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Centre Hall, Fa.. Sept. 29, '7l_
tkr it published weekly at s'<l Pfr > ''* r
.Jvatea or S'AftO when not P*K n "{
vanec. Halfyearly and quarter } ►ub
riptiont at the same rate. BlngW c j ie.
VdvertisemenU si,#o P' ,r .
incsl for hrcc insertions. Advertisement*
or a longer period, at a reduced rale
Business caiXof five lines, $o per year
Oftmmunlrations recommending persons
.or office, ft cents per line.
Hons oTa private nature and obituary o
ticos exceeding five lines five cents per
line. Business notice* in local column to
.vnta per line, for one insertion.
Notices of deaths and marriages inserted
free of charge. t>ur iriends, in all parts of
the countv will oblige by sending us local
items of interest from their respecttx o local
ities. . ~
The figures set to the address upon
each subscriber's paper indicate that the
subscription is paid up to such .late, and
answer the same as a receipt Persons re
mitting by mall, or otherwise, will under
stand Rom a change in these date* that the
money ha* been received
or riiitADKuruix.
For Assembly,
P. Grey Meek.of Bellefoute.
For Aseociate Judges,
W. W. Low, of Potter.
Hear) I>opp, of Howard.
For Treasurer,
JMM* P. Weaver, ofMilesburg.
For Commissioner,
Samuel F. Foster, of Potter.
For District Attorney,
John F. Potter, of Bellefoute.
For Auditor,
Rob'L F. Holmes, of Mariou.
For County Surveyor,
W. P. Mitchell, of Howard.
If anv democrat upon the ticket de
serves the unanimous vote of the Potter
tyvp. detuoerecv, it certainly is Col.
Love, for the gallant services hehas per
formed during the last twenty five
years, in bringiugour forces out on elec
tion day, a labor that always counted.
Now let the democracy go to work
and bring out the forces for Col. Love
and the entire ticket. Turn about is
fair piav.
D. S. Grey, radical candidate for
District Attorney! Whew! He is too
long, lank and ban, in body and brain,
to os-ess a siugle qualificatou for the
place. John F. Potter will be voted j
bv all who want a man to fill the place, j
Another Hair Million Stolen.—
Evans Outdone by Another Radi
J. L. Hodge, an army paymaster at
Washington, has turned out a defaulter
to the tune of half million dol a. This
fellow beats our own Evans to the
tune of about two hundred thousand
•n his swindle, aud makes a clear con
fession of his stealing. The question
now is, is there an honest radical in
office, from Grant down? It looks as
though the whole crew were in league
to take every ant they cau lay their
hands upon. The collectors are de
faulters to million upon million, and
on all sides new and monstrous de
falcations are coming to light.—
What will become of the government
if these radicals keep on in this way ?
The following is a complete copy of
Major Hodge's letter of confession :
Sunday, September 10 1871. j
Genera! B. W. Brice.
Sir: I ha*® to inform you that lam una
ble to close my account, and that I owe the
frightful amount of about ftoO.ftJO, which
sum I have lo*t during the last few years
in stock speculations, going deeper in the
hope of retrieving mvelf. 1 ex
cuse or mitigation of my course to offer,
and propose to Uke the ftill consequences
of my sin. I had thought a week ago ot
escaping from New York, but believe I
done better in returning here to deliver
myself up as I felt I was bound to do. I
can of eourae make no pretence of excuse
for the systematic deeit, I have practiced
on you and the advantage I hove taken of
the official position I have held, and feel
that yon especially have cause to be justly
Inexorable against me. I have been led
on by the infatuation that always attend* I
the course I entered on, hoping always to
recover mv loss and conceal my crime. I
believe it I really a relief to be forced to |
discovery for I have been in a hell on
earth torvears, and the alternationsolhope
i,nd fear I have gone through and the con
stant care to avoid detection, were becom
ing too strong. 1 desire to turn over all
my property that I have, as a small set off ,
e gainst my deficiency, and after giving
any information that will assist in settling ,
my accounts, or if possible in recovering a
portion of what I have lost, I expect to *
take the full punishment awarded for my |
offense. , . ...
In justice to two parties in this city, i
through whom I had some speculations, I
wish to state that they are perfectly inno
cent ofany knowledge that 1 was using pub- |
lie funds. There are small balance# with
each ofthese parties to my credit, whenever
the accounts are closed. The losses I made
were almost entirely in New York with
one house there, whose accounts 1 hold I
object to your order. I endeavored P ,
induce them to make good the amount
lost with them, which they knew was i
r iiblic money, but they have refused.
1 have been trying to make up my mind
to this confession for some days, andf was
<>n the point of doing so this morning in
your office, but 1 could not bring myself i
to say it, and wanted time to write. My
innocent wife whom this frightful infor
mation will kill! God forgive me for what |
I have done to her and my children.
All I ask from you or the authorities is 1
that if possible, some small sum may be |
left her. I enclose the keys of my afe
and a box containing all my old accounts, I
Ac. My present vouchers, receipts, Ac., ,
are in the hands ofmy clerks, who are all
f them perfectly innocent of any knowl- |
efi .e of niv deficiency. 1 shall remain at
my housed No. 1428 K street, till informed
what action you have taken concerning (
.me. There is no fear that I will go away
now. '
J. LKDTARH lloi.ox. ,
Pay muster General Brice says, this
montinig. it will appear upon inves- |
ligation that the Treasury Department j
is responsible for the failure of the ,
government to discover the defalcation
sooner. General Brice also denies the |
report that Hodge, after suspicion had |
first been attached to him, was allow
ed to draw any checks except such as ,
were necessary to transfer the balance |
to the proper officers. In hia letter of |
confession he refers to parties in this city
and oue iu N. Y. through whose agen- ,
cy he has made speculations. Those t
in this city he declares are perfectly
innocent of any knowledge that he
was using in his operations with them,
the public funds. The party in New
Yorkhestates knew the money lost
with them was public money and not his
own. Hodge caused to be communi
cated to Gen. Price the nau.es of these
parties as follows : Middleton A Co.,
bankers, Washington; Lewis, John
son & Co., bankers, Washington, and
Pol hem us & Jackson, bankers, No. 66
Exchange Place, New York city.
llttd Mini (ifUiiiu >Vrtt.
W ihiuk if ever there ** a period
when the honest citizen* of the United
Stales had just cause to feel alarmed
for the moral* of the people and the
perpetuity of our fWv institution* and
scrutinize the character of those called
to administer the alfnir* of the people,
i nation, state and county, that time
is at hand now. What is the history
of the present hour? Violence, blood
shed, crime of every species, dish once
ty in high and low place*, on all sides
aud in ull stations, and what almost
makes our hair stand on end, to see the
apparent indiflereuce with which the
|>cople pass by all these evils and the
impunity with which corruption aud
dishonesty are practiced by men in
office, and men who are seeking to ob
tain place. Where in the uatue of
Heaven will this country land, if these
things are not checked, and if the hon
estly disposed people of all parties do
not combtue to arrest this onward
carver of had men who aie cor
rupting the morals ot the country and
are glaring examples to the rising gen
oration of the perfect safety with which
oue can play the scouudrel aud tas
Truth is trampled into the mire, iu
spite of its hallowed beauties. Ihe
sacredness of oath no more has its awe
inspiring and binding effect, aud our
public men, as a general thing, make
' uo scruple in violating au oath where
money can be gained thereby, and the
most solemn pledge is but a gossamer
tu the sight of our public scrvauts to
be broken whenever the "thirty pieces
of silver" can be had! So demoral
ised have our public servauts become,
[that scarce a dollar of the people' B
I monies can enter the coffers of the gov
crumeut, but what some scoundrel, iu
place either by appointment or by
the suffrages of the people, stands
ready wailing for au opportunity to
steal it, or draw it from the treasury
by some fraudulent or dishonest
We behold millions upon million*
of dollars thus yearly going into the
pockets of unfaithful public servauts
without a single scoundrel being pun
ished for his plundering;*; yea, the
people read of it daily and seem to be
satisfied it should be thus. Collectors
alone, according to a statement of sec
retary Boutwell, have stolen over
twenty millions. Millions upon mil
lions have beeu taken from the treasury
by fraudulent claims with the conni
vance of the agents of the government,
and every species of public property is
laid hold of by these thieves and ap
propriated to themselves. The public
lands have not escaped, as the readers
ot the REPORTER are well aware that
millions of acres have been donated to
speculators and soulless corporations,
aud men who heretofore were too poor
to pay for a meal and too lazy to earn
oue honestly, are now rich almost as
the Rothchilds and travel the land in
splendor eclipsing princes, all from
these stealings.
