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The Award for Sheet Asphalt Pav
ing Decided
The Contract Goon to n Syracuse
Conniimy Double Compensation
lor Difttrlc t KmployoK Objection
to n Inlllc IIMI Keslde n Cliureli
Hie Commissioners yesterday decided
Uie quWtion of awarding the contract for
laying sheet asphalt on the streets of the
District Proposals were received for this
work on June 1 1901 There were four
proposals three from local companies and
one from the VTarmr Qulnlan Asphalt
Company or Syracuse X Y The fact
developed in the examination of the pro
posals that the Syracuse Company was
the lowest bidder for laying the paving
hut that they stipulated to use what is
known as land asphalt instead of lake
According to the specifications it was
made obligatory upon the bidder to pay
the expenses of the representatives of
ihe District to such points as the works
of thecornpany might be located and to
several cities where the paving laid by
the company had been laid This was
done and Capt H C Newcomer of the
Knnineer Department and A A Dow
Chemist of the department went on a
visit of inspection to Syracuse to Utica
X Yand to other points An exhaustive
their return
inspection was made and upon
turn they submitted a report to the Engineers-Commissioner
in which it was set
forth that the paving laid by the Warner
Quinlan company meets with all the re
quirements of paving in the District of
Before deciding the question a public
hearing was held at which the views of all
concerned were given and the relative
merits of the two kinds of aspnalt were
fully discussed Sinc3 then the financial
responsibility of the company has been
made the subject of enquiry and on yes
terday the Commissioners were satisfied
and awarded the contract
on over Point
for the laying of sheet asphalt paving
for the next fiscal year to the Syracuse
The interests of the Warner Quintan
company have been represented by Hugo
Held who placed in the hands of the
Commissioners all the information re
quired On Wednesday through Mr Red
p J Brennan of the Brennan Construc
tion Company was made a member of the
and will ba
Warnor Quinlan
the local representative of the corpora-
tion in the District to perform the work
with the Commissioners
and carry on its
Much credit is due Mr Dow for the re
sults reached In giving the District paving
at less cost than formerly He has stud
ied the qualities of land asphalt for a
vear or two in his laboratory and when
the time came this year to issue adver
tisement for bids his representations to
the Commissioners were that it would be
advantageous to throw the work opinio
other forms of asphalt paving with the
result that the lowest bidder was one who
vail lay the land asphalt
The contract for the new paving will
take effect July 1 and the paving pro
vided for in the last appropriation it la
understowa will be Ixgun promptly with
the opening of the fiscal year
J T Petty the Auditor for the District
vestcrdav forwarded to the Commission
ers a statement relative to the pay of
certain employes of the municipality who
have leen summoned to appear In court
to teitifvas to the sanity of an alleged
lunatic After citing the circumstances
the Auditor asks that the matter be re
ferred to the Comptroller of the Treasury
for settlement Mr Petty says
A clerk in the office of the Board of
Charities who receives an annual salary
of J1W0 has been appointed by the court
alleged lunatic with a view
to examine an
o ctfvlntr as to her mental condition
having been excused from duty while con- j
ducting the examination xne ace u
uary 31 1S3 under which be was ap
pointed for such examination provides a
compensation of 16 per diem for profes
sional services rendered as aforesaid
One of the sanitary and food Inspectors
of the Health Department who receives
and the resident
M2W annum
a alarv of per
dent physician of the Washington Asylum
Is S4S0 per annum have
lum whose f alary
alSneen designated by the court to con
duct these examinations
s thV authority for paying these fees
to officials who are in receipt of annual
salaries for which aw3
uiarly made is somewhat doubtful 1 na e
the honor to recommend that the ques
tion be referred to the Comptroller of the
Treasury for settlement
The Board of Trustees of the McKcndree
II E Church have entereo a vivi
against the granting of a permit for the
erection of building or buildings on the
east side of Xinth Street between Massa
chusetts Avenue and L Street northwest
containing a public hall to be rented for
general entertainments In reference to
the matter they say
The lot on which it is proposed to erect
the structure referred to Is adjacent to the
property of the McKcndree 1L E Church
which fronts on Massachusetts Avenue
and there is nothing but a narrow alley
Ijctween the two properties A public
hall erected -and used on the land indi
cated on the east Bide of Xinth Street
open to rental to all sorts of assemblages
will not only tie objectionable to our
