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fit 1$CT1IM
Time of Car. luring Tone tatin.
Trough Exp
Fast train, .
Mail train,
Wax trin'
Trough Exp
Fast train,
Mail train,
A f.TOON A. bu.ii'o..
8.40 p m.
1. 'a.m.
7.45 a m.
10.60 a.m..
7.50 a m.
8.05 p.m.
(1.45 p.m.
9.07 p.m.
8.18 a.m.
11.40 a.m.
7.13 a.m.
C.0I p.m.
y.50 p.m.
2.12 a.m.
9.1.1 a.m.
1.20 p.m.
6.29 a m!
6.55 p.m.
6.0S p.m.
1.20 p.m.
Way train
3 lo p.m.
Z.30 p.m.
The fast line does not stop between Huntingdon
and Altoona. The way tram oniy runs
those two points. Efiocn Lewis, (Jen 1 fcupt
A County Convention of the friends and
supporters of the present National Adminis
tration, Is hereby called to meet at the Court
Home in Clearfield, on Thursday the 7 th day
of Angus', at 1 o'clock, P. M., to transact
'business in regard to the nomination of Can
.'diddes lor office, and such other business ns
properly belongs to the County Convention.
J. to. McEnallt
Chairman Co.
UtronTEi) that an extra cargo of ''boots"
aieontho way to Clearfield county. "Saga
city" says this can't bo "a doubted." Some
hotly had better keep a sharp lookout, lest they
may bo used in payment for baring speeches
The Tallf.st. A timothy stalk was left at
the Journal oflicH on last Saturday, which
measures 0 feet yj inches in length, it was
pulled on the farm of Jacob Hoover ol Law-
lenco township, and heats any stalk that has
heretofore been mentioned.
1. II IF I I . a. n !.. .... . .'..AM M W.l
when enlisting was brisk i i the Sinnemalioti
lug region, a certain "brave" boy suddenly
left for Canada, lest he might be induced to
take up urms against his "Southern brothers. ''
Shortly nftor his arrival in Cannad t, the Urit.
Isli Lion began to roar, and our valerous lad
dilfted his quarters again to Slnncmahoriiiig.
Alas f I ow unfortunate I Dinting being now
talked of, ho is again changing locality j at
least, if we ure not mistaken in the Individual,
he parsed through town on Monday evening.
As to his distillation, deponent s litli not, but,
perhaps, "Dixie," in search of his friend
lircckiii! idgt? whoso cause beseems to ad-
.mire more than that of the Union.
At IIokk. Adjutant lloss Hartshorn pass
ed through our towo on Monday evening on
Ms way home. He was wounded on the head
by a piece of shell, in the groat battle before
Jtichmond on Thursday, June 20th. He was
In the Hospital at Savage Station at the time
-our troops retrrated, and was taken prisoner
ly the rebels and carried lo Richmond, where
be was released on Saturday a-week. He is
Improving fast and .will be fit for duty In a
abort time. Of Captain Irvin and his cum.
jmny, Adjutant Hartshorn says : They were
cut off early on Thursday and made their way
Into a swamp, where they remained until Sun
day night when the Captain concluded to
make his way to one of the camps. Accord
ingly they started down the stream, broke
through three or four lines of rebel pickets,
captured tho Picket guard, and lust before
daylight, had nearly reached the railroad
bridge, when they learned that it was burned
which had been their only hope of reaching
the Union lines. The men being nearly over.
orue by hunger, baving been without food
during their stay in tho swamp, concluded it
would be better to give up than starve, there.
fore, in accordance with their wishes, Captain
Irrlu approached a squad of 11 rebels and
surrendered. They were then conducted to
Richmond as prisoners of war, whera they are
t present. The company when it went out
on picket duty, consisted of Captain Irvin.
Lieutenants Welch and Dale, and 53 privates,
all of whom arrived at Richmond safe not
one of them having been killed in the engage
ment. All honor lo the gallant Bticktails, and
May they live f o get away,
And fight the rebels another day.
Stri'CK bt Lkjiitnino. On Wednesday of
last week, while Mr. Henry Helms, living
near Orrsvilie, Armstrong county, was engag
ed harrowing In Buckwheat, a thunder storm
came up, and betook refuge with his team
tinder a tree. He had not been thero many
minutes when he was struck by lightning and
Instantly killed. The two horses were also
struck dead at the sarno time. His wife was
fn the act of calling him Into tho house when
(tie Hash took place, and the next moment she
imw both man and horses lying dead on tho
tpruiind. He had the reins in his hand at the
time the electric fluid struck him, and never
moved nfier he fell. Deceased was a most es-
thimble m m, and leaves a wife and four chil
dren to rnourn their bereavement. Ho was
never in better spirits than on that day, and
wetif singing to his work after a hearty dinner.
frilly, "in the mld-d of life we are in death."
Last May. two negroes escaped from tho
neart oi hecessia. their masters being In the
rebel army. They very naturally and justly
took a horse apiece to effect 111 dr escape.
The oflicer who had charge, told them to re
fill) ut n certain hour with their dorses. Af
that twite they camo the horses were taken
way innH H,en by the police, and appropri
ated, and the two mgroes arrested ns horso-
Ihleves and thrown into prison. They have
"cm Ttmninid tier unct. The pfylng eyo of
1 ii. Charming lerreted out tho Ktory, ami
ie took It fo (iencrnl Wadsworlh, that inval
"nl'le nun to tho friends of Justice, who In
anily had fheiu released. They ere reletw
"I "ti Monday, July 21st.
