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Sickness Driven From Entire Family by
aloes Celery Compound
Spring is lure
Purify your blood Take Palnes ccItj
It Is the one rrinjr remcly Fought nftcr
nnil highly esteemed by intelligent earnest
men and women throughout the land
Palnes celery compound has treated its
own constituency
Men and noaim who have never taken
a spoonful of any sarsaparilla or patent
medicine of any sort nor allowed them
to enter their homes not only use Palnes
celery compound when themselves sick
but persuade their families to do the same
And yet when the hitory of this won
derful remedy Is studied it Is eay to un
derstand why Paine celery compound
Ihus stands alone and superior to all
remedies In the estimation of the public
It Is a ih siclans remedy
It Is the p of Edward IZ
Phelps JI D LL I Professor of Ma
teria Medlca at Dartmouth College
There i nc mistaking the standing of
Palnes celery compound In the family of
Major A M Wheeler Superintendent of
exhibits at the Pan American Exposition
New York State Commissioner at the At
lanta Imposition and former Assistant
Postmaster of Buffalo
Buftalo K V Feb 2 1901
Dear Sirs Being run down from over
work physically and mentally I tried
Palnes celery compound as a remedy It
undoubtedly did me much good My wife
and some of my relatives have also been
RV IlcpnrOuent lxempt Prom Ob
fienlni Mr Hnrrifioiiai Death
Considerable curiosity has been dis
played recently as to the reason the flags
at the Navy Yard and at the Naval Hos
pital Ninth Street and Pennsylvania Ave
nue t oulheast were not at half mast as
were the colors over Government buildings
in other parts of the city
The flags at the Navy Yard and at the
hospital flew at half mast on the day of
ex President Harrisons funeral but since
that time have been displayed In the regu
lation manner This is explained by the
fact that the order of the Presides tiiat
flags on Government buildings should be
at half mast for a period of thirty dajs
did not apply to the Navy Department
The matter was left to the discretion of
the Secretary of the Navy who ordered
that the Hags on institutions coming un
der the departments Jurisdiction should
be at half mast on the day of the funeral
using It and Inform tnc they have bcon
very greatly benefited Sincerely yours
The surIorlty of Paines celery com
pound is well Illustrated by the way entire
families are benefited whencer any one
member of the household tries It Nothing
h more common than for husband wife
and children to be led to use It because
they have observed Its health making ef
fect In the case of some relative or Inti
mate friend
Young and old now need to take a spring
remedy to purify their blood to feed their
tired nerves and to invigorate their bodies
long experience has shown the necesxliy
of such a spring cleaning fur everybody
sick or well
Thousands are taking Palnes celery
It Is so far above all other spring medi
cines In its strengthening nerve-restoring
blood purlfjlng health giving lat ting
effcts that It has no competitor among
discriminating people
Tlie old cures one by one In the lal
few J ears have dropped by the way un
til today the sales of Palnes celery com
pound in every civilized country are larger
4han those of all other spring remedial
of all kinds combined
People just sick enough not to be healthy
even city is full of such seml invaldn
should take advantage of Palnes celry
compound to put their blood and nerves
Into a healthy condition
Spring is the time to get well
Alexmitler Iltinte Kurd Iee4urtN n
Iiilfiml WnprHHN
Alexander Hume Ford gave a highly in
teresting lecture before the mender- and
friends of the National Geographic So
ciety at the First Congregational Church
last night Ills subject was The Ball and
Water Ways of Russia The discourse was
well illustrated by lantern slides showing
the great internal waterway facilities cf
the Russian Kmpire Mr Ford said that
Russia was the greatest country for In
land canals which will in the future be of
greater commercial and strategic nine to
RusIa than the great Trans Siberian
Mr Ford returned last vpar from ex
tensive travels in Hussla He was o ie of
the first to cross Siberia from vves to east
along the route of the Trans Siberian
1 ctr thai vul ne rou pleasure can e iud
hj - 31 Arlington llotthn Co
J WJ rp ill J
lo Guess Work With
More Than Half of the III People in Washington Today Are
Being Treated for the Wrong Disease and
