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Number 2527
3Ien Who Formerly Followed Him
Hold a Conference
The Altitude nf lie Filipino Chief
Tnvinrd IwiiHmt lie Snjirciiiiioj
if Vmrrlrii anil MnUlnir Pence st
Knnmi Morc irrcmler Vnde
MANILA March 23 The military
authorities refuse permission to the
newspaper correspondents to see Agui
naldo who is Kept a close prisoner at
Malacanan The former leaders Trias
Villa and Barcelona had a conference
today with him General Trias wishes
to bring him around to accepting Amer
ican supremacy but Agulnaldos atti
tude is not known
While he nas being brought here by
his captors on the gunboat Vlcksburg
he said that in June 1S39 he and a
number of his officers swore to prose
cute the war as ions at they lived He
considered this oath lniolable and he
intended to live up to It
loiter he declared that he had desired
peace from the very outbreak of hostili
ties and it he was conlnced that a ma
jority of his followers desired the cessa
tion of the war he would use cvery
means in his power to accomplish this
end These two statements are charac
teristic of the shifty nature of the Fili
pino leader
Aguinaldo In the course of convcrsa
tlon on the gunboat said that he had
never been In a slnple battle a state
ment which maj perhaps be true He
admitted that he had ordered the as
sassination of General Luna giving as
his reason that the security of the ril
Ipino cause demanded General Lunas
It is reported that the Spaniard Se
govia an cv insurgent who recently
ncted as General Funstons interpreter
-and who gave valuable assistance to
the expedition which result d in Agui
naldos capture will be recommended
for a commission as Pn officer of native
troops The other three ex Insurgent
oflicials who took part In the expedition
are known to have received heavy
money rewards
The expedition learned at Palanan
that a hundred riflemen composed the
entire rebel force in the prov ince of Isa
The four men who murdered Mr Wil
son an English emploje of the Manila
municipality last November were
hanged today at Fort Malate
Twelve thousand natives have taken
the oath of allegiance to the United
States at San Vicente and 7G3 at Nn
macpacan in the northern part of the
island of Lu7 on Arms are being stead
ily turned over to the American au
MANILA March 30 The rebel lead
er tieronlmo commanding in the Mo
rons district who was mentioned as a
possible successor of Aguinaldo sur
rendered unconditionally yesterday with
six staff officers and forty six riflemen
to Colonel Thompson The surrender
took place at San Mateo
General Capristano commanding the
insurgents in Mindanao surrendered on
Wednesday to General Kobbe These
surrenders indicate the material col
lapse of the insurrection Many others
are expected to give themselves up
soon Some of them however like Gen
eral Cailles will probably not surren
der as they are outlawed criminals
A man named Pitt has been charged
with improperly purchasing Govern
ment stores It is stated that many
men who are well known in local busi
ness and military circles will be Impli
cated in the commissary scandal
Continued American tac ceim Report
ed liy Ktilibe mid IluKlies
General MacArthur jesterday morning
cabled the War Department reporting the
surrender of two insurgent commands He
Brigadier General William A Kobbe
reports surrender Sumulao Minda
nao 9 officers 160 men 1ST7 ritles S
shotguns Capistranes command This
ends trouble Mindanao as far as Fili
pinos concerned
Brig Gen Robert P Uughes re
ports Alikpell and Itulz 34 guns sur
rendered to Captain David G Shanks
Twenty eighth United States Volun
teers at MHmbulao Two hundred and
six guns Fullons command surren
dered to Lieut Col Wllllurn S
Scott Forty fourth United States Vol
In the same despatch General MacAr
thur reiKirts the following casualties
Killed Marcli 23 near Cadelarla Luzon
Company I Twenty first Infantry Peter
A Peterson near San Antonio Laguna
Company A Iwcnty nrst Infantrj Mat
thew Mlguslk
Wounded Martin E Keavy thighs se
vere March 12 San Antonio Luzon Com
pany B Forty ninth Volunteer Infantry
1 addle Blackstock wounded In hand
light March 19 near Oleongajio Luzon
Company G Fortj -first Infantry Illram
Yarborough faee slight rebruai y 28
Tapaz Panaj Company D Thlrtj cight
Infantry Sergt John E Pierce wound
ed In leg above knee slight
Rear Admiral Remey jesterday cabled
the Navy Department as follows
Cavite MacArthur telegraphs
Thanks to splendid co oiwration
of Vicksburg I have Aguinaldo se
curely in my possession at Malacanan
Gereral Funston loud In praise of ev
erything navy did Entire army joins
In thanks to joureIf officers and
Secrctnrj Ixmg hsrnedl itcly forwarded
the following replj
Navy Department
Washington March 23 1301
Ilenioy Manila
Inform MacArthur highly appreci
ate his anil Funstons generous praise
navj and congratulate them heartily
The Philippine oiiitiilksiun Creeled
l General ICuJilic
ZAMBOANGA Island of Mindanao
March 29 The
Philippine Commission ar
rived Ixre this urternoon from Jolo and
were met bj General Kobbe Military
Governor of the Mindanao district and the
Julo archlpi lugo
The commission will remain here until
