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of llic Aiiicrirnii IIe oliition
Hold a Celebration
The Ornllnn Ilcllvercel lis Ilnirj 11
Dnvlee 1 lie lle ieecriitloii eif tin
Ilnir IIkminI rile- Influence of
TlioiiRlit ill flilr vntlotiul IIIMors
The Sons of the American Revolution
celennted Lexington Day last night at
Itauschers A regulir business meeting
of the orginizatlon preceded the speel il
e xerclscs prepared for the occislon b the
Committee on Arrangements The is
emblage was called to order at 8 20 bv
President Noble U LarnT and after the
reading of the minutes of the last meeting
by Secretary Wallace Donald McLean the
r port of the hR Committee was called
for Gen Thomas M Vincent V S
A the chalr nau reported that the com
mittee had communicated with the Gov
ernors of all the States and the majors
of many cities regarding the observation
of June It as Flag Day From many of
the correspondents replies had been re
ceived favorable to the project nnnounced
General Vincent also n ported that after
due consideration his associates had de
cides that it would be greatly to the ad
vantage of the organization to present to
each or the school children of the District
a small flap thus reminding them of the
anniversary It is proposed to celebrate
The report was adopted
Pietldent Lamer then announced that
ft lnd been Intended to celenratc the
litth of April bv placing a corimemoratlvo
tablet on the tomb of George Clin
ton a Lexington patriot in Congres
sional Cemeterj This was to be done in
conjunction with the New York State
Chapter The New York representatives
were unable to take part In the affair at
this season of the ear however and the
exercises were postponed until next De
cember when a much more elaborat2
programme will be arranged Senator De
pew and Vice President Roosevelt having
promised to deliver addresses A propo
sition was then made bv Dr J Ilavnc
to urge upon Congress anil the Commis
sioners the necessltv for more stringent
regulations regarding the desecration of
the Hag
During the debate that followed Gen
John C Hrecklnndge U S A stated
that most of the States In the Union had
made it a serious offence to use the na
tional emblem for unworthy purposes
Man of the members however did not
teel that the matter had been before the
organization for a length of time sutit
int to allow the consideration that such
mi important subject demanded and it
was moved that the subject be set aside
for future discussion and thorough con
At the conclusion of the regul ir order
of business President Lamer introduced
Henry E Davis the orator of the even
ing Mr Davis said that in reading and
le readlng the history of the Revolu
tionarv war he was Impressed bj the im
portance of the task the small colony had
taken upon Itself
The expression that we stand on the
brink of a new century has already be
come hacknej ed the speaker said
Looking at the great achievements in
art silence literature and mechanics
that have revolutionized the world during
Hit last Ilftv years we wonder what has
caused It all To m mind we find that
at the bottom of this great Improvement
is tho gilt continuous thought But what
of that period when the Colonies of Amer
ica had Just freed themselves from mon
archal rule when the men of genius in
Kurope were trying to find a cause for
the political revolution of feeling when
1 ranee was In uie throes of n intuitu
uprising what was the thing that ruled
men Knd nations Action
Lying deeper than thought greater
tlunahc action itself was the feeling that
spurredjmen to do deeds that made the
world mverbernte wlrh their finif a
Tennyson so eloquently expresses It The I
heart was touched Thus it was nt I
inginn at uoncora isridge
Whn l iul
lleelproe Ity Experts IsUeel to Hold
Iliiiuilie In Jte iullii
Ihe President has dlrecle d that tile re
eijiroclty bureau of the State Department
le eonttnued in order that the Gov em
inent may avail ltself of the servicer of
the expertH who are employed in tills illvl
Hoii or the public service
lie has also requested John A Kasson
who rwently declined to acee a salary
for his service as sped il reciprocity pleii
I lotentiary to hold himself in readiness
to serve again when reciprocity nego
tiations are reopened Although Mr Khk
MJii has severed Ills connection with the
ov eminent he will nevertheless comply
with the request of the President
Rheumatism Cured in n Dar
Vyrtlc Cure tor tlieumallim and neuralzli
radically euro in 1 to S dart In action upon the
Jitera la remarkable and nmteriou R re
ov t once thei e auie and the diaeaae iirroe
ehateiy disappears The Unit doae greatly UnerUi
J5 eenta and 1 fcold br Stevena fhtneacy
rennsylranil Avenue and ivlntli Street
ls3Ok 1
Wonder what Jlerti I T
veuiaay toelayl
ujrtor to
ready made clotlin -
lid If vu let us nuke
Clothes to mranirc are r
tm for jou tlicII na more
Alertz Mertz Tailors j
tlK and 03 K Street 4
The Itetliirf Inn Interrupted I the
Kouth Ifrliiin Anr
Klff YORK April 19 The Iondon cor
respondent of the Evening Post his
this to sy regarding the progress of
England s debt
With the new British Government loan
of probablv JEM Ovl near at hand it
will be interesting to recall the past his
tory of the British tie lit In September
lSli when peace was signed at Paris after
Waterloo the debt of Great Britain
amounted to Jl 1 it llfcSlj and was certain
ly the largest debt owed by one nation at
that time No other country has ever
