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"Clearfield, pa,, JULY25; isco. , ,
E.II.S. of Grampian Hi II. Yourgnext week.
. A Meetiso, for the parpose of organizing a
Lincoln & Curtin Club, will be held in the Town
Hall this (Wednesday) evening at 8 o'clock.,
CUTSJames Forrest, Esq., of Clear
field Bridge sent ns some specimens of tall
oats. "They measure 5 feet 8 inches in length
J-tbo head3 14 Inches." ' , "".. k .
Dr. A. M. VLvlaa desires to notify his friends'
and patrons in the vicinity of New Washing
ton that he will visit that, place on the week
commencing 30th July. . All persons desiring
his services as a Dentist, will please call early
in the' week, so that arrangements may bo
made to accommodate all. '"""' '
Biblk Society. The next concert of poblic
worship, In aid of the work of the Society now
In hand, to wit t the exploration of the entire
county, will be held in the Methodist church
in this borough on Sabbath evening, 29th in
stant, at 8 o'clock. The llcv. Dr. Aikin, of
Tittsburg, will preach the sermon on that oc
casion. - ;-: , ," July 20. - '
Fibe almost, On yesterday afternoon, the
house on Judge Shaw's farm across the River,
occupied by John Reed, took fire between the
kitchen and main building, bnt the devouring
element ws fortunately extinguished belore
much damage was done. It is supposed that
'sparks from a fire in the outbuilding were
blown into the crcvico and fanned into a
fl inio by the wind. -;
Oil Sraiso. Wa learn that the surfjee of
the water in a spriog on the farm of Titus II
Bailey, in Bloom township, is covered with an
oily substance, and thi there are other indi
cations of oil deposits in the immediate neigh
borhood. - Mr. Baily should at once go to work
and havo the proper examinations made to ascertain-
whether oil -does exist there in any
'considerable quantity. ', Should it turn out fa
vorable it will be of immense advantage to him.
Brilliaxt Meteor. Last Friday evening a
bout 9 o'clock, a brilliant meteor passed 4,a
ihwart the airy vault," from the north-west to
to the south-east. It resembled much an im
mense sky-rocket, and illuminated the heav
ens and the earth in a magnificent manner. It
was a sight worth seeing, and whilst it im
pressed many with the wonderful economy of
nature,1 there were persons, here and there,
w hose superstitious notions'led them to think
that there was to be a general "smash-up of all
things sublunary, . , .. . ,
Important to Postmasters. Country post
masters should bear in mind, for their advan
tage as well as that o! the local press, that for
every county paper delivered by them to sub
scribers, they are entitled to retain of the
l'o6t office funds, ten and one half cents per
year. It is for their interest, as well as that of
the fiublisher, that the connty paper be pre
ferred, since there is no trouble of making
collection or keeping accounts thereof as on
papers printed out of the county, the commis
sion on which will not average more than from
MX to eight cents per year. - . " '
New Bell. The St. Andrew's Episcopal
congregation in this place have procured a
large amalgam bell Jor their church edifice.
It has a deep, full tone, and will be a great
convenience. A tower Is to be added to the
building as soon as possible for its accommo
dation. ? We should like to hear of the other
Muirchea in our town" procuring bells also.
T re is nothing mora impressive than the
rich, musical sounds of a number of chuicb
Wis, on a SaLIath morning, breaking the
Millnes and calling the people to their devo
tions. And this reminds us of a beautiful
comparison made by an old author. ' He says :
Prayer is the rope in the belfry we pull it
and it rings the bell up in Heaven, and so it
is. Keep that bell moving. Pull it well, and,
tho' the bell is up so high that you cannot
hear it ring, depend upon it, it can be beard
in the tower of Ilcaven, and is ringing before
the throne of God, who will send answers of
peace according to yonr faith."
A Great Will Case js North Carolina
One hundred Negroes set Free. We learn from
the Iredell Express that the case of Solomon
Halls will occupied the Superior Court of
that county eight days, and was finally com
promised after the jury bad retired. ' Mr. Hall
had made a will leaving 100 negroes and other
property to his only child, a daughter, who
afterwards married Mr.Ncely against his wish,
whereupon he made another will Jeaving his
negroes free and leaving most of bis property
u) them. . The suit was to set aside tins will.
An hour after the case had gone to the jury,
-Mrs. Neely's counsel proposed to receive
513,000 and $2,000 which tho will gave her;
the estate to pay the court costs, $800, Bhe to
pay her own lawyer $5,000.. The proposition
was accepted. The negroes will be sent to
Liberia. Ulic jury stood nine against and
three for the will; "but it is said tho judge
would have act aside the verdict if it had been
"gainst the will. u ;. ? - . : ' : -
TnE State or Europe. A raris" letter of
the 20th of June in the Boston Traveller coa
tains some items of interest from the French
capital. The writer savs: "The political par
ties in opposition (especially the red republi-
-), are extremely well disciplined and or
ganized, and in the possession of a great deal
of money. The priesthood and the religions
charitable societies are likewise waging a con
stant though a secret war on Louis Napoleon.
Revolutionary Europe looks to him for an in
strument, though it is fas Garibaldi's nroela-
rnations and letters show) resolved upon his
-.vuiu miouia iney ever havo it in their
power. What a state of affiilra have we in
fcnrope ! , A ferment everywhere. Norway
and Sweden agitated bv nettv nnpstions of
provincial jealousy Germany and Denmark
ai me cattle's edge Germany agitat
ea by severaljconflict ingcauses of fermentation
Russia in throws nf -a
levered by the agitations of her nobility, clam
orous for more radical reforms Turkey (ifnot
Germany), threatened with partition by a eo
'ition between two despots Italy seething in
ih TO,ut,onarjr caldron France hanging on
ne me of one, and this man menaced by as-
of""b ' bT thC d5sorder" e1"eat on A lifo
t.i''S;l1 t-' . ,'
. fjPlenty -whortleberries, in this region;
C!F"Ditto -tricks among "political politi
cians." 1 ' .',
CP" A labyrinth love, in which every man
is miss-led. ; , - , ,
CCF"Refreshing the showers of rain during
the past week.
