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Shall I, waiting in despair,
Die because a woman's fair I
Or make pale ray cheek with care,
'Cause another's rosy are 7
. Be she fairer than the day, .
Or the flow'ry meads ia May ;
. If she b not fair to me,
TV hat care I how fair she be I
- Shall a woman's Tirtne more ?
Me to perish for her love t
Or her well deservings known,
Make me quite forget rr j own I
Be she with that goodness blest,
Which may merit name of best,
If she be not good to me,
What care I how good she be ?
: Which, or good, or kind, or fair,
Lwill ne'er the more despair ;
' If she loves me, then believe,
. I will die ere she shall grieve.
If she slight me when I woo,
I can scorn and let her go :
If she be not fit for me,
' What care I for whom she be 7
Pres't Judge Hon. James Burnside, Bellefonte.Pa.
Ai t Judges Hon. Wm. L. Moore. Clearfield.
Jion.eenj n. Bonsai I. L.uthernurg.
LATEST STYLE of Fall and Winter Bonrets, at
the corner store of WM. IRVIN.
heriff. . . . Jogiah R Reed,
Prothonotary, George Walters, .
Reg. A Rec. . James Wrigley, .
Treasurer. . . John McPhersen, .
Co. Surveyor. John L. Cattle,
Comrai'j'n rs. Jacob Wilhelm. .
John Irwin. Sr.
George Earhard,
Auditors. . . Francis Pearee,
Peter Hoover,
Aaron C. Tate,
Graham ton.
. Clearfield.
. XewMillport.
. Woodland.
. Curwensville,
For the "Raftsman's Journal.''
'. The season for the commencement of winter
schools is not far distant, and it becomes the
duty of directors to see that school houseware
in order, the window lights all set, plenty oi
good fuel provided, a broom, a pail, a enp,
black-board; and even outline maps and a
globe should be provided, and some attention
paid to the comfort of both the teacher and
his pnpils. If colds, sore throats, and sick
ness occur to either the one or the other, as
too frequently happens, resulting in death from
neglect of duty on the part of the directors,
the latter should be indicted. They are the
holders of a sacred public trust, and if they
betray it, they deserve to be arraigned before
a criminal tribunal, as they certainly will be
fore high heaven. The parents should see to
it that their children go to school in season,
and be provided with books and all the appa
ratus necessary for instruction- Some parents
are so unreasonable as to pronounce a teacher
a ninny, and yet expect him to impart instruc
tion to their children without the requisites ;
send them with a piece of book, perhaps not
another like it in school, and one or two days
out of a week, and then expect to see some
great change in the education ot their chil
dren. ' This class of persons sre very often ex
tremely patriotic, so much so that their chil
dren are even imbued with a political spirit
before they know their A B Cs. Let them
come early, regularly, and neatly dressed ; no
matter if it be coarse in textnre, provided it
be strong, well made tipar.d well fitting. The
hnmblest dressed boy in school, if he is orly
neat and clean in his appearance, will be much
more pleasing than the most costly clad if he
is a slouch. And above all things, sustain the
teacher ; if you would have a good school, and
have yonr children improve in their stndies,
yon must aid him in the enforcement of his
rules. Do not say when your neighbor's boy
gets punished that "it is all right," and then
fall to abusing the teacher when the flagelation
comes home to your owu door. It almost in
variably happens, that when you see a man
habitually linding fault with school teachers,
that he has a bad set of children, and if we i
reason from analogy, we must suppose that lie j
is no better ; answering in the negative, by his
own conduct, the inquiry in holy writ "Do
men gather figs of thorns or grapes of thistles?:'
The most difficult, harassing, and patience
trying business in the whole range of human
employments, is that of teaching a district
school; aud it is as improbable fur a teacher
t go through a winter school and do his duty
without having fault found with Lira in some
quarter, as it is for a rich man to enter the
kingdom of heaven. I speak lrom observa
tion and experience. Teachers are not infal
lible ; they are bat human and liable to err.
If they do wrong unintentionally, you shoutd
not fall to and berate and abuse them, but
rather sympathise with frail humanity. Pa
trons, you should remember that the teacher,
if in duty, has a very great care on bis mind ;
he should remember that he is training im
mortal minds, and act accordingly, minds
that will expand and mature through all eter
nity. How vastly important it is then, that
he should instill into the youthful mind noble
and generous principles of virtue and morali
ty. He is influencing their destiny for more
than the present time. There is something
far beyond, infinitely grander, immeasurably
more endnring, inconceivably ratter, which
shall begin its endless duration, when time
shall be swallowed up in eternity. A.B.T.
Ariiv&l and Departure of Mails at Clearfield.
Eastern, daily, Sundays excepted, at 7 P.M.
Western. " " " 8 P.M.
Smith's Mills, Saturdays, 5 P.M.
SinnamahoningjWednesd. & Saturd. 8 P.M.
Kartliaus, Saturdays, 6 P.M.
Kylertown, Mondays & Thursdays, 12 if.
Eastern, daily, Sundays excepted, at 4 A.M.
Western, " " 4 A.M.
Smith's Mills, Fridays, 7 A.M.
Sinnamahoning, Tuesdays Fridays, 0 A.M.
Karthans, Thursdays, 8 A.M.
Kylertown, Mondays & Thursdays 1 P.M.
The Mails will close at 9 o'clock, P. M.
X. B. Bu?iness men, of town and vicinity,
will please preserve this for future reference.
C. D. Watsos, Post Master.
Mail arrives at Curwensville lrom Indiana,
via . Newman's Mills,. Burnside, New
Washington, Chest, Bower and Grampianllills,
Tuesday and Fridays at 11 1 A.M., and de
parts same days at 1 P. M.
