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The Busy Corner
8th and Market Space
goods ne r sold for less than fl PT
m nrA tmm that lln Irt Cy 25
U uv w
SUIY MUICH 31 1001
Weather Iudlcntlon
OccaSimal ruins today soutlnTly winJ bc
lotmiis nortlmcsterly Fair tomorrow
lliglicst ti mperaturc 4 p in
Lowest tcinjK rtture G a m J
fcui rose 543ALlSun wU CtHlM
Moon rose j J iloon tcts l M
Low tide 104
High U- ilAil and 0 02 I M
ijnpH lit today T
Lamps out tomorrow J - 11
Sent o the Hi form siiiol
llarvty Smth fourteen jcara iIJ In lli Police
CoHrt jlirdi acknowledged liavine ton
bottle anj two patk o card from llar
rinfttfa Mill lie wm wnt Jo tlie ltiiorm
Stulr a Ilurrrl if IuIiiIoph
Tm dullam fine or thirty oa in jail wa the
pctalty imposed en Arthur Washington in the
To tee Court ytttenlay He wa convicted ot
tin lareenj ot a barrel or potatoes from htlly
L diamlierlin comnution merchant
Tlif llenrlim roKtimiied
Jatnirrs Htthush Urged in the Tollec
Court ywteruj with having broken into the
housp ot John U kiliin U M Street iwulhweft
and Iiarln Ulen a I1wt vttih valued at 10
Ilia preliminary hoarinc was deferred until Tuea
a nvt
ItonI rcli OjKlt r llonst
Cotuiiuihi Ijxlpc No 1 KnighU of Uir Roj1
Anh will give an ejieurnlon and ojler rojut
at Cliftu ltatii todai Tlie fteftmc r SJiiitiel J
ltitz ka been tliarterol for llieOeraVlon ami
villi h aie Ikt wharf at II a in llunlis at
7pm AlxHit lr knlht aiJ their friirali will
CtaliilK a nr WreiLrcl lll Wnicou
Tli Mrlropolitan Itailnay Oxupau wa made
tlfdiunt in a wit nlcil vctfrday by Marcut
Milllanw lm iljlm at ilnui for loi
cif iroerty and jiereonat Injuriea VMlllaina al
11111 that on Seiitcinlier 27 last lie wai the
nwrr or 1 eirtaln Iwrse aifi waiioit On the
date milttibned he drelarea lliit at th intrr
tfttlcu of and Ninth one ot tlie ear
cf tjw deleiidant ran into and Compittely Uerov
id the uagtm As a result of the eolllioii 11
liams chdma that le was uIm seriously and pci
knantntly injured
Extra Heavy Jointless tlilncw Hatting lie
r vard 40e heaviest made Chinese Jointlcss
jaltinir 19c id
ULti liUOS 743 745 anil 747 EtU St S E
1 lot of fancy quality Silk
Velvtt plain grounds with
dots very desirable for hat
trimming the colors are se
lect and choice worth 3Sc for
Large Hunches Natural Ef
fect Foliage also very desir
able and very much used
worth 25c for
Sccord floor Millinery parlors
Flowers and Foliage lot of natural
cffirt In -violets and foliage
combined these bunches arc as Tr
large as any 15c ones sold else- siv
where per bunch
WV arc unable to advertise all the
speclnl prices In Trimmed Hats as our
assortment Is too large and varied
the comprise originals and copies of
models for the best creations our own
workrooms included prices ranging
350 to 2500
Leavo your orders at once If ou
Wi something after jour own Ideas
On Deiinrtineiitnl Iliinlnehs
ilr Joseph II Wood of the Treasury De
partment has gone to New Vork on buincfcS con
nected with the Department of Justice
Could Nut Im lllx Iine
Cllhflt Chapman failed to pay a fine of flO
in the Police Court csterdaj on being convict
ed of harin stolen Borne hamew valuc d at ii I
lrom James I tapman and was sent to Jan
for thirty days
A Jurv Trial Deuiitlldc il
Jubui F Ilietrich and John P Turner d ared
with c rurlty to animals in having useI a brutal
proce in dehorning the cattle at the Govern
ment Ilcppital for the Insane pleaded not guilt
latere Jmbe himball In the Polite Court jes
tcrdaj and demaided a jur trial They were
itltasvO on SliO liomli each
A Ilorsf Stolen mill sfllil
tt V Clwrns rtalle at Hardifty Sid was
ln olcn ojxn some time jestenlaj morninB and a
Ere liorse stolen Several hours after tlie mat
ter was marled to the police ot this cit the
animal wai leeovereil from Idwartl Davis sales
