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17 19 21 523 th St N W
Bet H and I Sts
Tucking Cording
Pinking Iccntporyd
Oppenheimers 54N9wst
Uanaeer Washlnston Warcrooma
Nme say
Corbja JlotherV Dread
Grows better every day
All agree UV tbc
Bet bread baked
Hare you tried H
v rr
Easter i
Tine long stemmed Lilies a X
clalty all Easter floral novelties 3
J H Small Sons Florists
2123 Rroadway
New York
lh and C sts 4
xlodlnt Painless Extraction
sicst Cold Crowns tsm
Cold riflings fioj and up
Sliver FUIinzs 50c and up
Uours Sim to c p m Sunday 10 to t
Lady Assistant
DR rATTOVS Painless Dental Parlors
810 F tt nw 2d floor
Domestic Automatic
Finest Work Loir
nt rriccj 28 Years
Experience A Postal
it Telephone brings
Machinist to jour
House Prompt Serv
ice and HeliablcWork
maniMp at small cost
Renting 10c a Day Phone 772
1 Sanders Stayman Go
m nun n
Fred U McliuU JL Co VI3 n St NIV
Yfashingions Favorite Store
Albatross Waists
Something entirely new ami to be seen nowhere but here
Made of all wool Albatross in all the leading spring shades
combination white vest 22 pin tucks down the front with two
one half ineh box tucks on eaeh side back with li pin tucks
bishop sleeve with pin tucks at pull fancy combination collar
5 gilt buttons on centre lined thioiighoul The Waists come one
in a box in the following colors Old rose led giey light blue
nile green pink white black
and lavender This waist can
not be matched for less than 4
Our Special price
Lansburgh Bro3
420 to 426 Seventh Street
I Have you
j Seen our
I New Spring
Stock of
Baby Carriages
GoCarts and
You are welcome to all you want
In rurnlture or Jurnlshings on
or monthly pajments
The Secretary of War iinil family will
give up their present residence Hay 1 and
go to the Arlington for u month After
that time JMrs Itoot and nil the members
of the household with the exception of
the Secretarj will leie for the family
home at Clinton N Y where Ellhu jr
is at college They will remain there
until Julj when they will occupy their
summer place at Southampton Long Isl
and Mrs Root will not occomp iny the
Presidential party on their Western trip
Next winter Secretarv and Mrs Itoot will
take iossession of General Hates resi
dence 17T5 N Street
JIr nnd Mrs John W Foster have re
turned from their travels that extended
as far south as Mexico where they were
entertained by President Diaz
Mr and Mrs Robert M Thompson and
their daughter Miss Sarah Gibbs Thomp
son who is to marry Mr Stephen Hjatt
Tell in the Church of the Heavenly Rest
on Wednesday afternoon April 17 have
been spending a few dav s in Washington
They returned to New- York yesterday
An international marriage of general
social interest in that It unites an Eng
lish girl of title to an American citizen
is that of Ladv Sibyl Cuffe daughter of
the Earl of Desart to Mr W Bayard
Cutting of New Tork The ceremony
will take place April 30 In London
The Trench Ambassador will entertain
the nfllcers and cadets of the French
schoolshlp Duguay Trouln on next
evening TJie ship will reach Bal
timore Harbor in a few- days
During the absence In Europe of the
Minister from Austria Hungarj and of
the rirst of the Legation Count
TarnowskI Baron Ambrozv will act as
Charge dAffHlres The Minister and
Baroness Hengelmuller will sail Saturday
on the Etrurla
Orthodox Hebrew Celelirnfr lie De
lis ermice of Their Jorefntlie rs
With solemn ceremony the celebration
of the Feast of the Passover vas begun
by the orthodox Hebrews of this clty
jestcrdaj evening at 610 oclock im
pressive services were conducted at the
synagogues of the Washington Congrega
tion nnd Adas Israel by Kabbis Stern and
Mandtl The sj nagogue on Eighth Street
was crowded with merroers when the
service began After the ceremonies of
the temple the members of the congre
gation retired to their homes and par
took of the unleavened bread and bitter
herbs prescrllied for the Passover ob
The feast is symbolic of the deliver
ance of the Jews from bondage in Egypt
and the services held during the seven
dajs celebration are of the most cere
monial character
The feast proper called Seder con
sists of unleavened bread bitter herbs
eggs a pastry called charoseth and
the draining of four flagons of wine The
services consist principally of thanksgiv
ing and sanctitlcatlon The orthodox
also pay and return calls to their arious
friends the spirit of hospitality being
predominant The same ceremonies that
art observed In the homes of the
