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Arranging for Basketball Ganics at
the Buffalo Exposition
Tile Corcoran Ciulcd iuut WorU
Jolly rnt Men Club Ilonler
In making up the schedule of athletic
contests amateur and professional to be
held at the Buffalo Exposition the man
agers of the athletic department seem to
June overlooked the popular same of bas
ketball so far as the militia Is con
cerned As this game has a very large
follow Inc all oer the country the omls
Bion has caused considerable enquiry as
to the reason and probably something
will come of It
Captain Edwards manager of the Cor
coran Cadet Corps basketball team has
suggested to the management of the ath
letic department of the exposition that a
basketball tournament open to Guardsmen
only be added to the string of athletic
competitions already arranged for
The plan Is to hold the tourney some
time in September when there will be a
general military encampment at the expo
kltlon and play say two games a day
afternoon and night to decide the cham
pionship of the United States The Idea
Is an excellent one and will no doubt re
ceive support on all sides
The athletic department of the exposi
tion has expressed itself favorably dis
posed toward the project If it is arrang
ed this city will send nt least two good
teams to the tournament
The indoor athletic beason at the T jr
C A came to a close last w eck when the
last set of contests in the semi monthly
series for the all around championship
was held The season has been a very
successful one eind Physical Directors
IMdeout and Hcckett and the athletic
committee are very well pleased with the
work of individuals and classes
The cfass of work shown by the mem
bers of teams has been of a high order
and promises noil for next season when
with greater experience and Increased
confidence local as well as national rec
ords may be upset
Glcason gives evidence of developing
Into a very clever field performer He held
a prominent place in each of last weeks
four events He was first In the three
standing broad jumps with 23 feet sec
ond In putting 32 pound shgt 22 feet G
inches tied with Meigs for third place
In the running high Jump 5 feet and tied
with Shear for third place in the rope
climbing event He scored IC points on
the evening
Captain Ravenburgs team has steadily
held the top place in the series of con
tests and finished with a team total of
4937S points to Its credit Captain Meigs
team second with 49175 Captain Xeales
team tnira witn J7C1 captain wcnarei
sons PTtri fourth SG31 and Captain But
lers teem nfth 3475
Captain llelgs team did splendid work
throughout and while his men were SO
points behind the leader on the last even
ings contests S5 to 35 the team total
was Just 20 points lower 1937S to I917
The rivalry was strong throughout but
the feeling of the most friendly sort The
members of the winning team will have
the honor of having their group photo
displayed In the trophy room at the As
sociation Building and their names and
scores will be Inscribed on the champion-
snip smeia
mington next wek
The Interest shown Jn their work by the
large classes in the Carroll Institute gym
nasium is so great that there Is no like
lihood of the gymnasium closing much
before the middle of May
work Is not the exception It Is almost the
rule Exhibitions and conists have been
done away with to a veiy large extent
It is claimed they Interfere too much with
the regular exercises The line of drill
work is attractive and varied nnd Is con
sidered umong the best In this section
Basketball players have to content
themselves with taking their exercise In
this line when the floor finally cleared
Among tnose wno are doing work In the
gymnasium are SlcNally Gletzner Hol
lander Black Moore Philips Thompson
Marshall Patterson Morton Murphy
Reekenbacke ODonncll Johnson Swee
ney Clary and Harding
The Corcoran Cadet Corps basketball
team closed its schedule In the League
championship series last night with a
came with the Gibraltar Athletic Club
In the last half of the season the Ca
dets made a splendid showing and won
steadily and If the team had put up as
Kood n same at the beginning as at the
ml of the seaaon It would have finished
considerably nearer If not at the top
Instead of third
In open clean passing team work It has
excelled In goalln It has been excelled
by other teams Captain lleffner and
Manager Edwards are receiving the con
gratulations of their friends upon the all
around splendid work of their charges
The team practically stopped work Inst
Ilnsrlmll Tennis SI C A
Four n
tw for the cienlH In the National Guards
nt nliinnl liunril Meet meet In which they are entered and In
ulilch they are expected to make a good
Captniu Edwards Is In correspondence