Spencer, Mass., well deserves thu name of
"m banner town. With a voting population
T ncurciily flvo hundred, It has already sent
"ten enough Into Jho fleU for a full company,
At tin efitbiiidantic nieetlng held on Saturd.K
evening, tho town voted to pay i bounty of
'" to oih of thu 32 men now apportioned
lo tho town. Individuals subscribed $5 each
tl't all who would enlist at onco, and 82 men
er enrolled upon tho fpot.
A letter from New Or leans, dated tho loth
Hs Hint Omodoro Porter's mortar fleet pass.
4 New Orleans on Sunday, tho 18th, on Its
r from Vlcksburg to Fortresn Monroe. Its
yflnl at FortrM Monroe may b looked for
?4,l7. It Ii intended, no dmihf, to l) uumI
f'lOBl Hlehipot.,1;
C0EEE OF T 13 ' JOJENA".."
Cot. OwtNs'GOth Indiana Keg't J
Lkawa.no.v, Ky., July lfjth, 1HG2.
Dear Sir : The force commanded by Maj.
Jordan ut Tompkinsvillu, Ky., composed of
200 men of companies C I M and E of 9th
I'enna cavalry, were attacked on the morning
of the 9lh July, by Morgans cavalry, number
ing from 16W to and three pieces of ar
tillery. The utmost vigilance had been exercised by
Maj. Jordan against surprise the surround
ing country being peculiarly adapted to guer
rilla warfare. The. night and day before we
had marched to Salina, in consequenco of re
port oi the presence of a body of men at thai
place. We found tho place deserted and no
indications or an enemy, so we returned to
Tompkinsvillo at 4 p. in., on the 8th. At G a
a r.t a 1
in., on me win me enemy opened lire on our
pickets, which was the first we knew of their
approach. In less than Ave minutes after the
first alarm the men were mounted and in line.
We formed on the top of a hill in open
ground, with woods on three sides. The ene
my dismounted and opened fire on us with
their small arms. Having no chance to make
a charge, Maj. Jordan ordered lis to fall back
to the woods, when w first became aware
of the enemy having artillery by their shell
ing the woods. Maj. Jordan finding that fur
iner resistance against sticn odds was worse
than useless he ordered us to fall back to
liurksvllle, 28 miles via McMillens fcrry-10
miles from our camp hoping to make a stand
nt the river. This road was found to be occu
pied by the enemy in strong force, and at
this point Maj. Jordan was taken prisoner
Tho retreat was then continued to the old
Durksvillu road. Col. Owen's having left
JjtirKsllo, we followed after and overtook
hiti) about 7 miles northeast of Albany.
Our loss in k tiled, wounded and missing
was from 00 to 70 men some of whom, I have
no doubt, are still in tho woods and will re
turn. Capt. lit-1 1 of company M is wounded
in Ihe shoulder ; Lieut. Cauipht-I! of (Jo. 0,
wounded iiiupris;ner Lieut. Sullivan of Co.E
killed. Owing to Ihe suddenness of tho at
tack, wo were compelled lo abandon every
thing except whut we had on onr persons.
The enemy's loss in killed an 1 vvoundo I was,
I think, quite ns large ns our own. Col. Hunt
of a (Jeorgia regiment, was mortally wounded.
Yours respectfully. W. II. Hah it is,
Capt. Cum. Co. C. 'Jth l'a. Cavalry.
Lmuno.v. Ky.. July 17. 1802.
Fnir.NU Itow : You will confer u favor on
Company M of the Jth 1'enn'a Cavalry, by
publishing tho above in your paper. The
company is principally mudo up of men from
old Clearfield. They deserve groat praise for
tho manner in which they behaved in the
fight above referred to.
Kespectfully yours, J. C. Tkmplb,
Lieut. Co. M, Jth l'a. Cavalry.
Head Quak ri:its. oth Reg't I'. II., )
Camp near Harrisons Bah, Ja.vks Rivkr. C
July 5th, 1802.
At a meeting of tho ollieers of the oth Reg
iment i'enn'a Reserves, held at their camp
July 5th, 1802, Lieut. Col. J. W. Fisher was
elected President, and Adj't A. G. Mason,
A committee was appointed, consisting of
Major George Dare, Capt. H. C. Ulman and
Capt. A. D. Collins, to draft resolutions ex
pressive of the feelings of the ollieers at the
loss of our late Col. S. G. Simmons, and to
offer our heartfelt condolence to his bereaved
The committee offered the following report
which was accepted :
Whereas, It lias pleased an All-Wise Prov
idence to permit Col. S. G. Simmons, of the
5th Regiment I'enn'a Reserves, to bo taken
from us In the midst of the great struggle for
the protection and perpetuation of our Re
publican institutions, ami while he was in the
very heigth of his usefulness, therefore,
Jlc.solved, That in the death of Col. Sim
mons in the struggle of the SOih of June
while leading his Brigade to the charge, thh
Regiment, the I'enn'a Reserve Corps and tho
service at large, has sustained a Joss that will
be long and deeply felt.