shown such huge indebtedness except
Trance the funded debt of which now ex
ceeds 1 000 millions But In the case of
France It must be remembered that a cer
tain proportion represents outlay s for the
development eif the railway system and
whiili In time will bring some relief to its
Fndaunted by the magnitude of the
nmount owed British Parliaments set
themselves to work atter the Peace of
Paris to bring about a reduetlon By
persistent efforts in this direction they
paid off in the succeeding eighty -four
years more debt than aaiy other coun
try in the world excepting the United
States In that period the debt redemp
tion amounted to about Z7t0 0U0 ster
ling and this was effected In spite of i20
tVMiXO being raised in 1S33 G for compen
sating owners of slaves In the colonies
11 OiMOOO In ISIS for the Irish famine and
C3oEfl00ii0 in 155- for the Crimean war
1 ne progress of debt reduction except
by these relatively slight interruptions
was not arrested until the war with the
South African Republics broke out Since
that event issues of debt by the British
Gov eminent hav e been numerous and con
siderable in amount rii ing tho aggre
gate funded and unfunded to by far
the largest total since 1S5S Itrlellv sum
marized the result of these operations
mav be set forth as follows
Natl ml liar loan 30000000
KxihequiT bond ilOOOUOO
Treason hills 130MKX
lloatin debt OTjOW
lotal isxcm
Of these issues the most Important Is
the national war loan which was offered
for subscription at 9 per cent in March
lsflO and the stock of which Is not re
deem ible until 1910 Of the Exchequer
liouds ten millions are redeemable in liUJ
and fourteen millions In 1903 In refer
ence to these Issues It may be remembered
that of the ten millions maturing in 13US
and which were offered last August the
1nlted States took one half by arrange
ment with the Chancellor of the Ex
chequer This course of procedure was
verv unusual on the part of the British
Mlnistrv and so much criticism has cen
tred round the operation that it Is doubt
ful If It will be repeated
The T easury bills are all for short
dates ranging from three to twelve
months but the last few renewals have
been for the longer of these periods The
floating debt consists of sums borrow ed
fiom the Bank of England the Bank of
Irelind and various Government depart
ments such as the National Debt Com
missioners and the sav ings b ink authori
ties Adding these recent debt creations
to the amount previously outstanding we
get a total present debt of the United
Kingdom of 70 millions or more than
double that of the United States The
outlav in connection with the war has
not een wholly covered by these opera
tions and a further large sum will cer
tainly have to be raised within a short
n I iic oiiKeioun Mnn Ilrnineil nnil
snll l Kouml inji UrelKlit Car
The condition of Frank Tloblnon wTio
was found lying In an empty freight car
at the Anacostla yards early vesterdav
Revere made that momentous iniirnci i ts it r
through the rnontrv from X uranson ot
ord and Lexington the fate of a na
tion rode that night Did the far
mers consider the right or wrong of the
proposition made to them and consult In
their calmer moments as to the way In
which they should act No There was
om thing deeper and more powerful than
tl light Action inspired the patriots th it
tired the shot which went round the world
It was that inexplicable thing thil
t uehes the heart that reaches the soul
and impels men for the time being to
r jrget everything and march to a common
ill f nee
In a brilliant peroration thespaker
mentioned the fact that within a stones
throw of the place In which he was speak
I sg in the tower of the Unitarian Church
e irner or Fourteenth and L Streets rested
h hell which had leeen first hunt- in el
building In which is now held the sessions s0m
of the Police Court i jn a
o j yum rtKo ii as tne pome or
the I nitarian congregation of the Dis
trict This bell when molded was named
I Jul Revere in honor of the iiatrlot of
lexlngton When John
Krown was exe
cuted this bell was the onlv one In the
fcouth that was sounded All through th
lav the solemn tones echoed throughout
the tlty It seemed
a luting sequi nee to
the words of Rrown Prepare ror
tio Hanging on the dividing line be
tween the North and the South the jaui
Revere bell sounded a note of warning
At the conclusion of Mr Davis speech
quartette including Jacob Scliarf
George hdiarf William A- Domer ahd
Jainis Weaver sang several selections
vhkii were warmly applauded J j
I iniest then proposed that a vote of
thauks b given Mr Davis and the m ru
lers of the quartette The motion was
unanimously adopted after which the
members of the order and their guests
mired to the supper room where a buffet
lunch was served
Among those pres ut
William U Marsh D J Tiber Jolin
miii Philip F Lamer Col If II McKean
ommandcr G W IJalrd U S N Ir
1 Odrnaii Dr Williams Donnally
Vajor Fred rick C Bryan George c
Miynard S I Uessellev re Jortn G
freeiiawailt John 15 Brow Mow Theodore
I Cole Edwin A Hill Col G C Knlf
I William I WWdom Volney Eaton
John hptd hmlth John D Itiddis Jef
r son 11 Jennings Fred D Owen W il
II im S Brougon Leon L French
I rank O Butts Paul Brockett Sherman
II Craiger William D Baldwin Willi im
11 Ashmead Dr Edward A I illock Dr
jiislavu R Brown Prof Frank
Clirke Sardls U Crissey David T Dav
Jr Henry A Bobbins Capt Charles H
impbell William Ii Thompson Ixwis
