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Present llnlr Falling- Out IlcmtM ei
DnuririifT Min Itchtiirr nml
h ttt row Iiixiirlnut Groiitli t
Miiuliir culpi KrliroM
o lonKPr ntn pxciihp for Dniiririift
lnlllnu Hnlr or lliiltlnpsH
D 1 Charnlss rnrmcrsvllle Tes says
the top of his head tins entirely hald but
the llemedies have grown a fine new crop
of hslr and everjone in tow n is sur
prised to see it
Sajs Irof Turner Tresldent of Fair
mount College Sulphur Ky After be
ing bald for thirty ears I began using
the Remedy In S and In a few weeks
thereafter my entire scalp was cohered
with a thick downy growth of new hair
The whole of my hair was gone except
a fringe around the kat line In sit weeks
the bald spot was cntlrel covered I had
been bald for thlrt jears and when hair
can bo made to grow on such a head as
mine no bald headed person need fear the
Theresa Fcnnell Moscow Idaho sajs
My head was bald and glossv but since
using the Foso Treatment m hair is now
four inches in length and quite curlj
lew dostcs st I was conpltitly bill xa tie cro ra cf
tnj held I cgtt tare a lac ctv trowth of ctlr
M D Cslllai Six tmiciis CiL
JJ Auld Cedar Falls Iowa writes
i as- bald but now hav e tine crop
of new- hair which will soon be ready to
trim It also cured dandruff
Mrs Deborah Rattans Thorpe Wis
jvs when she began the treatment she
was entirelv b ild and her scalp shone like
a mirror and she has the thickest
hair ah ever had Kecommends the treat
ment as a sure cure for baldness
Mra W H Prov ost Greenw Ich Conn
writes Remedies have stopped all
itching and accumulations of dandruff
Eh was also bald but her hair has been
now- completely restored
2vS5 - 5rv
nMj hilr jlopped lihln oct cd I saw tsrc cew httvj
troMh rJCArnstro5r Mlisoiue MotL
Miss Pas hall Watertown Mass
sa3 her hair waa thin and grev but it
has ben restored to the natural color is
now- long and thick and glad to recom
mend the Foso Treatment to all
Mrs Emma Buchanan South Iladlcy
FalU Mass Hair has grown out nice
li is now four inches long and much
thicker than it ev er was before
Mrs Mary IZ Smith I os Angeles Cal
fajs Although 1 am SI venrs old and
employed in a dje house exposal to the
bad eJIects of the dve on the hair the
Toso Treatment great Imoroved m hair
and Htopped all falling out
Katherine Mann Thomas Street St
Paul Minn entlrelj recovreel from
baldness b tl e Ioso Trtutmt m
Tte lopl aj deal wm bald now It It catered villi a
line irowlh ol talr D BCtjmlii
Firaenrlllt Tei
Mr- II Eltflman Tro e MkhsavH
tliat her hair had fallen out and she wns
raplJIl becoming bald Fow Hemelles
qulckl stopjied th falling ind she gl idlv
resimmends Foso ltemoillea as doing all
that Is clalmesl for them
Emma II Washburn Shclburn Ore
fiajs the was troubled with falling hair
which was secmtngl dead and harsh She
-was rewarded with a new growth us thick
a It ever was and recommends 1oso
treatment as a sure hair restorer
Ubi Nora Hue Three Oaks Mich
vritca that her hair Is coming on beau
tifully nnd that all dandrutt has been
Thomas ISuston 32 Manchester Street
owll Mass ft Foso Hemedles ver
Kd Has no ilil Can recommend
them to anyone troubled with falling hair
or baldness
Tile remedv has cured thousands nnd
no one need fear that it is harmful We
do not ask ou to take our word for It or
nnjejne elees Send for the free trial nnd
learn for vourself Just what this wonder
ful remedy will dually do for ou
The remedy also cures Itching nnd
dandruff sure Blgns of apptoachlng hald
netM arol keeps the scalp healthy and
vigorous It also restores grej Itair to
natural color and products thick nnd lus
trous cvebrows and ej clashes Hy send
ing our name nnd nddress to the Alten
helm Medical Dispensary SOtS Uutterfield
Building Cincinnati Ohio enclosing a r
ccnt stamp to cover postage they will
mall you prepaid a free trial pa kage of
ijeir remarkable remedy
Four Con pciitivc
Mounts Show Fir
fet n Iltllc ttrni of
tin- ln j Spilmim Alinln
Tluit sin- Ik a Gixnl Vlnre
russule nl i to 1 a A Iiiiiit
rieasant weather attracted a crowd tn
the Bennlng trick jesterdiv large enough
to tcbt the capicltv of the grandsfand
The Increased attendance goes to show
what the result of the meeting would
ed all through has been of the highest
diss with not an objection ible feature
about It
The eard vestordaj ind the uuil six
races aid while the fields in some of th
eent weie mattriallj reduced by with
draw aN et there wns enough left to
make the Iinishes close and interesting
The tali nl quit a shade the best of It on
the dav butit tha it Is doubtful If the
penciled separated themselves from anv
large poitlon of the wealth they githered
in Thursdav In three of the raee It was
didculr to ell which was the favorite for
it tn i ji two of the entries practically
1 ared the betting honors This was espe
clallv true of the third race where The
Hhvmer closed at 9 to 10 and Vtaddel at
son at 2 to 1 Theiefore no matter what
hor3e won the race the books were bound
to have the best of it As two of the
outsiders In the betting finished second
and third and M itt Simnson and Scurry
In the also ran the pntllers must have
emit good winners to the race
Ihe spjrt commenced with a handicap
at five and one half furlongs for which
seven were tarded to go As there were
three withdrawals onlj four went to the
post and the Goughacres entry vvhleh
included Scorpio and Moor was made an
