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'gUffowtttt'd owntaf, gf caxfd b,- Ijf a., mte 8, 1870.
Raftsman's Journal.
Wayne M'Vcigh Esq., has been nomi
nated by die President to be Minister Resi
dent at Constantinople (Turkey), in place
of Hon. E. Joy Morris.
From tLe Falls City, Nebraska, Journal,
we learn that Frank. Barrett, Esq., formerly
of tills place, has taken editorial charge of
the Jiulo Register, a Dotuocratiu paper.
Success to you, FraDk.
Dr. Schoeppe, it is pretty certain, will
not be granted a new trial, but it 19 pretty
generally believed that Governor Geary will
not order bis execution until the Legisla
ture reassembles and has a chance to per
fect that which its former acuon sought to
accomplish. .
The postoffice at Alexandria, Virginia,
is under seizure, while a special agent is
investigating various charges against the
Postmaster and hia clerks, one being intem
plranceanl oglectof business. Wb.2Q the
agent took possession of the office, he found
a quantity of letters in the basement, which
bad been opened, some of then seven oreight
years old.
A late Texas paper says a band of Indians
a few days ago approached within a short
distance of the town of Lampasas. A com
pany of the Fourth Cavalry went out to meet
them, under command of Major llusscll.
The company was divided into two detach
ments, one of which met the Indians, and
in the fight Major Eussell was - mortally
wounded. The detachment met with some
While we sympathize with the starving
Fenians huddled along the Canadian bor
ders, in prison and out, we cannot see any
good reason fir the interference of our Gov
ernment in their behalf. Not only have
their misfortunes resulted from making war
on a people with whom wo are at peace,
but they have violated the law of the land
of their adoption to which they now appeal
for assistance and protection. Really, the
Fenian idea of justice and right is, to say
the least, a little mixed.
The rebel element in Louisana is terribly
excited over the proposition of Mr. Conway,
Superintendent of Education, to put the
new school bill into operation. It provides
for the establishment of public schools in
every parish throughout the State. The
rebel newspapers are prating loudly about
having their "old system" of education sup
planted by "carpet-bag" legislation, but
when it is stated that prior to the warhere
was not a single free school in the State, the
"pld system" will not be deeply mourned by
the friends of progress.
TheFenians have returned home disgust
ed, leaving only their leaders behind them.
These are in the hands of the United States
authoritias, and to all appearance are there
like'y to remaia for some time. The Goveri -went,
'to the surprise of many, does not look
upon tLe raid as a joke or ho liday excursion
and prosecutes the leaders with rigor.
Though this may be greatly to the discom
fort of the leaders, it is indirectly for the
benefit of the masseaof Fenians, who will
thus have, fewer Head Centers aud Treasur
ers to deceive them in the future.
The New York Herald characterizes the
late election"iti the State of New York, so
far as affording a test of the strength of
parties as "a Democratic victory which
signifies nothing." From official returns
from most of the counties, and generally ac
cepted estimates from the rest, it appears
that the whole vote cast will not exceed
430,000, against 829,776 cast in 1SGS, show
inga lefieiencyof419,776, or about one half
of the vote of the State, which loss the stay
at-home Republicans count two hundred
and fifty thousand and the Democrats one
hundred and eighty thousand.
The accumulated evidence from all parts
of Mexico reveals the condition of that coun
try in every sense deplorable. Financially
bankrupt, socially demoralized, and political
ly disrupted, there is protection neither for
property nor persons. Trial by jury is sus
pended and special taxes are levied by mere
Governors of States. Brigandage is a fa
vorite occupation of dissatisfied citizens and
defeated politicians. Congress is without
authority and the President without power.
We bad hoped braver and wiser thinga from
this, peoj le after the expulsion of the French
and we reluctantly confess to grave disap
pointment at witnessing this result of repub
lican rule in that unfortunate couhtiy.
A Democratic contemporary takes the
House of Representatives neverely to task
for its action in excluding from the veterans
to be pensioned by a proposed bill tho.e
who were disloyal to, the country during
the late rebellion. Say this organ of the
party which is al way full of excuses for the
late rebels: "The soldiers of the war with
Great Britian were old men when the re
bellion broke out. They were unfit for ser
vice in field or camp, and at most they could
barm their old flag, under which they
fought and bled, only by mumbling disloyal
phrases." Age has commonly been regarded
as the period of wisdom. We certainly
never before knew it to be pleaded in ex
tenuation of crime. If these veterans were
too old to fight either for or against the
nation, and could only mumble, they ought
to have remained true to their patriotic
rccoid, and at least mumbled in favor of
Lo;r fTirttry.
The Census.
The blank schedules, to be used in taking
the census, are in the hands of the Assistant
Marshals,' some of whom have already com
menced operations. There are five sched
ules altogether. They embrace a wide range
of information. In order that our readers
may know what is required of them we give
a condeused form of these blanks. Let
each one familiarize themselves with the
questions, so that prompt answers may be
given when the officer calls :'
Scbidcli No. 1 will contain information in re
lation to the inhabitants of each county.
Dwelling houses, numbered in the order
of visitation.
Families numbered in the order of visitation.
The name of every person whose place of
atioue on the nrst day ot J aiie, ISiO, was in
this family, with age, sex and color.
Profession, occupation, or trade of each
person, male or female.
Value of real estate and personal estate.
Place of birth, naming State or Territory
of U. S. ; or the country, if of foreign
Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane,
or idiotic.
