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Kings Palace
All Hits
Tree of Charge
Our Trimmed Hals at
cannot be nntched elsewhere for less
than 5 In fact they ire the Identical
hnts stvle and materials as thoe
advertit ed li other at J5 anil U So
See them for yourself ami be con
Only 198 for 4
Chiffon and Straw Hats
This is a splendid illustration of the
saving wo are making you The hind
some chiffon and straw hRts which
others are selling at 250 and as worth
U are being sold here at Jl SS Some
are made entirely of chiffon some of
chiffon and straw The are In all the
new colors nnd shapes Including tur
bans toques and pancake effects
We Arc Selling About
AH the Leghorns
which arc being sold in this cit Why
snouldnt we when we are selling
them at less than other stores paid
for them
Ladles Jli es and Childrens Gen
uine Imported Leghorn small shapes
medium fehapes and large shapes
there arc high crowns low- crowns
and medium crowns for ladies
misses and children all the genuine
imported leghorns and in the 29c lot
arc some Fancy Iice edge Leghorns
Three lots
Tor Leghorns worth 59c to 73c
For leghorns worth I
For I phnrns worth Jl 23 and Jl SO
Department Stores
810-812-824 7th St and
7i5 Rffarkel Space
n o
rrcirium Stamps
I With Every
I Purchase
Easter Millinery
The formal Easter Opening has thus far pun en the success
of successes It lias certainly been an ee opener to hnndieds of
people to hnndieds of people who June neer boujjht heie It
has mealed the follv of paying so much for millinery when the
very best and most stilish is to be had heie for so little
This has become a great millinery house and it has grown big
because of the reasonableness of its piices the extieme stylish
ness of its millinery
These Jiusy das are testingthe stienglh and capacity of the
workrooms but we are keeping pace with so that you
may feel sine if jou leae our older heie you will not be disap
All Untrimmed Hats Trimmed Free
Our Trimmed Hats at
4 48
are the equals In eery aj both In
workmanship iuaIHj and stylishness
to those hats about which others bras
it S7r0 They are in ast assortment
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w here
46c for the SI to 250
Fancy Braid Hats
The selling of these fancy braid hats
for the past two das hae been enor
mous and beyond all expectation But
you must admit that 46c is indeed very
little to pay when others are asking
full prices for them Made on wire
frames ready for trimming In all the
Jatest spring shades some draped tur
bans some toques some pancake ef
fects some coaching effects In short
bacKS lAlglon Marquise and many
other effects
39c to 1 Flowers 1 9c
Competitor- have been standing
aghast at this offering of the most
beautiul most natural and most
fashiumble flowers for hat trimming
It is an enormous lot and embraces
American Hoses Crush Roses
g In a bunch with rubber stems and
In all the most desirable shades of
cerise pink red white cream tan
green and Jack also and Velvet
Hoses Small June Hoses Daisies
Marguerites rield Flowers Violets
Montures etc and large Sprays of
Foliage in autumn natural and green
shade In all the latest spring colors
for ladies misses and childrens
hati corsage and hair effects Choice
19 cents
for Ladies Suits Worth
90 12 15 18 20 and 25
lluyeis of the suits in the purchase from I Maunder Broth
ers are the biggest and best adertisements we have ever had
better than the newspapers They are sending their friends in
great numbers
The selling yesterday broke the record the big record of
Holiday People are bining them who appreciate high quality
superior workmanship because they are all high grade gar
ments but Ulaunder Brothers as everybody knows only make
the Myv bet and none of these are woith lesthan 12 while
the best aie worth 2o
They embrace suits of every fashionable fabric including Broadcloths Ven
etian Cloths Pebble Cheviots Cheviot Serges Covert Cloths Homespuns Cam
els hairs and the desirable and exceedingly fashionable Wheelmans Cloth In
all the spring shades such as black blue castor tan grey royal brown red
and mixtures
Some are plain tailor made suits some are braid trimmed some are gilt
trimmed some trimmed tastefullj with taffeta silk The Jackets arc In all the
newest effects blouses and Kton blouses Etons In single and double breasted
Etons with test effects and LAlglon collars and collarless lltons single
breasted coat effects single and double breasted tight fitting effects Tlity have
