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Surprise Over His Contradiction of
llatt and Dpjrmv
The Assistant feeoretnry of Vnr lie
iievcd Ilecii lnreril to Hie
Step l wspniier Comment Tlie
e lurk SrnnlursMde of tlie use
Great Interest has been aroused in
Washington over the statement of Asss
tant Secretary Saucer jiubllshed jester
day morning that lie made no pledge to
the Xevv York Senators regarding his fu
ture political or official actions Some
surprise has been expresses that Colonel
Sanger should hao thought It neecssirv
to take such an unusuil course of stlt ns
hlmseir right with the public and curiosi
ty has led a Ilcpublican Administration
oftioiil from New York State to find the
riason for Colonel Sanger s action He
attributes it generall to the newspaper
accounts of the circumstances which
brought about his appointment and in
particular to the statement contained in
u Washington despatch to the New
York Tribune published Friday March
35 the dai after Colonel Sangers ap
pointment as Assistant Sccretarj of War
The following Is a crbatim quotation
from that despatch
Mr llatt was keen at the Arlington
Hotel soon after the formalities of the
Saucer appointment had been completed
The Senator was burning his prepara
tions to depart on an earl train for New
York Yes he said 1 hae given my
consent to the appointment of Colonel
Sanger and I am entirely satisfied with
the outcome of this matter Sly col
league Senator and 1 had very
eitlsfactor tslks thlaafternoon with bath
Secretary Root and the President The
presented convincing reasons for the ap
pointment of Colonel Sanger and we
toncluded that we would not oppose their
I confess that the opposition I hae
hitherto expressed to Colonel Singer was
based upon a misapprehension of the
Tacts all around and of the man Colonel
Sanger called upon me In my office in
New- York last Tuesday and explained
nwaj all the mistakes and misinforma
tion under which 1 hid been placed con- j
tcrning him He convinced me that lie
was not as I had thought an
man On the contrary I rcceivc1
Trom him satisfactcrv assurances not on
1 that he is now an organization man
but that also he Intends In the future to
Work in perfect harmonj and accord with
Ihe State organization Depew and I
talked this case ocr with the President
esterdaj morning and there is now no
Misunderstanding on that score
The Tribune despatch then proceeds
Jo quote the Junior Senator from New
York Mr Depew as follows It is
true that Piatt and I have withdrawn
the opposition to the Sanger appointment
End that the appointment has been made
We found no difficulty In the way of our
yielding as soon as we had discussed the
rase freelv with the Secretarj of War
and the President Personally 1 have
never had any objections to Sanger and
when 1 learned that he was not an anti
organization man and furthermore thit
the President as well as the Secretary
of War wanted him and also that mi
colleague no longer objected to him then
I rould not see why 1 should stani out
against him
Colonel Sanger has now put his state
ment npalnst that of the New York Sena
tors and the controvers Is jirobabl end
ed at least so far as he Is concerned
rmiprnl of the Intt Iliiltus I- Lonir
Tod II
Tuneral sen ices over the remains of
the late Baltus De Long one of Washing
ton s oldest Inhabitants and who died
suddenly Thursday night will be held to
day at the home of his sister-in-law
Mrs Kate M Clarjte SCO Fourteenth
Street northwest The Rev Dr Greene
pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of
which deceased had been a prominent
member for thirty -six ears will officiate
assisted by the department chaplain of
the Grand Army of the Republic Lafay
ette Post G A It will be represented at
the funeral The interment will be at
Baltus De Long was born in Clarksv Ille
N Y and was sixty three years of age
After the breaking out of the civil war he
took up Ills residence In this city He
was a prominent patent attorne and for
A long time was associated with Mr Pey
ton another well known attorney n the
old Marks Building on Pennslvanla Ave
nue A number of years ago owing to
his falling health Mr De Long retired
from active business Since the death of
his wife last August Mr De Long had
been In particularly III health
