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H i
fr Tjilor
nude Suits
of fine All-
wool Tebblc Cheviot made in
DouMe brwstcd Kton and new
vcfct effect Jictcts lk lined
and flare tkirt Choice of
Black and colors Untnalch
able tclnt 15
Eton Jackets
for popular
Kton Jackets
I n Clieriot
Broadcloth Venetian Cloth
etc Black Tn and Cantor
lined throughout with taffeta
ei Ik and worth 1250
Traditions Concerning It Traced
Hack to Remote
The Clinton of Uolling OIMTfd in
WnslifiiRton mid Utrtfiriltirv
12nvmid AVlilte IIoiimc GrfHimlii
rirst Ved fnrilial Pnrpowe In 1M1
How many among the juveniles who
will assemble on the White Lot
Faster Monday to say nothing of per
sons of mature years will realize the
mystic meaning of the Pace or Uaster
egg as it Is more generally call d in
English speaking countries Yet the cus
tom of exchanging eggs at KasUr time
U to be traced according to de Gebelin
to the theology and philosophy of the
ISJItlans Persians Gauls Greeks
Romans etc among all of whom n egg
was emblematic of that which Is the
vital principle of all religion the resur
rection of the body and the llf of the
soul after death According to the Per
sians the world was hatched from an
egg at that season of the year which cor
responds to the vernal equinox ind the
Parsees still exchange gifts of colored
etMS at their New Year festival whirh
celebrate on this date Among the
Jews the egg entered Into all tliOM mjs
terlous ceremonies called apocaltptic
nnd occupied a prominent position on the
household table during the pasihil sea
son Chrlbtlanlty Invested the pjaUiul
j - J2mr iV i
ja ri vvnsiiswaiv 1 k u tjamijr aw tj
4 iP I
r JtoA MThfA Wr
iJdVU esr
for Tailor
made Suits
Homespun Venetian Cheviot
and Broadcloth Black and
colors the new colUrlei
Kton frtjle plain Eton and
Blouse btjles the fi ct trim
med with bends of btttchtd
rat in Begular 20 and C3
Silk Waisls
C f f F r Ladies
S US Fine Silk
J Mxtst soft
and sr iceabie Taffeta aelf
tucLed with Bishop sleeve
thoiee of any of the new
nng tJudev and jou are
getting1 5 aue in every one
for Tailor
rrade Suits
of Iert
prade of Ttbhlc Cheviot lined
throughout uith silk trim
mrd Klounce Skirt aIio fancj
trimmed Suits in original and
clever lUipns Instead of
2750 we haie mailed them
Separate Skirts
C 7 f f fr Dre and
5 SSI WalUnff
V Skirts Cher
iots Broadcloths VenetLtna
Co crt Cloths Hotnetpun
and the new double faced
goods Black and pnD
shades Best 10 Skirt in
a 0ington for 750 to-
of these iVabta - jnornm
Exhibition of Wash Waists
We are prepared now f disclose the nowltie we have gathered
and the qualities tliat will prevail here till season AVe are fear
less 1n the claim that It Is the choicest and at the same time the
largest assortment in town Man new materialsall new patterns
and effects This complimentary special n Ar
60 dozen Madras Waists In plain colors and stripes war- 1
ranted perfect flttlnjr Worth JL Choice
Easter QiovesA Big Leader
First Floor West
OT dozen Glace Kid Gloves 2 clasp in llluclr White Grey Tan
Brown and Beaver with self or Black stitching Full line of sizes
and the Glove thats often sold at 1 elsewhere No more when these
are gone
37ic Imported
Second Floor WU
23c a yard
They have many aliases Some call Imitation roulards others Fou
lardtttes and the luive ben advertised as Slllc Moussellnes But they are
rightfully and properly Foulardimb so the manufacturer of them says This
is tiie regular 37c assortment too Copies of Foulard Silk patterns and small
Dresden dfsigns in Pink Grey Green Lavender and Navy and Light Blue
They arc Imported and the finest that hire been offered at STic a yard
egg with a new significance namely
that of the- tcsurrectloji of Christ and it
was colored red in allusion to his blood
shed for sinners on the cross
The custom of Uaster egg rolling Is
probably derived from the practice In
churches during the Middle Ages for
priests ami choristers to Join in a game
of catching the eggs which were thrown
from one to another each player being