1 Maura Milo C Summers John feher
1 Ullen M Kl William H Prce
Prof Charles E Monroe Edward A
h iienry eiannett ana capt R
in the car
Mhsoiic liusetts flrl Thought
sub station and who was removed to the
Washington Aylum Hospital suffering
from b idly scalded legs nd a bruised and
cut head was reported as little changed
last night After recov erlng consciousness
during the afternoon Robinson was able
1 to give the surgeons his name although
lie wis unable to state how he received
his Injuries lie claims to bo a mechanic
bv trade and says his home is ia Fall
River Mas He again became uncon
scious last night
How Robinson s legs were caldeil puz
zles the lKilice as there is no hot water
within a mile of the place where he w s
found Robinson is about thirty tlve years
ag and although his clothes were
ewnat torn as though he had been
seunle he was well dressed He ein
not recall anything that happened to him
and was unable to tell what he was doing
The vicinity where Robinson was found
Is frequently infested with tramp who
fnring arrest will not cross the Ana
ostla bridge imd make the woods their
heidquirters until they can catch an out
going freight It Is more than likely ac
cording to the- police version of the affair
that Robinson was a victim of tramps
lime Committed Suicide
BOSTON April 19 IJli Caldwell
tut nt years old and prepossessing an
enthusiastic art student Is thought by
her friends to have committed suicide
while despondent Miss Caldwell left her
home In Medford last Monday morning
and absolutely no trace of her can now
1h discovered
Miss Caldwell came to Boston two years
agt to gain an art education fehe was
penniless Her struggles for a living
were of the hardest At one time she
swept and cleaned the Grundman
studios in return for a small room In
whleh she could sleep and get her own
meals She made friends and among
them was the family of J b Wyckoff of
Medforel who gave her a home anel
every opportunity to continue her studies
Miss Caldwtll is small and slight of dark
complexion and reserved in her manner
I lee-
tuition In Kentucky snl to
He Growing rrjon
NSII VILLH lnd April 19 The min
ing situation In Kentucky became serious
lat nUlil when jseveral hundred armed
miners left Boonvllle and other southern
Indl iua points fur Eastwood Landing Ky
The ho it carrying them left her at fc
oclock last night and will take twelve
hours to m ike the trip
it Is reporteel that the non union me u In
Hopkins county K invo armed them
reives to relst the invasion
FUANKFORT Ky April J3 A com
mittee of the citizens arrived here this
morning rom Hopkins county to confer
with governor Beckham relative to call
ing out troops to protect property In the
mining strike trouble While here they
were advised that troops were not neces
Fire- ut tin- Oiiylon Soldiers Ileiine
DViTON Ohio April 13 -The dining
hall ami three of the barracks at the Na
tion il Military Home here were destroyed
by lire this evening Loss not deilnltcly
known but supposed to be about JsWctw
The origin of the lire -was from a furnace
In the dining hall There was no loss uf
Monte Cnrlo Itccclptn DeercnucT
MONTE CARLO April 19 The rccelpU
or the Casino here during 13t were 5S5
2tl a decrease of CSOUO as compared Willi
those- of 1KO
Laxatiie ftromo cyuinlnc removes tho cause
1 to Ilnllioiorr unci Ilc turu tin
Saturday and Sunday April 20 and 21
The IVortliwet Citizens Associa
tion Diseiissep Plans
RcKiilnr Vleetlnir Peiorlr ttclieleel
Resoliit ions to the District Com
missioners Vlniiufnt torles Aelvo
nteel V IMcu for Good streets
The monthly meeting of the Northwest
Citizens Suburban Association was held
last night In Templars Hall Ttnleytown
with C C Ijiicaster President of the
association presiding and John W Chap
pell acting as secretary Although but
few of the members attended the meeting
owing to the inclemency of the weather
resolutions of great importance to the
citizens of Tenleytown and that vicinity
were Introduced and adopted
The first resolution was Introduced by
Imiis P Shoemaker Chairman of the
Executive Committee of the association
asking that the Commissioners of the Dis
trict of Columbl i he calleel upon by a
committee from the association anil re
quested to notiry the presiding oillcer or
the association before acting upon any
complaints or grievances of a general
public character over which the associa
tion exercises Its intluence The resolu
tion in conclusion says
This request is made for the purpose
of ascertaining the sentiment of -our peo
ple and also to assist the Commissioners
In the performance of their duties The
resolution was adopted unanimously
Mr Shoemaker acting In the capacity
of Chairman of the Executive Committee
also lntroduceel a resolution which was
later adopted asking that the efforts of
all members of the Northwest Citizens
Association be exercised to encourage the
establishment of manufacturing and busi
ness enterprises In certain portions of the
District of Columbia and that public sen
timent so far as possible be Invoked to
accomplish this result The resolution In
part is as follows
We firmly believe that manufacturing
and business undertakings should be en
couraged In the District not only to at
tract business men capital and enter
prise but to IncrcHse our population fur
nish adequate employment for our young
folks who are annually graduating from
the public schools and encourage others
to reside here Also to utilize Consider