Spnlilili Shepherd to Re Ijcjiorleel
l ecretnrj CnKes Order
The Secretary of the Treasury decided
j esterday thru the party of fourteen j
Spanish shepherds who recently applied
for and obtained admission to this coun
try at New York must be dejiortcd under
the pro Islons of the Allen Contract Labor
law An order to that effect was pre
pared several das ago but was suspend
ed pending a legal ruling on the jiolnts
Involved The Spaniards admitted that
they had come to this country In response
to letters from relatives in thla country
promising work for them on the sheep
ranches of Montana and Idaho
Get Pemhesiiloii of n Iliejcle In nil
Inexpected Milliner
Robert Fllllus employed as a mssen
tr In the Postoflice Department came
Into possession of a biccle unexpectedly
esterday afternoon He says that he
was standing at Thirteenth and E Streets
northwest about 5 oclock when a negro
rode up on a wheel dismounted and
risked him to hold the machine for a mo
ment whllo he went Into a nearby store
ITllus was surprised but did not sus
ect that an thing was wrong and did
bit requested He was more surjirlsed
when the negro ran viwav pjid Ixiarded
n car bound for Alexandria Fllllus
thought the bicycle might have been
stolen and turned It over to the First
jirecinct jiollce He gave a description of
the negro who deserted the wheel
nfecmtiatlMiii Cured In a Tiny
llrvtlc Cure for rheumatism and neuralgia
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tjltem la remarkable and myttcrious It re
iroTe a at once the cause and the diacaae imme
diately disappears The first done src atlr benefits
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rennsjlvanla Avenue and Ninth EUett
and rich materials
Ilonril of Ciisrlnccr Olivers In Meet
ntul CoiiKlflor Tliem
The lioarel of engineer officers of the
arm appointed b General Wilson Chief
of Kiiglneers to consider the Milject or
plans for the building of a bridge across
the Potomac will hold its first meeting
April 3 The board comprises Lieut Col
Charles J Allen in charge of the im
jirnvcmonts of the Potomac Illver Capt
Edward llurr former assistant to the
Inginccr Commissioner of the District
apt 1- 11 licnch the present Engineer
Commissioner of the DlstrUt and Lieut
ile orge M Hoffman issistant engineer of
the water supply sstem ns recorder
Thcv will ha direction of the construc
tion ol the highwa bridge across the Po
tomac prmiocd for in the act of Congress
approved i cbruary 12 last
The law stipulates that the bridge shall
be compliti d within two ears and au
thorizes the St en tar of War to con
tract with the Baltimore and Potonnc
llailro id Compaii or inv other part
for building the structure at a joint
rot less than mW fet above the site of
the present long llndge The roposcd
bridge Is to be of iron or Flcel resting
on inasonr jilers and equipped with a
suitable draw for ine pissage of ships
Ihe sum of tlt has hi en appropriated
for Its construction
Street railroids ire to line the light
to run over the bridge In accordance with
terms jirescrlbcel liv Congress It is con
templated also that the tracks of the
Washington Alexandrl i and Mount Ver
non ltiilroad shall piss over this bridge
The statute also requires that the Haiti
more and Potomac It iilroad sh ill within
four cars erect u bridge to replace the
present Long Bridge and to be used en
tire as a railroail bridge
The Einiiiiclpntloii Lrncnf to Semi n
lUliri xviilllllte to MirliiKlleld
The Lincoln Emancipation League of
the District of Columbia at a meeting at
the McKlnle House Thursda night In
dulged In an extended discussion of
Emancipation Day cclebntlons James
V Poe Iresidcnt of the organization
ofiered the following resolution which
was unanimously adopted
rtesolvcd Tliat the Lincoln Fmancipation League
cf tlie Distnit ef Columbia Fend one rcprevnta
tire to Sprint field IP with a fitting tribute
of respect to be presented in tlie name of the
lejpie and ite friends in the District of Colum
bia on Ihe occasion of the removal of tlie re
njutis of braiam Lincoln into the monstructed
national Lincoln monurmnt in Oak ltldjre Ccme
tirr anil the formal dedication ol Ins tomb on
Memorial Dav Ma CO
Mr Poe stated that the league would
a Its meeting Tuesday night neit se
lect one delegate and one alternate to
can- out the object exjiresscd In the res
