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SrKann Sons Go S Kann Sons Go
A Line of Muslin Underwear
For Stout and Extra Stout Women
Womens extra sized Drawers made of
Kood nullity musiln finished with
lip line tucks deep hern joke CJQC
band and tipcs O J
Womens extra slsed Drawers made
of either muslin or cambric llnlslied
with two row 3 of bunch tuck
Ins deep hem and rullle of CC
Womens Cilra sized Drawers made
of standard quality muslin finished
with deep ruffle of embruldery QjC
and line tucks yoke band O
Womens Gowns extra size made
of cambric or muslin yoke finished
with four rows of embroidery Inser
tion and fine lucVs flnlsned at neck
and sleees with line St 0 C
broidered edffc
Undermuslln Dcpt
of Washington Heights to Eighteenth J
btreet extended at an estimated cost of
1300 to be assessed against the property
abutting on the east side of said Colum
bia Road between the limits named
This work was advertised March li
IS 25 and 30 1M1 and at the public hear
ing held April 3 1901 no objections were
received but a written protest dated
April 1 1901 and received April 3 1901 is
enclosed herewith in relation to that por
tion of the work on the west side of the
street between Nineteenth and Baltimore
The re commendation for this work In
spite of the protest referred to Is made
because the condition of this walk Is so
entirely Inferior and altogether unsulted
to the Importance of the thoroughfare
and the public needs that lis replacement
with a modern walk which will afford
the use of the full width of the public
space available for pe destrian travel Is
Indicated In the strongest manner In the
Interest of the public health safety and
comfort Probably no more easily Justi
fied case for the Initiative on the part of
the Commissioners exists in the District
than In tills v cry locality
The 1nlted States Electric Lighting
Company has filed an application for per
mit to hang an Incandescent arc lamp
In front of HI7 II Street northeast This
application was at first approved and sent
forward to the permit clerk for the Issue
of the permit This officer referred It
back to the Commissioners with the
statement that the premises named are
not connected with the conduit in the
roadway He also stated he had been In
formed that It was the Intention of the
company to make necessary connection
from premises H15 II Street which is In
connection with the conduit
The Electrical Engineer In reporting
upon the matter the second time slated
to the Commissioners that there are a
treat many Instances In the city where
several houses are supplied with current
Irom a single house connection Ho stated
Ualllraort 111
Da You Know That There la
Science In Nsatness B Wise sntt Use
Womens Gowns made extra size
tlther muslin cambric or nainsook
squire and hlch neck joke trimmed
with embroidery Insertion 11 tucks
and Val lace and finished with her
ringbone braid 17 IS and 19 QQC
neck measure
Womens extra size Chemise made
of Rood quality muslin corded
bands and tucks sizes from 41 IOC
to W J
S omens extra sized Chemise made
of nainsook finished with cord- CflC
cd bands sizes -11 to to J
Womens extra sized Gowns made
Mother Hubbard stle yoke finished
with twenty fHvs of tucks neck
and eleees with 7 CC
liroldcry -
Second floor
Some of Our AfterEaster Millinery
Specials which arc a trifle better than our usual low alues for bargain Items
3 large full bloom American
Beauty Hoses perfect In color IOC
worth 19c for
A special lot of natural effects in
Daisies In yellow and white and
light and dark centres worth 1 CC
25c for J
Another special Item Is natural ef
fects in foliage this lot con
tains goods which we sold from Q CC
50c to Tic choice
A line of womens strictly hand
made Untrlmmcd lints made on
frames with combination of chiffon
straw and other silk meshes all good
shapes and colors worth S1 0