Resolved, that in Col. Simmons was a com
plete blending of the brave soldier, the Hue
patriot, and refined gentleman, who, bv tho
associations ol the past year, had won the
confidence and esteem of everv officer and
man of his command ; mid in his death wo
feel that we have sustained an irreparable loss.
Jicsolved, 1 hat we tender our sincere con
dolence to the bereaved family of tho deceas
ed ; and trust that, although tho heavy hand of
affliction lias been laid upon them, an All-Mer
ciful rrovidenco will sustain them in 'this
dark hour of their grief.
Resolved, That ft cony of theso resolutions
be sent to Mrs. Simmons, and published in
the papers of Dauphin, Schuvlkill, Centre,
Clearfield, Huntingdon, Union, Lycoming,
Bradford, Lancaster and NorthumberlandCoun-
ties. Lr. Col. J. W. Fisiikr, President.
Attest, A. G. Mason, Lt. and Adj't, Sec'y.
The Charleston Courier, of a recent date,
contained the following intelligence from Tex
as : "An order lias been extended for every
family to leave Galveston, it having been de
termined, as in the case of Vicksburg.to defend
it to the last. 1 hi i order has been complied
with, except by some seven families. Tho
parties being suspected, their homes were
searched, when tho Stars and Stripes were dis
covered, intended to be hung out should the
Federals take the city. .HI those guilty of the
treason were taken out immediately and Amw."
Yet these are tho people who talk ef retaliat
ing on Gen Butler for hanging the man who
violently tore down the Union flag when first
raised by loyal hands in New Orleans.
It is stated tint tho It.ilim government had
discovered a plot, tho object of which is the
expulsion of the 1'opu of Kome. (iarihaldi
was accused of being the loader of thu con
spiracy, and English emissaries, with consid
erable sums of money, were running all over
Italy In order to procure recruits for tho ex
pedition, which is said to be countenanced by
the first families ot Italy, lt was believed by
tho leaders of tho plot that tho French gar
rison of Home, w hich is now reduced to about
seven thousand men, would bogl id to leave
tho oily, and would not afford any serious re
Tho Cincinnati C,ntttt, of Saturday, says t
A gentleman from Kentucky, Informs us that
Morgan uxprcm-d hlmixlf as disgusted with
tho reception lie received in tn.ic Ditto, no
expected ft general i Ising or those In sympathy
with tho rebel cause j but h win disappoint
ed, lie Intended to remain In the htate, luit
found it necessary, for tho reus n stated, to
chango his purpose. Tho guerrilla chirr dis
covered thut It Is easier to talk than fight, and
that bravo talkers are usually among the Ust
to risk their lives.
WAsiMNorotf, July 2.1. 1802. KxKCtTiv-K
Manmium, July 11, 1H02. Ordered That Ma
jor General Henry W. ILilIcck bo assigned
to command the wnoio land jorccs oi mo
United States as Oonoral-ln-C'hiof, and that
ho proceed to this capital as soon as ho can
with safety to tho positions and operations
wllhln tho Department now under his special
chargo, fSiftued. Ann a (i am hlrai.s.
i no Cincinnati Gazette says: Times are
getting warm for persons disloyal, and per
sons suspected of disloyalty, on both sides of
i tie river above. A letter we publish from
Ripley gives some particulars. In the town
or JJover, the unconditional Union men got
together, declared martial law on their own
responsibility, and appointed a Provost Mar
shal. 1 his caused Die Secessionists to make
tracks for a more congenial climate. They
tried to hedge by bawling "Abolitionist,"
but they found that dodge had been played
out. Tho late raids have given tho Union
men a very largo supply of backbone. The
lino between loyalty and disloyalty is being
distinctly drawn j and matters are so fixed that
there is no place left for neutrals.
Don't Wait to be Drafted. It may not
be out of place at this time to state that,
should the Government find it necessary to
resort to a draft to raise the new levy called
for by the President, the men enrolled under
it will not receive a dollar for the bounty of
fered to volunteers. There is, indeed, a wide
difference between the volunteer and the
drafted soldier. The former receives the full
bounty, being $27 advance bounty, one
month's advance pay, $13, and $75 at the end
of his term of service, and, if he chooses, he
can have the one hundred and sixty acres of
bounty land.
Chicago was thrown into a state of great
excitement Wednesday night, by a report of
a stampede among the prisoners at Camp
Douglas. There are, we believe, fifteen thou
sand rebels there. Several escaped on tho
occasion referred to ; and the Chicago peo
ple are urging the formation of a borne guard
to protect tho city. Tho proximity of such a
largo body of rebels, even as prisoners, sug.
gests tho necessity of a large military organi
On the night of tho 10th inst., John Coch
ran, of Jefferson county, To... landed at Galli
opolis, Ohio, from a rait, and not being nwaro
that soldiers were stationed nt that point, re
fused to halt when ordered to do so by the
luard. He was shot instantly, the hall taking
effect in the leg, ami severing the femoral ar
tery. He died from hemorrago in a few
Tho Nashville Union, in noticing the stale.
merit of the author of "Among the Fines, '
that a secret organization exists among the
Southern slaves, the ul:imato oljeet of which
is freedom, says that a "Masonic Institution
is generally believed among Southerners to
exist among tho negroes, but what its pur
pose may be is not known.
J. resident lsenson, ol Liberia, is now on a
visit to England, where liisr ception has been
very fl tttering. An address to him has al
ready been signed by several hundred English
men, and will be presented to him shortly at a
banquet, over which Lord Brougham is ex
pected to preside.