The following chairmen of committees
were named Civic organizations Thom
as Robb inv itations Walter Tate music
J M Lee The following were added to
the general committees 1 W Ross
William Thomas Reuben Burnett Daniel
liurnctt M Pane Jacob Brooks and
Charles II Strather
A master of ceremonies the reader of
the emancipation edict and some one to
compose and read an original ode to llb
crt will be selected at the next meeting
of the association Paul Liurence Dun
bar and Richard E Toomey are spoken
of In connection with the ode
Jniiics II Allen Itoblied of Ynlnnlile
1nperN In n Illltik
Three robberies were reported esterday
to the jwllce James H Allen O II Grav
and Miss Clara B Ragan were the vic
tims and all called at headquarters dur
ing the afternoon to see Insjiector Board
man In one case arrests will jirobably
be made soon
Allen has a safe deposit vault at the
Washington Loan and Trust Comjiiny
and yesterday according to his dally cus
tom he went to the vault to deiioslt
funds The ault la located In the tear
of the bank on the first floor of the
building and Is separated from the main
passageway by an Iron grating Allen
carried under his arm a large tin box
containing valuable jiapers and Just lie
fore entering behind the grating Into the
vault he dejiosited the box on the window
sill outside When Allen left the ault
his tin box had disappeared as had three
suspicious looking men who were loung
ing about when he entered the pljce
Bank officials were unable to account for
the disappearance of the box and Allen
consulted the iolcc Detectives Boyd
Helan and McNamee were detailed on the
case and obtained good descrijitlons of
the three men suspected It is thought
that professional bank thieves may have
stolen the box In the belief that It con
tained a large sum of money Allen rays
the papers were of no value to anvotio
but himself His home Is at XX Indiana
Avenue northwest
While O II Gray of 1K0 Massachusetts
Avenue northwest was standing at Thir
teenth and I Streets northwest yesterd ly
somebod reibbed him of his pocketbook
containing J30 The money was enclosvd
In an enveiope within the jiurse Gray
rejMirted his loss In short order but was
unable to give any clew to the jwrson who
robbed him All he knew nhojt It was
that several men were loitering about the
corner and he was jostled once or twice
by one of them
Miss Rngau who lives on New Jersey
Avenue near R Street northwest while
shopping esterday afternoon in a Sev
enth Street department store appears to
have deposited her purse on a counter
It was gone when she looked for It and
noliody nliout knew what had become of
It The store officials wanted to call In
the iiolice but Miss Ragan went to head
quarters In jiereon Two detectives were
detailed on the case
Her Sluler rrlvtn mid IiiJcm Clinrjre
of Ilie A iiiiflcrrr
Eleanor Connor the slsti r of Mabel
Connor the New York girl who was found
wandering In a hlpless condition In
Fourteenth Street Thursda night arrived
here esterday from Hudson N Y She
saw her sister at the House of Detention
and the two will return to New York to
The lost girl was very much exhmstcd
yesterda as a resjlt of her wanderings
and sjicnt most of the day sbejilng It
Is thought she will soon regiln her health
Miss Connor believes that the jiubllclty
given the disappearance of hir sister was
the cause which led to hir discovery
Protest Knliit Reduction
The failure of Congress to paFs the
River and Harbor bill lias resulted In i
Hood of protests to the Chief of Engineers
agalnut an jiroposed closing up o dis
trict engineer officetr or the reduction of
the working force of the offices Petitions
from several boards of trade and from
Iirlvate jiersons have been received
8 uoumriM 4 so-
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Ida Virginia Pasco through her atr
nes Iadgett Torrest and Richard
Evans lied Milt against Horace Tf CVJ
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August last while iterating a ngler
as an emplojo of Cake In the undry
room at tho Stockton Hotel at Cape
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right hand and arm were badly lacerateel
Miss Pasco exjilalns that owing to de
fects In the mangier and rollers which
caused the customary cotton covering to
