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CLEARFIELD; PA., NOV. 10, 1858.
TtMrzRA.vcE Meeting. The Washingtonian
Temperance Society will hold its quarterly
meeting on Monday the loth day of Novem
ber, at early candle-light, in the Court House.
Several addresses may be expected on the oc
casion. The public is kindly invited to at
tend. G. FuiLirr Gceucu, frost.
Lost is tdb Woods. Last Friday, at noon,
party, consisting of George Smcall and two
of his sons, Joseph Bailey, Calvin Bailey, Geo.
Bool and Bcnj. Hartshorn, Jr., or Pike town
ship, started out to hunt chestnuts, on the old
Indiana road, between Xcepcr's and the Gram
pian Hills road that leads to Punxsutawney.
Mr. Hartshorn was left to take care or the
dragon and horses, and put up a shelter, whilst
the others took to the woods. The party did
JOt, however, return to the placeof rendez
vous agreed-upon, that evening. Xext morn
Sog Mr. II. tired his gun several times as a sig
nal for the party, but hearing no response, he
concluded they had lost themselves. With
this impression on his mind, he hastened to
Curwensville and induced a number of persons
1 that place and vicinity to go in search of
his companions. No trace ot them was, how
ever, discovered until Sunday, about the mid
din of the da', when they were found. They
had lost their way in the dense forest, and ns
the sun had been obscured by clouds both days,
they had no guide by which to determine the
'proper course to pursue, and accordingly kept
wandering around without being ablo to extri
cate themselves from their unpleasant situa
tion. Having had nothing to cat for two days
-and nights, and exposed to the inclemency oi
tho weather, (it having rained the greater part
of the time,) when found they were in a bun
.gry and sufl'oring condition.
Why is it T that the road between Curwens-
Ule and Clearfield is in such a miserable con
dition. There is a large amount of travel
constantly going on from the one place to the
other, high tolls are charged, the road is well
located, aad yet chuck-holes and ruts have
been left unrepaired all summer, and now that
the wet weather is setting in, the road will be
come almost impassable. We don't know
where the fault lies, but it is certainly somc
where, and we trust steps will be .immediately
tka to have the road put in better condition.
The Special Court, called tor this week, is
row in session. The cause of Patchiu vs.
Laniburii, occupied the time and attention of
the Court till last evening, when a verdict was
rendered in favor tf Patchin. The cause was
triad before His Honor, Judge Fisher, of York,
who won the esteem and good wishes of the
members of the Bar, and all others who form
od his acquaintance, by his affable and unas
suming manners and superior legal attain
ments. His Honor, Judgo Burnsido, will pre
aldo tho rcniaindor of the term.
Hebet Swa has received a large stock of
Tall and Winter Goods at his store in Anson-
illfi, which he will sell at prices to suit the
ftmes. His stock was selected specially to
Meet the wants of the community. lie has
sdo a largo stock rf Salt, and a fine assort
ment of Cook, Parlor and Coal Stoves. We
direct attention to his advertisement.
Watches axd Jewelbt. By referring to an
advertisement in another column it will be
seen that II. F. Naugle has received a stock
oi Watches and Jewelry at his establishment
In Shaw's Kow, Clearfield, Pa.' Persons desi
rous of purchasing anything in his lino would
do well by giving him an early call.
Committed. On Saturday, a man named
Andrew Hays was committed to our county
Jail, charged with being implicated in tho rol
lery of Mr. David McGhehan's store near An
sonville. He was taken in Snow Shoe, Centre
county, and brought to this place by Itobt. B.
McCully and Peter Bloom.
Large Cabbage. Mr. Frederick Guclich,
of Lawrence township, presented us on Mon
day with several heads of cabbage, which in
alze exceed anything of the kind we have yet
ecn, one of the heads weighing 19 lbs. Mr.
G. will please accept our thanks for the same.
The Prize Figutebs. Morris.ey says that
his wife's connexions are opposed to his con
tinuing in the "profession." He intends to
open a grog shop and lead a respectable and
.moral life in future. We do not hear of Ilee
aan's reappointment to the Custom House of
fice which he resigned, as the performance of
Its duties interfered with his training. He
has not been flogged worse than Glancy Jones,
And he stands a good deal better chance on
another trial. Mr. Buchanan ought to do
.something for him.
On Sunday night, the Delaware Bank, at
Delhi. New York, was entered, and thirty
even thousand dollars stolen. The robbery
was not discovered till morning, giving the
-perpetrator opportunity to make his escape.
The money, Mken by him consisted of the
following parcels: $13,000 in pocket bills,
$1-5,000 in mutilated Delaware Bank notes,
.$8,000 in gold and $1,000 in other funds.
Mr. Thomas Winans, of Baltimore, is out in
card refuting the charge that the American
contractors for building the St. Petersburg
:nd Moscow Kailroad had cheated the Govern
ment by nmrepresentingthe length of the road.
His letterdisposcs satisfactorily of the charge,
which seems to have its origin in the spiteful
imaginations of certain English Engineers.
The Best and Greatest variety of Penman
ship just exhibited at the Pennsylvania State
Fair, at Pittsburgh, and at New Castle, Pa.,
was from tho Iron City College, of this city.
This institution is now the largest in the
country, and offers superior facilities lor ac
quiring a practical business education. Pittt
burgh Daily True Presi.
Slightly Satirical Tho Vice President,
in concluding his letter to the Illinois Dem
ocratic Committee advising the support of
Douglas, expresses his "cordial wishes for the
harmony-of the Democracy ot Illinois."
The Providence Journal says he might as well
sen4 his cordial wishes for the solvency of tho
.Ohio' Life a.id Trust Company.