Are of course Taking the
Wrong Medicine
To entabHsh a diagnosis Dr Slnde makes nn X Knv examination of his cases
free of charge You will make no mint ike when ou consult the old specialist
us lie has been In actual practice over thirty carx aud understands 111 business
He haH the latest Improvements in lectrlclt and in conjunction with Ills Ec
lectic remedies euiea the most obstinate and dlsetses No matter
what your trouble may be consult Dr Shade free or charge He will examino
jou and plvc you a trial Irtatment on his lirgi static maclih mid show jou
liuw he reaches the most complicated diseases The titaliricnt irf pleasant and
rofre shlng
If you Ivant to stve doctors bills and If jou ore tired taking so much medi
cine kv Dr Shade at once hm he is reasonable in his prices
Henry II Drew cured of brain mid nervous trouble IIS Corroran Stiect north
vct W Sanford Hrpvvn lsa 1711 Pennsjlvanli Avenue cured of liuig throat
nnd catarrh trouble Mrs Bertie Hughes 4 Seventh Street southwi st cured of
consumption of the lungs and catarrh Mrs D E it ivcs 1710 Thirty second Street
northwest cured of asthma and lung trouble Miss Mary V McKliu Ml U Street
toutheast cured of pulmonary consumption and ratarrli
Special attention given to complicated cases catarrh lung kidney Iirlghts
Slsease brain and nervous diseases and all diseases of the laumnn body Hours
I to S and C to 7 evenings Sunduv 10 lo 1 p m corner of Thirteenth and C
Kxpiiifeva of the IJocr War Jtcacli
S500OO00 Per Week
Jnlinii ltnlpli Tells Host John Hull
Realized That He Mill Unit Some
thing to Imrn About Wnr Orcun
irril to Kurt Very Soon
Stretched at his ease on two big chairs
In his room at the Arlington Julian
Ralph war correspondent ol the London
Dally Mall chatted about things Inci
dents and prospects in South Africa
The war is costing Kngland J3000000
a week he said fand It 1ms continued
now for eighteen months Yet taking
It all together It Is a cheap price that
Knglard Is paving for a lesson she great
ly needed Before the opening of the
Boer war the Dngllsh had become self
worshippers They thought that they svere
tho best at everything They had in
particular a fatuous fondness for their
arniy organization which they seemed to
consider ne plus Ultra It has cost them
something to set rid of these ideas but
it is nulte a moderate tuition fee they
have paid
Now the Englishman sits up and looks
nround him with perhaps a little surprise
In his eyes and takes notice of what oth
er people are doing It is no Utile thing
that he Is cured of his blindness and he
can afford to pay well for It
The great expense and the great trou
ble that John Bull has upon his hands
now Is the defence of his communications
All along the railroad Is 1 doJble wall
of solid humanity One hundred and
ninety thousand men guard the line and
22I0 take part In the active lighting
Against these 22O00 British are pitted
llfwO Boers The British have Jaded
horses brought from America Germany
and Austria The Boers have hardened
animals and are thus able to keep up
the lighting BuL tho war l only guer
rilla lighting
There Is no centre of resistance except
perhaps Botha who Is said to be In touch
with the Kniger Government Dc Wet Is
a free lance driven into a wild fury by
the loss of his four sons and so arc all
other commanders
The war cannot last more than three
months longer Then the Boers will be
gin to come In individually and make their
peace The backbone of Boer resistance
was broken when De Wet enteied Cape
Colony and attempted to foster an up
rising of the Cape Dutch The Dutch
wanted to retain the English Government
did not rise and the English robe Instead
That ended the hopes of the Boer
Had it turntd out otherwise the
English would have Ind a revolution on
their hands which would have lasted ns
long as elld our tight for liberty
Mr Ralph has been at work on his
books sinro returning from South Africa
some months ago His return was made
necessary by the state of his health I
lived on crackers and mhk for many
weeks he said but from Mr Ralphs
present rotund appearance he must have
long ago given up such meagre diet He
returned to Am rica after having repre
sented his paper at the wedding of the
Queen of Holland and Queen Victorias
funeral With Mr Ralph Is Henry L
Stoddard of the Mall and Express
From the thousand and one interesting
nnd exciting things which he witnessed
or took part In Mr Ralph has chosen to
make a book of the Incidents connected
