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Significance of fhe Franco Italian
Friendliin Concealed
Jill lint riatltiidcH ndltcd lmin the
Speeches nt Toulon Hncrlnml Anx
Iciun fur n lollej He It tlond or Jlml
HuknIu GInd if n New Attraction
Special Cablegram Copyrighted
LONDON April 13 Comedy in high
politics is sometimes more interesting
than tragedy and it certainly is a re
lief to the nerves to tret a respite from
the atmosphere of melodrama sc the
European world has been watching this
weeks flirtation at Toulon with bsner
olent amusement
The principal characters have played
their parts beautifully It is only the
supers or the chorus as represented
by the local French populace who have
failed to do what is expected of them
They have not displayed that made-to-order
affection for the Italian visitors
which their official superiors and stage
managers expected Their cheers have
sometimes been hisses and never had
the ring of genuineness
This is only natural Diplomacy can
change the role Gf enmity to friendli
ness overnight but the popular antip
athy 10 Italians which has been en
couraged In southern France for nearly
twenty years cannot suddenly be dis
pelled by a change of the official at
titude at Paris There Is no serious
danger however that the Govern
ments new policy toward Italy will
meet any strong- general opposition in
The weeks events at Toulon have not
thrown the least light on the ultimate
purposes of France and Germany Ev
erything except the merest platitudes
has been edited out of all the speeches
and other utterances and the political
significance of the recent Franco
Italian compliments and embraces is
as well concealed as ever
Russia Is undoubtedly well pleased
to have the worlds attention diverted
SI 25 to Uultlmore nml Return via
I A O mid Sunday
April 13 and 14 gcod for return until follow
inr Monday Ticket good on ill trains except
Deplorable CoudltlonN in the Minimi
mill Ilonnn Pro inccs
PEIC1N April 13 There are ten thou
sand converts to the Protestant faith In
the province of ShansI and the majority
them are In great distress Their
neighbors are boycotting them and hun
dreds are nctually starving A wealthy
Chinaman who Is disposed to be friendly
toward the missionaries has agreed to
advance money enough to relieve the dis
tress if the missionaries give the neces
sary surety
Shansi is the province where more than
twenty years ago during the hard times
the missionaries distributed over 200003
taeis among the poor and suffering Most
of this money came from Great Britain
An American missionary named Whiting
who uieu at mat time or famine was
buried with honor at Taiyuan fu a place
where afterward Governor Yu Hsien
sacrificed forty four missionaries It is
estimated that three shillings a month
for each convert will be sufficient to Keep
the starting alive
There are similar reports from the
northern part of the province of llqnan
mere is great distress in the city of
Changte fu and It is reported that many
families are dying dally of starvation
where a small amount of money would
kesp them alive Slim contributions for
their relief are expected this ear The
Boxers are still drilling within the limits
of this city with the connivance of the of
ficials but other Chinamen who remember
the benefits they received in the past de
sire the missionaries to return especially
the medical missionaries
The missionaries think however that
this is inadvisable at present as the place
is along the line that Emperor Kwang su
The Introduction of ConfCHiton
Cnnncft a lrotcnt In Doicr
LONDON April 13 Eastertide seems to
have brought with It -a renewal of the
extreme High Church practices which the
Archbishops and Bishops at a conference
i declHI pd IllPfr nl nnd frr1ata Tt fa
for a few days from the Far Eastern cd that many churches have gone back to
embroglio by the Mediterranean drama these uses especially to the ceremonial
ana mere is no intimation yet as to use oi incense mere is naturally re-
what her next move will be toward the
Inevitable goal In Manchuria The
Times today plaintively affects to be
lieve that the British compliments to
th revolting- Viceroys whose protest
prevented the signature of the
Chinese treaty carries the additional
tijcance of the decision of the Brit
ish Government to protect these Chi
nese officials In carrying out a similar
policy in the future
One Is compelled to fear however
that the wish is father to the thought
on the part of the -Times British
letters of approval bear such a striking
resemblance to Emperor Williams fa
mous telegram to Mr Kruger that the
conviction Is almost force tht they
also lack a sequel
The public demand on the Govern
ment for a policy any policy rather
than no policy grows stronger every
day among all parties and classes in
Great Britain The Spectator today
expresses the views of the Unionists
and Liberals alike when It says
We cannot disguise from ourselves
the fact that we may be reaching a
situation in Europe when a definite
even If mistaken policy will be better
than no policy at all We would In
finitely rather come to terms with
Russia and make a clear understand
