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Number 253
The Greatest Hunters
Steeplechase Ever
Run in America
Eleven Hunt Ms Represented
Sixteen Horses Named
Five Other Races
ic by Haleys Orchestra
Plan- Said to He Formed to Unite
All the Iiig S
The Methods f Hie I tilled Mutes
Mc cl Corporation Ill Itillowrd
Tin- InlHIliinlllj of the RIITerriit
I no Still In lie Mnlndiliied
NEW YORK April 4 There Is rea
son to Jcllee that a plan Is now being
considered seriously to bring all the
treat railway systems of the United
States under the control of one com
The enterprise if carried through
would inole the greatest combination
of capital known li the history of
finance The steel company its
more than a billion of capital would be
rather a small corporation by compari
son No very definite information tan
l given about the present scheme at
the present time but in a general way
the plan b no means matuicd et Is
understood to be as follows
A companj is to be foimcd under the
laws of New Jersey for the purpose so
to put It of conducting a general freight
and transportation business in the Slate
of New Jersey and elsewhere This
company will hold a controlling interest
In all the great railway systems of the
United States nd the management of
the roads will be esled in the controll
ing company
Each road will prcs ene its identify
and corporate existence but the new
company will control the affairs of all
The chief purpose of the proposed com
pany will bo to prevent rate cutting
Besides tills a large amount will be
saved by cutting down the expenses of
It is understood that the prime n veis
In thi new enterprise aie J Plerpont
Morgan William K Vandcrblll James
J Hill Edward H Harrlman Gcoigc
J Gould John I Rockefeller Jacob II
t chiff and James Stillrmn
Messrs Morgan Vnnderbllt Hill and
Gould were out of lown today Mr
Ilarriman was not to be seen and Mr
Pchlff was not in his oMce Mr Still
man was seen at the National City
Rank and the following question wire
First Do you know anything about
such a plan Second If you fio will
ou talk about it To these questions
Mr Stlllman replied I refuse to dis
cuss anj such nonsense
It was leported today that the first
step in carring out the proposed plan
had already been taken and that pa
I ors arc being prcpaied foi the incor
When- II Touches 11 HiuIk
Zenta fura poritltely 7cma IHj jj
uu of Ike Un At all dnu ktofn
Ilu Itmtliir unit h
J1 r l0n lv i 1i ttli
nd N V ne
poration of a New Jersey company
which shall control the stocks of the
Chicago Burlington and Qulncy the
Erie the Great Northern and the
Northern Pacific Provision will be
made It was paid in incoiporating this
company for the acquisition of other
In acquiring the properties men
tioned the plan tmplojed b the United
States Steel Company will be followed
The stock of -he controlling company
will be exchanged for the slocks of the
constituent companies In this particu
lar deal Involving only four roads the
capital stork of thy roads to be acquired
represents jVQ0W0 From this some
notion can be got of the amount of cap
ital that will be required to acquire all
the great systems
1 me rlciiu I null illlnu
Ivcliiilluu Hit tiillUe1
LONDON April Z The IS rlln corre
spondent of the Standard sijh ho asked
one of the inol iirnminent leaders of Ger
man industry whether he knew any thing
about J Plerpont Morgans coming to
Germany to effect an alliance for regu
lating the sale nnd prices of industrial
lroducts in Germany and the United
Slates to the exclusion of all other coun
tries especially England
The gentleman of whom the question
was asked answered that he first heard
of such a scheme two mouths ago aid
was awaiting Mr Morgans arrival with
keen Intercut There were already sev
ral similar industrial alliances Including
one iKitwcen Simians and Americans bjt
he should have nothing to say against
the Morgan plan except that he was op
posed to the exclusion of England He
mufcl reject tliat
At present the rela lions between Ger
many and England were satisfactory In
coirmirelal matters which vas not the
cae with the United States The English
were always fair and honest competitors
which the Americans were not as they
always think of th Ir own advantage and
try see nor or later to drlie awav all na
tions from the markets In which they
wish to compete
