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The Law Requiring Boiul for the
UfcC of the Fish Wharf
Secretnrj Tlmlnll Colin Attention to
nn Old Un mill Mikkkm Kefer
pnrr to Attornri 1 lie Allr In
Siliinre SSS The Tux bnle Hnrreil
Dr William Tlndall Secretary to the
Board of Commissioners has informed
them thnt T W ItlUy and W W Itlley
have iiot jet given bond as required by
law for the use of the fish -wharf Dr
Tindnll further states that the llilejs say
they do not see the need of giving the
bond as it has not been required since
they held the privilege Dr Tindall sug
gests that the opinion of the Attornej bo
obtained upon the points whether the
law requiring the bond and return of one
fourth of the cross amount received for
wharfage IS still In force and whit steps
should be taken to enforce the District s
rights in the matter
Dr Tlndall encloses the following mem
orandum of the law as contained in
Webbs Digest for the Information of all
The law of the corporation of Wash
ington requires that the owner or pro
prietor of the site established as a fish
wharf and dock shall return to the
Register one fourth of the gross amount
received for wharfage for the use bene
fit and revenue of said corporation Js
this law still In effect It docs not ap
pear to have been enforced since the re
vocation of the charter of the city of
Washington presumably from the fact
that section 14 of the act of the Legisla
tive Assembly entitled An act prescribing
theolutles of certain officers for the Dis
trict of Columbia and fixing their compen
sation approved August 23 1S71 does not
Include that provision
But the act of the Legislative Assem
bly entitled An act to provide temporal-
officers for the cities of Washington
Georgetown and the county of Wash
ington approved June 2 1S71 creates the
office of Register and in s ction 3 pre
scribes that the functions of the several
officers and the duties salaries and fees
of the said several officers slnll be the
same as arc now defined by the acts of
Congress and the Hws and ordinances of
the corporations of Washington George
town and the Levv Court for the offices
and officers of like dtslgnation so far as
they may be applicable and not in con
flict with the act of Tebruary 21 1S71 as
aforesaid 1
The act of the Leglslatlv e Assemblv
entitled An act creating certain offices in
ana lor tne District oi umumuu ami au
thorizing appointments thereto also cre
ates tho office of Register but does not
define or refer to the nature of his du
Section 11 of the act of the Legislative
Assembly of August 23 1S71 before re
ferred to as not embracing the law on
the subject In Webbs Digest does not in
terms exclude that law
The Commissioners jestcrday granted
a hearing to any persons who might wish
to offer objections to the plan of lower
ing the grade of the alley in square 225
bounded by Fourteenth Fifteenth and F
Streets andPennsvhanla Avenue north
west The case is one of considerable In
terest to several parties and they with
their attornevs were present to present
their views at the hearing
H A Wlllard who owns the Kellogg
Building and Joseph Willard who owns
Willards Hotel were present the form
er being- represented by Attorney Jere
M Wilson and the latter by Attorney J
J Darlington and Bernard R Green At
torney ChapUi Brown was also present
representing the owners of the Columbia
Hotel or the old Owen House
It appears that H A Willard is op
posed to the lowering of the grade of
the alley Mr Wilson explaining that he
feared it would endangtr the founda
tions of the Kellogg Building while Mr
Brown also objected to the lowering of
the grade of the aley adjacent to the Co
lumbia Hotel
It Is understood that Joseph AMllard
favors the making of the proposed im
provements but at the request of Mr
Wilson the hearing was postponed until 3
oclock p m April 23 In order to allow
the Engineer Department to prepare
detailed Information as to the grade to
be adopted
Charles C Collson has requested of the
Commissioners that the tax for 16S5
against sub lot 50 and part of sub lots8
and 9 square 383 be canceled the same
having been omitted from tax certificate
No 6323 In his report upon the appli
cation H H Darneille the Assessor sub
mits the following facts of record
Certitlcate No 6523 was issucei tenru
nry 3 153 to Charles C Collson on sub
lot 50 square 3S3 of original lots 8 and
8 which omitted the tax for 1RS5 against
the west part of lt S which part is whol
ly embraced in sub lot 50
By deed recorded 24th day of Febru
ary 11S3 convejance was made to said
Collson from S Redman and as
sworn to In e accompanving petition
on the faith of the certificate of
This case comes within the provisions
of the act of May 13 1692 relating to tax
sales and taxes and it Is therefore rec
ommended that the collection and recov
ery of the tax for 1SS3 In the amount of
10o9 against the west part of original
lot S included In sub lot 50 square 2S3 be
liarred as to any purchaser subsequent to
Issue of certiheate No 6525 dated Feb
ruary 21 1633 and so noted on the records
of this office