with Tho Friend a newspaper which
was founded and conducted by tbe cor
respondents during the lirst portion of the
occupation of Hloemfontein by the British
We took up the project about the
third day after the army had entered
Bloemronteln 1 onl Roberts was nlwass
extremely careful pf Ills troops and es
pecially was he desirous of having them
amuseel if he could keep them livened
he consllered that he could keep them
interestef In the lighting So The Friend
was stared as a paper for Tommy At
kins to read and to contribute to it
was really a wonderful paiier for in Its
columns was reflected the entire and com
plete life of me camp with all Its humors
Its Jokes and Its pathos its growls its
complaints and Its reprimands Tommy
Atkins wrote what he thought for the
paer and It was printed and everyone
whs glad to read It Tommy was much
given to poetry very much given in fact
and to his credit be it said that It was
good poetry Strange as It may seem
his muse did not lead him to versify his
longings for the girl at home nor his
mothir waiting alone nor the little cot
tage in the lnne subjects supposed to
linger In the soldiers mind He chose
rather the lighter vein and tre ated of
camp things either in a spirit of raillery
or of respectful remonstrance
We obtained our plant by the process
of commandeering That Is of course
it euphemism but It sounds much bet
ter than the Saxon steal We laid our
hands upon the offlces of the Express
and The Friend of the Free State Out
of the two offices we managed to get
together a cj Under press a half dozen
Mergenthalers tint did not work some
Dutch compositors who worked only
badly and enough other materinls to en
able us to get out a paper The Dutch
compositors were our bane They made
more mistakes than there weie keys on
the machines It seemed and we could
never tell whether they did it on purpose
or simply because they were bunglers
Most of our time was spent in proof
The Friend started out with one re
porter J W Jenkins a young fellow
from Philadelphia who Ind been a de
spatch llder The rest of the news work
was done by the army The editorial staff
was rom wjsed of Rudyard Kipling Percl
val London of the Times and JI A
Guvnne of Reuters Telegraph Agency
one of the most wonderful newspaper men
I have ever sein Then there was my
self It was feared at first that the ven
ture would reipilrc financing to cimire
against a loss so money was put up by
backers I0rd Dudley a large coal mine
owner amrtxird Stanley son of the Earl
of Derbv
We the first number March HI
and continued the paper until April
when several men who were banished
from Jobnnne burg where they had been
running a paper took It from our hands
We did a gieat deal of work writing
and jiocms and tomi limes setting
Kfpliug did a prodigious amount of
writing unit on one occasion was obliged
to set the tjie of the last few stanzas of
his ovn poem He took to the newspaper
work very well though lie had not been
Inside a newsjiaper olllce since his early
das In India Hventuallv we were obliged
to reliiiiuM our papei because we had
toei much regular work to do Wh it with
our h tiers and our despatches to our
home papers we were all mm 1 out of
htalth except G vvynue who was a marvel
of endurance
The iaper wasfeuir pages nine columns
to a page Isually there was about nine
columns of reading matter The paper
was the olllcial organ for all army proc
lamations most of wlileH were prlntesl in
both English and Dutch and paid for b
til army Instead of proving a loss the
paper earned money all of which went
to the fund lor the Soldiers ami Sailors
Family Association As far as I know
it was the first paper ever published as
the organ of that army but I suppose that
hereafter the pn rnlont whih eeitalnl
proved to be a good one will l follow
ed whenever circumstances permit The
Ishuo of the paH r became valuable ami
a hi t id tblity chiles was sold for Jl In
lollceniilu Imllgiiii llcml
Iolitiimm Palrlik vurlijran who for vear Im
Ixsn in ilur el the eell reom at Hie Pullic
furt dal al 1 V oMoek jenlcritiv afternoon at
IlitvuleiHS lftJllal of lie miltr
vunt an operatluii TltuixLiv but wa not trolly
rnoucli to rally ami titiels d to the ih eaw
Vlr IaliKii I 1 Ireland 1tbnurv 12
IrHl and bf aule u liflluializftl ilfrjli et t be
I tilled Halt- i lie wan a luWinAo lj
trjde and vai ajjiointcd to tlie Ixdice Join
JvptriiilKT 1 l7o lie was aMittifd lo lutv at