able territory along our river front in
South and East Washington along the
railroad lines to causo the construction
of bulldlrgs and thereby greatly augment
our taxable values and annual revenues
and by such action the city of Washing
ton in our opinion would become a
larger and more important city in every
Another resolution presented by Mr
Shoemaker asked the members of tire asso
ciation to do all in their power to remind
Congress of the fact that the extension
aC streets in the northwest section of the
city especially In the vicinity of Rock
Creek and the Zoological Pars is a great I
necessity ine resolution was adopted and
it was ordered by the president of the
association that a copy of the same be
forwarded to the Commissioners of the
J A Finch presented a paper setting
forth the bad condition of the roads in
the vicinity of Terlytown It was as fol
Will Jlln Iniitil Up lletiiniK
Salt lleiiuliiii
NiV VOltK April 19 Senator AVllliam
1 Irje r Maine with his daughter Mrs
I II UrlB and two KrunddauRhters
arrived todiv from San Domingo on the
tc unship Cheroltee He has been awaj
about a month
He ald Sail Domingo w is a tine countr
but that the iieople were unprogresslve
and lazv There were ten ofllcials where
thtrc ousht to be onlv one
feiv er IIimi I rum Tluit tin- lnl
anil lteeilir the Import Iutlcfc
SAN Jl AN I It April IS -It in
Icirned here tint Oovernor Allen is unr
inff President MtKinlej in cise of Inrtu
Hicau tariffh being nbnlfghed tej construe
the Iomker law so that foreiirn Import
duties will le paid Into the Porto Hicau
treasur instead of the Treasury of the
United Htatts
The revenue from foreign Imports com
prlno reiiir lifthx of tLc total customs re
ceipt Ihe ilutleH eollcted during Murch
amounted to 1X7713 of which Jll8 was
collected on imports from the United
It Vlriliis llHtruclniii oui hreath and
disutlMlii ellse liarges due to catarrh make thml
fanil ot jHsiplr obictts of aterelon lion eorgc
Jaine e of s anton Pa twiys X have been
a martyr to catarrh for twenty years constant
Itawkln and dripping in the throat ami pain
in the he ad very e ffecslve breath I trUsl Dr
Agnett a alarrhal PowiIt Tliee first a plication
gate instat t relief vfter ulng a few bottles I
was eiircil Veld by 1 S W ilhams Ninth anil
1 streets lelmonde A Williams Third Mmt
and Pciuise llama Vicntic II
mayor on an officer found guilty of an
offence rev lew the case and pass their
own Judgment upon It and if the mayor
has power to appoint a man of his own
selection to be stationkeeper
In the opinion of Mr Boothe the mayor
has a right to detail a policeman to col
lect licenses and he quotes the last sec
tion of the ordinances of the city council
Imposing taxes on persons etc which
especially provide for It In reply to the
second qucstlun Mr Beothe Is of the opin
ion that the commissioners have power
to reopen such cases and he quotes Judge
James Keiths opinion when the same
question was submitted to him by the
counsel of a former mayor His reply to
the last query which Is considered the
most Important of all Is ns follows-
In reply to this eiucstion I would say
that the mayor Is the chief executive offi
cer or the city and that It Is his eluty
to see that the laws of the State anel the
ordinances of the city- arc faithfully exe
cuted hence although the board of
police commissioners has power under
the city Charter to prescribe rules and
regulation for the police force these
rules and regulations must not lie such
as will prevent or hinder the proper en
forcement of the State or city laws and
It would Of course be against the letter
and the spirit of the law to place an
officer st the statlonhouse who would be
Incapable of attending to the duties of
such a position Subject to this eiuallllca
tlon however I am of the opinion that
the li lnl of police commissioners has
power to- prescribe rules for the placing
of men at the statlonhouse
The case U now In the hands of Mayor
Simpsons attorney and he will await an
opinion In the matter before announcing
his determination
Miss Esther S Dempsey daughter of
P J Dempsey dleel suddenly at 4 oclock
this morning at the residence of her par
ents 217 South Fairfax Street Deceased
had been in ill health for some time bho
was tho eldest daughter and was well
known and highly esteemed The funeral
will take place front herlnte residence to
morrow afternoon at 5 oclock
The Westminster League of the Second
Presbyterian Church held its regul ir meet
ing last night anI transated considerable
routine business A spelal musical pro
gramme was rcndcreel
Paul R Evans of the Fourth ward de
nies that ha will bo a candidate for mayor
In the coming election
The alarm of fire this afternoon was
caued by the burning of a chimney in a
house at thjrorner of Pitt and Princess
Streets Thei flrei department did not go
into service An axle of the Hjdraullon
engine was broken while responding to
the alarm
Health Officer Julian T Miller today re
ceived a communication from the Washing
ton Health Department requesting him to
Investlgattrtht report that there had been
tnreei or rour ueains irom smaiipox at
the gypsy camp at Adlsson Heights In
AlexandrlaJiounty Dr Miller visited the
camp and ascertained the report to be
false He has requested Mayor Simpson to
keep the gypsleH out ot the city and his
request has1 bOen compiled with
The Fairfax County Court Ins appoint
ed Ulysses G Winston administrator of
the estate of the late William II W in