Sunday when they will start on the cir
cumnavigation of the island
r In Ilelllniire mid Return KIS5
VIn IVim lennlii Itnllrond
TMifa on Ml f alunUr and Mindiy March
to and 31 ifood lo rHurn until Jlomlai April 1
All Iriln fxrijt lMisrtmiom Limited
Hx w lulling hurdle race at Homing
1rof VI milnr of 1 nle Talks of c
tilnnlilnri Capture
NEW HAVEN Conn March 29 Prof
Theodore S Woolsey of the chair of In
ternational law of lRle University talked
about the capture of Aguinaldo todav He
I understand that no one his recog
nized the Filipinos as belligerents They
have been considered as insurgents only
and in warfare thej have been treated
as the laws of humanity dictate Aguin
aldo cannot be considered a prisoner of
war but only an Insurgent who was
caught In arms against the Government
to which he owes allegiance When It
comes to a consideration of his treatment
therefore it becomes altogether a matter
of policy
Do jou think the Government should
exile Aguinaldo
I do The Government may as well
exile him to Gaum unless the Government
believes he can be trusted siiftlclcntlj
after taking an oath of allegiance to the
United States to assist In the adminis
tration and pacification of the Islands If
he Is treated klmllv the other insurgent
leaders may give in
Prof Woolsey was nsked If he thought
that the capture of Aguinaldo would bring
the war to u termination but this phase
of the matter he did not care to discuss
iKuiic IIlo SnuAimther Lender v III
Vonii lie Cliosc ii
PARIS March 23 Agonelllo the Fili
pino agent in Europe dicltres that al
though Aguinaldo has been captured by
the Americans the Flllplnps will con
tinue their resistance
He si8 that the Supreme Council of
the Filipino Government will ilect
another gt ncralisslmo and will continue
tlje struggle foe independence
American Utile Justifies Hopes for
the riilllpitlnefi Untnre
VIENNA March 9 All official report
on the condition of the Philippine Islands
Mate that the advent of American rule
justifies great hopes for the future de
velopment of agriculture In the archi
It adds that progress In that direction
has hitherto lnen prevented by revolu
tionary disturbances Tranquillity must
be restored before the present primitive
methods of cultivation can be superseel
ed bv modirn machine cultivation The
report details the American grants and
schemes for development
It remarks that ther has been consid
erable Immigration since the American
occupation Those acquainted with the
country It asserts regret the prohibi
tion of Chinese Immigration Chinamen
the report savs are far more qualified
than the natives for heavy manual labor
and for maintaining trade with remote
The Opinions of lleprenentntlv en on
AitnlnnldoM nptnre
The capture of Aguinaldo win nave a
salutarj effect and will assist In the paci
fication of the revolutionists and a res
toration of peace and the acceptance of
civil government remarked Representa
tive George W Smith of Illinois jester
day The Filipinos will now see that
it Is not the purpose of our Government
to treat them as the were treated by
Spain It will be made clear to them that
their rights will be protected by the
United States and when they come to
understand this there will no longer be
any resistance to American a ithorlty Of
course there will continue to be more or
less looting by bands of brigands but
there will be up organized armed resist
ance such as has marked the past J ear of
our occupation of the islands
Representative Burleson of Texas said
yesterday that the capture of Aguinal
do was the breaking of the backbone of
the Insurrection Fighting however will
continue he said the same as It did un
der the Spanish regime but It will no lon
ger be an organized warfare
The capture of Aguinaldo was a mas
ter stroke said Representative Gibson
of Tennessee at the Capitol jestcrdaj
Good results will Immediately follow
In my opinion Aguinaldo will be treateil
bv the authorities with consideration He
will no doubt be freely consulted and
is he is a man of Intelligence he will
fall In line with American Ideas When
he comes to undertsand as he will that
the United States Government will give
his people autonomy that thev will not
be deprived of their liberty but that they
are to have a territorial form of govern
ment he will I jlbi sure aid the United
States In carrving out Its policy
Jnines Sfepliens ljinscn mh AMlIlc
111 Dlllillll
LONDON March 21 -James Stephens
the roted Fenian leader died in Dublin
this morning
The funeral of Mr Stephens will take
place on Sundaj The remains will be
Interred In Clasnevln Cemetery where
Charles Stewart Parnell Is burled It is
expected that the Nationalists will take
advantage of the eiccaslon to make a big
John Redmond has telegraphed to Mr
Stephens relatives in behalf of the lrlbh
Parliament- party expressing profound
sorrow for the ilhapiMaranre of the heroic
figure of the old Fenian chief
A LelilKu A Alley Engineer mid u
Plrrmiiii Injured
BUFFALO Mareh 29 A passe ngi r
train on the Lehigh Valley Railroad was
wrecked shortly aftr 4 oclock this morn
ing iear Caledoni i None of the p issen
gers was hurt but Fred Cahhen the en
gineer was buried beneath the cars and