Male citizens of U. S. of 21 years ot age
and upward.
Male citizens of U. S. of 21 years of age
and upwards, whose right to vote is denied
or abridged on other grounds than rebellion
aud other crime.
ScncDULB No. 2 will give the statistics in rela
tion to deaths under the following heads. :
Number of the family, as given in the 2d
column of schedule 1.
Name of every person who died durincj
the year ending June I, 18.0, whose place
of abode at the time of death was in this
family, giving age, sex and color.
Placed birth, naming the btate or Ter
ritory of the U. S., or the country, if of for
eign birth, with birth-plac of parents.
lhe month in which the person died.
Profession, occupation or trade.
Disease or cause of death.
Kchedi li No 3 will be used for the purpose of
recording the productions of agriculture, under
the following heads :
Name ot agent, owner, or manacer of
land; whether improved or unimproved,
with value of farm.
Farming implements and machinery.
Total amount of wattes paid d urine the
year, including the value ot board.
Number and value of live stock, June 1,
Amount of grain raised.
Schboclb No 4 will relate to product of in
dustry, under the following heads.
Name of corporation, company, or indi
vidual producing the value of $500, annu
ally. Name of business, manufacture or pro
duct. Capital (real and personal ) invested in the
Kind of power (steam, water, wind,horse,
or hand.)
Name, description and number of ma
chines. Average number of hands employed, with
total amount paid in wages during year,and
number of months in active operation, re
ducing part time to full time.
Kinds, qualities and value of materials,
(including mill supplies and fuel.)
Production, (including all jobbing and
Scbidcli No. 5 will contain social atatiatios,
which are divided as follows :
Valuation real and personal estate.
Public debt county debts for which bonds
have been issued, other county debt, debt
ofborough, township, &c
Taxation (not National.) State, county,
town, &c.
Pauperism whole number of paupers
sunporteu during the year, native white,
native black and foreign.
Crime number ot criminals convicted,
native white, native black and foreign.
Libraries State, town, or city, court,(.tc.
Wages average paid to farm hand per
mouth, hired by the year and boarded,
aveiage wages paid day labor, with and
without board, amount paid carpenter, do
mestic, ko.
Newspapers and periodicals name, char
acter, how often" published, average chcu "
Colleges, academies and schools.
Religion number of church organiza
tions and edifices, denomination, number of
persons each church will accommodate, val
ue of church property.
Protecting the Ballot. The bill to
enforce the Fifteenth -Amendment, which
has passed both Houses of Congress, is
sweeping in its character. It imposes heavy
penalties not only on fraudulent voters, but
on all aiders and abettors in frauds at elec
tions on the judges and inspectors who
knowingly refuse to receive honest votes or
knowingly receive dishonest ones: or any
person who attempts by bribery, intimida
tion or threats to prevent any one from vo
ting, or from doing any of the acts necessary
to qualify him to vote, and on any person
who shall oppress or. injure another on ac
count of his vote. It gives United States
Marshals the power to arrest persons for
such offences, and United States courts the
power to try them, and it gives the Presi
dent authority to enforce the execution of
judicial processes under the act by the em
ployment of the naval and military forces.
It provides that any person, a candidate,
who has been deprived of his election by
reason of the denial to any citizens of the
right to vote, may bring suit to recover his
office in Federal or State Courts, aste may
choose. It provides also penalties against
persons who accept offices, knowing them
selves to be ineligible, and abolishes spe
cial State tax on Chinese immigrants.
B. F. Whitteracre, member of Congress
from the First District of South Carolina,
who was compelled to resien his seat to
avoid expulsion for selling cadetships, has
been re -elected. It is to be regretted that
his constituency did not select a more hono
rable gentlemen to fill bis place. Though
the Republican party cannot be held respon
sible, since a Republican majority once
promptly condemned him, yet it is discred
itable to the country that such a man should
be re-elected.
Decoration Day was generally observed
throughout the country, and was made a
more general holiday than heretofore. Thus
once more, has the memory of our fallen
heroes been fitly remembered by au appre
ciating people. May this day ever be sa
cred as a national holiday.
The Canadians may be pardoned for their
recent alarm. When it 13 remembered
that they have constantly before them the
dreadful example of New York and what it
n n,lor Ionian U
una vut. iv uuuvi jlvuuuiuiC aiiu ouarvtj-
ly better fate was threatening the Domin-
Massacre of Jews.
A Constantinople dispatch of J une 1 st,
says that a fearful war of religious intoler
ance had broken out in the Province of
Roumelia, a metropolitan province of the
Turkish Empire', in the South of Europe.
On Sunday, May 29th, all the houses of the
Jews were invaded by the native "Chris
tians," and all the" Jewish occupants who
were unable to escape massacred in cold
blood. The Washington Chronicle, in re
ferring to this wholesale murder, says :
"Such a massacre, surpassing the horrors
of St. Bartholomew, is a blot on the age
and a disgrace on modern civilization. That
it should have been perpetrated by people
calling themselves Christians is as humilia
ting as it is amazing. Civilized nations
should lift up a loud and indignant protest
against this beastly outrage upon humanity-
Our own Government, we are glad to say,
has not been slow to manifest in unmistaka
ble terms its abhorence of these outrages.