Mail leaves Curwensville for Marron, via
New Millport and Lumber City, every Satur
day at C A. M., and returns same day at o p.m
SALT. A large qocntity of SALT just reeeiv
ed. and which will he sold verv chean foi
cash, by the sack, at WM. F. IRWIN'S.
AUTION. All persons are hereby cautioned
araint meddling with or purchasing one
Cook stove, one Table, one Sir.k, six Chairs, two
beds, and one Cupboard, in the posession of in.
G. Derrick, of Penn township, as the same belong
to me. JOHN CLEA Eli.
Penn township. Pot. ;aa-oe27-.1t-0V?lp.
REWARD. Was stolen from the under
?ry signed residing in Beccaria townihi
p. on
the night of the 1st of Getober. a Hive of Bocg.
The above reward will be paid to any person or
nersons. who will eive satisfactory information
that will lead to the detection and conviction of
the thief or thieves. WM. A. NEVLING,
Oct. 13, lS5fi-3tp. TJIOS. GLASGOW.
LADIES FURS, a few set of French Sables, at
the store of WM. IRVIX.
'PANISH Sole Leather, for sale at the corner
store. Hides taken at the highest price.
Octobers. WM. IRVIX
FOR SALE. A yoke of good and large Oxen,
Curwensville. September 22 1353.
X. ner store, Curwensville,
October 6. ISM.
r EADY-MADE CLOTH IXG. Ecots and Shoes, a
X full assortment, at the corner store of
tlctober 6. ISM.
OAR AND HOOP IRON, small roand iron
JL stove rods, Ac, for sale at the store of
October 6.
A GOOD ASSORTMENT of Ladies' Dress Goods,
comprising English and French Merinos. Co-
burgs, figured and plain Delaines. Delaine Robes,
Saxony Plaids, Lama Cloth. Poil de Chevre. Silks,
tc, 4c, for sale cheap at the corner, by
October 6, 1S58. w M. 1KV1A.
rro justices of the peace. just
JL printed and for sale at the Raft.-maH.s
Journal office, a lot of superior blanks, to wit:
Blank Subpoenas, Blank Executions,
Blank Summons', Blank Marriage certificates
Judgment Notes, with and without waiver.
1 OH ACRES OF EAN'D, or. the Erie Turn
Xrj pike, about 7 miles west of Curwensville,
and 135 ACRES OF LAND, adjoining the somo
will be sold on accommodating terms. The land
lies well, is ail susceptible of cultivation, and is
well covered with choice pino timber suitable t-ir
shingles, sawing or square timber. A m mill
near fey. Apply to l.. j. ika-s.
mar2 Llearneid.
.tX. The property formerly occupied by James
Smith, being 3 adjoining lots, bavins; a two story
plank house. 34 by IS leet, and a pUnk shop, 21
by 15 feet, thereou erected, is for sale, or rent, on
accommodating terms. " Apply to
March 24. L. J. CRAXS. Clearfield.
TO ALL V ANTING FARMS, see advertisement
of Hammonton Lands. Sept. 8. ISid.
TO ALL WANTING FARMS, see advertisement
of Hammonton Lands. Sept. 8. ISM.
TO ALL WANTING FARMS, see advertisement
of Hammonton Land. Sept. S. lsio.
TO ALL WANTING FARMS, see advertisement
of Hammonton Lands. Sept. 8, ISM.
TO ALL WANTING FARMS, see advertisement
of Hammonton Land. Sept. 8. ISiS.
TO ALL WANTING FARMS, see advertisement
of Hammonton Land.i. Sept.8-M-Sm
Hereafter every purchaser before pur
chasing bis book ha? bis own
Main and White Streets. BROOK VILLE, Pa.
b 24 R. R. MEANS. Proprietor.
ji(afo!p!ia "Sitbrrtisiintntf .
TJIBLES. The Bible Society of Clearfield eo..
1 hereby eives notice that their nooks, name'
It. Bibles and Testaments, are deposited in the of
fice of James Wrislev, Register and Recorder at
Clearfield. The books are of various sixes and -
dapted to supply either private individuals or Sun
day Schools at very cheap rates. Very substan
tial bibles can be had as low as 2j cents apiece
and tetaments a. low a Pi cents apiece.
The people of the conntv pencrally are also in
vited to leave with Mr. Wrigley any donation they
m.'tv be rleasc'I to make in aid of the funds or tne
rvv-'ietv. Hsned by order of the Executive Com
mittee". ALEX. MeLEOD. President.
The undersized would respectfully an
nounce to his friends and the public generally
that he has opened out a new Wagon-Making Es
tablishment in '-New Salem City.'' Beady town
ship, where he will at all times be prepared to
manufacture, on the shortest notice, all kinds of
Wagons. Carts, Wheelbarrows. Ac. The best ma
terial that can be procured will be used, and his
work will be made in the most substantial and du
rable manner, such as will bear the test of strict
examination. By a close observance of his busi
ness engagements, and by disposing of hi work
on the most reasonable terms, which he will do
for cither cash or approved country produce, he
hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of pub
lic custom EENJ. RISUEL.
New Salem City. Jan. 18, 195ft.
the Honorable J AMES 151 RNMPh. Esquire.
President Jiidc of the Court of Common Picas of
the twenty-fifth Judicial District, composed of the
enunttcs of Clearfield. Centre and Clinton and the
Honorable William L. Moore and Benjamin Bon
sall. Associate Judges of Clearfield county, have
issued their precept, to me directed, for the hold
ing of a Court of Common Pleas. Orphan's Court.
