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gpe aimauV gomvial, car1cfb; a., cptenkx 28, 1870.
a'uftmun'! Journal
KAKFIELD, I'A., SEPT. 23,' 1870.
Tj PvtkoSS. T insure the safe trsTitmasston
,.- Bn ty mail, patrons should remit by cheek
, j ti-ofitr, or hive their letters registered,
'i'ri ' cnc,"?c'1 in tlle firit paper after
:,c m-iiev comes to baud:
X. E. Summer Arrangement.
'JnilTr -'ID leaves Tyrone at
Arrives at usceoia ai : :
' J'hiiipsburg at
Clearfield at :
Triiti leve Clearfield a :
Arrives Ski Philipsburg at
Osceola at : :
Tyrone at : :
" L'ellefonte at :
Lock Haven at
' W iiliamsportat
: 10 35 a.m.
: 11.00 a. in.
: 125 p.m.
: 2. TO p m
: 3 40 p. m.
: 4 00 p. m
: 5.30 p. m
: 8.1 p. m.
9 50 p. m.
: 10.50 p. in.
Accommodation Train.
? cicarnsi 1 at : : : : : : 7.00 a.m.
Arrives at l'Hlipsburg at : : 9 40 a.m.
Osceola at : : : 10.25 a. m.
Intersection at : : 10Sp.ro.
Tyrone at : : : : 1 20 p. m.
':.-sT'ro' leaven WiHiatrsport at 8 00 a. m
rr:vr s at Lf ck Haven at . : 10 10 a m.
i;c!!itonte : : : 11.40 a ru.
Intr.-r ectlon at : : l.OSp. ru.
:..'colaat : : : : 2 4 p. m,
Puilit.sbdcg at : : 3 35 p.m.
Clearfield lit : : : 6.00 p. m.
C!.- -e o.
nr-rc'ions iie at lyrone witn trains
- V.'c-r r.n the Maine Line.
rertrs leaving Clearfield at 2.30 p. m., reach
:i.,iii.-r crt tt 10.50 p. m. the same day.
tijer;'-! iving itliatnaport at8 00 a.m. reach
irfieM a " ", j p in. the same day.
I! f.i. ;'.!' Pivine services will be held
n.xt S d-bath, ii Cionrfiold, ad follows:
K, ll.;v. Hail, in .-ft. AuJrcvr's Episcopal
cl-uiV., at 1 1 A. Yi. and 7 P. M. Sunday
t ! .1 ;: 3 P. M. l'rayer lr.eetlns every
Vedae-da? evening -it 7 o'clock.
i;y U-v. iiutler.in thi Presbyterian church,
, .. .'i,r.z nod evening. Sabaath school at
I '. l. l'rayer meeting every Wednesday
v:tl''; a. I 7 clock.
): tic. J. 11. M'Cord, in-tha Methodist
eVii-'-'i. inorninsr and c-venintr. Sabbath
r ;,....) tt 'i A. 1. Prayer meeting, every
T! -n;--';iy at 71 P. M. Communion services
j -r Sabbath of cverv month at 10j A. -M.
Sr. .i:-W church Mas- at 10-1 A. SI.,
! j -.-.-.ni and fourth Sundays of each
:?!.e-j.'o. V2 F peer's Revolving
ji.t Atiib.rr.eitc coal stove and pipe, near
pi w. For further information apply to
.:nrv K. S:v.ler.
Fni an elegant stock of Fall Dress Goods
t:.. ladies should not fail to examine the in-V'.i;c-oei.ed
this week a (J. KratzerAt Son's,
f-'-je-.m 1 Street, Clearfield, Pa.
i: pe-iple should bear in mimT that all
i:!i. township, and election officers are
i n the second Tuesday of October.
i 'l,- for the several officer should be
- at :n early day as possible, and tickets,
e 1 aetvr.liiiV-y-
:i::tKL Sronv. Hunters down ia the
y .if l'lietei arc ahead aj fur as heard
i. The papers pro.'iatm and therefore
i be o of one Martin i?. Esh'.envin,
wlii'u gunning, spied a squirrel thro'
!iick leaves above hi in some one run
;kiJ forty feet. II j took ai:n au-1 to
rjat. astonishnient found he had killed
s x uvy squirrels.