S. Wolf, Esq., having yesterday, Thursday,
received telegrams from New York, Louis
ville, and Chicago, asking is assistance to
prevent the continuance of the outrages in
Roumelia, called upon the Secretary of
State, who ordered at once the appointment
of Adolphe Buchuer, Esq., as Consul Gen
eral at Bucharest, Roumelia. Mr. Buch
ner is an Israelite, and his appointment is
as positive action as the Executive Depart
ment of the Government could take to ex
press its abhorrence of the massacre."
The subject of this persecution and mas
sacre has already been introduced into both
Houses of Congreis. This prompt action
on the part of the American Congress will
have a powerful effect on the whole civilized
world in condemning this horrible butchery
of defenceless and inoffensive people.
Democracy in the Southern States is dis
covered to be as unregenerate as ever. A
late experience at Richmond may be accep
ted as pregnant with instruction for their
Northern friends who insist upon an imme
diate and sweeping amnesty for past politi
cal crimes. The municipal election in that
city resulted in a clear majority for the Re
publican ticket. The Commissioners, with
whom lay the duty of summing up the re
turns, happen to be all Democrats. Beaten
at the polls, what was more natural or easy
for Democratic officers than to ignore the
popular choice, proceeding coolly to elect
their own favorites by the familiar method
of doctoring the ballots. But even a Dem
ocrat won't stand too much ot that sort of
thing in Virginia, and the Whiff, an able
journal of the opposition, protests against
these illegal proceedings, denouncing them
as without a shadow of authority. The mi
nority ticket thus electioneered into place is
declared "not to be worth the paper it is
written on, and should be universally repu
diated." We commend the honest candor
of this Virginia Democrat, as an example
for the Democracy of our Somerset, or
Westmoreland, or Philadelphia districts.
Pittsburgh Gazette.
IIomkNkwspapehs. We have on more
than one occasion given our reasons why it
is not only the paramount duty of every
community to give a willing and substantial
support to its local newspapers, but also
why it is the best policy. The Xew York
Tribune gives the following sensible and
comprehensive views on this subject :
Nothing is more common than to hear
people talk of what thty pay newspapers
for advertising, tic, us so much given in
charity. Newspapers by enhancing the
value 01 property in tneir neignnornoou, ana
giving the localities in which they are pub
lished a reputation abroad benefit all such,
particularly if they arc merchants or real
estate owners, thrice the amount yearly of
the meagresum they pay for their support.
Besides every public spirited citizen has a
laudable pride in having a paper of which
he is not ashamed, even though he should
pick it up in New York or Washington.
A good looking, thriving sheet helps pro
perty, gives character to the locality, and
in many respects S a desirable public conven
ience. If from any cause the matter in the
local or editorial columnsshould not be up to
your standard, do not cast it aside and pro
nouce it good for nothing, until satisfied that
there has been no more labor bestowed upon
it than is paid for. If you want a good
readable sheet it must be supported and it
must not be supported in a spirit of charity
either, but because you feel a necesiity to
support it. The local press is the power
that moves the people.
It is announced that the great Papal
Council will proclaim the dogma of the in
fallibility of the head of their Church, on
the 29th of June. From the' same day,
will date a more general disbelief in its just
foundations, than ever yet led the world or
disturbed the Roman Church. In all the
nineteen centuries, there could be found no
bolder challenge to Christian enlightenment.
Congress is about to proclaim the neu
trality of the United States in the contest
between Spain and Cuba, A resolution,
instructing the-Executive to demand prompt
indemnity from the Spanish government
for outrages upon American citizens, will in
all probability be passed before the adjourn
ment of Congress.
The World, the Issachar of the Demo
critic party, accepts with commendable pa
tience the pre-Adamite platform of the
Ohio Democracy. It is rather unprofitable
food, but it is not the first bunch of thistles
which our contemporary has been forced to
Col. John W. Forney declines to have his
name used in connection with the candidacy
for the next Governorship of Pennsylvania.
He says that he has "not the slightest am
bition for any office whatsoever."
$14,301,902 47 are the figures which rep
resent the decrease of the public debt for
the month of May. The total decrease since
the advent of the present Administration
has been $103,069,630 16.
An exchange says: "Rev. Levi Little, of
Ridgway, Elk county, is a candidate for
Congress in opposition to Judge Scofield,
in the Nineteenth District. It will amount
to verylittle."
The Chicago Post says if O'Xeil had been
smart, he'd have been out of Burlington jail
before now, on a plea of temporary insanity.
A diversified agriculture results from a
diversified industry,
A Little of Everything-.
The if j to the devil's- kitchen whiskey.
The question ef "putrid milk" againsttMncin-nati-
The oldest lunatic on record Time out of
There is not a place of Protestant worship in
Millions of grasshoppers have began their rav
ages in some parts of Kansas.
A statue to Martin Luther is about to be put mp
In Eisleben, Saxony, hia native town.
The crops in Missouri are unusually good this
year, especially the rattlesnake erop.-
Delightful very the musio discoursed by the
"harmonican" serenaders, the other night.
The enemy most feared by the Red River ex
pedition is the black fly, which won't"' shoj.
England is getting excited over Dr. Living
stone again, and a party it going out to finil
The unfortunate Fenians who are tarving on
the border are getting plenty of advice but no
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has ap
proved a design for a new two cent stamp for hank
A complete statement of tbe late Fenian raid
gives eleven killed and seven wounded, three
The latest addition to the ehoo-fly collection
has appeared in San Francisco in the shape ef a
pony with two tails.