lirws today have been in vogue for over
3 UK jean
Rabbi Stern will conduct a special serv
ice ut the Eighth Street Synagogue this
morning at 10 oclock He will deliver a
lecture on the Passover The observance
of the reast will not be concluded until
ueit Thursday at sundown
To Serve nri Adjutant encmlM
The War Department has made the fol
lowing assignment of officers of the Ad
jutant Generals Department to serve as
adjutant generals Major James T Kerr
to headquarters division of the Phillip
pines Major John G Ballance to the de
partment of northern Luzon Lieut Col
Arthur L Wagner to the department of
southern Luzon Major Charles J Crane
to the department of the Vlsayas Major
Samuel W Fountain to the department
of -Mindanao and Jolo Major Louis V
Caziarc to the department of Cuba Major
Edward J McClernand to the department
of the Missouri Major Alfred C Sharpe
to the department of Colorado Major
Sjdney W Talur to the department of
the Columbia and Major Wilbur E Wil
der to the department of Dakota
Philippine School Service
It was stated at the Civil Service Com
mission jesterday that applicants for ap
pointments as teachers In the Philippines
should write for Information to the Civil
Service Commission in Manila The pub
lication of a news paragraph cabled from
Manila that one thousand school teachers
would be needed In the Philippine Islands
hs falrlv overwhelmed the Civil Service
Commissioners with letters of
from school teachers In all parts of the
United States who are nnxlous to go to
the Philippines It was learned jesterday
that there Is no provision in the civil ser
vice regulations providing forexamlnations
In this country for school teachers In the
Philippines and tint the npimlntment of
teachers is in the hands of the Civil Ser
vice Commission in Manila
Humors Feed
on Humors
The Sooner You got Rid of Thorn
tho Better
In the spring theres an effort of
Nature to cleanse your sjstcm You
know this by the pimples nnd other erup
tions on your face and body
Hoods Sarsaparilla
tnken In the spring is assisted by this
effort results are no more certain
than at other seasons but are quicker
This great medicine thoroughly cleanses
the sjstem gets into all Its nooks and
corners removes all humors and all un
it alths accumulations
Begin taking HoodV today
Myself and my mother have been en
tirely ture d of impure blood and that
tired feeling by Hoods Sarsaparilla We
tako It everj spring and think It Is the
greatest mc dlelnc In the world Frank
Hamilton I7IS S Seventh Street St
Louis Mo
Hoods Sarsaparilla promlsos to
euro and koops tho promise
Proptwal 1 1 Eioct a llonmnciit to
the Commodore
The I -On ml Empire Grntcfiil to
Nnvnl Ulllcer for Pntlnir
iTie Av iij for lloderii Proisre H To
Ilitce the le iiiurinl nt liiirlliumii
The United States Consul at Yokohama
Japan has sent to the State
a circular issued by Baron Kentaro
Kincko the President of the American
Association of Japan and the Japanese
Minister of Justice relative to a i ropo
sltion to erect a monument to the mtmorj
of Commodore Perrj V S N at Kuri
hama It Is suggested that the monument
should commenorate the arrival ot Com
modore Perry at that place forty lght
j ears ago when he came as the merican
envoy for the purpose of conducting the
first treaty of commerce and friendly in
tercourse between the United States rnd
The circular is lis follows
Fort j -eight jears ngo on the th of
July in the Cth ear of Kojel an Ameri
can envoy arrived In Japan on a mission
which wis destined to become an epoch-
making event in the history of Japan
This envoy was none other than Commo
dore Perry U S N who by order of the
President of the North American Repub
lic came to this country for the purinise
of concluding a treaty of commerce and
friendly intercourse between the two na
tions On the 11th of the month above
mentioned the envoy landed at Kurl
hamn Mlura gorl In tne province of Sag
ami and there held conferences repeated
ly with the utllclals of the Toktigawa Re
gency The object of his mission success
fully accomplished the commodore bulled
home shortly after
This visit of Commodore Perry was in
a vord the turning of the key which
opened the doors of tlie Japanese Empire
to friendly Intercourse with the United
States and subsequently to the rest of
the nations of Europe on similar terms
and may in truth be regarded as the
most memorable event In our annals an
event which paved the way for and ac
celerated the introduction of anew order