tlie Iollie lourt in IV where be hail nme
Mived lie leavi a vvfilow three wu and a
fhuvlttrr vilio lire at Til luiiuh dncl nortli
nisl I lie funeral will probably late plate Mon
day jtrirnoon from bt 1atileks Jiurtli
Hhcninntlnm Cured In n Day
Myftle Cure fcr rheumatism and neuralgia
radically rures In 1 to 3 daya Iti action upon the
aytera la remarkable and mratcrioua it re
moves at ence the cause and the diseaje imme
diately dltappcara Tlie Oral dose crcally benefita
75 ctnta and 1 Sold by Stevens ihxrinacy
TcniiijlvanU Avenue and iVlntb Street
ai to llnllliiiore nnd Ilrtiirii via
eai ila and Sunday Jlarch SO and 31
in lie Field Itenl nt
IpieenN Club JVfj st Kensington
LONDON March 2 Tho annual Inter
university Held games betw een Oxford and
Cambridge took Pisce this afternoon at
Queens Club West Vvnslngtoi
C B Fry of OxforiT was referee and
Gilbert Yassall of Oxford anl Rev II C
Tjdall of Cambridge acted as jitdgei
The following Is a simmarj of the re
lW yard dash A iL Hind Cambridge
first r Churchill Cambridge second Time
010 J i
Zutting the weight E C May Ox
ford won distance 31 feet 3 inches Cow
of Cambridge second
High Jump Won by Howard Smith of
Cambridge Henderson of Oxford sec
ond Height 5 feet 10 1 1 Inches
Half mile run Won by Cleave of Ox
ford Gilman of Cambridge second Time
13 1 5
Quarlcr mlle run Won by Cormsi cf
Oxford Barclay of Camb ldi sf cend
Time 0j 4 3
Throwing the hammer Won by E K
B May of Oxford distance 113 feet S
Inches Hartley of Cambridge seccrd
with a throw of 100 feet
120 yard hurdle Won by n il Carrier
of Oxford E Allcock of Trinity Hall
Cambridge second Time 017
Mile run Won by F G Cockshott of
Trinity Cambridge II W Gregson of
Christs Cambridge second Time
420 4 6
Long Jump Won by Cornish of Ox
ford distance 21 feet C 1 i Inches G
Wiles of St Catharines Cambridge sec
ond with 5 feet S inches
Three mile run Won by II W Work
man of Pembroke Cambridge
Oxford won the events bj C to i
Oxford ii Mrolit Favorite nil the Kve
of the foutcMt
LONDON March 23 The eve of the
great varsity boat races finds Oxford a
strong favorite in the bettng at 2 to 1 on
Since they went Into training the Oxon
ians hare come nn well They started two
pounds per man lighter than the men in
the Cambridge boat but now they are
either as heavy or heavier than the Can
tabs Tho latter are Individually good
but the Oxonians as a combination ap
pear to be far superior
The chief Interest Is centred in Ox-
fords new boat which was designed by
the Rev Edmond iWirre tlie headmaster
of Eton The starting cf the lions will
have to bo nrrangletafter a toss as they
inus get off wllh tleir noses level and the
Oxforti lioat Is siveit feet shorter than
that of the Cant ths I
It is not thoughtth it good time will be
made as the early tide 10 1j is against
It i
Indoor Meet of the Frlc nilir Athletic
AsHm iftf Ion
The fifth atnnnl Indoor meet of the
Friends AtluetlcVayoclatloii took place
Inf nlBht at ilie Friends School gvm
naslutn Ill X fjre northwest It xvas
In every way ft successful meet The
attendance was large and the events were
well contested Following Is the sum
mary ot events
Junior broad Jump Vinson AValsh xron
I Van Devanter second D Haskell
third distance 7 feet 2 Inches Inter
mediate trirvuult V Foxwon E Knode
second G Cunningham third height Z
feet inch Senior hitch klckI Phelan
won E Tonnsend second F Fox third
height 7 feet E Inches Junior high Jump
I Van Devanter won D Haskell second
F Holtzman third height 3 feet i
Inches Intermediate broad jump H Fox
won G Cunningham sevond E Knode
third distance s feet 24 Inches Senior
hmad Junn J Phelnn won E Town
send second l Fox third distance o
feet 11 Inchis Junior bar vault I Van
Devanter won V Walsh second A Gil
fillaii third height I feet 6 Inches In
termediate high Jump E Fox won W
Weaver E Knode and G Cunningham
tied for second V Iower third height
4 feet 3 Inches Senior bar vault J
Phelan won F Fox second E Town
send third height C feet li Inches
Junior potato race V Walsh won D
Haskell second K Bradford third In
termediate bar snap O Cunningham
won E Fox second P Dodge thlrel
height 5 fe et I Inches Senior high Jump
J Phelan won F Fox second K Town
send third height I feet 114 Inches In
termediate pole climbing G Cunnlnglnni
won E Fox second E Knode third
time uC Senior bar snap J Phelan
wtui E Tovvnsend MCond F Fox thtrd
height 3 feet lla indies Bar exhibition
William If tlhorte Senior ring suata J
Phelan E Tun list ml and 1 Fox tied
