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Even Progressive Cliiiice Jlold
Apart From the Allies
llunnc Stc YniiB 1 Kslnhllsli n Pol
tchnlc sell for lcnclilnB Wrst
rru Science Tile VIonKOIIiin
1nmine Mill Continues
PEKIN April 7 Huang Sze Yung
who held the highest rank In the Han
Lin College and who was Imprisoned
last summer owing to his friendliness
to foreigners and was released on the
arrival of tnc allied troops has Issued
a prospectus In which he states that
he will establish on April 19 a poly
technic school for teaching Western
sciences All the instructors will be
Chinese This Indicates that the reform
movement Is still strong though there
is nn inclination to reject foreign help
and advice
It Is noticeable that during the pres
ent negotiations the Chinese have been
vcrj independent of foreigners except
in the case of Sir Robert Hart director
general of the Imperial maritime cus
toms So long as this attitude Is main
tained toward foreigners and foreign
supervision reform measures can hard
ly succeed In adding much to the
strength of the allies in China The
Chinese are still inclined to act apart
cv en on new- questions
Additional confirmation has been re
ceived here of an incipient rebellion in
Mongolia It is feared that Gen Tung
Tuh Slang and Prince Tuan are at the
bottom of the trouble
Messengers who have just arrived
from Singan fu confirm the reports of
the ravages of the famine in that prov
ince It is estimated that 3000 persons
are dvlng daily from starvation Six
teen public soup Kitchens have ben es
tablished but they are utterly insuffi
cient to relieve the hunger stricken
The court appears to be very little
distressed bj the sufferings of the peo
ple It is still indulging In amusements
It has received supplies of silver and
rice from the southern provinces
The commanders of the several for
eign contingents met today at Count
von Waldersecs headquarters and de
cided to raze all the forts at Taku Tien
tsin Peltang and Shanhaikvvan and
along the railway within 2000 metres
of the line It was also decided to de
stroy all the camps and arsenals ex
cept the West Arsenal at Tientsin
which will be used as a barracks for
the permanent military guard
The posts will be established between
Pekin and Shanhalkw an which will be
garrisoned by C000 men Two thousand
troops will be stationed at Tientsin
The number to remain In Pekin has not
jet been decided upon
General Chaffee has announced that
the American- troops will evacuate
China at the end of April He hopes
that he may induce others to consent to
an early withdrawal
The British have completed the sur
veys for a military railway from Pekin
to Tungcho in connection with water
communication by way of the Pel
Rlv er The American Board of Foreign
Missions at Tungcho has protested
against the line crossing Us property
there as It is thought It will perhaps
be feasible to re erect the mission
A band of thieves Including two men
who were dressed as Americans re
cently robbed the house of Lien Yuen
who was beheaded last August for ad
vocating peace On Friday night a
large armed band again attacked the
house and wounded Lien Yuens oldest
A number of Chinese police with an
American patrol succeeded In arrest
ing twelve of the thieves These men
were arraigned In the Chinese court in
the American section of the city under
Major Robertson who favors the car
rying out of the Chinese law which re
quires the imposition of the death pen
alty In cases of this kind but General
Chaffee following his previous decis
ions may commute such a sentence
Four armed burglars have been sen
tenced to death by a native court in
the English section and Major Du Bou
lay will probably confirm the sentence
though his predece3soraptaln Selwin
was opposed to the extensive applica
tion of decapitation The natives gen
erally regard severe punishment in
puch cases as the only preventive of a
repetition of the crime
To Druii tlip ACKOlintlnns Cnneeru
iliK the 31uucliurlun Trellt
So far nothing has appeared to cause
the Government to place any other inter
pretation on Russia s note regarding Man
churia than that the Ministers of the
Czar Intend to act In harmony with the
Powers and to accede to their wishes con
cerning the Manchurian Convention As
an evidence of her good faith Russia it
is learned expressed In her note the In
tention of dropping the negotiations on
the subject of Manchuria
She Is still taking an active part In the
general negotiations a fact shown by
references in despatches rccIvcd from
hlwcial Commissioner Rockhlll to the
position of M de Glers the Czars repre
sentative at Pekin on the indemnity
question A report that Russia Ins
broken off diplomatic relations with China
and refuses to receive communications
from the Chinese plenipotentiaries is
laughed at here and Secretary Hay au
thorizes the statement lint no such In
formation lias be en received by the Statu
Dejiartment from an source
Altogether the Government while still
apprehensive as to the final outcome of
th negotiations Is very well satisfied with
present conditions There Is no telling
when some unforeseen ineldent may oc
cur to disturb the present Intention to
