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'gpe ,"gUftsman 0rnttf;70car)left,a$ epferor 21, .1870.
T3 lnsa-e the afe trantmislon
' patrons should remit by check
r -ti"tiv'
i r have tnetr letter registered
.... ; ,.t w.n ne i r
,f(:fr crn.- to hand:
2. II. Summer Arrarierrj?nt.
"r, ,..rtTtrini : : : 9.0 a m.
51-1 .,i(.jlte!l : : : :10 3ia.m.
..' rMlipsburg at . : II 00 a m
Cart. -Id at : : : 12 W (i.m
T, v Clerfield .: : : 2.30 p m
. i PMlipshnrg at : :. S 41 p. m
O-eeolaat : : : : 4 Cflp.ro
Tyrone at : : : : 5 P- m
Pelf -nte at : : : 8 IS p.m.
1 n.-k Haven at : : 9 50 p.m.
.. Williamsportat : : 10.50 p. m.
'..-e-trnudation Tram.
ri'-'f";''' "l : : : : 5
1 " .r-,v3ai rvilinsburget : :
.. Osceola at : : :
Intersection at : :
.. Tvr"" at : : : :
T j-jr .r-j Icvc Williamsoort at
E- - V, ivtsmt lock Haven at . :
Bel'efonte : : :
.. Intersection at : :
7.00 a. it.
9 40 a. m.
10 25 a. m.
1 OS p. m.
1 21p m.
8 f!0 a. m
10 10 a m.
11 40 a m.
1.03 p. iu.
2 40 p. to,
3 31 p.m.
S 00 p. m
villi train!
O.ieeola at : : : :
Philinsboeg at ; :
Clea-Celi at : : :
C ... or.r.f'inns m3e at Tyrene a
it-.-l 'rst on the Maine Line.
r -. is lrini Clearfield at 2 3 p
u ; i.mfr.ort at Il 50 p. m. the sanne
r -.',.- ieirins WHIiamsportatS 00
m.. reach
a m. reach
r. if ,t Id at 0."U p HI. mc ur
Ir..n;ufS. Iivine services will I e bold
B.Ti'.iMiafh. in ClearSeld, as follows:
Bv Rnv. flail, in St. Andrew's Episcopal
ru:;:. i., a: 11 A M. and 7 1'. M. Sunday
k i ! 3 M. Piayer niciilus every
V ' l:tv coning -t 7 Oj.'?tK-k.
! i:. v. I it!er.in the Presbyterian church,
n -'.nii-ii nn ! evening. Sab.i.ith school at
,", I'. M. I 'raver meeting every Wednesday
f . i i .t at 7 o 1'iork.
P.. Hov. J. II. M'Cord. in the Methodist
. !i. morning and evening. SaWwth
. .! 9 A. M. rra- cr melting, every
r. !,,;r..Viv at TV I. M. Ciip.mi'.'.ni.tti sort iff.
'; -1 S:ilutth of every month at 10 A. M.
F:a:ie;s' clinrch Jh at Id A. M..
',, s-.m.l and fourth Suudtws of each
Tlie Republican party of Clearfield county
tieiutile in Mas Meeting, at the Court
ll,.:ie. in Clearfield, on
l.7i). The meeting will he addressed by
Hon. Cr. W. RC'OFIF.I.D,
H. n. J. 15. MEN ALLY,
II. R. SWOOl'E. K.,
And other speakers.
The U'ie involved in (III- political coii
oi ure of vast impnrtatiC-to every part of
country. Let the people come out and
licir tliei:i di-en-ted l.y abl nnd l'. ninrs'i'e
'iwkrr". cj a. to bo prepared to vote i ;tel
',';.-i: voti the Socoii i Tiii-sdiv td O -tol er
n i Vil are resi"e!''tilv inviteil to be
present." T. II. McartAT,
f.t.,t. 14. Ch- Co. Com.
dary Lit in ?ipp'e:i!ent.
l.o.-.s 1 ricl.t as a r.e'v pin the Court
I iwi. wi;h it coat of v-rr paint.
C..CKT cotnniences next Mon.lay. Scptem
1 er "JO ; li a convenient season to pay up
a-r-.-arage to the Jul RXAL.
TrtE ni.?urs dt.viii the !.v-t week have
: mi Vn ii.l. though our djvil insists ihv
i: i t'.l iii.-...ra'une. -.
A splendid lot of Ldi-is' Ti'.-.une.i 7f itj.
r-e:-d liorti New York,' ti-u.y, 8 Vvji
Matket Street.
Wi:r is the Town clock like thf Deio
rra'ie tdcci:in r.fiieer.-1 ? Kecan-e it's cut
f-.T..i wi;b Hack hands, for t!" rst time,
this fal
i.iino 110 raoid'v tbe n w three story
h'w'r. l.ii::d':2i.? 01. ?.co3 1 street. It will add
tr.-i.-h to the teaerc! a;- jcin.O':s of the town,
mi; ;
Irs Or? spao of !;.r-is ran off. on
'! s s;i irt ii!,: ".tice b'.'W town.
i;'-w Ir. F. It -:e and family out
n ci'.iage. No e:in: d-tna-za was
!,.w.;v..t. t' ciM.er vcMale or occa-
T.n Tov.-s .':.c:k. 'Vj observe that
t! i- hands cf ti;e :.:. c!ock hare been pain
t. i i,' A. We t i-i!i i: a mistake, as they
erun uy can n..t l-j sc;i at as great a d:s
t.v:. c mw -! tr..;ji.;re e.'j.'peiu!!y in cloudy
i oT: -.:r?et eoni!;a-:;ionr ha3 Wen fiean-ir-jt
oat s-fti:e "f tl.e gu'tt-rs, in this place,
& I p 'io ibe djbris to more rongenial
.' us. This is very c i:mendb!e ; but
y tot gade il.e st tits p-oj.frly, prepar
'c:y to ntaea-latnizini; ?
Aojl&ENT. V.'e und'.'rsta-.id that Mr.
L;ii (.'oj.k'in, L'.wreuce township, tot a leg
Ir so. on M iiidiV las', by a log robing on
i-b ie n: work at Mr.'ilh Orr's. The
frt.-arf. ,va, r-.-ducsd sni hs is getting on as
": rt-.illy a could Le expected under the
t' -ii;L-:;,tices-.
I''-T Veati;e:i. There appears to be a
---;! dr r.'gh', at this time, throughout
- ' . -try. arid fjrmers find the ground
1 r- f ir p! wlmr and seeding. A rain to
': '( : the parched er.rth, raise the springs
J ''rL-aitis, an 1 kep d )7:j the clouds of
a-"'.. w aij at least bo welcome.
