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sale would interfere with the selling of their regular stock which at this time is nee- t
essarily at its best
We have taken no such view for we know that we shall be able to turn these over
to you in a hurry and in doing so we shall make a host of friends
HC for mens suits worth
Sn 3 up to 1250
In the first lot are to be found a complete
assortment of fancy worsteds and cheviots
striped cheviots in splendid variety
embracing the newest ideas the most desira
ble patterns
149 for boys 359 blue
flannel sailor blouse
Lot of boys sailor blou se suits of blue
flannel as shown In illustration which
we guarantee all wool and fast In color
and which have deep sailor collars trim
med with five ros of silk braid and
pleated sleeves suits which every cloth
ier sella for 350 In fact which cannot
be sold for less when bought under or
dinary circumstances will be offered at
Ixt of boys double breasted easslmerc
suits of which we guarantee the wear
in sizes from 1 to 1G years in a large as
sortment of check and mixed Datterns
I the same suits youve been used to buy-
ins at J3 will be offered today at
JU3 each
249 for 500 dou
Another lot of boys double breasted
suits made of very desirable check and
mixed casslmeres and fine blue serges
which are all wool and made up with the
best Italian linings stitched with silk
and with pockets faced with cloth
and with two Inside pockets which are
sold regularly for 3 will be sold today
at J243
398 for Russian blouse suits
Prom the leading maker of Russian blouse suits we have se
cured over 500 suits in all sizes from 2J to 7 of light and navy
blue brown grey white and castor imported serge and flannel
and several of velvet to sell at 398 which are sold elsewhere up
to 8 Many of these have peau de soie silk detachable sailor col
lars and all of them are elaborately silk embroidered and trim
med with gilt braid Some have the standing and some the round
collars and all are finished with leather belts 318 doesnt cov
er the cost of material
S398 for 5750 3 piece suits
Lot of boys three piece suits of all
wool casslmeres and cheviots with
single and double vreasted vests
which cannot be matched elsewhere
for less than J6 and some of them
for less than ST50 will be offered for
U- oday
198 for boys 6 top coats
Lot of boys spring weJVt U coats
of tan covert and black cheviot in
sizes i and 11 years actual sell
ng price of which is 16 to go for
J133 today
The Commissioners yesterday approved
the recommendation of the Inspector of
Buildings that a permit be Issued to John
Gertman to build one four room house In
Hovles subdivision on Wheeler and Hum-
l llton roads The application states that
tne nouse is uesignea to lie 11 fe t wide
the rooms to be 12x14 fret and well lighted
The Inspector of Buildings has for
warded to the Commissioners the appli
cation of Walter II Clay for permit to
store calcium carbide In a building on
lot 9 square JSE corner of Ninth Street
and Maryland Avenue southwest The In
spector states that examination of the
premises has revealed the fact that the
building In question is within 14 feet of
a dwcUlng The Inspector further informs
the Commissioners
Section 1C2 requires that buildings for
the torugc of Inllammable materials shall
not be erected or converted to such uao
within 30 feet of nny dwelling
Section 13 regulating buildings for the
storage of petroleum requires that they
sVTferjfe it XPX f XIX Atf A - I
iTtwctwj I 4 rzTAsuyefrpar p j jj KftfrWal4fV02l
Zr 513 515 Seventh Street t t
j - 513 515 Seventh Street JF ZZ
s of llls 4 m J I Ever boor will have its soecial offerings
-and the selling beats all previous records It didnt take long for the news to
spread for it is on everybodys tongue Such offerings at this time of the season should
have the attention of every man because it means a clear saving of five dollars and
more in some cases
Every garment was made by Leon Weclisler of Broadway and Mercer Street
New York and that is a guarantee cf worthfulness perfectness in fabric fit and
workmanship and to this we add our own guarantee of satisfaction or money back
As we said yesterday nine out of ten clothiers making such a purchase at this
time would put it in regular stock and get regular prices for it fearing that such a
for mens suits worth
up to 1750
In this lot arc suits of Oxford cheviot
fancy check cheviots and worsteds striped
funnels cheviots and worsteds plain black and