prevent a dissolution pf the international
concert but according to official opin
ion the signs are encouraging that amic
nble relations will be preserved to the
The most hopefjl sign of a speedy con
clusion of the cxfxiliK conditions In China
the ulllclals say Is I ield Marshal Count
von aldersee s suggestion that the al
lied forc s be withdrawn from Chlnehe
territory While this suggestion was
based on the fear that the pn sence of so
many foreign troops In China would re
run In a lash Its effect on the German
Government particularly and on tho
cither Powers will It Is believed be suf
ficient to cause them to give serious con
sideration to the policy advocated by this
Gov eminent and applied practically by the
withdrawal of all American forces except
a legation guard
Dest Lumber trade nlvvii Rocs to
cih and N i arc -some flooring 125
llesHatliisr W lirlhrr or nt to bend
n Committee Here-
HAVANA April 7 The Constitutional
Convention did not meet last night owing
to the obstructive tactics of the extreme
radical element which remained away
and prevented a quorum
Anrious views are held regarding the
question of sending a commission to
Washington Tho Realldad says that
a majoiity of the commission Is likely to
be composed of members of the Republi
can parlv who will go to Washington
become convinced and accept the Piatt
j amendment They will even accept more
but they will at the same time bargain
I that In return for their acceptance they
I receive the principal governmental places
In Cuba as a reward Others think a
Journey to Washington would be merely
a matter of show The delegates will
pretend to lie convinced and will return
and accept verj thing
Some who formerly upheld It now op-
noso the Idea nf Rendlnc n
sivliig It is apparent that the convention
will send none but the most radical mem
bers and this would be useless
The Nucvo Pais savs that if the
truth were told It would be tint the de
sire to establish a Cuban Republic If
even for onlv one day Is duo to those
who wish to save the bonds of the Re
public Anvono having JSOOiXO in theso
bonds would spare no effort to make them
The Archbishop of Montreal Pro
nounces AKniiist n Civil Decision
MONTREAL April 7 An Important
pastoral letter from the Roman Catholic
Archbishop of Montreal was read In all
the Catholic churches today Archbishop
Bruchcsf In the pastoral takes Issue
with Judge Archibald in the recent decis
ion on the Delplt marriage case In which
the civil court decided that the marriage
of two Catholics before any regularly or
dained minister was valid in the province
of Quebec
Archbishop BruchesI points out that a
marriage between two Catholics In order
to be valid In places such as Quebec
where the decrees of the Council of
Trent have been proclaimed must have
been celebrated by the parish priest of
the parties in the presence of two wit
The recent civil decision his grace adds
cannot in any way lessen or modify tho
duties of Catholics The Archbishop con
cludes by forbidding Catholics to con
tract marriage before an herltlcal minis
ter under pain of excommunication
The Archbishop also pronounces against
cremation which has Just been Introduced
In Montreal Ho declares cremation to be
a pagan custom and prohibits It for
The irurln TVot Able to Communl
cntc With QaeciiNtonn
QUEENSTOWN April 7 The Cunard
Line steamer Etruria on her arrival here
today was prevented from communicat
ing with the shore owing to a gale and
she proceeded direct for Liverpool
Prajers Offered for JIls Recover In
the Cnntcrbur Cnlhcdrul
LONDON April 7 The Very Rev Fred
crick Tarrar Dean of Canterbury who
had been 111 in London returned last
Thursday to Canterbury where he has
had a relapse It is und rstoud that his
condition Is serious Prayers for his re
covery were offered today in the cathe
The Cllj IlrlKlitI Deckel In Honor
of VI Lonbetn V lilt
NICE April 7 Many thousands of visi
tors have been arriving here la the last
few daj s to participate In the fetes or
ganized in honor of President Loubcts
visit The decorations are extremely
brilliant and tasteful The city will be
finally beautified before the Presidents
arrival tomorrow morning by the addi
tion of large quantities of flowers
The Importation of a great number of
troops Is regarded by some persons as
Indicating nervousness on the part of the
Government which is in contrast to the
sjmpathctlc enthusiasm of the residents
of Nice
Tho President will have a busy day
functions occupjlng every hour He will
ride In a special high built landau the
pattern of which was suggested by the
manner of President Sadl Carnots assas
sination it will afford very little oppor
tunity for Anarchists or other lunatics
to reach the head of the French Republic
Among the witnesses of the fetes will
be Lady Curzon wife of tho Viceroy of
The Marseilles Dock Laborers De
clare Their Mrlke Hndcil
MARSEILLES April 7 The strike
here which for several das past has
been Ineffective Inasmuch as 4000 men
have been working received Its death
blow today when the strikers formally
resolved to resume work on Tuesday
The Mexican Forces d niiclne Slovv
1 on Chan until Crui
