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A Now Life of Chinese Selected for
AH the Ministers nictpt He Giers
SIbii the Paper Negotiations Ilnlt
eil Lntll the Penalties Are Inflleteil
-Great Anxiety Out Manchuria
SHANGHAI April S The foreign
Ministers at Fekin held a meeting on
Saturday nnd handed tho Chinese en
voys a list of twenty five oflicers whose
punishment is to be demanded The
list Includes the names of several mag
istrates and minor ofheers in the Prov
ince of Chl 11 for whom the death pen
alty Is demanded
In regard to other oflicers including
two provincial Governors perpetual
banishment is demanded Others in
cluding two more Governors are tn be
dismissed forever from the service of
China while more of tho condemned
oflicers are to be turned over to the
board of punishment for sentence
The despatch which contains this in
formation goes on to say that only af
ter these punishments have been ln
Jlicted on these twenty five oflicers will
the Ministers discuss the question of
the payment of indemnities and the
withdrawal of the allied troops from
China The agreement was signed by
the represcntativ es of ten Pow crs The
American representative signed the
document but M de the Kusslan
Minister did not
Viceroy Chang Chih Tung Is prepar
ing the aft of a reform memorial
which he will submit to the other Vice
roys and Governors
PEKIN April S Extensive prepara
tions were made by the members of
Field Marshal Count von Waldersees
staff and the other Germans here to
celebrate the sixty ninth birthday of the
count which occurred today The pal
ace grounds were especially decorated
in his honor A banquet was given at
the German Legation which was at
tended by representatives of all the
other legations
Count v on Waldersee is still conspicu
ous as the chief steadying factor in the
present international complications
Xews was received today that the Ger
mans bad advanced faithcr west They
met some opposition from Chinese
Chinese of all classes arc anxious con
cerning the outcome of the Mauchurian
question Though they are Ignorant us
a rule of the actual points of the pro
posed agreement they are convinced
that any treaty with Russia will
threaten the integrity of China Many
are disheartened and openly acknowl
edge that partition Is coming some
even believing that such definite action
would be better than the present in
definiteness without the prospect of re
forms that wculd tend to maintain the
integrity of the Empire
Li Hung Chang is annoyed by the
criticisms of Viceroy s Lieu Kun Yi and
Chang Chih Tung who declare that the
weakness of the plenipotentiaries is the
result of their dogged fatalism
Ching Hsin President of the civil
board has just started for Slngan fu
to give information to the Court con
cerning the actual situation In Pekin
He personally is in favor of the return
of the Court but being timid he will
probably express no opinions contrary
to the desires of the Dowager Empress
Intelligence leaches here of a Boxer
rising In one of the districts of the
Province of Shantung A magistrate
who was endeavoring to protect Chris
tians was killed Governor Yuan ilhlh
Kal has despatched troops to restate
A Canin Outside Pekin Wanted for
Foreign Tro jps
LONDON April 8 A news agency de
spatch from Pekin represents the Minis
ters as not wholly favoring the military
arrangements respecting the legation
guards they fearing friction between tho
vnrious nationalities
They think that Instead of cooping the
troops up In a small area in the city it
would be better to have an encampment
n dozen miles off This idea is prompted
1 the fact that several of the Ministers
have been Insulted by foreign soldiers
Mr RockhlI the American Commission
er and Sir Ernest Satow the British Min
ister were recently returning from a din
ner in sedan chairs when German soldiers
stopped them and beat their bearers The
ladles of the party were greatly frighten
His Force Reported Willi in Twenty
Miles of llctersbitr
LONDON April 9 A despatch to the
Telegraph from Nylstroom dated Sun
day sajs that Colonel Plumer Is within
twenty miles of Pietersburg He has met
with slight opposition
Twenty -nine prisoner who were taken
on Saturday have been south Twcn
lj more have surrendered
Mem reunifies in South Africa
After May 12
CAPE TOWN April S The -Midland
News published at Cradock says It
learns that the Government has decided
to deal with colonial rebels after April 12
under the old common law which pro
vide the death penalty for treason In
btead of under the special act passed ut
the last session of the Legislature which
Is remarkably lenient to convicted rebels
providing only short imprisonment lines
and disfranchisement
The London Plan i Tre ee Oul
the Trust Iulls
LONDON April S It is stated from the
same source that initiated a story or a
movement to f r eze out the stock of the
United SlnWs Steel Corporation from the
London St k Exchange that th j move
ment has proved ubortlve
A number of heavy traders in the Amer
ican securities market have formed n
syndicate to promote dealings In the
Mock and it Is txpeeted the block will
