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Number 2530
The Czar Asked lo 3Iainlain llic
Integrity of China
Jtuinlnx Mnnchiirinrt Trent Knunir
linn nj IVnnld Lent Other Pow
er to T11J0 Lite Action The Ite
torntlon of Former Ilulc Asked
PEKIN April 1 The Emperor rc
pljlng to a note from the Czar regard
ing the twelve articles of the modified
Manchurlan Treaty says that the con
vention Is inconsistent with Chinas
complete sovereignty and full rights
although the Czar previously wrote to
the Emperor that he desired to present
no obstacle lo Chinese sovereignty and
declared that the Chinese administra
tion would bo restored in eery respect
to the conditions prevailing prior to the
Russian occupation of Manchuria
The Emperor declared that under the
provisions of the treaty the Cblnese
administration Is not restored to the
status quo
He further says that if Chinese sov
ereignty in Manchuria is lost the other
Powers will be stimulated to take
action similar to Russia and the in
tegritj of China will be no longer
His Majesty beseeches the Czar to
restore Manchuria and to act with
benevolence and righteousness to pre
vent calamities befalling the Empire
and thus win the gratitude of the Em
peror and mjriads of people
SHANGHAI April I The Viceroys
hive not vet proposed a memorial to
the throne concerning the edict direct
ing them to proose a scheme of gen
eral rerorm in the Government
Indemnities for the missions de
strujed in the arious provinces aie
being paid by the provincial authorities
The Itev W S Ament of the Ameri
can Board of Torelgn Missions has
arrived here
LONDON April A despatch to
the Times from Pekln dated March
2S confirms the statement that China
las rejected the Manchurlan Treaty
The correspondent sajs that the atti
tude of the Yangte Viccros who in
formed the Court that they would re
fuse to recognize the com cnton even
if it w ere signed has carried the day
LI Hung Chang who telegraphed on
Tuesday urging the Emperor to recon
sider his determination has received
an answer that the decision of the
throne which Is partly based on the
unanimous advice of the chief provin
cial officials Is Irrevocable and that the
convention cannot be signed
This decision has possibly not ben
communicated to Russia Despite the
Russian Ministers threat that Russia
would tear up the convention unless it
was signed before Tuesday Russia ap
Iears now to hesitate to slam the door
The negotiation certainly were still
proceeding on March 27 between Li
Hung Chang and M de Glcrs the Rus
sian Minister
The latter has agreed to sevcial
further amendments to the text but
these aro chiefly formal and inade
PEKIN March 30 The Chinese Min
ister at St Petersburg has written
urging the acceptance by the Chinese
Government of the revised Manchurlan
Treaty In his letter the Russian Min
ister of Foreign Affairs is represented
ab saying that the signing of the secret
treaty would Involve no complications
with foreign Powers and that the
treaty could be published after it was
Some Chinese think thai the situation
at Slngin fu will be relieved by the
recognition of the Powers that the
Emperor is now the sole head of the
OrvcrnmenL No one Chinese or
Mancliu would be more acceptable
than the present Emperor to the
An open declaration by the Powers
that they would recognize the Emperor
vould facilitate his actual resumption
f control his earlier return to Pckin
his co operatlcn with the Powers in
Initiating the reforms necessaty to
tuarantee the paiment of the Indem
nity and the restoration of peaceful
II is noticeabc that the China Asso
ciation of New York and London rep
lescntlng the sentiment of the business
und missionary communities in China
has strongly emphasized such a policy
but the Minl ters heretofore have
been disinclined lo toucli this
They ore careless whether the Em
peror or Dowager Empress or both
together or neither govern The proto
col omitted any reference to a recogni
tion of the Emperor or his return
though he Is essential to the final set
tlement of the points of the protocol
Progressive Chinese whose suppoit is
desirable are amazed 1 this omission
The Ministers have already defined
tin reflations of the Court ceremon
ials which will avail Utile if the Court
remains at Singan fu This indicates
that the Ministers take a peculiar view
of the logical course to be pursued In
obtaining a settlement
LONDON April 2 Astorj Is Minted
here that a syndicate of London man
cicrs has obtained u concession of 71000
square miles in the provinces of Shausi
end He nan in the very heart of Chinas
mineral wealth The concession It is
aid Includes an unbroken coal belt
extending 3000 miles besides great
liclds of iron and petroleum
The concession it is declared dwarfs
Russias movement and gives to Brit
