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How the Resurrection Feast Will
He Joyfully Celebrated
ninTifirnlr PriiKriuiinim 1 ti Cnlliollc
nml Episcopal Cliurelir llrtiutlfiil
31ttl mid I lornl IieorntioiiK
lint Hit- Dnj MkiiIIIi k tn Man
Eighteen hundred and sixty nine years
go or thereabouts according to the Bible
HOry tliere occurred In far off Palestine
un event not only destined to change the
religious faith of men for ail time but
lo assure their spiritual welfare for all
tternlty It Is this momentous and far
reaching event the resurrection of Jesus
Christ from the dead which followers of
lue lowly Nazarene everywhere in all
rountrles where the Christian creed is
taught and revered will commemorate
With the recurrence of each Eastertide
nil nature seems to ut on her changed
Htlre typical of the new life which fol
lowed the rolling of the stone from the
sepulchre door and the resurrection It
Is the formal opening or spring tho
abandonment of winters garb and the
awakening into a new being
No festival of all the year save Yulc
tlde Is so generally celebrated as Is Eas
ier and the time honored custoirjr In
church and social life will all be recog
nized and followed today After forty
days observation of the Lenten season
with fastingTself -abnegations and sacri
fice of pleasures to a greater or less de
gree Easter is greeted with a welcome
width makes the day one of thankfulness
and joy
To mankind at different age3 Easter
Sunday corner with varying meanings and
significances To the children It Is a gala
day wherein the lesson which it teaches
Is Imparted by the breaking of the egg
and the appearance from Its tiny shelled
enclosure c the pretty chick whose sin
gular birth so well Illustrates the gospel
teaching or new life from the Resurrec
tion To the youth and maiden it is a
day when new suits new gowns and new
hats and bonnets are donned and the
proud wearer sits In review In the cush
ioned pew to exhibit the deft work of the
tailors milliners and modistes art To
those of mature age it Is a day which
brings to mind more forcibly than per
haps at any time the promise and hope
which conies to those who believe
While Christmas is properly celebrated
mostly1Intthehomcs it Is In the churches
that Easter Is most fittingly observed
In the Catholic and Episcopal churches
the more elaborate preparations -have
been made and these two denominations
as is always the caoe will hold the more
extensive celebrations Yet there will be
proper observances of the festival in all
of the evangelical churches and not a
chapel in Washington but will ring with
the gladsome praise to the risen Lord
Sluslc will as usual be one of the chief
features of all the programmes and it
will be especially appropriate to Easter
tide proclaiming the Joyous tidings of the
resurrection of the Chrfbt
Ill the Konian Catholic and Church of
T ngland houses of worship the music will
to a large extent be classical and the
lst vocal and Instrumental talent of the -city
will participate In the other church
es hymns of praise and songs of Joy will
he sung by soloist and choir and congre
gation The subject of evcrv sermon de
livered from a Washington uulnlt will
be In keeping with the teaching which the
da illustrates
Che floral decorations this year are on
an extensive scale and Uie interior of
vjrr edifice where worship will be con
ducted today presents the appearance of
a semi tropical garden where the at
mosphere is pervaded with the sweet
aroma of a variety of flowers Easter
lilies calls lilies hyacinths tulips Jonr
iuls and a host of other seasonable flow
ers with palms ferns potted plants
adorn the altars and sanctuaries and
add their beautv to the scene and their
mute offerings of praise to the rteUeemer
Mornlnc and evening services will le
held at all the Protestantchurches Solemn
high mass will be said at 11 oclock in the
majority of the Catholic churches but
there will be masses at nearly every hour
from 5 oclock In the morning until high
mass In the evening tliere will be ves
ler services
During the Interval In the afternoon be
tween services those members of the fair