the new cuffs sleees and backs and are lined with taffita silk Homalne silk
and some are entlrelj taffeta silk lined throughout The skirts are full flaring
and are lined with high grade spun glass percallne lining There are all sizes
from 22 to 4 so that ladles of cery build can be fitted
Jn ilew of the extreme low price at which these suits are offered we shall
be compelled to charge extra for any alterations that jou desire
Arret of n Piisrltlve From nn In
ftftne An Iiiiii
John Alden MacKinnon son of a well
known New York banker and broker and
a fugitive from the Morris Plains X J
Asylum for the Insane Is under arrest
at the First precinct police station He
was taken into custody by Detectives
Boyd and Parham at the corner of Tenth
and H Streets northwest yesterday morn
ing and will be held awaiting advices
from the asylum authorities They hae
been notified of the arrest and It Is ex
pected two attendants will arrive this
morning to take charge of the fugitive
MacKinnon sals he may petition the
Supreme Court of the District for a writ
of habeas corpus to prevent his surren
der to the arvlum officers He says he
came to this eit as a disciple of Christ
to spread religious truths
MacKinnon escaped from the Morris
Plains Asylum Friday He headed for
Philadelphia and there being without
funds telegrnphcd his father for money
In reply he received a check for a sub
stantial amount enclosed In a letter
pleading with him to return to the asy
lum and to cease worrying his relatives
and friends instead of doing as advised
MacKinnon came to Washington and se
cured quarters at Tenth and E Streets
where he was located jesterday Jle ar
rived Sunday morning and shortly after
ward the pollco were requested to ap
prehend him MacKinnon led Detectives
lloyd and Parham a merry chase before
they took him Into custody
When arretted MacKinnon told the po
lice that It was necessary for him to see
the President in order to spread the
real truth as the supreme being had
taught It
AlacKInnon Is a map of education well
dressed and of quie demeanor His
conversation would ordinarily impress
Tine because of the earnestness of the
man At Xo 1 station last night he was
In a good humor and talked freely In
an3wer to a number of eiucstions he
I am here to speak the truth nothing
else My home is In New York City 1
was born In Cleveland Ohio I am thirty-six
years old and unmarried 1 left
the usylum for several reasons First
because I was not Insane therefore had
no business there Second I was tired
of close confinement and was not per
mitted to communicate properly with my
friends nnd attorney through whom 1
wished to obtain my release from the
asylum Third I believe it my duty to
teach truths which I have been taught
by a higher power
When I reached vour citv mv first ac-
tlon was to write the Chief of Police so
II ai j mignt nolu a meeting on the public
streets without danger of molestation 1
ricclved no reply 1 then planned to con
duct a meeting but had not terminated
arrangements when arrested It was my
Intention to see the President of course
because from him If at all should come
the first recognition of the doctrine I pro
claim Tor several years I have made a
study of conditions of the human race
Such contemplation shows woeful igno
rance sinful almost desperate to a stu
dent of the truth
It is true the Christian churches teach
faith fortitude and unselfishness for the
betterment of the human race but they
fall short of the grasp 1 have secured on
the conditions and necessities of the uni
verse My teachings go beyond them
MacKinnon voluntarily entered the
Morris Plains Asjlum at the advice of
his relatives and friends who considered
him a religious maniac Immediately af
ter his arrival here he addressed a letter
to the superintendent of the Morris Plains
Asjlum In which he staled that he was
observing All Fools
To Surrender n Mi vlciui IIiiih 1 1
A warrant for the surrender to the
Mexican Government of Sabas Baca
charged with committing a robbery In
the State of Chihuahua and arrested at
El Iaso Tex was issued by the State
Department yesterday
In the Schlitz brewery you will find a plate glass room Jn it
are cooling pipes over which the hot beer tlrips Above it is an
air filter ana no air comes into this room sav e through that filter
No germs can reach beer handled with such rare caution
But after the beer is aged we filter it then bottle and seal it
then sterilize every bottle
We take triple precautions because beer is a saccharine
product Impurities multiply if they get into it There is no
