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FRIDAY, 3ft ll*"1 •
O jldiv Fountain I'b.—SomothIng
new Htid novel. Be euro and £**{] m -
vcrtieonwmt in our paper, headed
est Invention of the Ago, believe
the Golden Fountain Fen it unsurpassed.
A good pen it a ncceaaity to every man,
wo.San ami child. Agents. hero it a
chance to tak money in introdt|injr *
and saleable article. J* * Y
~j \Vai r*R'a A Son'a Carriage Manu
factory, Milroy. IV tuay*Y6m.
STONE WAKE ,—Stone Crocks, differ
ent si*®* and best odallllF, Ou P, •!
large stock on hand at 55 M 55 U S.
A RaXK Cltxn TO OtT tNTO Hi M
NKSa,—Any one wishing to go inh> the
mcrcautilo butincwi—wo know one of the
beat stands this aide Philadelphia,-the
firm doing a buaino* of from SWO to
SMOQO per voar, and steadily increasing
Capital invested from $SWft to fW This
it an extraordinary chance for any one de
siring to go into business. There it no op
p,virion In the tame line of good*, in the
place, and t do not hesitate to recoiu
• mend the stand. Term- Cash. For farth
er information address the editor o the
Centre Hall Reporter. i UM
No Parxn. —Thero will be no PP*'r >-
*ued frxxm thi* *Aw next week, iu aexord
ance with an oliTcuttom of newspaper etfi
ees—that being 4th o( Jtdy weak.
TALL CLOVXR.— Our esteemed friend.
Wm. From, of the Lop. send* u* several
stocks of clover measuring 3 fret 10 incite*
in length each This i pretty Hard to beat
this searon, and the Lxoplho* far is ahead
. ♦ -a*- ♦
J. B. SolL we understand, has purha-cd
the old Farnlo prxperty,-tHe first house
in this place—for
gr, Kochenderfer, of BoaLburg,
owned a x-aluable stallion, which
diad a f*w nights ago.
Mr. Fahr write* us ftvm Oraagvilia Ilk,
that the crops do not bxok well and potato
bug *are as plenty a* stone*
The wheat is ripening fart and is nearly
fit to cut The crop is a very promising
one. Gar farmers are making hay, -the
crop i* light
-The engineer corps arrived here on
last Tuesday. m *kc this their head
quarter* for some time.
—At Millheim, on Ifcst Monday, a meet
ing of stockholder* in the railroed was held.
ml * u Hen whether to accept the nar
row guaji?. ur inf'roiant says that tho
majority was for acceptance.
Sternberg keep* * excellent hav fork
for sale, and sells every thing in the line of
clothing, dry-goods and groceries cheaper
than any other re. Go to Mentberg al
One whole, entire, half second have we
spent in thinking how Meek s narrow
guage straw tickles seme of the anti-nar
row-guage commissioners, in his narrow
guage bill. The thing, we cemo to think,
is ratkfr narrow all around, and a little
worse than mixed.
Why Joes the WnfrAwa* scold against
the narrow guige. and then never publish
a single line of Meek * bill FORCING the
narrow guage or none upon Ptn>xal.e>
That's queer.
We tbiak neighbor Meek wtll keep on
in railroad matters and become the mort
remarkable lailroad man of the times.
From a narrow guager to a broad
he will next be a one-railer—there Wng
U one rail railrxxad in France. Get on it
neighbor, and if nobody will be tickled
with the idea, why jnrt lave a bill i asd
for spite, for a one-railer, and it adds _a
•xther pebble to your monument and gives
* • chance to urge the people to fight t.
'• nothing like clap-trap, neighboro
nothing li.. * '
. whether tho
Me ask the . keal and humbug;
narrow guages are a *
and to show it by reason in „
not by scolding, and if *o, then .
whether the same proof will not a.
down Meek'* narrow guago railroad b.
a*" cheats and frauds upon the people?
There is a little dilemma bore, which born
will you take?
FAtaxßxrotT.—A report was circula
ted in this community, sud no doubt ha*
by thi* time reached iporc distant part*,
that Mr. Kmmert of Ilarri* township had
died very suddenly last Sunday morning.
This report turned out to be fal* and it
appears was raised a* a joke. 55 o see no
fun and least or all sense in such jefts, *nd
peopln who can raise and enjoy them must
carry brain of the iinallert character. We
think it a gro* mockery to make light of
a matter of so serious a nature.
Under Meek s railro d bill oflast winter i
yon people of Brushvalley and of Haines j
„ ad Fenn have no right to build any but a
nl Yrov guago railroad. 5Ve print thi* S
bill in another column. How are you.
wi j t vguage? Meek boried you, and now
dam* jrou for not poping up like Banquo *
Notr -whaf. the use in the sVaTcumaN
scolding- it don't argue-against the
narrow gaige, when tho law which it* own
editor chan-'pioned allow* you tohavc notn
ing else. That'* so queer, but we don t
pretend bo w.T there is any humbug any
whefe—oh no. Uteres no-body tried to tickle
Ho-Wy else with a narrow guage straw n*
commissioner in a narrow guage railroad
"or nothing."
What do toc thisk people of r*r
valley, of Meek * bill to force you to build
NONE but a narrow guago and mortgag
ing the road, the bonds to bear EIGHT
per cent, thi. bill we print in another
Then what do you think yy
He come* out ia the Watchman on the
other .ide and give* you the worst kind of
advice to get you to fight the narrow guage,
gnd thus defeat your road.
He got on both these hor*es, tliii king
oa would only prove popular to ensure
by thu. gulling you, his forth nomination
for Assembly. , , _
What do J on think ofit. people of Fonns
vallev, we ask you as honest men, will you
be gulled, by such a trickery ?
Is iU position one that is fair and honora
ble, and i* it not presuming on hi* part that
he can make you swallow suck two-side<!
conduct ?
GOOD REASONS for a narrow guage
are given in Mr. Osborne's pamphlet prin
ted in the Bepoktv.b, two weeks ago-read
them again, and think.
All the railroad men In this country asm
Europe fitvor the narrow guage for all fu- ,
ture railroad lines.
All the Journals in this country and K- '
rope have gisren <lvorable mention of the
narrow guage-th Watcuma* is the on
ly exception it gives ao reason, but on'y
scolds to create bad foeltogs in order U>
defeat the railroad, which some JWKfon
ters arc working for.
The Sixth Annual Session of the"CEN
will open at Rebersburg. on Wednesday,
July 26tb, and continue from eight to ten
*TKeobj wet of the school, as generally
iaowsi Ao afford our teachers a means
*L apeeW Dwinieg, Ao uUvate tfm st#n<{ard,
mud iefuse We ißto the worlt teaching.
ail our teachers and those pcepgring to
teach are eordially iqyited; and U Is ,cr
mestly hoped that all who possibly can,
wtH avail themselves of this means for pro
fessional toproremeut
All the Books u**4 be procured nt
ttchershurg. The tuition will range
from S6XO to 10.00, one lialf to bp paid in ,
advance and the remainder during the
ler ßoarding and furnished rooms $2.76 to
$3 00 per week. Students from the west
ern part of the County, shonld come via
liowsxd oatfeemorningTrain,—Tuesdays,
, "tarsdaVs. O.r Saturdays.
juuau.Bt v '., Cou#tir
' For the Reporter.
A literary entertainment \v :* riven by
thp students of the I'enn Hall academy un
der the control Ot Prof. \ K. Trnxal on
hid Friday evening the '..MM in ft. The
evening proved plea- int and the house was
. crowded to it* utmost before iho rv. r. •< *
commenced. The exercise* consisted •>!