wear out very rapid Cake substituted
While working under the direction of
Cake the states her linge rs became cn
tinsled in the canvas and being unable
to extricate them her right hand and
arm were drawn between the rollers This
she savs would not have occurred had
cotton been used Instead of canvas as a
covering for the rollers
She also s tates that the engineer whose
duly it wis to b prejent when the ma
chinery was In operation was absent
from his jiost and that there was no one
present who could manage the machln
irv Recause of this Mis Pasco it ites
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lers for about twenty minutes before It
was extricated She sas her arm was
badlv burned and the tlesh torn from It
frcim the Uliw to the lingers As n re
sult of her injuries Miss Pasco states
she is advised bv her phslclan that It
will be n eMiiry to amputate her arm
Tin- iierletj Lender Mifferlllir lrom
Scnrlet Inrr
WIllTi PLAINS N Y March 22
Howard Wlllets who turned his handsome
country seat Oedne Farm Into an
emergenc hospital when Mr Eugene
Reynal and his bride nee Adelaide Fitz
gerald while his guists were stricken
with scarlet fever was also taken 111
with the same disease at his home today
Miss Fitzgerild was married to Mr Reg
nal when both were fever stricken
Mr Wlllets was out driving estenliy
In compan with Mrs Fitzgerald He iat
uii late last night entertaining Ms gu ts
and iipjie ared In the liest of health This
morning he hald he was not feeling well
and Dr Schmld diagnosed his Illness as
the llrst utiigiH of scarlet fever Mr Wll
lets was Jilaccd In ijjnraiitlne In the south
end of the house near the quarters In
which joung Mr and Mrs Hejnil arc
It in not known how Mr Wlllets con
tracted the disease as he has not seen
Mr or Mrs Reynal since they were taken
111 and their quarters have been ke jit
under n strict nuaiantlne No one other
than the doctors and nurses has been jer
inltted to entei their rooms or have rny
direct communleatlon with them
There nrc still a number of society
jieoplu who ure guests nt Mr Wlllets
countr seat who have been kejit there
uneler quarantine Among them are Mrs
Louis Fltzgrnld mother of the bride
Mrs Jules ltynil joung Mr Ilcnals
mother Nathaniel Iievnil the well
known iolo jilatr and Mrs E C Rut
tcr It was the oidnlon of Dr Schmld Dr
Curtis and Dr Knajip at the Will -Is
residence tonight that none of the remain
ing guests his the disease and It Is not
thought that they will be subcted to It
Reynal is now able to get up and rrovc
about his room nnd his bride has almost
entirely re cov creel
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V ttlemeit of Her 1hHxtn IXate
Christiana Somervflle esterday Hied
suit against her brothers James W Som
en lllo and Thomas Somen Ille ns ex
ecutors of the will of the late Thomas
Somervllle their father asking for an ac
counting In connection with their admin
istration of the estate It Is stalt el that
Thomas Somervllle died October 10 1NH
leaving a widow Margaret Somervllle
the parties to this suit and a son Wil
liam 11 H Somervllle Ily the terms of
this will it is set forth that Tlomas Som
ervllle left to his widow premises No 727
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of the business To his daughter Chris
tiana Somervllle the comjilalnant In this
suit was left the remainder of the es
tate real and personal
Miss Somervllle claims that during the
past ear she has endeavored to obtain
an amkable adjustment of the differences
between her and the executors of her
fathers estate but his failed She asks
the court to cause the defendants to make
a full true and jiartlcular account of all
the real and the iiersonal estate and ef
fects of her father Thomas Somerville
Miss Somervllle is represented by Attor
ney A A Hoihllng Jr
Veil Trliil Ilenled Clllirrt II Tim les
Conv Itted f Korirerj
Justice Cole esterday announced his
decision denlng the motion for a new
trial In the case of Gilbert II Tow les con
victed of forg ry
Tow les was Indicted In December 1W
I on the charge of forging altering and
I raUIng certain jiromlssory notes aggre
j gating about Jlo010 Issued In connection
with what Is known as the Gettsburg
battlefield land deal
He was tried before Justice Cole sitting
i In Criminal Court No 2 in January last
