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Practice for the American JJifle
Team Soon to Itegin
Dlxtrlcl Will rmlinhlj lie
Iiiim ii to Compote for the rnliiin
Onl4TN ImnuciI for the An
nual Inspection mill JlutliT
Marksmen or the District National
Guard will probablj racabure tliclr skill
with representative rlllemcn of foreign
countries at Sea Girt nct September
a he National Hlflo Association lias re
tell co assurance that teams of twelve
men each from the armies of England
Gernnnj Switzerland Canada and Aus
tralia will be sent to Sen Girt to cum
pete In the international match for the
Jalma trophj The American team will
jimbably number amons Its members sev
eral of the crack riflemen of the District
The great interest being manifested in the
rratch is proof that rllie -hooting is ojice
more In favor and prospects are that it
will more than regain the high plane it
occupied a number of jc ars ago
Major Bell Inspector General of ItIRe
Practice lias received a communication
lroin the secretary of the National mile
Association Informing him that Instruc
tions for the practice of candidates for
the American team will fcoon be forlh
oiulng The candidates for position on
the team will shoot such distance and
ns many rounds as may be prescribed bj
the National Bllle Association The
HCores will be certified and forwarded to
the headquarters of the assocl itlon
Probably twenty men who have made
the highest averages wll be chosen to go
to Sea Girt and engage In 11ml practice
for positions on the team Those making
the highest scores will of course gain
places and will meet the teams from other
countries Directions as to when prac
tice will begin hae not jet been recehed
but it is not likely that this practice will
begin until some time after the Ordwny
range is ready for practice The dis
tances at which practice for positions on
the American team wiil be conducted will
be S 9J0 and lffH jards
The gallery practice will practically be
completed when the regimental match at
00 jards the Iiurkhart match and the
special matches are completed at the end
of this month and during the first two
weeks in Maj It is however the inten
tion of Major Dell to set aside a night on
a date to be fixed later for each Kittalion
when the men may complete their scores
Those who hae not completed practice
will thus Le glen an opportunity to make
up the loss before the outdoor practice
The match for the Burkliart medal will
take place Friday evening May The
contestants will be those otticers and men
who have made an aerage score or more
than rortj Iive in the first match which
the have shot at each stage of the indoor
matches Ten rounds will be tired at 200
SOO 500 and COO jards by each marksman
On Friday evening May 10 there will be
u special match between the officers and
snen who liae made the highest fndlvid
ual scores in each match at the various
stages An Innovation in practice at the
Ordway range will be the Introduction of
oIley firing Silhouette figures will be
useei ine tquaas will lire tnree rounds
at 30Q jards then advance and lire the
same number at SU0 jards and advance
once more to a distance of 100 j ards and
lire four rounds making a total of ten
rounds The repairs at the range are
ubout completed and practice will begin
about the middle of
Orders were Issued during the past
week from militia headquarters announc
ing that annual inspection and muster
i conduct s follows General
stall and non commissioned staff of the
militia at headquarters at 8 oclock p m
Maj 4 Held staff First Hegl
ment at 8 oclock m May
9 First Battalion at its armorv at S30
oclock p m Saturday 4- Second
Battalion at 815 oclock p m -Thursday
May 3 Third Battalion at Centre Market
Armory at 9 o clock p m Thursdaj
May 9 field and staff Second Regiment
at s oclock p m 6 Fourth
Battalion at 8 oclock p m
May T Fifth Battalion at 815 oclock p
ra May 0 Sixth Battalion and
Engineer Corps at 8 oclock p m Wed
nesdaj May 8 First Separate Battalion
at Centre Market Armory at 845 oclock
p m Tuesday May 14 Naal Battalion
and Signal Corps at Centre Market Arm
rj at 815 oclock p m May 10
Ambulance Corps band and corps of
Held music at b oclock p m
May IS The Inspection will be in light
marching order and In undress uniform
blouse cap leggins black shoes and
white gloves Muster rolls blanks to be
furnished within a few dajs will be made
out for the period ending April SO JS01
one copy of which will be transmitted
direct to the adjutant general on or be
fore the 3d daj of next
With the exception of the Third the
First Separate and the Naval Battalions
the books and papers of each regiment
battalion and company will be Inspected
