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Till Um
gasman's Journal.
- r'r"'' r-s".' .- ijt??'rr',!
nr Mritt, . now.
roft aetJirort btitnAL
U 0 Ni T ft 0 M A 12. COii It It A tit
.t tuna tutntt,
tak sMifRt'irt nfcSfcttU,
HON V ihHAH M, it OHM,
h Ll'rfctt.sfe Hif.'Ntr .
'flWreckidtlflge-VallaOdigltattl toliftit And
pylitleian, whenever Idey find Ideinselves.
liif'J fUil f'Jf Hit flfgUuiehl, feSutt ii) ft pJt?(li;
ful ii (( epilheM, Th?N? i m be, Iww--
f?Vef, f'f wdieit fdey seefll lHi'S (PJ (
furli-tlilf M f"f (hit tt ii 'Ahjli"fiU(i"
fl.aa (jjf)gFP'M4l glVM hi stippnft O (bi
ijhffjt fifttaluMiM JMIi, Of Ide Mill eu'iflriiiig
and ha dusofjail 94 ail "Abnlilb'nisl,1"
Mould a Iy4l Jisfooef4t, (brewing ssidt bis
parly prejudices, JucMru himself an ununndi--
Ijonal Unio-Mst, and in f4ViF nf (ha Naiional
Administration carrying en vigorous wur
against (he Hebels, and jininedi4taly be altiu
Is declared o ba an Aboit(onist," J.ef
man argue (hat Slave al)or fa detrimental o
the interests of (lie white man, and conse
quettly, that its diffusion should not be tn
couraged, arid theati gentlemeri at once do
iionrice bicn as an "Abolitionist," I)oea a
man advocate the cause of Freedom oppose
the extension of Slavery commend President
Lincoln condemn JeQ Davis favor confl.
cation of rebel property subsisting our armies
upon the enemy employing contrabands to
dig ditched, to throw up entrenchments, to
build fortifications, or perform any other la
bor that would relieve the white soldiers, and
along the whole line ot Vallandigham bat
leries off goes the charge of Abolition ! Ab
olition !'
Heretofore, these epithets were only used
Ly those Brcckinrldgo-Vallandigham politi
ticTans to disparage and belittle tho friends
ol the National Administration, with tho hope
of destroying the influence thut was being ex
erted in favor of a vigorous prosecution of
the war. liut, since tho recent call for 500,
000 additional volunteers was issued, this cry
of u Abolition" and 'Abolitlon war," seems
to have been taken up with renewed vigor
probably with tho view ot retarding enlist
ments. It this is tho oVjoct, alt who engage
In It, are treading on father dangerous I ground,
as will ba seen by the following section of an
Act passed by tho Pennsylvania Legislature,
on April lBth, 1801 1
Ht.c 1. That If any poison or persons, be
longing to or residing within this Statu, and
under the protection of Its laws, shall take a
commission or commission from any person,
State or .Status, or other, the enemies of this
HMe4 or of Urn United States of America, or
who stull levy war flg mut this Staid or gov
ernfnenl lhofof, or knowingly or willingly
shall aid or Assist any enemies In open wnr
gainst fhil State or tbo United States, by
joining tholr armies, or by volutins, or pro-
curing, or putxii iding older ti enlist for that
ti(irios4 or by furnuhiug such einMiiien with
Hfiti or fttiiMitnltioii, or any other nrtlcl' for
their ni l and comrortior by carrying 011 a tiai
torou currtjtpoiidofK; with (hum, or shall
form, or bo In anywu.i ennouriii'd In forming.
any coiublnatioim, or plot, or f.ofiKjilrary, lor
h.draying thU Slati or th Unitod Status of
Afuerkf (nfo th hand or )wor of any for
vmi cnxmy, or any orguiii,ed or preieinted
frorrf iiinent ffii? rt(u( In resulting tlm ltvs of
Hi (Jolted States, or Miall glvo or seni any
Intfilligofipo fo thu tfiumlui of ttiu Sf.tl or of
(hit united State of Amrrle., or Mull with
iutflut t(t omioso, ifttVdiit, or subvert ih (m
cnuoMUt of tin httti or H10 Unitud Sl ites,
tmleuoor to iiruu l ie anif fin ion hum titlerinit
lhi$trHr of thit Shite or n' tin Vulti l Statu,
or I ruin Ininhift titiu I'lilmtlrrr rommiiu or '
tlntlvn ot thin Stuff, about btlng tinuemd Into
itrvl't, or ihnll u$ ami thrrntt or iimumtuui,
ur ntfrr any bnlit, or hot a out any hoot a rt
ward, with Ilia intuit tit indurt any fititua or
iittitnii to atmn ltiH mid itrvtrt, or uullulraio
Jrvai any tolnntrtr toiiiintnif or imnrliilloa ill'
titidu vittlitltrl under tdt Inn 1 of thli Coin inn n
win ftli or hit rn every person so of
Muling, ami being leg-illy convicted thereof,
hail be guilty of it high misdemeanor, ami
IjhII b sefisnci f ftndorgl tolitury iiiirrii-
onmrnt In th fnillrnthirU, at hard labor, for a
tmn nut t.ttndlng tut ymrt,nnd lit fnd in any
lum nut t,rtttdtnH tlrt thuunand dollar!, of but It
nt Hit dlti-trtiwt of Iht rout 1 1 J'rovldrd, That
thlat shtll not prohibit sny Mtlrcn from
taking or rrrclvlng any Mvll oorntnlsslon for
(h srkfiowleltf mehl of defd ot other ifistrti-
friefllS Of tttfflngi
. 1 1 i 1 i
'AotMr AKoi.fronfsri" the last Char
Jlthi Jt'1'Hfiltrtt tohlrtftt bittef HKorlsl
gilnsl I'iiion lMwnlo(V, denoiitit'lug him m
i Atollliotiist" iti'l i "litimbygi" Ably
Jofinl'flt Vr(jutioiine'l In somewhat slmllsf
lHhf 'f llM'(tinflltftt;Vlllf!'llg!iOI
pesl im l (fet'ltot bl'Mill MM llli0i'li
llv'iil yifooUt 1 IM'I i'i will hi every oilier
H';t(httHrHftFi Wb'l A(i( (fia pf mnton
(h UhKM PN( IJovefiMiienfj is siip1or
(0, nw of ioof clM9 lhii lla Insllintjoii of
(Utfi If CMf fif M'( f fM f W 6l
(Inna Ibujr ddmiiia)4tons of thasn mn, ihoy
patid not b snrpled if "AbolKfonUis," Af
wording fo (bir own bowng, iuiomt plunly
alsur a whi,
x- 1 t- r-1 -1
Mftla QsmbrU ! bar qiot of (wo pom.