ing with her than commit ourselves to
Japan and the Triple Alliance But if
our statesmen will not or cannot come
to an understanding with Russia we
would father stand In with the Triple
Alliance than do what we appear to be
doing now that is barking at Russias
heels and giving her - the impression
that we are her deadliest foe and yet
making no arrangements with Russias
European and Far Eastern enemies
That Is pure foolishness We get all
the odium of an anti Russian policy
and get none of Its advantages We
are hated by and fear Russia and yet
If a dual alliance attacked us we should
have no support from the Triple Al
liance Rather than withstand Russia
in our present feeble and futile way
we should withstand her boldly and
strongly It will be a bad and unin
telligent policy but anything is better
than no policy at aij
Fourteen Men Victim of the So
cletyd Vcwrcunce in Mclly
ROME April 13 At the beginning of
the year word was sent from Rome that
the Mafia and other societies In Sicily
must be stamped out at all cost and the
local authorities Vere threatened with
degradation if they should any longer
Ignore their duty The Mafia promptly
took up the challenge with a result that
there has been a carnival of crime In the
beautiful island
Since the beginning of February no
fewer than fourteen men have been mur
dered and each corpse has been found
with a paper thrust between Its teeth
bearing the words Thus the Mafia
punishes its traitorous members The
victims were suspected of having given
Information to the police
The household of Baron Ignazlo Franco
In his castle In the district of Regglo
was alarmed on Monday night by an at
tempt apparently or brigands to force
en entrance The baron and his sen ants
after hastily arming themselves started
a vlcorous fusillade through the windows
A few shots were fired at them fortunate
ly without damage on either side for the
supposed bandits proved to be the police
The captain explained that the authori
ties had received information that the
brigand Mussolino had been in the castle
for a week as a guest in the sen ants
hall While the police still surrounded the
castle the building was searched but
there was no trace of the brigand and the
police finally retired
This was apparently the last effort of
the police to locate the brigand for the
special rorce drafted iu the district has
now been withdrawn In the belief that
Mussolino has left the country or Is
waiting at some port for nn opportunity
to set away
All outgoing steamers are being thor
oughly searched A few days ago a tor
pedo boat stopped the steamer Bcllla oft
kieisina and vainly searched for the
noted brigand
will probably take on his return to Pekln
and there will be no security there until
the Emperor establishes a stable govern
The examination of twenty two officers
for promotion from second to first lieu
tenants was begun yesterday at the
Temple of Agriculture
newed agitation on the part of the op
ponents to High Church practices who are
making a special fight against the desire
of certain ritualists to continue auricu
lar confession and absolution
The most noteworthy case was at Do
ver where a curate who was responsible
for the preparation of bois for confirma
tion refused to present to the Bishop
boys who refused to confess The boys
who were of -unimpeachable character
were supported by their parents and
would not consent to yield to the moral
force that was brought to bear upon
them The result was they could -not be
Their rarents and other members of
the church protested to the Archbishop
of Canterbury who made a private en
quiry which resulted In the exoneration
of the curate Last night a crowded in
dignation meeting was held In the Dover
town hall A resolution was adopted
against the Introduction of confession
especially as being an essential prelim
inary to confirmation
It was also submitted that a private
enquiry by the Archbishop was inade
quate and that a public Investigation
where witnesses on either side could be
produced in open court would alone meet
the needs of the case
The Itecnrd for 1MI Completed mill
Mmlc Iuhllc
LONDON April 13 Tho records of
births marriage and deaths In the
United Kingdom for the year 1609 which
is Issued today show that the mar
riages numbered 2623ft which Is the
highest rate since 1STG and gives a rate
of 16G married out of every thousand
There were IKS divorces granted One
hundred and seventy nine of these per
sons married again
The births numbered 92SC1C or a rate
of 293 per thousand of the population
The deaths numbered 581739 or a rate of
1S3 per thousand Eighty nine thousald
two hundred and thirty five deaths were
due to zymotic diseases and 42403 to pul
monary phthisis and 2121 men and 223
women committed suicide
This was the first year on record where
there has not been a single death from
hydrophobia and this is regarded as a
justification of the stringent measures for
the muzzling and quarantining of dogs
Will Not Kent Slie mi Until
Itlimorf Are litlctcri
LONDON April 13 Lady Cook for
merly Miss Tennle C Claflin said in an
inten iew today that no further reply had
been received from the Home Secretary