of things an event that enabled the coun
try to enter upon the unprecedented era
of national ascendency In which we are
now living There is a reason then a
strong reason that this visit of jCommo
dore Perry no less than the spot where
those memorable conferences took place
should be perpetuated in the nemorj of
the Japanese people
True Japan has not forgotten nor will
she ev er forget that next to her reigning
and most beloved sovereign whose high
virtues and great wisdom are above all
praise she owes In no small degree her
present prosnerity to the United States
of America In that the latter rendered
her the great and lasting service already
referred to After the lapse ot these forty-eight
years her people have however
come to cntertnln but an uncertain mem
ory of Kurlhama and yet I was there
that Commodore Perry flrsL Uod on the
soil of Japan and for the first time awoke
the country from a slumberous seclusion
of three centuries there it was where
first gleamed the light that has ever since
illumined Japans way In 1it new career
of progress Even writers seldom men
ticn the place now and the spot where
the American envoy landed and which
should forever be remembered In our his
torj threatens to be forgotten altogether
Last fall we had the pleasure of meet
ing Rear Admiral Bcardslee United
States Navy who as a naval cadet and
a member of the crew- under Commodore
Perry landed at Kurlhama on the his
torical occasion and who after theso
fort -eight ears once more came back
to pa a visit to this country Beckoned
by the memories of the past the admiral
went to Kurlhama Immediately after his
arrival in Japan but he was only able
to ascertain the snot where the envoy
and his party had landed almost half a
century ago by the help of an old sur
vivor of those by gone davs We were
greatly moved by his account of his sec
ond visit to Kurlhama and we Immedi
ately set on foot a movement to erect a
fitting monument which may perpetuate
the place In fiuestlon in the memory of
our posterity We have since made such
progress with this movement that a site
for tne monument has already been se
lected It is our determination to accom
plish the end in view with all possible
promptitude and to hold the ceremony
of unveiling the monument on the com
ing anniversary of the landing of the
American envoy at Kurlhama the 1Kb of
July this j car We hope that those who
are Interested In the matter vvlll favor
us by endorsing our undertaking In a
substantial manner
President Bel j u Kjo kal
American Association of Japan
Tokjo January M01
I S Subscriptions should be pent to
the office of Bei u Kyo kal 11
Kvobashi ku Tokjo Subscrip
tion list will be closed oti the 30th of
April 1ML
PInliM for Nnsitl ItejireHeiiintlikti nt
tlie McmiiliiN Ilt uuon
The Navy Department haB1 decided to
end the Scorpion Instead or the Ban
croft to represent the Navy at the an
nual reunion of the Confederate- Veter
ans Association In Memphis on May
W 9 The Bancroft is to go to Hampton
Roads from Key West and will go out
of commission before the reunion takes
The withdrawal of the Scorpion leaves
the United States without a ship In
Venezuelan waters The vessel Is to
bring Minister Loomls to San Ju in and
will not ritu n to La Guajra
General IIelic r to Itetlre
General Lieber the Judge Advocate of
the Army will retire on May 21 His suc
cessor has not jet been decided upon
Col Thomas r Barr is the senior colonel
having served In the corns for ihirtvoi
years and if named will serve until fall
c oi J vv Clous is the next ranking offi
cer but he will retire fifteen dajs after
General Lieber Should Pnii tio
therefore be named Colonel Clous will be
obliged to retire without promotion
Ylioniiclcn in the Inirnt Onlee
The employes of the Patent Office are
anxiously waiting for the new Commis
sioner of Tatcnts to fill the vacancies
created through the resignations of Com
missioner Ducll and his personal staff
There are three important positions to
be filled The most Important Is that of
law clerk There Is also a vacancy among
the assistant examiners and Commis
sioner Allen has not vet named his
It Is thought the appointments
will all be made within tho next few
Xevr Vorlc IOKtmie e
Postmaster Cornelius Van Cott of New
York has submitted to the Postmaster
Gmcral the following statement of gross
receipts at his office for the quarter end
ing March 31 Gross reeiipts for quuiter
ending March 31 lSil
UMW M gio s re
ceipts for quarter ending March 31 lj
