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Number 25S9
A Large Force Under jlnlun and
Smit Attacks the Town
Minor Defences Cnrrlcil In nit AH
Day KlItt After Luulinc tlie
Stores the Invmliiifr Coiiiiiiiiiulos
Delia rt Ueforc Relief Arrives
CAPE TOWN June 27 The Boer in
vaders under Malan and Smit about 303
attacked Richmond early on
Tuesday morning The town was defended
by a detachment of the North Stafford
shire militia under Captain Hawkshaw
and the town guard Three sangars oi
eide of the town were cvaptured by
the Boers the garrison being distributed
between the jail fort and Flagstaff
Kill fort Owing to the capture of tho
sangars the Flagstaff Hill fort was ex
posed to a heavy fire
Three times during the day Com
mandant Malan sent messengers demand
ing the surrender of the town and each
time the demand was refused The Boers
took advantage of the opportunity during
the cessation of hostilities to better their
positions and on the last occasion when
the messenger was sent in a party of
burghers entered the town and effected
the capture of a sangar in Market Square
Not a shot was fired on account of the
white flag carried by the messenger
The Boers who were now only two hun
dred yards from the jail fort were se
curely covered and directed a continuous
fire for two hours upon the defenders
who stoutly held the position Finding
It impossible to capture either the jail
fort or Flagstaff Hill Fort the Eoers
turned their attention to another sangar
in the town which was held by eight men
These eight men after having held the
position for eleven hours surrendered at
B oclock in the afternoon
After dark the British garrison strength
ened the fortifications as they expected a
renewal of the attack in the morning
During the night however the Boers
learned that relief for the besieged men
was approaching and withdrew They
captured twelve horses and looted the
The engagement lasted twelve hours
The Boer loss is reported as five killed
and seven wounded The British casual
ties are not given
On Wednesday morning Colonel Xunds
with a relieving column entered the
A Juilse Investismtlnsr the Accusa
tions of a Cnlinn Railway
HAVANA Juno 27 Charges of fraud
involving more than 100000 have been
made by the Secretary of the Cardenas
Juraco Railway Company and a judge
Is investigating the case No arrests have
been made up to the present time
The commission on the electoral law has
finished Its report but it has not yet
been published Conservative delegates
say the report Is too radical to be accept
ed The subject of discut sion is now
whether voters should be allowed to have
more than one vote Some of the most
conservative delegates propose that be
sides the vote which every man has he
shall also be allowed an extra vote if he
Is the father of a family or if he pays
more than a certain amount of taxes or
If he has a degree In this way one man
could have four votes This move will
be proposed as an offset to universal suf
To Visit Washington and New York
on IIIh Trip
TAMPA Fla June 27 Senor Gomez
accompanied by his son TIrbano and one
of the secretaries of Governor General
Wood passed through this city tonight
His coming was unannounced and there
was no demonstration among the Cuban
The general expects to visit Washington
and New York At New York he will
confer with T Estrada Palma on a mat
ter which he says Is entirely personal
At Washington he expects to have a con
ference with tie President and the Sec
retary of War ly declined to speak on
the subject which he expects to discuss
with them
The Deutschlaud to Carry Some Well
Knoirn Passengers
LONDON June 28 A newspaper says
this morning that ten millionaires have
cornered the entire promenade deck of
the steamer Deutschland which will sail
for New York today The party Includes
In addition to J Pierpont Morgan Mr
Griscom Colonel Klklns Lieutenant Gov
ernor Woodruff Clinton Dawklns a part- j
ner in the Morgan firm B A Bilker P
A B Widener Harry Payne Whitney
ir Lorillard and J I Waterbury
The total cost of hiring this deck is
4400 which is divided Into equal shares
The same authority says that Mr Morgan
Trill confide some very momentous de
signs on international trade to his fel
low travelers and will ask that they be
discussed freely
Italian Troops Fire Upon Laborers
JiePr Frrrorn
ROME June 27 The strike of harvest
ers in the neighborhood of Ferrora led to
a serious conflict today Five hundred
strikers tried to cross a bridge and at
tack the Imported Pledmontose workers
They were forbidden to cross by an offi
cer in command of twenty soldiers but
Ignored his order Thereupon the offi
cer told the troops to fire and according
to the official report two persons were
killed and ten wounded
The Socialist newspaper Avanti saysi
six persons including a woman vrcrt
killed and twenty wounded
A Harmless Result of the Lur
luccs Trial
PARIS Juno 27 Senators Aucoin tnd
X Prevost du Launay who had a ds
pute yesterfay over the verdict of the
hfgh court of justice In the case of Mar
quis Lur Saluces fought a bloodless duel
jffiro shota were exchanged and It was
then declared that the honor of the par
ticipants had been satisfied
14 Cincinnati O und Return iI t
Via 11 A O II H
Account United Society Christian Endeavor
Ticket koo1 going July 1 E C valid returning
until July 14 except by depouUng and raj in
Set el W cents return may be extended to
Aueust 31 For further Information enquire at
B O ticket offices
C1U5 to Hnltlinore and Return via
B Jb O Saturday and Sunday
June S3 and 80t 6 or rctunl until following
