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NuMIIEK 2528
Italy Considering Withdrawal
Prom the Triple Alliance
Grrnirny nnl Vnlrln Inxlxt on Mnln
Imiinrr tif n Vnl Arm rrnnccx
Inducement for n Clnxer niitentr
To Shift the llnlmiff of 1imrr
C pecul CibVjram Cbpmslitol
LONDON Match SO The next dis
turbance in the balance of power In
Europe threatens to be the withdrawal
of Italy from the Triple Alliance Ev
try body Is acquainted with the period
ical rumors rcgaidlng Italys dissatis
faction with the burdens Imposed on
her by the necessity of maintaining
un armament proportionate to that of
her two allies
She has learned a severe economical
lesson moreover which has taught her
that she has much more to Rain by
the friendliness of France than with
her northeastern neighbors This truth
has been emphasized recently by the
further restrictions on trade caused by
the withdrawal of the special commer
cial privilege- that had been granted
to her by Austria and Germany
It has been intimated recently that
Austria would refuse to renew the wine
ilausc In the existing commercial
treaty which would cancel the present
enormous export of Italian wine to the
dual monarchy If this should be done
there would remain no concession to
Italy except that of the free admission
tf oranges and lemons
France on the other hand has been
offering strong commercial concessions
to Induce Italy to entertain a political
rapprochement and there arc many In
dications that the suggestion of France
would be acceptable to the Italian Gov
ernment as well as to the people
It is commonly urged that the Pope
Is sufficiently Influential to prevent any
alliance between Italy and France but
the present situation of France dis
credits this assumption There Is every
Indication that the Associations bill
which aims at the suppression of re
ligious orders in France and which Is
opposed by eery Influence the Church
can bring to bear will pass and that
the country will accept It without se
lious opposition
The Popes Influence If unable to de
feat this measure coJld scarcely pre
sent a close entente between the present
Italian and French Governments The
transfer of Italy from an
to a Franco Russian alliance
would be a political event of transcen
dental importance some of the effects
fcf which are so sufficiently obvious as
to be unnecessary to mention
Its effect upon the Mediterranean sit
uation will be of the greatest signifi
cance to England and the bearing of
the new combination upon the naval
power of the world would be more Im
portant than Its military effect The
tacit understanding now existing be
tween Great Britain and Germany would
elmost Inevitably develop into an
avowed alliance and the balance of
power would be delicately hung be
tween Russia France and Italy on one
lde and Great Britain Germany and
Austro Hungary on the other
It Is an open secret tha negotiations
have been proceeding actively between
Paris and Rome but whether a definite
agreement has been reached may not be
known for some time to come
An Uxiiloxloit In tile Meaner Wrk
Inirx In ew Mcilco
GALLUP N M March 30 In the
Weaker Coal mine last night a terrific ex
plosion occurred and the mine Immediate
ly took fire There were 130 men at work
near the scene of the explosion fifty -three
of whom were unable to escape
Three bodies have been recovered and It
Is believed that the other fifty men have
peilshed either by suffocation or fire Res
cue parties are working vigorously but
make slow progress
The Weaver mine had Just been re
opened after the great strike of New
Mexican coal miners and the Colorado
Fuel and Iron Company which owns it
had Imported several hundred Japanese
and Chinese laborers to work In the mine
none of whom had ever worked in a mine
of any kind before
It is supposed that the explosion was the
result of their Ignorance and carelessness
In handling dynamite
Gruree I liner Ihc yen Head of the
by Mem
READING Pa March 30 The rumor
that has prevailed here for scleral days
that George F Baer a member of the
board of management of the Reading
Railway Company has been appointed
president of the Reading system which
Includes the Central Railway of New Jer
sey Is officially confirmed here tonight
Joseph S Harris who has been presi
dent of the Reading for some years will
remain on the board of management Mr
Baer will assume charge of his new po
sition within the next few days
It Is probable that other official changes
will be announced during the coming
week Mr Baer will retain the presidency
of the Reading Iron Company but
whither he will continue as president of
the Temple Iron Company Is not so cer
Mr Uaer Is one of the leaders of the
bar of eastern Pennsylvania and stands
close to J Piorpont Morgan
llic llouril fur the si IoiiIn luir
Filled liy the I rrxidciit
The President yesterday made the fol
lowing appointments To be delegates to
the International Conference of American
States Cyrus Northrup of Minnesota
Henry C L Davis of West Virginia Wil
liam I Buchanan of Iowa Charles M
Iepper of the District of Columbia Vol
ney W Foster of Illinois
