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TIic Lesson of lie Elections in the
Cities of Ohio
ItriirmrntntHr oron lliirllKr the
Itccciil Context VulriH Alton cl o
lfeKlnlrr Tlirlr free Will Tom
I IoIiiinoii Mvooiilnjy Victory
Tteprescntatlo Norton returned to
IVflshilifcton yesterday from Ohio
where h e has been In the thick of the
mayoralty contents which have been en
livening the politics of the Buckeje
State for several weeks past He is
cheerful and optimistic ocr the out
look for the future success of the Demo
cratic party In his State and beliocs
that the outcome of the contests in the
cities portends well
lie Inclines to the opinion that there
is a jjreat deal doing in politics
In Ohio and that the straws
Bhowinp the way the wind blew in the
maoralty contests were many and
were definite in the trend they indi
cated Furthermore he suspects that
Ohio may extend her business of pro
ducing Presidential candidate and
may offer as a change one of Demo
cratic faith
No one can deny that the city elec
tions show a remarkable Increase In the
power of the Democratic party In the
State of Ohio he said last night In
many cases Democratic majors hae
been elected where Democratic mayors
have not held the scat for generations
und the war has been carried Into
Africa with a vengeance That In the
very State of lir JtcKlnlcy and espe
cially of Hanna It should be possible
for Democrats to win In some cases by
euch handsome majorities Is a most en
couraging sign It rot only shows the
strength of the Democrats but It dem
onstrates the weakness of the Repub
licans I am sure that were the In
fluence which the money of the great
Interests headed by Hanna and others
everts lemoved een for a short time
ve would see a remarkable change In
the politics of Ohio
I think that the people are to a
great degree naturally Democratic One
lias only to go to the figures and facts
of these recent elections to show it
Tom L Johnson won in Cleveland by
about GO00 majority Sam Jones of
Toldo had a handy 2000 to spare
Henckle of Columbus had at least 40J
If not MO lead over his competitor And
what does all this mean It simply
means that the citizens voting without
aiij hiiberv or any Influence of money
chose the men with Democratic prin
ciples to lad them
Hanna and his croud did not make
much of an effort to Influence the city
elections They could not do it because
Ihey had no money at hand to uc The
drain put upen them by the campaign
fund during the Presidential election
was so great that the treasury was ex
hausted So the cify elections went ac
cording to the w ill of the people Ham
ilton Urna and a dozen other county
towns of similar size about which no
fuss was made all went Democratic
and I quote them simply to show how
the feeling for tho Democracy has
grown in rum districts
The -victory of Henckle was one
northy of notice He won without any
assistance and against the opposition
of all the politicians even the most In
fluential of his own party It was the
same old question of street car fares
and extension of the street railway
franchises and Henckle had his way
by about 400 or more votes That was
really a plurality of about 2000 for the
Republicans had previously carried the
city of Columbus by about lJOO That
you see was really bearding the Re
publican lion in his den The great
weakness of the Republican party lies
in its constant bickerings There arc
Toraker and antl Forakcr factions
Daugherty and anli Daughcrty parties
supporters of Nash and anti Nasli men
This is an evidence of the fact that the
party is rapidly losing its hold on tho
Tom Johnson in Cleveland did the
Fame thing as did Henckle and did it
handsomely The Democrats are b
glnnlng to look upon Johnson as a can
didate for high offices He is in a pe
culiar position He is a rich man and
lias made all his money in htreet i all
ways Now he is going to fight against
the laws under which he made his
money He admits that he was enabled
to amass his fortune by lrtue of enact
ments which he now considers wrong
lie is against the favoritism of law
which he clalins Is the father of all Im
mense fortunes He is for the 3 ccnt
street railway fare nnd it is surprising
to see how great his following Is Thou
sands of voters In the city irrespective
of party are asking that his theories
be put into effect immediately includ
You hardly realtec that It Ii medicine hcn
fllii C Carlui Little liver lllli they are lery
mall no bad effects sll troubles trom torpid
Jircr arc rtlieittl by their use
1 J
Wonder what Merta I
will tJ today I J
Weve Never Shown
So Many Stylish
Spring Suitings as
In fact we have never leen so
admirably equlnjxil and iirmiilol
to attire ou correctly and eco
nomically Weve told about
the multiplicity of spring patterns
nnd excellence of the clotlm for