nnd after a trial lasting about ten das
I was convicted Ills counsel Messrs Uir
ney Woodard tiled a motion for a
new trial Argument on this was heard
two weeks- ago i
I It Is expected that Towles will be
brought Into court next week for sen
i tence It Is understood he will tnko an
nppenl from the Judgment of the trial
court to the Court of ApiuN for the Dis
trict At the trlil the Government was
represented by District Attorney Ander
son and Assistant District Attorney Ash
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k Police Aid
William S Schoen eighteen years old
was arrested by Detectives BodandTrum
lio esterday and will be held to await
the arrival of his father from Baltimore
Schoen sas he ran away from his home
last July and has been wandering about
the country evcr since In company with
two other boys who are said to be Wil
liam and Samuel Rujipenl of 251 West
Forty third and 115 West 112th Str et
New York resjiectlvel he nas been stoji
jilng at the Lawrence Hotel for several
days under an assumed name
Thursday nrght the bos ajiplled to the
police for transportation to their homes
but their story was doubted and they
were told to return to heodqu irters es
terday In the mean time Schoens father
was notlflesl In Baltimore and at his re
quest the boy has been held at the House
of Detention charged with belnt a fugi
tive from his jiarents
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tend to these matters in season The buer of today wants the weight and
styles that are for spring and THIS spring
If It Is only as an Investigator we urge jou to Inspect this stock of ours
In it are those cardinal features that consummate perfection In the prices
arc evidence of what an advantage our Influence really Is If we could buy as
well as we cin make would we worry with the making If It made our prices
higher Instead of lower yuld we afford It
But It has made Saks clothlng the Ideal the standard that no other
ready-to-wear In the world can measure up to And It makes It cheaper in like
proportion BEST CHEAPEST
Do us the favor to see the Top Coats and Suits others show at 115 18
and J20 and then let us show you
Saks SprPing Suits at SIOf SI250 310 SI5
495 and S6S5 Trimmed Hats
Thete were the two prices that set competition In a whir last season We
shall make them our leaders this soring rob milliner- of all Its trllmtes to
name and exclusive stle and put It down on the same footing with all other
wearables and 4 05 and Lt5 bus sphndltl hats modeled after leading
Trench creations or designed In our own workrooms but ever one a plcture
of Its own unduidlcable
The Millinery Department Is on the Second Floor East
Untrlmmed Hats First Floor
300 Untrlmmed Hats hand made
double brims offered for choice In
seven shapes and all colors Never
before and nowhere else nowQc
A patch of Flowers all sorts nt the
jiopular flora that Is being used Hat
embellishments regardless of IQc
value choice I
Mens and Boys Hats
A mystery to every man who sells Hats and a marvel to every man who
wears Hats this New Century J2 grade of ours Rejiort comes to us that no
better Hats are- to be found at 3 We know It Thats exactly what these are
the usual 3 Hats With all the 3 stle the 3 tinlsh in the J3 variety and
the 3 value Derbs Fedoras and Golfs In all the popular shades Three
new shajies will be added this morning
2 for any style
Boys Striped TlanncI Automobile
Caps light and dark effeets with pat
ent leather or cloth visor Tc A QC
quality for fO
Volunteer OflleeTM DineluirKCI
Ry direction of the President the follow
ing volunteer officers have been honorably
discharged from the service- Capt Alex
ander W Perry Capt George C Earn
hardt Capt Charles J United
States Cavalr Capt Peter W Divlson
Capt Pegram Whltworth Capt Samuel
V Ham Capt Perry I Miles Inited
States lnfantr Capt George Le It Ir
win Artiller Corps
Is Cnturrli lour Lires Cloud f
Fminent noe and throat specialist In daily
practice highly recommend Dr Airnews Catarrhal
towtler as safe sure permanent painless and
harmless in all caes of Cold in the Head Ton
sllltis Hoarseness and Catarrh It gives relief
In 10 minutes and banishes the disease lile
magic Slid liv K ilbanis Ninth and F
Mrects KdinomU w illiam Third direct and
Pennsylvania vvtnue 10
Hand sewed Kid Oifords and Illack