X in Washington who
1 specUl at
36x36 in 35c each
36x48 in 50c each
36 x 60 in 75c each
36 x 72 in Sl00 each
enough to possess new robes and new
tiaras are expected to promenade on
Connecticut and Massachusetts Avenues
and the other residence thoroughfares
and through the walks of the parks and
exhibit for comment and commendation
their apparel Nothing but a downpour
of rnin ciii expected to prevent the
spectacle A fall in temperature may
diminish the number of participants but
a cold wave will not Interfere with the
wearing of summer millinery The earnest
prayer of every maiden last night was for
u pleaijant day with plenty of sunshine
and unclouded skies
Xiv York ItnllnnM Aniiillmit Then
Kill Hemi lf
NEV YORK Aprll C An Italian couple
went to a Raines law hotel at CI Rlvlng
ton Street at 7 oclock tonight and hired
a room They had only been In the room
a short time when three pistol shots were
The woman came running downstairs
from the third floor with a bullet wound
under the left eye She died at Gouveneur
Hospital a few minutes after she was
taken thre The man had two bullet
wounds ill his head One bullet had en
tered through the rightear and lodged 111
the head The other liassed through the
scalp anc was flattened against the skull
The man will recover
To Coroner Zucca who took his ante
mortem statement the man said the
woman had shot him and the coroner is
Inclined to believe his story lie is An
drea Cuoco a tailor of 279 Mott Street
The woman was Mrs Bella Clrlgllano the
wife of a bartender at 27S Mott Street
When the man recovered consciousness
he told Coroner Zucca that lie and the
woman had been to the hotel several
times befoie This time he said they
had a nuarrei The woman asked him if
he had a handkerchief He told her that
there was one in his overcoat pocket
When she got the handkerchief he de-
dared she took his revolver which was
In the same pocket She came over to
where he was lying and rubbed her hand
across his head carelessly Then without
any warning she fired the revolver at
him and he did not remember anything
The coroner said he knew Cuoco and
thought he told a straightforward story
Tliere was a black ftowder mark on Cuo
cos hand the coroner said which he had
put up to protect himself
Orniul Tiiiry lUliiHCH to Imllet
the Wilkeslinrre IMij Nirlfln
grand jury today Ignored the case of Dr
Harry L Folk who was charged by Sam
uel Salsburg with assault on Mrs Sals
burg Xi the time of fhe discovery of the
alleged assault Salsburg shot Falk and he
is now at his home dangerously wounded
Thefcase wife heat J vny the grand jury
yestetdaj jand It decided there was not
enough evidence to prove an assault Be
sides a counter suit for J100M damages
brought by Falk against Salsburg he also
had him arrested today for attempted
murder and Salsburg was compelled to
glveS5XX ball He waived a hearing
ralk s wound is so severe tnat tne pnysi
cians will not alldtvhlm io sec any but his
immediate fajnily
Colivictdl In
ctlmeii Go to Inll
SUNBUIIY Pa April G The habeas
corpus hearing for the release of the con-
d- vjet Shamokln ex counclmen O J Reed
YrilllM L I Inm mm Artflfl M
1 dvard Zurn and Thomas Holl was held
before Judge C E Savldge this after
noon He decided he was powerless to
sttaslde Uie decision of thu Superior
men werc tamndiately taken to jail
to serve four months apiece and each to
pav a line1 of HCO
The men were greatly agitated when
they heard their fate as they expected to
is liberated The men were last year con
victed of conspiracy in Shamokln through
rtwfct paving contracts
Mo omeiitw of nitil VmucU
The gunboat Gloucester and the torpedo
lwat Shubrick have arrived at Annapolirf
The collier Alexander has sailed from
Norfolk for Batlmore the battleship
Kentucky from Hongkong for Cavltc and
ti ttninf Khln ERse from St Thomas
are fortunate I for San Juan
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W B MOSES SONS F St Cor fltii
jlarcli 4 Too Inclement for the In
stallation of n President
The Innueiirnl Committee Ilolrtx a
MrolhiK It C ietfillts AfTnlifi V
Separate Hull for tin- Ilnll A llc
liort liy tlinlrman John Joy IMmi