Walter C Allen the Electrical Engi
neer has called the attention of tho Com
missioners to the need of a cable to carry
the District wires across the Navy Yard
Bridge He suggests that the Anacostla
and Potomac River Railway Company lie
requested to make a deposit of J3S120 w 1th
the Collector of Taxes for the cost of
such a cable In reference to the matter
ilr Allen sajs
Several times recently the wires of
this department on the Navy Yard Bridge
have been broken and the fire alarm and
police patrol Instruments connected to
them damaged by the wires coming In
contact with tho trolley wires on the
bridge The telephone company has ex
perienced similar trouble with their
wires the jarring of the bridge by the
passage of the heavy cars over it causing
the wires to break and fall over the trol
lev wires To remove this difficulty the
telephone company has placed Us wires
In a lead covered cable
After several conferences with the rail
road officials they have agreed to pay
for the cable for the District to replace
the Individual wires across the bridge I
obtained a price of 22 0 cents per foot
for this cable from the Standard Under
ground Cable Company who have a con
tract to furnish cable for this department
I therefore recommend that the Ana
costla and Potomac River Railroad Com
pany be requested to make a deposit of
J3R420 to cover the cost of the 1700 feet
of cable needed for the bridge the cost
of Installation will be borne by this de
Tho Commissioners veslcrday issued or
ders that public work be done under the
provisions of the assessment sjstem aa
To set new granite curb on the north side
ef Virginia Avenue sojthcast from Ninth
A Grcnt Convenience for Houne
Two voung ladles In a certain chv nre
emploved down town and rent a small
flat where they do light housekeeping
Frequently they aro Invited out evenings
and the subject of meals Is n puzzler
Of late they have solved tho problem by
keeping some nice rich milk or cream
convenient and a package of dry crisp
Grape Nuts near by
In thirty Feconds the meal is ready and
It Is a most fascinating meal too for the
creamy taste blends with the peculiar
delicate svwet of the grape sugar In the
Grape Nuts productlng a never-to-be-forgotten
flavor The sustaining power of
the food ii sufficient to keen one well
nourished cn when a small amount Is
Street to Tenth Street at an estimated
cost of 353 to be assessed against lots in
square south of square 931 abutting on
said Virginia Avenue between the limits
To set new granite curb on both sides
of r Street northeast from Tourteenth
Street to Fifteenth Street at an estimat
ed cost of 1 130 to be assessed against lots
in squares 1051 and 105J abutting on said
T Street between the limits mmeil
To set new granite curb and lay cement
sidewalk on the south side of New Jiork
Avenue northwest from Twelfth btreet
to Thirteenth Street and from Twelfth
Street eastward a distance of 138 S3 feet
and on the south side of I Street north
wist from Lleventh Street westward a
distance of 73 42 feet at an estimated
cost of 2730 to be assessed against lots
In squares J1S and 2S7 abutting on said
New lork Avenue and sald 1 Street be
tween the limits named
W L Wllkcrson of 33 F Street north
west his returned to the Commissioners
a bill for water rent against premises
722 Thirteenth Street northwest and
states under oath that the house was va
cant during the months of July and Au
gust 19 II L Karpeles Acting Chief
Ckrk of the Water Department after un
Investigation has recommended that the
refund be made on the ground that the
amount of J1G0 was erroneously paid
This recommendation has been approved
bv the Commissioners
P A Bowen jr of 1410 G Stroet north
west has requested the cancellation of
special assessments levied against sub
lots IS 16 and south part of lot 10 square
4S7 in tho name of Mary Louise Kenady
Acting upon the advice of the Special As
sessment Clerk the Commissioners have
voted not to grant the request as the as
sessments wero levied according to law
Walter C Allen the Electrical Engi
neer has informed the Commissioners
that his department is taking down two
poles on U Street between Sixteenth and
Seventeenth Stieets northwest and he
recommends that one of these poles be
re erected at the earner of Twentj -second
Street and Newport Place This recom
mendation the Commissioners have ap
prov ed
A O Tlnglcy Secretary of the North
Capitol and Lckington Citizens Associa
tion has forwarded to the Commissioners
a communication Informing them that
the association at Its last meeting took
action protesting against the practice of
driving hogs through any of the -streets
in that section or the town Mr Tingley
states that It is a common occurrence to
see these animals run over front
and in hot weather they have to be
spraved with water while tn route In or
der to keep life in them until they reach
the slaughterhouses a wagon following
behind to pick up those that are overcome
with the heat
Mr Ilngley slates tnat tne practice m
di uine hoirs at niiiit affords no relief
as the noise wakes up the people who are