JJWi33GG 67 Increase K7J per cent J2U -
llesoml Ilia liirlIlc tioil
from Tit Bits
Alter hrii lax evidence in an assault ca-a- 1
tuicii man am wife in nliicl the viife lad had
a deal of provocation lie maUtrate turning to
tlie husband I pood nan I really
cannot d anTtliin in tlds cave
lint J3 lias cut a picie of nir far off Mr
Hell said the nueUtraie I will bind lier
over to Veep tlie peace
You cait shuutcd Mics thrown it awar
Mie Alii Too Ininllliir AIkii
Prom the Philadelphia Pro
llailjiw finally tald the patient little nian
in th eorner eat of the crowded strict car I
beg votir ardon but
Hou dare jou address me sir she rried
haughtily Ive noticed jou ogling me I dont
know you
No maam and whats more I piess you
dont know thar joure standing on my pet corn
Speclnl Ilsniiiliiern IfnUlnir n
In Anne Arundel County
Dire tor Merrlam has received no In
formation from the Investigating partj
sent out Tuesdaj night to locate the al
ii ged frauds In the enumeration of the
censjs of Anne Arundet County- Md
TIiTe are eleven specIAI examiners In the
putj exclusive of Dr Tred Wines As
sistant Director of the Census who will
superintend the work It Is understood
at the Census Office that the part will
hue about two weeks lnrd work before
anjthing definite can be determined
Trom what could be learned jesterday
the officials fear that the fraud in the
Anne Arundel enumeration will exceed
that of St Mary Countj Tho special
enumerators began work
morning The difficult in securing
quick returns lies In the unsjstematic
manner In which the census was- enum
enteil in the first place Many of the dis
tricts were not gone over thoroughly it
is said the cnumerntora Contenting them
selves with the data obtained from the
heads of the families at the various coun
trj stores
In some Instances regular routes were
followed the agents ami It will be com
paratively easy for thu Investigators to
venfj the count Dr Wines will remain
In the held long enough to start the work
of investigation
Some of the districts In Anne Arundel
Count are large one Of them contain
ing over DOOo people It is thought that
a sufficient force has already been sent
to the various points where fraud is sus
pected but Director Merriam has given
orders that the entire force of special
examiners In the bureau be sent into the
fiell if it becomes
IteninliiK of Ir Wllllum T Honl to
Tic Hurled Tocliiy
The funeral of the late William T
Hord Medical Director U S N retired
will take place this at 2 oclock
from St Thomas Church corner of
Eighteenth and Madison Streets north
west The remains will be Interred at
Arlington with militarj honors The
necessarj orders have bee l Issued from
the War Department and a company of
iufantrv will escort the remains from the
enu of the Aqueduct Bridge to the
Bear Admiral Stewart Commander of
the local tommandery of the Loyal Le
gion has issued a circular to the mem
bers of the order requesting their atten
dance at the services
The pallbearers hav e been selected from
among Dr Hords associates In the navy
and the members of the Loal Legion
The Sjlpli to He Placed nt the II
ponnl of the Cadets
Long has agreed to place the
United States auxiliary jacht Sylph at the
disposal ot the French naval cadets upon
the occasion of their Visit to Washington
next week The are aboard the
Trench training ship Trouln now
In American waters and are contemplat
ing a visit to Washington They will go
to Mount Vernon and sit the tomb of
Delegations From Indian Trllie M
Cominir to Ailjant Land Allotment
Delegations from the Indian tribes on
the Omaha and Winnebago reservations
and from the Wichita nation of Okla
homa are on their way- to this citj to
settle with the Commissioner of Indian
Affairs various differences that have
arisen in their respective tribes The
Wichita delegates have had troube re
garding the allotment of lands in Okla
Commissioner Jones will leave the
for Chicago where he will super
intend the oiienlng of bids for supplies
for the various Indian agencies About
a month will be required for the award
ot the contracts Tuecommlssloner will
then go to New York where more tilds
are to be opened The silpplfes are to be
stored at the warehouses In New York
and Chicago until necied at the various
Ijilte Ansnl Orders
The following naVal orders have been
Issued by the Bureau of Navigation As
sistant Surgeon E MBIackwelCfletached
Abarenda upon reporting of relief to
home and await orders Assistant Sur
geon R C Marcour detached Havana