from 175 to J2 50 for I J7
The remainder of our 1 and 3 Heady-trimmed
Hats all good shapes
stylishly trimmed In all desirable
colors will be sold today 1 f
Millinery Department Second Floor
Womens Neckwear
500 white embroidered and lace turn oer collars the -washable kind 10 CC
and 12 4c value each for J
Scleral hndrcd yards of fine liberty silk trimming for waists and edging
of ruffles in colors of light blue pink light grey tan brown navy nz
nal white and black which sold for 15c per jard
Toint Venice lace collars round and square back white and ecru AQC
whlrti sold for 75c and 93c special
Womens neckwear depart first floor bcetlon C
S Kann Sons Co
Eighth and Market Space
The Laying of Sidewalk anil Curb
ing on Columbia liond
A IIIPUKHlon of the Subject liy the
Loiuiintlii Knsriiierr A Sepnrnte
Conduit for KikIi lloum IJlo Insr
uf ruitrr From Hie Arh Hump
C II Hunt the Computing Engineer
has submitted the estimate of cost for
lal g the sidewalk and setting and re
setting the curbing on both sides of Co
lumbia Road between Eighteenth Street
and Florida Avenue The recommenda
tion has received the uppnnal of Capt
II C Xewcomer and of the Commission
ers It Is as follows
It Is hereby recommended that the fol
lowing work be ordered under the pro
visions of the law goerning assessment
work- Set new granite enrtr and lay ce
ment sidewalk on the west side of Co
that he saw no objection to making a
similar connection in this case so long as
the wiring Is done In compliance with
the rules and regulations of the Board
of Fire Underwriters
After considering the matter Commis
sioner Ueach has forwarded the applica
tion to his colleagues with the recom
mendation that a rule be adopted requir
ing separate electrical connections for
each house the same as is required for
sewtr water and gas connections
it Is underet l that this recommenda
tion will le approved by the Board
Ex Senator William E Chandler has
addressed the Commissioners requesting
them to Instruct the Health Department
to Investigate the condition of premises
Ull H Street northwest before they are
occupied by the Spanish Treaty Claims
Commission Mr Chandler states that
Charles D Ball the Inspector of Plumb
ing lias investigated the conditions In the
house Mr Chandler also states that the
house has been unoccupied for two years
and that It Is very necessary that Its
sanitary condition be thoroughly Inves
tigated and that It shall be pronounced
perfect beforcthe members of the Com
mlssron with their employes enter upon
its occupancy- Mr Chandler informs the
Established 823
IlmIu nMl in rnntH Ain1n v 1 Commisslone rs that the Reupr rirnln lonLra
aim vuiiiiivut u Mt i nl lin tharo fa n I- 1 l 1
tended from I e I5oy Place to California
Avenue at an estimated cost of 1731 to
be assessed against the property abutting
on the west side of said Columbia Road
and said Connecticut Avenue extended
between the limits named
-Reset curbing and lay cement side
walk on the west side of Columbia Road
from California Avenue to Twentieth
Street extended and from Nineteenth
Street extended to Baltimore Street at
an estimated cost of 5230 to be assessed
-against property abutting on the west side
of said Columbia Road Ietwcen the limits
narntd on the east side of Columbia Road
froni Florida Avenue to Wjoming Ave
nue and from the south line of original
lot 17 block 7 Commissioners subdivision
that looks suspTilous -
Mr Chandler asks that the Health Of
Cc be sked to pass Judgment upon the
hulldlnt and take the responsibility of Us
beng In perfect sanitary condition
The communication has been referred
1 the Commissioners to the Health De
The Commissioners have received a
petition signed by Walter E Schneider
and twenty nine others urging the neces
sity for paving the alley In tlferear of
T Street northwest between First and