rortunate cnougli to oe asieep ne mjo
the stench from the passing droves is In
tolerable at times
Rwwiarv TInv hns forwarded to the
Commissioners for the information of the
District Fire Department a copy oi tne
nrnct miinirs of the Grand International
Cornell of Firemen held in August of Ian
j ear at Paris Mr Hay states tnat tne
pamnhlet was forwarded by the united
States Minister to Belgium
A W Brcslln has written to the Com
missioners complaining of the depreda
tions of the fowls of his neighbors which
run at large in the block where he re
sides He desires to know whether there
are any regulations which prohibit the
roaming of fowls about the streets and
allevs of the city Mr Breslln also de
sires to know whether the ash collector
can be required to remove a large pile
of ashes which has accumulated in his
By order of the Commissioners J A
Neville has been appointed chalnman in
the Surveyors office at a compensation of
225 per day to take effect when he re
ports for duty
It has been ordered by the Commission
ers that the proposal of the Cranford
Paving Company dated April 12 1901 to
grade and Improve the groands of the
Whitney Avenue Truckhouse for the sum
of S15t5 be accepted
The Commissioners have approved the
recommendation of the Inspector of
Bandings that the samples of hardware
which have been submitted by the Russell
Erwln Co be accepted for use In the
new police station on Whitney Avenue
Icnrs of Tronhle While n Divorce
Cniie IX an Ue liig Heard
Thomas J Sweeney was arrested es
terday on a bench warrant by Deputy
Marshal Turner and called to testify In
open court In the suit for divorce insti
tuted by Elizabeth Griffith against her
husband George M Griffith Sweeney is
the witness who while testlfving in the
same suit before Examiner Rutledge Will
son was attacked by Mrs Griffith She
struck him with her fist and also hurled
an ink well at him The missile missed
Sweeney and struck Mrs Griffiths attor
ney in the face
Mrs Sweeney the wife of Thomas J
Sweeney was also present vesterday dur
ing the proceedings She and her husband
are not on the best of terms and while
he was giving his testimony she left her
scat In the back part of the courtroom
and went nearer to where Sweeney sat
Whn she did so Sweeney rose from his
chair and faced her Those present be
lieved that Mrs Sweeney was about to
create a scene but Justice Bradley who
presided at the hearing calmed all fears
by stating that if any attempt at violence
was made the guilty person man or wo
man would be Immediately committed to
jail for contempt Sweeney then con
tlnred his testimony and his wife was
called ns a witness
IKrrle the Shamrock 11h Denlxrner
IliHnectM the Independence
BOSTON Mass April 17 David Bar
rie Sir Thomas Llptons representative
saw the Independence on the stocks this
forenoon but the designer Mr Crownln
shleld savs he threw no bouquets after
examining the craft Mr Barrle visited
the Atlantic Works with Mr Crownln
Bhlcld and In going over the boat her
eleslgner pointed out the variations in her
model from the modern 90 footers
He was a very close observer but de
clined to make any criticisms of any sort
It was evident from his conversation that
he considered the Boston boat a pretty
likely craft Mr Barrle invited frownln
shield to visit the Erin and Shamrock 11
when they reached Sandy Hook and
promised the Boston designer a photo
graph of the new challenger as soon ns
the was under sail
Captain Haff Is expected In Boston on
Saturday or the first of next week nnd
the members of the crew will be tailed
together Immediately after the skippers
Detective Muller IlinU Mlmilnu
Hone nnd nneoii In Virginia
The horse and wagon said to have been
stolen by Joseph Parks from Megrath
Kennclly livery stable proprietors at 211
Eleventh Street northwest several dajs
ago was recovered last night by Detective
Muller after a ride of twenty miles into
Talrfax Coimtv Va It now appears that
larks who was arrested in Baltimore
Md Monday and brought here Tuesday
for trial hired tho horse and buggy Satur
day and drove into Virginia Ho claims
to have met a farmer who offered him 10
for the horse and rig and the bargain was
rhortly afterward completed Inrks then
returned toahls cltv and then went to Bal-
llmnn whwi he lives
After his arrest on complaint of Me
grath Kennelly the prisoner told the de
tectives that he had sold the team to a
dairyman named Elgin Until recently
Parks was employeil by the Florida Fruit
and Wine Company with an establish
ment at 152 Fort Avenue Baltimore
The evr DUeovery for Catarrh
Scciiim to loMsefm Remark
able Merit
A new catarrh cure has recently appear
ed which so far as tested has been re
markably successful In curing all forms
of catarrh whether in the head throat
bronchial tubes or In stomach and liver
The rcmdy Is In tablet form pleasant
and convenient to take nnd no special
Becrecy is maintained as to what It con
tains the tablet being a scientitic com
1 lnatlon of Guaiacol Eucalyptol Sangul
naria Hvdrastln and similar valuable and
harmless antiseptics
The safe and effective catarrh cure may