LeIn session our special court.
n?Rather muddy the roads about town.
tTell some snow on Saturday, in this re
gion. HPDitto largo quantities of rain during tha
post week.
tyUusted the flaxseed Senate. Rather un
popular, the lato officer.
EHungry tho chap who stole i. D. Lanich's
turkey, on Thursday night.
OCincinnati papers say the principal epidem
ic raging in that city, is a thirst for strong drink.
tjf' An Irish friend of ours remarked that "he
is never quite sober until he gets about half drunk.
tTho Newlork Express says a million of
coin has been .cnt South to aid iu the movement
of the cotton erop.
E?Altbough one swallow will not make a sum
mer, still, a pin maliciously inserted in a chair
will make one spring.
RPMr Dallas, our Minister to England, has
written to tho President, intimating his intention
to return in the Spring.
CsFlustrated the young Miss, when she dis
covered that the was trailing one of her hoops a
long the street. Better luck next time.
Mir"Eighteen thousand bushels of wheat and
eight hundred barrel? ot flour, were destreyed by
fire, at Dover, Kentucky, on tho 22 J ult.
r&Query? How does it come that whenever
tho people want to get rid of hard times, they de
sert the Democracy ? Should li'te to know.
LsFour white women and ono white man, tried
for vagrancy at Louisville, Ky.. lately, have been
ordered to be sold twelve months into slavery.
C?"Zadock Pratt of X. Y., has according to his
own account "tanned ono million hides." and is
said now to be worth the sarao number of dollars.
53?" A fish having feet, was caught a few days
ago, at Peach Bottom, on the Lancaster sidoof the
Susquehanna river. We opine, that that story is
certainly fishy.
r?"Jteported a further decline in tho mule
market, since the news of tho November elections.
It is also stated that the price of niggers for ex
portation has fallen considerably.
t-A little girl, weighing 610 pound, was ono
of the attractions at the Connecticut State Fair.
She amused herself by handling a South Ameri
can boa constrictor, 17 feet in length.
lirTho Union Bank, of Philadelphia, incorpo
rate by the Legislature of 1857. obtained letters
patent from the Governor on the 27th October. The
bank will go immediately into operation.
C3TDr. Frankrin, speaking of education, says .
"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man
can take it away from him. An investment in
knowledge always pays tha best interest."
Ct? A man who had been confined in the Vir
ginia Penitentiary, was recently pardoned out by
the Governor, but he refused to leave tho institu
tion until his place as cook could be supplied.
t S Somebody has said, but we cannot vouch for
the fact. that Adam spoke Trish in Kden. and wooed
Eve in Welsh, and scolded her in Guelic when
driven forth, and tanght Cain Bretcn and Abel
r5P"It is said thaton the morning after the Prcs
sideut had discontinued The Preis. he sent round
to one of the news offices at Washington to sco if
tho withdrawal of his subscription had broken
Forney up.
f'A man bcingassarcd that the sun never rose
in the west, said it was very strange, as he had a
cousin in Iowa who was always writing how plea
sant it was in that district. Ho concluded it was
all moonshine.
fe-The proprietor of the Troy (Alabama) Inde
pendent American, congratulates himself upon hav
ing a new pair of breeches the cloth cost him four
"bit" a yard. His wife thinks they are so hand
some that she wears them herself.
I ?" A hand-bill was posted, it is said, in tho
streets of Leavenworth, Kansas, a few days ago,
advertising a runaway negro, who took off with
him a dark bay mare, with a long tail which was
sucking a colt." A queer tail, that !
IT" A 3-oung man stepped into a book store and
asked for "A Young Man's Companion." -Sir,"
raid the proprietor, "I cannot oblige you at this
moment, but if you will call upon me this evening
I will introduce you to my daughter."
I SA letter from Geauga county. Ohio: states
that an epidemic dysentery has raged among the
young children in that section, ravaging every
home and proving generally fatal. In the town of
Chester, it is stated, hut few infants have been
spared by the pestilence.
irXever be so rude as to say to a man -There's
the door," but say. "Elevate your golgotta to the
summit of your pericranium and allow me to pre
sent to your ocular demonstration, that scienliSo
piece of mochanism which constitutes the egress
portion of this apartment,"
CfiRecently one of the police officers of New
York, while registering the voters of that city,
found in ono tenant house fifty-one families, com
prising one hundred and sixty seven persons, and
in another houso forty families, numbering one
hundred and eighteen persons.
I'tr'Vohn Leghorn. Peter Lea. Wesley Johnson
and Isaac Johnson were triod at Elkton, Md., last
week, charged with robbing tbedwelling houseof
Gen. Cadwajladcr. on Busli river, found guilty,
anil sentenced each to fourteen years and 6 months
in the Maryland penitentiary
X ST" A portion of tho policy of the Administra
tion which is very suggestive is set forth in tho fol
lowing line of the Washington correspondence of
the New York Timts. written on Friday a-week.
"The drafts issued each week are nearly thrco
times as great as the weekly revenue."
J"j?"Tho publisher of a magazine advertised that
his work would contain three steel engravings.
When it came out thero were three clumsy wood
engravings oneof afox running off with a goose,
one of a man picking a pocket, and the other of a
fellow running off with a pig. These were his
three steal engravings.
UifKavid S. Dunham, editor of tho Lock Haven
Watch man,vas married to Miss Mary S A. daugh
ter of Cnpt. Nath. Blake, of Portland, Maine, on
tho 2.0th Oct. We congratulate Dave and wish him
all kinds of good luck. The happy couple will
doubtless live well, as they ill always have plen
ty of Dim-ham in their house.
t fcQuery ? What has become of that magnifi
cent Democratic pyramid that somo of tho Loco
Foco papers published before the October elec
tions? llavo the figures upon which it was based
become impleading to the eyo, or whero is it ? We
shou'd like to have a sight of it now that the No
vember elections are also over. Trot it out, friends.
ft?" The honsc of Hiram Robinson, about eight
miles from Grand Kapids, Mich., was destroyed by
fire a few nights since, and Mr. K.. his wife and
twochildrcn were burned up. Nothing wasknown
of the fire by any ono until morning, when tho
neighbors discovered that Robinson's houso was
gone, and on rallying at the ipot found the bones
ef the four.