OAXACA April 7 The Mava InilHn
village of Knopop has been reached by
the Government forces commanded by
General Bravo This town is about ten
miles from Chan Santa Cruz the strong
hold of the Maya rebels
The Intervening distance however Is
covered with thick woods and It will
take fully ten das to open a way for
the advance of the army which will be
kcyt constantly on the move throwing
up fcrtilcatlons as It proceeds until tho
sactcd city of the Mavas is reached
Meantime the forces commanded by
General Vga are advancing from the
cast both by land and water and If Is
thought they may be already in jssses
slon of the town of Bacular which has
been the centre of communication be
tween the Indians of Chan Santa Cruz
and the Inhabitants of Belief with whom
the Majas have b ren carrying on their
principal trade
EmkISnIi Volunteers Returning
LONDON April 7 General Kitchener
has notified the War Olllce that the vol
unteer companies belonging to twenty
four regular regiments have been freed
by relief and will start for England
Japan Aot Armlne for War
LONDON April 8 Apropos of the re
Iterated reports that Japan Is arming
the Tokvo correspondent of the Times
telegraphs that there Is no truth what
ever In the alarmist rumors of warlike
preparations or peremptory demands
Japan he adds maintain a I aclllc atti
Blood Tells
U-Ali-Ma purifies the blood ghc a jou appetite
and vigor At 11 drujr store
Lumber now klllt dried and tirlelit
alwar new perfect No 1 flooring 2c LIbbey
k Co
Ilu sisi OiTlt to Permit a Free
Hand in Korea
The Roland for This Oliver to lie an
Inliitcrrniif eil Sivn In Manchuria
II Hunt Chaner Chen Uii Hope
of An Interference by the Allies
LONDON April S The Pekin corre
spondent of the Morning Post sajs it
Is stated on good authority that Rus
sia is willing to give Japan a free hand
In Korea In order to prevent the Japan
ese acting against the Russian policy
In Manchuria
The correspondent adds that the
Trench at Chengtlng fu intercepted a
letter from LI Hung Chang to the Gov
ernor of Shansl In which Earl LI said
the recent disturbances among tho al
lies at Tientsin had caused the hope of
a European conflict by which Mai
churia might be saved but the differ
ences were now settled and the other
Powers were willing as usual to watch
Russia devour China
The convention must therefore be
ST PETERSBURG April 7 It is re
liably stated that the Government on
April C Instructed its representatives
abroad to Inform the Governments to
which they are accredited that as It
appeared that the special agreement re
garding Manchuria instead of serving
as open testimony to Russias friendly
sentiments toward China might in
volve the latter In various difficulties
Russia In no wise insisted upon the
conclusion of any such agreement und
even renounced all possible negotiations
regarding it
Russia while always adhering faith
fully to her original and repeatedly
published programme would quietly
await the course of events
Vera Gelo Sends n AVrentli for Mile
Zclculnes Collin
PARIS April 7 Vera Gelo the Russian
woman student who some time ago in
attempting to shoot the father of M De
schancl President of the Chamber of
Deputies Indicted a wound that proved
fatal on Alexandrine Zclenlne a
fellow student at the College of Trance
sent from the prison In which she is con
fined a wreath to be placed on the cofiln
of Mile Zelenlne The wreath bore the
Inscription To my best friend
The Members of n Barks Crew
Hntcn b Tliclr Tellows
LONDON April 7 A newspaper here
tells under a Singapore date a ghastly
story of cannibalism The story was
brought to Singapore by two survivors of
the Nova Scotlan bark Angola which left
Cavltc Philippine Islands on October 17
The vessel vvas wrecked on a reef on
October 23 as has already been reported
The 3tory Is that sevenfen of the crew
built two rafts one of which carrying
five persons disappeared the first night
The other earning twelve persons In
cluding Captain Crocker drifted for
forty tw dais The men were without
food or water and their agony was terri
ble They ate seaweed and chewed their
On October 23 one of them went mad
and plunged Into the sea The next day
a Trcnchman killed the mate with an axe
and drank his blood He tried to eat the
brains but his comrades threw tho corpse
overboard On October 17 the Frenchman
tried to kill the captain with the axe
but another man wrested the weapon
from him and killed him When night
fell the others ate parts of the French
mans body
On October 23 Captain Crocker died
and his body was eaten The cannibalism
was repeated until the two men who tell
the story Johannsen a Swede and
Martlcornu a Spaniard were the only
On the forty second day the raft drifted
ashore on Soubl Island The natives
there were friendly and put the two men
on board a junk bound for Singapore
Increased Actlvlt Shown b the
Former Generals lolloitcrs
LONDON April S A despatch to the
Times from Kroonstai states that it
has been d finitely ascertained that Gen
erals De Act and Botha have met at
The return of General De Wet s follow
ers to the northern part of the Orange
River Colony has been signalized b In
creased activity among the Boers
