness will be given
ICcntiiii Minn Ness lark Jr
Ihe patrons of Kernans will find next
week in Joe Oppenhelmers Miss New
York Jr burlesquers an attraction
that approaches the Ideal In burlesque
nnd rather than departing from stereo
tped forms clings to all the traditional
features thit are considered essential to
success Mr Oppenheimer who Is a
Washlngtonian has made his mark in
th field of burlesque and has on former
visits given the patrons of this house en
tertainments that were satisfactory This
season he seems to have bent his energies
towanl making the companj one of his
frowning successes and it Is probably the
best attraction with which he has been
The first part and burlesque are said to
be replete with attractivo features In
cluding tho Carrie Natlcn crusaders
while the olio Includes artists who would
lie a credit to the most refined aude
vllle programme Among those who will
be seen In the olio may be mentioned
Emma Kraus Can- and Jordan HIP and
Mills McCHle and Daniels Mcrritt and
Rosella and the Hilton Brothers
The nljnn FnilH nml Follies
Hope Booth ns the sensational feature
of the Tads and Follies burlesque organi
zation next weeks attraction at the
Bijou promises to present an entertain
ment rich In novelty and life like in its
reproduction of some of the most cele
brated of the worlds works of art- This
engagement will mark Miss Booths first
dip into the sea of burlesque her appear
ances heretofore hiving been confined ex
clusively to the more prominent vaude
ille theatres of the country where her
offering has received the highest praise
Miss Booth Is reputed to be possessed of
a marvelous figure and therefore well
adapted for the work ofshowng behind
the footlights the art treasures that grace
the galleries of the Old World Her ap
pearance at the Bijou next week Is cer
tain to attract to that theatre a series of
audiences that should tax the seating and
standing capacity of the theatre
In addition to Miss Booth the regular
penorrmnce ot tne raus ana r onics com
pany is safd to bo much above the aver
age of Its kind The programme will In
clude the names of such well known bur
lesque and vaudeville artists as Shattuck
and Bernard James F Leonard Frank
r ogarty anci uennett and Rich The bill
will Include the usual two burlesques In
which the entire company will appear
SousnN Bnml Concert
John Philip Sousa and his celebrated
concert band will give a concert at the
National Theatn on Friday afternoon
March 23 Sousa s repertoire is so exten
sive that each concert Is a model of ex
cellence In every respect and is bound to
suit the most fastidious and exacting
auditor for he has a large field upon
which to build his programmes
Sousa knows bettor than any conductor
before the American people today Just
what class of music causes the most
genuine pleasure and he always alms to
cater to the whims of the public that
Rock to his concerts He Is not unmindful
of the fact cither that his own composi
tions are In popular demand with the
masses and he yives of them freely at
his concerts
Several Vsplrnnt for the Citll Serv
ice CoiiiiulHlanersrilii
There promises to be a lively contest
for the position in tho Civil Service Com
mission made vacant by the death of
Civil Service Commissioner nrewer
The names mentioned yesterday In con
nection with tho appointment are those
of Charles Lyman formerly a Civil Ser
vice Commissioner but now Appointment
Clerk of the Treasury Department A
R Serren Chief Examiner of the Civil
Service Commission John T Doyle Sec
retary of the Commission and Dr George
W Dudley Chief of the Service Record
Tho name of ox Representative Marsh
of Illinois Is also mentioned The salary
attached to the ofHca Is -1503 annually
Columbian Invr School Debate
At the last regular meeting of the De
bating Society of the Schools of Law and
Diplomacy Columbian University the
following resolution was unanimously
rteolred Thit the thanlj of this debltlnff
society be and ar hereby tendered The Times
for the especial exceUence of ita reports of our
last sreral meeting He not only recosmiie
such thoroijjh publicity a matter of inspiration
to the Koctcty in Its wort but to liher education-
in general and in pursuance of our pleasure
in this respect the secretary is hereby instructed