in regard to the exhuming of her hus
bands body In deference to the wishes
of her stepchildren she said she had de
cided not to press the matter
She will tako control of the household
until the affair is cleared up She was
desirous she says of spending some of
the money left by Sir Francis In estab
lishing institutions for the prevention of
crime but she will be unable to do this
until she has disposed of thf accusations
against her
She says she expects further develop
ments and that her solicitors will make a
statement in her behalf justifying her po
sition before the world She reaffirmed
Intention not to rest until the allegations
had been proved baseless
Luke Fillies It Coiiiniinxloncil to
Ill I nt nn Olllclnl Picture
LONDON April 13 As announced Luke
Flldes R A whose portrait of Queen
Alexandria was so successful n few years
ago has been commissioned to paint an
official portrait of the King
The picture will be life size and follow
ing the usual custom thirty or forty re
plicas will be made for the colonies and
An Audience Grnntcd to Perry Ilentli
nuil Senntor Kenn
ROME April 13 The Popo today re
ceived ex Assistant Postmaster General
Perry S Heath and Senator Kcan of New
Monslgnor OConnell rector of the
American College made the Introductions
Kneniced to Younir Cavendish
LONDON April 13 The engagement Is
announced of MUs Isabel Jay leading
lady of the Savoy Theatre to II S II
Cavendish who was at one time reported
to be engaged to Miss Edna May
Ulood Tells
purifies the Mood gncs jou appetite
and ylror At ill druc storei
llllTW liIllcH llneed In tle Wnj of the
MnriiuiN of lledfort
LONDON April 13 When the young
Marquis of lledfort who Is connected
with many aristocratic families fell a
victim to tl charm3 of Rosie Boote a
Gayety girl his family made the mot
strenuous efforts to separate the couple
Once before at a cost of J15000 his moth
er It Is said prevented him from making
a mesalliance
However the marquis was inexorable
himself and communicated the fact of his
engagement to the newspapers declaring
that the marriage would take place at un
early date Then his family made a final
effort to prevent the marriage and even
the aid of the King It Is whispered was
Invoked The marquis promised not tp
marry while he remained In theGuards
As a matter of fact us a lieutenant he I4
unable to marry without the consent of
his colonel t
Tho authorities kept the marquis fled
up at Windsor on special duty nt the Pal
ace and he was unable to get leave to
sec his charmer The Impatient lover sent
In his papers but the War Office refused
to accept his resignation while the coun
try was at war And as a final blow they
have found that they need the services of
the marquis in India
The Vole on the Piatt Amendment
Kot Understood bv Them
The Cnni rntinn Ilunlly Decides It
Neither Accepted or Itejecteii A
CommlxIii to Come to WaoililiiK
toii Decided On It Is Reported
HAVANA April 13 At a private
session of the convention today It is
understood a question was raLtd re
garding the meaning of the nuolu
tion adopted yesterday Some cf the
radical delegates declared that the res
olution is not tantamount to a rejec
tion of the American propositions be
ing merely an expression of the views
of the delegates on the Piatt amend
ment which is liable to be qualified
by later Interpretations of the rUuses
while on the other hand tho who
opposed the adoption of the nsojtlon
considered that it meant the rejection
of the Piatt amendment entirely
General Nunez formerly Civil Gov
ernor of Havana asked for an explana
tory tote on this question which was
given and which was to the effect that
yesterdays resolution meant neither the
acceptance nor rejection of the Piatt
It is understood that the convention
decided to appoint a commission to go
to Washington and treat with President
McKlnley and secure the best terms
possible and on its return to place the
matter before the convention
Commenting on the resolution adopted
by the Cuban Constitutional Conven
tion at n secret session last night re
garding the American propositions the
Dlcusion says today This rejects
the Piatt amendment
The Diarlo de la Marina says the
action of the convention Is equivalent
to a rejection of the American proposi
tions despite anything the delegates
may soy La Lucha agrees with the
Diarlo de la Marina
Senor Aleman a radical delegate to
the convention says the delegates sim
ply stated their opinions regarling the
Platt amendment and that this was not
a rejection of the American proposi
EiiKlUuinen DisKUHted With Itx Ac
tion Oter the Victoria Memorial
LONDON April 13 Of the quarter of a
million pounds sterling wanted for the
Victoria Memorial in London only 63000
has as yet been subscribed and tho sub
scriptions are coming In slowly
It would be quite wrohg to suppose that
this Indicates any lack or diminution of
respect and affection for the late Queen
The committee on management Is alone
responsible Their Inaction and action
alike have deprived them of popular con
fidence They seem to have disappointed
everybody and pleased nobody and at
present the affair seems to be in a state
of lamentable confusion