ston and Louie Winston guardian of
the infant children of the deceased
Motion ti tii MT rMd ii U nortlwth T Alexandria police have
S2T2tK E23 lasted W Washington
n e 1 1- 1 A to ok out ror Lewis b
u finii aa t lilt gritr
hc and though requires that tliey
eJeoulel be kept in the best condition many uf
tliwn hare been wholly neglected ncarcely a
dollar haiiug been exiwnded upon them by the
wMnn auiiiorme eiurins the prfstnti jear i
tie it re wired now That the North e st Citi
zens lEsnciation earnestly apjieal te the -Com
miloners to hare hufleirnt public lumUt
i wnnoiK lurther delay in putting
these roads in first clas condition making them
acceptaile to the many property owner end
a pleasure to the general public
This resolution whleh was by far the
most important Introduced during the as
sociation s session was Immediately
adopted and there is no doubt that in a
short time some action will be taken ba
the Commissioners During the downjiour
of rain last night the roads were in such
condition that it was hardly possible for
a pe eiestriati to walk much less drive a
horse ov er them -A copy of the resolution
introduced by Mr Finch will be sent to
the Commissioners it once
Mr Hooper read a resolution In regard
to the Issuance of a pamphlet containing
pictures of many beautiful houses In the
northwest section or the city by the cir
culation or which it is hoped that the pop
ulation In and about Tenleytown can be
increased Copies or the book will also
be placed In the District room at the Pan
Americ in Exposition
To aid in the same dreotlon C C Lan
caster President or the associ itlon In
trrduceel a resolution asking the n embers
of the asseiciatlon to show their appre
liitlon of the work of the Suburban
Citizen a local newspaper which re
cently printed considerable literature in
Its columns In regard to Tenleytown real
estate accompanying the same with pic
tures The appreciation he said could
be shown by securing 2UC0 copies of the
papi r for distribution through the States
The cost of the papers to the association
he said would be jm Mr Lancasters res
olution was adopted
J hey meeting was brought to a close
by the reiding by Mr Imeastcr of a
piper addressed to Commissioner Mao
tarland by W L Crounse Chairman of
the Committee on Telephones asking the
Commissioner to grant the Bell Telephone
Company the right to extend its wires
through to Tenleytown in onler to es
taH3h an exchange station nt that point
No action upon the matter was taken by
the assoelitlon
The- Wife- of the Minister errn
AeireM IJesfrtloli
NEWPORT R J April 19 Mrs Her
bert Bow en pf New York well known
in socbil circles has petitioned the Rhode
islaml courts for a divorce from her Jius
tMiid and he case will be In order at the
May session of the court
The giotinil for the divorce is set forth
as desertion Mrs Bow en has been In
Newjiort for two years living very quiet
ly In a small villa
Mr llowen is at p esent Minister to Per
A1EXANDRIA Aorll 19 The first le
gal proceedings in the affair between
Mayot Gesjrse D Simpson and the Board
of Police Crnmlssioners were enacted to
day when Corporation Attorney Gardner
I Boothe rendered his legal opinion in
the three salient questions which have
caused tlie jnayor and commissioners to
lock horns The following were the questions
tions W hcTher the mayor was empow
ered td1 MJtall an officer to collect
licenses whether the commissioners had
authority to set aside the sentence of the
been re
Franks or that
city vi ho i3 o be demented and
wnose wnereaiKeuis is unnnown rraiiss
is about thirty -four yeare or age
George SJ Ilnch has purchased rrom
the German tleilldlng Association No 5
a house nmf lor on the north side of Queen
Street IsHtteerr lfHlrfas nd Royal Street
for JIOOiL J3
- u wv Tompklns a native or tnni
was today In the Corporation Court grant
ed naturalization papers
The funeral of the luxe Elizabeth Gar
wood whose death occurred in Washing
ton Thursday will take place from the
residence of her rather 1033 King Street
in this city tomorrow nrternoon at
clock The interment will be private
A number of councilmea and aldermen
have signed a paper which is being cir
culated by A J Wedderburn in favor of
granting the Agricultural and Industrial
Fair Association permission to hold a
street carnival in this city It now seems
that the affair is an assured success The
carnival will he held from May 20 to 25
The Episcopal High School bawl ill
team wll play a game with the team rep
resenting tin- Ro inoke College tomorrow
afternoon on the High School s grounds
The store at the southeast turner of
King and Royal Streets known as
Crelghtons corner will be sold at pub
lic auction tomorrow
The Board of Managers of the Alexan
dria Infirmary toilay announced a num
ler of donations to that Institution by
The Joint Committee on Finance Streets
and General Laws held a meeting tonight
and decided to report favorably on re
pealing the repealing clause In the ordi
nance requiring the Washington
drli and Mount Vernon Electric Hallway
Company to pay into the city treasury
the sum of Slt per annum for the use
of Royal Street Their report will Le sub
mitted to the city council next Tuesday
The Veiv 1 eirl Cei tin oil m nit lr Injr
let llttcnrn Jilll
NfV YORK Aprjl 13 -Stewart Milev
Brfce tho councilman paid the line
of 171 that wia Imposed on him for re
fuslnp to obe a mindamus ordering him
to vote for the llnll of Iteeords bond is