: 07"Asserted that one of Joe Lane's letters
from Mexico is dated I try Croose.
. OCT'S harp the Irishman who proposed to
"wake" over tho "dead of night.",
BP"To be changed Wheatland, the; name
of Buchanan's home, to Uucfr-wheatlarjJ. :
QPAmounts tho Texas school fund, to a
bout three millions of dollars, at present.' '
ffPBrownlow calls the Seceders' assembly
at Baltimore the Iiumpiuridge Convention.
- ff"Death loves a shining mark." Gent Je
meu with brandied noses will take warning.
" rj?"Sold some laud in London, recently, at
the rate of $900,000 an acre. Good price, that.
C7"May be fond of music the Douglas and
Breckinridge parties, but they can't have any
C?The Prince of Wales is about to pay our
country a visit, and is now on his way. iu a
steamship. ; ; "
EPIntimated that unless Foster comes out
for Douglas, that party will nominate another
KF"Fact an unruly boy generally leaves
school as a locomotive leaves the depot with
tender behind. So says Mr. Carboy.
C7"Found some gigantic human' remains,
in Minnesota. One thigh bone measured three
feet. That beats "Lengthy V; a little.
LC7"Cautioned the farmers, by some Dem
cratic papers, to "keep a sharp lookout for
their rails." Is Postmaster Fowler about J
rUTThc phrase,'"fighting on his own hook,'
is now more elegantly rendered "waging war
upon the individuality of his personal curve."
rjCF"Ex-Senator Foote, (nickuanied "Hang
man,") now a resident of Tennessee, goes lor
Douglas. He means to be in at the execution.
C?Tho road ambition travels is too nar
row for 'friendship, too crooked for love, too
rugged for honesty, and too dark lor science.
KFRather feeble the three cheers, propos
ed for Breckiuridge at the "double-headed"
meeting at the Town Hall, on Thursday eve
ning last. -
511?Arrived at New-Vork John C. Ilcenan,
tho 'Benicia Boy,' and has been received with
honors almost equalling those accorded to thu
Japanese.' If.
C7""Rcminded our Democratic friends, that
their platform, if they keep so many roosters
on it or over it, can't be fit for decent people
to stand on. . -
CCFA negro slave who had been whipped
severely by his mistress, in Gil mar county,
Ga., during the night cut two of her children's
throats and fled.
T7Need be at no expense the Breckin
ridge men, for lights at their night meetings.
They always have an abundance of home-made
moonshine on hand.
QPStated that a wet sponge, Or even a few
greea loaves carried in the biitj Is a sure pre
ventive of .Min-stroke. Slobkins thinks agood
sized brick might do as well. - ; -
CT'Ended the Berean war, in Kentucky.
The fire-eaters have abandoned the attempt to
drive off Cassius M. Clay,and some of the wan
dering Bereans have returned to their homes.
"(XT-Crossed this year the Atlantic ocean,
by the largest and smallest steamer that ever
crossed it the Great Eastern and Seih Gros
venor, the latter being a vessel of only CO tons.
CT7"An unhappy young married woman in
Hartford, took btrychnino to kill herself. As
she began to straighten out, lobelia was freely
administered, and through its influence her
life was saved. - ;- . ' '. .'
C?"Shipped $58,077,G1G in specie, from
New-York, during the past year. That's the
way the "Golden (aJvatorein) Tariff" operates
in advancing the interests of tho working peo
ple of Pennsylvania. -;
nyComplain the Ohio papers, of a blight
on the apple trees in certain sections of that
State. . It resembles the fire blight that allects
the pear, and seems to fall only upon trees
which are lull of fruit.
CTMayor Saunders, of Lawrence, Mass.,
has just received as a present a service of
plate, valued at $(5UO. It was given him in re
turn for his exertions in behalf of the sufferers
by the fall of the Peiuberton Mills.
C7"Dan Rice, the well-known jester of the
ciicus ring, has very generously handed over
to the young ladies of the Presbyterian Church
at Girard, Erie co.. Pa., a donation of $1,000
for the purchase of a library for the church.
lX7"Fell in love young Puddleford, the o
ther day. He says he felt like a barrel and a
half of new jnnple sugar sliding down on a
rainbow, greased with butter at forty cents a
pound. ; Pea-pod soon alter left to get his life
insured. ,
- CC7We chew tobacco, and the Hindoos take
lime. The children of this country delight in
candy, those of Africa in rock salt. A French
man "goes in" on fried frog, while an Esqui
maux Indian thinks a stewed cankle.the cli
max of dainties. -Thus folks differ.
' 07"A bedstead has been invented, by which
a person can wind it up, lie down on the couch,
and it will run a given number of hours,with a
fan constantly in motion over his face and
body, to keep the flies off and fan its occupant
to sleep in a cool and pleasant breeze.
; CG7"VVeslcy Ilann, the fat man of German
valley, Morris co., N. J., was buried on the
l!7th June. He was a middle-nged man, and
weighed about 600 pounds. It took 910 feet
of lumber to make bis coffin. He leaves a wife
weighing about 500 lbs, and of very large size.