The selection of the Mrll In front of
Buckingham Palace Is not much caviled
at but otherwise the dissatisfaction is
general The appointment of Sculptor
Brock and five architects was especially
criticised and there Is universal feeling
In favor of open competition Norman
Shaw R A says it seems a most stupid
What they are going to design he
says so far as I can gather no one
knows Either the work should be thrown
open to competition or placed in the
hands of some particular person
Mr Shaw however expresses a despair
over Englishmens capacity In the mat
ter of monumental architecture He
thinks the Germans and French lead but
does not advocate foreign competition He
It seems a most forlorn business but
I suppose we will have to do it some
Others criticise the selection of Mr
Brock as a portrait sculptor on the
ground that alltgory and not portraiture
is more conducive to the grand and dig
nified work necessary Others point out
that the front of the palace is so poor
architecturally that It must be rebuilt be
fore it will be possible to have It as a
background Impressive enough for the
new monument
But the most serious factor Is the dis
satisfaction of the city of London from
which most of the money for such costly
schemes Is looked for The city corpora
tion is in revolt The Lord Mayor sent a
circular to the deputy aldermen for the
thirty three wards requesting them to call
a meeting at which further appeals lor
money will be made The deputy alder
men In view of the public sentiment re
fused to summon a meeting One of them
In an interview says
Everyone thinks the matter ought to
bo open to competition No one knows
who the srb commlttee or executive com
mittees arc We have been overruled by
a clique of the upper ten The Lord Mayor
would not have been on the committee
only they were obliged to Include him
When I asked lilm who his fellow-members
were he said he could not tell
Trouble of a somewhat similar sort
seems to exist In India Viceroy Curzons
scheme for what Is practically un 1m
pcrlal Institute of India In Calcutta which
has been naturally receiving large sub
scriptions from the Itajdhs and others Is
already called Curzons folly and Ji
lampooned In the local press Bombay In
sists that the memorial shall be its own
Other cities and districts show u similar
He Think It Time to Hcdnce
Philippine Army
NEW YORK April 13 GcnRnssell A
Alger believes that the capture of Aguln
aldo has made further aggressive cam
paigning In the Philippines unnecessary
and unwise and he would reduce the
troops stationed there possibly 60000 men
to just enough to man the garrisons
which at a liberal estimate- would not
be more than 25000-
The capture of Agulrmldo said Gen
eral Alger today has vitally changed the
conditions In the Philippines despite what
the earners mar aar abrfut it It was nn
Important event Aguln ildo Is clever nnd
he has been the Idol of his people He has
given up the fight and as soon as his at
titude toward this country Is known to
his -followers organized resistance will
cease We have now about 60000 men In
the Philippines whose term of service will
expire on June 30 next The expense of
maintaining so many men there Is heavy
and I believe that the time has now come
when It is unnecessary
The Filipinos arc impressionable and
they hae been misled regarding the wsy
in which this country would treat them if
they submitted Since the capture of
Aguinaldo many Insurgents have surren
dered Tf many of the Spanish soldiers in
Santiago feared that our troops would put
them to death If they surrendered It Is
not surprising that Aguinaidos followers
who are much more Ignorant should have
a similar fear
Let them once be convinced that we
are not so terrible as we have been
painted to them and they will yield
Agulraldo himself was the backbone of
the rebellion Let his proclamation when
he signs it be circulated thoroughly and
it will not be necessary to continue ag
gressive campaigning
We do not need the present troops
mere ior garrison purposes It was esti
mated by some observers that we would
have to keep from 25000 to 30000 men In
Cuba and Sooo have proved enough The
Filipinos are now facing he American
Army The time has arrived when they
may be pacified and the cessation of the
aggressive movement on our part will do
much toward building up confidence An
Immediate reduction of our forces to 25-
000 men will also Invite their confidence
We need the extra 35000 men at home
in these days of prosperity more than we
do In the Philippines If the Filipinos
dlscpver that Aguinaldo has yielded to
this country and that he and such others
as have surrendered since his capture
have been well treated by us It will be
more effective than campaigning against
them To accomplish this resultnow we
need only enough troops properly to gar
rison our posts and to prevent disorder
The time has arrlvedrfpr us to inau
gurate n pacific policy Let the Filipinos
come Into the garrisons and see for them
selves how the men wliri liave submitted
hitye been treated and Tbelleve that with
in a very short time all resistance to us
will cease
Mnjor lliirunrd Kmiu Found With n