If it had been a ood
)r squirrels, tlure i no teliiu ho.v
, lie would have kill-'d.
C ;";;xs ('( n.i.ArsK. The-e a'.oniina-
: i.ave ha I til Jir day, a;il frlz"'.lc 1, f..v
a K cf mon-striMss s'ze are about to
w -ay to smooth phtits, which are ol-
! to liang down the bai.-k, a la Chinoc,
however, this difference, that the
:-c- w.-ar ci:!y o::e tail, while our fa.-h-ai-Ie
la He s---rt twi. One oi the res-;-ar!'ii.-1
for retiring the ehioni in iis
;' i; :!.ut it ma le the ha.l-i of some of
i in o:;ts who sjmrtc'l it, a ;;tt!e
!y -haii vra" a'to-jcther agreeable.
lly.. Archibald Thomas, an old and
: i-eiicj citizen of Philipsburg, committed
! at lhat' place on Friday last. Mr.
i 'Mas was alone in hi shop at the time,
u;.l wa- preparing for a hu.it the next
The weapon used "ras a Hiot gun
;r.'--l with io ir tmck-iiot. The load en-
i ' i sue n.'tit ti uinie, oue a:i l a nail melius
-..ve the right ear, and made its exit at i
( i'-it tetiiple. abiuit three inches above
: :.- e-.r. Death ensued immediately.
1; lca t-s a wife and seven children, in
;. irrate 'Ir.'um-.tanees, to mourn his sud-:-
m:::p.is Accihent. On Slonlay a-v.-.
k. wh:; Sir. S. II. Wallace. Sup't of
d.e t . ! ai Coal company, accompanied
i y hi- wu riding out in a carriage near
la. the hor-e became frightened and
riia.cT. tli o'.vi::- both the oceupanU out of
t v. i,..'.. w;tJ j-i-eat. force resulting in a
;; :i!ii i did.H-.-tiioii of Slrv. V"s right
'..i Av. the bones being forced out through
t'.e 2, -h on the under part of the arm. The
i' jury is a very serious one, but hopes are
entenained that the arm can be saved. The
i !:: at. at last accounts, was cetting along
w.-l! as could be expected, considering the
:re i.f her injuries.
A Xi -EpitESKNT. On Friday last, Mr.
A If. .over, of Pike township, presented
' ajq '.. :, for which we return our
' ' 'hi; apples are of the twenty
' van-'ty. I pon placing them into a
t ! uii-i uiea-ure, we found that 19 filled
': 1 !;-d full ihe lightest of the number
' :.!, 15 ounces and the heaviest 2
' 1 hese arc certainly the largest ap-
! - w. have seen for years, and are haid
'' i eat.
,: friend, Mr, Joseph Winerj', of
' '' ' !' t.-wiiship. also Uh at our office on
;t. a l-Rskvt cf most excellent eat
's. for winch we tender bin: our
(' 'E The summer of l:sTO is among
!.tns that wen, and but little regret
i- ii.atef.-.',.,! at "its faking off." It will
' t- I. 'i;ii-mbered on account of its tin
i '''-ieiited In at. its terrific thunderstorms,
in 1 i: heavy reeord oi". casualilies from
' -,-t'-..l.e ami lightning to say nothing of
i's ia I'lum nriyii of the most unnecessary
"id iii'.t bloody warofmoilern tiuies. I-t
hoj.f that the tiittiimn just begun .may
".,:iK" a '': record, and that it may con
,ir''i'' throughout to be as pleasant as it is
' '-'av. that health, peace and prosperity
' '' ( its rnlitig eharaeterit;.e in our 'own
' ; '' 1 that ere it tc.miuafes the " war
4 " i-;li:it are t;ow dliieinT Europe in a
of b.Mj. iay be in the deep bosom of
'! '-' 1 buried.
The School Directors of Pcnn township
want five teacher. See advertisement.