panius n"rly rsly for (loi fll'l ()w wa
uipeufed to laava for mrrisbiiig on Friday
last,' and slity uames were on ttio hiustur roll
uf b otltor, Tlli liMke nuai y 2NN) men
furnished by Cambria' county since (ba bieak'
log out uf the war,
Below wo giva an extract Iroui the Richmond
Inquirer, and another from the Clearfield Re-
publican, on the financial condition of the
United States Government. We do not pre
tend to say that theoe editors fuel und think
exactly alike; but, as their articles express
the sinie Ideas, it looks very much as if they
were "blowing through the same quill." Per
haps, a satisfactory solution may bo found in
the fact that the paragraph appeared in the
Republican Just five dnys after the one in the
Iwmirtr. Hero are the extracts, side by aide :
From the Richmond Iw'ti-
rer of July 2-tli .
Tha df pruciation of north
ern pupr nionoy continues
and Increases. Sales of gold
were innde at the Stock
Ilonrd in Ualtlmore.oiiMon
(Jay,at 20 per cent premium.
At New York market Inrce
From thrCtritrfirtd llr
p ii hi i in ii. J lily 30 It,
The Bhipmeiit of
specie to Europe du
ring the third week
in July, was t 810.
000, against $1,750
during the sarneweek
hist year. The total
snlns were Oinde at 2(1 Oer shiomeiit since the
eent The sales at the first first of January Inst Is
Hoard N York, were fuadelf 30.000,000 against
ftt 1191) ('. Ststes sites Kl'jfjjim.Oou (or the
f! v XT!TuT'il '" ,!t9(
In N.i ork rated few dsysi . . .
a At l.'IOalnlj which is Mold In worth 2(1 per
2I2J percent above the eent.whllf 'the iotern
filf tfllu1: I'erhapK Wtnilhe'ittthdrrrrr
ihopI olfjiilli-'aht fenftife In fe dlsehiwM 3
the kbnve figures m Uifil U."ii which when
Plates fa should be bebiw(properiy imdefstoo l
psr; Mot OirtfiV weeh ago in pan fhst you can
ll.ev coiiinitindVd a (fl(,1-loiyl2.1wort lofai-een
soiopfeioiiilii. Now they Mc.ks with? IOM.f gold
fstelowrf HoHieteii ,im' t l.iol.ows epieci--cohi's
pMpep money, alilio' 'lon id neiuly. one.
thht fates lifil pertenl todow "ttHli. nod M is no(
iif,(H . . f (,uy (,r-n biat'ywf one year siiiMs ilii
r7illiefiiHifb-- : "o;d p'ipr ("lrfen
jiy of honeoiy uf ihfaif lliiv--'. Ii!f4ted:
er'i'Oteot. mid they S'iv si!'(hjs 1 4 toofp snd
in HiMt modi iii whii'ii a'dnoHioi ruidd di'lMio
Yaijkaa iko.( PMlailjF ,(4( OiUipd liiidl:
W J" WMW" "Id (lohlilLOilal
pent M
Tgjtsof in J';nm yo:Ve (itiiird of ft rnsn,
a few days since, who doehred lhat, if lie wms
drafted, ba would rluse (0 go lo war.
Wa beard of another who aoaortad lhat bo
would I'Baidt (he payment of tho National MX.
We also beard it jntimatod that luagus
were In pioce&a of fuiinilluu, having both of
these objects in view,
The Government has at oil times, but es
pecially when, like at present, it is attacked
by lie be Is, a claim upon the personal services
of every citizen, It also has a peifect light
to tix bis properly to raiso means for carry
ing on the war, The man who will deliber
ately resist either, is repudiating bis obliga
tions to the Government, and to all intents
and purposes is in rebellion against its au
thorities. So Then. A telegraphic dispatch received
nt New York from Columbus, Ohio, states,
Tho Uev. Dr. Urooks of St. Louis, and
ttev, Ii. Iloyt of Louisville, were arrested at
tho house of the notorious rebel Judge Clark
of Ohio. It is reported that Important papers
were found on them, Implicating Vallandig
ham." This is nothing more than could reasonably
bo expected. The course that that 'Muuli
patriot band" has pursued, ever since the
breaking out of tho war, would naturally lead
them Into tho rebel ranks. .Breckinridge
showed his true colors long ago, and Vulhm
dighatu is not far in the rear. Such are tho
loaders of the so-called Democratic party."
The Secretary of War has Issued a call for
300,000 additional men, as will bo seen by tho
following pursgrapbs I r 0111 an order Issued on
the 4th day of August i
Ordered flrstthtta draft of three hundred
thousand (ciOO.OOO) militia be Immediately
callad lut'J thy service of tho United States
to serve for nine mouths, unless sooner dis
charged. Second, That If any State shall not by the
fifteenth of Augiint furnish It quota of the
it'll it (on il ;i'iO(ioo volunteer ftiithmlKod by
law, tho deficiency of volunteers In lhat Slate
will Iso ha nndtj up by special draft from
tho fullitU.