I'membe.i ! Unless you are Registered
'i r iper time, yoa will have much
i.ty i,i getting your vote. The lists
bsfoaui at the d-ors of the election
' s Examine them atid set if your
there. Satardiy, O.-tober' 1st, is
'? -tz: d-:y on which you can legally rcg-
We understand tl at the Clearfield Cornet
J!1:il "''" Is to give a Concert in the Coiir.
llj'J-e, sou.e c-vciiiug next week. This an-
' "'"-eri.t-i-t, ro doubt, will be hailed with
ll" i: ''.v o;ir citizens generally. Much of
"e '"u-ic will L.e entirely new. The servi
te a neighboring baud ure also anticipa
tel oil the oi-casion.
A modst IIJUSic jea!er was recently non-I'.'h-j
by a aiiy a htout as parep!, Rosa,
to inquired, 'Have you 'Put uie in My
e Bi.d '!" There are a great number
Cl litt.e boys in our town, run jing about the
'rvtt, until at t.tt, who would be in
" Ue.y u.tor off it ihey would nightly re
Tt that favor of their doting mammas,
"H:i!dy if ibair ma aim as obyd.
For Sale a No. 12 Speer's Revolving
Light Anthracite coal stove and pipe, near
ly new. For further information apply to
Ilenry E. Snyder.
Notice. We are requested to state that
William P. Read, Collector of School Tax
for Lawrence township, w;ll be at the Treas
urer's office, in Clearfield, on Tuesday and
Wednesday, September 27th and 28lh, and
on Saturday. October 1st, where the tar
payers are requested to meet him and pay
their tax.
New Goods. We hare been requested
to state that Messrs. Arnold & Hartshorn,
of Curwensville, have just received from the
eastern citiei, a large and well selected stock
of Reaonable goods, which they are offering
to the public at low prices for cash. Per
sons in want of gooJs should call and ex
amine their stock before making purchases,
as they may find it to their cdvanUge to
do so.
Miss Olive Logan. This popular la"y
lecturer, having an unoccupied evening in
October, will deliver a lecture in ClearGeld,
at that time, il desirable. In order to as
certain the public sentiment on the subject,
ii has been suggeted. that those favorable
should make their wishes fcnrwn. by inform
ing A. W. Walters or S. J. Row either
verbally or by letter during the coming week
of the number of tickou cacl. one desires.
Tickets 50 u-nts.
The Lady's Friend. This elegant
Magazine for October announces that all
netc subsefilers for 1371, who subset ibc by
1 he first of November, shall receive the
November and I.'ecember numbers in addi
tion gratis, maVii g Fiturtecn tnont'ii in all.
Thoe who subscribe by the first of Decern
be', shall receive the Picember number free
making Thirteen M"ntl in all I Those
desirous of Mibsc, ibiug f..r a lady's magszins
fur n.xt year, should take advantage of these
liberal offers. The Lady's Fiiend is an ad
mil able nrigazine-l'rico $2.50 a year (whieh
aio includes a l.u ge steel engraving). Four
copies. J-j. Five copies (and one gratis).
3. Published by Deacon & Peterson,
Philadelphia. Simple copirs sr-.it gratis.
Campbell's Zoological and Eqces
Teian Institute. Uy a reference to our
advertising coluxns, it will be observed that
this ''Mammoth consolidation of Zoologi
cal wonders and Equestrian celebrities,"
will cs hildt iu Ciearfiel 1. o-i Fiid-ty, Sep
teuiber 23d, afternoon and evening. To
adopt their own language, "the formation
ol ibis colossal tslatiiishnient forms an era
in the amusement of 137), presenting, as.
it does, more real attraction than has ever
been gathered under one paTiiioa for one
price of admission. This mammoth organ
izati. n has been entire'' reorganized, refit
ted, redecorated, and remodeled, for its
second annual tour. New animals, new
cages, painted, ornamented, and enibe!i?htd
in a mannertsupeiior to any that have yet
appeared in public. New barueoS, entire
cew wardrobe, nsw flag, new plumes, ne.v
d-.corutious. A mammoth venter-proof pa
viliion, drj in wit vv. a'dier, cool in icxrm
weather, and eoiiiforialt: in t.11 kinds
wej'h.-r. 1 ne ur:et CJrps ol tua.c
i'.'ioale rierfouut in t:ie wudd. and the best
rejected and contlilioiid stud of horses, po
tiiei arid mules that ever traveled.
The P:.vsd. We refer with
special pleai ire t j i!u advertisment of the
Great Piano Manufactory of Messrs. Wit.
Knauk k I o. , of Baltimore.
This factory is 11 w una of the largest in
the world ; it is a magnificent five story
structure, fionting an entire block on Eufaw
st., and covering, together with the Lumber
Y .rds ittaj!i :d, soais tw and one haif acres
of ground. Three hundred and fifty men
are constantly employed turning out over
forty instruments per week.
The Kuabe Plain has by its superiority
n-t on'y well nigh driven thosj of Northern
iiianufacttire from the hotna market, but
also enjoys a large sale in New York, Pht'a
delphia and throughout the entire North
nn 1 West, besides their largely increased
Southern trade.
The most talented mnMciam of the day,
both amateur an 1 profe.innl, testify to
tlii ir siipiiority. and wherever exhibited
they have nver failed to carry olFthe high
est awards over all competition, having
received no less than f.i first premiums.
During the last season they were used simul
t.incou.'ly by the most distinguished artists
at the Optra Houses in Baltimore, Phila
delphia New Yoik, Brooklyn. Chi.igo. See.
There is certainly no instrument made, more
durable than the K.NABE Piano, none but
the best wurkmen beinc employed and only
the very best of materials used.
On Thursday morning, September 15th,
1S70, at the residence ot the btido'b parents,
by Rev. G F. Stelling, Mr. K. M. Moors
au 1 Miss LiLE Sarcii, both of Harrisburg.
At Cdina. Ohio. On Monday. September
5th. I.s70. Mrs. A3;ail I'.eams. wife of
John J. Beams, formerly of Brady town
ship, this county, aged 05 years. The de
ceased was a member of the Baptist church
for 23 years, and was greatly beloved by all
who knew her. Ilerd-aih is deeply mourn
ed by many friends and re a! ions.
Clearfield Ketail Markets.
Apples, dried. Ib,
App!e. green, bu, I
A todebuttrr. gal, 1
12 1 Hay. ton.
50 Hams. Ib.
00 I Shouldrrs, lb,
'.2 ('0
1 CO
sn o
Jlutter. lb. 25
Sides. Ib,
Beef, fresh, lb, 10
,:f. dried, Ib, 25
Buckwheat bu. 1 2.'
Rnckwheat flour. Ib ""5
Ueans. bu. 2 5
Hoard-, per M U Oil
Corn, shelled, 1 ?j
" ears, 60
" meal, tl!)
Chop. rye. 2 8d
mixed. 2 4(1
Cheese, lb. 2H
Cherries, lb. IS
Chickens. dresssed. lb. 15
Fggs. 20
Flonr. bbl. 7 90
Lard, Ib.
flats, bu.
Onions, bu,
Cork. lb.