Monday Tickets good on all train except Hojal
Best Lumber nliray at 0 S Y avc
bw Frank Iabbey t Co
A Deeisiou by Hie Ministers Itcgnrd
Ing CeremtliIr nt Court
PEICIN June 27 On account of the
ambiguity of the language of the de
mands for reforming the court ceremo
nials it is understood the Ministers will
consent that the chairs which will be used
when they are conveyed to audiences with
the Emperor shall bear the imperial col
ors instead of being imperial chairs This
means really the same thing as the im
perial chair
The Ministers are firm however in their
insistence that they shall be carried to
the entrance of the reception building
The Chinese strongly object to the chairs
being carried nearer than the third build
ing from the Emperor
At the request of the Japanese Minister
Na T Ung who was appointed envoy to
the Mlkados country to apologize for the
murder of the Japanese Chancellor of Le
gation last summer will not j tart on his
journey until cooler weather sets in
French Women of Tide Gntlicr
the Petit Trianon
PARIS June 27 The charitie fete at
the Petit Trianon was held today In
brilliant weather The arrangements were
perfect Tl scheme is a representation
of Watteaus pictures of the first ladies
of France tableaux dances and shep
herd scenes set amid the beauties of
Among the ladles who participated were
the Duchess de la Rochefoucauld the
Princess Murat Countess Boni de Castel
lane Princegs Polignac and many other
beautiful women At 4 oclock the gar
dens were crowded and it looked as
though they would be inadequate to ac
commodate the people who would attend
There was a large attendance of Ameri
can visitors
To Take IMnce Sonic Time In June of
Aeit Year
LONDON June 27 A special edition of
the ofliclal gazette contains a procla
mation by the King stating that he has
resolved to celebrate his coronation upon
a day in June 1902 hereafter to be de
termined and that the ceremony will take
place at Westminster Abbey
Ill n ie Anion the Depositors of
Irinte Institution
BERLIN June 27 The excitement
throughout Saxony over the failure of
the Lefpseiger Bank is still unabated
There is a run on private banks through
out the Kingdom
There are rumors on the Bourse here
of the impending failure of various in
dustrial and commercial undertakings
connected with the Leipselger Bank
The banks of Saxony were prepared for
the panic which has so far been met
successfully everywhere
The shares of the Leipselger Bank were
quoted on the Bourse on June 24 at 150
Since then there has been no official quo
tation until today when they were quoted
at 10S0
Dai is unil Ward Capture the Cham
pionshlp Honor
LONDON June 27 Davis and Ward
the American tennis players defeated D
31 Hawes and Captain Young without
exerting themselves in the least at tho
lawn tennis championship tourney ct
Wimbledon today The visitors won by
three sets to love the sccre being ft J
G 1 G 3 The clever all around play of
the Americans was much admlrca
The Discoverer of the Klondike
Fields Passes Away
NEW YORK June 27 Ioseph Ladue
founder of Dawson City who has been
named the discoverer of the Klondike
Body of n Man ICillcI In the Iiifrnlls
Accident Pound
NEW YORK June 27 The divers who
were engaged this morning In examining
the damages to the United States trans
port Ingalis which was floated in an
Erie basin drydock on the previous day
discovered the body of a drowned man
pinned under the rubbish at the bottom
of the dock It was removed to the
morgue to await identification
The man was probably one of the Ital
ian laborers engaged In shifting ballast
He was about forty years old five feet five
and a half inches high and had on a
dark coat blue trousers and cotton shirt
Mr Dickie general manager of the dry
dock expects that tho Ingalls will bo
ready to again go into commission within
three weeks
Golttjr to His Summer Home at Sew
bury X II
CLEVELAND Ohio June 27 Secretary
John Hay cid his family left here this
afternoon or their summer home- at
Newbury N H Mr Hay telegraphed to
President McKInley on Wednesday say
ing that In consequence of his sons tragic
death he did not feel able to return to his
duties at present He received word back
from the President to take all the rest
he desired
One Juror Forces a Compromise on
a Second IJejcree Verdict
TOPEKA Ivan June 27 The jury In
the Jessie Morrison murder case at El
dorado reached a verdict of guilty of
murder in the tecond degree late this
afternoon -The jury was out thirty six
hours and stood eleven for conviction and
one for acquittal Tho compromise of
murder i the second degree was forced
by tho one juror
This is the second trial of the famous
case the former a year ago resulting In
a disagreement The crime for which
Miss Morrison was convicted was the
murder of Mrs Olin Castle a young wo
man who won the affections of and mar
ried the man Miss Morrison lovpd
II O Week End Country Trips
Ticket will Saturdays and Sundajs for return
until lollowiiic Monday at reduced rate from
Wathington to Cliarlcfctown IrcderUk Annapo
1U Junction and intermediate point
Flynns Ituslnets Colletre SlliNiiul IC
Biuincs Shorthand Tjrf writing 25 a jear
Floorlnsr 9tS5 per lOO nq and
all one width at etb and N Y avc nw
ThcFirst of the Automobile Racers
to Reach
Makes Remarkable Time and Wins n
Trophy Three Persons Reported
Mortally Hurt 1ovIiii1I Keene IIns
n Mishap nml Arrives in the Rear
June 27 The in
habitants of this town and tho neigh
borhood are celebrating the race as a
great fete Many thousards assembled at
the arrival post long before the earliest
contestant was due Thousands more