for first
At the conclusion of the athletic events
a basketball game between the Friends
Athletic Association and the Emerson In
stitute was won lij the former by a seore
of B to - Phelan scored two and Fox
one basket for the Tneiids and Gver in ult
the only basket for Emerson lnstltuti
The met was tonductcd under the di
rection of the ottlcers of the Friends Ath
letic Association 1 he are President
Fiank 1 lox Vite President James
Plnlan Secretarj Clarence E Wright
and Treasurer llubley R Owen The
Jlnor manager of the meet was Edward C
Wilson and the juilgts John R Te ld and
William E Pearson Thomas Sldvvtll
acttd as cortr
IIiiiiiII llefenls Spinner
In the District Chaniolonsbip Pool
Tournament now In progics at tin
Marjlid Pool Iarlors Hanill last night
dcfeattsl Spinner by a s ore of let to ti
Tonight Morau motto Neulands
To Tr Voting llltebliiis
MADISON Wis Mi rcli I A Joint
csolution from the Asm mbly plot ding
for a eoiiytilutloil anieiidnitiit that will
permit the use of voting machines was
concurred In b the Senate ytsti ida1 It
Is thought these niachines will be trbd
shortly lu Milwaukee and possible In
stone of the other large cities
tf at
follou for n Aetv Trllll Ot errult d
uiec ole tiUnlay overruled lln Trotion for
a liew trial ill the ik o teorct I lllkei ot
Maine atraiu t ltiortaiil ilite sllu Hroiini
I ooprl tol soiio Ijinii I ai 1 ir
and Isilteit
Irrmatcutl tnred lit the masterly power ol
South Airetlcan Tve vlne Toole Invalid need
suffer no linger Ihcslc tr ls grfat remedy t n
cure thrni alb It Is a ruic fnr the whole ttortl
ot stimiacli vciKnest and indigtfction The c
with the firt xivt The relief it bimga
la tnaneluua and aurprt ine It makes no failure
never disappoint No matter how urg joj have
SQtTirtJ jour cure n certain tirtdtr the use of
this great IiiaUlitii jrr force Iltatant and al
teas ab Kd by Ldward Mcvcru 1 nn ve
and Stli tt rd I I Whiteside Vjll lcnn
art lipi i t a li teuton U C
Uncle Sam Dont Wear
a tru but ho carriea the Ah
C an---- Cuahlon Trtu all ovtr the Catted
s v Etatea Men aoniM and cJillilrea
rear and lile them The Air CtulJon Tad liodi
with ctxaatWt rotlicj etc Kill Consultation
and two weeka tril free haJy in altecdanea for
ladies Olllce parlors walbns ami ennsuItalloL
renins on the aam Boor Catalogue THE
noricK aiii cusmox mesa cojipasv ijji
IT at nar v4 floor
Inatsntlllef Cure In lSdara Srer retnrna I win
jtladlr aeni to any sulterer in a plain staled enrelo
illKft precritlon with full direction for nulclt
Brtrate cure for Uc alanliood Klcht lajsse ervoul
U1IIT Small Weak Parts Varicocele tc AdJres
6 B Wrght Muvc Dealer Box 782 Marsra Mich
ived in Three Centuries
Joseph McGrafh of Hew York City is 102 years of sgs ana Enjoys Lift
fA Ski
Sore Throat
Nothing excels this simple remedy
aaaSPWae 3 1 111 II SIFS r1 Mgga
fmmmmi pills
Z3kaW Orlcltftl Bud Uulj Jpnwlnt
lvT 7lTNHI K jUwafiTeilit I adl tut UntrUX
la Ut XI inl iolil T ftaClL bo ii itavJet
uranuMn InLcno other IEcTuao
DaiaTtrf OUa HulWllsmtlnnai anal laaalfn
lfsD fuj tt jotif IfrorgUt er kvo l tr la
snr Ut IVrtli uUr TnttmonlaU
aUt K HrffurI rnJ iii tr Y y re
turn lal in Mil Tftitut ll iv
1 lm FUl t st t al
UruA ib itu t ilaJUoa Maarf Ill 1 1 v I A
siZZh AJAxTAitin PostnvbLY curb
JUtlsTierrof stffti Aiini
OOTT ltC WWd bf OV6T
worn ana intliKTeiions jnry ttttrnif
aitl surely restore Itt Vltalitr In old
or jonnc and tit n ma for tnlr bai
nMsi or iiltMst rrA IrBTeat Imaailr and
JLAvtriniirfitrln if takfn it tlmfl Tllfttr
DwalTowsimmedlatu improvement an I effect a CUKE
wbrrillotbor3ril Insftt iironhaTicttthecnain
AJeix Xaoipm iDsttfnnn cartMi looonanus nounui
core yoa W o civ a poiitlr written mmrBiitee to
ctwsor rffacd thj monnr Pric
vUbui meet for 2 50 br tnuiK ia clala wrapper
oponrciftof pric Clrealarifren
rr tIo in Washlnjtcn P C by J dwarf
St - n ih tt and la ate j 1 JniouiU Wil
li is It and Pa are li la Thot 1017 M
it lit and C Diaekett SIM la av
J eJUJJBMIfll lllll iM1flV ytTi
OlTmffllm i Z
IFt a Van Sort Ikroat Puapts Cof pir Marsd Swta Ithta Old
Uiie 1011 Smtt nrrj In til Koatb Ha FIIinj VVrlta
for proof of cttrs Wo aolldt tho port olj tmata
cat Ubi cnre1 Ilia wora cauoj in ta ujae
Ianitalf SaJittl lutpaga book 1 11RE ohriuwrhoffieaa
O U U IV ivcraca aj - wo
16SI Masonic Tmple Chicago III
Mr McGratk has just celebrated his 102d
birthday and says he feels as strong and vigorous
as he did 20 years ago He says Duffys Pure Malt