odds on favorite with Lexington Pirate
seeonil choice The talent figured the race
conectlv as it was run Moor of the
itaole entry finishing first and the 11
rat second Moor was ridden by Lan
drv and he showed a vast Improvement in
form over his race of Wednesday On
that daj he was ridden by Dart and the
ride looked so peculiar that the jockey
was called to account for it by the Judges
Yesterdaj Moor wit Landry up galloped
over his horses in the stretch and could
hav e won by a dozen lengths had he been
The second race furnished the surprise
of the d iv A rank outsider in the bet
ting closing at 30 to 1 romped in lie
was the best horse in the race at that
though 011 form or rather on past per
formances he did not look to have a
chance It was a selling race at seven
furlongs In which there were seven start
ers out of ten originally carded Kings
Tavorite opened favorite at 7 to S clos
ing two points lower even money The
second choice was By George at 5 to 2
with any old price against the others As
the race was run Passnie was the best
of the bunch and led from start to finish
It was no fluke at all as the time fcr
the distance 123 equals the track record
made uv Llndula carrjing 03 pounds The
win was a creditable one as It was won
by a local horse trained by H Flip
pen a well known Virginian Jt Is doubt
lul if either owner or trainer backed the
horse for any amount as he closed in the
betting at long odds
The third race was more of a match
race than anv thing else for although
four went to the post the only horses
considered were The Ithjmer and Robert
addell They were almost equal favor
ites in the betting and it Is a hard matter
to tell which had the most following
At the end the race was between the two
The Kjlimir getting the decision in a
driving linlsh
The fourth race vas for two- ear olds
and was won bj the favorite from end to
end Mtu on the strength of recent fast
trial3 in private was hcavll backed and
men tumbled over each other to get the
opening odds 2 to 1 Maru was never a
eontender nnd vas beaten out for the
place by Pa Bradley s Stewardess a
50 to 1 shot Maru will do some other day
The lifth race was a maiden race for
and upward and Bough
Bide with Burns up was made an odds
on favorite opening at S to D and closing
at 1 to S The odds were Justified by the
race as- Hough Blder won with plenty in
re erv e
The sixth and last race of the day was
won by Spe edmas at 13 to 5 in the bet
ting bhe Is a ver consistent mare and
has a large following in the pavilion She
is ottiid bv local parties and when
Speedmas starts the public feels absured
of a run for the monei laid
T Burns carrltl off the riding honors
of the day winning four races the last
lour on the card Landry and Slack di
vided honors on the other two winning
one each There were twenty six books
in line and there was business enough
for ten more It was almost worth a
mans life to get through the pavilion
Touay closes the meeting and as a fit
ting wind up the Jockev Club has an
nounced the best card ever offered There
will be seven races the first starting
prompt at JJJ p m The features of
the da are the Hunters Steeplechase at
two and one half miles and the Bennlng
Ilandteap at seven furlongs for v hlch th
best horses In training have entered and
are sure starters
The follovIng is the summarv
First race Handicap for
and up vard live and a half furlongs
Moor Landrv 7 to il and out won Lex
ington Pirate Burns S to S and out sec
erJ Prosit Slack 12 to 1 and 2 to 1
third Time 1 09 3 5
Seo pio also ran
Coupled as Goughacres entry
Start good Prosit went out to do the
running closely followed bv the Pirate
nd Scorpio Moor trailing In the streteh
thi re was a general elosing up and Moor
gaining on the leaders came away with
out in effort There was a marked con
trast in Moors race of yesterday and
that of Wednesdaj
Second race For three v ear olds and
upward seven furlongs Passaic Slack
3i to 1 and 1J to 1 won Monmouth Boy
Iundrv 7 to 1 and 2 to 1 second
Charles Estes Miles S to 1 and 3 to 1
third Time- 1 a
Spurs Bv George Kings Tavorite and
Tonv LIcal7l also ran
Si in good Coming out of the chute
Passaic was In front und with clear sill
ing made a nnawnv race of it Nothing
ever got near enough to bother him
Monmouth Boy was best of the others
Kings Favorite was n false favorite and
ran a bad race Neither she nor B
George was ever contenders The time
for tho race equals the record for the
Third race For three- ear olds and up
ward fix furlongs The Bhmer Burns
9 to l1 ami out won Robert Waddell Sea
ton even anel out second Imperialist
Ijxatln 0 to 1 and even third Time
1 15 1 5
Palatial alo ran
Onl four starters out of ten carded to
go Good start Palatial went out to do
ihe running and set a fast clip for the
first quarter He backed up very quickly
und the race through the stretch was be
tween Biivmcr and Waddell 10itner
won liandlK Palatial ran a surprising
rnee for a 2o0 to 1 shot and will do In
cheaper company
Fourth race -For maiden two-year-olds
four furlongs Aster Burns 9 to 10 nnd
out wonJThc Stewardess Beaton 50 to 1
and 10 to 1 second Maru Landr 7 to
3 nnd out third Time 0 51
Tea Varre Ski Bunner and Jrnc also
Good start It was no race for Astcry
ind sho won with plenty In reserve She
was saved at the post and well handled
There was a strong tip on Maru on ac
count of teputed private trials of a half In
491A Bather singular if he worked In M1