TSThe Lancaster Union says: "On Sunday
evening the fish pots at the mouth of Pequca creek
were emptied and found to contain throe cart loads
of eels. Some of them were of an extraordinary
large size, many weighing upwards of 5 pounds.
This our informant states is no 'fish story' but a
veritable fact." No fish story ? Well, perhaptttot,
but it's rather erMsh.
r""A remarkable exhibition recently took place
at the Hopkinsvilie (Tenn.) Fair. Ten brothers,
named Brown, all mounted on fine gray horses,
rode into the amphitheatre, and displayed their
horsemanship, all being good riders. The eldest
was aged forty, the youngest twenty. They had
not all been together for fifteen years. Their mo
ther was preseut, and they reigned up in front of
the glorious matron, and saluted her, while she
shed tears of joy and pride.
On Satnrday. Nov. 6th, of typhoid fever,
the wife of George Dale, of Pike township, a
ged about 55 years.
. On Monday, the 8th, of typhoid fever, Jo fix
Dale, Jr., son of Geo. Dale, of Pike town
ship, aged about 20 years.
The costume of the Spauish ladies has not
changed for the last two hundred years. They
nctually wear tho $ame style of dress as their
great grandmothers did.
Prnfrssor IT. Dtt Vail, after twenty-five
years labor in experimenting upon the whole cat
alogue of medicines, has discovered ELECTRI
CITY in a positive form, and that agent is put
forth to tho world in his GALVANIC OIL, and
is now tho only medical preparation that will pos
itively cure all Sore aiul Painful Diseases This
Oil is rendered electrically positive, and acts on
the system by impartiug to it electricity in the
Galvanic frm. It is expressly recommended for
all sore and painful diseases, as the following:
Neuralgia in all its forms, gives relief in a few
minutes. Pain in the Bad, Breast or Side. Rheu
matism, nujl all pain ful diseases of the- Stomach
and Boirrls. In short it will relieve pain wherev
er located. All that is asked, is. try tho Galvanic
Oil for tho cure of any disease of the aboc class.
Lewistown, Pa., Proprietor, to whom all orders
must bo addressed.
' For sale by Moore k Etiweilcr, and Reed A
Weaver. Bowman Perks, J. B. Graham. X. Wil
liams, C. Kratzer, Irwin A Son, A. B Shaw, James
Forrest, A. Montgomery, Wright fc Hagcrty, and
by country merchants generally.
Lewistown. August 23. 135S-y.
valuable farm, of the undersigned, former
ly the property of John Antes, dee'd, containing
Seventy-five acres, Fifty of which are cleared, is
offered for salenpon reasonable terras. This farm
is beautifully situated, two and a half miles from
Clearfield boro', and one-fourth of a mile from the
Piko leading from Clearfield to Curwensrille. It
has npon it a good house, a large spring-house
with fresh water constantly Bowing through it. It
alsj, has erected theraon, a good log stable, an out
oven, and other out-houscs, necessary for a coun
try residence. There is upon said farm, a bank
containing the best quality of bituminous coal.
Also an orchard of choice fruit, consisting of ap
ples, peaches, pears, plums. Ac., and other requi
sites for a good home, too numerous to mention.
Now is yourchanee to purchase a home, for you
and your children, that in your declining years,
you may sit down by your own peaceful fire-side,
and enjoy all the comforts of old age.
Oct. 6, 1358. WM. M. M'CULLOTOH.Sr.
THE 1IAMM0NT0N FARMER, a newspaper
devoted to Literature and Agriculture, also
setting forth full accounts of the new settlement of
lJammonton, in New Jersey, can bo subscrib d for
at only 25 cts per annum. Inclose postage stamps
for the amount. Address to Editor of the Farmer,
Iiammonton, Atlantic county, Kow Jersey. Those
wishing cheap land, of the best, quality, in one of
the healthiest and most delightful climates in
the Union, see advertisement of Ilammonton
Lands. Sept. 8, 1858.
Tnn Hammontox Farmer, a newspaper devoted
to Literature ami Agriculture, also setting forth
full accounts of the new settlement of Ilammonton,
in New Jersey, can be subscribed for at only 25
cents per annum. Inclose postage stamps for the
amount. Address to Editor of the Farmer, Ilam
monton, Atlantic county. New Jersey. Those
wishing cheap land, of the best quality, in one
of the healthiest and most delightful climates in
the Union, see advertisement of Ilammonton
Lands. Sept. 8. 1854.-3m.
and the public, that Gross &, Kunkcl. whole
sale Grocers, Canal Street Wharf, llarrioburg,
have on hand a large lot of Liquors at reduced
prices, by the barrel or otherwise, to suit pur
chasers, consisting ot tie following :
Pure Brandies,
New England Rum,
Lisbon Wine.
Pure Holland Gin,
Rectified Pitts. Whiskey
Port Wine.
Madcria Wine,
Pure Holland Gin,
Domestic Gin,
Old Rye Whiskey,
Domestic Brandies,
Monongahela Whiskey
Blackberry Brandy,
Peach Brandy,
Livender Brandy,
Cherry Brandy,
Scotch Whiskey,
And other Liquors.
Geslcr's Pure Champaenc. Ac. Ac. Ao
i0rders promptly attended to.
