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Timt Have Run Amuck in
Chicago Stotk
A Itfiiirr iif llir Willi nlmllx
Irnlned Hums h l eil In ap
turiiiu the I uriilv llovliu I liiK
It rlml nl n ltrl llxpcrli iht
Xnvvmlivs wild steers do not scape
Xrom the stock jimls and frlRlitcn th
1 piinlc of the nusliborliood hair out of
their wits villi as cieat freqiuncv as
Ihoj did a few Mars ubo hut Just the
anine molliers Keep a nervous c on
their children while the little ones an
nul jil oiiiR In the itntts of the lMcklnjr
tmvn district Xot Ions ago however
these ecapel hteers furnished sensations
ii tint lomlltv so vcr often that the
kinckj inls uiminm linallj c mploj eil a
null tcilill to run ilon animals that
had sotten out of Hie jards Into the puh
lle tnoroughfnrts Viaducts connect n
with the different pens and imnrovel
nuthd of driving the cattle from one
IMiInt to another have now reduced the
Limber of cscaiie to a minimum and
the minikin on longer keeps a man In
tiilant readiness to chase Hit fleeing
Tor oier live joars Harry Partiovv bet
ter Known is Wild Hore Harr a
uim covvbov from Texas was the oli
iil strtr catcher for the stock ards
Iroin t oMocK In the morning until So-
4 oclock in the afternoon Wild Horse j
llirr used to remain stationed at the
lilj stone entrance to the ards in U- j
tliaii50enue with his horse saddled t
mil biidled readv to trail the first steer
that midq his cscap A few ears ago i
the ciimnin concluded that cscips were
becoming so Infrequent that It was not
w 01 til wlille to longer tmplo a chaser
mid 1artlow was relieved of his routine
witch but he Is xtlll called upon occa
tlonillj to 1 isso a tljing steer
Wild Horse Ilaro Is one of the star
h traders of the slock jards He has
been a professional cowbo a circus per
fomer an actor and now lie Is a commis
sion man He left the compan of Krank
1 Piinii th irtnr in Chicago in ISSH
and has made his home in this cit ever J
Mnce He had not been In town er
long Ik fore his urowess as n horseman
nnd rojier of 03111 became known to the
htock Vards Compan and at the tirst
opportunit he was given the Job of
watching out for escaped horses and
The different gates opening Into the
stock ards are connected by telephone
and the moment an animal escaped a
message was immediatel sent to the
main gate where Partlow was alwavs
stationed and Wild Horse Harry
-would straightway mount his charger
Tvigger and gallop In pursuit A frequent
companion of Partlow was Chief of
Stock Vards Police Horner for It often
renlilred the services of two to effect
quick capture The policeman would gal
lon ahead of the steer and endeavor to
get the animal to cluse him for the steer
must lie running awav rrom tne man wno
Is trjing to catch him If the animal
runs towurd the lassoer all the latter can
well do Is to put sours to his horse and
run aw a
I have had some serious experiences
with steers and hordes but I have never
had an very bad ones since coming to
Chicago s ild Wild Hore Harr to a
representative of the Sunda Chronicle
tht nthr da On one occasion a steer
tint hsd escaped from the etockynrds
jerked i horse out from under me but I
was not injured at all It was a big steer
TV c lrrlilii about 2000 pounds and when he
started In the opposite direction he didnt
have Any trohble in jerking down my
horse for the latter onl weighed about
li iif as much as the steer
One of Hie liveliest experiences I ever
had was down on Tift -ninth Street A
steer escaped from the ards and ran
down there nnd I went after him in a
hum When I caught up with him S
was loping along tht ground at the side
of a high hoard sidewalk I spurred my
horcs along the boards and just as 1 got
even with the steer the walk gave way
and dropped us right at the side of the
brute The anl ntl turned lowered his
head and came at us I Jumped the horse
over the broken walk and the horn of
the steer grazed his hip That was the
nearest I evtr came to having a horse
gored under me here In Chicago I gai
hu d around a corner and the steer gave
up the chase Then the animal dashed
vlfjouslv at a little knot of people on the
street and they scattered In all directions
In time to save themselves The steer
pursued none of them but continued on
a g Hop down the street
P this time i had taken up the chase
again and was going after the animals as
ast as I could Just ahe id of the living
steer was a little short fat Polish womm
with u big bundle In her arms I jelled to
her at the top of my voice to get out cf
the wa but her head was all tied up In
a shawl and she dldn t hear me The
steer vv as half a block ahead of me nd
I was powerless to save the woman The
anlmil lowered his head gave a trium
phant snort caught the woman on both
Ids horns and tossed her into the air as
If she had been a ball of arn Tor a
moment the air near the steer was full
of woman and fish The little Pole had
lecn to the fish market and was earning
home aliout half a bushel of small llh
The animal was apparently satisfied with
the toss he had given the woman for he