During the prevalence of the black measles
af and near r ishervillo. Dauphin county, a
short time since, one clergyman alone attend
ed one hundred and fifty funerals in the
course of abou t six weeks.
On July 8th, Bknj. Vinqlixo, Esq., of
Iitirnside township, aged GO years, 1 months,
and 8 days.
On July 18th, Frakces M., youngest daugh
ter of Hev. II. Moore of Decatur township,
aged 5 months.
CA UT ION. My wife Catherine having left my
bed and board, without just cause or provo
cation, all persons are hereby cautioned against
harboring or trusting ber on my account, as I will
not pay any debts contracted by her.
I. 13 Mill A 1 Kl-.USXi-.KLiS,
Covington tp.. JulypiM, 1W2. pd.
II.1TARV NOTICE The Captains of
the organized volunteer companies in Clear
field county are hereby ordered to make immedi
ate returns to the Brigade Inspector, of the num
ber of members belonging to their respective com
panies, or if broke up return them ns puch.
July 2, 1S52. Brigade Inspector.
TVNTItAY. Came to the premises of the sub
scriber in Decatur township, Clearfield coun
ty, some time in the month of October, 18til. one
owe thcen, since which time there has been tin in
crease of one. The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property, pay charges and tako
them nway, or they will be disposed of nsthe law
directs. Jl X. tfUUW AL TJill.
July 21. I.iti2. pd.
' I HA t,iM. jiy cow has been missing
since the lltli of .July last. It is supposed
she went from CIo irfield in the direction of the
Blue Ball find it is reported that she was seen on
the old turnpike a couple miles tnynnd Clearfield
bridge about the 20th. She is fresh, of ordiuary
size, anil in color a light red and white spotted.
Any person returning her or giving me informa
tion ol tier will ho Mutably rewnrdod.
July 25. 1S02. J.B. M EN ALLY.
.1. for the relief of the Sick and Distressed,
afilioted with Virulent and Chronic Diseases, and
especially diseases of the Sexual Organs. Medi
cal adviuo given-gratis by tho Acting Surgeon.
Valuable reports on Spermatorrhea or Seminal
Weakness, and other diseases ot tho Soxual Or
gans, and on tho New Remedies employed in tho
Dispensary, sent in scaled letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address
Dr. J. SKILLIN HOL'tl IITO.V, Howard Associa
tion, No 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa.
July 2.1, 18(52.
St o r
' n f n v r
W W V A J f-u l V m y J
In N. E. corner of tho Conrad House,
rniLLii'smTjcc;, i'a.
J ho undersigned, having purchased the gro
cery establishment of J. U. (later, would i ntorm
tho citizens of I'hlllinsburg and vicio ity, that she
hiison hand a largo stock of Groceries, such as
flour, bacon, molasses, sugar, tea, coffee, rico, pep
per, cinnamon, carbon oil, tobacco, cigars, and
other articles kept in a storo of this kind, nil of
which will bo sold cheap for cash.
June IH. ltM3.-pd. MARY OALKR.
SCHOOL OIKIKJTOItS & tkaciieks.--Tbo
County Superintendent will erdeavor to
meet Teachers, Birectors and Citizens at the places
arid date named, nt H o'clock, A. M.
Beccurla and (luclich, September 2d and 3d, at
Chest, Ferguson and Jordan, on 4th and 5th at
h'tiox, on 6th at Now Millport.
Bloom. Lumber-city und I'enn, on fith and 9th
ot I'cnnvilie.
Burnsido, Chest and Washington, on 10th and
11th, at New Washington,
'Curwonsvlllu and 1'iko, on 12th and 13th, at
Cur weiisvillo.
Clearflelil, floshen and Lawrence on 15th and
10th. af Clearfield.
Bradford on 17th and 18th, at Beters' school
hotiso. (Iraham and Morris on 10th and 20th at Kyler
town. Covington and Karthaus on 21th and 2'th near
John Kt'ifcrs.
(llrard on 21th at Congress Hill.
Brady on 2Sth and .10th nt I.uthcraburg
Union on October 1st at Welty's.
Huston and Fox on .'Id nt Hickory Kingdom.
Boggs on fltb at Alberts,
Jiecaturand Woodward on 7th and 8th at Centre
Bell, on tho 10th, nt Bower.
July IJOtb, 'fl'-'.-pd. J ICS,-' P. BROOM ALL, Co. B.
I '.1 MM I II A good article fur sale at tho store of
' (janl WM. F- IRWIN. Clearfield.
Ce5Grkssio5AL Contention. Ridrrwsv i'
proposed as the place, and the2Gth of August
as the time of holding our Congressional Con
vention to nominate a candidate for Congress.
Kidgway being about 40 miles distant from
nearly all of the other county towns except E-
rie, and from Erie the delegates can come to
Warren, which is within 40 miles of Ridgway
by railroad thus making it the most central
point of time and travel. The selection of
any other place would require the delegates of
some of the counties to make a journey of 80
miles by stage or private conreyanco to reach
it. We hope therefore that the ariangement
will at once be adopted.
Representative Connention. Wo under
stand thatfthe 12th of August, at Ridgway, is
proposed by Elk.McKean and Clearfield coun
ties, as the time and place of holding the Con
vention to select candidates for tho Legisla
ture, and may bo considered fixed.