'Wholesale Grocers.
Canal Street Wharf, between Walnut and State
Streets, llarrisbrg, Pa. MarlO-'5S-ly.
CLOVER II ULLERS. The subscribers take
this method of informing the Farmers of
Clearfield county, that they manufacture at their
shop in Mill Ileim, Centre county, Pa., the cele
brated . llttuxeder's Improved I'reminni Clover
llnUer. These Jlullcrs can be attached to any
power for cither 2 or 4 horses, or water power in
mills; arc warranted to work well, and with good
seed will clean from 25 to SO bushels pcrday. Any
person wishing to sec one of these mauhines. and
learn more particularly of its operation. will please
call with Mr Wm. A. Reed, farmer. 3 miles cast
of Curwensville, who purchased and bad one in
use last senson. Machines will be delivered at
Curwensville. if desirod. For further particulars
inquire of Wm. A. Reed,. Clearfield P. O., or tho
subscribers. S. A S. HAUPT.
Mill Hcim, Centre co.. Pa , Sept. 15. lS38-oin.
N. B. All orders promptly attended to.
climate, good soil, and fine market, sco ad
vertisement of Hauimouton Lands.
ALL WANTING to emigrate to a mild climate,
good soil, and fine market, sec advertisement of
ilammonton Lands. Sept 8, J 853.
ALL WANTING to emigrate to a mild climate,
good soil, and fine market, sec advertisement of
ilammonton Lands. Sept. S, ISoS.
ALL WANTING to emigrate to a mild climate,
good soil, and fine market, sec advertisement of
Ilammonton Lands. Sept. 8, 1853.
ALL WANTING to emigrate to a mild climato,
good soil, anil fine market, sco advertisement of
Ilammonton Lands. Sept. 8. 1S53.
ALL WANTING to emigrate to a mild climate,
pood soil, and fine market, sco advertisement of
Ilammonton Lands. Scpt.8-'53-.'tm
TO CONSUMPTIVES. The advertiser hav
ing been restored to health in a few weeks,
by a very simple remedy, after having suffered
several years with a severe Lnng Affection, aud
that dread disease, Consumption is anxious to
make known to his fellow sufferers the means of
cure. To all who desire it he will send a copy of
the prescription used (free of charge, with direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
will find a suro ( ore for Consumption, Atthma,
Bronchitis, Ao. The only object of tho advertiser
in sending the prescription is to benefit the afflict
ed, and he hopes every sufferer will try his reme
dy, as it will cost them aothing, end may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing the prescription will
please address REV. K I) WARD A. WILSON,
Sept.29,'58-3m Williamsburgh, Long Island.
Eoota & Shoes always on Hand,
(of our own male.) JOSEPH GOON, thankful for
past favors, and grateful for future prospects, de
sires to inform the citizens of this vicinity and his
old friends and patrons in particuli.r, that he has
removed to the FIKST ROOM in the EAST
END of SHAWS NEW ROW. the first door
ipesto f the Mansion House, where he has on hand
constantly, a large assortment of every variety in
the BOOT AN1 SHOE lino. Custom work attend
ed to with dispatch. Tho very best of stock will
be used and no pains spared to make neat fits and
durable work. All of which can be obtained of
said J. Goon, very low for the Ready Rhino.
Clearfield, August 14, 1853.
J. The undersigned would respectfully inform
the Ladies and Gentlemen of Clearfield and vicin
ity, that he has fitted up rooms in the ntm row of
Judge Sliaxr, opposite the "Raftsman's Journal"
office, where he will remain for a few days only,
prepared to present pictures to all who may favor
h itn with a call which will exceed the expectations
of the most fastidious. Photographs of every des
cription taken when called for. Secure tho shad
ow ere the substance fade. A. M. HALL.
Clearfield. September 29. 1853.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween Dr. Lorain and Dr. Hartswick in the prac
tice of medicine is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. Alt persons having accounts with them
will please eall and settle immediately, and if they
can not pay give their notes. ' Their books will be
left at their old office, where Dr. Hartswick can be
found at all times, either to settle, or attend to
professional business. HENRY LORAIN.
Oct. 18, 1858-2u3t. J. G. HARTSWICK.
LOUR, Oats, Rye, Ae., for salo at tho cheap
store of JOHN PAtXU.Unrwcnsino.
S" "0(5 AR. White and Brown sugar to be bad at
November 21. WM. F- IRWrUS'
undersigned takes this method to announce
to the citizens of Clearfield and the surrounding
country, that he has openod a Barber Shop, on
Market street, fn Shaw's new row.Where he is pre
pared to accommodate all who may give him a
call, and hopes to receive a liberal patronage.
Oct. 6. 1858. JEREMIAH N0KRIS.
T ICENSE NOTICE. The following named
-Li person has filed in the Office of the Clerk ef
trio C ourt of Quarter sessions or Ulcarbeld county,
his Petition for License at the NOVEMBER
Session next, agreeably to Act of Assembly of
.March 28, IS06, entitled "An Act to regulate ine
Sale of Intoxicating Liquors." Ac
W. W. Anderson, ot I'ennville, Penn township
to keep a tavern. '
Oct20-'5S GEO. WALTERS. Clerk.
KRATZER'S are just opening a large and well
selected stock of fashionable goods, which they
will be able to sell at prices to suit the times, as
they have been bought at nett cash prices. Iu ad
dition to the usual variety of staple articles, par
ticular attention is called to the following new and
desirable dress goods : Bayadere and plaid Valen
cia. Poii de Chevre, Lavella Cloth, Plaid Cash
mere, Dcbcgc, Persian Twill. French Mcrinos,Ger
mania Cloth. Bumbazine. Delaines, Ducals, Bro
cha, Round-cornered and Long Shawls. Also, a
large lot of Ladies' Furs, Winter Bonnets, Dress
Trimmings, Ac. Ae. Grain taken in exchange for
goods at cash prices. C KRATZER A SONS.