Sjirlng Suits made to jour meas
ure at
l r lirmlrnr a magnificent line
to order Nowhere can ou equal f
any of them
Alirajs remember our guarantee glies
ycu lull jirolcctfon J
Merfz Mertz
906 and 908 F Street N W
ing municipal ownership and every
He is rrtalnly a man with a future
He is a big man in en cry respect bright
and Intellectual and a fine politician
n good speaker and personally attrac
tive Those are great qualities and will
make him fit in almo3t any place
whether it be the Senatorshlp Jhc Gov
ernorship or something higher If he
wants the nomination for the Senator
ship he can get It I think unless J It
McLean of the CnquIrer enters the
field which from what I know and
hear I am not Inclined to think he will
do It Is quite probable that If John
son wants the Senatorshlp he will hae
McLeans assistance
The Republicans have been redis
ricting the State In order to be defi
nitely sure of a Republican Legislature
They had planned to hac about sixty
nlno Republicans to thirty eight Demo
crats but the outcome of tho mayoralty
has quite upset the calculations If
Johnson should succeed In the fall as
he has in the recent city election he
would be able to place In the Legisla
ture ten Democrats where tho Repub
licans expected to have their men The
lie Toledo and five Columbus legis
lators may also be Democrats
Nash will of course be the Repub
lican nominee for the Governorship but
he has made many enemies for himself
because of his attitude toward the
Sacngerfest and because he is alleged
to have killed the Jl000000 appropria
tion for the Northwestern Centennial
Tliiajionitloii of the Hunts at the Con
crtMNionnl Illirnr
There is a large collection of busts and
relief portraits of authors joets musi
cians statesmen and other distinguished
persons In the copj right division of the
Library of Congress accumulated dur
ing many years Inttl recently they were
not so placed that they could be enjoved
by anvone but In going over the work
ing divisions of the Library Mr Put
nam the Librarian came upon the col
lection and conceived a practical iIan for
its disiosItlon
A shelf within easy reach will be put
alKut the walls of the rooms In the LI
nry devoted to the blind and upon these
will lx placed the portraits They can
then be readily handled by the sightless
and through the tljs of their fingers they
will come to know the features and char
actetlstlcs of the ieople already known
to them In literature
To Ellen Terr is due the suggestion
which has been carried out by Mr Put-
tmn During her last visit to vvasmng
ton she met a numlwr of those who fre
quent the reading rooms for the blind
at the Congressional Library and sent
them tickets to one of her matinees Af
ter the performance she invited them up
on the sttge and allowed them to hold
he hand and even to run the tips of their
lingers over her face that they might
see her This so touched her heart that
she had a portrait of herself made In re
Iltf and sent to the reading room for
At the lime of the death of
the blind were much Inter
ested In him and his history and were
given some interesting talks by different
people A bust of the general that had
been tent to the copyright division dur
ing the Worldr Fair by a well known
Jujarese artist was sent to the reading
room and the blind icojle exclaimed In
a breath How like the Japanese our
Iresldent a Sure cuough the little
Jij had elevated ejtbrons and other
wise glvn to the really good portrait of
the ex President a decidedly Japanese
cast of countenance
When told this incident Sir Putnam
nt once decided to place these bust por
traits in the reading room for the blind
It is no longer the cutom to send Uther
a bubt or relief of the subject for copy
jlirht but Instead a photograph ho the
collection will not grow
linnluli Wnr liiiiinl Decide to Hold
n Kitclire Inrt
All enthusiastic meeting of the Spanish
War Guard was held Saturday night at
the headquarters of the command 51G
Ninth Street A letter van read from
the secretary of the Buffalo Exposition
explaining arrangements that are to be
made for visiting military organizations
The company dcldcd to attend the
osltlon but will not be nble to decide
upon the date of the visit for teveral
weeks The captain announced that
arms will be assigned to members
Wedntfidav nlgnt Commendatory letters
were received from Gen Nelson A lilies
Col vVIIIIam C Sanger Senator Ilannu
Mr Stllson Ilutchlns Major K II New
mver Dr Benjamin Poole Dr D Percy
Illckllng II irrlson Dinginau and Cuno
II Rudolph
The meeting adjourned to ronfer with
a committee of ladles In regard to a
jiroposed euchie iarty for the purpose of
enabling the organization to purchase a
ling and other requisites Ladles attend
ing were Miss Cameron Miss Hough
Mrs Mejers Mir Hodgson Mrs Moran
