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The niiist T Iniiii Electoral inp
in lulilic Plates
A S trliiBciii Inn IJnfiirord In -
lurk Hun Dlnillic prrllili Trom
tlic sputum IleiidliiK for u Irult
Mnml Clirri nl Notrn of Inlrrnt
A correspondent of tin- Commissioners
signing himself A Citizen has called
the attention of the board to the crusade
now going on in New ork Cit nKal11
expectoration in public places It appears
that astringent 1 iw has been enacted for
thit cltj ipin the subject nnd that sa
cral arrests have b en made and several
lersons remanded for trial under the
law If convicted thtse will be nned ac
cording to the nature of the offence
Citizen alsi submis n statement of
Pr John 1 Creisbv Commissioner of the
15ard of Health in defence of the law
and relative to the dangeis of promiscu
ous expectoration on the sidewalks and
elsewhere ith reference to the latter
subject Dr Crosb savs
It is a well known fact that most of
diseases of the iespiratorj tract In
cluding ellpluhei la measles scarlet fever
pneumonia tuberculous Inlluenz1 and
probablj all forms of acute bronchitis
are the result of the action of germs
which are present in ihe secretions of the
respirator organs It Ins been shown
also Investigations that in
mam instances these germs are present
for long periods of time during convalesc
ence from these diseases in the mucous
s crctions and In mild and unrecognized
Throucrf -spitting in public convey
ances on sidewalks station platforms of
elevated rallwajs In public buildings
etc the germs producing these diseases
are wideb disseminated and are constant
ly tracked into the houses on the soles of
shoes and by means cf the trailing skirts
ol -women which have been soiled by the
expectoration These considerations from
a public health lew point are quite suf
ficient in themselves to justify the en
actment of stringent regulations prohib
iting the practice aside from the fllthi
ness of the habit and the public nuisance
which thosi who practice it become
As showing the great importance of
this relation to only one disease it may
be mentioned that in the Borough of Man
hattan during the last year there were
over flWO cases of tuberculosis reported
nnd it is censerv atlv ely estimated that at
least ZOW cases of this disease exist in
the Uorough of Mannattan and the vast
majority of these latter In the Infectious
stage are morlng freely around the
streets of the city expectorating on the
sidewalks in public conveyances and
wherever it may be convenient
It is not necessary to emphasize the
dangers which arise in this waj through
th dissemination of the tubcrcule bacil
li which are the cause of this disease and
which are contained in the expectoration
In almost Incredible numbers It has
been estiraaUu J xisun in the hc
ti e stage of the malady may discharge
not less than jinwwwOiw of these in the
sputum In the course of twenty four
hours 3 he department of health has long
emphasized the fact that tuberculosis is
communicable and distinctly preventable
that It Is not directly Inherited but is
produe ed solely through its transmission
irum some human being or animal suf
fering with it by means of the germs
thrown off In the diseased tissue
lhe danger frTim this disease is even
greater because the large majoritj of
cases are among the poor in the over
crowded badly ventilated tenements and
among tho laborers In the workshops
printing otiiets sweat shops mil stores
of the city Through the presence of such
large numbers ot cases and the 1 ick of
precaution In regard to the disposal ef
the expectoration the streets and iiibllc
conveyances floors of public buildings
etc become Infected and the geinis
spread through the drying and pulveriz
ing of the sputum floating in the air as
The Commissioners have referred the
communication to the Health Departmert
for coi sideration and report with
reference to what may be done to
lessen the evil ofTromlscuous expectora
tion on the sidewalks streets and public
places In ashlngion
D W Classic acting as attorney for
George Thon has sent to the Commis
sioners a statement relative to the use of
a fruit stand In front of the premises COS
Eleventh Street northwest He asks that
the order of the lieutenant of the rirst
precinct directing him to remove the
stand be revoked and that it be allowed to
remain The attorney submits the follow
ing reasons given by Mr Thon why he
should not be compelled to comply with
the orders of the police
I rent the entire premises consisting