exictted to catch
Children first assembled In the Presi
dents grounds for the purpose of rolling
their Ujster eggs down the erdant slopes
on Laster Monday 1S0J shortly after the
garden ot the Executive Mansion was
laid out The Only other place where
the custom Is still perpetuated so far
as can le ascertained la at the estate of
the Marquis of Hertfordshire In Eng
NovUiere Is the Easter egg more in l
dence at the prehent div than in 11uIl
I Here people carry a number of eggs with
ni m nra mey stir out on iast r Sun
day Thw they present to their friends
8jying Christ is risen The recipient
leplylng He is riten indeed In the
chuttiieK after the service Is oxer prletts
and l4men click fggs togethtr in the
same wij that we touch glasses as a
ceremonial Indicative of kindly feelings
Eery boy doubtless can recall his ex
ploits In - picking eggs at this season nt
the year and can discourse learnedly on
the relative merits of a guinea and a leg
horn The game of picking eggs which
is as popular In England as In this coun
try consists in each boy holding in his
luinu ma ikk anu rapping mem logellier
lather gently until one breaks This Is
the loser and becomes spoil of victor to
the owner of the stronger egg Nothing
Is more elating to one thoroughly Imbuid
with the spirit of the sport than a vic
tory of this kind The liarned Ejdc in
his Oriental Sports speaks of this
The Easter
We Will Slake Your Easter Suit
AVe mhiu to ltmoiiHrnlt y hut M m Sii hIIoiIii Mi In Im nit
MtnbllHluue n Mlilcli mnkM n win Hull f maLtiif nty Hall
i lrl pom lo Hiilt Hie llillllfTM fnm TMirnu mill until
llIT naIl Hike jour kfltl Mini ilIIr Minn Iiv Villi before
next uittln i
t SVSens Suits for - -
Consisting of Che lots rm y Worsteds
Cassuneres Scotch Mlxtun k and In fact
all that is new In spring pat terns Suits
made to fit and wear wel worh 15 for
1 000 1
S GOLDHEIM SONS J 403 405 7iii St i w
Branch Storo 1006 Sovonth Stroot N W
for patrons of
our Untrim
med Alillincry
First Moor VaC
Ladies 50c
Lisle Hose
tice among the Christians of Mesopotamia
on Easter Sunday and forty dajs after
ward during which time their children
buy themselves as many eggs as tliey
cari ami stain them with a red color in
memory of the blood of Christ Some
tinge them also with green and J ellow
these eggs being sold In the markets The
sport consists as In this country In
striking the eggs one against another and
the egg that first breaks It won bj the
owner of the egg that struck It Imme
diately another egg Is pitted against the
winning egg and so they go on till the
last remaining egg wins all the others
Father Carmeli in his History of Cus
toms tells us thit during Easter and
the following days iiard eggs painted of
different colors but principal red are
the ordinary food of the season In Italy
Spain and Provence says he where al
most eery ancient superstition Is retain
ed there are In the public places certain
sports with eggs These he Is Inclined to
attribute originally to the Jens or the
Pagans for he obsres thej were com
mon to both The JewUh wles at the
Peast of the Pissoer upon a table pre
pared Tor that purpose place hard eggs
the smbol of a bird called ZI c concern
ing which the ltabbls hae many fabu
lous accounts
In a praer written by Pope Paul V
for the ue of England Ireland and
Scotland the following passage occurs
Mess O Lord we beseech thee this
th rrealure of eggs that It may become
a wholesome sustenance to thy faithful
tenants eating It In thankfulness to thee
on account of the resurrection of our
Lord A rare and curloirj tract of the
jear ICII Is entitled To Slons Loers
Being a Golden Egg to Aoid Infection
Eggs wen- oldentl cheaper at this
season of the year in the reign of Ed
ward I of England than that of his pres
ent successor Judging from the follow
ing item In the accounts of E tstr Sun
day taken from the Roll of tho ex
penses of the household of IS Edw I
Tour hundred and a half of eggs 18
pence The purpose of the King In
ordering so man eggs on this tiiy was