went to the country to meet competitors
Stands and triumphal arches had been
erected and military bauds entertnined the
people who wero waiting the arrival of
the racers The crowd continued to In
crease beyond all expectations throughout
the morning and the police arrangements
were Inadequate It began to be feared
that the coarse rould not be cleared when
the cars should come
Almost il the stroke of noon a cloud
of dust was seen at the top of a hill to
the eastward Then a car was beheld
rushing down at a speed far exceeding
that of an ordinary express train Two
minutes and twenty seconds later the
driver who was smothered with dust
and could not be recognized alighted
quickly to sign the register
The rfder was Fournler the winner of
the Parts Bordeaux race who In a Mors
car covered 2S2H miles in 8 hours and 23
minutes He was enthusiastically receiv
ed and the military band played the Mar
seillaise Fournler was rather excited
He said that the crowd that lfned the
road during the last forty miles was so
great that he constantly feared that there
would be a fatal accident
Twenty other cars arrived within the en
suing two hours and all the drivers were
cheered while the bands played The peo
ple kept up the enthusiasm throughout
the afternoon The civil and military au
thorities attended a banquet in the even
ing in honor of the racers and congratu
latory speeches were exchanged
The general commanding the garrison
spoke felicitously of the good influence
the race would have upon the feeling be
tween the two countries A great many
racers did not attend the banquet All
were fatigued and retired early for rest
in preparation for the run to Hanover to
It is claimed that Fournlers actual
racing time for the 2S2 miles was six
hours and fifty eight minutes the road
rules compelling him to slow dovn in
many towns and villages He Is already
a prize winner being entitled to the tro
phy by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg
for the first racer to enter the Duchy
There were many minor mishaps to the
machines which necessitated stoppages
nil tharn vrra crtmr fif1Mf IH
ports of the drivers in regard to the lat- ana enthusiasm at a meeting signuy any
ter vary It is stated that the French- tnnS tonights gathering at the Academy
man Cosmcro was thrown at Eastogne I of Muslc t0 Potest against the usurpat on
and suffered an injury to his knee while of Pwcr tne Afhbr dse Durham pollti
and Incidentally to con
cal combination
the engineer was badly some say I
tally hurt demn the nomination of joho Weaver for
Foxhall Keene came to grief in the same District Attorney and to pave the way for
neighborhood The tire of his Mors ma- tnc independent movement in favor of
vuine uursi anu ne was mrown into a v V I
the present District Attorne P i KotnJ
notato natch He was not hurt
Mr Keene arrived at la- I ermel marks the beginning of u strong
ter and was placed eighteenth on the list effort to overthrow the power1 of the may
He came Inone hour and thirty four or and thoso ags0ciated withhim There
utes after Fournfer
The only English machine in the raco
that of Edges Napier met with an acci
dent to the tires and spring and appar
ently got no farther than Sedan although
one report gays he started again An
other report is that he coided with a
tree and was thrown violently Two other
Englishmen Rolls and Farman driving
respectively Mors and Panhard cars
were among the befit time makers
The day has apparently been a triumph
for the Mors cars Mr Rolls says he
passed six cars in the first three miles
and sometimes made eighty miles an hour I
He had various minor mishaps Including
eight stoppages to pull nails from the
There vcre several German cars which I
Evans Removal Promises by the
West Vireltiin Senator
Senator Scott of West Virginia is the
member of the National Committee who
gave the written pledge or what was con
strued as such to General Sickles that
Commissioner Evans should bo removed
from charge of the Pension Bureau Sen
ator Scott had a talk with the President
yesterday but it Is not known vhether
this subject was discussed
Commissioner Evans has made no re
ply to General Sickles comments on the
publication of his two letters highly com
mending Mr Evans conduct of the Pen
sion Bureau and may not do so at least
not at present The officials of the Pen
sion Bureau however make no secret Qt
the cause that led to the disagreement
between the Commissioner ahd General
Sickles They say that it dates from the
time about a year ago when the Com
missioner refused to accept the generals
construction of the law of May 9 1900
Commissioner Evans before construing
this law obtained an opinion from the
Attorney General and there was a very
lively controversy when the Commissioner
declined to disagree with the Attorney
General at the request of General Sickles
This act provided for Invalid pensions
of from C to 12 per month and contained
this clause And such pensions shall
commence from the date of the filing of
tho application in the Bureau of Pen
sions after the passage of this act etc
General Sickles told the Commissioner
that the expression after the passage of
this act did not refer to the act of May
9 1900 but to the act of June 27 1S90 of
which it was amendatory Mr Evans
thought the wording of the act made it
refer to pension claims filed after May
9 1900
Had General Sickles construction of the
law been accepted hy the bureau It would
have allowed many claims to go back
from one to ten years and have caused
the payment of much back pension mon
ey General Sickles resented the attitude