The affairs of the Innugural Committee
were not finally completed at the meeting
held last night at the Arlington Hotel as
anticipated and another meeting of the
committee will be necessary to consider
what disposition will be made of the sur
plus which will remain after all debts
of the committee are paid The reading
of the chairmans report and the con
sideration of unsettled accounts was the
only business considered
Mr Edson In his report had several in
teresting recommendations to present He
urged the change of the dale of Inaugura
tion to some more suitable period and
suggested that a committee of national
scope take the subjecti under considera
tion to present it for Congressional
In connection with the use of the Pen
sion building for the Inaugural Ball the
chairman represented the citys need of
a place where similar functions could be
held without disturbing the public busi
ness Presidential support would be
given Mr Edson beheves to a project
to provide such a place In connection
with the construction of a building for
the use of the municipal government or
for an armor
A claim for 1700 made by Frank
Carver the contractor who constructed
the Court of Honor was referred to a
special committee composed of Jchn Joy
Edson Chairman James Rush Marshall
E J StellwageK Henry E Davis and
Rudolph Kauffmann Mr Carver claims
that the cost of construction exceeded the
amount of his contract by the qmount
The amount of K00 due Contractor
Parsons who constructed the four review
ing stands within the Court of Jlonor
waB ordered paid In view of the claim
of the Government to be reimbursed for
the damage by lire In the Presidential
stand to Government property this
amount was withheld pending the con
sideration of the Inaugural Committee
An appropriation of JIM was made from
the surplus to pay employes of the Pen
sion Bureau for overtime services ren
dered to the Inaugural Committee on the
recommendation of Major James j Bell
Chairman of the Committee on Comfort
at the iallroom
A bill for JI21 due the Pennsylvania
Railroad for the transportation of the
Annapolis Cadetsto and from thRCnpital
at the Inauguration was presented for
consideration General Greene Grand
Marshal of the Inaupjral paradp In view
of the fact that no national funds were
available for the purpose had guaran
teed the payment of transportation and
submitted the bill through Mr Edson as
a proper claim upon the cpmrnltteie sur
plus The committee having adopted a
resolution that thu funds of the committee
were not available or the payment jpt the
expenses ot any organization were con
strained to refuse iiaymentof the claim
The action of the committee In refusing
to pay the claim out of Inaugural funds
was largely taken Inorde nut tq estab
lish a precedent which would embarrass
succeeding Inaugural Committees ilr
Edsen promised acontributlon of J50 to
ward the settlement of the claim and oth
er members agreed to contribute
The total amount of the guarantee fund
57W1 Mr Edson noted as being J7j0 In
excess of any preceding inaugural guar
antee fund Through the efforts of the
Committee on- Transportation the best
rates ever obtained had been secured for
this Inauguration The parking of cars
Mr Edson continued had been prevented
by the railroads for the first time but
had not materially affected the attendance
on the occasion To Mr LaraeriChalrman
of the Committee on Parks and Bevlewlug
Stands and to the members of his com
mittee Mr Edson uald a high tribute
for the conduct of the affalis pertaining
to its duties Nearly 4O00 he stated had
been the amount of profit secured by the
committee from the erection and main
tenance of stands and from the sale of
Mr Edson commented upon the inade
quate facilities provided for the press in
the Presidential reviewing sum during
the parade but stated that through the
efforts of the Press Committee all other
arrangements were nearly perfect
A high tribute was paid to the work of
M I Wcller Chairman of the Public
Comfort Committee who contributed
largely to the successful quartering of
the citys visitors Mr EcUon referred to