Court of Quarter Sessions. Court of Oyer .fc Termi
ner. and Court of General Jail Delivery, at Clear
field, in and for Clearfield Co.. on the Third Mo u-d.iv-
the 1r;th day of NOVEMBER next.
NOTICE I, therefore, herebv given, to the Cor
oner. Justices of the Peace, and Constables, in and
for said county of Clearfield, to appear in their own
proper persons with their Rolls. Records. Inquisi
tions, Examinations, and other Remembrances, to
do those things which to their offices, and in their
behalf, pertain to be done, and Jurors and Witnes
ses arc requested to be then and there attending,
and not to depart without leave, at their peril.
GIVEN undermyhand at Clearfield, this 13th day
of .Oct. in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and fifty-eight, and the eighty
first vcarof American Independem-e.
JuSIAH R. REED. Sheriff.
At a political meeting in the State of Indi
ana, the other day, a speaker named Long re
sponded to a loud call and took tho stand ; but
a big, strapping fellow persisted in calling out
in a stentorian voice, "Long! Long!." This
caused a little confusion, but after some diffi
culty in making himself heard, the President
succeeded in stating that Mr. Long, the gen
tleman honored by the call, was now address
ing them ; :Oh, he be blest !" replied the fel
low, 'he's the little skeezicks that told me to
call for Long !" This bro't down the honse.
Eighty per cent of tho women of North Car
olina are said to be "snuff dippers." The pro
cess of snuff dipping consists of rubbing the
teeth and gums with snuff, thereby caosiDg a
ensation like intoxication. Tho nerves are
excited and the head becomes a little giddy.
We suspect their heads ar naturally giddy,
or they would not be guilty of putting such
filthy stuff in their months.
Dr. Kane relates that when one day, worn
nt with fatigue, he turned into an Esquimaux
hct to get a little sleep, the cood-naturcd
hostess of the wigwam covered him np with
some of her own habiliments, and gave him
her baby for a pillow I '
It is said that the Jewish cation, dispersed
in almost every portion of the globe, without
forming anywhere aa independent nation,
Bombers 4,600,000 person?.; " -
EGISTER'S XOTICE. Notice is here
by eiven, that the following accounts have
been examined and passed by me, and remain filed
of record in this office for the inspection of heirj,
legatees, creditors, and all others in any other way
interested, and will be presented to the next Or
phans' Court of -Clear field County, to be held at
the Coort House, in the Borough of Clearfield,
commencing on the third Monday of XOVEMBER,
1358. for confirmation and allowance :
The testamentary account of Lewis Erhard and
George Erhard, Administrators of Christian Kr
bard, deceased, who was Executor of David Er
hard, late of Knox townshsp. dee'd.
The final account of Roswell La.acr. Adminis
trator of all and singular the (roods and chattels,
rights and credits ot James W. Uunlap, late of
Brady township, deceased.
The Administration account of Maria Hilburn
and Matilda Maee. Administratrixes of the Es
tate of Mary Magee. late of the Borough of Clear
field, deceased.
Tho final Administration account of George W.
Rheera and Lydia Rheem. Adm'r. and Adm'rx.of
the estate of George W. Rheem, sen'r.. late of the
Borough of Clearfield, deceased.
Clearfield. Pa.. Oct. 13, lej3. Register.
Xow 13 the Time for Ilargaint
Xota is the Time for Barrain ! '!.'
The undersigned has just received from the East
and opened at bis store in Grahamton, Clearfield
county, an extensive and well selected stock of
embracing every variety of Dry Goods, Hardware,
Queenswarc, Groceries, etc.. etc.
These goods have been selected with an especial
view to supply the wants of this community, and
will be sold on the most reasonable terms. They
will POSITIVELY be sold a cheap as the cheap
est in the country, for CASH.
Particular attention has been paid to the selec
tion of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, among which
are Plain nd Fancy Silks. Plain Bareges. Cballcs.
Barege Delaine, Robee., Embroidered collars and
sleeves. Kid Gloves ; Shawls, a great variety ; Man
tillas; Trimmings; Silk and Linen Fringes; Bon
nets of the latest styles ; Bonnet Ribbons and trim
mings. 4'C- Also, Parasols, Hosiery, Glovea. ilits,
Bisop and India Mulls, Jackonets, Domestio and
French Ginghams, Lawns, Calicoes, Barred and
Check Muslin, Diapers, Crash, Napkins, Ladies'
Gaiters, children's shoes.iVe., and there is no doubt
that all can be well suited.
ALSO, French cloths and cassimeres, American
eloths and cassimeres. Marseilles vestings, Boots.
Shoes, Hats, Caps, and a general assortment of
mens' and boys' Suntmar wear.
He has also a stock of READY-MADE CLOTH
ING, which be will soil low.
The undrigned is determined to sell his goods
at the lowest prioes for CASH. This is not mere
preianca and vain boast ho vnil do it.
Graa&mton.May 28, 1.3,
CAl'TIO.V. All persons are hereby cantion
ed against buying or in any way meddling
with the following property, to wit ; 1 timber sled,
1 two-horse waggon. 1 yoke of oxen. 1 raft timber
of 3100 feet in the woods. 4 hogs. The above pro
perty, now in possession of John Kobison. of
Chest township, has only been left in his care,
and is subject to my order.
July 21. ISoS-Sm. II. D. PATTOX.
COURT, commencing Nov. H 2d Monday.
Chest Bazel Dimoud. Robert Miles.
Clearfield Bor. J. H. Ilillbnrn, Henry Stone.
Covington James Mullen. Francis Mignot.