To bo members of the Louisiana Fur
chate Hxporltlon Commission John M
Thurston of Nebraska Thomas II Car
ter of Montana William Lindsay of
Kentucky George W McBride of Oregon
Frederick A Belts of Connecticut John
M Allen of Mississippi Martin II Glynn
of New York John 1 Mllltr of Indiana
and Philip I Scott of Arkansis
Prof Northrop wan prominently men
tioned for one of the fair commlaaloner
thlpr but It Is understood that his ap
pointment to1 tho other commission was
made by hlc own preference
Italy x lliilrr liivexUKiitex the Fiir
cIkii Office
ROME March tO A good story which
has the merit of being true Is being told
In Home about the Minister of Foreign
Affairs lie recently addressed a minute
to the you ig Klrg complaining that his
department was exceedingly short of
clerics and protesting against what he
called the niggardliness of the Minister
of rinancc The Minister concluded by
begging his Majesty to agree that ten ad
ditional employes should be allotted forth
with to his under manned department
The Minister had a Hat of nomine es in
his pocket at the time and his friends
say that all were relatives in some de
gree The King replied tint he would
consider the matter The next day his
Majesty went alone and on foot to the
Foreign Office at 0 oclock in the morning
and was surprised to find there only one
official This man admitted that nobody
ever came to the ofllce before 11 oclock
Subsequently the King summoned Ills
Foreign Minister and told him that it
would be better before making new ap
pointments to see that those already em
ployed did a proper days work
1 he KIiik find Inecn of Portugal nt
Odilx Out ltclldoii
LONDON March 30 W nen the King of
Portugal came to London In connection
with the Queens funeral he receded a
deputation of Protestants to whom he
made a speech promising a continuance
of the policy of religious toleration in his
The speech was manly ami courageous
and was widely reported It was com
mented uaon In Portugal and while It
elicited the enthusiastic approval of the
Literals It served to accentuate the feud
between the King and the religious orders
which was originally caused by the al
leged Interference of the Jesuits in the
secular affairs of the Goernment of that
The unhappy result of this friction was
trouble in the royal household Itself the
Queen taking sides with the Church
According to advices Just received from
Lisbon this breach has widened and there
is said to be a probability of a separation
of the royal couple
Tht Premier nlil to Have Serlonx
LONDON March 30 Although a caller
at the London home of Lord Salisbury
yesterday was assured that the attack of
influenza from which the premier Is suf
fering was following the usual course and
that It was hoped that he would be able
to start for the Riviera within a few days
the Weekly Despatch learns that his
Illness has taken an unfavorable turn
The Despatch adds that the contem
plated trip to the Riviera has been practi
cally abandoned and tnat the announce
ment of the Premiers resignation may be
expected before the end of April
Shortly after the death of his wife his
Lordship was stricken with a severe at
tack of influenza and complications devel
oped after the primary complaint had been
cured His illness has since become acute
and his physicians have pronounced him to
be suffering from Brights disease In an
aggravated form
The condition of tire distinguished pa
tient In the last day or two has disap
pointed all medical expectations
Vcxxelx Wrecked on the Conxt and
Itnllvinyx Arc MocKcd
LONDON March 30 Severe weather
hxs been prevalent throughout the coun
try yesterday and today and many ship
ping casualties are reported The steamer
Paris foundered on the Northumberland
coast and nine of those aboard were
drowned Several ships are reported to
have gone ashore elsewhere
A severe snowstorm has been raging In
Perthshire where the snow drifts are
from ten to fifteen feet In depth nnd
many sheep have been buried
Railway traffic Is interrupted A gale
is blowing off Dover and the Channel
steamers report stormy passages
INirtiiscuexe Poxtnl ClcrLx llcportcil
Out on t lrlUf
DURBAN Natal March 30 Advices
from Delagoa Bay state that there Is con
siderable dissatisfaction among the Gov
ernment employes there The salaries
of these olllclals have been reduced HO
per cent and there has been an epidemic
of fever among them In consequence it
Is said that almost the entire postal staff
has gone on strike
The British Consul Is reported to be
Investigating a recent attack upon several
of his countrymen who complain that
they- were Inveigled Into a lonely- spot
set uion with daggers and robbed by
Men Women nnd Children hent lo n
Detention Camp
PRETORIA March 30 A considerable
number of Boer refugees men wonun
and children continue to flock Into the
city dally from the outlying districts
They are being forwarded to the deten
tion camp at Irene
A train from Johannesburg was fired
on near the Kaalfontein station on Thurs
day night Except for the wourdlng of
two mules no damage was caused