blue cheviots and black Thibets English wale
worsteds and basket weaves an immense va
Unprecedented sale of boys clothing
By reason of the purchase of the sample lines of four makers and the overproduction of nn
othcr we arc sua position to offer the parents of boys the most magnificent bargains of auy season
and in making this statement wc do not except by anyineans the bargains which are usually offered
at the very end of the season when it is exceedingly desirable to every clothier to close out his sur
It re an immense lot all together and it is iudcd a pleasure to us to be able to offer the very
extraordinary values
Wc for bays S3 him flannel suits
Kays blue flannel vcstle suits In two
styles a fine grade or flannel which Is
never rwit In a suit under fS trimmed
with braM and flannel of another color
and some trimmed with black silk braid
pants have two hip rockets amj intent
waistbands sizes 3 to S years for 33c
129 for boys 300 suits
V Be K
398 for coalic suits worth up
to S750
Lot of the new coatie suits of boys
from 4 to 12 years made of fine im
ported casslmeres and cheviots These
arc the very stylish suits with single
or double breasted vests and
coats just like mens
These are samples of suits from which
this maker took orders for suits to
self up to J750 and at J3DS are very
398 for 6 long pants suits
Suits for boys from 14 to 13 years
or for small men made of Dickeys
all wool caislmeres which are famed
for long wear in a splendid assort
ment of patterns and which sell at
0 ana more about town for JUS
i I
mi Himut imiiimttiMtuM n
i i
The Health Office and Alleged Cases
of Smallpox
The Criticism of Local Ili slcinna
on the 3Inny Inttents and IVw
Dentil Conditions In MIclilKnn
Proposals for aplitlia Llgrjitlnff
The outbreak of smallpox -which has
been continuous since last fall 5as now
about worn Itself out Unless new cases
develop the last patient will be ready to
leave the- hospital in about two weeks
At the present time there are only two
house in quarantine and eleven cases in
the- hospital in advanced stages of con
The history of the disease during the
fall and winter has been that new acces
sions are brought in from nearby States
and from the roaming of such people
about the city the disease spreads Were
it not for this the malady would have
been stamped out months ago Wash
ington apparently Is a sort of mecca for
Maryland and Virginia negroes who are
attacked with smallpox when they are
within reach of the District as they arc
better cared for here than they could be
at home
The Health Department records show
that the disease Is almost entirely con
fined to negroes and the care and treat
ment of cases lias been such that very
few deaths only three have resulted
This fact has led to some criticism of the
Health Department on the part of a few
local physicians w ho have said that many
of tho people treated did not have small
pox hut some skin disease like chicken
pox or German measles It Is said by
the critics of the Health Department that
the symptoms In these eruptive diseases
are about the same and that it Is dif
ficult to distinguish between them espe
cially In the early stages
Some doctors have gone so far as to
say that Inspectors of the department
have probably been deceived as to the
nature of the malady and It lias been
hinted that somn persons have been hur
ried off to the smallpox hospital who wcro
suffering with chicken pox or acne
In the absence of Dr William C Wood
ward the Health Officer from this city
yesterday it was Impossible to obtain a
statement from him relative to the mat
ter The physician In charge of the
smnlipox service stated that no mistakes
of this kind have been made He said
that the greatest possible care is exer
cise in all cises AfUr the reports of
suspicious Illness reach the Health Office
they are alwajs carefully and fully inves
tigated before any artion is taken Ho
explained that a patient was often left
one or tno days where he was taken III
Until the nature of the disease could be
determined The physician said that tho
men in charge of the service from expe
rlHieo und- observation nre better able to
pass upon a case of smallpox than an
crolnary practitioner who sees it only
once or twice perbtps in his whole life
Th officials of the Health Department
stated that thU criticism of the dealings
of health boards with smallpox Is com
mon throughout ho country They cited
the State of Michigan as an example