or Tan Kid Laced and Button Hoots
most any style of heel or toe
ititlity that you usu
ally iay il for
reathervv eight or Kxtenon Sole
hand made unsurpassed 3 graele Iat
nt Liather Hlaek or Brown Kid
Boots ami OMoru Ties
st les
fUTAItANTiin Iatent Leather fin
est J5 iiullitv Dress Boots We rejilacc
by n new jialr TREE an of the se
mioes mat iiritm no
fore the trrst sole
wears through
Bojs Casslmere and Cheviot Golf
Caps new spring shapes assort- t OC
ed patterns Worth 25c Special 4
Ladies Hosiery and Underwear
Ladies and Childrens Full Seamless
Hose fast Black with double soles
heels and toes Matchless be- 1AC
low 15c a pair v
Ladles Fast Black All over Lace
Lisle Thredd Hose full seamless with
double soles heels and toes f CC
Matchless below 35c a pair J
Ladles Swiss ribbed Vests low neck
anel sleeveless with silk taped
neck and arms Matchless be- -I AC
low 15c 1U
Ladlec Silk Vests In All over lace
effects all colors and neatly fin- O Cc
Isheel Matchless below 50c each J D
The Saks Glove
There Is no equal of this Glove sold In America today at U a pair The iden
tical make Is however sold In other leading stores at J135 under the makers
name They arc real French Kid Gloves 2 clasp In nil the latest spring
shides Including Black and White warranted In every respect We shall be
glad to demonstrate Let us lit a pair to jour hands No compulsion to buy
7500 Cakes Fine Toilet Soap
Sterling Soap Cos sample cakes of hfgh dass nnd dainty Toilet Sojps are
to be sold today at OXK TIUKD their regular retail price VioIt Ulos
aom Jlav Rum Complexion WItchhazcI Cold Cream and Ilorodora Put up
in boxes 3 cukes in a box a box tor the single cake prict
10c for 3 cakes
parents of the other boys they were given
transportation to New York esterdi
morning by Sanitary Officer Trunk All
the boys claim they came to Washington
to accept positions which had been prom
ised them by the son of a Rhode Island
Senator but which did not materialize
The President Extends Clemency to
li ICeiituekj Illlelt Distiller
Fpon recommendations by Attorney
General Griggs the President esterday
granted an ajipllcation for a pardon to
restore civil rights and remitted a sen
tence in another case
George Allen who was convicted of
Illicit distilling in Kentucky and sen
tenced on June S to serve six months
In Jail and to pay a tine of J50O wok
pareloneel on account of serious 111 health
Hid home is in Florida
W IJ Groat of the District of Colum
bia pleaded guilty on June IS 19 0 to
jiassing mutilated coin He was sen
tenced to serve eleven months in jail and
to pay a fine of 10 The eleven months
term exjilrttl March 13 and Groat would
hive been Held thirty das longer for
non payment of fine but on account of
his poverty the latter sentence was re
Seven other applications for pardon
were denied
Americas Best Spring Shoes
The present magnitude of our sales is entiitly tluo to tlif hifih standard of our new
ppriiij styles Our new st les are positively tlie jiuST EXCUSIVE our qualities the BEST
to be found in America and it is this piogiess from season to season that has earned for
our sales their ever iiieiiaHiiir growth
Every tasteful dresser eery prudent shoe buyer should t oino here today we be
lieve we can show them fully as many new spriiifr stales as ean be found at all other Wash
ington stoies put together and a an additional incentie we shall quote for today the
Hos and girls Jl grade serviceable
and blidjiely Vlel Kid anil faatln Calf
Stout satin calf laced Shoes and
Gaiters modern easy fitting Bhape
Iv lasts Better mialities
vrere never sold under
Iine hand made velvet calf vlel kid
and soft tan Shoes and Oxfords supe
rior to any shoes ou
iver bought at 13 and
over for stj lc or wear
Tho jiobbltst stIes ever slinwn at
an price In all the popular leathers
in iJluther and regular stle Oxford
Iks hire I or button Far
nhcid of any adiertlsed 3W
of Womens and Mens Tine Oxford Ties and High Cut Shoes Is continuing
to be the spring Shoe sitrjirise of Washington All the latest stv les of Iatent
Leathers Tan and Black Kid and Calf that are sold by other dealers at 250
and 3 being offered here at 1113 a pair
Win Hahn Cos
Three Reliable Shoe Houses
Cor 7th and K Sts
1914 and 1916 Pa Ave
233 Pa Ave S E

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