to mail Th Times a copy of this reoIntlon as
an expression of IhU societys thanLs and ap
Humors Feed
on Humors
The Soonor You get Rid of Thorn
tho Better
In tho spring theres an effort of
Nature to cleanse jour system You
Know this by- the pimples and other erup
tions on your face and body
Hoods Sarsaparilla
taken in the spring Is assisted this
effort results are no more certain
th in at other seasons but are quicker
This great medicine thoroughly cleinses
the system gets into all Its nooks and
corners removes all humors and all un
liealth accumulations
Begin taking Hood s today
Myself and my mother have been en
tirely cured ot impure blood and that
tired feeling by Hood s S irsaparilla We
take it every spring and think it is the
greatest medicine in the world rrank
Hamilton 2T1S S Seventh Street St
IjOuIs Mo
Hoods Sarsapnrilla promlsos to
euro and koops tho promise
416 Seventh Street
Will Hold
Today and Tomorrow
M 1
o ji my
Ml i
French and American
10tblMiandFStsN W
Early Spring
Our reat half acre Ilousefur
nishinr Store lfas readied that
state of completeness usefulness
and tomenience that permits a
justifiable pi ide in our particular
mention of it We believe that we
now lune one of the most thor
oughly complete and modernized
hoii efurnishiujj stores in Amer
It is planned almost faultlessly
broad aisles spacious counters
great abundance of natural light
bright cheerful surroundings and
everything is so cleverly arranged
and practically and systeiuatically
classified that in a moment you
may find and see at a glance any
article from a tack to a cooking
It is a place where you may
spend hours pleasurably and profi
tably and we invite eerv house
keeper in and about Washington
to isit and inspect the many im
provements recently completed in
our fifth floor departments
Our new seasons selections in
these various lines show the
choicest and best productions of
the most reliable foreign and do
mestic manufacturers And we
are now offering many unusual
valuei values only made possible
by buying in laige quantities di
rect from the makers
Seasonable China Offerings
5 c
Imported China Custard Cups Cc
Each J
Gorman China Bread and Butter inc
Plates Each
Ioe Cream and Salad Plates 1HC
Decorated China Cream Pitchers Iflc
Each 1
Blue and White Egg Cups Each J
Decorated China Teapot Stands 1C
Blue and White Bread and Butter
Plates Each
Blue and White Mustard Dishes 1C
Each 1U
White and Gold Burnt Match Cc
Holders Each J
Tlaln White Soap Dishes Each J
Decorated Water Pitchers Each J
Decorated China Candlesticks iftc
Each 1V
Choice Pressed Glassware
Plain Glas3 Bowls Each J
Pressed Glass Salad Bowls Each 1
Pressed Glass Olive Dishes Each
Pressed Gla33 Celery Trays
Pressed Glass Sherbet Bowls CC
Each DV
Pressed Glass Preserve- Dishes 1tC
Each IU
Pressed Glass Sauce Plates CfJC
Dozen J u
Tressed GlaS3 Candlesticks Each 1
Pressed Glass Lemonade Cups CAC
Dozen uu
Pressed Glass Ico Cream Trays A EC
Each D
Pressed Glass Ice Cream Saucers f ne
Dozen uu
Pressed Glass Violet Vases
Each 1U
Pressed Glasi ringer Bowls Qfc
Dozen - u
Pressed Glass Cream Pitchers inc
Each IU
Pressed Glass Water Pitchers O CC
Iiich J
Housecleaning Requisites
Dead Stuck for bugs Bottle I J
Sulphur Candles Each I J
Petermans Roach rood Can 1U
Petermans Discovery Paste OQC
Piatts Chlorides Bottle J
Best Furniture Polish Bottle J
hloride of Lime Can 1U
Burnishine Brass Polish Can 1J
tirltpshlne Non inflammable Met- 1 Cc
al Polish Can J
Butchers Bst Hat Polish Can jU
Heady -mixed Paints Can IU
Moor Shine for kitchen floors CftC
t in u
Witch Cloths for polishing stiver tnC
Each w
Electric Cloths Each 10
Wire Bath Room Requisites
Wire Soap Dishes fit rim of tub iu Ac
Wire Tumbler Holders Each lu
Wire Sponge Holders small AC
ire Sponge Holders large 1 CC
Each 1J
Japanese Feather Dusters
We offer a lot or Japanese viijusiauie
Feather Dusters which come in three
iirts so that thev may be folded up
when not In use Just the elusters for
pictures hanging on tho wall and for
ioc lach
Sweeping Day Outfits
Vl e uisu unci unc fc j j
Outfits consisting of 1 best quality 2jc
broom 1 half covered Japanned dustpan
with steel edge to prevent bending 1
wire uruwn uu iiju uium -handled
feather duster for pictures etc
59c Per Outnt

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