become active as soon as Mr Morgan ar
rives here
It is udd sl that laige blocks of shares
In the company can be had in lxmdon at
lirst hand There have been large deal
ings already especially in the cumulative
preferred shares
Mood Tells
U-Al-Ma purifies the blood rlre jou appetite
fed visor At all dru More
A Statement I ten ri1lnr the Dtirlicss
of Devnuiililrc Ij Mr ARneir
LONDON April 8 Thomas Agnew-
Sons have issued an authorized communi
cation to tho press announcing tho re
covery of the famous portrait of the
I Duchess of Devonshire which was
painted by Gainsborough The communi
cation briefly recalls the circumstances
of the theft In 1S71 aftr the portrait had
I been purchased by the Agnew s f or 10603
which was then the highest price ever
i paid for a single picture at Christies
j It adds that the Scotland Yard officials
Hnformed the firm that the stolen canvas
was hidden in a town in the United
I States and that they were working for
its recovery In conjunction with the Pink
crtons One of the Agnews immediately
proceeded to America for the purpose of
identifying the picture
A reporter saw William Lockett Agnew
at 11 Portraan Square today and pointed
out to him that the communication of
the firm had been forestalled three days
by the news of the discovery cabled here
Mr Agnew admitted the fact but said
there were some Inaccuracies in the ca
ble statement namely- the reference to
Pat Sheedy and the reward He said
There is no such man as Sheedy If
there is I never heard of hlrn The llrst
we knew of the affair was when Scot
land Yard communicated with us We
immediately despatched Morland Agnew
to the United States Inspector Prost
of Scotland Yard and Mr Plnkerton were
the only ones concerned No other person
entered into the negotiations
We paid absolutely no reward but we
shall probably pay a small sum It was
Scotland Yard that llrst informed the Pln
kertons who arranged for the restora
tion Morland Agnew arrived at Chicago
on March 2S He was sitting in a hotel
when Mr Plnkerton entered and asked
Will you be here for half an hour
If so I will have something to show you
Mr Agnew said he would remain where
he was and In a short time Mr Pinker
ton returned with the picture Mr Agnew
recognized It In two minutes and left
CMcago with It the same night Wo are
absolutely certain it is the leal picture
We have it safe now and arc taking good
care to keep It so
Mr Morland Agnew on his trip from
Liverpool engaged a special compartment
of the train which was isolated from the
coridor carriages in order to avoid inter
ference He had the train specially
stopped at Wlllesden where I was wait
ing with one of my brothers
The picture was conveyed to my ban
kers where It now is We have fully in
sured It against further risk It is in
exceedingly good condition with the ex
ception perhaps of a slight scratch on
the face The canvas has certainly been
trimmed It will be on exhibition in three
or four weeks time
Mr Ixickett Agnew was In high spirits
He closed the interview by saying Im
glad to get it back after all these years
He then hurried to Join the family gath
ering that had assembled to celebrate the
recovery of the lost treasure of art
Lockett Agnew told another Interviewer
that neither he nor Morland Agnew knew
exactly how Mr Pinkerton obtained the
picture He emphatically denied that there
had been any sort of negotiations between
his firm and the thief or thiefs represen
tative adding As a matter of fact tho
man whom the authorities regarded as
connected with the theft died three years
The Diamond IvIiik Enabled to Take
His ITsunI Exercise
CAPE TOWN April 8 Cecil Rhodes
who has been suffering from a serious
attack of heart trouble is now much bet
ter and is taking his usual riding exer
cise He says he is feeling better now
than for twelve months past
Seven new cases of plague were re
ported today
Crowds Cheer Him us He Drives to
Ill Official Visit
NICE April 8 President Loubet and
the Ministers arrived here this morning
A salute of 101 guns was fired In honor
of the President Vast crowds cheered
him as he drove in an open carriage to
the prefecture where he took luncheon
The party visited the Agricultural Show
and a display by the gymnastic societies
and in the evening were present at a din
ner In the Casino which was attended by
300 guests
TOULON April S The Italian squad
ron under eommand of the Duke of
Genoa arrived here this afternoon The
squadron will be visited later by Presi
dent Loubet The usual salutes were ex
changed by the forts and w irshlps
The maritime prefect Admiral Beau
mernd and his staff boarded the Lepanto
the fiaghlp of the squadron and greeted
the Duke of Genoa The meeting was
most cordial
I lie Steamer Saxonln In a Hurrleline
for Two Days
QUEENSTOWN April 8 The British
steamer Saxonla Captain Pritchard from
Boston March 30 for Liverpool has ar
rived here She reports having had a ter
rible passage
She encountered a hurricane from April
2 to April 4 Tne wind blew with such
force that part of the time she was not
able to make more than seven knots an
hour against It
The Saxonla passed a seventy foot spar