, declamation*, oration, diaiogm , o*:u
, and both vocal and instrumental mil*.
j The salutatory wa* delivered by Jacob S
j Mover. Kssays were then rend ly *>> me of
I the ladles, after which Mr, ,1. Forrest F< .
ter was Called upon tlie -tage to deliver a
declamation which he did in a xery able
and creditable mnnner. Next the e\e:-
rise* were enlivened bv v oeal mutde Mi
Inn i Garbrick of lb ll foute in \t deliver, d
a declamation and did amide justice to
liim*elf before tin public, lie *> fol!.
ed by several dialogue*. 1 n-tiiiinenl.nl
music was given by Ml*, lto* J. Ui*
Woody. The little lady friend Mm Kiln
8. Fisher was next called upon the *tge t>
road an e--ay. Her -object ui- "I.ife -
short" which she nldy xte*crlhod and t , ><!
it a very becoming manner. Hit was fol
-1 >wed ly several other e**ax* wbieli \v> te
j also very well oomno-e.t Uiid v,. 11 r. ad
Tkativtitiatt ralxr Mr F Sn >'lowed
with his Gorman oration for the benefit of
the German |>orti mot the audio ,-e lie
left the stage amixlst great applause. Mi--
Rachel K 1 latum. Mi** Kate \ \\ :a er
ami Mr VV it C. MeCool nevt perfutlited
a dialogue which added much to their
credit Tliey wbre followed bv slr. D \t
McCool with a declamation wl ,-h 1 d
livered in a very able manner. No doubt
if he continue* his educational t ur-e he
will be one of our great, *t orator* in the j
future He left the *tagu atnlJ-i great :i|
plausc. Mr. Wui, Bum r x> a* i \t catted
upon the stage to take the j* .onof a
veterinary surgeon. He had a\. rv appro
priate and humorous lecture of Ids .wn
I production which he delivered in a very
I able manner. Ho was then followed b\ a
j humorous song, sur g i>y VI i>. J. lV-
I Woody after which I'rof. Truv.l mat a
few very appropriate remark* to hi- -tu
dept.-and thank ml the audience for their
kind attention and g >d order th v main
tained S*. V.V TO 11,
• ♦ •
M. Jtowu't astrottootical investi
gations in India linvo resultexl in the
discovery by him ofa hydrogen nttoos
phure around the sun. and al* > in the
existence of a connection between the
s dar spota and the so'ar protuberance?;
and he considers the hydrogen at nips, j
phore to ie one of the two elements of
the future s*a. Tho interesting dis
covery is also announced of a means
by which the red prominences which
form so remarkable a feature of solar |
eclipses may be seen at any time. The
method consisisof intereeptiu by mean
of colored glasses ail the component*
of solar light, excepting those of which
the prominences arc composed. The
chromosphere, as the surrounding j
stratum of hydrogen is called, being ot 1
the same composition, will also be;
risible. This discovery, if it prove to ;
be as represented, will enable ustrono
mers easily to observe the disturbance*
which areVnoun to occur iu the promi
nenccs, and also their connection with
the spots and other solar phenomena. ,
■ ■
The art ofship-buildiug has been at
tributed to the Egyptians us the tirst
inventors ; the first ship having been 1
brought from Egypt to Greece in 1-KSo j
B. C.
With the exception of agriculture, lh>-
leather interest adds more to the wealth of,
this country than any other indu-trial pur
suit. A proof of these men is contained in
a suuimarv of values, l-eafher maaufhcl
lures, s!takUtl(t,tWU; cotton manufacture
s7t,.iD.tX: arid woolen manufactures.!
Ag socowd scsil'inc Cths Cl .s-'.cal and
wliic .acm . onM. a
day the Sftb, ot Julv, TbTl, to c.'titlr.uc ten
i weak-.
! Special attention given toth..-i- desiring j
( to become teachers.
i Tuition lor the session tVora live to eight i
Boarding and ftirt.isb<<d room-, can be
! obtained near the Academy a: r. eoniWc ]
Rrf<rttu* . A. E. TRUXAL
j l'rs't. junaO.lLj
All person.- are hereby cantio'ied
agninst bunting or >himting any kind of
[gjtmo upon the woodland* of the under-!
signed, in l'oti. r twp.. otherwise they will.
v„. % dealt with in accordance with n recent act
s.pinst tresspassing in th;-
M ,n„or qjwtn this land of others.
iSoITbK IVfP., AUDITOIts" 11E-
Y PORT. " , n
1 George G mannaa . •
ltfTO March 25th To ro-!i^
from J. H. Keller A).C*t
I " June fith To order on J.
)I. Keller 113 sft
1871 March 25th Toamt' or
Jhtplirste tvax-o
'W March 25th To aint'
Reed' for unseated lands 10,0'
f :
*' March 45th By cash paid
for labor $-500,■*)
.< .. •• • services
for self - "o.o°
" •• '• *' cash paid
at audit 100,0(1
m " '• " exonera
tion* - AOS
I •* •* '• per cent. U.7'*>
I " " " " order to
J Spangier *•' , r<> - t
| John Ktneriek l,r
--1870 March 25th To cab
from J H Keller„ $ 20.00
j " '• *' To cah
from J il Kcllw HOT.
1 *' Uth To vrtler on J II
Keller - !ljb*
1871 March 25th nmt' of lJu
plicote £42,00
1 CSfi. I •
" March 2**Bh By cash
pai-1 for labor SIU,"I
I o •• K , r vises
j for self Kf.OO
I " •' " ca*h paid
I at audit 74.4i
f •' •' " exonera
tion* 4,00
to o o o roa j or .
der 2,25
" " " order lo
J Goodliart 5*i,47
Overseer* oi Poor.
Rid*rt Lee
1870 March 25th To cash
fmin J Farner „52i*7,22
1871 March '2sth To aint' of
Duplicate...... 807,K
• 1014,07
1870 Jlnrch 25th By balance
due March 27tfi 18*18 $ I.Bd
" * exonern
-1 tions. 3,25
ii o • •• nmt' <,f
expenses 603,17
,j " e •• • Per cent-
•' " " " services
for self. 53.00
•' •' " " order t<>
J Mieas 370.80
lionrv Dasher Dr.
1870 March 26th To cah nt
audit ••• <100,07
J an lit 99,05
| " " •' reed' from 0
| If offer W5
! 1871 JuneOth Toamf of Du
plicate - 553.10
1 CK
1870 March 25th l?y making
out report oflhC9 -$ 2.00
1871 Juno sth lly voucher* 3*l.sii
" " " services &
Pgr c*ntago "5,00
• " u ' Ru lif nee ou
Duplicate......... 2i ( i,W
Auditors Dr.
1871 March 25th To cash
from G Orowtnan $ 38,00
1871 March 26th By Cash
1 |in id K Kurt/, for Print
ing report ....SIO.OO
, ' " " " 0,00
" 0 " 17 S
' Ossman for notifying
cloctcd officer. — ... 11,00
i .■ and Juno 6th
i days service each 0,00
t • " " " clerk. 3,00
s > it " '• cash
' Vl# Spfitb 0neday....,., J,ID
? " " V room
rent 1,00
j —. fia,a
We, the undersigned, certify that w<
hnvc examined the lihpye accounts and np
'1 a prove the same.
I Attest. ) f Auditors,
' \V. A. Kerr > \ W. W. Love
h Clerk j (A. Kerr
Th.- Watchman's course, after all iu
double tit uitoft upon tho mill olid qucitlvlll
> a - diown up l>> Ihc Reporter, is grossly
' wicked All milroml men are now ton
. \ i .edti nt the broad guages are a hawing
* thing and that tho narrow gunge lends to
" profit, indeed we can quote Scripture for
' it, n- there i- a passage which my*. Broad
is the way that leads to destruction, and
narrow i the gunge that lend* to safety .