A train going cast was derailed by the
Boers near Balmoral last night and
four of the trucks were destroyed
1rlucc IllftmuickH Son Well Hecelv
oil liy the llmpcror
BERLIN March 20 The Kmperor met
the two sons of the late Prince Bismarck
Counts Herbert and Otto nt tho recent
unveiling of the i tatue of William I In
the Sieges Allee of the Thlergarten
He greeted them warmly shaking each
by the hand
Sentence ftir n Lieutenant
BERLIN March 30 Lieutenant Ruc
gerof tho Seventeenth Infantry whom
a court martial recently sentenced to
twelve years penal servitude for shooting
to death Captain Adams while negotia
tions for a duel were pending has been
conv Icted again on a second trial and sen
tenced to six years Imprisonment Ills
defence was drunkenness and an epilep
tic tendency
Occtiti Menmxhlp Vim rmriilx
NEW YORK March 30 -Arrived Lu
canla Liverpool Ht Isolds Southampton
Werra Genoa Exeter City Bristol Ar
rived out Campania from New York at
Liverpool Prlnzesln Victoria Louise
from New- York at Palermo Nomadic
from New York at Liverpool
Where It Touchcx II Renin
Ama Cura potillrrly cure eczrau and all alio
diseases At all Oniff ttori
Ply nnx Business College 8th nnd K
Bunui tliorthinj Typewriting JS a year
tjYlJBfcMSDttSffcltlftS 5
The Convention Delegates in Vary
ing 31 otitis of Opinion
Henctlon In Im or of Acccplnp Hie
Ilntl Amendment Mow in AflVctlug
the McxuiicrM of the Convention A
1etlnj clifiltilcd for Tomorrow
HAVANA March 30 A prominent
member of the Conservative party Is
authority for the statement that since
the early antagonism engendered by
the passage of the Piatt amendment
there has been a reaction of sentiment
throughout the island daily growing
stronger in favcr of its acceptance
He says that compliance with the
wishes of the United States however is
being urged solely because the exig
encies of the situation make such a
course desirnble
Notwithstanding this view many
members of the convention fail to realize
the situation in which Cuba is placed
These men hav Ing no property at
stake lind the present condition of
affairs more suitable to themselves for
while affairs are allowed to drift their
power with its resultant perquisites con
Many of these men are unstable of
character and lack self reliance and
their opinions are based upon no more
solid foundation than Impulse It they
weie In the provinces they would be
Influenced probably by the reaction In
popular sentiment but being In Ha
vana they have been subject to in
fluences with which their training and
knowledge have not fitted them to
Tne dally comments of the Havana
press on suggestions of certain Amer
icans that by resisting the Piatt amend
ment the delegates were doing a very
clever thing has tended to Increase the
strength of the most radical element
which hates and fears American In
The Cuban people aie becoming tired
of the convention and are clamoring
to have It do one thing or the other
The knowledge that many of the dele
gates are not of the same mind for two
days running makes a forecast of their
action impossible and at the same time
brands any Intermediary show of sen
timent as inconsequential
The National party after having con
sidered two nights ago a motion
whereby all those accepting1 the Piatt
amendment were to be branded as
tral n cheered one of those at whom
the motion was aimed Delegate Rose
as he entered the party meeting last
This may be taken as an cvlderce of
the Ignorance prevailing among those
who proposed the antl Platt motion
and It is also Illustrative of the little
reliance that may bo placed upon tho
majority of those who figure In the
political life of Cuba at present
A meeting of the convention will be
held next Monday Before considering
any proposd reply to the demands of
tho United States tho convention Is to
vote on whether It shall send a com
mission to Washington Should it de
cide to do so tho question of sending
a reply will not be considered prob
ably until the commission returns
The Micctntor TIiliiLx That Anierl
en Should Hiilltl It
LONDON March 30 Some of the com
ments of the weekly reviews upon the
Marquis of Lonsdownes rejection of the
Hay Pauncefote Treaty are more practi
cal than their earlier opinions The Spec
tator for instance observes today
If we tmnk it wise to stand upon our
strict rights Americans have of course
no case whatever nnd it is quite easy to
prove also that the Senate not only asks
us for a great many concessions without
making any in return but also that It
Pressed for these concessions in a most
rude and uncivil way
But In spite of all ths we cannot help
thinking that Instead of contriving a
very effective diplomatic score the Mar
quis of lanBdowne would have been bet
ter employed in asking himself what were
the essential Interests of the United King
dom In the whole question We believe
the British mercantile and maritime in
terests demand that a canal shall be
mtde and that when made it shall be
hld by America as we hold the Suez
Canal and that xcept for keeping Brit
ish Honduras which of course we shall
keep the less we have to do with Central
