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5 .;f;
BY S. J. K(AY.
VOL. 11 3.
tlfft poetry.
5he sits in a fashionable parlor,
An J rocks in her easy chair;
And jewels-are in her hair ;
She winks and giggles and simpers.
And simpers and giggles and winks,
Ami though she talks but little,
Tis a good deal more than she thinks.
lies ald in the morning
Till nearly the hour of noon,
Then comes down snapping and snarling,
Hrcause she was called so soon,
Her hair is still in papers,
ller cheeks still fresh with paint
llomains of her last night's blushes,
IJeforeihe intended to faint !
She doats upon men unshaven
And men with flowing hair;
She's eloquent over moustache ;
Tht-y give such a foreign air !
She talks of Italian music, "
And falls in love with the moon;
An l it' a mouse were to meet her,
She would sink away in a swoon.
Her feet are so very little,
Her hands are so very white,
Hv-r jewels so very heavy.
And her head so very lietit.
Her olor"ifi made of cosmetics
Thongh this the will never own.
Her body's made mostly of cotton,
Hor heart is made wholly of stone.
She falls in love with a fellow
Whofwells with a foreign air;
He marries her for her money,
She marries him for his hair!
"One of the very best matches"
IJoth are well mated in life ;
She s got a fool for a husband,
He's got a fool for a wife !
One evening, a number of us were seated
in the bar-room of the only hotel in the vil
lage of Frotown th civilian's portion of
Camp Floyd, in Utah, during the unpleas
antness between the government 'and the
Mormons, in 1S5S warming our shins be
f.rti the huge fire that blazed in the old
fashioned lire -place. The evening had wan
el, and was fat approaching the small
hours, when the footsteps of a horse ap-pre-aehinz
the house were heard. t
The niht was dreadfully cold and bleak ;
the wind was howling across the alkili plain,
driving the falling rain against the windows,
vau-:nc them to rattle as if some one was
throwing shot against the glass, and it was
so dark, why, "Egypt's dark sea" was not
a circumstance to it. I have no idea how
dark Egypt's dark sea was, but I have seen
the remark somewhere, and it sounds like a
food simile, therefore I use it particularly
a I have got stuck for a better.
Su l lenly the animal halted in front of the
li"Ue, and a cheery voice called out "Hal
loa." The landlord went to the door, and par
tially opening it, peered out into the dark
iie5. but not being able to discover any thing
sai 1 :
"Anybody there?"
"V-i, I am; but if you'll bustle about
rl.ht cheerily I wont stay hero very long."
' ti.) your way, if you want to. I am sure
I 'I n't dc-ire to interfere with you."
"I ain't going away, not it there's a roof
over ynur house. 1 come to stay, and I am
g-j'm-i to, or have a ught."
"I calculate, strang'.T, you can get c
ivnim idated with a lively shake up, if you
ire spilin' for a fisht."
" N-it edzactly spilin, but some body will
l.jV'i to superintend a funeral if I am kept
uj: here much longer."
"1'un't know about that ; but one thing
is ?:rtin, you can help yourself come in or
stay out, jess as you feel like. We ain't
reticular," and the landlord closed the door
and returned to his scat before the fire, and
r-il'i'i his l'owhatan pipe from his pocket,
roere lod to fill it with tobacco preparatory
to enjoying a smoke.
A minute had scarcely elapsed before the
I'.-ur opened, and a large powerful man eu
tereJ. His hair hung in wringlets down his
lack and clustered over his shoulders. His
faee was almost hidden behind a bushy black
l a.r of whiskers, and beneath a broad
briu'uied hat. lie approached the fire,
"uiie the rain dripped from his buckskiu
tarinouts, leaving a httle rivulet on the
Joying yourse'f here, ain't yon?" he
I as he looked around and took a mental
.areatory of those present.
"Trying to l.e comfortable." replied the
IviL.rd. "We always does."
"l'Tnel independent, too don't Leer
out ooinmoJating anybody either."
' N -'t pcrtvkler. Got the dead wood on
eT-.ryijody. There hain't no other house in
th i here tewn, and they all has to come to
"You is the landlord, I reckon. Can't
':v a fellow something to eat? I'm
' I'.un.-ry as a cayote."
"Co.,k s .'one out, and I do't think thar
: ar.ytk:i, ir, the kitchen, 'ceptiny some
-1 wiitles. You can go in there and see
you can find.
The Granger took a candle, lit it, and
K-eeJed to the kitchen, the way being
! 1 out by the landlord. After he had
"e out, the landlord roused an Indian
'" who was sleeping in one corner of the
r"o:ii, and sent him out to take care of the
'trm s.r s horse, which had been left stand
: i'i front of the door. Some fifteen niin
uie paed away, when the stranger return -y
' from the kitchen, followed by a large
''ack cat,
"Wh.seeat is that, and where did it
-'.! from ?" asked the landlord.
