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The Dciunmls on China Declared
Not Excessive
An Indemnity Less Than Tlint Asked
1 Irnncc Desired llic Iroposl
tlon Submitted J the lincrlran
Government Looked on rnvornbl
LONDON April 17 A despatch to
Hie Times from Berlin rajs there is
considerable indignation in authorita
tive quarters there oer the statement
in the American press yurporting to
Ele on Mr Rockhills a uliority the
exact sums demanded from China
The statement Is declared exceeding
ly Incorrect In representing Germany as
claiming 30000000 more than France
and only 20000000 less than Russia
As a matter of fact Germany only d3
mands 00000000 Trance JCiOOOOCO
and Russia J8S000000 Deep regret is
expressed for the misleading account
which is commented upon by the Eng
lish press In a spirit calculated to of
fend Germany There is great indig
nation at the suggestion that Germany
claims heay damages for Baron on
Kettelers murder
It Is admitted in authoritative quar
ters that there is much to be said for
the proposal of the United States to
ascertain what China can afford to pay
and then to distribute this amount
among the Powers This proposal Is
now the subject of negotiations
On the other hand if the American
suggestion of J200000000 should be
adopted fen- Powers could hope to re
coer even what they hae actually
expended The German Government has
refrained from taking a definite atti
tude on the American proposal It rec
ognizes that the plan has advantages
and disadvantages and will wait to see
how the other Powers receive it
A despatch to the Times from
Pekin says that the Ministers at a
meeting on Tuesday agreed to a recom
mendation mide by Mr Bockhill the
American representative and M Ko
muia the Japanese Minister giving ef
fect to Article XII of the joint note
concerning the reform of the
It was agreed to replace the
by a Walwupu or Board of
Foieign Affairs having precedence of
all other boards It will consist of a
presdent who will be an imperial
prince two Ministers with direct ac
cess to the Emperor and also two Vice
Ministers having knowledge of foreign
affairs one of whom at least shall
speak foreign languages
The court ceremonial was also
changed finally settling the question
of audiences Foreign Ministers will
be convejel In imperial conveyances to
the palace where they will be received
in the hall where the Emperor enter
tains imperial princes They will re
ceive the honors shown by European
sovereigns to foreign ambassadors
The Puss TnLcn W Itliout Opposition
From the Boers
PRETORIA April 10 Colonel Plumer
has occupied Chumlcs Poort without op
position The place Is a difficult pass
flanked by precipitous mountains
It was expected that the Boers would
defend It but they retired three day s be
fore the arrival of the British The lat
ter found a thick population of Kaffirs
reaping an ayundant harvest
The report Is confirmed that Colonel
Plumers advance has been checked by
Commandant Beyers preparations to
lead his commando into the Cape Colony
to help the Invaders there
General Celllers who was nursing a
wound at V arm Baths refused to retire
on the approach of the British and volun
tarily surrendered General Cclller was
officially reported on March 7 to have
To Pay a iil to llic Eternal Cllj
Enrly in June
LONDON April 17 The Rome corre
spondent of the Chronicle says that
Emperor William will visit that city
early In June about the time of the
Queens accouchement
This is regarded ns additional proof
that Italy will not leave the Triple Alli
II l Majesty Calls on 31 Waldeck
Itousseuu at Vntlbcs
PARIS April 1C A despatch from Antl
bes says King Leopold II of Belgium
has visited M Waldeck Itousseau at that
M Walderk Rousscau will start for
Genoa and Verona on Thursday
A Terrlflc Gale Irendnl anil IoI
low oil Ijy Beautiful Wenther
PARIS April 16 Today was one of the
most extraordinary on record A balmy
spring morning preceded a urrilic gale
accompanied by thunder and lightning
This was followed by a beautiful sunny
The arometcr fell seven points In the
course of an hour and the thermometer
rose ten degreeb In an hour A downpour
of rain is again threatening
A Reported Offer fur the Gains
borough Duchess of Dev oushire
LONDON April 16 -The society paper
Onlooker bays that J P Morgan the
American financier has practically
bought the famous Gainsborough picture
of the Duchess of Devonshire which was
recently recovend In the United States
for 25000 The negotiations will be
closed it Is said when Thomas Agncvv
the head of the Bond Street Arm returns
from Turkey
The Onlooker also says that Mr Mor
gan has recently paid an enormous sum
for n noted painting by Turner
The Dally News commenting on the
reported purchase of tlio painting by Mr
Morgan says if It Is true It will surprise
nobody and will cause much less dis
turbance than the transfer of the ele
phant Jumbo aroused In Great Britain
According to ihe Express the delay
In the conclusion of the purchase 13
caused not only by Sir Thomas Agncws
absence but by the fact that Senator
W A Claik has offered 50000 for the
Tho Daily Mall cays that Mr Mor
ran lias taken axtfox at the Covent Gar