Tho I'hihdelphbi Ledger siyi"W Mo
gratified learn that the near approach of
tho Itmo promised for tlm Mppnrunco of tlio
Stamp Currency Is bringing gradually Into
tint a tuned froer supply of silver change,
Yesterday and (ho day before, we understand,
(hero wai mofp frpecio In circulation than for
A fortnight previous, The xtamps vv 1 1 laMiori bo
In use, wh"ii Mm change illliculty will no
doubt fieflse, As the small silver coin aru
dealt In only by weight, they him woiih littlu,
if arty more, I lino (bo (lovtirrimnnt nolo, nnd
ni tho dilfttruuco daily Iosxhim they will more
and niorg euiiio Into circulation,"
---. -
THUArr wirn N0UM.--Th fiealy with (ho
Ottawa of Kan km I oflie.lally Proclaimed,
Their relation with tho Unl'ed Slates as an
fndhiu tribe Is to terminate at the expiration
iif five years, and all of (hem bo deemed and
declared full eltl.ons of the United Slates.
Ample provisions will bo made for their lm.
provement In all that proclaim to clvlli.ed
life, and as far a possiblu for die settlement
or tholr reservation by Industrious whiles.
1 ho land to he sold to actual settlor at not
less thflii fl 2 1 per acre.
A lltMlito tM.nftMi.-The Chamtiorsbnrg
1'loin s.iy, "tuuch gtsln I left standing for
lack Of harvest fiand." The same paper
slated a few week since that Ihnif neighbor'
hood w swarming with "niggers and work
ing for much leu II1.01 white labor could be
obtained, In console nop1 of which while la
borer were (drown out of t-mploytiientj" fcc
j 4 -aim. it
f orbeMnee (o (Milot I crucify 1 loyal
tueii Oof govornmeiit will tie lie ul to It
self nod falihles io if high frtisf, If it slinll
111 lo employ and Improve Mil moan ad ii
fcooitioindi wiidln Ide fair mum of (he lw of
War, lo overcame himI mibdne II Implicable
Mtid btispaiiig foe,
: ; - 4 mim "T r:.J
'I'U Mobile ,dlt ttiif stale dial (leiirl
lliet kidlldije Id oiooHId of lde,Kiopmnj the
od'Osiie side o tne fiver, el Monroe. ie,, mi
I liMitliMig (0 fisplilfe Ihe YhltM balleffe
over IbMru, and pieyent snpplie teaching Ibe
- --rTr- t-T-j. 1 s..t -
HU bundled oy rosidonl of Arkansas
followed Gen, Unci i hi way ihrougb (b
ritrtlo to Ifbluna, and dumsnded thai arms be
given ilium o form tlm ftrst regiment of Ar
kausa yoluutues, This will be done at onou,
: The lion, John A, Kson, First Assistant
I'ustmastur General, having boon nominated
for Congruutf by flia Itepublicau of (bo Fifth
(Jisiri't(owsl) has (uudurud hi rosiguation
9 First Assistant j'oslruastur Goiioral.
Camp jiear Harrison' Lanm.no, Va.f
July 19th, lbVl
Dear How : Thero eeems to be a persistent
and settled determination, on the part of some
would bo military tenders of the north, to And
fault with every effort, or movement, which
is made by either of the grand armies which
have been concentrated at different points to
quell the great rebellion which has now as
sumed such gigantic proportions and is spread
over such a vast extent of our once happy
country, The prolific tirades which are con
ceived and nourished In their over-fruitful
bin ins, and hurled against our Generals,
would, perhaps, under other circumstances
entitle their authors to consideration. Judg
ing from their tone, the initiated would sup
pose that Napoleon in his palmiest days, was
never possessed of half tho military accumeu
as these self same leadeis, and one is almost
led to believe that they must have some spir
itual premonition of all the movements which
are about to occur, in order to enable them
to criticise upon tho merits of this move or
(hat) und all Ibis from personal observation
taken 8omewhero within tho bounds of Penn
sylvania, This persistency, which at first was
passed by In silence, lias at Ittigth culminated
in the uiiiiiif tiikeablo end jost indignation
which is everywhere manifest throughout this
portion of the anny. unprincipled toon who
have Siitrilhk'd all their pretended and Imitat
ed patriotism upon the tili'iallowed alter of
political inbitjoii, now nomine lo lake (he
rein or Gcivetmnenl into (heir owe hands,
flfid lo presd Ibe the manner in which the War
tnii9t be conducted lo insure sncx".', These
name men, it will be iitideiduod, always, mfi;
Hge 10 keep iii Ibe foie ground (he peculiar
Maim lo supeiioiit. of (bis miliffy eomoiaih
dor or that. 11 (he erio niiiy bo j not only (0
(lie pKoibidM w (d (dose whose p ilrjof hni, a..
bllMy Mel leady ndaplafioii of uitHti fo (be
end, (atifio( be doubled, h'lt to Ide pfedjudice
of (he eansu In wbii b wu n rt N'ttioii have
sued it 11 absorbing and yiul interM, And,
why all (bis Is it beeause sihUi a ponrsu
will siibsurvu die interest o our common
country in (bjs ibo hour o her greatest pril I
Far li.iiu j(, Jtut on dm other' band, it
ijuiies only Ho rnuuil observer o see, (b it
(here is in (ho wbulo niovuuiuiit a deep sualeij
partisan Jealousy, cburactei jstio only of (bo
political demagogue am) calculated only to
fin lu 1 rasa (hu ndministratiou in the proper
coiitluct of (lie war, The patriotic eibn ts and
populirliy or the man who conuiunds Ibis
portion o the army, bis singleness of purpose
in 1 iiu (iiscuurgu ui me amy willed lie owes
to bis God and tits country, seems o bo an e
lenui eyesore and In direct contreventmn to
tho interests of ibis class of patriot whoso
1 1 aid friends are ever on the alert for an op
portunity lo msUe cftpltal, for thim, out of
the present unfortunate oouditiou of tho coun
try. Such conduct in times like the present,
when our Government is struggling for its
very existence against enemies on all sides,
It is, to say the least treasonable, and soldiers
have long since learned to regard those who
do not give to tho Government theii hearty
cooperation and support as traitors at heart,
and unworthy of confidence. The soldier
who has sacrificed all tho euse and comforts
of home, and has offered his all, oven life
itself, to avenge the insults and indignities
which liavo been heaped upon bis beloved flag,
expects every man, who 1.1 not standing whoiil-
dcr to shoulder with him in the Held, to over
look all the minor considerations of party and
stand by bis country, and to concentrate all
the legitimate means in bis power to the vin
dicatiou of the rights of civil and religious
liberty and the supremacy of the Constitution
and the laws.