I ft7"Got swindled a stout fellow, six feet
two inches hijjh, in a Peter Funk auction room
Iu New-York, on a watch. It was only eigh
teen dollars, but he shut the door of the room,
took oft his coat, and after thrashing half a
dozen swindlers, recovered tho money and re
tired. '
; D-7The New-York Metropolitan Hotel biil,
for entertaining tho Japanese embassy, footed
up $01,000, and the others to more than $30,
000. Among other items were ten thousand
bottles of chumpague consumed at the ball, or
say two bottles tor each man, woman, and child
in attendance. ' ' '
We are requested to state that the Pamphlet
Laws for 1800 have been received at the Pro
thonotary'a office, and are ready for distribu- ;
tion among those entitled to them. . . .
' ' " v i mmm
1 Garibaldi's Purposes. That Garibaldi is
hnnt nn virrvincr nn his tdans until Italy is in-
Aoo frno tfrnm tho A his to the Adriatic." is
abundantly manifest by "one of his latest pro-
clamations to nis soiaiers, puousneu a. iraier
ttiii. in whiHi he re mi nds them that "many of
their brethren are still in slavery, whom they
have sworn to release" mat "tne noeriy oi
Tfultr rpnnsAn on thir hnvonets" that 'tbe
youth of Italy must be led to new combats and
new victories before it can return to tne sweeis
nt l!f Dnil tKa TYi!irafn n f wifannd children."
Soldiern of Calatitimi," he exclaims, "prepare
o unisu ine glorious wr wuicu juu n-io
well begun."
County Convention.
The members of the People's Party of Clear
field county are requested to meet in convention
; 'At tlie Town Hall in Clearfield, . -
at 1 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of nomina
ting a County ticket, taking action in regard
to Congressional and Representative candi
dates, and transacting such other business as
may be deemed necessary. According to the
plan of organization adopted last year, every
mfeniLer of the party can attend as a delegate,
and have a voice, in proportion to the num
ber of votes his district polled for our candi
dates at the last election. It is hoped that
every district will be represented.
By order of the County Committee,
; Win. McBride, Curwensville,Chairman.
Wm. M. Smiley, Beccaria tovnhip.
' Jacob Snyder, . ' Bell township.
George Leech, Bloom township. '
David Adams, Boggs township.
Wm. Hoover, . Biadford township.
'J.R.Arnold, Brady township.
John Mahafley, Burnsido towuship.
Jou'a Westover, Chest township.
S. B. Row, " Clearfield borough.
John Reiter, Covington township.
Jacob Gearhai t, Decatur township.
Edmund Williams, Ferguson township.
A. W. Heath, Fox township.
Ed. Wooldridgc, ' Girard township.
JohnSankey, Goshen township-'.."
' Jas.'E. Watson, Graham township.
JohtfG. Cain, Guelich township.
John B. Hewitt, Huston township.
John Swan, " Jordan township.
Ed. McGurvey, . . Karthaus township.
Martin O. Stirk', . Knox township. ;
James Forrest, L'afc renee township.
Samuel Kirk, Lumber-city borough.
Wm. Campbell, m.d. Morris township.
Samuel Sebring, New Washington.
David S. Moore. Penrr township.
Jos. A. Caldwell, - Pike township,
John Brabaker, Union township. ,
Isaac Goss, Woodward towuship.
The following Committees of Vigilance were
appointed for the various election districts:
Beccaiiu Lyonel W. WeTd.John W. Wriglit.
John L. McCulIy, Edwar.d P., Fulkerson. ;
BM John Bell, Wilson McCraeken,Tb.omas
Orr, Jacob Snyder of Jac, Samuel T. Hoover,
Hugh Pollock, John F. Lee.
Bloom-Andrew Rumer, II. C. Leech, Chas.
Cleaver, SilasMuiin, T. II. Bailey, Chas. G off.
Boggs Geo. Wilson, Jr., John Bish, David
Adams, Jf., John Blair, Wm. Wilson, Peter
Gearhart. "
Bradford Daniel Graham, William Albeit,
John Peters, Isaac S. ?'hirey. , .
Brady Reuben 11. Moore, Alex. Shea,Tho.
Montgomery, Isaac McIIenry, John Carlisle,
Buinside Jackson Patchin, Eb. McMasters,
Jesse Hutton. Robt. Michael, Jno. Rorabaugh.
Chest A. II. Peirce, David Michael, James
Dowler, B. G. McMasters, Win. McGarvey.
Wm. Westover. .
Clearfield Boro. Robt. Mitchell, Jr.,Reuben
Spackman, G. W. Rheem, . W. R. Brown, M.
A. Frank.. ;
Covington P. A. Gaulin, John Barmoy,
Joab Rider.
CurweinviUc E. A. Irvin, D. O. Crouch,
John Irvin, James Brown, Wm. Ten Eyck.
Decatur Joseph Goss,Dauiel Albert. Daniel
Ayers. ' .
Ferguson Jacob Gibson, Luther Barrett,
George W. Davis, Charles McMasters.
Fox E. C. Lyman, A. W. Heath.
Girard Alexander Murray, Adam Spack
man, James Leonard, Jr., Alexander Irwin.
'. JJoshcn Lewis Irwin, Thomas Graham, T.
II. Spence.
Graham B. F. Akely,John M. Katen.James
P.Nelson,John Ammerman,P. M. Wollislaglc.
Guelich Wm. A. Nivling, J. W. Scott, G.
W- McCulIy, W. S. Wells, Robert Graham..
Huston William Hewitt, Julius Lamm,
Oscar Allen, Warren Bliss.
Jordan Thomas Thompson, J. Glenn Wil
liams, Isaac Haines, John McXeal.
Karthaus Joseph Yothers, Joseph Ruble',
Frank McGarvey, William Bridgen. '
A'nor John L. Rex, D.J. Cat heart, Wil
liam McKee.