The railway has been damaged on three
successive nights
The Ena Usb Hecaiiture n Cannon
Lost ut Helvetia
LONDON April 7 A news agency de
spatch from Heidelberg states that the
British have found a s 7 Inch gun which
had been abandoned bj the Boers
It is presumabl the same gun that was
captured from the British at Helvetia on
December 2S
buuth Afrlean ICesIilenls Subscribe
for a llniiilsonic Gift
CAPE TOWN April 7 The sum of 311
has lieen subscribed in Klmberle for the
purchase of a sword of honor for Gen
eral French The De Beers Mining Com
pany has given twenty diamonds which
will be s et In the crossbar of the svord
Cecil Rhodes is pushing forward the ar
rangements for the erection of a mau
soleum In memory of the members of the
lvlmberlcy garrison who were killed dur
ing the siege of that town
31 VValdcek ltousseatiN Condition
Uiorlcil as 1 iicliiuiKreil
PARIS April 7 A bulletin Issued to
day signed by the three physicians at
tending Prime Minister
states that the patients condition
remains unchanged
It is learned that all danger has not
ct disappeared
The Dislnnt Shore lloiiKht
LONDON April 7 C D Roses yach
Distant Shore Ins been bought by Mr
Clark and renamed the Karlad She
was launehed on the Cljde jesterday
Captain Hogarth will command her
The Best ltie South
Or soutlmot li via the Seaboard Air Line Tlall
uay Tuo fast train- daily to North and South
Carolina Georgia anil Florida point Through
Pullman service 1134 Mw York avc or I ft
It tic Wet agenta
Ker hint to build cottages best
and lonot at tth and K I ac Shingle 3
Gullek Abo Killed Mother nntl a
llrotlier Gives Himself Up
SHAMOKJN Pa April 7 When Met
ier Scrgen a nephew of Samuel Gulick
walked from the latters home near
Klines Grove early this morning Into a
workshop close to the residence he was
startled to see John Gulick who killed
his mother and brother Philip last Tues
day morning
The man had built a fire and was warm
ing himself Guliek told the boy not to
be afraid that he had come back to sur
render himself to his father He accom
panied oung Sergen Into the house
The father was greatly frightened fear
ing his son had come to shoot him John
told him not to bo afraid as he was
tired or being a fugitive He wanted to
tell his father how remorseful he was for
what he had done and to beg forgiveness
before going to Jail
He said he killed his mother and broth
er during a temporary fit of Insane rage
caused by the thought that his mothc
nnd brother had not treated htm as kind
ly as he thought he deserved He begged
to be allowed to change his clothing and
to have something to eat
He partook of food heartily and while
he went upstairs to don a new suit of
clothes a messenger summoned Consta
ble Milton Conrad and Harry Moore a
neighbor Young Gulick came downstairs
nnd sat in the kitchen where he had shot
his mother He pleaded piteously for
pardon He greeted Conrad and Moore
as they entered and said he was ready for
prison to which he was safely driven at
Sunbury without a half dozen people
knowing of the surrender
Since then much excitement has pre
vailed especially among the Inhabitants
of Upper Augusta many of whose resi
dents are sorry he was not either shot
or lynched Gulick said that after the
shooting he walked over the fields to the
farm of James Eckman a cousin where
he sought refuge In a barn He stayed
there until Friday evening when hunger
drove him to Northumberland eight
miles distant He procured food at a
restaurant and purchased beer at the
Zerb Hotel
He recognized the bartender who nlso
knew him but before- the latter could
give an alarm he hurried to a stable at
tached to the Van Kirk House where he
stayed until morning Then he went to
Danville and hid In several stables dur
ing the day returning So the Van Kirk
House stable In Northumberland at
At 3 oclock this morning he concluded
to return home and face the consequence
of his acts He did not know whether
he would be shot or lynched He did not
care Remorse was driving him Insane
and something seemed to drive him from
hiding to his father so that he could
shake him by the hand and beg- f orglv c
His father reiterates that Justice must
take Its course He says that lately his
son had been acting queerly but he
would not say he was Insane
Patrick Declares That tenth AVns
Hue to
NEW YORK April 7 Aioert T Pat
rick who Is accused by Valet Jones w Ith
compassing the death of the late William
M Rice and with forging the name of
the old millionaire to Checks and other
documents made this statement In the
Tombs today
Jones never murdered Mr Rice as he
has sworn he did Had he done so h j
would never have admitted It on the wit
ness stand because the District Attorney
has not premised him Immunity His
confidence Is easily accounted for
It Is an established fact that Mr Rice
at the age of eighty four venrs died from
disease as his brother W A Rice died
jesterdaj In Texas at the age of seventy
The only crime of which Jones is guilty
is conspiring to break Mr Rices will
executed In 1300 and of perjury In the
present proceedings
His funny story Is the result of col
laboration with other persons Interested
In breaking the 1900 wilt Their object is