was Injun d so seriously that lie ma die
Chris Smith the tinman was slightly
The accident was caused by two tank
cars which had Im pii thrown across the
tracks when the train of which they were
a pirt became buckled six of the
seven passenger coiches were derailed
herltilln IliiintiKe niised l it Morm
In I ntn
DALLAS Tex March 23 One of tho
severest rainstorms known in jears pre
vailed here from noon to 230 p m to
day The downpour was almost eiUiI to
a cloudburst Tho streets of Dallas were
Hooded and sewers could not carry off
the water As a consequence scores of
basements were filled
The loss to propertj In Dallas city nnd
count Is estimated at from I75WX to
ftcllernl Irlnre InrcniHky Hnil In
terfered With the roller
Russkl Invallde an army newspaper
states that the Czjr severely reprimanded
General Prince Vlazemsky for Interfering
with the action of the police In suppress
ing the disorders here on Marcli 17
Music ritr cUy At the Henntnv track
Where It Touches It Henls
Zeroi Cura potltlicly cures email itul all tkln
disc area vt all drug storra
A FnllluKT Hoof WcdtceH Itself liove
I Iiein
W1LKKSBARRE Pa March 23 Three
millers nA Avondale had a miraculous es
cape fiom death this afternoon They
were caught under a fall of roof weigh
ing several thousand tons but the fall
wedged Itself above them
They were rescued after three
hours work greatly to the astonishment
of tlio rescuing party
Conlln Gets I our Years
NEW YORK March 23 -Judge Thomas
of the United tSates Circuit Court today
sentenced Joseph A Conlln the postofllce
clerk who stole u registered mall pouoh
containing cash and securities valued at
ttlQOO from Station H lust October to
four ears Imprisonment ut hard labor
In Slug blng
Two jkt cent paid on depulta fubji et to ehk
at will tnldi Trust li Horace Co Hll K hi
The Troops in China ami Korea to
A StroriRer Force Ruing to the Chill
Province Tension in Otlicinl tir
cleM in loUoliniiin The Possibili
ties of Wnr Irccl Discussed
TOKYO March 29 The newspapers
state that the Government Intends to
relieve the Japanese troops in the pro
vince of Chili China by a force 50 per
cent stronger than that now there
It also Intends to send reliefs imme
diately to Seoul Korea Instead of in
May when the Japanese force there ia
customarily relieved There is unusual
nctivity in the Japanese arsenals
LONDON March 30 A despatch to
the Dally Mall from Yokohama re
ports that there Is great tension in ofll
cial circles there The Foreign Office is
open day nnd night
There are frequent conferences be
tween the senior generals which are
attended by the Emperor who is
anxious to know the exact condition o
the militnry and naval ticrvices
Three staff officers hfe been sent to
Korea to investigate the situation there
The possibilities of war are freely dis
PARIS March 29 There is good au
thority for stating that Hussla has
given China until April 1 to sign tho
Mnnchurian Treatywhlch the Southern
Vlccros arc urging the Court to reject
The Foreign Offico learns that a
French missionary who nai arrested in
Tibet has been liberated through the
friendly intervention of the Chinese au
thorities It was feared at one time
that he had been murdered
OniclniH Attempt to lime Foreign
Troops IlroiiKht In
BERLIN March 23 News has reached
St Petersburg from Seoul Korea that
the Korean Minister of Justice certain
officials connected with the Ministry of
the Interior and General Tschuselmcna
have been banished owing to the discov
er that they were In i conspiracy to
throw a bomb Into the Russian Embas
Their object It is said was to bring
foreign troops to Korea and establish a
new Ministry
Ceriiuin Emperor ainU n Chiirnc
terlstle Tonst
BERLIN March 23 Emperor William
today presented to the Alexander Regi
ment at their new barracks a fresco de
pleting the regiment In the battle of St
Prlvat At a subsequent luncheon his
Majest made a speech in which he said
he was suit the rtnimont would alwas
be victorious for there is a mighty ally
the eternal God In heaven who was al
wajs on our Bide in the tlt es of the
great Elector ard great King
The Emperor In toasting the regiment
raised his cup which was decorated with
medallions of the Pru slan Kings and
Russian Emperors who were colonels of
the Alexander Regiment He said that
their juxtaposition was a svmbol of the
old traditional relations between the rul
ing houses which so far as hi him liy
would alwuvs be maintained
The Ctiloarne iJmettc Tells W lint
1IU Majesty Meant
COLOGNE March 23 Commenting on
tlic Kaisers speech jesterday to his
troops on their duty to him the Ga
zette sajs that for a proper under
standing of the utterances of the Em
peror it Is necessar to point out that
they were made with a view of Illustrat
ing a battle picture which the Kaiser
presented to his officers representing a
few tioops heroically fighting against
great odds The speech should not be
taken as a pessimistic picture of the
present position of Germany among the
Pow ers
Hie Kaisers statement regarding the
ancient and traditional relations between
the reigning houses of Germany and
Rissia the Gazette savs has great
political significance The Emperor still