with the munagers of the Atlantic City
team w Ith a view to arranging for a game
to be played on one of the piers July 4
HefTners leg which has for some time
given him trouble Is mending slowly
Moriarty played his usual good game last
night although hardly fully recovered
from his Illness Uoylhas hnd wonderful
sucefts in this his flrstyear Til the game
He promises to develop into a brilliant
player next season
The management of the team and the
pliyers wre considerably wrought up last
weeK nv me unauiuuiievi u v
team name In a schedule of games played
against a female team playing here
Captain Sherman of last seasons base
ball Itam lias signed for the season with
the italelgh K C team He will be
mist ed by the Cadet players It has not
been decided who will take his place In
charge of the team
From present prospects the bowling
team of the Y M C A will carry off
this seasons League championship and
right well they deserve it It looks too
as if the Jolly Fat Mens Club bowlers
will take second honors They seem fair
ly well entrenched in the second from the
lop place They have earned the honor
and indeed many believed their clever
work would make them topnotchers
Their success has been of the varying
t Kinu iney nave ueen in jiiiii junvu mm
risen higher and dropped back but ever
since last month they have steadily
ed their way forward and displaced one
nftcr another or their most lormiuaoie
rivals the Saengerbund and Carroll In
stitute They now stand 36 games won
and 21 lost 031 per cent
Last Wednesday they helped very ma
terially to effectually bury the Golden
Eagles in labt place by winning three
straight Each of their games was over
the iOO mark a high class of bowling
Smlthson has developed Into a very
strong steady bowler and is doing his
share to win games Miller too is nand
Ingn in some good scores Hamilton who
has only bowleil In 21 games this season
stands No C in the League with 163 av
erage and Is steadily Improving In his
Armstrong who was so long one of the
mainstays of the Carrolls and later of
the Eagles and now with the Fat Men
has had a more or less off season Old
Reliable Urugger one of the best local
bowlers Is doing better now than In the
early season He stands No 8 with 1C3
The third annual indoor track and field
contests of the Athletic Association of
the District National Guard will be held
next Friday night in the big armory Cen
ter Market The affair promises to be
the largest and most attractive In the
history of the Guard The programme
win be varied offering the regular ath
letic as well as amusing features
The entries close Wednesday night
April 17 and the following conditions gov
erning the games will prevail by order
of the Board of Control
The first event 50 yard dash will be
The second event will be 50 yard dash In
heavy marching order and return Fa
tigue uniform without leggins to be worn
at the start the other equipments to be
SSMh1 Jiat edfeyard1
weather during the past week or so the
candidates for entry in the various events
or tne annual meet to be neia May
have taken very little practice Prof
Beckett has not allowed the runners out
on the track at all fearing the exposure
npuld stiffen them and otherwise Inter
fere with their future work
At the first sign of steady warm weath
er ihe young army of candidates will be
given lLthe work they can Aland
Instead of selecting placrs and putting
a baseball team in the field to represent
the Association nnd giving these players
Each man must eouln himself with the
following articles and return to starting
point after which he will be Inspected
RHIe belt bayonet and scabbard leg
gins overcoatr rolled Prussian and car
ried over shoulder haversack and can
teen The first to return properly equip
ped will be declared the winner
In the tenth event obstacle relay In
heavy marching order competitors will
be rt qulred to start and finish equipped
as follows Cap blouse trousers leg-
sins neu Dayonet scabbard rule over-
th ln 6f tho diamond roethe exclusion oat lan roW haversack and
of other members desirou of taking ex- fn- -the rifle may be carried any way
crcise the management has Very wisely other articles In regulation manner
decided to select at least four teams from seventh event tug of war team
among the numerous candidates at hand eighth event National Guard relay team
and these will arrange a schedule of and tenth event obstacle relay In heavy
games to last about six weeks At the end marching order the teams will consist
of that time the leading team or players of four men from any one company Bat
selected from the two leading teams will i tallon or regimental teams not admitted
form the nine which will represent the Rubber soled shoes will be worn Spiked
Association in games with local and out- shoes will not be permitted Contestants