den Theatre for the season
Burl Inst ton Northern
Ilenl Completed
ST PAUL April 16 J J Hill arrived
here today from New York He was ac
companied by Edward Tuck and A T
Trench both heavy stockholders in the
Great Northern The party left at once
for the Pacific Coast
Before his departure however Mr Hill
said that he had successfully completed
the last link of his chain of negotiations
for the purchase of the Burlington and
its consolidation with the Great Northern
and Northern Pacific In one colossal or
He -said further that the Eric would not
be a part of a transcontinental line that
there will be no transcontinental line and
that the Erie would remain free from
alliances Mr Hill said that the acqui
sition of the Burlington was all that was
contemplatrd In his plans and that the
newspaper reports that he was seeking to
Include the Erie In the consolidation and
thus form a great transcontinental trunk
line between the Atlantic and Pacific had
no foundation
What he wanted of the Burlington he
declared was not an outlet to Chicago as
a link In the Eastern system for the
Great Northern and Northern Pacific but
chiefly a connection with St Louis and
Kansas City He wants to reach the cot
ton of the South for transportation over
the Great Northern and Northern Pa
cific and by his steamships now building
the Oriental markets
He will bring back In return the lumber
of Oregon and Washington to distribute
through tho prairie States of the South
It Is no part of his purpose to use the
Burlington as an exclusive outlet for the
Pacific roads to Chicago On the con
trary all the six Chicago roads which
bring business to the Great Northern and
Northern Pacific will have their own
share of tho traffic as now
Moreover Mr Hill says that St Paul
Is to be the central headquarters of the
gigantic organization in which Is to be
consolidated the management of these
vast properties embracing nearly 20000
miles of railways Mr Hill has not by
any means concluded his transportation
plans but those of the future relate more
closely to ocean navigation
Mr III said that the Great Northern
and the Northern Pacific and Burlington
would be merged under one central man
agement at St Paul Preparations have
been made for centralizing the forces of
the threo great roads He explained his
desire to obtain the Burlington by the
fact that the Northern roads were losing
much valuable business originating In
Burlington territory and to save this it
was necessary to get control of the road
ilie lines of the Northern Pacific In
Manitoba which had been leased to the
Manitoba Government for W3 years but
which detail larked the approval of the
Ottawa i amament win not te sold Air
1JIII having vetoed the proposition
NEW YORK April 16 Roswell Miller
of the St Paul said today There was a
time when It looked as if Mr Hill and the
interests associated with him might ob
tain the Paul road but that time Is
past and negotiations will not be renew
ed With the Burlington deal E H Har
rlman contrary to the general opinion
has nothing to do It Is distinctively a
Morgan Hill deal and not a Harriman
1 1 til deal
There Is no foundation for the rumor
that the St Paul Is going to capitalize Its
sjrplus and extend Into Northwest terri
tory So far as I know Mr Hill does not
own n share of St Paul stock
Wall Street discussed a report this
afternoon to the effect that an official
circular offering terms to the Chicago
Burlington and Qulncy stockholders will
be Issued tomorrow
BOSTON Mass April 16 Charles E
Perkins President of the Chicago Bur
lington and Qulncy Railroad declined to
night to answer questions relative to J J
Hill s statement from St Paul that a
transfer of the controlling Interest In
Burlington has taken place
He intimated however that such con
trol had not vet passed Mr Perkins said
that at a regular monthly meeting of the
directors of the Burlington tomorrow
morning the matter would probably be
under discussion
The People Well Disposed Toward
n Civil Government
MANILA April 16 The situation In
Cebu remains practically unchanged The
capture of Agtiinaldo has however lad
considerable Influence on the Insurgent
bands In the mountains In the south
While these bands are rather numerous
and very active none of them is im
The people maintain a receptive atti
tude regarding civil government Similar
conditions prevail In Leyte and Bohol
In Cebu City the people have manifested
much enthusiasm over the Philippine
The first and second military districts
of northern Luzon have been consolidated
and placed emder command of Brigadier
General Funston Similar action has
been taken with regard to the fourth and
fifth districts of southern Luzon and Gen
eral Samncr has been placed In charge
This action has allowed the relief of
Generals Grant and Hall respectively
and Is one of the results of the pacified
conditions of these districts It Is ex
pected that further consolidations will be
made at an early date
Sissons band of outlaws made a night
attack on Norzagaray Bulacan province
and succeeded In burning part of the
He Deelnrcs He Wna Not Interview
ed at San liinn
NEW YORK April 16 rrancls B
Loomis United States Minister to Vene