Clearfield, October 27, 1858-4t-p.
subscriber takes this method of informing the
citizens of Clearfield and vicinity, that he baa
posiet the Jail, and is now prepared to wait upon
and render general satisfaction to all who may fa
vor him with their patronage. He feels confident
in saying that never before has there been offered
to tha public of this section, such inducement' as
he offers. All articles purchased at this establish
ment will be warranted, and if proven not to be
os represented, will be inaJo good without extra
charge. His work cannot be surpassed, as he is
determined to uso only the very best materials in
their manufacture. Tho "world and tho rest of
mankind" are requested to call and satisfy them
selves of the fact, that his articles are of the bct
and most durable materials.
Clearfield, March 17, 135S.
SHERIFF'S SALES By virtue of sundry
writs of Venditioni, Ejrponas issued out of the
Court of Common Plcasof Clearfield co., and to me
directed, will be exposed to public sale, at the Court
House in the borough of Clearfield, on MONDAY
THE 15T1I DAY Of NOVEMBER. 185S, the fol
lowing described real estate, to wit:
A certain tract of land, situate in Decatur town
ship. Clearfield co . beginning at a birch in the
norih corner of John Shimmel's survey; thence
by land of Hardman Philips, formerly, west 131
perches to post by a maplo; thence by land of
same south 22, west 123 perches to hemlock corner
of CroweU's survey; thence south 17 perches to
post by maple of A. Goss' survey ; thenco by land
of A. Goss, south A'. deg east 180 perches to post
by maple of said Goss' survey ; thence by a Goss'
new survey north 50 deg. east 110 perches to post,
thenco by same south 40 deg. east 27 perches to
post on the west side of Moshannon creek ; thence
down the west side of the creek, north 8 dog. east
60 perches to a post ; thenee down the same, north
30 deg. east i'i perches to John Shimmel's upper
corner, on the creek; thence by lands of John
Shimmcl, west 77 porches to a stone-heap, north
123 perches to place of beginning; containing 239
acres 2ti perches, being out of two largo surveys
in the names of John bdmundson and John S. Ky
ron. Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Orsimug Irish A Irvin P. Hinds.
Also A certain tract of land situate in Fergu
son tp., the first beginning at a beach tree by lands
of T. B. Davis, "N. 40 d. W. 213 perches to post by
lands of John Ferguson. S. 69 d. W. 75 perches to
Eost, thence by lands of Matthew Bloom S. 21 d.
. 29 perches to Hickory, thence by lands of Mat
thias Slough. S. 40 d E. 143 to Ironwood X. 40 d.
E. 72 perches to place of beginning, containing
100 acres and with about 40 acres cleared, and leg
house, barn and blacksmith shop thereon erected.
The second beginning at a sugar, thence by lands
of Matthew Bloom South 40 d. East 103 perches to
beach, thence by lands of John Ferguson N. 21 d.
W. 100 perches to beech, thence by lands of Wm.
P. McClay N. 60 d. W. 10 perches to birch, S. 50 d.
W. 42 perches to place of beginning containing 16i
acres, being same premises conveyed by T. B. Da
vis as per deed recorded in deed book M., page
312, to Andrew Davis. Seized, taken iu execution
and to be sold as the property of Andrew Davis.
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Morris
township, Clearfield county, being the south half
of tract in name of Paul Wetzel, adjoining tract
in name of Hyman Grata on the south, and land
of (icorge Hoover on tho east, containing 222 acres
and allowance; and the other being south half of
tract in name of David Hall, adjoining Paul Wot
zcl on tho cast, and land of John Cook on the south,
containing 237 acres and allowance, being part of
two larger surveys, and the same premises bought
from David Gratz and others, having a saw-mill,
four dwelling houses, a stable, and abont 3 acres
cleared thereon. Seized, taken in execution, and
to bo sold as the property of David Wann.
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Morris
township, containing 100 acres, bounded as fol
lows : begirning at a stone heap adjoining lauds
of Wm. Beates, thenco by lands of M. A J. Miller,
south 1 d west 150 perches to post, thence by lands
of Wm. Bcatcs, north 2 d. east 49 96-100 perches
to stone, thence by lands of Michael Stinekeckner,
south 83 deg. east 79 1-10 perches to a post, thence
by land of same, north lid. east 100 3 5 perches
to post, thence by land of Win. Beates south 83 d.
east 7.SJ perches to place of beginning, with a log
house and barn and 45 acres cleared thcroon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as tho
property of Anthony Stinekeckner.
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Burn:
side township, Clearfield eounty. beginning at a
dog-wood and corner of John Beck's land ; thence
south S3 J, east 130 perches, more or less, to a post;
thence north 11, cast 81 perches, more or less, to a
post; thence south 71 deg. west 167 perches, more
or less, to a post ; thence south It degrees west 132
perches, more or less, to place of beginning; con
taining 100 acres and 61 perches, more or less, and
being part of a larger survey in the name of John
Graff, with a cabin house and barn, and about 15
acres cleared. Seised, taken in execution, and to
bo sold as the property of John Myers and Amos
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Penn
township, beginning at a chestnut, thence along
lands of Gricr Bell, jr., 193 per. to a post, thenco
along lands of James Crosstley 65 per. to a post,
along land of John Hepburu 193 per. to a post,
and along lands of Moses Owens GJ per. to begin
ning, containing about 7ii acres : 30 acres cleared
and having a house and barn thereon erected.
Seized, taken in execution, and to bo sold as tho
property of Samuel C. Hepburn.