America the better
So long as we keep command of the
sea and unless we keep it we shall cease
to count as a nation we need not get into
a panic over Americans fortifying the
canal Sea power will control the canal
not land batteries
The Saturday Review on the other
hand Is quite belligerent when It con
templates the possibility of the United
States continuing the canal irrespective
of treaties baying that If America per
Ists In attempting to obtain exclusive con
trol of u canal whose neutrality Is of the
highest importance to the whole world
there is only one course open The rest
of the world must take steps to protect
Conflicting Storlcx Told of n Worn
nnx Ilemlxc
NEW YORK March 30 A woman
about thirty years old supposed to be
Bessie Ray of 318 Union Street Albany
was found dead In a room in the Cornell
Hotel at Seventeenth Street and Third
Avenue at C oclock tonight
Dr David D Jtnnlngs who was called
In by the proprietor of the hotel William
Cornell reported to the coroners ofllce
that the woman had evidently died from
morphine poisoning He said that she
must have drunk a tcispoonful of mor
The iwIIcp of the East Twenty second
Street station told the coroners ofllce that
the doctor said she Ind died from htart
disease Tho woman who wore good
clothis went to the hotel with n man Fri
day afternoon They registered as Mr
and irs Rny New York City The man
left the hotel this morning
At 10 oclock the chimbermald Annie
Dillon went to the room to call Mrs Ray
She svld she was tind and would sleep
a little longer She was called again at
2 oclock and replied Let me sleep I
dont think Ill get up The next time
the chambermaid went to the room she
was dead
Tho police did not know anything about
her death until the coroners ofllce noti
fied them The police have It that the
woman died from heart failure-
The Molinnimcdnrt ItcxhleiilH Object
to a Civil Gnifrnnifnt
Philippine CommiKSlon Is confronted with
a difficult problem In the establishment
of a government in the- Island of Min
danao Six hundred thousand Moros and
Pagans Inhabit the Interior and a part of
the coast
The former lK Jrg tilijcts of the Sul
tan do not desire and say they- will not
accept a form Kjfcfvll government pre
ferring to be represented by a dato or
chief On the other hand the 200000 Fili
pinos who Inhabit the remainder of tho
coast are urging tho Commission to give
them n provincial government
Tho Commission lejvrns that great pov
erty Is prevalent In the island and It has
been pointed out to them that the dls
tauce between towns would prevent a
convenient co operation of the people For
these reasons C n Cornlnisflon has re
solved not to itkturb the present tribal
organization of the Moros and It will not
organize a government In Zamboanga
for the present deferring Its decision as
to the proper form of government until
It has v Islted other cities of the Island
These cities- will probably be consoli
dated into provinces Army officers ad
vocate a military government as being
most sultible under present conditions
The Xclirnxkn LeKlxInlure Adoplx
Heolntlonsliy a Party- Vote
LINCOLN Neb March 30 The closing
hours of the Nebraska Legislature today
were made lively by a fierce debate over
General Funston The matter was pre
sented by resolution and the Populist
members took occasion to fiercely attack
him one member referring to him as hav
ing degenerated from a courageous fighter
in the open to A mere spy- and sneak
By a strict party vote the following was
Whereas wo have heard with satisfac
tion of the gallant conduct of Brigadier
General Funston In planning and carry
ing out an expedition fraught with great
privation and danger resulting in thf
capture of Agulnaldo the notorious leader
of the Insurrection against th authority
of the United States in the Philippine Isl
ands therefore be It
Resolved That wo rejoice with the
whole nation over this achievement which
we trust will soon lead to the cessation
of hostilities and the speedy restoration
of law and order In our Island posses
Pay Axkeil for thr Uniform of the
YlxlonV Creir
NEW YORK March 30 J ITdward Ad
dlck of Delaware wasmadc respondent
today In a suit In admiralty brought In
the United States filitrict Court by Sol
omon Appel1 Co Jtrtiform makers
They made last May for the
crew of Addlcks stKara yacht Vslon and
they have not got heir pay They could
not get the yacht f libel her and so they
llbeled Aildlcks The bill Is 33375
The Ilbellant asks leave to levy on sun
dry ofllce furnishings in an ofllce building
at 1 Broadway i
HIk Election nx Provisional Presi
dent of Veneztieln Announced
NEW YORK March 30 Scnor E Gon
zales Ustcvez Consul General of Vene
zuela In this city received the following
cablegram today from Secretary General
Torres Cardenas at Caracas
General Castro has been elected pro
visional President Great enthusiasm
General CIpriano Castro has been act
ing as President of Venezuela since Oc
tober 1S59 when he overthrew Presi
dent Ignacio Andrade His election Is
for the year which still remains of Gen
eral Andrades tcfra
General Castro will In all probability be