to have me kept in prison pending the will
litigation I have already been in prison j
on me lorgerj wiuiuui even uein j
Indicted and I do not believe that there
is any serious Intention to try me on a
criminal charge before a Jury
The schooner Hjcim AVreckdl nnd
Two Men Drowned
GLOUCESTER Mass April 7 The
schooner Hena from Perth Amboy N
J to Paris Me Is grinding to pieces on
the shore at the High Popples between
Eastern Point Light and Thatchers Isl
and Light where sho was driven by the
southeast gale early this morning Two
of the crew Capt Robert Dix sixty years
old und the cook named Fuller were
The two other members of the crew
Benjamin Scanley and John It Delmar
had n most miraculous escape There Is
no llfesaving station atthis point and
the first news of the wreck came when
one of the men completely exhausted
reached shore and sought refuge with ono
of the people living In the vicinity
The schooner groinded about 213 oclock
this morning and a few hours afterward
she was a total wreck The rain fell
heavily and there was a thick mist which
shut off a view of her from the shore
hen the mainmast was blown from the
boat Delmar went overboard with it and
was washed ashore J
Scanley put out from the sinking vessel
in a dory and after a terrible experience
reached the shore exhausted It Is thought
that the captain and cook were lost while
trjlng to make shore in a small boat
The II ma was a vessel of 101 tons
Captain Dix leaves a widow son and
daughter who live at West Tremont Me
The cook was unmarried
Jones Mil- t Iln on the
llrltlsli Train
LONDON April 7 Mr Hoffner has
been aslcd to act as umpire in the com
ing Inter universltlcs cliead match
E O Jones who has been plajing n
triangular test mateh has been beaten
Mutchell llng the winner It la iot jet
kiuwn whether Jones defeat will exclude
him from the Britltli team
nicclrlclt in M Peters
ROME April 7 The newly Installed
electric lighting plant at St Peters was
used for the first time this evening The
effect was most brilliant There were
0000 persons present including many
An English Publisher Demi
LONDON April 7 George Smith or
gonlzir and publisherof tho Dietionary
of National Biography and head of the
firm of Smith Elder I
Ocean Steamship Mov emeiils
NEW YORK April i Arrived Servia
Liverpool La Champagne Havre CuS
Liverpool Arrived out Vaderland from
New York at Scjthampton
Larcesl and best SdilllKlcs xSO le
al o 75 per lWJ al irft F Libbey 4 Co
General Van Xovplcy Xaincd Min
ister of Public Instruction
The Cznr Appoints re Man Trlendlr
to the AKKrleved ounir Men The
Present syslem to Inilrrgn Re
forms Reactionists Held In Check
ST PETERSBURG April 7 General
Van Novsky has been appointed Min
ister of Public Instruction In succes
sion to M Bogolepoff who died a few
davs ago from the effects of a bullet
wound Indicted by an assassin
The Czar has addressed a rescript to
the new Minister In which he says
The experiences of recent years have
shown the existence of defects In our
scholastic system that are so material
that I think the time has come to un
dertake an immediate and thorough re
vision and improvement
Highly valuing your experience as
a statesman and your enlightenment I
have chosen ou to co operate with me
In renovating and reorganizing the
Russian schools firmly convinced that
jou will unswervingly endeavor to at
tain the goal Indicated by me and that
you will bring to the work of educating
ihe Russian youth cordial sympathy
and sagacity ripened by experience
BERLIN April 7 The appointment
of General Van Novsky as Russ an Min
ister of Education Is regarded as a
great reformative step and a recogni
tion by the Czar of the genuineness of
the grievances on which the students
agitation is based
General Van Novsky has the reputa
tion of having great administrative
ability He is sympathetic toward tho
It Is stated that his nppolntment car
ries unlimited powers for two years so
that the reactionary officials will bs un
able to Interfere with his reforms
The Rev Mlnot J Snvnjte Pots Forth
n ovel Idea
NEW YORK April 7 The Rev Mlnot
J Savage pastor of the Church of the
Messiah who has delivered many sermons
that have attracted much notice by rea
son of their originality preached today
on The Avorld Bejond the Grave
Speaking of the possible disentangle
ment after death of relationships existing
In this life he said
Will there be perfect happiness per
fect bliss In the other worli Perhaps I
shall shock ou when I say I do not ex
pect It at all In my own case This old
Idea that the minute you died ou were
either going to hell and be miserable as
possible and continue to exist or going
to heaven and be as happy as ou could
be and continue to exist seems to me
utterly absurd
I expect to go Into the other world
what I am now I do not expect to be
perfectly happy I bellve there may be
a good many sources of disquiet and dis
comfort for a while over there but if
life Is something grand and there is hope
for everybody then there may be happi
ness unspeakably finer and Ziobler than
that senseless and insipid lurpplness that
has been painted to us o fitting on a
cloud and doing nothing except play a
harp or hear some one else play