Mr Morgan must then fore have ery
great advantages iiml ery sure gunrin
tees tt offer to the Germ ins before the
aceepc tht ppjeet Even then they would
ha to corsidi r v hethtr they could do
It with tlie exclusion of England
Miry leKiru of Gerimn Industry were
not In favoi of this part of the scheme
untitle litu Vltirkct Improve
COLOGNE April 4 -The Cologne Ga
zette says tint the Rhenish Westphnllan
coal market Is Improving The Iron mar
ket also hows Improvement
nuxlixh stlllllc incliM Strike ct
LONDON April 4 The strike of tli
stablemtn at Newmarket la over lho
men concluded to accept an offer of 22
shillings ier week
Ilr IlnrljN I relentlnlM Presented
BERNI April 4 -Arthur S Hardy tho
new American Mlnlst r presented his
credentials to tin Pn sklent today
Norfolk A V nsliiugtmi stcninlionl Co
Delightful trips dallj at 6M p m from foot
Tth it t OM Point Comfort Newport Jiews
Norfolk an I tlic s nt i Tor schedule see page P
Lumber mill nil KIiiiIn yilllvvorl
1 c kind jac ilvcn 1 Llbhcy i Co
Kiisbia Satisfied AVith the Ad
vantage of Possession
Clilun lo ric PnulHlied bj Driiiniidn
fur Hcilvi Indemnity V Desire In
CouilicI lie Lultetl Milieu to ABrrc
With the Jliijurit or Sliuul Aside-
IBKIN April 4 The report has been
received here that the general com
manding the Chinese troops near the
Shansi border retired into that province
on the threatened advance of a Trench
The Russians are practically left In
possession of Manchuria They are not
anxious about Chinas refusal to sign
the modified agreement prepared by the
Chinese Minister at SL Petersburg- pos
session being nine points of the law
Friction with other Powers Is pre
vented by avoiding a formal agreement
but It Is Russias Intention now as
heretofore to remain In Manchuria
It is likely that M dc Glcrs the Rus
sian Minister here will take a strong
attitude on the questions of Indemnity
showing the Chinese their folly In not
accepting Russias friendship at tho ex
pense of losing Manchuria
The punishment question is now only
awaiting a definite reply from tho Rus
sian Mlnijler the other foreign repre
sentatives having agreed on the num
ber of Chinese officials to be punished
It Is reported here that Russia and
Japan are discussing a modus vlvendl
in relation to Korean affairs
LONDON April 5 The Berlin corre
spondent of the Chronicle says that
Field Marshal Count yon Waldersee has
urgently telegraphed to Emperor Will
iam imploring him to try to hasten the
negotiations for withdrawing the allied
troops from China
He says it is almost Impossible to pre
vent ugly contretemps The troops of
different nationalities are all quarreling
among themselves He has had to set
tle even differences in Pckin
A similar condition of affairs prevails
at Tientsin He fears that unless the
troops are withdraw n there will be
serif us trouble
All the Governments have been in
formed of the condition of affairs
The United States Government will re
sist lo the utmost diplomatically any at
tempt of other Powers to force It to par
ticipate in garrisoning forts in China
along the Pel ho between Pekin and
Tientsin or withdraw from the negotia
tions for the settlement of the Chinese
trouble Jlectht press despatches from
I ekln suggested that sucli an attempt
would be made and the opportunity to
do so has now been afforded In a con
firsnce of the several commanders of the
allied forces including General Chaffee
to arrange for carrying out that part of
the protocol between China and the
Powers which refers to dismantling cer
tain defences and the selection of places
to be held presumably by detachments
of foreign troops
General Chaffee telegraphed the War
Iepartment that this conference was to
he held and aske d for instructions After
lonsultatlon vith the Secrctar of State
the Secretary of War last night sent a
despatch to General Chaffee defining the
1 osillon he must assume These direc
tions arc In a line with the policy of the
State Department developed at the time
the peace protocol was signed
It Is understood here that some of the
Powers would be gild to have the United
States eliminated from participation In
the settlement of the details for para
mount foreign control of certain parts of
China This Government has shown a dis
position to preserve the integrity of China
and to facilitate the withdrawal of the