Change of Puoi-rietors. By refer
ence to our advertising columns, it will be
seen that Sir. Eii Bloom, has taken charge
of the "Susquehanna IIou3c," Curweusville
Pa. Eli is a good, clever fellow, and' will
make an excellent landlord. Give him a
Godey's Lady's Book. The October
number cf this favorite magazine is ready
for delivery ; and is full of beautiful illus
trations, fashions, and instructive readiu?
tuatter. Every lady should have a copy.
Price $ 3 a year. Address L. A Godey,
Children's Hour. The October num
ber of this lively little sprite has made its
appearance on our table, bright and cheer
ful as a Slay morning. Its amusing and
instructive pages are hailed with delight by
the children everywhere. Price $l.i!5
year. Address T. S. Arthur & Sons, Phil
New Goods. The new Dry Goods at C.
Kratzer & Han's, Second Street are attract
ins much observation, and comprise the
most desirable styles and fabrics. They
have just received a Jargc stock of new
goods and are prepared to dispose of them
at the lowest prices. Call at Kratzer' 8 be
fore you purchase elsewhere.
To ti?e Citizens of Ci.eahfei.d. A. I.
Shaw would respectfully inform the citizens
of Clearfield and vicinity, that he has just
opened the largest and b?st assortment cf
Tooth, Hair, CI tt" ami Flesh brushes, and
Combs of all description, ever offered ic
this county. Persons wishing any of the
above nam Oil articles should call and esaui
ii.c liis fctovk, as he is satisfied that he. .can
render entire
tialaction. Prices moder-
Tiik Cominu Concert. The Clearfield
Cornet Baud wish to state to the citizens of
Clearfield and vicinity that they intend
giving a first class entertainment, having
engaged the services of the Philipsburg
Silver Cornet and String Bands, !i' the
Philiibarg Dramatic Association have
consented to contribute to the evening's en
tertainment, and the Bmid-i feel confident
that they can give full satisfaction. They
promise the eitizens a rich treat. Admis
sion 50 cents. Children under 12 years, "o
Base Bali.. A ma'ch game was j.hiyed
on Saturday, September 24th, 1S70, be
t'feiirhe llieLorvfi, ol Kvlertown, and Ku-
rekas, of l'hi'iii'iiurg. on the grounds of
the latter. The fjllowiiii g is the yeore :
(ii-korys, O K Eurokas, O It
U.Merreil, 3 5 Shiirer, 3 3
Urcnuer. 2 5 June,-. 2 4
ISsllenbaek, 4 3 M-iJirk, 4 2
I!. Merrult, 3 4 .Myers. S 4
Knox. 4 A.iain, 2 4
Oeviney, 4 3 Kuliella S3
Levy. 2 5 Ituiik 4 3
Snyji-r. 2 3 Jaekon, 4 2
jchoonover, 4 4 Crane, 2 2
Tnt.-, 27 3 Total, 27 27
Icnia--s t 2 3 4 5 6 5 8 9
Hirkorra i i ' 3 1 rt 0 3 8 ?A
JC'jrukas 0 o 7 9 0 7 0 'lll
Cuipire Mr. filoni-i. i
tcui-erd M. Johiiyiri. A. J:rcl:son.
The Teaehei-i' la-titui.e will be held at I
ClcsrQelJ. e.vam-uiii ' bu thj I'jth
of Oc-
tuber. The exercises will be of the
ititerc.-tinir cliaracter, and from present in
dic.itioni tiiij Institiite will be tile largest
ytt held. Ai dresses and lectures will be
delivered bv Ex Governor U'gler, J.' I'.
Mcl'nal'y. E-q., T. II. Murray, Esq., Win.
SI. M-Coll msli, Evq., Hev. J. II. SlcCord,
Prof. J. Hart, IVof. J. V. Montgomery,
F. W. A. Shahz, Esq., and ethers. Pa
pers and reports will be read upon the fol
lowing topics : lt. Importance of a cor
rect Pi ioiary E Juration. 2.J. The duty of
the teacher. 3d. Importance of a regular
attendance at School. -S'.h. How slut!! our
scriools oe maue more popular
and useful.