Lawrence W. L. Antes, W. P. Fulton, Cor
nelius Ovvens,A. T. Schryver,IsaacThompsou.
L. K. McCullough, Oliver Conklin.
Lumber City James Ferguson, Harrison
Spencer, John W. Ilazlett, George H. Lytic
Morris T. G. Snyder, J. Davis, G. D. Hess,
Jacob Mock, J.C Brenner. Benj. Spackman.
Aleic Washington John L. Allison, William
Feath, John H. Bycrs.
Feun John Rnssell, f Abraham C. Moore,
Thos .Wain, Jacob Doughman, M. S. Spencer.
Pike Johnson Holden. Benj. Hartshorn,
John W. McNaul, Edw. M. Curry, Milton Mc
Clure, B. F. Dale, Robt. Neeper, Porter Smith.
Union D. E. Brubaker, David Dressier,
II. B. Bailey, J. B. Clowser.
If 'oodward Samuel IIegarty,Joseph Fiscus,
James Stott.
Announcement of Candidates.
ttyWc arc authorized to announce David
Adams, Sr., of Boggs township, as a candidate
for County Commissioner, subject to the deci
sion of tho People's County Convention.
! CWe are requested to announce Alex'r
Murray, of Girard township, as a candidate for
Connty CommisLner, subject to the choice
of the People's County Convention.
0Tjr"We are requested to announce that Ed.
McGarvey, Esq., will be supported in the Peo
ple's Convention for the office of Auditor.
! . Every Summer the demand for Ilostettcr's Cele
brated Stomach Bitters inci eases. It is found to be
'the only certain preservation of bodily strength,
during a period when the atmosphere is calcula
ted to induce a feeling of lassitude-and indiges
tion.. - Tho worat cases of Diarrhor-a and Dysentery
give way before its potent influence. Innumera
ble persons, who are now alive and well, -must
thank the discoverer of this preparation that they
have not been swept away, in the harvest of death.
The Bitters is recommended by the best physicians
in the Jand. This is the best evidence of its real
value, because as a general thing, they will not
ppeak a word in favor of advertised preparat;ons.
They have been compelled to acknowledge the
claims of the Bitters upon the community. Bold
by all druggists. " ... -
', ; ; . '.., MARRIED: , J -
; On July 19th, at the parsonage in New Wash
ington, by Rev. E. W. Kiiby, Mr. C. C. Mit
cuell to Miss Amelia Cleart, danghter of tho
Rev. James Cleary of the M. P. Church.
1 On July 19th, in Tyrone City, Blair co., by
Samuel JonesEsq., Mi. William W. Ball of
Ansonville, to Miss Carouse I1ili.ec. of Glen
Hope, Clearfield county. - ; f
LANK SUMMONS for sale at the Variety
fctore of IiOraixe & Co, Clearfield, l'a.
MINERAL WATER If you want "Icy
Cold and Sparklin; Mineral Water," call at
Loraine 4V Co Drrq Store, as they have recent
ly put up a splendid fountain.' July IS.
A complete, out and out, stock of ;
jus received and selling low by
Curwensville, July 9. E A. IRVIN.
ton circuit will be held on land lying close to
the River, near the residence of John F. Lee, Esq.,
and will commence on Friday, 2oth of August.
Preachers and people are invited to attend.-,-
julyi8 '
uvalcniiS wm not oe allowed
CAUTION. The public are cautioned against
purchasing a note given by me about the 5th
June. 1 60, made payable to B. Hutton, one year
after date; for the sum of thirty dollars, as I have
received no valuo for the same and will not pay it
unless compelled bv due course of law.
Boggs tp., Jnly ll. 1S00V JOHN BEISII.
" - .i , , . , ., .
PAY UP! PITY UP I AH persons indebted
to the undersigned on Judgments, Notes,
Book Accounts, Lands, or otherwise, are notified
to make payment without delay, and save costs
lie will be found at all times at the store of Gra
ham, Boynton fc Co., in Clearfield borough, where
he keeps his books. ' JAMES B. URAUAM.
Clearfield, Pa, Jnly 18, IS60.
CAUTION. AH persons are hereby caution
ed against meddling with the following prop
erty now in the hands of Jehn Wallace, of Chest
township, Clearfield county : one two-year bull,
three milk cows, one cooking stovo and two pigs,
as the same belong me, being bought at Consta
ble's tale, and left with him 011 loan onlv.
. July, 11, I860. ANTHONY M'GAUVEY.
SHOP AHEAD !!!! The subscriber thankful
for past favors, takes this method of informing
his old customers and the public in general, that
he has removed his shop from the Foundry to the
shop formerly occupied by George W. Orr. on Sec
ond street, Clearfield. Pa., where he will continue
to manufacture Wagons of every description, to
order, of good' material and in a workmanlike
manner. Also, Wheelbarrows, Harrows, Grain
cradles, &a.. made on short notice, in superior
style, and of the best stock, llepairing of every
kind done with dispatch, and on reasonable terms.
Juno 23, 1859. WILLIAM it. BROWN.
The undersigned adopts this method of in
torming the public and the patrons of the late
firm of S.- A. Gibson t Co.. that he designs car
rying on the MARBLE BUSINESS in Belle
fonte, in all its various branches, and will hold
himself always in readiness to furnish those who
call upon him. with all kinds of Cemetery Worl;
of the latest classical designs, and superior work
manship, such as Mttnnmenl. Box Tnmbx. Cra
dle Tombs, S it res, OorJixis, Grecian Tombs, Ta
ble Tombs, Ilearl Stones. Carved. Sculptured or
Plain, ns cheap, if not cheaper, than they can be
had at any other establishment in tho country.