Two young women turned out with spades and
hoes and paid their road tax in the the town of
Beleit, the other day.
Oar devil declares that he is so fond of his girl
that he rubbed the akin from off his nose by kis
sing her shadow on the wall.
The BostonPo.it says: A Wisconsin gentleman
sat dvwn on a bee-hive the other day. He regrets
the thinness of his trousers.
A Missouri drover has hogs so fat that to find
out where their heads are it is necessary to beat
them and judgo by the squeal.
One of the "latest fashions" among the ladies
is, round hats, three stories high, with cupalo and
balcony, and a flag at half mast.
A Norwich, has batched a chicken with one
bead, two bodies and four legs. The head has
got all that it can do to pick up food sufficient for
two bodies.
"When he shot at me the third time," said
California teauiste r, "I began to think he meant
business, ao I up with my rifle and put a bullet
throngh his head.
A secret order, with ritual, signs and grips,
called the Earthquake, has originated in Tipton,
Ind. Its object and purpose are unknown Dem
ocratic, of course.
A little girl seven years old, was asked in one
of oar schools what she would be when she 'grew
up. "A wife," was tbe quick reply. No idea of
being an old maid.
Tbe reason the monument In Washington is not
finished is because they don't want it. The only
monument any one needs in the National Capital
is a monument of patience.
James Black, of Washington, Arkansas, now an
old man and hopelessly blind, made the original
knife, according to a plan furnished him by the
celebrated Colonel Bowie.
The coal fields of Illinois are estimated to con
tain 1,277,500,600 tons of coal, (six times as much
as Great Brituin) and one third of ail the coal
measures ef North America.
Beth Boyden, a famous scrawberry raiser, said
if bo could live twenty years be would produce a
strawberry as large as a pineapple, and as deli
cious as the best field strawberry.
A Massachusetts man, who had never before
seen the elephant, insisted, when a circus proces
sion passed through his town last week, that the
elephant was walking backward.
Two more Fenian officers, Fitzpatrick and Mo-
Neil, were arrested by the U. S. Marshal, at Ma
lone. Several New Yerk reporters have also been
arrested as Fenians and tent to prison.
Increasing tne business .at tbe railroad. If
correctly informed, on Thursday night last an
extra accommodation train, and a goodly num
ber of passengers, arrived.at the depot.
A man named Jones, in Troy, told bis wife to
pour a little Kerosene in tbe stove and the fire
would kindle quicker. Mr Jones broke up house
keeping that morning before breakfast.
No stateary that the rich man ever placed in
his window is to be compared with the little ex
pectant face pressed against the windew pane,
watching for "papa," when his day's labor is
Dakotah clamors for flhool-m'a3, but young-
ladies averse to matrimony should notacsept tbe
situation. The average duration of single life
after their arrival in the Territory is only three
Victor Emannel is in a bad way. His physi
cians do not allow him to drink wine or eat meat.
Another apoplectic fit would, it is feared, put an
end to his eventful life, and place upon the throne
tbe unpopular Prince Humbert.
Ecuador journals defend LopeZj and say that
"the death of the heroio President of Paraguay
has the appearance of an assassination, which if
unexplained satisfactorily, will even cover the
victory of Aguidaban with the blackest stain of
inhumanity to the conquered."
The Nevada City Gazette of May 21st says:
Mr. Aahburne, of Scotch Flat, informs ns tbat
tbe immense slide on their claim is still moving
forward as regularly as a glacier. The mass
thus moving is about 2,040 feet long by 500 feet
wide ; depth unknown. The moving mass ocea
pies about 24 acres of surface. .
A National Bank at Erie is invited into our
Federal Court, to answer npon a quo warranto to
charges of illegal practices which if proved
should forfeit its charter. The case has been for
some time under discussion in banking circles,
and will now have the careful attention
which is to establish it or disprove it.
The Warren Mail says: A weman was put off
the cars here tbe other day because she had no
money. She begged enough to get drunk with,
became troublesome and was ohucked into jail by
constable Davis She plead insanity. Why net
treat an insane weman like insane McFarland,
and let her go? This is another outrage on "wo
men's rights."
Though the shipping bill lost the support of
the Protectionists at the close, its defeat was
clearly a triumph of tbe Republican free trade
interest, which fought the measure with the at
most obstinacy. The scene waa quite exciting all
through tbe debate, and there is great rejoicing
at tbe result among the British importing and
steamship agents, who are in Washington in
An enterprising American has startled all Italy
by a proposition to lease Mount Vesuvius. He
says he will make roads and lay out pleasure
grounds npon its rocky sides, build hotels and
set op soda fountains on its summit, and help vis
itors up and down by machinery. To pay him
for all this outlay, and amass a fortune besides,
he will charges small admission fee from all who
wish te step up and see the show.
. Writing of George Francis Train and his Feni
an bloviation, a correspondent of the New York
Star says: "The Herald says he .is worth five
million dollars and has given five dollars. I dont
believe either statement. He is just worth two
hundred dollars a night a a show, and be hoc
given fifty dqllars, beaide his oath. I kaow it's
so, for I've a picture of him in a long Irish over
coat, with tails four feet long and button as big
as a plate ".
gciv Mwrti$ciucnt$.
' Mm l
ttyl;trill te charged douUt usual rat.-.. No tut
GEORGE C' KIRK, Justioo of the Peace, Sur
veyor and Conveyancer, Lutheraburg. Pa.
