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of elepant
Womens Low Shoes
This is low shoe weath
er and our enormous
sales prove the correct
ness of our styles These
are introductory prices
for today
15 brand new styles ot repular
2 trades Patent Leather Tan
and Black Kid Oxford Tics and
Juliets extension
or turn feather- - p
weight soles In- I 11
troductory Price lJJ
The finest and nobbiest J2S0
Eradc Oxfords to be found any
wheremost any style weight
or shape you want Guaranteed
Patent Leather
Velvet Calf or fin- f f
est Kid I US
ton- Price l7J
The swellest Oxfords made of
the same leather and by the
same maker ns of the 5X50 and
15 Ties sold down
town 20 nobby 0 pA
styles w 1 B
tory Price JJ
PPFFT Wih CMIdrcns Ehec
Babies pretty little
Bootees with kid or
sole leather bottoms
a variety of colors
on ii tot1ate
Mens Shoes
Dont ask why we can
undersell other Mens
Shoe dealers but We
dont pooh pooh this self
praise until youve seen
the shoes
Genuine Vlcl Kid and Sterling
uair low ana iiign uut shoes
In plain or the new
nobby styles
Youll save exactly 65c If youll
step in here same qualities and
styles beinff sold down town at
2u are nere in an
popular leathers
and styles at
The TIU WEAR Shoes arc
reRular 3 grades and sold with
this absolute printed guaran
tee A new pair FIIEE if up
pers break before
first sole Is
All sizes
mens Serge House
Slippers with kid
linings around the
Tempting Values
Boys Spring Suits
Despite the backwardness of the season
we must thank you for the biggest spring
trade we have ever experienced throughout
the entire building and particularly in the
Boys and Childrens Department
The thanks are for your appreciation
which is the guide for the stores steps ahead
It tells us plainly -that more people are
daily finding this to be a very satisfactory
store from every point of view quality
price and fair dealing
We are selling hundreds of Uoys Suits at
3 and 350 where heretofore we only sold
scores which is further proof that we know
how to care for the slim purse as well as the
fat one
The reasons for this first position of ours
in the Boys Clothing are
First Thoroughly reliable qualities
Second Prices that do not permit under
Third Exchanges cheerfully made and
money returned if preferred
Fourth A bigger stock and wider assort
ment of the best styles and qualities than
will be found elsewhere
Double breasted Suits for ages 7 to 17
pears 298 to 1000
Vestie Suits for ages 3 to 10 years 250
to 1000
Norfolk Suits for ages 8 to 10 years 5 to
Large and beautiful assortment of
Hoys Neckwear In all the leading
25c and 50c
Boys Heavy Ribbed Black Cotton
Stockings all sizes regular 35c f PC
grade for 43
Boys Hope Supporters of Silk
regularly 2Cc at
Also all he latest styles in boys cloth felt and straw hats
Also shoes of best quality and style for little and big boys
Head tofoot Outfitters Pa Ave and Ninth St
Ilcnon to Be Tliniil fnl
From Uit ItlUdtlpMa Eoquitcr
If there la anything remarkable about the equa
nimity ulth which hia excellency Ainilnaldo take
Ida impriaonmrnt in that palace at Manila wf
certainly fall io tee it ConIdtrini the manner
In mch he had to relm awampt bleep In rlrcra
ford trrnchec and lire upon nothing the nllle it
roiHd be extraordinary II be did cot new think
hinitcli fairly well off
The feavnffe Bachelor
From the Indianapolis Prcu
There ia nothing like the love ol a boy for
Lla mother tatd tlte sentimental hoarder
Especially t ratal time commented the
Eavaje Bachelor
Another Trust Victim
From the Bonton Globe
Hallo old man you look upset Been back
ing horses and lotlT1
Vcn I backed a horse
Didnt he run uell
O n lie ran well enough but not hall so
well as tbe man who had my money
ltenuty In n Doe
Irom the Philadelphia Times
I umJcretand remarked the father that
Jane Iiat rejected that joung Scaddlci because
he didnt size up to Iter idea of manly beauty
And site should be ashamed of herself added
the mother tltoughtlcfjly If I had iooked for
a handsome man I alght ccrcr lure been mar
Of Rare Style and Service
Low price Shoe talk means nothing but when combined with superior shoe quality it
means everything Its these two features combined that have made HAHNS RELTARLE
3HOES nationally famous Its the immense scale of our buying that makes our prices
LOWEST Its our expert knowledge of Shoes combined with our strict rule to sell NO
POOR SHOES at ANY PRICE that makes our qualities BEST