I beIev e there Is to be ov er there a field
for the operation and development of all
that we are Tho astronomer shall still
have the heavens to study he who Is
overwhelmed as I have alwas been by
the Infinitely little shall have an oppor
tunity to look Into the secrets of the uni
verse Why may not the poet write grand
er epics nnd dramas and lyrics than he
ever wrote here Why may not the his
torian have grander themes to engage
his pen
Why may not the orator have audi
ences still to listen and applaud Why
may not the painter and the sculptor be
able to outline and shape the Images of
beauty tbat they see In the outside world
or that they dream In the Innermost of
their brains 1 believe that the occupa
tions over there will be Just as natural
and human as they are here Why
shouldnt we think of this life ns human
active life and a life that can go on for
ever and have a rational dream of an
eternal life
A Inmll Dispute Unils In the Dentil
of One Mnn
PATERSON N J April 7 Sabatto
Paganillo shot and killed his brother Ple
tro after a fierce fight this evening in
which Plctro wielded an axe and Sabatto
a revolver
Fletro lived at 14 Brooks Street with
his father and Sabatto lived next door
There had been a quarrel between Sabatto
and his father because the latter had not
sent enough money to the aged mother In
Italy Several relatives were present and
all opposed Sabatto who was forced out
of the house
Sabatto went to his own home and se
cured a revolver and a stiletto Pletro
barred his door against the infuriated
brother but the latter gained entrance
from the rear and encountered his father
in a rear room He stabbed the old man
in the arm slightly
Pletro ran to the assistance of his
father He struck Sabatto on the head
with an axe indicting a severe wound
Sabatto pulled the revolver and fired two
shots One took effect in Pietros arm
The other entered his heart and killed
him almost Instantly
Sabatto was weak from tho loss of
blood when the police arrived He was
removed to the general hospital
Sighted Willi lore Main ami Vllzeu
Topmasts Missing
SAN FRANCISCO April 7 The schoon
er Rosamond Captain Ward arrived to
day from Honolulu The captain reported
that on March IS about lSOO miles west
of San Pranelsco he sighted a four
masted iron ship the name of whch could
not be made out The fore main nnd
mlzzcn topmasts and ever thing attached
had been carried away
One bit of canvas was rigged on the
stump of the mainmast The ship made
no response to signals but was apprentl
well manned
A Vciv Coal Ilcld Iouuil
Charles Burkhotder a well driller of this
pi ice claims to have found coal on a
farm sixteen miles west of this place A
compan of six has bfen formed to de
velop the field A well to be JSO ftct deep
Is nuw being drilled Negotiations are in
progress for leasing 2u0 acres of land in
the vicinity of the llnd
Norfolk Washington Stenmnont Co
Dchshtlul trips dailj at C SO p m trom loot
Jth it to Old Ioint Comfort Newport Newt
Norfolk and the South For schedule see page 7
Mlllnork kind full
atocta borne doors Jl too at Clh anj A at
The nomnntlc Career of the Man
Win Stole the Portrait
NEW ORK April 7 Now that the
Gainsborough portrait of the Duchess of
Devonshire has been recovered the story
of how it was stolen and restored to its
owner told ever body Is more or less
desirous of knowmg more about the thief
The man was born In New York of par
ents of German descent fifty eight years
ago His father was a laboring man and
wits able to give his son u common school
education The boy was extremely bright
vonderfully shrewd but no student nor
did he care to work and he consequently
drifted Into bad was In time he became
known to the police as one of the most
skilled pickpockets in New York and
from that rose or fell to be an expert
bank sneak
He Joined a gnng of his kind and In
ISO or 1S70 this gang under his leader
ship robbed one of the banks in the Wall
Street district in broad daylight of some
thing like tlAMH In cash and securities
Not long after this the gang planned to
rob the ihlrd National Bank of Baltimore
The plan was successfully carried out
and most of the outfit got away to Eu
Not many ears after this a bank In
New England was robbed of nearly JCOO
000 in money and securities The youth
ful bank robber planned the whole game
Not long after that he concluded that
all things considered It would be safer
for him to make a long visit to Europe
From that day to this he has made Lon
don his home and has been back here
only for brief visits
In London he vvas not long In finding
some of his fid New York pals
An extensive schne of forgery was car
ried on under his leadership and scores
of big business houses were victimized
This new life was taken up not so much
for himself as on account of his wife and
children He has one son and three
daughters The son Is In one of the most
famous of Englands public schools and
the daughters are In a convent In Paris
Their mother Is an English woman the
daughter of a well-to-do London mer
chant and said to be more than ordi
narily good looking She Is a woman of
education ana refinement
Tne ex bank sneak met and married