All business entrusted to him will be promptly at
tended to. Persons wishing to employ Survey
or will do well to give him a call, as be flatters
himsell that he can render satisfaction. Deeds
of conveyance, articles of agreement, and all legal
papers promptly and neatly executed Je8'70-yp
ters of Administration on the estate of
Richard Asheraft. late of Burnside township,
deceased, having been granted to the undersign
ed, notice is hereby given that all parsons in
debted to said estate are required to make im
mediate payment.and those having claims against
tbe same will present them . properly authentica
ted for settlement to ALEX. McILWAlNK,
June 1, 1870-6t. Administrator.
Horace Waters,
4S1 Broadway, New York,
will dispose of ONE HUNDRED PIANOES. ME
LODEONS and ORGANS of six first class makera,
including Checkering A Sons, at cxtremilt low
from Si to $25 monthly until paid. 4-13-'70-ly.
in the United States is on Rinek's Sons' Factory,
Easton, Pa., one third of a mile long and is
covered with ,
CUBAP, DURABLE and easily applied. Send
for circular and samples to the manufacturers.
June 1-ap. 13, y. No. 64 Coortland St. N. Y.
J Jos. A. Caldwell, deceased. Whereas,
Letters Testamentary on the estate of Joseph A.
Caldwell, late of Pixe township, deceased,
have been gran tea to the undersigned. All per
sons indebted to the said estate are requested to
maice immediate payment, and those having
olaims against the same will present them, duly
authenticated, for settlement
Jun.l.lS7. Executors.
WOOL CARDING. The undersigned,
' proprietorof the Union Mills, in Union
township, Clearfield county, would inform the
public that he is prepared to card wool, on rea
sonable terms and in a workmanlike manner
Persons having wool to card should attend to it
immcdiatly, as the factory will be closed after
September 1st. Wool intended for carding can
be left al R. Mossop s er C. Kratzar's, in Clear
field, and I will take it away and return it when
Jcnol,lS79. J R. ARNOLD.
FIFTY THOUSAND pounds of WOOL wanted
atThompsen A Co's., where you can get the best
price for all produce, and GOODS as CHEAP as
the CHEAPEST bouse in this county.
"Thev don t defy competition, but are prepar
ed to meet it. They are eonttantly receiving
roods from New lork, Philadelphia and Pitts
burg Call and see their geoda an I prices.
6-1 -tt Curwensville, June I. lhiu.
tfAUTION. "-All persons are hereby cau
Aioned not to purchase a certain nromis-
anrv note, triren bv D. . A J. H. BruRiker to
Mrs. Susannah Thompson, ot Union township, for
one hundred dollars, said note nas oeeu lost or
stolen, and having been paid, we will net pay it
again unless compelled to do so by law.
0-l-3t.-p. D. E J. H. BRCBAKER.
J. E. Wrigley & Bro..
Having purchased the shop and fixtures ef W. R
McPhersou, would inform the citizens ot Clear
field and vicinity that they are at all times pre
pared to furnish
Veal, Mutton, etc.,
at tbe lowest cash rates to customers.
A liberal share of public patronage is respect
fully solicited
Cash paid for Cattle, Slieep and Hogs
Clearfield, Pa., June 1. 1S70.
SO A A A a year and expenses to agents to sell
,UUU the celebrated WILSON SEWING
MACUiNES. Tbe best machine in the world
Stitch alike on both sides. One Machine without
money. For further particulars, address 2i N. 9th
St , rnil a, t". (Jiarcn au. u-.sm.
431 Broadway, New York, will dispose of
Une Hundred 1'ianos, Alelodeons ana urgans, oi
vix first cla.s makers, at extremely low prices for
cash during this month.or will take from S3 to $25
monthly until paid. New 7 Octavo Pianos for S275
and upwards. ew Organs for S4j and upwards
lorcasn. Ap I6, i0-iy
At the New Tobacco and Cigar Store of
x. m. no OVER,
Two doors east of the Postoffice. Clearfield, Pa.
Cenatantly on band a fine asaertment of Navy,
Congress Cavendish, Cable, Sponrell,
Michigan and Century Fine-cut
Chewing Tebacco, te.
Also, a large and well selected stock of Imported
' and Domestio Cigars, Smoking Tobaccos,
Meerschaum and Briar Pipe,
Pipe fixtures, Tobacco
Boxes, Cigar Holders, and everything gener "
foand in a well regulated Cigar
and Tobacco Store.
f""Remembcr the place: Two door east of
tbe Postoffice, Clearfield, Pa. May 25, '70.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtueol sundry
writs of Venditioni Exponas issued out
of the Court of Common Plea of Clearfield coun
ty, and to me directed, there will be exposed to
public sale, at the Court House, in tbe borongh of
Clearfield, on MONDAY, the 13th DAY OF JUNE
1970, at 2 o'clock P. M the following described
property to wit :
A certain tract of land situate in Guelich twp.,
Clearfield eeunty, Pa., beginning at a post on the
line of the Sarah McMurtrie survey, thence north
61 deg. east lfi perche to a post, thence south
29 deg. east 160 perches to stones, thence along
line of Thorn Merrgatral sonth 61 deg West 26
perches to a post on tbe plank road, thence along
tbe plank road north 20 deg. west 4 perches,
north 70 deg. west 4 perches, north 86 deg. west
14 perches, north 69 deg. west 26 perches, north
62 dog. west 20 perches, north 72 deg. west 91
perches to a pot,thence nerth 29 deg- west 5S
perches to white pine stump, thence north 61 deg
east 160 perches to post, thence north 29 deg.