where the Board of Health a few days
ago Issued a statement relative to the
matter as follows
Since the 1st of January outbreaks of
smallpox in S4 localities in Michigan have
been caused to cease and In G3 locali
ties or 73 ner cent of those outbreaks
the disease was restricted to the one
household where the first case occurred
Notwithstanding this splendid record of
effective work by the health service the
disease continues to spread because In
the other outbreaks where the disease
was not restricted to the first household
It was first called Cuban itch cedar
Itch chicken nox or acne and not re
ported to the health officer so that re
strictive measures could be taken Be
cause of such lack of proper reports
smallpox continues to spread It Is now
present in 100 places in Michigan and Is
steadily increasing
The officials of the Health Department
were very positive in their statements
that no mistakes of this kind are made
It was Intimated that If nny Washington
physician doubts the truth of this state
ment ho will be permitted to visit the
wards of the smallpox hospital to seethe
facts thre revealed and be convinced
Walter C Allen the Electrical En
gineer has forwarded to the Commission
ers the specifications and proposals for
naphtha lighting for the nest fiscal year
and has recommended that they be ad
vertised acrordinff to law Mr Allen
states that he has Inserted In the specifi
cations nn alternative proposition to that
of the specifications of the present year
giving bidders an opportunity to fur
nish their own lanterns as well as the
balance of the equipment With refer
ence to the general subjct Mr Allen
This department has experimented
with the plin of furnishing lanterns to
the contrartor but it results In continual
disagreements as to the fitness and quali
ty of the lanterns and Is not conducive
to good senlce 1 have also changed the
minimum number otjamps to be main
tained from 1U0O to 509 The gas company
J Is rapidly extending its mains in those
which enables the department to improve
the service by changing from naphtha
to gas While I do not expect thi num
ber of naphtha lamps to be less than
l yet It is desirable to have the op
portunity to reduce that number If nec
The recomnw ndation has been approv
ed und orders will be Issued accordingly
shall be constructed In a manner to pre-
ent the overllow in case of fire and that
they shall not be located within 100 feet
of the nearest dwelling
Whlie there is no regulation to cover
the storage of calcium carbide which
under certain conditions Is lioth Inflam
mable and explosive to a high degree
when mixed with air I am of the opinion
that section 1K1 should cover such storage
and I cannot therefore recommend the
granting of this application and would re
quest a reference of the matter to the
Iirc Marshal for recommendations as to
the proper kind of building for the stor
age of this material
Judge Walter S Cox of Seventeenth
and I Streets northwest has forwarded
to the Commissioners a protest against
the Issue of a permit for a shooting gal
lery on one of the corners of the Inter
secting streets mentioned Judge Cox
states that he cannot Imagine that the
application for the permit which he un
derstands has been made will be seri
ously entertained by the Commissioners
He suggests that the establishment of
a shooting gallery In a first class residence
section of the city Is obvloasly out of
place He thinks that it would constitute
an intolerable nuisance against which the
whole neighborhood would protest
In acting upon the application of L C
Kims of the Blsmerc for Information
as to what disposition shall be made of
tin cans and of similar refuse the Com
missioners it is understood will refer
him to a recent report upon the subject
by the Superintendent of Street Cleaning
This report was to the effect that such
waste material could be disposed of upon
the dump In the southwest part of the
city where It can be dumped under the
direction of a municipal official
The Commissioners have received from
the Secretary of the Takonia Park Citi
zens Association a copy of the resolu
tions passed at the last meeting calling
for adequate lire protection for Takoma
Park The resolutions are
Iteolved That In tho judnnent of the
members of the Citizens Association of
Takoma Park steps should le taken by
the Commissioners of the District of Co
lumbia to provide proper and adequate
lire protection for said park and that th