1 l.at ar animile b'longs to me, as was
Droult troru New Mexico. It is a' smart
c;- it is."
And the owuer a lucky fellow," broke iu
a taciturn old gambler, who had been smo
king his pipe all the evening, without ut
tetingaword. "You is right, old fellow J a black cat
always brings good luck, and that cat has
been my constant companion for three years.
He's better nor a dog, and just as much
company. Why he knows more nor a man.
Don't you Sam ?"
The cat jumped upon its master's shoul
der, and began to purr and arch its back, as
if greatly pleased at the praise bestowed
upon it by its owner.
"I say, landlord, have yot got any chick
ens? I'd like to have one for breakfast."
"So would I," replied the landlord, "but
t can't get it. There ain't any one in this
region as has got chickens, 'cepting the
Curnel of the cavalry, opposite, and he
keeps a guard standing over the stable in
which they roost."
The straDgcr again took 3 survey of the
party, and then said :
"You look like a good set of fellows.
Now I'll tell you what we'll do. If you are
agreed, we will have chicken for our break
fast, and the Curnel will suffer, What say
you all?"
'It would be a little too dangerous to at
tempt to nip them chickens," said the gam
bler, "although I must say I think a piece
of chicken would taste mighty nice."
" Whar did you say the chickens roosted?"
asked the stranger.
The landlord told him, and as he did so
the stranger stroked the back of his cat.snd
repeated the landlord's words. Having
concluded he said, "Now, Sam, you must
get us one of them chickens, and you have
got to be keerful, cr you will lose one of
your lives." He then opened the door, and
the cat walked out.
The stranger narrated several wonderful
feats that had been performed by his cat,
and thereby managed to while away some
fifteen or twenty minutes, when a scratching
at the door was heard, lie got up and
opened it, and in marched Sam, holding a
chicken by the neck.
Every one iu that room was dumbfound
ed, for they had no idea that the cat would
accomplish the Li.idinj; of his master.
, "Sam, one is not enough ', we must have
another. Be a good fellow and get it for us,"
said the stranger, as he again opened the
door for the cat te go out.
The company had not been done expres
sing their astonishment at the wonderful
knowledge of the feline, ere he returned
once more with a fine pullet.
"You are a noble fellow, and deserve
something, and blame if you shan't have
the heads of both them birds. In the mean
time, you had better lay down iu front of
the fire and dry yourself, or you will have a
bad cold iu the morning."
The cat walked to the hearth corner and
quietly coiled himself up, and was soon fast
asleep. The stealing of the Colonel's chick
ens evidently pleaded the landlord greatly,
for he immediately brought out his jug, and
brewed a large pitcher of punch and invited
us all to partake of it. We drank punch,
told stories, and sung songs for two or three
hours, and then weut to bed, and when we
separated the stranger took his cat with
him. The chickens were given to the cook,
who served them up the next morning for
breakfast, being careful to burn the feath
ers and such portions ascould not be cook
ed, to prevent detection, should a guard be
sent around for the purpose of hunting for
the thieves.
At the time I write of, the soldiers had
but recently been paid off, and every house
in the town was a gambling house and li
quor saloon, and the three-fourths of those
in and about the town were gamblers by
profession. Entering one of these saloons
the afternoon following the eve as above
narrated, I found the stranger seated be
hind a table, upon which was piled several
hundred dollars in gold and silver coin, a
number of packs of cards, and by them was
lying the cat. I invited the stranger to
take a drink, and he got up and accompa
nied me to the bar, and as he did so, he
said :
"Sam, keep a sharp look out, or some of
the cash will be nipped."
We stood at the bar some minutes, wait
ing oar turn to be served, when we were
suddenly startled by a yell of agony. Turn
ing around, we observed a soldier dancing
around the room with the cat el'nging to
his hand. The stranger leaped forward,
and catching the scUier by the throat, said:
"You have been trying to steal something
from my table."
"No I haven't," was the dogged reply.
"You can't deceive me.- What is that
you have iu your hand. A twenty dollar
piece, as sure as 1 live. Give it up," and
he took a double eagle from the soldier's
hand, and giving fiiru a kick, sent him
headlong into the street.
"It won't do to try to steal anything from
me while Sam is on guard. We do all the
stealing that isdone, don't we, Sam?" said
the stranger, as he turned to the bar to ob
tain the drink which had been compounded
for him, while the cat jumped on the table
and resumed his position as guard over his
master's treasure.
Having taken his drink, the stranger re
sumed bis seat be.. ind his table, and very
quickly began to deal monte to a crowd who
collected around him.