ish enterprise what is perhaps the rich
est mineral belt In the world
The syndicate has few members
Home Italians are Interested in It It Is
stated that the working capital is
The report emanates from a slnglo
unofficial source
Informatlon has been received hero that
Russia Is threatening the Chinese Gov
ernment with punishment unless the Man
churlan Treaty Is signed by the Chinese
plenipotentiaries It Is understood that
Russia has lied a tlmo limit within which
the signatures must be attached Minis
ter Wu Ting fang the Chinese Minister
was at the State Department yesterday
nnd furnished tome information on the
subject which he had Just received from
Jus Government A little later Lord
raunccfotc called and It Is believed that
he also made some representations in re
gard to Russias attitude
The State Department lias received a
despatch from Special Commissioner
Iiocklilll dated Iekln March S saving
that up to that time the Chinese pleni
potentiaries acting under orders from
their Government had failed to sign the
Manchurian convention
The situation Is regarded as very
The Insurgent Goicrcnr of Manila
Surrender With IIIh Men
MANILA April 1 Yesterday evening
Colonel Gonzalez the insurgent governor
of Manila surrendered at Malabon lo
Colonel Beacom of the Forty second
Regiment together with eleven officers
and fort -four armed and drilled men
Preslilentc Cabezas all the civ II officers
local officers and a large -cheering crowd
received Colonel Gonzalez and escorted
him with a band to Colonel Beacom who
received his unconditional surrender
Colonel Gonzalez said the hopelessness of
the struggle was dally becoming more
apparent and he humbly submitted to
the inevitable
This is the most Important surrender
that lias occurred In this neighborhood
Colonel Gonzalez gave himself up In re
sponse to a letter from Gcronlmo the
military commander who surrendered
through the Influence of Arturo Dancel
a redcrallst
Geronlmo sajs tint the people have in
creasing confidence in American purposes
Tins has been causedby the action of the
Philippine Commission He declaredthat
wherever the Federal party plants the
American banner there the insurrection
The Filipinos he added earnestly de
sire the complete separation of Church
and State and that the Church have no
more rights than anj one else He strong
ly favors the suggestion made by the
commission to purchase the Church lands
He sajs that if Agulnaldo had not been
captured he would have been deserted by
his followers as all are bcartllj tired of
the war
Colonel Gonzalez was fighting against
the Sixth Cavalry when Geronlmos letter
reached him He Immediately started for
Malabon to surrender
Aguinaldo Is still confined at Malacan
nan He Is allowed to sec anyone he de
sires with the exception of newspaper
men He is conferring regarding the situ
His attitude will probably be known to
morrow The military authorities will
allow him a larger period to de
Soldier llrjiortrd to Have fired on
the Molt
LONDON April 2 A despatch to the
Times from St Petersburg sajs it is
reported that another riot occurred at
Kleff on March 21 and troops were sum
moned to ejucll it One version states
that the soldiers Jlred on the rioters
wounding several of them
VIENNA April 1 It Is reported from
Warsaw that an attempt has been made
on the life of M Slpyaghin Minister of
the Interior Ho was not hurt
In consequence of the Russian students
at the Warsaw University preparing a
demonstration in sympathy with the stu
dents at the other unlvcrsltlts the au
thorities have ordered that the Easter
vacation shall begin immediately and
have closed the university
Serious disorders have occurred at
Bialjstok Russian Poland on the occa
sion of the funeral of a Socialist Thou
sands of persons paraded the streets sing
ing revolutionarj songs and Jeering the
police Ultimately troops were ordered
out They cleared tho streets and ar
rested many of those taking part ia
the demonstration
Said to llmr llri ii Veen nl Minn
Pntler n Gtinrtl
LONDON April 1 A despatch from St
Petersburg sajs that private advices from
Vllna state that It Is reported that Count
has been binlshed
It was stated that he had been seen
passing through Vllna under escort of
gendarmes who were taking him to the
VIENNA April 1 A despatch to the
Neue Prele Ircsse from Moscow rajs
that Count Tolstoys son Leo has bsen
1 lit
Aitlliorltlrr Anxious
to ICet n
tint the Plniciic
PRETORIA April 1 As a further pre
caution against the Introduction of the
plague here a military doctor has been
speciallj appointed to meet all trains
arriving from Cape Town All these trains
have been ordered to a jellow Hag
General De Wet Is reported to have
passed Vliklaagte near Standerton with
a force ol 701 men
The Ironmaster Sold to Desire nn