that he should be beaten In 051
Fifth race -I or nalden three-year-olds
Of n w Cnlarrli Cure
A large and constantl Increasing ma
Jorltj of the American people are ca
tarrh sufferers This Is not entirely the
result of our changeable climate- but be
cause modern lnestlgation has clearly
proven that many diseases known by
other names are really catarrh Form
erlj the nimc catarrh was applied almost
excluslvelj to the common mstl catirrh
but the thront stomach liver oladder
kldnejs and Intestines arc subject to ca
tarrh ll diseases as well as the nasal pas
In fact wherever there Is mucous mem
brane there is a fiedltig ground for ca
ll rrh
liae been to tile Washington Jockcj Club The usuiT remedies inhalers sprajs
had good weather faored it throughout douches or powders have been practically
but as It was the attendance was un- failures as far ns onj thing more than
usuall large eer dij The public has temporary relief was concerned because
cause to be crateful is the snort i thej simply dry P the mucous
tions without having the remotest effect
upon the blood and liver which are tho
real sources of catarrhal diseases
It has been known for some 5 ears that
the radical cure of catarrh could never
come from local applications but from
an Internal remedy acting on the blood
and expelling the catarrhal poison from
the sjstem
A new intern il preparation which his
been on the market only a short time has
met with remarkable success as a genu
ine radical cure for citirrh
It mas be found in any drug store sold
under the name of Stuarts Catarrh Tab
lets large pleasant tasting lozenges com
posed principally of antiseptic Ingredients
Kuculjptol Gualacol Sangulnnrla
evci As there was no place betting on j drastln and similar catarrh specifics
cither horse 110 matter how- the race went Dr Ainslee In speaking of the new
it was bound to break well for the books j tarrh cure sajs I have tried the new
It was a foregone conclusion that one of catarrh rented Stuarts Catarrh Tablets
the two fa ories would win and while Pn LJlfntfdthJ
the books did not stand to win a great
deal as neither of the other starters had
much of a following there was no way
they could o to the race
Inen again the sKth race broke well
for the books as three of the starters
I ItUlt IMliailtllUIJ UVIUlia 1IICJ Lltui llib
head and throat more effcctunils and last
ingly than any douche or Inhaler tint I
have ever seen and although they are
what is called a patent medicine and sold
by druggists I do not hesitate to recotn
ment them as 1 know them to be freo
from cocaine and opiates and that even
were about enual favorites Speedmas at ja little child may use them with entire
24 to 1 Scurrj at 2 to 1 and Malt - - fhm
or bronchial trouble catarrh of the
neh liver or bladder will find Stuarts
fifnrrh Tnhets rpmrirknhlv pfTrfie
pleasant and convenient and vour drug
gist will tell jou they are absolutely free
from an injurious drug
and upward seven furlongs Hough Rider
Burns 2 to 5 and out won Innlscarra
Seaton 10 to 1 and 3 to 1 second Street
Bo 1 itzgerald S to 1 and 2 to 1 third
Time l0 2 3
MIcou Ten Iji and Albert Edward also
ran and finlohetl in the above order
Goed start Coming out of the chute
the first to show was MIcou and Street
Bov Coming into the stretch Rough
Rder gradually overhauled the leaders
anil in the run home drew awav from
them winning b two lengths He out
classes this kind
Sixth race For three- ear olds and up
ward selling one mile and lift ards
Speedmas Burns 13 to 5 and 4 to 5 won
Althea I andrv 5 to I and even second
Alard Seaton G to 1 and S to j third
Time 1171 5
Matt Simpson and Scurr also ran
Start good Scurry and Matt Simnson
did the running for the first half with
Speedmas lalng in a good position Al
thea was trailing the field at least ten
lengths behind the leader Speedmas went
to the front on call and won handily
Althea who ran a remarkable race was
a good second with Alard third Burns
rode a grand race on the winner his
fourth consecutive winning mount of the
The Ilpiinluf IJnlrlen
The following are the entries for the
races at Bennlng today
First race Handicap hurdle for four-
ear olds and upward mile and a half
over six hurdlew Draughtsman 151
Gould 150 Petrellus 19 Chariwlnd H8r
Connover HI Earn U3 Hopeful 112
Hncklett 130
Second race ror two year olds maid
ens and winners of one race onl four
and one half furlongs Carroll I 110
Rlghtaway 110 The Gold Finder 107
sister junct iv true 104 jsnracle II
101 Grail 101
Third race Hunters Steeplechase
about two and one half miles Self Pro
tection 1G3 Quicksilver 151 Last Cord
HO Eophone 132 Joe Letter U2 In the
Push Ul Emory 131
Note Weights will be less if ridden by
gentlemen riders but not under 130
Fourth race Bennlng Handicap seven
furlongs First Av hip JlSi Charcntus
117 Sidney Lucas 11J14 Decanter 115
The Rhvmer 113 Kobert Waddell 111
Magic Light 101 Dals entr Alslke
103 Moor 100 Lexington Pirate 93
Fifth race For maiden three- ear olds
and upward Allanthus 107 Seaforth
107 Napoleon Bonapirte 107 Brahmin
107 Zelmore 102 Black Vigil 101 Arbi
trator 104 l adj Ruth 1U2 Thoroughbred
loO AMIIard J 97 Anna Darling 9 Ze
naldr 93 Street Boy 97
Sixth race For three- ear olds and upward-
selling 1 mile and 100 nrds Vir
ginia Wilcox SI Cherished S7 Robert
Metcalf 101 Nitrate Sfi Klrkwood 110
Apprentice allowance claimed
Seventh race For three- enr olds and