of a two story and basement house and
am entitled to the proper nnd legitimate
use of the same without hindrance
Between the sidewalk and the house
Is a decx dangerous area about five to
five and a half feet wide provided with
steep steps leading down to the basement
without barrier or guard
-1 do not reach the basement from the
outside The entrance to my store room
is reached by steps- There is projecting
from the front of the house and extend
ing about three feet three Inches a bay
window Icha lng the remaining part of
the area open and exposed
Tor the purposes of the business and
to display my fruit 1 have extended an
Inclined fruit holder over said open area
from the bay window to the edge of the
sidewalk where It stands a trifle more
than a foot In height
The fruit display stand Is whollv on
mj own premises does not extend a far
upon the sidewalk as the post and barrier
arrangesl In front of and extending north
on Eleventh Street from me The stand
provides better protection to pedestrians
on the sidewalk
My dlsplaj stand Is of tasty design and
much more attractive than either of the
unsightly areas the one In front of my
premises and the one In front of prem
ises -10
To remove my stand will be to remove
all barriers against accident and protec
tion to pedestrians and will have de
prived mc of the advantage of raj loca
tion for business It will Impair mj busi
ness If it does not wholl destroy It
without corresponding good results to
an one else A fruit stand on thisse
without an outdoor display would
force a suspension of business within a
few months
My fruit display does not exceed the
usual dlsplaj by retail dealers In all cities
nd towns f the United States and 1 am
at a loss to understand wliv 1 should be
singled out and be compelled to house and
conceal mj fruit behind a live and one
lialf foot unslghily area
1 obey the law like other citizens meet
all my obligations like other citizens and
Insist as 1 have a right to do that the
same treatment that Is -meted out to other
law abiding citizens shall be accorded to
rae and that I shall not be annojed or
molested In tho proper and legitimate ex
ercise of my rights in conducting my
The statement of Mr Thon has beem
referred by the Commissioners to the Po
lice Department for consideration and re
Frank Ivey Wood of Massachusetts
Avenue has written to the Commission
ers with reference to the special assess
ment bfll against lot 11 square 10M for
curb and sidewalk Mr Wood encloses
the bill nnd calls attention to the fact
that Intere st on the assessment Is charg
ed from September 22 1J3S which elate he
Is Informed Is the date of a letter mailed
by the Commissioners to George T Kllp
steln Alexandria Va It also nppeara
from the records that a cp of the bill
was left at the residence- of Mr William
A Kimmel on March 21 lM Continuing
Mr Wood sas
This property was formerly owned bj
me and on June 11 1S37 I conveyed the
same to George T Kllpsteln which deed
was duly recorded June 14 1637 In IIber
2233 folio 29 On June 4 1K8 said Kllp
steln conveyed the property to William
A Kimmel which deed was recoYdcd June
K U9S In liber 231a folio 341 and by deed
dated July 10 1900 said Klmincl curve- ed
the property to me which deed was re
corded August 3 19M In IJIjer 2IS8 folio
From the facts nbovo recited It will
I The Tns
regular puce litc
7 rfor cream Shaker flannel soft
Land fleecy 6c value
fast colors lflic value
S3 gocarts - t
10D reed go carts which 51
are exactly like those
which furniture stores are selling at
10 to go on sale at 3 9
98c curtains
200 nalra ruffled Swiss cur
tains full length and width
and In desirabe designs ready tomor
row at C9c pair instead of 3Sc
hs Kct n thit on Sentember 2Z 1S9S the
datof the alleged service on said George
T Kllpsteln the latter was not in laci
the owner of the property and such ser
vice was therefore Invalid Under the
circumstances 1 respectfully request that
the Interest on the assessment laid be
Lharccd only from the date of proper scr
tice In the case and that I be furnished
with a corrected bill
1 have paid all general taxes due on
said property and In view of the fact
that the lot Is about to be sold for non
patent of said assessment I would ask
that this matter be given Immediate at
The matter having been rtferred to the
Special Assessment Clerk J VV Daniel
he reports lhat when the special assess
ment for curb and sidewalk In front of
square WIS was lev led August 20 1S3S lot
4 stood on the books of the Assessors
Oftlcc In name of Georgo T Kllpsteln and