adrift Many vessels arriving lately have
reported seeing heavy spars and other
wreckage in the Atlantic The I irge num
ber or disabled propellers reported re
cently art nscrlbed to this wreckage
Michael Donaghue a steerage passen
ger was landed here and placed In an
asylum as a dangerous lunatic He tried
tvice during the passagu to Jump over
A Larse dumber of Krench Ollieluls
Atteiiil the Jjervlce
PARIS April S The funeral of Alex
andrine Zelenlne the College of France
student who wus accidentally shot by
Vera Gclo a fellow student when the
latter attempted to shoot Prof Des
chancl father of the President of the
Chamber of Deputies took place today at
the Russian church It attracted a large
crowd Including a remarkable numbei of
French officials
The Russlin Einlnssv was represented
and M Dcschanel nnd Ills wlfev were pres
ent After the service lrof Ureal In be
half of the College of Trance delivered
an oration declaring that the college
owed a debt of gratitude to Mile Zeicnine
for preserving tho life of M Deschanel
Arrested on u Secret Cliarire
LONDON April S Robert and 1Yaltr
Paulson managing directors of tho Pat
tlson whisky firm which failed In iiM
have been arrested on a charge that has
not been divulged They were privately
examined and admitted to bail in the sum
of 1000 each
fluids Made in Odessa
LONDON April 0 A despatch to the
Dally News from Odessa states that
the police assisted by troops have made
a series of nocturnal raids there result
ing in the arrest of 1560 persons
Deatli mid Destruction Follow the
New England Floods
Serious Damncc Already Canscil by
the IIIkIi Wnter Mills Pureed to
Close nml Lumber is Wnsheil Out
to ben Ilonts In Hartfords streets
BOSTON April 8 The southeasterly
storm accompanied by heavy rain
which has swept New England for the
last week has cost six lives swollen all
of the rivers many feet above the nor
mal partially stopped railroad traffic
and in many cases mills have had to
shut down because of the excess of
Four of these lives were lost In ship
wrecks while at Franklin N H a
man was bvvept into the swollen river
and drow ncd At Haverhill tho body of
a woman was seen floating In the river
and it is reported other bodies were also
carried along in the flood
A serious railroad wreck occurred at
Hudson Mass because of washouts on
the tracks The conditions have not Im
proved today although there has been
little rain The water in the rivers con
tinues to rise and it is feared the flood
will surpass that of 1818
Many branch lines have stopped be
cause of washouts mi most all the
main lines In Maine New Hampshire
and Massachusjtts are running with
nearly the usual regularity
At Lawrence 10000 hands are Idle as
the mills were shut down because of
the high pressure At Lewlstnn lie
Nashua and Manchester N II Haver
hill and along the Connecticut River
the mills have suspended
Tho Androscoggin River Is rising at
the rate of nearly a foot an hour Of
the million feet of logs at the Andros
coggin Water Power Companys plant
half have gone out and tho remainder
will go out unless the river ceases to
riso very scon Many washouts are re
Up to dote the average rainfall in
New England has been 2 68 Inches Blnce
April 1 The absence of Ice has helped
matters materially
SPRINGFIELD Mass April 8 The
Connecticut River has reached the high
est mark that it has attained since IS96
and Is rising at the rate of on Inch an
hour The fact that the water is rising
at Bellows Falls and Brattlcborough
makes it sure the liver will go much
higher At Holyoke it has already
reached high water mark
Holyoke and AVestfleld are cut off by
trolley road If the river rises six or
eight feet more it will flood the tracks
of the New York New Haven and
Hartford There was ten and one half
feet of water going over the Holyoke
dam this morning
The meadows at Northampton are
flooded The tracks of the Holyoke and
Northampton Rallrpad are under three
feet of water nnd washouts on the Am
herst line prevent traffic
HARTFORD Conn April 8 The
present flood in the Connecticut River
at this place promises to break the rec
ord The river has been steadily rising
for several days and Its banks arc over
flowed The east side of the city about
the dockp Is flooded while the rains
still come
The New York steamers load and un
load at the upper dock and the water
is nearly up to the level of these In
this section of the city stores and of
fices have been abandoned today and
boats and express wagons have been
employed in removing goods that might
be affected by the water
The river is twenty live feet above
extreme low water mark This is only
a few feet below the freshet record
Some fear is felt for the temporary
bridge built about three years ago to
take the place of the old toll bridge un
til a modern and substantial bridge
could be built Watchmen have been
placed on the bridge to detect signs of
danger and to prevent teams going over
faster than a walk
The flooded streets have presented a
picturesque appearance todayand to
night They swarm with little boats for
freight and passenger service and the
boatmen are doing a thriving business