grade between absolute purity and utter impurity
Every bottle of Schlitz is absolutely pure and purity is
bealthuilncss Your physician knows ask him
Phone ISO Schlitz 615 21 D St S W Washington
Cooled in
iitered Air
Prosit at 100 to 1 After a Game
Bare Beaten by an Eyelash
II ii kiiI II c n Contest Willi n Close
PIiiInIi Scorpio it T to 1 Ilestn
the nt rieii Pur
liiiK 1 Ilml ln for Hie rn uritca
Threatening ovcrlnnging clouds have
no deterring effect on Bcnnlng patrons
and yesterday the usual large crowd was
In attendance to see a good card run
off The sport was Interesting through
out the starts prompt and the several
events hotly contested In the first race
particularly the finish was so close that
from the grandstand It was Impossible
to tell which horse had won until the
numbers were hung up placing Elolm
first and Prosit second Mnny thought
Prosit should have had the decision The
uncertainties of racing were never better
illustrated than In that event and dem
onstrated how little even ovvn TS and
trainers themselves know about the run
ning finalities of their horses
Prosit was 100 to 1 In the betting with
as good as 10 to 1 to show and ran prac
tically unbacked by his stable connec
tions and the public excepting the pik
ers who go after long shots She got off
absolutely- last and with an even break
could not have lost As it was she was
only beaten bj an ejelash
The fifth race furnished another sur
prise to the talent as Scorpio from the
Goughacres stable and ridden bj an ap
prentice won in a romp with as god
as 25 to 1 ngainst him Altogether It
was a bid day for the favorites as only
tvo from the A II
i D II Morris stable and Robert Wad
dell rewarded their backers These two
were at such short odds that the
plungers could afford to back them There
were tw entj tiv e books In line and there
was business enough for as many more
The game is so good for the pencilers that
several more will weigh in tomorrow It
is coming their way sure and are
getting back at the talent for the drub
bing got last fall
The entries for the Second Spring Hun
ters Steeplechase for qualified hunters
four years old and upwanl to be run un
der the rules of the National Hunt and
Steeplechase Association have been an
nounced bv the Club The event
brings out us large and as good a field
of hunters as was ever seen at any track
In the countrj The field will probably
be the largest that ever faced a starter
in a race of this kind and among the
horses will be seen steeplechasers
well known to Washingtonlans They
Include such as Sackett Self Protection
Last Cord Quicksilver Emory Hacklctt
King Olaf Capt Connover and several
others equally well known This Is one
of tne features of the Benning spring
meeting for In addition to the subscrip
tions of IS each all to go to the winner
the Washington Jockey Club has added
a purse of JUKI and a piece of plate of the
value of J100 It ought to be worth ten
times the price of the admission to see
the race and lovers of this kind of sport
rarely have such an oppcrtunltj pre
senteel to them
The card for todaj Is an excellent one
and as the fields an all large exciting
contests should be the result The fea
tures are the steeplechase at about two
miles In which will be seen for the first
time this season that grand Jumper Tril
lion and the handicap at a mile and 10
yards which brings together such cracks
as Intrusive First Whip Gold Fox Al
slke and Knight of the Garter
The following is the summary
First race llandlcar for
and upward five furlongs Klolm
Walsh i to 1 and S to 5 won Prosit
Brennan 100 to 1 and M tc 1 second
Scurry Burns S to 5 and 3 to E third
Time 103
Lexington Pirate Mordelmo Sentrj
Choice The Tramp and F V T also ran
and finished In the order named
Straggling start Elolm and Sentrj first
to show led Into the stretch
where there was a general closing up El
olm winning bj a nose Prosit second and
Scurry third It was a close decision
Prosit got off absoluttlj last and with an
even break would have won to a certain
ty At that manj thought he should have
had the verdict nnd expected to sec his
number hung up a winner
Second race For two j ear olds four
and a half furlongs
Walsh 3 to S and out won Laracor
Landry G to 1 nnd even second Alum
Water Wonderly J S to 1 and C to 5 third
Time 058 2 5
C Ilosenfeld also rnn
Good start Whn It came to racing
there was nothing to It but the favorite
and he won all the pissing under
the wire first bj ten lengths I aracor