army of occupation that has been some
what embarrassing to other members of
the International Concert
The basis for putting through some
such a scheme to curtail or altogether
eliminate the participation of the United
Ptitcs In the Una I settlement has been
afforded by the withdrawal of the Amer
ican foreis except a legation guard ana
the expressed Intention of this Govern
ment not to furnish troops for the per
manent occupation of Chinese territory
It is expected that General Chaffee will
have a hard light on his hands In the
council of generals unless he proves to be
as good a diplomat as he Is a soldier
The plan of the opponents of the policy
of the United States as it Is understood
here Is to insist that any nation that
does not furnish its quota of troops to
garrison the forts selected for occupation
in the line of communK atlon between Pe
kin and Tientsin skill have no part in the
llnal arrangements of the Jcrms definitely
settling the differences between China and
the Powers This Government is deter
mined not to be sidetracked by any such
scheme and even If the majority of the
representatives of the nations engaged In
the negotiations adopt that policy It will
refuse to withdraw from active partici
The attitude of the nations favoring tho
scheme was likened yesterday to the
claim of a majority In any legislative
body that the minority members hiving
failed to agree to a majority measure
should be deb irr d from a participation
In all future legislation
When the peace protocol wis agreed
to by a majority of the foreign Ministers
at Pi kin Minister Conger acting under
Instruction from the State Department
slgntd the agreement with certain reser
vations ile lining the position of the Unlteel
States One of tin so reservations was In
effect a protest against the razing of
the Chinese forts and another an expla
nation of the lnibllity of the President to
furnish troops to garrisin speclilcel points
in foreign territory without the expressed
authority of Congress
The original decision to raze the forts
has Just been modllled by an agreement
nmong the foreign representatives at
Pekln to merely dismantle them and the
council which General Chaffee Is to at
tend Is to decide how the dismantling
slnll be done The Instructions tint went
to him last night urge him to use his en
deavors to prevent a decision that all the
forts shall be dismantled leaving Chlni
at the mercy of foreign foes and insur
rectionists and It Is expected that the op
position to American participation will
develop when General Chaffee states that
Officials In Washington concerneil In the
negotiations maintain that It Is tmpossl
ble for nny combination of Powers to
force the United States out of the Chi
nese Concert by nny means short of a
resort to arms To notify this Govern-
sllir To llnltliniire and trturii fl2r
In 1ciiiin Ivillila Uftllriuiil
Tickets on sale Saturdiy and Sunday April
and 7 good to return until Monday pril b
All traim except Coug eghlonal Limited
Aevv rioorliitf Lumber Ifl
per 101 l ft All one Kidlli too Cth and
X T ave
ment to retire would be equivalent to an
ultimatum It would mean that these na
tions hold that the Unlteel Stntes had no
concern In Chinese affairs But It would
mean also tint the agreement of the
Powers to preserve harmony would lie
broken and thus relieve the United States
and nations supporting the American
policy of the obligation of living up to
previous undtrstandlngs While It Is prob
able that some of tho Powers would like
to have a grand break up of the Concert
the belief Is entertained here that others
anil among them a- few of the strongest
Governments will take the side of this
Government ratiiT than have any disa
greement that might Involve the wheile
civilized world In war The Administra
tion Is not worrying but it will not take
any chances In the matter
Hurt lii the Iorrnrm VV lille Fighting
n Duel nl M
NEW YORK April 5 A Herald ca
ble from Nice s ij s
A duel has taken place between Count
Tnrnowskl ami Lieutenant Colonel Tol
At first two shots were exchanged nnd
then the combat was continued with
Count Tarnovvskl was wounded In the
The Count Tarnowski Is very possibly
the Count Tarnovvskl who Is the secre
tary of the Austro Hungarlan Legation
The secretary has been absent for several
months and during that time has become