Second T and Thomas Streets The pe
titioners represent that this step Is nec
essary for the protection of property and
the health of the owners In block 20 The
petitioners also ask that the Health Office
be directed to Investigate and report up
on the sanitary condition of the alley as
they believe It to be such as to require Im
mediate grading
In a letter supplementing the petition
A C Day Informs the Commissioners
that street drainage from Second Street
above Thomas Street runs down the lat
ter street Into the alley which Is above
the grade of the yards Consequently he
sajs most of them are flooded after rains
to the detriment of the foundations of
the houses and also to the health of the
residents Mr Day states that the ground
i mains soggy ine year round and he
thinks It is on that account a breeding
ground for malaria
Dr E Gallaudet President of the
Columbia Institution for the Deaf and
Dumb has called the attention of the
Commissioners to the nuisance caused by
the blowing of waste paper from the
dump near Dalshs Mill He states that
the nuisance causes great Inconvenience
In the vicinity and asks whether steps
cannot be taken to have the paper burned
Dr Gallaudet sam that when the wind
blows from the west the paper Is carried
from this dump in large quantities across
the Brentwood estate ai J into the
grounds of the Institution for the Deaf
and Dumb He states that much of the
paper is covcreu wan nun and that all
of It Is waste malter out of place
The Union Trust and Storage Company
has requested a refund of the amount
paid for the use of water for building pui
poses on lot 45 square 713
After an Investigation H L Karpdes
acting chief clerk of the Water Depart
ment reported to the Commissioners that
the bill amounting to J10f was for water
used for construction purposes which ran
through a metcriml wis fnr tiifit
charged nt the regular metre rates Mr
Karpeles recommends that the money be
refunded and thc2 Commissioners have
approved Ihc samel
Applcton P Clark Jr has written to
the Commlssloneis In behalf of Mrs M
Fredericks relative to the price of the
land offered to the District at the corner
of Harrison and Monroe Streets Anacos
tla Mr Clark informs the Commission
ers that Mrs Fredericks considers the
Thats 11
You Can Save
More Than Half on Your
log Suit at Our
very favorable to the District that she
Is of the opinion that she has been dam
aged by the lack of consideration on the
part of the District In locating the curb
ing In front of her property without due
regard to the property line and that she
feels especially aggrieved over these mat
ters In view of the fact that a fev vcars
ago she gave to the District without any
consideration over 700 feet of land at this
AViiiirK ANnultil Mr I r I tilth
KuIIh to Appcur In Court
The failure of Thomas J Sweeney to
appear as a witness In the case of Kliza
beth Griffith against her husband George
M Griffith for divorce necessitated a
postponement of the hearing which was
to have been held yesterday before Jus
tice Bradley presiding in Kquity Court
No 2 Sweeney Is the witness who when
testifjlng against Mrs Griffith before Ex
aminer Rutledge WlUbon Saturday Jast
was assaulted by her Sweeney also was
the object of an Ink well thrown by Mrs
Grlinth but which struck her attorney
The assault brought the hearing before
Examiner lllson to a sudden termination
and It was d cldd to continue the pro
ceedings In ooen court In one of the
branches of the Supreme Court of the
lioforp leaving the office of Mr AVHIson
Mrs Griffith is said to have warned
Sivteney not to appear to testify against
her again Sweeney did not appear
though Mrs Griffith was present ready
to continue the proceedings
V Preston Williamson attorney for
the defendant stated after the pro
ceolings were postponed that if It uai
found that Sweeney remained away from