Even If the rain here and north of
Hartford should cease the river will
continue to rise for a day or so and
rivermen do not hesitate to predict the
biggest flood on record Cellars and
basements In many places are filled
with water backed up from the sewers
that empty Into the river
DeleKnte Wllcor Trylnic to Restore
Illirnioliy In the Islnnil
HONOLULU April 2 Via San Tran
ciseo April V Delegate Wilcox is here
from Washington trying to patch up
Ieace between rival factions of home
In the Senate the trouble began by Dr
Russell the President charging Senator
William White the party leader witli
pigeonholing several bills Russell de
veloped enough strength after he resign
ed the chair to defeat several bills sup
ported by White
n the House William Mossman led the
movement to defeat every bill proposed
by the White men and sifecedtd Ihe re
sult has been a practical deadlock In leg
A California Mini HIliRed nil Effec
tive Dentli Vliichlne
SAN JOSE Cal Arril S Death re
sulted from a cut In the neck made by a
guillotine and operated with suicidal in
tent Such was the verdict rendered
here today by a coroners Jury that had
been empaneled to enquire into the facts
burroundlng the death of John Connelly
whose body was discovered this morning
Connelly had rigged up a guillotine nnd
cut off his own head He swung a broad
axe by a rope in such a position that
when he cut a cord tho nxe would fall
aerpss his neck which was stretched on
a block of wood conveniently located The
plan worked effectively and eleath was
probably instantaneous
The coroiiTs Jury fixed tho date of the
sulelde about March 28 as the body was
much decomposed nnd It wus about that
time Connelly was 1 1st seen alive He was
fifty seven years old and unmarried
Ft nils Ilusluess CoIleRe 8th nnd IC
uuslncu Shorthand Tjpenritint I5 J car
HgK OiOaMiVii WrHta
Prnnee nnd Germnnr Get tlic Com
merce That Spain Ilelil
HAVANA April S In an interview
today regarding the trade between the
United States and Cuba a prominent
merchant said that sinco the American
Intervention Spanish imports Into Cuba
had largely diminished owing to the
abolition of protection but what had
been lost by Spain had not been gained
by the United States but by France
and Germany the fact being that owing
to the uncertainty regarding the condi
tions here the supplies required for use
in the country such as iron work ma
chinery and barb wire in all of which
the United States would compete have
not been imported to a large extent
whereas goods such as hats cotton
fabrics notions and haberdashery are
not affected to such an extent by the
These goods arc largely imported
from Franee Gcrmanr and England
owing to the fact that they produce
them cheaper or study the Cuban mar
ket more than the Unljed States He
added that if the present uncertainty
continued much longer It would pro
duce a dire effect i
What is now happening in Cuba Is
almost unique in the history of the
world namely that the people are in
the power of those who have nothing
to loso and who represent no property
Interests Concessions by the United
States concerning Cuban sugar and to
bacco are essential to the prosperity of
the Island and protection by Cuba in
behalf ofVmcrican manufactured goods
would benefit greatly American trade
Scnor Gener has bcen elected Mayor
of Havana by the city council It was
decided at a meeting of the National
party to which twenty ono of the
cilmcn belong that Scnor Gener should
be the candidate of that party Senor
Zayas is President of the minority rep
A feature of the coming municipal
elections will be that no one can vote
for the whole number of councUmen
but only for a certain number varying
according to the number of electors
Boards of canvassers will be formed in
each municipality composed of mem
bers of each party There will also be
an entirely new registration before
boards composed of one member of each
Major Glennan says that be does not
fear that yellow fever will spread from
Havana but tho quarantine laws apply
to ail the island Some of the other ports
may spread tho disease He recently
took a yellow fever patient off the
transport Rawlins from Cienfucgos He
considers it better not to extend the
period of exemption on arrivals from
Cub in ports
The Contest Postpone Ileeansc of
the Criminal Proceedings
NEW TORK April -Surrogate Fitz
gerald today after listening to arguments
from lawyers renresentlng all the parties
concerned adjourned the entire matter
of the William Marsh Rfce will contests
until nexf Monday This he did In view of
the examination which J proceeding be
fore the magistrate in the Criminal Court
and a further postponement is likely
therefore unless that examination has
been concluded
The question which was brought up was
as to the propriety or advisability of con
ducting legal proceedings with regard to
the probate of a will concurrently with
proceedings which may result In a crimi
nal Indictment being found against Albert
T Patrick who drew one of the wills In
which he is the principal beneficiary The
surrogates court was crowded with an
audience in which there were more law