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Burn
side township, bounded north by lands of John
King, west by lands of John Patebin,east by lands
of Jackson King, and north by lands of Benjamin
M'Kee ; with 15 acres cleared, and small cabin
house thereon erected. Seized, taken in execu
tion, and to be sold as the property of John Lutz.
Also a certain tract of land, sitnate in Chest
township, Clearfield county, containing about 400
acres; bounded by lands of Thomas Woods, Tbos
Tozcr, Tucker and others ; with three small dwel
ling houses and 10 acres cleared thereon. Seized,
taken in execution, and to be sold as tho property
of Luther Barrett A David Wood.
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Morris
township, containing one hundred acres, adjoin
ing lands of William Beates and J. Miller and oth
crs, having about forty-five acres cleared with a
log house and barn thereon erected. Seized, ta
ken in execution, and to bo sold as the property ot
Joseph Stinekeckner.
Also AH defendants interest of, in, and to a
certain tract of land in the name of John Mnsser,
containing about 400 acres, situate in Chest town
ship. Clearfield county, being unseated land and
yielding no rent issues and profits. Seized, taken
in execution, and to bo sold as the property of
Robert Pennington.
Also A certain tract of land, situate in Fergu
son township, bounded by landsof William Thurs
tin, Straw, and others ; with a h ouse and barn
thereon erected, and about 71 acrescleared. Seis
ed, taken in execution, an I to be sold as the pro
perty of Cyrus Thurstin, scn'r.
- J R. REED. Sheriff
Clearfield, October 2", 185S.
Colds. Coughs. Croup, Ac, sold at Joseph Goou's
Shoe Shop, Clearfield, Pa. Oct 23.
COAL ! COAL ! ! The subscriber respeotful
ly informs the citisensof the borough of Clear
field and vicinity that he has takon a lease ot
Judge Moore's Coal Bank, adjoining the town,
where be will keep constantly on hand a full sup
ply of the article, cither lump or mixed, to suit
purchasers. Persons in town can be supplied with
it at their homes at six cents per bushel, or at the
bank lower than ever A share of public patron
age is solicited. PATRICK MCLVANEY.
Clearfield, Spt. 1, 1858. . . ..
Prepared Originally by Prof. DitfaJl, formerly of
the College of Surgeons, Paris, is now offered to
the public for the cure of all those diseases in which
alteratives and resolvents are indicated. These
pills are rendered void of tate by which means
the most delicate stomach can laae ittcm as well
as the smallest child.
From three to five boxes will cure the worst
case of Scrofula.
From two to four boxes will cure the worst case
of Rait Rheum.
From two to 3 boxes will core the Ring Worm.
One box will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
From two to four boxes will cure all old Ulcers
and Running Sores.
One box will cure Humors in the Eyes.
From ono to three boxes will cure the most in
veterate case of Nursing Sore Mouth.
From one to two boxes will oare the severest
case of scabby head in children.
From three to six boxes will cure the (common
ly called) thick neck or Goitre.
From two to four boxes will cure the Dropsy.
From ono to three boxes will cure JuauJice.
From two to six pills will cure tho .Sick Head
Ache when accompanied with Billious
One box will care the Fever and Ague.
For all diseases arising from an impure state of
the blood, and bilious habits, the TastrJexGalrtn
ie Pills are the best pills ever known in the annals
of medicine. 25 cents per Box Any agent on
receipt of Sd will send four boxes to any part of
the United States, free of postage.
J.D. STONEROAD, Proprietor,
aug25-'5S-y Lewistown. Pa.
For sale by Moore A Etzweiler, Clearfield, Pa.,
and by country merchants generally.
Eall A- Winter floods .' Fa'l A- Winter Goods !
Fall 4- Winter Goods.' Fall ic Winter Good). .'
The subscriber has received a la: ge and well se
lected stock of seasonable goods, at his store room
on Market street, (nearly opposite the Clearfield
House.) Clearfield. Pa., which he will sell cheap.
His stock consists of a general assortment of good
and a host of other articles that are frequently
sought after; among which can be found an ex
tensive and varied selection of the latest and neat
est styles, and best qnality, of plain and fancy
and an extensive variety of Boots and Shoes, for
either Ladies', Gentlemen or Children; withal
most every other article that may be wanted by
the citizens of the town and surrounding vicinity.
Particular attention is especially directed to his
selection of Ladies' Dress Goods, among which are
and a full assortment of Bonnets for tho season.
The pressure of the money market having had
the effect of reducing the price of many articles
of merchandise, the undersigned has been enabled
to buy his stock at snch rates that he can sell goods
at prices to suit the times. And having hereto
fore endeavored to please bis customer-), both in
the quality of goods and the prices at which he
sold them, be hopes to receive a reasonable share
of patronage. All in want of goods, will please
call in and examine his stock of cheapest goods.
Country produce taken in exchange for goods
October 27, '57. WM. I. IRWIN.
commencing Third Monday, loth day.
Bcccaria. James Cree. Israel Cooper.
Boggs. Francis Campbell. Robert Lits.
Brady. George Wilson, Uriah Henry.
Bradford Alexander Livingston.
Chest. William McGarvey. .
Clearfield William F. Irwin.
Curwensville. Joshua E. Baker.
Ferguson. John B. Ferguson. Geo. Williams.
Fox. D. N. Heath.
Girard- Jacob Shope. Cbas. Mignot.
Goshan. Thompson Reed.
Graham Clark Dale.
Jordan. John Wilson.
Karthous. Jacob Michoels. Jr.
Lawrence. F. Guclich, T. Rowles, II. F. Rowles.
Bcccaria. Theodore Waid, John Dillon, John
L. M'Cully.
Bell. James Looker. Henry Wetzall.