The time haa now arrived when every man
in u .it show his baud must stand or fall upon his
own individual merits must either be the
whole-souled friend of the Government or its
deadly foe. Thero has been too much dally
lug with treason in the p;ist-too much ten
derness exercised towards traitors and too
many ofleriugs of aid to the common cause
Willi one nana, wiiiio a ciencned dagger was
held in the other. Dut, it is gratifying to
know that the people hav-- been watching
these moves, and have at Iciicth taken tbo
matter in hand. That man who seeks noui lu
turn aside the current of popular opinl hi from
the legitimate onject of cruolitng out this lu
loultlous rebellion, Is either u fool or a mad
man. Nosnnc man In the north this day, can
doubt thut our c iiiso Is just, or that (hu smiles
of Heaven are not upon our honest eflorts)
and, with this conviction, we hive every right
to expect tho undivided and Impartial tin is
tauce of every honest loyal man lu this crlsl.
I wotrtd not be understood as wishing to lm
piitfii the motives flu n sweeping nu) which
may control dm action of mu but, while
we are outside (he bound of loyal State, the
record of many such men bavo found their
way here, and tbo Influence thereof ha been
productive of evil, It has a tendency to
weaken the confidence of many In thj ability
of the Government to carry this war fo a sue
Cessful and (loU Issue In tlmu lo prevent for
eign Intervention and thereby a prolong 1
(Ion of the, war fo an Indeflluato peiiod
There I no disguising (he fart, Unit we need
men ol strong ln-arts, iiumodhitely, fo fill ui
our serried tanks and if behooves every man
to titko an interest in the mntier mid lo eu
that the men are rapidly sent forward, Lo
no mart who can w I ? I . I an Influence (or good
stand In nuy poltiou that I susceptible of
douldful Interpretation. Let our citizen In
dillereiit localities bo cital to the emergen
do which are now more Ihsu ever forced up
on their comldernllon. Let ail Ibe means
compalltde with civilization and humanity be
brought Into rcipilsKlon against this rebellion
and, let an unwavering confidence bo ihco
In the Integrity and ability of all our lienor
and wo have no four that the men, gom
and true, will soon be forthcoming and then
dm Vital blow will bo soon shuck that will
sink thl rchrlllou so deep In IniumV that no
resurrecting power will ever reach If.
At present all I quiet hero, but the eroun
work for another tuovo I going inpldly on
and, from flppenrsftco, something decisive
msy be looked for before long, A tel nolh
log deffiutfe lis Irmsplrod In rogsid fo our
losses, during Ibe soilc of bait I s in front of
Klchmond. Without (he official dila, It
Idle (0 speculate upon the e.lenl of Idem
The report are looked lor with Interest
Tde bov have well recovered from (delr I
(igne sod are again ready ) buf, it will oof do
now fo Niy that (hey sre spoiling (or fight
T he weslder da boon almost unendurable, bill
within (lie Nsf few dr we dive dad eopiou
nowM, Ami toe air in tooi ami piesnti
Vein defy, W, II, II,
:j3tii4 -. -. -
A M KM (Jooiva I (inituoo.On fist
mdsy evening last, savfrsl young men of Uhl
go wetH bidig hi LH Mpdlgiti, when.
some dorso (ame down (o dilnk, The young
mon mounted averlo (hem ami lidfiu
(folio, I'losonlly one ol Iht soiomI bona 10 a
(rlgblaiiedi and d oil wl'll dl rldef a( 4 (ill
gallop, esfiylng dim at a headlong spam
through dm slrf( of Ibe eMy, No iieisua
lori would Induce (ha hoisti (o s'op Ibo
young MsKeppdare not dismount i and many
or (bo itlly.ou o Chicago, who weieIliJoy
iog the twilight on the front stoops and bluo
Hie, were startled out of Ihelr propriety ami
. .... .. . , . 1 . , r, j
coiiiioiurti st in" apueiaiiiu 1,1 norsu, uiuan
dlod and unbijdlud, ridden by a rider uncom
The following article, from the Chicago
Tribune, we commend to the attention of
those who have been ready to assail the Pres
ident, while defending the policy and strategy
of Generala who had less claims upon their
Tho covert allegation in a late number of
tho New York Times, that the President has
thus far conducted the war, In opposition to
the advice of bis Generals, and thut the disas
ters id the Virginia campaign were due to
his intermedd ling, is so wholly false that we
wonder how the editor of that journal, who
ought to have been better informed, could
have permitted the charge to have place in
itscolums. The truth is, and we should say
to Mr. Lincoln if lie were here, the crowning
fault of his Administration has been his de
ference to tho opinions of Ills military advi
sers, lie louna nimseir at ttie head ol tin?