tarn- should for the time elng consist
of a hose carriage with full complement
of hose to be located at some suitable
point in the park
Resolved That this association recom
mends that the Commissioners of the Dis
trict of Columbia include in their esti
mates for the next fiscal year a sufficient
appropriation to cover the purchase of
the hose carriage and hose
The rtcommendatlon of Walter C Al
len the Electrical Engineer that the
United States Electric Lighting Company
lie granted permission to connect premi
ses 212 Ninth Street northwest with a
three wire overhead service from the pole
In front of said premises has been ap
proved They also ask that they be al
low eil to remove the overhead wires run
ning from the same overhead line to
212 and 211 Ninth Street northwest
Mr Allen explains that the Commis
sioners have authority to grant the per
mission In accordance with the appro
priation act approved March 3 1S37
Commissioner Macfarland President of
the Board yesterday forwarded a motion
to bis associates tliat the proposals of W
H Veerlioft to furnish a frame for the
Washington pi ture at the District Build
ing be submitted with the designs to S H
ICauffmann and F B McGulre witlr the
request that they decide which of the
frames would be most appropriate for
the pictuie
t5 m
From 8 until 5 oclock today we shall offer bargains of the greatest magnitude It will be
Hechts banner Hour Sale Extraordinary purchases of last weekmake it such enable us to offer
magnificent savings which no economical person will ignore
Aside from these there will be some important all day sales and the special attention of men
is called to the sale of suits and that of parents of boys to the saleof bo3s clothing
Just as you receive your salary so you can arrange to pay us for your purchases Ueady money
is never necessary to buy here Terms are always made to suit Youll find our charge system
free from the disagreeable details which characterize credit systems usually
8 to 9
lfi for womens light grey
homespun skirts full wide
perfect fitting garments
124c for childs gingham dresses
braid trimmed usually ic
fie pair for boys well made
stanch knee pants 19c usu
7c for mens hose in black and
tan regular 12ic value
3Jc for mens 1 ply collars the
2c for mens 1 laundered per
cale shirts sizes 17 174 and
2Jc for best sewing cotton
IJc for cheese cloth a variety
of colors
lc for copy of good sheet music
9 to 10
29e for misses and childrens
untrimmed straw hats in all
colors which sell elsewhere
for G9c
74C for boys percale shirt
waists in great variety of
patterns usually 25c
179 for womens black cheviot
serge skirts full width and
newest in effect SOuO values
C4c for waterproof window
shades in nlj colors with fix
tures complete and easy to
lc for cream curtain scrim
some very pretty patterns
sells alYuysat 5c yard
29c for ladies Turkish toilet
slippers in -red black and
tan sell in other stores at 75c
129 for mens hand sewed Con-
gress shoes with pointed toe
sizes ir 9J and 10 the regu
lar o value only 12 pair in
the lot
lc for soft finish unbleached
muslin remnants
14c for colored brush binding
worth twice the money
2Jc for good quality white plaid
apron goods
jc for mens 10c garters
Joc for mens 50c night shirts
2Jc a lot of 10000 yards tor
chon lace and insertings our
regular 10c value
Oic for childrens 10c black rib
bed hosiery very strong and
well made
10 to 11
S219 for womens black Sicilian
and homespun skirts some
with flounces and some the
full flaring variety 1 values
49c for ladies seersucker ging
ham underskirts with llounce
and riitlle 7c values
19c for lot of ull C corset
waists for children all sizes
19c for infants lawn caps tuck
ed and lace trimmed
I9c for womens mercerized sat
een underskirts with wide
nifties and generously full
w idth
19c for boys Brownie overalls
of blue denim with suspen
der straps and pockets
for choice big lot of boys
Calatea cloth washable sailor
blouse suits some of them
stripe patterns with plain
white collars braid and ein
bioideiy trimmed
12c for choice of a lot of sprays
of wild flowers with grasses
roses wljh foliage and foliage
alone also large variety of
flowers which are selling
about town at 9c
Jije for godd peVealine full yard
wide and fast black the kind
that sells for 10c
19u for dress goods left over
from Easter selling embrac
ing plain and dotted cash
meres black granite suitings
full 12 inches wide some col
ored French Manuel in fancy