Several days passed away before I saw J
the stranger again, although I heard of him
and his cat a dozen times a day. In fact,
Sam and his tricks had become the topic
of conversation in mp7 He was as faith
ful as a dog, and followed his master where
ever he went. The dogs at first manifested
a disposition to pitch into him, but unlike
other cats, he would not run, and he had a
trick of leaping upon their backs, and seiz
ing hold of them with his teeth, and reach
ing for their eyes with his sharp daws.
He would whip the largest dog in the camp
in- less time thfcn it takes to say Jack Rob
inson, and after he had defeated several of
the largest and fiercest, he was let alone and
given a wide berth by the remainder of the
This cat was a strange fellow. lie would
pay no attention to any one but his master,
whom he would follow Kke a spaniel. He
would suffer any body to stroke his back,
but it was utterly impossible to get him to
recognke any act whatever. He was al
ways at the gambling table, apparently act
ing as a "lookout," for if any one attempt
ed to pick up what is known among gam
blers as a "sleeper," he would pounce upon
and give them a taste of the qualify of his
teeth, but if they attended to their own
money, Sam was perfectly quiet.
Some three-lbonths after the first appear
ance of the gambler at the camp, with his
cat, an awful tragedy took place. Thegain-
bler had been having a remarkable run of
good luck, and had won somewhere between
twenty-five aud thirty thousand ' dollars.
This he had changed from coin into de
mands on the United States Treasury, for
convenience, and declared that he was going
to leave the country. Times were getting
dull. The soldiers had spent all the money
they had, and it had gradually found its
way into the hands of a few persons, and
they were not coin to ran the risk of losing
it at the gambling table ; therefore, the
gamblers were having rough times, and one
by one, they were leaving and seeking other
regions. The owner of the cat announced
his intention of going to Pike's Peak, where
there was a prospect of lively times, as the
immigrants to the mines were beginning to
He had kept perfectly sober during his
stay at the camp, but now that he was ready
to take his departure, he got to drinking,
and kept on a spree for aejeral days. Du
ring this time he became excessively quar
relsome, and on several occasions had drawn
his pistol and fired at persons, but had not
bit any one. Quite a feeling of indignation
against him had been aroused, and dark
threats of lynching were heasd from various
There lived at the camp a wajon master
named Harry Price, who was a quiet, peacea
ble man, beloved by all, who was never
known to engage in a quarrel." He went to
the stranger, told him of the feeling that
had been aroused, and advised him to be
more circumspect in his conduct. Instead
of taking the advise in the spirit it was
given, the gambler, without a word, drew
his pistol and khot Price through the heart,
causing instant heath.
And now Comes the strancest part of this
strange story. The moment he fired his
pistol and poor Price fell, the cat jumped
upon its master's shoulders and seized him
by the throat with its teeth. In vain he
struggled to throw it off ; it clung to him
with the tenacity of a bull dog, "an J did not
release its hold until its muster had raised
his pistol and blown its head to pieces.
The greatest excitiment followed the
murder. The murderer tried to escape, but
the crowd, summoned by the report of the
pistol, collected too quickly, and he was
captured. In less time than it takes to nar
rate it, the excited crowd had procured a
rope, placed it around the neck of the
miserable man, and swung him to the end
of a wogon tongue which wa3 elevated for
the purpose.
It is sail that there is a sea beach at Man
chester, near Cape Ann, which is remarka
ble for its"musical tone." Asyou step brukly
over it a distinct and somewhat clear, shrill
note is heard, which seems to be upon the
key of C of the treble scale. By scraping
or shuffling the foot over the sand, the tone
may be prolonged, and it is loudest where
the sand is the dryest. Hugh Miller men
tions a similar phenomenon on a beach upon
the coast of Scotland.
An Iowa boy of fifty-five has had his pros
pects ruined by beinp seduced into matri
mony by a gushing widow of 146. The par
ents of both parties are mad as blazes about
it, because they didn't wait until they knew
more about the natural consequence of matri-
The Indians in the West are trying to
prepare the settlers to endure the warm
weather during the summer, by "removing
what s '.rplns hair they may be encumbered
with. The settlers are asking for more
troops, to help them retain their auburn
A dilapidated old darkey, in Montgomery,
dAla., while watching the monkeys in a men
agerie in that c'ty, soliloquized thus : "Detn
children got too much sense to come out dat
cage; white folks cut dar tail off and set dem
to votin' and makin' new constitutions."
A New England old maid, who recently
went to Nevada, writes home that she al
ready has "a husband and a pair of twins,
and hasen't really got aquainted there yet."
Disease and pills, when they enter a man's
body, are like two lawyers when they under
take to settle his affairsj; they compromise
the matter by laying out the patient.