of the Commissioner In opposition to his
views and declared Weil the Grand
Army drew this act and It shouldr be al
lowed to interpret it
Commissioner Evans determined to let
the Attorney General construe the lan
guage of the act which wasTdone and
that law officer construed the act to mean
what Mr Evans supposed it meant and
that construction was adoptcdiby the bu
reau From that day to this General
Sickles has not called on the Commission
er and he has since joined he army of
critics of the Commissioner
The Ashlirldge Diirhnin Machine
Condemned hy a Mus Meetlnsr
PHILADELPHIA June 27 If numbers
were five thousand persons present and
although it was an exceedingly sarin
night few left the building until tho last
word c condemnation was uttered
Tho Rev Dr McCcok said he voiced the
sentiment of the majority of clergymen
of the city when he charged the admin
istration of Mayor Ashbridgn with being
altogether venal and corrupt He char
acterized the recent trolley franchise grab
as a most vicious and unprincipled as
sault on the rights of the people
Ex District Attorney General George S
Graham said there was little hope of
achieving the overthrow of the machine
were mere skeletons and were built only unless all factions and parties opposed to
for speed regardless of comfort Bra
siers had the misfortune of killing a boy
gold fields aied at his home in Schuyler in an unexplained way He like all tho I
Falls N Y from consumption this even
Ing He contracted the disease while
prospecting for precious minerals In
Ladue was forty seven years old He
was born in Schuyler Falls When he
was a young man he went West in search
of gold and in the early nineties went
into Alaska on a prospecting tour
For fifteen years he lived In the coun
try without making a strike of conse
quence Then he discovered the Klondike
gold fields which made him rich and at
tracted to Alaska a throng of treasure
others had to slow down while pasiing
tnrougn ltneims tne pace being regulated
by bicyclists
There is an unconfirmed report that a
woman was ridden over and killed by Sl
bret the Belgium driver of a Chauchard
PARIS June 27 The heights of Cham
Plgify whence Frenchmen and Germans
started in friendly rivalry in the auto
mobile nice to Berlin this morning Is the
point which was the objective of the great
fiorlle by the Paris garrison about thirty
years ago
There was some notable instances of
careful preparation for the contest One
its continuance in power should unite
Col A K McClure characterized the
machine as the most dangerpus and un
scrupulous that ever existed in this State
The following resolution was unani
mously adopted
Whereas an insolent despotic and
ffimtnnHv nrofllcate nolittal power cm-
Her Varsity Crew Beats Harvard
in a Heart Breaking Contest
bracing banded corruptlonluts of both the tlley were not more than thirty to the
thorny of in both ciTy end 1 tc But when the final rush to vie
State ran riot in franchise gifts and tury came alo hit the stroke up to
appropriations to favorites involving the thirty six and simply walked away
loss of many millions to the taxpayers I The varsity race was started at 713
rndeuftfe11 PlZf vrVcilcJh d caut the water first and the
nroclaimlUK that tne public prosjecuior jirow ui me mmuniiKC aneu snot aneau
k -
crime musi oe oueuieni io iuc uruera ui
political masters and
Whereas Dlntrlct Attorney P F Both-
ermel has been ostentatiously rejected
for nomination solely because of his un
swerving devotion to his sacred public
duties therefore
Resolved That tho people of Philadel
phia In mass meeting of overwhelming
numbers assembled hereby nominate
District Attorney P F Rothcrmel Jr for
re election because of the masterly abili
ty unfaltering Integrity and fidelity he
has uniformly exhibited in protecting the
public againut crime and we appeal to
the considerate Judgment of every good
citizen to support our prosecuting officer
whose overthrow Is demanded by organ
ized criminal profligacy and debauchery
The Assailant of the Ilev Mr
JERSEY CITY N J June 27 Thomas
G Barker of Arlington N J who was
The Illucs Pluck Snatched Victory
In the Inst Mile Freshmen Also
Triumphant Harvard Consoled by
Getting the Substitutes Fotir Oar
NEW XONDON June 27 In what was
most unquestionably the most sensational
varsity boat race ever held on the historic
Thames Yale conquered Harvard this
afternoon while 25000 spectators roared
in acclaim It was not until the last half
mile that the doubt about the result -of
the four mile struggle was settled Then
Yale drew away and won by a scant two
lengths In 2337 with Harvard ex
hausted S seconds behind Previous to
this race Yale had triumphed in the
freshman event by four and one half
lengths In 1027 4 5 while Harvard was
victorious in the four oared contest by six
lengths In 11491 5 The last nsmed race
was contested by the four substitutes of
each varsity crew who found In this
event their only consolation for failing to
win a scat in the eight oared shell of their
In the varsity raco Yales sand and
the magnificent training of the crew were
the direct cause of Harvards downfall
For nearly two miles it looked as if the
Crimson could not lose Then the Yale
coxswain as his crew approached the
two rrrflo mark oft the navyjranl steered
in close to the dock where there was
smooth water and in a dozen or more
strokes the Blues drew up on even terms
with the Crimsons who were in rougher
water and had the wind blowing lightly
at their backs
But this bit of maneuvrlng did not win
the race for Yale for after this It was
a fair square test of the crews respec