swerved badly In the run home but could
not have won In any case
Third race For three jcar olds and up
ward six furlongs Robert Wnddell
Wonderlj 1 to 3 and out won Moor
Lj ne 3 to 1 and even second lrcs
grave Slack t to 1 and 2 to 1 third
Time 1161 5
Roj stercr Jlagic Light and Lady Pad
den also ran and finished as named
At the fall of the flag Presgrave shot
out of the bunch and took a commanding
lead to the head of the stretch when he
checked up giving way to Robert Wad
dell who went to the front on call Wad
dell got off poorlj but made his Held look
cheap in the run home He will be a
hard horse to beat from now on Ires
grave and Moor both ran well but wcie
outclassed ladj Paddcn of no present
Fourth race For maiden two-year-olds
four furlongs Athcdla Laudrj S to 2
and T to 5 won Miracle II Wonderlv
IVz to 1 and even second Serpent Walsh
8 to 5 and 3 to 5 third Time 051 1 3
Ten Hymns Ashbrook and Mollic Mor
ris also ran
Start good Off together Athcola went
to the front when asked and was never
headed winning easilj This colt Is con
sidered the best In the Goughacre s stable
Fifth race For three j ear olds and up
ward seven furlongs Scorpio Dart 25
to 1 and 10 to 1 won Animosity WIlkT
son 7 to 5 and 1 to 2 second Curtsey
C Thompson S to 1 and 3 to I third
lime 12a 2 3 Cherished Charles Estes
Prince Plausible and Momentum also ran
and finished in this order
Start good Coming out of the chute
Animosity was in front the rest close
up Going up the back stretch Scorpio
on the outside passed his field as If they
were anchored and made a runiwaj nice
of It passing under the wire In front by
four lengths Anlmosltj was easily the
best of the others Scorpio closed at 23
to 1
Sixth race For one nnd
one sixteenth miles Charley Moore
Vanduzcn 9 to 5 nnd out won Chan
wind T Burns 7 to 3 and out scond
M itt Simpson Miles C to 1 and 2 to 1
third lime 152 2 3 Big Gun and Robert
Metcalf also ran
Start good Passing the stand Clnrlev
Moore nnd Big Gun were running In front
and on even terms This order was main
tained to the head of the stretch where
Big Gun was cut off which left him
practically out of It Charley Moore won
W hen the bojs came back to the staid to
dismount nnd weigh In it was found that
It Burns who rods lilg Gun h id met
with nn accident and he hid to be lift
ed out of the saddle Ills leg in thought
to be broken from an Injury received at
the post
llrniilng Kulrlm
The following arc the entries for
rirst race For and up
ward six and a half furlongs- Thermos
105 Elsie Skip 103 Troniioo 105 Frangi
ble 104 Owjnne 103 By George 1V7 Mid
night Chimes 1J Monmouth Hoy 103
Charles Estes 103 Back Talk 103 Mau
lins 107 Obej St Spurs 10 Tony lo
calize 10J Diva IOC Dandy Boj SI The
Rogue 9S
Apprentice allowance
Second race For maiden
four and n half furlongs Rightaway 107
rillform 107 Frivol 101 Red Dimsil 101
Athclslaj 101 Rona 101 Hoe 101 Hono
lulu 101
Third race Stcpleehcse handicap for
and upward about two
miles Sliver Fox 133 Queenshlp Ha
Trillion 1C0 Lady Dalntj HO Mazo 17
G H Longhurst U9 Prince MldaH 113
Fourth race For liialdens three v ear
olds and upward xeven furlongs Tam
arln 11 St i forth no Allanthus 110
Bernard M 107 Petrellus 107 Puictual
67 Margaret Hoffman i5 Virginia Wil
cox U3 Anna Darling 93
Fifth race For thrce j car olds ind up
ward selling sven furllnei Passiic
110 Speedmas lf Monmouth Boj 10t
Frank Morrison ll AlnruVi8ti Gertrude
Elliott H Itabunta M
pprentice allowance
Sixth race Handicap for
and upward one mile nmla hundred
vards Knight of the Garter 112 Magic
I ght VS Alsike 10S Intrude m Al
thea 193 First Whip 120 Gold Fox 101
Charawind 107
Coupled as Daljs entry
Bcnnlng he lectlons
First race The Rogue ObeV Thermos
Second race High tawaj Filiform Ath
Third race Trillion Queenshlp Mazo
Fourth race Petrellus Tamarin Punc
llfth race Speedmas Gertrude Elliott
A lard
Sixth race Gold Tox Daljs entry In
IlnjctN n Ilnclnirjil Undeterred liy
tlie Ilml AVeitlher
PIXEIIURST N C April 2 Regard
less of the fact that It rained pretty much
all the first and second rounds foi
the Fnlted North and South Champion
ship and the first round for the consola
tion cups were plajed the en
thusiastic golfers who arc competing in
the Plnehurst open tournament
The ladies remained in the observation
gallery at the clubhouse where thej
watched the men plodding through the
rain The scores In general were not very
low In the first round Dr L 1 Harban
Columbia Golf Club Washington D C
beat R L Curtis Florida East Coast by