of town teams must be memLers In good standing In
The members of the basketball team are their companies No entry will be
- -
t 1 1 t r i l t j
juouy pruuu el turn ujiv ui iviuiiiiiK last L ea unless accompanied vy fee
weeK s game irom tne nmingion i
C A the champions -of Delaware
winners will play a return game at
M I The following events for the A A D
The j C N G champlnoshlp will be contested
60 yard dash open JO yard dash march
ing order half mile run potato race pole
mull iuumij nign jump tug or war
team N G relay team match relay
obstacle relay heavy marching order
In addition to these there will be half
dozen special events by local talent
which will prove Interesting
The members of the Guard who arc
preparing for the contests are Sng
fror Joyce cntnusiasticaiiy remarked i coached by Prof Horan who will also
last week that the classes are the appear in one of the special numbers
est and the character of the drlllwork Considerable interest is being shown in
the best since the Introduction of a gym- the events in which Guardsmen alone are
nslum as a feature of the Institute permitted to compete
An attendance of fifty a night in class u eiers holder of several worlds
records will make an effort to equal the
50 yard indoor record
considering it hks little chaneTo SS J he d ttween
tlce The manager Is desirous of i lfrank Sherman the present champion
Ing for a game or two with some fast lo
cal team for any Monday night to be i
played after class I
As none of the members have prepared
for the contests the Institute will not be I
represented In any local and out-of-town
athletic meets this spring
Mntch Game of Iool for the
World CliRmpIonahlp
A match game of pool for the champion
and Alfredo De Oro of Cuba former
champion The game which will be
played at Odd Fellow Hall Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday nights will be
GOO points 200 points each night
De Oro lost the championship to Sher
man last month at Boston when he was
defeated In the pool tournament held there
Sherman won six straight games and
De Oro who was second won four games
out of six Since that time De Oro has
been practicing diligently and now feels
competent to challenge the present cham
Judging from the defeat that he admin
istered to Eby at Boston about a week ago
De Oro Is In excellent form and the cos
ing game will be aclose one at least
Sherman has been practicing for the last
len days and Is alo In good form He
Is confident that he can repeat his victory
of the Boiton tournament
Stupendous Sale of
Mens Shoes
New Spring Goods Below Cost
Shoes worth S350
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Consisting of Oxfords and
high cut shoes in patent
leathers vici vici kid box
calf and tans Perfect fit
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Shoes worth S5 and y
S6 for S300
Your hoirc of the hand
somest line of ideal kid ox
ford and high cut shoes The
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shown in these shoes that
are the usual 5 and 0 val
ues Jsow for
Bambergers 1002 F St
A Grand Selection
of Silk Waists at
You -have in this suit sec
tion a mine of good things
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the businessof this depart
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the best criterion by which
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catered to your needs We
are putting in this suit offer
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tian Indies cloth pebble
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mings and Jined with taf
feta silks Skirts in flounce
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fects trimmed with taffeta
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r u
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any garment in the A A r
lot for fiq
T W V 9 v 9 9 9 WW m
Interesting News Items from Every Department
A Busy Week at the Bon Marche
A week of sales starts tomorrow The reason is well on now and
opportunities are peeping out that slirewtl buvers in the markets snap up instan
taneously e have our lookouts for all that is good Ifs easily recognized by those clever people who make a stores news and are responsible for
a store s progress and popularity
VVe have been buying here and there something for most every department in the store not large lots that are liable to brin with them much
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shown this season
Great buying for you this week We say it with all the knowledge of the value that is behind each item in this list we publish today
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500 Trimmed Hats
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The latest ready-to-wear LTat the American Beauty is on