Miss Johnon Miss Milne and Mis Pal
mer Iteiioits of several committees
IirefcngeJ succecs of the entertainment
it was decided to furnish refreshments
to purchasers of tickets without extra
cnarge nineco ty April 17 was se
lected by the CJu ird as the date for the
monthly reception to lady friends of the
In Cleiirliic u tin llelirlx losepli
Mlllnril Ik Injured
Josejdi Millard an em plow- of the lenn
slvana Itallroad Comjany wlme home
is at 12 Second Street southeast while
engaged 111 clearing awaj debris the re
sult of a collision lielwetn a caboose and
two freight cars at the New Jersey Ave
nue crossing of the road jesterdav was
severe Injureil about the right thigh bj
11 blow from a heavy piece of wood Mil
lard was taken to Providence Hospital in
the Ilfth preelnct patrol wagon After
Ills Injuries had ben dressed he was
placed in a ward
The collision between the cars occurred
about 115 ocloek jesteiduy morning A
iw itching engine having In charge 11 ci
booe to be coupled to the rear end of a
string of freight cars was backed Into
two heavil laden ears on another track
Uolh freight ears were overturned and
ludly damugeil while the caboose was
completely vweceod Althoci li there
were a number of brnketneii on the cars
nt the time of the collision noiyG was in
jured The debris of the wreck delaved
tratllc for a few minutes only 1 gang of
men being sent 11 once to clear the
tra K
Ills Ill I her tin toiuiiliiliiniit
rim Talbelt flfleen war olj aa tl
citily by Ibc Ninth precinct iwlice last
tijHin comjiLint of bit father llrrj Talbert
Mjlti tlut the Ijoj h intorriille Wing
it vai sent to the Howe of IMeutlou to
t a hearing In court this inornm
led Without lledlenl Attention
iie Second f recinet police were untitled Jast
Iiiabt that Hclfecea William colored forty iIx
jean f ate of 1VJ Mreet Alley died uithout
medical attindanfe at the ahoe numlirr aturday
niht Coroner Nevitt Itai been notified An Jn
jucBt is thought linjirubable
fa a deceptive OUeau
thouaanda Lave It and dont
tnow it If you want quick
reaulta tou can raako no
mlaUkt br uiinj Dr Kil
mer iramp Hoot the oreat Iddncr remedy
At drugeffta In flftcent and dollar alxea fiain
tle bottle by mall free alto pamphlet telling jou
hcvf to find out if ou have kidney trouble
lArtu Dr Kilmer Co uloshimtoa tf X
Children to Kohl High Carnival on
the White Lot Todny
TJie lluslc to Be lroi lileil by the
luurtli Artlllerj Ilniul Irom Port
Monroe lllstorj of Custom Ilotli
In AViiftliliiKton nnd rIcevvbere
Children and grown jieojde will gather
today If the weather is fine In the lot
behind the Executive Mansion nnd con
tinue a custom the origin of which goes
lck to pagan antiquity The egg rolling
as a part of the Raster celebration In
Washington Is a thing distinctively
Washingtonlan and the custom has Its
counterpart In no city of the United
With the usual Presidential generosity
orders have been issued for opening the
grounds to the jiublic without restriction
on Laster Monday for the egg rolling and
the other games and iiastlmes peculiar
to the day The Marine Band the music
of which makes so great a part of the
cheer Is now on tour in the West There
are no other Government bands In the
city cither at the Washington Barracks
or at Fort Mjcr and at first It was feared
that the children would have to forego
their music But the disappointment will
be avoided for the Fourth Artillery Band
has been sent from Tort Monroe and
will provide the customary music The
band arrived last night will play all day
today and will take part tomorrow In the
ceremonies attending the unveiling of
the Logan statue
For several das the Presidents garde
ner Henry Pflster has been at work ar
ranging for the protection of his pltnts
and flowers In all parts of the grounds
are shrubs and oung trees which arc of
great value and could not be replaced
easily if they were destroved Eachjear
fSardener Pflster has a larger and still
larger crowd to handle The children
romp and rlay more and there Is more
and more danger of the shrubs and bulbs
Whig de3troed By a system of wire
netting and small snake fences he hopes
to keeii the Httlo feet oft his precious
plots and to keep tho eager little hands
from plucking the blossoms and leaves
which have just begun to appear Even
at the best ho can do a great deal of
damage Is done nnd mnch Is ruined be
jond hope of being replaced The grass
especially suffers the most and months
will pats before It flourishes again
The egg rolling custom has existed In
Washington for forty odd jears as plenty
of men now in the decline of llfo can
testlfj It appeared first on the grounds
of the Capitol and those who remember
it forty years ago remember It as being
held there Tho Capitol was then only
partial completed but the grounds had
been laid out On the lawns that extend