church society but will be harmful to
the 1MK of the church property and to
th services held therein
We therefore enter our protest
against the granting of a permit for the
erection of any building or buildings at
th point indicated above to contain any
liublic hall to be let or renteu for promis
buous assemblies general entertainments
nmrt the other use to which public halls
nr 1 pt In thte city
We make no proteet against the erec
tion of buihllngsat the point Indicated to
fUk vs jiF ra ii v --
proposed building to be
tiie Knights of Pythian
used solely
Gen Royal T Frank V S A retired
recently wrote to the Ooirnntedoners com
plaining of the flooding of his cellar at
ix o Strct northwest during heavy
rains due to the incapacity and stoppage
of the sewer
IX B McComb Superintendent of Sew
rs In reporting upon the matter states
that the sewer in the alley of square IK
is too small to carry the drainage when
storms are at their maximum fverity
He recommends the construction of pipe
sowers to replace the lower sections of
the sewers mentioned at an cstirrated cost
of 1289 Thte recommendation the Com
miaeioflers have approved
Frank E Altemus of 140S P Street
northwest recently wrote to the Com
rqlaelonera saying that he has nothing to
offer for or against the establishment of
the proposed market on Fourteenth Street
but tliat he wisheH to protest against the
Htatemenls made about the high prices
charged for provision in Mount Pleasant
Mr Altemus state that It Is untrue that
prices ar 10 to 20 per cent higher In
Mount Pleasant than In other parts of the
L C Itlue of 1KB II Street northwest
has entered complaint of a dangerou hole
in the rear of his premises In square 2J2
A report from an inspector of the Engi
neer Department upon this application Is
to the effect that the alley referred to Is
not regarded as a public alley ana there
fore tlw authorities can take no action in
the raattcr
The Commlsrionera have approved the
recommendations of the Inspector of
Buildings upon the application of Jacob
Bool who requested permission to replace
cellar doors and wood frame structure In
the rear of 7M Seventh Street northwest
Mr Bool also requested permission to
erect a wagon platform In the rear of the
premises named acd at one end of the
blind alley in square 4M
The Inspector of Buildings Informed the
Commissioners that both the cellar doors
tQu00 for
e mens
and the wagon platform were projections
beyond the building line and that it was
the policy not to issue permits for repairs
which involve this violation of the build
ing rules
Jlichard Boyne of 201 H Street north
west recently requested permission to
erect an iron fence In front of his prem
ises In reporting upon the application
C B Hunt the Computing Engineer has
informed the Commissioners that H Street
at the point mentioned is a business street
and that permission to erect the fence
thereon cannot be granted as there Is no
parking to a business street
The Computing Engineer has forwarded
to the Commissioners a copy of the pro
posals for the construction of the rubble
wall along the east side of the Garlield
Hospital grounds This advertisement for
proposals is in accordance with the clause
In the last District Appropriation mil in
which 1400 was set apart for completing
the retaining wall on Sherman Avenue by
extending it from its present northern ter
minus to the northern boundary of the
hospital grounds
Ernest Janson of 802 Rhode Island Ave
of the Commissioners
nue has called the attention
missioners to the nuisance occasioned by
colored militia drilling upon the square on
Rhode Island Avenue between Eighth and
Xinth Streets He also protects against
the further continuance of the drills Mr
Janson complains that the confusion re
sulting from the giving of orders the ma
neuvres etc hinder the children of the
neighborhood from getting the rest they
On the recommendation of the Comput
ing Engineer the Commissioners have au
thorized the construction of a catch basin
at the corner of School and Iark Streets
Mount Pleasant and at the northeabt cor
ner of Tenth and Frankfort Streets
jlrx Brown Fined for HHUngr Her
lluMbnnUH Comimnion
Mrs Sarah Brown who was charged in
the United States branch of tho Police
Court yesterday with assaulting Mamie
Bowman was lined 10 with the alterna
tive of going to Jail for thirty days
On Thursday night Mrs Brown went
to Chesapeake Junction There she found
her husband in the Bowman woman s
comparv bfctime angry and hurled an
oyBUr shell with gnat force at Misa Bow
man tlu sharp edge inflicting an ugly
gash under tht 1 ft eje
by Jii y2j
rXWTrLSJjrul hKlHyvA s
wf WW i
Dr Robert Kocb Dr Edward Kocli
Aud Tlieir Great Gsrman Discoveries
and Inventions
Robert Koch discovered
Seven years ago Dr
covered his tuberculine medicine for the
cure of consumption
It was the first remedy that ever did
actually cure this fital disease al
though by injection it only succeeded
to a limited extent
Two years later the wonderful Inha