Pork, mess, bbl,
Potatoes, bu,
Plaster, bbl.
Peaches, dried, lb
Ityo. bu.
Km -e, lb.
Salt, per sack.
Shingles. iH in. '
Shingles 2i in,
Timothy seed, bu
Wheat, bu.
Wool lb.
12 00
8 f.O
1 60
' v40
Fairbanks, Morse & Co.,
iLSt 6m 102 Seoond At., Pitubarg. Pa.
terms or mr. joi'rxal.
The Kaftsmas's Jocbmal is publUhed on Vri
nesday at S2.00 per annum in advance. If not
paid at the beginning of tfce vear. $1.59 rill be
charged, and S3.09 if not paid before the elope.
Adfektisev rnrs wi'l be inserted at 11.50 per
qua re. for three or lesa insertions Ten linet
(or lesa) eonnting a qnare. For every additional
inaertion 50 cento will be eharfed. A dedaetion
will be made to yearly advertisers ..on
No aobseription taken for a shorter time than
six months, and no paper will be discontinued iu
tillatl arrearages are paid. except at the option W
the publiib.r. S. J. ROW.
"W"OTICE. Ilavina pnrchaed theinteres-
of 'J. A. Blattenberger. Esq., in the but
siness hrre-olote earned on under the firm name
of -I. A Blattenbeyer Sr Co., the same will be eon
ducted hereafter under the name i t Moshannon
Land and l umber Co.. (Store)
President. ap't.
Mdj 11, '79.-tf.
The best Double Thread Machine now
in u will be j'iIJ lower than an; other machine
finished in like manner, and doing tbe same
rn?e of work. Machines can be seen at tbe store
of Thompson A Co., Cut wentville. or at the resi
dence of the undersigned
May 11, 187.-."m. Bloom's Bridge.
-J Ann Westfall, deceased. Wli3iea.
Letters TetaruentHrv on the eKtate of Ana
Westfall. Into f Chest - township, deceased,
have been granted to the umlersigned. All per
sons indebted o the saii estate are rrqijeste to
matte immediate payment, and those having
cl iitns ftciimt the same will present them, duly
au:henticatcd, for settlement
Acjast 17. lS70-5t.p. txecutor.
ters of Administration 011 the estate
of Jese Williams, late of ISeocaria town'o, dee'd,
having been granted to the undersigned, notice
is bcrebv given that all prrmns indebted to said
es'ateare requircl to maSe inmediata payment,
and finsehavinsclaiinracninst the same will pre
pent them, properly authrn'icated for settlement
Ao;nt 17. lSTft-fit p. Admistrators.
are constantly reple-nishirg their stock ef Drugs,
Medicines, is School books and Stationery,
incluuitig tbe Oseod and Natienal series
of readers. Also Tobacco and Ci
gars, of the best quality, and at
the lowest prices. CaHaad see.
ClearaelJ. Hot 10, 1&69
WOOL CARDING. The undersigned,
" proprietor of the Union .M ills, in Union
township. ("IrarBeld county, wcu.'d inform the
public that be is prepared to card wool, on rea
sriptnie terms and in a workmanlike manner
Persons having wool to card tlioulii attend te it
innnediati y. as the factory wil 1 be cHsd afrer
sepientber 1st. Wool iuten.ied for cartiiua; can
be lu al It. Mnssop's at I'. Kratzer's. in Clear
field, and I ttill t.ka it and return it when
The undersigned begs leave te inferm his eld
and new customers, and the publie (tenerallv
that be has fitted up a new (iUN SHOP, on the
lot en the corner of Fourth and Market streets.
ClearCelJ, Pa . where he keeps constantly an
hand, and makes to rdrr. sll kinds ot iun
Also, guns reboroil and revarnii-hed. and repaired
neatly en short notice. Orders by mail will re
ceive prompt attention.
June, Iotitf. JOHN MOORE.
- Jlain St.. Curwensville. I'a.
Having lease l for a term of years tbe ahove
well krewn ar.d popular Hotel (formerly kept by
Mr Mason, mid Utoty by Mr Fen's), and having
newly refitted ind return i.e ed it, tho pre.-ent
prupiietor feels asmre l that lie can rendrr entire
F..tisf:ict:nn to glletf s-jnurninx with him. A fine.
Urtro stable and yard isaticbed. for the care and
proiectiun of hordes, carriies and wagons. A
hre of patrouas solicited
May 4 70-ly A J.DUAU-. K PI'. Trop'r.
EORG B S. COLBL'R.N', :::::: PaorBrr-TeK
This house was laely completed and just open
ed to the public is newly lurui.-be l.and provided
n i:h al 1 the modern impruveaieuts of a rst-ciain
hotel, it is pTea-at't:y Jf.-cnted. in the businefis
part of the town, and uear to the publio build
i::'s. A shaie of pa'ronao is rrgpectfully solie
it?d Chargrs moderate. Thebcsiof Liquor- ia
tbe bf-r. March S0.'7-if
(!ear the Rai'riad Depot),
Reed Street, Clearfield, Ta.
0. D. GOODFELLOW : : : : : PRopriETOn.
A pew first class Hotel in every respect com
fortable rooms all the modern improvements
the best f Liquors prompiaitcmiance. and rea.
sonable charged. The patreuag ef the publie is
respectfully solicited. jy-.'l-tf.
-ISS II. S. SWAN'S, School for Girls,
(Jlearlielil. i'a.
The Fall Term of Fiurtcen weeks will com
Eeace ou Monday. September 5th, 187.
Read:n. Orthography. Writing. Primary
.Arillunet'e and Primary Geography, per
term, (of 14 weeksi. $7 00
History, lcal and Descriptive Cieograpby
witn Map Drawing. Grammar, Mental
and Written Arithmetic, 9 00
Botany. Geology. PuyMolngy. Natural Phi
losophy. Physical Ueogrjihy. Alebri,
Lhe'crio. Etymology and Latin, 12 00
Oil Painting. U lessons), 12 9
Monochromatic Lrawing, 10 i)
Crayon. fl 09
Pencil Drawing, (no extra charge).
Instrumental Mu-de (30 lessons). 19(9
Wax Flcwers and Fruits, with materials, at
teacher's charges.
For full particulars send for Circular.
Clearfield. Augost '7. lS7-ly.
W. B. Alexander, M. D.,
K?epp eonstaorlj on han'l an assortment of
DYE STUFFS, kc, ic.
His stock of I'mgsispnre and fresh, and custo
mers can rely upon gettingthe bestof everything
in his line. ' '
Hair Tonics, Cosmetics, Crushes,
Toilet Soo.p?v Combs, Pocket
Books, Pens, Inks, Pen
cils and Paper,
and a general assortment of this class of goods,
are all of the very test quality and latest styles.
- For Medical purposes only, '
Glass. Potty. Lubricating Oils, Ac, to snit the
wants of the'eemmunity.