be found at any drug store under name
of Stuart s Catarrh Tablets
hcther the catarrh Is located In the
rose throat bronchial tulies or stomach
the tablets seem to act with equal suc
cess removing the stuffy feeling in head
and nose clearing the mucous membrane
of throat and trachea from catarrhal se
cretions which cause the tickling cough
ing hawking and gagging so annoying
to every catarrh sufferer
Nasal catarrh generally leads to ulcera
tion in some cases to such an extent as
to destroy the nose entirely and in many
old cases of catarrh the hones of the head
become diseased Nasal catarrh gradually
extends to the throat and bronchial tubes
and verv often to the stomach causing
that very obstinate trouble catarrh of the
Catarrh is a svstcmlc poison Inherent
In the blood and local washes elouches
salves inhnlers nnd sprnvs can nave no
effect on the real cause of the ellsease
An Internal remedy which nets upon the
blood Is the only rational treatment nnd
Stuarts Catarrh Tablets Is the snfest of
all Internal remedies as well as the most
convenient and satisfactory from a medi
cal standpoint
Dr Eaton recently stated that he had
successfully used Stuarts Catarrh Talir
lets In old chronic cases even where ul
ceration had extended so far as to destroy
the septum or the nose He says I am
pleasantlv surprised almost every day by
the excellent results from Stuarts Ca
tarrh Tablets It is remarkable how ef
fectually they remove the excessive sp
cretlon and bring about a healthy condi
tion of the mucous membranes of the
nose throat nnd stomach
AH druggists sell complete treatment of
the tablets at 50 cents and a little book
giving the sjmptoms and causes of tho
various forms of catarrh will be mailed
free by addressing F A Stuart Co Mar
shall Mich
Programme nt Centre Market
Armory Tomorrnj Mulit
The Athletic Association of the District
of Columbia National Guard will hold Its
third annual indoor games tomorrow
night In the Centre Market Armory
The programme will be the most at
tractive ever presented by the Guards
Association and the athletic features will
alternate with a number of high class
AVith the exception of the first number
which is the SO vard dash and opento all
amateurs the contests are for the cham
pionship of the local National Guard and
on account of the strong rivalry between
the various companies the events prom
ise to be w ell contested
The National Guards Band will furnish
music during tho evening and after the
contests prizes will be awarded the win
ners by the general commanding the Dis
trict militia Admission will be strictly
by card Non competing officers and
members of the- Guard are expected to
appear in unlfrom
Following is the complete programme
to be presented
Fifty jard dash open 50 yard dash and
return In heavy marching order A A
D C N G championship exhibition
trick rings parallel bars and club swing
ing Messrs Orlander Ross and W H
Loveless pole vault A A D C N G
championship acrobats Del Ray Broth
ers potato race A A D C N G cham
pionship exhibition wrestling Messrs
James D McQuade anil Carl Mueller
running high jump A A- D- C N G
championship brother act Prof Jojce
and Master Ted Clinton tug of war A
A D C N G championship contortion
ists Howard and Leigh of the Burnt
Cork Club half mile run A A D C N
G championship exhibition boxing
Messrs Sheehy and Mulligan match re
lay race Washingtons trick and tramp
bicyclists Messrs Myron Baker and Doc
Armstrong N G relay A A D C N G
championship special relay juniors ob
stacle race A A D C N G champion
AVnttlilngton Tenm to Meet George
town Saturday
The first appearance in this cjty of the
Washington baseball team of the Ameri
can League will be next Saturday after
noon when the Senators will cross bats
with Georgetown on Georgetown Field A
second game will be plaved with the col
lege boys on Monday April 22 It was
originally Intended that the games should
be plajed at the new American League
park The grounds there will hardly be
In shape by that time and It has been
decided that the contests will take place
at Georgetown Field
After ceveral changes In the dates It
has been decided that the games between
Georgetown and the University of Vir
ginia will be plaved In this city on Friday
and Saturday April 26 and 27 on George
town Field and at Charlottesville Va
on May 4 The Georgetown Virginia
game alwajs excites the greatest Interest
among the followers of the two institu
tions In thl3 city
The Iltchcr T I1 Wlij He HefiiKC il
evv YorkM Offer
NEW YORK April 17 AVilllam Car
rick formerly pitcher with the Njw
Yorks and now with the Washington
American League club has something to
say whv he did not sign with the New
York club again this season The follow
ing dated Hampton Va comes from
1 have seen statements that Ilemandcd an
exorbitant I rice for mr fccrvices this season re-
garilleM o the kind and generous treatment that
l nae received irom the Je iork Club These
are the facts Iist season the sent mc a con
tract calllne for 150O a very small raise from
mj 1819 alary so I wrote the management ask
ing them to make It ilSOO but did not even