tive merits and though it was anybodys
victory up to the last half mile Yale sim
ply lasted better and rowed on to a glo
rious triumph
The water was perfect for rowing The
wind was Just cool enough to make the
atmosphere delightful and there was no
mishap of any kind Cameron the Yale
stroke was on the verge of a collapse
at the three mile mark but he pulled him
self together and with wonderful pluck
he led his men to the front In a way that
has made him a hero tonight The Har
vard men were game to the end butwhen
the Yale oarsmen let out the last -link
they had It was too great a pace to hold
to and the Crimson fell by the wayside
wlulo the victors flashed over the line
amid the roar of cannon deafening whis
tle blasts and the hoarse cheers of the
multitude afloat and ashore
Yale men wero simply frantic over the
result especially In view of the fafct that
it came when Harvard looked to be mas
ter of thCSltuatlon In the early stages
of the race Harvard was the personifi
cation of mechanical perfection and re
markably developed strength The water
manship of the crew was without a flaw
whereas the work of the Yale eight was
a trille ragged
Then again Harvard showed an ability
to draw away whenever it was neces
sary but the Yale men kept up their
sprinting game with such remarkable per
sistency and pluck that they Anally row
ed the Cambridge men to a standstill
At the finish several of the Crimson
oarsmen were ready to fall overboard
from exhaustion The whole crew had
to be assisted from the shell for that mat
ter Goodell the bow oar was in the
worst state Tho Yale men too were very
glad when the end came
The slowness of the raco was due to
the fact that both crews played a wait
ing game In the fust two miles Both
lowered their strokes so that at times
firm of motor car builders had a staff of i who should stand like adamant between so that after the first 100 yards had been
seventy seven mechanics on the ground
to inspect its cars berore they started
A firm of oil men distributed 1300 gal
lons of gasoline at various points along
the route
The Knrlnrt Hndly Defeated
In a
Ilnce at AVemyss liny
LONDON June 27 A private match
was sailed today at AVemyss Bay over
tho Royal Western course of 436 miles
between Shamrock I and the Karlad The
boats sailed on level terms
A slight southwesterly breeze prevailed
which died down In tho afternoon Sham
rock I showed marked superiority At
the end of the first round she was four
minutes ahead and at the end of the sec
ond thirty minutes and thirty seconds
At one portion of the raco the Kariad was
becalmed The times at the finish were
Shamrock I 6290S Kariad C232C
The Shamrock II moved through the
water in a freshening breeze with no ap
pearance of tenderness despite the tow
ering height of her new mast There was
no bow wave whatever and she showed
no wash astern
Sir Thomas Lipton and Messrs Fife and
Watson were on board
LONDON June 28 A despatch to the
Telegraph from Glasgow says in ad
dition to replacing the spars lost In the
Solent the Shamrock II is fitted with a
new boom Hunter than tho previous one
Local expertb regard the challenger as
over stiff and says she will need all the
proposed extra sail spread to make her
heel satisfactorily
Tho Times correspondent says that
although there was no attempt at a race
the challenger had one turn with Sham
rock I in which sho moved in a fashion
that gave reason for expecting that when
she appears in her racing trim sho will
bhow finer sailing than she has as yet
Ocean Steamship Movements
NEW YORK June 27 Arrived Ger
manic Liverpool Sanna Hamburg Ar
rived out Oceanic from New York at
Liverpool Lahn from New York at Bre
men Augustc Victoria rrom rcw York
at Plymouth
412 To Hnltliiioreriind Itcturii 125
Via Pennsylvania Itnllrouil
Tickets on sale Saturdaj ami Mmtiay June
20- and 20 KOod to return until Mondj July 1
All trains except toiisresMonal riM
nSO Special Miturilm Trip SflBO
To Old Point XoitIk j Bemli Otan View
and Newport Sent Ma NoiJnllv ami Uahititun
tteamcr satunLij 030 p in Round trip tkket
tn Old Point and Norfolk rood to return until
Monday night S350 For staterooms phone 750
Best Shtuus only 9 1SO per lOOO
in 6x20 o 1 qujllty Llbbcy Co
the community and the masery of coverod the Crimson had a lead of almost
last week found guilty of nn assault with J tlon As if propelled by a hidden motor
intent to kill on Rev John Keller of Ar
lington and who was not permitted to of
fer in his defence the motive that he had
attacked the clergyman because of an al
leged assault upon Mrs Barker was this
morning sentenced to five years in State
prison and to pay the costs pfithe prose
Barker received his sentence without a
trace of emotion His demeanor in the
court was ono of complete slf control
When he left the court house Mid crossed
the green to tho Jail in chaige of two
deputy sheriffs with tho shadow of his
long term upon him Barker walked jaun
tily but his lips were set hard and his
face was pale Neither tho wife of the
convicted man nor his victim was in
court to hear the sentence They were
not expected No clergymen were there
Unless a notice of an appeal is served
upon the sheriff within fifteen days Bar
ker will be taken to the State prison at
Trenton to begin his term In the mean
time he will be kept in the county jail In
Jersey City
IlouKht for llOIO Guinea
LONDON June 27 Tho most valuable
picture offered this season was sold at
Willis- auction rooms today It was IIopp
ners three quarter length painting of
Ijtdy Louisa Manners nftorwnro Countess