His extensive and well selected slock of Drugs
and Medicines enables him ! fill Physietaus' i're-
-.Options on short notfes uui on tbe most reason -
ab'e terms.
Smokers and Chewers will find bis slook of
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, figsrs. and Snuff
to consist of tbqjvsry best brands in the market.
A share of publie prouage is solicited.
Aog. 31-3BJ. W. B. ALEXANDER.
Opprarte th J'l. .
CLE.SKFIE1.P, pesxx : i T:f
Monuments. Grecian Tombs. French Couches,
Mantles. Table Topi. Washing Ranges; Garden
Statuary.. Terra Co.la Wr. ol ever aeseriptinn.
Head and Foul Stones, of New and beautiful de
signs, all of which we offer at eity prices, or 25
percent less Iban any otner establishment in this
county Having a large experience in the busi
ness, we guarantee satirlaction in all cases. Or
ders thankfully received and promptly filled in
tbe best workmanlike manner.
f May 11, 1S70 -tf. JMgsWTaos, Agent.
Co-Partnership in Store.
C. A Rorobaugh having associated with him
in the Mercantile business, in Lewisville, Clear
field eounty. Mr. C. R. McCracken. solicits a con
tinuance ef the patrouage so generously extended
Having just returned from the eastera cities
their stoca em bi aces a large and varied assort
ment of Dry Ooods. Groceries. Hardware. Queens
ware, and in fact nearly everything usu
ally keptin a country store, which they will sell
at prices to suit the times.
Country preduce taken in exchange for good i
May l. '70. tf. C R. McCRACKEX
good abd cbxaf::;
Men. Touths and Boysean beuplrd.d with fnll
uils of seasonable and tashiensble elethicg at
where it isseldat prices that will induce their
purchase. Tbe universal sat isfactien whieh ha
been given, has induced him te increase his
s'ork. which is now not surpa'sea by any estab
lishment of tbe kind in this part ef tbe State.
Sells gbeds at a very small prod, fr eas ;
His goods are well made and fashionable.
I!e gives every one tbe worth ef bis money.
He treats his customers all alike.
He sel's cheaper than every bedy else.
His store is conveniently situated,
ne having purchased his stock st reduced
prices he can sell cheaper tl an ethers.
Kor these and ether reason persons should bay
their clething at
Predece of every kind taken at the highes'
market prices Vsy IS. lh4
In pursuance of an order of the Orpnsn!t' Conrt
of Clai field county, the undersigned. Adminis
trator ef the citato of -Lien I.. M Cully, late of
said county, decea-ed. will .ell at publio sale, at
the Caurt House, in CloirS jId. on
Tuesday, September 27, 1870,
the following described real esMte of said dee'd.
f it: All tiiat certain tract of land situate in
Ileccaria tp . in said county, containing l.S arres
ai.d 131 perches and allowance, and being the
same premises conveyed to raid John L. M Cully
from Executors and Trustees of Hardman Philips
and Sophia Phil'rs by deed dated 6th June, I1'i4,
recorded in Clearhfld. P.. in Deed Book V pages
4ti'.l and 479 Also one other f'aet in Hrccaria tp,
aforesaid, adjoining the above described piece,
containing 114 acres and allnwar.re. beicg the
same premises couveyed to said M'Cully from
Ilenry Byer. by deed dated June 1 , 1853. recorded
in Ciearnold Fa. in Deed Book P. page 59 etc.
The improvements are two dwelling bouses, wilb
Irims barn, about 49 acres cleared, also a first
cl.iss water eaw mill, nearly ne. capable of cat
ting frcm five to x Ibousmid leet per day, Tbe
said tract' are principally covered wilb white
pine white oak and hemlock. The stream known
as muddy run pa?e through this land and af
f'irds a fine water power. au. good facilities for
logging and rafting, lumber can be rafted in at
the mill. The baid tracts are also uuderiaid with
one ot Ibe most valuable bttum inons coal beds in
thecouuty; the survey known as the 4,Slaughter
Route' pu.-'fes through the centre of the said
premises, an-i also tbe survey ot the '-Madera
Coal and Improvement Company 8 Railroad1
pn.-ses within a few rods of litis land. Terms of
sale made known on day of sale.
Augnt 17, 1S70. Administrator.
The AMrCATlLE issues all approved forms of
Life Policies. Endowment, and Annuities.
An ample cash capital, securely invested, and a
systeta of business wh ich offers every advantage
to tbe insurer .compatible with safety to the Com
p my. are t'ures which command the Amicable
to the confidence of the public .
The officers and directors are-known bn'iness
men. who?e character and standing are sufficient
guarantee of honorable end judicious management
of the Company's affairs
. A li LEr ,
E D WIGHT KENDALL, Vice President.
J. F. R. IIADDEN. .Secretary.
A U.PI FFA KD, M.D., Medical Examiner.
V. M. TWEED. Jr., Counsel.
WM. TUCKER, Clearfield. Pa.,
Agent for Clearfield county.
- .Medical Examiner.
C. BARRETT, General Agent for
Clearfield, Centre, Jefferson, Clarion and Elk Co's
P. R. WE1TZEL, Sup't of Agencies,
Williamsport, Pa.
August 17, 1770-'m-pd
TlON Whereas, by an Act of the
GeneralAsscmbly cf the Commonwealth of Penn a,
entitled "An act to regulate Ihc General Election
wihin this Comrr-onwealth," it is enjoined on the
sheriffs of the several counties to give public no
tice of sm-h election, tiie places where to be held,
and the officers to he elected : Thkhekorc, I. CY
KENL'S HOW E, High Sheriff of Clearfield co.. ,lo
hrrrhu ctr pnhlir notice to the Electors of the
county of Clearfield, that a GENE It L ELECTION"
will be held on the Sron-t T'trtnj of Ortohrr
twTt. (being the ELEVEi Ill-day 'of the mouth)
at tbe several election districta ru said eounty. at
which time and place the qualified voters will vote
For ono person for Congress. Jo represent tho
counties of Erie.Warrerr, C: meirn. Jefferson,
Clearfield. Elk. Forest and McKean.
For one person to represent the counties of Clear
field. Elk and Forest in the House of Repre
sentatives ol this Commonwealth.
For one person for Sheriff of Clearfield eonnry
For one person for C'cmmitsioner of Clearfield
For one person for District Attorney of Clearfield
For one person for Jury Commissioner of Clear
field county.
Forone person for Audilorof Clearfield county.
For one petson for Croner of Clearfield eounty.
The electors of the eounty of Clearfield will
take notice that tbe said general election will bo
held at tbe lollowing places, viz; .
Al the Union Hotel, in Glen Hope for Beccaria
townsuip. . . . i t - - .
Attheboutenf Aseph Ellis for Bell township.
At the bouse of the late James Jii.rour. Sen., for
Blorm township
At the house of Edward Albcrtfor Boggstown'p.
At the house of Jacob Pearee, for the township
of Bradford
At the publio house of R. W . Moore for Brady
At Young'sSebool Uouse for Burnside township.