! Rut Me k know-so little about the Bible
' that it not -urpri-ing be lie* turned fro n
< tho narrow way Utilo the broail,
KM- vriV. t.:' I.anp* Among tke
g. i.oral lav, -pa dby the la*t legislature
and approved \<y tlu-Governor is the fol
-11 lowin . which i imp* rtant to all owners of
' | unpatemtwi lands t
It /, A* ■ That the board of
I : . !\ .'.lall have full and discretionary
power r.- to the time of entering suits and
the number liter..irtolm brought for the
e ~ ,i nof li. .gainst unpatented lands,
:. id t' • Vll. in > General shall proceed
Ulnl 'the* . i ill - . tioil of tho said act,
lo x I. U tl. a lurther .uppleuienl, when
iiitho; . .*! t 1 >K* so by the *aiJ hoard
V ; if, That no interest shniibnehargod
on patent or other fees.
♦ ♦ ♦
livtij&ituu J. Lutttmla, nwiJcnt of
South t'lu'ster, was killed by ligbtniiig
'on Wnlne-ihtv ttftvrnooti oi' last wrok.
The holt Cutn'iwl the hack part of his
head nud jvtSM xl down hi* btiek, lenr
ay h - clothi * an-1 boots ill pieeea.
j On the •- *l.l i !, at Centro Hall, Peter
l*urt, ag,-d Vtycars.4month,nnd 12ilays.
Mr. l>urt xi.,- ciiii of the old rvsidenlnrs of
PoUr towu*hip, lie was an e-teeined eiti
:i a id Uidi ix known, and bad a large
eouiiooUoa. (Hi the Sunday following, lus
re..!.,.t1x Were taken to tho Loop church for
int. ri! ent thi* xva* done in accordance
x. .th hi* rc.ue.t made some weeks liefore
lie became U-diast. yet sostued to have a
premonition that hi* dwy* were not t.i be
many mor> upon this earth. His ftuicral
xi :i- . ne of the largest ever held Lit this
neighborhood An impressivefuitsrwlr
aion w a * pn n lied in the English language
Iby K. v. Miller, followed in tnvGertnan by
( Rev Groh. (
u.i the -th instant, William Mowry, of
Nittany Hall, Centre county. Pa., aged 18
| > ears, and 7 month.
For the Reporter.
John Suavely diidonthe Ulhinst , near
i'Hntonvtllc.CuutWßcounty. FwtherSnaxr
1\ xa- bei nin Lebiiioii Peim a on
ofUctobor. 17t*'. From \hence he came
in Ist* to Centre county, Pa
lie xxa* then a re-ide'iit of Centre couuty,
for '5 years. In I*l2, he entered the ar
my :i"a .il>-titude for Christian Keller, at
the expiration of his titno as a substitute
he rx.—etllisleil for olio your.
lie was under ouiluaiid of Gen. llarri
- . during the time of his military service.
11 xx a- joined in the bond* o! holy matri
mony xvith Mi*- Hanah Smith,and became
the father of ii children, viz: 2 sons and
I daughters, 1 son and 2 daughters have
preceded him tt> the spirit land.
lie XXa- a member of the Kvaugelical
vhurch for over 25 years, and in that time
was always ready to speak for Jesus and
his cause. He was strict in his religious
i duties and his sent was seldom vacant in
the sanctuary.
lie did r..*l like most of us, -earvh after
[ tho ricue* of thi* world. But he laid for
: iiimelf treasures in heaven where moth
doth not corrupt, und xvhero thieves do not
! break through and steal
lie not only lived bis three score and
ten, but even four score and ten. Ho died
rejoicing in the Lord, on the Uth of June,
IK7I, nttlie advanced age of 'JO years, 7
| month-, and l'J days.
On tie* 13th, h: remains were buried in
the Hamburg burying ground, in the
pr - -nee of a largo :i*iinbly of mourning
- wad friends, w here a very able
• Tin . xv:. delivered by the Rev. J. M.
11l .-- I llMll———
| On the 25th of June, by Rev. C. H. Htk
at !.i* r- idem e a'. Aaronsburg. Mr.
: Kli.u Weaver, aud Mi.-* DoblinaGronoble,
both of Gregg township.
Corrected by Reed A Thompson.
lit i wheat 1,40. .Rye K) Corn 55
<>{. ig> ....Barley 0ft.... ...
Clover 'i d 3,60 Timothyseed 4.00.........
! S.iii 2 90per sack
Bacon 12i .._..H:iui 10 Butter 15... Eggs
1 Plaster 8.30
Corrected by Keller A Musscr.
White iVhrsts!,!■>, Red t 40 .'Rye
1 Corn 0ft......!0ats .45 Barley 75.
TV) CloviT-' ed 4,5 ft Potatoes
I.ard i r |Ku!',d 12} I'ork'per pound ot^
I Butter 15 Egg*;lO. Plasterper ton
I sls Tallow Ift Bacon 12 11am 16
Wo n- • authorized to announce that
John 1! Orri of Spring, will be a candi
date f>r A-xombly, -uhjeet to the decision
of tjie d.-niocratio county convention.
COMMI.SSidNEIE. Wearcauthorixed i
to am unce the nameof 6. F. Foster, of
Petti r townhlp, a* a candidate for oom
nii-i.io.ier, subject to the ilecision of the
' democratic county convention.
i TREASURER.—We are authorised to
| anuoinie the naino f Daniel Derr, of
1 MS' foute, a* acundi late for county treas
jr r, subject to the deci*i'B of the detno
eratie county convention.
Wo are authorized to announre the
name uf Tl*"tua- Yenrich, of Aaronsburg,
a* a candidal' for county tru:xtirer, sub
ject to the decision >f tlie.leinocratle coun
ty convention.
We are atitbori/.od to announce the name
ofjonn H. Barnbart of Spring township as
ft candidate ! <r county trea-urer subject to
the d- ision < f the democratic county con
j vcnlion.
Associnlft Jtiiltfft.
Wo nr.- authorized to announce the
name of Win. L. Miuwr, of Pcnn twp.,
a- a candidate (.>r mnwisto judge, subject
to the decisi i of the democratic county
We nr.- authorized tonnnounce the namp
1! .iia, of Potter two., as a
| candidate f<.i ->ciate judge, subject t
i t1,.. decision of the detinwratTc county con
-1 v< ation.
Wo arc authorized to announce the name
of Pol. Win. W. Love, of Potter twp, as
' a candidate for a* - • into judge, subjex-t to
the d- ision oTtbo deiniK-ratic county con
I) Z. Kline, ot BelLfoi.te, "syjll be a ean
didate for Associate, Judge, subject to tho
degi-ion of of the democratic couhty con
• W<- are authorized to announce the name
of (.'apt. Win. Cro** of Halfinoon, a* a can
didate f.,r associate judge, subject to tho
deci-ion of the dentoeratio county conven
We are authorized to announce the name
. o. Richard (.'onley, of llenni r township,
' as a candidate for Associate Judge. Sub
ject to tho decision of the Democratic
County Convention.
(' "XAUTIOJf. All persons arc hereby
j cautioned against tho purchase of a
note, given by me, for SltJll mid dated
June Bth, I*7l. and payable to Robert De
uioret or hi- agent John Dcpish, a* the
n<t< was obtained in a fraudulent manner,
and not having received value, will not
i ax aid note, unices coinnelled by law.
The Original Laitly Cradle.
I.ar • ; kon hand, also Cradle Augers.
Milroy. Pa.
I have just returned Irom the East with
a very large tock of Hardware, and Cut
lery, Coach Trimming*, Children* Car
riage*. Curnuijtci - tool*, and every thins
iu the hardware line. Being very thankful
to mv Centre county friends for theii kind
pntronngo heretofore, and would invite
them to call and examine iny present stock
jvhich i* much larger than I have had be
fore. Satisfaction guaranteed in every re
jun2ttf Pa
Xx Offieeoftho Lewisbatg. Centre
nnd Spruce Creek K R. Co.