to hue thm stained or covered with
gold leaf and distributed to the members
of the roval household
In Anglesey North Wales the children
go from houbo to house from Monday
until Saturday in Easter week announc
ing their presence by means of a clapper
so that the door may be opened to them
If no eggs be In tho houq the youngsters
are glad to receive compensating coppers
This custom prevailed formerly not nnly
all over Wales but also In many portions
of England and Scotland At Wllmslow
the following rhjme was Ubed
lleae Mr Smith
1lra c Kie us an KiMfr ejor
It jou do not cite us one
our hrn tliill lay an aMltl on
onr met shall la a ton
In the Northumberland Counts In the
nortji if England when n man asks a
womin for an egg on Easier Mondi and
Is refused he takes off her boots until
she pajs a penalty If a man refuses an
egg at the rt qucst of a woman hh
Kiiatthcs away his cap and will not re
store It until pays a money forfeit
The use of artificial eggs made of sugar
or filigree and enclosing quantities of
bonbons pl lures etc lias been encioarh
Ing for the past half century upon the
true Easter egg and the time may come I
when the ymbollsm of the formor as
rdd as recorded history shall have j
taally passed awny In this country I
It woull merely require a glaw of Mjorren
Stitate or Iitr to make tie jk ojiIc it alixe the
rral pare thunder tit tiles1 malt ainl hop
Ilione t 31 Arlington Bottling Co i
for a case
The new era Is evidently nclcomeil Wc have demonstrated the
intcKrity ot our claim that Fine Hats can be produced and sold
profitably at prices that double discount those that prevail
nllv No sentiment induced the attempt It appealed to us as a
business possibility and we have solved it successfully The clear
est Paris creations serve us as models for faithful copy or to suggest
features upon which our own millinery genius builds You are as
sured of excluslvcncss You are vouchsafed an economy hitherto
unknown in fine millinery Abundant variety fills the cases and
renewals will come with each day throughout the week If special
orders are to be placed for Easter wear may we ask that they bo
given us as early as possible that deUvery may lie certain We shall
cry stop when the rush threatens our painstaking We dont
want to disappoint But we will not dissatisfy
Trimmed Hats
Second floor East
A biff assortment of the
popular flat shapes hand
komely and elaborately
trimmed -with garlands
of flon era and ga ribbons
The price for Monday is
decidedly spcial
rirst Floor West
An importers quantity
and the quantit has
lowered the price Con
sists of tno fctyies of Fol
iage the
kinds By taking all ot
both lots we are enabled
to offer jou choice of I3c
talues for
for choice of Shell Side
Combs with Turquoise Sets
Solid Gold Kings plain
and Jewel settings Gilt
Oxidized and Silver Coin Purses with
chain and hook Enamel
Brooch Pins set with Pearls and
Brilliants 2 row Pearl Necklace
Pearl set Catch- Hat Pins spiral
top set with Turquoise Heavy
Gold plated Barettes plain enamel
and set with Turquoise
Sterling Sliver Prayer Book t PC
Marks Special
First Floor West
All the leading shapes
in double brim braids
sewed by hand not the
machine made hata you
fee elsewhere at this
price Worth most double
First Floor West
What good fortune that we should get possession of these importers
samples for offering the week before Easter when they are the very Hose
j ou will want Genuine French Lisle in plain gauze laces new boot pat
terns ertlcal stripes checks and embroidered designs new and strictly fast
colois Being samples of course the quantity Is limited
Ladies 50c Silk
and Lisle Vests
First rioor West
for choice of Plain and
Chased Brooches set with
Turquoise and llhlnestones
-Stick Pins Barcttes
Cuff Buttons Baby Pins Hat Pins
Sash Pins set with Turquoise
Matrix L AIglon Chains with spike
ends and Turquoise slides Belt
Buckles gold oxidized and Black
fi cts Gold banded Side and Neck
Bosanes Crystal Amethyst Q PC
Pearl jiul Amber
First Floor West