Hoys and Girls
ICld and Satin Calf
eolld sole laco and
button Sizes V
to 2
Wm Hahn Cos Cor
Three Reliable Shoe Houses
Blouse Suits for ages 3 to 12 years 29S
Boys 3 piecc Short pants Suits for age
9 to 17 years 5 to 10
Russian Blouse and Cossack Suits for
ages 2 to C years to 0
Boys Overcoats and Reefers for all sizes
350 to 10
Specials in Boys Furnishings
New spring styles in Negligee Shirts
of fine percale madras and Bedford
50c and 75c
Special lot of Boys Negllsce Shirts
of striped percales regularly QQC
50c at J7
Boys Fine Percale Shirt Waists for
ages 1 to 13 years
49c 75c and 100
of twice ordinary wear
Surprisingly Cheap
Varnish and polish do
wonders for Childrens
Shoes Our Shoes not only
possess surface value
they wear Every pair
absolutely guaranteed for
Boys and Girls dressy Shoes
Oxford Ties and new shape
Sandals any size you r p p
want Theres nothing US
to equal them for
Our famous WEAR PROOF
Boys and Girls Shoes are hav
ing an astonishingly brisk run
They are actual t2 C i p f
qualities sold by I Sll
us for only 1V
Girls Tan and Black Vlcl Kid
Shoes of superior quality In a
wonderful array of
pretty styles of ff 4 A
both low and high- w
cut shapes
Womens stout
yet soft Vlcl Kid
J160 grade laced and
button All sizes
7th and K Sts
4 1916 Pa Ave
233 Pa Ave S E
TIic 3formoii Clinrcli Apostle PiiMien
In Monterey Cal
SAN FRANCISCO April li Gcorge Q
Cannon eenlor apostle of the Mormon
Church and for many years a conspicu
ous figure In the commercial financial
and political affairs of Utah cVcd st an
early hour this morning nt Monterey
Several weeks ago the Mormon leader
came to California hoping that the cli
mate of the coast would restore his fall
ing health Ho engaged a cottage In the
old town of Monterey wheT It was
thought tbe bracing air of the ocean
would prove beneficial to his Impaired
physical condition When Cannons condi
tion became critical his family were noti
fied by telegraph and his three sons Col
John Q Cannon ex Untted States Sena
tor Frank J Cannon and Hugh Cannon
came on hero and were present at his
The end was very peaceful said Col
John Q Cannon he passed away without
a struggle during the early hours of the
morning While wo were still hopeful to
the last there was every Indication that
he could not survive much longer and
his physicians ascribed his death to bron
chitis end enlargement of the heart He
had been troubled with some affection of
tbe heart for months but the Illness which
terminated In his death dates only from
his return from Honolulu When he got
back to the high altitudes of Utah he
began to be troubled with a cough which
grew worse and resulted In bronchitis
cannon s fortune is estimated at sever
al millions as he was a large shareholder
In all the Mormon corporations and In tbe
Union Pacific
DeKltatiou nnd Orcrcrovrdlnjr In
Many Qnnrtera of tbe City
From the London Telegraph
There arc grim problems connected
with the census In Whltechapel probably
the most congested dUtrlct In the whole
of the metropolis the numbering of the
people Is no light task In Whltechapel
are comprised also Spltallields Mltc Knd
New Town Aldgate the Tower Old Ar
tillery Ground and Norton Folgate an
area of 1W acres with an estimated popu
lation of SOWO Great clearances have
been made huge model dwellings have
been erected pague spots have been
eliminated but nevertheless today In
Spltallields 330 persons are computed to
dwell upon every acre and In Whltechapel
193 The census will show whether these
estimates are correct or below the mark
In the midst of all this congestion the ap
pointed enumerators are now leaving tho
blue schedules and are entering all sorts
homes the character of which can best be
guessed from the vivid descriptions of the
Ite W II Davles who declares
From one of my parochial buildings I
have seen through the thinly veiled vln
dow of a lioiuo four men and hlx women
retiring for the night In ono room the rent
of which Is ha a week all of them respec
table hard working people and the ma
jority of them sleeping tn beds upon the
Who would be the head of the house
hold to fill In the schedule In such a case
There will be many of the kind for the
same local clergyman sas
I have had a census taken of one cr
two typical alleys and houses in iry par
ish in one alley thero are ten houcr
fifty one rooms nearly all about eight
feet by nine feet and IM people jn six