Philadelphia June 13th, '7l.
Notice I* hereby given that the first in
talnient of five dollars per share, to the
capital stock of the Lowinburg, Centre and
Sipruce Creek Rail Road Co., subscribed
in the, townships of Harris, Potter, Gregg,
Pcnn am! lfaine*. Centre county, will be
payable on the first day of July 1871, and
the sub-eiiuent Instalment of fiVo dollars per
-hare, will be duo and payable on the first
day of each succeeding month until the
whole i.* paid. Payments of the above in
stalment- aro hereby required to bo made
tithe treasurer of the Company, at the
©Ren of the Centre County Bunking Com
puny Bellcfonte l } o.
N'. 1!. Any person cesiring can pay tlje
i wltoln off at once. If payments are not
i punctually j.;:|d- the laxv hIIOWS qne per
; j cent put month' to bu charge iu t4dß|eu.
For the Reporter.
Work mill Wait.
Hew soothingly quiet t wllightgnlherslt*
dusky shadow* around u*, when we are
weary and seek rest. A* we sit In tbe
calm silence, a pure Influence steal* over
u and a sweet peace comas to u* like a
kind friend gently parting the hair fr<uu
our brow, and softly tinging some low
twent song We have been working, and
now wo are wailing thinking of tbe re
ward we shall receive. In every intelli
gent, thought Ail mind, there infixed a life
plan, which mav either sleep within our
hearts entirely unseen, or occasionally ap
pear, (luting through our words and ac
tion* like a shadow ;to bring thi* plan we
must icork
Being descendant* of families of high
rank may gain u# a prominence in *ocicty
inhetrlted wealth may establish us in high
position*, but he who would cultivate hit
mind and prepare it for the recaption of
truth* which are pure, important, noble
and hcattliAil, m..( m-f i, and lie who
would enjoy the rich pleasures of which
such a mind is the source, must wo it. PER
ron-who tcgard either mental or physical
labor a* unbecoming to member# ol genteel
and refined society, display a most con
temptible weakness of mind.
It Go.l could buy a memory which could
retain all the hallowed imagery, the soul
inspiring beauties which the eyes had seen
it wealth could purchase a mind which
could comprehend nuhliiue and violated
idea*, then many who by honest working
ami patient wralting have risen to honor
and fame would be robbed ol their laurels,
mid others who are now ignorant and nar
row minded would shine like brilliant star#
in society We should labor willingly and
cheerfhlTy, but w hen there is no hope of
reward it requires a brave heart lo work
and wait ere it not that we expect te
realise some cherished expectation, Some
earnestly desired purpose, hope the sweet
solace of the soul, wllll it* gulden visions,
would die. and life would lose its charm.
A lU ill;life'* workings and waitings, how en
couraging it is that when we work faith-1
ft-lly and with a good nur|M>*e we are sure
of a Axil recompense, o merer later
The sweetest, holiest Joy a human being
call experience mu*t be alien life Is fading
into immortality, atid having worked dill
Scully throughllfetodothemasler'soalling
ie soul wait* to be guided across the dark
river into that beautilul laud where there
are uo more anxious watching* and wait
"Let us then be up and doing.
Wit 11 a heart tor any fate ;
Still achieving, still pursuing
Learn to labor and to wait
Where do you buy your Book* ?
At ltankln Model Stare.
Why do you deal there *
lie it tlira|i "John"
II hero i the Store *
Oppoi.it* Bush House
Bellrfonte Pa.
Uoi'i he attend to order* '
With promptness.
!)<> he keep well KtoekeJ ?
lit* Stock l* complete.
(*e to thi* Model Store
and save money. apr® ly. |
Attention Farmers of
having leased the Ware
houte of Coplin it Strunk in Milruy. is now
prepared to pay the highest cah price* for
all kind* ot Grain. Coal, Plaster and Salt,
constantly on hand. mav3B.Bm
All pcron* indebted to the firm of Wo
ion ,1 Co., are hereby notified that the
book* of the uuc are in the hand* of the
undersigned for collection. All person*
interested are called upon to make imme
diate payment, and therebv save cart*.
uiav'Jfi-fii A LEX. SUA S NUN.
C~ TnTK AL~ll of TWJ
and Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg, Pa.
.fohn Showers, Proprietor.
It* Central Location make* it particularly
desirable to persons visiting Town on
business or pleasure.
11. A. Taylor's Livery Attached.
Weukc pleasure 111 informing the public
generally, that Messrs Graham St Son,
have just returned from l'hildelpatua with
a splendid asscrtmenl of BOOTS and
SHOES, which have bed selected with
great care from the best manufacturers.
efit-Any ueron sending us eight sub
scriber# with the cash, Sflfi, will receive
the Reporter 1 year flee; and for four
Offer to th;> Public one of tbe
largest and best selected storks of merchan
dise. in Centre county. Call, examine and
see for yourself. • -
GROCFRIKS, col Tim-, oIV
gov. iava, best quality Rio coffee,
best oolong black tea*, green leas, lovering
syrup, golden syrup, Drip# fine article bak
ing iiiolassc*, rire and everything in the
gr.H-ery line at tbe lowest cash prices in ibt
market Hl' It NSIDE A THOMAS', is th<
HARNESS, collars, cart Whip# carriage
whips, in great varieties, govern
ment gear,, saddles, bridles, martingales
check lines, cart gears, tug harness, buggy
harness liaiiies, etc. Everything in the "ad
dtcry line at
SI'ICKS .if all varieties, ground to order
and warranted to be strictly pure.
It is the nnlv placeyou can find unadultera
ted Spues Try them for your own satisfac
tion. You can only find them at
■ RATHER, of all description*, Ircnch
|j.i,fkin, ipanlsh sole leather, moroc
co*, sheep akin*. lining*. Everything
n thfeiealher line warraoled to give *ati
action. at lURNSIDK A TfloM AS.
A BITS~SOA P, Wm Hagan and rie.
on* soap, Dobbin*' u*p, Jew
Oakley's soans, oldoastile, pure, Palm soap
Klilertliig 1 * soap, and a great variety of
other soap*, ut
Whitman's celebrated confections,
Whitman's celebrated chocolate,
Kuker's cta< folate, Smith'* chocolate,
China Ginger, Knglish Picket*,
American Pickle*, at
The New Firm.
Herlacher & Cronmiller,
New Spring Goods
('oiiie one and all!
Just arrived and will alwaye.'be kepi
ou hand a full liue of
Dry Good*, Notions, Groceries, Hard
warn, Qoecnsware, Wood and willow ware
Iron, Salt, Fish and in fact, a magnificent
assortment of everything kept in a
First Class Store,
now ready, and (or *nlo Ut marvelous low
Muslins they will ell you the very best
brand* at price* that will a*tonih you
New tpring
Dress Gauds
A most beautiful variety, consisting of all
the novelties of the season, at lower rate*
tlimi ordinarily chargod at other place*.
Whit© Goods to ,
The finest stockTii town, boJi a o quantity
quality, and price*.
The best mnkoi, latest style* and lowet
rate*. (Hat* and Cap- l great variety
Linens, Towellings, chocks, Dontn g, loth
Cassimers, Cloaking*.
Spring and *umtuer shawls, in fact, wo keep
everything, and will sell at a very small
advance on first cost.
All we nk that you will
before purchasing JlioWhere, as we do no
consider it any trouble to show goods.
silver plated and Yauke? Harness doqbD.
and tikglft. hridUi and hgßari. Pr JT
SEALED Proposals will be received at
the office of the President until
Saturday, (he Ist dajr of Julv, 1871,
for the Graduation, Masonry ami Bridging
of that part of the l,*wlsburg, Centre A
Hpruce Creek Railroad from Western
Boundary of Union County to a point In
vicinity of Oak Hall, Centre county, being
section* No. 31 to No. 6(1, both inclusiue.