At the school house near Simon Korabaugh's for
the township of Chest. " 4 "
At the court house for the Borough of Clearfield
- At she bouse of Jacob Maurer for the township
of Covington. -
At the housa of I.i Blooro,' dee'd, for the Bor
ough of Curwensville.
At Centre school house for the town'p of Dooatur.
At the bouse of John Gregory, formerly occu
pied by Thus. Robiaon, (Broadway) for tbe town
ship of Ferguson.
. At Congress Hill school house fur the township
of Girard.
At the Public school house for Goshen township.
. At the house of Jacob Jiubler for the township
of Giaham.
At the school house in Janesville for the town
ship of Uuelich
At the bouse of J.Wilson for the twn'p of II u -ton
At the school house ia AnSouville for the town
ship of Jordan.
At Bridgen's school house for the township of
At the Turkey Hill School house for the town
ship of Knox.
At the court bouse in the Borough of Clcarfied
for Lawrence township
At the publie school bouse for the borough o
At tbe house formerly occupied by Thomas Ky
ler for the township of Morris.
At tha public school house for the Borough of
New Washington.
At the pub'io House of Mile Hoyt. for tbe Bor
ough of U?ceola.
At the house formerly of Wrni "W. Anderson for
the township of Peon
At tbe nnnse of I. Bloom, dee'd, in the Borough
ot Curwensville for Pike township
At the bouse of 1). E. Urn baker for Union tow'p.
At the house of Thomas Henderson for the town
ship of Woodward.
AN ACT regulating the mode of voting at all
elections in the several counties of this Com
Section 1. Br it ruactrd by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania in General Aoeuib'y met. and
it is hereby enaeted by the authority of the same.
That the qualifiel voters of the several election
districts ot this Commonwealth, at all general,
township, borough and special elections. are here
by, hereafter authorized and required to vote. by
tickets, piiotrd. or written, or partly printed and
partly written, severally classified as follows:
One ticket shall embrace the riatnea of ail judges
c f courts voted for, and to be labelled outside,
'judiciary;" one ticket shall embrace the names
of the State officers voted for. and be labelled.
State;" one ticket shall embrace the names of
all eounty officers voted for, including office of
Senator, member and members of assembly, if
voted for. and members of Congress, if voted for
aiy"e labelled -county ;" one ticket shall em
brace the names of all township officers verted
for. and be labelled ' township ; one ticket sbatl
embrace trie names ol all borough officers voted
for. and be labelled bo.-ough ;" and each class
shall bo deposited in separate ballet boxes.
TtaaisTr.r law.
I also give official notice to the electors of Clear
field county that, by an act entitled '-An act fur
ther Supplemental to the act relative lotha elec
lions of this commonwealth,' upprived April 17tb
A I) iStitl, it is provided as follows:
Skction I B' iiniartr-i by thr irnatr and ITonsr.
of Rrprf.ntati'ts if tirCommoniratt of Pevn
tylvama in Grjural AsvinhJif mrt.anJ it li hrrrby
'Hartf.i hy tt authority jl f the same, That it shall
be the duty of each of the asses-ors within this
commonwealth. on the first Mondayof June in each
year, to take up the transcript be ha received
from the county commissioners under the 8tb sec
tion of the act of 15th April. lb:14. and proceed to
an immediate revision of tbe same by striking
therefrom the name of overy person who is known
by bim to have died or removed since the last
previuus assessment from the district of which he
is the assessor or whose death or removal from
the same shall be made known to him. and to add
to the same the name of any qualified voter who
shall be known to him to have eaoved into the
district since the last previous aHrefsmcnt. and
whose removal into tbe same shall be or shall have
been made known to bi u, nud also the names ol
all who shall make claim to him to be qualified
voters therein. As soon as this rovision is com
pleted he shall visit every dwelling house in his
district and male caretnl inquiry if any person
whose name is on bis list bus died er removed
frem the district.and if so.to lake the same there
from.or wbeftierany qualified voter ra'ides there
in whose name is not on ibe list and if so to add
the same thereto; and in all cases where a name
is added to the list a tax rb I be forthwith as
sessed against the person; and Ibe assessor shall j
in all cases ascertain, by inquiry, upon what
ground the person so ases-ed claims to be a voter 1
Ppun the completion ol Ihis work, it shall be the
duty of each assess r as aforesaid to proceed to
iu?ke out a list. in alphabetical order. of the white
freeman above tweuty one years ot age. claiming
to be q-taiified voters in the ward borouSb. town
ship or diatrp.t of which be is the asscsfer. and
opposite each of Sail names state whether said
freeman is or is not a b..ufekeptr ; ar.d if he is.
the number of his residence, in towns whe'e tbe
same are uuaabere l.witb the street. alley or court
iu which situated; and if in a town whore there
are so snmlers, the name of the street, alley or
e art on which said honre froDts ; also, tho occu
patienof the person ; and where he is not a hnuse
keeper.the occupation. place of hoarding and with
whom, and if working lor another, Ihc name of
the employer, and wri'a opposite each of said
names tbe word - voter;" where any person claims
to vote by reason of naturalization, he shall ex
hibit bis certificate thereof to tho asvs.mr. unless
be h been lor five cousecutive yenr. i.ext prece
ding a voter in said aistrict; and in all cases
where the person has been naturaliz.it. the name
shall b marked with tbe letter-N' ;" where the
person has merely declared bis intention to be
come a citizan and designs to be naturalized be
lore the next election the name shall b'jmarked D
I.;' where the claim is to vnt? by reason of being
between tbe ages of 21 and 22.ns provided hy law.
tbe word "age" shall be entered ; and if the per
son ha moved into the election district to reside
since tfce last general election, the letter -R'sball
be placed opposite the name. It sha 1 be the fur
ther duty ot each assessor as aforesaid, upon the
completion of the duties herein imposed to make
ont a separate list cf all new assessments made bv
him and the amounts assessed upon each. and fur
nish tbe same immediately to tbe eounty commis
sioners, who shall immediately add the name, to
the tax duplicate of tbe ward." borough, township
or district in which they have been assessed.