Instances only do two people occupy the
room and In other room1 tho numbere
varied from threo to nine In another
court with six houses mid twenty two
rooms were eighty four pjple again six
seven eight nml nine belnj ilia number
living In oie room In several instunces
In ono nouse vili eight roo n ar fnrty
llve people one rooi containing nine per
sons one eight two seven and another
For these forty five people there Is
one olllcc and In the case of nearly nil
tenement houses the washing for the
family must be done by the aid of a pall
which Is put upon the stove and serves
for a copper on washing days There are
practically no ovens and such a thing as
a home made rice pudding Is unknown
to the children At one ot our Christmas
teas about 200 noor children were assem
bled After tea as they sat together I
asked How many of you live In n one
roomed home Every hand but seven
went up How many live In a two
roomed homo Seven hands went up
How many Hvo In three rooms None
How many of you live In a furnished
room All but twelve So that with the
exception ot those twelve children all tho
rest were practically homeless tho
wretched contents ot a furnished room
not being the proierty of the tenant and
the rent of is a uiy or more being paid
In the great majority of cases dally
TlintH What We All
Fron the YonVcrs Statesman
Sue Ecttc We had to cut up some of the
stage money and use it for snon In that uinter
scene last night
Foote Light Is that rot
Vea and the comedian said he thought It
about tfmo vc lad aorac sort of change in the
lttathcr uj u u
TT r
The Men Fenrert They Would Jfot Co
to tbePhlllpptnea
Nearly two hundred mewly enlisted sol
diers of the Fourteenth Cavalry Regi
ment rccniltlngerei have deserted The
only reason assigned Is that they were
disappointed believing that since Aguln
aldo had been captirred the new regiment
would not be sent to the Philippines
The missing soldiers are nearly all
young recruits and were from all com
panies of the new regiment which now
numbers about 00 men Yesterday was
their first pay day and the deserters came
to the city many attempting to exchange
their uniforms for civilian clothing and
boarding freight trains A number pur
chased tickets to nearby cities Tonight
It was learned n number of them passed
through St Joseph Mo and a detach
ment of regulars were sent to bring them
It Is said the officers will promise not to
try the recruits for desertion if they re
turn within ten days The exact number
of the men mlssslng Is not known This
evening the number reported absent with
out leave was ICO There has been some
feeling of dissatisfaction among the new
men On account of the delay In Iltting out
the regiment Less than a hundred horses
have been received for tho regiment but
the men have been kept busy at drill wlth
O t horses
Despatches have been sent In every- di
rection to locate the missing men It is
believed nenrly all ot them will be found
and returned to the post
A Jonrney From Mlnncniiolls tn Lou
don nnd Return
From the Minneapolis Tribune
Morcan N Swift of Vow VnrV l -it h
West Hotel Mr Swift represents a
wholesale millinery house He had an ex
perience this morning that has been puz
zling him all day While walking from
me hotel over to Nlcoiet Avenue he
passed a lady who had with her n ex
ceedingly good lookfng fox terrier Mr
Swift s attention was attracted to the dog
because it closely resembled a pet terrier
owned by his wife which was lo3t In New
lprk a year ago The harder Swft look
ed at the dog the more firmly conviction
was forced upon him that It was the same
In order to Jcmomtrato the truth or
falsity of this theory Swift turned aiound
and whistled In a peculiar v ay Immedi
ately the terrier stopped rocked Us ears
and looked all about In an effort to locate
the whistler Then the New Yorker called
Dido Dido here Dido and the dog
ran to him Jumping about and rranifest
lng Its great Joy In an unmistakable man
The lady called her pet by another
name but the dog refused to budge from
Swifts heels Tho situation was embar
rassing Swift approached the lady and
bowing enquired how long the terrier had
been in her possession She replied that
her husband had bought the dog In Lon
don about six months ngo bringing It
with him to Minneapolis as a pet for his
Swift was nonplused There was no pos
sible question concerning tho Identity of
the dog but the person In whose company