station to Abarenda v la temporarj dutj
on Philadelphia May i Medical Director
W JC Scofield retired from April 2S 1M1
Sec H R S and Sec 11 N P A Gun
ner T B Watson to torpedo station
Newport R I April 15 Gunner D Ly
ons to New York yard for ordnance
duty etc April 4 Chief Gunner C Du
gan detached Richmond to home and
await orders Chief Gunner C Dugan
retired from April 3 aoi section 1443 Re
vised Statutes and section 11 act ap
proved March 3 153 Lieut C A Brand
detached duty as inspector of ordnance
Hartford Conn upon reporting relief
May 10 and continue other Lieut
F If Schofield detached Bureau of Ord
nance to Hartford Conn as assistant to
Lieut C A Brand May 3 and assume
duties ofinspector of ordnance May 10
Commander B F Tilley to Washington
D C Lieut C M McCormlck detached
Bureau of Ordnance to dutj as Inspector
of powder Wilmington Del April 4 as
relief of Lieut B C Decker Commander
J D J Kellej mtired from Arril 1 1W1
Sec 1153 It S Lieut F C Bleg to
Naval Academy April 6 Boatswain D
Gljnn to Pensacola April 15 Surgeon G
Pickrell granted siek leave for three
months Assistant burgeon E Davis
granted sick leave for three months
Late Orders
Capt Frederick A W Conn assistant
surgeon U S Volunteers has been order
ed from Philadelphia to the Philippines
Second Lieut William J Schmidt
appointed from sergeant Company M
Twelfth Infantrj has been transferred
to the Twenty sixth Infantrj Major Ed
ward IJ Moseley surgeon U S A has
been assigned to duty as chief surgeon of
the Department of Colorado to relieve
Lieut Col Henrj Llpplncott who is or
dered to Governors Island N Y as chief
surgeon of the Department of the East
Major Trancls J Ives surgeon has been
relieved of duty In China and ordered to
Fort Sheridan III to relieve Major
George W Adair surgeon The resigna
tion of Second Lieut Harold P Goodnow
Eighth Infantry has been accepted bj
the Piesldent to take effect Mav 11 Major
Francis A Winter surgeon Thirty-seventh
Volunteers has been re
lieved of In the Philippines and or
dered to San rranclsco to await orders
First Lieut Meriwether L Walker En
gineer Corp has been relieved of duty
at Mobile Ala and is ordered to take
station at Galveston Tex under Capt
Charles S Rlche
want Scotts emulsion of cod
liver oilalmost without ex
ception So before they get
to be mothers eating for two
is no small tax continued for
The emulsion not only is
food itself it gives strength
for digesting usual food
If the milk is scanty or poor
the emulsion increases supply
and enriches quality
Well send you a hide to try if you ae
SCOrr IIOWXi 4cg Pearlrl NwYoti
The C Rnnilvs ln
On next Monday evening Mr N C
Goodwin and Miss Maxine Elliott will
commence their annual engagement at
tho New National Theatre when they
wlli undoubtedly be greeted by one of
the most fashionable and brilliant au
diences of the season It Is rarely so
man enquiries for seats have been re
ceived In advance and ever- indication
points to the largest weeks business that
these popular stars have ever plajed In
Vhen We Were Twenty one has
proven one of the most brilliant suc
cesses of the past two seasons nnd the
press and public bavo been unanimous
In pronouncing it one of the best come
dies ever conceived The story is origi
nal and the theme brilliant and is full
of poetic sentiment and refined comedy
The supporting company Is said to be ot
unusual strength and the production very
complete This will be the last oppor
tunity of seeing these co stars for at
least two ears as will pass the
whole of next season in London
The Columbia Arlzo in
The production of Augustus Thomas
new drama Arizona at the Co
lumbia Theatre- next Monday will intro
duce to many Washington people In its
stage pictures and architecture an ab
solute Walter Burrldge and
Charles Bitter the artists who created
the scenic investiture of Arizona made
a trip out to the picturesque Southwest
ern Territory for the purpose of sketch
ing from life the bits of Aravalpa Val
ley landscape and architecture which
Mr- Thomas and his artistic mentor
Frederick Remington Insisted upon as
the only possible enframement for the
dramatic storyv The Mexican Aztec ar
chitecture of dull tinted adobe and bril
liant red tiles and the formal rectangu
lar bits from Fort Grant army post are
characteristic of Arizona of New
Mexico but certalnlj of no other locality
on the face of the earth
In addition to elaborate and correct
stage pictures Arizona will be given
with the same cast which