upward non winners at tills meeting five
furlongs Toluca 102 Bosterer 107 Pres
gravc 91 Slvan Dell 103 Diva lie
Honey Bov 101 Moor 91 Charcntus 101
Frank Morrison 91 Palatial 108
Tirst race Charaw Ind
5 jSSMm
Second race The Goldflnder Carroll D
Miracle II
Third race Self Protection Uophone
Fourth race Sidney Iucas Alslke
Plfth race Arbitrator Allanthus Brah
Sixth race Kirkw ood Kobert Metcalf
Seventh race Charentus Presgrave
rrank Morrison
Itentilts lit ltiiipli
MEMPHIS Tenn Vpnl 12 Iteult of lo
dayn race track good
i Itt rate lor four and one
lialf furlongs II U Coleman J Wood 2 to
3 won Tlie r mond Hansom 5 to 1 second
Miss Niamey Coburn 10 to 1 third Time
0 37
Se cond race and upivaru
selling one mile llamford Miller S to 1
won hettow Hariom t to I see ond Sir
Oatim Oilmore 12 to 1 tlnrd Time I 1314
Tlard raee Cardowa Hotel llanduap for
three- ear olds and upward seven furlongs
Vvoi Itcliertbon 5 to 1 won Vlard -check
J Wood even serond The Iluili Winlficld
7 lo S third Time 1 -34
lourlh race Kor ear olds anl upward
ix furl incs Miss Hfnnctt Cohurn 5 to 2
won SIHerdale J Woods 4 to 5 fcce ond Lady
Miathmore Cochran b to S third Tunc
1 Hi
Ilflh race For two-ear-old Mlhnx four
furlongs lied Hook U inkri 4 to 1 won
vdna Joburn 7 to 5 second Winter Utile
Miller 3 to 1 third Time 0 51
Sixth race lor and upward
wiling one and three sixteenths mile Tamtnanj
t hlcf J T Mood 3 to 1 won llotmie Coch
ran 5 to 1 MToml vlbert Vale Wmklleld
0 lo 1 lldrd Time 1 Oi
lntrltM lit MrinpliiH
MEMPHIS Tenn Vpnl 12 Intries for
moirowg races
Hrst race lor two-year-olds selling four
and one half furlonj s Mollie Brooks 91 Cadet
101 Miss Charlie Kl Marr Svbella Nil Lady
Hird 103 Vuibphone Ben Hempstead lot
Jim Scanlan lOo Lathrop 107 lorn Wallace
Second race- Tor four-year-old and upward
wllinc sil furlong tittle Will 100 Staff
Alev Icanen 51 ra WBreKa 100 La lrncw u
Icalltr 102 Znia tORrjchclioltlia Siotella
104 Tamos HonniranlItW5Sisttr Alice Aenshla
Third rare For and upward one
mile and Feve nt arU fd ittle Hoy blue t7
Mjrth Si tjunoel Jjlhancrry 9t Hoods
brigade W kinir iSood rs Lee hinpt i3
Annonan OS Heroics Rlrand Barr Molia II
Heana Margaret Hattemsitin 100 Sarilla 102
Clioru Bov 103 Wavtapfr 111
Fourth race For an 1 upward
one mile brigade 103 Tlie Unknown 111
Wild Pirate 101
Pifili race Cotton sawrloe liase or four-car-olds
anil upnard alwut Ivo miles nri tnl 137
Joe Hell Mac Laren J10 halmt 119 Populist
10 ilalonevs enlry I eo 15 Darjrl 115 Vnxin
155 F McLeans entry Tlie bovt Chord
11 Tonto 102
Sixth race lor three- ear old and upward
Kt llinc x hirlomrs Pirates Queen 92
lnneei Attilee 91 fileinnre 05 Zaek Kurd
S T illv Iantland La Iloirom 102 The leffer
Jfin Cr iv John 104 1 red Heftsig Sue lohnwn
Kti Viritator Hisli Jink 100 Douterswivel
111 Draw Lad 115 Kindred 110
Mpinplils Selections
First race Zfom Wallace Laturop Miss Cliarlie
Second riee Sister Alice Actialila Mra
Morel la
Third race Hoods Brigade arlla Heana
Fourth race Brpaoe The Unknon Wild
Fifth race Malones entry HcLcana entry
SutU race Urw Lad High J in 3 Agitator
niiie rsmi Institute vv ln n Oiic Sliled
Jin II Cnine
The Lmerson Institute baseball team de
feated the Business High School ncgre
gatlon jesterdaj at the Y M C A
Park by a score otJl to 8 The High
School ho s were clearly outplayed all
through th game After their catcher
was disabled In the last half of the sec
ond Inning they were practically out of
It Young the High School catcher suf
fered a compound fracture of the thumb
in an attempt to stop a speedy out
shoot with his right hand He went to
the nmergenev Hospital where several
stitches were taken In the Injured member
after It had been set
The first game played between the two
teams was won by the Business High
School by a score of 7 to 5 The Emerson
team lias been greatly strengthened since
and the High School teams will now find
the Institute bov 3 a difficult proposition
The line up was ns follows Emerson
Service catcher Senser pitcher Jacob
son flrat base Bennett second base
Walker third base Oujcr shortstop F
Bennett left Held Morrison right Held
pitcher Somers first base Cullen second
base King and Dodge third base Ilae
shortstop Kcnglar left field Ilawes
right Hed Hnrmel centre Held Umpire
Mr Corrlgan
The Oxforil CnmlirldKe SportM Com
mittee Insists nn September
LONDON April 12 After considering
the Harvard Yale proposal to hold the
inter unlversity alhlel sports In Julv In
stead of Septemier jthe Oxford-Cambridge
Sports Committee has sent n defi
nite reply to tne effect that It will be
IlrooKIvn S n
At Norfolk RH E
Brookljn 00030320 0 S 9 3
Norfolk 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 1 3
Batteries Kennedj Kltson Steelmau
and Mugulre Wolff and Nelson
Mrollg Evidenei llrotiKltt to Uinr
VlTiiliiit n Siispee ted Murderer
WILKESIiAURII Pa April 12 -The
web of evidence about Mch itl Crooks
suspecteil of the murder of Adam
Bhoides was completed at a hearing this
morning and he was held for trial with
out ball The mir was verj nervous and
seemed much iffected
The knife which belonged to Crooks was
submitted and tho t itement in ide
that it was covered vlth blood
anil that after being seen trjlng
to clean It he hail thrown it
aw a j Then Mrs John Horgan a neigh
bor of the suspected man said tint he
came to her house tint morning after the
murder and got home water to wash his
hands Tlie blood onthem was so thick