of Dysart and was bought by Duveen
for 14050 guineas -
Get Ahead or the Crowd
Now is the time to complete all jour arrange
ment lor your summer outing Aftir Mic Fourth
ol July all retorts Mill Ik roulcd to the ut
most capaeUy The ton on the Southern
kay between Washington and Ulncmont are with
in easy reach of Washington and will make ad
mirable summer homes Kxcursion tickets are
now on sale
Clear Doors HA Inches thick 100
and W 1 painted doors alto Lihbcy Co
five feet After the men had settled
down to business the Harvard stroke was
lowered to 33 while Yales went down to
34 Tho crews were on even terms at
the first quarter mile As they approached
the half mile flag the closeness of the
race had worked the crowds up to such
a pitch of frenzy that men could be seen
throwing their hats away
Harvards tlJic at the half mile was
22S 2 5 while Yalcswas 239 This meant
that the Crimson was only a couple of
feet ahead The stroke was gradually
lowered until 32 was the maximum and
at the three qaurters of a mile Harvard
led by five feet Then the Crimson got In
their first effective spurt and at the mile
Harvard led by nearly a length Half a
mile farther on tho Crimson still held the
lead but the Yale coxswain steered for
the smoother water near the shore and
the Yale shell veered over In that
the Yale crew gained on the Harvard boat
so rapidly that there was a cry of alarm
from the Crimson cohorts Harvards
spurt which had Increased the lead to
three quarters of a length just before the
Yalo coxswain got his eyes open was
quickly cut down to nothing and as the
crews reached the two mile stake Yale
was actually Inthe lead though only by
ten feet
Try as they might In the next quarter
of a mile Harvard could not get back the
lost ground but at two miles and a half
Harvard got in another great spurt and
passed the Hag in 1434 Yule was only
two fifths of a second behind Both eights
were rowing thirty two to the minute
Harvard spurted again and drew away
to tho extent of half a length but an an
swering sprint put the Blue crew on nl
most even terms and Harvard passed the
three mile mark only three fifths of a sec
ond ahead of Yale
Cameron Yals stroke seemed to be in
distress now and as he slowed up In his
work there was a cry that he was on
the verge of a collapse and Yale would
be beaten But In a few minutes he had
recovered his nerve and was stroking the
crew in tho same splendid way -It was
the greatest race so far that had ever
been scon at New London Harvard was
still anxious to sprint and the Crimson
11 5 To Detroit mid Return IjUCI
Via II O 11 II
Account National Kducational Association meet
ing tickets KOod ftoinjr July 0 7 8 valid for
riturn uutil July 15 except hy dcpositinj and
paying fee of 00 cents return maj he ext niled
to t eptembcr 1 Koute cither via Ilttbburs and
Clin eland or via Buffalo For further inorma
tion enquire at I k O ticket offices
men put their shell almost a quarter of
a length In front
Then there was a blow that almost
killed the whole Harvard crowd The
Yale men rowing in beautiful form
quickly assumed the lead At the three
and a half mile mark Yales time was
2149 a second faster than Harvards
Goodell of Harvard was seen to wabble
but he recovered and the crew went on
harder than before Suddenly the Har
vard shell began to hang A q iarter of a
mile from home Yale had increased the
Ifd to i IcMsrth and the race vas hers
beyond a doubt
The Cambri tge men responded gamely
to each cal from the coxswali but it
was useless Yale crossed the line in 2337
with Harvard two scant lengths back In
It was exactly 502 oclock when the
referee fired his revolver to start the
freshman race The sixteen oarsmen bent
their blades beneath the surface of the
glistening water and the shells leaped
away from captivity Yale got the better
of the start and in the first half dozen
strokes the Blue shells nose showed in
front Yale was rowing a splendid thirty
six stroke at the first quarter mile The
Harvard youngsters steadied greatly At
the mile flag both were rowing thirty six
but there was much difference between
th quality Yales time at the mile was
5W2 5 as against 512 for Harvard
This meant a difference of almost three
parts of a length and barring accidents
it looked as If Yale could not lose The
New Haven freshen hit up their stroke
to thrity seven at the mile and a half
and Harvard gamely responded with a
sprint that resulted in an almost complete
Harvard rowed harder and harder but
the Yale men had the physique and that
told the story Harvards coxswain lost
his bearings In the last quarter of a mile
Yale dashed across the finish line oppo
site the navy yard about four and one
half lengths ahead The Harvard young
sters were all out The official time two
miles was Yale 1027 4 5 Harvard 1048
-There waif very little delay before the
varsity four oared shells were off Yale
took tho water Just a shade more quick
ly than Harvard but the Crimson men
were up to snuff At the first quarter of
a mile Yale was ahead by a few feet It
was nip and tuck for the first half mile
but in that time the Harvard men took
the measure of their rival3 Though
there was no visible difference between
the bovs of the shells at the half Har
vard wasr rowing the more powerful
Then in the next quarter mile Harvard
began to show enough stamina and power
to take the starch out of the New Haven
itcs At the mile Harvard led by a third
of a length In 542 with Yales time
544 4 5 The race was then virtually over
for the Yale four was rowing raggedly
After that it was a procession and at the