ran on without giving her any further at
tention She was sitting up and waving
her linns was all I noticed as I dih d
iast her In a few moments I had caught
up with the beast and downed him with
ni lasso The woman was not injuied
In the least
It isn t so ver difficult to lasso a steer
as In runs awav from ou If ou have had
sx much experience as I have had If ou
are going to dismount and rope the legs
of the animal together afttr ou have
lassoed him ou must have a well trained
horse nnnd that Is what I had The horse
as soon as the laso settles over the h al
of the steer tomes back on his haunehs
at a word And the horse knows a -rest
dial more than tint If he is the right
kind He stas on his haunches and holds
the rope laut while his rider dismounts
and ties the legs of the animal llv old
horse which is now owned by the stock
jards compan was near perfection and
1 never had an difficult In getting him
toalnavsdo the right thing when a chlic
was on
One winter we had a great time try
ing to cipture a btter which had run out
to some vacant prairie land near Thlrtv
llfth rftreet and Ashland Avenue The
snow was dep and li idlj drifted and the
animal had run out Into a drift where he
was btunding bell deep Thi re was a
crust on the snow hut It was very thin
nnd a heavy arimal broke through It eas
llv liven a man would break through
once In a while So I could not get lit ir
the sletr nnd we could not get him to
budge He apparentlv f It he was Kite
Soon a lmnt r ramp ulong and he thought
he could lire a charge of shot at the steer
and start him The mail aimed his gun
In t Just as he pulled the trigger he broke
through the snow crust and the charge of
shot was scattered Impartially among
the h -slanders And the steer still held
his ground c linall started him liv
driving near a lot of tame cattle He -an
uwa from them however and I soon
One or the strangest things I ever saw
n steer do In ni life occurred here In Ihl
rago I was basing an animal that had
hrokni aw a from the ards Suddenlv
it shot i round a corner As I came around
nfl r it I was horritied to see a little child
ht indlng In the street right In front of
the animal The stier lowered Its head
and I rxiected the next instant to see
the diilil iimstil into the air or gored to
diah Put suddenly for some unknown
rriwm the stei r stopped Just ao It rcncied
tin child and after pausing a second
turned to one side and ran on leav ing the
enild untouched From the Chic igo
Chi uncle
iiiw lilin Icnve to Print
I runt tlie IiHltanajsih Tribune
Vlillred puki Ike elder cl Hip tnn iti
mil i tmmc t I lmc leawin to think ou till
corfMjnd with Hint wwtlilee jnung llillimink
Iji intc ol nil our lllur jnd I have uid
VIollicr returned tlie oung woman lurrlinir
the maternal villi the Ifarloiuirsi of
innwmrr I have not had a xratrh of a
pen from iilni tincc ou Lade lnc rait lilin o0
Later houtter he wid to lnIf If the had
rrusl 111 t celling trperrittii Irttrr from
lilin kmi1i hhc wou d luve liad mc
He Unit lloulled
I roiu tLe Cliieaco Iot t
Tint Mloir i a Llrd Mid he admiring
traiiKTr a lie looVrd atlrr tlie freli oim ntan
ot now replied the native but tiirre wa
a lime when our deKrfptlou mlsiit hae been
When ta tliatr
Tlie night we tarred irJ Irallnred him a ut
ft jeir ajo
- v --------
Samuel Friedlander Co
Remnants of ard wide
percales black ground
with neat white ligurcs
4 to C vard hngths worth
8 cents a vard come Qc
Hunch of Cerise
with foliar value 25c
A Tip for Monday Stoppers
Special sale of Ao
men s percale walts
newest colorings and lat
est stjles eveoQc
waist worth 5 cents 7
Romans chemise and drawers
made to retail for IS cents If 1C
clal price 12
A omens eorset covers made to re
tall for 1 1 2 cents Special Of
Monwns muslin skills made to
retail for ir cents SpeciilOQC
price s
Wonderful Corset Values
The popular straight front ATC
corset wlilte or gre
Our leader Hie Snow Flake a
summer net corset lace trimmed well
lioninl and in rfect Jittlng real f CC
value 29 cents J
Childrens Clothing
V intend to in ike this one of the
busiest departments In the house We
have piasl on a separate counter 9S
bovs suits ages S to II consisting of
worsted1 cassimf es and
cheviots value up to 3 Our 1 AQ
price It u
Chtldrdie Knee Pants that O CC
others ask 49c for our price J
Children Hlouse alsts In blue
and slriixsl r rcale fast 0 0C
ors c values Our price
Children s Caps in cassimeres
and worsteds ijc value Our 1rC
price 1U
As the Belgian hare Industry Is becom
ing rapldl established In and about
Washington and an interest created
which promises the breeding of the hare
on an extensive basis a few words to
beginners should prove most helpful
The Importance of a proper lieglnnlng
must not b overlookid b those about
to en-a-e In the brcsling of the lielglans
as a little careful thought nnd planning
beforehand will In most caes not onl
mean a saving of dollars but of time as
well Whether ou mi into the business
to raiM ineit or fane stock If ou have
had no previous exp rience It is advisa
ble to make a beginning only a few