yers than laymen Many lawyers are re
tained in the case
Patricks lawyers took the position thit
not only was their client concerned In the
gravest criminal charge now pending but
that there were charges of forgery also
hanging over him and that the witnesses
to the will that Is known as the 100 will
are likewise charged with forgery there
fore that in common Justice to Patrick
every opportunity should be given to him
to establish his Innocence before he
should be compelled to enter upon the
trail of a civil cause involving practically
the same Issues
William B Hornblower representing
John D Bartlne and the executors 5f the
first will vehemently opposed any propo
sition or any idea that the Surrogates
Court should suspend Its functions until
after Patricks Indictment and trial Mr
Hornblower constantly used the word
criminal in referring to Patrick The
surrogate reminded him that the pre
sumption of Innocence is In favor of the
accused In this country I would think
for a moment bald the surrogate be
fore I would assume that the party In in
terest is a criminal
Some remarks from Mr Hornblower
evoked the statement from Surrogate
Fitzgerald This court1 Is not a tender
to the Criminal Court
Neither rejoined Mr Hornblower is
the Criminal Court a tender to this one
Your honor has no right to consider what
efTeet these proceedings will havu on the
criminal proceedings
Assistant District Attorny Osborne was
a ked today If Patrolman Brlnley was
guilty of a breach of conduct In taking
the valet Charles P Jones who confessed
to the murder of the millionaire Rice
about In the Tenderloin on Friday night
He said
That was done with my knowledge nnd
consent and also with the knowledge of
Mr Garvin The object of Jones tour of
the Tenderloin was accomplished and
that Is all 1 cire to say about the mat
ter Mr Osborne was asked If Jones
sueceedid In getting any witnesses in the
Patrick case in his tour of the Tenderloin
and he replied
Yes we succeeded In getting some wlt
nesess That was the pbjfcV of the visit
of Jones to the places mentioned When
asktd If Jones would make otlier tours
ho said
That all depends on tUa exigencies of
the occasion
The Siialls of lleunl a Month Out
lroni Harry
NORrOLK April 8 The British tramp
steamship Straits of Menal 1W9 tons net
register Captain Benjamin arrived at
Hi npton Roads list night in distress
She had one of the roughest and longest
passages on record She satiedfrom Barry
a month ago yesterday rolled her smoke
Btack out of her -and lost many deck fit
She was booked to prpfeed for New Or
leans but lost her charter by being over
due and will probably have to repair here
before again going outside
Siilsburit Seen for
WILKESBARRE Pu7 April 8 Samuel
Salsburg who last Tuesday shot and se
verely wounded Dr Harry L Falk to
day began proceedings for n divorce from
his wife His wife is with her parents
Dr Falk Is still confined to his room and
all danger from the wound Is not yet
WAsnrsGTOjr Tuesday april anoi
Central New Jersey Men Voting
Whether to Go Out
The iKnnriiif of Their Representa
tives Held to lie n inlllelent Cause
V Poor Case Made Out by the
AKRrlcvcd Railroad Employes
NEW YORK April S The indica
tions were today that the representa
tives of the cmpIojes of the Central
Railroad of New Jersey had not made
out a very good case regarding the al
leged grievances of the men and that
If a strike is declared it will bo a big
Job to nmke it appear Justifiable
E U Clarke of the conductors the
only one of the five chiefs of the na
tional brotherhoods who was in New
York today said that the employes on
the various divisions of the road were
voting as to whether they would btrlke
or not He would not venture on a
prediction as to whether a strike wculd
actually occur He said he hoped that
a strike would not be considered neces
Before a strike can be ordered he
said under the rules of the Jive or
ganizations each man must vetc on a
ballot which he must seal in an en
velope No one but ths na Jvttes
can see the ballot before or after it Is
sealed until the envelopes are officially
opened by the board of canvassers in the
presence of the chiefs of the five na
tional organizations Under the co
operative plan which Is now In opera
tion there will be a general strike or
none Each chief must approve of the
action of the division organization he
represents before a strike can be or
Clarke said he was sorry that the
chiefs had no conference with General
Manager Warren of the Central They
wanted to use every means to settle
matters amicably he said
If tho company would propose to
have a conference would you still be
of the same mind
Yes even now we would be ready
for a conference
Rumors were flying thick today re
garding dissensions in the ranks of the
men It was said that the Ave chiefs
when they came here found the griev
ances so much exaggerated by the heads
of the local divisions that they were
placed In a false position It was stated
that Chief Arthur called one head of
a division to task very severely at a
meeting which ho attended before he
left this city for grossly exaggerating