a bill was mailed to Mr Kllpsttln who liv
ed In Alexandria Va An examination
made recently by Mr Daniel shows that
said lot wai transferred by Mr Kllp
steln on the 4th of June 1SD3 to William
A Kimmel upon whom the bill was serv
ed March 2i 1WJ This being the first
valid service Mr Daniel thinks Interest
can be charged only from March 21 13j0
It is understood that the Commissioners
will approve the above report
Andrew IJ Duvall tho Attorney for the
District has submitted to the Commis
sioners a supplementary opinion upon the
application of V H Manogue that the
owners of the west ten feet of Ipt 23
square L32 asses sed in the name of
Charles II ItclntzelJ be permitted to pay
the general taxes due from 1SS0 to 1S93
without penalties and costs The matter
after being once decided was reconsid
ered by the Comialsloners and the Attor
ney vi ah asKed to give an opinion upon
the Interpretation of section IK IteviMHl
Statutes whloli wi referred to In his
previous opinion on the subject The At
torney was rfbkifl 3plcnll whether the
section referred to relates solely to Wash
ington nnd Georgetown Upon the point
rained the Altornev says
By ict of Congress approved Ttbrua
ry 11 liyj changing the name or Gcorgc
tovn etc It was provided that all gen
eral Iiwi ordinances and regulations of
the City of Washington be and the same
are hereby oxtindd and mide applicable
to that part of the Dlstriet of Columbia
formerly Known as the Clt of George
town and all gcmml liws regulations
njol ooliuanctajjf UmXrity of Georgetown
1 and the same are hereby repealed
1 nm of the opinion tint this act of
Congress rendered section 1V Kevised
btalutei of the JUUUicVof Columbia ap
plicable to Georgetown Ai was hereto
fie suggrsud by me- there is no clilm
and Can be no claim In this cise that the
immiK of this lund were In any wn mis
led or dimnllieil because of Its usscss
ment In the name of Uelntzell and un
der the clrcumKtaneos of this case I see
nojcmiQn fncadvlslng tV granting or the
John B Hrady Inspector of Buildings
jesttrday submitted to the Knglneer Com
missioner his report of the operations of
the olllcc for the monh of March Per
mits W ere IssumI for the number and
character of buildings as follows Hrlck
dwellings 71 t317775 frame dwellings 31
37730 brick repairs 61 SD1 frame re
pairs 48 fS875 apartment houses brick
33 541300 anartmint lnusc frame 1
KM stores and dwellings brick 2 7
300 store and dwelling frame 1 J17W
store hrlcL 1 lJW stores frame 3
18175 engines and boilers 3 1750 ware
houses 3 J3tj00 ault 1 110 oven 1 JM0
church frame 1 i2SoO wood and coal
jard 1 200 Athletic Park stands
fences etfiw 1 15000 baseball park
stands fences etc 1 10000 stables
brick 4 7100 stables frame 3 4100
shed brick 1 10 sheds frame 30 1
SC1 total 2S2 7C40V7
Til following summary will show the
distribution ot improvements In the dif
ferent sections of the District and tho
vnluo of the same Buildings northwest
373760 repairs northwest G144S
siness Hechts
t nve
for paper of English pins
for black spool silk 10 yards
for sewing maehlne oll
for one dozen safety pins
for one doisen dress steels
for Mine Loure hair curlers
for all colors crochet silk
for paper Smiths best needles
for steel tracing v hels
j for d6zen tearl buttons
for length of frilled garter web
for cabinet assorted hairpins
Several hundred yards of
estra heavy floor linoleum
in best designs and colors go on sale
tomorrow at 37c instead of up to G0c
buildings county 314103 and repairs
county 630h buildings northeast 77
100 and repairs northenst -53 build
ings houtheast S1H9K and repairs south
cast 1121 buildings southwest 607
and repairs southwest 7CI total build
ings S1W and total repairs 73427
Commissioner Ross who has charge of
the Police Department announced jester
day that there are a comparatively few
names on the eligible list for appointment
on the force Between now and July 1
thire are to be tblrt flve new policemen
appointed and It Is understood that there
arc not at present enough names on the
list from which to make these appoint
There are only two examinations to be
held letween now and the end of the pres
ent fiscal j ear and applicants must have
their examinations then In order to be
considered In the batch of new appoint
Propo3al3 were received yesterday at
the District Building to furnish engine
wheel shaft etc for the harbor boat
Vigilant The James Clark Compan of
Baltimore bid 4723 VV S Moores Sons
of Alexandria bid 29 and 1onberg t
Murraj bid 2W
P II I arHn Vice President of the