Iutvrniitlnnnl Ilientre
LONDON April 1 -The latest gossip re
garding Mr Carnegie attributes to him a
desire to establish an international tnc
atre in New York and London the com
panies nnd productions Interchanging
Ills Idea It Is said Is to uplift the
masses through the stiw centring the
pluj gocrs of both nations on common
An unnamed friend Is leprescnted as
quoting Mr Carnegie us sajlng that If
he knew how a theatre should be man
aged as well as he knew how a library
should be run ho would endow one with
out loss of time but he asked What Is
truth on the stage
Mr Carnegie Is credlld with further
sajlng that he would soon make an an
nouncement on the subject As his friend
understands he will ask a committee of
representative critics actors actresses
managers and students to decide what
an endowed theatre ought to present to
the public if the decision is satisfactory
he will endow the theatre
Discovery Announced
French ChenilNt
PAR18 April L It was announced to
daj at a sitting of the Academy of Sci
ences that M Curie a chemlit had sep
arated a new gas from radium This gas
Is intensely phosphorescent and will glow
for months fii the dark
It was also announced that M Naudon
a scientist had found means of producing
X rays without electricity by exposing a
metal plate to me rajs oi tni
of the spectrum
he violet end
Pl mis UunIncH Collrcp 8th nnd If
Huiincu Skorlliiiid Typewritluj 125 a fear
Six Reports in Reply to the Piatt
Amendment Handcil In
The Proposition to Send n Commls
flun to See the PrcHltlrnt Defcntcd
Planters Fni or AhUIuk Siicclnl
Tn riff Concessions From Americans
HAVANA April 1 At a prlvato
meeting of the Constitutional Conven
tion six reports in reply to tho
Piatt amendment were read and laid
on the table
A motion was made that a commis
sion be appointed to go to Washington
and discuss the question with President
but it was lost by a vote of
12 to 3 Several Conservative delegates
who were expectetl to support this mo
tion either voted against It or remained
aw nj
Senors Gcner and Gcbera did not nt
tend the meeting and Senor Qullcz left
it before the vote was taken The ques
tion may be brought up again tomor
row- at a public session
A communication from the Planters
Society was read proposing that tho
Piatt amendment should be accepted
provided tho American Government
should agree to add thereto a CO per
cent reduction in the present duties
paid on Cuban products entering the
United States or at anj rate to so
arrange that Cuban products should
pay less duty than is paid on similar
products from other countries
The communication declared that the
third clause of the Piatt amendment
would bo most advantageous to the
countrj In that it guaranteed law and
The commission appointed to reform
the tariffs has invited all persons wish
ing to express opinions on the subject
to do so to the secretary If they wish
a special interview with the commis
sion the secretary will appoint a time
for such interview
Mayor Rodriguez has resigned He
will be appointed chief ofllcer of the
Rural Guard which will be reorganized
and placed under the command of one
officer The Rurales at present number
1200 At present each province has its
own commanding officer
A negro member of the city council
went today with some white friends to
the Correc Restaurant which is kept
by a Spaniard The latter asked the
whites to take the negro into an Inner
room where the patty woul i be served
The whites asked the reason for this
and the restaurant keeper said that the
many Americans who were dining
here would leave If a negro was allowed
to eat in the front room
The negro and his friends then left
The restaurant keeper has slnco re
ceived threats that his establishment
will be closed
A SngfjcHllon to Recognize Canada
mill Anstrnlin
LONDON April 2 The Standard
sajs it learns that a suggestion has been
made to King Edward from a represen
tative colonial quarter that the Duke of
Cornwall and York be created Prince of
Australia in commemoration of the
foundation of the Australian Common
wealth The matter has been referred to
the Ministers
Several difficulties in the of con
ferring such a title are pointed out and
the fact that If such a recog
nition of the colonies should be contem
plated Canada has the first claim
An alternative suggestion Is now made
that the dukes eldest sons be created
Princes of Canada and Australia respc
VliNCOlider Decides to Take HI
BRIDGEPORT Conn April 1 Weary
of want In a strange land In constant
dread of capture F L Johnson well
known here as a practicing lawjer nnd
active politician who defaulted as trustee
of the Pendleton and Wordln estates and
of the Staples Free of Easton
In the aggregate sum of JWUOO nnd ab
sconded three months ago is en route