ftalle in llatcnnrrx Alley northwest when lie
had been wld for 35 ilr Davis rave the police
a rood description oi the man from whom he
bousht the animal and a sharp lookout Is Uin
Ileseitxl Itliln n lenr
In a petition for duorcc filed veslcrdaj hj JIrs
Julia Elkun slic declares tliat within a jiar
after Irfrr marria her husband Charles 11
Uklm deserted her TTut was thirteen jrars
ago she tites and siuco then he has failed to
contribute to her support The parties were
Married in this cit in December li and in
June follow ini Mrs Klkins says her hudiand
deserted Im r Mrs I Iklns is represented h vt
tornejs lllaekitcne tc tlora
In v4mir of rollce initlt 3liliurtn
Lpon the announrement of the death of Police
man Patrhk Madifian Triday afternoon the Police
Court adjourned out of repwt to his mtnfiv
IVoset uling vltornev Mullownrj made a short
adlresa eltollins the KOod qualities ef the le
ccased and sfiedkinjr of his Ioiir and faithful hi
vice aliout ihe eourllioue fter a few f ulnaItlc
remarks bj Cauipliell arnngtoii it was moved
that the etmrt adjourn and tliat the protetdinss
fh nenioiy of the tlece afted be made a irtion
tf the rce ord It was bo direete d bj Judge
To Seeure ll Conipele nt Stiriliil
The Ijst llrineh M C
1 is airauzid for a nmdeal entertainment to he
gliea Tuelj mitht at the Ninth t reet
tiau Cliurth conier Mnth and D Mreets lurtli
rttst the reeeiits from which are to Lt ue1 i
in seiuiiiier the M rvite of a ihoruth upto date
man as seen tar It is hojitd b the present t
mauiienicnl mat uieir fllotls will tie rewjriien
Tlie tiitetlaiiitiieiit isto be high class The fol
lowing is a list of those who will contribute
Miss liessic Eillncer Cobaua h Mrs tlareuee 11
rthcem M1S Helen Ulilttlese Miss Certrudc
Arthur I Jiaio Japcr D Mifall
Prof Clarence Iladrii Cha Irnest T Vln
rhester W II tthitllese Janes S llkks W
D Mcrariaud and Charles II Hennc
Sues n IIot l lroprleteir
fdith I De nct estcrda filed suit againt
Theophilus E Itoessle as proi rietor of the Ar
linKton Hotel to recover 182 claimed as dam
ages for Jewelry lost h her while a guest at
tliat hostler Mie states that the Jewelry wai
stolen from her by some unknown person and
liohla the dfendant rctinsihle for her loss
The llcllnlii bocietj
Tlie liellam Soeietv will hold its nevt regular
me etina at iQ Pennslania Avenue first floor
Vcdneda evening at 8 oclock An address on
sulism will lie delivered h Ilev Alciander
hint An election of officers will also lie held
Tlie society invites socialists single laiers
and all others interested In its work to be
present at the meetin
To Killertilln IHliul
The programme for the entertainment of the
blind In their reading rnat tlie Congressional
ihrar as arrangtd for the week betinnina to
morrow is as follows Monday Mrs J Wil
cox Tuclay Mrs s I Nation and Mrs Crosh i
Vlednesda mmicale Miss Claire Murra vocal
and Mr Paul Sri err piano Thursday Mr David
Ilutchf Irnlai not arranged and raturda
Miss llorence Iiehrentl
I lie Ileutli He eoril
Tlie follo ving dtuths tor twmtv four hours
were rrporteil at the lie alth Deiartmeut up to
noon etrdj fetcwart an MIet fcO ears
George Philip I te CI ears Nannie ltoe Car
roll i ears ltufus II Speake 47 ears Wil
liam lleiirj htcwart 40 jears 1 dna It lluther
ferd 31 ers diaries Vlorum 31 Jears John D
Ilretli U ears Walter Ilichard Paxten 2 ears
Worenihreth Johnson 1 liar Hussell Hetchrr
1 ear IVantu HiiaUth Garrett 1 vear Rob
ert tirdon I months Klnora ilranson 5
months and tlads Shoenuker owersb t
Our Prices
Uul nn 1011 that uc arc undersell t any of
lhi ui I in this nty
0 ljihrs old flIlel 1 namel Watches i
12 Udu s sl 11 Wati lies VI
HJ ltld hlll allium Watches OJ
lliatniinil llincs ehraiier titan an of eiur cum
iititorc it mil sa vou to call and compare