ed from the west front were several ter
races covered with soft grass and quite
steep Here It was that the youngsters
of Washington went for their Eater
celebration There was the usual egg
rolling down the grassy terraces which
wero admirably adapted to such a pas
time and the children who rolled the
eggs to the bottom of tho Incline usually
rolled themselves after There were other
games of an old fashioned sort HSe
and many others which have long since
gone out of fashion
At the brow of the hill stood a foun
tain nnd the games of the day the merry-making
music and the rest centred
around this Even In those days the
custom of egg picking was common
among the boys and the guinea keet egg
was prized as the victor over all other
eggs and brought man cracked victims
to Its owners pockets a
Th6 egg rollers at the Capitol grounds
were t w nt first and forty years ago
did not number more than a hundred or
more But as the years went by the
crowds grew larger and more boisterous
The grounds of the Capitol were improv
ed with plants and shrubs and the Eas
ter merry makers did a great deal of
damage rinally the Architect of the
Capitol put his foot down on the use of
Ida grounds for the Easter egg rolling
and in this he was supported by Con
gress In 1S73 a law was pamod by both
houses prohibiting the gathering of
crowds on the Capitol grounds or egg
rolllng nt rastt r time
Toward Georgetown there was another
little group of Easter egg rollers who
did their celebrating nt the grounds of
the Naval Observatory The act of Con
gresi did not hurt them But It would
hive proved a great hardship for the
children who lived on Capitol Hill and
In the northeast jiortlon of the city If
the wife of President limes had not
taken up their cause She could not re
peal an act of Congress but she could
open the grounds of the Executive Man
sion to the little Easter merry makers
This she did and on Easter of 1S7S the
egg rolling In the Presidents grounds as
It now exists with Its music and other
accompaniments began It has contin
ued with but little alteration except
growth in size from that day to this
The crowd that entered the Presidents
grounds on Easter 1ST3 was barely 200
strong Last vear there were inside the
gates over 25 The first was composed
chiefly of children but latterly the pro
jiortlon of adults has Increased much to
the hindrance of the little ones enjoy
ment The grounds arc thought by the
gardener to be far too crowded even for
bafcts sake and because of the great
Jam the real sport of egg rolling Is on the
decline The children cannot play their
games as they used to and the Eister
egg rolling Is considered to be In danger
of losing its distinctive element and be
coming merely a musical concert and a
Man people In Washington have sought
to discover the origin of the custom of
rgg roiling 11 is tuougtii to lie without
doubt a German custom Instances of It
arc reivjrted among thePerslansandEgp
tians The use of eggs at Eastertide In
both France and Germany Is common In
this age In lioth countries children play
games with them throwing and rolling
them It Is also the custom for the pi
rents on Eustcr morning to hide the dyed
eggs In nests the child discovering them
to own them According to one legend the
practice started In the thirteenth century
and is traced to a Queen of Burgundy
who dlpjied the colored eggs hid them In
her iialaee grounds and then allowed the
joor children to come In and hunt for
them From Burgund which was then
a jiart of German the custom spread
among the Teutons
its apjiearance In Washington when It
Is found In no other elt Is difficult to
explain It is known however that aliout
1TS5 a little town called New Hamburg
was founded Just below Georgetown by
u iarty of Germans who sailed up tho
Potomic Itlver In their boat It Is barely
possible that these Germans started the
custom which extended to Washington
and has since beer kept uj by ever one
legardless of nationality
IrclKlit llrllUeiiinii fels u Ilulle t
Ills vk 1 lirouuli CiirtlcMfiueMN
In drawing his pistol from his jiocket
while In the yards of the IVnnsjlvanli
Railroad Company last night Thomas I
Keeler twenty ono ears of age and a
brakeman In the e mjilny of the railroad
was shot In the left leg by the accidental
discharge of the wenjion Keeler had
been engaged In loidlng the weapon and
was about to pull It from his hip jiocket
when it waa discharged the bullet strik
ing him above the left knee
Workmen carried Keeler to the ofllce
of Dr Boarmnn nt Eleventh Street and
Marland Avenue southwest where the
Injuries were dressed I ater an ambu
lance was summoned nnd Keeler w is re
moved to Providence Husjiltal Tne In
jured nnii lives at 711 A Street southeast
Correction for ICIiikm 1nlncr
In the announeemcut of Kmsjs lalaec which