hares and as -our knowledge of the
business lncreaes so will jour herd In
the mean time ou will have gained
knowledge that can only be had h expe
rience us to the habits and what is nec
esuar for the proper care of the Pel
gian and more than this ou will lie
able to determine what constitutes a good
hare and thus be able to Judiciously
purchase new blood
If oii intend to raise meat stock cx
elusivil sizi i the must Important point
in the selection of vmir foundation stock
Cost of animals will v ir but get thor
oughbreds as th ixiellent qualit of
meat is found in them onl
In b Miming Willi fancy stock It is
most prolitabh to consider qualit in
bt ad of eiiiantltv as it is the
and high scoring anlm lis that
bring tlu best prices and thes can be
ji rml in s onlv bv parent stock of like
qualitv Just what to pureh ise for foun
dation stexk depends utircl on our
financial condition and if jour means are
ver limited ou had perhaps better m ike
vour Investment In one doe having her
bred to a good buck A pair unr lated
lline months old can be purch ised at
quite a saving and late d for until mi
turlt liefore breeding but by this pi in
the cash returns do not begin to come
In as soon as If ou begin with matured
In making larger beginnings care
should be tnki to sehct animals of as
good and as inani strains is possible
tint von ma v 1 ihli to suppl our cus
tomers Willi trios or heids that are un
rel lied It Is bist to awas purch ise
oung stock not ovci eighteen months of
Manv advoiati beginning with common
or medium grade stock which h car
ful mating vou can Improve but we
would not recommend a beginning of this
kind unless our means are ver limited
lias ifichtd niiollier hliiiinifiil of
hoiut will In hi td and sold at onlv
It isn tun t of vour Iiiui Ilnie
me times Washington iKday march 31 moi
416 Seventh Street
Spring Dress Hats ilch and clega it
stles man are copies of imported
Paris models and man nre original
conceptions of our expert milliners
as choice hcadwear as
an one can show and
markable value for
Vast assortment of the most fash
ionable untrimmed
shapes In ever A OCinil 7QC
able color V llu V
Jack and Pmk Hoses value to c
10c each J
Toilet Articles and Notions
Specials for One Day Only
S cakes of genuine Cold Cream
Soap 8c
oodw orths famous extracts
rn ounce 12Vio
Tetlows perfect Completion
Tovvder a box
Ungllsh Oat Jleal Soap Z cakes
in a box for
2 Aluminum Thimbles foi
Large balls 10 ards best
Dirnlng Cotton all colors
5 nt
Iroi j
size Princess Curling
III boer Dressing Combs
i cent
Pee Brand llucilage S cent
Kid Gloves for Easterr
Womens I ciap Glace Kid Gloves
in all the prevailing shades soft sc-
iceaeu skius peneci lining anu
ver aressv originally priced 69c
HI 1
Easter Ksck Fixings for Woman
We are showing the latest novelties
in Xeck Ivear at special prices 23c
c and S9c
as there Is little or no demand for the
surplus of this kind of stock except for
meat purposes and of course will not
bring the high prices It requires no
more icorn feed care or attention to
kcci a good hare than a poor one and If
ou have only medium success the well
bred animal pas ou much the best
No fixed prices can be laid down for
either meat or fane stock but by cor
icspondenee with reliable breeders vou
will be able to ascertain what the qualit
jou desire is worth
A prominent poultrman of Port Ches
ter X Y sajs of the Itelgian hare
M experience with the beautiful and
useful Belgian hare dates back seven
jears During that time 1 hale observed
great Improvement In them in ever way
Especially is this true in color marking
and build the lnre of toda being long
slirn and racv whereas he was in the
earlier das shorter and heavlei h n
I first knew him he was almost univer
sal of a grey color Instead of tlie ileh
red vlth black ticking which now marks
him so prominent The were prolific
and ver nice eating their meat being
erj muh lil e the breast meat of
chicken Their flesh is excellent for In
v ilids 1 should prefer it to squabs as
being more free from grease 1 am sorry
to see tlie exaggerated accounts of some
writers claiming twelve litters a veir
amounting to kjl joung In that period
Six litters a jeir is all a doe should raise
and 1 prefer six to a litter Suppose w
raise six litters a ear and get six In a
litter Sa we get hut Jl e icli for the
progen Is not JG a ear from a doe cost
ing but about Jl a eir to keep enough to
s itlsfv almost anvonf Is not tint
enough gain without misleading the
novice Isn t tint moie profit lhu mi
be deiived from a cov and with much
less work and care
Those who are interested in the Belgian
lure subject nre invited to meet at 712
Twelfth s treet northvst 1 htirsihiv even
Samuel Friedlander Co
Our New Stoe Department
We ilsh to call jour
attention to our new shoe
el partment where ou
tan find n splendid as
sortment of the newest
footwear for men wo
men and children
and 15c
ing April I nt S p m for the purpose of j am
forming an organization to in Known as
the Washington Belgian Hare Club
Such clubs are In exlftenc In various