zuela arrived at Quarantine tonight from
San Juan aboard the steamship Caracas
He left Venezuela aboard the little war
ship Scorpion which landed him at San
Juan in time to catch the Caracas Sec
retary Russell was left In charge of the
Mr Loomis declined to say anything
about iff a Ira In Venezuela except that
President Castro appeared to be firmly
seated when he left He said he did not
know whether or not ho would return to
Venezuela as he had not given a thought
to the subject
He declared that an alleged Interview
with him purporting to be cabled from
San Juan was untrue He Ind said noth
ing about General Castros attitude to
ward Americans
Mr Loomis stayed aboard the Caracas
all night Ho will come up to the city In
the morning and will stop at the Victoria
Hotel a few days before going to Wash
ington -
A New 1 runs vilantfc Line
LONDON April 16 A despatch from
Brest says an American company will
establish a steamship line between New
York Hnd Brest provided the western
railways will organize an express train
service with no stops between the latter
port and Paris
Ocean Steamship Mnv cment
NEW YORK April 16 Arrived out
Prlnzessln Victoria Lulse from New
York at Treblzond Rotterdam from
New Yo k at Boulogne Wcrra from Now
York at Naples
Ilynns Iluslueas Colleise sthnnd K
Business Shorthand Tjpeuritinc 2S a year
Seek Ijiimlirr Sewn at People Yard I rillivvork any kind
LliUnd fll TAtf llujtf St 111 nrf X V a 1 1 Airu SI fl irX W T l I lll p J ri
Rusianb of All Classes Beg for
a Constitution
W hnlesnlc Arrests nail Revolution
ary Proclamation Continue
Connt Tolstoys PlnlnSpoLen Ad
dress to the Emperor Slnde Public
VIENNA April 16 The newspapers
here are receiv ing reports according to
which the situation in Russia Is be
coming worse Wholesale arrests con
tinue throughout the Empire
Fifteen hundred persons were arrest
ed in Odessa on Saturday last Revo
lutionary proclamations continue to be
distributed in St Petersburg Moscow
Odessa ICieff and elsewhere
The most remarkable of recent de
velopments is a proposal to despatch
to the Czar an address begging him to
grant a constitution Fifteen thousand
signatures have already been appended
to it Including those of many land
owners merchants and literary men
The address Is causing much excite
ment It is generally regarded as a
most daring step
The full text of Count Tolstoys ad
dress to the Czar on March 28 has been
received He submits a long programme
of reforms The whole document Is full
of the plainest speaking The following
Is a sample
Again murders again street slaugh
ters again will there be executions
again the terror of false accusations
threats and spite on one hand and
again hatred the desire for vengeance
and readiness for self sacrifice on the
other Again all Russian men are di
vided into two conflicting camps and
are committing or preparing to commit
the greatest crimes
It Is very possible that this time the
disturbances will be repressed though
It may also happen that the soldiers
and police on whom the Government
rests so much hope will perceive that
what hey are forced to do Is the great
crime of fratricide and refuse to obey
but even if the disturbances are quelled
at present they cannot lie stifled
They will continue to spread in a
concealed form and sooner or later
will break out in Increased violence and
produce jet greater suffering and
Count Tolstoy appeals not onfy to
the Czar but tc his advisers uncles
brother ministers of state and coun
The blame he says does not lie
with evil turbulent men but In you
rulers who do not wish to see anything
at the present moment except your own
comfort The problem lies not in your
defending yourselves against enemies
who wish jou harm No one wishes
jou harm but if in recognizing the
cause of social discontent and remov
ing It men are at present disturbed and
seem to wish jou harm it is only be
cause you appear to them as an ob
stacle which deprives them and also
millions of their brothers of the great
est human good freedom and enlight
In order that they should cease to
revolt and attack jou little is required
and that little Is so necessary for your
selves that it would indeed be strange
If you did not realize It
nice Allesreil Murderer 3Iufct Face
the Grand Jury
NEW YORK April 16 Albert T Pat
rick the attorney who is charged with
the murder of William Marsh PIce has
been held for the grand jury by Justice
Jerome and will In nil probability be
placed on trial for his life
After considering the voluminous tes
timony Introduced during the lccent
he irimr lncludlnc the surprising confes
sion of Jones the valet secretary of the
late millionaire Justice Jerome handed
down his decision against Patrick this
morning announcing that he had found
the evidence sufficient for holdlag Pat
rick on the murder charge
The decision was announced in the
library of the Criminal Courts Building
where all the lawyers in the case had
assembled and whTC the preliminary
hearing was held oefore Justice Jerome
as committing magistrate
W hen the Justice made public his de
cision he handed down the following
An examination ot the evidence saiikfies me