Boggs. James H. Farner,Joha Adams, Wm.
Brady. John Dale, Fred. Hallopeter, Eli Fry,
David M'Kiuney, Benj. Carson.
Bradford. James Albert, Washington Graham,
John Shirley, jr.
Burnsidc. Isaac Lee, Uenrv Neff, Joseph Wall,
David M'Cullough.
Chest. Andrew Fraily, Anthony M'Garvey.
Clearfield. Wm. Alexander.
Covington. Michael Reiter. Wm. Smith.
Curwensville. William M Brido.
Decatur. John Goss.
Fox. Harley Matteson.
Girard. Abraham Kyler.
(ioshon. James E. Graham.
Graham. M. V. Catherman. David M'DewolI
Jordan. II. F. Shoening.
Karthous. Benjamin Gnnsaulns.
Knox. James Holey.
Lawrence J. B. Caldwell, Wm. Shaver. Abr.
Reams, John Daugherty, Jr. JohH Falton, S. B.
Morris. Georgo Hoover.
Penn. Geo. W. Walters. Isaac Kirk.
Pike. Michael Uise, Garner Bloom, James
Woodward. Joseph Fiscns.
Itantifidly UluxtrateH Monthly sheet, and a Pa
per th U is a Paper, A bndget of Wit, Humor,
Facts, and Scenes drawn from life "Here you are,
right atcatf, right airay, Broarlway, Broadfnry,
rihtt'p!" Only Fifty Cents jump in and take
a ride. Once seated in our 'Omnibus," wo will
endeavor to both amuse and instruct you. and give
you. in tho course of tho year, "at least fifty cents
worth of Fun and useful information. We will
show yon tip Broadway, d.-wn the old Bowery,
through Chatham and the other principal streets,
giving you ample time to see tho Elephant and
get a good peep at the Peter Funks, Confidence
pcrators, Ac We will show you the city by day
light, by gas tight, by moon light, by eandlo light,
by starlight, and will drive the "Omnibus" te
somo parts of the city whore there is u light .'
We will endeavor to post yon on all tho tricks and
traps of the great metropolis, and also amuse
many an hour with interesting reading matter.
'Throw physic to the dogs." If you have the
Bines, the Dyspepsia, Gout, Rheumatism, or arc
unfortunately troubled with a scolding wife, we
will guarantee to make you forget yoir troubles,
laugh almost against your will, and grow fat. Ev
erybody should subscribe to the -"Oinntbus" at
once. The "Broadway Omnibus" will make its
appearance on the first of each month, filled with
amusement and instruction for all. Price, Fifty
Cents a year in advanoe three copies to one ad
dress, One Dollar; the cheapest paper in the States!
Who will got ns two subscribers and receive one
copy free ? All communications shonld be ad
dressed to CHAS. P. BRITTOX,
Editor '-Broadway Omnibus,"
Sept. 29, 1S58-61. 297 Pearl street, N. Y.
TO TIMBER MAKERS! A lot of Mann's
Cclebrsjed Donble-bitted Axes, at the Low
Prico of TWO DOLLARS, for sale by
Clearfield. Pa., Sept, 29.1353.
TOBACCO AND CIGARS. An assortment just
opened and frr sals at tho store t f
JCorember 25. w:i. F. IRWIT.
AT. SCIIRYVER'has resnmod th praetio
of medicine, aad will attend promptly to all
calls in his profession, by day or night. Resi
dence opposite the Methodist church in tho Bor
oogh of Clearfield. May 12th. 1853
Pittsburgh, Pa. : t : -. Chartfbfd. 1855.
300 Students attending January, 1S53. row tho
largest and most thorough Commercial School ef
the United States. Young men prepared for ac
tual duties of the Counting Room.
J. C. Smith. A M-, Professor of Book-keeping
and Science of Accounts. ..
A. T. 1Kctbett. Teacher of Arithmetic and
Commercial calculation.
J. A. Ur.VDRicK and T. C. Jssstss, Teachers of
A Cow Lev and W. A. Miller, Professors of
as used in every department ef business
RRSPOSPE.vt K-coMMERClAi.LA-are taoght, and all
other subjects necessary for the success and thor
ough education of a practical businessman.
12 PREMIUMS. Drawn all tha premiums in
Pittsburgh for the past three years, also in East
ern and Western Cities, for best Writing, NOT
at any time No vacation-Time unlimited Re
view at pleasure Graduates-assisted in obtaining
situations Tuition for Full Commercial Coarse,
S35.01) Average time 8 to 12 weeks Board. S2.M
per week Stiitionary, S0.00 Entire cost. 50.00 to
$70.00. lC"Ministers" sons received at half price.
For Card Circular Specimens of Business and
Ornamental Writing Inclose two stamps, and ad
dress . F. V. JENKINS.
September 1. 135S. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Is the place where all the following articles can
be had at reduced prices : Bar Iron of all sizes by
the small or by the quantity; Cast Steel, of vari
ous sizes aud best quality; a large assortment of
Stoves, among which will be found the NEW
Elevated Minnesota. ALSO, a large assortment
of Nine plates and Parlor Stores, andAirTighU
of various patterns. ALSO, Plows of the best
and latest patterns. ALSO, of th drown man-'
ufacturinz a large assortment of Tin-ware, Storm
pipe. Sheet-iron pans of all sizes, and all article
of the kind in their line kept always on band.
House Spouting done to order, and Tin Roofing
done with dispatch. ALSO, a large assortment
of all kinds of housn keeping utensils eons'antly
onhand. COU.NTR Y -MERCHANTS are in
vited to call, as tbey can be accommodated at
very low figures, with anything in onr Hue. . All
orders will be thankfully received and promptly
attended to. O. B. MEHKELL,
N. B. They will also receive every variety of
articles on commission, at low rates. M. A C.