Djlnwr JVtrt
COLUMBIA S C April 13 Major
Barnard Evans brother of ex Gov John
Gary Evans whoisji iospecttve candi
date for the UnltedStateiSenBte against
McLaurlnwas arrested in his
room this afternoon charged jwith tb
murder of Catrt Johif J Grm commer
cial representative Jm lii State Of the
Norfolk- arid Western Railroad
At 3 oclock Major Evans rushed Into a
grocery store near his rooms and tele
phoned for a doctor Meeting Dr Gibbes
on the strett he hurrled hlm to his room
where Capttdn Griffin lay with a
pistol bullrt through his left breast
Dr Gibbes ays that when he Informed
Major Evans that the wound was mortal
the major turned upon- him furiously The
doctor believes his coolness saved his life
He went to the street and sent a -policeman
to the room Malor Kvans re
fused admittance The officer telephoned
for aid They came and were about to
break in when- Judge Ernest Gary of the
circuit bench who rooms In the same
building called to Evans and persuaded
him to oDen the door Captain Griffin
was lying on the floor anddled about the
time the police entered
In the room -were a five gallon keg of
whisky and on the table a pitcher half
full of whisky and a glass with a drink
poured out Captain Griffin was shot with
Evans pistol -Evans who was hysteri
cal said Griflln killed himself lie was
taken to Jail and refused to see his most
intimate friends He telegraphed for his
Captain Griflln went with a cornpany
from Macon Ga to the civil war and was
dangerously wounded one leg being
broken After- the war he helped build
the Macon and Brunswick Railroad
Twenty three years ago he was made
general freight agent of the old East
Tennessee On Its consolidation he be
came a division freight agent
When the road -was bought by tho
Southern he was put In charge of that
systems business In Florida Two years
ago he went to the Norfolk and Western
Major Evans was on his brothers staff
when Governor He was a candidate for
railroad commissioner last fall He and
the present Lieutenant Governor James
H Tillman had a bloodless duel In Edge
field some years ago
Malinger of ISTe Illinois Ilrujr
Company- DfjinppenrK
CHICAGO April 13 Ell F Littlefield
organizer manager and treasurer of the
Illinois Drug Company for which a re
ceiver was appointed last Wednesday has
disappeared and although the aid of the
police has been enlisted by the United
States Fidelity and Guaranty Company
which Is on Llttleflelds bond for J10000
no trace of him has been iound
It is admitted by the officials of both
the drug company and the guaranty com
pany that Irregularities have been discov
ered In Llttleflelds accounts The loss
will fall upon 107 druggists In Chicago
who were stockholders In the concern
which was a affair The
amount of the loss It placed variously at
from 3000 to 10000
Uiupoe Mill In Selan With the
Ilnllrnnd Official
NEW YORK April 13 The conference
between the officers of the Jersey Central
Railroad and the men was continued thl3
morning at the officer of Superintendent
Ohausen In i Tsej City and all interested-
expect that an nmlcable arrange
ment of the difficulties will he reached
The engtneirsdna firemen on the
oustralns arriving In Jersey City this
juorpirigBald they were well satisfied with
ingiurn aitairsnaa tasen ana expressed
the hvlethat some agreement whereby
a strike might be prevthted would be
reached T
Cheap Hates to California
44 to California Arirom iml New Slexleo on
ny Tuesday to April 30 ElcurJon tlerptrt from
Washington without liange via Southern Hall
way and Southern Pacific Personally conducted
Perth 7 A J loston General Auent 511
Pa arc nw
JJeckhnni to Requisition for His
A Ilelief Tlint Governor Durbin of
Indlnnn Will Yield Him Up To
Reiner With Finley The Common
wealth Hextn In the Ripley Trial
LOUISVILLE April 13 Governor
Beckham will issue a requisition on
Governor Durbin of Indiana for the
return of W S Taylor and Charles
Finley as soon as the trial of Garnett
Ripley Is over
Ripley has been put on trial by the
Commonwealth simply for the purpose
of Justifying Governor Beckham In
making the requisition It is believed
that the testimony given by ex-Governor
Bradley and Judge W H Ycst
will Influence Governor Durbin In hon
oring such a requisition
Ex Governor Bradley who was one of
Taylors attorneys In the contest has
declared that he believes Governor Dur
bin will deliver over Taylor and Finley
Governor Mounts grounds for not
giving up Taylor and Finley was the
Inflamed condition of the public mind
This has all been allayed and the Re
publicans believe Taylor and Finley
can get a fair trial now
FRANKFORT Ky April 13 The
Commonwealth rested Its case tcday
in the trial of Garnett Ripley charged
with being accessory to the murder of
William Goebel
The most Important point of the
trial was the opening- statement of At
torney ONeal after Judge Cantrlll
overruled the motion to dismiss the
case in which he admitted the testi
mony of ex Governor Bradley and ex
Superior Judge W H Yost as to what
Ripley had told them Taylor had said
to Ripley Judge ONeal said Ripley
had met Youtsey coming from Taylors
office excited When he asked Taylor
what was the trouble Taylor explained