Government tho Commander-in-Chief of the
Army and Navy when this war broke out.
lie naturally looked to the oflicers subordi
nate fo himself for Instruction and advice in
mutters purely military. These men, most ol
whom wire graduates of nest Point, bad 110
sympathy with him or his views. They wero
mainly pailizans of the South, forming a
distinct class in our nationally, separated
from (he body Of the people by their depend'
ettee 011 the Government, the life-long lehtife
of there ofllee, nnd (ho nature of their em
tiloyment, Ihey weienti Allstocracy In the
heart of a Democracy, and a such weie the
rdleht admirer ii not ibe qni( siipp'ter ol
the cause of the Mouth. The President wa
I In own into (heir hand. Wild hi tlotiae(o
ilstie modesty end unwillingness lo indulge
in Solfrtssorlloii, do permuted (bom omitn
age Hfbiif in (heir own way, generously atti il;
ol l (iff, when bo ilideied ltd Idem, (ho iHsa
greemonl to di Ignorance and Ideir superior
earning, III langiiatfo ha always been this 1
'l do not pretend lo know iiiiied about mili
liny !uifors iii" country know (hat I nm
not a soldier, lhat J am only n lawyer, If 1
hould se( up my will lit m. position to what
(bey reenmnit'iid and m foi tune should lob
low, I should ngf Ihvu forgiveness for my as,
suraucu, fjo (hey must bo permitted logo
11he.pl, There can bo no two plan adopted,
And is (bey are or ought to be expert in mil
ll.iry matters, J must not jnferfoio Midi their
plans," This, we say, has been (by language
that fiu has always I. eld j ami a much a tvu
may deprecate its ttl'ect in turning over the
army and the country to the (under mercies
of the men who are too f.ivorbly utlected lu
our enemies, wo can but admire the modesty
und patriotism, winch, lu llus crisis, subordi
nates self lo considerations affecting tho pub
lic weal. We have no instance to show how
this disposition of the Prusi Iiiiit has worked.
When the Peninsular caniiijigu was proposed,
.Mr. LmicoIu was opposed to it, His plan wan
for our army to go ahead in unbroken force
on the line of thu enemy's retreat, and to
hasten to Richmond with such speed as it
might be able lo command. This as the ob
vious dictate of good policy and good souse.
liut the famous strategy of which we have
heard so much, was shaken in his face ; tho
decision of a Council of War was held up be
fore him, and though he all tho while protest
ed that the movement did not command the
approbation uf hisj judgment, bo finally con
sented that it be made, the result the coun
try knows. Once more : When bis patience
win exhausted by the long delay of Gen. Mc
Clellan before Manitisas, lie ordered a forward
movement, not only once but three several
times. That was Lincoln and tho expression
of his military notions. Bm. strategy came
oiicb more into play 5 one excuse after anoth
er was alleged, and at last the command. For
ward March! was recalled, and Richmond is
not taken yet.
We state these things not to assail others,
but to vindicate the President, who is nomi
nally responsible for tho mishaps that have oc
curred, lie, wo believe, is in favor of action,
of earnestness, of celerity. Were he to trust
to his own sound judgment and Cease to be
governed by the advice of men who have thus
guidcl to betray, victory would jo-tch on our
banners. And wo trust that the day is not far
ff In which he will vindicate himself and bo
coinolu reality what ho Is ofliclally, the Com-mandcr-in
Chief of our forces on land and ut
sea. Uufasloiig ns be yields to ''strategy"
which proves to bo only folly, ns long 11s he
waits preparation that hn no results, nnd ns
long ss he trusts men who do not know wheth
er they want fo fight or not, just so long may
wo look for repetitious Of what ha already
A llrtAvie MOf.iiKn. We clip the following
very flattering notice of Lieut. 1.. F, Drenner,
from the Lancaster I-Uprtm. Ho I well
known to many poisons In thl county, Icing
fhil brother of J. llrennor of Mocrhdalo.
A correspondent, writing from Ibe bend
quarters of tho army of (ho Potomac, py a
Just tribute (o Lieut. Brenner, formerly uf
ibis city, lie says 1 "I ha I tho honor to pass
through the recent terrible s d iy batllo, un
der the command of Lieut, F,. F, llrennor,
formerly of your city. Von will be pleased
to hear that hi t intrepid valor and heroic con.
duct have elicited from the general of the di
vision, (General Sykes) and all other officers,
the highest encomiums, and procured for him
tho distinguished stall appointment of Briga
dier (Juiulei master, which, I feel It a priv i
lege to say, bo honors more than thu appoint
ment can honor him.
"I will not p uf Icul arlo uf length, but mere
ly statu that the Lieut-, being In command of
a comparatively small body of troops, was so.
lecfed because of bis well known antecedents
to conduct tho most p'sl Hon part of the re
treat, during which ho always succeeded in
defeating the enemy, though at a dis idvau.
tngo of three to one against him bis cool
courage and llrm. soMlet ly, commanding char
acter invarlablr bringing bis men out of dllll
cnlhe, from which a lo.nsormind and weak'
er arm never could have estt tested diem,
'III conduct da since been (he theme of
general conversation, nnd It Is universally con
ceded thnt among bis hmfbor ofllcer lie I
cdlef among e'Ual' The Lieut., however,
wild characteristic modesiyi speai Hgdily of
hi action 1 I aw dim mount hi homo this
morning and M id out a unpre tenuously a
(be humblest soldier in (he stmy. while be wa
Ide observed" of all observer," '
Lloht, llremier ha been In Ibe United
8lnfoMimy about I weiily year. He wa im
or-dof ly sergeant In Tela at (he lime (he ln
hltioli (reason of Twlgg miff ehdeted lhat r1l
vision oflbesrmy lo die rebel, Mr, Ilren
ner. like the rest of (he gallant men In Ibe
HON, did not boon infiMtled wild die (reason
of (deir superior oflleer, and rHteilnod (rue (0
Ide obi (dig, Our ellleh will iderefore fe.