lation Machine for the vaporizing of
healing oils combined with this Koch
TulierruIJiie was invented and Import
ed to this country by Dr Edward Koch
By the use of Ills invention oily vapors
combined with the tuberculine medi
cines are brought directly into the
lungs at the peat of the disease and
thousands of people have testified to
being nrrwl Since these two systems
hrve been combined the patients and
ofiices have ben under the direct
Dr Edward Koch Consultation
is free
Dr Edward and his cousin Robert
have spent a lifetime In the treatment
and cure of Consumption and Asthma
Ti j frmor a mnlcjnir n triii of Investi
gation of the American Koch Lung j
Cure offices which can he found iu
most of the large titles the wasnmg
ton otllce being at C2T E Street north
J 1
I l I t t -A
- I Ulrd KJll UdLLC t
I - - a iC t
For Saturday Only
3 O l to
for all marked
Se07 for all marked
835 for all marked
all marked
all marked
3aS5 for all marked 2000
1500 for all marked 2250
Mnjor SylveMerH Reeoinmciiilntlons
In the Anliton Cane Approved
The Commissioners have approved the
recommendations of Major Sylvester in
the case of Polfceman H L Ashton Ash
ton was charged with conduct unbecom
ing a policeman and found not guilty by
the Trial Board The specific charge
against Ashton was that he conducted
himself in an Improper manner toward
two women while they were In a public
thoroughfare In his review of the case
Major Sylvester recommended an over
ruling of the suggestion of the Trial
Board and the dismissal of Ashton from
the force Major Sylvester in his report
This case was reported to these Head
quarters by the prosecuting witnesses
whose only motive so far as ascertained
in making the complaint to thepolice
was to secure action against a m4n after
ward found to be a member of the police
force who they felt had insulted them
Nothing has been found that would Im
peach the testimony of tho prosecuting
witnesses and the proprietress of ihe
premises in which they reside has the
reputation of exercising every precaution
which might tend to qualify her patrons
as respectable people If tho defendant
thought otherwise and was attracted by
them he was guilty of neglect of duty In
not taking proper action
On the other hand It appears that the
alleged kissing was followed up by the
defendant taking a position opposite tho
domicile and windows of the prosecuting
witnesses and left enly when a policeman
was called Then instead of disclosing
his identity as a brother olllcer with au
thority he apparently endeavored to elude
identllicatlon He was intercepted how
ever and then he assumed the attitudo
of innocence It Is unusual for a member
ot the force to go entirely out of the lati
tude where he Is employed in this case at
the Long Bridge and consume his own
time In looking up a person who has es
caped from the workhouse unless he had
been directed to do so through Headquar
ters or his precinct
The defendants witnesses differ as to
the number of persons at the corner in
question which casts a bad light on the
affair and while the prosecutors differ
somewhat in the matter of precise loca
tion thry agreo upon the fact of the at
traction on the part of the defendant In
stead of making women and ciuiuren tne
objects of disrespect there should not be
the slightest doubt as to their protection
by members of the police force and I am
constrained to agree with Captain Austin
and Mr Pugh the Assistant Attorney for
the District that the defendants conduct
ws not that of a good officer
Jhe position Is strengthened by his
carelessness or indifference as evidenced
in Uie second case herewith presented
wherein he was found guilty of absence
from duty without leave and by a third
Instance when he neglected to take fcucn
action with reference to an accident that
had occurred on the Long Bridge as
would enable him to Immediately inform
the department fully as to the fact con
nected therewith While he failed for an
ambulance and stated that there was an
ateident he did not pursue the case
promptly but waited until the next day
to enlighten the department
In my opinion the defendant should he
removed from the force My In
him after a trial is shaken
Ills SarceXM In Life Disclosed liy n
Divorce Suit
In answer to tho charges made by James
Ottoway Holmes who asks for a divorce
on statutory grounds his wife Sarah
Holmes denies each and every allega
tion In the bill of complaint Mrs
Holmes through her counsel Edward G
Nile also filed a petition asking the
court to allow her permanent alimony in
the sum of M0 a month and attorney
fees in the sum of 300
Mr3 Holmes states that her husband
is one of the wealthiest colored men In
Washington and owns personal property
valued at 110000 and nal to the
value of 10000 Her hunband Mr
Holmes states conducts u restaurant and
hotel In this city from which he derive
an income of between and 51000 n
month She also declares that ho re
ccUes a rental of 173 a month from real
iotn tit
When the parties were married about