a candidate for the Presidency at the
general election for the full term of four
Celelirntcd for Ills Axxerllon The
iMin Do Move
RICHMOND Va March 30 The Rev
John Jasper pastor of the Sixth Mount
Zlon Baptist Church colored whose fa
mous sermon on the movement of the
planets in which he Inserted that the sun
do move has been heard by many thou
sands of persons died at his home here
this morning His last words were
I have finished my work I am now
looking across the river waiting for
further orders
He would have been ninety years old on
the next Fourth of July He leaves a
II If lCohlxnnt Iltxpocx of the Paper
lo n Company
CHICAGO M irch 30 H II Kohlsaat
today sold the Chicago Evening Post to
a new company which J C Shaffer Is
to be president and publisher of the paper
Samuel T Clover Is to be the editor Mr
Kohlsaat relinquishes all connection with
the publication
Composing the new company are several
of the best known capitalists and business
men of Chicago and In consequence the
paper will have n financial backing of ex
ceptional strength Mr Shaffer is known
as a capltallt r of wide experience nnd
business ability
Mr Clover has been managing editor of
the Evening Post six years and pre
vious to that was Its business manager
An Inventory lulled by the liiion
Trnsf Company
INDIANAPOLIS March 30 The Union
Trust Company as executor of ex Presi
dent Benjamin Harrison today filed an
Inventory of his estate showing thit his
personal property consists mainly in
bonds and railroad and electric line
stocks cash In bunk here and in banks
In New York and other holdings consist
ing of investments In mining stocks the
latter though In the majority of eases
not being listed an huving any value
Including the insunneo policies which
t ggregatp l i the personal propirty
foots up J17S0fi0 The real estate In this
city and elsewhere Is not Included In de
tail In the Inventory as It has not yet
been appraised but It Is figured that It
will swell the total estate to JSTuOiO
Senator Mitchell u Crip Victim
Senator Mitchell of Oregon h u victim
of the grip- He Is not -seriously III how
ever and his physician hopes In have
him out a raln In a few dnys
Chrn fnRteN lo Callfornln
ft to C dlfornfa Arizona nd w Jlexuo on
any Tuesday- ta Ap 11 -Ml Eicursion fclpprn from
W vriiliom rlianc via Southern Itjll
ay and Southern 1 iuiflc leriillr conductrd
Berth J A J Potton general Agent 511
la ate n
s riSiVFOint PAaEs
He Will Take the Field in Xext
Falls Fight
llr W 1 OSnlllvnn Snyx Ihc
iimiij Lender Ix Ioxlcd on
the l olitlcnl Sltuntion In cvr
York Hlx Health Vevcr Belter
NEW YORK March 30 News of
Croker Is the budget of Dr William J
OSulllvan who got home from Eng
land today and who was Mr Crokrs
guest at Moat House Wantage for a
week Dr OSulllvan came over on the
St Louis
I saw Mr Croker he said at his
meals out riding and at all hours of
the day while he was engaged in all
the occupations that take up his time
In the fifteen years that I have known
hint I have not seen him look so well
as he does now He weighs 201 pounds
all good flesh I happened to kno v
his weight because one day while we
were out we came to the scale on which
the jockeys weigh and It was sug
gested that he be velghcd Mr Croker
got on the scale at once and he tipped
the beam at 14 stone 5 poinds
Mr Croker spends a great deal of
his time out of doors and rides a great
deal over the downs about his place
looking over the horses that he has
there He has two stallions Dobbins
and Amerlcus and while I was there
five of their get were foaled In look
ing over his place and attending to
the manifold duties of its management
Mr Croker finds his time fully occu
Mr Croker was much annoyed by
the various interviews printed here
purportlngto come from him He said
he had not been interviewed at all and
that none of the statements credited
to him was authorized We talksd
about the income tax assessment which
was levied against him
I saw the gentleman who has the
collection of the tax In the district in
charge and he showed me the books
This man Is Mr Jottom of Letcomb
and the figures of the ssessment show
that he has estimated Mr Crokera in
come to be earnings clear at 29000
The tax In 1900 was S pence in the
pound but tho expenses of the Boer
war made It necessary for the Govern
ment to increase Its revenues and this
year It Is Increased to a shilling which
Is 5 per cent
Mr Croker said that he wished that
they could assess him on a hundred
times as much for that would mean
that he was taking Just that much
money away from them The tax Is
assessed on what they can Jlnd out ot
his Income and of course they have
no way of finding out what horsecives
in this country They are apparently
assessing him on what they think are
his earnings on his horses
Mr Croksr Is at all times In -lose
touch with tho affairs of this city and
he knows uverythlng that Is going on
We had several talks about the situa
tion here and all the time I was Im
pressed with the idea that it was his
purpose to have vice routed oit and
the city purified