he had found his pet was most evidently
a woman of position and refinement In
fact the present home ot the terrier Is
with one of the bestiknown families In
The lady handed Mr Swift her card and
told him that If he desired tn discuss h
ownership of thi animal he could do so
with her husbartd atf the latters otIce
Swift agreed to this solution of the diffi
culty but both parties had reckoned with
out the terrier which Insisted upon fol
lowing Swift and would not be cajoled
Into going a step farther with the lady
There was nothing for it at last but to
leave tne terrier in Mr swift s charge
He agreed to call on the supposed owner
and to take the terrier with him
In discussing the adventure Mr Swift
said there was nddoubt In his mind as to
how the dog had reached London It had
strayed away In New York been picked
up by some tourist -and taken to London
where It had In Ml probability been lost
again nnd thrown Into the hands of the
dog dealers He declares his readiness to
reimburse the innocent purchasers to the
extent of their expenditures and a- deter
mination to take the terrier back East
with him The dog has been In kennels
for tho last sixty days and was only
brought to Minneapolis this morning
Bcgistered by
U S Patent Office
7 JtV BiT SrV
m jail
Fire Sale Prices
That Will Crowd Our Store Today
There were thousands of dollars worth of Clothing in thisstore the uight of the fire that
smoke nor water never renched Some of it was in boxes not yet unpacked Some is in
the centre of great piles of garments on our counters THIS is the Clothing we are sell
ing TODAY Good as the day it was made but going for a SOO because - T d
The Insurance Companies V
Are Paying the Bill
Today for the first time we name a few prices Read them and see if you think it is
any wonder that this store has been packed and jammed with buyers
Mens 10 and 12 Suits
In neat checks stripes plaids
mixtures also plain black and
navy cheviots shaped In the new
est spring styles choice today for
Mens 1350 and 15 Suits
Including dressy pin checks and
hairline stripes in worsteds and
cassimeres have one with the In
surance companies today for
Men1 22 Spring Suits
Garments that are elegantly tail
oredperfect In fit and deserving
of a better fate thor handsomest
patterns will go today at
Mens 25 Spring Suits
Patterns that are seldom seen
outside of a merchant tailors
English worsteds Imported cassi
meres homespuns etc- crowd
brlngcra at todays price
Topcoats Trousers and Furnishings at Half
Today we reach the very CREAM of this stock Its the ONE day tEat you cannot
afford to stay away Such values could never be sold at the price unless some one else was
PAYING THE BILL We guarantee satisfaction with every garment even at these prices
Dont let anything keep you away from todays feast COME EARLY while the best is here
and while we can serve you promptly - - v
M Dyrenf orth Co
923 Pennsylvania Avenue
Sources From Which Some Designa
tions Ilnve Ileen Derived
From the Engineering Magazine
The origin of family names may be
traced to three sources First parental
names second locality third personali
ty The oldest form of surnames with
the Anglo Saxons was that of the father
with the addition of ing a patronymic
suffix denoting origin as BUI Beormlng
Conrad Ceeowaldlng This termination
later was replaced by son As early
as 1031 they occur in a deed Gamelson
and Gwlngelpon Much later such sur
names descended In the family as Wilson
Johnson Williamson Williams etc
Then came names derived from places and
locality as York Winchester field hurst
wick wood hill moore sted gate brook
beck barrow bottom grange hall
spencc a yard either with the prefix
at as Atwood Athlll Atmoor etc or
with the affix man as Jllllman Yates
man etc
Names from occupations were common
as Smith Carter Taylor Collier Fowler
Hunter Bowyer Butler Steward Cham
berlain Porter etc from personal quali
ties as Long Short Strong Stout etc
Names from the animal kingdom were
early and general as Fox Wolf Buck
Bull Colt etc
Names from towns and boroughs be
came frequent as surnames and eventual
ly family names with the Norman Con
quest when there was not a single vil
lage in Normandy that has not sumamed
some family In England The prefix de
was generally dropped about the time of
Henry VI In the fifteenth centory In
the thirteenth century owing to the gen
eral custom of assuming surnames from
places a proverb ran