the adjutant general and their
and books the Quarter
master general in the order stated Im
mediately after muster The adjutants
quartermasters and command
rs of the respective organizations will
be present
The liooks and papers of the Third the
Tip t Separate and the Naval Battalions
will be Inspected by the officers desig
nated above on a date hereafter to be
Any company parading less than 71 per
Cf at will lie considered as having fallen
the required standard of cmclcncj
and will be subject to further and special
The drill regulations and outlines of
fint aid for the Hospital Corps United
btates Armj approved the Secretarj
or War March 13 13X and published for
tne information and goiernment of the
and the observance of the militia
of the 1nlted States Is adopted for the
Instruction and government of the Na
tional Guard
Had It not rained last Sundaj the popu
lar curlosltj regarding the location of the
cate organs ot tile
body Jt eases
their labor pre
ents the loss of
jxmcr and waste
of energy caused
by friction Many
u man who was all
run down whose
limbs ached when
he walked whose
back ached when
lie laid down who
breathed with dif
ficulty and cough
ed constantly has
lccn perfectly
cured by the use
of Doctor Pierces
Golden Medical
Discoery It pur
ifies the blood
strengthens the
stomach and heals
weak lungs
Accept no snb
btitute for Golden
Medical Discov
ery nor any med
icine called just
us good by the
Just a little oil on the enjrine at the
right time may mean the difference be
tween life and death to the passengers and
crew What oil is to the friction of the
delicate parts of the engine Dr Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery is to the deli
Mr Chat liunwiclc of Ivtnox Mucomb Co
Mich vrntM I have never frit better In my
life than I do novr 1 have taken Xr IjerceA
oirfen Medial Discovery right along I can
now vfalk qaile vrell with a caoe ana hope to
thro even that away before long and as I have
haa to me crutche for nearly two yeara I think
t am doing fine 1 do not cough now and I can
lcep like a school boy You must know that X
have been treated Ictwp hospitals and br three
doctor loidei aud received no benefit ta I
think jour medicine the only inedidns for me
Dr Pierces Medical Adviser in paper
cover is sent free on receipt of 21 one
cent stamps to pay expenr of mailing
pnl Address Dr R V Pierce Buf
falo H Y
Tlie Ken Dlirnirrr for Cntarrh
cem i to
nlilr Merit
A new catarrh cure has recently apnear
ed which so far as tested has lin
successful In curing all forms
of catarrh w nether in the head throat
bronchial tubes or in stomach and ller
The remedy is In tablet form pleasant
and con enlent to tike and no special
Is maintained as to what it con
tains the tablet being a scientific com
bination of Guaiacol Eucalvptol Sangui
naria Hjdrastln and similar valuable and
harmless antiseptics
The safe and effective catarrh cure may
lc found at drug store under name
of Stuarts Catarrh Tablets
Whether the catarrh Is located In the
nose throat bronchial tulics or stomach
the tablets seem to act with equal suc
cess removing the stuffy feeling in head
and nose clearing the mucous membrane
of throat and trachea from catarrhal se
cretions which cause the tickling cough
ing hawking and gagging so annojing
to everj catarrh sufferer
Nasal catarrh generallj leads to ulcera
tion In borne cases to such an extent ns
to the nose entirelj and In mnnv
old cases of catarrh the ljones or the head
become diseased Nasal catarrh graduallj
extends to the throat and bronchial tubes
and orten to the stomach causing
that obstinate trouble catarrh or the
Catarrh Is a sjstemlc poison inherent
in the blood and local washes douches
salves inhalers and spravs can have no
effect on the real cause of the disease
An Internal which acts upon the
blood Is the only rational treatment and
Stuarts Catarrh Tablets Is the safest of
all Internal remedies as well as the most
convenient and satisfactory from a medi
cal standpoint
Dr Eaton stated tint he had
successfully used Stuarts Catarrh Tab
lets In old chronic enses etn where ul
ceration had extended so far as to destroj
thc septum of the nose He sajs I am
pleasantlv surprised almost everj day by
the excellent results from Stuarts Ca
tarrh Tablets It Is remarkable how
remove the excessive se
cretion and bring about a healthy condi
tion or the mucojs membranes of the
nose tliroit and stom ich
All druggists sell complete treatment of
the tablets at 50 cents and a little ImkiU
giving the svmptoms and causes of the
various forms of catr Th will bo mailed
free by addressing 1 A Stuart Co Mar
shall Mich
camn or the District Guard mlihl lnio