15i Ileavv Clilnesc Fancy Matting fic vd
13 M per roll of 0 yds V elt W Indow bliaies
Sill leet BHe
fJLUM DKOS Ji8 s5 and V17 8tb t E E
New Easter Foulards
Tomorrow morning we inanguiate the second cinsade on these handsome Silk We give you
an opportunity which has not been our good fortune to secure in the past two seasons We were
led on to this purchase by a silk manufacturer who wanted us to have these prizes because he knew
that quantity was a secondary consideration wheie price concession was the main object We
guarantee eery yaid from the lowest price up perfect stanch and as much wear resisting virtue
in them as airy piece of silk in our stock
21 inch All silk Printed Satin
Foulard This particular make
is more sought after this season
than others the designs and
colorings are all excellent in
fact you will find confined
stjles ofat least lo diffeient
patterns the same goods are
being sold today
tins city at per
j aid for
All silk Foulaul in neat and
pretty designs printed on excel
lent cloth the coloi ings are all
very desirable and no less than
fifteen to twenty patterns from
which to select Thev
inches wide and are
sold even where for
oOc per yard For
All silk Printed Twilled Fou
latds embracing all the up to
date designs and colorings
from twenty to twentj five pat
terns from which to select
these goods are also sold else
where for OOc ou
buy them from us at
per yard
24 and 27 inch All silk Print
ed Twilled Foulard showing a
wide lange of swagger designs
and swell colorings theie is
nothing lackingin this assort
ment to satisfy anj
fastidious taste
positively worth 1
per j ard
Silk Department EIrst Floor Section A
OC wUo
All silk Twilled Foulard
without a doubt the most exten
sive range of new designs shown
this season thej include all
the popular colorings and com
binations such as navy and
white old rose and white rese
da and white beige and white
brown and white helio and
white national and white black
and white and white
and blayk never be- Cffl
foie sold less than jyi
75c per yard for
21 inch All silk Twilled Fou
lard the most comprehensive
and elaborate display and color
ings the designs and effects
are as perfect as any piece of
silk loomed neat as qf
well -as gaudy styles r jl
123 value for V
A Triumph of CompetenessQur Colossal Show
ing of Womens Readytowear Garments
This surpassingly grand display is richer smarter tastier than we are capable of describing
Only a glimpse is enough to excite jour admiration The assortment is most comprehensive em
bodying garments made in distant sections of the world and imported to the I5usy Coiner at a
gi eat expense Youll find counterparts of Parisian models and designs all faithful copies and
for far less than the original costumes could sell The range of prices deserves foremost attention
Womens tailor made suits CO fine
strictly all wool tailor made suits
made of Venetian cheviot and home
spun a very stylish up-to-date outfit
Including collarltss Eton bolero double-breasted
and tight fitting Jackets
all colors these goods are dlsplaveel
on a large centre table
at a special offering
positively worth 1500
and J16 50 for
Hngllsh homespun tailor mado suits
in grey and castor effect nobby Eton
Jacket and Hare skirt trimmed In
sllk stitched taffeta to match an ex
tremely swagger up-to-date
outfit worth
fully 20 for
li With each pound of the Coffees named below 1011 may
chase lbs of JSeut Fianklin Jrinulaletl Sugar at ijc lb
I trgo African Java SOc lb I arge American Coffee 29f lb
I urge Mountain Java 20c lb Iirge Ands Mocht 35c lb
Iarge Oval Moclia S3c lb Large Govt Java Die lb
llest quality of Pure liiitter diiect fiom the cream-
erv of Illinois the same kind sells in the markets for n Vi
ilc lb Our price per lb Z Z 2