that the water was colored red There
wub also blood oij his clothes and he tried
to wash it off Seeing her watching him
closely he told her that he had been In a
light with nn Englishman nnd had used
his knife nnd stabbed him In the breast
When tlie prlsojier heard this evidence
he hung his head and Appeared vcrj much
depressed Other witnesses connected him
with the crime ind It was also found
his pockets wen- mnrked with blood
where lie had plaqqil the knife
An Aildrii li ifllr Andrews
VV h Andrews iuJdoc of the Treasury De
partment will adJrcssTthe meeting of the
Christian Fndeavor Societj of the Sew ork
Vvuiue lre literian Church night at
C JO oclock taking as hia subject 1 ounda
rk FisD wmeium mathfb
5 mySSiyJLlwM BEyMmt
2o s Mrnxama
Otscomfant and Dsnnon
j where Mutters Friend is not
known or used
FS9S Comfort and Safety
-- U here the irtues of Mothers 1
Friend are known
It istlieoncaiidonlylinimentlntlieworldthatbj outward
ntmlirallon robs ehildhltlh nf its terrors Hverv woman
-- - -
a -
-a cuirao ar h - thouid tell ncr iricnds ot It whether needed nowor not
M othpr Vrtrnd Is oU t f all Drue flits er can ue sent I r ejprcus pill on receipt of nn e
I Itwb nn Matherhooa mailed free lo m valuableUUCrroaiun
ar4voluuuiTleaionUls Ery woman hoel 1 ten it lo her ftkads aar
tii niLuFiiD iirtiiJivron c Atinntn ca rr
Remarkable Invention of an Ohioan That Guarantees Perfect Health
Strength and Beauty to Every User and Cures Without Drugs AH Ner
vous Diseases Rheumatism La Grippe Neuralgia Blood and Kid
ney Troubles Weakness and the Most Obstinate Diseases by
Natures Method of Steaming the Poisons Out of the System
Ministers and Those Who Have Used It Declare It to Be the Most Remarkable Invisorant Ever
RotarTk4n A n Tnlm An U a e -
UUwvu ov u - KaoiiEiudi nuiopnugs oaniianums or neaiin Resorts
A nromlnent btislne man of Pinrlnnntl
has Invented a Vnpor Bath Cabinet that
has proven a blesslnc to every man wo
man and child who has used It and nsj
many of our readers inny not know of Its
real comfort and blessings we Illustrate
It in this Isue
I Our recent investigation f this remark
I able Invention was so very satisfactory
j vc have no hesitancy in endorsing the
same as Just what nil our readers need
I It is nn alr tlsht enclosure a rubber
j walled room In which one comfortably
rests on a chair and with only the head
outside enjoys at home for 2 cents each
an ine rrveious cleansing curative nnd
nvigoratlntr effects nf t4i fnmm
Ish Hot Vapor Hot Air or Medicated
Vapor Bath wiUi no possibllty of taking
cold afterwards or in any way weaken
ing the sjstem
McQueen centre field Business Young I jnu eKnown phvslclans have
and Newton catcher Dodge and King I c ft ii- practice to sell this
vjtifc men 41s Emerson
Kaj Detroit who has already sold over
JJn aJohn Wrlent Chicago who
sold li last month
Thousands of remarkable letters have
been written the makers from users
some of which referring to
JiiiciimntlNm In
will be interesting to those who suffer
from these dread maladies vv L Brown
Oxford Ohio writes M fither was
down in bed for months with rheumatism
tnis Cabinet did him more good than 30
worth of drugs It cured my brother of
neuralgia and sleeplessness with which
he had long suffered and his wife of la
crlone in nni nlfhr r st t nv
V - J AJUtlCiLJ U-
possible for the Hnglfjh athletes to par- qu7t business a VeaVago Inrostratld
ticlpate In Julyowirtg to tho Oxford- with rheumatism and kldnev irnnhtos
Cambridge cricket jnatch taking place In when your Cabinet came Two weeks use
that month In vvhlchlmany of the i1 1nae ad a twinge
letes will play a V - ucorge 11 Hudson Okemo
It Is added that ifaiarvard and Yale f3 r Bae UP m pastorate on
account of
cannot agree on September as the month
for holding the tgames they must be
nbandoncd Thisitleclalon Is Irrevocable
but If Septembertls decided on the 12ns
lishmcil can sendia strong- team
The vlen to Plnyilii the Cnlile Matcli
LONDON Aprif li The committee of
the British Ches Club tonight approyed
the following tam to represent Great
Britain In the forthcoming cable match
with America Blackburne Mason Lee
Mills Ward Jackson Jacobs Bclllngham
Atkins and Mitchell In the order named
The reserves will be Lawrence Jones
and Passmore Blackburne Is still doubt
ful whether or not he will play If ho
docs not Lawrence will go Into the team
Mason plavlng board No 1 Lee No 2
artd eo op
The Icninle IIner Ilentcii
The game of basketball at Kenans last
night between the Beds female members
of the City Sports and the Iv annoys a
local team with which the women plajed
a tie on Tuesday resulted In a score of
3 to 1 In favor of the rren Tonight tho
Blues the other team or the company
will plav in place of tho Columbia the
Eastern Stars of this citi Including Will
iam Warwick right forward James
Thompson left forward John Hill cen
tre Krank Phillips right back and
George Ellis left back
GrorjTclmt n and Antintnlin Tmlnr
The Georgetown aggregation of ball
ossers will go to Annapolis today to play
the Naval Cadet ball team The navy
bojs have been drilled in the national
game nil season by Doc HHIebrand the
ex Princeton pitcher and Coach BradTy
also an old Princeton man Captain
Walsh of the Georgetown team will send
In Fay and Cos to do the twirling The
formers woik was of a high order in the
Princeton ghme Of Cox little Is known
He will have nn opportunity to demon