But enough of thin, our reader# know
it all. We aay it is high time the
people become alarmed. The remedy
is in their power,and it is simply this:
Elect no men to office who spend mon
ey to get into place, for yon can be cer
tain euch expect to get it all back
again by plunder schemes. Elect no
men to office who you have reason to be
lieve belong to the plunder rings and
use every trick and device to obtain a
nomination, such as falsehood corrup
tion, bribery, deceit, fraud at primary
elections, or by being a "good clever
fellow" and full of treats until they ac
complish their selfish ends. These
play upon honest people only to ac
complish a selfish purpose.
The most of rascality that is now
practiced is by radical office holders
and leaders, for they are in power, and
we appeal to honest republicans to look
at the corruption that is now being
practiced by their party, and sound
the alarm for reform ere it is too late.
But this advice we also intend for
Democrats; and as an honest journalist
we deem it our duty to say that all
the men in our party are not saints,
and it is as important that the dishon
est, scheming politician in our ranksj
be put down, as it is that similar j
cases in the radical ranks he driven J
from place. We say this to deino-j
crats regardless of the few who may
b<* offended, and who are willing to!
wink at the dishonesty of a democrat ;
and even threaten to stop the RKPOR
TER because it fearlessly sounds the
alarm and does its duty in attempting
to keep the democratic organization
pure, as well as to expose the misrule
and gigantic plundering# of radical
office holders. We rej>eat, it is as
much our duty to expose a dishonest,
tricking democrat, as it is to denounce
a radical plunderer ; hut it pains us
to admit that there are some who
would quiet tha REPORTER by threats
to stop it, for performing this duty.
We shall not quarrel with such, not
even stop to apply to them the epithet
of "narrow minded block-heads," as
Greeley did to those republicans in
New York who censured him for
bailing Jeff. Davis. Greeley gained
in respect while the "narrow minded''
are to-day ashamed of their doings.
We go in for a pure democracy, and
for pure men, and he who does not may
have his way of thinking unmolested.
We repeat, it is high time the cor
ruption that is now practiced be stop
ped if the country shall be saved from
final ruiu. At the ballot box is the
place for honest republicans and hon
est democrats to rebuke all political
scamps. We think that the plucder
ings that have been practiced under
the last ten years of radical rule, cry
up for a change in rulers, and an at
erapt to better things by giving dera -
ocrats the rein, and as this is what
democrats are clamoring for, we hold
that our party must be true to its pro
fessions and nominate men of knowen
honesty for whom au hottest republican
can cast his vote with the belief that a
change will he for the better. An oc
casional dishonest democrat for office
had better be defeated, for his uufaith-
fulness injures and disgraces the party
to n degree that takes years l retrieve
and the party would therefore lie hot
tor off without the services of such
as it must suffer iu the end, and tin
ranks of our enemy are only strength
enc.! thereby.
As a general thing the democrat!
are n little more jealous of the mate
rial they nominate, than the radicals
and are enreflil to have good, honest
capable men ttjion their ticket, a)
though a scamp may occasionally
worm himself in by trick, falsehood
and bribery consequently it is alwavi
safer for holiest men to vote the dem
erratic ticket, they arc lar lo?< liahh
to be deceived than thev are by voting
the radical ticket.
A 11 uHI hug for a Platform.
The rails of Centre county lu\e t u|
for tbeiasalviMa platform, which i very
short, has hut a single Idea, makes hut
single issue, and atlogt iher it one big,
grand huuihug astride of w iiich i* set Co',
M Karlanc to ride into the legislature, and
the balance of Utsgsnllemen upon the rail
county ticket to ride into ihe county oth
ee*. But we really think the people ol
Centre county, or rather a portion ol thcin,
are ahvut done being humbugged, at all
events we think they should be.
The plalturui of the Centre county rad>
is composed of hut one single resolution
tcopied below I which pledges their numb
uee for Assembly to the repeal of the l,aw
Library, out ef which rAey now expect te
make capital
The Krperter, during the suiiiiiier warn
ed denti>crat* against even being humbug
ged by democrats upon the Law Library,
Nl'ouxn MT vxratxcirLxo RAOHAU, I
THIS s-vux scxax-i now, jul on the eve ol
the election.
We are gratified to know that the Kx
ronvKK has been sustained by its party in
the course it took; our county con
vention, by its silence, and the democratic
mass meeting by its platform ignored the
thing in tolo, at too trifling, to consider it
worthy a mention in its resolutions, hut
placed itself upon real, living issues,
which deeply concern the tax-payer, and
which the radical deceiver* dodged. The
democratic platform strikes at all the abu
ses that are now cursing us under radical
rule, and pledges itselt to a reform in the
administration of public affairs The rads
dodge all these issues and declare that all
salvation consists in a repeal of the Law
But bore is the platform by which the
rads are now trying to Uuuibug voters and
opposite is our platform
t Rttulrtd, That the
■ Dciuot-aalic i> rI y
■ reitcratr* it- firm nj
i herence to the prin
ciples of Republican
> Government, it* laid
' down und expoun
ded by the father*
i and eiubt died in the
forest charter of our
■ iibcrtie*. the Cuuth
1 tution of the United
R<u>lr<d, That the
Republican pa r t y
! have utterly failed
i to carry out the fun
damental principle*,
a* above >taled; in
I, their administration,
' of the affair* of gov*
" emment; and, bv
1 their conitant and
repealed violation*
of thi* sacred instru
men I, have proven
to the trust coiumit
mittexi to them and
unfit guardians of the
libertie* of the peo
Rrtolrf d, That
while we condemn
tha utter reckless
ness in reward to
principle that for
I the post ten year*
; has characterizedthe'
. republican admini*-:
tration*, theirrecordj
ef corruption and I
extravagance i* such
I a* does and should
meet the condemna
i lion of every honet
man in the whole
"I'niled .Sunn.
Rfaolri. That the
present financial poli
ey of the republican
party it calculated
only to make the
rich richer, and the
poor poorer, in wiv
ing the bondholder
special privilege*
exemption from lus
iust share of the bur-,
don* of the govern-'
incnt, while at the'
i same time it taxes j
the laboring man;
'upon all the necea-j
*eria of life, and
1 ihu* hold* the toiling
million in tbo ro ti
abject slavery to the!
tyrany of capital.
RetolrfJ, Tli at the
many and glaring
encroach me n l * ofj
capital up on th c
rights of labor give
judication fa de-|
Isriiiinidioft on thej
pait of tbo capitalist*'
to subvert the right*!
of the laboring man ;|
and such legislation
•hould be speedily!
passed as will protect j
labor from thedoini-j
nation of capital.
That we
Utterly condemn as
anti-democratic and
a* the fruitful source
of legislative corrup
tion the granting of '
corporative monop
olies by private and
special legislation.
Rtolrr4, That the
(arming dut of the
gov erijmentof cities, M
and of tla pontr°l of 1
their revenue* and
cxpendit urns by'
commistio n e r * or
otherwise, is totally 1
subversive of the!
true princip Ie s of
republican govern- 1
Rri>lvrJ, That we 1
believe in Uj old i
fgshioncd doctrine of
the Declaration ol '
I ude pcndence. 1
"That all govern
ment* derive their '
just power* from the 1
eonsant of the gov
erned and thgt we
do not regard the usa
of bayonets and hul
leU as the proper
means of obtaining
their con-ent a* ha*
recently been at
tempted in I'ennsyl
vgti) h n dot her
Klulus, under the or
ders of the present
administration of the
general government,
in sending armed sol
dier* to control popu
lar election*.