Morris Smokeless Turnace Company has
called the attention of the Commissioners
to their product and have asked the privi
lege of demonstrating Us utility bj equip
ping any boiler In the District of Colum
blt which the Commissioners may select
for the purpose
It Is understood that in Iew of the
widespread Impression that there Is no
device which will do away with coal
smoke absolutely the Commissioners will
give this compiny opportunity to do what
it aks oepeclally as the experiment Is to
be conducted to a satlsfactorj tonclUIon
or otherwise without expense to the Dis
The Inspector of Buildings has submit
ted to the Commissioners the proposil re
ceived from J M Dunn to paint the roof
of the Wibb School Building for the sum
of 100 and recommends tint It be not ac
cepted The Inspector states that he has
conferred with the Superintendent of
School Beinlrs and thit the latter has
submitted a statement that he can do the
painting for S0 and the Inspector recom
mends that he- be authorized to do the
niia In VViiHtiiiiKrtmi
Iovers of realistic nrt will be pleased
to Know tint Nan i the celebrated
painting by the llussl in artist Sucho
rousky is coming to Washington und is
to be exhibited at 1117 G Street north
west commencing on Monday April t
Nana was pilnteel elKhtcen je jrs ago
nnd first exhibited at the Academy of
Iine Arts St Petersburg where It oh
tnlnetl for the artjst his atlmhnlon Into
the ucademy Since that time Nana
has been exhibited throughout the large
rifles of Uurope and America und has
been pronounced by nrt critics nnd pub
lic to be the most life like picture ever
1 1 i eld This Is the first appearance of
iNani In Washington and she comts
with a recommendation of over tventj
we eks continuous engagement in Balti
more where It wns visited by over 105000
people The Biltlmoro American sas
ihat the artist who painted Nana Is un
doubtedly a muster of his art The fig
ure life size Is gratefully posed and the
modeling of the bend and limbs show u
learned ucqunlntancn with the anatomy
of the human body The high rollef which
he has given to the figure Is striking the
flfsh painting Is very true In hue and the
delicate transparency of the shadows and
reliected linhts which play on the sur
face of the body cannot but bo admired
There Is undoubtedly un exquisite flow of
Ilfo In tho figure from cry point of view
The face especially haH a life like quality
Imparteel to It The large dark blue ej es
are soft and liquid and from the par
tially opened mouth ono might expect
thit Galatea like there should Issue some
articulate lyiunds
i i i i i i m i i it rJ
Sale of new
spring silks
rtfvf for silk taffetalines excellent
J qualit Une vatCty of spring
S shades 29 inelies wide 1Jc
r for wash silk jlink and blue
2p v stripe onlr about 400 ards of
- thlb Regular ai -value
r for silk printed Youlards new
dotted andiflgurcd effects
F fC tor Wack IndUi silk 27 Inch
VUW width warranted water and
J S perspiration proof The ery
article for summer dreses Sells ev
er where at nc 1
OfC or a sK create de chine
fJ 21 Inches In width a number
J of shades including grey Io
let lavender blue pink old rose
white and black
Of for all silk black peau de sole
9 SV excellent opportunity for
- those in want of a black silk
dress Regular value J1W
513 515 Seventh Street
Ircilie tiiins Dint Iirl of the liny
AV11I lie Gloom
The quality of weather which will pre
vail In Washington today from all In
dications will be Inferior to that which
hns graced Uaster Sunday In jears gone
bv The best that the Weather Bureau
predicts is partly tloudy Of course
this seemingly trite nhrase can mean a
multitude of conditions as taken Hy the
prophets at the Weather Bureau It may
mean that a discouraging film of grey
cloud will shut off lew of the heavens
or It may mean that fleecy cloud banks
will float across the blue sky at Intervals
Perhaps at no other time is the weather
so closely watched as on the daj before
Kaster All the finery which is charac
teristic of this festal day uppears ior Ihe
first time and an unwelcome shower goes
far toward destrojlng the effect of long
hours of consultation with milliners and
The rain of yesterday morning wns
caused by the passage of a rather severe
storm which Is now central off tho New
Jersey coast Its wake was accompanied
by downfalls of rain and the District of
Columbia nppirentl got Its full share
Across the rotomac In Virgin i the
prospect Is that Kaster hats and ribbons
will be more kindly treated than in the
District of Columbia Tho weather man