t-r.c. 2. On the list being completed and the as
segments made as aforosuid. tbesatne shall forth
with be returned to thecounty enmmtssioners.who
shall cause duplicate oopies of said lists, with the
observations and explanations required to be no
ted as aforesaid, to be made out as suon as nraeti
cab'e and plat ed in ibe bands of tbe asesor who
shall prior to the first of August in each year. put
one copy thereof on tho door of or on the home
where the election of tbe respective district is
required to be held, and retain the other in bia
pi..-ewiun for the Inspection, free of chirse of
any person resident in tbe said election district
who shall desire to see the same; and it shall be
tbeduty of the said as essor to add, from time to
timo.on tbepeieoual application of any one claim
ing the right to vote, toe name of such claimant,
and m.rk opposite tbe name -C. V .'' and imme
diately assess him with a tax noting as in all other
cases, his occupation, residence. whether a board
er or housekeeper ; if aboarlcr, with whom be
beards; and whether natui ilized or designing to
be. marking in all such cases tbe letters opposite
the name, N" or -L). I 1 as the case may b ; if
tbe person claiming to bo assessed be naturalized
ha shall exhibit to the assessor his certificate of
naturalization ; and if be claims tbst be designs
to be naturalized bclore the next ensuing election
be shall exhibit tbe certificate of bis dec'aration
of intention; in all cases where any ward, bor
ougb, towuship or election district is divided into
two or more precincts, the assessor shall note in
all bis assessments tbe election preciuct in which
each elector resides, and shall mako a separata
return for each to tht county commissioners. in all
cases in which a return is required from him by
tho provirions of this act; and tbe county com
missioners, in making duplicate copies of all suob
returns, shall make duplicate copies of the names
of the voters in each precinct, separately, and
shall forn'sh the same to tbe asses. or; and the
copies required by this act to be placed on the
doors of or on the election places on or before the
fir.-t day of Augusliu each year, shall be planed
on the door of or on the election place in eaoh of
taid precincts.
SBC 3. After the assessments have been eom
plrtedon tho tenth day preceding the eecoLd
i uesuay iu Octet er of tach year, tbe assessor
shall, on the Monday immediately following,
make a return to thee- unty coniiuisaionetsof the
names of all persons assessed by bim by tho sec
ond section of this act, noting opposite eich name
the observations and eiplaiiations requited to be
noted as aforesaid ; and the county commission
ers shall thereupon cause the same to ho added
to the return required by tbe second section of
this act, and a full and corr.-ct copy thereof to
be made, containing the names of all persona so
returned as resident taxables in said ward, bor
ough, township or precinct, and turnish the same
together with tbe necessaj-jr.. election blanks to
the officers ol tbe election in said ward, borough
township or precinct, on or before six o'clock In
the morning c f tbe second Tuesday of October;
and no man .hall be permitted to rote at the elec
tion on that day whose name i uot on said list,
unless be shall mal.e proof of his right to vote,
as hereinafter required.
Pec. 4. On the day of the election any person
whose name i not on said list, and claiming tbe
right to vote at said election, shall produce at
least one qualified voter of tbe district as witness
to the residence of the claimant in the distriot in
which he claim3 to be a voter, for the period of at
least ten days next preceding said election, which
witness shall take and subscribe a written, or
partly written and partly printed, affidavit to tho
facts stated by him. which affidavit shall define
clearly where lh residence is of tha person so
claiming to be a Voter ; and ibe person 0 claim
ing the right to trot shall also take and snbserihe
a written. CT partl written anef partly printed
affidavit, stating to the beet of his knowledgeand
belief, where and wTten her was born: that be is a
citizen of tbe evrntnon wealth of Pannsylrania and
of the United States; that be has resided in tbe
commonwealth one ye-vt. or jf former!;, a eitiien
therein, and has moved therefrom, that he has
resided therein six months next preceding said
election; that he has not moved into the district
for the purpose of voting therein; that be has
paid astute or county tax within two years.wbich
was assessed at least ten days before said e'ec
tion ; and. it a naturalized citizen, shall also f'ate
when, where and by what court he was natural
ized . and shall also produce his certificate of nat
uralization fir examination; the said affidavit
shall also state when and where the tax claimed
to be paid by the affiant was assessed and wbea.
where and to whom paid, and tbe tax receipt
therefor shall be produced for examination, un
less the affiant shalr state in bis affidavit that it
has been lost or destroyed, or that he rever re
ceived any; but if tiie person so claiming the
right to vote shall take and subscribe an affidavit,
that he is a native born citizen of tbe t'nited
States, (or if born elsewhere shall state thai fnet
in his affidavit, and shall prodncc evidence that
he has been naturalised that he is entitled to
citizenship hy reason of his fa'ber's natural iza
lion ) and shall further state is his affidavit that
be is. at the time o: taking the affidavit, between
the nges of twenty-one and twenty. two years;
that be has resided in the Stare one year a'nd in
the election district ten days next preceding such
election, he shall be entitled to vote, although he
shall not have paid taxes ; the said affidavits of
all persons making such claims, and the affidavits
of the witnesses to their residence", shall be pre
served by the election hoard end at the close of
the election Ihey shall h enclosed with tha list
of voter., tallv liat.nd other papers required by
law to be filed by the return jud?e with the pro
thonotary, and shall remain on file tbnrewith in
the prothonotary s office, subject to examination,
as other election pipers are: if the election offi
cers shall not find lhatthe applicant or applicants
po-sess all the legtl qualifications of voters, he or
they shall be permitted to vote and the name or
nme shall b added to the 'i"t of tatih'es by
the election officers, the word -tax' being aded
where the claimant claims to vote on tax. and the
word -age" where he claims fo vote on age ; the
same words being added by the clerks in earn
cae respectively on the lists of persons voting at
such election.
Sec. 5. It shall be lawful for any qualified citi
zen of the district, notwithstanding the name of
tbe proposed voter is contained on the lit of res
ident taxables. to challenge the vote such p.rson:
thereupon the same pro'.f of the rightof suffrage
as is now required by law shall be puViclv made
and acted on- 4ry the elee'ion bonrd. and the vote
admitted or vejytel according to the evidence ;
every person clnioting to be a naturalized itizsn
shall be required to proTuce his natutalization
certificate at the election before vo'ing except
where he baa been for ten vcars. consecutively, a
voter, in the district in which he offers his vote :
and on the vote of snch person being received, it
shall be the duty of the election offi 'ers to write
or stamp on such certificate the word voted."'
with the month and year; nnd if any election of
ficer or officers shall receive a second Voe on
tbe same aay. b virtue of the same certificate,
excepting where sons are entit'ed tovote by vir
tue of the naturalization of their father.. Ihey
and Ibe person who shall offer such second vote,
upon so offending shall be guilty of a high misde
meanor, and on conviction thereof, be fined or
imprisoned, or both, at the rtiscrotion of the court;
but the fine shall not exceed one hundred dollars
in each case, nor the imprisonment one year: tho
like punishment shall be inflicted, on conviction,
on the rffijers of election who shall refuse or neg
'ect to make, or cause to be made, the indorse
ment required as aforesaid on said naturalization
Skc 6. If any election offi-r shall refuse or
neglect to require ucn proof of the rieht of suf
fiajre a-is prescribed by this law. orthe laws to
whieh this is a supplement from any person offer
ing to vote whose name is not on the list of asses
sed voters, cr w hose right to vote is challenged
by any qualified voter present, nnd shall admit
such person to vote without requiring such proof,
every person so nffndtng. shall upon conviction,
be guilty of h'gh misdemeanor, and shall be sen
fenced, for every such rTerce. lo pay a fine not
exceeding one hundred dollars, or to undergo an
imprisonment not more than one year, or either
or both, at the discretion of the cour'.