CAUTION, All persons ore hereby caution
ed against purchasing or meddling with the
following property, viz : one yoke of red and
white oxen, wheat and otlier property, now in pos
session of A. D. Darrett and in earo ofE. C. liar-
rettof Ferguson township, ns the same belong to
me and arc subject to iuv order: having only
been given to said .Barrett on loan.
.May ZS, ISIJ2. WM I It VIX.
The undersigned keeps constant! on hand
ut his store room in Philipsburg, Ccutreyeounty, n
inn stock ot r lour. Hams. Miouldors. Macs, t of
fee, Tea, Sugar. I?iee, Mola sscs, Ac. A I co, Li
quors of alt kinds, Tobacco. Scgars, Snuff, Ac; all
of which he offers to purchasers on tho most ad
vantageous terms tiivo hnu a call, mid trv his
articles. Imar2l KOlittllT LLOYD.
Bills of Kxchanire, Notes and Drafts Discounted.
Deposits recoive.il. Collection iiiaiio. and proceeds
promptly remitted. Lxchango on tho Cities con
stantly on hand. Office, on Second street, in tho
room lately occupiod Jy v. A. W allaeo, I.'.-i.l.
jamks r. i,Ko.N Aito. : : : : : : ; : : i . a fisskv.
A. V. Fl VN KV.
IK) Till: rUIIMC. The undersigned hav
ing purchased the entire stock of the lato firm
of .Moore it Ftxweiler, mid having made largo nd-
ditions thereto, is now prepared to wait upon cus
tomers. Thankful for the very liberal patronage
heretofore extended to tho firm, ho hopes by
strict personal attcntio l to business to merit
continuence of the same.
March 2(5, T,2 -tf. D. F. ETZWEtLKK.
Spring & Summer Goods
The undersigned has just received a stock of
Isew Goods, at his old stand in Ansonville, con
sisting of a general assortment of Spring and
Summer goods, such as hoots and shoes, hats and
caps, bonnets, etc. Also, a lot of flour, fish, salt,
groceries of all kinds, and such other articles ns
are usually kept in country stores. Give ns a call
as we are now selling goods at the most reasonable
rates for cash or approved produce.
At tho "Corner Storo" of Wm. Irvin,
A general assortment of Dry tloods, Groceries,
Mackerel in half, quarter, andciglith barrels,
Herring in barrels and half-barrels,
Which will bo sold as low as at any other storo.
June IS, 1S02. WM. IRVIN.
rVirilAN'SCOlTKT NAI.E.-Undernn or
V. derof the orphan's court of Clearfield county,
there will ho exposed to imhlio vendue or out
cry at Kylertown. on Saturday tho 2d day of Au
unci. 1 HI'. nt 9. i'i.,,nli l M tl.n r,.l !.., : .1-
19 , " - - " " . . . . . . , . . i wi i . j i, i ill.
scribed real estate, late tho property of Jacob
Kechner, deceased : The half of atraetor niece
oi iii mi, oi ui acres una u. perches, in tho name
of Christhpher Baker, situate in Morris town
ship, Clearfield county, said half containing about,
K7 acres and .1 perches being tho east half of said
tract. Tkiims of Sai.k. Uno third ea-sh, and the
balance in two eon a I nnual payments, to be se
cured by bonds and mortgage By order of the
July I), 1SC2. Administrator.
Silk Mantillas, and Chnntilly Lace Capes,
Satin Striped Marquise,
Also, A La Pariso Silk Umbrellas.
With ploasuro wo again solicit tho attention of
our customers, especially tho ladies.
JiinolO II. W. SMITH t CO 1302.
New Summer Goods,
A T T II i: O L I) V K I C U S.
lias just received another general assortment of
r-umuicr Dry Woods.
Lawns, Cloths,
Hrcss triuiuiincs
l'oplins, Satinets,
Head netts,
Shnllics. Ciissimero.
Cnsh meres, Tweeds.
I.nvcllas, Cottonndcs,
Ducnls, Drillings,
Silks, Jeans,
Prints. Muslins,
Valancius, Flannels,
Chint., Linens,
(irighniiis, Tickings,
Ladies Proininado Jackets. Bonnetn
Sun Umbrellas, Carpets. Floor oil-cloths.
nml Caps, Uootaand Mines.
cofTcc, tea molasses, sugar, salt, candles, rice,
spices, hour, tobneco, syrup, candies, csNcncc of
coffee, pulvorizod sugar, crackers. March. odii.
sperm snd tallow candles, blnck (cn, salcratus,
wines, tnackeral. shad, salmon, cod-fish, herrimr.
Clothing, Notions, Jointod hoop skirts, Shakers.
Mi strAf, (loons
Violins, fifes, strings, bridges, bows, koys, prccep-
turn, in uno puior, rosin.
Tin-ware glass-waro, drugs, lamps, buckets, tub.
churns, brooms, wall paper, blinds, umbrellas.
baskets, school books, varnish, moss, curled hair.
coach varnish, spirits of turpentine, lead and oil,
usn on, com on, glass, cm., m lact a little of every
thing usually kept In a couutry store
All of which will he sold on the most reasonable
terms for cash or approvod country produce.
way .-3, ious. j. p. KRAIZ.tR.
HB WOODS, Attorney at Law? Indiana, Ta
I rofessional business promptly attende i to.