parts of the countr and have proven
most stucssful It is helicied there are
a sufficient number Interested in the new
iuduslr In and about W ishington to
form the ntichus of a thriving and help
ful org inlzatloiu
iclipciil doe
ediuaiiua to sec our line
Value lll0 eu li Str ice U1 Tlicy aio iinexi oiled
Our Prices Are Reasonable Our Stock is the Best
City Tianvictioir4 jiiiiiiteed Complete in trnc
lion fieo
Jf von aie inteiehtod in Helriin liues ou aie imifed to inspoct
our exhibit whether jou wish to iiii oIiie oi not
Torth American Belgian Hare CoBb
Intorpoiated Capital si 10000
Wasliinntoii Los Anjjeles Kanias City
Aahhiujton Otlite 71 Twelfth Stieet northwest
Dcaliiif with the Xoith Anioiifin is a safe investment not a
4711 Uhlte Rose
Soap a cake
1 i cents
Three cakes to a cus
The Finest Display o7 Ladies Millinery Garments
and Rfiens and Boys Clothing for You
The new niiiiitrer hm Mihcn haul to niiiki tniiKinow a busy tliy at this Moie Tlif tie
jiaitniriil liicfn have letcivtd instiiittioiis to aduitise tlieir bi st and cliokit
tlicvvc faithfully followed out hi oidci Kuii thing for the Easter iaoinenuk
low juke thatll fihh suipii e ou
Correct Garments for Women
Smnrt Tillor madc Suits All wool Cheviot the colors are light tan
blue and black Ilton jackets hemmed with folds of stltch d satin 10 OT
velvet coll us and new Hare skirts chic and full of Ivv y t
Pure Silk Taffeta in black onl elegant and CO Q7 nIl Sr 7 7
dressv girnients and priced wonderful low vOV allu U I
Silk Tiffeti Waists tucked heirstitchcd ind corded the colors nre pink
blue and violet red rose and bl ick prett enough to tempt oul QJ
even if jou don t need one t O
All wool A aiding Skirts otford giey hue and black Inch hem
with seven rows of stitching welt seains and tailor nnde great Q 17
value for ZW
Our Millinery Section a Wonderland of Beauty
4 1a Columbia The Gem of our
millinerv seition a beautiful straw
liat pitterned after a costly foreign
model In ill the daint colors whicli
Dame Fashion demands trimmed
with chiffon lowers and buckle fac
ed with chiffon beautifully made by
hand If vou paid
much vou could
more stle
twice as
values and
and at jucli
Mens Clothing Cept
Save S500 by Buying
One of our new spring all wool Over
coats newest shades of Oxfords well
made and height of stvle C C
value Jl our price JvJv
Tor enrlv spring we are shoving a
h indonic line of Men s hults in cassl
mere oAfords herringbone
and worsteds v ilue up to S7 KC
1 W our price JU
Iegliorn lu
C13 Pa arc
Phiues are again fashionable and
tomorrow wo offer 1 ooO ards of fan
cy white pique JJnglisu manu
facture worth 2 cents a jard
High class organdies all col
ors value k cents a ard
New Dimities worth 10 cents
a ard
Tine American Dress Ging
hams worth il 1 2 cents
New Madras Ginghams worth
1- Sc a ard
Amoskeag serges light and
brown blue and black the best skirt
ing material ever 1AC
ured worth UH cents -
Pure Linen Huckaback toweling
11 Inches wide value 12X 1AC
cents v
Specnl Grass bleached table linen
Irish manufactured a Inches wide
exquisite floral and scroll de- AQC
signs value u cents a ard T7
In the Basement
Immense assortment of Trunks
f enther Gohs Framed Pictures and
Toilet Lamps
DO mall OH Paintings In heavy
-gold frames real value T5c 19c
JJ unframed OUsPalntings S
by 10 inches religious subjects
real value 50c 25c
Special sale of Mtfdalllon Pictures
reproductions of famous works
of art jac iic and
Samuel FnedSander Co
416 Seventh Street 416
Mens Furnishings J
Mens Percale Stiff Eosom Shirts
new and stunning efects opn hack
and front sold ever where for 3QC
75c Our special price J
Mens Terse Ribbed Medium weight
Shirts and Drawers legulir J CC
price CJc A J
Mens Hat Department
Our Mens Hats are here derbvs fe
doras and curl brim flanges in ail tlie
latest shades 11 and Jl M
values Our price
Domestics and Linens
IOST Pair nold rimmed spectacles between
Immaculate Church and 7th jii1 VI tj mr
reward T J CLvIIK W It t nv ml
IOST Left on the TUi tt earn Sunday after
noon March 2 a black llk umbrella Mraight
white lunllc silver irounteil marked N II
Kinder will be liberal
rewarded if it n re
turned to 17Si at C30 3
OsT White inaltc c poodle had on cohar with
name 4ort liberal reward 1300 L t nw
lOiT Lare black
iniiig Ilclum to
chiffon trim
uw suitable
Towdcr World Best 5 13
BH niCS flea bad odira
lion will LIU cuaraiittod
H13 ew loik aie
Tateurs Pine Ii
vhy hare them
ICF CIlEASf 70c callon not made in a cellar
tut above ijround for ftewer g abounds ia eel
lara and breed tjphold diphtheria etc moral
dont eat that Unci HCEVSi it pure and
dtlicioui an N Y are Phone 2081
ron Mii iiinsis ami
KIt SMI lot of fine horses uitblt for dru
uiir and draft purpo tall at TlllsON IIOTH
1 Ot S lLU One large work horse eueap
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and liarncw Hi 1 ne
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pounds fine driver alw one fine draught lurce
0 Mar Minn I IIOO pound thrse are Virirlnia
lioites Milling for want ol use 2310 Jiunpliiri
aie nw Li
IICmI tound arh
e Phone Wi L