Whiskey has kept him vigorous and strong and
prolonged his life
Jan i igoi
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co Rochester N Y
Gentlemen It gives me great pleasure to write you on
the birth of the new century to thank you for the benefit your
whiskey has done me I am 102 years old can see hear and
sleep perfectly I shave take long walks evey day I have
used whiskey as a medicine since I was 21 years old and
using whiskey 81 years I have learned to appreciate a good
healthful stimulant like yours I have used it constantly for
years and can find nothing to take its place neither food nor
drink It tones my system stimulates my blood as well as
keeping me proof from coughs and colds I hope with Gods
will and the aid of your whiskey to see much more of this
wonderful century
Yours very respectfully
JOSEPH MGRATH 441 East 8d St New York City
s Pure Malt W
jS a
aids digestion stimulates the blood tones up the heart and builds
nerve tissue It is a food for body and brain it keeps the old young
makes the young strong
Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey has stood severe tests for nearly 50
years and has always been found absolutely pure and to contain
great medicinal properties 1
CAUTION Our patrons arc cautioned against so called DUFFYS MALT
WHISKEY oflered for sale in bulk and in other than our Patent Bottle with our
name blown in same DUFFYS PURE MALT WHISKEY is sold in sealed
bottles onlyr Offered in any other form it is not the genuine
FREE If you are sick and run down write us It will cost you nothing to
Ieam how to regain health Mrength and vitality Medical booklet sent free
It is the only whiskey taxed by the government as a Medicine This is a
guarantee All druggists and grocers or direct 1 00 a bottle
1ailifC Intt KtlKntlui tlie IlemUc of n
Mcliolt lllc V V iirl
TOTSDAM N Y Jlarch 23 The sud
den death of a comely youne woman
Ollvii Gootlnow of Nicholville last Mon
day night at the home of her employer is
surrounded with miLh mhtery and so
many circtimstnnct s that point to 1 foul
murder Unit the elrl8 death Is exciting
the comment of all northern New York
District Attorney Hurlhurt assisted by a
larse number of detectives Is diligently
nt work endeavoring to locate the miss
ing man in tlin
Olivia Goodnov Hlnce last fall had
lieen emidoytd In the home of Charles
Ilrusli a wealthy younB farmer residing
betst pen the villages of Honklnton and
Nlcholt Mr and about sixteen miles from
IolsUam She was just nineteen ears
old and woa a healthy vivacious nnd in
telligent girl She -was accounted good
looking aud hail many admirers On
Monday ecjrfns Sirs Uruah the wife of
OlMas tmidoj er ttas not feeling well
and In order to hflu entertain his wife
Jlr Brash called Olivia to join him and
his wife In a irame of tiedro This was
alaoiit S oclock
Soon after the game began John Orlffl
a young man who had been nttentKe to
Olivia nuout two years railed to ee
her and lie was asked to join the game
At M Jlr and Mrs Ilrush went to bed
leaing the- two to themselves At that
Utne Olivia Goodnow was cheerful and
apparently in the best of spirits On
Tuesday morning Mr Ilrush arose at
5 Ji and went into the kitchen where he
saw Olivia ljing on a lounge apparently
A lighted lamp stood on a table In the
kitchen He called loiidle to tho girl
several timet and getting- no response
kindled tho lire and then went to the
lounge to arouse the girl It was then
that he found that she was de id Her
shoes apron and corsets were lying on
the Iloor
Mr linish Immediately notllled his
family and Dr Flood a plijslelan who
lites marby was called In The health
otllcer came soon after and the coroner
and the district attorney were notified
and an autopsy was held and after most
of the organs were removed the girl was
buried in the Ullage cemetery
The contents of the stomach were sent
to New York for analysis Learning of
several matters the authorities began a
search for John Grlltls Gritlls dnnw in
to Iotsdam on Tuesday morning nbout
43 oclock and went to a livery stable-
where he 1 ft his horse
He attempted to get a check cashed at
the Albion House ami left iotsdam oji
the 7 a m train for New York having
laought a tiekaa through to York
and the last seen or heard of him was
when he ehangnl tars nt Philadelphia
X Y After Grlllis left the Ilrush
on Mvdav evening he drove to his
about a mile distant and was seen
there bv his brother at about 103
Afterward h is slid to have visited