home a steamer from Galveston Tex
to surrender himself to the police
While the United States Fidelity and
Trust Comuanv which went surety for
him as trustee of the Pendleton estate
to the extent of 51000 was searching the
countrj for him Johnson was In strait
ened circumstances In Mexico He left
a loving wife nnd two small children be
hind He was known as a warm hearted
man and absence from home Is believed
to have tnlluenced him In his determina
tion to return
A few dajs ago he telegraphed to Po
lice Supt rlntendent Birmingham from
Torreon Mexico that he would return
and answer to the charges against him if
the necessary funds for his passage were
forward d The suretv tompanj was
communicated with and money sent to
In order to demonstrate his good faith
he telegraphed before boarding the steam
er at Galveston Johnson Is alleged to
have speculated with the trust funds
Not lie Ilcei n
I nlll Veil
The trill of
Richard K Ixiper who Is accused of
wrecking the Guarantors Finance Com
panj was postponed todaj1 for the fourth
time It was the failure of the company
that led to the failure of the Peoples
National Bank and Incidentally the trial
of United States Senator Qti ij for con
spiracy and to It nlso was due the sui
cide of the bank s cashier John T Hop
It Is probible that the trial which It
Is said will poi ltlvelj begin on
April 3 will bring forth interesting testi
mony relative to Quaj and Penrose and
other men jiromincnt In the politics of
An Olllce V reeked l the Iorre of
the nnloNion
READING Pa April 1 Burgl irs en
tered tho bt Elmo Hotel office ut 330
oclock this morning and drilled the big
safA Bj using a too powerful charge of
nitrogljcerlno they not only blew off the
safe dour but the j wrecked the office Ulie
force of tho explosion threw the proprie
tor John V Dutt nnd his wife who
were on the Hoor above completely out
of bed
The explosion was heard two squares
away Tho thieves got about 100
Killed in n Hotel Fire
NASHVILLE Tcnn April 1 The Hoff
man Hotel a hotel In Paris Tenn was
burneel this morning and John Durkee
lost his life He was seventy years old
and leaves a sou In Seattle Wash nnd a
sister in New York He came to Paris
three jears ago from Oregon
Actor Found to He From
Mnnlnenl Inrcnlx
NEW YORK April 1 Maurice Barry
more the actor who was taken to Belle
vue Hospital on was examined
today by Dr Wlldman and Dr Newton
and found to be In a maniacal stage
of paresis He has threatened to kill
Charles Frohman He will be sent to the
RIvcrcrest Asjlum at Astoria tomorrow
at the request of his daughter Ethel
According to Dr Newton Mr Barry
mores paresis Is of the variety that first
affects the spine and works gradual up
Into the brain
There are three forms of paresis said
Dr Newton tonight It sometimes be
gins In the brain and stays there some
times in the spine and works up and the
third varied goes both ways The pa
resis which originates In the spine is
gradual In the early stages of Its de
velopment That has been the case with
Two j ears ago his friends told me
that he could not walk straight and that
he was always bumping Into other per
sons on the stage I askfd him about it
and he complained that everybody was
bumping Into him I subjected him to all
the tests and found that he had locomo
tor ataxia He could not walk straight
and he could not stand still with his cjes
shut He was very emotional and cried
at question l7ut to him and he had
no memorj His disease was then In the
spine and In Its earliest stages
lie became much better after six weeks
of treatment and since then has scored
one of the greatest successes of his ca
reer as Rawdon Crawley in Vanity Talr
But his case now Is very serious Assum
ing that his trouble of two j ears ago was
the beginning of this paresis ho has only
a few months to live
I found from a thousand cases that a
man with paresis will live about
months Just when Tiarrjmore dies
will depend on when the epileptic convul
sions begin The convulsions will be fre
quent and be followed bj paralysis
The actor now has a flxd delusion that
he is being hounded by the theatrical sjn
dicate He holds Charles Frohman re
sponsible and has threatened to kill him
In the mans present condition such a
threat must be taken If ho was
at now he would try to cany out
the threat
Mill Operative DUHked Mlie War
He Dlxchnrged Eniplojo
MEMPHIS April I There was an ex
citing time In Wesson Miss on Satur
day because of the dislike of the mill
operatives for their general manager
Wesson has the biggest cotten mill in the
South emplojlng IOOO operatives It was
established Just nfter the war and until
two j ears ago the heads of departments
and of the operatives were men
who had grown In the service
About that time the manager and own
er died and a new superintendent named