appeared in Sundaa Times an error uan injde
bjr their advertising n answer who advertised
ladieV miseV and children leghorn data uorth
fl and 9V for J0e It thoiild have read ladica
iiiinwo and children fancy brjid hats north
1 to Jijyi for 39c
IllKlity Yenra Old Cnturrli rift
Vciir Dr AfcncVa Catarrhal lowdcr cures
him Vant any atronger evidence of the power
of thl wonderful remed over this univeraal dla
eate Want the truth of the cae confirmedf
Write tieoruc Lewla Shamokln la lie aaja
1 look upon my cure aa a miracle It relieve
In fen minutes bold br V Vtilliami Ninth
and K Street Kdinond Williams Third hlnet
I and Pennsylvania Avenue S
T3ie cTeniinle of Ilia Inv eitltnrc
s n Cardinal
ItALTIMORE Ajjrll 7 Tho Investiture
of Archbishop Martinclll the Papil Dele
gate as a CarOiual of the Holy Roman
Church will take place at tho Cathedral
Baltimore on Sunday May 5 It Is now
fully cxjiected that tho next Papal Con
sistory will take place nt the Vatican
not later than April 15 which will give
amjile time for 7ho messengers from the
Vatican to reach Baltimore before May 5
with the red cap or zuchetta
Tho zuchetta will lie brought to the Inl 1
ted States as Is customary by one of the
Swiss guards attached to the Papal house
hold It whl be delivered to the new Car
dinal at the Apostolic Legation at Wash
ington as It was delivered several years
ago to Cardinal Sntolli Extensive pre
parations are In piogress to make the
ev ent one of the most Impressive that has
ever taken place at the historic Cathedral
of Baltimore
Arehblshoji It an of Philadelphia will
deliver the sermon oil the occasion and
Invitations will bo Issued to tho leading
prelates nnddlvlnspf the church In this
country Cardinal Gibbons will officiate
nt the ceremonies of liie Investiture and
he may jiontifieate
The ceremonies will Include a grand
procession from the residence of Cardinal
Gibbons to tho Cathedral In which the
400 students at Mount Marys Seminar-
tho visiting jirclates and clergymen the
clrgy of Baltimore the students from
the Catholic University the Cardinal
elect and the members of the Apostolic
Delegation Cardinal Gibbons and bis rt
tendlng clergy and numerous acoltes will
take part
Members of many orders will also par
ticulate Including the Augustlnlan monks
In their sombre gowns tho Order of
Mary the Christian Brothers the Fran
ciscans In their brown habits the white
robed Dominicans the Jesuits nnd the
Bedemptorlsts It is estimated that 1000
ecclesiastics will bo present
The fact that Archbishop Martlnellt Is
himself a member of the Augustlnlan Or
der adds interest to the ceremon Prior
to his selection by tho Pope as the suc
cessor of Cardinal fatolll as Apostolic
Delegate to the Unit J States he was
Prior General of the Hermits of St Au
gustine and still dsplte the fact that
he Is an Archbishop wears the black
robes of that order
After tile procession enters the Cathe
dral on the day of the ceremony the semi
narians and the other ecclesiastics will
occupy places In the sanctuary of the
sacred edifice A prominent figure In the
sanctuary will be tho officer of the Noble
Swiss Guard He will stand on the Tight
of the altar well down toward the front
and will wear the uniform of his corps
which Is of scarlet and gold He will
wear his helmet throughout the cere
mony except ntthe elevation of the
Host and will stand erect with drawn
In the sanctuaryln front of the altar
will bo placed amall tbl on which will
He the documents from Home declaring
Archbishop Martinclll a Cardinal of the
Holy Roman Ciiurcfi and tho redberatta
which has alsty como from Rome The
ceremony will begin with the resdlng of
the letter from the auditor of the Vatican
to Dr Martlnelll announcing his selection
for the Thli will be followed
by the reading Of tfio Popes letter to
Cardinal Gibbons delegating to him the
honor of Investing the new Cardinal with
tho insignia
Cardinal elect Martlnelll will then ad
vance to the front of the throne of Cardi
nal Gibbons whowlll place upon his head
the zuchetta or sknll cap The new Cardi
nal will then adresithe assemblage and
retire to the sanctuary where he will don
the Curdlnals robta
The pontifical high mass will follow the
music being of the mont Impressive nature
It will be rendered by the semlrarv choir
which will sing the Gregorian Proper
of the mass nnd by the grand mixed choir
of 11B male and female voices
Archbishop Martlnelll will be relieved at
once of the duties of the Apostolic Dele
gation and will be recalled to Rome
where he no doubt will be entrusted with
some responsible position at the Vatican
Jnmes Ilcnrt Colored a Victim of
nn Accident
James Heart colored nineteen years of
age was drowned In the Potomac Itlver
at the foot of Thlrt -first Street late yes
terday afternoon Ills body was recover