Thankful for past favors, the undersigned solicits
an increase of patronage. WM. GAHAGAN.
Bellefonte, Pa., March 23. 1830-tf. '
1 undersigned take pleasure in announcing to
the citizens of Ansonville and vicinity that they
have entered into partnership in the mercantile
business, under the name ot wan tV Hartshorn,
and that -they have just received and opened out
a stock of Seasonable Goods, embracing everything
usually kept in a country store, which they will
dispose of on tho most advantageous terms to pur
chasers. They solicit a share of patronage trust
ing that they will be able to render satisfaction to
buyers. 11ENUY SWAN.
The books of Chase 4' Swan, and those of Henry
Swan, arc in the hands of U. Swan for collection.
All persons indebted arcfe quested to call and set
tic, as it is desirable to have the old accounts
squared.. mar28, '60.
Centre county. Pa. The undersigned would
respectfully inform the traveling public that he
has recently purchased the above named Hotel,
which he has remodeled and furnished with new
beds, tc, and is now prepared to accommodate all
customers in the best manner possible, His house
is pleasantly located, and therefore a desirable
stopping place. His table will at all times be sup
plied with the best in the market, and his bar will
be filled with the best liquors in this section of
country. . Ale would especially invito his Clear
field county friends to give him a call as they
pass along, being fully persuaded that he can ren
der satisfaction to all who may favor him with
their custom. ' . THOS. ROBINS.
Philipsburg. May 9th, 1S50.
having fitted up a shop a few doors east of
the '-Old Jew Store," on Market street, desires to
inform the community at large, th'ut he keeps on
hand a variety of CABINET WORK, at his
shop, and that he manufactures to order, (of su
perior finish.) every description of Household and
Kitchen furniture, among which are Centre, and
Dining Tables : Mahogony and Common Bureaus;
Common and Fancy Bedsteads, Stands, Safes, Cup
boards. Sofas. Lounges. tc, which he is determin
ed to ditoso of nt as cheap rates, for cash, as thev
can he purchased at any other establishment of
the sort in the county. I'crsons wishing ' to buy
furniture are invited to come to hia shop and ex
amine his articles, and judge for themselves of its
quality and finish, before purchasing elsewhere,
as he feels confident that he can suit theiu in price
and quality. Country produce will betaken in
payment for furniture. November 10. 1858.
N- B. He is also prepared to make COFFINS to
order on the shortest notice, and attend "funerals
with a hearse, when called upon. .- - J.S.J.
FERItV. Brown, the leader o f the Insur
rection, Jo mid guilty of jtfurdfr anil Treason in
the Pi tat degree. Ihe above named 'insurrection'
caused a great deal of gas to be let off by leading
politicians and the political press of this great
country, and in fact, tho majority of the people, of
all parties, were more or less excited on reading
the first account of the insurrection some of the
papers trying to make political capital out of the
afl';ur and others making light of the matter.. But
if it had been an Italian strike for Freedom a
gainst their lawful sovereigh, led on by Mazzinni
or Garibaldi, the Press of this country, with but
oue exception, wouid call meetings and pass reso
lutions and solicit subscriptions to aid them in
their so called patriotic work ; but amidst all this
inconsistency there is ono man that is not the least
interested in the fate of Brown or his companions,
and that one is Frank Short of the Short Shoe
Shop on Second street, where ho will be found at
all times ready and willing to wait upon persons
calling on him for anything in the Boot, t-boe or
Gaiter line. Thankful for past favors he only asks
a continuance ot the same, and will sell as cheap
for cash or hides as any other man in the county.
November 'J. ISotf. HiA.Nh SHOKl.
iifT. ivn Pii'Pirr n
The undersigned.' desire to inform the citizens of
Clearfield and surrounding vicinity, that they
have recently purchased in the Eastern cities a
large and well selected stock of seasonable Goods,
which they havo'opened in the well-known Room
on Market street, Clearfield, (formerly occupied by
Wm. F. Irwin.) Their stock consists of a general
assortment of the very best Foreign and Domestic
Thelrstoc't of Dry Goods consists in part of such as
' Cloths. Cassi meres, Satinets. Ttoeeds, Vesting t
jMtsiiist Ticking, V hecks, CaJicoes. Chintzes,
. i Ginghams, Canton and Wool Flannels, De , .
Laines, CasJtmi'res.Silis, Plaids, Shaicls,
Brilliants, Jlosierr, Gloves, etc.. etc. ,
Also, a jrreat variety of Ladies' Boots and Gaiters,
Misses, and Childrens Shoes Mens', Boys', and
Youths' Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, with a large
selection of useful notions, among which are
Perfumery, Cloth and Ha.ir Brushes, Fancy
Soaps. Pens and'Pen-Jtolders, Combs, 6rc,
together with many other useful notions, all of
which will be sold low for Cash, or in exchange
for approved country produce. As their stock is
entirely new, and purchased on tho most advanta
geous terms, they feel confident that they can sell
goods to the advantage of the buyer. Step in
and examine for yourselves, before purchasing
elsewhere. Remember the new store is the place.
Feb. 22. J860. GRAHAM. BOYNTON A CO.
ACON. A quantity of good bacon on hand
ana lor Bale at tne store or
may 30. REED; WEAVER & CO.
AM, Sides and Shoulders, for sale at the store
of vrsti. t . mv 11, ciearneia.
to cnll and exnmine the latgest assortment of veil
made Tin-icare to be found in the State, which
we are prepared to sell at Ixiver iViVt.t than in
ferior goods arc geuerally gold for.
Sign of the Large Cotfee Pot.