get an anmcr Itather than not llay ball at
all I worked for that sum last season and
worked hard hoping what I aked for would
be made up at the end of the season or at
least recognized In this reasons contract
My contract for lOL called for 2000 500
more than last season but I feel that 300 was
due me on last seasons work Hence I did not
appreciate the advance and especially as 1 had
been offered much more by asliinrton
The Alfhott CrcnceiiM Itnee Off
TOLEDO Ohio April 17 The race be
tween The Abbott and Crcsceus at
Brighton Beach is off Mr Ketcham
owner of Cresceus returned the contract
to New York this morning Claiming that
the conditions were not in accord with
the original verbal agreement
is one who grows without in
terruption of health from a
baby up except the inevitable
diseases of children
And Scotts emulsion of cod
Liver oil has done more in the
26 years of its existence than
any half dozen other things to
make such children
It keeps them in uninterrupt
ed health It is food that
takes hold at once whenever
their usual food lets go
Well send you a lltticto try if yon I ke
SCOTT LQWNK 40- lwrl sued New York
Cornell Proves Easy foiHie George
town Ball Tossicrs
Seven Costly I2rrorTell the Storj
of the tnme ApimMonn hensn
tlnnnl Cnteh n FerttiiVc Cnpinln
Wnlah ns n Bnie Stealer The Score
Hugh Jennings red stockinged warriors
from Cornell proved themselves Inferior
to the Georgetown University balltossers
yesterday afternoon The Ithacans were
defeated on Georgetown Field by a score
of 7 to S The principal feature of the
game was the manner in which the Blue
and Grey was helped along to victory by
costlv errors on the part of the Ithacans
Seven black marks made a dark showing
ror the visitors error column and nearly
everjone was in part responsible for
Georgetowns runs
Fay was on tho rubber for Georgetown
and for the first five Innings he did splen
did work allowing the Ithacans but two
singles After that the representatives
of the red and white began to push out
an occasional timely hit and at the end
of their half of the seventh were one run
to the good
Blewett replaced Fay In the middle of
the seventh Inning and put a decided
crimp In Cornells run getting ability Fay
had pitched good ball up to this point and
six of the Cornell batters had gone to the
bench after vainly having swiped the air
In Georgetowns half of the seventh
Inning Walsh did some daring base-running
nnd scored on a much needed single
by Olinra When his team mates came
to bat in the following Inning two more
runs gave the Blue and Grey a total of 7
and the game closed with the score at that
The day was idenl for baseball and a
large crowd witnessed the game The
Georgetown rooters displayed little en
thusiasm until Cornell tied the r core
Then a little lively cheering was indulged
in After Georgetown was safe once more
the enthusiasm again subsided and not
even the college yell was heard when the
game closed
Cornell went first to the plate Fay
started off by striking out Brewster
Lvon secured a hit but failed to get
further than second The side was re
tired by Robertson and Harvey going out
Georgetown fared worse than the visitors
In their half of the first They did not
get a hit Drill walked to first and got
around as far as the third comer of the
diamond on a wild pitch Connors and
Moran went out on flics and Walsh struck
An easy grounder fielded o first and two
Infield flics easily gathered In was the fate
of Drake Chase nnd Costcllo when Cor
nell came to bat Georgetown scored their
first run in this inning An error by Har
vey permitted OHara to ggn the Initial
bag Devlin sacrificed advancing OHara
to second Apperlous drove a long fly
Into deep left where K wrfs muffed bj
Brewster while OHara scared Dowling
flew out to centre and Fays out retired
the ade j
Brewster partially redeemed his muff
of Apperlous fly in tho third by driving
out a single after Brown apd Whlnnery
were both put out tho farmer at first
and the latter on threevstrikes In Cor
nells half of the fourth Brewster ven
tured too far off the first cushon and
was put out by Devlin on a quick throw
by Fay Drill lined out a single In the
third Connors and Maran were then
both put out Moran drpv e out a long fly
of which Lyon made Sensational run
ning xatch Captain YavtanJ proved the
salvation of his team by contributing a
single which scored Drill Then Walsh
stole second and befqreenvone realized
It had purloined the third cushion
OHara walked to first and then Devlin
smashed out a single scoring Walsh
OHara was cut off at third
Neither team made a score or a hit in
the fourth and not a runner progressed
farther than first base Fay struck out
Chase and Brown In the fifth and Cos
tellos out retired the side
How to Help the Other Side Get Runs
was tho principle which the Ithacans
illustrated when Georgetown came to
bat Connors flew out to right field Mo
ran secured a single and the comedy of
errors began when Walsh drove a high
fly right into the hands of Brewster who
dropped the ball Moran reached second
Chase tried to catch him napping at sec