Rrtolretf, That we
are opposed to the
mingling of inferior
and superior races,
either in the elective
frant hi'-e or by mis*
cegenation ; and that
in the division of
parties, we are in
favor of keeping the
white democracy in
the one and the ne
groes and their e<jual
in the other.
Resolved, That the
thievery, corrupt' o ' l
, and outrage* UP' I ' l
the righu of the peo
ple, unconstitutional
act* oppressive laws,
j general debauchery
and disregard of the
libertie*, prosperity
and welfare of the
people by the Repub
lican party, j* pmpf
1 positive of its until
, lies* to control eith
er General, State, or
Local Government*.
" Rro!** d, That
the interest of every
lax-payer in Centre
county demands the
repeal of the 'Law
Library' act, and w.
herebv .instruct our
candidate for As
sembly, if elected, to
use to his utmost
ability all honorable
means to have the
said bill repealed,
and to secure tbei
passage ot another
hill which will pro
vide that all monies
now applied a di
rected in the 'Law-
Library' act, shall
be applied to th-_
free school fund of!
the townships where
the fine- are inflic
. i!
(IMtelpU of O'i/ 1
leo.) —I see HII aching
void, and h bug—u
humbug fluttering
over ft. •
We say it is A humbug issue—the KE-
I>OKTE declared so all summer, and is sus
tained by tb* dm<*ratic founty conven-
y I lion, and the sound platform framed sub
, sequcntly bv the democracy In ma** meet
ing, Hid we are plea-edto notice that our
1 gallant neighbor, lbs M'afrAmais, in It#
i. IMlluiin, NWM tutkt aid of llm Kai-oa
n ISH, and ridicule* (he anli- Law- Library
i platform of the radical*.
KoImM'I M'Fuilntii 1
Whit assurance have the people of thin
ly tre county that Hubert M'Farlano, the
I |radical nominee fur Assembly will nut g>>
J. the way of alt the radienl* in the )ugt*la
y , lure, and favor the jobbers who do|dete
4 "J the treasury, and vote with the ring whose
Uehenie* are fW*t impovcrishing the com
j I luuiiwealth *
| ( i What aurai>. e have the voter* ofOon
t! tre county that Mr. M Farlaiie will caat
hi* vole* to guard the treasury ai(aint *ueh
swindle* at that of Kvansds Co., hy which
the tale i* |itunderd of a quarter mil*
lion f
What assurance have the |eo|>lc ul Con
tre county that Hubert M'Farlane. Ifelec
" ted to the legislature, will vole in favor ol
f ' a reiolutiun to lift out all the guilty par
j tie* in the Kvaiu defalcation, and to bring
them to their merited punisbuumlT
, We do not think that Mr. M Karlane
( will have llie courage thu*to*tund by the
interest* of the people, in oppoaition to the
' plundering radical ring, hence we *ay.
Voter* of Centre, Hubert M Karlane,
I the radical nominee tor Aaaeinhly i* not
the mun whom you should lupport.
w The rntlicnla have nominated two
° gentleman from the other side of the)
county for Associate Judges, Penti*
;• valley "Dutch", n* they aeem to thiuk.i
I' needing no representative upon the:
t- bench, Penus-valley wabta a Judge
• and means to elect Col. I#ove and
,f Capt. Dopp.
Ciod save tho Commonwealth,
axoisrav LAW.
1 also give official uolice to the elector*
II of Centre county that hy an act entitled
11 "An Act further supplemental to the act
l relative to the election* of this Cointtion
j wealth," approved April IT. A. B. ISfIU, it
i> provided a* follow* :
e SECTION 1. Ut if enaetmi Ay tkt Senate
- atui H-utt of Keprrtentatinet uf tkt flow
-1 mrnyeattk w IVsasrlssais n General .4#-
~ tmbly nut and < keetby t Met mi Ay tkt
' oaf Aerify of* tkt MUM. That it *hali be the
• duty of the ae*or*. within tht* Common
-1 wealth, on the first Monday ofWuue ol
, each year, to lake up the transcript he ha*
received from the county commissioner*
under the eighth section of the fifteenth of
• April, eighleeu hundred and thirty-four,
i and proceed to an immediate rcvisuit of the
same, by slrikiug therefrom the name o
every person who i known by huu to have
' died or removed since the last previous a-
C*IIIUI t from the district of which he is
• the assessor, or whose death or removal
' from the same shall ho made known tu
■ him. and also the names of alt who shall i
- make claim to him to he qualified tutor*
therein. As soon as this revision is coin- i
I plctod he shall visit every dwelling buue i
in thi. district and make careful inquiry if
> any person whoso name is on the list has >
' died or removed from the district, and if .
r so, to take the same therefrom, or whether I
- any qualified voter reside* therein whose i
I uaiiie is not on his list, and if so. to add the i
name thereto; and in all case* where a i
' name is added to the list a lax shall forth- <
with be assessed nga.m>l the person; aud i
! the arsessor shall in all cases ascertain hy j
inquiry, upon what ground the person so 1
asscseod claims to be a voter, Upon the I
i completion of this wore it shall be the duty j >
i of each assessor as aforesaid to proceed t> j
' make out a list, in alphabetical order, o( j 1
the white freemen above twenty-one years
I of age, claiming to he qualified voters in
' the ward, borough, township or district of i 1
• which he is the assessor, and opposite each!
' of the said name* slate whether said free-P
• uian is or is not a house- ,eeper; and if h>< j
is, the number of his residence, in town 1
I where the same is numbered, with the I
' ueL alley and court j n which situated;
and it in a town w here the re „rr no nuni- 1
bers, the name of the stree t< alley or court
on which said front*; al, o , the .iccupation 1
'of the person ; and *|, cre he is not a house
keeper, the occupal ion pia C e of boarding.
> an.l with whom, anj - |f wor hi ng f„ r anoth
er, the name ul th,, employer, and write
' opposite each of sa,j „ won J "vo-
Urr; wber any claims to vote hy
reason of natural^, inn he ,hall exhibit
his certificate '""rcf pj t)io arsessor, unless
he has been for fi re consecutive years next
proceed tug a |n Mid dirtcfct, and in ]
all cases where t hr person ha* been natur
ahxed. the same lif , marked with the
letter '*# ; the person ha* merely ■
declared his I,:l cntion to become a cilixen,
and desigtii to naturalixcd belor** the
ne; election. l ho n , m c ,hall be marked
"U. 1 ; where tl)e r |,im is to vofe hy rea- .
son of being the age af f vfenty-one
and tweniy-iw 0 provided bv law'; lle '
word age - 1
son has move d jn((1 the f jac t | an district to
reside since ~M t „,. ner al election the
.Ithe letter It., c ~|accd opposite the
j name. It future duly of each
I assussur M ®| o rcsad upon the completion
jof the duUa* |, 9 rtn imposed, t make out
a separate ll ft fl( B jj I)HW a**ssL>ents made |
; by huu. ab j (he amounts assessed upon '
icach and ' u rn |,h the same immediately to ]
j the county commissioners, who shall immi
diately adj lho n ames to the tax duplicate _
'of the ** r d, borough, township or district (
I in which they have been assessed.