3 up and 2 to play and Howard Brittln
Pinehurst bent J W Colum
bia elolf Club Washington D C by 3
up and 1 to plaj
In the second round Harban beat Malt
by Royal Dixie Mrntreal 3 up and 2
to plaj
In the first round for the consolation
cup J W McKinley of Washington beat
George Mosher of by default
RefttiltH nt Memphis
MEMPHIS April 2 Results cf todays races
track lieavy
Firt rate Selling five furlongs Mac Laren
OBrien 4 to 1 won Mjra Morella Coburn
2 to 1 second Alex Itarson UlnkflelJ 4 to 1
third Time 1 ot
Srcond race For maiden lour
furlongs Aranscs Colrnrn 3 to 1 won Ernest
Iarliam Crouliurat 6 to 1 srcoml The Way
HaiiMim 12 to 1 third Time 0 Sl1
Third race Tennessee Club Handicap for
six furlongx Crnwr Coburn 20 te
I won W J Debue Cochran 3 to 1 second
Maril bchcek J Woods 2 to 3 third Time
lourth race For and upward
one mile strangest Iavnon 3 to 1 won
tauisville Weber 5 to 2 second Sir Catien
Ollrien 0 to 1 third Time 1 9K
Kifth race tor four-year-olds and upward
stcpelechase about one and one half miles
Angus II S Wilson 5 to 1 won Miss Itarsom
htllj 2 to 1 secondr Sallml Ellison j t 2
third Time 3 01
race For three-year-olds and upward
felling five furlongs Hran Lad Cochran 8
to 5 won Fducate Coburn eren second
Dave Waldo J Woods 5 to 1 third Tune
Entrlrn nt 3Iemplilft
MEMPHIS April 2 Entries for1 tomorrows
Iirt race For and upward
sellinar six furlongs Pirates Qnecn 54 Wil
liam Bojcr 60 Grace Cup S3 Johnny Mclulc
10D Loose Sleeve 05 Wcideman tinIocks 10J
cu hla 104 Wax Taper Pollsters Ivel Sir
Iil Hirrovn Mr n li
Second race For selling four
furlongs Conne C Ito Crorv learl lUrr JIiss
Charlie 07 Lady Bird Bab Dixon Esternell
Blue Ilidgc 101 Winter Belle Edna Kinney
Drummond 107 Sting 109 Fern Meadow 115
Third race Gaston Hotel Stake for two-year-olds
four furlongs Ed Austin the Frank Red
Hook Kaloma Ciias W Meyr JL L Coleman
Jordan Lou Woods Brannlgan 118
Fourth race For three-year-olds and upward
wrren furlongs Obla Sculptress Empress of
Beaut Edith O Velroa Clark Cape Jessamine
U3 ejiieen Ilixou 08 Elsie inner Fila Piley
104 Ladr Seliorr 105 Epfonag Beana 107
Fifth raee Selling for four-year-olds and up
nard one and ouo aixteenth mUrtC Joe Collins
ti Little Tim 02 Ix e King 99 Tammany
Chief 101 Our rllie loi king Hkwood Ore
lorge Chancery 103 Sanlla 105 Sir fluhugh
swordsman 16 H Caner I0S PancUarm Al
bert ale 110 Caviar 110
Mith rate Fo three- ear olds and upward
selling six farlnngs Juanttt tirt Ilcneal Ke
nara Oo Hansford 07 Mrc Johnson Two n
nles s Domsie V Obsidian Duke of Baden
Jim W 100 Watercrest Dave Waldo 109
Memphis SrlrctfonH
First race Pirates Queen Acmhla na Taper
second race Blue Itldge Jllw Charlie pearl
Third race Jordan IL L Coleman lted
Fourth race Fda Kiley Espionage Lady
Ffth race Albert Vale Caviar El Caney
h th race Dave Waldo Obsidian Juanett
Inr KilnriiMonnl Kncllltlcs
A certificate of the Incorporation ot the Inlon
Educational Association was placed on record
yesterday in the office of the Recorder of Deeds
The object cf the corporation is stated to be
to aid in the increase ami dereAJiment f edu
cational facilities for children of the indutrlal
clas of the South The can- of education
will also be promoted by the association by the
erection and maintenance of and the
training and employment of teachers The In
corporators arc I rank G Manh Charles M
Bell Reuben mith Alfred lierton Clar
ence U Winston Alexander L Manly James W
Ham Beverly J Holding eslo Jeffer
son George W Thompson and Thcodori M
An Old Snliller MIs lnK
Patrick OVelll i soldier fifi fic years old
has been missing from his home in this city
since Scptcmler according to a report made
his wife to the police yesterday ONcill has
nmalned away from home on several previous
occasions after drawing his quarterly j ension
but nevtr for such a length of time as at
rresent lbs fnind and rclatiies aie uneasy
about linn Before leaving home ONeill
rjrded his nual army uniOirm tor a black
suit of clothe
Mr iit IliiKten rs Hull
The Building Trades Council met Iat night
at Plasterers Hall at the corner of Pennsylvania
Avenue and bourlh Mreet Delegates repre
senting ten affiliated building trades were pres
ent and President Desmond was in the chair
No business of public importance was considered
Cursing Mothers
m keep in the prirao of health Each
inotfierowes this not only to Uerselfbntmoro
and development depend upon its mothers
condition during the nurling period A
pure gentle and inv igorating stimulant and