engaged to the Prince w Cetrortinska of
The prlneess Is a menber of one of the
most prominent families In Poland The
engagement caused a great flutter In di
plomatic and society circles In Washing
ton where Count Tarnovvskl was a great
A lreiich Count IIiiiIn Ilfiiiclf n
Legnll Wc ililctl yinn
PARIS April 4 Count Robert de Pom
ercu a deputy for Stine Inferieure has
Just discovered although he is a bachel
or that he possesses an American wife
He received a letter the other day from
the United States written by a woman
who signed herself Lizzie de Pomereu
asking what he meant by deserting her
and whether he Intended tosupport their
infant child
Count de Pomereu was mystified He
at first treated the matter as a hoax
but eventually Instituted enquiries with
the result that he learned that on April
13 1SS2 a man using his name and living
on Fifth Avenue New York had mar
ried In that city a woman named Lizzie
Uarler thirty one years old The mar
riage certificate which was entirely cor
rect was registered at the French con
sulate at New York It uf a coincidence
tliat Count de Pomereu as mayor of
Heron Normandy presided on April 19
1J2 at two civ II marriages
H has taken legal opinion on the mat
ter and has been Informed that he must
regard himself as legally married Ho
Is therefore suing i omrt for
the annulment of the mar
An Lliceiliflrmeil Itepurt of nil At
tempt on HIn Life
LONDON April 4 A despatch to the
Central News from Vienna says the news
papers there print a story to the effect
that an ofllcer of the Guards yesterday
made his way to the Czars study at St
Petersburg and fired a shot from a re
volver at his Majesty The Czar was not
hit The officer then committed sjlclde
There Is no confirmation of this story
and It is not believed
A MrMHugc of Itejiilclut nt the Litl
tcrit Evcnpe Sent
newspapers hero print a despatch from
Emperor Av llllam to the Sultan express
ing the deep emotion with which he learn
ed of the Sultans danger during the
earthquake of April 1 ahi rejoicing nt
the manifest manner in which God had
protected his Majestys life
The Emperor added that he could not
conceal his admiration of the attitude the
Sultan had observed and the example of
bravery he gave The message closes
I pray that tho Lord will continue to
hold your Majesty in hit gracious and
holy keeping
A Mlllluii Ilorln Cheek Prenenteil by
n Oiinmlltre
LONDON April J The Stnmlard s
Prussels correspondent says that the
Dutch pro I5oer committee lias pre sented
to Mr Kruger a cheek for a million llor
1ns the result of a subscription
Lml 1c luieMre link Ileslres til e
ItlliiiiirM lit Rest
LONDON April 4 The Echo says It
understands tint Iidy Tmnessce Cook
whose husband Sir Francis Cook died
recently has appealed to the Home Sec
retary for permission to have Sir Francis
body exhumed with the vsew to setting
at rest current rumors
IVvv Cuiiserv ntlv en Iioneii nl he
Election In Denmurk
COPENHAGEN April 4 No Govern
ment of this country ever before met with
such a defeat at the polls -as was inflicted
In the election which has Just closed Of
tho 114 members of tho rolkelhlnc only
eight Conservatives vvre elected and
only five of them support tho Govern
The Socialists were everywhere
strengthened although curiously enough
their lender Krudsen r as beaten by jin
obscure Conservative
erkeN In Return Ironi lnKliinil
LONDON April 4 -a T Yerkes the
Chicago millionaire and riilvvay man will
sail for New York on the llamburg
American line steamship Deutschland
next Tuesday
Ieliir Edlviinln Moliir Cnr
LONDON April 4 TPie Edward has
purchased a nine horn power Trench
motor car which Is nolcelesn odorless
and capable of making fifty miles an hour
It Is a Gardner Serpollet double phaeton
A Cilbltli 1liiur telilftlntcl
SANTIAGO Cuba April f Mayor Pi
dro Grinanhavlng ben cxoiierutnl from
the charges jf rralfmnimeujii ofllce that
were madi against hiiri has been rein
stated There was great excitement when
bis staff which had btrn put out of of
llce by Actllig Mayor Giro v as nisei re
instated -
Safes in lire and ImrRlar pnKif vault for rent
S year up I nion rnit 4 Mora Co till Kt
rijim HiiHlllerx ullcse Mil mill li
UuinCbS hhirthand Tip ntin a year
IIe MiliixIeN large lre T
pir 1MS all perfect Lj t ji 1 itlry c Co
Dm led Opinions Regarding the
jlimiciinl ConteMs
Mnnj Person Till nk Tlinl lie Ile