It is an excellent thing when men's relig
ion makes them generous, free-hearted, and
open handed, scorning to do a thing that is
paltry and sneaking. Ilftiry.
Why is a thunder storm like an onion ?
Because it is peal on peaL,
Proclamation of Governor Geary Begistry
of Colored Voters.
Executive Chamber,
nAttRisiiURU, Pa., Aug. 27, 1S70. j
To (Ike County Commission' n and Sheriff
of (he County of
Whekeas, The Fifteenth Amendment of
the Constitution of the United States is as
follows :
Section 1. The right of citizens of the U
nited States to vote shall not be denied or
abridged by the United States, or by any
State, on account of race, color, or previous
condition ot servitude.
Skc. 2. That Congress shall have power
to enfoice this article by appropriate legis- j
And whereas. The Congress of the Uni
ted States on the 31st day of March, 1870,
possed an act entitled, "J. wt to enforce
tw. right of citizens of tlie Unitel States of
this Uriinn, anJ for other ptirpiu-es," the
first and second sections ot which are as lol
lows: Section 1. Be. it emictexl Ly the Senate
and House of Itepwntatirts of the Uniteil
States of America, iu Coagrexs asseintial.
That all citizesof the United States who are
or shall be otherwise qualified to vote at any
election by the people in any State, territory,
district, county, city,parisb, township, school
district, municipality. or other territorial sub
division, shall be entitled aud allowed to vote
at all such elections, without distinction of
color, race, or previous condition of servi
tude ; any constitution, law, custom, usage,
or regulation of any State or Territory, or
by or under its authority, to the contrary
not with tandins-
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That
if by or under the authority of the constitu
tion or laws of any State, or the laws of any
territory, any act is or shall be required to lie
done as a pre requisite or qualification foir
voting, and by such Constitution or laws
persons or officers are or shall be charged
with the pe;-foruiance of duties in furnishing
to cities an opportunity to perform such
pre-requisites, or to become quilified to vote
it shall be the duty of every such person and
officer to give all citizens of the United
States the same and equal opportunity to
perform such pre-requisite. and to become
qualified to vote without distinction of race,
col r, or previous condition ot servitude ;
and if any such person or officer shall refuse
or knowingly omit to give full effect to this
section, he shall for every Mich oif.uice, for
feit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars
to the person aggrieved thereby, to bt re
covered by an action on the case, with full
costs and such allowance lor counsel fees as
the court shall deem jn-t, and shall also, for
every such offence, be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, aud shall, on conviction
thereof, be fined not loss than five hundred
dollars, or be imprisoned not less than one
month and not more than one year, or both,
at the discretion of the court.
And Whekkas, It is - declared by the
second section of VI. article of the Consti
tution of the United States, that "This Con
stitution, and the laws of the United States,
which shall be made in pursuance thereof,
shall be the supreme law of the laud, . .
anything in the Constitution or Luc
of any State to the contrary noticitlmtand
iuij." And Whereas, The Legislature of this
Commonwealth on the Cth day of April,
1J70, passed an act entitled "A further sup
plement to the act relating to elections in
this Commonwealth," the tenth section of
which provides as follows.
Sec. 10. That so muck of every act of
Assembly as provides that only white tree
men shall be entitled to vote or be registered
as voters, or as claiming to vote at any gene
ral or special election of this commonwealth,
bo and the same is hereby repealed ; and
that hereafter all freemen, v ithout distinc
tion of color, shall be cure lied and registered
accordina to the provisions of the first sec
tion of the art approved the 17th day of
April, ISC'J, entitled "An act further sup
plemental to the act relative to the clectious
ol this Commonwealth," and shall, when
otherwise qualified under existing laws, lie
entitled to vote at all general and special
elections in this Commonwealth."
And Whercas. It is my constitutional
and official duty "to take care that laws be
faithfully executed ;" and it has come to my
knowledge that sundry assessors and regis
ters of voters have refused and are refusing
to assess and register divers colored male
citizens of lawful age, and otherwise quali
fied as electors : .
Noto therefore, in considerations of the
premises, the County Commissioners of said
county are hereby notified and directed to
instruct the several Assessors and Registers
of voters thereof to obey and conform to the
requirements of said constitutional amend
ments and laws ; and the Sheriff of said
county is hereby authorized and required to
publish in his Election Proclamation for the
ensuing elections the Herein recited consti
tutional amendment, ast of Congress, and
act of Legislature, to the end that the same
may be known, executed and obeyed by all
assessors, registers of voters, election offi
cers, and others; and that the rights and
privileges guaranteed therein moy be secur
ed to all citizens ot tlie comraonweaitQ en
titled to the same.