tliat the witness Jones is adequately corroborated
vitbin the meaning ol n ction 3W of the Code of
Criminal Procedure by evidence tending to con
nect the defendant with the commiston of the
crime charged The defendant mut therefore
he held tqion the cbarKe of murder in the first
degree to aait the action of the cran1 jnn
April 16 1501
One effect of the decision will be to
bring nearer to a settlement the question
pending before Surrogate Fitzgerald of a
postponement of the cases Involving the
two Rloc wills one of which Patrick has
offered for probate
Counsel for Patrick have contended that
his Interests in the criminal proceedings
should not be subjected to the risk of
prejudico by prior or contemporary civil
proceedings Surrogate Fitzgerald has ad
journed the civil cases twice Spending
Justice Jeromes decision In the prelimi
nary examination In the munler case the
last adjournment being taken from yes
terday to tomorrow and has not passed
upon the subject of the long delay which
Patricks counsel have asked and for
which thev served notices that they would
renew their application tomorrow 1he
want the will cases put off until nil the
crimliiJl proceedings ngajnst Patrlik
which will Include trial for forgery If the
murder case fills through have been
completed Such a delay might 1m a delay
of years but they regard It evidently as
vital for Patricks Interests In the crlml
nil actions
No matter how much despatch Is used
In the matter of the indictment It Is not
believed th it the case can come to trill
before nest fall
Instantly Killed by Plunging From
a IIiKh SeafToldlng
YORK Pa April 11 At Hanover this
afternoon the Rev George II Reeicr a
Reformed minister cllmbe d to the scaf
folding of Em tnucl Reformed Church
which is hi course of construction on
West Abbstown Street He was watching
the builders at their work when lib mida
a misstep and fell to the ground a dis
tance of forty right feet The fall re
sulted In Instant death
The Rev Mr Rceser km oh a widow
who was n Ml Molter of Emmltsburg
Md He was much esteemed and beloved
bv bis congregation He was forty eight
years old was a native of Waynesboro
and n graduate of Franklin nnd
Marshall College
SlriUlnit Steel Men Plclct the
McKeexiiort Ilu Streets
McKEESPORT Pa April 16 Samuel
Cooper manager of the Wood plant Is
sued a notice at midnight for publication
in tho morning papers notifying the
strikers to report for work at 8 oclock
tomorrow morning or oOnslder themselves
A rumor that men were being brought
Into the city by river called hundreds of
the strikers to tho streets about mid
night The streets leading to the mill
were picketed and every man walking
in that direction was stopped and ques
There Is more or less excitement and
any attempt at Importation of men will
undoubtedly provoke a clash
PITTSBURG April 16 Theodore Shaf
fer President of the Amalgamated As
sociation of Steel and Iron Workers has
called a meeting of tfce advisory board
for tomorrow to take action on the re
fusal of the American Sheet Steel Com
pany to reinstate seven workmen dis
charged two weeks ago because ns al
leged by Shaffer they were Instrumental
In organizing the employes of the W
Dewces Wood Sheet Steel Plant in Mc
Keesport Shaffer says 700 of the 1000
employes have struck on account of the
companys refusal to relnstnte the men
Under the rules of the association the
advisory board Shaffer says can call a
strike In all the union mills of any cor
poration that runs on or more of Its
mills non union Under this rule he as
serts he can close down all the union
labor mills of tho United States Steel
Corporation to which the American Sheet
Steel belongs The trust operates both
union and non union mills all over the
According to the statement of John Jar
rett Secretary of tho Labor Bureau of
the Sheet Steel combination the men
agreed to continue nt work for a year
under the existing conditions These con
ditions were that the plant should be op
erated with non union men Shaffer said
tho agreement merely provided for tho
continuance of the wages and retention of
the management
When President Shaffer was told of a
report that the trouble at the McKees
port plant was not sufficiently serious to
warrant the closing of all the union sheet
mills ho said
That is no tho only trouble Wc have
a number of gvevcnces at other mills of
tho American Chect Steel Company but
they will not be made public at the pres
ent time i
UnfiotlnKr at trcdcrleK Under Mnry
lnndH Skew Method of Votlnu
BALTIMORE April 10 The new elec
tion law w as tested at Frederick Md
today The officers elected were mayor
register and four aldermen The fight
was strictly between Democrats and Re
The day was an ideal one and a heavy
vote was polled while the leaders of the
respective parties were active and worked
hard The general opinion among all
was that the new law wis an
ment ov er the election methods of former
times The Democrats elected the mayor
and all the aldermen Tho Republicans
elected the city register
An Engllkh Writer Thlnkn Steel Ill
s eNtinentM yot bate
LONDON April 16 The Chronicle
gives prominence to an article on the
Steel Trust by an anonymous contributor