Mninia horses two
HtHI J0I1M1 711
Kl si - niblier tire phaeton or will n
cinnsc or Victoria brougham or Iran I10WMV
st mils ma i t nw mw 3
I OH SII Clieap one Rooil work horse p
pl I lnc olii ale and vcaton sts lie ni30 l
IOIt sIl
vcrv speed i
lieautihd standard bred lay mare
a lanrain 3- J are nw
KR SVII OK 1 XCllWOk tarnage and 1 ar
liev i enituiidtr trap jiole and hlialti Sl
11 tame ktile a lii rnbl er tire runalxmt
S O JIM ume stvle feu 101 rap I0 li
pliacton tiO 10 bujirv harness o jO l 1
lo bett buti c liirMM in eiti I4 if
Mirrd and trap barncM 17 50 i0 w tgoTT har
lies la fl double hantfsa t22V Jifl eamaae
or eoadi I unless J jH other stable E0od
ume clismnnt lepairuijr clieapest m the cit
Phone hast SID U IIOItlX ON L CO 312 I
ave nw niiy
M IllCIls vMi llVltMss
1 mbUr tire runaljoiits
t nickel sit sum hariie4
I Oil
ons suiniv bugie
Our stllf were neler finer nor desiims mere
arti tic thin we hale incorporated in our 1jOI
fttocl of elides ainl harness
Tf vou want to uve birf money on vour ve
in le and liainns be cure on ee our great dis
USIls h puoniA
Jo 121 st nw
rri2S lnsoe IMione M est 2i
Ilnton an other wag-
1210 Ohio are si -
e2e 3
1011 SVI I One bav liorse pood wilier fi ic
idol ureal roel liorse alwk one olumbil
thiee la lie na Idles lot of riling briillts
lie luntliout 110- lph st nw es I
th ft ne
daiton warun
23 3
IT IMIIIV trap buirv surrec djton run
alKiiir liiiainess waxou or Itarness new or see
on I iai I aice tine and niune by callin al
COCsMIILs Jew 11th t n in j 7
Ilira Villi Sot Pinpii CepF CocrcJ SpoU lebel 014
UaiC 1UU
s vkm u JjJhJJh hut llicr writ
for proor of cure Ua aollrlt tba mod obstinata
crosM VVobar cured tha worn case in la toffidaja
IJnltaIftll MJ iujs book h LEE Io branch oHlcs
10S1 Masonic Temole Chlcaio III
nMino ids
Washington Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway
From Station Pcnnrlvama Are and 13 1 2 St
In effect verriuer 1 lsiO
For Uexandria Wee daw C 30 7 W 7 SO
8 00 S 35 S SO 9 K 10 00 11 CO 11 S a m
ail 05 12 JO 12 15 xl 00 1 25 2 00 2 30 li 59
3 SO 3 50 i4 15 1 35 J 5 10 x5 it 5 10
01 b 30 7 01 7 30 8 00 8 15 9 30 10 15
11 20 and 1159 p m Sundavi 7 IS 0 00 9 45
10 30 11 00 11 30 a m 12 00 noon 12 30 1 00
I J 2 GO 230 3 00 330 400 I SO 6 0O 5 30
0 m G 30 7 00 7 30 600 8 15 B 30 10 la
11 20 and 1150 p m
lor Mount ertoa cf k daj f 0 30 8 00 10 CO
II 00 a m X12 OS xl 05 2 On x2 JO 3 59 14 15
xs 24 00 and 0 JO p m Sundays w a m
12 O noon CO 4 00 7 00 and 1 30 p in
Vor rlin ton and Aqueduct Cnd tc VV eek
daja C 30 7 01 7 30 8 00 b 35 8 59 9 25 10 00 I
and II 00 a m 12 05 12 20 12 45 1 05 I 25 j
2 00 2 30 2 59 3 SO 359 l 35 4 50 6 24
i c 04 0 30 7 eni ard o oo p m cunaajs j
I 9 00 0 45 10 30 11 00 and 11 30 a m 12 00
l noon 12 30 1 00 1 30 2 00 1 7 1 00 M 30
4 00 4 30 5 00 -5 30 6 00 6 30 700 7 30
and 8 00 n in
larc d carried Bast age checked
xtxjircs Ti Arlington onlr
C E AUUOT TrMidtxt
J COITIN Superintendent
Seaboard Air Line Railway
K25 -V 1L diily Honda and Atlanta last Ma I
for Ilaldch Southern lines Pine
hurst mJet Colcmbla Savannah JaCotcon
viili TotJIahaswc and Tampa Charlotte
Athens Atlanta lcw Orleans and points
Vent Through keeping cars to JatlvsonTilla
and Hamlet to Atlanta
6 JU P L Uallr FlonJa trd Metropolitan Lim
ited Draw In jr Room Compartment ObncrTa
tion and Ihnlne Cars lor Kaleixh Southern
Pines Pinehurst Camden Columbia EaTannah
JacksonTille and St Ausrustinc Sleeping Car
Jacksonville to Tamp
6 55 P M rtallj Florida and Metropolitan im
ited for Charlotte Atnens Atlanta Chat
tanooga lojvhville hew Orleans and points
Southwest Through ilepinf cars to Atlanta
For further Inormatlon appljr to W M
Geaeral Agent 1431 New York Are
lorfolt Washington
Steamboat Co
Ever da In the jcar lor Jiorfolk S
port Jiena and all points Soutli by the
auperb powerful Bteel palace tcainera
ewport Jevr Aorfolk and
ln fton on the loUortinie achedule
Lt 1 aahlnjrton 6 33 pm Lv rortimouth5 00 pra
Lt Alexandria 7 00 pm Lt Norfolk 600 pra
Ar Ft Monroe 700 am Lv Ft Monroe7 00 pra
Ar Norfolk 8 00 am Jlr Alexandria 0 30 am
Ar Portsnouth 815 am Ar Washington- 00 am
Tickvta tn sale at 817 Pt nn ae B and
O ticket 619 Pin are and comer
15lh at and M Y ave C O ticket of
flcc a at 511 Penn ave and 609 14th at
A L ticket cBce 1431 X Y ave and
on beard kteamera
tSTor further information apply at
eral oSccs 7th at wharf VVaihlnjton D C
Phone 750
no28 tl JOHN CALHIUV Central Manaer
St Louis Apr 3 10 a m NcwTicrk Slay 110 a rn
Aen orl tpr 1010 a m st Paid May 8 10 a m
V 20 10 a m St LouisMayl5 IC a m
St Louis pr2l 10 am NevrorkMay2210a m
Friesland Apr 3 nooni UtsfnlM prl7 ntion
Soutlinarls Apr 10 noonl Kensgton Vpr24noon
Piera 11 and 15 K II New York Office 71
Or C fl Mosa 1411 C St N Y
- JTn -
Not Thrrn TopctVr
i -4 MalrriaN stone frimminK i
Terrace- Uimims loublt feliadeL
ild for Florid ave and 4th stu nw
Hint 5t
ellar truncated Hot water heat Laundry
Jb ttt fmnt tak ami IiOU e entmne
HUsT MOOIE Parlor Kneption Hall Ilining
rinnn Mttlit n Haick Porcli
hfOM HOOK Tliree Uautiful IteJ Hoom