wringing his hands My God These
are terrible times Goebel will be killed
I will be killed and there will be riot
and bloodshed
Ripley had called to see about equip
ments for his companyand Taylor said
Havent you got your company ready
yet Ripley was notified by special
delivery letter giving the military or
der to bring his men and of Goebels
death He said Ripley had not been
proven rullty but was acting properly
as a soldier
Commonwealths chief witness in the
other trials Golden testified that Tay
lor haLsaldJo him while walkinp from
the statehouse to the mansion Mur
der Is an awful thing to contemplate
rbut unletu Goebel and his gang are
killed I will lose my oJBce
Golden told of a conversation with
fnlAl JVy vvrci In vhol Itwam nolji
Goebel will have to be killed and
the way to do It Is for 200 or 300 moun
tain men to come here to pTotect the
man who does it nnd Taylor vlll par
don him
Golden told of the plot in detail as
before of John Powers giving Youtsey
tha key to the Secretary of States office
and of Caleb Powers John Powers and
himself leaving for Louisville on the
morning- of the shooting He told of
hearing- a conversation of Ripley and
General Collier relative to securing
guns Ripley aid if he could not get
guns otherwise he would buy Win
chesters and arm his nien
Town Marshal -Thomas Jessie of
Pleasureville testified to a meeting In
which Ripley organized his militia He
was barred from the meeting on the
ground that it was a secret Repub
lican conference This was January 27
1900 County Judge Bruce of Henry
County testified that Ripley had not
organized a nilitia company and that
in the nineteen years he had served as
county judge not a single military com
pany had been formed
William Reader of Barbourville ex
county clerk of Knox County testified
to a conversation with Finley just be
fore the mountain men were brought
to Frankfort Finley said I think
there will be a fight
Do you think Goebel will be hurt
a sked Reader
I would not be surprised if Goebel
were killed within five days
Ripley will be placed on the stand in
his own defence on Monday and his
testimony relating to Taylor accord
ing to the opening statement of Judge
ONeal will be the strongest yet
brought out It is expected the trial
will be finished before the last of next
week and will be followed by a requi
sition for Taylor and Finley It is now
believed that Governor Durbin will act
on the evidence of Bradley Yost and
Ripley in turning over Taylor and
An Ohio Hoy Maltreated by a Gang
of llisliiwi men
CLEVELAND April 13 Dave Coppel
man seventeen years old of 451 Orange
Street was severely beaten bound and
gagged and robbed by four assailants late
yesterday afternoon near Colllnwood a
suburb of Cleveland
Two men attacked Coppclman tied his
hands behind him and binding one foot
to his hands laid him on the Lake Shore
Railway tracks Coppelman was able to
roll off the tracks before a train arrived
The enslneer of a freight train which
passed soon after released him from his
bonds Ho arrived home late last night
in a badly beaten condition
Coppelman and a companion were en
ticed to Colllnwood by one of the rob
bers on a pretext that they could pur
chase some old Iron Three companions
of the latter lay in ambush and the four 1
together made the assault Coppelmans
companion escaped and returned home
uninjured early this morning The rob
bers relieved Coppelman of 5 but noth
ing was taken from his companion
The sheriff of Colllnwood and a posse of
citizens are scouring tho country for the
robbers who were all young men and
fairly well dressed
Siile of it Stock Exchange Seat
NEW YORK April 13 Gustave Eck
stein Jr was today reported to have pur
chased the Stock Exchange seat of Emer
son Chamberlain fur 59uj0
FlynnM llunlneas Collecc 8th and K
Shorthand Typewritine 25 a year
senator Ilntt Snj Culm Slant
main Independent
PHILADELPHIA April 12 Thc Races
of the West Indies was the general sub
ject of discussion at the cvenlnir session
of tho fifth International meeting of the-
jirnencan Academy of Political and Social
Science tonight Provost Charles C Har
rison of the University of Pennsylvania
presided United States Senator Orvllle It
Piatt of Connecticut was the first speak
er His topic was Our Relation to the
People of Cuba and Porto Rico
Senator Piatt said that the United States
had undertaken a difficult task In promis
ing the pacification of the opposing ele
ments In the population of the two Islands
but that there ought to be no hesitation in
insisting on the establishment of a stable
and lasting government even though the
united States be required to
such stability The only limitation to the
power of the United States in the estab
lishment of this government he said is
that there must be no thought of annexing
The people of the Island must be allowed
to declare their rights and the United
States simply should see that these are
guaranteed and maintained
Phjxlclnns CinreaH a Hope for Her
CANYON Ohio April IX Judge Day
who was summoned home last night by
the Illness of his wife reached the city a
little after 3 oclock The sadness In his
homecoming was greatly mitigated by the