Oliver was brought from Scotland It
was not long before the old operatives be
gan to be discharged and strangers put
in their places until now it is said only
three or them remain on the payrolls
Ihe consequence was OitL Oliver was
heartllj disliked by the opJj7fJrT
On Saturelnj when It ucanie known
that another of the old timers was to be
discharged and the jounc brother of
Oliver put In his place the operatives
300 strong marched to the office of the
manager and told him they had had
enough of him and that if hedid not get
out of town Immediately his bodj would
soon adorn a telegraph lOle
He procured a convejance got his wife
and brother and started for Hazelhurst
the next station above Wesson where
he Is supposed to have taken the train
The people of Wesson are happy and
there Is general rejoicing Copt R I
Saunders President of the Wesson Mills
straightened out nffalrs here todaj
He Issue n Stnteinent Ilegnrdtni
ills Retirement
Griggs ex Attorney General resumed
his law practice In this city thla morn
ing He was early at his office and cheer
fully received those who called upon him
I am back home ha said I am
with the friends and neighbors of a life
He dictated the following regarding his
life at Washington
Arduous though it was It has been
the most delightful part of my life I
have not served under one of the
most delightful men that ever held the
Presidential chair but the members of
the Cabinet have all been such agreeable
and frlendlv colleagues that the pe
riod 1ms been absolutely free from
beginning to end from jirs or bick
erings During all the time thero has been
a perfect co opemtlon and a perfect
existing between the various mem
Mj service Ins covered a period that
comprises more great events than anj
other In the hlstoiy of the country ex
cept during the civil war I went Into
the Cabinet Just a few dajs before the
Meine was Mown up and I am retiring
Just after Aguinaldo Ins fteen captured
Personallj the first of April Is a
great relief to me It Is the first In
six jears that I have not had in
othclal mall to attend to From a pure lj
pergonal point of view 1 nm very sorrj
to part with my political associates and
especlallj from the council tabic of
President William McKinlev
rrederlco Morn Impelled llecnime of
Ills Plots
NEW YORK April J Advices from
Nicaragua received here todaj tell of the
expulsion from that Republic of Fred
erieo Mora who was sentenced here In
1897 to a term of two 2 cars In Sing Sing
for counterfeiting
Mora who Is a natiie of Costa Rica
has since his release from prison been
in Nicaragua trjlng to start a revolu
tion against President Igleslas of Costa
Rica It was for counterfeiting bank
notes of the latter country that he was
convicted and It is said he was seeking
revenge He gathend about him only a
few follow rs but enough to make con
siderable trouble by predatorj raids
It was even charged hat President
Zalaja of Nlcnragu i was helping Mora
against his neighboring Prt sklent and
this suspicion has caused much bitterness
between the two countries
The belief Is that President ZaLtj a has
expelled Mora to Hint be was not
aiding him Mora is said to be now hi
Panama Colombia
IUKlll olilers SHIIe
LONDON April- 1 Thirty thousand
colliers and colliery englnemen la Lanark
shire have struck for ten elglH hour daj
The trouble- Is spreading
Oeenn tillllislili 31ov emeiits
NEW YORK April 1 -Arrived Trave
Gcnia Ethiopia Glasuw Iberian Liv
erpool Georgic Liverpool Arrived out
Ilarbarossn from New York at Bremen
Potsdam from New York for Rotterdam
off the Lizard Aller from New York at
The Eccentric Millionaire Elected
Mayor of Cleveland Ohio
The Other Men Placed In Office Prin
cipally Ilcpnblirnnn V Flht for a
Senntorshlfi to He Dcxan LoohinR
Abend to the 1001 Cainpalcn
CLEVELAND Ohio April 1 Tom
L Johnson the millionaire disciple of
the late Henry George champion of
municipal ownership of all seml publlc
franchises has been elected mayor of
Cleveland by a plurality of at least
At 10 oclock seventy precincts out of
a total of 1S2 gave him a gain of eight
to a precinct On the basis of these
returns the Republican committee con
cedes his election by 4000 plurality
The remainder of the Republican cltj
ticket has pulled through by a safe
Three Democratic councllmen are
probably elected but the entire school
council ticket has been carried bj the
Republicans The of Mr John
son on his radical platform has been a
great surprise to many people of Cleve
land His campaign has attracted gen
eral attention throughout the country
by reason of the fact that he Is supposed
to have political aspirations which will
soon bring him into national notice
It is predicted tonight that the cam
paign for the control of the next Legis
lature will be begun at once in tho in