IT" ARM LANDS FOR SALE 25 miles from Phil
adelphia by Railroad in the State of New
Jersey. Soil among the best for Agricultural pur
poses, being a good loam soil, with a clay bottom.
The land is a large tract, divided into small farms,
and hundreds from all part of tha country are
now settling and building. The crops ean be seu
growing. Terms from 515 to S2 per acre, paya
ble within four years by icsUlments. To visit the
place Leave Vine St. Wharf at Philadelphia, at
i A. M.. by Railroad for Hammonton, or address
R. J. Byrnes, by letter. See full advertisement ia
another column. Sept. 8, IS53.
FARM LANDS FOR SALE 25 miles from Phil
adelphia by Railroad in the State of New Jersey.
Soil among the best fur Agricultural purposes, be
ing a good loam soil, with a clay bottom. The
land is a large tract, divided into small farms, and
hundreds from all parts of the country are now
settling and building. The crops can lie seen grow
ing. Termsfrom 515 to $20 per acre, payable with
in four years by instalments. To visit "the place
Leave Vine St "Wharf at Philadelphia at 7 A M.
by Railroad for Hammonton. or address R. J.
Byrnes, by loiter. Seo full advertisement in an
other column. ' Sent. 8. lS58-?.m.
SPLENDID GIFTS !!!!! At 439 Chest,.
nut Street. The only Original Gift Boot Stor.?
(i. U. K A.s would inform his friends and tha
public that his Star Gift Book Store and Publish
ing House is permanently established in Brown's
splendid Iron Building, 43 Chestnut Street, two
doors below Fith, where the purchaser of each
book, at the regular retail price, will receive one
of the following gifts, valued at from 25 cents to
One Hmulr&l Dollar'. WUBTU EACH.
550 Patent Englith Lever Gold Watches, $100 00
550 Patent Anchor -. 50 Ou
400 Ladies Gold Watches. lSk. cases. Zi do
600 Silver Hunting Watches, warranted, . 15 00
500 Parlor Timepieces. 10 0
500 Cameo Sets. Ear Drops and Pins, ' 10 00
500 Ladies' Gold Bracelets. 5 08 to 12 00
500 Gents' Vest ond Fob Chains, 10 00
1000 Gold Lockets, (large size double case,)' 10 Tin
2000 Gold Lockets, (small size.) 3 OU
10110 Gold Pencil Cases, with Gold Tens. 5 00
1000 Extra Gold Pecs, with cases and holders. S 50
2500 Gold Pencils. (Ladies'.) 3 00
2500 Gold Pens, with Silver rcnoil. 2 5(1
6500 Gold Rings, (Ladies'.) 1 flu
2000 Gents Gold Rings, 1 5
2500 Ladies' Gold Breastpins. 2 5o
3500 Misses' Gold Breastpins, 150
25(10 LadiesGold Pens, with oases and holders. I 50
3O00 Pocket Knives. 103
2000 Sets Gents' Gold Bosom Studs, 2 50
2000 Sets Gents' Sleeve Buttons, 2 50
2U00 Tairs of Ladies' Ear Drops, 3 50
8000 Ladies' Pearl Card Cases. . 5 00
15000 Lad Tes" Cameo, Jet. or Mosaic Pins, 3 00
2500 Ladies' Shawl and Ribbon Pins. ISO
5000 Articles of Gold Jewelry, Gift Books, Ac, not
enumerated in the above, worth from 25 cts to S23. '
Evans' new Catalogue, which is sent free to all
Earts of the country, contains all the most popular
ooks of the day, and the newest publications, all
of which will be sold as low as they can be ob
tained at other stores.
Agents wanted in every town in the Union.
Those desiringso to act, can obtain full particu
lars by addressing as above. .....
2-R- Ueing largely interested in publishing:
books, and buying from other publishers in im--mense
quantities, for cash, I am enabled to make
larger discounts to Country Agents and Book Deal
ers than can be had at any other house in the coun
try. rsAny book published in thcUnited States,
the retail price of which is one dollar or upward,
will be promptly sent. Gift included, on receipt of
publisher's price. An extra $1 Book and Gift
given to any person ordering ten books to be sent,
to one address. Send for a Catalogue.
Address, G. G. EVANS. Publisher.
Aug. 25, 185S. Sm 439 Chestnut St., Phil'a.J
JOSHUA E. BAKER informs his old cus
tomers and the public generally, that be has ta
ken entire control of the CABINET" MAKING
SHOP formerly occupied by Baker A Rex, whera
be is prepared to furnish Hurra. TaHcx, IJtvi
steaJs, 4-c ., at all times. ALSO, COFFINS made,
to order, and burials attended with Hearse
. Country produce of all kinds taken iu exchanr
for work. Shop on Walnut street, opposiie Gates
Blacksmith.shop, Curwensville. .Auzl-'5$-3t
BLACKSMITH desirous of doing a good
eccure a snop with large
, by applying immediately to -
September 1. ISaS. Curwensville.
ADIES' MANTILLAS, Shawls, Bonnets, SkeU
A eton Skirts, and Ladi
kinds for sale low by JOHN PATTOX.
curwensville. May 12, 1858. .
LOUR. Just received SO barrels Extra Fam-.
ily Flour, which will be sold low ir cash by-
December 2,
Klt-IIAKU .i'irl'.
(CARPETS, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, Ae., car.
J be procured at the store of s
Mayl2. JOHN PATTOX, Curwensville
10FFEE. and Molasses, by tha Ba? and Barrel
Vj for sale at the stora of
Oct. 6, JS. WJX I&TTK. CuxweasviUo.

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