G iven under my hand and the great
l. s. seal of the State, at Harrisburg, the
day and year nrst aoove written.
Temperance. Within the last five years
and a half, the Massachusetts Alliance seems
to have accomplished a good work among
the churches and congregations of that Com
monwealth. In that time, Rev. Mr. Combs,
who ha3 acted as agent, his addressed not
less than 627 public schools, 83 of them
twice. The pledge has been signed by 17,-
133 pupils. -The Secretary of the Alliance
has addressed 300 Sabbath schools. The
"S. S. Temperance Book," prepared by
the Alliance, containing 200 pages, with
blanks for records and signitures, has been
adopted in 200 schools. The total number
of signatures to the pledge, obtaiued by this
means in the entire period, is estimated at
from 75,000 to 100,000.-
The orgin of all mankind was the same ;
it is only a clear and a good conscience that
makes a man noble ; for that is derived from
heaven itself. It was the saying of a great
man that if we could trace our descent, we
should find all slaves to come from princes,
and all princes from slaves ; and fortune has
turned all things topsy-turvy in a long series
of revolutions ; besides, for a man to spend
his life in pursuit of a title, that serves only
when he dies to furnish out an epitaph", is be
low a man's business. Seneca.
W. WALTERS, Attorsbt at Law,
J. ClearSeld, Pa. Offie in the Cuurt 11 gum.
T ALTER BARRETT, Attorney atLaw. Clear
Deia, rt. Ala J 13. ls&.i.
JB. GRAHAM A SONS, Dealers in Dry-Goods
.Groceries, Hardware. Queeneware, Wooden
ware, froviaiom, etc., Al arret St. Clearfield, Pa.
H. F. BIG LEU CO., Dealer in Hardware
. and manufacturer of Tin and Sheet-iron
rare. Second Street, Clearfield, Pa. Mar '70.
HF. SAUQLE. Waten and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Koom in
Graham'arow, Marketatreet. Nov. 1ft.
HBUC1IER SWOOPE, Attorney at Law.Clear
. field. Pa. OfEct inGraham'g Row, fonrdoo I
west of Graham A Boy nton s store. Nov. 10.
rpHO S J. McCULLOCGU. Attorxevs-at-Law,
I Clearfield, Pa. All leeal business prompt
ly attended to. Oct. 27. ISO!)..
"I TM. . HEED. Market Ftreet, Clearfield, Pa.,
W. Fancy Dry Goods, White Goods. Notions.
Einbrvfderiee, Ladies' and Genu' Furnifhinj
Good. 'ate. Jane 15, '7d.
A I. PUAW.Delerin Drugs. PatentMedicines.
Fancy Artictof. etc.. and Proprietor of Ir.
Buyer's West Branch Bitters, Market Street,
Clearfield, Pa. June 15,'70.
1 B. READ, M D., Phtmtian and Suhgkov
Kylertown. Pa., respectfully offers his ptn
fessional services to the citizens of that plnce and
nrrounding country. Apr. 2l)-6m.
Vrrin T. Kobi.b. Attorney at Law, Lock 11a
J ven. fa. Will practioe in the several coarts
or Clearfield county. Easiness entrusted to nim
will receive prompt attention. Je. 29, '7C-y.
Ci KRATZER, DeaJer in Dry-Goods. Clothing,
jm Harifware, Cfaeenaware, Groceries, Provi
sions, etc., Market .Slreet, nearly opposite the
Court Uouse, Clearfield, Pa. June. ISf.i.
J B M'EX ALT, T, Attorney at Law. Clearfield
a Pa. . Practices in Clearfield and adjoin'ng
Comities. (JEce ia new brick barMing of J.Uoyn
t n, 2d street, one door south of Lunich i Hotel.
T TEST, Attorney at Law, Clearfield, Pa., will
I . attend promptly to all Legal business entrust
ed to his care in Clearfield and adjoining couv
ties. Office on Market street. July 17, 167.
rpHOMAS H. FORCEY. Dealer In Square and
J Sawed Lumber, lry-ods.Queensware, Gro
ceries. Flour. Grain, Feed, Bacon, Ac , Ac, (ira-
b am ton. Llear&eld cotinty , Pa. Oct 10.
H ARTSWICK 4 IRWIN. Dcatefs in Drugs,
Medicines. Paints. Oils. Stationary. Perfume
ry. Fancy Goods, Notions, etc, etc.. Market street,
Clearfield, Pa Dec. 4, 1865.
KRATZER A SOM, d. piers in Dry Goods,
I. Clothing. Hardware. QueenFware. Groce
ries, Provisions, Ac, Second Street Cleai field.
Pa. JOee. 27. ISna.