sue in 1S J9 but he does not want to spend
the ten ilgjs In jail th it Justice Scott has
decreed he must In order to lie thorouth
ly punished for his action
Today his counsel made application to
Justice Scott for a rearKument of the
else bislnir the reejucst on certain pa
pers tint were hT icled up The justice
after eonslderliiK the pipers refused to
grunt the reantument
This le aves Mr Ilrlce technically
to the Iudiow Street jail but the
justice will grant an appeal to the Appel
lile Division which will act ns tay and
Mr Ilrlee mnv never be called nn in u n
his sentence
A ill i lnl cine ert Hen b tliesm
A special enncort by the Washington
Svmpliunv Orchestra and the Germinla
Maennerchor Was given vestcrday after
noon at 4 13 oclock at the Nttional The t
tre for the benefit of the Hell Home for
Children The programme lncludeil Chris
tian s svmphonytn C minor The Soul
Sec king Kternil Truth which wa very
well rendered hy Conductor Hilej and his
associates Other numbers on the pro
gramme were
Grand march thilli Mendelssohn
orchestra infni chorus and bras- riUar
tetle HqnterH Farewell Mendels sohn
Germinla Maennerchor Director II
Christian overture Oberon Weber
orchestra Unlogy of Tears Ave- Ma
rl i Schubert Miss Salome AVIngite
paraphrase Spring s Awakening It ich
1 s4 hreitb eif litlMliurg lntrgeit
Willi Vllsiipieroiirliitiiiur Iuiids
Schroth the individual bookkeeper of the
lir t NttIonil Hank of Ilirmlngham this
illv was arrested at night charged bv
W II black the United States bank e x
amh er with misappropriating J ijos of
the bulks funds
Th announcement of tho clerks arrest
w ib not nude public until this morning
when he was released In lMjo lull It
Is alleged tint he1 covered his wrong
iloiiigb by making false entries Schtoth
Is prominent in i oel ii circles
Wltewe ecslerdais lot k hlikujrd th a smllef
ours will If loll drllk lleurichs ber These
liifji grabs- beer will jut mi In tlie lust of
liiinor Phone ttes1 v vrllngton lloltlilis Co
lor u case of llacrziti bcnatL or l
A Surprising Discovery seT lurk
Revenue Onlclnls
NEW YORK April 19 -On the third
floor of a dirtv ramshackle tenement in
the East Side tod ly the Internal revenue
officers of this district discovered a moon
shine still owned and run by a woman
She had six children and the whole place
showed traces of such abject poverty that
Commissioner Shields and Col Frank G
Thompson the head agent ot the revenue
service decided that It would be unjust
to hold the woman In custody and she
was released on her promise to appear be
fore the Commissioner tomorrow morning
The still was at 62 Division Street Just
why Colonel Thompson had reason to le
lleve that It was there he is not willing
to tell but he went to the place this at
ternoon with two of his deputies nnd
smashing In a door found the whole ap
paratus There were six tlfty -gallon hogs
heads full of sugar and urlder the bed In
the corner of the room were two complete
copper stills and all their attachments
They were capable of an extreme produc
tion of 1C0 gallons at a distillation The
whisky sells ordinarily at 1W a gallon
There was no one In the apartment when
the officers brpke In but after two hours
a prepossessing woman about forty years
old enteresl She had a brown shawl over
her head and a bright red waist and re
girdcd the strangers In her homo with
mingled Indignation and fear
Whats the matter she asked tho
Janitor In German
You ought to know he replied
The woman stepped back out of the door
and closed It
Who was that woman asked Colonel
That woman repealed the Janitor
grinning why shes the woman youre
Colonel Thompson ran out Into the hall
but the woman was nowhero In sight
He ran Into Division Street and saw a wo
man In a brown shawl running toward the
river He caught her in the middle of
the block When she felt his haml on her
shoulder she stopped short and glared
nt him
Now you have me she said what
will you do
Colonel Thompson led her back to the
tenement She told him frankly there that
the still was hers and said very simply
that she ran it to support herself and her
six children She was Annie Kappaport
a widow she said She had Just one loaf
of bread and a piece of meat In the house
The woman said she got the still and
the apparatus from two cousins of hers
who had a still In Brooklyn for a year or
more and left It to her when they went
abroad I ist March
The woman promised Commissioner
Shields to come before him tomorrow after
she had arranged for the care of her chil
To Retain A el in I reel ONell
The President has decided to reappoint
Rear Admiral Charles ONell as chief
of the Naval Bureau of Ordnance Rear
Admiral ONeil s present term will expire
In June and as the President will be
se nt from Washington Secretary 1 ong
suggestetl th it provision be made now for
filling the v icancy He urged the reten
tion of Rear Admiral ONeil
sPECfAi aoTicns
will be a general meeting of the stock
lioldeM of tlie National Typographic tompany at
the office of Ihe company lot as3au st bor
ouffh of Manliattan and lty ol eft lorfc upon
MONDvV PUIL22 AT 1230 p St to consider
certain proposed changes in the by laws and 3
resolution authorizing a ciiange of place of the
principal office to Charleston V a Ily order
of the Hoard of Directors JvMEa O CLMIItNE
V I I any pcrMn -who witnee d aceidrnt to
mldilc aired niau who was utruck hv City ami
ear near College station October
iJO about 8 13 p in please communicate with