Profiles can be seen at the office In Lew
isburg. Printed form of proposal* can be
had at the office no other# will be rocelv
ed G. F. MILLER,
I'rea't of L. 0 A F. It B Co.
Lewisburg, June I, '7l
A UDITOR H NOTICE In the matter
J\ of the estate of Dr. Samuel Stroheek
er, deceased. The undersigned auditor ap
pointed by the Orphan's Court of Centre
county, to dtslrbule the moneys In the
hand* of 1). J. ililtibish and Jane II film
hecker, administrator slid administratrix
of ac, of Samuel Htmhccker, reflectively
to and among those entitled to the same
will attend to the duties of hi* appoint
ment, al his office in the thorough ol Belle
fonte, on Tuesday, July 18th. at 111 o'clock
a. ui., at which time all |iarlic interested
are required to attend and make their
claims known, or be debarred from partic
ipating in said fund*. -
fi UDITOR'S NOTICE.—In the matter
A. of the exci-ptions to the account ef 1
David Gilliland, executor ol nr., ofWtl- 1
liaut S. Oillilaml, deccasod. The auditor '
ap|Hilntd by tb Orphan's Court of Centre '
county, to bear and ami pa** upon tbe ex
captions filed to tbe above mentioned ec- 1
count, will meet tbe parties interested '
for tho purpose of appointment on Tues
day, Jujv 11 tli. IH7I, at 10 o'clock e. ui
at hi* office in the borough of Bcllefente.
is Just where you want lo go and buy your i
Outfits Mr. Uankin sells hi# goiid* far be- s
low any one else and give* entire salisfac- a
lion. See his collection of Envelopes, t
Store Opposite Bush House, Beilefonle Pa. a spdltt
spdltt |

1 1
Centre HALL <
Coach Manufactory*
Levi M u r r i jr,
>1 hi, establishment at Centre Hall, Pa.,'
| keeps on hand, and for sale, at the most
reasonable rates, a large stock of
& Spring Wagons,
Pl*ix and Faxcr, i
nd vehicle* of every description made to
j.'rder, and Warranted, lobe made of the
host seasoned material, and by the most
• killed and competent workmen. Persona
wanting anything in bis lino are requested
j to call and examine bis work, they will find
lit not to be excelled for durability and
wear. aprSßly
ha* removed lo tho store known a* No. o
Hush # Arcade next dour to Zimmerman,
BrvwA Co., at Beilefonle, where he I* Just
opening out a complete stock of
i Base Balls, BaU, Keys, and general Mport
i vug Articles Gun* made and repaired any
warranled iunSd
p offer* at private sale the farm on which
' he now reside*, situated in Ferguson town
. ship. County of Centre, one mileand a bnlf
wet ol Pine Grove. The farm contain*
one hundred and twenty acre* of the beat
quality of limestone, one hundred acre* of
which*is cleared ; under good fence, and In
r a high state "t cultivation. The balance ofi
" twenty acre# iscovervdjwith s fine growth of
J limber, the buildings are good and convo
inient, with a stream ol running water at
1 Uied.air. An orchard in Rill bearing of
the very bc< varieties of fruit, and a grape
j vany ant ol the tuosl popular and standard
. varieties.
This splendid farm will be sold cheap.
, and term* made easy. For particulars call
. upon or address
' 0. M KEPLER,
marSl.tf Pine Orore Mills
Vlttws, At at ua, cuaoxioa, tasuxs.
681 Broadway, New York,
Invite the attention of the Trade to their
r extensive assortment of the above good,
of their own |Miblieation, manufacture and
.1 importation.
AT. so rmvro LANTKAX at.n> K* AXD
E. A H. T. ANTHONY A CO., 51
Broadway, New York. Oopoait Met
, ropolitan Hotel,
lUroaTKas ANI> U AXlir AITt aXR* or
~inarlo.6m _______________
tVAOR A It M> .
(Successor to N. Uilihish)
>1 Whole axld and retail dealera in
Stoves & Tinware,
Allegheny Street, Beilefonle, Pa.
Read only a partial list of Cook Stove
W a verly,
Royal Cook,
Prince Royal,
Sea Shell,
And Amorican
* u
Parlor and Office Stoves:
Morning Glory, Tronic, Brilliant, and
New Egg.
And Parlor Cook* for Wood or Coal, and
Wood Stove* of every description.
Attention i* called to hi* tocl( of Roonng
Plate, a new size, which ho ha* Just receive
••(I size 40*20 U make* better fob thant he
I old *ia, andean be furnished cheaper thar
I any other establishment in town.
;F*~Spouling and jobbing promptly at
tended to. Charge* reasonable and sati*-
taction guaranteed. octant*
A new and complete Hardware Store hat
been opened by the undersigned in Brock
erhotT* new building—where they are pre
pared losellallkindsof Buildingand Hou*
Furnishing Hardware. Iron, Steel, Nails.
Buggy wheel* in sett*. Champion Clothoi
Wringer, Mill Saw*. ( ircular and Hant
Saws, Tennon Saws, Webb Saws, loeCroan
Freezers, Uath TMV, CLFLTJW Rauk*, a ful.
assortment of Gla** and Mirror Plate of alI
size*, Picture Frames, Wheelbarrow*
Lamp*, Coal Oil Lamps, Belting, Spoke*
Folloes.and Hub*, Plow*, Cultivators, Corr
Plow*. Plow Point*, Shear Mold Board*
and Cultivator Teeth, Table Cutlery Shov
el*, Spade* and Fork*, Look*, Hinge*,
Screw*, Ba*h Spring*, Horse-Shoes, Nails,
Norway Hod*. Qll*. Lubricating,
Coal, faUMRW AqvtL, Vice* Bel
lows, Screw Plates, Blacksmiths Tool*,
Faetonr Bell*, Home Beilt. Dinner Bells,
Gong BelL, Tea Bells, Grindstones, Carpen
ter Tool*, Fruit Jar* and Can* Paint*, Oils,
VarnDhe* received and fur ttlea|
jiWtfflU*. J-4J. BARBIA
Alt At 1 M , HKVXiiLb'a Nkw maiili
. r*u*r, manor at., Bellcftnte.
, Tho subscriber respectfully calls timet
i tonliun of the puMta to hU putablUlim til,
where he is prepared to furnish all kindsol
Kurtlfti anil Domestic Liquors' whulessdi,
al the lowest cash price*, wiilch art' warran-'
tod to ba Ibo best qualities according tu.
iholr respective price*. Hl* stock poMWt
of Ryo, Mutiongaliola, Irish and other'
Whiskies, all kind* of Brandies, Holland
Gin, fort. Madcria. Cherry, Jllackborry
and othor WIRM -the boat article* al a*
reasonable rale* as can bo bad in lb* oily,,
Champagne, Cherrjq lllack berry, Ginger
and Carraway llraudles, fore Jamaica and
Now England Hum. Cordial of all kind*
lie would particularly invito farmer*, lie
tel keeper* and other* lo call ami etamln*
bis large supply, to Judge for themselves
and be certain of procuring what they buy,
which can seldom be done when pure be*-
ng in lb* city.
pO~ Physicians are respectfully requested
o give his liquor* a trial. aplO
J JOHN HE sut.ica, Proprietor.
Stage* arrive and depart daily, for all
point*, uortb, south, east and west.
Thi* favorite Hotel ba* been refitted and
furnished by it* new proprietor, and I* now
in every ro*peet on* of the mo*t pleasant
country Hotel* in central Pennsylvania.
Th* travailing community and drover* will
always find the be*t accommodation* Tar
son* Ireiu tbe city wishing to spend a fee'
week* during the summer in tlie country,
will find Centre Hall one ol the mo*l beau
tiful location* and the Centre Hall Hotel
all they could desire for comfort and con
vunience. apltFtifi.tf,
IIAIUIMAN 1-1111.1,11*.