her a few ears after he took up his resi
dence in London It was a love match
pure and simple After his marriage
this man who had hated books so much
as a lad suddenly became very fond of
them In the course of his reading he
became Interested In at and became a
great student or Iluskln
From Ruskln he turned to other writers
on art and one who knows him well said
today that he Is know n by face If not by
name to the art dealers of London as
one of the best Judges of art in the
English capital
The theft of the Duchess of Devon
shire was Just the inspiration of a long
headed crook Since he retired from ac
tive crookedness however he has made
considerable money buing and selling
pictures He is also an expert on the
value of precious stones
Robert A Pinkerton told a reporter to
day that this man has been worth as
much as a million dollars In the past few
jears but at present he is comparatively
poor so that the reward for the return
of the Gainsborough will come in handy
But shrewd as he is brilliant as he is
with a certain kind of brilliancy he has
always been a high liver and now he ha
become a heavy drinker
The Rnllwnjr Chiefs Withdraw from
the Jersey Central Dispute
NEW YORIC April 7 The chiefs of
the five railroad organizations who have
been here for nearly a week decided at
a meeting late on Saturday night to
abandon attempts at negotiation with the
Central Railroad of New Jersey
They had decided to wait until tomor
row to hear a reply from General Man
ager Warren to their third Tequest for a
conference with a view to settling the
differences betwe n the empIoes and
the company but at the Saturday night
meeting they came to the conclusion that
it w as usetcss They then decided to wash
their hands of all further responsibility
in the matter as far as negotiations with
tho company are concerned and let the
men decide for themselves what they will
Chief Arthur said We came here by
request of the men themselves for a con
ference with the railroad officials We
have made three requests for a confer
ence and we have been unable to secure
one We do not propose to stand around
hre with our hands In our pockets In
definitely waiting on the pleasure of Air
Warren the general manager We have
failed to obtain an audience with Air
Warren and it Is Impossible for us to
break Into his office
He was then asked if there would be a
strike He said
Time will tell Each division by a
two thirds vote can order a strike No
further overtures will come from us If
there are any further negotiations the
suggestions must come from the com
There were no signs of a strike In Jer
sey City tonight The police were In
formed that the employes of the road
were to have a conference tomorrow
J II Olhausen the general superinten
dent of the road said that the day had
been without any developments so far as
the management was concerned and that
he had not been advised of any confer
Bituminous Miners to Go Out Unless
the Owners Glte la
ALTOONA Pa April 7 Two thousanl
miners In the Lily and Bens Creek bitu
minous field have taken action by resolu
tion to strike on April It unless the full
scale adopted at the Altoona convention
Is granted by that date
This conclusion was reached at a big
mass meeting held at Bens Creek in
which the entire field was represented
The action was caused by the refusal of
the operators to accede to or sign the
scale now governing the field A commit
tee has been named to wait on the opera
tors and Inform them of the action taken
and to receive their reply
Tht South Fork men also met and
agreed to stand by the men in the neigh
boring field though they are getting full
scale rate The men In the Barnsboro
field at a recent convention agreed upon
April 1C as the last day they will work
with non union men
In the meantime an earnest effort will
be made to get all the non union men at
the workings into the United Allre Work
ers organization
One Man Dead ami Two Prohahl
latall Hurt
CHATTANOOGA Tenn April 7 A cow
wrecked a double header freight train thla
afternoon at Spring Clt Tenn on the
Cincinnati Southern Rallna As a re
sult one man Is dead and two others arc
serlousl and perhaps fatal Injured
William Dugger fireman was scalded to
death William A Williams and William
Dorman engineers Frank B Elllorr fire
man and Robert Shoutman brakeman
were Injured Williams and Llllott ma
The train was running at a hlqh rate
of sieed when the cow vas struck and
both engines left the track and plunged
down an embankintnt turnlns over sev
eral times -
Klnns llusiacss College Nth nml 1C
business Shorthand T pew rltinj SG3 a year
White Pine Doors IflOO each and
lij inches thick by F Libbcj Cu
Price One Cent
Many ItaniW Surrender to
tary Authorities
nich Prospects In the Island of
Mlmlnnno Ihe Tnlt Commission
Flails Drtlcnte Work In Pornilnc
a Government for the Tribesmen
MANILA April 7 General Areola a
coIonl three lieutenant colgnels twenty-six
other officers and S00 men to
gether with forty three rifles and many
other arms hnve surrendered at Nueva
Cacercs The officers and men took tho
oath of allegiance It was promised
that the entire command would soon
Colonel Sandico surrendered at Ca