who contends that It lsihlghly probable
that the United Stntes Steel Corporation
has been heavily overcapitalized
He says the Industries of which the
trust his gained control nave been twice
combined In two years it is only nat
ural to suppose that the promoters profits
have been made by watering the stock
The writer cites the New York Engineer
ing Journal In support of this view and
concludes by recommending British inves
tors not to sink any capital in the corpo
He thinks that If Mr Morgan Ins
brought stock of the corporation to Lon
don most people will be exceedingly pleas
ed to hear that It has been necessity for
him to carry It all back to Its true home
In New Jersey
II M j Condor to He Put In Quaran
tine at Victoria
VICTORIA April 10 H M S Condor
the new steel coming out
from England to relieve the Pheasant on
this station Is expected to arrive here on
Thursday from southern stations where
she tarried on the way The William
Head quarantine statlo1 Is being pre
pared for her coming for she has had the
dread yellow J lck on Loard
The Condor left Acaaulco two or three
weeks ago According to advices from
there a number of her crew had yellow
fever but whether the fever has spent It
self by this time or not Is a question that
only can be speculated on At any rate
the Condor is to enter quarantine at Wil
liam Head on arrival and to be there sub
ject to fumigation and dtentlon If neces
Tho Condor carried a complement of
about 100 men She Is a brand new ship
of SS0 tons and 1409 Indicated horse power
An Oiler of XltOOO In the VleCormlelv
Itldnupiiliiir Case
NEW YORK April 16 -Michael Mc
Cormlck uncle of Willie McCormlck the
florists son who disappeared thrtc weeks
ago from his home In High Bridge an
nounced today that he wbuld give a re
ward of J3000 for the safe return of tho
boy McCormlck came here several days
ago from Washington and has been help
ing the boys parents to trace him Mr
Wlllgerodt a neighbor of the McCor
mlcks has offered a reward of Jlomi so
that there Is now 1000 offered for the
Mr McCormlck said today that he had
run down a number of supposed clues
but they all amounted to nothing The
litest comes fiom Boston Willies pi
rents received a letter from that city last
Friday signed George Mending The
writer said In it that he and two other
men caught young McCormick at Ogden
Avenue nnd Birch fatreet the night he
disappeared took him down to the Har
lem River three bfocks away and put
him aboard a schooner bound for Provi
dence R I Ills captors then beat their
way to Boston by train
In the letter the writer says tint If Mr
McCormlck will send til to him through
the general dellvtry the boy will be put
where the Boston police can easily find
him He Is tired of Liking care of the
boy Iia my nnd needs money
Jlr McCormlck answered the letter tell
ing the writer to sendhim a piece of Wil
lis s clothing o he ciuld learn whether
they had the boy and promising to send
the money If he was satisfied that he had
Where It Touehen It Henl
Zema Cura positively ceres ccirma and dis
eases of the sUn At alt i vz stores
Mlllvtorl to repair mid alter any- I home Window nt S elu for pom
couac rcaujr mauc loo at mi and an iletc jasli and all glass in Ij r Libber 4 Co
Cuban Delegates to Start From
Havana on Saturday
General Wood to Come to Washing
ton to Present the McmberM to the
Prenldcnt A Conference With the
Secretnry of War Over the Visit
HAVANA April 16 The commission
appointed by the convention to visit
Washington will protjably leave here on
Saturday General Wood will go to
Washington at about the same time
Some of the most radical delegates re
fused to accept places on the commis
Regarding the statement that Spanish
property owners and planters encour
aged the Constitutional Convention not
to accept the Piatt amendment except
In exchange for a reduction in the
duties on sugar and tobs to two rep
resentative Spaniards declarer that It Is
not true but as a reduction In those
duties is a vital necessity In Cuba the
Spaniards would like to see the con
vention do whatever Is possible toward
obtaining a reduction and getting all
the profit possible out of the situation
This however does not mean that
the wealthy class of Spaniards wish to
have the Piatt amendment rejected
The reverse Is true The Spaniards re
gard the amendment as necessary to
guarantee stability In Cuba
The National party has not yet pub
lished a manifesto against the Piatt
amendment A prominent member of
the party says this is because Ihe lead
ers will not endorse such a manifesto
which was proposed with the Idea of
expelling Senor Gener from the
It was expected that he would refuse
to sign the paper which would have
afforded grounds for his expulsion
The originators of the plan finding
the leaders would rather abandon the
party than sign the manifesto Lave
apparently let the matter drop
It is asserted that Gualberto Gomez
Is organizing a negro party In the east
though nothing has as jet been defi
nitely learned about it It Is said It is
not likely that he will completely saver
his political connection with the whites
as he is a cultured man having been
educated In Paris and Madrid