shared in the triumphant run of 150 nights
at the Herald Square Theatre New York
ClinKen Polite Vntnles llle
Otis Harlan Claton White and Marie
Stuart assisted by Belle dArcj the
Quaker Quartette Pete Baker Alice
Rajmond and John Kurkamp Les Trols
de Regney jGaJIando and the blograph
pictures constitute tne bill prepared for
the patrons of Chases next week There
will und3ubtedly be a warm welcome
awaiting Otis Harlan In all his career
with the Hoytrcomedles he had not one
failure to his credit And even In Star
and Garter1 with the Agoust Family he-
made his role stand out with langhable
distinctness In vaudeville he has at
tained a high position and as a mono
logist Is reputed to rank in the same
class as Ezra Kendall
Last season Clayton White was the
leading comedian of Charles Frohmans
The Cuckoo company which was seen
In this city and Marie Stuart has some
note as a singer and dancer of the French
style They fiatfe combined their efforts
and are presenting a laughable farce
called Dlckej The Quaker City Quar
tette was last Tiere with Primrose
Dockstaders Minstrels and the assertion
that it is the best of thei kind will not
be doubted by those who remember Its
line musical and eccentric comedy fea
tures Pete Baker continues his mega
phone announcements and according to
the press agent has a fresh dialect mono
logue Alice Raymond and John Kur
kamp are well known musicians who
present their ability in a noveltj crea
tion called The Concert Miss
Jtavmond Is a fine cornetist Les Trols
de Itegnej are a trio of French musical
grotesques who are newcomers here but
who are well credited Gallando a mod
eler In clay will exhibit his skill with a
number of new subjects or interest and
the blograph motion machine will have
twelve Interesting views embracing the
usual number of qomlc and news sub
Lnfojette The Moth and the
The Moth and the Flame Is an
nounced for next week at the l ifajette
Square Theatre This play wvs a strong
favorite in the recent unique voting eon
test inaugurated at the Lafayette and
had a long run In New York at the time
ot its first production It is a Iiigh class
society drama with striking situations
The plaj opens with a childrens
In which all the cast participates
The cast Is an unusually large one for
a stock play and will Include Mr Or
monde as Edv ard Fletcher JohnT Sullivan
as Mr Wolton Ur Rogers as Mr Dawson
Mr Wyngata as Douglas Rhodes Mr
as Johnstone Mr Craven as the
clergjman ami Fred Sullivan as Howes
Miss Haswell will play Marian Wolton
Miss Mackintosh Mrs Lorimer Miss
Grajce Scott Ethel and Miss Field Kit
ty Other parts will be plaj ed by Messrs
Van Tjne Ball and Lunsford Mrs
Craven Florence Russell and Misses
Eiehelberger Agnes Scott Burson and
The- Acro the llielflc
The attraction at the Academy next
week will be Charles E Blanejs pro
duction of Across the Pacific of which
Harrj Claj Blanej is the comedian The
action takes place on board a truisport
at Manila and in he Philiprc Islands
Ir never does things by halves
as will be remembered when thp staging
of The King of the Opium Ring A
Female Drummer and The Electri
cian is recalled
Across the Pacific should prove a
most interesting entertainment as the
material is prolific of good wholesome
opportunitj The interpreting companj
will comprise the following well known
people Harry Robert Gail
lard Leslie Mathews OKane Hlllis J P
Tucker Chinese Johnnie Williams Pearl
Seward Grade Hull Anna Layug and
many others
The usual Tuesday Thursday and Sat
urdaj matinees will be given
Tlie IIIJoii May Hoivnrds
Ma- Howard and her band of bur
lesquers will return to the Jlljou next
week for a second engagement this j ear
The success made this company on the
occasion of its previous appearance here
was such as to warrant the management
of the Bijou In offering Miss Howard a
very substantial guarantee for another
visit and there is small doubt but that
next week will witness one of the most
successful periods of prosperity that the
theatre has enjojed during the present
J ear
The company will be practically the
same as when seen in Washington earlier
In the J car but there are promised sev
eral novelties which should im
prove the programme The olio will be
contributed by a dozen excellent vaude
ville acts while tlie usual two burlesques
will bring into view the entire
which Is said to bo remarkably strong in
its chorus and which according to the
claims of the management consists of
attractive and talented j oung