We shall have more calls In response to thla announcement than thcra
are Vests In the lot Success or disappointment rests with you They are
AllHict Lace Silk and Lisle Vests in Pink Blue and White low neck and
without sleeies neatly finished and perfectly fashioned- All sizes and the
biggest Underwear bargain that will be offered in Washington tomorrow
Easter Jewelry Novelties
Jiliiien T llnrrotis Get UN Mother
for Life
Two wills were filed yesterday for pro
bate In tho office of the Register of Wills
for the District of Columbia That of
Mary Virginia Barrows dated February
5 last directs tho following disposition
to be made of her estate
To her son James Thomas Harrows all
her real property for life Ipon his death
the estate is to revert to the testatrixs
daughter Elizabeth Miller and at her
death to the latters daughter
Provision is also made for the following
bequests To St Alojslus Church J 1j0 to
her granddaughter Alice Amelia Gibson
J1000 to A E McLaughlin executor
left 6000 to he Invested for the benefit
of the testatrixs grandsons Archie and
De Witt Gibson
Th remainder of the estate Is left in
equal shares to Joeph Alexander Har
rows Elizabeth Itebeeea Miller and
James Thomas Barrows
Hy the terms of the will of Mary Ellen
Scott dated October 13 ISar she leaves I
premises 7Ij Eleventh Street southeast to i
Ferdinand Schmidt in trust for the
lit or Mary U Ge irge frank Scott and
Virginia America Scott
It Ml
WlltlllCi tilorl riiu4il n
Ill t i 1 lln 7
Justice Barnard jtstcrdav signedan or
der postponing the date of the execution
of Bod WulluceculTred to May 27
Wallace was underT furnico to be hanged
April 12 The respite was necessitates by
the fact that the Court of Appeals for I
the District to which theJprisoner has I
pealed for a reversal othc judgment of j
the lower court has not jet ucted on his I
Wallace was con U ted n Criminal
Court No 1 in January last of the murder i
of his half brother Elhurt Stafford The
men quarreled over a1ioIorod woman
named Jaekson nnd vSallace It was al
leged stabbed Stafford to death with a
knife i
It is expected that his appeal t tlin I
higher court will be passed upon during
the coming week oi lhe pe coml week in
ll lorlM From Persons li Hnii
secit the 1 oiiiik Itnii
Iteports from persons who ilin to have
seen Harry G Wilbur the missing private
secretary to Health OlfScer Woodward in
and about the citj during the past few
days continue to ln made to the police
from time to time but as et the police
have been unable to lay their hands upon
Yesterday afternoon Miss Dodge of 213
Ninth Street southeast notified Dr
Woodward that she had seen and spken
to Wilbur at Louisana Avenue ubout
1 tS oclock The police were notified and
made an Investigation but failed to find
the joung man Another friend of the
joung man Is said to have seen him ill
Ecklngton about 1 IS o clock Weelnesd 5
afternoon the daj he dlbjp tai
for patrons of
our Untrim
med Millinery
First Floor West
A- Mills Sacrifice of Easter Ridbons
First Floor West
We are bound to secrecy as to the mills name nor can we advertise the brand But we have another op
portunity to offer 3 ou one of those big Itlbbon bargains of which we have had a succession this season YouH
know the Rlbbons as soon as you see them Youll call to mind the prices they are retailing at in even- store In
town for they arctandard qualities and in the widths and shades moat in demand About half price Is
what these will be and there are miles ot them In full bolts
All silk Taffeta Ribbon 4 inches wide
all the ery latest spring shades The r
lowest price at which theyre ever
been offered
Fancy Ribbons A firoat variety of new
patterns and colors all silk and T f
3H inche widet Actual alue 12c i
a yard 7
Another lot of All silk Fancy Ribbons In
many effects and all colors 4 - C
Fashionable Veilings
First Floor West
Plain and Fancy Mesh Veils 1 yard
long with and without dots 10
New Meshes with large and small
blocks spider web and Tuxedo ef
fects Black White and Black and
White mixed and plain and 25c