The President and the Secretary of War
conferred yesterday In regard to the pro
posed visit of a commission from the
Cuban Convention to Washington Gen
eral Wood several days ago Informed the
Secretary of War that the commission
would probably be appointed but at a
late hour this afternoon he had made
no announcement of the conventions
action In selecting the members who are
to come here
Secretary Root has cabled to General
Wood lnforminshmof the Presidents
plan for his Western trip and telling him
the proposed date for the Presidents
departure from Washington No sugges
tion was made to uenerai vv ooo as to
whether this Government would lather
have the commission come before the
President goes or afterward but rom te
ports received from Havana it is tvident
that the commission Intendsleavlng there
before the end of the present week By
direction of the Secretary of War Gen
eral Wood will come to Washington at
tho same time the convention delegates
do nnd will present them to the
dnt at the White House
Tho officials her 1 refuse to discuss for
publication the probable effect of a com
missions visit but It is certain that the
delegates will bo well received by the
President who will discuss with them the
attitude of tho United States toward
Cuba as expressed In the Piatt amend
ment Both President McKlnlcy and Sec
retary Root arc determined not to take
any action which will In any way reflect
upon General Woods administration In
Cuba and will not discuss with the Cu
ban Commission any propositions not
based on the Piatt amendment
It will be made plain to the commission
that General Wood has already explained
to the convention the meaning of the
terms of the Piatt amendment and the
Presidents authority to accept a plan of
relations which would be satisfactory to
tho United States- This authority It is
held does not permit the approval of any
plan of relations not substantially the
samo as the Piatt amendment
New York Lawyers Think Loopholes
Ililst In the Decision
NEW YORK April IG The decision of
the United States Supreme Court regard
ing Dakota divorces may have disturbed
some households hereabouts after the
heads of those households had read the
morning pipers
According to the opinion of most New
York divorce lawyers however the de
cision does not mean that the courts will
declare Invalid any divorce obtained any
where when both parties hive put them
selves within the Jurisdiction of the courts
of the State In which the divorce was ob
tained It does however according to
the lawyers mean that divorces obtained
In a foreign St itc may bo Invalidated
where the defendant has not appeared
either in person or by counsel or been
served with the papers In the action In
some other way than the service by publi
cation which the law of Dakota recog
nized as sufficient This applies not only
to Dakota but to all other States
Abraham Hummel a well known di
vorce lawyer said
It seems to me that the court Intended
to put a stop if possible to services in
divorce cases by publication but also
means It to bo understood that both par
ties must be residents In a foreign State
before either may obtain a divorce there
If this Is so nearly all the foreign di
vorces are Invalid
Alen Caruthers another divorce law
yer sild
I cannot believe that the United States
Supreme Court his given a decision like
that reported in the papers In the first
place It Is an old established principle
In law that an action for divorce is an
action in rem But all actions in rem
may be begun after constructive service
as It Is called By that Is meant service
by publication
1 believe that when we get the text of
tne decision It will bo found that the
court does not hold a dlvoree Invalid
which his been obtained after both par
ties have nppeared either In person or In
some other way If on the other hand
tho text of the decision shows that the
court holds divorces Invalid where these
parties have not obtained what Is called
a matrimonial domicile in the State
where th divorce is granted it simply
means a revolution In the Jurisprudence
of this country
VfoIdliiKN In No 1 Wexteril Ilnss
uond biat uhltj line in price too at 6th and
S Y ave
The Lackawanna Yards Jlny lie Tied
Up by STnipnthlxers
SCRANTON Pa April 16 Three hun
dred switchmen employed on the Dela
ware Lackawanna and vvoatem Railroad
In this city quit work at non today and
it Is said there is danger of tlu strike ex
tending to all the yards of the flaware
I ackawanna and Western system
The men are holding sessions contlaial
ly to decide whether to Insist on the uniui
switchmen In the other yards going out
In support of them So far as can be
ascertained no effort has been made p
to date to call out the conductors en
gineers firemen and trainmen
Todays serious trouble Is duo to the
discharge of two men Patrick Twoomey
and Michael Herrlty without any cause
being assigned Twoomey Is prominent
In seeking a redress of the grievances of
the switchmen and the charge was at
once made that he was discharged be
cause of his activity In behalf of his fel
lows As soon as this fact was noised
about therp was a hurried session of thr
men and they went on strike