I Hail. 9 tin the list being completed and ,
'the assessments be made as aforesaid, the ,
■ same shall he forthwith returned to the (
c#uniy cooAwiiiioiii'fc jiutyc*#*
plicate copied of 4*i<§ lUta, with In# oWf* ,
vaiionf miu\ •xplafiailont to he ,
noted as aforesaid, to he made out a* soon ,
as practicable, and placed in tho hands of ,
the assessor, who shall prior the first of Au- |
gu.t in each year put one copy on the door ,
or <>; i the house where the election ol the (
respective d|trlfts is required to be held, f
for the inspectiou, free uf charge, of any j
Iterton ri3lcfit in th© nij ©l©ctlon uutrict t
who shall desire to see the same; and It (
-hal be the duty of the said assessor to add, (
i from lime to time, on the personal applica- ,
tion of any one claiming the right to vote, ,
the name of such claimant, and mark op- (
posite the name "C. V.," and immediately ,
asses him with noting- as in a I oth- t
er cases, h sopcqpstion, rusidonea. whether |
a boarder, with whotp ijc board*, or wheth
er naturalised or designing to be. mnrking f
in all cases the letters opposite the name, t
"N." or "I). 1.," as the case may be; if the j
person claiming to be a#*e#*ed be natural-
ir.ed ho shall exhibit to the assessor hiscer- t
tifirate of naluraliaatiou. and if he claims j
that he designs to he naturalised before the ,
net l ensiling election, he shall exhibit the j
certificctu of l)U declaration of intention; „
in all cases where any ward, boroug town- ,
ship or election district Is divided Into two
ro more precingU, the assessor shall note t ,
in all bis assessmonU the election precinct t
in which each elector resides, and shall „
make a aeparnte return for each to the .
county commissioner in all case* in which [
a return is required from him by the pro- t
visions of this act; and the county com- „
missiobov#. In making duplicate copies of t
all such returns', fkall make duplicate cop- „
iea of the name of tho v.iter* in each pro- .
cinct separately and *hall furnish the same {
to the assessor; and the copies required by r
this act to be placed on the door# of or on „
election place' or on before the first of An- j
gu.t in each year, shall he placed on door ,
of or on tho elaction plaro In each of said „
pre<;in©U. f
SSK<?. $. After th© RMOMtncnti have boon ( \
completed on the tenth day proceeding the ,
second Tuesday in October of each year, ,
the assessor shall on the Monday Innuedi- j
alely following, make a return fothecoun- ~
ty commisaioiier* of the names of all per- ,
sons assessed hy him since tho return re- t
quired to h'< made hy him by the aooond ,
section of this act, noting opposite each i
name the observation nnd exp.anation re- t
quired to be noted as aforesaid : nnd the
county commissioner shall thereupon ,
- cause the same to be nddtd to the return ,
required by tho second section of this ,
■ art, and a full and correct copy thereof pi ,
bo made, containing the names of all per- ,
i sons so returned as resident taxable* in ,
said ward, borough, township or precinct, ,
; and furnish, thp safpo. together with the ,
f necessary election blank*, to the ,
i officers of the election in said ward, j
• borough, township or precinct on (
i or before six o'clock In the morning of ,
. tho second Tuesday of October; and no ,
I man shall bo permitted to vote at the dec- ,
tion on that day whoso name is not on said ,
- li*t. unless he sliall make proof of hit right ,
i to vote, a* hereinafter required.
i .Wye. 4. On tho day of election any per- ,
. son wnosjj nam? I* pot oil the said I st and
I claiming the right to votp at aid election. (
shall produce at least one qualified voter of |
- the (listrick as a witness to tho residence of ,
i the claimant in the district ill which he ,
■ claims to bo a voter, or the period of at ,
■ least ten days next preceding said election, ,
. which witness shall take and subscribe a (
r written or partly written and partly print- (
. iid affidavit to the facts staled by him,
which affidavit shall tfflW W|jW *|| e |
• residence of thp poison plaimlng t' hp |
a voter: and the person so claiming the (
right to vote shnll also take arid subscribe, (
a written and partly printed afflda-,,
. vit, stating to the best ot his knowledge und| (
belief, where and when he was born ; that (
' he is a citizen f the commonwettlth of
Pennsylvania and the United Htates : that
he has remlcd In the I'••tnuiou wealth one
year, or If tormar'y a citiseu thervlu, and
im moved therelroiii, thet he ha* ridei|
therein siv months nevt preceeditig said
election, tliul he lia* not ttloved liiUi (he
district for the purpose of voting thar< lit
that lit has paid a Hlate or county lav with
in two A-ears, which was assessed at least
tun day* before said election , ami, if nnt
lirnloed cltiaeil *hnll al*-' tate when,
where and bv what court lie was natural
lied, and shall also produce a certificate of
' naturalisation for examination; the id
- affidavit shall also stale when and where
tin' lav elatmed to he paid hy the affi-int
| was assessed, and when, where and to
| whom paid, and tile tax receipt therefore
'-hall he pralu'Hl for esniiiinatotu, unlr**
! the alfiiaut *hll slate in hi* affi lui it that It
lia* been lost or destroyed, or that he never
received any, hut it the person so elaititing
the right to vote *hnll take ami auhsi rthe
an altidavit. that he i* a native horn cili
sell of the United Slat'-s (or if Imtii else
where, shall state that fact in his affidavit,
and shall produce evidence that he ha*
' been naturalised, or that he entitled to eit
ixeitsllip hv reason of hi* father's naturali
sation ;) and shall further slate in hit affi
davit that lie is, at the lime of taking the
affidavit, between the age of twenty one
lid twenty-two years , that he ha* resided
Jin the Slate one year and in the election
district ten days next preceding such elec
tion, he shall be entitled to vote, although
he shall not hate paid tuxes , the said utfl
i davit*; the said affidavit* of all person*
making such claims, and the affidavit* of
the witnesses to their residence, shall lie
j preserved hy the election hoard and at the
, close of the election they ha!l he enclosed
j witkx the list of voters, tally list and other
: pajwr* required hv law to he filial hy lite
return Juuge with the pruthonotary, nud
shall remain on tile therewith in the pro
ihonotary's office, subject to examination.
\ .I- other election paper* are ; if the election
officer* shall find that the applicants pos-
Ues* all the legal qualification* of voters,
the or they shall be permitted to vote, and
I thn name or names shall he added to the
: list of taxable* by llie election officers, the
< word "tax" being added where the claim
ant claims to vole on tax, and the word
! "age" where lie claim* to vote on age; the
I same word* being udded hy the clerk* in
!each case respectively on the list* of per
' sons voting at such election.
{ Sac. i. It shall he lawful for nny quali
fied cilixen of the district, notwithstanding
the name of the proposed voter is contained
Lin the list of resident taxable*, to challenge
the vote of such persons ; whereupon the
! same priu'f of the right ot suffrage as is now
jrcouired hy law shall he publicly made
.and acted on by the election hoard, and
[the vote admitted or rejected, according to
the evidence ' evury person claiming to h
a naturalised eltixen shall be required to
produce hit naturaxation certificate at the
election before voting except where he has
been for ten year* consequently a voter in
he district In which he otter* hi* vote; and.
on the vole of such person being received
it shall he the duty uf the election officer*
to write or *tamp on such certificate the
word "voted," with the month and year;
ami if any election officer or officer* shall
receive a second vote on the same day. by
virtue of the same certificate, excepting
.where sou* are entitled to Vote hy virtue
of the naturalisation of their lather*, they
[and the persons w ho shall offer such socjnd
i ote, upon so o!ft nding shall be guilty of a •
high misdemeanor, and on conviction there- j
of, be fined or imprisoned, or both, at the
discretion of the court, hut the fine shallj
not exceed one hundred dollar* in aachi
case, nor lh imprisonment one year; the
like punishment shall he infin ted, on con
viction, on the officer* of election who 1
shall neglect or refuse to make, or cause to
make, or cause to he made, the indorse
ment required as aforosaid <>n said natural
isation cetificate.
SEC. A If any election officer -halt ri-fu.-
or neglect lo require such proof of the right
of suffrage a* is prescribed by this law, or'
the law to which thi* is a >upplemnl, from
any person offering to vote whose name is
not on the list of assessed voter*, or whoso
right to vole challecgej by any qualified
voter present and shall a.litnl -uch persons
to vole without requiring such proof,. orj
person so offending shall upon conviction.
l>c guilty of a high misdemeanor, and shall
be sentenced for every such offense, to pay -
a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars j
or to undergo an imprisonment nut marc
than one year, or either, or both, at the;
.!... rotten of OM court.