GISTVV ilUUl 51S E st nur
ANTFD Manasrr for stock sale ot large goM
copier anil coal xnlnitur company near Seattle
e li Call at haretran Hotel after 1 urn
J 11 yitTTT vmi
SrECUL NOTICE- meetlne of the stockhold
er of the Washington Sate Deposit Company
sill be held APRIL MTU 1901 for election of
ill ectors Fob open at 12 m close at 1
oclock p m SASCL CItOSS
Secretary and Treasurer
PHlJPO VIS will bo receive at the iluriaiToi
cupiliM jni Navy Department laJi
meton 1 until li OCLOCK NOON 1M1IL
JO lil anl publicler cpened immediately there
after to hirni h at the Navj ard Washington
D C a quantity ef electric cable and mtulm
Hlant propee uls will be farnilied upon applica
tion to the Nary anl afihwfrtnn I t Si
hlNNV iii master Ctncral I N
sr l r i proposals eiiIored Proposals for steel
work an 1 flreproonnjr will I received at the
Bureau of VanUand Docks Navy Department
v aoliMKton unllWl O CI Of h M U 11 10OI
and then and there pulihelr opened for tre and
iron work and for an extern Ion of
store No 1 Nai ard Washington lor plans
srieciflcations and forms of proposals address
Commandant Navy larel tt aslinutton
JIOHPICi r KNDICOTT 1 icf of llureau
April 1 lfl
ritOPOi VLS V Department of VitTiculture
Office of the secretarj Washington I c pril
2 1001 proposals will lie receiied at
the office of the Disbursing Clerk until 1 J
Till KM U MU 2 16111 for furnishing tup
plies duntie the fiscal vear emhmi June So 19
as follow Mationcrj laboratory lumber and
iiackimr jioxes fuel and ice painters piumliers
furniture anil map frames forace car seals etc
brooms 1 rushes etc flowerpots car
pets aid washing towels telisraph and hardware
flacs instrument towers and lanterns printing
and llliofirapliuijr material waste paper lull in
formation furnished on application to the Dts
burjliK Clerk or the Weather Bureau Bid must
be sttleel and addressed to the Sccretan of srrJ
cirlture n accordance veltli instructions citen
on Khccluln JUIKs WILfcON Jsetrctarj
I IMOl sLPIIIrisDcpartraent of Justice
Washington D C April fi 1901 S aled re
posals in duplicate fer furnishing stationery and
miscellaneous pupi lies for the Department of Jus
tice and for the L lilted States Courts and julicial
offiters for the fiscal year ending June 30 IDOi
will lw received until 2 OCIOCK P 11 M
2 1901 and then opened those for the depart
ment inc luding ice hoeing care of horses luel
and the washing of towels at the office of the
chief clerk and those for the Unites Mate
courts in tlie Division of Vccounis both in the
department building 1135 K Mrect northwest
Washington D t t eparatc I rotOnals to be
made for supplies for the depirtmcnt and those
ftr the courts nianK proposals anil other infor
mation will be furnished upon application to the
offices named The right to reject any and all
bids is reserved J K Acting At
torney Ceneral
iuc vi Miricis
Oi mil Villi V UOLDINfl IM Clvl THtM
Kilt Fiji IT OIRT 111 slNhss NN V
I VI h is 1 Iltt RI C I Lh
lHn motion of the complainants solicitor C
M Hilton anl it appearing that the subpoena
of tlus court lias 1 een returned ne t to lie found
ami it aipearing further from the affidavit as
required bv rule of this court in such esses that
the responde nt is a noii resnlcnt it is this 12TII
HA Or VIIIIL 1 ll ordered that the
said dtlendant rdward I Falk appear or cause
his a pearance to he entered herein on the rule
d ex curring fortwelajs hcre ifter otherwise this
cause will be proceeded with provided i copy
of this order be published once a week for three
miccessiie weeks in the W isliington I nv Re
porter and also in The Times o this clti
Tlie ohjcsrt uf tills suit is to obtain a decree
ol llus court in faior of tho complainant di
vorcing her from the bond of marriage with the
seal A C Bit MILL V Justice
Trui Copl Test
J II Mil NO lerk
Bv J WlLJHl I vTlMrit ssl Clerk
W Villi MITCII1LL Plaintiff vs KvTIh J
ROsLNH ID Defendant At Law -No laSSS
summons In elite form having been issued
out of lids ceurt to a lawful constable of this
District fur the sail ihfenlant and the same
having leen bv said constable returned not tu
be found It is herch ordered that said de
fendant cause her appearance to tie ctitcrisl here
in em or hele re the 4TII II V 01 JIU A 1
lull otherwise the cause will lie proceeded with
as in ease of default
SM I Jill LN Justue of Ihe Peace
fllUSIvN U her late residence 191
funeral at nsidnee alternoon at
Iutuiw at Chmwood
Waltham Watches
Everyone knows that Waltham
Watches are standard But -few
people realize the variety or the
volume of the product of the
American Waltham Watch Com
rze Perfected American Watch an iltustraUd book
of interesting information about watches will be sent
free upon request i
- American Waltham Watch Company
Waltham Mass
it Atlantic
Main Store Cor Seventh and E Sts N W
AlCTIO sms
THOJIvS DOW LING 4 CO Auctioneers
By virtue of a certain deed of triut dated
April 20 1891 and reconied in liber 1813 at
folio lOei et see one of the land records oi the
District of Columbia and at the teeniest of tho
holder of the note secured thereby the under
signed trustees will sell at public auction m
front of the premises on SvTIRDAV TJIF STH
da or trim vn comvii ncinc at focr
O CLOCK P M the described pieces
or parcels of real estate futuate in tlie Counfy of
Washington District of Columbia to wit Lot
one 1 two 2 three 1 four 0 five 5
sit 8 seven 7 eight 8 twelve 12 thir