D- CROI CH, Physician, Curwensville. Clear
. field countj, Penn'a. May 14.
I. I. CHANS, Attorney at Law and Real Estate
J. Agent. Clearfield, Pa. office adioininsr bin
residence, on Second tret.
May 16,
WM. MCFLLOrCfl, Attorney at Law, Clear
. field. Pa. Office, with L. J Cram. K,i
on Second Street. July X. lSiil
WILLIAM A. WALLACE, Attorney at Law.
Clearfield. Pa. Office, adjoining his resi
dence ou Second street. Sept. 1.
ROBERT J. W A LLACF. Attorney at La w. ClTaT
field. Pa Ofliee in Shaw's new row. Market
street, opposite Naugle's jewelry store. May 2.
HF. NAl'ULK, Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Room, in
Uruham's row, Market street. Sov
HBUCHKU SWOOPK, Attorney at Law. Clear
. field, l'a. Office inCiraham's Row, fourdix-s
west of tirahaui A lloynton's store. .Nov. 10.
JP. KRATZF.il Merchant, and dealer in
. Boards and Shingles, (irain and Produce.
Front St, above the Academy, Clearfield, Pa. jl 2
J. PATTERSON, Attorney at Law, Cnrwens
XV vine,
aiicna to an business en
Ollico opposite the Xew
Jan. 15, lhti2.
trusted to Ins care
Methodist Church.
1I7TLLIAM F.IRWIN, Market street. Clearfield,
V Pa., Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer
chandise, Hardware, Ouccnsware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. 2ov. 10.
ng t
R. WM. CAMPi:i:i.L. offers his professional
services to the citizens of Morris and adjoin
ing townships. Residence with J. D. lienninir in
Kylortowu, Clearfield county. May ll.ltii'J.
t) , Pa. Practices
Attorney at Law. Clearfield,
in Clearfield and ad juiuinir
counties. Office in new brick addition, ndjoiniiik:
tho residence of James li. liraham. Nov. 10.
"I OIIN fl l LLICil. Manufacturer of all kinds of
) Cabinet-ware, Market street. Clearfield. Pa.
lie also makes to order Coflius. on short notice, and
attends funerals with a hearse. AprlO.'i'J.
IClf ARD MOSSOP, Dealer in Foreign and Do
V int-stie Dry Hoods, tlroecries. Flour. Bacon.
Liquors. Ac. Room, on Market street, a few doors
wcht of Joimi-ilUjfire, Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
1 Held,
ARRIMFR A. TKsf, Attorneys nt Law, Clear-
Pa. Will attend proinpti v to all Iciral
and otlier business entrusted to their care in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August (5.
DR. M. WOODS, tenders his professional seri
ces to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity
Residence on Second street, opposite tho office of
L.J. Oralis. Kan. UHiee, the same that was recent
ly occupied by lion. (1 R Barrett, where he cau
bo found unless abscntou jiiol'essional business
f I1HOMAS J. M'CULLOl'U 11, Attorney at Law
JL Clearfield, Pa. Office, over the "Clearfield
eo. Bank. Deeds and other legal instruments pre
pareu witn promptness and accuracy. July .i
n. o. hush. :::::::: t.j.m cl lloi on
Coi.lkctiom Okfu'k. Clkakkikld. Pkxj'a.
TK. LITLirS MED1CIN ES.-A fresh sun
JL ply of these invaluable Family Medicines
are for sale by M. A. Frank, Clearfield, consisting
of Pain Cttrrr; Rmtoratirn, a graat cure for colds
and cough ; and Aiiti-Hihvii Phyxie. They have
ucen morougniy tested in tbis community, and
are mgniy approved. IRTThf.m.
ed having taken the Morrisdale House, sit
uate in the town of Morrisdale, Clearfield county
respectfully solicit a share of the public patron,
age. No pains or expense will be spared to ren
der guests comfortable. Charges moderate.
April 2. '62. GEOIUJE RICHaRDS.
4 ANTHIl. A blacksmith, who can carry
v t n a finip. a single man. wno can como
well recommended for sobriety and industry,
will be employed by the month, or tho shop and
tools rented to hiin. The stand is one of the best
in Clearfiuld county Apply or address
July 2, '02. Burnsido P. O., Clearfield co.,Pa.
-Jl- Tli is preparation, made f lom the best Java
Coffee, is recommended by physicians ns a supe
rior nutritious beverage for General Debility,
Dyspepsia and all billious disorders. Thousands
who have boen compelled to nWiiidon the uso of
coffee will Use this without injurious effects. Ono
ean contains the strength of two pounds of ordin
ary coffee. Price 2a cents.
Koli.oi'k s Lkv ais. The purest and best baking
powuor Known tor making light, sweet and nu
tritious Bread and enkes. Price 15 cents.
Manufactured by M. II. K'lLLOCK, Chemist.
corner of Broad and Chestnut SU,.Phil'a. and sold
by all Druggists and Grocers. Feb. 2. Ih02y.