er iiemen AV III Nut Ilr Mile n
Come Intu Ioner Tiro Ilepurdi
on 1InK Amendment Rejected
HAVANA April 4 Municipal elec
tions are to bo held throughout the
Island on Juno 1 Fifteen days from
April IS will be allowed for the regis
tration of voters
There are two opinions regarding the
probability of candidates belonging to
the better element being elected Some
say that the manifest failure of the
present municipalities will cause the
better class men to be elected The
more general Idea however is that the
same or a worse class will be successful
at the polls
General Wood has often been nsked to
appoint councilmen and other municipal
olflccrs In Havana the petitioners hold
ing that this Is the only way to get
good men Many of those who favor
this method cite the municipality ap
pointed by General Ludlow as having
been infinitely better than the prestnt
elected one
One of the reasons given for the prob
ability that good men will not ba elect
ed Is that the cliques who arc now In
control will nominate their own mn
who are not of the best class the
voters not knowing and not under
standing anything about the matter
and the better class being too few or too
mild to run the adventurers out
General Wood had a conversation to
day with the more radical delegates to
the Constitutional Convention regarding
the interpretation of the Patt amend
The Fatria commenting on Secre
tary Roots letter in which he set forth
the Presidents understanding of tho
third section of the amendment says
that Mr Roots time was lost as his In
terpretation cannot be better than the
text of the law itself which Is clear
Mr Root can say what he likes but the
truth is that to give the United States
the right to Intervene when it thinks fit
would detract from Cubas sovereignty
In conclusion the paper says that Mr
Roots letter is a worthless document
The DIscusion says that the Con
vention has rejectee two reports on the
amendment and when it rejects the re
ports of Senores Ciberga and Qulliz it
will then In principle have rejected the
amendment though without having
done so specifically A delegate says
that at the private session yesterday
when the question of tho amendment
was put a motion was carried by a vote
of 13 to 7 not o discuss It but to lay It
on the table thus shewing that the
Convention did not desire to reject the
The idea of pome of the delegates in
rejecting all oPnrts on the amend
ment presented to the Convention i
leave only the amendment Itself for
consideration Then -a commission to
visit Washington will probably be ap
pointed The delegate added that Gual
berto Gomez upholds the Idea of sending
a commission in order to prevent his
own report on the amendment from
coming to a vote as he fcais it will be
It Is not certain that his report will
be voted on before the question of a
commission is dealt with The delegate
adds that some of his fellow members
have an idea that the Washington Gov
ernment Is very much embarrassed by
the action of the Convention They
think this because of the visits to Cuba
by prominent Senators and Representa
A Conductor find Inglueer Itdtiiii
nlUlc for I lie el lie III Accident
TRENTON N J April 4 The coro
ners jury which has been Investigating
the wreck of the Nellie Illy express near
Rordentown on February 21 brought In a
verdict this afternoon The jury found
thit the wreck was caused by the negli
gence of the engineer Benjamin P
Thompson and the conductor Edward S
Sapp of the local train In failing to hold
their train on the siding until the third
section of the Nellie Bly had passed as
expressly provided for In their orders
The verdict continues Furthermore
we also censure the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company for not maintaining a double
tricksy stem witn the block automatic sig
nal where is this being the first time the
Nellie Bly hid run in three sections It
was evidently a new experience to Engineer
Thompson and Conductor Sapp and we
held that amid he contingencies of human
mistakes this should mitigate their blame
to certain extent
Thompson tiled a week ago and It is
said thit feapp will be charged with inun
slaughtt r Aeventeen persons are known
to have lost their lives In the accident
feapp acknowledged that be was to blame
during his testimony at the inquest
Hie Notorious Irnlii Itoblier IkiiIii