teen 13 fourteen 14 fifteen 13 sixteen 16
seventeen 17 eighteen IS nineteen 19
twent 20 and twenty one 21 In block 8
In the made by Jacob P Clark
and Ldwarrl T Cottrell trustee of lot three 3
and part of lot two 2 in Whitehaven for the
Palisades of the Potomac Land Improvement
Company said sub division being t corded in the
office of the Sirvevor of the District of Columbia
in Book Count No 7 page 13
Terms of sale S10 ea Ji on each lot at time of
6ale balance of purchase money within thirty
days thereafter Ml couveyancinar recording
and revenue stamps to lie at purchasers cost
Terms ot sale to be complied with withir thirt
days from the day of sale er the trustees will
resell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur
chaser or purchasers after five davs previous
advertisement of such resale in some newspaper o
general circulation printed and published iu t s
City ot Washington District of Columbia
Wlf W lBES
- Trustees
Should be read daily as chaises may occur at
anv time
rORLlCV M MIS are forwarded to the ports of
sailing daily and too schedule of closings is ar
ranged on the presumption of their uninterrupted
overland transit lor the week ending Api if 20
1901 the last connecting closes will be made from
this office aa follows
Mnlls for Setntli anil Central Amrr
Icil West luetics Utc
SLNDV 0 t 10 30 a m tor NvSSU X
P per steamer from Miami 11a
Mails for NEWFOUNDLAND b rail to ortli
Sdney and thence via steamer close here daily
except Sunday at 12 00 m and on tundays
only at 11 30 a m d h
Malls for MIQCFLOV bv rail to Boston and
thence via steamer clo e lierc daily at 3 13 p
m d
CLIU MVIIJ close here via Port Tamna Fla
Wednesdavs tridavs and hunilavs at 2 0 d m
and via Miami Mi Tuesdajs and SaturtLits at
10 SO a m 0
Mails lor MEXICO overland unless specially
addressed for despatch b steamers sailing from
New lock close here elail at 10 30 a m and
10 00 p m k
Mails for BFI I7F T FRTO CORTry and
CUTEMVL l rail to New Orleans and thence
via steamer dose here dailv at 10 00 p m the
connecting closes for which beintr 3lonclavs
Mails tor Rll ty rail to New Orlcani
aud thence via steamer close here dally at 10s
p m the connecting- closes for which bcinj
Triiiii lncillc Mails
Mails for II vW MI via San Francisco close
here daily at T 00 p m up to April 22 for de
spatch per s s Mariposa o
ISLANDS via Seattle close here daily at 7 00
p m up to April 23 inclusive for despatch per
s s Tosa Viaru Resistered mail must be directed
Via battle o
Jlalls for AUSTRALIA except We t Austnha
which Roes via Kurope and ett Zealand which
goes via San Francisco and HJi ISLANDS via
A ancouver close here dailv at 7 00 p m after
April 13 and up to April 27 inclusive for de
spatch per Aorangi o
IPPINL via San rrancisco close here
dailv at 7 00 p m up to April 23 inclusive for
dc pitch per s Nippon Maru o
Mails lol CHINA and JAPAN via Aancouver
close here dailv at 7 00 p ro up to April DO in
ilmii for desoatch per a s Lmnress of China
Registered mail must Is directed Via Vancou
ver o
Afails for AlSTltAIIA fevcept West Australia
winch is forwartieil via furope NEW ZEALAND
HJI bAMOA and HAWAII via San Francisco
close here dailv at 7 00 p ni after April 2 anJ
UP to Slav I for despatch per s s Sierra o
via San Iranclsco close here dail at 7 00 p m
up to Vlav 13 incisive for despatch per i a
Australia coi
Mails for COCHIN CHIN A are orwardeil to
ew ork for connection with luropcan steamers
riHUlHINE INLANDS Military Mail de
spatched to San rrancisco at all closes tor that
otfice to connee t with Oovenment transports the
saihiuts of which are irregular
b ReRistcrcil maUs close at 1 p tn same div
c Registered mails clo e at S p ra same day
d Kegisteris mails close at 8 a m same day
e Registered malls close at 1 p m previous
f Registerc d mails close at 1 p in previous
h Registered mills close at S p m previous
k Registered mail clo0 at S p m previous
o Registered malls close at 0 p m previous
JOHN A MFRR1TT Postmaster
82 Cash
Coluinliln lltnnogrnplt Co
DID Pit Ave
If You Are a Coffee Drinker
Your interest in the morning lepast is usually
centred in u cup of your favorite beverage If any
thing is to possess merit at this meal it must be the
Congressional JZLn
Coffee for OOC
Ts the ideal blend for the coffee drinker Its aroma
is the freshest and finest and for quality unsurpassed
Hotel CMerlii
Fortress Monroe Va
Ov crlooklns Hampton Roads the famous
rendezvous of the TJ 3 Navy
A Climate Unequaled Elsewhere
in the World
Old Point Comfort Improvement Co
Trains of the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail
way leivee Washington at 1141 a m ar
rive Old Point b 35 p m Pullman Buffet
Parlor car through without change Nor
folk anil Washington Steamboat Com
panjs steamers leave Washington 20 p
m arrive Old Point iaui
Hampton Club Coif Links are connected wiU
the HoteL
Ilerkcley nml llo Iston estreetis
A modern hotel particularly adapted
to transient guests P asy of access to
all parts of the city and suburbs
Electric cars pass the door Cuisine
American or Enropean Plnn
It means shortening the
life of the linen if it is not
properly washed
Ever think of that
Tberei cconomr In the Tolman inethol
K tw tal will promptly brins our wagun
Telephone 657 East
Storage Wareliouse
1140 15th st
American Security
and Trust
Jl at FOR SALE BY E J QLTXJi 001 T Ave
Cndertaker anil Uverr
at rccs in s vr wuhincton a a

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