It was also said that one reason for
the chiefs leaving the city In a hurry
was the position in which they had been
placed by the exaggerations It was
learned on good authority that there
was somethinsr in these rumors but
nothing definite could be got
Superintendent Olhauscn of the Cen
tral Railroad of New- Jersey and W W
Wentz superintendent of the First Di
vision had conferences all day today
with General Manager Warren It was
said that the conferences were with
refeienco to preparing for a possible
strike though neither of Ihem would
give an opinion as to whether a strike
was likely
believed along this division of the Cen
tral Railroad of New- Jersey that a
strike will be ordered tomorrow night
or Wednesday unless the officials of the
road change their attitude nnd agree
to meet the grand ofllcerb of the various
brotherhoods and adjust the grievances
Most of the men are opposed to the
strike if it can be avoided by a con
ference but in the refusal of the offi
cials to meet their leaders thev see
cause sufficient for a strike to lead ninc
tenths to vote for it
A two thirds vote is all that is re
quired but the feeling of confidence in
the Judgment of Arthur Clarke Dol
phin Morrlsey and Sargent is so great
that as these men have been Ignored
by Vice President Warren their de
parture from New York is tantamount
to the declaration of a strike
The official process of taking the vote
of the men must first occur and Jt is
understood that It Is now under way
The railronders however according to
the rules of their order will not ad
mit the truth of this It Is expected
that the vote will be completed tomor
row and sent to General Chairman
Waite of the board of adjustment
whose headquarters are In Jersey City
It Is his duty to count the votes nnd If
more than two thirds favor a strike to
order it at once
The order Is expected tomorrow night
or on Wednesday and the men are con
fident that when It does come they will
be able to tie up the road without trou
ble It was expected by some that the
order would be received tonight but
there has hardly been time for the tak
ing of the vote
Some members of the committees who
attended the meeting with tho Big Five
in New York feel sure they say that
there will be no strike but their be
lief is based on nothing stronger than
the expectation that Vice President
Warren will back down and agree to
confer with the heads of the brother
hoods They say that he will do this as I
soon at he Is convinced the brother
hoods are In earnest In their determi
nation to strike
The men on this division are waiting
nnxlously for the outcome of the strug
gle and the situation Is also being
watched with more than ordinary In
terest by the employes of the Delaware
Lackawanna and Western Railroad and
the trainmen of tho Lehigh Valley
There is troublo brewing It Is believed
on both of these roads and the men
will be governed largely by what hap
pens on tho Central
The Delaware Lackawanna and
Western men hava hud grievances for
some time that they have failed to ad
just while there has been the same
complaint on the Lehigh Valley The
unrest on these roads may If a strike
Is eleclnred on the Central lead to more
Norfolk Wnshjucton Steamboat -
Delichtful trlpi daily at 630 p m from loot
ilh it to Old Point Comfort Newport
Norfolk and the South For beliedule see pae 7
The C II t i ottlclnls Reject the
Offers Made
NEW YORK April 8 The controlling
interests in the Chicago Burlington and
Quincy Railroad have refused the offer
of purchase submitted by J Plerpont Mor
gan and James J Hlli In behalf of the
Northern Pacific and the Great Northern
roads This fact was made the basis to
day of rumors that the so called Burling
ton deal had falTen through nnd there
was a sharp but short raid on the Bur
lington shai es in the New York Stock
Exchange resulting in a rapid decline In
price of 24 per cent The price of North
ern Pacific common went dovn a frac
tion over 3 points but subsequently re
covered and closed 1 lower than last
Thursdays closing
Trom the highest authority it was as
certained that the large stockholders in
Burlington had considered the Morgan
Hlll offer with favor but had expressed
dissatisfaction with the general form of
it According to persons who have been
engaged in the negotiations there is no
serious disagreement regarding the price
The Northern Pacific and Great North
ern people agreed to take over all of the
stock of the Chicago Burlington and
Quincy and pay for It 220 In 34 per cent
bonds The men now In control of Chicago
Burlington and Quincy coupled with their
refusal of the terms a suggestion of Just
what they would be willing to accept and
the matter Is now again under considera
tion by the Northern Pacific Great North
em Interests
A meeting of the Executive Committee
of the last named railroad was held to
day and Col Daniel S Lamont Vice
President of the Northern Pacific Rail
road was called in to confer with the
Great Northern directors J Plerpont
Morgan who is now on the ocean will
be advised regarding the existing situa
tion by cable If he reaches Southampton
tomorrow an answer will be expected