Tilofl Itath Modt rn tixturcs and
MOOlt Two pleasant Pel Koont
The alxvc houst is one of a row facing w
mst stliutiij Jiwt couth of the interstrrtion cf
New ferw Moruti and thole Uland vtinics
the location is one dinttb 1 the iath of
present and rwpcttne unnivt mfntit This a
turnt the imf tment
WE OrFIK 101 II OF fUfr T
2a v cn
This offer lioIH goml onh until prll 1
IlIOs t IlrN A
ml 1300 r ST NW
ron Air iiiciis
For SaleBicycles
If 3u tli ink f settuu a hitide Then call and
examine them
1900 Eclipse Bicycles
ill Morrow oatt r jih K xIntli
At 28 75
mirci Itaters tut from to 23 lOtui Serl
injT with toaster- j witliout toj ttrs fll it
1I Mimlne t at lc than co t to iiunufatture
Iat tfrins Itic c It- fulli jjuat intml
Chainless Columbia 424 9tii St
IOIt VIl Hint Coliimliia wheel fsicnfi e
lu liJ lv st ins - 1
Kilt SMI Iid ulinl alsi ccntr Us 1
conditliu 7 cadi dlrcs HO 415 llm dltie
IOIt lLNT Room In buildln 032 F t nw
clicap rent Apply to J lUNTE Hutcliiru
niilllnc 191 1 and U its dclS
rnul nuilillni 313 fclrcct
mii n ii vitns
Ill I i till eaili k irl Milierii tton our new
o cm lunst or Miltrj Ij lases inwUtc 5c
otal 5K HlllTRV Ml III I UN II Mil
IV I Mill It Hall IHdir Itjiu tltj ml
CAriCEm is not Incurable SvS rnakes
some wonderful cures of this horrible dueae
it antidote and drives out the t
deadly xkhsou w 0 w
and Uininir Cara Harrlsburjt to Pittsbur
Pullman Sleeping Wntmr Smoklnr and Ob
aerration Cam Harrlaburj to Chicago Cincin
nati Indlanapoll St Louis Cleveland and
Toledo Buffet Parlor Car to IlarrUbuTK
10 50 A U DULY FIST LINE- Pullman Buffet
larlor Car to Harrisburr Buffet Parlor Car
rarrisbur to Pittaburi
Car ariiltijtton to it
ncl Wadilrirton to Toledo and Sleeping
and Dlnin Cars HarTuburj to India iapoltt St
Ijiuis Loularille via Cincinnati and Chicajro
Slcrpinir Car Ilamsbur to St Louis
Sleeping Car to Pittsburg and Chicago
Dminc Car to Cliicarco
NVTI lAPRESSPulIrnan slceplnir Car Wah
InRton to and Ilarrisbure to Cleve
land and CincirnatL Dininj Car
10 40 P M DULY PICIHC Pull
man slccpintc Car to PHUburft
with tlirouxli Parlor Car Dinln Car and
Coaches to Buffalo via Fmporiurn Junction
7 U M for Kane Canandaurua Rochester and
Nia cara Falls daily except Sunday
1030 A vi or Elmira and Renovo dally etcept
Sunday lor llllannport dvily it JO P M
VV Ith throuirh Ruffrt Sleeping Car and Coachers
to Hulalo Tia Irnporium Junction
7 43 P VI DVILY for Erie for Rochester Buffalo
and Mascara lafls daily eieept aturday with
SIccpinR Car V aaldliKton to Rochester
10 40 P M for 1 rie Canandai ma Rocbetter
Buffalo and Nui2 ara Falls dally Pullman
Sleerina Car Masluncton to Rochester Satur
days only
4 00 P M COCRES 0 U L1MITFD daily
for Sew lork all Parlor Car Willi Dinirf
Car from Baltimore
For riilladcliililu lew AorU and the
Eaprcsa 7 00 Dining- Car 7 57 S IS 9 00
0 l Dlnine 10 00 Ilinimr Car and
11 00 Di iinc Car from THrain5t0n A II
12 15 3 13 4 SO Dinitff Car from Baltimore
B 50 10 00 and 11 50 P II On Sundays 7 00
Car 7 57 S 15 9 CO Id Dinms
Car 11 00 Dinlnj Car from VVJJminiton A
Jf 1215 3 15 4 50 Dinln f Car from Balti
more 6 50 10 00 and 11 50 P M For Phila
dclphia only Lapresa 7 15 A M 1 13 P
M vreclc dajs 2 01 4 10 and 5 40 V II daily
For Boston without cBirf 7 15 X M vccK
days and 4 50 P M daily
lor Baltimore 8 20 7 00 7 15 7 50 7 37 S 13
900 10 00 10 50 11 00 M 12 15 11 4a 1 20
2 01 313 3 30 4 00 Limited 4 10 4 20
4 31 4 30 5 40 6 15 6 30 7 15 7 45 19 00
10 40 ll33and 11 30 P M On Siudays7 00
730 7 57 8 15 9 CO 9 03 10 50 11 CXX A M
12 13 1 15 2 01 3 15 3 30 1 00 Limited 4 10
4 SO 4 30 5 40 8 15 6 50 71 715 10 00
10 40 and 11 30 P Jl
For Ports Creek Line 7 45 A U and 4 31 P V
week days
For Annapolis 7 00 9 00 Jf 1215 and 341
P Jl wett days Sundays 9 00 A M and
5 40 P Jl
For Old Point Comort i Dosvcell and Chesa
peake Ohio Railway 11 41 v Jl week dayl
with through Pullman Buffet Parlor Car
Fxpress for Horida and points on Atlantic Cot
Lln 4 30 A Jf 3 12 P 11 dally Florida
Special 8 10 P Jl weeV days
Express for Florida and points on Seaboard Mr
Line 8 33 v M daily Florida and Metro
politan I imlted 8 53 P JL dally
Express for Richmond only 11 11 A JL week
days 5 00 P M daily
Accommodation for Onantico 7 48 A Jf daily
and 1 23 P M week days
fsenahorc Connections
Tor Atlantic City via Delaware River Bridge all
ail route 12 45 P JL week days throush
Pullman Buffet Parlor Car 3 13 4 00 Con
Itreasional Limited and 11 50 P Jl dally
la JiarVet Street Wharf 10 00 and 11 00 M
1245 P JL week days 11 50 P Jl daily
For Cape Jlay 1100 A M week dajs 11 30
P Jl daily
Ticket offices corner riftrenth and O Streets
and at the station Sixth and U StiCets where
ord rs an be left for the checking of bag ss
to destination from hotels snd residences
call 1411 for Pennsylvania Rail
road Cab S rvice
j n iimeiiissov j n wood
Ccneril Vanscer Ceneral Kzrst
Southern Ry
Schedule In effect Jtarch 28 190L
Trains leave from Penna Station
I 01 m Dailr Local for Ilarrisosbura aasl
lor Charlotte and way stations
11 13 a ra Daii U S Fast JfaiL Sleeping
ears to New Orleans Columbia Savannah and