ond but was unsuccessful The ball hit
Moran on the thigh and rolled Into the
outfield while he galloped home and
Walsh who had been waiting on first
reached third in the meantime The
Ithacans then braced up and retired the
side in quick order
The visitors went to work In clever
style In the sixth Brewster and Lyons
were both hit by pitched balls Robert
son scored the former with a single and
himself went to second when Harvey
walked to first Drake scored Ly on on a
timely single and Robertson was cut off
in a daring slide to the plate Chase re
tired the side by striking out Apperlous
donated a single when he stepped to the
bat for Georgetown but was forced to
stand on the initial bag while Dowling
Fay and Drill went out In order
- Cornell went one point to the good in
the sixth and their followers in the
grandstand did a little rooting Costello
went to first on a hit and was advanced
when Brown walked Whlnnery made the
only two bagger of the day and Costello
scored Brewster hit an ensy grounder
which Tny Juggled permitting Brown to
score Blewett then went in the box in
place of Fay Lyon hit a high fly to
tnm TinhprtRnn ilrnve out a long one
and It looked as If it woald roll Into the
gully west of the grounds nnd be good
for a home run Apperlous made a long
sprint and a sensational catch of the lly
which won him plaudits Whlnnery scored
after the lly had been caught Harvey
then flew out to Moran
The Georgetown rooters began to cheer
but at first their enthusiasm seemed to
have little effect Connors and Moran
both went out on outfield flics Captain
vvnish htintid and beat the ball to the
base He then stole second and also
third by the boldest kind of base run ling
O Hara scored him with a single and the
score was tied OHara stole second Just
before Devlin made the third out of the
Inning One two three was the way the
Ithacans went out In eighth
hen Georgetown came to bat Apperl
ous opened up matters with a single
Dowling galiicil first on an error by Cos
tello nd Apperlous scored when Robert
son threw wild over Costello s head He
was followed across the plato by Dow
ling Thus Georgetown was two runs to
the good and so thq gamo closed After
that the batters were retired as fast as
they went to the platej Cornell was un
able to place a man oni first In their half
of the ninth The score
Cornell AB R II TO A E
Bre6ter If 4 1 1 2 1 2
Lyon cf 3 1 1 6 0 0
Robertson lb 4 0 1 10 0 2
Harvey ss 3 0 0 0 2 1
Drake rf 4 0 12 0 1
Chase p 4 00060
Costello 3b v 4 1 1 1 1 0
Brown 2b 3 l 0 1 1 1
Whlnnery c 1 11 3 0 0
Totals 33 1 f 21 11 7
Georgetown AH R H FO A E
Drill c 4 1
Connors cf 5 0
Moran ss 4 1
Walsh It 4 2
OHara 2b 3 1
Devlin lb 4 0
Apperlous rf 4 1
Dowling b 4 1
Fay p 4 0
Dlesvctt p 1 0
18 0 0
0 0 0 0
12 11
2 0 10
14 2 0
19 0 0
2 10 0
0 3 2 0
0 0 11
0 0 10
Totals 37 1 S 27 8 2
Cornell 00000210 0 5
Georgetown 01201012 x 7
First base on errors Cornell 1 George
town 4 Left on bases Cornell o George
town C First base on balls Off Chase 2
off Fay 2 Struck out By Chase a by
Fay i hv Blewett 1 Two base hit W hin
liery Sacrifice hit Devlin Stolen bases
Unlsh 4 OHara 1 Hit by pltcher Ily
Chase 2 Wild pitch Chase Umpire Mr
Rett Time of game 1 hour anil CO min
lleunclia beers never tollow hut alnajs lead
in popularity lcau they are brewed oi the
hest malt and hop Uk Iir Ileurichs at all
leading hotels anil restaurants or ihone West 34
Arlington Bottling Co lor a case of Maenen
benate or Lager
Putting Age
on Whiskey
does no harm if the whlskcy
vva s right at the start It docs
no good If the whiskey wasnt
Aging whiskey simply concen
trates bulk if carried In wood
It loses water and gains in per
centage of acid
But these changes have noth
ing to do with Its effect on the
human system
has every advantage that can
come from age aroma flavor
mellowness and every addi
tional advantage that can
come from perfection In manu
It is a generous product put
up In generous bottles There
Isnt a thought of skimp or
mean economy about it
Your phvslclnn will tell ou
how precious a pure properly
made whiskey is
Get the little booklet The
Truth fre e nt nnjr irroeery or
llnuor Ntore AnRtlo Mj ri
iIv m Tltnl Information
tliroiiKh It
14 lennlvitiiln Ave
m 513 515 ZPVe
I for mens suits worth
In the first lot are to be found a complete
assortment of fancy worsteds and cheviots
striped cheviots in splendid variety
embracing the newest ideas the most desirable
pattei ns
1U cx
Seventh Street
A Batter Get a axe When Hit
by a Pitched Ball
President Nick Young said last night
that he had received replies from a ma
jority of the league clubs favoring a re
turn to the old rule giving a plaver his
base for being hit by a pitched ball un
less he plainly avoided making any ef
fort to get out of the way of the ball
from the pitcher and thereby permitted
himself to be so hit
This rule was abolished at the spring
meeting but so many protests have been
made against It that the question wa3
submitted to the different clubs In View
of the replies already received the rule
will undoubtedly be reinstated
Said to lie Safferlne From n Mental