Sec 9 The respective assessors, inspectors and
judges of the elections 6hall each have the power
to admioister o.iths to anv por-ons claiming the
right w be assessed or tbe right of suffrage, or in
regard to any other matter or thing required to
be done or raquir.d into by any of su I officers
under this ac: ; and any wi!fm false awearing by
any person in relation to any matter or thing
concerning which thry sha'l be lawfully Interro
gated by any of said officers shall be punished as
Stc 10 "She assessors shall each receive the
same compensation for the time necessarily spent
in performing the duties hereby enjoined aa is
provided by law for the performance of other
duties, to bo aid by the county commissioners as
in other cases ; and it shall not be lawful for any
assessor to assess a tax against any person wbnt
tver within ten days next preceding tbe election
to be held on th Second Tuesday of October, in
any year rr within ten days next before any eieo
tion for President or Vice P.osiilent cf the United
StVes; any violation of this provision sna" ha a
misdemeanor, aud subject the fcf&cer so ofiending
to a fine on convictioa. not exceeding one hun
dred dollars, or to imptisor.mcnt not exceeding
three month!. or both at the difretson of the court
Sxc. I i . On the petition of fire or more citizens
of thecounty slating under oath that tbey verily
believe that frauds will be practiced at tbe elec
tion about to be held in any district it shall be
the dutv of the curt of common pleas of said co.
if in ...Vir.ri.or if not. a iudge thereof in vacation.
to appoint two judicious, sober and intelligint oit- !
izeas of the county to act as overseers at sum o
lection; sti" overseers shall ba selected from dif
ferent political parties, where the inpectors be
long to different parties, and where both of said
inspectors belong to the strnie po'itical party,
both of the overseers shall be taken from the op
posite political party ; said overseers sh ill have
the rigb' to he present with the officers of tho
election, during the whole time the s .me is held,
the votes counted and ihe returns made out and
signed by iho election offi -ers ", to keep a list of
votors. if they see proper; to challenge any pet
eon offering to vote, and interrogate him and his
witness under oath . i regard to his right of suf
frage at said e'eclion. and to examine his papr-rs
produced ; and tho officers of said elo-'li'.n are
required to afford to said overseers so selected
and appointed every convenience and facility for
the discharge of their unties; and if said e'ec
tion officers shall refuse lo permit said overseers
to he present and perlorm their duties as afore
said, or if tbey shall be driven away from the
. oils by violence or inlim:dation, til the votes
polled at such election district may bo rejected
by any tribunal trying a contest onder said elec
tion : Provi-tfH. That no person signing the pe
tition .hail be appointed an overseer.
Sue. 12 If any prothonotary. clerk, or the
deputy of either, or any other person, shall affix
the seal of office to any naturalization paper or
permit the same affixed, or give out or eiuse or
permit the same to be given out. in b'ank. where
by it may be fr luduleuu v used, or furnish a nat
uralization certificate to any peison who sbttll
not have been duly examined and swern in onen
court. in lb." presence of some of the judges there
of, according to tbe act of Congress, or shall aid
in. connive at. or in any way permit the issue of
any fraudulent naturalization certificate. he shal!
be guilty of a high misdemeanor ; or if any one
shall fraudulently uso any such certificate of nat
uri'lizatinn. knowing that it was fraudulently is
aned. or shall vote, or attempt to vote, on any
certificate of naturalization not itsuel to him. be
shall be guilty of a hih u,is.:ti;eanor; and ei
ther or any of the persons, their aiders or abet
tors guilty of either of the misdemeanors atore
said, shall, on conviotion be lined in a sum not
exceeding one thousand dollars and tmprisonei
in tbe proper penitettiary for a period not ex
ceeding three years.
sec 3. Any person who on oa"h or Jjrov:on
in or befjro any curt in this Sta-e. or ota jer aa
thorired to administer oaths, shall, to procure a
certificate of imturiiiizatinii. for himielf or any
ntlier carson. wilfully depose, dec j re. cr afH.-tn
auy matter to ha fact, knowing the lima to ba J
falso or .hall in lito mannor deny any tnattor to j
OC fact anoniLg tut batne to uo irua.sauti di pun
tvot perjury; and any cerr.ficate of naturaliza
tion issued in pursuance of any such deposition,
aeolaration or affiraia;ion shall be null and void ;
and it shall be the duty or tiie court is-uing the
suie. upon proof being uiaoe be:ore it that it was
fraudulently oltaiacd lo lake immediate mea
sures for recalling tbe sme lor cance lation, and
any person who shall vote, or attempt to vote, on
any paper so obtained, or who iball in any way
aid in. or have any agency whatever in the issne,
circulation or use ol auv fraudulent naturaliza
tion certificate, shall be deemed guilty of a mis
demeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall un
dergo an imprisonment in the penitentiary for
not more than two years, and pay a fine of not
more than one thousand dollars, for every such
offence, or eiicer or bo.h.ai tbe discretion of tha
bee. 14 Any assessor, election cfser or person
appointed as an overeeer, who shall neglect or
refuse to perform any duty etjoined by this act.
without leasonable or legal cause. shall be subject
to a pssnalty of one honored dollars, and if any
assessor shall assess any person as a voter who is
not qualified. or shall lefuse to assess any one who
is qualified, he shall be guilty of a ml.leroenor
in offioe. an on conviction be punish! by fine or
imprisonment, and alto be subject to an action
for damxges by the partv aggrieved ; and ir any
person shall fraudulently alter. add to. deface or
destroy any list of voter made out Hreetea ov
hfs act.: or tear down or remove the same from
the plaee where it ha been fixed, with frauda'
lent or m achevioua intent, or tj any improper
purpose, the person so offending shall be guilty
of a high misdemeanor, and on eonviotion shall
he i anished by a fine not exceeding five hundred
dollars or Imprisonment not exceeding two year
or both, al Ihe discretion of Ihe conrt
Sue. 15. AH elections for city, ward, borough,
township and election officers shall he-carter be
held en the second Tuesday of October, subject te
all the provisions of tbe laws regulating the elec
tion of such officers not inconsistent with this act;
the persons elected losocb offices at (hat time shall
take their places at tbe expiration of tbe tetms
sf the p suns holding the same at the time of
such election: but no election for tbe office of as
sessor or assi.tant assessor shall be held under
Ihis act until the year ne thousand eight hun
dred and aeventy.
Skc, Id At a'll elections hereafter held tinder
the laws of this commonwealth, tbe polls shall be
opened between the hour of six and seven e
clonk, a m.. and c'oe-.d at seven p. zn.
Sec. 17. It -he'l b Ihe duty of the Srcrefary
of tbe Comm. in wealth to prepare forma for all
the blanks made necessary by thi ect, and fur
nish copies ot tha same to tho eounty crtmmisaiOB
ers of the leveral countfes of tbe ommonweatth;
aud tbe county cotnini'S'.eners of each county
shall, as soon as may ba necessary after receipt of
the same, at the proper expense of the coiraty.
prnenre and furnish to all tbe election districts ot
tbi fr re-peetive counties copies of such blanks. in
such Quantities as may be rendered nceessiarj for
the discharge of their duties under this act.