Jacksonville uniting at Salisbury with sleeper for
Ashevill Chattanooga and Jlemphis and at
Darrrille with sleejier for Birmingham and at
Charlotte with sleeper for Solid train
VV athmgton to New Orleans Uinms car aervica
11 37 a m Daily Local for Charlottesville
4 01 p m Week Days Local for Front Royal
Ctraaburg and Harrisonburg
4 JO p m Daily Local for Charlottesville
8 35 p m Week Days New lork and Florida
Limited Composite Cafe and Smom Car Din
ing Car Compartment and Drawing Room Sleeu
ing Cara and Library and Obcrv ation Cars New
lork and aUi iztou to St Vujustine and
Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping Car New York
and Washington to iken and Vugusta Connect
ing at Columbia with Parlor Car for Charleston
and at Wajcross with Parlor Car for Thomasvllle
9 S3 p m Dally N Y 4 Fla Express Slesp
Ing cars to ALtfusta with connections for Atken
and Charleston and to Savannah Jacksonville
and Port Tampa and Thursdajs to ThonaiVlle
Ga Through coaches to Jacksonville and At
lanta limine at Dannlle with Pullman sleepers
from Richmond and Norfolk for Charlotte Tour
1st sleeper Washington to san Irancesco Mondays
Tuesdays and Fridays Dining car service
10 01 p m Daily- Wa hinaton and Chattanooga
limited V ia Lynchburg Sleeping cara U Roan
oke Knoxville Chattanooga Jlemphis and New
Orleans Through ccach to Memphis Dining car
10 45 p m Daily Washington and Southwest
ern Limited Sleepirg cars to Asheville Knox
ville Chattanooga and Nashville and to Atlanta
Macon Birmingham Jlemphis llontomery Mo
bile and New Orleans Dining car service
Dailc except fcaturdavs and hundavs Sleep
ing car W ashlngton to Pinehurst N C and
Tuesdays Tliurbdajs and Saturda s Sunset lim
ited Annex Sleeper Washington to Vew Orleans
connecting at New Orleans with Sunset Limited
for San 1 rancieco
Leave W adungton 9 01 a m daily 4 49 p m
week dava and 6 23 p m Sundays for Blue
mont 8 25 p m Saturdajs and 4 35 p m week
dais and 11 20 p m Wednesdays and Satur
Idajs orly fur Lcesburg 0 25 p m week days t
Through trains from tne South a nve Washing
ton 8 ii a m h 52 a m 7 3 a m dailv 10 15
a m dail except Monday 2 15 p m and 8 oO
pm dail from Harrisonburg 11 37 a m week
days and 0 40 pm dailv From Charlottesville
S SS a in and 9 10 p in dallr
Tickets sleeping car reservations and other in
formation furnished snd baggage called for anc
checked from hotels snd residences b Union
Transfer Ce on c ders left at Ticket OlSce 703
ISth St N W - 511 Penna ive N W and at
Pcnna Station
Phone 1411 for P R R Cab Service
IRANh S NNON 3d I I and Oen JIgr
S II II VRDWICk Ceneral Passr Agent
L s BROWN Ceneral Vgent
Tv vT4
71 5ia
I - Jl
Si Ohio By
lliruush the IrmiiU st in
Amerlen All llaln Vcstlbuleil
lleolrlc LiKlited ilenm llenteil
lnr tin riirouiiU I mini
Mutton sixth mill II Mrerli
Stlieilnle m effect ilardi IS 1101
S 00 I M DVII Cincinnati and it Lout
Cptiial feolid train for Cincinnati luUniau
sleepers to Cincinnati I ciInKton Louisville In
dlanapiilis and 1 ouis Trltlimit clianc Ot
scrvaliun iarlor tar UaslnnGtull to V irmnia Mot
prin s ilallt ivupt iinJaj rarlor tars Cin
cinnati to Chicii o
11 10 1 II DIL F I Limited Solid
train for Cincinnati Pullman sleepers to Lincin
natl levmston and Louuville without change
Connection fir Virsinia Hot Sprinss daiy Iull
nun compartment ear to Virginia Hot springs
without ilunze daili tveept Simlaj slfP1CrJ
t incimutl tu lnraco and St I ouis
Newport Sens lrfoll and Old Point Comfort
via lVnn R It It 1 I and Iticliniond
Uuffct Iatlor Car VVavlimgton to 0d Point villi
out change
3 00 P II DILY Ior Oordoimille Cliar
lottcsville Staunton daily and for llichnwnd
alb en ept Sunday
Itcscrvjllon and tielels at Chesapeale and Ohia
itllces 613 Prnnilania vrnue K ISth -street
near V and st the tn Telpliorc call 1141
lor Pcnnsjlvania llslrcid ral TYILiR
Telcp one 1066 Cereral Paascnctr AucnL
OrlsrlaT and dlnl
FK Alwiifirt tiebt Itdlc tk Dructat
ir tiilUlIi fclfN JvNCaiLIMI
Tahenoolher It r rate
Cerov HublltaUoHa ami Imlt
un- ttjf jatirDra2luerrna4la
VInM for rrtl4FaUr Tsr atlmonl
oa Rellcr fr Utttr br re
turn Mall 11 OOaTatlallMilaTB Katlrl
mil DruerUta 4 Islkut t lll -
Ucuoa uil pirvr UadUoa ttnaara PtlllA PaU
Cor 12th
and F Sts
Oldest la age longest located
Regular grzdnate two schools
flatiiorlzed ii the District GoTernmsnt
To treat all disaaes of tho Nose Throat and
Lungs Heart Nerves Brain Blood Shin
Stomach Kidneys and Bladder Night losses
Sexual Weakness and alt Dlsaaso
of Suher 3 a Stricture Varicocele and
Hjdrocelo cured without cutting or opera
tioi No pain No toss of time A prompt
and permanent cure guaranteed Syphilis
any stage cured for life without mercury
or potash 4o exposure
Private Diseases Quickly Cured
Oally Office Hours 10 to 1 and 3 to 8
Sunday 10 to 12
The 3 Days Cure
for men leads all remedies In this city
prompt and permanent cure or nn charge Con
sultation free DR McKEElUV Sl 12th st nw
Office hours 9 to 12 a m 6 to 8 p m Sun
days 2 to 4 p m Only Specialist In Diseases ol
Or Beed
509 12th St
01 VCADO successful