Curwensville Bor. James Thompson, D. Reams.
Beccaria. Jacob Bumgardner.
Bell. J. Xeweomer. Arthur Bell. T. Campbell.
Bradford. Abraham Pearce. Geo. Bowersox
Brady. Frederick Zeigler. John Hoover.
Burnside. Rossel M'Murray, Israel Korabaugh.
Girard. Thomas H. Spence.
Goshen. George A. Morrison. Jacob Kuhns.
Graham. Daniel Wilhelm.
Huston. Warren Bliss.
Knor. Jacob Arnold. Wm. G. Bell.
Laurence. G- D. Goodfellow
Morris M Brown, of J, Dan. Beams, D. Flegel.
Penn. Jonathan Evans
Pike. E!i Bloom, James Hiles, David Ross.
1'nion. John Potter, jr.. Emanuel Ioney.
Woodward. John Coulter.
JL SALE . altuihtr Sa w-Mill Property.
Extatf of Richard Curry. Sr., drcrard. In pur
suance of an order of the Orphans' Court of Clear
field county, granted at .May term, istu, mere win
be expoied to Publie Sale, by outcry, on the prem
ise", on Tuesday, the Vth day of November, at 2
o'clock. P. M., that Valuable Saw-mill Property
and Timber standing, late the Estate of Richard
Curry, Sr., deceased, situate in Pike and Knox
townships, in said county.on Little Clearfield creek,
about one mile below Sew Millport, bounded and
described, as follows : Beginning at a hemlock, cor
ner of Wm. Rex's land, north 10tt perches to post;
east 121 1-10 perches to post; north 140 perches to
post: east 94 IM0 perches to post on Fitch k Boyn
ton's land ; sooth 20 perches to post, and west by
lands of Thompson A Sloppy 21 perches to be
crinnin?: containing 205 acres and 112 perches and
allowance, and having a Saw-mill in good running
order, with a new dam. and a small log honse
thereon and having a large quantity of valuable
Pine and Oak timber thereon ; and a part of the
Land being valuable for farming purposes. ALSO,
all the pine timber standing on 100 acres of land
adjoining the same, now occupied by Georr W.
Curry beginning at sujar corner of Wm. Rex's
land east 121 1-10 peaches by land of Curry's
heirs to post; south 140 perches to post; west 121
1-10 perches to post, and south 140 perches to be
beeinning. The title is indisputable.
TERMS OF SALE. One-half on the confirma
tion of sale, and the balance in one year with in
terest, to be secured by Judsraent npon the prem
ises. JOHN S. CURRY,
October 13th. 135S-4t. Administrators.
X commencing on 3d Monday, the 15th day.
Gmit Antmrjin. Gift EooL House.
JVo. Broadiray, Xeu Vori,
where fhe gifts, conslsticg of Jeirelru, Sre., and
varvi'ig in value from 75 eeut to Two llundretl
Hollars, are always on exhibition, in ample Show
Cases. Our Xew Descriptive Catalogue, contain
ing a large variety of Books in every department
of Science and Literature, (all of which are sold
at regular publisher's prices.) and explaining OL'R
ry purchaser hi otca choice of gttl, and setting
forth unequalled inducements to Agents, w ill be
sect, post paid, to ar.v individual on application.
Address. A. RAXNEY. Agent,
July 7, Hom. Xo. 293 Broadway. X Y.
would inform tho citizens of town and sur
rounding eonntry. that they continue to manufac
ture to order, and keep constantly on hand, every
variety of CADIXET-WARE. consisting of
Dining Breakfast, and Centre Tables; Sewing,
Writing, and Wah Stands, Mahogcny and Com
mon Bedsteads; Mabogony and Cane-bottomed
Chairs. Mahogony and Common Bureaus: Sofas
Lounges. Ac They will also repair furniture and
chairs in good style, cheap forcash. House Pain
ting done on short notice, and easy terms. Shop
and Ware-rooms, on Market street, (same as for
merly occupied by John Guelich.) nearly opposite
tho -Old Jew Store," where they arc at all times
ready to accommodate those who may favor them
with their custom. As the times are rather pres
sing, they have determined to dispose of articles
in Their business, at the very lowest cah rates.
Step in and examine their ware, and judge for
yourselves JOHN GLELICH.
September 1,1553. DANIEL BENNER.
X. B. Cofans made to order on short notice, and
funerals attended with a neat hearse, and appro
priate aceompanymcnts, when desired. G-A B.
CHANGE The subscriber having taken
the above well known stand, in Curwansrille, Pa
is ready to accommodate ail who may favor him
with their patronage. His table wit always be
supplied with the best the market can afford, and
his Bar with the choicest liquors. His stable will
be under the care of attentive hostlers.
A pril3.1S5?. DAVID SMITHY
MANSION nOUSE, Clearfi-Jd, Pa. The
ndersigned respeetlly announces to the
public that he has leased the above Hotel in Clear
field borough, and that he is prepared to accom
modate all who may favor him with their custom.
His house is commodious and convenient, and his
table shall be supplied in the best manner possi
ble. No effort will be spared to render general
satisfaction . By strict attention to business, and
to the wants and comfort t his guests, he expects
to secure a liberal share of patronage.
febll- 57 DAN. M. WEAVER.
signcd notifies the public that he has opened oet
the above named house, and that he is well pre
pared to accommodate all who may favor him
with a call. The house is three stories high, is
commodious and well furnished, and no pains will
be spared to render satisfaction to guests. Jlia
Bar is always supplied with choice liquors ot ail
kinds. There is plenty of ctabling connected with
the house, lie solicits a share ot public patron-
e. L. W. TEX EYCk.