banatuan jesterday
Pablo Tecsons command conslstlnc
of twenty one officers and 173 men with
133 rlltcs ind ammunition surrendered
to Colonel Page last Friday and took
the oath of allegiance
Cavalry arc scouting for General
Tlnio In the mountains In north VIgan
Surrenders of smaller detachments of
rebels are reported frorn every direction
CAGAYAN Island of AHndanao
April 7 The Island of Mindanao
abounds In opportunities for gold-seekers
and lumber merchants It Is be
lieved that consistent exploration would
reveal many sources of wealth which
arc unknown
The government will require delicate
adjustment according to the conditions
prevailing The inhabitants are made
up of Moros the hill tribes Pagans and
Filipinos The Philippine Commission
has visited six ports and met a large
number of Datos and sub chiefs who
now accept American sovereignty They
speak highly In praise of the army ad
ministration but do not desire a per
manent military government
The Commissioners Intend to organlzo
the Filipino provinces of Surigao and
Misamis on lines similar to those fol
lowed In Luron with a special depart
ment for Mindanao and Jolo under a
civil governor and residences similar to
those appointed by the British Colonial
Exhaustive- Investigations have been
made into the slavery question The
system proves to be widespread but it
Is not pernicious and can be gradually
The strength and popularity of the
Moros have been overestimated They
have no ammunition to speak of are
not skilled In the use of firearms and
can be more easily subdued than the
The Commissioners find It difficult to
obtain provincial treasurers and super
visor frsm among the volunteers and
the American bonding- companies Im
pose prohibitive rates upon them The
Spooner bill prevents the organization
of local companies to guarantee the
honesty of officials
The S rnense Bridge Found to Be
Complete Worn Out
SYRACUSE April 7 C R Barnes of
Rochester an electrical expert employed
by the State Railroad Commission came
to this city today and made an Investi
gation intj the causes that led to last
nights accident in which a trolley car
loaded with passengers was hurled to the
bottom of Oswego Canal through tho
collapse of the bridge at James Street
He would give out nothing regarding
the result of his investigation saying he
could make no statement other than his
official report which would be confiden
tial City Engineer C A Sweet today
said that the bridge which had been in
use nearly thirty ears was completely
worn out an examination of the iron
showing it to be honeycombed
A temporary foot bridge across the
canal has been erected and an attempt
will be made by local representatives at
Albany to secure the passage of an appro
priation bill before the close of the ses
sion of the Legislature for the new
None of the thirty seven persons In
jured has died and the recovery of all Is
hoped for
11 runes Cause n Daninge nf 500000
in fit Louis
ST LOUIS April 7 A fire discovered
this morning in the plant of the St- Louis
Elevator and Storage Company at the
foot of Bludle Street resulted In a loss
estimated at about JMOOOO The Immense
elevator with a bin capacity of l5000i3
bushels Is a total loss It contained
7COO00 bushels of wheat and 100000 bushels
of corn A smaller warehouse and several
box cars standing on a sidetrack were
also consumed
Owing to the elevator being built upon
the rivers edge the firemen were unable
to work to advantage and were compelled
to let the fire taKe its course confining-
It to the buildings of the elevator plant
Tim fire is suDDOSed to have started
from a cigarette dropped by some bos
Hearings Before the Industrial Com
mission This AVeekr
The Industrial Commission will have a
number of prominent witnesses this week
on the subject of combinations Some very
Important testimony Is anticipated To
da Charles R Flint of New York City
will be asked to tell what he knows con
cerning the rubber combination and the
financing and promoting of combinations
generally Gen Samuel Thomas of New
York City will also be examined on tho
subject of financing combinations
Other witnesses who will be heard dur
ing the week are Jacob Schiff of Kuhn
Loeb Co of New York on the financing
of combinations and of railroads Irving
A Sterns President of Core Bros on tho
anthracite coal combination R R
Wright President of the State Industrial
College of Georgia on the condition of the
negro James V Wafrbury of New York
on the cordage combinations E 1
man of New York on the flna
combinations and of railroads
White President of the Natlo
Compan of New Yelt on silt
tions Ji hn B risrMyess
New York Times -on the pa
blnatlon W D Dillon President of tho
Great Northern Paper Compan of New
York on the competition against the paper
combination Joseoh G Tilir Secretary
of the Standard Rope nnd Twine Com
pany oil the cordage combination A
number of witnesses are cxpeitc d to bo
examined concerning the cordage combi
Where It Touches It Heals0
positnrcly cures eczema and dis
eases of the akin At all drus stores
Out-of-town lists for liutldlnir bid
on freight prepaid at Cth and A Tk ate

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