u Prisoner III I evils
ROCIC SPRINGS Tex April I -Sheriff
M C Hozarth of Edwards County has
succeeded In capturing Bill Taylor the
neitorlous train robin r under Kentence of
life imprisonment for robbing a Southern
Pacific passenger train at Losier Tex
about two years ago
TayIo was in Jill nt Rock Springs
nwalting transportation to the peniten
tiary when he made his escape Bud
Newman a member of the gang of train
robbeis of which Taylor was the leader
turneel States evidence at the time of
Taylors trill and it was largely through
his testimony that Taylor was convicted
When Taylor escaped from- Jail he
went on a hunt for Newman lie came
across the latter on the Pecos River ami
after a ilespcrate light with pistols Tay
lor shot and killed Newmin Since then
Tavlor his been at large until run down
and captureel bj Sheriff Bozirth
Ceneriil iilcroii Demi
Andcrii who was a famous Confederate
brigade commander and a veteran of the
Mexican war died today at Annlston
Occult Menmship Vluv emeiitN
NEW YORE April 1 -Arrived Ger
ni ink Liverpool Rheln Bremen Island
Copenhagen K iramanla Leghorn Ar
rived out 1 alin from New ork at
Ln men
lllooil I ells
I-Mi-Ma punfle tle lilnod gives jou appetite
and vijor t all drug stores
I be
Iitillilluir of cotfiiKe our
i Co
Ml Imui luxle tj ure
Two Case nrnuKlit gnlnst
Vlnrjlnnil Senator
CUMBERLAND Mil April 4 Two
suits vverb filed In court today against
United States Senator George L Welling
ton one by the Cumberland Dally News
Publl hlng Company for ViOSO and the
other by George Prince photographer of
Washington for J100 to cover a bill for
WiSS and costs
Mr Prince last November obtained Judg
ment against Senator Wellington before
Justice Lewis I ONeal of Washington
but the Senator Ignored the matter hence
the suit here
The Senator until recently was one of
the principal stockholders of the Dally
News but the political quarrel with for
mer Governor Ixiwndes resulted in his sell
ing out to the latter Robert R Henderson
and Judge David W Sloan When the
bill was presented to him a few- days ago
he emphatically refused to pay It saying
that as a stockholder he had never gotten
any dividends and they had gotten all the
money out of him he intended to pay
The items In the bill Include charges for
about 30000 primary election tickets which
the Senator used In his tights In U92 and
1S9I with Colonel George A Pearre for
the Congressional nomination There are
also charges of Jj 50 for fifty badges for a
colored Republican club of 11 cash loaned
from the counting room drawer anil for
circulars posters for meetings and other
political printing
Senator Wellington Is estimated to be
worti JlOOtOO
The Remainder of Cenernl Ron
inliin Filipino Force leld
MANILA April 4 The remainder of
Gonzalezs command surrendered on
Twenty -one firearms have been sur
renderee in northern Mindanao 10a rilies
at Banga northwest Panay and 43 fire
arms in the Fifth district of northern Lu
Colonel Chinchilla and his staff are due
at Leyte on Asril 2L
Sixty -four of General Trias riflemen
have escaped from Cavltc It is reported
that Father Aglipay the Filipino priest
who commands a force of Insurgents is
sick at La Paz Abra He has only thirty
men with him
Colonel Chinchilla reports that General
Moxlca and his men are without food and
without money to purchase any
llovcott Declarations Lend
Chnrnes of CnliHiilrnej
SCRANTON Pa April 4 Arrest made
here today raise the interesting question
whether under Pennsylvania law the offl
csrs of a labor union may be Jield legally
liable for the declaring of a boycott
At the recent convention of United
Mine Workers at Hazleton a boycott wai
declared upon the Serantonlan a Sun
day newspaper printed by Rlcharel Llttfe
In this city because of publications in
that newspaper reelecting upon the honesty-
of the Mine Workers leaders in the
settlement of the great anthracite strike
of last fall
On Monday of this week Tiecause nf
these charges President Mitchell cuuseAl
the arivst Utile on a charge oi crimi
nal libel Sjnce the Hazleton convention
the local unions have been adopting boy
cott resolutions following the precedent
set in Hazleton Local Union SSL United
Mine Workers was one of these and call
ed upon union men to boycott the Scran
2 and its publishers
Today Little ciuseo ho nrrest of the