the bill presented to Congress asking for
an appropriation for the Illumination of
the public buildings upon which Congress
failed to act Mr Edson expressed his
opinion that the expense was one which
Congress should have been properly
charged with and which It should have
Tlie final rhoral promenade concert Mr
Edson considered a musical demonstra
tion most creditable to the city The
recommendation of the Committee on
Jrlntliig that In future the Inaugural
Programme should be prepared super
vised and conducted by the Printing
Committee was noted
The chairman inferred to the
mentary remarks of ihe Grand MarelmH
upon me ponce arrangement for the
maintenance of public order during the
inauguration Dr D Percy Hlckling re
ceived due praise for tho excellent medi
cal and hospital arrangements provided
at the ball Special mention- was made of
John 1 Larners services as counsel to
the committee Mr Edson spoke of his
services as Invaluable
Mr Edson announced that but one com
mittee the Committee on Carriag s had
exceeded Its appropriation and this only
In the sum of 11S6 He recited the table
of the appropriations of eacli committee
und the actual amounts expended by each
showing that about 2000 had been saved
from the appropriations A surplus or
about 5W0 with unpaid claims that may
aggregate 300 or 100 excepting the
Carver claim of 1700 was shown o er all
other expenditures
The use of the Pension building for the
Inaugural Ball was then taken up Mr
Edson expressed his belief that the Pen
sion building was better adapted for the
purpose than any other building In Wash
ington The Interruption to public busi
ness however he oonsldered entailed
great Inconvenience and expense to the
Government The erection of a suitable
building for public functions he advanced
was Impcrame suggesting that whether
In connection with an armory or a muni
cipal building steps should be taken nt
once to provide the proper facilities Mr
Edson had spoken of the matter to the
President wfio had assured him of his
co operntlon in securing a proper build
ing for the purpose
The suggestion that the date of the In
auguration be changed Mr Edson took up
and advocated In this matter he urged
that as the question required definite pur
pose It be referred to a committee nation
al in character which should consider II
and make proper representations to Coi
gress to secure an amendment to the Con
stitution which would have the requirnd
effect The Interest of Senators and Rep
resentatives in the plan was assured Mr
Edson stated
Mr Edsons report concluded with the
extension of his thanks to Mr Iloessle for
tho use of the Arlington Hotel parlors as
a meeting place for the Innugural Com
The Inaugural Committee voted that the
report of the Chairman be prir ted and
suitably bound In substantial flexible cov
ers The meeting adjourned subject to the
call of the Chairman
Those present were John Joy Edson T
K Roessle George Gibson Cuno II Ru
dolph A A Wilson W Rapley James
Rush Marshall jr Br Ralph Jenkins
John U Wight William V Cox Simon
Wolf W Southard Parker Henry A
Wlllard II R F Macfarland Rudolph
Kauffmann George W Cook John B
Larncr Richard Sylvester M I Weller
Gen II V Uoyntori II II Warner K J
Btellwngen Henry E Davis and James
E Bell
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IIeuiennnt Shnw Home From the
Philippine Arrlvus ITeinnlurely
A number of officers of the District Na
tional Guard gathered at the Pennsylva
nia station yesterday afternoon at 530
oclock to welcome Lieut George C Shaw
late of the Twenty seventh United States
Volunteeer Infantry who was expect
ed to arrive from the West at that
time Lieutenant Shaw was formrrly
n member of the District Guard and
his comrades of that body had planned
to welcome him back to the city
He was mustered out with the remainder
of his regiment at San Francisco recently
Lieutenant Shaw arrived on an earlier
train and surprised the c ml assembled
Besides Lieutenant Shaw there are two
other officers of the same volunteer regi
ment who were both formerly connected
with the District Guard They are Capt
F L Graham and Lieut J H Griffith