His orders to the Committee f Five
were to go ahead and to perform their
duties fearlessly and without regard to
the results so far as they affected men
Mr Croker has believed that tho work
of the committee would be productive
of the greatest good and would lead to
many important and valuable reforms
Mr Croker will be back in this
country in time to ta e the active man
agement of the election fight in his own
hands The date of his return hasnot
been fixed yet but It will be at tho
time when ho is needed to care for the
Interests of Tammany Hall
Let me say that I think that Mr
Croker fully informed as he is on the
conditions under which the local fight
is to be made Is firmly convinced that
the Tammany ticket is going to be suc
cessful He will be here in time to
guide and to shape the whole struggle
A Woman nvrx the Jlfe of Her Ilnx
liniidx Slayer
OIA MinA S C March 30 Mrs Wal
ter W Abrams saved Preston Gilliam
from being lyiched fur the murder of
her husband today
Abrams reprimanded his farmhand for
coming late to work and as he turned his
back Gilliam crushed his skull with a
rock The murderer fled and was captured
by- nelghlMjis of the planter who were
going to lyich him when Mrs Abrams
appeared and begged her hasbands
friends to lit the law- take Its course
Prof Allen fnnlfl Found Ilend
In Chicago
CHHAGO March 30 Pi of Allen W
Gould was found dead in the b ithroom of
his home 1752 Wrlgtitnood Avenue early
this morning A gas jet in the room was
turned on and It is thought he -died some
time on Friday night An Inquest was
held today and a verdict of death from an
accident Vas returned
Prof Gould had been connected with the
Chicago Institute since Only of last year
He wus graduated from Harvard In 172
where for the three succeeding years he
wns a fellow In Latin and Greek
lie was professor of atlu at Williams
College during theyears 1SSI to 1SSJ and
occupied the same chair nt Olivet College
from IMS to ISiS He was president of the
Western Unitarian Sunday School Society
and author of several books
elirnnUax Lieutenant ocrnor
Tlirealenx to UchIkii
LINCOLN Neb Marih 30 An uutisuil
situation has lesulted from the statement
of Governor Dietrli h that he will not re
sign to uccept his senatorial seat urtil
December Lieutenant Governor Sa vagi
Is offended and today he gave out this
I have not yet said I would accept the
Governorship Although I am as Senator
Currle said from the sand hills at th
same tlm 1 have some self respect If
Dietrich as I understand Is the case In
tends lo hold the ofllce of Governor until
December when the Semite meets I shall
resign before he does
In Unit vent Senator Steele will be
Governor There aro circumstances in
connection with this matter about vflilch
I cannot siieak until the session closes
ltl - to nnlttmorr and Return via
II O Sntnnlny mid Hnnday
March 30 and 31 good for return until folloninc
yinrxlat Tickets good on all tralni except
Ho al Limited
The Actor Succnmbx lo Cancer of the
NEW YORK March 30 Roland Reed
died at 930 oclock this morning at his
home 361 West 122d Street after having
been Invalided since last fall He had
suffered from the disease which killed
him cancer of the Intestines for fifteen
When he first came down with the dis
ease the cancer had been growing the
doctors told him for probably ten years
but the actor was not conscious of any
difficulty until Just before Christmas a
year ago He had closed an engagement
In Washington and was laying up here
at his home when he was taken 111 and
hadto go to St Lukes Hospital
He was operated on successfully and
became strong enough so that he seemed
thoroughly well by April and so contin
ued through last summer He went on a
Western tour and was taken ill on Octo
ber 13 nnd came back to the hospital
where another operation was performed
He remained at the hospital until the
day before Christmas when he went back
to his home where he was confined by In
creasing bodily weakness until the end
He leaves a daughter Florence who re
cently began her theatrical career a
nephew E R Jack Who was manager
for his uncle for fifteen years and sev
eral sisters In Philadelphia who ire not
In the profession
Roland Reed was born In Philadelphia
In 1S52 As a child he served at the Wal
nut Street Theatre where his father
John Reed was doorman and superin
tendent of the supers for sixty nine
years Roland Reed when nineteen years
old went to the Arch Street Theatre as a
member of Lottas company when Mrs
John Drew was manager of the theatre
Then he married Joanna Somers of
Philadelphia She was not an actress
After playing in Western cities Reed be
came a star with a company of his own
in 1SS2 when he produced Cheek Since
then he has produced many successes
Reed was the original Koko In the
Mikado which he first played In this
city at the Union Square Theatre
Xot Allowed to Cuter the JcfTerxon
Hotel nt Flrxt
RICHMOND Va March 30 The loss
by fire of the magnificent Jefferson Hotel
Is now attributed to the refusal of the
management to permit the firemen to
enter the bu Idlng with their hose The
chief of the fire department makes a pub