shades and some fancy black
striped novelty fabrics sold
up to 39c
29 fo all silk black Swiss taf
feta our regular 30c value
19c for womens 1 kid gloves
8c for mens 23c silk string ties
17c for childrens 23c E Z
09c for mens 127 Eclipse
silk shirts
10 to 11
69c for 20 pairs childrens 150
vici kid lace shoes sizes
range from SJ to 104
S9c for womens vici kid button
shoes sizes 24 4 14 6 and
7 the same shoe we sell at 2
12K C for pretty ingrain carpet
remnants a lot of new de
signs and colors make up in
to nice rugs sold as high as
37c for lot of COc heavy floor
154c for white applique shams
bureau and wash stand scarfs
usual price 35c
11 to 12
ISc for lot of womens and chil
drens trimmed and untrim
med hats in all colors and
shapes all of them sample
hats which we closed out last
week direct from the maker
thereof and which are the
regular values which are be
ing sold for as high as 123
23c for lot of boys washable
sailor blouse suits in a great
variety of patterns for which
is usually asked 30c and more
94c pair today for lot of
boys knee pants the regular
23c values
29c for lot of boys all wool knee
pants worth 50c
C9c for choice of a great lot of
womens colored mercerized
sateen underskirts which are
the regular values up to 2
They are corded and have
deep flounces and ruffles and
are in all colors
19c for infants long- and short
muslin slips
19S for a lot of childs all wool
cloth reefers braid trimmed
3 values
59c for the choice of an im
mense lot of womens wrap
pers made of the new spring
percales and trimmed with
ruffles andllonnces and braid
full wide skirts and elegant
fitting garments none worth
less than 1
39c for choice of a great table
ful of womens new cotton
shirt waists handsome per
cales in great variety of pat
terns all the seasons hand
some effects and all 59c and
C9c values
i5 for the choice of a lot oC
ladies suits of cheviot serge
and homespun as well as of
several stylish materials all
of them suits which are worth
9 to 13 in a variety of ef
29S for lot womens rainy day
skirts in several shades all
plaid back materials with
side clasp fastening and with
stitched bottoms some of
them are worth up to 130
C9S for lot of womens black
taffeta silk skim some plain
and some of them trimmed
with satin ribbon al exceed- 1
fngly stylish
398 for the choice of a lor of
ladies black and colored taf
feta silk waists in newest ef
fects newest culTs and full
liue of new shades values up
to 750
150 for n lot of ladies silk un
derskirts in all shades ex
cept black made of best taf
feta silk
19S for womens covert cloth
jackets which are worth dou
ble spring weight
198 for a lot of womens taf
feta silk waists the very
handsomest and most stylish
silk waists of the season
handsomely trimmed the
same as are being sold about
town at 8
2c for one lot Sc embroideries
and insertings
15c for womens 25c taffeta
74c for infants socks in tan and
19c for womens lace hose in
very pretty effects the kind
that brings 25c everywhere
lie for womens fancy hose that
sell for L7c
39c for mens balbriggan under
wear in blue and pink r a very
good value at 50c
9c for heavy bristle hair brushes
11 to 12
S9c for ladies Southern ties
hand sewed Oxfords in tan
and black sizes from 1 to 64
sell in all the shoe stores for
25c for odd lot of silk embrac
ing fancy Japanese figured
silks pink striped waist silks
taffetalines in black and col
ors usual price just double
5 for good white cambric of
soft finish regular 10c value
23c for extra grade covert cloth
full 40 inches in width so
much iu demand at present
for bicycle skirts marked
down from 39c
17c for the very best Holland
window shades in a variety
of colors and fixtures com
plete all ready for hanging
5fc for white curtain Swiss
some very new and pretty pat
terns full 40 inches wide the
10c sort
29c for a lot of very pretty tap
estry table covers in a varie
ty of shades with fringed
edges marked down from 39c
12 to 1
498 for womens black broad
cloth skirts fine quality and
perfect in colors i98 val
19c for childrens balbriggan
underwear both long and
short sleeves in shirts usnal
price 35cv
9c for a lot of plain and fancy
taffeta ribbons in a variety
of shades the 25e values
21c for black velvet ribbons
Xo 1 in ten yard pieces
19c for one lot of pastel rib
bons T inches wide usnal
price 50c
C3c for mens 123 silk gloria
48c for mens 73c madras shirts
including one pair of detach
ed cuffs
15c for toilet slippers in black