terests of Mr Johnsons candidacy for
the United States Senate It Is also
likely that Mr Johnson will appear
before the Democratic National Con
vention of 1001 as a candidate for Presi
dent Whether he will make the fight
on the Issues which so triumphantly
elected him tonight is of course a
matter of conjecture
A practical experiment of the merits
of 3 cent fare will also be one of the
spectacles to which the attention of the
public will be called This Issue of
3 cent fares was one of the strong
points in Mr Johnsons campaign and
he is pledged to put this question to a
He Is an experienced street railway
man and claims that 3 cent fare Is both
equitable to tho companies and Just to
the people William J Akers the de
feated Republican candidate was
greatly crlrpled In his campaign by his
alliance with the so called McKisson
Ho was defeated Republican voters
who had the highest regard for the
personality of Mr Akers but did not
dare to entrust tho control of city
affairs to the ifcKIsson clement
While Mr Johnson Is in no waj a
friend of Senator Hanna the two being
personal as well art political enemies
It Is not thought that Pcnator Hanna
will grieve much over the defeat of the
Republican candidate tonight
Mr Hannas Influence has for years
been exerted against the element In the
Republican party which nominated
Akers for mayor and the so called
Hanna wing of the parly ts losing little
sleep tonight over the Democratic vic
tory in this city
The victory of Mr Johnson will bring
lilm at once Into n sharp contest for
part with John R McLean
The latter Will never consent to sur
render his claim to the United States
Henatorship which he has made every
time there was a possibility of Demo
cratic control of the Ohio Legislature
The fight premises to be an Interest
ing one
V Mnnlc lpnl On ncrnhlii Platform
Proves Potiulnr
COLUMBPS Ohio April 1 John N
Uinkle Democrat was elected major of
this todaj by a pluralltj of 3S6 out
of a total vote of about 27000 He made
his campaign on the Irsue of municipal
ownership of public utilities and a 3 cent
car fare
His Republican opponent was Henry C
Taj Ior Judge Advocate General on Gov
ernor Nashs staff and one or the best
known men In the while Hinklc was
little known
The result was a great surprise
carried the city last fall 2950
lliukles candldacj was backed bj ex
Congressmcn John Lentz who directed
his campaign
The Mnjornllj IlKlit n Hitter One
in Sirlnil1elil Ohio
SPKINGriELD Ohio April 1 M L
Mllligan Republican was elected mijor
o cr D F Snjder Democrat twentj
one votes There were SC19 votes
cast the ltrgest in local election for
vears and 1MC more than two jears
A bitter fight was made for major The
entire Republican ticket was electesl with
the exception of police Judge J J Mil
ler Democrat being re elected
Mllligan is a brother-in-law of Sena
tor C W Fairbanks of Indiana
Eleetlon In Evnnsv Intl a
Cltse t outcNt
EVANSVILLK Ind April I Late re
turns point to the election of John B
Bochne Df mo rat for major by hardly
more th in 100 pluralltj Four precincts
j et lo be heard from hold the balance
The cimpalgn was waged between rep
itsenlatlves of good citizenship headed
bj Mr Boehne and advocates of a wide
opt n pollcj represented bj Charles G
Covert the Republican nominee
the is Dt mocratlc The
Demcerats barge that the Republicans
imported large numbers of negro votes
from Kentuckj In the case of either
mans election a contest Is probible
ihe luvlj elected major will four
jfi b as the twtvjear teim was abolished
bj tin last Legislature
Mnjtir rtiiiimn N thoseii
slniiiroril Conn
Cumnilngs Demociat was
taln In
1 Maj or
re elected
major of this titj bj the record
breaking majority of 113 votes
The Democratic made big gains
in tho ticket electing an additional offieer
over tht list of last jtar The Republi
cans havo a of officers how
AlHvor Cuinmings was prominent in the
Prc sldentlal caiopaigp as a supporter of
Brjan He was National Committeeman
tioin this State
Toledos Golden Itnle Major Get
n Third Term
TOLEDO April 1 Major S M Jones
Is elected for the third time as a non
partisan over Gen W V McMaksn
Jones former however was
badly cut and he will not have over lIM
or 1500
Party Lines Not Drawn In
the Sfnte
HELENA Mon April 1 Municipal
elections were held throughout Montana
But little Interest was manifested
While lines were not closely drawn
Republican and Democratic tickets were
In the field in the larger cities Citizens
and independent tickets predominating in
tho smaller towns
In Helena the Republicans elected five
of tho seven aldermen In Butte the
Democrats elected W H Davej maj or
by probably 500 majority together with a
police magistrate and six aldermen The
Republicans elected the city treasurer
and two aldermen