strate his worth In todays game AH of
the othT regular men will be In thegime
In addition to the regulars Blewett
Mackay und Bvrne will make the trip
to Annapolis
nervous prostration and lung
frlllKa mi alnH - klll
- v j iui nismy recommend
ed jour Cabinet I tried It from that day
1 have steadily grown better am now
well nervousness gone lungs strong am
a new man Mr
Simon Tompkins
a re
tired capitalist of Columbus Ohio 1031
Broad Street says I am satisfied It
saved my life I was taken down with
a hsrd cold which developed into a dan
gerous case of pneumonia The first bath
relieved me and I quickly recovered It
is far superior to drugs for curing la
grippe colds Inflammation and rheuma
tism Hon A B Strickland of Bloom
ington writes that the Cabinet did him
more good than two v ears doctoring en
One of the Ilnml Killed nnd n Dep
tit May Die
ALTGONA Pa April 12 In an encoun
ter between a band of robbers
gjpsics and a constables posse at Sum
mit Deputy D C TIttler was mortally
wounded one gjpsy was killed and an
other badly hurt The trouble grew out
city the police
The members of the gang entered the
store and took everj thing wanted
after which they drove awaj northward
Constable Edward Brown organized a
posse Immediately and started in pursuit
The gjpsles stopped at Summit When
the constable attempted to make arrests
thej opend fire mortallj wounding
Deputj Tittler at the first
The shots were returned the officers
and one gjpsj was killed and one badly
wounded The band was captured today
at Lilly and ten of the men sent to Jail
on the charges of murder riot and rob
Gcor ie Irncst Throw it Prom His
A heel Uiuli r n Car
George Ernest fiftj five jears of age is
a patient at the Casualtj Hospital lie
cause of scvero Injuries about the head
and limbs resulting from a collision last
night with George Brown a tinner re
siding at 1121 II Street northeast Both
men were riding bicjcles and came to
gether at First and II Streets northeast
The force of the collision threw Ernest
beneath a car of the Columbia
and he was badlj cut and bruNed It Is
thought he will recover
The accident took place about G oclock
as Ernest was on his vvaj down town
Brown was riding along H Street east of
North Capitol Street and car No K ot
the Columbia Line was- gedng west After
croing Plrst street Ernest rode almost
alongblde of the war which was going at
a fair rate of speed Brown appears to
hnve been riding on the right hand side
of the car track He and Ernest made nn
attempt to cross the street ahead of tho
ca- Ther wheels collided and both men
were thrown to the ground
Ernest fell strlklt g on his head and
roIed under the ear In ch irge of Prank
Bank conductor and George Wilding
mutorman ildlng put on the brakes
and brought Ihe ear to i stindstlll within
a few feet It Is said and with several
others went to the assistance of the In
jured man beneath the car Ernest was
picked up and word sent for the ambu
The phvslclans found that Ernest was
unconscious and had sustained three bad
cuts on the head and face besides a con
tusion of the right leg and numerous
bruises The wounds- were dressed and
stimulants applied Durirg the evening
the patient Improved regaining conscious
ness News of the accident was sent to
his wife and family bj the police Mrs
Ernest called at the hospital to see her
husband Another caller was Lieutenant
Moore of the Sixth precinct station hut
Ernest was unable to tell much nbout tho
accident Lieutenant Moore heard his
meagre statement however No arrests
were m ide last night Ernest lives at 629
Eleventh Street northeast He has live
children He has been emplojd as a watch
man by Woodward Lothrop for about
eight jears
Ilc nth of Col Jiiiim n G Ilerret Ivovv
Ilniirlj Ivpectcd
Col James G Berret who has been
hopelessly 111 at his home 1333 I Street
northwest for the past ten dajs was
pronounced much worse at a late hour
last night and was expected to die at
almost anj time
Colonel Berret sank earlj last night
into an unconscious condition from which
he had not recovered at a late hour Ills
phjslclan Dr J Taber Johnson was able
to offer no encouragement to the mem
bers of the family gathered at the bed
Dr Johnson said the patient had grown
much weaker and that hl3 death was
onlv a question of hours
tirely cured him of catarrh gravel kidney
trouble and drops with which he had
long been afflicted
Hundred of Minister
write praising this Cabinet Be v II C
Boernaes Hverctt Kan sajs It Is a
blessing made me full of life and vigor
should be In use In every famlli Iter
J C Blehardson North Hfth Street Ito o
bury Mass was greatly benefited by its
use and recommends it highly as also
does Prof B E P Kline of Ottawa Uni
versity who sas I And It a grent benefit
No Christian should bo without it Hon
V C Hay St Joe Mo writes Physi
cians gave me up to die was persuaded
by friends to try this Cabinet and It cured
me I can not praise it enough Bev
Baker Smith D D Fairmont N J sajs
iour Cabinet rids the body of aches and
pain nnd as cleanliness is nect to godli
ness ft merits high recommendation
Congressman John J Lcntz Hon
Chauncey 11 Depew John T Brown edi
tor Christian Guide Bev C M Keith
editor Holiness Advocate as well as
hundreds of clergjmen bankers gov
ernors phvslclans and influential people
recommend It highly
Physicians are unanimous In claiming
that colds la grlnDe fevers smallpox
consumption kidney trouble Brlghts dis