maintains the trusty Blsmarckian prin
ciple that Germans cannot without flf
liculty make a choice between Russia
and England
The paper continues The watchword
of our external poley remains fii rmin
interests We have nothing to do with
transient feeling cither way and we are
neither a schoolmaster nor a policeman
Taxes on IneKtir mill Petroleum to
He Itrinljiixteil
PARIS March 29 The estimates for
1312 were laid on the table In the Cham
ber of Deputies toelav They show in In
creased expenditure of HOXieViO francs
ot which amojnt KOiOOiO francs are cx
ixcted to be covered by the normal In
crease In the revenue The balance will
be met by a readjustment of the taxes
on vinegar and petroleum
The r port of M Callleux Minister of
Finance states that the exposition did
not produce the expected amount of entry
Referring to the heavy expenses caused
by the trouble In China the Minister In
timates that the negotiations for Indem
nity have reachsl a definite stage and
their conclusion may be expected soon
Preparations Under Wnj to Receive
Count tlisslnl
NORFOLK Vu Match 23 Prepara
tions arc being maele aboard the Imperial
Russian cruiser Varlag to receive Count
Casslnl the Russian Ainbassador who is
expected to nrrive from Washington next
bundiy to visit the warship
It Is xpcted tint considerable cere
mony will attend tho Ambassadors visit
The Association lllll Son Goes to
tlic French bennle
PARIS March 29 The associations bill
was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies
today by a vote of SOB to 220 The an
nouncement of the figures was greeted
with load cheers from the Left and cries
of Vive la Republlque
The long debate was ended by M
Iroulllot the reporter of the bill who
declared that the Chamber Tiad accom
plished a work of liberty and justice
This statement was greeted with cheers
by the Left and with groans by the Right
The House then adjourned for the Eas
ter holIdad after which the bill will go
to the Senate where tho debate is likely
to last for weeks
It will then be returned to the Cham
ber of Deputies
A Mngnsinp Explosion Wipes Out Fo
liar Knlilinn llnreni
PARIS March 13 In connection with
the defeat of the native chief Foday
Kabba by a French expedition at Man
dlna West Africa on Bitunlay last It
Is announced that an explosion of the
chiefs powder magazine killed his forty
Austiin neutrons of Protecting Its
llusleni Composers
VIENNA March 23 The Reichsrath
and the Government have agreed on the
Introduction of a bill providing that Aus
tria shall enter the Berne copyright con
vention and negotiate copj right treaties
with the United States and other nations
The Minister of Justice stated that the
United States had expressed Its willing
ness to enter into a separate treaty with
Austria vhlch was particularly impor
tant for the protection of musical works
The Mtnutlon In IlnvTfill in Id to He
HONOLULU March 2 Via San Trnn
clsco March 23 The proceedings of the
Legislature are becoming farcical An
appropriation bill was sent back to the
House from the Senate three times this
week because of the alleged lack of for
mality in certifjing It and once because
fortv was spelled fourty This last
reason disgusted the House which threw
out the bill
The Secretary of the Treasury and Gov
ernor Dole have both returned sharp an
swers to the dictatorial -demands made
upon them by the House Some of these
demands were for documents which the
Governor sajs are private
Cattle nnil Men llso Taken li n
IlKlit Jlorsn Ite xlment
DURBAN Natal Msfcli 23 The Sec
ond Imperial Light Horse which Is made
up Of Natallans is busy In Swaziland The
regiment has captured 1000 head of Boer
Some of the men met n Boer party con
sisting of a commandant other
offlcers They ordered VheIi5rs to throw
up their hands Two who were slowjn
obeying the ortor werf fwlnged where
upon the partj surrendered
Later a number fit yilpers were cap
tured The regiment thin Raptured a con
voy of twent sx wagojs and a number of
cattle sheep nnd horses Later another
convov of ten wagons was captured
J lie Popular Act ifr Taken to Heile
ue snv York
NEW YORK March 23 Maurice Bar
rjmore known of all the matinee girls
and to thentregoers generally and one of
the most conspimousof stage leading men
for many jcars became suddenly insane
last evening and after an Interval In
which he appeared to be himself again
became erratic this afternoon at the
UinliH Club Late in the day he was
taken from there to the insane pav Illon
of Bellvue Hospital f
Reports that thn actorsmlnd was fail
ing have been in circulation from lime
to time for several fijonths but In each
Instance they were cVhleel It has been
known however amctrtgIds friends that
Mr Barrjmore was suffering from some
nervous elisease which -was encroaching
on his Intellect
He has not of late filled any Impor
tant engagement in his profession He
has been active hrwevtr in the Interests
of the White Rats and in the last week
he has been giving morologue entertain
ments at the Llpn Palace 110th Street
nnd Broadwaj which blng run bj
that organization
Iast night Mr Barrjmore rtiocked the
audience bv a blasphemous attack on the
Jews This nftcnioon an order for his