Jotnti (0 learn ldt be d mt with (hat toeogt
iitiiori of In patriotism And soldierly 'uliile
wdled (rue merit sdould but don not always
Hinut4ft F,vMr,-On HatunUy list, in
Hal I I'jagle, Mr, Polly Wilson, died lo all up
puaraoao, I lu r collie and shroud wufe or.
doled, and th necessary arrangements for
bur funeral were made, Strange o say she
revived, and la doing wall, She pas butu lick
for soma months, Utr age 1 about 74 year,
Relief ontt Pret
Memphis, August l.--The Bulletin fit tins
morning has the lollowing tijm authentic
sources among other-interesting items as to
the proceedings ol the rebels :
'We have some inkling of the subject dis
cussed at the conference of all the principal
military leaders, held in Richmond on the 4th
and 5th July. It is understood that they must
lose more territory. The defensive policy
was s'trongly attacked, and both Lee and Beau
regard advised the Invasion of the North at
three points, namely : (nun Cumberland or
Williiimspoi t into Pennsylvania, from Loui.i
villeand Cincinnati into Indiana and Ohio,
and from Paducah and Cairo into Illinois.
It is alleged that the following plan of op
erations forthe remainder of the summer cam
paign was agreed upon.
"First, the Immediate obstruction of the
Jsmos River, so as to make it mpusabld for
McClellan to use it as a means for communica
tion with the Fort, and for their tinnsporla
tion of reinforcements and army supplies.
"Second, the occupation ol Williamsburg,
York (Ow n nl d the entire Peninsula.
Third, the recovery ol the whole territory
of Virginia, and (he suppression of the Balti
more nnd Ohio railroad j for the recovery of
fifew Orleans, Men phis and tho .Mississippi
(Ivor and expulsion of the Federal troops from
Tennessee and Kentucky. When these ob
ject, have been accomplished, then Jjoo and
Beauregard's plan wa proposed,
"Filth, to to ike (be PoloumtJ and Ohio river
at once liioirbasi of operations and frontier
titie,niid (0 transfer (he seal of war lhm Vir
gltila (0 Mar, land,
Sixth, lo hut I upon Washington from Hied'
luntid a column of (wo bundled thousand
troop nd capture llnl city, Tde liberation
of Itsltifufiie and tbo invasion ol (be Noitd at
Ide three points named above, hoomuifig in
llllll dm Invaders, IbeV hope o make lllleees
sary for us lo foot p ,il Iouim lor ibo defence ol
our eillos five hundred idousind lio. ps,"
Foiiihm MoNtiori, August U,Tliu arrival
of the mail boat this hIPiiiooo brings s.ono
ii nticiilar of the attack HMd by (ha rebel
batteries on Geu, MtClullau' position limn
opposite flaiTisuii'fc Landing, Thmiltiick was
made at niidniglii wild, it is said, luirjut,
luiies of Hying artillery, some being above,
and soinu below the point of attack, They
throw six twelve pound shell, some round ami
ol hers conical, hut not one of them exploded.
Their fire was intended, no doiiht, tor our
camps, but many of the shot led short an I
Ihiis did some little mischief among Ibe ship
ping which was laving at tlm L noting and ut
anchor in the river. Several vessuls and
steamers were struck wiih Irignients of shell,
but none, wero hurt in Iheiu,
It is reported nine of our soldiers were kill
ed and only three wounded. The attack being
made at such a late hour of the night, and our
army expecting rather an attack in Iront.
caused some delay before m r guns opened
fire, w hen our siege guns wore lr light lo boar
upon I hem, and in les thin forty min.utcs the
rebels were silenced. Tho tiring was very
brisk while it continued. Many of tho ene
my's shells were thrown over among or
camps, but these did not explode. All those
which exploded felt much short of the camps,
aud this accounts for so few being injured.
It is supposed that the object of tho rebels
in this demonstration was to draw the Federal
ounboats down the river so as lo enable their
goats, including the new Mcrrimac, fo get
It is estimated that the rebels threw over
five hundred shell, which lay this mottling
scattered over the field. Some lodged in the
masts of vessels'. ATI that is knbwn of the
elfect of on r tiring is thai tho rebels retreated,
and this mor.iing the trees where they had
their batteries presented a shattered appear
ance, and many'are cut completely down.
Jefferson City, July 28. Colonel Guitar,
of the 1Mb M issouri regiment, reinforced by
Lieut. Colonel Sh iflcr, und M-ijor Cloppee, ot
Morrill's Horse, and Major Caldwell, of th 31
low. 1 Cavalry, G50 strong, w is attacked at
Moore's Mills, seven miles east of Fulton,
yesterday, bv a party of rebels under Porter
and Colih, yiiiJ strong. After fighting till ut
ter four o'clock , p. in., the rebels were com
pletely routed, with a loss of from 7U to 100
killed nnd wounded, and one taken prisoner.
Colon I Guitar reports a loss ol 15 killed and
wounded. He captured the enemy's guns,
ammunition, baggage, &c, in piofusiou.
T'o ollicclS and men behaved splendidly.
Cobb Is reported to have been killed. Colo-
led Guitar resumed the pursuit last night, and
will follow (hem closely.
Caltto, August 'J. Advice have le-oii to
celved b Gen. Strong, from Ithmmlluhl, Mo.
lb it about one hundred of Coleman ' men
were surrounded In Hint town by some five or
six hundred rebels, lbt a sharp fli(ht was
polnif on, nnd lhat our troops thought lliey
could sustain themselves until reinforcements
which have been sent from Capo Girardeau
could reach fln-m, Letters from a rebel milt
captured at Corinth on the l!Ulh u It., indicate
h rebel movement on Chattanooga and Nash
Adi'ntuniiriiliirt in hi 1 )! 1 1 fir , ru t , r 11 11 1 o f 11 hi, it
kliflf null or riittrtfrit ttoiihlr prirr lor ltiti'iii it)iitil
To insure attention, the CAflH must aoeomna.
ny notlncf, as follow! All Caution with il ,
Stray, 81; Auditor' notljes, $1,110; Admlnis.
tratort'and J-.xaoti tors' notices, 51,M), fach ; aad
an oilier transient Noticri at the tains rate
Other Ivertiisnien at Dl per square, for 3 or Its
ini9. 110ns. iweivo nun (or icii) count a iriuaro
A UIMTOirN .NOTICi:. -Notice U hereby
J givMi, to 1 no heir niel Iphhi rrprxsouta
tivo of Ithdiard I'urry, deo d, that tho under
sliMiod hnvloif been 11 ntpolntml, bv tho orphans
court of (,'hoirlloM eiMMily, to mako dhOriloithiri of
ins hnianon in the hands of tlm 1 n Ml r tor
to those rilltlid p, rordn It 1 will attend In
that duly In ('Iron (lot I, st tlm hotel of lleorgo N
Colhorn, 011 Tuesday, August IMth, nnd all inter
ested will nttend 011
I tint
A. J
or no rorever tie
A ud Itor.