SEC 7 Ten days protruding every elec
tion for election of President arid Vice
President of the United States, it *ha)l b
the duly of the assessor to attend at the
place fixed hy law for holding |he election
in each election district, aad then and i
there hear all application* of person whose
names have been omitted front the list cf
a*e*-ed voters, and who claim tne right to
vole or whose right* have originated rinrc
the same was made out, and shall add the
name* of such person* therein a* shall show
that they are entitled l the right of suff
rage in each district, the ;-er*onl ap
plication of the rtaimi-nt only, and forth
with axses* them with the proper tax Af
ter completing the list a copy thereof *hal]
hie placed on the door of or on the h>-u*e
where the election is. to he held, at lea*!
eight day* before tbe election ; and at the
eh-ction the same c>ur*t< shall he pursued
In all reaport* a* is required by this act and
the act* to which it is a supplement, at the
general elections in October Tho a**ot<>r
shall also make the return* to the county
coinmissoner* ol all assessments tuado by
virtue of this section; and the count) com
missioner* shall furnish copies thereof to
the election officer* in each district, In like
manner in all r*pect, a* is required at the;
general election* in October.
SEC. H. The same rule# and regulation*,
shall apply at every special election, and
at every separate city, borough or ward
election, in all sopccl* a* at the general in
election* in October.
SK\ 1 The respective assessors. Inspect
or* and judges of the elections shall each
have the power iu administer oath to any
persons claiming tho r-gkl to ho a***<-d or
the right of suffrage or in regard to any
other matter or thing to be done or in
quired into hy any of said officer* under
this act; and any willful false swearing by
any person in relation to any matter or
thing concerning whlnh they hall be law
fully Interrogated by any of said officer*
shall be punished at perjury
SEC 10. Tho a*tee#rs shall receive the
tame compensations for the time nec*a
rilv spent in performing the duties hereby'
enjoined a* i* provided oy law for the per
formance of their other duties to be paid'
hy the county commissionc-s as it slial' not j
be lawful for nny a*se*or to assess a tax
against any person whatever within ten
dav next preccedlng the election to he
held on tho seoond Tuesday offjetober. In
any pear, or within tisti days next before
any election for electors of President
anil Vice President of the United States;
and violation# of thi* provision shall be a (
misdemeanor, and subject the officer* so'
offending to a fine, on conviction not ex- J
reeding one hundred dollor*. or to imprit- (
unment not exceeding three month#, or i
both, lit th* discretion of the court.
Sffc. 11. On the petition of or more
ritixent of the county, stating under oath j
that they verily believe that fraud* will
be practiced at tho election about to be i
held in any district, it shall be the duty of i
the court of common plea# of said county, 1
if in session or if not a Judge thereof in tea- i
tion. to appoint two Judicious, sober and
intelligent cilixen* of the county to act a# I
iiyerseer* at said election-said overseer# i
shall be soleeied ftrom different political
parties, where inspector* belong to differ <
i-nt parties, and where both of said in#pec-|l
tors belong tu the same political party, Doth i
uftho overseer# shall be taken from the op- j
posite political party; said overseers shall
have tne right to he present with officer# of 1
the olection, during tbe whole time the
(ante Is held, the vote# counted and the re- I
turns made out and signed by the alia tion 11
officer# ; to keep a list, of voters, if they sec |
proper; to challenge any person offering h
to vole, and interrogate nini and hi* wit- i
nes# under oi.th, ill regard to hi* right of
suffrage at said aid election, and to exam- i
ino hi* paper# produced ; and the officers i
of said election are required to afford KM
said overseer# so selected and appointed! i
i-very convenenience and facility for the I
discnaige of their duties ; and If said r lee-. I
tion officers shall refuse to permit said | i
overseers to be present and perforin their
duties its aforesaid, or if they shnll be driv i
en away from the (soil by violence or inti- i
■nidation all 'lie vote* polled at such olec-11
tion district may ho rejected by anv tribu- ( >
nal trying a contast under said clootion: i
Pratideti. That no person signing the pe
tition shall be appointed an overseer.
f*ee 12, If any pruthonotary, clerk, or i
the deputy of either, or any other person 1
shall affix the seal of office to any natural!- |
xution paper, or permit the same to be af- j
fixed or give our ot cause or permit the I
same to he given out, in blank, whereby it i
may bo fraudulently used, or furnish a i
naturalization certificate to any person who I
shall not havo been duly examined and
sworp in "pen court, in the presence of the
judge* thereof, according to the act of
Congress, or shall aid or connive at, or in
any way permit the issue of any fraudulent
naturalization certificate, he shall be guil- .
ty of a high misdemeanor; or if any one i
shall fraudulently use any such certificate
of naturalization, knowing that it was
fraudulently issued, or shall vote, or at
tempt to vote thereon, or if any one shall .
vote, or attempt to xotoon any certificate
of naturalisation not issued tonitu, lie shall
he guilty of a high inlsdemeanor; and either
or any of the persons, their aider* or abet- <
t„r*, guilty of either of the misdemeanors i
aforesaid, shall, on conviction be fined in i
a sura not exceeding one thousand dollars, i
and imprisoned in tbe proper penitentiary ■
for u period not exceeding three years. i
Sec IU. Any person who on oath oraf- <
Urination, in <'r before any coprt in this i
HtAtl; or offiuer authoriaed to administer |
oaths', shall t" procure a certificate of uatu- <
ralization, for himself or any other person, i
wilfully depose, declare or affirm any mat- i
ter to be fact knowing the *ame to bo false,' 1
or shall In like inuiiner deny any matter to (
I be (Vict, knowing the same f,, he (rue, shall
e| he deemed gtnlly • f perjury ; and any
I [certificate oil naturalization U*uod In pur-
I suancc jf any such deposition, declaration
1 ur aid "nation *hall he null ami vo.it; and
I- It (Ril he the (In; I ot ilia . (1(411 i*iiUig (he
i same, upon proof being nude before it that
• was fraudulently ohuined, to t N k* iiiint"-
t diate measures for recnlliag the Oame for
- CMiieellalioii, alid any |o-n>on wlioahnll vote
i, or attciipl to vote on any |aper iM< I
• or who shall in any way aid in, miuiivbut
f or have any agency whatever in the lstie,
I circulation or me of any fraudulent unto
e ralization certificate, thai 1 he deemed gull
t |ty of a misdemeanor and upon conrictioii
• i thereof shall undergo an imprisonment in
ejthu pewlientiary for not more tha i twu
• years, ami pay anne nt more than cm
it thousand dollars for every such offense, or
r either or both, at the discretion of lbs
g court
c Sec It Any assessor, election offi, ,-r o
- person appointed s< an overseer, who shall
- neglect or refuse to perform any duty ea
:, lointnl by tnis act, without reasonable or
• .legal ■. suse, shall l>e*uldect to a pen illy
■ of on* hundred dollars, ami if any asso soi
■ *hal< asses* any person as a voter who is
-,not qualified, or *hall refu*,- to asses, any
e one who is qualified, he shall be guilty ot
misdemca'ior in office, and mi conviction
I t,.< puntsheii by fine or imprisoiiiiient, and
it aio be subject lo an act for
- lite party agrleved ; and if any person* ha) I
li fraudulently alter, add too, deface or <f<>-
• troy any lit of vol, r* made out a*directed
• by this act, or tear dowu or remove the
f tnaie from the place where it h is been fix-
ed with fraudulent or mlsobeviou* inteu
• tion, or for any improper purpose, the |-r-
I son so ( (Tending shall he guilty of a high
r misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be
• punished hy fine not exceeding five hun
-1 bred dollar*, or imprisonineiit not exceed
- ing two years, or both, at the discretion of
. the court.