Lbeen in part satisfied Several or the or-
uceis ui inc ciuarii inciuuing tne general
commanding had planned an expedition
In the country adjoining Washington to
look ror a suitable site But It rained so
tied about Mar 1
The proposed trip to theTan American
Exposition at Buffalo seems to be gain
ing riv or steadllv There maj be enouglt
members or the Gusnl willing to attend
to make up a provisional battalion and
posslblv more As jet the matter Is 111
an embryonic state is being
made regarding rates and accommoda
tion H the Guardsmen go it will be
and each man will derray
his own expenses The trip will not be
made until arter the encampment and
not sooner than Septcmler
The trouble which recentlv broke out in
Company D of the Fifth Battalion be
tween Capt F Penrose Smith and cer
tain ot the members or his will
culminate during the coming week in the
transrei or six members of the comiianj
to other companies The order which di
rects the transfer has not jet been pub
The American V1M roliinleiil Sorlel
Advointrs Uip Trench Method
Tho American Metrological Society held
its annual meeting jesterdaj morning- at
the Cosmos Club A number of promi
nent scientists attended The session was
devoted to the reading and discussion of
papers A question which was discussed
with great Interest was the establishment
of 1 standard metric svstem of welerhti
hand measure Thb Is a matter In which
the has long been Interested It has
been instrumental in having bills provid
ing for uch a tliiiiRo Introduced In Con
gress but as jet there has beerino change
Prof T C Mondenhall President or the
Worcester Polj technlc Institute at Wor
cester Mass and the President of the so
cittj was In the chair He spoke briefly
of the need for the establishment of a
stanuani svstem or weights and meas
ures The Russians have adopted such 1
sj Rtcm he said and In England the in
novation is receiving favorable consider
ation The commerce of the world he
said could be handled to better advan
tage were the sj stem In all muntries
Prof XV s Stratton of the cre
ated Bureau or Standards read the first
paper in which he briefly outlined the
work which will be carried on the bu
reau Dr V H Seaman Assistant llx
aminer or tho Patent Office spoke or the
progress of the metric sjstem in use by
apothecaries and phjslcians
A Man Claiming lie Title Call to
See Hie President
Sjlvesler Barker or the Duke of the
United States as he stjles himself call
ed at the While House shortlj before 10
oclock jebterdaj morning to see President
regarding alleged arrears of
Barker who Is nfty clght jears old
saj s that he was appointed to the posi
tion of Duke of the United States five
j ears ago but that ho has been unable
to secure his salarj In all that time
Policeman Clsell who does dutj at the
Executive Mansion Informed the visitor
that the President was not In and accom
panied him to Sanltarj Officer Franks
office whence he was sent to No 1 police
station and cxaml d bj the police mr
Later In the day Barker was ent to the
Government Hospital for the Insane
Barker arrived in Washington Wednes
day night from Morgantown W Va his
former home and sajs that he has b en
stopping at the Sherman House since then
Thursdaj morning he was arrested by the
police of the Sixth precinct on a charge
of drunkenness but was released about
I oclock In the afternoon He sajs he
was former j a lumberman In West Vir
ginia In his possession are several books
showing that in lhM and 1S9I he carried
large balances with the Second National
Bank and the Monongahela Bank
twth of Morgantow n About five vears
ago shortlj after he was appointed Duke
ot the United Stales he according to his
ctorj wa placed In an insane asjlum at
eston W Va from which he escaped
fort j dajs later
He states that former Postmaster Gen
eral Wilson and ex Vico President Stev
enson raised a fund of fStKM for him
which was largelj contributed to by An
drew Carnegie Barker sajs this money
was placed to his cndlt with Cashier
Combs of the Second Nation il Bank of
Morgantown This Barker de
clares was stolen from him by a Pitts
burg man He sajs efforts have been
made to poison him over 500 times
Barker claims that he is a brother of
3 A Barker the owner of a lumber mill
near llldgedale Iostotllce W Va and
of Dr David H Barker of Itecdj W Va
lie sjjh he also has two sisters lie Is
a line looking man well dressed and con
verses rationallj on most subjects
More llvldi nrc IIIkiiiv creil
Dr AniHlmitliiii
MEMPHIS Tenn April 13 The police
lu c roind u new clue In the Dr Scruggs
a isslnalion case and the entire depart
mi nt Is at work
The new clue concerns tho dalrjman
Mr Skinner Todaj It was learned among