committal to Bellevue Hospital was ob
tained and he was driven from the
Iambs Club In a carriage to Bellevue
His son accompanied him He will be
kept under observation for a dav or twti
and will then be cxarAlned by Drs Stew
art and Abbott
Maurice Barrjmore has been verj popu
lar mil successful on the stage He Is an
Englishman bj birth sjid n graduate of
Cambridge University Before going on
the stage he took iitne law as a pro
In 1877 he married Gtorgle Drew John
Drews sister Ethi I Barrjmore Is his
daughter Miss Ban more said tonight
that her father had iMnVrcd severely- this
winter from the grip
A Hark Loses a aiun in n toriu cm
tin Iueitlc
HONOLULU Marcli 23 Vla San Fran
cisco March 23 bark Oljmplc ar
rived here March 1 thlrtvMhree dajs
from San Francisco On 2 she
encountered a whirlwind of extreme vio
lence It lasted onl a few minutes but
carried awaj all the Olympics upper
masts and much of her rigging and
drowned one seaman Frank Behlender
The jard upon which he was standing
with Trunk Anderson wjs carried away
Anderson managed to clutch the jard in
his fall nnd though he went overboard
was rescued Bc hlendT was stunmd and
Safe Ilolilirrs Make n Haul
MONTGOMERY Alu Mareh 23 At
Reform PIcKIns Count J this moinlng tho
safe In the express otllce was blown open
and 1000 In monej secured 3 he rob
bers ccnped Tho Is understood
to be State funds which were sent there
day In fore vjesterdivj for the quarterly
payment ofthe public school teachers
Octau StemnNulp Movements
NEWiTORK March 23 Arrived Ilek
la Copenhagen Hcllosa Hamburg Ar
rived out LAquitolne from New York
at Havre Campania from New York at
Queenstowiw Graf Waldcnce fmin New
York at Cherbourg
Norfolk Washington jttenmbont Co
Delightful trlpi dally at 6 30 p m from foot
7th t to Old Point Comfort Newport Iew
Norfolk and the bouth For schedule fece page 10
rtjnux llnslness College Stli and K
UWncM fchortluad Typcwritine 2S a jcar
Miners lo Accept the Terms of
the Operators
President Mitchells Stronc Hand
Overruled Those Members Vllio
Were in Inior of Going Out rent
Relief Iclt in the- Cnnl Ile Klonx
The United Mine9Workers Executive
Committee decided tonight after an all
day session not to call a strike of the
miners of the anthracite region The
union did not get the direct recognition
it craved but as foreshadowed in these
despatches the operators offered to rec
ognize it at some future date providing
tho union can In the meantime manifest
Its nbllity to control Its men and pre
sent the strikes and disturbances that
have been of constant occurrence since
the ending of the big strike last fall
This is believed tho committee to
be the best offer that the union can now
obtain and declare that it is to the
Interests of the members to accept It
Tho operators also repeat their offer
posted In the earlj part of March to
continue the present wage scale and lo
meet their own emplojes at each col
liery and adjust with them anj griev
ances they have
The decision of the committee was not
reached without a fight in which
Mitchell strongly advocated the con
servative course of accepting what the
operators offered and strengthening Ihe
union so that it would be fully able to
control Its men Several of the dele
gates were in favor of a strike and
thej fought for it at each session of the
Mitchells strong hand ruled how
ever and In the end he was able to get
the substantial majority on his side
He was aided by President Nicholls of
this district in w delegates Into
line and at 9 oclock tonight the fol
lowing statement signed by all the
members of the General Committee
was issued
Gentlemen Pursuant to the instruc
tions adopted at the Hazleton convention
we jour committee have made every
possible effort to arrange a Joint confer
ence of operators and miners prior to
April 1 1301 In prosecuting the duties as
signed to us your committee addressed
a communication to each of the presi
dents of the coal carrjing railroads in
viting them to join us In holding a joint
Failing to receive favorable re
plies to our Invitations a sub committee
prcedeel to the city of New York and
through the instrumentalltj and assist
ance of Influential friends of organized
labor a conference was secured with rep
resentatives of the coHlcarrylng rall
ruaiis committee presented
the claims Of the mine workers in as able
and lucid a- manner ac they werecapable
The representflvcs of the operators
listened attentively and while they would
not agree to meet tr general Joint confer
ence this j ear thej did agree that the
notices which were ported continuing the
advance in wages until April 1 1302 and
agreeing to take up and adjust with I heir
mine emplojes anj grievances they might
have should be Interpreted and construed
to mean that such grievances should be
considered nnd adjusted with representa
tives or committees of the mine workers
and they held out the hope that If during
the present jear the mine workers dem
onstrated their willingness and ablltj to
abstain from engaging In local strlKes
full and complete recognition of the or
ganisation would unquestionably be ac
corded at a future date
While jour committee regret to report