chenille dotted laru
Latest in Ladies Belts
First Floor West
LAiglon Belts with four satin
streamers wit gilt spikes In
stead of ZJc
The new Dip BeU that attains
the long waist effect most satisfacto
rily Patent Leather and AQC
vet instead of 75c t0
Ladies Easter Neckwear
rirst rioor West
As a feature tomorrow the larg
est and best assortment that has ever
bc n shown at 2c Including Satin
and Velvet Stocks In all colors
I ace and Ribbon LAiglon Ties
Venice Laco Turn over Collars
Soft tinted Stocks in White with col
ored edge Hemstitched Taffeta Ties
Corded Collars Windsor Ties In
plain and plaid effects of nil colors
Some of these allies almost double
the prices
Choice 25C EachT
Street llnlliviiy Employes Atiiiiitted
of ssnnltlnf n Passenger
John Bean and Thomas Hell conductor
and motorman respectively on a Seventh
Street car were charged in the Police
Court yesterday with having committed
an assault upon Itev Frederick Lomack
a colored missionary who believes that
Washington offere an unusual opening
for om of his calling Mr Lomack tes
tified that he boardc d a car that was in
charge of the defendants in the upper
pirt of tha city and on pajing his fare
askeel to be put off at Q Street He was
carried past his destination and had
reached II Street before the conductor
thought of him again
As it was the conductors mistake he
thought tint he should be carried back
to the street where he wished to alight
On the return trip from the powerhouse
at tne foot of Seventh Street another
fire was demanded and on being re
fused lie was ejected from the car Sev
eral witnesses for the defence were heard
who tefatlfied to the minister having mis
behaved on the car nnd to the fact that
no more foice was used than was neces
ar In putting him off Prosecuting At
torny Mullowney thereupon abandoned
the cave and the defendants were dis
charged from custody
Philip T Cirutcs liniKtI 1 Mil Com
pltrii In Murj Inlut Cciikum Frauds
The Director of the Census jesterday
was informed of the arrest of Philip T
Graves an ex enumerator of the Census
In St Mary County on a warrant sworn
out by Charles S Sloane Chief of tho
Geographic Div Ision of the Census Office
Graves was charged with making false
returns of the enumeration of the inhab
itants of St Mary County He was ar
rested by a United States deputy marshal
at Oakville St Mary County and taken
to Baltimore where he was released on
lfil hall
The arrest of Graves is the fifth b the
Federal authorities 011 Information of
Census officials Ui cornice tion with the
census returns from St Marj Count it
Is not imprnb ible It was said list night
that a recount will b ordered In the
counties of Anne Arunelel mid Prince
George The ecount in Charles County
will be concluded the latter part of this
vek So fai 110 frauds have been dis
covered In Charles County
Lend Pipe AvvuitN Us Owner
The police of the Flr t precinct arc try
ing to find an owner for about V pounds
of lead pipe held at the Twelfth Street po
lice station The material was found In
the poseson of Frank Campbell and
Willi 1111 Smithy both colured who wero
trjing to bell It when arrested by Precinct
Detective Ilerndon and Policeman San
ford The negroes are said to have told
several different stories regarding hovv
they carai into the possession of the prop
erty none of which have p oved to be
true The were arraigned In the Police
Court jesterday on 1 charge of va
grancy and were committed to the work
hoiKu to await a hearing next Friday
j i i t tmXJLJtmXL
ecKA1i fvA y tVJSScr - v j
mmmwtmmmsmsxL KgassgftZfiiaM MEaLriMS
xvi rj x r ar i ivrksri WTi frattffHjr wimm if wtw tmav irfi r ri way ihihi usrf - ljwvvt w ms m i a tt
hsw smusmmmm hmm ma BSSKHrjsB6 jrssn afcaKo f i
A symphony in major qualities and minor prices Its the grandest chorus of Easter merchandise opportunities that will fall upon the half
million listening ears in Washington This is the week in which you expect -most of us When you properly rely upon us to provide the widest possible