>i Kee 16. Any election or city, ward,
- borough, township and election officers
shall hereafter be held on the second Tues
i day ol October, subject to all the provision
p j of the laws regulating the elections of such
i-j offlc-r* not inconsistent u itli this act; the
.' person* elected to such offices at that time
i : shall take their places at the expiration uf
r | the terms of the person* holding tin- same
i i at lite time of such election ; but no election
- for the office of assessor or assistant asses
sor shall be held under this act, until the
. jyear one thousand eight hundred and
si raventv.
|! Sec lb At all elections hereafter held
, under the law* of thi* Commonwealth, the
) polls shall be opeued between the hour* of
i *ix and seven o clock a. m., and closed at
seven o'clock, p. m.
|> Sec 17 It shall be tde duly of the Sec re
, Mary of the Common wealth to prepare forms
i{for all the blank* made necessary by this
. art, and ftimish copies of the same lo the
• county commissioner* of the several coun
i ■ ties of the t ommonwoalth ; and the county
of each county shall, a*
mav he necessary after receipt uf the same,
I at tne y roper ev|H-n*e oft he c..urts. procure
i and ftimish to all the e'oction officers of
i the election district* of their respective
counties copies of such blanks, in such
qtialiira* a* may he rendered necessary for
tbe discharge of their duties under thisocL
Sec IU. That cilizvu* uf this Stale Umpo
tarily in ihe service of the State or of the
United State# tiovernnraaU, on clerical or
other duty, and wh.i do not vote where
•'thus employed, shall not he thereby de-
I prived of the right to vole in their several
election districts if otherwise duly quail-
I fled.
1, l>. W. VV.KMiring, High Klu-riff of
j Centre county. Commonwealth of Penn
i-ylvante, do hereby tuak known and give
notice to the electors of the c untv afore-1
said, that an election will he held in th<
• aid county ol Centre, on TUESDAY th.
10th dap of OCTOBKK, IH7! for the pur
pose of electing the sev -ral person* herein-1
after na' ed, viz:
One per*.at duly qualified for Auditor
I<iene a: of I'ennsvlvani .
One person duly qualified f.-r Surveyor
(it-nera! uf Pennsylvaid .
One person duly qualtfled for member of;
i Assembly.
Two pcr-on* duly qualified for A**uct*l<-
, J udgtts.
One |enus duly qualified for county j
j One person duly qualified for County!
1 Commissioner.
One jtei>ui duly qualified for county!
■ Surveyor.
One person duly qualificod for distriet
Attorney. . I
Otn- person duly qualified for Auditor.
1 also hereby male kn -arn and give no- j
, ti.ii that the place of holding ihe aforesaid :
rleetion in the oeveral borough* and town.
• hips withtii tho county of Centre are a*;
follow*, to wit:
Kr the lownsltip of liaine*, at the.pub-
Ilie house of Mr. Hoph iu the town of A
For the township of Half Mmn, at the
-chool house in Strmt"wn.
For the township ot Taylor, at the housr
erected for the purpose, en the property on
Fur the township of Mile*, in tho school i
! h..re in tho town of Rel>ersburg.
For the township of l oiter, at tfto hou*-
H II Porter. Old Fort
For the township of tiregg, at the publicj
house owned by J. B. Fi*her.
For the towa*hlp of Ferguson, at the
*h<Mtl house in Pine tirova.
For the timn .hip of Harris, at the school
house in Boalsburg
For the lowt.hip of Patlon, at the house
of Peter Murray.
For the borough ol Beliefouie, and
Spring and Bennur township*, at the Court,
House in Bellefoute.
For the township of Walaar, at the
!school House in Hublershurg.
For the borugh and town drip of How
ard at tbe school house in said borough
For the township of Hush, at Cold
Stream school house.
For the township of Know Shoo, at the.
school house near tfi* house of .Samuel
' Askcy,
For the township of Marion, at the
•chool house in Jacksonville.
For th borough of Milesbtirg. in the
school house at Mile.hurg
For the township uf Bogg*. at tb now
'school house in Centfal Uily.
For the township of Uoustoa, at the
hnuse of John Bee I.
For iba P>wntbip of I'# *a. at tbe hsate of
l IV. 1.. Murnr.
For the Uiwp*hip of Liberty, at l He
' sch<al house in KagleviUe.
For the towr.ririp ul Worth, at the school
[ hou-a in Port Matilda.
For the twnhip of llurnside. at the
house of John B<>ak.
For the township of Curlin, at the school
bouse near Kohert Mann t.
For the'h..fs'iigh of Uninnvillc and Un
ion township, at the school bouse of Union i
The general Election in ail the Town-!
i ships. District* and Bor.mgh of the county
listohe opened between the hours of six)
and seven 'f|n** iu'the forenoon, and)
shall continue without inloruplion or ad-'
loirrnmenl until seven o'clock in the even
ing, "When all polls shall lie closed.
Constitutional Convention.
At lh oomlnrf October election the cili
xen* of Pennsylvania will vote Upon the
question of calling a convention to amend
the Stale Constitution, under the follow ing
act passed by the last Legislature:
An Act to authorize a popular vote upon ,
tho question of calling a vonvafeUou KM
mi,end tho Coustlsutlon of Pennsylvania.
Sec. I. fit if matted, Ac., That the!
question of calling a convention to amend i
the Constitution of this commonwealth be '
submitted to a vote ot the people at the!
fenerai election lo be held oa lira second
'uesday of October next, the said question
to be voted upon in manner following, lot
wit: In counties nnd cltif* iu which slip
ticket voting is authorized h.v law, vole
for and against a convention inny be ex-!
pressed and given upon the ticket, headed .
..r endorsed with the word "State' and not,
otherwise; and the words used shall bej
"Constitutional C'onvci lion" >r "against;
a Convention," nnd in counties cr districts!
in which slip tickfit voting snail not b. ;
autlturia.nl by law, nach elector voting
upon said question shall cast separate bal
lot, endorsed on the outside "Constitu
tional Convention," nnd containing on the
in*ite the word# "for a Convention'' or
"agaisntn Convention;" and all vote* cast
a* atore-aid shall he received, counted and <
returned by thepr. per election officer# and <
return judge# a* vote# for are re- ■
ceived, cuuntod and relumed under exist
ing laws. I
Sec. 'J. That the election aforesaid shall
be held and he subject to all the provi
sion* of law which apply to general elec
tions; Sheriff* oft he several counties sliall
give notice of thi* act in their election
[proclamation the present year, and the!
Governor shall cause all the returns of the
said elections, a* received by the secretary
of the commonwealth, to be laid beforiitlie
legislature at it* annual olection.
Jamk* H. n Kim.
Speaker of the House.
Speaker of tho Senate. j
ArPKovKP—The second day of June,
Anno Doiuini, one thousand hundred
and seventy-one. JOHN \\ . OKARY.
Change iu the Mode of Voting.
An Act regulating the mode of voting at nil
elections in the several counties of this 1
Commonwealth, approved March 30,
SECTION 1. fir it enacted Ay the Senate |
and fiouae of ftejirrnentatirrs uf the (\>m
momrealtk e/ Pennty/rania in Genera! At- \
lembly met, and it i* kereby enacted by the
authority of tkt taint, That the qualified 1
voters of the several counties of thi# Com
monwcallh, at lira general township, boy
ough or special election*, ary i.orehy; here
after. HittHoriafid and required t<> vote, by
tickets, printed or written, or partly print
ed and partly wriitten, severally classified
a* follows: One ticket shall embrace the
nnmes of all judges of courts voted for, and
to bo labelled outside 'judiciary one
ticket shall entbiace the nauie of all ,Stato j
'officers ifor, and Is* lnWl)-#l "ritnle:''
> > olir. ticket shall einhlar.* lho iimii.t* of all
county officer# v •!> It ■ ml he labelled
n "county" OII ticket shall embrace thr
d liaine* of all township officers voted for,
•'laud he labelled "township. ' one tirk.il
t *hall auihmce (he mnira- <f all l>or<<ugh
'-jfllßenf# voil"I fiir, ami I>e laheUwl "hor
t ouyl,and each shall I" d jio.itel In *.qi
e [ .'g|l.. ballfohoXt'..
I XV Amendment CotHdituliotj U. H.
! "KE'TI'K I. The right of .*lti -ns of the
I Uiiitod Slaty* to vol. shall not Im dt- ... •!