Steam Engine
A Steam Engine of" the following dimensions, ey
lender 10 Inches in diameter of horo and 23 feet
stroke; Slide valves with Cast Iron bed plate or
sneur with lorce pump : Uovcrnor, lly wheel. Ae
complete with Copper and other pipes; .'1 boilers
l nifties each in diameter, douhle flued. IG feet
long, of good material, (.luniatta Iron) ; lly wheel
12 feet in diameter, about KitIO lbs weight, with
oil globes and all necessary locks and wrenches
and an extra shaft to attach to crist mill. The
engine has bean used for runuinir both irrist and
saw mill successfully.
puw JNitll J at hest l atent couudcto with
Ratchet, Head blocks. 2 Circular Saws, Strap and
nil necessary machinery for sawing lumber.
The above Engine and Saw mill can bo seen at
Grahamton. Clearfield co . Pa For particulars
please apply to the subscriber at C
June 20th, 18(12. JAS.
Clearfield Pa.
Spring & SummerGoods
lust received and opening, a carefully selected
stock of Spring mid Summer coods. consisting of
Hardware, Queensware,
School Hooks and Stationary,
And a great variety of other useful articles, all of
winch will be sold cheap for cash, or ex
changed for approved produoo.
Go to the "chenn cash store'
if you want to buy
goods at fair prices.
Jiin 1 1 i SR?
oflce Fsseuce and Dindeliou Coffee at tho
store of WM. IKV1N.
JL tKLiTK mUDCK Si-kltxi rronojtat. !!
received by the President and Directors of the
Clearfield Rridga Company, at the o(5ce of Jmk
B. (i rah 8 nr. in Clearfield, op v and incluiin
Angusf-Sd, -1462. nt 8 o'clock, 1. M.. f,.r th build
ing of a covered bridgo aeroes Clear lie II crek, ui
a point where the Snoweshoe A l'acker ill turn
pi ko road? rosses said-reck.
The said bridge to be built of tho height?,, and
after the manner of the bridge acrtie rivsr at
Uoodfellows, two abutments iJ a .icr in the cen
tre, with two arched spans each of the length ef
one hundroil fret, the eontr:ntir to be ert"rt!o t
the u?e of the none now nprni the gnmnJ. and to
bo required to fill up the end of the tiriUc in a
good and substantial manner, with wing w.IIs to
protect the filling. The work l lc nmn!ruc.l
immediately after tLelcttii g is declared. arJ the
bridge completed at a earl v h date as pi.s.ib!"
J. 15 UliAHAM. Pre-tidpnt
W. W. P.ETTS. Secretary. July 21. W.T
- CAN. Tiik Rkst lKfHKir i pArt a is t
A now volume of tbis widely cireumtd paper
commenevs uu the first of .Urinary. It I pa
lished weekly, and every number contains iten
pages of useful intWma'lion. an I from trm t- B
original engravings of new invertt..n and dis
coveries, all of which are prepared eipreityfor
its eolmniis.
To the Mkcii imi-s ai M i y ri rr. b ?
person engaged in any of the ineclnti.u-.il ..r mi.
ufacturing pursuits should think of d.ot wirlj
out"' the Si lKvriKir AvrnicAV It c'f toil fjir
cents per week ; every numlcr confin fro-n ?is
to ten engravings of new machines and inreu
tions, which are not found in any other puMie
tion. It in an established rule of the pnMi-b-M
to insert none but original engraving", and ih(.
of the first class iu the art, drawn and ppr iv.l
by experienced persons under . their o a upr
To tiik lNvr.rTu. The Scientific American u
indispcnuible to every inventor, mt it not fnt j cm
tains illustrated descriptions of nearly all the b-t
inventions as they come out. but each numWr con
tains an Official List of the Claims of all lh Pat
ents issued from the I'nited .vtstes Patriit Ir?i.'.fl
during Ihe previous week ; tint i;iHTir cirre-f
hiitory of the progress of iuvuntiuus in il.nroun
try. Wo are also receiving, every wei-fc. the l.ti
scientific journals ef Great DriUin, Fr4rp- n j
tSertuany; thus placing in nr po'cinn nil that
is transpiring in mechanical wM-iri-e an I Jr in
these old countries. Wo hh til ri'iitinue t., trm
fer to our columus cordons cxtj-ots lroiri thn
journals of whatever we may deem of
our readers.
Chemists, Aik hitki ts.AVm.i.vvi;I(ht, m
MKUS Tho Scientific American will h f.,Ui. 1 h
uuist usefnl journal to them. All the n-w .!.
tins iii miu ftn-iii-r in eiiein irry are "iixi m i'
columns, and tho intcrots .f ihn nr.-lnfit and
earpenterare not overlooked ; all the n invrn
tions and di.voveries appurtaiuing l the- pur
suits being published from e-K to kkkk. 1 winl
and J'ractical iiifurmation . tainin t llio int-r-esdj
if millwrights and mill owners will he f.jnn I
published in Ihe Scientific American, which ia
formation they can not po--ib!y oht.iiu from ny
other source. Subjects in w h ichlanrer. and fur.
iier. are intercslid will be found d rc a is, t in lh
Scient ific American ; most of the impruvrmont
in agricultural iuiplimcnts being iUuitrated ia
its rolumns.