twenty years ago Mrs Holmes statfs
aha was in service receiving 130 anl
her husband wa receiving 3 per week
She asks that the petition for divorce
tiled by her husband be dismissed
1- ii T
y I
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fancy suits and childrens fancy suits at one third less than regu J
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I 617 I
Pa Ave
Major Sylvester Iteeoniuieiuls the
AecuNHiiry Cliniiu
In anticipation of the establishment of
the new Tenth procinct about the middle
of July Major Richard Sylvester yester
day sent to tho District Commissioners his
recommendation that tho following
changes be miideriu JLhe bounds of the
Second and Eighth precincts and that
tho territory which is withdrawn from
the jurisdiction of those precincts be des
ignated as the Trth precinct It Is like
ly that the recomrticndfitio n of the Super
intendent of the Police Force will be
adopted and thntjin order will be issued
today The bounds designated In the let
ter of tho Chief ofIolie are us follows
Second precinct AH that territory in
cluded within thefolrowli boundaries
beginning at the middle of K Street north
and First Street cast thence along the
middle of First Street to the middle of
Florida Avenue cast thence northwest
along the middle of Florida
nue to the middle ot u Street
north thence west along the middle of
U Street to the middle of FiWpenlh Street
weht thence south along Uk middle of
Fifteenth Street to the middle of K Street
north thence cast along the middle of
K Street to the point of beginning
Eighth prr clnct All that territory ln
cludfd within the following boundaries
Beginning at the intersection of Rock
Creek Q Street and Florida Avenue
north thence along the middle of Q
Street in an easterly direction to the mid
dle of Florida Avenue thence along the
middle of Florida Avenue to the middle
of Rmitwood Road thence along the
middle of Brentwood Road In n northerly
direction to the middle of T Street east
thence along the middle of T Street in a
Tennis oxfords 39c
Hoys and fiirls net Quality Tennis Oxford in brown white
and black exceedingly oemfirtahle for summer 39c
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Regular 3 grades genuine
patent calf hand welt Ox
ford Ties made on several
of the smartest and most
desirable shapes
477 909 Pa Ave 4
j X
X Reading Standard 1901
f Bicycles t
Victor 1901 Bicycles t
1 S30
TrrrriM yw
westerly direction to the middle of First
Street east thence north along the mid
dle of First Street east to College Stiett
thence west along the middle of College
Street to Seventh Street to Grant Avenue
thence along the middle otGrant Avenue
In a westerly direction to Florida Avenue
thence along the middle of Florida Avenue
direction to Massachusetts
nue in a south we stcily
achusetts Avenue to U Street to the point
cluded within the following boundaries
Beginning at the intersection of Rock
Creek O Steet and Flcrida Avenue
thence tollowing the eastern line or Rock
lin thence along
Creek to the Maryland
tiw Maryland line in an easterly direc
Road thence along
tion to Queens
the middle of said road in a southeasterly
direction to Brentwood Road thence
along the middle of Brentwood Road to
the middle of T Street east thence along
tc middle of T Street In a webterly di
rection to the ailddle of First Street
u c along the middle of First Street
n rtl to the- middle of College Street in
wwterb direction to SeventTi Street
a the middle
and Grant Avenue thence along
dle of Grant Avenre in n westerly direc
thence along the
tion to Florida Avenue
nuldleof Florida Avenue in a southwest
erly direction to Massachusetts Avenue
north to tin point of beginning
This change would nto alter the northern
boundary of the Third precinct
ern vhlch will be
The new station house
the only modem structure in the city
for police purposes will be
the middle of
ready for occupancy about
Ju y and In the meantime the new police
as well as the older men who
on cers
will do duty in that precinct will remain
In the other pieclncts
Ithcnnuitlnni Ciirefl In n Dnjr
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The Cleaner Tis the Cosier
Tis What is Home Without
FHe Uellevcc Hospital Mires At
tacked by u Mndiiinn
NT2W YORK June 2S Jacob Bogelle
has been a patient in the insane pavilion
at Bellevue since last Friday and he has
vigorously btten kicked and scratched
his attendants that five of the pavilion
nurses are temporarily incapacitated
Bogelie was formerly in the Salvation
rruy Last Friday he was sent to Belle
vue and on Monday Dr lman assist
ed by two nurses triei tho
patient In the presence i e But
after one of the- ntirsef tea ii fj nearly
bitten off his face bd -it cd and
the other nurse had Mi ri - In
the examinatian was 4frril ine next
dav another attemp road
Cod lias told me nd blto all
I can calmly ann Rreiie Then
ho clutched Ms si kicked n
nurse and attaei he could
get at- Xo cxamintin ir yet bce

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