Mar. 14: 59 Cm. 723 Market st. Philadelphia
The undersigned keeps constantly on hand
at his store room in Philipsburg. Centre county, a
full stock of Flour, Hams, Shoulders Sides, Cof
fee, Tea, Sugar, Rice,. Molasses, A o. Also, Li
quors of all kinds, Tobacco, Segars, Snuff, Ao.; all
of which he offers to purchasers on the most ad
vantageous terms. . Give him a call, and trv his
articles. mar21 ROBERT LLOYD.
FLOUR ! FLOUR !! The undersigned hav
ing made arrangements with a large manu
facturing establishment to supply him with Flour,
he gives notice to tho public that ho is prepared
to furnish all who want a good article, at the very
lowest price, in as largo or small quantities as
mny bo desired. He also keep? on hand constant
ly liquors of all kinds, which he will soil m hole
sale or retail. JAS. H. GALER.
Tyrone City, Ta , July 1 1 th. 1S50
undersigned informs the public that he has
fitted np a Billiard Room, up-Btairs in Dr. Lorain's
Building on Market street, Clearfield, Pa., for the
accommodation of all who may wish to indulge
in this delightful and scientific recreation. His
table is of the latest and best pattern, and all the
appliances Bro of a similar character. No atten
tion will be spared to insure the oomfort and plea
sure of customers. ROBERT SM1TII. '
- Clearfield. December 21, 1S59.
CABINET MAKER. The subscriber wishes
to inform his old friends and customers, that he
is now carrying on the Cabinet Making business,
on -his own hook," at his old shop on Market
Street, nearly opposite the '-old Jew Store," where
he keeps on hand, and is prepared to manufacture
to order, every description of Cabinet-Ware, that
may bo wanted in this section of country; con
sisting of Sofas, Lounges, Mahogony and Common
Bureaus. Writing and Wash Stands ; Centre. Din
ing and Breakfast Tables: Mahogany and Com
mon Bedsteads ; Sewing Stands, Ac. ins. He wil
also repair furniture and chairs, in good style
cheap for cash. House Painting done on short no
tiee, and easy terms. Now is the time to buy at
reasonable prices, as I intend to sell, every thin
in my line of business at the cheapest cah rates
Walk in and examine the articles on hand, ani
judge for yourselves, of the quality and finish.
Country produce received in payment.
April 13, 1853 JOHN GUELICH.
N. B - Coffins made to order on short notice, ant
funerals attended with a neat hearse, and appro
priate accompanyuicnts. when desired. J. G.
J. OSCAR loraise.
Drug and Variety Store.
Eastern cities, and opened at their NEW
west of Third, the most extensive assortment of
Drugs, -Varnishes, Perfumery, Toilet articles.
Medicines. Dye Stuffs. Cutlery, Miscellaneous
Paints, Tobacco, Stationary, and Fancy
Oils, Segars. Blank books Articles, Ac.
everoffered to the public in this section of country.
- Their Drugs and Chemicals, of which they have
an extensive assortment, have been selected with
especial rcferenco to their quality and freshness
Extra Logwood.chipped 4 ground ; Indigo, Mad
der.Annatto, Cochineal, Sol. tin, Red Sanders Copal
coach-black for leather,Japan for dying. Map, Mas
tic, White Damar, White Spirit A Flowing Varnish.
Cavendish, best; Natural Leaf, Rough A Ready,
Lady twist, Fine cuts of all kinds, and pride of the
Harem, tobacco; Rappe A Scotch snuff ; El phaeton,
HenryClay, Punch, La china, El monc, Ac, Segars.
- Ledgers, Day-books. Receipt and Note Books,
Diaries, Ladies and Office Portfolios, Blank parch
ment and paper deeds. Bonds, Mortgages, and all
legal blanks; Foolscap, letter, note, business and
drawing paper, envelopes, ready reference files;
Annear's Arnold's writing fluid ; Ink, black, blue
A carmine. steel pens k pen holders, paperclips.mu
cilage, and all other articles iu the stationary line.
Their stock of Oils and Paints will eoncist of Lin
seed OiL Coal Oil, Tanner's Oil, Turpentine, Red
and White lead, dry and ground in oil ; Spanish
brown,Venitian red, Yellow and Stone ochre, Lamp-,
black. Black lead, Ivory. black, Chinese nd Amer
ican Vermillion, Paris Green; Ultramarine and
Trussian Blue, dry and ground in oil; Chrome yel
low and green, Carmine, Chalk of all kinds, Cobalt;
Drop, lake and black ; Emer-, (J lue ; G ums, Copal,
Damar and Shellac ; iudian red, Litharge, Orajge
mineral, Pumice and Rotten stone; Rose pink, A
merican and English; Rosin, Scarlet, (or Persian
red.) Terre de Sienna, Turkey Umber, Verdigris,
Blue and White Vitriol, Whiting, Zinc, copperas,
Borax, Putty and Putty knives, Glass of all sizes
and qualities, Looking-glass plates, etc., etc , etc.
Hair brushes, American, French t English, with
Ivory, Shell, l'carl. Buffalo, Satin-wood, Rose-wood
and ornamental backs, all qualities ; Cloth brush
es, Hat brushes : Teeth brushes, various qualities ;
Shaving brushes, American, English and French,
with Russia bristles Badger's hair ; Flesh brush
es; Comb crushes A cleaners; Tortoise shell Tuck
combs, Tortoise shell. Plain and Fancy and India
rubber Long combs; Shell, Buffalo, Horn and In
dia rubber puff-side combs ; India rubber Dress
ing combs. 4 to 8 inches, all stjles ; English toilet
combs with handles; Bonnet combs; Ivory and
Gutta Percha fine tooth combs; Pocket combs, all
styles; American, French and German Cologne
A Lavender waters ; Lubin's. Taylor's, Wright's,
Maugenet A Conway's extracts for tho handker
chief, and a great variety of styles ; Burnett's Co
caine, Barry's Tricopherous, Lyon's Cathairon,
Eau, Lustral. Bears, Maccassar, Antigua, Rose and
Coral Oil; Beef marrow, Pomades and Philocoom,
American and French, all styles and prices ; cold
cream, Toilet powder, Rouge balls, Lilly White,
Puff boxes, china and paper ; Smelling salts, Balm
of a thousand flowers, tooth paste, charcoal ; Shav
ing compound of all sizes ; Military 6oap, Honey
soap. Chrystaline A Floating soaps, Ottoman, Yan
kee, Gallagher, Transparent and Castile soaps, Ac.