JOHN Gl'ELICII. Manufacturer of all kinds o
Cabinet-ware. Market street. Clearfield, Pa
He x I so makes toorderCoffins.onshort notice and
attends funerals with a hearse. AprlO.'eS.
RICII ARD MOSSOP, Dealer in Foreign and De
mestie Dry Goods, Groceries, Flour. Bacon,
Liquors. Ao. Room, on Market street, a few doors
west ot Journal Ofim, Clearfield. Pa. . Apr37. -
"VTT'ALLACE 4 FIELDING. Attorneys at Law
Clearfield. Pa. O&ee in res.dence of W. A.
Wallace Legal business of all Kinds attended to
with promptness and fidelity. .!n.5.'70-yp
I T W. S.viITn. ATTousrr at Law. Clearfield
IL. Pa., will attend promptly to business en
trusted to his enre. Office on second floor of new
building adjoining County Satioual Banc, and
nearly opposite the Court House. (June 30. '6tf
i all kinds of Stone-ware. Clearfield. Pa. Or
ders solicited wholesale or retail He also keeps
on hand and for sale an assortment of earthen
ware, of his own manufacture. Jan. 1 . lflfifl
MANSION HOUSE, Clearfield. P'a This
well known hotel, near the I ourt House, is
worthy the patronage of the public. The table
will be supplied with the be in the market. The
best bf liquors kept JOHN DOI'GIIEKTY.
TOIIX II. FULFOKD, Attorney at Law. Clear
field, Pa. OrEce on Market Street, over
Hart -Trick A Irwin's Drug Store. Prompt attention
given to the securingorUounty claims, Ac. and te
ail legal business. March 27, 1807.
I THORN, M. D., Physician and
SmoEON, having located at Kylertown.
Pa., offers his professional services to the citi
zens ot that place and vicinity. (Sep.29-ly
WI. CCRLEY. Dealer in Dry Goods,
, Groceries, Hard ware. Queensware. Flour Ba
con, etc.. Woodland, Clearfield county. Pa. Also
extensive dealers in all kinds of sawed lumber
shingles, and square timber. Orders solicited.
Woodland. Pa., Aug. l'JIh. 1813
DR J. P. BUKCHFI ELD Late Surgeon of the
83d Reg't Penn'a Vols., having returned
from the army, offers bis professional services te
the citisens of Clearfield and vicinity. Profes
sional calls promptly attended to. Office on
Sooth-East corner of 3d and Market Streets.
Oct. 4. 1865 6mp.
SURVEYOR. The undersigned offers
K- his services to the nubhc, as a Surveyor.
He may be found at his residence in Lawience
township, when not engaged; or addressed by
ierer at uiearneiu, 1'enn a.
March 6th. 1807.-tf. JAMES MITCHELL.
" Physician and Surrrenn.
Having located at Osceola. Pa., offers his profes
sional services to tne people or that place and sur
rounding country. All calls promptly attended
to. Office and residence on Curtin Street, former
ly occupied by Dr. Kline. May 19. '69.
GEORGE C. KIRK, Justice of the Peace. Sur
veyor and Conveyancer, Luthersburg, Pa.
All business entrusted to him will be promptly at
tended to. Persons wishinz to emDlov a Sarvev-
er will do well to give him a call, as he flatters
bimselt that he can render satisfaction. Deeds
of conveyance, articles of agreement, and all legal
papers promptly and neatly executed jes -yp
Real Estate Agists asd Cohtitarcirs,
Clearfield, Pa
Real estate bought and sold, titles examined
taxes paid, conveyances prepared, and insuraa
ces taaan.
Office in new building, nearly opposite Court
House.. Jan a ISiO.
Negatives made in cloudy as well as in clear
weather. Constantly en hand a good assortment
of Frames. Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views.
Frames, from any style of roouldinr. made te
Deo. 2,'os-jy. 14-69-tf.
icra At
All the above brands warranted par and to
excel anything in this market for medicinal pur
March. 3Q.'70-tf. Prop'r of Shaw House.
SHOES, Ladies and Children's custom made,
Lasting Gaiters, Kid and Carpet Slippers, Moroc
co and Glove Kid Balmorals, Children's Colored
Shoes, very hap Opposite the jail.
Having just fitted up a new and elegant Furni
ture Room, on Market street. Fast of the "Alle
gheny Honse," Clearfield. Pa . notifies the pnblie
that he keeps on band all kinds ol Chamber suits,
(walnut and common). Cane seat and Windsor
chairs, etc , which will be sold cheap for eaeh. A
share of patronage is respectfully wlicited.
April 13 1870.