f We have just recehed a new shipment of Sugar cm ed
t Hams Fresh and of the Aery best quality Our leader
lillhburys Best Flour actual Aaltie barrel
Our pi ice
t Sacks oflillsburxs lest Flour for ic 7lc140
Dtiier gi iiiri ini Mippi iL mis i k e
S Uorixand Electric Star Soap fully worth
f Our price only
Ileie is a special in Soaps as Monday is ashdiiy joud
ake nt
ic a
Oleiue Soap good quality and huge sie special for CJi
- f t
llue Hen Matches the genuine kind with thelieli and rit on
each box sold about town at l0c Our price jierdozeu n r
t boxes it
Fresh Ganger Snaps 3ic lb-
Hni hams flam Chowder the best flam f how derinade
i trulnr price per can Our leader at
Our 15c quality of 36 Inch percallne
in moire and silk finish If
effect fast black and all 10 I
13c ouallty
31 Inch guaranteed
black back figured
shrunk ft
canvas in black and grey as 7
good as the 15c kind -
of stanch f
want y
22 Inch best shrunk Treneh f
haircloth In black and grey IB
nnnlfK fnr hm J
vn j -
Sugar 5ic 111
The very beht snai made
Franklin Irand Philadelphia
granulated Our price
t c lb or 1 lbs for
Big Grocery Sale
At Johnstons
Prices Gut Way Down
Were offering extra inducements for
tomorrow in way of exceedingly low
prices for the freshest and finest
groceries Motility being the occasion
of this great spring sale
T Itegultr 10c Can Tomatoes ptckeel by one of the largeRt manufacturers in
tha nriTintrini lltfrlit rll 1 11 1 nn Snxl nftnwn n all r
uuutib 111 UU I1UU Vll I1UI1U tllVUQ VUI1 1 LC
T them at
The Busy Corner
8th and Market Space
Our Quest
And its introduction will reveal all the swell ideas of spring Everything will sparkle like precious gems On every
haifd Me Fair Lady will show how beautiful Dame Fashion wrought forth the 1901 beauties from the world of com
merce It will no doubt be a pleasing sight to behold this panorama of exquisite styles We make another effort to
induce those who have as yet failed to mae their Easter selections to come forward and take advantage of these special
Easter prices
Another Boom in Garnitures and Trim
We created the grcite hl furor in this line the past eek that
lias eer been attempted in Washington We dont bar een
imitator- The pnwliase the birest of ith kind ever made
Jloie than one half were Mild and ft there aie many very de
fiant and hifiheost piece- to be offc icl The prices for this selling
arc made still lower Jarnitmes of everj kind Mich as I5oleio
Hovers Yokes Collars and Set 1ieces such as we sold for 2S
and ropiesentou value lrom to Jii will lie oiioieu lor i4i
Another lot of garnitmes also represent boleros col
lais jokes ievers and set pieces which are worth
from k0 to50 will be sold for
Fir t floor C litre BaTEain Table
And garnitures boleros- okes 1 evers w hich 1 ep
resent alue fiom 1H0 up to 2JS will be sold
In addition we will olfer an elaborate assortment of Black
Spangled Applique Persian Aiabian Taffeta and Cbr
Gilt Trimuiing which aie worth fiom 48c to OSc per yi
Trimirini Depjfncnt Sdkm K
Easter Neck Fixings
Aglow with all the colors of the rainbow and even some that
have never been seen in it Heres another depaitment which
claims eervthing To see the many little frills and fixings which
are displayed in this department would make numbers wonder
how human ideas could contrive so main different stjles and ef
A new anil elegant line of all silk
Persian scarfs 2 jards
lone can be easily used ft ft
for head gear or neck I 1 X
Lace collars which Here so much de
manded made of llussian Arabian
liattenliurg and Point de Venice lace
square and round hack with rever
fronts ranging In prices from
75c to 800
An assorted lot of neckwear and au
tomobile scarfs Windsor ties grass
linen and silk tics colored stocks
Ilenalssanee turn over collars f1C
and many other pretty con- I