from him before the close of the present
week His wishes will form the basis of
a new proposition to the Burlington peo
Financiers who have closely watched
the negotiations in this matter thus far
expressed the belief today that the North
ern Pacific Great Northern roads would
eventually get control of the Burlington
Chosen as Saccessor to Doutelle by
a Small Majority
BANGOR Me April 8 The special
election ii the Fourth Maine district to
day for a Representative in Congress to
succeed Charles A Boutelle resigned has
apparently resulted in the election of ex
Governor Llewellyn Powers of Moulton
by a majority less than half that given
to Boutelle last fall
The weather conditions In this part of
Maine in the last week have been such
that travel has been largely suspended
in the rural districts and this resulted
In a large falling off In the vote In ad
dition to this many Republicans remain
ed away from the polls while in Bangor
and some of the large towns of the
trict many Republicans apparently voted
the Democratic ticket owing to dissatis
faction with the action of the convention
in naming Powers
Up to a late hour tonight the Democrats
w ere hopeful that their candidate Thomas
White of Bangor had won he having
carried the city of Bangor by 660 ma
jority reversing a majority of SS3 for
Boutelle last fall and also making large
gains in the towns of Washington County
Later returns though incomplete indi
cate that Powers has been elected by from
3000 to 5000 majority
The factions opposed io Powers while
disappointed over Whites defeat declare
that the result is sufficient to retire Pow
ers from the field In future elections and
this they declare is the principal object
they have sought In the election last fall
Boutelle had about 10w majority
The Convention of DIs
trict nmher One BeKtm
SCRANTON Pa April 8 The quarter
ly convention of the United Mine Work
ers of District No 1 met today at Oli
phant There are 100 delegates in attend
ance and the session is Interesting because
of the important questions on which the
convention is supposed to pass
Among other things it is said that
Samuel Gompers will come on to settle
the differences between the organizations
of firemen and the United Mine Workers
Action w ill be taken on a new constitution
and by laws and also upon a scheme to
prevent the petty unauthorized strikes at
local mines
The single session today was held be
hind closed doors and practically nothing
was given out Previous to this session
there was a parade that brought 2u00
men Into line
A Mectliiff Between the Indepen
dence nnd the Constltntlon
NEW YORK April S The Constitution
and Independence will meet in a series
of races during the summer off Newport
and yachtsmen generally are delighted
that a way has been found to bring the
two yachts together
It was feared by many that as the In
dependence was not eligible to enter the
races of the New York Yacht Club unless
Mr Lavvson transferred the boat to a
member there would not be a chance to
establish the merits of these two fast
boats built to defend the Americas Cup
against the Shamrock II For some time
members of the Newport Yacht Racing
Association have been trying to find a way
to solve the question nnd the oflicers cor
risponded with Messrs Law son and Dun
can to see if It was possible to arrange
a meeting of the yachts
Mr Lawson and Mr Duncan agreed to
race The programme has not yet been
completed but It Is piobabie that a cup
will be oifcred for a series of three races
to be sailed off Iirentons Reef lightship
The courses will re to windward or Ice
wnril nnd return and a triangular one
eaeh thirty miles long The Columbia will
also compete in these races
Dclnivnre anil Hudson Shop leu
Mill lteiiniln Out
SCRANTOX Pa April 8 The effort
made today to settle the strike at tho
rncnmotlve Works of the Delaware and
Hudson Company at Carbondale resulted
In fillure Superintendent Rcnnie offered
Ocean Steamship Men ements
NEW YORK April 8 Arrived Augus
te Victoria Naples Bovle Liverpool
Arrived out Etrurla frqm New York at
Liverpool Noordland lrom New York at
Antwerp Cymbrlc from New York at
Liverpool Iji Uascojne from N w York
at Havre Koenlngln Loaise from New
lork at Southampton
Where It Touches It Ileitis
Zenia Cura Kiitivey cures eczema and di
eascn of ILc t ldn At all druj stores
Price One Cent
Laborers of the Island Send a Peti
tion to the President
So Public Works They -Jay Are
Conducted to AIToril Them
nellef The Old Spanish Unii
ITiameil Appeal for Kniplojruent
NEW YORK April 8 Santiago
Igleslas a delegate of the Federation
of Labor in Porto Rico is here with
a petition to President McKlney which
he says is signed bv 6000 worklngmen
of Porto Rico and will be presented to
the President by Samuel Gompers
Mr Igleslas said that the signers of
the petition represented all classes of
labor in every section of the island He
said the trouble in a large measure was
due to the enforcement of the old Span
ish laws by tho present administration
of tho island and It was hoped he said
that the President would suggest
changes In the shape of ordinances to