the court because of a threat against hi
life made by Mrs Griffith he will take
steps to proceed against her for intimi
dating the witness
One if Tiro rVcriicM A conned of An
Hiitiltlm Walt Kte ltolenMl
William Heed and James IJIalr uotli
colored were arraigned before Judge
MUIr osterdny In the Police Court
charged with having nssaulted Wah Kee
a Chinaman who conducts a laundry nt
3 U Street northwest Wah Kee limped
Into court in a dilapidated condition He
says that the two colored mn employed
by him to put away a ton of coal got Into
a controversy with him and after assault
ing him nut him on a hot stoe and left
the place
Blair iimanUtt a jury trial nnd his
cae went over but Reed pleaded not
guilty and wan released He testified that
he helpt d Itialr put the roal away Tues
day but that he had nothing to do with
the alleged assault
Purit and exccliVnte mmbint d in lUuriih
means a product tlut is wltolefotm ami tood
Hi you taMcd HeurichsT Phone Wrsl 34
Arlington llottllnff Co fur it Lac
According to our terms of settlement with
the insurance companies we are enabled to sac
rifice every dollars worth of stock contained in
our store the night of the fire whether the goods
are actually DAMAGED or not The garments
we are now selling bear the odor of Bmoke -but
they are as bright as the day they left1 the work
Come with the crowd today and get your
spring suit Its a chance to save DOLLARS
and a chance that will not come again- We
have already sold an immense quantity of goods
but there are yet thousands of dollars worth to
be sacrificed Dont wait until your suit is SOLD
get it today
923 Pennsylvania Avenue
terms at which the land was offered as
Wnt 2m Qimtz
Wentlier indications
fair tndai diminishing northerly
Cloud tomorrow probably rain
frontage for the eipress purpose of pro- Highest temperature 4 pm
vinmg a siuewauc
The matter will be considered by the
board at Its next meetlnt
Dr William C Woodward the District
Health Officer has forwarded to the
Commissioners a recommendation that
section 7 Article X of the police regula
tions be amended so as to read as fol
Authorized vehicles of the Police
Klre Water and Health Departments
shall have the right of way In the streets
over nil other vehicles and the sounding
of the bell or gong thereon shall consti
tute a warning and direction to other
vehicles and pedestrians to clear the
Dr Woodward calls the attention of the
Commissioners to the fact that as the
law row stands the ambulances of the
department engaged In the transporta
tion of patients suffering with smallpox
scarlet fever diphtheria etc and the
wagons engaged In the pound service arei
nQt jpotitled io ahertcbx of way though
the services In which they are engaged
render rapidity of jnov enentv essential
Will of rrnncln HelberKer Ille il
for Frolinlv
The will of the late Erancls J
bcrger dated May 5 1S37 and a codicil
dated July 11 1SW yesttrdoy
for probate By the term3 of his will the
testator airects tne ionowing uisjHjmwuu
to be made of his estate
The proceeds of Insurance policies
in the New York Life Insurance Com
pany nnd tlie Gcrmanla Life Insur
ance Company aggregating 58Oui to be
divided equally among his children Jh
proceeds of a policy In the Washington
Life Insurance Company of New York
for 140U and also a policy In the Mutual
Itestrvo Fund Life Association of New
York for J VA together with private
funds to be applied to the payment of
debts to his son Franz Is left the busi
ness of the testator at 525 Fifteenth Street
northwest to his three daughters Min
nie Ida and I Ilia Is left In trust premium
722 eighteenth Street northwest together
with the contents
The American Security and Trust Com
pany which Is named trustee Is directed
to pay to each of his daughters from the
Income of the estate J50 per month Upon