ease cancer In fact such
Mnrrelfiun Kliiulnativ e Power
has this Cabinet that no disease can gain
a foothold in our body If ou take these
hot Thermal Baths weekly Scientific rea
sons are brought out In a very Instructive
little book issued by the makers To
Cure Illnod nnd Skin nisenses
this Cabinet has marvelous power Dr
Shepard of Brookljn Itates that he has
never failed to draw out the deadly poison
of snake bites hydrophobia blood poison
etc by this Vapor Bath proving that
it is the most wonderful blood purifier
known If people instead of filling their
system with more poisons by taking drugs
nnd nostrums would get Into a Vapor
Bath Cabinet and steam out these
poisons and assist nature to act they
would have pure blood and a skin as
clear and smooth as the most fastidious
could desire
The Important Feature
of this Cabinet is that it gives a hot
vapor bath that opens the millions of
pores all over the body stimulating the
sweat glands drawlnrr out nil ihe imnnr
salts acids and effete matter which if
retained overwork the heart kidneys
lungs and cause disease debility and
rtseonisning is me improve
ment in neaun iecnng and complexion
The first bath makes you feel like a new
being 10 jears jounger
With the Cabinet if desired Is a
Ile nd nml Complexion Steamer
In which the face head and neck ars
given the same vapor treatment as the
body producing tho most wonderful re
sults removes pimples blackheads skin
eruptions cures Catarrh Asthma and
O C Smith Mt Healthy Ohio writes
Since using this Cabinet my Catarrh
Asthma and Hay Feior with which I
have been afflicted since childhood has
never returned Worth SIWO to me I
have sold hundreds of these Cabinets
Everyone Vas delighted My wife finds it
excellent for her Ills
Whatev er
AMU Hasten Persplrntlon
cvervono knows is beneficial but other
methods are crude and Insignificant when
compared to the convenient and marvel
ous curative power of this Cabinet known
as the new 1303 style
Quaker Inltllut TTiermnl
Bath Cabinet We find it to be n genuine
Cabinet with -a real door opening wide
as shown In cut When closed it is air
tight handsomely made of best most du
rable water proof goods rubber lined
A Heavy steel frame supports it making
Captain Hodgson Vppenls From War
Department Decision
The claim of Frederick S Hodgson of
this cits for pay from May 10 to Maj 12
l9j commutation of quarters from Sep
part by Comptroller Traceweli Mr
Tracewell decided that Captain Hodgson
was entitled to extra pay but was not en
titled to commutation of quarters He
said in his decision
It appears from the records and evi
dence in the case that Captain Hodgson
was piaceu on waiting oruers September
What I- that stren roHjId nv drives h
i w rat is It that when it is exnauicu
j causes the storage battery In the actoxoblle to
j stop It lasociethlng wo call electricity Bnt
1 noonekmivswhat it Is So with man What
1 Is life What Is death Medical sclenco has
i been at work on this problem for a thousand
jears Life Is vitality Death i lost vitality
I is but science has
i coveredacinrale
stanec ailed Calthos
which produces v tallty
laawLstcdhmzsn bedv
en the same principle
that eljctrlclty moves
the automobile
r of Jules Labarde
tho distinguished
rrencliciemist discov
ered Calthos It Is
Lnowa anicig Fnrope
nn chemists 3 tho es
sence of life en account
of Its peculiar power to
rebuild as bv magic
rim s
Nf t1
It a strong and substantial bathroom
within itself It has top curtains in fact
all tho latest improvements
The makers furnish an excellent stovo
with each Cabinet also valuable recipes
and formulas for medicated baths and
ailments as well ns plain directions It
folds flat In 1 Inch space when not In uso
easily carried weighs but 10 pounds
Peoplo dont need bathrooms as this
cabinet may be used In any room and
bath tubs have leen discarded since this
invention as It gives a far better bath
for all cleansing purposes than soap and
water For the sick room its advantages
are at once apparent Thero have been
So Cnlled Cnlilnrtu
on the market but they were unsatisfac
tory inconvenient simply cheap films
After Investigation we can say tho
Quaker Cabinet made by the Cincinnati
firm is the only practical article of Its
kind and will last for years It seems to
satisfy and delight every user and the
linkers Gnnrnnlee IlcnultN
They assert positively and their state
ments are backed by a vast amount of
testimony from persons of Influence that
this Cabinet will cure nervous troubles
Debility Purify the Blood Beautify the
Skin and Cure Rheumatism They offer
JM reward for a case not relieved Cures
the most obstinate cases of Womens
Troubles La Grippe Sleeplessness Neu
ralgia Malaiia Headaches Ohcslty
Gout Sciatica Eczema Scrofula Piles
Dropsy Blood and Skin Diseases Liver
and Kidney Troubles It will
Care the Worst Cold
with one bath breaks up all symptoms of
La Grippe Fevers Pneumonia Consump
tion Asthma and is really a household
necessity Giv es the most
demising nnd Itefreslilng Bath
known and all those enjoying health
should use it at least once or twice a
week for Its great value is its marvelous
power to draw out of the system all Im
purities that cause disease and for this
reason Is truly a godsend to ail humanity
All our readers who want to enjoy per
fect health prevent disease or are af
flicted should hav cone of these remark
able Cabinets Space prevents a detailed
description but it will bear out the most