CHICAGO April 17 Jack Sheridan
the American League baseball umpire
was brought to Chicago oday in charge
of friends He Is said to be suffering
from mental derangement
While on his way from San Jose Cal
to Chicago Sheridan got off the train at
Marcellne Mo where he was taken into
custody because of his strange actions
It is resorted that ho donned his base
ball suit went out on the street and be
gan umpiring an imaginarv baseball
When President Johnson of the Ameri
can League heard of his condition he tel
egraphed that the patient be sent here
Itcunlti nt Aliieetnct
AQIEDCCT April 17 Results of toelivs nccl
track good
First race For two-year-olds four rfhd one
half furlorcs Itiglitaway Landry 3 to 2 won
F sy Street Iiullman 4 to 5 second Playhke
Thompson SO to 1 third Time 0 07
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
fcix furlongs Mamtoban Bullinan 6 to 5 won
Yorkshire Boy McCinn 3 to 1 second Uue
away Carnjan a to S third Time 111 4 3
Third race lor two-year-olds four and one
half furlon iB Mara Landry 2 to 1 won
Ij cbetli Shan 9 to 5 second Fva Mine
100 to 1 third Time 0 5fi 4 5
fourth race For three-year-olds and upward
about seven furlongs Ten Candles Shaw 5
to 1 won Pupil J Daly 3 to 1 second
Alls Crcen Bullman 3 to 5 third Time
tilth race For two j ear olds and upward fire
and one half furlonzs Mnonia McCue 8 to t
won Councilman T Carrieanti 40 to 1 second
Egotism Vlefiinn 20 to 1 third Time 110
Sixth race For three- ear olds ami upward
five furlong Ilehobas Iiullman 1 to 2 won
Godfrey Landry 4 to 1 second Kentucky
Sjne 12 to 1 third Time 1 01 3 3
Entries at Aiineiluet
AQUEDCCT April 17 Handicap for
and upward fire and one half furlongs
lleliobas 132 Brigadier 117 King Bramble
115 Godfrey 100 Royal Sterling 103 Ondurdis
105 Inhot 102 Kcorpio 100 Magic Light 03
Bi Gun W Ventoro 67
Swvnnd rarfl for maiden sell
ing four and one half furlongs Ben Howardy
siifinlnnfiAtil Tin- rhaminade Vlairirie S
ville 107 Knight Templar Merry Hour lliogan
Illucblood vugurj 101 Dalcorth 102 Startir
101 heminavarre 99 Lady Katine Neither One
CS The Hartford SO Atheltay My Lady
like 93
Third mceFoT selling about
seven furlong BIufI 112 Monad 110 The
Golden Prince lew Bean lew Alani iuj vni
mosity Seurrv 101 hlng Brook Girtrude H
liott 101 Delia Cee W Punctual He
Fourth race The How stakes for ftllles tvo
years old four and one half furlongs Octoroon
Mis Hastings Meditation edition The Hoj
den Divje Queen Miss Appleby Netherland
Atheolj 112
iirtti rf Vor and upward
selling one mile and heventv yards Matt
hon 111 Radium 110 sir nonan iw ine wui
cjt Two lorkj ItW hirkwood 105 Vlaipiuncr
103 Monmouth Boy 101
Mvtli race lor mures three jears old and l p
rard sll furlongs Gold Fox 115 Big Gun
hi limM llnnimv 10S Tvrshena 103 Vlthea
102 FWc Skip Robert Metcalfe 101 Charles
Lstc s ICO
Aiiueduct selections
First race lleliobas Godfrey Scorpio
Second raee vtheUtav Ca ville Dalesworlli
Third race vnmoily Scurry Punctual
Fourth race The Hovden vtheola Sedition
Fifth race Sir Horiun Matt Simpson
WStxth race- Altica Tyrshena Charles Esles
KennltH nt Meniphl
MEMrillS Ipril 17 Results of todajs race
track heavy
First race For two-year-olds selling four
and one half furlongs Miss Blarney Coburn
S to 1 won Esternell Miller 4 to 1 second
Marie Bell A VVcber 13 to 1 third Tunc
Second race For two-year-olds five furlongs
Miss UUarllC l ocnran o vu i
Coleman J Woods even second Kaloma 111
more 5 to 1 third Time 1 051
Third race For and upward
- - - -
4000 mens spring suits under regular price
The entire surplus stock consisting of the overproduction
and cancelled orders of the well known clothing manufacturers
Leon Wechsler of 721 723 Broadway and 266 268 Mercer
it f1 I I
Street New York has been purchased at a consider
able reduction on regular prices and is offered begin
ning this morning just as we secured it
The purchase is the largest that has ever been made by any local concern and
the sale is important becans e the clothing is of the very highest grade in mate
rials and workmanship and because it is offered at much lets than regular prices
2sine out of ten clothiers making such a purchase at this time would put it in reg
ular stock- and get regular prices for it fearing that such a sale would interfere
with the selling of their regular stock which at this time is necessarily at its best
We have taken no such view for we know that we shall be able to turn these
over to you in a hurry and in doing so we shall make a host of friends
Every garment in the 4000 goes in the sale tables are stacked high with them
the front windows have been filled to gie you an idea of the very great values
As stated above this clothing is of the very highest grade for this concern
makes no cheap garments and we unhesitatingly stand back of eery sale by guar
anteeing you satisfaction as to the wear the workmanship and the lasting ap
pearance of every suit
up to
for mens suits worth up to
In this lot are suits of Oxford cheviot
fancy check cheviots and worsteds striped
llannels cheviots and worsteds plain black and