ed an hour after the accident and re
moved to the morgue Friends were noti
fied and will claim the remains this morn
Russell Brown of ltd Fourteenth Street
northwest James Wilson of 2Wj Penn
sylvania Avenue northwest and Heart
were jilaylng about one of the wharves
of the Independent Ice Comptny when It
was proposed that they should scale a
fence and go to another wharf Brown
got over the fence In safety but Heart
who followed him lost his balance and
fell Into the river Heart could swim but
little and sank before the cries of his
companions attracted Robert Golden of
13 K Street northwest He -secured a
boat nnd with several others dragged
near the spot where Heart went down
nnd about 5 oclock recovered the body
Irlend3 of the drowned boy and Coroner
Nevltt were then notified
Heart lived with his mother Hattle
Heart at 803 Twenty third Street north
west He was a member of the District
National Guard and was emiiloyed as an
elevator conductor at a downtown store
Coroner Nevltt will jirobably give a cer
tificate of occidental death
Five Hundred to He Cnllstc d In
Ivnvnl Service
Orders were telegraphed Saturday by
Secretary Long to Rear Admiral Itemey
at Manila to enlist 500 Filipino natives In
the nuval service of the United States
These men are to be emploed as firemen
on vessels of the fleet In the Philippines
Experience has shown that white fire
men on shlju on the Asiatic Station soon
succumb to ih exertion of working In
the engine rooms on account of the added
enervation of tropical heat and Admiral
Rcmey asked for authority to cmjiloy
Fllliilnos A limited number of natives
have been working In the engine rooms
of the smaller gunboats captured or imr
chased by Che Government from Spain
but these were not regularly enlisted
Their service has been satisfactory
It lias been necessary to send most of
the white firemen to Japan for recupera
tion The exiiense of doing this will be
saved by the emploinent of the Filipinos
who rapidly recover In their own climate
from the cfrects of overexertion In the
engine rooms
Io PrcstMit nn Orutoilo
At Asbury Church corner of Eleventh
and K Streets northwest tho oratorio
Emmanuel will tonight bo presented by
a sel ct chorus of blxty voices under the
direction of Prof J Henry Lewis The
chorus Is composed ns follows Misses
Sarah A Tler Nannie I Ware Estelle
Maston Annie R Payne Bertie Mason
Julia V Lewis Georglu Mukull Eva A
Belle Sarah I Glbbs Bessie Jones Lot
tie J Smith Annie R Sprague Alexlna
Scott sopranos Nettie Garrett Addle
Lewis Maud F Gllmorc Lucille Green
Nellie M Freeman Ida Price Josephine
Butler altos Messrs Joseph Wilson
Fred A Sabbs Joseph Lavvson S A
Ward William A Mitchell John Shorter
Charles G ltcckwllh Thomus Coaplln
George H Booker J T Smith W H
Clarke W D Iavne MorHson Goodrich
tenors It W Johnson Walker Johnson
W H Carter Richard Drew James If
Washington Phil Green J M Adams F
I Sprugue August Shaw Howard Green
II W Lewis Walter Dixon i C Jones
William Klmbrough basses Mrs Estelle
V Jarvla is the organist
Take Laxative Cromo Quinine Tablets 25c
The Knster Promenade Along Con
necticut Avcnnc
nenntlful Conns Dlxiilniril on lie
Tlioroiiclifnre A Cosmopolitan
Crowd clnl Iemlem Touched
Elbows A lilt Those Less Fnrtanale
Dame Fashion In all her regal splen
dor and glory of spring attire held high
carnival upon the principal public thor
oughfares of Washington jesterday after
noon Debutantes In their becoming
gowns some accompanied by the ever
watchful chaperone others attended by
male escorts In their sleek silk hats and
long Prince Alberts mature matrons In
their new but more modest garb and tho
other unclassified daughters of Eve to
the number of thousands passed In grand
review along Connecticut Avenue to ad
mire and be admired
No regiment of uniformed soldiery with
officers In gold braid and lace ever trod
the streets of tile Capital with prouder
step than did that army of feminine pe
destrians which marcned between the
hours of 2 and 3 ocock from Dupont Cir
cle to Farragut Square and return along
that fashionable residence thoroughfare
It was societys annual Easter iirome
nade and the spectacle was one pleas
ing to look upon
Women accustomed to riding In vic
torias and who disdain to mingle with
the motley throng upon the sidewalks
yesterday tripped galy along the smooth
pavements and brushed elbows wltn their
less handsomely gowned sisters It was
a cosmopolitan crowd which represented
all classes and conditions societys fav
orltles and fashions models department
clerks und shop girls all dressed In their
Sunday best so that few could distin
guish between the stations in life which
the happy iiromenaders occupied
It was not exactly an Ideal day for the
gentle zephrs of spring had grown into
heavy blasts of wind and this fact went