other things that on Dr Scruggs last
proeSJlonal call uL the Skinner home ar
ter the political fight the prisoner paid
htm In full and then warned him never
to return Following this Incident Mrs
Skinner sent several notes to the phj
slclan tequeslliig him to treat her at the
home or Jdin Phillips a neighbor who
is now held ns a prisoner Phillips car
ried the notes They were merely re
quests of the woman for phjsiclans serv
ices as she did not care to change phj
Dr Scruggs refused to enter Into the
arrangement hoping 5 avoid further
trouble The notes yeem to lie at the bot
tom of the tragedy the two race
horse men who were at the Skinner home
were found nud gave the police valuable
Tho police still refuso to allow Skinner
to sec Ills wife and his lawyer The ut
tornejs todav sued out a writ of habeas
corpus for their clients release and this
will bo heard tomorrow
The Attorney- Advice Against the
Cancellation of Taxes
I hi Ground for liciipllcntlon t
CiMiHldi reil siiiiiitl lliiu tit IlinpoNt
of slicx I In Cilim and Other
AVn ite l I xe the Water lower
Andrew B Duvall Attorney for the
District of Columbia jesterdaj sub
mitted to the Commissioners an ad
verse opinion upon the application of
Charles A and Cora T Illnes ror
the cancellation of general taxes for
the j ears 1SS1 1S5 and 11S9 against part
of lot SI and lots 22 and 23 of the sub
division ot Friendship The Attorney
stated that the claim or the applicants
that these taxes should be canceled
should be denied In connection with the
matter Mr Duvall sajs
Because their agent requested bills for
all taxes and assessment against said
from a cleric employed In the
oinee of the Collector of Taxes stating to
him u willingness to taxes then
due or overdue and that said agent was
inrormed said clerk that excepting tho
taxes due for the current jear there
were no unpaid taxes against the
Tile duties of the Collector or Taxes
are prescribed statute and lie is not
required to make searcli or furnish state
ments of unpaid taxes And the Supreme
Court of the District of Columbia held
that his statements and mistakes in re
gard to unpaid taxes could not operate as
an estoppel upon the District ot Columbia
The act or Congress approved May
13 lKt authorizes the Assessor Upon pav
ment of the fee or 50 cents to furnish a
ctrtlfkd statement over his hand and
olliciil seal of all taxes and assessments
but the Collector of Taxes lias no such
authorlt and no mere statement which
lie might make could have the rorce anil
effect of the certificate ot the Assessor
under siid act or Congress In respect to
omitted taxes
flic second ground Tor cancellation Is
the claim that the taxes are not collecti
ble because of the failure on the part of
the District to tile a bill in equitj to en
force its lien for taxes within a reason-
fllilft tlmn utTtix n i i nn - n A 1-
iJSiithatl tnttrlJ1 to be Postponed J ertj was bid off by the District at the tax
In all probabllltj the location will be set- sale
The law however does not provide
that the- penalty for not so enforcing the
lien of the taxes bj nilng a bill lu equltj
should operate to release tho Hen for
such taxei
Warner Stutlcr Superintendent of
Street Cleaning has forwarded to the
Commissioners his report upon the appli
cation of Ij C Bines for information as
to what disposition should be made of old
tin cans and similar material Mr Stut
ler Informs the Commissioners that the
Street Cleaning Department Is restricted
as to the kind of material to be deposited
on their dumps the owners of the
where tlie dumps are objecting to the
deposit of tin cans and combustible ma
terial Mr Stutler states that ashes tin
cans and combustible waste should be
placed In separate receptacles
Tlie Commissioners are Informed tint
the only available dump for tin cans and
similar material is Twentieth and It
Streets southeast All combustible
waste Mr Stutler sajs should be
hauled to the at the foot of
South Capitol Street where it will b
burned He states further that ashes
be deposited on all of the dumps
except on the flats Mr Stutler gives the
following as the location of the principal
Connecticut Avenue and Woodlej
Iine Sherman Avenue and Irving Street
northwest Second add Trumbull Streets
northwest Florida Aenu and Brent
wood Road northeast Fifteenth and K
Streets northeast Tenth and SSlrcrts
streets sobtni ast
und Fifteenth and C Strvets southwest
J B Kinnear and W J I ambert rep
reseiitlngthe Takoma Park Citizens As
sociation jestrrdaj obtained a favorable
consideration of the proposition made by
the association that the Takoma Park
puolic school house Im thrown open to
tlie public- for inspection some next
month It Is thought that the date will