Aug. rt, lr,2.
J 1 M SI nu4t, ) 1 ! t 1 l
! sutmvis
tnznn AnniVAL of
S u J 1 1 111 0 r (i 0 o (1 h !
listing pnrslmsod our stock of Piiuimer flood
lu I'hlbclelolila, i'lltshiirg and llnttlmor en tho
loo( fiivufabla lrnn, e"luslvy for crtsh, w
now ititna otir rtieii'M ntei urn puniiii 10 an e
auiliiHlbin of our larif4sioik and lew in-lees Wn
Hlllsblla edssH at retslt m any hens in the
Our sleek eonslstsof ,adb dress good in gretit
siluty, siodi as silks, slpwi'it, met loos, ipl.iis
gimtllllUlS, tinlltiit. IMWIIS, buleinS, lihliiins, bells
iMfsiffy, glovws, nliiid gou'ls, Imoos, e'liiing, fwney
notion, iitMfiiiiierv, 4a Urowu and Meio'lied do.
Iioislliii, lltsli lilitm, lleolS Slid slioiid, a Iwrga
si on It, ijuMleoitoi Wdsr, souli ns eluil.s,
liiuius, sliniiu,( (weed and vesting, dais uups
nnmwwru ami timmry, u ronnrius, nii, sail
idows. sola lualliar, il'oi. nails, slotl. ulucs. an.
Wa hopa by strict aiiulion to biiies and lew
pri'ifin ie foifciva a niiorai patrnnHgo, J.el at
0010 a nod eainin our sleek and prluus.
Highest mnrket prioa paid (or all sinds
lumbar, Mu.M U It It A V A I It V IN
Hurnsida, Clearfluld 00., Pa., Aug, 6, lHrt2.
ITOH HALL--3e? arsl first rata wagon, by
V'',f J ,near Ml. Joy Ct.sm.-h om i,,.
the Wth or Aii-nst. 1 he c-horch t betwc, T "a
3 mile n t.Kh ot eiMrC-hl. n.t conn-tr.t . ith
the Fast Haiti more M L. Cnnrrrcm-e
July -M. J. F PUOWX. pa,tor.
ISTIt A . Csme Irepairg on the prmi--i
ses of the suhsoriber residing in WfitiAri
township, on the 2Sth day of June Ut. a hay mare
with dark mnne and tail, and aPont nine yeri
old. The owner is remiextrd to rne forward
prove property, pay cLargrs. and tsse her ami
or she will bo sold as the law directs
July 9. '62. pd.
H'M. II. .KY.
Fruit Cans !
An J for sale by Richard Mossop, ClearCelJ, pB
CI A I' TION, A II persons are hereby caution
J ed against Purchovunir or uied llinz with ik
ollowing property, tit. : one yoko of red an L
white oxen. heal and other property, now hi r
session of A 15. 1'nrrctt and in care of K. V. l'.ar
rcttof Ferguson township, Hg tho same belong t
1110 ninl are suioeel lo my order : hatinE 011U
been itiven to said Marrett on loan.
May 2-. Iu2. WM IP. VIN
The uniler.'iitnn I ef eoriKtanti onlin'il
at htg store room hi PhilifidiUf. Ontrevenunt
loll stock of Flour. Hams, shoulders hide. t',.f.
fee. Tea, lnsiiir, It !, Mela iifes. A e. AUn. I,
itiors of all kind, Tubacro. Kvgars, SnutT. At ; ,t
of which he 1 ilfers to ourehnscri 011 th inosr s i
Nidngouu toim Uiveliima chII. and trv h
articles lior2l 1!IH,1;T I.IIY1
Siitfarl Sugar! Sugar!
JI N l' It I I I l 10,000 POt MN
at t:ie old rmcgj, at sun ciikap cax
HTnlti: i" H, M'HSop, Cl.i; A HI I !;LI. IM
A N 'J 1,11 Kill I fl I) O Al.f. N Hl U
f f ,'llHl Hhlo hodil'lt lo tt VlHOi J Hull Oil. .ill
Iha 111 my of I ho (nioii, fur (ha eiulilntt out of it,"
wioktfd riiiiiou tiuit is im iiiiiraciiiig our i,.
ovod country, (omit tnol belli u shvm lh ('?
tint and host ijovel oouoit Uo.l evor lo msn
Men will bn tnilutiid lor any ron Ivsms ra,l
niuiil hi tho tit-Id J wi iiiy-flve ilollnrs l.ounty
and one months pay in ailvsneo, Clolbing, fu.,.1
and mtJiliiixl utt tioliiie o srntis.
Kuci uiiinn ntlino in ii mil 11 111 s lluw.t learfluid Pa,
M A'i'l lll.WuUtiKN.fai.l.hllh Ueg P V.
July .'111, l)2. I'.ecruitiiiK MflWr.
V S ALL. The attention of Ierotn di-nln.tii
of purchsxing valunlile 'I iniber I.iind is luvi'al
to the I0II0H nig Iriiulj ut liuid ilunlu in KpsM'ii
toHiinhip, Clinton county. Pa., known at the 1,.
mine landn, viz : A certain Iruet liein? No. r. Krt
warr'intud in the nuine of 'Ihomns Willing run-
tiiiuiog about 1 ICO ueres. ciliintu on llircli iiisnd
1'iiiu, ut the distiuiee of ,'t) in ilcs f rum the rivrr,
being well timbered with Pine und Oak. Also,
another smaller tract uf land. fitu;ito at th tin.uth
of Kirch Island Kim. on the west fide if the riv-r.
containing 7't ncre.s und nllowiwice nnd having a
good ratting bcaeli thereon, for terms apply to
(1. L. KKf.'I). I ...