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Flowers and Other Hat Trimmings
Five special lots specially priced for the next weeks selling
Daisies Ragged Robins June Roses Chrysanthemums Apple Blossoms
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Straw braids In all colors In 10 yard pieces special at
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Rare Ribbon Values for One Week
Ribbon excellence is exemplified in this stock Everything
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Plain Taffeta Ribbons in all col
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bons in all the wanted shades and
combinations including stripe pol
ka dot and corded effects ribbons
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for 13c at all times In all -lie
places AVe offer for 11
Pure Silk Ribbons Nos 5 7 9 and
12 in black and colors reg
ularly worth 10c 12c and 13c AC
yard special for the week r
BON MARCHE 314316318 Seventh St
The Xmnl Cadet AVlilteivanlied by
a Score of G to O
ANNAPOLISApril 13 The Naval Cadet
baseball team received Its first defeat to
day In a game with Georgetown College
the score being 5 to 0
Georgetown completely outclassed the
cadets The game was witnessed by a
large number of persons Including naval
officers and their families and Mrangers
who are here for the Easter holidays
Xavy 00000000 0 0
Georgetown 10111000 1 5
Batteries Raudenbauh and Weaver Cox
and Prill
Yeterdiis nnelnll Serores
At New Haven- R- H E
Yale 20000111 x 6 fi 3
Wesleyan 00000000 0 0 1 1
Batteries Garvin Hirsch Pattln and
Wlnslow Inglls and Lufkin
At East on Ta R H E
Iafayette 13 2 10 10 2 3 13 17 6
Rutgers 0000000000 3 4
Batteries Prltchard and Ernst Richter
and Hart
At Lancaster Pa R HE
Franklin 00000000 0 0 2 3
Gettysburg 0 0 10 10 0 2 x 1 9 2
Batteries Bradley and Simpson Win
ters and White
At South Bethlehem Pa R II E
N Y Univ 10001002 1 5 2
Lehigh 30100000 26 7 9
Batteries Cavanaugh and Roorke Tay
lor and PersonB
At Worcester Mass R II E
Holy Cross 00200002 x 1 6 C
Tufts 02000000 02 3 7
Batteries Coaklcy and Noonan Cur ran
and Flske
77 for Grip Is only one of the thirty
six vnrlelis and Is no better than Dr
For Dyspepsia Indigestion and Weak
For the Kidneys nnd Bladder
For Women and Children
For Malaria and Chills
For Diarrhea and Dysentery
For NcuralglH and Headaches
For Rheumatism and Lumbago and for
many other diseases 25 cents at all Drug
A pocket epitome of Domestic Practice
malld for the nuking A postcard will do
Humphreys Homeopathic Medicine Co
corner William and John Streets New
At Norfolk Va R H E
Brooklyn 30000030 28 U 1
Norfolk 000000120 3 6 2
Batteries Donovan McCann McGuIre
and Steclman Wolf Dannshower Morrls
sey and Kenear
At University of Virginia R II E
Virginia 10100021 0 5 4 5
Harvard 00002330 x 8 8 3
Batteries Carter and Nulla Clarkson
Stlllman and Reld
At Philadelphia-
Philadelphia 10 0
1 S 2 0 0 07 12 1
Toronto 10010200 01 10 3
Batteries Dunn Townsend Duggleby
and McFarland and DougUs Atttpck
Cooper McFall and Hitter
At New York R IL E
New- York 03000300 x 6 12 2
Rochester 00000000 11 4 2
Batteries Matthewson Taylor and
Bowerman Morse McPartlln Clanccy
and Phelps
The Ieant Club Will Rri Itc Iueul
Intercut In IIiihiI Itliilnir
The annual meeting and election of the
Levant Wheelmen held last week was at
tended by the full membership The bal
loting resulted In the selection of the fol
lowing officers to serve during the ensuing
year L L Herrpll Proaident H B
Fryar Vice President William Brearly
Secretary Treasurer Will H Wright
Captain and J McCabe Lieutenant
Tho members fire very enthusiastic over
1 ainnn r h n Lunaim n I It
catlons point to ageniral revival of tho
Interest In road riding and club runs made
so popular In pant years by Erf B Bjrnes
formerly captain of thejold Century Road
Club and now one df the most enthusias
tic members of the Levant Club B P
Gooding and 4 QSliichy popular road
riders are also intmtVrs of the club
At this meeting It was decided to give
a smoker next week date yet to be
fixed It is propowd to make the affair
one of the okl tlmenJoyabIe entertain
ments and- an excellent programme Is
promised The committee having chargo
of the affair consists of Messrs Mar
uchalk Chairman Breasly McCabe and
The club will make its first run of the
season this morning starting from the
club rooms at 9 oclock the destination
being Great Falls
The Month Eudvri Mnrrh tl
Itrurheil il Illicit Level
The exports of tho Inlted States for the
nine months ended March 31 made a new
record for that period aggregating lU0r
17072S anil exceeding by 1S6540032 the to
tal for the similar period of last year
which was the highest mark heretofore
The Imports for the nine mouths reached