TE11MS : To mail subs'ribers : J2 year, or
SS for six months. SI pays for onu complete toI
ume of 410 pages; two volumes coin prise one year
The volumes commence on the 1st of Jamiary aad
July. Specimen copies will be i-nt gratis to any
part of the country. Also a pamphtet of instrm
tioii i to inventors aboui, obtnining patents sent ffr
Western and Canadian money or I'ost-onVn-stamps
taken at par for subscriptions. Canadian
subscribers will please to remit twenty-five cent
extra on each years' subscription to prepy post
age. MUNX X CO., Publisher,
DjjH. 13.1. 37 Pant Mow. X. T:
J. UOOK FOK 1862. The world favorite For 2.1
Years the Standard Magazine. Pronounced by
the Press of the .l uited States, the best Lady
Magarine in the World and the Cheapest.
Thf. Litrratnre is of that Mnd thatcna h ret
aloud in the family circles and the-clergy in im
mense numbers are subscribers for the liooJt.
The best ImJi Writer in America cintribat t-
its pages, and we have some that write fur no other
T'tt Musie is all original, and would cost 2.
scnts(the price of the Hook) in the music stores ,
Hut most of it is copyrighted; and canuot be ob
tained except in "(lodey "
Our Strrt I-Jtigrariufx. All efforts to rival n
in this have ceasod, and we now fUnd aU.oe la
this dejiartment, giving, ns we do, many mire ami
infinitely better engravings than are published in
any e-ther work.
Go ty,mitrnsr Von'ilr Ftirrt I'ahitul P t
Containing from live to seven full length Coformt
Fiuhions on each plate. Other magazines give
only two.
l'tir Ahead of rnir lnh ion 1 n IZii rnftrnr A mr
eu. (lodcy s is tho only work in the world-' that '
gives these immense plates, and they are sneh as
to have excited the wonder of publishers and the
public. Tho publication of theso platen cost I0.
(M0 nunc thau Fashion-plates of the old yl nd
nothing but our wonderfully large eirculnti-in
enables ustogivetbem (Mher magazines mnnot
afford it We never sparo money whcn4lie ph
liccan be benefited. '1 he-' fa ions may he r! i.
on. Dresses maybe made after them, and th
wearer will not subject herself to ridicule. as would
be the case if the visited I he lrge cities dr I
niter the style of the plates given in somo of our
so culled fa.-liioii magazines
Our Wonil IZiizrari nc, of w hieli wegivetwir
or three times as many as any other magazine,
nrc often mistaken for steel. They are v far
superior to any others.
1 in i tat i a in. Itcware of them. I'emiml.cr th
the Lady's Hook is the original publication and
the cheapest. If you take Holey, you mnt r
other niagazfne. Everything that is avful it
ornamental in a hoiife can be found in t!idey.
lirawinx ljf.ixtiti. io oilier magazine civ
them, and wo have given enough to fill several
largo volumes.
Our llfciuLs are such as can be found nnwVar
else. Cooking in nil itsvaricly Conleetionery
theXurscry the Toilet t lie Laundry -the. Kit-.h.-
rn. J. ocelots upon all sul ii'i-t are lo le found iii.
tho pages of tho Lady's Dook. V.'e orizinally
started this department, and have peculiar faili
tics for making it motit perfect. 'I his d-r-rtunl
alone is worth the price of th DmoU.
ImkIus Work liiJi.'r. i his department cvh.pt i
ses engravings and dcscrip'.iwii of every article
that a, ladv wears.
Lutfl Ca't'irs. Xo other tong.iziue has thu
term. nsii tn Aiivnucr.-'p. c'py one year
Two copies ono year, 'ii. Thrco copies one
year, 6. Four copies one year, 7 Five enr,if
one year, and an extra copy to the person sending
tho club, 510 Eight copies one year, ajt n ex
tra copy to tho persu sending the club. Slv
Eleven copies one year, and an extra copy to the
person sending the club. 20. And the nwy
ungazine that can he introduced into tho ahtv
clubs in place of the Lady's Hook is Arthurs
Home Magazine.
r'irriiu iJ iihlnii? with oMirr V'i;iiw.
Oodey's Lady's Hook and Arthur's HoiaeMagssin
both one year lorS-.liO. UodeysLaly s Knok
and Harper's Magaziuo hut! rate year fi.r V4 Vl
tlodey. Harper, and Arthur will, all three he wnt
one year, on receipt of St Od. rcoa-iry ot
and Notes of all solvent banks taken at par. Da
careful and pay tho postage on your litter
A duress I.. V it' ir, I ,
X!.'5 Uirowt St'fi-t. Plitfifftfihirt. Pit
IOf0 EVKE & LA.MH.LL, 1 Of.
I 004 Fourth Arch Streets, Phila- J OI4
dclphia, are now offering their u.tial aworiment of
ry oods. adapted to pring a ten. I a.-nionarUn
iresaSilkx, f.i.-hionaldo Spring Shawls, new a
sortmcnt of Dress Woods, Sfiring Prints, DcLaine
a in! t ingh, fins. Sluslins and J.incn? 'if first nualiry.
Cloths. Cassiroeren and Vesting, table Lin fin.
Towllngs and Napkins. X. !:. Llark Silk, be
low regular prices. .March 12, dZ.im.
FIST OF I.ETTEKS reraiwning in the
4 Grampian Hills pout oth.-e. July' 1st IH2
Harriet Jane Henry, Mrs. Harriet Henry,
Mih Kosetta Peury, Mis Mary A Troy,
Mr. Theodore lloyt, MiM ttizabeth Dale ?,
Mr Philip Slinirt.
Pemons ealling tot letter will tdeaetay that
they are advtrtieJ. A C. MOO It E, P. M

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