fact that Mrs Day had partly regained
Mrs Day passed out of a state of com
plete unconsciousness early this morning
and recognized the members of the family
She was not fully conscious at any time
during the day She has apparently
neither gained nor lost during the last
twelve hours
Dr Parker of Cleveland was summoned
this afternoon and held a consultation
with the attending local physicians to-
mgnt At its conclusion hope was
pressed that Mrs Day would recover
It was said her illness is very serious
Snn Junn Laborers to Celebrnte the
Govcrnorii Return
SN JUAN Porto Rico nri It Tln
rescntatlves of the Federaclon Regional
the principal labor
organically ut fcuv ioi
and called on Mr Hunt the Secretary of
Porto Rico today and presented a peti
tion to him expressing confidence In Gov
ernor Allen and also stating that they
were delighted to learn that the Governor
was to return
Furthermore they asked Mr Hunt to
Inform President McKlnley that the
working people on the Island had perfect
confidence In Governor Allen and were
anxious for him to come back They -will
Among the witnesses i ho testified to- take means of showing their loyalty and
nay was w harton Golden w ho was the fealty on his arrival here
Senor Igleslas who is In New York arid
has been criticising the Government and
the Governor represents they said the
Socialists and not the genuine laborers
He is anagUatornhv declared and op-
posea 10 -me Americana
FatnllticK Cauaet lu the Heavy
ItaillS lit ItnHM
TOPEKA Kan April 13 Accidents
have befallen many of the families still
living In sod houses 111 western Kansas
The recent heavy rains have caused some
of these to cave In and in several In
stances lives have been lost
Yesterday a sod house caved In on the
family of II Hostetter of Graham Coun
ty killing Mrs Hostetter and her child
and breaking Mr Hostettcrs a m
The dirt roof had been heavily soaked
by the continuous rains and the frame
work was not strong enough to withstand
the load
Found bra Mcitnrd on the Wlllielm
der GroMne
LONDON April 13 A news agency des
patch from Bremen says there is good
authority for the statement that the two
gold bars reported to have been stolen
from the strong room of the steamship
Kaiser Wllhelm der Grosse were discov
ered this morning by one of the stewards
near the second cabin while the vessel
was being cleaned
The bars are valued at 00000 The dis
covery leads to the belief that the theft
was the outcome of a carefully devised
plot to steal the gold while in transit
from New York
Some one w ho had knowledge that there
would be a gold shipment on the trip se
cured second cabin passage and succeed-
Within Tho Da
CAPE TOWN April 13There is no
abatement of the plague epidemic here
despite the precautionary measures adopt
ed by he health authorities
Six nw cases of the disease were re
ported yesterday and there were four
deaths on Thursday
The lnll Mall Gaxette Henri That He
1m Near London
LONDON April 13 The Pall Mall Ga
zette says It has reason to believe that
Wlrth the man whose name has been
mentioned in connection with the Duchess
of Devonshire portrait is near London
The paper urges his arrest as the man
who stole the famous Gainsborough pic
A General Pottery Mrlkc Mny
lovt the Trenton Tie Up
TRENTON N J April 13 The strike
at the Crescent pottery here assumed a
serious phase today The entire property
Is tied up owing to the striking kilnmen
throwing oUO hands out of work The op
erators leaders say that If they Itarn
that the kilnmen have been blacklisted
they will order a general strike out of
sympathy and close every pottery In the
Ocean Mcnm dilp lloiemeufi
NEW YORK April 13 Arrived Cam
pania Liverpool La Lorraine Havre
Phoenicia Hamburg Arrived out Penn
slvanla from New York at Hamburg
Frlesland from New York at Antwerp
Lucanla from New York at Liverpool
GlaiH -Workers Receive Aid
BRUSSELS April 13 It Is stated that
the strike of the glassworkers at Charle
rol Is being supported by contributions
from Belgian Immigrants In the United
States and American manufacturers
Price Three Cents
An Agreement With Central Eiw
giueers and Firemen
The Otrtclula of the Jersey noc
Reach a Settlement With Tito of
the Five IlltntWfled Orders
The lrohnbllltr of Trouble Over
NEW YORK April 13 After a confer
ence of the employes and the officials of
the Central Railroad of Nw
Jersey to
day lasting without adjournment foe
luncheon from 10 a m to nearly 6 oclock
the announcement was made that an
guarantee J asreement had been reached regardlncthe
englneers and firemen This say both tho
committee of the men and nrh nt ih
j officials of the company as are willing to
jiiK Kins the strike movement as the
differences between the company and the
telegraphers and trainmen can easily
bo settled
The officials of the company say that the
terms of settlement with the engineers and
firemen are the same as those offered by
the company last December with slight
modifications but the men say these mod
ifications include considerable concessions
on the part of the company By the terms
of settlement which will be formally rat
ified by the local lodges although the com