5th. Relation of Teacher and Text book
education, o.h. Motives of Study. 7th.
The several reports read.
Three Grank Concerts. Our citizens
and visitors to the comming Fair, will cn-
j joy a rich mtisieal treat by attending the
concerts of the Hayes Quartette Club, of
Philadelphia, to Lc given iir the Court
House, on Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day evenings, October 12th, l.'Uh, and 1-lth.
Wherever they have given concerts they
ha'o received highly complimentary notices,
and they rank among the best singers in
the country.' One single piece of music,
which is upon thrir programme for Thurs
day night, was sung by Sirs. Hays for one
hundred and fifty nights in Philadelphia at
the exhibition of Bain's gnul Panorama of
the Pilgrim. When not sung voluntarily,
it was ai ways called jer by the audience.
The entertainment will be sufficiently varied
between humorous, sentimental and moral,
to pleae the tastes of all.
Tickets 25 cents. Reserved seats 50
eentf, to be secured at the Post Office, A.
I. Shaw's, Hartswick & Irwin's. R. SIos
sop's, and at the door, at any time previous
to the concert.
Arrangements' Completed. The work
upon the new buildings, and other improve
ments, on the grounds of the Altooua Park
Association, will be completed in a day or
two, and all things reaJx for the reception
of sto:k and articles, and the opening of
the Exhibition. The new building is ,10
j feet wide, 80 feet long, 12 feet high to the
square, cuib roof , covered with slnn
g!es, and well floored. It will tc much
heifer lighted than the other buildings, and
is intended specially for ladies' work, paint
ings, and fine articles. The construction of
this building gives almost double the amount
of room the Association had last year, con
sequently there will be less crowding of ar
ticles, and all will be 'exhibited fo much bet
ter advantage.. -, . . .
A train of passenger cars will be run be
tween the depot, in front of the Logan
House, and the : grounds, every half hour,
during the continuance of the Exhibition.
The driving course is in excellent condi
tion and in constant ue quite a number
of horses ent-jred for speed being uow in
ttrj stables, on the ground, as also nthera
that are under training. The Exhibition
opens Oct. 4th, and closes Oct. 7th.
Arthur's Homr SIaoazine. This ex
cellent monthly. for October, is out, and is
full of good things. The reading matter is
highly interesting and the illustrations most
beautiful. Price 2 a year. Address T. S.
Arthur i ooos, Phila.
Quarterly Meeting. The third quar
terly meeting for Curwensville SI. E.
Church, will be held on Sunday, October
0th. Preaching and the Lord's Supper in
tha morning. An address to Sabbath School
an'Mrienda at 2 o'cloek, P. SI. Preaehin
in the evening. Rev. J. S. SIcSIurray,
Presiding Elder, will officiate.
On September 4th, by Josrab Ev
ans, Esq.. at l he residence of the bride's
parents,' Sir. David Hell, of Bell town-
'reace township, this county.
At Clover Hill, in Lawrence township,
on Thursday, September yt h, 1S70, James
J., son of Wilson P. and Martha C. Tate,
aged 8 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.
"I take this little lamb, said he,
And lay it in my breat ;
Protection it shall find in mo,
In me be ever blest. ,
''Death may the hands of life unloose,
But can't dissolve my love ;
Millions of infant souls comj oso
The family above.
"His words the happy parents hear,
Aud shout with joys Divine :
O Savior, all w have and are,
Shall be forever thine."
On Friday, September 23d, 1S70, Law
rence township, Sauaii, wife of Amos Read,
aged fiS years, 11 months and 11 days.
The RiPTSVAS'a Jotkmal is published ob Wed
nsday at S2.00 pel annum in advance. If not
paid at the beginning of th year. S2.50 will be
'harmed, and S3.00 if not paid before the close.
AnrKRTiSKMKKTS willbe inserted at $1,50 per
square, for three or less insertions Ten lines
(or less) counting a square. For every additional
insertion 50 cents will be charged. A deduction
will bo made to yearly advertisers
No subscription taken for a shorter time than
sixmonths. aud no paper will be discontinued un
till ail arrearages are paid,except at the option ol
the publisher. S. J. KOW.