!•; pr atiridg.Mi hy the United Kiates, or hy
II any State ir, aet'out of ra-e, eojor, or pre
"! vioii* condition of sarvitwdg.
First nnd Sccni l H.-,-ti . i of A'"t o|
iri Congress March. *Jl t 117(1,
" Kb. IION I iu it enaetrd Ay th- Hennfr
no d il i,. ..r Jt ji,i- ul'' 'A.- t'nitfi
)i stain of A tat meet ,* f.'-iyn-t a ininkle t,
'That alt citizen# of lho United State*, w!t
jaro, r shall l* otherwise qualiliinl hi' law
' r lto vote at any election hy ihe people, in
[any State, Territory, district, county, city
,r ( parish, township, snbool district, tnuuici
" parity or other territorial -of, division,
y'hall h eiilillcd and alluweii to vol# at all
such elections- without distinction of rsoi,
'j:c dor. or previous conditmn o| servitude;
iaoy Dmutitutlon, law, custom, u*aga <r
i y , : regulation of any State or T<irrit-.ry, m h.v
"fur under it* authority, to the contrary not
'J [ withstMiidiug
' SEC 'I Ami !■> it further rnaeti t. That
* If hy law <>r under lira authority of Consti
tution or law# 1 any Slate, or law's of any
Territory, any act i or *hall !* r,qaire<l
" to be June a# a prereqm-.te or qualification
' for voting, and by aeh Coasritufion or law
' person* or uffi.. r* ur or *tiall bn charged
with lira performanca of dm.* in furnish
" ing to etlixrii* an opportunity to perform
such prere<|uisite <>r u> Iwnw- qualified to
vote, il shall be the duty of every sueb
* person and ..fficer ti give t" all citizen* of
* the United State) to taoieand e-pial otqetr
* tuuity to perform uch prerequisite and Ut
[' become qualified to vols without distino
tion of race color or previous condition
0 of servitude; and if any uc h pcr-on or
v . officer shall refuse or knowing omit to give
full effect to this section, he shall, for every
'' such offi-nse. forfeit and pay the sua ot
!l five hand:e*i dollars to the person ag
grieved thereby, U> be rnc -v.-red by an
1 action on the case, with full cost an.) such
allowance for eoun-.-l fees as the court
, shall deem jttri, and shall also, for every
such offeuse, be dec tiled guilty of a rnisd'*-
1 inc.nor. and *ball. an convieriou tiirr.-jf.
be fined not_ less than Aire hundred do!-
' lur>, or be imprisoned not lass than one
month, or more than one year, or both at
the dtsenetion of the court
* Sw. 10 of mi Act of the Pennsylva
nia Legislature of Anril 0 a. d. 1879.
SEC 10. That # much of every act of]
Assembly a* provide# that only white tree-:
; men are entitled to vole r.-guter.- l
j. a* voters or a* claiming to • any gen
eral eloction or tpc-ial election f thi*
. Cutnmonwe .Ith. be and the ssm* is hereby
. repealed; and that hereafter all froomen.
without disticueii of color, shall heenrjlled
and regislercl according to tlie provisions
of the l'rt section of thoacl approved 17tb
April. IMG's, entitled "An act further sup
plemental to the *et relatiuq to the elec
tion* of this t'ommonwealth, and when
otherwise qualified under the existing'
laws, be entitled to at all and #pc
rial elections in this Ouiniiioawwllh."
Fur*uant t" the provision- contained in'
'[the t'venlr sixth session ot the art first!
aforesaid the Judge* ~f ib? aforesaid dis-i
i trick* shall rospactivcly tike eitmrge of th.-j
•certificate# of the rrturti .if the efeetioti of
< their respective dutrict*. and produce them j
[at a meeting f one judge from eachdi*-'
trict at the Court House, in the bor. of Bcl
! tnnte, on the third day after the dayofl
j electron being ... FUIbAY, THE IXtll
DAY OK OCTOBRR fori at tea o'clock
a. in. then and there to do and perform the. l
dui.e# required hy la"-v sf.tid judge#.
Also, that where a Judge, by sickness or j
; unavoidable accident, i* unable to attend'
j.ucb meeting of judges, then th e certificate
.r return shall be taken charge of bv one)
iof the Inspector* or clerk* of <he dorU.sn of)
the district, who shall do and nerft.rm thej
duties required of .aid judge unable to at- ] i
, tend.
j Given wilder my hand, at my in
Bcllefonte. thi- otn d*y of S.ptetubar, in
ihe yar of our L>rd. -.nc fit rasa ad eight 1
hundred and seventy-one, and in the nine-i
jty-f.atrth year iridej?nd>-nre of the!
; United Stale*.
f - a i* ri a g e
CViitre Hall, Pn,
Has ..n hod and for sale at the most rea
' i -..liable rates a splendid stock of
I and c* cry derariptlmi ot Wag n both
1 j warrauts#) to be made ot th" be-t and tn st
. durable material*, and by the n.o-t expe-
Jrieneed workmen. All work sent out froiu
i the estahlishntent will bo found t>' he of
. jthe highest els#.' and sure to gino pertect
satisfaction. He will also have a five as
, sortment of
li Is li I G H H
of all the newost and most fa-hionable
stylos well and carefully tnad and of'the
, bet material*.
An inspecti- n of his work is asked a* il
- is believed that none superior can be found
in the coantry. aogSktf.
CARD. i.
J.E. Caldwell (fcOoi
• i
No. 902 CHESTNUT .ST., ,
De-ire to envite the etiqi.ial nitontjon of
purchaser# gnd wther* visiting the city. t j
tht.ir unusually large and varied a##ort
j luent of
or KisiaT qutUTY.
during (he prroctit season,
t'ourtcott# and polite ixM- ut •-u 1- extend- 1
e.| Pi all who may be induced t.< a.isq.t a <
cordial invitation to visit their beautiful
jul 14.6 m
Successors of F. P. \\ ileou, llcilefoiite

Have secured tho services uf Jautos 11.
Steen, of Philadelphia, a druggist of tliir
'teen your* experience, who will have the
charge of their i>re*cription[busln"#s.
A night bell I# attached to their store '
door, and tlie employees sleeping within the 1
building, will attend to tho wants of tho
public at all hour# of tho night
Linn & Wilson keep constantly on
hand a large stock of
Drug#, Pah\ts. tAi bn. PoMunierv, Trusses
quii Mi.dicu! Appliance uf all kinds,
together with a very large stock of \
I'i.tent Medicines, sucli as
Vinegar Bitters, nnd also '
Pure Wine#, and li- i
quors, o) all kinds .<
for medical - , t
July 14.Dm ' 4 WILSON.
ill "■
' •
. (H)AL —• VVi!k*barrv Coal, Chestnut,
It | fHove, Egg, ftiriMM't? and fuanitrjr,
% C"al —gr b.wt quality, at th® low
ed price*. Customer* wiliplcau
>r ' nW that our -<*! u kouid un
y dcrvomm'dlouiihodi.
,1 LIMK -Woixlorttwl-ljurDt Lima, for Ml<
at ar kiln*, on the pike trading t<
s | Milesburg.
J *
" ! POWDER.—Having tilt* •(tncr
for lilt I'oat * Powder AT
WHOLESALE, we thill b©
pleated to receive order* from
th • trade.
Office and yard near ontb t-nd of Bald
' Kagle Valley U. R Depot, Bellefunle, Pa.
!j _ ■
J ll** born to the extreme and of the
to Button.
r For IKY GOODS to New fork.
For CLOTHING to Philadelphia.
-fa-Bach article bought directly
from the Manufacturer, with a de
al ro to uil tbia iiinrki l-jHf
FIN K ALPACAS from #ic to 76c the
iitu-nl— t.-.jjal to ®1,26 alpaca*.
SUlTS—from $lO to sl*. boat alt
wool Ca**itneie*.
, Carpet* at old rate*, I root Hi cent* to 76
cent* per yard, for the bl.