lic statement to that effect today
When the fire was small the hose con
nections were made and the flremen en
tered the hotel They were told that the
fire could be managed by the hotel force
and that they did not want the house
ruined by water It Is now a wreck by
fire more than two thirds of the beau
tiful structure having been burned The
beautiful Franklin Street front and the
handsome lower floors are little damaged
The work of rescue and the efforts of
the firemen when thevr took charge of the
building were superb The fire spread
with amazing rapidity and though the
rescuers were attended by great difficulty
and greater daring not n life was lost
The baggage of guests was robbed in
many Instances after it was taken from
the hotel by negroes who essayed to help
In its rescue One lady stood In the street
and offered 5000 to anyone who would
save her trunk
There was not accommodation at the
other hotels for the guests who were turn
ed out and the fashionable homes In the
district of which the Jefferson was the
centre were thrown open to them Many
lost everything except the clothes they
A Second Wounded Vlien the Pnrtj
Wnx Mirprlxcil
PARIS March 30 Another duel has
resulted in bloodshed The combatants
were two pretty shop girls in a large
drapery store Stirred by jealousy over
the foreman of their department who
flirted with both girls they challenged
each other tc a duet with revolvers The
woods near Vincennes was the rendez
Accompanied by- four seconds the girls
arrived at the spot on Thursday morn
ing and took up their positions twenty
five paces apart A trembling second was
about to announce the signal to fire when
a forester appeared on the scene When
he appeared the seconds fled One of the
frightened principals Involuntarily pressed
the trigger of her revolver with the re
sult thot one of the fleeing seconds fell
with a bullet in her arm
The forester then took the wounded
girl to the nearest hospital and marched
the others to the police station
Theodore lllllnex CliarRed With Ax
Kiinlt JmiIiI to Have Ileen Thrashed
A warrant was issued yesterday from
the Police Court for the arrest of Theo
dore Haines of 1W Wiltbergcr Street
northwest It was procured by Howard
Radcliff and brings to light a story of
alleged horsewhipping Haines Is said to
hav e been thrashed by a Mrs Lee of Bos
ton and her sister Mrs Splndlcr wife
of Undertaker Splndler of 1705 Seventh
Street northwest The matter will be
aired In court tomorrow morning
The alleged horsewhipping Is said to
have taken place Wednesday night at
Seventh and R Streets northwest Haines
It Is claimed was charged by Mrs
Splndlcr with having Insulted her moth
er Mrs Engle who lives at 1C31 Third
Street northwest According to the story
Mrs Knglc had called at the home of her
daughter on Seventh Street and started
to return home about 10 oclock At the
corntr of It Street she met Haines whom
she says offered her an insult In the
nature of wordy abuse Mrs Ungle there
upon retraced her steps lo her daughters
home and told of the affair Then it is
said Mrs Lee who Is visiting her sister
and -Mrs Splndler sallied forth for bat
tle armed with a horsewhip
The women It is said encountered
Haines standing nt the corner of It Street
mil he run to thrush him Haines is said
to have started to run and was chased
a block by the women who used the
whip with telling effect Among those
who saw the alleged whipping and who
according to Haines- got in his way to
prevent Ids flight was Howard Radcllir
whose htmie Is nt Seventh and S Streets
northwest Haines is said to have re
inemberd this action and Friday night
It Is s fld metItadcliff and made trouble
nadcllff says Ilalnes assaulted him and
that the warrant secured yesterday Is the
Several months ago Ilalnes was arrested
In Rlclimoiul Va and brought back here
by Detectives Miller nnd Peck because
he was misDectcd of embezzlement At
that time lib wus employed as an Iron
worker on n building at Lleventh Street
and Pennsylvania Avenue northwest It
wns told the detectives that he had taken
charge of certain money which did not
belong to him The case was postponed
from time to time and Haines It Is
said Is now under bond pending final
A Boy Dlen Front Hj ilropltolitn
SHAMOKIN Pa March 30 Frothing
at the mouth ten-year-old George Hoover
died early this morning after twelve
hours of agony from hydrophobia Short
ly before his death he grew rational for a
few minutes and begged to be shot so
that he could be put out of his misery
Price Three Cents
Instructions Sent to General Mac
Arthnr on the Subject
The Uoe Mloii f Whether the Fill
Sno Lender Violated the Ilulex ot
War lo lie Conxldered Foxxtble
Tlinl He Mar lie Granted Amnesty
Instructions for General MacArthurs
guldnncc In determining what disposi
tion to make of Agulnaldo were cabled
to him yesterday afternoon by the Sec
retary of War They formed a part of
the despatch conveying the Presidents
thanks to General Funston and the men
who accompanied him on his expedition
to Palanan hut were withheld from
It is learned that these instructions