Lumber City. April 2!. lS33-3in-pd.
It. & C. Pennington vs
CatharinePennington vs
Same vs
Patchin. vs
M'Farlin, vs
Ilcgarty vs
Draacker. vs
Schnell's heirs. vs
Cadbury A wife, vs
Mitchell, ctal. vs
Welch k. Snyder vs
Pasmorc, vs
Cooper. vs
Geddes & Marsh. vs
Same vs
M'Kee, vs
Best. vs
Routs. vs
Comeford, vs
Riddle, vs
Curtin. vs
Taggart, vs
Irvin. vg
Michaels iV Worrell, vs
Spalding A Fulton, vs
B. D. Hall A Co., vs
Ijong, vs
Sechler, vs
Patchen, vs
Morgan, vs
Kerlins, vs
Shoff, vs
Lloyd. vs
Merrell, vs
Wilson, vs
Ione. vs
McUride A Wright, vs
Gilleland, vs
. Patton, vs
Hoover, va
Taylor, vs
HoIIopetcr, vs
Craven, vs
- Speneer, vs
Leonard. vs
Brubaker, vs
Mulson, vs
Leonard, vs
Langdon, vs
IyOgan, vs
Thompson, vs
Thompson, vs
Groe, ts
Galer, vs
Dunlap, vs
LuU, . vs
Curry, vs
Fiscus. vs
Rex, ' " : vs
Becms, vs
Irvin, vs
Barmoy, vs
John Rickets.
Vedder A Rickcte,
La ru born,
Julian Bease.
Adams, Powell et al,
Snydgr A Large,
Irish A Hinds,
Michaels A Worrell,
John Taggart,
A rm s tron g A amble
Jerry Gaines,
Knarr, et al,
Rod key,
Smith Byers, A Co.,
Michaels & Worrell,
Owens, et al,
Ardrey t Potter,
Beyers, et al,
Beyers, at al,
- Hugnott,
Montelius. A Co.
Livergood A Shirey,
alock Leonard,
Wood, Bacon A Co, vs
Leonard, vs
Leonard, vs
lbe first 40 causes, in the above list, have also
boen put down for trial at the Special Term, com
mencing on the Seeond Monday, the 8th day of
November, 1S58.J
Oct, 13. GEO. WALTERS, Prot y
T f sale by
A lot on
Xov25 WM.
nana and or
nprBS AXD BUCKETS.-A variety just reeeiv-
x ed ana lot sale at w r.mwiMs.
XV Robins' having removed bis Book aDd
Drui Store to the Store Room formerly occupied
bv Riahard Shaw A Son. one door West of the
"Mansion House,7' where he is prepared to accom
mnd.ite his former customers and the public gen
erally, with everyihing in bis line. - Having late
ly added a general assortment of Groceries to his
formar stock, ho is now prepared to accommodate
all who may lavor him witu a call, witn
Tobacco and Ciffars.
...... i .
Among his stock will be found Histories, Biogra
nhies. Sketches. School Books. Poetical. Scientic
Slcchanical, Medical and Law works ; the latest
publications always on hand or procured to order:
all the ilaeazines tunusucd montniy, at publish
ers prices; fancy and common letter paper ; plain
and ruled cap paper ; perforated paper ; cote pa
per; fancy and common envelopes; blank 1'ecu;;
a great variety of Steel Pens : common and fancy
pen-holders, pencils. Ac. Ac. Ac, which he will sell
at tne most reasonable prices.
His stock of Drugs. .Medicines, Dye-stuffs. Paints,
Ac., is large ana well selected ; among wnicn are
Calomel, blue -Mass, vuinine. .uorpnia. lieu t re-
cipitate ; Rhubarb, root and pulverized ; Rochelle
ana r.psom cans, vream oi iartar. .-uipuur. ..en-
na. Pink Root. Sup. Carbonate Soda. Tartaric A-
cid. Sulphate of Zisc ; Liquorice. Culumbo and
Gentian root ; Logwood. Oil Vitriol, Btie Vitriol,
Copcras, Alum, lted Lead. Prussian Blue, Chrome
Green and lcllow, ernnllion, lerra de sienna
and in fact a general assortment.
He has also a fine lot of Ladies' Gold Breast
Pins. Ear Drops, Finger Rins, Ac. Also. Wau-b
Guards and Kevs. Penknives. Hair oils; Hair.
Reading. Fine and Pocket combs. Tooth-picks. Ra
zors and Strops, Sadlers' Silk. Pearl powder, Fan
cy :?oaps and 1 erlumery a great variety.
Also. Prunes. Figs. Rai.-,ius, Almonds, Pca-nnts
and Filberts; Caiiiiicsagctier.il assortment; Cin
amon. Clovrs. Pepper, and other spices ; Blacking
and Spool Cotton: the inost popular Patent Med
icincs of the day ; all of which will be sold at the
very cheapest ratc3.
Call and examine the stock an 1 juJge for your
selves. :?cpt2.J THOMAS ROBINS.