west 114 perches to place of beginning, contain
ing 311 acres, more or less, b.'ing same land con
veyed to Allemen, Byers k Lovell, bv J. Fry and
wife and rceorded in Deed Book "B. U.page 474
Ao , at Clearfield, Pa. Seized, taken in execu
tion, and to be seld as the property of Morris
Also A certain traotof land situate in Brady
twp., Clearfield county. Pa., beginning at a white
oak corner thence lit perches to a post oorner of
land sold to Robert Patton. thence north 132 per
ches to a post, thence east 53 perches to a poat,
tbenoe south 21 perches to a post, thence east 11
perches to a pest, thence south 112 perches to
place of beginning, being th same land convey
ed from J. C. Fuller and wife to W. C. Suffth and
G. W. Canfield by deed recorded in Clearfield,
Pa., in Deed Book "B. B." page 247 Ac, Seised,
taken in exeeotion, and to be sold a tbe prop
erty of Smith, Curry A Co.
Also By virtue f a writ of Levari fa
cta the following Real Estate, to wit: -
All that certain h( use situated in Utahville,
Beccaria Township, Clearfield county, Pa., and
bound by lot of , the bona being
twenty-four feet in length and sixteen feet in
depth together with ground enoojh for the ordw .
nary use of house. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be told aa th property of J. H. Hyssong.
May, 55, 70. ' fcberiff
by mail on receipt of price. Mascbt A Wbitosj.
iew ion. i fp.i.-iu.
Til Hl'IlllirkS Nulla ;ia Gils. Paint. Cal.
eine Plaster. Lead, Varnishes. Locks. Hinges, Ae,
at rcuuvea prices, irppoaite in jaii.
GROCERIES. Old Goverement Java and
choice Rio Coffees. Young Hyson Imperial Black
and Japan leas, Sugar, Syrup, Rice, lavenuisn,
Navr. Spunr.tll, and Cue Tobaccos, and Snuff, at
reduced prices. Opposite the jail.
r i ci nnail fine fur anlp Kpvpnl nAV eatrrmv
of the best md most substantial make, which will
be sold low for cash, bhop on 3d street, near
Market. Clearfield, Pa.
May 25, lS70-3t. tiS. V. U.MUn.
CAUTION. All persons are hereby cau
tioned not to harbor or trust my wife.
Lydia A, Kanonff, on my account, as I will pay no
dsats of her contracting she having leu my bed
and board without just cause or provocation
lsojgs ip. mz'-Jtp. wua nn-mtrr-
For Sale or Rent.
A two storv Store House, with laree one story
ware room in rear 23 by 20 feet of srround
situate on Second street, Clearfield. This prop
erty is in good repair, and well situated for a bu
siness stana. r or runner particulars inquire ui
May 3t, '70-tf. u. ii. KliLiau.
CAUTION. All persons are hereby cau
t?Ana,l tfriinwt ntirrliAincr nr in inr vpftv
meddling with the following property now in
nn..n.a!iTi nf AnHraw Unit (if ! r ,f mnn lavn.
ship, to wit : One brindle cow, one cooking steve.
tnree beds ana Cleaning, as me same Deiong 10
me, and are subject to my order.
May 2,lS70-3tp.
Milliner and Dressmaker.
MRS. JONES, desires to inform th public that
she has opened a Millinerv and Dress-making es
tablishment, on Market St., Clearfield, Pa , near
the residence of Mrs. C D. Watson. A share of
publio patreaage ia solicited. One icoed Dress
maker wanted. May, 13, St.
are constantly replenishing their atock ef Druga,
Medicines. Ae. School books and Stationery,
insluding tbe Osgood and National scries
f readers. Also Tobacco and Ci
gars, of tbe best quality, and at
the lowest prices. Call and see.
Clearfield. Nov 10, 1S69
Opposite the Jail,
Monuments, Grecian Tombs. French Couchea,
Mantles, Table Tops. Washing Ranges, Garden
Statuary, Terra Cotta Ware, of every description,
Head and Foot Stenes, of New and beautiful de
signs, all of which we offer at city prices, or 25
percent ies inan any otner esiaousnment in mis
county. Having a large experience in the busi
ness, we guarantee satisfaction in all eases. Or
ders thankfully received and promptly filled in
tho best workmanlike manner.
May 11, 1S70 -tf. Jauis Watsom, Agant.
Co-Partnership in Store.
C. A. Rorobaugh having associated with him
in the Mercantile business, in Lewiaville, Clear
field county, Mr. C. R, McCrackcn, solicits a con
tinuance ef the patronage so generously extended
Having just returned irom the eastern cities
their stoen cmbiaces a large and varied assort
ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queens
ware, and in fact nearly everything usu
ally kept in a country store, which they will sell
at prices to suit the times.
Country produce taken ia exchange for goods
May 18, '70. tf. C R. McCRACKEN
REG ISTEK'S NOTICE. Notice is here
by given that the following account
have been examined and passed by me. and remain
filed of record in this office for the inspection ef
hirs legatees creditors and all other in anyway,
interested and will be presented to the next Or
phans' Court of Cearfield county, to be held at
the Court Uoue, in the Borough of Clearfied
commencing on the 3d Monday of June, 1S70 :
Partial account of Samuel lleearty. Executor
of Samuel Uegarty, sr., late of Woodward tewu-
nip, dee d.