the marriage or death of his daughters
the testator directs that his real iironerty
shall be sold and divided equally nmong
his children with Hit exception of Franz
who It is stated has been provided for
The codicil provides that the testator
having sold his business at 5 Fifteenth
Street to hls son Franz all bequests
made to him In the will arc revoked
Fun roM
Moon rises
Low tide
Iligh tide
331 AM t t Hti
124 AM Moon feds
Lowest temperature C a m 4
70I AM and 74 PM
137 AM and 112 PM
Lamps lit today
Lamps out tomorrow
711 PM
437 AM
National N C Goodwin and Maxlne Elliott
Jn When We Were Twent One rrenuij
Columbia Arizona afternoon and evening
Chase Xew Grand Polite audeville itcr
noon and evening
Lafayette The Moth and the Flame evening
Academy Across ihc Pacific afternoon rand
Kcrnan Shcridana City Sport Burlcsquer
afternoon and crenin
KijotfxMayiIotnlfa afternoon
and evening
A tVlUFIIed for Probate
A certified copy of the will of Arunah S
AbelJ of IJaltimore County Mdf was placed n
file jejterdar in the xifflce of the Jlecister of
l1p The document is dated April 25 13
Attested copies of the will of Walter R Abell
and Grorge W Abell were ao placed on file
Gun Xnlinler XlecocrH
Simon Doran -who wa taken from his room at
205 Mtvouri Avenue northwest esterday morn
ing tufft ring from the effects of inhaling il
luminating gas had iufficiently reentered lat
night to he able to leave the Emergency Hos
pital to uhkh institution he was removed at
the time of the accident
A Sun the Ileiieflcfttry
The will of Harriet J McCtll dated March
4 1K9 xk filed yeterdaj for -probate By its
ternw the testatrix leaTes her entire ettate
to her son George K McCUI At his death It
la directed the propertr iJiall rcrcrt to his wifp
Laura V Met ill In the event of her marrjinf
again the property it bequeathed to the testatrix
grandson La Dew K MctiUI
The 1roneeutlun Abandoned
After hearing the evidence in the case of George
Bailey charged with elhnr liquor with
out a ljctnse Assistant Attorney for the District
Vugli yesterday abandoned the pro eeution and
the dekmlant wa dm harped The principal wit
ness again Hailey who lives near the vddier
Home wai a negro named Wingfield He stated
that he had Irn paid to make a case against
the defendant Jt was not clear Ij tJwwn that
liquor had lecn bold
Injured lj n Itunmrny IIorc
Llcyd XcIon fifteen ears old whose home
is at 1213 f Mreet Kmtliwot uaj
struck and blight ly injured bj a ruruwaj hone
yesterday inonnng while riding on the fstcp
of an army ambulance near the corner of Four-and-a-half
end T Streets Muthuet He was
treated by the surgeon at the Washington Bar
racks Hospital afdr uhkh he wtnt to Ids home
lite wagon nan damaged to the ixtnt of 10
ii i ownou i h li uiuur ol ow i Mrcet
The Death Itecord
The follow me Utaths for twenty four hours
were reported at the Health Department up to
noon jcKterda John reach 78 jrars Lems J
Clardntr 73 cinj William Ifallauf 73 jcars
Amelia J Ilallock 6ft joars FilelU i illiamn
06 jean Mary A Apple r 00 jcars Thomas
OurLritr 01 joars Jame 0llnnt 53 jears
hlizabcth V Lee 48 yran Capotalia Mary Iind
nuist 3J jrars Hertlia Gw don 0 jours Iaun
lkiilet ti jrar firacle Itobrv 15 jtars
Patrick Smith 21 da
DrnlU of an Old Hcftldi nt
William lUllauf who died Tuesday mornm
at his late home 41 L Mreet northwest was a
well known resident of the city haring lhed
here for forty eight jears Mr Ilallauf va a
modrlmaVer and for many jears had been en
eajed with his brother Daniel llallauf at 731
hrtt nth Street nortliwet wliere many mmleli
for the Intent Mite were made by them The
iirttavefi was iiorn in ucrniany anu at an early
age emigrated to tiiis country For a fehort tune
he made lSaltimore liU home He was MTenty
three j ears old and Is bur Ived by a widow
ami three thiMn n all marrieiL Funeral serv
ices oer the remains will be held at his late