The general superintendent Mr Clark
gave out a statement to the newpapers
this evening that Twoomey and Herrlty
were discharged because their services
were unsatisfactory The company has
been able to secure enough non union men
to keep two snitch engines moving and
these have been sufficient to get the pas
senger and milk trains away with slight
The meetings of the switchmen lasted
until 11 oclock tonight AVhen the ses
sions ended the strikers refused to mako
any statement They admitted however
that they have presentted no list of griev
ances and have not appointed a commit
tee to wait on Superintendent Clark They
will not go back to work tomorrow morn
The claim of the switchmen Is that Ho
ran the chief yardmaster at Hoboken
Is responsible for the strike The strik
ers allege that he has made an agreement
with the officials of the road to break up
the switchmens union Horan was hre
today to confer with Superintendent Clark
MIncrM of the n Markle Company
Call a Meeting
HAZLETON Pa April OS District
President Duffy of the United Mine
Workers today Issued a call for a gen
eral meeting of the employes of G B
Markle Co to be held in the Freeland
Opera House on Monday next to receive
the report of the committee appointed to
present to John Markle managing part
ner of the firm the grievances of the
The committee has been unable to se
cure a conference with Mr Markle who
lssiinn New York and It Is likely that
the men will be asked to say definitely
at this meeting what shall be done Some
of the workers leaders said today that
If the trouble was not satisfactorily set
lsl the miners might be authorized to
go out on strike
Twu Thousand 3Ien Out ns n Result
of a lioya Ilefcnnl
mines of the Wllkesbarre company were
shut down today by a strike of breaker
workers 5000 men being idle as a result
A boy at the Prospect Colliery was dis
charged yesterday tor refusing to oil a
wheel He claimed that the work should
be done by an oiler and not by a Jigger
The foreman says that the sprocket of
the wheel was hot and as no oiler was In
sight he offered to run the boys Jig while
the latter climbed up and oiled the wheel
He told him it might be damaged If it
was not oiled at once The boy still re
fused and was discharged
This morning all the breaker workers
went on a strike They Induced workers
at other breakers to Join thm and suc
ceeded In shutting down the Prospect
Midvalc Henry Port Bowkley Wyoming
and Oakwood mines employing in all
more than 2000 men
The union leaders are very much upset
by this for the strike was declared with
out the consent of the Executive Commit
tee of the union and was a breach of their
promise to the operators to control their
men and gain recognition by doing so
There are three similar strikes now on
In this valley the Harry E and the
Forty Fort of the Temple Iron Com
pany and the Woodward of the Dela
ware Lackawanna and Western Coal
The X v II JL II Repair Shops
Closed In Consequence
NEW HAVEN Conn April 16 Every
bollermaker In the shops of the New
York New Haven and Hartford road In
this city went on a strike today over the
amount of pay for shortened hours of la
Many locomotives needing boiler repairs
are in the shops here but the men refuse
to put a hand to them till their grievance
has been adjusted
ronr Hundred Newport ews Long
shoremen Considering u Strike
hundred longshoremen employed on the
Chesapeake and Ohio docks here by the
Chesapeake and Ohio Steamship Com
pany and the United States Shipping
Company refused to return to work this
afternoon because the shipping agents
posted notices to the effect that after 1
o clock this afternoon the old rate would
be resumed
About three weeks ago the longshore
men demanded an Increase in the rate an
hour which was granted by the ship
ping agents in order to prevent a strike
just then as the docks were full of ves
sels and It was done with the under
standing that the new rate was to last
only until the vessels then In port were
The men were in session from this
afternoon at 3 30 o clock until 10 o clock
They refuse to give out any inform uion
as to what has been done From what
can be learned on the outside it Is more
than probablo that a general strike will
be declared tomorrow morning None of
the union men returned to work
Ivlrks Ileath A arrant Signed
ANNAPOLIS April 1C Gov ernor Smith
of Maryland has signed the death war
rant of Wiley Kirk colored sentenced to
death for assaulting Mrs Barbara Green
near Sparrows Point At the trial th
man confessed stating the crime had
been committed while he was lntovlrated
The execution will take place on Friday
May Jl
Ulood Tells
purifies the blood gives you appetite
and vicor At all dru stores
Price One Cent
Cross Exaniination Fails to CLanso
His Testimony
The Defendants Allecrd Slntement
to the Effect That He Could Sovo
Caleb loners llrouRht Up TV S
Taylors Law Partner In the Court
FRANKFORT Ky April 16 In the
Garnett Ripley trial on the charge of
complicity in the Goebcl murder tho
cross examination of Ripley was com
pleted and tho examination of mem
bers of Ripleys company begun Rip
ley was unbroken In his cross-examination
and described Taylors actions