lc May 15 but that has not jet been de
termined xhle the Inspection of the
schoolhouse Is going on Jt Is the purpose
of tlie association to give a reception to
tin Commissioners and members of the
Iteiard or Education at the town hall Ta
koma Park
B P Mimmack ror the estate
of Herman D Walbridge or lllff G
Street northwe st has requested that the
assessment ror the water main against
lots 1 to 3 block 13 Walbridge
or inpleslde be charged against the
deposit or ti2J made September IS 1W9
by Elizabeth Walbridge as executrix
J I H Darnillle theAssessor in re
porting to the Commissioners relative to
the matter has recommended that the
application be referred to tho Auditor
Out he mnv transrer J1I7S or the amount
deposited ror water main to the water
fund to liquidate the water main assess
ment against the property described
above and that JJ 13 the regular 8 per
cent abatement be refunded to Elizabeth
It Is understood that the Commissioners
will approve the recommendation
William T Belt Acting Chief Engineer
of the Fire Department has reported to
Commissioner Macfarland that he has
mule a thorough examination of Truck
C house ror th purpose or placing tlie
water tower in service and he states that
It will be put In commission not later
than the middle or next week Mr Belt
sajs that In order to do this the new
Truek F will be jent to the house pro
vided for It in Mount Pleasant and that
the extra horse at Truck C house will be
ki pt at No 2 englnehouse until a few re
pairs can be m ide to the back shed for
the storage of coal and wood etc
Mr Beit states Out there will be three
horses available for drawing the tower
and that a sufficient number of men will
Im1 detailed to operate the same Ho in
forms the Commissioner that the tower
will nspond to first alarms in the busi
ness storage and warehouse district and
all other alarms where It be needtd
The Commissioners hav i approved an
application of the Chesapeake ami Po
tomac Telephone Company to string tvvu
wires from Murjland Avenue near the
intersstlon of G Street northeast to tho
ofllee of lames Manning on Florida Ave
nue near Trinidad Avenue l ortheast
This action was taken on tl i n com
mend itlon of alter C Alien tlie Elec
trical Engineer
Hairy C McLean Acting Health Officer
has submitted to the Commissioners a re
port upon the reeiuest or ex Senntor Wil
liam E Chandler relative to the sanitary
condition of tho premises 1111 11 Street
northwest which are to le occupied
Spanish Treatj CI ilms Commission
Mr McLean forwards the reports of tlie
Insptctors of tho department three of
whom visited the premises and made in
vestigations These reports recommend
ecrtaiu Tepalrs of a minor character and
Mr McLeiu sajs that when these altera
tions have heen made the premises in
the judgment of the Health Department
will be In good sanltarj condition
1 he Committee on the B ithlng Beach
consisting of Snovvden Ashford W J
Douglass and Dr William Tlndall have
recommended the ace ptance or the pro
posal of M N Iliklman to rent the re
freshment stand and the shesl for blcj
cesfor beason of 1501 The-commit-tee
prescribe certain conditions to the ac
ceptance of the proposal among which
are that tho bidder shall not sell Intoxi
cating drinks that no tobacco or cigar
ettes shall be sold to minors and that
the pajments are to be made nt the
times sperltlid In the contract It la un
derstood that the Commissioners will ap
prove the recommendation
Captain Galllard formerly Assistant to
the Engineer Commissioner who Is In the
to attend the sessions of the Flltra
tlouCominiaslonvras at the District Build
ing greeting his old friends
i 4ta4
I Hechts Story of Saturdays selling is most interesting
It iij a story of saving from bcginnm to end a story of bargain offering It relates the doings of tlie past two weeks of its corps t
of buyers who bae tried their best to seeure seasonable merchandise to sell at lesi than usual prices Head it and profit by it and
if yon Iiae not the ieady money to enable yon to avail yourself of the many money saving chances then bine the amount of your X
purclilee charged and arrange to pay weekly or monthly t
X Banner week in boys clothing
j Today winds up our biggest week in bos clothing The
enormous selling will not stop then Just as long as these
mense lots hold out jou shall have them at these extraordinary
1 prices
Sl29for boys S3 suits
J Lot or boys double breasted cassimere
Tsuits or which we guarantee the wear
Tin sizes from 7 to 16 jears In n large as
Xsortment of check and mixed patterns
Ting1 at 3
IH3 each
ts jou ve been used to buj
wlll be offered at
149 for boys S350 blue flan
2 ncl sailor blouse suits