comes out fiat footcd with the statement
that the weather there will ba fair In
New York however the day promises to
be a dismal one Huln and plenty or It Is
the prognostication nnd feminine hearts
in Manhattan will doubtless be full of
sadness If the elements are so unkind as
to render promenades in new Easter cos
tumes out of the question Washington
appears to have struck a medium between
the dtllghtful day promised to the Old
Dominion and therhowtrs that will prob
ably fall to the lot of Gothimites
Wife of a Irensiirj Iluiiloi ue
eumliH ti u rrttrnctctl IIIucsh
Mrs ChrlstabellCii Brown wife of
William II Brown of h Internal Reve
nue Bureau died j cst r lu morning at
the home of her dAught r Mrs VWston
Pllnt 1213 K Streqj jioahwcst after a
protracteel Illness The- I imcrul will take
place from the resldenc Monday after
noon at 2 0cIoch Tnc It V Teunis Ham
lin of the Church f th Covenant will
olliclate The Interment vvhlci will be
private will be at Axllngt in Mrs Brown
had Uveel in Washington since the close
of the civil war Bhe ifime from Ohio
with her husband SJw Is survived by
Mr Brown and twit e hilftrcn Mrs llint
and Mrs Andrew Sablnbf Gordon City
Kan Both were -A tlwlr mothers bed
side when she died
Sinn nnd Iniiilieri of
The Society of the J5nj und Daughters
of Malno held Its reKuUr meeting 1 ist
night The consisted of
songs and readings comiosed by Maine
authors and rendered by Maine mem
beis as follows Song Itock Me to
Sleep Mother Mrs C B Keene recita
tion Mrs A S Ierham recitation Mrs
T P Cleives talk by Mrs Cutter on
Pioneer 11 fc In Maine Hemlniscenees
of Harly Ufu in Maine by ex Gov Sid
ney Ierham and 1 V D Costtr Dur
ing the past week ex Governor Perham
was the recipient of a token of friendship
on his eighty second birthday by u num
ber of the members of the society and
he took occasion at thp meeting last night
to express his thanks
good ron IlIinUMATISSI
Lait ill1 I w takn with rery severe at
tack of muscular rheumatism which ciuwl ma
great pain and annojance Iter trjin wveral
prescriptions and rheumatic cures I decided to uw
Chamberlaina Pain Balm which I had seen ad
vertised in the SoJth Jerseyman After two
applications o this remedy 1 was much better
and after using one bottle was completely cured
Kallle Harris fcalem N J For side by Henry
Crass wholesale and retail and all drufttiits
4 --
have piled tip here d
eks is most extraordina
Saie new
dress fabrics
fiC Ladles Cloth all wool spring
y welsrht varictr of new shades
y including black full CC inches
wide sold everj where at 43c
A e all wool Henriettas new
1JW spring evening and street
y shades SS Inches wide regu
lar price Kic
fkOf f French Broadcloth In black
Wv and all tho new pastel shades
yJ the most popular article In
spring dress proods for ladles tailor
made faults full 51 Inch regular price
31 J5
Childs dresses
1C5 childrens dresses of a
fine quality of madras and
xery prettily trimmed In sizes one to
threejear on sale tomorrow at 15c
The PeiNtmnster of Morrlstotvn J
SiiNiiemliMl From Office
Fennel postmaster of this city was this
morning suspended from office because ot
a 111 his accounts Joseph York
one of his bondsmen Is now In charge of
the office
The amount of the shortage Is not defi
nitely known although It Is much larger
than at first supposed ami may reach
3000 The shortage was discovered by
Government Inspector Snow of Jersey
City who his been conducting an Investi
gation for the past three das
Mr Tenncll admits that the shortage ex
ists but has no explanation to make of
what became of the money and his
friends say they do not understand it as
he is a man of good habits
When the shortage was first discovered
friends ot the postmaster got together
and Senator Mahlon Pitney County Clerk
Daniel S Voorhees and Surrogate David
Young agreeel to furnish the V supposed
to be needed When they found this
would not be sufficient the promise was
It is still claimed that friends ot the
postmaster will keep his bondsmen from
losing anj thing Thei are Joseph York
William H Iliblcr and William T Cogh
1 in all of this city
Mr Kcnncll Is a lawjer of this city and
has been a prominent Republican poli
tician of the countj for a number of years
His appointment two ears ago by Presi
dent McKine was the result of a deal by
which It Is said a number of politicians
sought to get free from seme financial ob
ligations entered Into on his account
Much of his salary of 3 COO a sear Is ru
mored to have been tied up In this way
The olllee affairs were conducted very