that thej were unable to secure all the
concessiuns we hoped for and believe we
are Justlj entitled to we are of the opin
ion that the willingness of the various coal
companies to receive committees repre
senting mine workers for the adjudication
of grievances records an Important ad
vance step in the right direction and
presages more harmonious ami equitable
relations between cmplojers and emplojes
than have prevailed in the anthracite re
gion heretofore
in consideration of vast interests In
volved and in view of the fact that at
least partial recognition of our organiza
tion has been secured and with the hope
that a greater degree of Jjstlce will be
obtained In the not distant future jour
committee to whom was delegated the
power and to determine
whether work should cease or continue
after April 1 would respectfully recom
mend that work be contlrued and that
e ommlttfcs be selected at each mine col
lie rj stripping and wisherj and In
structed to wafton the mine superintend
ents or other persons In authoritj and in
a respectful conservative fearless and
able manner present any grievances
either as to prices or conditions of em
plojment that the mine workers may
have and ask that such grievances bo
In any or district where there
Is a group of mines operated by the same
and where grievances are simi
lar In hiiracter and prev all at each of the
colllerlis we would recommend that the
committees from said group of collieries
meet together and tabulate agree
upon and present their grievances to the
general superlutendant or manager In
order that remedies be applied to all
alike Your committee would also rec
ommend that various committees report
the result of their efforts to have griev
ances adjusted to the national and dis
trict officers
We would further recommend and urge
upon mine workers cverj where to refrain
from engaging in local strikes except
when authorized the district presi
dents in accordance with the constitu
tion and laws of the national nnd dis
trict organizations If this pollcj Is ad
hered to we believe that the work of our
organization to establish humane and
progressive methods of adjusting wage
differences will be verj much facilitated
In concluding this report we desire
to express our appreciation to the mem
bers of the Industrial branch of the Civic
Federation anil to other Influential friends
who rendered jorr committee such In
valuable assistance hi the dlfticult un
dertaking we were assigned to perform
That lojaltj and fidelity to our or
ganization which has done so much In the
past six months to ameliorate the life and
lot of our craftsmen will be the watch
woril of all mine workers Is the sincere
hopu ot jour officers national and dis
The decision was awaited a crowd
that thronged the street in front of the
hotel nnd when it was made there was
repeated cheering A number of the
delegates led a cuke walk about tho
corridors and were cheered at every
Flrctric cars rery tuo minutes to Denning
race course
turn while Mitchell was almost mobbed
by the crowd which tried to get at him
when he appeared and shake his hand
The decision is receiveel with mani
fest satisfaction throughout the mine
region by miners and business men as
well as the operators It had been ex
pected for the last week but the cer
tainty was anxiously awaited and to
night there is general relief
Mitchell 13 praised by all as it is ev
ident that had it not been for his ruling
hand and calm direction a strike would
have been probable A committee on
resolutions consisting of President
Mitchell District Presidents Nicholls
Duffy and Fahy anil Secrctarj George
Hnrtlcln of District No 9 had been ap
pointed and these five were In session
three hours before they prepared the
report which was accepted by
the delegates
3clcnns on nit International Line
Threaten tlie Contractors
PHOENIX Ariz March 23NearIy
1W men emplojed on the Nacosari Rail
road being built from Blsbee Ariz to
Nacosari Mexico went on a strike on
Tuesday and since then as many more
emplojes on the other roads along the
international boundary llnu have quit In
Most of the strlkersJare Mexicans and
composed of the most lawless element on
tho border The majority are congre
gated at Frontenas below the Mexican
line There they have torn up the tracks
and burned some railroad propertj Thej
defy the contractors and swear that no
new men can take their places
They are all well armed and ihe con
tractors are absolutely powerless Tho
contractors are all Americans
They have appealed to the Mexican au
thorities for aid
He V 111 lot Resign tlic Governorship
tntll Next Pall
LINCOLN March 23 Governor Diet
rich Just elected to the four year term In
the United States Senate announced this
evening that he would not resign as Gov
ernor fill after the November election He
gives as his reason that he has Inaugu
rated a number of new plans relating to
the conduct of Stale Institutions which
he desires to see carried out but the rea
son probable lies in the fact that the law
is not very clear on the point whether the
Governorship shall be filled next fall or
the terra be completed by the Lieutenant
Governor and to prevent any poFibllltj