This Liniment having been nsrd, for
some years past. as a fami'y medicine by the pro
prietor, and its good effects ffoming to the nottcw
of his neighbors, has. at their suggestion, con
sented to manufacture it for the benefit of the af
flicted every where. . It is the best remedy far
Catarrh and Billious Cbolie. ever offered to the
public; and will cure many other diseases in the
human body. It is also a sure cure for Pole evil
and Wind-galls in horses Directions for its nee
accompany each bottle. Price.il per bottle, er
six bottles for $5. r-ent to any address by enclos
ing the price to WM. 11 WAUOXF.K.
llnrd Postnflice,
Oct. , IS9. Clearfield coui ty. Pa.
M I L L WR 1 0 II T I (I.
II. T. Farxsworth,
.i Would inform Mill owners, and those desirous
of bavingMillsbuilt, that he is prepared to build
and epair either Cireuiar er MuUy Saw Mills,
and Grist Mills after the latest improved patterns.
He has alse for sale an improved Water Wheel,
which he guarantees to give satisfaction in regarl
to pewer and speed His motto is, to do work so
a to give perfectsalisfaction. .Those wibng fur
ther information will be promptly answered by
addressing him at Clearfield. Clearfield county.
Pa. Write your name and address plain.
April 20. 187r-)y.
' Stone and Earthenware, of every description.
Fishers' Patent Airtight Self-sealing Fruit Cans.
a good many other things too numer
ous to mention, at the
Corner of Cherry and Third Streets,
Aug. 3, '79-tf.
The extraordinary success of theirnew and im
proved manufacturing Machines for lightor heavy
work, has induced the
to manufacture a new Family Machine ot the same
siyle and construction, with additional ornamen
tation, makiug it equal in beauty and finush with
other family machines whereat in usofulnes il far
The price of this now acknowledged necessary
article conies within reach of every cla and
the Company is prepared le offer the most liberal
inducements to buyers, dealers and agents. Every
Mncbine- warranted, Apply for circulars and
samples to
Ap 13 :Sm A'o. 2'J-t Botrrrq. Nrte Ymrt.
R E M 0 V A L .
Market St., Clearfield, Pa.
We beg leave to inform enr old and new custo
mers, that we have removed our establihment te
the new building juc-t erected en Market street,
nearly adjoining the Mansion Hoase eu the west,
and opposite Graham A Sons' store, where we re
spectfully invite the public to come and buy their
Ourstock of Drugs and Medicines consist of every
thing used, selected with the greatest care, and
We also keep a lull stock ef Dyes. Perfumeries
Toilet articles. Soaps. Tooth Drusbes. Hair brush
es. Whitewash Brushes, and every other kind ef
Brushes. We have a la1 ge let ef
White Lead, Turpentine,
Flaxseed Oil, Paints, and in fact everything used
in the painting business, which we offer at City
prices te each juytrs.
Confectionery. Spires, and the largest stock of va
rieties ever offered in this place, and warranted
to be of the best the market affords.
Dee. 2. 1869. JOHN F. IRWIN.
Eijrhth Annual Exhibition
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
OCTOBER 12, 13 and 14, 1870.
The premium list ispnhlisbed in pamphlet ferm
and can be had by application to the Secretary of
the Society, either personalty or by letter.
Family Tickets, during Fair, 2 Ot
' Single Ticket, during' Fair, 75
Single admission tickets, ' 1 25
THURSDAY, purse ot Sl0 CO to be trotted for.
FRIDAY, purse of $50 00 to be trotted for.
For conditions, entrees, Ac, see Pamphlets.
It is to be hoped that farmers will take an in
terest in this exhibition. No pains will be spared
by the officers of the Society to make it a ered it
able on. Judges will be announced from the
stand on (Wednesday. Premiums for stocs: and
cereal grains have been largely increased.
G. R. BARRETT, Presided
A. Weisbt Sbabab, Secretary.
T11K highest market prices paid for Shjnrles
by J. SHAW bOi.
The Kidneys are too ia number, situated at the.
upper part ot the loin, surrounded by fat, aad
consisting of three partx, vis : the Anterior, thw
Interior, and the Exterior-
The anterior absorbs Interior consists of tis
sues or veins, whioh serve as a deposit for the
urine and convey it to tbe exterior. The exte
rior is c conductor also, terminating ia tingl
tube, and called the ('refer. The ureters are oa
nected with the bladder.
Tbe bladder is composed of vanoas oeveringe
or tissues, divided into parts, via: the Upper; the
Lower, the Nervous, and the Mucous. The upper
expels, the lower retains. Many have a desire te
urinate without tbe ability, others urinate with
out the ability to retain. This frequently eccars
in children.
To cure there affections, we must bring into ac
tion the mu.-Ies, which are engaged in their va
rious functions. If they erencglected, Gravel or
Dropsy may ensue.