loose and it Is said that some irregulari
ties in the emploment of clerks are being
charged up against the postmaster The
pa of Mrs Ambrose stamp cleric and
wife of a letter carrier comes In this
class Husband and wife under the postal
laws cannot both draw salaries and It Is
alleged that Mrs Ambroses pay Ins come
to her under her maiden name of Itura
Denman Another clerk It is reported has
never passed the examination anil et re
ceived an appointment
1 ho report of the defalcation has caused
a great sensation here It is thought the
postmaster himself was taken b surprise
as It is not believed that he realized that
his accounts were In sueh bad shape they
could not be ndj ted at any time He Is
a cripple single and about middle age ot
good famll and hitherto unblemished
Mini Act of n DrtinLcil IlllNlMlllfl
In Pllleraon J
PATBItSON N J April G -Patrick
Cunningham ot 92 Vatrsn Street In a
drunken frenz tried to burn his wife to
deuth toda The woman had been out
washing at a neignDor s nnu nan eome in
tired and worn out She lay down on a
lounge In their scantily furnished home
Cunningham entered soon after and
finding that she was asleep crept to her
side and set fire to the fringe of the sofa
and then ran out of the houso Fortunate
ly the flames leaped up where her bare
hand was llng and she awoke in pain be
fore the tire got much of a start She was
able to beat out the flames
While she was fighting the fire Cunning
ham returned nnd attacked her with a
pair of scissors and tried to stab her to
death The police arrived in time to save
S123 to ISnltlmore nnd lleturu - la
Saturday and Suiday April G and 7
Ygjls significant too It means that the great store with its progressive methods of merchandising and
its unique system of selling is making friendsi at an unprecedented rate forging ahead at a pace which is
startling to competitors The record established during the past week we had hot the slightest idea of making
and it would seem hard to beat but it is not impossible or improbable The series of special sales
which start here tomorrow will without doubt keep up the splendid selling of the week just closed If saving
id c nnrQiViA mtirm tn vnn von will surelv come here tomorrow Keeio m mind that ready money is JNOT
J J V VJkJWW U W V w - j - - f -
NECESSARY that purchases may be charged and paid for in little weekly or monthly
your pocketbook will scarcely feel
K 1
J i lit
Rainy day skirts
Ixit of ladles rainy day
skirts with stitched bottoms
md full width to go at
Over 300 womens suits and skirls to go on sale
tomorrow at about half price -
Makcf if womens lciuly to wOar suits anil skirts have fiilitfully overpro
luteil and the maiket is literally gorged Such was the condition of af
fairs last week the having manager of the suitdejiai tnient found in New
Over tIO garments hought at a i sacrifice from two of the foiemost
New Yoik makers will be put on sale tomorrow and the ottering holds out
to you gieater savings than you have ever known
Safe of
7 rfor unbleached closely woven
7 rfor Anchor brand bleached
6 jt muslin full j ard wide sold ev
O ervvvhere 10c
-for white cambrics full
71 extra line soft
for suits up to 20
Black pebble cheviots fashionable
homespuns handsome Venetians in black
blue tan castor nnd red Jackets in ev
ery effect which Is correct anjl taffeta
silk lincd sklrtb wlthllounces or the full
lUnng iriety Some of these are trim
med with gilt braid ard hav e Jackets fac
ed with peau de soie
S50D skirts
Skirts of black cheviot
full flaring trimmed w ith
three bands of taffeta silk
splendid linings anel bindings
Si valuer
for suits up to 39
The finest broadcloths the hlghest
grnde Venetians the best pebble cheviots
the best plain cheviots all shades including-
the most wnnted and blue and
black All stles of Jackets Including the
Etons with ests Plain and trimmed
Taffeta silk lined jackets Most btjllsh
Cheviot serge skirts
100 black cheviot serge
skirts trimmed with two
stitched satin bandj to go
for 4 3
Notion sale
for box invisible hairpins
for Ironing- wax with handle
for two dozen hump hook and
for 0 lnch tape measure
for box mourning pins
Taffeta silk skirts
a ladles fine black taffeta
silk skirts trimmed with
satin ribbon for 3 50
dribbles which
Phenomena millinery business
lillinery fcellinp Kaeheil Jiigli water
mark last week Seemed as though this
was the only millinery store in town
Jsight and day nearly a hundred work
people all adept in their line worked
like heaverb to turn out the orders for