of a Fuslonlst becoming Governor Diet
rich will remain
The men who fought Thompson the
caucus nominee to the point where he had
withdrawn are nervous over the Gov
ernors announcement as they fear that
Dietrich who was made both Governor
nnd Senator by Thompson might after
the convention adjourns resign as Senator
and as Gov ernor appoint Thompson tu till
the vacancj
The Antl Tnuirannr Cnnipnlgii
InsrSnnga Already
NEW YORK March 29 The Waldorf
Astoria conferences committee of sixty
which CoL Alex P Ketchum was author
ized to appoint at a meeting held on Feb
ruary 8 got together this evening The
committee intends to act as cement to
bind together the opposition to Tammanj
Colonel Ketchum said he would do his
utmost to bring about n union of all the
anti Tammany forces Henry D Purroj
Introduced the following resolution defin
ing the objects and attitude of the organi
Re MjiTed Thai tmilefttamluu fuilr the many
serious difficulties whrli stand In the isay of
the realization cf aa effective union of the
forces which are noir or may hereafter be op
posed to the present vKiocs ejstem of municipal
irjfxule this central committee of hixty citizens
representing many civic association iiiich it now
proioes to unitp herelij declares its chief object
to be to aid in overcoming all the saul diffi
culties by the prompt inauzuraton and unifcrm
maintenance throughout the c ampaifrn of a con
ciliatory and judfcioua course of deliberation and
action and br advocating firmlr that due weight
be accorded to the views of cverv representative
hodj of voters that mar favor a united and un
selfish effort to secure at the coining election
better government for the city of New orW
Dr George W Thompson one of the
leading members of the Chicago Platform
Democracy objected to this resolution
He declared that It ought to state that
the organization was In favor of inde
pendent candidates for office
Dont Jump out of the frying pan into
the tire said Dr Thompson Tam
manj is unquestionably one of the most
corrupt organizations on the face of the
earth barring the United States Express
Comp mv I see that the Republican
Count j Committee is ready to accept for
major a man who used to belong to Tam
many Hall John D Crlmmins If jou
think jou can get us to support a man
like that jou are much mistaken
1 have nothing In common with Tammany
Hall or with the United States Express
or with Mark Hmna
The resolution was adopted
It was decided to name an executive
committee of fifteen which should rent
permanent headquarters for the commit
This committee Is to bo appointed by
Colonel Ketchum
An I ii in in- Unrnier 1nts His liililren
to Death
Emll Segerlln a well-to-do farmer living
eight miles northeast of tovn todaj killed
his three children and stabbed himself to
death He went to the barn accompanied
his little daughters Delia aged seven
nnd aged five As he did not return
to dinner his eldest daughter Esther
aged nine was sent to call him It is
thought that before she reached the barn
her father had killed Delia and Lily and
lmmedlatelj killed her
Esther was a strong girl and evldentlj
offered resistance as she was stabbed in
several places and horribly mutilated
Both the other children were killed with a
Segerlln was sent to the insane asjlum
about ten jears ago but he was soon al
lowed to return home apparently fully re
covered He was a hard working man
bore a good reputation and was well-to-do
There Is no doubt he was Insane when
hu committed the deed
seKro CrlnliiinlM In Georgia Secure
n Iegnl Delnj
SYLVANIA Ga March 23 The execu
tion of live negro criminals which was to
have occurred here todaj has been post
poned because of suit for a new trial now
pending in the Supremo Court
The Governor had ordered out the mili
tia fearing an outbreak when the post
ponement was announced The people have
quieted down however and the soldiers
will probablv be dismissed tomorrow
Illooil ToIU
U-Ah-Ma gives an appetite Aids digestion and
makea jou sleep At all drug stores
A big entrj lit in each race todaj at Denning
Price One Cent
Prince Kropotkiu Speaks of the
Russian Situation
No Greater Danger to Ills Majestys
Life Than Usnal The Ruler Swlit to
lie- Himself an KtYectlve Agent
Agnliint the Doctrine of Autocracy
NEW YORK March 23 Prince Peter
Alexander Kropotkin the Russian
scientist and Anarchist arrived in New
York today and is staying at the Hotel
Gerard He comes hero from Boston on
a lecturing tour Prince Kropotkin
when asked about the reports of plots
against the Czars life said
That is nonsense as are all tho
stories printed to the effect thai he Is in
terror of his life No unusual means
for protecting the life of tho Czar havo
been taken and this
rubbish is ludicrous
I simply say that tho seed of dissen
sion and disloyalty has been sown
among the educated young men of the
Empire and nothing the Emperor can
do now will prevent the growth slow
though It may be It Is true that there
Is no more effective agent worklne
against autocracy In the world than Is
the Cztr Nicholas II
For a long time his will for every
thing evil has been law For the little
good accomplished during his reign tho