nuuicii win ue a n annee
Ivrrnniis The Sport
The babketball contest which Is the fea
ture of Phil Sheridans Citj Sports Bur
lcsquers will be presented for the i rst
time on a local stage when that organ
ization appears at Kern tns next v eek
it Is not onlj a novel but an exciting fea
ture introducing the feminine members
of the companj In hindsome athletic cos
tumes and who divided Into separate
teams tht Beds and the Blues dispute
everj inch of stage room with a tenacity
that smacks of the football enthusiasts
A seasons practice nnd repeated en
couragement have resulted in what the
press agent bis is an honest rivalrj and
it Is promised the games will possess all
the characteristics of a tiercel waged
contest Local teams will be Invited to
meet the girls and the management has
a standing challenge of MOO
The Sports have plajed Ker
nans often and the patrons mav feel
assured that Its entertainment will lack
nothing In the shape of features that com
plete the modern burlesque show It has
a good corps of artists in the olio in-
Theres a choosing here from the
very newest and most popular In
Gloves for the Easter occasion
shade best reasonable
prices and above all A PERFECT
Ladles 2 clasp Suede
all the new shades of
Gloves In
Ladles 2 clasp Kid Gloves made
wun tne gussets
fitted to the hand
an me spring i
shades to match
any sample
Ladles 2 clasp fine French Gloves
In both the glace and suede made
to fit either the long or short fing
ers Ail the latest shades Includ
ing whites and P f
blacks Every pair Si 1st 1 1
fitted to the Tlajl
Misses Gloves 2 clasp SI fifi
in all shades IUU
Mens Fine Kid Gloves SI fif
fitted to the hand lUVJ
Mens Gloves In the
popular shades of browns 1 7 C
and pique stitching lf J
Damaged Gloves
A small lot of ladies damaged
Gloves to be sold out Thursday
Gloves in the lot worth AQC
J1E0 and V for 5
t Louvre Glove Co
931 F Street
eluding Phil Sheridan Crissle Miendan
Brandon and Clare the Magnolia Trio
Craig and Ardell Mark and Kitty Harte
Kitty Mlley and the Josselln I rio
The GnbrlliMTitsch Ilccital
At the Columbia Theatre next Wednes
day afternoon April 10 at 415 the music
lovers of this city will have an oppor
tunitj to hear the young Russian pian
ist Gabrllowitsch who has created a
furore In all the principal cities such as
no other plaj er except Paderewskl has
made here for man years Prominent
members of the Diplomatic Corps and so
cietj leaders and musicians have lent
thelr names and aid and have secured
boxes or seats assuring thereby the suc
cess of the concert which will be one of
the important events of the musical j ear
In Washington On the programme will
be numbers by Bach Tausig Schumann
Chopin Tschaikowsky Gabrllowitsch
Rubinstein Mendelssohn and Liszt cer
tainly an attractive offering and sure to
arouse enthusiasm
Seats are on sale at Sanders
Artillery Corps ANsigrnme its
By direction of the of War
the following promotions and assign
ments of officers of the Artillery Corps
have been announced John P Hains
promoted to captain assigned to
Coast Artillerj William
Lassiter promoted to captain assigned
to Coast Artillerj George Le R Irwin
promoted to captain assigned to Fifty
fourth Company Coast Artillery Henry
D Todd jr promoted to captain as
signed to Coast Artillerj Thomas W
Winston promoted to captain assigned
to Coast Artillery Clint C Hearn pro
moted to captain assigned to Field Ar
tillery Captain Irwin will proceed to
join his company
Slovement of IVasnl VenelM
The battleship Iowa flagship has ar
rived at Bremerton Wash The gunboat
Gloucester and the torpedo boat Shubnck
have sailed from Annapolis for the Bar
ren Island trial course The French prac
tice ship Duguay Trouln has sailed from
Annapolis for Baltimore The cruiser
Bancroft has been ordered from Key
West to Hampton Roads and will be
placed out of commission about Maj 23
The torpedo boat Winslow has been
placed In reserve at Norfolk
Youns En Iloute to Wnnlilntrton
General Young who Is on his waj
home from the Philippines where he was
in command of the department of North
ern Luzon Is expected shortly In Wash
ington He Is to come here to confer with
Secretat Root regarding affairs In the
islands and will then return to San Fran
cisco where he succeeds General Shatter
as commander of the Department of Cal
ESI Tsffil
Rare old laces re
quire special treat
ment In cleaning
Wescourthem thor
oughly and yet mako
them retain their old
appearance They
would be ruined If
made to look as If