And •clhs.jr from 12S to Id cent*, the be*
raticom, and mutlin* in proportion, at
Woman * Shoe*. • -illusion g.-od, to f
all summer, at $1 per pair
Fine llo.>u from $1.50 to $7,50 for
at the !<?*''. rata*, and .ld at IHO7 price
S V i T S.
. from SIO,OO to $lB for the best.
.nd if it ainl true. Stem bar* will treat.
They only a?* people to come and tee
jovwt iftbcjr do n>t wi*b t? buy.
r ll ii K \ XVIL STORK i* uo*r receiving
I a law and veil assorted Stack o
Hardware, Stomal, NaiU. I!'r*e Shoes. Sad-
Hery, Paint*, Sheet. Bar and Hoop
Iron also Buggy and Wagon Stock oi
every description,—Call and supply Tour
selves aufc© lowest pfdWe r*u- at
Oa Allegheny Street.
II tving purchased the ©uliro alock of Goods
fr ? n L*vi A Miller, and
iro now prepareJ to ;,.<>.tn:n<dale ell the
' iil<l jrienib of the i?.*iabliltineat, and host*
of new one*, we keep constantly ou hand
Colfee, I ea, Sugar,
Syrup, Dried Fruit,
Canned Fruit, Hatut.
Dried Beof, .Salt,
Fickle*, Butter, Flour
Porn Meal, •
Buckwheat Flour,
and everything usiialy kept in a well regu
lated l!rt clan* Grocery Store
nsrS.tim lIUII L * GAULT.
B| AROMKTKItS and Thermometer*, at
the very be#t quality Jiwt receiveda
Wolf, old Hand
l.iidle* Truaaea.
Thi* Invaluable article for female*, U now
to be had at Herlaeher'* store, and no other
place in Centra county. L*die*rcmvtaber
ihat the*® tru*se* can be had at Centre
Hall tf.
Chas. H. Held,
Clock. Watchmaker A Jewclei
Millhcim, Centre eo., Pt
Hcpeotflly informs hi* Mead* and th
i public ir (p-neea!, that he ha* just opened
t hb new establishment, above Alevan
' ,irr'* Store, and keep* constantly on hand
all kind* of Clock*. Watche* and Jewelr
<f the latest styles, a# a!o the Maranvilh
Patent Calender Ch-A*, provided with i
complete of the month, and day oi
the month and week on it* f*ee. which ii
warrante,l a* a perfect time-keeper.
VfuClock*, Watche* and Jewelr* re
paired on short notice and warranted.
* l *
| betwan Market and Arch, formerly 104.
- Carpet*. Oil Cloth*. Oil Shade*, Wick
1 ,Cr. n Yarn*, Carpid Chain*, Grain
tta-r*. Window Paper Ruling, &e. Abo,
, Uru'he*, L taking Giaase*, Ac. decthly
: uid Conveyancar. Deed*, Bond*, .Mort
i cages, aud'al! inrtrument* of writing faith
fully attended to. Special attention given
to, the collection of Bounty and Pension
i lairu*. Office nearly opposite the Court
, Mouse, two doors above Messrs. Bush A
j Yocum'a Law Offiee Rellefonte, Pa.
[ lOjunly _ • .■
UNION PATENT Citl KV. tl.c bet
in useat lawt* * WlLaos'*.*
I Hplrt'Oh,
' plate.l fork*, *iMe>n. Ac, at
ap10.68 llt WIN A ILSON.
BOQTS, iiTrge stock, all atylM, sixes and ,
prices, for men and boy*, lust arrived
at Wolf well known okl Stand.
O CALKS, at wholesale and retnil, cheap
>1 v lit WIN A WILSON.
##Ay person sending u* eight sub
scribers with the cah, sl6, will receive
the Reporter 1 year free; and for four
names and SB, the Reporter J month* free (
I ,* tiers of administration on the estate oi
Jacob Gentxell sr., late of Gregg ttp., |
| CeatM emtnty dee d., have lltM gfanted
by tbi) Register of said 9<UM>ty }° *5 . un "
dersigned. All urn-ons having Haim* "
against the toWv<V the d.-cedent are re- -|
.pioiituJ to present them for srttlemtuß. n< l
luiose indebted to the estate V" Pay
ment to the undersigned, , r ,
'without delay. J M*.B UKNTJkSL j r
aug'i£>.Cv? AduMlßr j^ior
The Ilnilrtmil
litis Just arrived at
The Old Stand
a( Centre Hall,
I;:tvilli the finest and
best stock of
in Pennsvallev.
Caps, Boot*, Shoo.
. hm * large ttnt-k ,*
!• ISH, th latt, all kind*,
the beet and in the mark.-
apr,l WM. WOLF
'Furniture Rooms!
' Mapeettuily inform# the citlum* f Ceefs?
county, that be ba*coni-Uißtiy TM band, anw
| make* to order, alt kind* v!
, Hlntvek of ready-made Furniture Ulna*
land warranted of good orkin*hh>pa<d A
, all made uod<-r hitoarnimißediaictutiurA -
: don, and i* offered at rat** a* ebony U*l*r
where. Thankful for paat favor*. h *oH
' R* a continuance of tie Mine.
Call and * hi* *toek before parch**' -
Ukawrfcar*. npß*' r Yv
H \.
C?" W 4>
hriiTi* y. IMf
S sT
O im ItHl BMMM, J
lAti Mlwe
M*aa£*c*uren* Agin, Pie*bu>gb. A*
Attorney* at Law. Billcfnnte,
OB* , on the Dtamnd. next doer to Gnr
man'* botul. Ceunulbition* in German ot
Kwgl b febismt
JOHN F. POTTI.R. Attorney *t Law.
Colic, tion* pron pt'y made .nd cpecia
attention given to tboe baring land* *•
prppettj- fur Mle. M'ill draw ap and bar*
ackncw' edged Deeds Mortgage-, Ac. Ot
ic® In tbe diaiticnd, norta *'de cf tie
court home, Bellcfonte. oct22"oUif
Pri-*ideuL Cat-bier.
(Late Millikca. lttntver A CVL>
And Allow Intrmt.
Discouat Nc" u s
Government Securities Qe' , *l\\ y * l,d ' e
ia®® aatruated tc hini |uia,fS|f
I) r ?TNEY, Attorney at Law
.HTI l*. w efonte. Pa. Office over Key
* k. ma.vH'COtf '
Rellefonte, Centre Co., Pcr.n'a. HjrtlSrf
IRA C. MITCHELL, Attorney at Law
Bellofont®, Pa. Office in Carman.*
new building uppocile the Court H. utn.
.S'cteuec en tke A <itn net.
C. H. Gutelius,
Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist
who i p. rmuiieutly located in Aarontbare
tn the office formerly occupied by I>r. Nwff,
and who hu been practicing with envlri
IUCCWI— ha vingthe experience of a number
of year* in the profex.ion, he would oordi
atly invite all who have a* yet not giver
nim a call, to do *o, and test the truthfulne*.
of thi® aaxertion. JB<S-Teeth extrr ctd
without pain. ii.av2^t;s ? <
PTl^uuat^aifSu?- *
X • pHn, Centre llttll. Pa., oft'ers hi
professional services to th© citir.cn* of Pot
ter and adjoiniag township*. Dr. Netf ha®
th® experience of 23 years in the active
practice of medicine and surgery. apJU't'R
cian and Surgeon, Potter Mills, PH..
offers his profession*! imkes to the citt—
of Pottei township* mr2G,a*,ti
JXO. H. oavia. c. T. ALXXAHDEK
Attorneysmt-law. Office inC'onrad Hoosa
Bellefonte, Pa. *
. L .J. :P. GKPHABT,
with Orris A Alexander, attends to coll.
Bons and praotice in the Orphan'* O ec *
7jan'7otf ->urt.
L& ssrjs
P A VJ* G 0o ? STOVgg
V rners wm • a'" 1 four sixes of G
uwss " nl, >" tt'd for sale a
"' UO,W< - U-wix a Wii.rn.a-.
. I BELLN, at low prie<*, at
>TT ANl>uK3 H and Door"Bell*, VIH
IXX tt> • kinds at

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