The latter was commissariat of his regi
ment Both are at present In San Fran
cisco where they will take examinations
for the positions of second HeutenanLs In
the Regular Array They will probably
arrive In the city In a few days
It Is planned that the three officers to
gether with other former District Guards
men who may return from the Philip
pines shall be the guests of honor at a
banquet to take place- at a date to be
llxed later The arrangements for this
affair are In the hands of a committee
consisting of Major E II Neumeycr
Chairman Col M E Urell Oipt A P
Robblns Major W E Harvey and Capt
F B Wheaton
The lnllier of the YoiuiKNler lite
ruteil tin Seiilence
TOLEDO Ohio April C Amos and
George Gordon nine and eleven years old
respectively were publicly flogged today J
ly order of Mayor atson of Fmdlay In
his olllce The whip was vigorously ap
plied by tho lioys father under protest
He asked that the boys be imprisoned In
Each lad was compelled to remove his
Jacket and the whip was repeatedly ap
plied over their shoulders The elder lad
was struck several time lover the head
and spectators rushed forward to sto
the punishment but were held back by
the chief of police
The whipping has -aroused a wave of
Indignation andthe mayorjls severely cen
sured The boys stole 70 from the office
of the Courier Companyand confessed
their gutlL
Trial of tlnJjlulJirlrk
Captain Hemphill of the naval trial
board telegraphed the Navy Department
yesterday from AnnapolW that the speed
trial of the torpedoJioat Shubrick had
been successful Shejwill lie accepted by
the Government t
State of Ohio City of Toledo Lucas
County ss
Frank J Cheney makesjoath that he is
the senior partner of the arm of F J
Cheney Co doing business In the City
at Toledo county and State aforesaid and
that said Ann will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of Halls Catarrh Cure
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence this Cth day of December A
- Notilry Public
Halls Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system Send for testi
monials free F J CHENEY CO
Toledo O
Sold by Druggists 7lc
Halls Family PUln are the beat
Popularity If Continued
is based on merit wrsf C miu
popularity for diseases ol the kidneys and liter
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burg Pa for Hermnn AV Schmidt
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and false pretences Since his arrest
Schmidt has been held in custody at the
Sixth precinct station He will probably
agree to return to Pittsburg without tha
formality of requisition papers
According to un alleged confession
made by Schmidt to the local jiolice he
forged the name of F C Schmidt of 97
Fifth Avenue Pittsburg to a check for
250 This in October of last year When
the alleged forgery came to light Schmidt
says he lefl Pittsburg and has since been
making his way about the country He
became fearful of arrest everywhere he
went and Anally determined to give him
self up when he reached Washington
Schmidt was born in France and came
to America when very young At one
time he worked at the Union Iron Mills
in Pittsburg as bookkeeper
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sentatives of tho Eastern colleges tonight
In the Inter collegiate fencing champion
ship winning with IS points one moro
than the Cornell men
It was the eighth annual competition
and interest in the contest was so great
that the gymnasium of the New York
Athletic Club was crowded to tho doors
Among those who witnessed the bouts
were many fashionably attired women
Rear Admiral Erben Colonel Mills ot
West Point Rear Admiral Taylor and
Col Robert M Thompson also were present-Yale
had entered a team but- only two
men appeared and they had to withdraw
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fabric resembles silk lengths suitable for waists and dresses n nreitt iim
mery f fbric Instead of 25c a yard fer lDc -- pretty
FOULARDS the most exact copies of
the finest silk goods In the rarest and
prettiest colorings such as brown
rose grey hello navy cadet green
nobbiest designs vuluo ev
erywhere 33c Mondays price OQC