Final account of Henry and Jacob Mefarwine.
Executor of Conrad Mchrwine, lata -of Brady
Township, dee d
Final aecout of Free erick Arnold, Administra
torof Peter Arnold, late of Brady township, deo'd.
May 11. 187. Rcgiaier
In accordance with an act ef the General A
sembly of thia Commonwealth, approved the 22d
day of March, A. D. lb"0, -'relating to the collec
tion of taxes in tbe county of Clearfield," Notice
is therefore hereby given to the tax-payers re
siding in tbe districts below named. that the coun
ty Treasurer. in accordance with tbe 2d section ef
said act, will attend at tbe place of holding the
Borongh and Township elections, on' tbe follow
ing numed days for tbe purpose of receiving the
county, bounty, State taxes and militia fiaes, as
sessed for 1H70 :
For Bradford, on Saturday. June 11th.
For Woodward, on Tuesday, June 21st.
For Guelich, on Wednesday. June 2 2d.
For beccaria, on ri hursflay, June id.
For Jordan, on Friday, June 24th.
For Knox, on Saturday. June 2dth.
For liell, on Tuesday. June 2.Stb.
For Hurnsiclc. on Wednesday, June !9th.
For New Washington, on Thursday, June (30th.
For Chest, on Friday, July 1st.
For Ferguson, en Saturday, July 2d.
' Citixena of Penn and Ferguson who find it more
convenient to meet the Treasurer at Lumber City
than at their election houses can avail themselves
of thatprivilcge. Parties can alra pay their taxes
at the Treasurer' oflje at any time from this fer.
Upon all taxes paid on th day designated
there will be a reduction of Eiv per Cent. The
balance of tn districts will be announoed in da
April 13. Trcaserer.
In tbe Court of Common Plea of Clearfield
First National Bank Clearfield, ) No , March T
vs. S J 869. Domestio
Giobgi W. Shimmel. ) Attachment.
There will be exposed to publio sale, at the
Court House, in Clearfield Borough, n MONDAT
th I3th DAY OF JUNE, A. D. Is't, by virtue of
the authority in them vested a Trustees of the
estate of George W. Sbimroel.
All the right, title and interest of George W.
Shimmel, jr., in that certain traot of land former
ly known a the PeterGearhart farm, upon which
said George W. ?hinimel now lives, situate in
Beggs township, Clearfield county. Pa., described
as follows: Beginning at a whit oak oorner en
tho fonth west corner of the survey, thence cart
by Walbro Frazer and James Crawford survey
238 perches to chestnut; thence north by Charles
Crawford about lit perches, or so far till it
comes te the corner of George W. Shimmer pur.
chase ; thence west along his line about 110 per
ches; thence south about 10 perches till it striks
tbe line as surveyed off between isele and Warren
and Peter Gearhart a made by Moses Boggs ;
thence west along that line 12S perches to the o.d
line between the two survey; thence by Walbro
Frajer survey south 109 perches to the plaoe of
beginning, containing about lit acres more or
Said Shimmer interest in laid land ia such as
he has under a purchase by article of agreement
from J. B. M'Enally, dated May 12, lbSS. in
which among ether things there are reserved to
said M'Enally bia heirs and assigns out of the
same 10 acres at the eastern end of the tract te
include the saw mill and dam, and all the water
power of th stream Laurel run, and right tor is
the water in tbe same by a dam nr dam and to
use the sapic Said reservation alro includes all
tbe timber fit for sawing except a hundrod thou
sand feet, and all the stone coal and other valua
ble minerals or substances beneath th eurfaoe
with the right to enter and remove th cam.
Said described property will be sold subject to
forgoing reservation and tbe balance of purchase
money du from George W. Shimmel te J. B
M'Enally. J
Money to be paid at confirmation of sale.
May 25, 1379.-3$. Trustee.
The Raptshah'i Jurmr ; mmuw .
OMda, . $2,oo pe, .nm in aJvane. r, !I
paid at th, berinnin, f it, , ""l
barged, and $3,00 if not paid before ,h. cl'I'
AnTKBTiSEaxars will h. i ..
for three or less insertions-T.a
r CO"D .. For ever, addi,ioB j
insertion 50 ce.u .ir. be charged. A ded.JL.
riu oe made to yearly advertisers
No subscription taken for a shorter time th,.
ix months, and no paper will K. . .
tillall arrearages are paid,exc.pt at the optiJ?,
the publisher. - s , "
WE, the undersigned, Blacksmith, 0f the
th. fnB0Ugh of Afield, hereby ,d, f,t
tbe following' rates fnr work .! .V-'P
gard to securing pay for our labor; n ,
i"w" uunor as men ana mechanics to aUh.r.
to and enforce the same, irons and aft.r M.r 1,
All work done at shninr Knr v r , .
when the work is done, at th. fnll-;,. .... Ior
SETTING NEW Simp- .... .!'
RE-SETTING SHOE, '; ': '. ,."''
No "ed'ditto be given for a longer period th.
three months
A-...,, , t. , vm wcusvijie, i a.