My connection for the past eight
years with the above Institution, as Chief Fhysi
cian. and a twelve years" courseof steady devotion
to tne Cure of 1 ulmonary Consumption and its
kindred diseases, together with my unrivalled op
portunitics and advantage of pathological research
aided not a little by a perfect system of Mnliral
Inhalation has enabled me to arrive at a deci
sivc, direct, and successful course of treatment for
the positive and radical cure of all diseases of the
1iroat, L.it);s, and Atr-naiases. By Inhalation
the vapor and curative properties of medicines are
directly addressed to the diseased organs of the in
tegument. I do not advise the use of Medical In
halation of any kind, to the exclusion of general
treatment ; and although I consider it a useful ad
juvant in the proper management of those fearful
and often fatal disc as :s. vet I deem it verv neces
sary that each patient should have the benefit of
ootn general aud local treatment. The success o
my treatment in the above diseases, and the high
character of the Institution over which I have so
long had the honor to preside, are too well known
to need any eulogy or comment from me. At the
solicitation of many private . and T,rr.r.vi..nil
friends, through whose philanthropic aid the above
cnanty nas oeen lonsr and liberally supported and
after due consideration, 1 have concluded to maka
such arrangements as will bring the bencfitsof my
experience ana treatment wuinn tue reach of all
and not confine myself, as heretofore, to those on
ly who entered tho Infirmary, or who were able to
visit me at my otcce. Hoping therefore that the
arrangement will give entire satisfaction, both to
my professional brethren and the public. I would
respectfully annonncc in conclusion, that I rn
noio be consul ted personally or bu letter, on all dis
eases as above, and that the medicines, the same as
used in the Institution, prepared to suit each in
dividual case. Inhaling I aitors, M'dieaJ Inha
tcrs. iS-c, 4 e will be forwarded by express to anv
part vi me emiea ciates or ue uinaau. J EBUS
Mv terms of treatment h lMi,r iro m C.II.l.
viz: S12 per nionth for each patient, which wili
iiiviH'io uii;uieiue uuicieni tor ono inontu s use
also, Inhaling Vapor, and an Inhaling ADnaratus
Payment as fallows : to be paid to Express A
cent on receipt of the box of Medicine, and the
balance S6 at the expiration of the month, if the
patient be cured or is entirely gatUfid with the
treatment. Patients, by giving a full history of
ineircase, ami iiieir symptoms in lull, can be treat
ed as wen Dy letter as toy personal examination
Patients availing themselves of Dr. Jarrett s treat
ment may rely upon immediate and permanent
reuei, as ne seiuom nas to treat a caseover thirty
days, .betters tor advice promptly answered. , For
toriner particulars address
No, 820 Broadway, corner Twelfth St.. X. Y.
P. S- Physicians and others visiting the eitv
ai i'uviiui,j miucu iu can at me xnnrmary
where many interesting cases ean bo witne&ad
and where our improved apparatus for the inha
lation of medicated vapor can be seen and in-
speetea - - - yeir.York) AngUdt 4 1853 6m
AL. t of good Grindstones, with fixtures, forsale
by JOHNPATIOX, Curwensvillt. v.
U S Q I E II A N" N" A II O U S E ,
Curnmtsvtlle, Cearfic'd County, Penn'a.
The subscriber, formerlyof the Exchange Hotel.
Philips burg, having taken the aoove house, situate
in the cast end ot the Borough ot Curwensville.
on the bank of the Susquehanna River, would res
pectfully announce to the travelling public, that
he is fully prepared to accommodate strangers
and all others who may favor hiai with a calli
The house is new, well furnished, large and com
modious, and travellers will find every convenience
necessary to their comfort. Amr'c stabling is at
tached to the premises DAVID JOHNSTON".
Curwensville. J-erruary 17. lo.
Clearfield County, Pa. The subscriber begs leave
to inform his old customers and the public gene
rally that he has recently taken the above well-
known stand, an i that ne nas entirely rcuueu uu-.i
refurnished it in a style adapted, to tho age. aud
the wants of the entire travelling community.
HIS TABLE will always be provrded with every
luxury the markets and sun-onnding country wi!l
afford. HIS BAR will bcsuppli'fl with the choi
cest wines and liquors. His MAULE. wbicn
are the best and most commodious on the road
ithin a day's travel, will always be in charge of
careful and attentive hostlers In short, every
department of his establishment will be supplied
witn ait tne com ions ana conveniences me nearj
traveller could desire. WM. A. MA SOX.
Curwensville. June 2, 1S3.
FIED, PA The undersigned would respectfully
inform his friends and the travelling public in
general, that he ha? taken the above house. ;for
merly known as the Hemphill Hot'l.) aud that
the house has been recently refit'ed. improved
and newly furnished; that extensive stabling
has just been completed: and that he is pre
pared to accommodate all who may give him
a call in the most pleasing and agreeable manner.
He is amply provided with everything to render
his house a desirable stopping place, and will
endeavor to entertain his guests in a manner that
cannot fail to give the fullest satisfaction. The
house is situated in a pleasant and quiet part of
the town, and no expense or attention will be spa
red to make it one of the best houses in the county.
A liberal patronage is respectfully solicited. His
bar will be supplied with an assortment of choice
liquors. junc2-'6?l H. HAYS MORROW.
Eating House! Eating House ! ami Balery!
E'rting House '. Eating House ! and Hai-ery '
Enting House'. Eating House! and Hal-Try!
The undersigned takes this method of informing
tho citizens of Clearfield and tho public in gener
al, that he has opened an -EATING HOUSE and
BAKERY' in the room on Market street, known as
the ' Old Jcic Store.'' where he will keep on hand
a general assortment of Confectioneries, suca as
Candies of all kinds, Xuts in great variety, tigs,
Raisens, Prunes. Ae.. Ac. De will also keep Ale
and Lager Beer at all times, which, he does not
hesitate to say. is a superior article, and from the
bet breweries in the west. ALSO, a largo assort
ment of Tobacco and Cigars, always on band.
As he is a Baker by trade, he will always keep
a supply cf FRESH BREAD and CAKES, as we!!
as PIES of every description that the season will
afford. He will also bake to order, on short no
tice, anything of the kind that may be wanted
by the citizens of Clearfield.