red and tan but 24 pair in
the lot sizes C to 8 the regu
lar 40c kind
1 to 2
19c for the choice of a tableful
of sprays of silk poppies nine
in a bunch foliage apple
blossoms daisies cornflow
ers crushed rosesr three in a
bunch etc flowers which are
worth COc
998 for choice of a lot of wom
ens extra fine skirts of blue
and black cheviot serg 1 seme
of them plain and some trim
med and some entirely silk
5Jc for pretty stair or runner
oilcloth some very pretty pat
terns and colors the kind that
brings 10c
lie for lot of fringed napkins of
rood nualitv and with fancy
8c for hemmed buck towels of
good value all ready for use
2c for one cake of pine tar soap
74c for embroideries and insert
ings to match 3 inches wide
the 124c value
J9c for all over Point Venice
laces never less than 123
2k for one lot torchon laces and
insertings to match the 10c
84c for a quantity of Val laces
insertings that always bring
59e for Lord lSaltimore alarm
clocks sell in all the jewelry
stores for 75lv
S5c for mens blue silk under
wear a -very good grade and
the kind that usually sells for
2 to 3
79S for lot of womens black
broadcloth skirts with tucked
tlounces full hiring
98c for a lot of the new white
India linon and avn shut
waists trimmed with Irce
and embroidery in eiaiiig
waists which are s Mlinr at
175 and 2 ibout town
513 515 Seventh Street I
2 to 3
15c for boys navy blue flannel
knee pants 27e values
79c for hats up lo 2
9Sc for hats un to 3
a makers samples of ladles and
childs untrimmed and ready-to-wear
hats made of chiffon on wire frames
etc In great variety
7c pound for our 12c candy
19c for mens balbriggan under
wear shirts and drawers
marked to sell at 23c
39c for mens B V D jean
drawers with both string and
stockinette bottoms all sizes
our regular 50c value
39c for brown and Oxford golf
cloth for rainy day and walk
skirts 75c value for this
hour 39c
29c for a very good grade of
China silk in all colors sells
usually for 50c
aje yard for a lot of 10c fast r
black sateen
lc for pencil writing tablets
19c for some very pretty ingrain I
carpet remnants would make t
up into neat rugs were ongi
nally marked to sell for 50c
3 to 4
zJo for ladies and child s
med hats and bonnets which
are regular 3 and G values
39c for boys all wool knee punts -
some with double seats and J
knees t
- r
49c for lot boys galatea cloth
washable sailor blouse suits
in striped patterns with plain
white collars braid and
broidery trimmed
79c for womens mercerized sat-
underskirts with deep V
tucked ruffle
17c for best quality Holland t
window shades in a variety of r
colors with fixtures completer -all
ready for hanging
133c for an extra fine grade of
white wool flannel the kind
for summer wear regular 25c I
value T
lc for cabinet of assorted hair-
pins I
374c for 50c all wool black serge
a good serviceable quality
and lustrous black
49c for 69c black Japanese silkr t
full 24 Inches in width and t
warranted water or I
tion proof
4 to 5
39c for choice of a big lot of
womens percale shirt waists
the new seasons latest ef
fects in great varietv of col
orings and equal to the 98c
values elsewhere
39c pair for womeas
short corsets the regu
lar o9c corsets
198 for ladies covert cloth
spring weight jackets
298 for womens plaid back
rainy day skirts worth up to
G8 for lot of womens taffeta
silk skirts elegant qualityof
back taffeta and trimmed
with satin ribbon
49S for womens brack broad
cloth skirts worth 79S
150 for lot womens black and
colored taffeta silk waists
slightly mussed and some of
them soiled from handling
formerly sold up to 7
69c for lot womens colored mer
cerized sateen underskirts
with deep corded flounces and
wide ruffle
13c for boys blue and white and
red and white percale shirt
waists which sell for 23c usu
19c for lot boys wool knee
pants the 50c quality
94c pair for lot boys washable
knee pants
5 for choice of a lot of womens
trimmed hats and childrens
trimmed hats in combinations
of straw and chiffon trimmed
in variety of sorts 730 and t
S30 values I
5Jc for ready made bleached f
low cases I
33c for ready made bleached t
bed sheets all hainl ironed J
and torn good quality of i
muslin I
8c for pair of ladies 19c black j
hose supporters with belt
29c for mens 30c overalls J
121c for womens 25c Swiss rib- I
bed vests
25c for womens all silk ribbed J
vests with low neck and t
sleevelesssells for just t
ble the price I
513 515 Seventh Street

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