X Lot of bojs salor blous suits of blue
flannel as shown In Illustration which
we guarantee all wool and fast In color
and which have eleep sailor collars trim-
med with live rows of silk braid and
pleated sleeves suits which cloh
ilcr sells for 3 50 in fact which cannot
be sold for less when bought under or-
dinarj circumstance will be offered at
i 398 for Russian blouse suits
T Lot of Husslan Blouse Suits all sizes
J from to 7 of light and navy blue
brown white and castor
ported serge and flnnnel and several
T or -velvet to sell at JD3 which are
sold elsew here up to J or these
have peau de sole silk detachable sail
or collars and all of them are elabor
ate silk embroidered and trimmed
with gilt braid Some have the stand
ing and some the round collars and all
are finished with leather belts 395
doesnt cover the cost or material
198 for boys 6 topcoats
Iot or boj s spring weight top coats
or tan covert and black cheviot in
sizes 12 13 and 14 jears actual sell-
a Ing price or which Is ii to go for
J 398 for 750 3 piecc suits
Lot of bojs tl ree piece suits of all-
wool casslmeres and cheviots with
T single and double breasted vests
T which cannot be matched elsewhere
for less than Iff and some of them
X for less than J7M will be offered for
X 3 9 today
Ml Kuclid Ave
CWehnd Ohio nec31 1M0
Warners Safe Curo Co Rochester Jf V
Gcntlernrnlkforo trying jour medicfno r
99c for boys S3 blue flannel
Bojs blue flannel vestle suits in two
styles a line grade of flannel which Is
never put In a suit under 13 trimmed
with braid and flannel of another color
and some trimmed with black silk braid
pants have two hip pockets and patent
waistbands sizes 3 tos jears for c suit
S2 9 for 5 double breasted
Another lot -of bovs double breasted
suits made or desirable check and
mixed casslmeres and fine blue serges
which are all wcol and made up with the
best Italian linings stitched with silk
and with pockets raced with cloth
and with two Inside pockets which are
sold ivgularlj tor J3 will be sold todaj
at J21D
398 for 6 Iongpants suits
Suits for bojs from It to 19 jears
or ror small men made or Dickeys
all wool casslmeres which are famed
for long wear In a splendid assort
ment of patterns and which sell at
G and more nbout town for J3 9S
398 for coatic suits worth up
to 750
Lot of the new coatie suits of boj s
from 4 to li jears made of tine Im
porter casslmeres and cheviots These
are the very stjllsh suits with single
or double breasted vests and with
round cornered coats Just like mens
These are samples of suits from which
ths maker took orders for suits to
sell up to 7 00 and at 393 are very
69c for 1 and
125 silk shirts
silk shirt owned the
Eclipse factory in Philadelphia Is
here shirts which they make up to
sell at II and 1 25 nnd which can be
seen In everj mans store at these
prices are here as a consequence at
COc and in an enormous assortment
Irornientlr with biliousness
accompanied It erer headarh
o that I had to go to bed and star there t rn nr th m
time but slnco I liarc
used lCarnf rj Safe Cure mr entire stem
seems to larc undergone i complete change Mr blood Is In dna con
dition iny nerves are my headaches completely gone lam indeed
most erateful to liavo known of j our wonderful medicine and I Kindly giro It
duo praise Vou ropecuny
lrcs Ohio State Travellers a Jb Mrs U PETTIBOrt
Ipr Bluff Mo Sept 30 1900
wVuwrs Safe Cure Co llnehester N Y
Centlemeu Lost Fall I suffered severely with malaria causing me to Iwe my
appetite and sleep
One of my lady friends had bean cured by Safe Cure and advised mo to try It and I
began at once to taku It according to directions
It affords tne great pleasure lo testify to the complete cure which accompanied Its use and
I heartily recommend It tu anyone for malari
Yours truly
1 resV Toplar Bluff Literary Womans Club IDA WILSON
V i
W Irs
N i J
Sale mens suits
Jurors Make Aflldni it- Contrndleting
Paul II Iinllnm
Thomas C Taj lor Assistant District
was making
preparations to contest the motion for a
new- trial In the case or Ltston DBass
convicted or using the United States irall
for unlawful purposes Particular atten
tion Is being paid to the declarations or
Paul It Hallam one or the Jurors who
signed the verdict who In an affidavit
filed la the office of the rlerk of the court
states that he because or Ills phj sical and
mental condition was not wholly respon
sible rornis act
Robert G Campbell the foreman ot the
jurj has also filed an affidavit which
will be used the Government In op
posing the motion for a new trial and incidental-
ror the purpose of showing
that Hallam was a competent juror
Campbell states that he did not observe