home 418 I- Street nortliwetit this afternoon
at 3 oclock The interment will be In Cluiwood
thsse Uttle FiUt
tress from VrtncpfiU
Indigestion and Tool
Hearty Eating A perl
feet remedy for DIzzI J
nexs Nausea
neas Bad Taste In the
Tain In the Side TOB
TID LIVER They regulate tho How els
Small Pill Small Dose Small Price
The Oxford the Men Will Wear
Weve made yon the best Oxford that can be produced to
sell for 2o With ordinary profits in it it could not be
bought less than 5 in any house and 350 in many Swell
new styles perfect lasts in Patent Leather Vici Kid Box
Calf and Russia Calf We ask you to see it and let its
merit influence you to buy or not
i Powders
BA price fl
l2550f75f I
Urht KholefCUH a delicious appetizer a
ITlfndid tonic or tbt conralesclog
1 a dozen bottles
1331 E Street N VV
A Training Mliool for uneN
A certificate of im orporation of the Traininj
School for ures of Providence Hospital Wash
ington I C was placed on record je terday in
the office of the Itecorder of Deeds Tlie trustees
and manager are bitter Louise President
fester Itecls Vice Pniident Sister tella Sec
retary bister Mar Treasurer and Sister Ca
mella Superintendent of Nurses
ClinrKrd AVI th HmliezKiiient
Sidney Hand- twentj three years old a driver
m the employ of Tbomas Xolan a dairyman of
122 D Street southeast was arrehted by Police
man Kitten of the tifth precinct station Iat
night tharjie I with the embezzlement of J
from hn employer Hands it Is alleged col
lected milk bills to the amount named and
failed to turn in the money
In Memory of Inul T Ilimcn
Serrices commemorating tlie life of the late
Paul T Itowen will he held at TjpograpHcal
Ttmple Sunday mornine at 11 oclock Addresses
will lie made by the Rev Dr Alexander Kent
Maurice Peachm Ralph Ileaumont and I L
McCrearj Mr Howtn was long- and clo ely
idintiSed with the labor organizations of the
city and these ten ices w ill he held to git e
the workintrmen an opportunity to lionor nib
Month of n Geitrgetonn Ilc nlilout
Frank Thoma of 131S Thirty second Mreet
for a number of 3 oars a well known n Mdeut
of Georgetown died at hU home Tuesday niht
after an Illness of Mren weeks Jir Thoina
tsuccumbed to an -attack of prip which had de
c loped into tro tnterttis The deceasexl was
tdxty ear of age and a prominent Mason Tlie
funeral rervices will be held at the residence of
j IJ Thomas a brother of tlie deceased 3114 O
Street northwct and it Is understood will be In
charge of Masons and Knights Templar
M iilen tn A Kill 11 Dlrtnppolntf d
The game between the Rainess High School
team and the team representing the Census
Office was not played at National Park yeterda
afternoon as Feheduled ow ing to some mis
understanding with the management of the
grounds This U tlie second time the high school
ho have been dia pointed in this waj Tlie
IIuIness bojs have juit rcocied new uniforms
and will appt ar in them Friday when they
play Kmersoii Institute at the Y ai C A
3InrrInKe lilucjiaea IkniipiI
llarriase llcines wire iul jesterday to
Watt A Wren and Elira V McKeoni Edxard
J Brooks liralton Ohio and Racluel A Lee
tliis citj Jesse Battle and Carrie Keescr Eli
Jefferson and Laura Dickerson Ceorite E Can
non Jersey City X J and Elizabeth 0 Wil
kinson District of Columbia Adoliili II Kam
meter and Maude A Hough Benjamin J Old
and Miry F Ilinell both ot Norfolk Vs
Warren Le Roy Sinons and Ruby M Coates
Joseph J Ilsroth and Gertrude E Mckins
Thomas Coskey and ida Steward Harry S
Vmi and Usv E Dennett Frederick O Bowers
and Josephine Oraj Charles E T Rivers and j
Martha E uray
Hundreds of Babies
We have enough Go Parts and Carriages to supply hun
dreds of babies we have Carriages to fit babies born with sil
ver spoons in their mouths and Carriages for the less fortu
nate ones Iligh priced medium priced and low priced Car