AT lll# manufacturing establishment at 1
Yeagertown, on the Lewistowt
and Beilefonle Turnpike, ba* now on ham'
a fine stork of Carriage*, Buggies, Sulkies
and Hpring Wagons, which he now ufcn
fur tale as superior in quality and style* U
suv manufactured in the country. The)
are made of the very best seasoned stock by
first class practical workmen, and finished
in a style that challenge* companion will
any work out of or in the Katcrn cities
and can be sold al lower price* than thosi
manufactured in large town* and cities,
aiutdsNugh rents and ruinous price* of liv
ing Being mastor of hi* own situation,
an xiuu* to excel in his arttstii-al profession
and free front any annoyances in his busi
ness, he ba* time and anility to devote hii
entire attention to hi* profession and hi*
customers, rendering satisfaction alike W
all patrons, operatives, bis country, anc
> himself.
Call and examine hi* stock and learn hit
prices, and you cannot fail to be satisfied.
ofall kinds done neatly, promptly, mo
Yeagertown, June 12. lift* -ly.
fowling pieces at
a pill fin IRWIN A WILHON.
Bishop street, lleilefuole, in lite Sume buil
ding iortuerly occupied by the Key
stone Bakeryj
Takes pleasure in informing the public that
he keeps constantly on band a supply o.
choice Foreign and Domestic Liquor*.
AH BorrsU, Kegs and tasks rarrantsd
to eantst* t Ac (ssstily represented.
The attention of practicing physician* i*
called to bis stock of
suitable for medical purposes Bottles.
Jugs, and demijohn* constantly on band.
WHISKY in town.
All liquor* are warranted to give satis- j
faction. Liquors will be sold.by the qqart,'
barrel, or tierce. He has a large lot ot'
Of the finMt grade* on hnnd.
Confident that he ran please customer*
he respectfully solicit* a share of public pa
trunage mylfitS
JRWIN A WILSON are constantly re
ceiving new good* in their line.
oleverydescriptionnlredu.ro prices— now
being opened every dey aplO'Or.
| Wall Paper, cheap
from 12 to 30 cent* per bol ta Ilt-rla< h* r'
BUFFALO BCALES, of the bt make
from 4 lbs up to Lli,tMOi b*.
I aplO'CH. lnwig St WILSO*
DRY BOARDS, Plank and Scanllißg
for sale by livtx s\V turns.
| aplOfitt
makeal ;lxvtx s Wiuox.
f splOOtt
Wooden i'nmps,
The undersigned would respectfully call
tbe attention uhciluen* oft 'entrecounty,
and Pentuvalley in particular, to the fact
that he is manufacturing
YW£ tm PUifif,
made at home or elsewhere. He uses none
but the best material, HKWAKRKXT* TIIKU
to give satisfaction, as being the tnoet lut
ing and durable, ai'muoit TO THK ot.n
wooden pump, being arranged to let the
water off and prevent Ireexing in winter
Pine, nopler or cucumber pump* aiway •
on hand. Hi* malirial for pumps is all
sawed from large timber, and are thus
Secured against Checkingor Cracking.
All order* bv mail promptly filled.
PIPING, madeof the best material, of
fi*o inch vi antlinc. joined together with
coupling block*, thoroughly banded, and
wai ranted to ttand any prc*uro required
for ordinary u*c. Price* of piping range
from 12 to IS cent* per foot. Send order* to
tept.9Q.ly J. TELLER,
Miles burg. Pa
Burial Cases
Protecting and Preserving the Dead.
The undersigned take* pleasure in an
nouncing that no ha* tecured the tola agen
cy in thi* county for
Burial ( aan and Cankrli.
which are o widely known as to require no
•iMscial commendation. The M KTALLIC
111' RIAL CASK, with it* present im
proved style and flni*h, it* entire harmony
with the feeling* of the bereaved, it* per
fected adjustment* and ap|K>iiumcnt* in
whatever relate* to the preservation and
protection of the body after death, confirm
it* utility and entire adaptne** to the pur-
| loses for which it U designed
COFFINS of all description* furnished
at the *horte*t notice; and all order* filled
promptly night or day. The Dead laid out
! with care, and funeral* and escort* super
intended m perron. HENRY HARRIS
nov4t Bellefonte, Pa.
MILLER'S HOTEL, Woodward, Pa
Stage* arrive and de|iart daily.
I favorite hotel i* now in every respect
onu of the most pleasant country hotel* in
central Pennsylvania. The traveling com
munity will always find the best accommo
dation. Drover* twin at all lime* be accom
modated with stable* and pasture for any
number of cattle or hor*es.
julyS'fititf OKO. MILLER
SPINDLE SKEINS for wagon*, all *i
*e, at the sign of the Anvil.
kind at
aplff Ob IRWIN & WILSON 8.
CLOTHlNG—Overcoat*. Paul*, Vest :
and Dross CouU. (.heap, at Wolf*.
P _ tioKKT CUTLERY—aII make* *
uriceiat IRWIN & WILSO*
for sale bv IRWIN A WILSON.
a 10 (18.
tP other Japanned ware, atthe AnvllStore.
BOALTS for Buggies and Oarrlagber.
sire* in use; Fire Bolt*, ditto, at
PLOW IRWIN * Wuaoir'
Philadelphia Store.
In BrockerhotT* block, Bishop Htrret,
Beilefoals, where
have just opened the best, cheapest, large*
a* well as the best assorted stock of Good,
jii Rcllcfonte.
Is the place to buy your Silks, Mba(r
Moaambtiiuea, Rep* Alpacas, Detain*
l.an*, Brilliants, Muslins, Calicoes, Tick
iiigs, flanals. Opera Klamds, Ladies OuM
ing, Gents' Cloths, Ladies Hacques, Wbit
I'eka) Linen Table Cloths, Couulerpaner
Crib Counterpanes, White and Col-re
Tar I ton. Napkins, Inserting* and Edging-
White I*are Curtins, Zephyr A Zepbv r par
terns, Tidy Cotton, Shawls, Work Basket*
Notion* of every kind, White Good* o
••very description, Perfumery, Ribbon*-
Velvet, Taffeta and Bonnet, Cord* am
It raid. Veils, Buttons, Trimmings, Lad i
sn<l M isscs Skirts,
Thread Hosiery, Fans, Beads, Hawing
and tu fad every thing that can be though
of, dttired or used in the
they have black and blue cloth*,, black an
fancy nassimere*. saUinetts, tweeds, rnei
<>rns, silk, satin and common vesting*, ii
short, every thing imaginable in tbe fins o
gentlemen* wear
Kve<iy urnd<* Clothing of Every Dt*
•cri pi ion, for Men and Hoys.
Roots and Shoos, in endless varui
Hats and Oops, CARPETS, OUeloU.
Rugs, Itroxen Muslins, Bleaehed Mu
tins, 1 trillings. Sheetings, Tablecloths.
dwv. cheaper than elsewhere
Their stock ofQUEENHW ARK St GRO
CERIES cannot be excelled in quality or
Call in at tbe Philadelphia Store and con
vtnee yourselves that KELLER A MUS
BKK have any thing you want, and do bu
•mass on tbe principle of "Quick Sales am
Small Profit*." ipso,® |
oast* ant* rmonuc* sat TAKKN
tl©6D news fob the people
Great Attraction and Great Bargain*!
rpH E undersigned, determind to meet thi
J. popular demand for Lower Prices, ra
• pact fully calls tha attention of tbe publit
to bu stock of
now offered at tbe old stand Designed as
paciallv for tbe people and tbe UKKI, the lar
gest and most varied and complete assort
ment of
Haddlea, Hantaan, Collars, Bridles,
of every description and quality; Whips,
and in fact everything complete to a first
class establishment, he now offer* at price,
which will suit the tones
t |A better variety, a better Quality or finei
styla of Saddlery has nevar before been of-
M-red to the public. Call and examine out
tock and be satisfied before purchasing*
Determined to nleese my patrons and
thankful far tbe liberal share of patreiiagi
heretofore enjoyed. I respectfully solicits
! continuance of the same
JACGB DINGKff, Centre Hall.