exacting demand for durability and cura
tive properties
Write the only makers the World Man
ufacturing Company 3043 World Bailding
Cincinnati Oh sni ask them to send
jou their valuable Illustrated book FREE
describing this Invention and these re
markable baths The price of the Cabinet
Is wonderfully low only 5 complete with
heater directions and formulas Also
Prof Gerlngs J2 Guide Book Health and
Beauty free Head attachment If de
sired Jl extra and it is Indeed difficult to
imagine where one could invest that
amount of money in an j thing else that
guarantees so much health strength and
v Igor
for full Information or better still order
a Cabinet jou wont be disappointed as
the makers guarantee every Cabinet and
agree to refund jour monej after thirty
dajs use If not Just as represented
We know them to do as they agree
are reliable ana responsible capital
J100 000
The Cabinet Is Just as represented and
will be shipped promptlj You can remit
safelj by express P O order
bank draft or certified check
Dont fall to send for booklet anyway
toO n 3Iontlt and expenses
This Cabinet Is a wonderful seller More
than 20000 were sold last month by
agents and the firm offers special In
ducements to both men and women upon
request and to our knowledge man- are
making from J100 to J150 every month and
expenses Dont fall to write them
tember 12 to November 20 1S5S and two lough period to be a status of duty with
months extra paj as captain of Company troops and he is not entitled to
G First District of Columbia Volunteer
e UB l a t ncansvme store by j
Infantrf as disallowed by the
the gjpsM who were driven out of this
Auditor for the War Department and
which was appealed has been allowed in
was held to dutj from that date to the
date of his discharge Not having received
the benefit of a substantial furlough un
der genera orders of 1SSS he Is entitled to
extra pay under the act of May 26 139
The furloughng of a large portion of the
regiment while the officer was retained
on regimental dutj did not change his
status but it continued uunng tne fur-
tatlon of quarters Upon revision of
above described account I And and rertifv
a difference of 100 due from the United
States to the claimant being two months
extra act of May 26 1500 appropria
tion Extra pay to volunteers war with
Spain to be paid to Frederick S Hodg
son I22 J H Street Washington D C
Heuriclts beer Is good for man bracing up
hU enereie to conquest Without neuncii
enate Maerzen or Laser life hi drdl the man
perceiving himself useless for wearily the body
pTTMnefh lit - floor on mltr hintres Tor a
12 18SS recalled to duty by proper author- j case of th beer that eires life energy Phone
ity on or about September 13 ISM and Heat 31 trhngton Bottling Co
aaiSte sw Txmztttt42i3sflm
tTfxrsmm s sdB a i Ttwn tca
iSiyiftMliy Full 5 Days Treatment ISSfSl
JjresiVeW lAwiigi He C 0 D or Deposit Schema
SSSyS v v A
Lost Power In Ivfon
Experiments with Calthos hare been made
within the last five years In OOO0O cases and In
no Instance lias it failed to cure every case of
nervous nllmcats General Debility Spermator
rhasa nrlcocelc Inpotency small Parts
Night Sn cats Palpitation of the Heart Loss of
Memory and Loss of Sexual Power It Is not a
panacea ncraslrcng harsh stimulant such as
Is sold by v ek men doctors and C O D fakirs
Thousands ot men have been sent to their graves
uy ineso newareot incmi
Calthos Is a chemical food that replenishes
the nervous sjstem tones the blood and acts
through tho nerves on tho weakened organs
VKlgMsir v vine cose win maaetno
j The largest Importers of Standard Prep-
fri braiiuas iu mo uaueu stales
natlent feel Tcnnsr a-
galn A short treat
ment will permanently
restore lost power cad
Tho Von Mohl Com
pany of Cinclrnatl
brought this great dis
covery to mo united
States The Company
was organized under a
general act o theOhio
Legislature and has
to handle dittos la
The Von Mohl Co Is now the largest Importer
of standard preparations In this country ThOii
sands ot sufferers from lost manhood and gen
eral debllitj have been victimized by doctors
and charlatans until they have lost faith la
mankind and given up all hope of ever being
restored to acslth
No matter how hopeless your case may seem do not fail to give Calthos a trial Tho Von
jiont company win send you d mail a
a lr trMtraent FRee of charseupcn
request This Is no CO D or mall or-
i derfalce It will cure you
1 Itate to write for yourself your friend
J or suffering relative All correspondence
j is held sacredly confidential bj the ion
Mohl Company and jou are assured of
J fair treatment In all dealings with this
reputable concern
MQrmon BlshODS PI 1 13 brc been la use ocr 50 yean ty te kider of the Mormon
Church wa tnei Liwwer Jo iucir cures the wont cases la eld aad younc arising from eflt
cf seUabuse diisptua excesses or clcirette saoitiaff Cure Lost PlanhOOd IfjT
tJllltv He5aachSUnfliness to Marry tpss of Somen Varicocele Ner
or conslpatlpn stops QuicKne oi jm
WMimicnnsoi JY r t hamJ
tevr rv luncuotx uool irci uuvuiutiu -
charge Stops
Impact vi0ff ami potencf to
Restores smalt uulevelopej
crrws Stimolites tht awl rrC centers pz a hox 6 to fr roaL - Vr7rrV
or awney refunded with 6 boxes Circulars free Address DlOtlOp Remedy CO SCTl FranCISCOi CaL
For ule by EDWABO STEVENS Xtnth Str eet and Tcnnsjlraala Avenue

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