do not permit General MacArthur to
make any promises to Agulnaldo or
give him any assurance not contained
In the general proclamation ot amnesty
Issued to the Inhabitants of the Philip
pine Islands last June General Mac
Arthur Is authorlzeu to extend to
Agulnaldo all the privileges contained
In that proclamation provided he does
not come vvithfn Us prohibitions
The particular prohibition which Gen
eral MacArthur will consider is con
tained In the following sentence
The privilege herewith published Is
extended to all concerned without any
reservation whatever excepting that
persons who have violated the laws of
war during the period of active hostili
ties are not embraced within the scope
of this amncsty
The first question therefore to be de
termined by General MacArthur under
his Instructions Is whether or not
Agulnaldo violated the Articles of War
Should It be determined that Agulnaldo
was guilty of any such offence there is
no way in which he can escape a trial
for such unlawful actions Under the
terms of the proclamation issued by
General MacArthur December 20 1900
notice was given to insurgent leaders
that the practice of unlawful actions
would necessarily terminate the possi
bility of those engaging therein returning-
to normal civic relations in the
A number of reports have been re
ceived at the War Department which
Indicate that Agulnaldo did at different
times issue orders contrary to tho rules
of war Some ot these orders were in
his own name and others were over the
signature of other Insurgent officers
who claim that Agulnaldo directed the
Issuance of the order It Is admitted
however that no proof exists In the
War Department that Agulnaldo did
sanction the orders referredto or that
he violated thfr rules ot war so that
this question has been left to General
MacArthur to decide
If It be shown upon Investigation
that Agulnaldo violated neSe of these
rules General MacArthurs Instructions
permit him to extent to Agiilnaldo the
privileges of tho amnesty proclamation
This proclamation expired April 1 but
on representations from General Trias
that he could induce a number of in
surgents to surrender If given more
time it was extended to May 1 This
proclamation does not authorize Gen
eral MacArthur to extend any promise
or assurance to Agulnaldo other than
complete immunity for the past and
absolute liberty ot action for the fu
It is held at the War Deepartment
therefore that General MacArthur can
do no more for Aguinaldo than remove
any disability which is now In effect
by reason of his connection with the
insurrection provided he is eligible to
the amnesty privileges Tho removal
of this disability would be dependent
on his compliance with the following
conditions of the amnesty Renounce
all connection with the insurrection and
subscribe to a declaration acknowledg
ing and accepting the sovereignty and
authority of the United States in and
over the Philippine Islands
Having fulfilled these conditions
Aguinaldo would be given his llberty
and he would be restored lo the same
citizenship as other insurgents who
have taken the oath of allegiance
whether they were leaders ot the hi
surrection officers In the insurgent
army private soldiers or peaceful na
tlv es
The purpose ot the Administration
as show n in tho instructions is to avoid
treating in any way with Aguinaldo
the insurgent Aguinaldo as a loyal
subject could later be treated with for
the purpose of securing his assistance
in restoring peace and should his ac
tions convince the authorities of his
loyalty the question of providing him
with some ollice could then 1 consid
In the mean time Aguinaldos atti
tude toward the United States will be
closely watched Any voluntary as
sistance on his part will be given
consideration by the civil authori
ties but it is the determination of
the President that his professions of
loyalty shall not be secured by promlsa
of ofllce or other consideration outside
the teims ot the amnesty proclama
home Oxxlnlnc Coneernx Will llllve
lo Follow Suit
NEW YORK March 30 One result ot
the recent change of the name of the vil
lage of Sing Sing to Osslnlng Is the neces
sity of a number of corporate concerns
doing business In the village to change
their names The village authorities have
requested the officials of the Nev York
Central Railroad to change tho rjime of
the station and also to make a corre
sponding change In the time tables The
postmaster lias forwarded to the Wash
ington Postolflce officials a copy of the
new law and has asked for Instruction
in regard to the matter
One of the corporations most affected
by the change is the Sing Slnp Camp
Meeting Association This association
tint- nnnnnl ramn meetlnirs which are
known far and wide and It is a ques
tion whetner tne cnange oi name w us
unuTil ndvlsTtbla The officials
of th organization have the subject under
consideration nnd a decision will bo
reached before the next meeting in mid
Iilooil Tells
I gives an appetite li digestion and
makes you sleep At all dnc storci

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