riages plain and serviceable ones and elaborately upholstered
ones We have the biggest and best stock of Carriages that
was ever in any single store in Washington
House Herrmann
901 903 Seventh Street Corner of I Eye St
Consumers Brewing Cos
The Treat of the Season
To be had on draught and in bottles today at
all first class hotels and restaurants
The purest and most delicious
Bock ever brewed or sold
in Washington
Rosslyn Va
Telephone West 129 foraCase
If you have been told that
Catarrh is incurable
Dont Believe It
tmtllyou hro tafcen Crown
Catarrh rowiler It has
cured thousands of Jast such
cases as yours Cases where
the patients were apparently
beyond all hope iror bale
by All Druggists
JirLFfK ira reansjlranLi
EASTEnnAY Vew Jersey
KOSS Tin and Fla Are X W
The Sort of ALE Youll
JALLANTISE8 sold at Sooomakera
Direct Branch of Factory
J C COS LI IF Manager
Protect Your Livas and Properly
from Lightning
llouses Protected From 10 Up
If Ton Have Any Doubts Drop a Poittl to
C Fen Keys
Gas Heaters
Are Just the Thing 5 S
You dont need a
roasting hot fire but
you do need a fire
and theres where the
Gas Heater is most useful
You can regulate the amount
of heat jou want by turning
the uhe Duv the Gas Heater
here We bate all kinds
a aii we newest aa3 moft
C II L attractiTe styles la meai
t Tflthr Tnimt fr an
oes m 9tn
IMS Pennarlvatiln Ateioe
Austins Dog Bread
3 used In kennels everywhere
R u
CCC Is pure rich and delicious
J w l Roct 1 re w In Tear Plaee
your uruer i uiice 5 hujjjj
Cclv is limited Uaihinpton Brew
x ery Co Phone 154
TmvTV sV tl M M CIS
Mens and Boys
Tho Knit Jacket
t Sweater
It riietunl Ailiiratlon SPslre
Special solemn services of the Society of the
Perpetual Adoration will be held at Qt Patricks
Church at 4CO oclock toilay A part of the
music of Easter will le repeated There will
be solium benediction and the Rev Dr D J
Stafford will rreach Tlie programme of the
music i as follows Retina Coeli Bene
dict baritone solo ini Creator Wagner
violin solo Ttaumcri and Rornancc hu
mann soprano solo with woiln obligato O
Saiut ri O iIaiieronl baritone solo It U
EuoukIi from Klijah1 Mendelssohn Tantuni
Ergo Risa Vlleluja Faikenstein
soloists include Mrs Illaiuhe Roccne Mlis Annit
firant Miss Mamie Irant Melville llemey Ber
nard Ryan and Anton Kapar Armand Oum
precht director The choir will be assi teil by
the baritone soloist Clifford Alexander Wiley
C A S T O R I A Fw nfant3 asd QuHieiL
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Paper Napkins
Mayer Pettit
415 417 Seventh Street
Spalding i
is npiin forcefully demon- j
strateu in the new 1901
model Spalding Bicycle The jl
consciousness of the v
ine reliability of the
ing wheel is conducive to X
the utmost enjoyment on the -T
part of its rider
You rant make a mistalte tn 4
ing a Spalding You put jourwK
bjonl the reach -of regret 4
Spalding Chainless S
S75 and 60
Spalding Chain x
Wheels SSO and S4o
man good points The f p
price particularly will
appeal to many Only
Washington Branch
U ifajv
Sales Dept
N E Cor 14th St
N Y Ave
Wyoming White Ash Kitchen Goal
600 per ton
Half Pea and Half Store
wm J ZEH5
702 Eleventh Street N W
13th and D Sts S W
A big assortment of urass Trimmed
White Enameled Betl
Well made and worth
double Cath or Credit
Walker Burks
1013 1015 7th St N W
I I 33 save jou men at least SOc
sf J f Try to match them anwhere
else nniler fi Theyre
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SnjM Iler Ho ml Were Stolen
Henrietta Stuart resterday fliil suit against the
Washington Sarins Hank to recover ifSCM
claimcU as damages for loss of property Sh5
alleges that on January 1 1S3S she nnteil a
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trlal in the Criminal Court of the District Mrs
ctu3rt is represented by ttorthimrton lleald
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