mittees have power to act the engineers
on the passenger trains will receive 350
a day for eleven hours or 100 miles the
former figures being 323 They will re
ceive 3i cents a mile according to the
representatives of the engineers for all dis
tances more than 100 miles
The firemen on the passenger trains
who formerly received from 210 to 23 a
day will under the new schedule receive
from215 to 230 This Includes some of
the freight trains and Is in the nature of
a readjustment of the rates
On the regular freight trains the en
gineers who demanded i cents a mile
will receive 3S cents a mile on the basis
cf ten miles an hour with a guaranteed
mileage of 100 mile runs All runs over
120 miles are to be paid the men say at
373 a day or 4 cents a mile over 120
miles The firemen on the regular freight
trains who demanded 250 a day on the
ten mile an hour basis -will receive 220 a
On the heavy draft engines the
engineers will receive 4 cents a mile on
the ten mile an hour basis 100 mile runs
They demanded 5 cents a mile Where
two firemen are employed on a heavy
draft engine they are to get 235 a day
for 150 miles and 240 for anything over
150 miles Whertsiljlnsle men are em
ployed the wages will be 2S5
Jt was stated on behalf of the company
that this will mean an Increase altogether
of about 33003 on the entire system The
represertatives of the men say these rates
do not aflect the -pay of the engineers on
the gUOQ t UHO Mm -
C40 on a run
It was learned that some points were
contested so obstinately on both sides
though no ill feeling was shown that at
one time it was thought a settlement
could not be reached
striking employes of the Central Railroad
of Ntw Jersey shops at Ashley won their
strike this evening and work will be re
sumed en Monday by the entire force
A Couple Parted la California
3Iarry in New York
NEW YORK April 13 A hansom drove
up to the office of George Seymour Jus
tice of the Peace in Hoboken this morn
ing and out of It stepped a well dressed
man and a woman They told the Justice
they were Edward Johnson a stock
broker of New Street this city and Mrs
Edward William Du Bois of 124 Van
Buren Street Newark N J and they
wished to be married The bridegroom
said he was thirty five years old and tho
bride said she was twenty four and a
After the knot had been tied they told
the details of their romance Five years
ago in San Francisco Edward Johnson a
young broker was the suitor of Miss
Annie Mbrrell a girl of nineteen One
ed in breaking Into the strong box of the day they had a lovers quarrel and John-
ship and extracting the bars The plot SOn came to this city to engage In busl
falled because the thief did not have cour 1 m
llss Morrelt afterward
ness shortly
age enough to remove his booty when the 1
ship reached port It was probably the married a man named Edward William
Intention of the thief to throw the bars Du Bois who died eighteen months ago
on tne snip aner sne nau reached port leaving her stocks In the oil fields of Oak
and recover them later with the assist- I
ance of a diver The publicity given the
theft before the ship reached Bremen
spoiled his plans The police are now
looking for the man who occupied the
berth in which the gold was hidden
bix New Cases and Four Dcntlm
land Cal
The young widow came East and made
her home In Newark She advertised her
oil stocks for sale under the name of Ed
ward William Du Bois and among the
answers was one from Edward Johnson
The name brought back old recollections
and Edward William Du Bois wrote
Johnson making an appointment with a
view to the sale of the stocks
Johnson kept the appointment and was
amazed to see In Edward William Du
Bois his old sweetheart Explanations
followed and oil stocks were not the only
things that were negotiated as the mar
riage in the Hoboken justices office
ItailrondN Clinrgred AVlth Favorlnrr
lite Stnndnrd Oil Company
PITTSBURG April 13 Attorneys act
ing for independent producers have filed
In the United States Circuit Court thirty
sevn suits against railroad companies
charging them with discriminating In
favor of the Standard Oil Company
The suits are brought under the author
ity of the Interstate commerce law and
are to recover about 125000 alleged to be
due for excessive freight charges or dis
criminations in the price of transporting
oil The plaintiffs arc tho Pennsylvania
Refining Company John Schwarts Co
Rice Robinson Rice Robinson Fog
gan the Independent Refining Company
the Oil Creek Refining -Company the
American Oil Works Limited the Mutual
Oil Company the Empire OH Company
the International OH Company the Con
tinental Refining Company the National
OH Company the Western Refining Com
pany and the National Oil Works Limit
Tho defendants are the Western New
York and Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany the Erie Railroad Company the Le
high Valley Railroad Company the Dela
ware and Hudson Canal Company the
Boston and Maine Railroad Company and
the FItchburg Railroad Company
Where It Toncliei It Ilenls
Zcma Cura posltircly curd ectema and dlj
eascs of the dtin At all drug ttorea

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