Ministers are responsible He has teen
epileptic since he was eighteen and ho
is a young man of very Inferior intel
lect How can much be expected of
Was he directly responsible for tho
calling of the Peace Congress
He was not Pobyedonostzeff Pro
curator General of the Synod was tho
person responsible for that and he got
the Idea from the Pope who originated
it The procurator enlisted tlw jsitron
ago of the Crar
Tvro Men Arrested on Warrants
ChnrKlnjf Forffcry
NEW YORK March 23 Dlvld L Short
and Morris Mejers were arrested this aft
ernoon upon warrants charging them with
forgery in the first degree They were
taken to the cimlnal court building for
arraignment before Justice Jerome who
issued the warrants
The Justice was holding ccirt at 23
East SIxtj -first Street the hrroe of Dr
Walker Curry the physician ho at
tended William Marsh Rice whom Albert
T Patrick is accused of murdering Pat
rick is also charged with forging Rices
name to a check for 250000
Short is the man who had himself ap
pointed commissioner of deeds for Texas
at Patricks Instigation and who took ac
knowledgment to many papers- Mejers
is the lawyer who at Patricks dicta
tion drew up the so called Patrick will
and assignments of property and who ac
companied Short on his visits to Rices
At the examination of Patrick on the
murder charge on Monday Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Osborne said he intended
to show that Patrick Meyers and Short
were In a conspiracy to dtrfraud Rice
During the hearing today Dr Curry
testified that he believed Mr Klce died
from natural causes The hearing was
then adjourned till Monday morning
Mississippi River Defences Aot
StroiiK Enouicli for nijr Gnns
NEW ORLEANS March 23 A trial ot
the disappearing guns which have been
placed at Forts Jackson and St- Ph ip
on the Mississippi Rlv cr eighty miles be
low New Orleans which are the chief
defences of this city has proved that they
cannot be used and will have to give
way for other guns that cause a less se
vere shock when fired Tho crust of the
earth is too thin at that point It is
found for these guns
TnilrA miAt n thnmiisrh ex-
amlnation of the forts a few dajs ago
when all the guns were tested it was
then discovered that on account of the
unstable foundations the masonry was
badly cracked the discharge of the
guns and the guns themselves thrown oiit
of gear
It is understood that General Brooke
lias reported to this efTect to the War
Department which will determine what
Is best to be done It is quite ev ident that
much firing of the disappearing guns
would very soon reduce both forts to
ruins if the guns themselves did not get
ojt of order Urst so as to render It im
possible to use them
No complaint is made as to the masonry
work which is said to be superior but
failure Is attribute it to the plans of tho
fort which failed to take into considera
tion the unstable character of the soil
or to the neglect to make a proper ex
amination of the soil before driving down
the piles and lajlng the masonry Drill
ings were made only after the work was
done when It was found that the upper
crust of the earth at the forts Is solid
onlj fortj feet down beneath which lay
beds ot soft shells and river silt
The piling of course was of little use
under these circumstances The batteries
of lighter calibre are well mounted and
It Is understood that a much larger num
ber of parapet guns will be used at the
forts than originally Interded to take tho
place of the big disappearing guns which
it Is thought will be altogether retired
All work at the forts has temporarily
ceased until some settlement of this mat
ter can be reached It Is unuerstoou that
the plan recommended Is an enlargement
of the forts and the placing of more
smaller defence batteries
1 lie ienernl AVelcouteil at the Mili
tary Toiirnntnent
NEW YORK March 29 There was no
lack of enthusiasm at the tournament of
the Military Athletic League tonight In
Madison Square Garden The reviewing
officer was Lieut Gen Nelson A Miles
and his appearance stimulated the men on
parade to do their very best
It was a long review but his does not
excuse the girl who said It was
because the battalions had to go by
miles The old Indian fighter got a
reception The general was gay
in blue and gold and everj detail of his
attire was spic and span and impressive
The spectators in the box seats near the
reviewing box stood up until General
Miles took his seat a greater respect than
was shown to the Vice President Admi
ral Dewey or of the presiding officers
of the week
Marching with Miles were Lieutenant
Colonel Billy Lieutenant Colonel Ree
ber Major Dav les V 3 Artlllerj Major
Jones U S A and an escort of the
Mllltarj League officers In the next
boxes were Mrs Rceber Cipt and Mrs
Louis Wendel and Col William F Cody
There will be both afternoon and even
ing performances tomorrow to wind up
the week The reviewing officer tonight
will be Gen Michael V Sherklan U S A
Ijtlr to RnltiiiMirc ami Itetarn in
11 C t Snttirilnj nnil Snntlay
March 30 and 31 good for return until following
viondaj Tietcts good on all trains except
Itoval Limited

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