Easter hats and not a person was disap
pointed not once did we break our prom
Such a growth as the millinery busi
ness has accomplished is indeed a great
satisfaction Tt proves that our values
are best our hats the most fashionable
The hats in these two lots cannot be
equaled at the prices
295 for hats worth 500
495 fof hats worth 750
for fine madras
striped j AH of
for lace and open work dimities them
for fine corded dimities vaues
for striped Swisses p
i fnr handsome dotted Marseilles oC
L j
Its the biggest and best offering vet this season for it
means that you can buy the seasons most desirable novelties in
white goods at half price and neatly half price Little matter to
j on how it comes about It is an immense lot and it justies
vour attention
Sale of black
dress fabrics
Cfor Black Jiohalr good lus
trous finish ST inches wide
resulaf 33c value
Cfor all wool black Batiste
ble thins for summer wear-
regular 9c values
Cfor black sollel the ery new
est thlnir In dress irnorit a
very good black satin flniali
Regular 00c value
Musi I ii garments
A tableful of ladles mus
lin garments embracing ten
stjles of gowns and a splendid assort
ment of effects in drawers skirt and
corset covers all trimmed to go on
sale at 10c tomorrow
A Woman Who Killed n Mnn In belf
Defence Acuulttcd
COLUMBIA S C April 0 In Chester
today Mary Archer a joung quadroon of
prepossessing appearance was tried for
the murder of Stephen Lewis The woman
has borne a good character and after she
told her story it required only a few min
utes for the Jury to find a verdict of not
She had been harassed by the Impor
tunities of Lewis She had scorned bis
offers and advances One evening when
she was alone he had In a jealous ras
rushed Into her house and attempted to
assault her
A big table knife was at hand She
seized it and drove It through his heart
It is now Tery generahV conceded tlut there
is not another beer thtfl can eqaal lleurichs
in the three principal qualities of a pure and
wholesome lieverage namely ase purity and
stren th rhone V est 34 VrhnRton bottling
Co for a ease ot Maerzen Senate or Lager
Specials in neckwear
for a lot of ladies black J
silk neck boas SIU5
values I
OKn for ladies stock collars
Zub shades 4
2rn for line of neck fixings of J
UU taffeta silk in all shades
trimmed with gold braid
QC for choice of more than X
Zub 110 different patterns in
all silk Windsor scarfs
New ribbons
0000 yards of fan
cy libbons in nn
enorrifiio assortment of pat
ferns checks and stripes ga
lore in lavender purple vellow
cerise blue red and pink in
splendid widths for neck fixing
all the 2e sort Tomorrow for
12c yard
yJiZ h ylnlck Wack velvet rib
bons 35c for 10 yard pieces
So 2 In back black velvet rib
bons 29c for 10 jard piece
Glove specials
7Kn Plir for more than two
lUU thousand pairs of wom
ens kid gloves in all new
shades go on sale tomorrow
Tried on at the counter if you
wish them
P flfi Par for the famous
UliUU Clementine kid
gloves in every fashionable
shade which is the very best 1
glove to be had Tried on at the
Hosiery specials
1 n pair for childrens
2 0 black ribbed
jp pair ior lauies last black
2w hostpill 12Jc values
2Cp Pan tomorrow for lot of
UU ladies fast black lisle
thread lace hose in five differ
ent patterns
New corsets
To the corsets is
ascribed half of
the perfect fit and stylishness of
the gown All the leading
styles in straight front and
eiect form corsets in all lengths
and all sizes here at 100
ParasoJs 539
A lot of ladies tJ I
parasols trimmed t
with two nifties of sewing silk f
i iii i
tuning in uiauiv ilil willlL
Cat by Boston for Meetlnc nn Amerl
enn Lengue Mne
NORFOLK Va April K The Boston
team sprung a surprise on the Yale men
here today and at the same time estab
lished a precedent that some of the other
clubs of the National League may decide
to follow
Yale was booked to meet Selees men
but the latter declared the game off say
ing that President Soden had wired him
not to play with the New Haven team
as they had plajed a game on Friday with
the Baltimore team of the American
League an organization entirely outside
the National League
Manager Ellason of the Yale team and
Manager Selee had a talk In which the
latter explained things but nothing camo
of the talk and there was no game Both
teams seem to regret the occurrence but
there is no bad feeling about the matter
The Ms Plough
author or
Mis kAyZVi
fftfcSjsSfirr i E
O j v vjjv cssffSvra 1 q
tut itAi I cmrc
Price 150
- I

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