Gents' steel frame morocco and cuff portmonies,
Ladies' silk lined Papier-mache, inlaid Tortoise
shell, Velvet and Morocco portmonies; Ladies'
crotchet purses, embroidered wsth steel beads: La
dies cabas and morocoo satchcls,sbell. penrl, ivo
ry ; velvet and papier-mache, ivory A pearl memo
randum tablets ; fineEnglish morocco pocket wal
lets; morocco and calf pocKet-books, with straps
and clasps ; bill books A Banker's cases, with lock
and key-; collapsion drinking enps ": medical glas
sea, with and without drops ; fishing tackle; Chap
man k Emerson's razorstrops; eigareases; crnmb
brushes; shoo brushes, with and without handles;
horn brushes, all qualities ; print A varnish brush
es, tin and copper bound ; sash tools; eouoter and
marking brushes; white-wash a scrubbing brush
es; fancy-colored dusting brushes. Ac. Rich pearl
inlaid papier-inache toilet cases, work boxes and
writing desks ; Rosewood and Mahogony writing
desks; Chessmen and chessboards ; Gents' Kid
gloves, neck-ties, eollars, cravats and canes ; La
dies' Kid, Taffeta silk and Kid finished gauntlets,
and Lysle thread gauntlets ; Black and Silk web
suspenders, french striped gum suspenders, rich
embroidered suspender, Guiots new style French
suspenders, Gents' linen handkerchiefs, colored
border and cambric handkerchiefs. Ladies' Linen
handkerchief in great variety: Sun-shade tans.
circular French fans, canton feather fans of great
variety ; fine canton palm fans with ivory A paint
ed handles; black and mourning fans; Hair pins
English A trench, 4-0. Also, l'ateut JNIcdicincs ot
every variety. All of which will be sold at the
lowest CASH prices. Country Physicians furn
ished with Drugs, Medicines and Surgical instru
ments, at the most reasonable rates for Cash.
Physician's prescriptions cart-fully compounded
Char field : Pa June 20th, I860
IT! LOUR A lot if the bcit qualitv, for ale low
at the .-tore .f YM.Y. 1KWIS.
Also, llama and Shoulders, Mackrel and Herring
HbusrT andTlot Fbirs
der.signci offers at private sale, seven an 1 a
half acres of ground in" BecoarU township, at the
mouth of Wh itinera run, on big Clcarficl-J creek,
having a two-story frame house, 20 by 30 feet iu
dimensions, sturo. bouso 18 by 2S feet.' stable and
other out-buildings thereon.. For terms apply to
the undersigned, near Ansonville.
July 11, 183a.-2m.-pd. . . : JOHN SWAN.
ISSOLUTION'. The partnership entered
into on the 2S:h dav of Mar. 1SG0. iu the Mer
chandizing and Lumbering business-. h(, JSrahani
Vi11' i3 lll's dissolved by, mutual consent, by
Matthew Fcrcea retiring from tho linn.' Thomas
11. iorcee will continue tc" carry 3 l'tlis luoiucas
as heretofore, and Will collect and p.iy all claim
of said firm. M. A T. II. FOHCEE.
Grahamton. June o, lSCO-jiilyl.
-t V of Administration on the Estate of Samuel
Stroup.ljte of Ferguson township, Clearfield cun
ty, Pa., deceased, having been granted to the un
dersigned resiling in Knox township, all per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to mak'
immediate payment, and thoiso having claims a
gainst tho same will present them properly au
thenticated for settlement.
June IX IS'iO-'itp. GEO. El HARD Adin'r.
Maker, keeps constantly on hand for sale at
hi shop, near I.uthersburg. Clearfield county, Pa,
Kip and Calf Skins, (French and American;)
and a variety of Linings. Bindings, Shoe Peg-.
Nails and Thread, Boot Webbing, Blacking, A-c. ;
in fact, everything usually herd in a shoe-finding
establishment. He has also Flour. Sagrr, Ctittiv,
Tea, Rice, Sodn, Syrup, Tobacco. Si-gars. Nail.
G'.njJ, Ac. all of which can be had che'an for ciiih.
LuthorsVur;;'. November 2; IS.'lMyp.
an nrder of the Orphans' Court of Clearfield
county, Pa there will be exposed to public sale,
on Saturday tho 11th day of August. l.v'.O. at 2 o -clock
P. M., at the house of David S. Plotner. in
the BorOt-gh of New Wahinton, the following
described property, tVwit : AM that certain picco
of land, situate in Chest township, Clearfield co..
Pa., bounded by lands of Simon Bcrabangh. Johu
H. Beyers. Solomon and Andrew Toicr, land late
of Moses Pearee and others; containing 82 acre?,
late the estate of Thomas Wilson, deceased.
Perms One half cash, the balance in one rear
with interest.
Til, I
July 10, 1880.