Panic Prices.
'Having purchased the extensive store ol
Howell, oil titan i A Co., and addedto them
•t panic prieesa large assoitment of
They are enabled to sell at
A large variety of
toadies' Dr* Gnosis
Great Bargains in
Muslins nod Calicoes.
Ready Made Clothing
War rati led to Suit.
Our Cloths and Cassimers,
Cant be excelled
' Astonishes every one in assortment and low
I Sri up. Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Canned fruits.
Jellies, Domestic and Foreign FruiU,
Cheese and pastries of au kinds,
and every other article be
longing to tbe Grocery
Theg Wholesale at Philadelphia Rates
*W~ Farmer*. Mechanics and Laborers
I look to your interest. One dollar saved i*
' a dollar' in pocket Then call and see at
what astonishingly low prices
Are telling their Dry C oods and Groceries
fitTNo trouble to show Good*. "NHf
If they are not as represented, we will
pay you for your trouble. Don't forget the
ap29(f Allegheny Bc, Be!lefonte Pa.
Manufacturing Co
Machine Works.
Having enlarged our New Foc*RT asid
MACHINE Snor# and AoaiccLTtfWat.
WORK*. Stocked with all new and lata*:
improved Machinery at Centre Hall, an
nounce to the public tnat they are now ready
to receive order* for anything in their line
of butine**.
Wo alto manufacture the celebrated
which now stand* unrivalled.
Thi* Reaper ha* advantage* overall othei
Reaper* now manufactured One advan
tage we claim for it. in the lever power, by
which we gain one hundred per cent ovei
other machine*. Another advantage it thi
hoitiiug and lowering apparatus, whereb;
the driver ha* under hi* complete contro
of the machine; in coming to a pot of lodg
ed grain, the driver can change the cut ol
he machine in an instant, without (topping
the team, varying the atuble from 1 to 14
inche* at the outside of the machine, a* well
a* on the in*ide. It i* constructed of first
ola* material; and built by first clas* ma
chanic*. We warrant it second to none.
All kind* of Horsepower* and Threshing
Machine*, Hay and Grain Rakes, latest im
proved. All kind* of Repairing done. Dif
ferent kind*of
The Celebrated Heckendorn Economic)
plow which hat given entire satisfactioi
We employ the best Patternmaker*, out
pattern* are all newandofthemostimprov
ed plan*. Plant, Specification* and Dam
ing* furnished for all work done by us.
grW hope by strict attention to bun
nes* to receive a share of public patronag
of evory description made and fitted up fo
AC., AC.
Ali order* by mail promptly attended to
09 T iS *Lu*LSSFO COM'?.
Extract Catawba
(Juinponriit J'ails—Fluid Exiruel hUi
barb and fluid Extract Culauba
Grape Jutcr.
or liver complaints, jaundice, bilioue j
affections, nick oi n*rvou* hcadm-bc, I
euativcnem, etc. Puiely vegetable,
containing no mercury, niiueraU or
deleietinus <Jrun.
11 J .
Tt'M! Pills are the uil dli|litful
irraaut purgative, upcr*edlng erator i
alia, mifurtia, rti Theft i nuthu
r acceptable to the xtouiach, lb.
,ivt tone, t au.e neither nausea itorgripn
ain They are computed of the fine
ugtedicnu. After a few 4aya' uae of thru
ut-h an iaviguratwn of the entire yttei
•kee place aa to appear liuraiulou* to ti
*ak find enervated, whether arising fWn
mpiudenc* or disease. 11. T. Ueliot- io
oinpoond Fluid Attract Catawba Orap
,'illt are not sugartuarad, from the fartlh
u(an-<ud Fill* do not dissolve, but pa>
b rough the .ftuacb without dissolving
maequently do I <4 produce the deaited el
•L The Catawba (Jrape Pilla, heu
.feasant in tart* and odor, do not neoeaii
ale their being tugarcusfod. Price fill
enta JT box.
Fluid Extract Saraapariila
Will radically exterminate fromtbeayaten
Scroftila. Si phil> Peeer flwi, Ulcers,
mre Eyes, tiara Lcga, More Mouth, Hof
lend Branchiii., Skin Diseases, Bnl
dheum Caakcn, Runnings from the Mar
hue swelling*, tumors, cancerous sffsc
ions. nodes, Rickets, glandular swelling*
ughi *wenU, raah, tetter, humor* of at
.unit, chronic rhaumamm. dyspepsia, am
til disease* that hare been established it
.be *y*teat for year*.
Being prepared expraeaiy for the above
rotupliuienu, ita blood-purifying proper
una are greater than any other preparation
•jf aaraeparilia. It gives the comptexkm a
clear hrwlthv color and restores the pellet)'
u> a state ol health and purity, For part
tying the blood, removing nil chronic oon
•titutlonsl diseases arising from the an im
pure state of the blood, and the only relia
trie an<i eflbctuei known remedy for th*
cure of pains and swelling of the bones,
ulcerations of tbe throat and legs, blotches,
pimples on the fore, erysipelas and at.
scaly eruptions of the skin, and beautify
ing complexion.
Fluid Extract Bucbu,
has cured every case of dinbetns in which
it has been given, irritation of the neck at
he bladder end inflammation of the kid
neya, ulceration of the kidney* end hind
der. retention of urine, diseases of the pern
late gland, stone in the bladder, calculus
gravel, brick-dust dedoait, end mucous oi
■aiiky discharges, and for infeehied one
delicate constitutions of both sexaa, attend
ed with the following symptoms indisposi
tion to exertion, loss or power, l es of mem
ory, difficulty of breathing. weak nerve*
.rambling, horror of discuae. wakefulness.
Ijmuict* or vision, pain in the back, ho;
I hand*, flushing of the body, dryness of tbe
j .kin, eruption on the face, pallid counie
nence, universal lassitude or the musculo!
system, etc.
! Used by persons from the ages of nigh
l teen to twenty-five, and from thirty-Iv
lui fifty-five or in the dicline or change oi
life; alter confinement or labor pains; ned
netting in children.
! n
| Hclmbold * extract buchu la Diuretic and
blood-purify tag, and curat nil diseases
arising from babit* of dissipation, and ex
cesses end imprudences in life, Impurities
of the blood, etc., superseding copaiba in
affections for which it is used, and syphili
tic affections—in these diseases used In con
nection with Heimbold t rose wash.
In many affections peculiar to Indies, ib<
extract buchu is unequalled by any otbe.
remedy—e* in chlorosis or retention, in.
regularity, painftilness or suppression of
customary evacuations, ulcerated or sehir
ru. state ofthe uterus, Icucorrhem or whites,
sterility, and for all complaint" incident to
the sex. whether arising from indiscretion
or habit* or dissipation. It it prescribed
extensively by the most eminent phyeieiam
and roidwive* for enfeebled and delicate
constitutions, ot both sexes and ali age
attended with any ofthe abovediteaaea ot
(in all their stages, at little expense, little or
|no change in diet, no inconvenience, aid
no exposure It cutsets frequent desire,
and rn as strength to Urinate, thereby re
moving Obstructions, Preventing -nd Cu
ring strictures ofthe urethra, si lying pain
and inffametion, so frequent in this elate ot
diseases, and expelling all poisonous mat
ter. . ...