manifestations of nervousness men-
tal or phjslcal disability in Hallam while
tho latter was doing Jury dutj On tho
contrary he states that Hallam at all
times appeared entirely selt possessed and
In good health
Campbell says he observed nothing that
would have Indicated that Hallam was
not fullj competent and
to perform his dutj He turther
states that Hallam voluntarily and freelj
signed the verdict of guilty which was
concurred in the other members or the
panel Hallam was chosen as clerk or the
jurj Campbell sajs and recorded every
-vote taken He saj s that at all times
Hallam was treated tlie
other members of the Jurj
Several other members of the jury
which found Bass guilty made affidavits
containing substantial the same state
ments as made the foreman of the
Hnnueil In the Frederick Jnll
FREDERICK Md April 19 Charles
Over alias Cephas Overs the colored
murderer of Charles McDonald a joung
white man was hanged In the jail jarel
in this city the drop falling a few
minutes atter 1J oclock The execution
was witnessed by about 150 spectator All
plans were carried out without the slight
est hitch
y C for mens suits worth up
to 51250
r Q for mens suits worth up
to 1750
Leon Wethslers whole overproduction of f
spring suits which he closed out to us at a loss
and by which you profit The highest grade the X
best ready-to-wear clojhing possible to buy offered 1
at a saving of about 5 to U50 on a suit An j
unprecedented offering and remarkable because
the season has scarcely begun
Every garment guaranteed by Wechslerjnid
by us
19c for mens 50c underwear
less than It cost tho
maker of it to make and every gar
ment Is perfect Summer weight and
In all sizes an enormous Quantity
otherwise we couldnt have gotten it
to sell at 19c
7Jc for mens 15c hose
Twelve hundred pairs actual count
ready here today for Saturdays
bargain hunters Black and tan all
sizes all perrect goods TKc Instead
ot 15c
Gigantic sale of hats
Ladies misses and childrens untrimmed shapes and ready-
to wear hats the samples of a hat maker of hats which we have i
here in our regular stock at more than double what we are ask-
ing embracing Tuscan straws in Hats dress shapes and turbans X
stircneu taneta ana straw shapes and also a great assortment
of ladies misses and childiens hats of fine
Japanese braid chip strasv and Milan straw in all colors and
black and white
29c for some worth up to 125
49c for some worth up to 150
79c for some worth up to 200
98c for some worth up to 300
HECHT COMPANY 513515 Seventh Street
Captain GaillarU is stationed atDuluth A PROMOTION FOB W H DOLL
Minn and has charge of the laud and
harbor work on Iike Superior
At the request of the Bev John D
AVhltnej President or Georgetown
and upon the recommendation ot
It II Boardmau who was Acting Super
intendent of Police in the absence ot
Major Svlvester the Commissioners ap
pointed Wade II Moore as an additional
policeman and assigned him to at
enlict in the Dnvl Knilirxzli incnt
The trial of George It Davis charged
with embezzling 1000 the funds of the
Southern Impress will be con
cluded The arguments which were
commenced jesterdij will be finished this
morning by Assistant District Attorney
Ashlej Jl Gould who will close the case
for the Government
The morning session was taken up
with the consideration of the re
quests of counsel on either side for In
struction to the jury by the court After
recess Mr Gould made the opening argu
ment to the Jnrj and was followed Col
Ireil Ueall for the defence Colonel Heall
spoke for about two and one hair hours
On account of the lateness or the hour
at which Mr Beall concluded Ills argu
ment Mr Gould postponed his closing ad
dress to tho jury until this morning
lVnr Kiile rlnlitcil Tlint lie Was
Killed nt ran on n
Inspector Boardmau luis received no
replj to his telegram to the chief of police
or Grarton Va asking ror
1 vlnde tJenenil Paswiiser Airent -of
the Senbonrd Air Ilne
The latest change in the management or
the Seaboard Air Line is the appointment
or a new general agent for the local pas
senger ofllee W M MeConncIl resigned
several dajs ago and General Manager
Bunch has designated IV II Doll to All
Sir Doll is regarded as one of the best
fitted men for this position In the rallway
servlce Tor a number of jears he has
been associated with the passenger de
partments of several ot the main sj stems
-He In the Bast and Is said to know
just how to cater iu pat
ronage the roads leading South from this
cltv depend upon
Mr Doll has been the general agent of
the Seaboard Air Line in New York for
somo time past He will enter upon his
new duties this morning
I Iiiinsnnil Dollnrs Claimed
for Vlleft eil 1crnoiinl Injuries