officers of this union charging them witn
conspiracy to ruin his business The men
arrested are Patrick W Toland Oliver
J Nichols Thomas C Brown Patrick
Burke anel D F Dempsey
Little salel today that he would soon
cause the arrest of a number of other
leaders of labor and hinted that Presi
dent Mitchell would be included ia the
The OperiiliirN Determined n o
Ilrnok An Interference-
WILKESBARRE April 4 The opera
tors are determined not to have any In
terference with non union men working
at their mines A committee stood at
the Woodward shaft of the Delaware
Lackawanna nnd Western Company this
morning demanding all employes to show
their union cards The officials ordered
them away and discharged two union
miners for shouting scab
A mass meeting of the union men was
called and It was first decided to strike
at once As this was contrary to union
rules the men changed their minds and
sent a committee to Scranton to see the
head officials When they went back to
work however they found the mine
closed ostensibly for repairs
The union cards were just Issued yes
terday and this was the first opportunity
the union had for try Ing to force Qut the
non union men The move was expected
and the action of the operators shows
they will not brook Interference with the
non union employes
A Aejjro PrlHime r heut In Annllier
5 lull for Snfe tv
MEMPHIS Tenn April 4 -Early this
morning an effort was made to lynch John
fchaw a negro who tonight stands under
sertencc to die on the gallows on May 10
for assaulting twelve year old Purcie
Lushton a school girl The negro wns
coavicteel yesterday and sentence was pro
nounceel today
Learning that the case might go to the
Supreme Court for review a mob formed
nt Lucy last night and sent three repre
sentatives to Memphis to get the prisoner
out of the Jail Ihcy Tield up Kelly the
j lilor at the point of a pistol and de
m indeel the jail keys He give them the
wrong cell key and while they were try
ing to reach the prisoner he sent In an
alarm to police headquarters for assist
ance The trio fled The men entereel the
front doors gaining the office floor
through a clever ruse posing as two of
ficers with a prisoner Today Judge
Cooper In the Criminal Court summoned
the grand jury and gave them a special
charge instructing them to Indict all
parties Implicated in the plot to ly nch the
lonlght It w is given out that the negro
hid been taken to Jackson Tenn for
safe- keeping Shaw was d izenl bj the
proccdlnss when the death sentence was
pied Ile raised his hands In nglta
tien and repeiteel ovu and over tint he
was Innocent
q lie- Itiriiettti limit Huh nit Vecideut
In the speed Trlnl
ANNAPOLIS April 4 The torpedo
boat Thornton which like- the Shiibrlck
showed up well In the stanilarilizlng trial
over the Government course was not
successful ln the speed trial today be
cause of the breaking of a section of feeel
water suetion piping
1 he 1 hornton left Annapolis this morn
ing for the test The average speed ot
the 1 hornton for thirty -five minutes was
7 knots The Sbuhrick will run on a
two hours trial tomorrow
jst f tic to mill Return v in
II V O sttiirdU mid Siiuilui
April fl and 7 cood for return until foilowiTi j
Monday TiiittU good on a
1 unite d
rain exeept llagrel
New Pence Pieketn Postn Itfills
I rd n il ciur tlun 1 f ik uli an 1
i arc
Price One Cent
Jones the Valet Told One More
Version of Rices Death
Attorney Pn trick Ilrnmntlcnllr
IlrniU lie Document Arrnninic Illm
of the Drrd CrnnaKxiinilnntlon ot
the Acconiilce vVltiie lleclns
NEW iORIC April 4 Tho principal
fact elicited today in the continued
cross examination of Charles F Jones
the valet In the case of Albert T Pat
rick charged with the murder ot Wil
liam ir Rlce was that Jones had mad
still another confession difrerlnjr In two
important particulars from any of the
confessions which had hitherto been
made public
This statement was made In Hellcvue
Hospital after he had cut his throat to
George Gordon Battle the attorney
whom Jones was prevailed upon to take
In the place of Fred House In It he
said that Patrick not he had chloro
formed Rice and he also asserted tho
validity of Rices signature to the will
of May 26 in Patricks favor now de
stroyed r
Counsel for Patrick tried to read the
statement allowed but found it hard to
If vou cant read it hand It back