a total of JKi94S3301 which was a falling
off of 112292039 from thoie of the corre
sponding months last year leaving a bal
ance of trade In favor of the United
States of K40CS7337
For March the exports aggregated
124J774I or less by 1S1181 than those
for March 19H and the Imports were
7599OSS a falling oft of 0573w
Munichs birr I alwajt in grut demand Why
Became t is pure and wholexrnie Thohe rllnjr
ton Boltlicg Co lor a caae ol Matrzen Senate
or Lager
Cniumlinlriner nf Ieiiftliins Com
iii il nd oil to Rescind tu Order
Justice Cole yesterday ordered that a
writ of mandamus Issue against Henry
Clay Evans In his official capacity com
manding him to rescind an order dis
barring Henry D Phillips from practice
before that bureau The order also re
qnires the payment of certain fees to
Phillips in connection with pension
claims he was prosecuting before the
Commissioner of Pensions
The circumstances which led to the fil
ing of the petition for mandamus by Phil
lips are substantially as follows
On January 29 last two petitions for
writs of mandamus against Commissioner
Evans were filed In the District Supremo
Court by Phillips On February 5 190
the Commissioner of Pensions obtained
an order from the Secretary of the Inte
rior disbarring Phillips from further prac
tice The reason assigned for such order
was It Is stated that Phillips had allow
ed a notary public who was connected
with his business to charge a fee of 50
cents for taking an affidavit in tho State
of New Jersey while Evans Insisted that
the law of that State prohibited tho pay
ment of a greater fee for such services
than 12 cents This contenUon of Evans
was attacked and tho question raised
was promptly referred to the Assistant
Attorney General for an opinion who on
April 2G 1900 sustained Phillips conten
tion nnd stated that In the State of New
Jersey there is no law governing the
charges for notarial services but that be
long custom tho usual and regular fee
had come to be 10 cents in ordinary cases
Thereupon the Secretary of the Interior
April 21 1900 Issued nn order canceling
and revoking nnd holding for naupht the
order of February 5 disbarring Phillips
Notwithstanding this it is said Evans
If you havent recular healthy rioTement of Ihe
inX1a irr ilnv vnlirR 111 or will he Kretl Tour
ni and bo wen Force in the ehapouf
towel opn
nhtt itnpnill nn
cntpbTtlcorplllpotv dangcrou Tb EClootb
of the bowel
4 keeping I4IU UVHC10
rBtail6t moat perfect way
clear And clean i to take
Fleuint Palatable Iotant Taito Good Do Good
Ncrcr Woken Wenkan or frlpe 10 Jo and M centa
ioz Write for freo aunpit ani booklet on
oalth Addrew 1J
itesuso RisriT coavasT cmncor siw tob
between February 5 and April 23 refused
to recognize Phillips as an attorney and
in his cases solicited the appointment of
other attorneys The petition for writ of
mandamus recites that In the case of Sa
rah A Dockerty a widow filed by Phil
lips the Commissioner of Pensions had
denied him a fee because another attorney
had been substituted in his place during
the period of disbarment Phillips con
terded that he had never been disbarred
and that any acts done by H Clay Evans
could not Invade nor destroy his rights
under the law
The other case -before the courts was
that of Louisa Aab for accrued pension
due her deceased husband George Aab
Phillips had received a fee of 3 direct
from the applicant Evans held that this
payment was contrary to law and de
manded that Phillips surrender that
amount Phillips contended that an ac
crued pension case was not a claim for
pension within the meaning of the stat
ute nnd that the matter was one of con
tract between the attorney and the ap
Both of these cases were brought as
test cases The questions involved were
argued by counsel before Judge Cole on
March 12 and this morning the judge an
nounced his decision In both cases ha
decides in favor of PhilllpB
In the Dockerty case the court held
that Phillips was never disbarred that
he had not lost his standing nor any of
his rights no other attorney was substi
tuted In his stead that the United States
cannot through the Illegal acts of on of
its officers take advantage of its own
wrong and that therefore Phillips is en
titled to be recognized and paid the fee
usual In such cases Ha ordered that a
peremptory writ of mandamus should
Issue against Evans Pension Commission
er to this effect In the Aab case Jus
tice Cole held that an accrued pension
did not constitute a claim for pension
and that compensation ror services there
in should be paid direct by the applicant
Justice Cole held that the court had ju
risdiction of the case and could compel
the Commissioner to withhold from Mrs
Aabs current pension the fee taken from
Mr Phillips
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