The public are respectfully inv tcd to call and
see his stock, which he thinks cannot fail to meet
the wants and wishes of persons who desire any
of the articles in his line of business. He solicits,
and hopes to receive, a liberal share of patronage,
as it will be his constant aim to accommodate and
please all who may favor him with their custom.
Call and judge for yourselves. Remember the
place, the "OLD JEW STORE." on Market s:rect
Clearfield Iap2- WEXDLIX ENTRES.
The Golden Prize Tho Golden Prire.
Tbo Golden Prize. The Golden Prir.o.
The Golden Priie. Tho Golden Priae.
The Golden Prire. ' " The GaMen Prize.
IHnslruttJ every treek
Illustrated every weti.
llluttratc-.i every u-erl-.
Illustrated rvry werl.
tlifl nt it m nit f r0
r r , . . -.
Illustrated !
Illustrated every tceel.
Illustrated every vretk.
Illustrated every tvrei.
Illustrated every -xetk.
Specimen er.yirs set fret.
Illustrated !! Illustrated
The Xew Y'ork Weekly Goldex Pkizk is one of
the largest aud best weekly papers of the day. An
Imperial Quarto containing eight pages, or forty
columns, of entertaining original matter: and ele
gantly illustrated every week.
A Gift worth SO cents to SiOO 00 in Gold will
be presented to each Subscriber immediately ou
receipt of the subscription money.
One copy for una year, 5200. and 1 gift.
One cop'y for two years. 3 50. and 2 gifts.
One copy for three years, 5 00. and 3 gifts.
One copy for five voars. 8 00, and 5 gifts
Three copies one year, S3 00, and Z gifts.
Five copies one yesr, 8 00, and 5 gifts.
Ten copies one year. 1 j 00, an. I 10 gifts.
Twenty-one copies 1 year, 30 00, and 21 gifts.-
Tho articles to be distributed are comprised in
the following list:
2 packages of Gold, containing SiOO each.
5 packages of Gold, containing 2K) each.
10 packages of Gold, containing 100 each.
10 Pt. Lever Hunting Cased Watches. 100 each
20 Gold Watches. - 7i each.
50 Gold Watches, ....... g(, caei.
100 Gold Watches. ....... 50 each!
300 Ladies Gold Wau.hes. - .... Sieaeh"
200 Silver Hunting Cased AYatches, - M each.
oOO Silver Watches, .... S10 to 2.i each
1000 gold guard, vest A fobchains. 10 to 33 each.
Gold Lockets. Bracelets, Brooches, Ear Drops,
Breast Pins. Cuff Pins. Sleeve Buttons, Rings, Shirt
Studs, Watch Keys, Gold and Silver Thimbles, and
a variety of other articles, worth from 60 cents to
Immediately on the receiptor the subscription
money, the subscriber's name will be entered upon
our subscription book opposite a number, and the
girt corresponding with that numbej will be for
warded, within one week, to the subscriber ly
tiuztl or express, post paid.
All communications should be addressed to
43 and 49 Moflat Building, 315 Broadway, X. Y'ork.
i specimen oopies sent free. Agents wanted.
New Y'ork. March 17, 1358-lamly.
j ITARDWARE. A large assortment just receiv-
d and opened, and now for sale by
l "November 2a WM F. IRWIX.
Warehouse. Xo. 40j Commerce Street. Philadel
phia. C5Cash borers will find it for their inter
est t? call. January 6. lfvaS-ly.
COXRAD A WALTOX. 255 Market Street Phii
adclphia; Importers and Dealers in Hard
ware. Iron. Nails. Ac., Ae. They respectfully in
vite the people of Clearfield, to oontinne their fa
vors. . Aog. l.lw.-lT.
J Sixth rtreet. between Market and Chasnat.
Phiindeiphia. has been recently opened for tho
acto2!.Y.odat!t)3 ?f the pnbiic. The house is in
central location. atd has undergone extensive re pairs
the charge per day is 51.25.
Sept- 22. l5a D. BLAIR. Agt.
119 2nd Street, above Arch, Philadelphia,Pa -This
Hotel h's been refitted, and is now agaia
opened for the accommodation of the travelings
public. It is located in a pleasant part of the eity.
and every effort will be made to make guests com-'
fortabic. Try the house. Boarding 51.25 per e's-y".'
A. M. HOPKINS, Proprietor.
September 22. 15-S.
STORE, Xo. 72Xcrth srcosp Street, (oppo-'
sit the ?ouiH Vernon House.) Pphiladelphia.
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled. 13 K. eases -Silver
Lever do., do.; Silver Lepine, do.: Quarti..'
Gold Spectacles. Silver do.; Silver Table Spooct,
Silver Desert do. ; Silver Tea do. ; Gold Pens and
Gold Cases; Gold Pens and Silver do.: together
with a variety of fine Gold Jewelry, Gold Curb,
Guard and Fot Chains. All goods warranted t
be as represented. Watckes and Jewelry, repair
ed in the best manner.
Also, Masonic Marks. Pins. Ac. made to order.
X. B. All orders sent by mail or otherwise
wiil be punctually attended to.
His motto is: -Small Profits and Quiak Sales,'
Philadelphia. April 25. Is55.
Gustav Innard's Taste Restoratirr Troches
the Great Sttittitnte for ToUcro . It is a well
known and inontrovertabie fact that the use of
Tobacco Is the promoting cans of many of the
most severe MENTAL AND PHYSICAL disorders
to which the race of man is subject, as enreful an-
alasisand long and painful experience have clear
ly proven that it contaiascertain narcotic and poi
sonous properties most dangerous in their effoets.
which by entering into the blood derange the
functions and operations of the Heart, causing ma
ny to suppose that orgin to be seriously diseased.