the tiiihtr of lr Tortune In Nitholt ilie
about a mile distant at width time lie
got a iiiiaultty of morphine tabb l ay
Ing that he had had the mumps and was
still aulTeilnK ii ik drtd them to help
r liev tin pain
Whether Olivia Goodnow dlttl from
morphine poisoning and what the motive
f r muidt r was aie questions tht have
Hit be n uHWercd
Hoffman a well known merchant of
Mitchells Culpeper County was this
morning struck by southbound passenger
train No D over the Southern Railroad
and Instantly killed At the time It is
said he was endeavoring to mall a let
ter on a northbound passenger train and
stepped back in front of the northbound
train Deceased was well known in this
city A widow survives him
Mrs Kate IaatlmT whose death oc
curred Monday evening at her homo at
Manassas Va ami who was buried In
the cemetery at that place yesterday was
a sister of It A Sinclair of this city
Fire shortly after 7 oclock tonight
was caused by tho burning of a quantity
of rubbish in a store room In the rear
of the store of V Tubla at the northeast
corner of King and St- Asaph Streets
The flames were put under tontrol by a
chemical extinguisher before much dam
age was done
A commission of lunacy today exam
ined Into the sanity of Stanley Edelln
and pronounced him non compos mentis
Edelln will lie sent to a hospital for treat
ment Several days ago he was arrested
i on the charge of robbing a contribution
tnv t ia A xaM awarit r
eieea aia nit juuai uni ieaaiiej uuiu
and after a preliminary hearing by the
mayor was committed to await the ac
tion of the board with tho above result
L A Company of Covenanters consist
ing or noys irom nine to sixteen years ot
age has been organized lu the Second
Tresbyterian Church with a membership
of twenty six and the election of the fol
lowing ofheers Lewis Ansley President
V J Brooke jr Vice President Hugh
McYtlock Secretary John I Agnew
Treasurer Frank Grilibortzer Color
nearer Miss Atht Swain Mrs C V
Howell Dr J II Ilitzer and William H
Melcholr constitute the Board of Ad
v Isers
Thieves last night entered the store of
Gcorce Finch at the southeast corner of
ICoyal and Oronoco Streets and robbed
a machine
Frank C Splnks jr tonight announced
that he would be a candidate for the
city council from tho Fourth ward at
the coming DemocraUc primary
William I Spelden of Washington to
iiLht delivered an Interesting lecture la
the opera house on Uic Passion Pla at
In the corporation court today in the
case of it Ii Harlow guardian vs Har
vey Grant et al a decree was entered
confirming a certain offer for property
A large antl enthusiastic lemperance
meeting was held lust night at the Free
Methodist Church in South Leo Street
Among the sjaeakers were J A Clarke
of Washington and It W V Garnett ot
this city
The Enii copal High School baseball
team will leave here tomorrow- morning
for Charlottesville Va to play a game
with the University of Virginia nine
James Smllhers a well known resident
of Fayette Street between Prince and
Duke Striets fell on the sidewalk In
Prince Street this morning and was paln
fully liruistii about the fatu nnd head
Sinithers was convened to his home by
Policeman Ileach and William Kell and
his injuries were dressed
A numlaer of Alevndria Shrlners to-
co vr oil
Sfiottld be read doily as changes tnay occur at
Qtir liiiitr
rOHEIGN MAILS arc forwarded to the ports of
sadin daily and tlie schedule of closings as ar
ranged on the presumption of their uninterrupted
orcrland transit For the week endlnir March
30 1S01 the last connecting closes will be made
from this olnce as follows
3Inllii for South nnd Central Anitr
len AVest Indies Ulc
SVTtRDAV I At 1030 a m for NASSAU
X I per steamer from Miami Ha
Malls lor XOUDUD by rail to Korth
Sydney and thence via steamer close Tiere dally
rtccpt P unday at 120 m snd en Sundays only
at 113 a m d h
Malls for MiqLKLUN by rail to Dosion and
thence via steamer elate here daily at 315 p
m d
CUBA MAUaS close here via Tort Tampa Fla
Wednesdays Kridats and Sundays at ZX p m
and Tla Miami 11a Tuesdays and Saturdays at
1020 a m f
Mails lor MEXICO overland unless specially
afMretued lor despatch by steamers sailing front
tar Torlc close here daily at 1030 a xo and
10KC p m V
juils for ilFUZK I LEHTO CORTEZ and
1 OUATEM AL V by rail to Xew Orleans and thenco
via Bteairer cioso here daily at 1000 p m tho
tonnectimr tloses for ttldch beins Jaondays
Mails for COrJTA RICA by rail to Xtnr Orleans