advantages Your right as patrons Our pride as leaders Weve put the very utmost power of command into this occasion The highest talent in the
world contributes of its skill and cleverness Each feature on this programme is surpassing and surprising Weve never invited a heartier response than
we feel sure will be accorded our efforts if self profit and satisfaction are studied
Mkjkua n imt -v m rj i --
W 4 t H iL iw JXZ E3Bw
ft f
I 5y m
Ladies Easter Costumes
Waists etc
Second Floor East
Of course the stock in its entirety Is
beyond compare in values in effec
tiveness in price Those are impera
tive conditions we impose upon our
selves But it is oijr policy to mako
exceptionally attractive offerings when
the buying fever is heightened by
such as the Haster Influence Hence
these selections from the regular assort
ment are tendered below their par a alue
but only for this week We do ap
preciate the effectiveness word-of-mouth
advertisinc and the folloins
but cieue enthusiastic com-
A IoM Display of Easier Iltai at 495 anft 1695
A Good Lesson for Good
It Is a lesson in economy Economy that spares
the purse but not through the curtailment of worth
We are glvir this week a convincing demonstra
tion of the peerla sness of Saks made Clothing An
object lesson tnat is more eloquent than words Because-
it banishes every prejudice that can exist
against tailoring ready for delivery That is what
Saks Clothlng is The highest degree of sartorial art
Recognized as such by Its legion of wearers admitted
ot course reluctantly by Its contemporaries
It is not like ready made Clothing Its production
In accomplished differently Consequently the tesult is
different It Is made BY US and exclusively for us
except for three or four other leading firms who want
to maintain our standard
Sum up in the most critical view and but one con
clusion Is possible that it is the FINEST CLOTHING
How easy for us to guarantee
How reasonable that we should multiply surely by
four times the Ciothing sclllnir of any other store
Lowest price Is by uur insistence not by gauge ot
Easter suggests change a good time to investigate
it you dont already know of the merltsStrong temp
tations are held out in the following lots
Tan Covert Cloth TopCoats cut the most popular length
made with welt front and- welt seams lined with Italian cloth
Worth 51i50 v
Oxford Mixed Top Coats silk lined all through some to
the edge cut medium length with full back- and broad
shoulders Raglan cuff effect JliM is Jts value
Dark Grey Check Worsted Single breasted Sack Stilts
square cut with round corners peaked lapel and military
shoulders You cannot hope to find one as good for less
than 51250
Blue effect Striped Cheviot Sack Suits both coat and
vest single breasted broad shoulder stylish trousers
sturdy Italian linings absolutely periect ntung and thor
oughly made Well worth JliW
Genuine Grey TweSd Suits single breasted with single
breasted high cut vest broad shoulders and Pants that are
right in the height of fashion View It as a J1I50 Suit for
Black Vicuna Top Coats cut extreme short length and
lined throughout with best oll bolled silk strictly all wool
and fast color The tailor who makes one for S is proud
of his effort
Oxford Grey and Ovford Green Light weight Raglans
with perfect shoulder and back the- Green with yoke effect
In back fine Italian body linings and silk sleeve linings the
only right Raglans Intrinsically worth 10
Plain Black Worsted Sack Suits strictly all wool and fast
color cut In the latest style lined with double warp serge
Itcimiiiis Will He- IlroiiKht to this
Clli for Iluriiil
J H Mulholland of 11CO Harvard
Street Mount Pleasant 1 solicitor in the
employ of the Bureau of National Liter
ature and Art ot this city was accidental
ly drowned FriJaj atternoon while cross
ing the creek from Turners Landing to
Lodge Va In a small skin AVhen half
way between the two points the skiff
filled with water and sank Mr Mul
holland swam about fort yards and was
within ten yards of the shore when he