In Ford In Ham In Zxy in Ton
The most of English surnames run
Buffalo Lithi aWater
In Uric Acid or Gout Poisoning
Gout Rheumatism Stone
and All Uric Acid
John V Shoemaker M D LL D Professor ot Materia Medlca and Therapeutics la
the Aledlca Chirurglcal College of Philadelphia etc in the New York Medical Journal June 22 1899
is doubly eflicient in Rheumatism and Gout It dissolves Uric
ti Rmmi n I TUTB UMITa
Hie DUfriUAIIalnlrinAIUfl Acid and Phosphatic sediments as well as other products dif
ficult of elimination while at the same time it exerts a moderately stimulant effect upon the renal
colln and thereby facilitates the swift removal of insoluble materials from the body Without such
action insoluble substances will precipitate in the Kidneys and Bladder The intense suffering pro
duced by Stone together with consecutive pyelitis and cystitis are avoided by prompt elimination
Unquestionably although the speedy removal of Uric Acid and other products of faulty tis
sue change is of conspicuous benefit yet to PEEVENT their formation is a service still more im
This service is
performed by the
ous materials
when it corrects those digestive failures which
are responsible for the production of
The late Hunter McGllire M D LL D formerly President and Professor of Clinical
Surgery University College of Medicine Richmond Va and Ex President of the American Medical
Association says
1 as an acamc diuretic is invaluable In Uric Acid Gravel and indeed in diseases generally dependent
fTmrmi n I rrann Mlvrrra
OUFFJiLO LITnIA raATK upon a Uric Acid Diathesis it is a remedy of extraordinary potency I have prescribed it in cases of
Rheumatic Gout which had resisted the ordinary remedies with wonderfully good results I have used it also in my own case being a
great sufferer from this malady and have derived more benefit from it than from any other remedy
Dr P B Barringer rrofessor of Physiology and Surgery University of Virginia In more than twenty years of prac
tice 1 have used Lithia as an anti-uric-acid agent many times and have tried it in a great variety of forms both in the NATURAL
WATERS and in TABLETS As the result of this experience I have no hesitation in stating that for prompt results I have found
nothing to compare with BUFFALO LITHIA WATER in preventing uric acid deposits in the body My experience with it as
a solvent of old existing deposits calculi has been relatively limited and I hesitate to compare it here with other forms to their dis
advantagejbut for the first class of conditions above set forth I feel that BUFFALO LITHIA WATER STANDS ALONE
Dr Thomas H Buckler of Paris formerly of Baltimore SUGGESTOR of LITHIA as a SOLVENT for URIC ACID says
Nothing I could say would add to the well known reputation of the BUFFALO LITHIA WATER I have frequently used it with
good results in URIC ACJD DIATHESIS RHEUMATISM and GOUT and with this object I have ordered it to Europe Lithia is in
no form so valuable as where it exists in the carbonate the form in which it is found in BUFFALO LITHIA WATER
natures modeiof solution and division in water which has passed through Lepidolite and Spondumne Mineral formations
Dr J W Mallet Professor of Chemistry University of Virginia extract from report of analysis of Calculi discharged by pa
tients under the action of BUFFALO LITHIA WATER Spring No 2
It seems on the whole probable that the action of the water is PRIMARILY and MAIMA EXERTED upon URIC ACID and the
URATES but when these constituents occur along with and as cementing matter to Phosphatic or Oxalic Calculus materials the lat
ter may be so detached and broken down as to disintegrate the Calculus as a whole in these cases also thus admitting of Urethral dis
JameS L Cabell M D A M LL D formerly Professor of Physiology ami I Surgery in the liciU Departmcpt
or the University of Virginia and President of the National Board of Health says BUFFALO LITHIA WATER m Uno
Acid Diathesis is a well known therapeutic resource It should be recognized by the profession as an article of Materia Medica
BUFFALO LITHIA WATER is for sale by Grocers and Druggists generally
Testimonials which defy all imputation or questions sent to any address
Springs are open for guests June 15 close October I
the Danville Division of the Southern Railway
Thev are reached from all directions over x
v I

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