ccits 25c to 2se alu for
A fine display of stocks with LAIg
lon ends and many other pretty ef
fect in all colors as well as white
and black transparent stocks made of
elvct and silk very svvaggei these
are the vcrj latest Importations rang
ing in price irom
A complete line of black neck ruffs
In every conceivable stile from
first rioor Section C
98c to 498
98c to 1500
The New Easter Hats
100 dozen Womens Hisses and
Childrens Untrimmed Straw Hats a
sample purchase of fine high grade
goods all this seasons shapes jQf
in colors as well as black L
worth from 75c to 1 50 for
An extra fine line of Novelties In
Leaf Foliage in natural green and
autumn effects these are all high
cost goods and very i Of
ble they are worth from Tie Af
to tL2S for
A new line of Plain and Pleated Silk
Chiffon inchrs wide also Plisses
with fancy Fgurcs every desirable
shade of the season the cor
rect thing for trimming nnf
worth from 60c to 73c per jard X
50 dozen large Silk Moussellne Roses
in new effects all fine qualities and
the very thing that Is so much used
for millinery trimming tnese
s p
A rich assortment of neck pieces
made of taffeta satin and
Persian noveltleH in stock and AftC
an iff nff t 7 1lllli rWl U8
Womens fine tailor made cheviot
suits made with nobby contrasting
vest enect ana postillion back new
flare skirt with stitch
ed taffeta bands this
suit Is worth 3 for
Just 23 fine tailor made Imported
sample suits consisting tf broadcloth
and cheviot made with beautiful vest
front effect stitched taffeta and panne
velvet trimming positively only one of
a kind none worth
less than 25 00 and
from that up to
j our choice lor
Second floor Suit Department
12 superb costumes in colors of cas
tor brown grey and black hand
somely silk lined throughout some
have the drop skirt you will not find
any two aime in tnis as i
sortment worth from
45 to 53 jour choice
Womens superfine tailor made
broadcloth suits in black navy cas
tor and brown lined throughout with
the best grade of all silk taffeta fit
finish nnd workmanship guaranteed
mis uuuiLis posuiveiy
40 value specialiy
priced for tomorrow
Sizes 31 to 44
The Busy Corner
Eighth and Market Space
New Easter Parasols
For Women Misses and Children The beauty and correct
styles of spring Parasols are brought out a glance through
the magnificent display wlncli we nave made for you
Womens All silk Coaching Parasols in llghr blue lavender
moue pinK ana nuvy muumeu uu line naiurai sucks
tractive tassels to match
c y t
with at- 1 fU
Womens Tine All silk Glace Taffeta Hemstitched Coachlnir
Parasols made with contrasting borders these come In all shades
Our eihlblt of finer goods consists of Parasols with gilt trimmings to Imi
tate the military Golf Parasols the latest fad Parasols with all over rallies
made of chiffon Parasols all over rallies made of Liberty silk Parasols fin
ished with French tucks Parasols made tucked and hemstitched Mourning
Parasols Carriage Parasols Parasols of dotted pongee polka dot taffetas
i arasois wiin lace eneci maue on suit appiique
designs nnd embroidered neatly worked out iou11
find our prices very nominal and our styles posi
tively exclusive from
JIi es Parasols made with neat double ruille
neatl hemstitched In blue pink royal and white
some have point desprit trimming very pretty and
stjlsh -
Childrens Plain Satin Effect with neat scallops finished with pret
ty tassels In pink white red and turquoise
Childrens China Silk Parasol
every one petite and pretty
rirst floor Scctlor
2 to 1500
148 to 198
fancy centres with white border S
Foreign and Domestic Wash Goods Per
Iseautiful offerings at Easters shrine There is to be a lav
ish use of these lliinsj airy materials for dresses One of the
biggest seasons of a decade We are well prepared to take care