blue cheviots and black Thibets English wale
worsteds and basket weaves an immense va
enormous stock comprises suits in all sizes and all pro
portions in other words men of every build can be fitted so
J great is the variety of sizes
Ana tne oest pare oi re is xnax you ciont neect reaay money to
take advantage of the offering for you may have the amount
of your purchases charged and arrange to pay as is convenient
to you
Gnllnnrtet Irnllecl by the Unlvei
xltj of Mnrjlnnel
The University or JIarvland haseball
team administered a crushing defeat to
GalLiudet jesterday afternoon on ilen
dall Green Tho Marv landers batted the
ball about the field and ran bases until
they were tired At the end of the game
the score stood 22 to 1 in their favor
Ilo reon who showed such good form early
In the season was on the rubber for- the
Mutes The visitors had little trouble In
finding him for singles doubles and
triples whenever they deemed It neces
Dums pitched for Marvland Ills worlc
was excellent and he was given splendid
support Gallaudet scored their only run
In the third Inning Andrees
bringing in the run The steady bom
bardment of the visitors seemed to dis
courage the JIutes who played like
schoolboys Andrce Hunter and Carpen
ter did the best work of the Gallaudet
plajers while Sheely Tavlor and Burns
were the stars for Maryland
Score by Innings
Gallaudet 0 01000000 I
Marj land 1 12 18 413 1 22
Batteries Gallaudet Itoson and An
dree Unlversltv of Mainland Burns and
GeorRetovvn lreslnrien A In
The Gcorgetow n freshmen baseball team
defeated esterday afternoon the Business
High School The game was called on ac
count of darkness nnd at the first of the
sixth Inning the score stood 7 to C in favor
of the High School The record score
however goes hack to the end of the fifth
Inning when It stood Freshmen C Busi
ness High School 4
YcMcrilnj nilMelinll Scores
At Lexington Va Washington and
Lee University G Virginia Military
At Princeton N J B H E
Princeton 4 6 0 6 0 2 0 0 1S 11 2
Lehigh 0 10100002 38
Batteries Underhlll Ameli and Green
Hamilton Tavlor and Persons
At New Brunswick X J Pennsvlvanla
11 Rutgers 3
At Worcester Mscs Holy Cross 13
Trinity 12
At Brooklyn N T B II E
Toronto 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 06 0 4
Brooklvn 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 1 5 11 3
Batteries Madison Altrock and Bemis
Kitson McJames McGuire and Steelman
At Orange N J K II E
Boston 2 0 2 10 12 1 x 9 12 1
Syracuse 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 3 8 1
Batteries- Nichols Dlneen Willis Kit
tridge nnd Moran Woods Flaherty Hor
ton McMnnus and Boach
At Jfe w Ilav en R H E
Yale 1 5 0 3 0 0 12 x 12 12 0
Amherst 0 000000000 77
Batteries Shnrpe Bobcrtson and HIrsh
Dunlcvy and King
one mile Caviar YUnkrield 7 to S won The
innown iiorjurnj q ia second rtoblemaa
Cochran 5 to 1 third Time 143
Fourth race For and nnwarrl
selling one and one eighth miles Amelia
sirammore iloDurn 0 lo J won Lliorus 150
J Woods 6 to 1 second Janowood J T
Hoods 5 to 1 third Time 15155
Fifth race Steeplechase for four j ear olds and
upward full course about two miles Lost
Chord Farrell 3 to 1 won Basle II S w
son 8 to 5 second Domozetta C Johron
8 to 1 third Time 5 01
Main race eor andnpvnui
selling six furlonirV Kindred Cobum even
V Quite Jtlelit Cochran 3 to 1 second
Water Crest Irwin 8 to 1 third
Entrtc nt MeiiipliI
MEMPHIS prii 7 Entries for tomorrows
First race For three-rear-olds and upward
selling one and one sixteenth miles Scono
Iette SI edas 0 William Boyer 93 Little
Boy Blue 94 Bequeath King Elkwood 9S
Water Crest EI Caney 101
Second race For two-year-olds scllir g six
furlongs V elma Clark 92 Senex Gloria Echo
dale Glearaore 97 Myra Morella 101 Lilly
rantland 103 Curd Gillock Edith Q Harney
107 Fred Hcssig 110
Third race For two-year-olds and upward
four and one half furlongs Margery Long 05
Jean do Iteszie The Way Best Man I Smel
son Lcflare 9 Mis Charlie 100 Kaloma Eddie
Buseh US
Fourth race For three-year-olds and upward
Turf Congress Makes one mile SfUdons Ga
heris 101 Mono Duellit 110 Queen Dixon
112 Lady tratbmore 117 Royal ictor 125
Ladr Schorr KO Mlverdale Wild Pi
rate 122
Hayes entry Sehorr entry
Fifth race For three-year-olds and upward
six furlong Franklin Belle Ida Hulett 95
Fonoline 97 Dode Egahte 9 Expelled Agi
tator High Jinks 100 Tom Collins lis Kin
dred 115
Sixth race For three-year-olds ard upward
one and one sixteenth miles Dieudonne fil
Kenova 93- Swordsman 97 Rodd 100 unkks
Col Cay 101 Celtic Bard 105 Albert Vale 107
Swept li n Heavy Storm
XEW ORLLWXS La April 17 A se
vere rain and eleetrlcal storm prevalletl
today throughout southern Mississippi
and Louisiana The storm did not reach
here until 9 p m At Burnside near Don
aldsonville two coal barges were sunk
and the steamboats were weatherbound
Both in Yazoo City Miss and Franklin
La the streets were flooded The wind
blew at the rate of fifty miles an hour
Much damage is feared to the crops
Austins Doer Bread
j a food medicine anJ tvte combined

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