be issued by Governor Alien that would
tend to relieve the conditions The pe
tition Is as follows
To the Honorable President of the
United States of America Washing
Honorable Sir The undersigned
workers of Porto Rico without distinc
tion of color political or religious
creed have the honor to bring to your
attention the following facts
Misery with all its horrible conse
quences is spreading in our homes with
wonderful rapidity It ha3 already
reached such an extremo that many
workers are starving to death while
others that have not the courage to seo
their mothers wives sisters and chil
dren perish of hunger commit suicide
by drowning themselves in the rivers
or hanging themselves from branches of
All this honorable sir is due to the
scarcity of work which keeps us in
enforced idleness the mother of our
misery Our beautiful estates are idle
our lands are not being cultivate our
shops remain closed and our chambers
do absolutely nothing to prevent our
misery on this once so rich an- Island
The Government and municipality
do not undertake any public works to
keep us out of idleness The emigra
tion of workers unknown In this island
before Increases day by day in propor
tion as misery increases Under thesa
trying conditions we are no longer a
happy and contented people We there
fore beg of you honorable sir to In
terest yourself in our cause leading us
ea the father of our country In tho
path that will bring us work and with
the means of subsistence
We want work nothing but work
We want to earnjhe means of subsis
tence by the sweat of our brows and
nobody betfer than our Chief Magis
trate can help us by lending ear to our
We the workers of Porto Rico will
never forget your kindness to us
San Juan Porto Rico April 1 190L
Quarrel Between a Novelist and a
Chlcnso Broker
CHICAGO April 8 Harold Richard
Vynne a novelist has challenged James
J Townsend a Board of Trade man to
a duel The broker Is to name weapons
but Vynne Intimates that he prefers a fin
ish fight with bare hsts Two days ago
Vynne and Attorney Erb had a fight in
the dining room of the Chicago Beach
Hotel over a story which the lawyer
says Vynne rote about Mrs Erb The
proposed duel comes from a similar cause
Recently Mrs Townsend went to New
York on a visit One day last week she
picked up a Gotham newspaper of which
Vynne was the Chicago correspondent
The first thing she saw was her husbands
name in big type He was accused of
getting into the wrong house by mis
take Mrs Townsend mailed the paper
to her husband and he started after
Vynne The latter claims he had sev ereU
all connections with the New York pa
per before the article was published
Broker Townsend has not accented the
challenge but states he may do so tomor
Baltimore Has a 00000 Illnxe In
a Storage Building
BALTIMORE April 3 Of the big ware
house of the wholesale drug firm of Gil
pin Langdorj Co at the northwest
corner of Light and Lombard Streets
there remain only four blackened totter
ing walls
Fire broke out in the place this after
noon and within an hour the skeleton
walls and pillars nnd a red furnace of
dbrls marked the site of the big business
place The loss is estimated at J200000
which Is fully covered by insurance
The burned structure was five storie3
high It extended from Lombard Street
north to French Alley The blaze threat
ened to wipe out the entire block but the
enexgetic work of the firemen cheeked it
Two Trainmen Lose Their Lives
a ivndn Accident
WELLS Nev April 8 The westbound
limited train on the Central Paelflc was
ditched last night near here and threa
Pullman coaches were burneiL Charles
Loeder and Daniel Hickman fireman
were killed and Warner and McBriJe
engineers severely injured
The train was b ng pullel by two lo
comotives up a stiff grade wren th5 for
ward engine toppled over an I the other
engine and the baggage and mail cara
were piled on tou f It Tline Pullman
carj ran oft the track and a stove upset
ting all were burned
The passengers escaped Charles Loed
er one of the fliemen of Reno was
caught under the boiler of his engine and
lay slowly scalding to death as the hot
steam enveloped nis body The trainmen
nnd passengers made frantic efforts to
extricate him Hiciman the other
a partial adjustment of grlevanees if the j man jumped just as the eagtnes started
men consented to oe luiten hjiui as indi
viduals and rot as members of i union
The men answered that they considered
that a humiliating proposition and the
matter rests there
to so ov er
caught him
the forward mail car
held him under tho
This car wa3 In llarcis In a short time
Hickman could not reaehed but is he
was heard to call cnly unec or twice it
is hored that lie was uaconacioin befOo
the tire reached nim lie was burned to
a crisp Seven hundr l jags of mail were
llentenaiit McKInlej Here
Lieut James F McKlnley a nephew of
tho President Is a guest at the White
House He has been serving on the staff
of General Young wno arrived in Wash
ington yesterday
Sjpi In fire nml bo slar proof vault for rent 1
jcar up Llilon Trust and itoraje Co lilt i l

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