of the whole citvs trade in this line
KIne Challies finished with satin
stripes all new designs In all the
leading colorings of the season these
are not strictly all wool but
will weir and retain their ffr
or just
the same special
Fancy Linens in checks stripes and
plain colors these goods are made of
3trictly pure flar and are Just the
thing for shirt waists suits and
childrens dresses 24 inches rpt
and strictly
Jlcrcerlzed Chambrays In all the dif
ferent itripes including Roman nrd
Etamlne effects these are the newest
and most correct wash ma- pf
terlals for the coming season I S-
32 inches wide for
Silk Chambrajs In plain colors only
light blue medium blue pink lav
ender grey jellow and ox blood
this material is silk and cotton mixed
but will wear equal to an all- p fr
silk material colors strictly Nil
fast 30 inches wide - mf
Embroidercel Lace Madras this Is i
very dainty material we are showing
them in pink light blue lavender and
gre lace stripes with pr
all over effect 32 Til
inches wide color fast w
Grass linens are going to be used
more than ever this season according
to fashion fancy we arc showing them
at all prices from
19c to 65c yd
High class Novelties in single
terns only
rirst Section B
1 150 and 2 yd
Linings for Easter Gowns
Every book has its finale every day has its ending and ev
ery dressniust have a lining of some kind Last seasons dress
linings for fine di esses were quite expensive This spring they
cost you about one half and especially taking the prices to gp
20 pieces of very fine quality
36 inch fast black silky perca
llne 23c value for
Our 25c nuallty of fine black
cerized sateen suitable for S r
3C lnch fast black midnisht
percallne moire finish
16c value of all ilnen can
vas in black only
40c mercerized moreen in
all shades the vry thing
for women s petticoats
24 lnch satin serges In black 35 C
anu cuiur t iu ii -vi jhu
for 50c per jard lor
First Floor Section G
Potatoes 59c bushel
lest large smooth Iurbank
Potatoes Finest cooking o
toes grown Usual value 95c
per bushel
Special price
New York Etrly June Peas Dc can J
5 lbs Washing Sexlt 9c
10c Jars of Table Mustard 5c
10c boxes of Iye 5c O
Pure -Whole-grain Coffee UJHc lb
Condensed Cream 10c can
Gallon Smp c
Gallon of Utking Molasses f9c
10c bottles Uluelng for 5c Y
Good fresh Macaroni
10 lbs Loose Oits v
Itoneless Codfish
liright Dried Apples
Fie di Beef for boiling
Kesit IFoniiny Orits
nllon good Vinegar
7l4c pkg
CU- lb
Ac lb
IMc lb
Oieen Dried Ieis c lb J
Flake Tapioca luc lb
Fiesh Hecf Hoasts
A btrrel
of IJcst rnmll
Sacks of liest
for 15c 21e
Washingtons Leading Grocery Store
729 731 Seventh Street
Sc lb
family riour
and sso e ieh
Iirge llottles of Hiunfonl s Yejst
Povder Sji
let Pure Ijrtl the 12c quil
lt S c lb
Sclirivers HIuc llidge Sugar Corn
for 7c ean
lc Iliglc Condened Jiilk for
TPc i ui
10c Anderson t Campbells Soups
for Sc
lc Cms Condensed Cretm for
Se e til
Vje lrums 5 lbs for
Direct Branch of Factory
J C COSUFF Manager
Wyoming White Ash Kitchen Goal
600 per ton
Half Pea and Half Store
wm J ZEH
702 Eleventh Street N W
3th and DSts S W
sOe Carpet Designs all the newest colorinirs
in Cotton Warp viattin 50 different pat
terns 19e 3d
WIM lllto 743 T4J and Tt7 Stli St S E
The Sort of ALE Youll
k Annrertnfp
rALLAVTlSFS ioM at Sboomakera
ii ht wbaleaome a delicious appvllasr l
Tlrndd tonte tar the convalescuia
1 a dozen bottles
1331 E Street N W
500 Bays One Dollar
Sweaters Jerseys
C Auerbach 7 K
The Swoator Spoclnllst
lUt irailit linen Opaque Window Shadt 21
let Qualil lloor Oiklatli lllc per wiuaro
nllM BROS 73 7i3 and 717 8th St K
OCFv Puf rich- nd dellcioot
uj brew m 3 ear Place
your onler ot once the supply
HHR s limitetl Washinston JJrctv
cry Co Phone 21W

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