tonic b necessary to insure perfect health to
the mother and there is none so good as
Duffys Pure Kali Whiskey
It is a medicine and
used as such it aids
digestion stimulates
and enriches the
blood nourishes the
brain builds up the
nerve tissues and
tones up the entire
All rttcl in4 rrocsri i no Volllc Us stirs you r
the g rmme tutitli jmi n t tsleri i
Me 1W1 Bsehtt 9 ttf Ml a- vM r s
m rrifMLTliiiisii it ncctictrrN
hnwht of Rhodes Belgrade lthvrmr Ma Lcx
irgton Pirate and hirlno wl our f lmrUj s
ItliLns and atnrdjis spnials To lroe the
lalue of our information will send ir in one to
three horses dail Hut seldom lo e Ml we 3sU
u pa for messji1 25c hen mened and
bet ene dollar on one horse we mention for us
and send winnings daily bi T O order Mi
lliing fairer no one un oiler as we cannot
win unless you do Our regular clients won
every week at evr Orleans
L Box 4S3 Station O Wa hinatcn I C
The fifteen imitations of
IJeikeleN Ke jiroe the excel
lence of tlit oiiinil KMiib
lislied tventv lic eiih
Thirps 81 V Street
Phone 1141 for
lamlly Orders
STGHi NJteSrVi Every pair of Emerson shoes sold means a promise of the If
i5gy maker to give an honest dollars worth for an honest dollar-
I Lr 907 Pennsylvania Avenue
Broolsland Citizens Associations
Statement Questioned
KIcs en Colored rnmlllci In flic Suli
divlsloii Intlenil of Six QnexMun
of Inylntr for fiiemlcnl UiiKlne
Ilonic Illcht 1olex
O T Taylor of 1213 Hartford Street
llrookland has written Commissioner
Jlacfarland tvlth reference to the school
site In BrooHand He states that he
learns from the papers that a commit
tee of the BrootUnd Citizens Association
has pret enteel their -views to the Com
missioners also some flsures with refer
ence to the number of colored families
to be served by the school if it Is placed
in Brookland proper and not in one of
the outlying sub divisions
Mr Taylor states that at the outset he
would like to know why if the site on
the -Bunker Hill Road is thought to be
so desirable to the members of the Citi
zens Association they abandoned it some
years aeo and came down Into the town
of Brookland and had a school house
built there at a cost of about 60000
It will be recalleel that the Citizens As
sociation credited South Brookland with
fourteen families Jlr Taylor gives the
names of eleven families who live he
says within the limits of the territory
named by the committee as beins Brook
land He says that all but two of these
families live within a stones throw of
one another and that there are six more
families living just outside of the lines
laid down by the committee
3Ir Taylor states that he made a trip
out to the site on the Bunker Hill Road
last Sunday nad he informs the Com
missioner that It is too Ions a walk for
children to take in going to and from
school He closes his letter by urging
the Commissioner to locate the new col
ored school in Brookland as was intend
ed by the law ejf Congress
John Hughes jr contractor for the
erection of the chemical engine house at
the corner of Fortieth and XenU Streets
northwest has requested of the Commis
sioners that pajment be made under the
contract 3P being retained until the wa
ter table course on the rear of the build
ing Is completed Jlr Hughes states that
he desires this action to be taken to en
able him to settle with his sub-contractors
In reporting upon the application John
B Brady the Inspector of Building has
Informed the Commissioners that the
building is completed except the water
table course referred to This is yet to
be laid and is delayed temporarily by the
brick makers not having the style of
brick reeiulred In stock Jlr Brady sees
no objection to granting the request pro
vided the matter of placing a watchman
In the building can be arranged He In
forms the Commissioners that in order to
make the payment as desired it will be
neceiary to accept the building and
Hon it w111 niss from the custody of the
contractor to that of the District He
states however that it has been arranged
to have the watchman in the employ of
the contractor remain on duty and that
he be piid out of tho appropriation for
the building
With this understanding the raitter will
go before the board at Its next session
J D Sullivan corner of Thirteenth and
O Streets northwest has communicated
with the Commissioners asking relief
from penalties In the payment of the tax
on certain lots in squares 12U 12iH and
UM The matter was referred to J W
Daniel the Special Assessment Cli rk
who has now reported as follows