to make walking somewhat laborious
Hat pins performed useful as well as or
namental service and saved many a new
Easter bonnet from parting company with
Its fair wearer and following the career
of a kite H otherwise the atmosphere
was balmy atal pleasant Old Sol unveil
ed his smiling face and look down pleas
antly upon the passing pageant The
warm beams of tho sun tempered the
chilling wind and afforded comfort to
those who had como out without wraps
In order to better display their fine rai
What Fifth Avenue Is o New York on
a Sunday afternoon Connecticut Avenue
was to Washington esterday It was a
grind parade where fashion displayed all
the artifice und stjlo of the dressmaker
and milliner
With the song of many birds chirping
overhead the rustle of silken skirts and
the busy chatter of conversation prob
ably the texts of morning sermons and
the lesson of the day were In most In
stances forgotten but these are only
minor formalities of Easter while the
greater observance of the day Is found
In the changes wrought by the fashion
plates What custom has established for
jears was strictly obeyed esterday
If envy brooded In anv breast she was
kept closely concealed for there was not
a maiden or a matron in nil that throng
which sauntered leisurely up and down
the broad highway In the glittering sun
shine but thought that her own indi
vidual bonnet wes the most becoming and
her own jiretty gown the mo3t stunning
and btst fitting of any in all that bril
liant array of finery Street costume
unlike ballroom garb Is not to be de
scribed save to say that displayed es
terday was all beautiful and superb
Up and down the street the pedestrians
moved for three hours studying new de
signs In millinery gleaning hints and sug
gestions for new draperle with their
handsomely gowned sisters for models
finally the shadows began to grow long
er from the west gradually the ranks of
the promenaders began to thin society
sought shelter from the evening dew
which does not harmonize well with
dainty laces and fluffy feathers the seats
In the uhllc Iiarks and squares became
vacant and the grand spectacular Easter
pageant on Connecticut Avenue was at au
Marcus B Waters one of the best
known general passenger agents In the
country who for years filled that posi
tion with the Peoples Line of steamers
on the Hudso t River died suddenly at
his home in Bennington Vt on Friday
from heart failure Mr Waters was sev
enty jears old ancl was born in
Mass At the ago of eleven he left
home to become n cabin boy on a railing
ship When twenty ears old he entered
the service o the Hudson River Railroad
as brakeman and later passenger train
conductor When the Troy and Boston
road was completed he was made Its first
general passenger agent He held this io
sitlon until k was abolished and then
returned to the Hudson River road where
he remained until ajpolnted to the place
he held nt the time of his death Mr
Waters hid considerable reputation as a
writer and had traveled extensively in
Europe and In Mexico as well as In thl3
countr He leaves a widow- and one son
John Peterson Duncan died from sep
tic iioisinlng and pneumonia last night
at his home In East Sixty fourth Street
New York He was born In New- York
October 13 and was the son of the late
John Duncan who came to this country
from Scotland in 1S19 and cstabllshd the
firm of John Duncan Son grocers and
Importers His father died In 1SCS His
brother David W with whom he was
also associated in business died In 1S01
The firm Is now- John Duncans Sons
Mr Duncan married In 1MB Susan Stew
art daughter of James A Stewart tho
banker She and one son Stewart Dun
can and five daughters survive him Two
of the daughters are married They are
Mrs Walter Watson and Mrs George E
Mr Duncan was a trustee of the Fifth
Avenue Presbterian Church of New
York and a warm friend of the late Rev
Dr John Hall He gave much to the
church nnd to Its charities and supported
the Seaside Home for Poor Children at
Pleasure Bay
Ills Livorlte pastime was yachting He
owned the Kanawha the steam yacht
which won the race with the screw boat
Monmouth from Sandy Hook to the cltv
last summer He was one of the board
of managers of the New York Presby
terian Ilospftal a trustee of tho Metro
jiolltau Museum cif Arts and a member
of the Metropolitan Club and ihe New
York Yacht Club
The funeral of Benjamin F Herts who
died on Friday was held at his home 43
South Oxford Street Brooklyn N Y
vesterday vfternoon Mr Herts was born
In New Yk City fifty two ngo
and for twenty ears had been a member
of the New York Stock Evchange He
was unmarried He leaves three brothers
Mr Herts had a tooth extracted a month
ago Subsequc ntly the gum began to
swell and he suftered so much jialn that
he had to have It lanced Blood poison