fresh from tho
Goois olleJ for ana
A F Bornot
French S comers an d
Only 90
- for a harnl mp Decker an lUrrics i
otlare i UJre Piano in thorough repair
ami ot gtxxl tone
Steinway and Other
925 Pa Ave
812 81 Till St 715 Market Sunce
CO Main Store corner Tth and K
Streets branches all orcr the city
and ia alt markets
Austins Dogr Bread
will prevent the lijdrcphubls
iOtiilIthandFStsN W
Easter Curds and Leaflets First
Boys Clothing
for Easter
American boys are the beat
dressed boys in the world And
the best clothing need not be ex
Our Mors Clothing Department
contains the fine and medium
classes of goods equaling in
style the best produced and
upon these desirable lines we
tjuote always the lowest prices
All the new spring sfyles are in
and there is a most satisfactory
assortment to choose from Blouse
Sailor Suits in sizes 3 to 12 Tux
edo and Vestee Suits in sizes 3
to 12 Norfolk Jacket Suits in
sizes 4 to 12 Russian Blouse
Suits in sizes 24 to 8
Also Double breasted Suits Single-breasted
Suits Three piece
Suits Xong Bants Suits and every
other style that is desirable and
Also the many different styles
of Spring Top Coats Reefers
Russian Blouse Coats for large
and small boys
Also new Shirt Waistsnew
flats and Caps new Straw Hats
new Sailor Blouses new Wash
iv uii
rrv until rviiciiliuil
to Our New Line of
Reciprocity Suits
Which we claim so much for and
those who have tried them will
bear us out in these statements
They lit better hold their shape
better look better and wear bet
ter than any other suit that can be
obtained for the same priceThey
are made of well selected all wool
materials by high class men tail
ors in light sanitary rooms
sewed throughout with silk cut
in latest manner doubled in seat
and knees and re enforced in
parts liable to hardest wear a
huge assortment of navy blue and
fancy mixtures light and dark
sizes 8 to III
Price 500 Each
Plent of space Is giv en to Sailor Blouse
Suits because are the most popular
stjle for little bojs We are showing a
most complete stock in blues royal
blues browns garnets and grajS and
striped and cheviots and flannels
All guaranteed the best that can be found
anywhere for the price Handsome elab
orate braiding or -very plain sizes Jtoll
375 o00 and 600 each
All wool Cheviot Suits In fancy gray
and brown mixtures light and dark ef
fects good qualltj well made silk sewed
well fitting pants double In seats and
knees sizes S to IS Special value
373 each
Double breasted Suits in neat
nrettv oatterns Ilcht and dark colorings
well made pants double in seats and
knees sizes 8 to IS- An exceptional value
2o0 each
All wool Flannel Sailor Suits prettily
trimmed with black or white braid pants
lined throughout well made and well
httlng suits sizes 3 to 9 A splendid value
293 each
3 piece Vest Suits In fancy mixtures
navy blue serges und cheviots and black
vicunas fine all wool goods beautifully
made and elegantly tailored -very dressy
and stjllsh and perfect fitting l button
coat vest single or double breasted short
pants sizes l6 to 16-
o fi 750 and 10 each
Fine Short Pants Suits In Imported ard
best domestic fabrics beautiful qualities
and handsome patterns perfect in
workmanship tit and finish si7si S to IS
730 to 1000 each
Tuxedo or Aestie Suits are quite popu
lar this spring and we are showing a
large assortment Thej consist of 4
pieces coat single or double breasted
vest single or double breasted shield
front ami pants neat pretty stripes In
light and dark effects al i navy blue
sergeb and cheviots sizes 4 to 12
500 and 00 each
Third floor
Easter Pictures and Frames
Numerous suggestions in Sheet
and Framed Pictures for Easter
tide Molding for made toorder
frames in great variety andat
prices fully a third less than
those current
Appropriate and artistic pic
tures for Easter gifts are shown
in the following and they are
priced very low
The Sun Bonnet Series of Pictures
quaint pictures
verj prettj
Easter gifts
in water colors
and designed for
25c each
Platinotj pes a variety of subjects In
black and gilt frames eival square and
llc each
rharaohs Horses and other popular
subjects In Ihrie plj veneered black cir
cular frames verj artistic
5c each
Etchings popular subjects mat
ted Florentine gut irames
100 each
Colored Photos from lite In ovat black
and gilt frames
100 each
Fourth floor
Our Holland Rose Bushes cl
on Sale 15c 2 for 25c
Our Spring Flower Seeds
on Sale 4 packages for 5c
Fifth floor

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