Martha Litchfield Chase jesterday filed
suit against the Metropolitan- Hall road
Companj and the Anacostla and Potomac
Blver Ballroad Company to recover 30000
clalmeel as damages for personal Injuries
It Is explained that on November last
Miss Chase boarded a car bound for Ana
costla at the corner of Eleventh and G
Streets She states that the machinery of
the car became disarranged and that on
the arrival of the car at F and Ninth
Street u had to be pushed another
When the car In which she was riding
reached K and Fourth Streets southeast
Miss Chase declares n imes of lire nnd
smoke spurted out from the side of the
tlon regarding tlie unknown man killed car and there were terrific noises and ex-
at that plate falling from 1 moving
train It is thought the bodj be that
of I P the freight agent of the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroid at Alexan
dria Va who disappeared ievera dajs
Mr Hurley Uveil at ncr South Washing
ton Street Alexandria and his disappear
ance is shrouded In mjsterj as there
Is said to le no apparent reason for ab
be nee rrom home
plosions which shesaj s created a panic
among tne passengers
During the excitement Miss Chase
states that she was thrown upon the
back or the seat In which she had been
sitting and that her spine was Injured
She also declares that she was otherwise
injured about her head nnd She
is mo Injured she declares ns to cause
- sometimes to become unconscious
aid to rail Eugene Cnrusl Sons are
counsel Tor the plaintiff
Fourteenth Street Cars Complete
Loop nt the B X O Depot
The Fourteenth Street cars of the Capi
tal Traction Companj which formerly
ran to the Baltimore ami JJhio depot
began running through to First
Street northeast The -connections wre
completed Thursday
From the Baltimore and Ohio depot tha
cars run to the corner of First and B
Streets northeat over the tracks of tho
Metropolitan branch of the Washington
TrAceltm a lul Fltrio Con ip vny From
First and B Streets northeast to First and
C Streets northeast the Capital Traction
cars run over their own tracks which
have been laid on First Street They then
turn west toward the Baltimore and Ohio
depot and traverse the tracks of the C
Street and Metropolitan branches of the
Washington Traction and Electric Com
pany ta the depot and return from tho
depot on their old tracks
The Innovation does away with the
switching of the cars directly opposite
the Baltimore nnd Ohio depot
Verdict of the Coroners Jury as to
J A Actons Dentil
-V Coroners jurj jesterdaj afternoon
returned a verdict holding tho United
States Electric Light Company responsi
ble for the death of James Arthur Acton
at the plant of that company corner
of Thirteen-and-a-half and B Streets
northwest Wednewlay night The Jury
also expressed the opinion that the acci
dent was due to the negligence of the
The funeral ot Acton will take place
rrom the residence or his mother 1 iiI D
Street northwest this afternoon and the
interment will be made In Congressional
When the had assembled at the
Twelfth Street stationhouse It
was taken to the scene of the accident
Manj witnesses were examined as to tho
llndlng of the body and the precautions
taken bv the company to protect possible
trespassers from contact with the ex
posed conductors In the cable closet
Secretarj James Lackey of the Wash
ington Traction and Electric Company
appeared in the interest of the company
nnd at his request several witnesses were
3k M
sVUV t
V r
V W Ss
vsvvM l ss
1113 Oakdale Are
Milwaukee Wis Not 9 15C0
Warners Safe Cure Co Koche ter N T
Gentlemen I st Spring I contracted a scvero cold
whli I neclected to my sorrow It settled In my kidneys pro
ducing infiammatlon with Eerere backache and continual headache
Yo had a part of a bottle of TTarne rJ Safe Cure la tho house which
my 1 rothcr had been using and I tried it To my surprisu I began to mead
very rapidly I took ascrond bottle and a third and kept on lrrproTlns until at
tho end of five vi ceks I was entirely n covcrrd
Tours truly
secretary Floral Club Miss ROSILIE T TELLER
Ill North Ave Aurora Jan 1501
Warners Safo Curo Co Rochester Y
Oentlemear ro Iru dyspeptic everything looks dark and the sun shines only throuah a fos
Such was my ciperlencc about a year ago I lhou nt that I would never spend anovher per
fectly well day Five bottles of narntrt Safe Cure has made the world look new and hriuht
for It has completely cured me and I would not have been without It fori any sum of money
f celiacs have my eternal gratltuto also
Thanks seem so weak to express my you
Sr Vlce rres Lincoln Circle No S Ladles of the Qrand Army of tho Republic

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