"Y"OTICE. TIavins purchased the interc-
of J. A. Blattenbcrcnr. 1-ls.i.. in thi lint
sines heretofore carried ou under tho firm name
of J. A Ulattonleyer iV Co., the same will be con
ducted horyiifter unJer the name cf Jlotbanuon
Land and Lumber Co., (SJtorep
U. il SllILl.IN'tiFOKD. J0I1X LAWS11E.
President. tfnp't.
May 11. '70.-tf.
-- The best Double Thread .Machine now
in u?o will be old lowur than anv other machine
finished in like manner, and doing the same
r'irjr of work. Machines can be seen at the store
of Thompson A Co., Curwensville, or at the resi
dence of tho undersrsned'
lewis c. rr.ooM.
May 1 1, l-79.-.-:ai. L loom's Bridge.
Fairbanks, Morse & Co.,
M 30-Cm. 102 Second At . PitUburg. Pa.
1 Ann West fall, deee-iseil. Whereas.
Letters 'f etiiincntar.v on Ihe e?it:ite of Ann
Wrstfill, late of Chest township, deceased.
loiro boen'irrantu! to the nnder.sicued. All ner-
sons indebted to the said cstato are requested to
maKe iminedinto payment, and those having
claims nxinit the same will present thein, duly
autucnticatea, tor settlement
il. ii. HtniD.
August 17. lS70-Gt.p. Execntor.
ters of Administration on tho estate
of Jb'xe Williams, late of liocearia town'p. den'd.
having been granted to the uinlersiiicd. nutii?e
is hereby given that ail pernons indebted to aid
estate are required to makp immediate payment,
and trvtt? having claim n iruinM the same wilt pre
sent lfieui, roper!y autlien'icated fur settlement
August 17. 137J-Ct jr- Admistrators.
are constantly replenishing their stock of I'rujrs,
Medicines, ie. School books and Stationery,
including the Osgood a -id 'National scries
of readers. AIjo Tjba-co and Ci
gars, of the best quality, aud at
the lowest prices. Call and see.
Cfcaraeld, "v 10, IS09
WOOL CARDING. The undersigned,
proprietor of the Union SI ills, in Union
township. Clearfield county, would inform the
public i hat he is prepared to card wool, on rea
sonable terms and in a workmanlike manner
Persons having wool to carl should attend to it
iiumediatly. as the fertory wil I be closed afler
September 1st. Wool intended for carding can
be left al R. Mossop s ol C. Kratzer'a. in Clear
field, and I will take it away and return it when
Jun. I.IS70. J R. ARNOLD.
Tbo undersigned begs leave to inform bis !d
and new customers, and the publie generally,
that be b.-.s fitted op a new OLN SHOP, en the
lot on the corner of Fourth and Market streets.
Clearfield, Pa . where he keeps constantly en
band, and makes to ardor, all kinds ol Guns.
Also, guns rebored and rcvaraished, and repaired
neatly en short notice. Orders by mail will re
ceive prompt attention.
, June , ls6i. JOHN KOOKE.
-- Main St.. Curwensville, Pa.
Having leased for a term uf years the nbove
well krown and popular Hotel (formerly kept by'
Mr. Mason, and lately by Mr. Fouls), and having
newly refitted and refurnished it, the present
proprietor feels assured taat be can render entire
satisfaction to guests S' journing with him. A tine,
large stable and yard is attached, for (be care n:J
pruiection of horses, carriages and wagons. A
ihare of patronage is solicited
May 47J-1 y J A ). DRAUlKEB. Prop ' r.
rp n J
GEOKUE N. COLCL'KN, :::::: PioritiETOR
Tbis bouse was lately completed and just open
ed to the public is ui-wly iurnifhed.and provided
with al 1 the modern improvmours of a first class
hotel. It is plMitly located, in the business
pari of the town, and near to the publie build
ings. A share of patronage is respectfully solic
ited. Charges moderate. The bestof Liquors in
the b.-r. March 30 '79-tf.