The special assessment against cast
part of lot 33 square 11H 3 31 west part
of lot Sfl square 11SI Ji2 and the special
assessment for curb against south p irt
ot lot 1 square UnO J20 45 were levied
under act of August C Is which Ins
been decHred Invalid l Supreme Court
of the District of Columbia because It
contains no provision for advertisement
of Intended work wherefore I recomnnnd
that payment be accepted without Inter
est The special assessments for paving
ngainst east part of lot S3 square 11M
Jl IS west ptrt of lot M square 11S1 JTO
were levied under act f August 7 ISH
but the Intention to do the work was im
properly advirtlseil n lmely November
1 II 2u and 21 lHl and heirlng was set
for Xov ember 23 IRII whereore I rec
ommend that pay mint of them be ac
ceptiMi without interest
The special Ht tssments against part
of lot li square 1 dO curb WiA ptrt of
lot 1U square 12ij0 sidewalk IoS7 ami
special ai scssment agilnst sub lot C9
square 12i2 curb JN J9 nere all levied
under act of August 7 1SW every provis
ion of which was compiled with wlure
fore 1 hive to recommend that payment
of them be not accepted without Inter
11 II Darmllle the Assessor has for
warded the above report approved and
It is understood thnt the Commissioners
will be guided In their action thereby
The Chesapeake and Potomic Telephone
Company has sent a request to the Com
missioners asking permission to take
down pole 718 11 in square 71S and to re
ervct the same in square 732
Walter C Allen the Klectrical En
gineer In reporting upon the application
Informs the Commissioners that this Is
the first application of Its kind presented
by the telephone company He Informs
the Commissioners that It does not In
volve the setting up of any new pole
but the transfer of a pole from one posi
tion to another He asks to be Instructed
whether such removal of the pole meets
with the approval of the Commissioners
He states that the company desires the
change of the location of the pole In order
to rearrange and Improve the condition
of their telephone circuits in the neigh
It is understood that the Commission
ers will refer the matter to their attorney
for his consideration and opinion
The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone
TLe Bedfast Man Who Got Up
and Went to Business
This is the way it was The man had
been sick with rheumatism and a com
plication of troubles and had been bed
fast all winter He had three of the best
physiciansin attendance but his condition
baffled their skill Then it chanced that
a pamphlet was put into his hands He
read of cures of men and women whose
condition suggested his own and he said
That medicine is Just what I need
Send for a bottle at once
If every sick person would reason as
logically and act as promptly as did this
man there would be many more bedfast
people able to be up and go to business
Every human body is organically alike
The blood is the life of the richest man
as well as the poorest If a kings blood
gets out of order the same conditions fol
Company has also requested permission
to string two wires from the corner of
First Street and Florida Avenue north
west to premises at the northwest corner
of North Capitol and Randolph Streets
C Allen the Electrical Engin
eer In reporting upon the application
has recommended that It be granted Ha
states that the cable pole at the corner
of First Street and riorlda Avenue is ths
nearest one to the subscriber Ho states
that the permit will not authorize tho
stringing of any wires over private prop
erty and that authority exists in tho
recent decision of Justice Barnard to
grant the permit
The Commissioners acting upon the ad
vice of the Major and Superintendent of
Police have accepted the resignation of
11 L Rice as special railroad crossing
low in his body as in any other mans
tf a millionaires blood be impure his
wealth cant preserve him from the skin
eruptions which usually indicate the
bloods impurity And if either king or
millionaire wants to be cured he has to
use the means ope o the poorest person
in the land There is no royal road to
health more than to learning
Since we are all alike flesh and blood
then what cures disease of flesh and
blood in one case should cure it in any
case under similar conditions That was
the argument of the man who was bed
fast and the sequel prov eel it to be sound
and logical
Quite a number of jears ago when I
was a girl at home my father was pros
trated upon a bed of sickness writes
Mrs P M Wheeler of No 2 Ann Place