The probabilities at this hour arc that
Great Falls and Anaconda will go Demo
cratic by simll majorities
Complete returns from Great Falls show
the Republicans elected their entire ticket
except two aldermen
Republicans Swcen Detroit nnd the
DETROIT Mich April 1 The Repub
lican swept the city and State to
day for the entire ticket from Montgom
ery for Supreme Court Judge- of Michi
gan to John B Whalen for police Justice
The vote was very light barely missing
GO per cent of the ordinary spring elec
tion vote
Miners of the First District to Hold
a Session
vention of the mine workers of tho First
district has been called for next
to devise a plan for preventing small
strikes and for getting all the mine work
ers of the district in the union The
Delaware and Hudson Company todaj
posted notices that until further rotlce
all the mines would work half time Since
all danger of a strike has passed there
has been a falling off In the demand for
hard coal
Men lenvc Von liilon Fnctorles
scvv 7crsc
BRIDGETON N J April 1 Vice
ide nt William Al Doughty and the other
officers of the Glass Bottle Blowers As
sociation are making a determined effort
to force the George Jonas Glass Com
pany of Mlnoteda and the Jonas Glass
Company of this city to reorganise tnelr
plants are the only non union gltts
plants left in south
Blowersand apprentices from both these
factories were consulting with the
and manv of them were Induced to give
up their places and Join the union rooks
of them dropped their
tools In the Jonas Glass Works ind left
on the noon train for Wallaceburg Can
ada and other distant points where posi
tions hav c been secured for them In union
The Theft From nn KxpreHM Package
Still n Mjsterj
NEW YORK April 1 Investigation in
to the manner in which a package con
taining JiOOO In good was trans
ferred into one containing a number of
slips of brown paper neatly cut Into the
size of bank notes while In transit via
the Southern and Adams Express com
panies from the Bank of Columbia of
Columbia S C to the National Bank
of Commerce or this city Is still In prog l
ress and that is about all the Information
that could be had todaj at thl3 end of
the line of cnquirj
We received the parcel of pa
pers from the Adams Express Companj
said Joseph C Hendrix Tresdent of the
Bank of Commerce and that Is all that
we are able to about the matter
The Adams Express received
the package from the Southern Express
at Washington D C and had
charge of It from that time until it was
delivered to the Bank of Commerce in
We arc making a careful Investigation
of the mitter Mr Timmerman sup
erintendent of traffic of the Adams Ex
press Companj said but I am
unable to whether the was
stolen at this end or the other end or In
the middle In fact we cannot as jet
anj thing about It We do not know
whether It was stolen In the hands of
The superintendent of the Pinkerton
Detective Agency said
He do not know anj thing whatever
jet but we maj know more later on
Mrs nd rnrd finrcln 0 ereome While
Telllntr of Aliened Crueltj
TRENTON N J April I Mrs Ed
ward Gircln one of the principals In a
divorce suit that engrossed the atten
tion of Vice Chancellor Reed s court
fainted while on the witness stand
Both iis Garcin t id her sister Miss
Marj Spiers of Washington D C gave
their In a dramatic
stjle each rising from the witness chair
manj times to give emphasis to the tes
Mrs G irein was a Southern woman
when she marrkd Gircln who Is one
of the owners of the Trenton Rubber
Manufacturing Companj The couple
have been mirried only two jtars Gar
cin brought suit alleging desertion and
the wife filed a cross bill charging cru
eltj It was while testlfjlng to some of
her chirg s of crueltj that Mrs Garcin
The hu band was not affected ard in
sisted that the wife was merelj attempt
ing to create sviiipathj According to
the of Mrs Garcin and hr sis
ter Gar ins cruelty was the result of
his orinklng The husband denies the
Ihe Irlt f Coal Cot
PHILADELPHIA April 1 Th Phil i
delphii rml Reading Coal nnd Iron Com
pany toil ty announced it cut of 50 cents
a ton Hi broken egg stove mil chestnut
roal Ihe urue of lump steamboat pea
and buckwheat remains unehangrtl
One More tnrneKie lthrnrj
MOlNf VERNON Iowa April 1 - tn
diew Carnegie his offered JIO000 for a
library bulding ft r Mount Vernon and
Cornell Coli 4c The gift was secured
through S aator Allison and Governor
VorfolU c VV nsliiii stou steamboat Lo
Dellhtlul trips djily at 6 30 p m from foot
7th it to Oltl Point Comfort Newport News
Sol folk and tlic South For bctieuulr ec iaje 7
Price 0e Cent
Morgan Co Announce the Steel
Combines Organization
The Cnultnl Stock to lie l10000O
OOO Clinrln M Schwab Choaea as
President of the Corporation
The Directors and Other Officers
TRENTON N J April L The United