ing followed which resulted In his death
Mason s
bronchitis lioar ncss Sure oi a rIjhfs rest
ti HT Hon Chsm Co LbJt
McEW On Saturday April fi 1501 MvDM
M A DltEW one of Washingtons noted lingers
and the wife of Hubert Ilrew departed this life
The bod uill he In ttatc from 10 oclock a m
to 2 oclock p in at the Second Uiptlst Church
3d at bcUcn 11 und I ats a on Tuesday
April 0
One week ago this lnoriiinjr we began the sacrifice of
100000 worth oC Mens and Hoys Clothinr antl Furnish
ings Yon know the story of the week A succession of
crowds day after day from morning until night All of
Hie scorched stock has been disposed of and today we of
fer 3011 a choice of hundreds of Suits that are as good as the
day they were made all at the same sacrifice prices
The great Iors attending this sale docs not fall on us
Our terms of settlement with the Insurance Companies in- J
volved enable us to sacrifice every dollars worth of goods X
contained in our store the night of the fire WIIETIIEK
DAMAGED Oil NOT Kvery hour is precious now until 1
you have selected YOUR SUIT Come early today
I 923 Pennsylvania Avenue
Hechts Greater Stores
513 515 Seventh Street
39 if
Sale of new
spring silks
1 for silk taffetallnes excellent
quality large variety of spring
shades 3 inches wide 13c
for wash silk pink and blue
stripe only about 4uU yards of
this Regular ae value
for silk printed foulards new
dotted and tlsured effects
for black India silk IT Inch
width warranted water and
persulratloli proof The verv
nrticlo for summer dresses Sells
rhere at 75c
r for all silk crepe dc chine
w 21 inches In width a number
of shades including frrev vio
let lavender blue pink old rose
white and black
r for all silk black peau de sole
v excellent opportunity for
those In want of a black silk
dress Resular value 143
Sale new
dress fabrics
fir Ladies Cloth all wool sprlns
U weight variety of new- shades
t y Including black full SO Inches
sold everywhere at 49c
for all wool Henriettas new
sprlns evening und street
shades 35 Inches wide regu
lar price 53c
A OT Ior 1rench Broadcloth In black
UX and all the new pastel shades
y v the most jiopular article In
spring dress goods for ladles tailor
made suits full 31 inch resular price
for m ick llohair uood lus
trous finish SH inches wide
regular S3c value
for all wool black Batiste
40 lnch width the most suita
ble thing for summer wear-
E9c values
for black sollel the very new-
verv good black satin finish
Regular 50c value
Glove specials
7Cp Iar for i
I Jb thousand
100 air 1
moie titan two
pairs of wom
ens hid Joves in all new
shades so on Mile TODAY
Tried on at the counter if you
wibh them
for the famous
e m e n t i n e kid
gloves in every fashionable
shade which is the very best 1
glove to be had Tried on at the
Hecht Company
513 515 7th St
biff florlmpnt ot Itrass Trimmed
White rnamcled lied
Hell made and worth
double Cali or Credit
Walker Burks
I013 I0I5 7th St N W
Protect Your Lives and Properly
from Lightning
nouses rrotected From 10 Up
It You Have Any DoutU Drop a Portal to
C Fen Keys
CO 16 P ST N W
Evil Comes When Least Eiplei
Therefore keep tlie blood free from rheumatli
uric acltl polCQ by tho use of Warcerj baft
is etpedUl helpful to babies and children who
are tWa AU drocsrista nd
srncrvi otices
Andrew Salu and Iaadore Kales as to the trasineu
conducted in the Citr of Washington District of
Columbia was dissotTM by mutual consent on
the lit day of February HOI and on that day
a new eo partnersblp was formed under the same
firm name to carry on the same business In the
Mid city comjiosea ol tijaaid parties and Jo
seph L Saks
SPECIAL NOTICE A meetlns of the stockhold
ers of the Washington Safe Deposit Company
will b held APRIL 26TH 1001 for election ot
dreetors Tolli open at 12 m close at I
oclock p SAML CROS3
Secretary and Treasurer
The Great Headache Cure
iromo repsin
Note tho Word Pepsin
PflprC Headache Indigestion
uUllLd insomnia Nervousness
On the Spot
No Opiates Absolutely Harmless
All DragElata 10c 23c mod SOc
You can easily find out what
the best and safest storage will
cost you
Estimates Furnished
Dept Am Security
Trust Co 1140 15th
82 Cash
Columbia PhonorrnpIi Co
1110 Pn Ai c
Gas Heaters
Are Just the Thing
for thf sea
son of the rear
Vou dont need a
roasting hot fire but
juu do need a firr
and theres where the
Gas Heater is mot useful
ou ran regubte the amount
of heat jou want lry turnlug
the valc Uuy the Oas Heater
lierc We Jure nil kind i
There a finish and a stjrle to the Tbl
nun liundr ivoric which distmjihhe it
f om all other ll thats modern and
in laundry appliance
are here Ptrfcit ork is the result Drop
us a postal to call fur that rctt bundle
Telephone C57 East
Undertaker and Llrery
C3 lua Ati K W Waahtncton D QL

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