CX ILAnO practice In
the Curs of Chronic Nervous
and Special Disaasss of Men
and Women
Means Everything to You it You Sutter
from CtsrTh Ob ttltj ShiitmaUisa CoojipftUil TUt
Ttrot ZQK Brain Heart Clood u Skin DImiiu
OoioiTbaav GltxS Strict tut TkUlcoeala aad H fdrMal
sttrod witioBt detttBlIoa from boilncu So pUnfol
laUtnuaaatat umL
Herwtii avnit Sexual DeStlltr Lots by Qnams or ia
TJrln SypUIiJ all ilagti Slod afalsen aal Ulcr
eartd for lift by saX mttLixli
Private Waiting Room for Ladies
OFFICE KtkflS 10 to 1 3 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12
Dr Leatherman
LXPEBT SPECTALIST In tie cure of all print
dueae a Hydrocele Varicocele Stricture Im
potency and Syphilitic Diseases positively cured
Advice and consultation free Both sexes Daily
9 to 12 i to 5 also on Tuesday Thursday isl
Saturday evening 7 to 8
Ul2 E Street Sortliweat
Closed Sunday
317 6th St N W
X RAYS for Examination Dlagrosis and Treat-
rrcnt In kin and Illood Disfsea Cancer
tisrn PPw Stncture e
Prirate diseases and of both sexei ia
oTd and so called incurable caw cared Static
Faradir CalvarJc Electnctty ana Cautery in us
Lnne exammetL Dailj from 10 to 8 Tueada
and Saturdays till 8 pm
PniVATE SNITAItlOM to treat womans nia
complaints and rrres ularlties Uome comforts
for cases before and confinement Trained
nurse and expert physician In attendance at our
sanitarium Office hours from 10 a m to fi pm
City office 402 Cth st nw Kooma 1C1 101
Phone east S
frratcftt fljirvorant tells from cradle to Rrare
every hidden mysterj repealed tells Tour bud
ne love alTsurs farailr troubles etc aUo about
lawtuit diTorces pecubtKms fjnuLv troubles
Inst proper tr or stolen -foods can tell ou any
thmz ou wi h to know tinny separated- htw
lundai and wire together settles lovers quarrels
restore lost affections and causes speeily mar
ruses removes Umily trouble RpelU or mr
teriou feelinys no matter how great your troub
les are he can overcome them -Is II st svr
10 to 10 daily Indies 23 cnts fents 50
Iroan Offlca
314 Ninth Street N W
Uone Lowed en Wat hes Diimonda JeTelry
Btntncsi strictly confidential ho connection
Kith aby other Loan Office in the city
Merlinm and Card Reader Washinston moat fa
mous Clairvoyant and PalmiUt Conaalt her on
businetM love and family affairs reunite the
separated lerooves spcllj causes speedy mar
iaes and ctves luck Open dally German
i poKen 2c and SOc 020 U L nw
Haiti more- talented spiritual medium can be
omuhed iLulv from 10 to 5 at P irlors 730 0th
L nw fceancc Sundai night at JUccabee Temple
n Oth st nw Cood music Silver collection
1 VDlKr CtMrjiiteci Regulator Remed nocr
i harmT cfnine yourself jKi ionjlIy one
full Iwt free Write to PVRIS C1IFMICL CO
MiUauUe Uu mh31 ap7
MMK 1NLV rjlmit and Gird Reader C19
t tt nw thorough parritry reading ic card
radinss 10c 10 a m to 0 30 p nu ml
OFVTIFMXN twcnt eifiht wi Jiet to meet
jonnp Iad of rennement fond ot mxui pleasures
ibject matnmonj ddres IJOV ioS this ottce
TTR CTI E refineil imencumlered ladr in
lependently uealthj lover of home weet din
jHisilion vvek adri ser and protntor
1 7 Sheffield ave Chicago III ml
r DIEiS Qecret to enarge bust fix lmlir free
annot fail or injure the most delitate LK
KI MH1C1 f cur han ml
UMHtr life revealed tttiffjction
guaranteed wnd birth date and 10 cent- PROF
JOHN MYHIS Mncoln Park Station Ciitcago
ORK1WI 0P Palmuit 1022 7th st nvr 10
ctiit s preven future luck charms reunites
e u ra I cti orn n Sunda vs vtaU up stairs
MME JOE Palmnt and Card Reader 619
F tt nw thirouli palmistry reading 2oc card
rt a dines HX 10 a m to 0 30 p m
MME CI IFTON Spiritual Ruainess Medium and
I ife Reader con ult her on all buine affairs
ie troubles absent friends -die has no equal
07 -a I t nw
VVTH Thoe havinj cancer or tumor to
nnte for free book on home treatment ot this
b ali orption Vddres JDR C II
MW Chathai N
TOOK ILILTHV Faster Is a coming and if
ton vnnt to It ok swell come and get a good
looking suit of dollies or an overcoat of good
tuff worn a little and tailor mfde at that
The unfeigned JlSTlFa OLD TW11 619 1 t
II Rn E E COMITON the ti4iteil palmnt and
card reader al receives patients for magnetic
healing 3 nw
HIGHEST prices paid for gentlemens cast off
garments musical intruments guca and re
elvers drop potal S ATLAS 927 D st nw
LL PVPFR Theres a dutmctlvencu about
the papering and decorating we do a superior tr
which is noticeabl alisent from the Cheap
Julin work sometimes brought to your attention
nd vc clurge but one small profit over actual
ot Irop us a postal for aamplca F J
OITE S2I Pth st nw mhSt
ROOMS papered 1 75 up samples brought
work guaranteed HINT SIC F st c23 7
ROOMS IMprRfcD Z LP legal guarantee with
II work estimates furnished samples brought
tOOoo roll stock to select from send po aI
WILIIAM MMIONr main tore COJ Pa jve
e telephone Lait 111 F Arucoitia branch 10C
Pierce t mh22 3m
OLNQ PARROTS tinging canaries mocking
Lirda dogs cats rabbits gold fish etc cats
logue frte SCHMIDT DIRU STOIC L 712 11th U

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