States Steel Corporation today filed
with the Secretary of State amended
articles of Incorporation increasing Its
authorized capital stock to HIOOOOOOI
from the nominal amount of 3001
mentioned in the original papers
Incidentally the companys messen
ger turned over to the State of Nev
Jersey a certified check for 220000 tj
pay the filing fee of 200 for each mil
lion dollars of authorized capital
Even this large amount was not suf
ficient and about 20 In cash had to b
placed additionally because another
change had been made In the articlei
of incorporate besides that of increas
ing the authorized capital stock
The corporation In Us amended chart
er took advantage of an act passed by
the recent Legislature and said at tht
time to have been Introduced in th
big corporations Interest The chango
permits the mortgaging of property of
the pledging of the stock of the com
ranv or tho stock jf any other com
pany by the affirmative vote of th
owners of two thirds of the stock rep
resented at a meeting Instead of
thealllrmative vote of two thirds of ail
the stock outstanding
NEW YORK April 1 J Pierpont
Morgan Co issued tho following
staement tonight announcing the or
ganization of the United States Steel
In accordance with their circular of
March 2 1S0J which provided among
other things that the entire planof orA
ganizatlon and management should bo
determined Messrs J P Morgan
Co they now announce that the organ
ization and management of the United
States Steel Corporaion will be consti
tuted as follows
Directors J Pierpont Morgan John D
Rockefeller Francis II Peabody Henry
H Rogers Charles M Schwab Elbert
H Gary Robert Bacon Charles Steele
Marshall Field Norman B Ream P
A B Widener AVilliam H Moore
James II Reed Henry C Frick Daniel
G Reid E C Converse Percival Rob
erts John D Rockefeller Jr Alfred
Cllford William E Dodge Nathaniel
Tiiajer William Edeuborn Abram S
Hewitt and Clemen A Griscora
President Charles M Schwab
Treasurer Arthur F Luke Secretary
Executive CuinmUtee E H Gary
Chairman Daniel G Reid William
Edenborn E C Converse Percival
Roberts Charles Steele-
Finance Committee Robert Bacon
Chairman Henry H Rogers Norman
P Ream P A R Widener
While J Pierpont Morgan appears
only as a director two of his partners
Robert Bacon and Charles Steele are
also on the board Standard OH inter
ests are strongly rep
The old American Stt
Company will be represe
B Widener of Phildelphla
ford and William Edenbor
John W Gates Is not on L
William E Dodge and Clement A Gris
eom have not been connected promi
nently with any of the companies that
make up the Unltecf States Steel
Henry C Frick It Is understood
takes a place on the board at the per
sonal request of Mr Morgan
This was the last day on which the
constituent companies of the United
States Steel Corporation could turn in
their stock for conversion Into the se
curities of the new At tho
office of Messrs J P Morgan Co
It was said that 100 per cent
of all the stock had been turned In
Th re was a little stock In Europe
which it was Impossible to
turn in on time- but it would be turned
in As therefore practically all the
stock had been received the plan could
be said to be a thorough success
Encounter in n A iliiiinston
C Hotel
WILMINGTON N C April l Judge E
K Brjan of the Eastern North Carolina
Criminal Court and W W Williamson
a traveling man of Philadelphia had a
sensational t neoiiniT In the Orton House
here j esterdij
Williamson claimed thit the judge was
staring at his wife in an offensive man
ner but the latier said that at Mrs
Brj aiis suggestion he was admiring the
pretty waist Mrs Williamson wore The
judge received a black ejeTliut was about
to get the best oE Williamson when friends
The Ground Coercd to a Depth of
six Inches
TOPEUA Kan April L was
a beautiful spring daj throughout tho
West Tonight Kansas Is covered with
six inches of snow nd it is still falling
Thousands of range cattle will die from
hunger If the snow remains on tho
ground several davs nnd feed has been
exhausted bj the long winter
The big plains snow plows have been
sent vist to clear th blockades
A rlmlmil Killed the Mnu Ha
1 rletl lo Holt
NEW OULliANS April 1 Wllliim
alias CrooVcd NVck Dlnne y was shot
and killed this mofninj Peter Jones
whom he sittemtd to rob Delancy was
on of the woY t criminals In the
His two Mothers vcni killed here vvhlla
enga red In perpetrating crimes
Crooked Neck himself served thrto
terms In penltentlarj and was under
Inllctment for hlghwaj robbery at tho
time of the killing During the Spanish
war Delaney enlisted In one of the Louis
iana regiments but proved a most unruly
and troublesome soldier
Deposit with the I riion Trust ami Storc Co
Hit t St -ml eel mtuc st on your balance

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