over here said Patrick Patrick took
it into his hands and began reading
This is what he read the initials P
and It of course being abbrevia
tions In the manuscript for Patrick and
P felt Rices pulse and listened t
his heart P told me to give him a
towel and sponge R had used that
sponge for cleaning his clothes When
I returned P had a bottle in his hanel
which was filled with a colorless liquid
and which he put on the bureau He
then wrapped the towel around hi
hand in conical shape pinned it with a
safety pin which he had taken from th
bureau and then replaced the funnel
end of it on his Rices face
During the reading- of this passage
which was the last paragraph in tha
statement the little room in which Jus
tice Jerome is holding the examination
was still as a church The eyes ot
everyone from the Judge to the news
paper messenger boys w ere on the fac
of the bald headed red bearded be
spectacled lawyer who sat there read
ing as calmly- and carelessly this ac
count of how he had murdereel the oU
millionaire as though he were earning a
lawyers fee by doing it
Before court opened today there wa
talk amorg the lawyers and Justlca
Jerome about waiving further eatamlna
That would be Impossible said th
Justice As yet nothing has been shown
to prove that Patrick Is really guilty ot
murder except the uncorroborated testi
mony of an acknowledged accomplice
There must be corroboration of Jones
statements in order to hold Patrick on
a murder charge and I will not accept
a waiver at tho rresent time from either
We have the corroboratim facts
jour honor put in Assistant District
Attorney Carvin who Is associated
with Mr Osborne in the case
Jeromes statement was really nothing
but a statement of the law applicabl
to all similar cases
The Battle confession was used as a
basis for a Ion examination of Jones
who confessed that his first story vva
As to how much of the Jones story th
District Attorney will be able to cor
roborate there is much speculation Mr
Osborne is not disclrslng his hand but
says he can corroborate a lot of It anil
that is why he believes it to be the
truth It is said Jores brother will be
put on the stand to verify the valets
statement that he got laudanum and
chloroform from him by express
Mr Moore in speaking of this today
mentioned the fact that the drug store
Iq Calveston where the poisons arc
Ieged to have been purchased was de
stroyed by the cyclore The express re
ceipts for the scyind package which
came in August were Introduced In ev
idence today
ej rri Cmises n Itinle In Richmond
Lutil He Is shut
RICHMOND Va April 4 John Wright
a negro crazed by Please escaped from
the smallpox hospital last night and
caused a panic for several hours Ills ap
pearance was terrifying
In his delirium he attempted to board
two crowded street cars and was re
pulsed by the conductors Ho entered sev
eral dwellings and was forciblr uri u
In the residence of J Christian Wood
son Secretary of the Citizens Bullellng
and Banking Company he secured a pis
tol from the second story and shot at
Woodsons mother anil sister three times
Mr Woodson threw a rope over the ne
gros head and tried to capture him but he
broke away
Voodson then fired on him with a rifla
and killed hm Woodson was bailed for
his appearance In court
Many Cases Dlscuverel lij ew
Unveil Colin llij slclnns
NEW HAVEN Conn April 4 Dr r
W Wright Health Officer of this town
stated tonight tliat he feared an epidemic
of typhoid fever In New Haven He snld
there are now an unusually large number
of cases and there ure Indications of many
more which are now in the suspect stage
There are two cases of typhoid fever
among Yale students The presence of
typhoid hid been determined by- tests
miulc by Prof Rartlett pathologist at
the Yale Medical School who has found
In two ilays four cases as a result of hi3
examinations Dr McNeil the bacteriol
ogist for the city Board of Health has
had a number of tests this wetk and tho
results show that there are six new cases
to be added to the presert list
The water supply k being tested
The Pla jue De crcnslntc
CAPE TOWN April i Only three mw
cases of plague wire reported toelay
Iherc were two deaths from the dis
II t O Huston TnutM
Irom Washington June 45 and Jnl IS Rate
including necrwarj experew 2 ior djtaHed
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