finish Harvard was six lengths to the
good in 1149 1 5 Yale came fn in 1200 1 3
or twenty seconds behind
The Men Snld to Be Purchnslns Re
volverj In Lnrge Xumhers
ROCHESTER N Y June 27 The day
was spent by the striking laborers in
getting their bearings af ter the exciting
events of yesterday but not so with the
police They began to- issue statements
early this morning explaining why it
was that they fired on the strikers Ser
geant Stein who hafl charge of tho
lice detail made a long Teport in which
the whole matter was gone over Stein
says that tho strikers fired four or five
shots before ho ordered tho police to
Patrolman Natt also made a signed
statement in which he says he sawjone
of the strikers fire at the police five
times immediately after they had placed
Salvatore Cicinl under arrest Cicini was
arraigned in the police court today and
his case was adjourned
The strike leaders consulted with Mayor
Carnahan today and promised the mayor
not to parade again without notifying him
about it and informing the police re
garding the streets through which they
Intended to pass The mayor told the
strikers there must be no more rioting
There arc nearly 2000 men holding out
There is now only 1 cents a day between
the price that the men want and the
priee the contractors will pay but the
chief question is tho matter of recogni
tion of union men
The strikers insist that none but union
men shall be employed and the contract
ors declare they will never make such an
agreement After the conference with
tho mayor at the city hall the strike lead
ers went to the Builders Exchange The
Executive Committee rt the Street and
Mason Contractors tsociation waited
for the strikers until about 12 oclock
but as there was no sign of them then
most of the contractors went away V
F Whitmore and Secretary Summerhays
met the strike leaders when they did put
in an appearance and tho conference was
all over in five minutes
Tho strikers submitted the proposition
mentioned above which has been con
sidered by the contractors and were told
that it would not be accepted The strik
ers representatives left tho exchange and
reported to tho laborers what had been
Tho police got word today that tho
strlKcrs were buying pistols and ammuni
tion Chief McCIeary detailed detectives
and plain clothes men to watch all the
stores where revolvers were sold The
police received the tip from James McCuI
loch a gun dealer and on investigating
found that the strikers were arming them
selves In large numbers
Tho name of every man purchasing1 n
revolver In the city Is now taken and
the list may bo valuable If serious devel
opments follow
Set on
Plrc hy SpurUs From n
BUFFALO N Y June 27 Sparks from
a tug In the river set fire to the Lehigh
Valley freight house at Tift Farm this
afternoon destroying the sheds valued
Rt 40000 nnd 23000 worth of freight
The steamer Hennepin which was unloading-
package freight at tho wharf
caught fire and was damaged to the ex
tent of 25000 her cargo suffering about
10000 from water
Many of the freight handlers had to
Jump Into the river All reached the
shore excert Plotro Zaizo who wus
Lawrence Casslm engineer on the Hen
nepin was seriously burned while at
tempting to reach the engine room The
burned sheds were tho largest under roof
in the world
DnuKhter of a Duchess Weds
LONDON June 27 May Blair daughter
of Mary Duchess of Sutherland was
married at Slough today to Count Johuu
Franz Bubna von Lltlc a Bohemian
Fourth of July Hxvtirslou llntcs on
the II A O
Tickets sold July 3 and 4 valid for return un
til 5th between all station east of Ohio Itiver
points and ucit of Baltimore within a radiiw of
100 nnlo from ellinp station also from Washing
ton to Klktou a and intermediate poinU on
X fc W It It
Hustle Weather Dottrdingr iltSO pcrfXew Hcjiiloete Fence Palings U eta
100 sj it and up at Cth and N Y ave nw each Bright Xcw Libber Co
Price Oxe Cent
Officers of the Suspended Seventh
National Bank Cheerful
The Heavy Loan to Mnraunnd fc Co
the Cause of the Institutions
Trouble Condition of the Latter
Firm Aot Yet Entirely Certain
NEW YORK June 27 The Seventh Na
tional Bank closed its doors this morning
a few minutes aiter lt opened It closed
because the Comptroller of the Currency
Charles G Dawes had demanded satis
factory assurances which tho bank could
not give that its loan of Sleoouoo to Henry
Marquand Co would be taken up by
Saturday night and the cash bo put into
the bank
Comptroller Dawes was notified In reply
that the bank would close and he put
Forrest Raynor the national ban ex
aminer In charge as temporary receiver
Mr Raynor assurp charge a few min
utes after U oclock the following notice
being posted on the banks front door
This bank is in the hands of tho Comp
troller of the Currency
National Bank Examiner
Marquand Co pulled through again
today and the officers of other Institutions
which have been connected with the diffi
culties of the Seventh National In the talk
of the street declared that they were
sound As to any State institutions figur
ing in the same reports the Superintend
ent of the State Banking Department F
D Kilbourn said that they were not
Lvolved and that he expected no collapse
mwes saw at Washington today
that hrs received word on Tuesday fiom
the national bank examiner that Henry
Marquand Co had recently become
Indebted in a sum approximating 1600000
to the Seventh National Bank which lean
was secured by collateral of a doubtful
nature Upon receipt on Wednesday of
further Information regarding the nature
of the collaterals securing this loan he
sent this telegram to E R Thomasf the