Sec. 19. That citizens of this Ptnte tempora
rily in the service of the Stale or ot the United
States governments on clerical or other duty. and
who do not vote where thus employed, shall not
he thereby deprived of tho riht ta vote in tbeir
several alejtion districts if othernne duly quali
fied. rROCL-AirATftiN.
To the County Commissioner and Sheriff
of the Cuuittij af Cleirji: !d :
'.VlIERF-aaj. Tlie Fitteent b AnTnrlmcnt of
the Constitution of the L'niteii tflafes is as
follows r
.Srmox . The rightof citizens of the U
nited .States to vote -shall not be tlenied or
abridged by the United States or by any
i?:ate, on acMunt of iaee, color, or previous
condition of servitude.
Sec. 2. That C-irrrress shal hate power
to eiifoice this article by appropriate) legis
lation. And whereas. The Congre of the Unt
.ted State on the 31 -t day of March, 1S70,
poased an act entitled. "An act to enforce
the right of citizens of th: United States of
this Union, nnd for other purposes," the
first and secoud aection ot which are as lol
lov. a ;
SWTtov 1. fie it enncted hi the Senate,
and House of Jieprtscntn fives nf the United
States of America, in ('ontrexs assemble)!.
That alt citiieiot" the United States) who are
or .-hall lie otherwise qualified tovote at any
election by the people in any State, territory,
restrict, eounty.city, parish, township, school
di.sirict, municipality. or other territorial sub- -division,
shall be entitled and allowed to vote
at all sueh elections, without, distinction of
color, race, or previom condition of servi
tude ; any consiituiion, law, custom, usage,
or regulation of any State or Territory, or
by or under its authority, to tho contrary
Skc. '2. And be it further enncfe.d. That
if by or under the authority of the constitu
tion or law, of any State, or the laws of any
territory, any act is or shall be required to be
done as a pre-rcquisite or f-ialiiieation for
voting, and by Much Constitution or laws
pjrsons or officers are or shall Ixi charged
with the performance of duties in furnishing
to cities an opportunity to perform nueh
pre-requisites. or lo become qualified tovote
it shall be the duty of every such person and
officer to give all citizeus of the United
States the same and eq ial opportunity to
perform such pre-requis-ite, and to become
qualified to vote without distinction of race,
col r. or previous condition cf servitude;
and if any such person or officer shall refuse
or knowingly omit to give full effect to this
section, he shall for every such offence, for
feit ami pay the sum of five hundred dollars
to the person aggrieved thereby, to be re
covered by an action on the case, with full
cost and Htich allowance lor counsel fee ai
the court shall deem just, and shall also, for
every such offence, be deemed guiky of a
iiiiJetiieai)(r, and sha.'l, on conviction
thereof, be fined not less than five hundred
dollars, or be imprisoned not less than one
month and not more than one year, or both,
at the discretion of the court.
And Whereas. It is declared hy the
second section of VI. article ol thr Consti
tution of the United States, that "This Con-s-it'oion,
and the laws of the United Slates
which shall be made in pursuance thereof,
-ihall be the su pre 'lie law of the land, . .
. . anything in the Constitution or laict
of any St'tte to the contrary notwithstand
' r
And WilEitEAS. The L-gislature of this
Commonwealth on the 6th day of April,
1ST0, passed an act entitled "A further sup
plt meut to the act relating to elections in
this Commonwealth." the tenth -section of
whiMi provides as f .'lows :
Sec. 10. That bo nuch of every act of
Assembly as pruttiea that only white free
men shall be entitled to vote or bo regi-stcred
as voters, or as claiming to vote at any gene
ral rr special election ot this commonwealth,
be an 3 the same is hereby reoealed j and
that Lercal'ter all freemen, ithout distinc
tion of color, shall bo enrolled and registered
according to the provisions of the first sec
tion of the act approved the lTlli day of
A di il. I SCO, entitled "An act I'urther sup
plemental to the act relative to the elections
of this Commonwealth." nd shall, when
otherwise qualified under existing laws, be
entitled lo vote at all general and special
elections in this Commonwealth."
And Whereas, It is my curst it niinnal
and oliicia! dutv "to take etire that laws be
i'aithiul v executed ;" and it has come to my
knowledge that sundry assessors aud regis
ters of voters have refused and are refusing
to ascess and register divers colored male
ci'izens of lawful age, and otherwise quali
fied as electors :
Xoic therefore, in considerations of the
premi.se-', the County Commissioners of said
county are hereby notified and directed to
instruct the several Assessors a tid Registers
of voters thereof to obey and conform to the
requirements of said constitutional amend
ments nd laws ; and the Sheriff of said,
county is hcrehv authorized and required to,
pitbii.-h in his Election Proclamation for the.
ensiiii!" elections the herein recited eoasti
ttitii'ttr.l atnfn linent a.?t of Congress, d
act ot Legislature, to the e.id that the saru
mav le known, execute,! and obeyed ty lf
assessors, registers of voters, election offi
cer,, and others; and that the rights and
titivik'g"s c'larsnvpd therein m?y be secur
ed t all citizens of the Commonwealth en
titled to the same.
(Jiv-n 'tnrl"r Tny nsni and hrc great
1 1- S. 1 seal of the S-afe. at HarVr-'nre, the
day and year first aVore written.
sttest: JOIIV W. GEART.
F. Jo- pas. See. ef Cotnmo'.nerath.
all persons, except Justices of the Peace, aba
shall hold any cf? jo or nvpeintment of Wear, en
der the government of the United Kratee or of
this State, or of any incorporated diatsiot. wheth
er a commisiii me.l officer or otherwise, a, subardj.
nate officer or agent who is Mia! be employed)
unJer the Le-'islative. Executive or Judicial de
partm&lta of ''this State or United. States, or any
city or incorporated district, ajid ajse that any
motnber of Congress and of tbe Mat. fg-latw...
or of the common or select ooancil of any city .or
commissioner of aey Incorporated district, are by
law ioeapeble of holding or exerctsing. at the
saute time, the enVoe or appointment of Judge.ln
soector or Clerk of any election of tht Common-
"'"I'd the Return Ja.lx or th xexf.eetive ui
tricts aforesawt are requested to meet at tlie Coort
house, in the B-jroagu ot Cle.rfield. on tbe First
Friday next after tbe said Second Tuesday of Oo
tober.'then and there to do thoe thing, required.
GIVES onder my ban! and seal, al Clearfield,
this Fenrteeuth day of September, in toe year of
our Urd one t bontand eight hood red and seventy,
and of the Independence iftheUrited State. th
ninety ftrurth, CY.RESU3 HOWS, CdetlS.

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