"TOBACCO affects also she entire nervous system,
manifesting itself as all who have ever used tho
noxious weed will bear testimony in Lassitude.
Nervous Irritability. Water Brash. Dyspepsia-and
many other disorders of a similar character. Tho
'Tate Restorative Troches"' are designed to coun
teract these baneful influences, and have proved
completely successful in a mnltitude of cases, and
wherever" used. Being harmless in themselves
they exert a beneficial effect upon the entire sys
tem, restoring the Tarte which has become vitia
ted or destroyed by great indulgence, complete
ly removing the irritation and accompanying tick
ling sensation of the Throat which are always
consequent npon abstaining from the use of To
bacco, and by giving a healthy tone to the, Stom
ach, iavigjrati? the whole system.
Persons who are irretrievably undermining
their constitutions and shortening their live,
should use these Troches immediately and throw
off the injurious and unpleasant habit of Tobacco
These Troches or Lozenges are put up in a con
venient and portable form at the low prio of iO
cents per Box. A liberal discount to the Trade.
Prepared solely by the undersigned to whom
all orders should be addressed.
JAMES K. BOWERS. Druggist.
Corner 2d and Race streets. Philadelphia.
April 14. lS5s-ly. '
Settlrrneut. Rare Opportunity. 'To all
tcanting Farms in a healthy place. turenty-Jtv
miles from Philadelphia, on the Camion and At
lantic Railroad, New Jersey. An old estate has
recently been opened for sale, and the first divi
sion of 10.000 acres divided up into farms of 20 a
cres and upwards. The soil is of the be't quality
for the production of fruits, grains. Ae. The prico
is SI5 to S2ll per acre, payable in easy quarter
vearlv instalments, within a term of four years.
with interest. The terms are made ay, in orJer
to insure the rapid improvement of the land, by
enabling every industrious mm to buy a farm. It
is now being extensively improved by good roads,
and some of the best citizens from Xew England
and the Middle States are erecting large improfe
meets. It is a scene of the greatest improvement
out of Philadelphia Scvtuty-five houses have
been built in 4 months. Practical farmers and bu
siness men from the length and breadth of the I -ciun
are settling there. It is an important busi
ness place, on account of its being in the midst of
a great market. Every article raised on this land
finds an immediate sale. The water is excellent,
and no such thing as fever is known. The soil i
a sandy or clay loam, with a clay bottom and re
tentive of manures. It is free of stones and easily
worked. It abounds largely in the phosphates,,
and such is its fertility that from the erops pro
duced both upon this land and tho area adjoin
ing under cultivation, it will be found not lo bo
excelled anwhere in the production of crops most
adapted to its market. The reader may be well
aware that the earliest and the best fruits and veg
etables eomc from New Jersey, which aro annual
ly exported to the amount of millions f dollars.
'1 he land., besides being accessible in every way
for fertilizers, has an abundant supply of the best
quality of muck manure.
Lumber and building materials can be had on
the spot at a cheap price, from the mills Other
mills arc now being opened, and brickyards being
started on the ground. A person can put up a
frame tenement for present convenience for one
hundred dollars. On account of the extensive em
igration, this is the best course to pursue in order
to get a place to live in at first. Carpenterssand buil
ders are on hand to put up houses on the best terms.
In settling here the emigrant has many advan
tages. He is within a few hours' ride of t'u great
cities in the Middle States and Xew England ; ho
is near his old friends and sssociations; he if in a
settled country. whre every improvement and,
comfort of civilisation is at hand ; he is in a heal
thy place, and is not "ubject to the certainty of
losing the greater part of h'S family and his own
health by those malignant fevers rUich make th
grnyes of so many millions of the young and har
dy in far off regions away from home and friends.
Besides, he has a mild climate ind an open winter.
There are three trains daily a Philadelphia,
and to all those who improve the failjoad compa
ny ive a free ticket. "
The reader will at once be struck with the ad
vantages here presented, and ask himself why tho
property has not been taken up before. The rea
son is, it was never thrown ia the market ; and un
less these statements were correct no one would be
trvited to examine the land before purchasing,
Ttus all aro expected to do. The v will seethe land:
un.ljjr cultivation; they wilt meet persons. c
doubt, from their own neighborhood ; they will'
witness the improvements, and can judge of tho
character of the population. Persons should come :
prepared to porchaso, as many are locating, and ,
locations aro not held on refusal.
The Hammonton Farmer, a monthly literary -an,1l
Agricultural sheet, containing full information
of Hammonton. will be sent to each inquirer, and.
can be obtained at 25 eenrs per annum.
Title indisputable. Warrantee deeds given,
clear of all incumbrance, when purchase money is'
?'-?' , Routeto be land :-Leave Vine street wharf.
Philadelphia. for Hammonton by railroad at 7J,'
A. M , and 51, P. M.; when there' inquire for Mr.
Lymes. Boarding conveniences will be found J,
Betters and applications can bo addressed to S B.'
u m1HLI-V- 202 8001,1 Fifth ptret below Walnut.
1 oiladelpuia. Maps and information cheerfully
fnriUhed. Sept. 8, IS3S-3m.
V IX Ea, for sale at the cheap cash store of "
MACKEREL, Herring, Bacon, Codtsb.lc.. lor
sale at the store cf .
JOHN PATTON,' CurwensviUe.
"JV AILS. An aortment just received at the store
iv of . rsoTMi vat f. iRwix.
: i
i -f

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