July 30, 1SC2. J. 15. (i UAH A.M. j -u'"
F1KLD COUNTY, SS. In the mtlter of tho
TTT apprnifieinent of the estate tf John
SRAI. Yon 112 late of P.urni-i Jo tow nihin. Clar-
eld county, deceased I, James Wri;-
ley. clerk of the orphan e court of the siiid count?
of Clearfield, do hereby certify lhat at an orphans''
court hold at Clearfield, the 17th dnr of June A.
I). 1 81 2, before the Honorable the Judges of lh
gnid oourt, on motion the appraisement was ap
proved .. nnd notice toull person in interc-t
to come into court on the fust day of m-xt term.
nnd shew come why tho s ii 1 uppiMMiji -nt shail
not bo approved absolutely, to he iven bv iiul.'i-
cntir.n in ono ncw.-ipappr piihl'Mhej in CI e a r fi 1 1
county, for three successive weeks
In testimony whereof. I Imvo hereunto it mr
band and aflixed the seal of said court, at Clear
field, the 15th day of.lulv. A 1. ls;j .
July ."(I. IV2. -'A.MKS Wf.lOI.KY. Cl-rk
OUIMIA.NS' UOUUT S Li:.-Ky virtue f
an order of the Orphans drnrt of Clearfield
county. the undersigned will expose to public sa.
In the ttorougli of ew Washington, on Morels?
the 2th August. IS?2. nt Id o clock A. M.. th't
following described real eftnte. to wit:
All that certain tnet or piece of Ian 1 situ ite ir
the s iid toMiishiiiof Kurndide. bounded ari l d.
sertticil ns follows, to wit : Keinninr nt a post
cornel on the soiith-eut end of tho John back
house and John CIicckiiiiiii tnicl. ihtiiu-n aloiiitl.i
lino of the sum j north 72 decrees west 1 yu perches
lo a corner post, thenco liy residence of Jnr.n
Ilnckhouso south IH degrees ens! M', perches to a
jiost coi ner, thence by John M Quitlian's urehs
south 7H degrees oust llM) perches to a t.o-t corner
on the lino of llio Said backhouse tni. t. tlinics
tiorlli IK degrees west H'.l perches lu Hie place of
beainnllig, coiitiilnlint Ol acres and allowancs.
'I hums oc ,Si, ne half lu hand, and the re.
niiiludcr In one year, to b secured by bond and
mortgage HA M IK I. fKl;llIMl.
July .'III. ISI52 Adul'r of John Young, deed
I 1 ) S I V ' M
nrx)oi) skaiumiki:.
In renewing of my aoiiinlntimen with the many
(rleii'U of my mediclmi, 1 ilecui it proper locu
tion Ilium and (ho pubiln, generally, nn't Hi
use of an article prepared und sol i by a man cull
ing himself "lion. II. Keyser, 1'ilt-bury, l'a ," wle
has Iha impuduueo to cull it
lini3i:y's impkovf.I' i!Looi ,eak(:iii:i:.
and states th at it Is made from my recipe, and. as
If to Curry out a regular gaum of '-.-top J hief."
ho tells ibo public that "there is a counterfeit i'
the market, to see, that Inn name is over fheroik
of every bnltlo".to. lionise pu blishcs Iha m-t
extravngiint eertillento head'.'l "A P.lind Msn
Cured"" K Had Sifru Leg Cured." do. I all""d
him to nroooed in this way for nearly twlr
months, knowing that those who had either u-l
or sold my artiule would have nothing to do wi'h
his, but I found there was a number iinncijti .tint
ed with mino who wero Induced from the ab"
statements to rIvo bis a trial 'I he eomefiienr
was dlsapionlmn t to Ihem and injury to ine. s
they would at once pronounce I.iodscy's l!l"'l
Hcnrelier a humbug, without knowing that it
wns the
UNbV (IE NT INK It 1,00 1 1 ."KAUCIIKK
which lias proved Itself to bo invaluable in ths
cure of
Kcroful. Cancerous formations, Cutaneous 'I'"
eases. Erysipelas, lioils Pimples on the fce,
lore eyes. Scald Head. Tetter affecti"''
Old "and slubloirn fleers. P. heuuis'ia
Plsorders, (lyspetmla, (osivenes.
Jaundice, halt Hheum. Mercurial diesse. Oen
ertil debility, Liver complaint, lessor sm""
llle, Low spirits, Foul stomach. Female
complaints, Together with nil other
disorders from an Improper eon
dlllen of lhJ elrculalory system, Asa general T-n-ie,
it fTee la me most ficnlgtistit. sn-l esnn"t
(all lobeueOl, where use I pet'everlng'y.
and according to directions.
'M,, dBBliiotf mv teiiiilne Itbeid fesfrhsr
must b careful In pnrehasliig. aseouef-f f-i ""'
hlna Is Ilka iiouiiicrroit money, II en be t i"i
at low prb'e which Is a aufllelenl lmo"":
Willi some lo endeavor la palm II on .i -
littj foij irf,in moih,m . , .-
linutly for td
...iu i, ... duij.i. . t iii. n B
prepuied by M i, sod M no o(hrr
For sale 1.y J, It, .MeMurr-y. N
and II T, ll?i.w-r.H J'", """l l!" uK
good drurgi.U and s.orelj. f.e u ,gh. Mil-
i t i iNiini. v. n i'
flulll daysl.afjf. I s
1), H, 4 T, Kliiporj.
wholesale "
agenU, Charrytroa. imtisua
rluo Johnson, riUshurf , r , ',,a ,,M
July 3D, Hrt2 ly

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