and thence via steamer close here daily at 1000
p m the connecting closea for which Leinar
TranlljpnclBo 3fnM
Mails for AUSTRALIA except West Australia
which EOts via Kurope and Xew Zealand which
toes via San Francisco and Fill ISLANDS ria
Vancouver close here daily at T O p m alter
March 23 and up to March 31 inclusive for de
spatch per s s Miowera 0
Mails hr 11 VWAII la San Francisco cloe
htie daily at 7CO p m up to April 1 for de
spatch per s s Mariposa o
lills for C111XA JAPVX II VWAII and PHIL
IPPINE ISLANDS via San Francisco cloe
here dady at 700 p m up to April s inclusive
for depatch per s s Hone Hone Maru o
Mails for CHINA and JAPAN via Vancouver
close here daily at 7l p m up to April 9 in
clusive for despatch per - impress of Japan
Registered mail must be directed Via
via sin Francisco close here daily at 700 p m
up to April 10 inclusive for despatch per a a
Australia o
Mails for COCHIN CHINA are forwarded to
Xew York for connection with European steam
spatched to San Francisco at all closes for that
office to connect with Government transports the
sailins a of which are irregular
b ReiristeTrd mails close at 1 p same day
c Registered mails cloe at 8 p m sand day
d Registered mails close at 8 a m same day
e Registered mails close at 1 p m previous
0 Registered mails close at 1 p m previous
h Registered mails close at 12 p m previous
k Registered malls close at 8 p previous
o Registered mails tIoe at 6 p m previous
div JOHN A MERRITT Postmaster
night went to Washington and accom
panied Almas Temple of that cltv to
Ialtimore where they paid a fraternal
v Isit to Rouml Temple of Baltimore
Col John S Mosoy was In the city to
daj and was warmly greeted by a largo
circle of old friends
Prof Labordes Marvelous French Cure for Lost Manhood
Sent Absolutely Free by Sealed Mail To AH Sufferers
The only preparation known to science which really
cares Lost Manhood is CALTHOS the marvelous
French remedy discovered by Prof Jules Laborde It is
controlled in this country by The Von Mohl Company oi
Cincinnati Ohio a coucern which occupies a high and
honorable place in the world of medicine It U one of the
largest and most responsible houses in Cincinnati ai
anyone who is acquainted in that city will testify
The Von Mohl Company invites all men sutTering
from Lost Manhood Spermatorrhoea Varicocele Small
Parts or Weakness of any nature in the Nerves or Sexual
Organs to scud their names and receive a fire days treat
ment This will prove the wonderful vitalizing powers
of CAUTU0S After using it five days the suuerers
will find new vigor in their org ans new force in their
muscles new blood in their eins new ambition and
rapid progress toward the buoyant feelings and sensa
tions of jcunger days
This liheral free offer is genuine There is no swind
ling C O D or Depodt Scheme connected with it The five
davs treatment Is sent L7 sealed mail to all on request
wrapped in a plain package and full printed instructions
accompany the medicine so that each patient becomes
his own doctor and cures himself at home
It doesnt make any difference what caused the weak
ness whether bad habits in voulh or excess or over
work or business trouMes CALTHOS will effect a
cure no matter what big name the disease may be called
by doctors
The Von Mohl Company treats all correspondence in
perfect confidence Under no conditions will it make
public the names of the thousand who have written te
timouials telling of their restoration to robust manhood
after other medicines and appliances have proved worth
less CALTHOS is regularly used in the French snd
German armies and the soldiers in those countries have
come to be perfect model of strength and vitality Cures
nre effected at all ages from twenty toeightyyears There
is no case except where the Uge of epilepsy or insanity
lias been reached which it will not radcally quickly and
permanently cure Sexual weakness does not cure itself
It grows worse from week to week Each day aggravates
the mental and physical anguish
Send today for the free five days trial treatment If II
helps you more of the medicine can be purchased If it
does cot help no harm is done and no money has been pmd out You can send your name in
the full knowledge that it wilt be kept from all The CALTHOS department of our busicesl
is strictly confidential Address applications for trial treatment etc to
THE VON MOHL COMPANY 709 B Cincinnati 0ArrS5adZ

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