SILK GINGHAMS In neat Stripes
In pink blue lavender etc IJC
value EOc for a yard J J
I 32 inch Fine Corded Madras
nnms eiegant patterns fast colorings
in the newest effects value He
ISc yard for H
3 Inch Mercerized Silk Zephyrs In
plain dotted and striped patterns
rose blue lavender etc Ore
value 37e Monday Zj
12 pieces of Foulards In three tono
color combinations dark pat- IOjc
terns value 13c yard for 2
Underselling in Fine White Goods
200 pieces of Plain White Victoria
Lawns 10 Inches wide value A IC
8Kc Monday yard OJ
100 pieces of India Linon sheer quali
tiesregular IZhio value Mon Q C
day for a yard 2
CO pieces of Fine Persian Lawns
very sheer regular price 15c in ic
32 inch Plain Colored Swiss In the
most delicate shades of pink light
blue lavender etc regular 18c -1 r je
values for a yard IZ
23 pieces of -White Pique narrow
and wide cord value IS cents ri
for 12
yards wide value 03c special arc
at zy
150 pieces of ENGLISH INDIA LI
NON 35 Inches wide the sheerest
and cleanest goods of Its sort 17JC
value 25c yard for 1 2
43 Inch Freneh Lawns the best kind
of goods for dresses choice shades ot
hello pink blue black white A CC
etc a special value at a yard t j
Such Prices for Liriiiigs Are Winning Big Trade
The resources ot our well stocked Lining Department have been tried
strongly tho last few weeks Crowds have been the rule We are known
by dressmakers to sell dependable linings and sell them for least Here are
more special prices bound to winyour attention
An extra fine grade of French Per
caline beetled on both sides -4 s l
and guaranteed not to split i jItt
a 25c value to go for vJ
Fast Black and Colored Tiler
cerized Satine These goods are
worth 25 a yard reduced to
Mondays Notion Sale
G0e Brainard Armstrong 50 yd Spool
Silk i ViC dozen In Black and a
15c new Belt Forms 9c
Royal Long Waist and Skirt Sup
porters 25c
15c new sha pe Collar Forms 9c
21c Improved Skirt Yokes 15c
McSHk Bone Casing 1 ya pieccs25c
5cSimson pins paper Ic
15c Double Nainsook Dress Shields
sizes and only Sc pair
5c Black 50 yard CprtlcelH Spool
Consumers T Consumers l
1 n ock jM 1 n cK a
H 1 EsPsBW I B ssallllmBmBBavnsBrAaiiBlllp 1 I B0 bUh H H I H
11 OEER Jslil J
Now Ready JJ K8r Now Ready JJ
Best Boek Beer Brewed
The Consumers Brewing Oos Rock Beer MADE its ap
pearance yesterday at all hotels restaurants and cafes
nnd met with a hearty welcome This seasons product is a
triumph of the hrew niasters art and the richest treat of the
season It is the best and most healthfnl that can be made
from pure malt and hops
1 1 1 1 14 Al
Jy Rosslrn Ya
Old Bruin
Is the best and purest of all
dark beers The finest exam
ple of old German brewing
ever produced in America
It is well aged wholesome
and nutritious Dont ask
for beer ask for Old
Phone West 129
Nov Ready f
ff Consumers
Now Ready
2u Universal Humu Hook and Eyesi
lccard -
Sc Horn Bones all sizes 3c dozen
Kimseys Long Waist Formers 25e
15o Straight Front Corset Steels 3c
Ilr r i - j I
He l feavyChenUle 7c yarH f j
le Ball Pearl and Gilt Buttons Cc f
I fifty four bouts were required to carry
out ine conauions eacn man naving to
meet every man on the other teams Cor
nell although beaten had a remarkably
well balanced trio but the Individual
merits of Henry nnd McBride for the
cadets earned them the victor-
The surprise was the disastrous defeat
of Harvard The Cambridge men were
tls holders of the challenge trophy pre
sented by the Racquet and Tennis Club
but Instead of fencing In winning form as
they did a year ago they finished last
Arrested In Alexnndrla
Wilbur Barker aged twenty years Is
under arrest at the Sixth precinct station
because the police suspect he stole a bi--cycle
from George Humphries of Alexan
dria It appears the wheel was left in
front of a Pennsylvania Avenue store by
the owner several days ago and Barker is
said to have appropriated It to his own
use Yesterday morning Barker wentto
Alexandria The police of that city were
notified and during the afternoon word
came that the accused was in custody
Ietectlve Muller brought Barker from
- i
- 1

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