new President of the Seventh National
I have just received Information from
the national bank examiner that Henry
Marquand Co have loans of large
amount In your bank approximating 1-
600000 Unless promptly and satisfactori
ly assured that this loan will be taken
up and cash therefor put into the bank
by JJiturday night June 23 I will appoint
a receiver for the bank Please convene
your board of directors and announce this
The Comptroller said that the Marquand
loan was partially secured and that It
was hoped the loss to depositors -would
not be large If the securities now held
In question turned out to be good It was
possible the bank would be able to resume
business within a reasonably short time
and that the creditors oud lose nothing
The bank officials had the Comptrollers
message on Wednesday afternoon when
the public was assured that the bank
was sound that Marquand Co had a
balance on deposit that the withdrawals
by depositors had been gratifylngly few
and that the bank would continue busi
ness as usual Accerding to a statement
issued this evening by the bank ilar
quand Co were called upon to make
good their obligations It was asserted
that they promised to do so and their
failure was given as one of the reasons
for the closing of the banks doors
This morning the board of directors of
the bank held a meeting which began
as early as S30 oclock The clearing
house committee went into session at
920 oclock The clearings were made as- -
usual ut 10 oclock and after the balance
had been struck It was ascertained that
the Seventh National Bank was debtor to
the extent of J644lis93
Officers of the Se enth National Bank
were communicated with at once and In
formed that the committee must know
Immediately if this balance would be fur
nished to the clearing house A reply
came back that the board of the Seventh
National Bank was in session and that
In a few moments they would arrive at
some conclusion The clearing house
committee kept the exchanges back for
thirty minutes Then representatives of
the bank went before the committee and -
stated that In view of the large debit bal- t
ance and other circumstances connected 5l
with the affairs of the bank it had been
deemed advisable by the board tempo
rarily to suspend payments
After this announcement the clearing
house committee instructed the manager
to eliminate from the clearings all trans
actions connected with the Seventh Na
tional Bank
While all this was In progress business
at the bank went ahead The paying and
receiving tellers were at their windows a
trifle before 10 oclock After Mr Ray
nors notice was posted there was no get
ting Into the bank iSe President Mr
Thomas the Vice President Fletcher
Heath and Mr Cromwell were Inside al-
most the whole day This evening Mr
Cromwell the banks counsel gave out
the first statement
Mr Edward R Thomas President of
the Seventh National Bank stated that
the difficulties of the bank were due sole
ly to the making by the previous execu
tive officers of large advances to Messrs
Marquand it Co and that the security re
ceived thereon was of an unmarketable
character although of considerable In
trinsic value Previous to Monday last
he himself had never had any relation to
the bank as director or officer but upon
the urgent application of the board he and
his associate Mr iiawln Gould had fur
nished financial assistance to a large
amount upon adequate security and upon
the assurance that the obligations of Mar
quand Co would be made good by this
That the firm named had however
failed to fulfill expectations nnd while he
and Mr Gould and some of the directors
worn wlllintr to furnish financial aid It
was not deemed by them as just either
to the depositors stockholders or tho
public to Invite deposits until the affairs
of the bank were again placed upon an
absolutely sound basis That for this
purpose reasonable time was necessary
and to prevent unfair preferences or ad
vantages the board determined with the
advice of counsel to suspend operations
for the present
Accompanying this wa3 the following
Mr William Halman Cromwell special
counsel for the Feventh National Bank
added that he was engaged In preparing
a ulan for the reorganization of the af
fairs of the bank and that it was be
lieved that a satisfactory plan would be
presented at an early date
The clearing house committee was In
formed today by the Ninth National Bank
that the bank had only one loan to Mar
quand Co and that this was secured
by New York Central and Iron Mountain
collateral which were considered ample
All the banks In the clearing house with
the exception of the Seventh National met
their debit balances promptly today
Marquand Co had another hard day
of It They were drawn upon heavily at
their own banking house and were pourd
ed more or les in Wall Street but y
succeeded In paying all demands and in
making all their deliveries When the
clearing house of the stock exchange
meets tomorrow to strike a balance it
will be definitely known whether thr day
was entirely sucoesaful for them There
were plenty of rumors concerning thn
house all day From all that could be
learned It was a tight squeeze
To Harpers Terry and
elie ter
From B O itatton Sunday Juiw 30 3 a m
leae Winchester 0 ami Harpers lerrv
7 p ro same day U a grand opportunity io
visit lour friends and visit hietone ground
Childrens rjnj Chesapeake Beach
Next Saturday June
Twenty fhc cenU round trip Open to everybody
Carpenters lists bill on loir Com
plete 6atisfit uuu ai Cth and K Y ave

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