went down Ills body was qulckij re
covered and ever effort made to revive
lum hut It was too late
O K Porter chief clerk ot the Bureau
of National Literature and Art received
a telegram from M C Weaver Justic
of the peace at lajdge telling of the
drowning of Mulholland and asking what
should be elone with the bod Mr Porter
replied requesting that it be prepared for
burial and shipped to th home of the de
ceased In this city
Mr Porter notified Mr Mulhollands
widow of the sad fate of her husband
Speaking of the deceased Mr Porter
said yesterday that he was a man of ex
cellent character hemet faithful and
true and a most successful solicitor He
succeeded when others fulled Mr Porter
declared In the morning s mail was an
oriler from Mulholland ptobably the hint
one he took Mulholland was fifty ears
Tho funeral arrangements will be an
nounced later
The Kulantr of Ilcuriths I i evliibitp1 hy
tlie numerous older- reeeivcd ly tin iliiiiloti
Mottling to for Mairzt u hnaU and Laser in
buttled Phone Hcst 31 tor a case
i IK
I ul tr 1
175 I
Auii nuc ui eiAcs i u1 excellence ut fciv
Imported Fancy Cheviot Sack Suits In exclusive patterns
with single breasted Coats high buttoning Vests Pants wide
and tapering We challenge a better Suit at J1S
Separate Fancy Worsted Dress Paiits
These are bargains by purchase from a miker who re- 1 t m s
tires from the business this seasons best light and dark I V - CI
custom patterns perfect littlng and actually worth 4 J3 r llflillf
SG and J6W a pair Choice J V--v
Silks worth up to 75c 49c yd
Spcond Floor West
Note the popular weaves that are included and bv all means come as early
as ou can on Monday morning for it Is a gala event in Silk selling Come
uijhow whether jou Intend bujing or not wed like to have you see what
sort of Silk -De Is able to buy
Satln hnlsh Foulards in good variety of choice patterns and colors
Watcr pioof Jap Silks 24 Inches wide extra firm quality anu extra fine finish
Hemstitched Taffetas in White and several choice shades
Plain 19 inch Taffeta Silks in White Cream and Black the brilliant lus
trous finish
Dress Goods worth up to 69c for 39c yd
Second Floor West
This is Indeed extraordinary selling and far outruns the best record made
this season The choice i of four distinct weaves all desirable and new
SJ inch Homespuns in all the Greys and Blues most popular weight and fine
All wool Mixed Suitings 3S Indies wide in assortment of new spring shades
and exeeedirgly designs
Black Venetian Cloth OS inches wide guaranteed all wool rich Black and
superior finish
Black Pi rola Suitings ss Inches wide pure mohair and wool and ery
stylish and dressy when made up into suits
sit ut to HlneUvreHs Island by the
Aetv Vurk Authorities
Frederick W Greer who was recently
released from the District workhouse
where he served a term upon being con
victed on a charge of vagrancy was ar
raigned before Magistrate Sleade in tho
West Side Police Court New York Fri
elay on a charge of having failed to set
tle his board bill ami under susoiclon ot
being connected with the disappearance
of a stalskhi coat
When arresteil he gave the name ot
Frank Green as he did when arrested la
this clt last January by Detectlv es Home
and Weedou but he was too well known
to the police to pass under that name Ho
was unable to give SM0 bond for his ap
pearance when wanted and was sent to
Blackwells Island Greer has been ar
rested in this city a nunber of times and
has always represented himself as a
journalist He claims to have been one
of Mark Twains Innocents in the trip
abroad He is an entertaining and con
vincing talker and is said to hive greatly
annoyed prominent men in this city in his
endeavor to travel In good company and
make it pay
J It Garrison Cashier o the bank of Thorn
ville Ohio had been robbed of health by a
fceriou f lun trouble util lie tried Dr Kinds
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cold or a bad con of lunff trouble I al
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