HENRY 11. IH'!
movals always cause excitement, and sinco
the groat excitement about the removal of thu
Court House has subsided, the community gener
ally have become somewhat excited npon hearing
that Cbarly Watson has determined to pull up
stakes and remove to Virginia. But the latest
cause of excitement is the tftct that I have icniov
ed my Sad l!er Shop from my old stand -opposite
the Court House to my new shop on Market street,
nearly opposite the jail, where all who may favor
me with a call can be supplied with Siddtcs, Sin
gle Harness. Double llnrnets, Tmr ILtrrie, Bri
dles, Collars, Whips, 11'iJters. llo'nst (, Breech
bands. Side Straps, and in. fact every a.-tiele in tho
line of Saddling and Harness making. Thankful
for the very libertl patronage heretofore bestowed
I solicit a continuance of the same and a call from
as many new customers as can make it suit.
Aug. -2.1, '59. GEORGE W. RHEEM.
IF you want ground White Lead, go to Mos.scp'y.
IF you want fine ground Zinc, goto Mossop'h.
IF you want Pure Flax-seed Oil, go to Mossor's.
IF you want superior Coal Oil go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Cloths, go to fossoi's.
IF you want Fancy Cassimeies, go to Mossor's.
IF you want Black Cassimeres. go to Mossop'k.
IF you want plain A fancy Tweeds, goto MossopV
IF you want superior Cassinets, go to M'ossop's.
IF you want superior Sattinets, go to . Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Bonnets, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Calicoes, new styles, go to Mossop's.
IF you want new fancy DeLaineo, go to Mossop'..
IF you want good French Chintz, go to Mossop's.
IF you want French Ginghams, go to ', Mosop"s.
IF you wp.nt Domestib Ginglianis. go ti Mossop's.
IF you want first rate Alpacas, go to Mossop's.
IFyottwautit good Undershirt, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Coats,' go to. Moshop'k.
IF you want fashionable Pants, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Neck ties. go to Mosfcop's.
IF you want fashionable Vests, goto Mohsop's:
IF you want fashionable Hats, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Boots, go to Mossop".
IF you want fashionable Shoes, go to MiMnop's,.
IF you want Boys' Coats A Pants, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Children's Shoes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good brown Muslin, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good White Muslin, go to Mossop's.
IF you waut good colored Musi ins. go to Mossop's.
IF you want silk Handkerchiefs, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Haud'ks. goto Mossop's,
IF you wnnt cotton H and herchicls.go to' M-.s sop's
IF you weut Linen Table cloths, go to Mjssop's
IF you want cotton Table cloths, go to Mossop's
IF you want UmbrellosA Parasols, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a superior Clock, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Fancy Carpet Sacks, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Table Oil Cloths, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Floor Oil CI jth, go to' Mossop's.
IF you want new School Books, go to Mossop's?.
IF you want Nails and Spikes, go to .Mossop's.
IF you want llardwareof .llkindi goto Mossop's.
IF you want a good Grass Scythe, go to Mosjop's.
IF you want a good Hay Fork, go to Mossop's,
IF you want a good Manure Fork, go to .Mossop's.
IF you want giol Garden Spade;-, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Willow Baskets, goto' MossopV.
IF you want a good Buggy Whip, go to. Mossoi-'s.
IF you want Tobacco and Cigars. gi to Mossop's.
IF you want Fancy Wall Paper, go to M'jssor'n.
IF you want ManiilaA hemp cord.s,go to Mossop's.
IF you want Palm or Fancj Soap, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Shoe Lasts and Pegs, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Saw-mill Saws, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Powder, Lead A Shot.go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Shoe Blacking, go to Mossor't.
IF you want good Stove Blacking, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior BlicK Ink, go to Mossop'i.
IF you want a smoothing Iron, go to Mossop's.
FLOUn. BACoV, Tf.X, f'tOAR, AC.
IF j-ou want good Extra Fkur, go to Ms3op's.
IF you want Extra Family Flour, go to Mossop's -IF
you want good smoked Haras, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Sides or Shoulders, go to Mossop's.
1 F you want exnollont Drivl EieT, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Brown Sugar, g to Mossop's.
IF you wantsuperiorWhiteSugar. goto Mossop's.
I F you wajit the best Rio Coffee. g to Muswp'h
IFyou waut Extract of Coffee, goto MoS90p'.
IF you want good Imperial Tea.- go to Mossop'
I F you want good Black Tea, go to " Mossop's.
IFyou want good Young Hyjn.. go to Mossop's.
IF you wanteoarse or fine Salt, go to Mosfw's.'
I c yon want excellent luce, go' to riossop s .
IF you want fresh ground Spices, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Caadita. go to - .Mossup's
IF you want AdamantineCandles, goto Mossop's
IF you want good Tallow Candlo,gu to Moasopjs.
IF you want good fresh Mackerel, go to Mossop's.
IF yott want good fresh Herring, go to Mossop's,
IF you want superior White Fi?h, go to Mossop's.
IF ytu want Molasses, all kinds, go to Mo.op's.
IF you want fine Dried Peaches, go to Mossop's,
IFyou want fine Dried Apples, go to Mossop's.
IFyoa want Orangesand Lemon. go to Mossop's"..
IFyou want old Monongahcta. go to Mossop'b
IF you want Port Wine, superior, go to Mossor's.
IF yotf want " for Medical use, go to : Mos.vop's.
IF yott wan " " ScrauientI use.goto Mossop's.
IF you want good Cherry Brandy goto Mossorrs;
IF you want good Sweet Wine, go to Mossop'a.
Clearfield. Pa., April 27..1S59. -.
THE FARM in Jordan towship noccapied by
John Kilion, being 50 acres, -5 of which are
cjeared and under good fence, and having a houses
and barn thereon erected, for sale. Apply to
June 15. 1859. L. J. CHANS. ClearS'-li.

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