Having leased for a term of vears tkm .i
well krown and popular Hotel (formerly kept bv
Mr. Mason, and lately by Mr. Fonts), and batinr
J. .... xig, u, uic preacnl
proprietor feels assured tbat he can render entire
satisfaction to guests sojourning with hia. A fioa
large stable and yard is attached. Tor the care and
protection of horses, carriages and w..
hare of patronage ia solicited
May 4,'70-ly A J. DKAUlKEK, Prop'r.
: : : Paraisroa.
Tt,i. t,riij w u. ..! 1 J j - .
mFicii anujHSl Optl-
ed to tbe publio is newly larnished.and providac
with al 1 the mnilitrn imnrnw mA,.B r f .
hotel. It is pleasantly located, in the busiaass
part of tbe town, and near to the public build
ings. A share of patronage is respectfullv solia.
ited. Charge moderate. Th best of I. in,.
the bar. March 30Va-if
(Near the Railroad Depot),
Reed Street, Clearfield, P.
G. D. GOODFELLOW : : : : : PiioraiaTo.
A new first class Hotel in evcrv respect corn,
fortable rooms all th modern improvements
the best of Liquors promptattendance. and rea
sonable eharges. The patrenag of th poolit ia
respectfully solicited. jy-ZI-tf
aURVErOR. The undersigned offrTj
his services to the public, as a Surveyor.
He may be found at his residence in l.awienre
township, when not engaged ; or addrautd by
letter at Clearfield, Penn'a.
March 6th, ISC7.-tf. JtMES MITCHELL.
Phyfician and Surgeon.
Having located at Osceola. Pa , offers his prfa
sional services to the people of that place aud iur
rounding country. All calls promptly attanded
to. Office and residence on Curtin Street, former
ly occupied by Dr. Kline May 19. '69.
Negatives made in cloudy as well as in e'far
wea'ber. Constantly en band a good asuor'naal
of Frames. Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Vnws.
Frames, from anv atvle of mnul'lin; tiJi
Dee. 2.'6S-jy. 14-69-tf.
McGirk a perks.
8aceaaore to Foster. Perka. Wright A Ce.,
PeiLirsataa. Caavac Co.. Pa. a
Where all the business of a Eicxing Ben
will be tranaacted promptly and (pen the rat
favorable term. March 26 -tf.
j.d.h'ciri. wt rtr.is.
Clearfield. Pa
Real estate bought and auld, titlea exaaiicad,
taxes paid, conveyances prepared, and insuran
ces taxen.
Office in new building, nearly opposite Coerl
Ti I & tc-n
Uan i
has passed both I louses of Con
recent mil
passed roth I louses ot Conrrej: ana
signed by tbe President, giving soldiers whean
listed prior to 22d July. 1S61. served oncvaarar
more and were honorably discharged, a boauty
of S!00.
ryBonntien and Pension eelleeted by ace fer
thoseentitled to them.
WALTER BARRETT, A tt'y at Law.
Aug. 15th, 1866. Clearfield. P
Th undersigned begs leave to inform his aid
and new customers, and th public eeneraMy,
that he has fitted up a new GUN SHOP, on tbe
let on the corner of Fourth and Market streets.
Clearfield, Pa., where he kaepe constantly
band, and' makes to order, all kinds of (una.
Also, guns re bored and revercished. and retailed
neatly en short notice. Orders by mail will re
ceive prompt attcntien.
June 9, 1S69. JOHN MOORS
x The best Double Thread Machine now
in as will be sold lower tbaa any ether machine
finished in like manner, and doirg the saire
range of work. Maori inee can be seen at the store '
of Thompson A Co., Cnrwensville. er at th re't
danc of the undersigned
May 11, 18.-3m. Blooai a Bridge.
SHOES. Ladies' and Children' eoetom male,
Lasting Gaitare, Kid and Carpt Slippers, Moroc
co and Glove Kid Balmorals, Children's Culx tad
Shoea, very cheap
OnMsita the iail.
HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Tabs. Brooms. Churn.
Wash Rubbers. Butter Bowls. Ce Mills. B.i'h
Brick, Hall and Paper and Muslin Blinds, Clothes
Baakets, Tea T'ravs Opposite tbe jail.
WOOL Highest market prie wUI be gia
for wool, opposite the jail. C. KRATZER.
CANNED FRUIT. Canned Plums, Tesches
and canned cern, etc , for sale at tbe Prog
Store of A. I. SHA".
Maroh 10, 1S69.
WAIM'S PANACEA, Kennedy's Medical Pis
eoverT. Uembold'a Rurhu. Bake Cod Liver
Oil, Jayne'saod Avers Medicines. for saw by
"VTEW LAMPS.--PerklnsA House 'r Noo-Exp!J
L sive Lamp a new article jut received and
for sale by HARRT F. LIOLER CO
PRUNES a quantity on band and foraale
May 27. GRAHAM
"VTOTICK All person indebted to the eubrj
ber, arc requested to come and aettie"''"
out delay. . R. MOi-OP
CEENSWARE Tea tf.best stone ware."
. - naccnP'S.
pieces, at ou at J"---- -- -
- e.iiih rnrrinu F..r,- Coffee, ana V iae-
garot the best quality. for aale by '
. - . .irr.l' IRWIN.
Jan. io. iiari?h u r "
AILS A SPIKES thecbeapert intbn'J
mflB highest market prices rid for
J. by J. EHAW A SO
,KT GOODS th cheapest ia the '-T' '
I w.. ii -t r MOS80P S
ACON, Ham 8idi and thoulderj-r4
price; as '

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