The reader must alto be made aware, that how
ever slight may be the attack, it is sure te affeet
the bodily health and mental powers, as oar flesh
and blood are supported from these source.
Goi-t, oa Rbei-uatisw. Piia occurring la the
loins is indicative of the above diseases. They
occur in persons disposed to acid stomach aad
chalky concretions.
Th Gravel. TBe gravel ensues from neglect
or improper treatment of the kidneys These or
gans being weak, the water is not expelled fsDsa
tbe bladder, but allowed to remain; it become
feverish, and sediment forms. It is from this de
posit that the stone is formed, aad gravel ensmee.
Dropsy is a collection of water in some parts ef
the body, and bear sdiffere&t names, aoeotding te
the parts affected, via: when generally diffused
over the body, it is called Anasarca ; waea of the
Abdomen, Ascites; when of the chest, Hydrothe
rax. Tbsaisijt.-Uelmbold's highly concentrated
compound Extract Dacha is decidedly one of the
best remedies for diseases ef the bladder, kidneys,
gravel, dropsical swellings, rteumatisu, and goaty
affections. Under Ibis head we have arranged
Dysurie, or difficulty and pain in passing water,
Scanty Seerstion, or small and frequent dischar
ges of water; Strangury, or slopping of water;
Hematuria, or bloody mine; Gout and Rheaaa
tism of the kidners, without any change in quan
tity, but iaerease in color, er dark water. It was
always highly recommended by the lata Dr.
Phyeick, in these afiectione.
This medicine increases the power of digestion
rnd excites the absorbeats into healthy exercise
by which tbe watery or calcareous depositions
and all unnatural enlargements, as well as pain
and ir-fl animation are reduced, aad it is taken by
men, women and children. Directions for use and
diet accompany.
PLADEi.rmA, Ta.. Feb. 2, 1867.
II. T, IlELBaoi.n. Druggist:
I'kab Sib : I n ,ve been a suffers, fer upward
of taeuty years, witb gravel, bladder and kidney
affections, during which time I Lave used various
medicinal prepnrations. and been under the treat
ment of the most eminent Physicians, experien
cing but lit'.le relief
Having seen your preparation! extensively ad
vertised, I consulted wufit,-.y family physician ia
regard to using year Extract Buchew
I did this because I bad used all kinds ef ad
vertised remedies, and had found them worthless,
and come quite injurious ; iu fart. I despaired ef
ever getting well, and determined te Use no rem
edies hereafter unless I knew of the ingredients'.
It was this that prompted me to use your remedy.
As yea advertised that it was composed ef bucsB,
cnbebs aud juniper berries, it occurred to me aad
my physician as an excellent combination, and,
with his advice, after an examination of the arti
cle, and consulting again with the druggist, t
concluded to try it. I commenced its bb about
eight months ago, at which time I was eonfined
to my room From the first bottle I was astonish
ed and gratified at the beneficial effect, and after
using it three weeks was able to walk oat. I felt
much like writing you a full statement ef my case
at that time, but thoeght my improvement might
only be temporary, and therefore concluded te
defer and see if it would effect a perfect ears,
knowing then it would be of greater valae te yon
and more satisfactory te me.
I am now able to report that a oare is effected
after using tbe remedy for f re m oaths.
I have not need any bow for three months, aad
feel as well in all respects as I ever did.
Your Buckn being devoid ot any snpleasaat
taste and odor, a Dice tenfaand invigoratorof the
system, I do not mean to be without it whenever
occasion may require its as in such affections.
Should any doubt Mr. McCormick's statement,
he refers to tbe following gentlemen :
non. Wm. Bigler,ex Governor Penn'a.
Hon Thomas B Flerenae. Philadelphia.
Hon. J. C. Knox, Judge, Philadelphia.
Hon. J. S. Black, Judge, Philadelphia.
Hon. D. R. Porter, ex-Governor, Penn'a.
lion. Ellis Levis Jadge, Philadelphia.
Hon. R. C. Urier, Judge V. 8. Court.
Hon. G. W. Woodward. Judge. Philadelphia.
Hon. W. A. Porter, City Solicitor, Phil'a.
Hon. John Eigler, ax Governor. California.
Hon. E. Banks. Auditor Geu. Washington, D O.
And many others, if, necessary.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every where. Be
ware of counterfeits. Ask for Uelmbold's. Tak
no other. Price-SI .25 per bottle.er bottle fer
$6 50. Telivered to any addres. Describe symp
tms ia all communicatioas.
Address H. T. 11ELMBOLD, Drug aad Caeati
eal Warehouse: 51 Broadway, H T.
steel-engraved wrapper, with fac-simil f mj
Chemical Warehouse aad signed
JaaelVro-lT H. T. HlLMBOfcD.
- s
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i .

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