and orders minutely A new point
raised was developed in the following
question by the States Attorney
After you left the mansion or were
relieved fim duty did you not see
Mathews Assistant Secretary of State
at Mr Davis house and tell Jilm you
wanted to talk to him and tell him
something that would help Caleb Pow
ers Did not you say you knew enough
to clear Powers and would tell it at
the proper time Did he not say Now
13 the time and you said It was not
necessary but to keep you posted and
jou would come that you were going
to New York and San Francisco and
would let him know where you were
that you would clear Powers before
jou saw him suffer Did you not say
If you tell this I will swear till I am
black In the face I did not say It re
member you do not know what I
Objection was made and after the
lengthy argument Rlpley replled
I met Mr Mathews In February I
saw him from time to time at the
boarding house I dont recall that I
called him out to talk He was Powers
friend and seemed earnest In his ef
forts to find the guilty party In order
to exonerate Powers If I said any
thing it was after the rumors about
Ycmtsey floated around If I talked with
him It was the meeting o the man
coming out of Taylors office January
29 that I was thinking of The man
that I think was Youtsey I never told
him about swearing till I was black in
the face
Did jou say to Mathews If Powers
is convicted I know enough to get him
a new trial
I do not recollect such a conversa
Didnt jou say If Taylor was here
j ou would not have been relieved and
that Taylor was a coward to run fcpm
his friends
I may have used some expression
about Taylor being absent at a time
when Ue was accused 1tdok an inter
est In the Taylor emtdren In tficlr help
lessness and was thinking of them I
cannot now give the details of the con
Merrill Moores of Indianapolis As
sistant Attorney General of Indiana
and law partner of W S Taylor ar
rived here today and attended the Rip
ley trial Moores presence created a
sensation and it was reported that he
had come as a representative of Taylor
seeking Information as to the proba
bility of a requisition for Taylor and
Moores said Taylor was practicing
law In Indiana He explained his visit
us stopping off here for legal papers to
use In a case In which he is engaged at
Bowling Green
Mnrder nnd Snlcide in n Prominent
Mexican Family
EL PASO TexApriI 16 A mysterious
tragedy was enacted In Juarez Mex
last night when Andres Garcia sent a
bullet through the head of his young and
beautiful bride and then blew out his own
brains They had Just returned from a
ball Temporary Insanity was probably
the cause of the act
Andres Garcia and Senorita Anita Ter
razas were married in Chihuahua four
months ago They belonged to the first
families of Mexico and were popular lead
ers of Chihuahua society He was man
ager of the Jockey Club the swell resort
of Chihuahua owned by his father who
Is a wealthy property owner She was a
niece of General Terrazas the million
aire ex Governor of Chihuahua and a
cousin of Enrique Creel the most promi
nent banker in the Republic
Garcia was twenty three years old and
handsome while his bride was only nine
teen The young couple came to Juarez
yesterday to visit friends and were being
entertained by them when the tragedy
was enacted Both the young people
were educated in the United States and
had many friends here
The Clark Interests Asked to With
draw TheIr Armed Force
SALT LAKE Utah April IS In tho
railroad war going on In Nevada the
forces of United States Senator Clark of
Montana the proprietor of the Salt Lake
and Los Angeles road have seized both
ends of tunnel No L west from Uvada
and declare they make their stand
there against the forces of the Oregon
Short Line representing the Harrlman
syndicate ard Union Pacific Interests
The Short Line forces are laying tracks
night and day and expect to reach tho
tunnel In four or five days
The agents of the Clark road here were
preparing to despatch an additional force
of armed men to the scene of hostilities
but early this morring Attorney W hit
more of the Clark road received a de
spatch from Sheriff Jornson of Lincoln
Cunty Nev where the troubc is read
ing as follows-
Understand you are sending armed men
to Lincoln County to protect your rights
Would remlid you the courts are t pi n
for that purpose I ask you to withdraw
all armed men from this county
llusSrits ieetlon of Juekson
ville Del Eutirely Destroyed
WIIMlNGiON April 35 Tho town of
Jacksonville on the Wilmington nnd
Ncwberre road forty miles -from here
vvts visited by a disastrous fire early this
morning Ihe damjgc was S10W3 to
with about J130O0 insurance
The town had no fire lighting apparatus
and was at the mercy of the flames Ihe
entire business section was wiped out
Norfolk A Washington Steamboat Co
Delightful trips dally at 0 30 p m from foot
7th St to Old Point Comfort cwport News
Norfolk and the South lor schedule see pao 7
No nnllmiri VIHIvvork too dinieult Out-of-town lists best taken rare of
U inilow frames alnajs correct F Libbey i Co and freights prepaid to vutioa Libbey Co

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