Thousands who have been the victims of
incompetent persons and who have pad
heavy fees to be cured In a short time, havr
found they have been deceived, and that
the "Poison., has. by the use of "powerful
astringents," been dried up in the system,
to break out in a mora aggravated form, and
ICHU for all affectionfand disease* of the
urinarr organs, whether existing in male
or female, from whatever cause originating.
and no matter ofbow long standing. Price,
one dollars and fifty cents per bottle.
cannot be surpassed as a fhoe wash, and
will be found the only speeific remedy in
cverv species of cutaneous affection. It
speedily eradicates pimples, spots, scorbu
tic dryness, indurations of the cutaneous
membrane, etc., dispels redness and incipi
ent inflamation, hives, rath, moth patches,
dryness of scalp or skin, frost bites, and all
purposes foi which salve* or ointments are
used ; restores the skin to a state of purity
and softness, and insure* continued heal
jthv action to the tissue of it* vessels, on
which depends the agreeable clearness and
vivacity of complexion tomuch sought and
admired. But however valuable as a reme
dy for existing defects of th* skin, H. T.
Hslmhold's Rose Wash has long rustained
it* principle claim to umbounded patron
age, by possessing qualities which render
it a toiled appendage ofthe most super!*
live and congenial character, c< morning
in an elegant formula those prominent
requisite*, safety and efficacy—the invaria
ble accompaniments ef its use—as a pre
Iservativ* and rafreshei ofthe complexion
It ts an excellent lotion for diseases of a
syphilitic nature, and as an injection foi
diseases of the urinary organs, arising from
habits of dissipation, used in connection
; with the ExtracU Buchu, Sarsaparilla, and
Catawba Grape Pills, in such disease* a*
rt commended, cannot be surpassed.
Full and explicit directions accompany
the medicine*.
Evidence ofthe mi at responsible and re
liable character furnished on application,
with hundreds of thousands of living wit
nesses, and upward of 80,000 unsolicited
certificates and recommendatory letters,
many of which are from the highest sour
ces, Including eminent Physicians,Clorgy
men, Statesmen, etc. The proprietor ha*
never resorted to their publication in tht
new-papers; he docs not do this from tht
fact that his articles rank as Standard Pre
para:sons, and do not need to be propped
up by certificates.
Delivered to any address. Secure from
Established upwards of twenty years.
Sold by Druggists everywhere. Address
letters for information, in confidence to
HENRY T. HELMBOLD, Druggist and
Only Depots: H. T. HELMBOLD'S
Drug and Chemical Warehouse. No. 601
Broadway, New York, or to ft. T. HELM
BOLD'S Medical Depot, KM South Tenth
Street. Philadelphia, Fa.
Beware of counterfeit*. Ask foi
HU-V T. HalmboW'l! Take BO other.
mm t'ft ytfttl LNf#
d||lpil *wat Tttßs NMpIMBMR ;
JPBJ ctmrooao
Wfrlttvkf ili# |>r tfwpr' ton
J. Wr- " Totto kit#wd tef
kan-dcrrfi Ceaitlta-
J EWC to U wrtotex
vMk m j:w t>y it. T'ty #•#
$ **>". MdtortlbrnM-
W 09tm rfptatrt oolf %
mS/ Olirer Orook k Co.
DajlM, O.
Dr. Crook's WINE OF TAR!
I* a Preparation alwfe
Ms bran UMI If tht
paUte lor ran jeara, *a4
Threat nd Lufs.
rurtM allTararartl th*
TWraluS Lufi
Dr. Crook's WIFE OF TAR!
Is ura raaradr so uso
f ( it O.uFtm, &t
Cottftifi MMI f'nfiji H
Cewhi kZmmantim et##iMiesi
wegae vmnapw Masearrat raoea wTCoo-
Dr. Crook's WXZ OF TARI
Has eared *•■*■■; eaar* m
of Swturn sad lliu—'W
us. iMt uhra Mta pra-
AcOuna. BreoAltll T
bSagSlSZiSeiiT 1
Dr. Crook's WISE OF TAR I
• Haasvsil** sad tailgs*
nine the caUra a? itsaa
Dr. Crook's WW OF TARf
▲ypetlU. Staiack. SSThSSS. <m traa
T I yqt m psi# limm to VNMR||
fiintrt th* §md ts
raaraf ipsko vE3I
Dr. Crook's WINE OF TARY
OIUSBTIC- ra rtpmdwiag lira otta.
if* w hdMB rrlll''
powerful dI arstte*
Dr. Crook's WOTOT TAR!
toriehhijye madhdaffi
Broken dowfi uiandmsk wg*£t*Me
gredieats of oadoabfei
; Dr. Crook's wS 0? TARI
STSPEFSIA. - - **-|gi
Uar of iha Urtr.
MtFffHMt ffMffS hfsliOf sHhS
Kijofifiiß vamkAo cityvsSK
"trxnfth xal SealtL KSm em*
l baua*. and it#
iff. ' .
Grover & Bn ©
The followlog are selected from thont
andsoftectiißoaiaitaf similar character as
expressing the reasons for the prefereaee
for the GaoTxa dk BAKKK Machine over
all other*.
•••"Hike the Grover & B.ter Ma
chine, in the first nlaoe. because, if I had
any other. 1 should still want a Grover Jb
Baker; and, having a Grover A Baker, it
answers the tame purpose of all the rem.
It does a greater variety of work and k is
| easier to burn than any other."—Mrs. J.
1 C. Croty (Jenny Juno.)
' ••• "I have Bad several years' exneri
' ence with a Grover & Baker Machine,
which has given me great aatiafectfon. 1
! think the Grover A Baker Machine is more
easily managed, and lass liable to get out
' of order. I prefer the Grover & Baker,
, decidedly."—[Mrs. Dr. Watts, New
■ *** "j hare had oae ia my family for
; some two years; and from what I know of
its workings, and from the testimony of
1 many of my friend* who use the same, I
; can hardly tee bow anything could be more
1 complete or give better satisfaction."—Mr*
[General Grant]
••• "I believe it to be the best, all thing i
p considered, of any that I have known. 11
' is very simple and easily learned; the tew
■ ing from the ordinary spools is a great ad
* vantage; th* stitch is entirely reliable; it
doe* ornamental work beautinilhr; it is not
liable to ret out of order/*—Mrs. A. M
Spoone*. 86 Bound Street Brooklyn
, The Grover and Baker &e* ing Machine
Company manufacture both the K last it
i Stitch and Lock Stitch Machines, and offhi
. th* public a choidh of the best machines of
. both kinds, at thtdr establishments in all
tbe large cities, and through agencies ia
' nearly all towns throughout the country
Price Lists and sample* of tewing in both
stitches furnished on application to Grovar
j & Baker 3 M. Co., Philadelphia, or to
e F. P. Greene,
1 next door to Centre Co. Bank, BeUc>
, fonte.
; Hair Restorative
i, Contains no LAC SULPHUR —N
VER, and is entirely free from tho
Poisonous and Health-destroying
' Drugs used iu other Hair Prepara
t tions.
Transparent and clear as crystal, it will
i not soil the finest fabric—perfectly SAr E
[ It restores and prevents the II air from
becoming Gray, imparts a soft, glossy op
pea ranee, removes Dandruff, is cool and
reftreshing to the head, checks the Hair
i from falling off, and restores it to a great
extent when prematurely lost, preventa K
Headaches, cures all Humors, ;|
i eruptions, and unnatural Heat • _
> DK. G. SMITH, Patentee. Grotpn June- l£
1 tion, Mass. Prepared only by PROCTER
BROTHERS, Gloucester, Mass. The
1 Genuine in put up in a pano; bottle, made
I expressly for it with the aame of the article
blown iii the glam. Ask your [Druggist for
1 Nature's Hair Restorative, and take
l For'sale by Wm. Wolf and J. B. So)t
( Centre Hall 2fijany

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