Bradford Pa He had rheumitism and
a complication of troubles which baffled
the skill of three of our best physicians
All through the winter months he lay
upon his bed suffering severely at times
with rheumatism in his limbs While in
this condition a pamphlet containing a
description of Dr Pierces remedies fell
into his hands I do not remember
whether it was left at the door or came
through the mails but I do remember
of his sitting up in bed and reading it
through and then exclaiming That
medicine is just what I need Send for
a bottle at once JusUhen a neighbor
came along who was going to town we
lived in the five miles from the
nearest drug store ami we sent for a
bottle of Dr Pierces Golden Medical
Discovery We laid aside the doctors
medicines and commenced giving my
father the Golden Medical Discovery
according to directions The first three
days he felt worse as is often the case
After that he commenced to gain His
physician was surprised at the change in
his condition and candidly admitted that
the Golden Medical Discovery was do
ing more for him than he had been able
to do Inless tlian two weeks my father
was np with his clothes on He con
tinued taking the medicine and in 3
short time was well and ever afterward
loudin his praise of Dr Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery as he told of the
wonderful cure it performed in his case
You may publish this if you desire to
do so I have no doubt but that many
will read it who will remember the cir
cumstances perfectly well
Dr Pierces Golden ledicai Discovery
has an unsurpassed record as a blood
purifying medicine Not only does it
cure rheumatism but diseases in general
which have their cause in an impure
condition of the blood such as eczema
scrofula erysipelas boils pimples ul
cers sores etc The cures effected by
Golden Medical Discovery are perfect
and permanent Some medicines drive
the surface symptoms of disease in in
stead of out they cover disease but do
not cure it- Golden Medical Discovery
drives out of the blood the corrupting
poisons and imparities
which cause disease and
it establishes the body in
sound health
Because of its blood pu
rifying power and tonic
qualities Golden Medical
Discovery is an ideal
spring medicine There
is no alcohol in the Dis
covery and it is entirely
free from opiates and nar
cotics It does not stimu
late but imparts real
strength and permanent
It gives me much
pleasure to testify to the
merits of Dr Pierces
Golden Medical Discov
ery writes Miss Annie
Wells of Fergussons
Wharf Isle of Wight Co
Va I can say honestly
and candidly that it is the
grandest medicine ever
compounded for purifying
ths blood I suffered ter
ribly with rheumatism
and pimples on the skin
and swelling in my knees and feet so
that I could not walk I spent about
twenty dollars paying doctors bills but
received no benefit A jear or two ago
I was reading one of your Memorandum
Books and I decided to try Dr Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery and Favorite
Prescription and am entirely cured
Sometimes a dealer tempted by the
little more profit paid on the sale of less
meritorious medicines will offer the cus
tomer a substitute as being just as good
as the Discovery It is better for him
because it pays better but it is not as
good for jou if you want the medicine
that lias cured others
Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets cleanse the
bowels and stimulate the sluggish liver
Men or women suffering from chronic
forms of disease are invited to consult
Dr Pierce by letter free All corres
pondence held as strictly private and
confidential Address Dr RV
Pierce Buffalo N Y
This offer of free consultation by letter
is not to be confounded with offers of
free medical advice which in some
cases are made by those who hav e neither
medical knowledge or experience and
are professionally and legally incompe
tent to practise medicine Dr Pierces
offer not oulv places freely at the elis
posal of the sick his own valuable advice
as a specialist but also the adv ice of the
medical staff associated with him num
bering a score of bkilled
there is no better medical work than
Doctor Pierces Common Sene Med
ical Adviser It contains more than a
thousand large pages and over oo illus
trations is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing onlj Send
31 one cent stamps for the cloth bound
volume or only 21 stamps for the book
in paper covers Address Dr R V
Pierce Bufialo N Y

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