(Near the Tiailrend Depot),
Heed StreetClenrficM, Pa." '
G. D. GOODFELLOW : : : : : Proprietor.
A new first class Rotef in every respect com
fortable rooms all the modern improvements
the best of Liquers prompt atti-ulnee. and rea
sonable charges. The patrenage of the public is
respectfully aeliuited. j''"rt'
XTAIL A 6PIKES thecbeapeit in the ccunty
. Opposite the Jail.
Monnments, Grecian Tombs. French Conches.
Mantles, Table Tops. Washing Ranges. Harden
Statuary. Terra Cotta Ware, ot ever description,
Head and Foot Stenes, of New and beautiful de
signs, all of which we offer at city prices, or 25
percent leas than any other establishment in this
county. Having a lare experience in the busU
ncss, we guarantee satisfaction ip all casta. Or
ders thankfully received and promptly Clied' in
the Lit workmanlike manner.
May 11, 1S70 -tf. Watson, Agent.
MISS H. S. SWAN'S, School for Girh,
Clearfield, Pa.
The Fall Term of Fouxteea weeks will com
mence oa Monday, September 5th, 1370.
Reading. Orthography, Writing, Primary
Arithmetie and Primary tieugraphy, per
term, (of 14 weeks I. $7 96
History, Ixical and Descriptive Geography
with Map Drawing Grammar, Montal
and Written Arithmetie, g 08
Botany, Geology. Physielogy, Natural Phi
losophy, Physicul kiuograhy. Algebra,
- Rhetoric. Etymology acd Latin, 12 00
Oil Painting, (2t lessons), 12 es
Monochromatic Drawing, 10 6J
Crayon, " 6 03
Pencil Drawing, (no extra charge).
Instrumental Mu.-ie. (30 Us"iisl, 14 10
W'ax Flowsrs and Fruits, with materials, at
teacher's charges.
For full particulars send for Circular.
Clearfield, August 17, Is7-ly.
Tbe AMICABLE i.-fiies all approved forms of
Life Policies. Endowment and Annuities.
An ample cajdi capita), securely rnvestcl, and a
system of business wlih o(frs every advantage
to the iirsurer.aompatioie wilh safety to the Cum
pnv, are features which connaemf tiie Auicablb
to the confidence, of tlie public . ;
The officers and directors are known business
men. whose character and standing are sufficient
guarantee of honorable ami judicious management
of tho Company's afiairs
. tCi, , aiiu:.
rni:iry days grace run rAVMEvr
A: lJ EA.
JOSEPH HOXIE. 1'residcr.t.
E. DWIGHT KENDALL, Vice President.
J. F. It. IIADbEN", Secretary.
II. G . PI PFAliD, M.D., Sledioal Examiner.
W. M. TWEED. Jr , Counsel.
WJi. TI CKER, Clearfield. Pa.,
Aent for Clearfield cou"nty.
T.J. DOVER, M. D..
Medical Examiner.
C. BARRETT. General Agent for
Clearfield, Centre, Jefferson. Clarion and Elk Co's
P. K. W E1TZEL, Sup't of Agencies,
Wiiliuuisport, Pa. .
August 17, 1770-lm-pd
AV. I. Alexaxhek, M. D.,
Keeps constantly on hand an assortment of
DTE STUFFS, &c., &o.
'lis 5tck of Jfruyfl is pure and fresh, and ensto
uicr5cm rel upuu getting the bestof everthing
in hifl line.
Hair Tonics, Cosmetics, Eriislios,
Toilet Soaps, Combs; PocLct
Hooks, Pens, Inks, Pen
cils and l'aj)er,
nnd a ceneral assortment of Ibis class of goods,
arc all of the very Lest quality and latest styles.
For Medical purposes only,
GIjss. Putty. Lubricating Oils, Ac , to suit the
wnts of ihe community.
His extensive am! well selected stock of Drugs
and Medicines enables him to fill Physicians' Pre
scriptions ou short nvitko and cn the most reason
able !crm.
Smokers and Cbcwors will find bis stoek of
Chewing a:id Smoking Tobacco. C irars. and Snuff
to consist of the very best brands in the ni-rfcet.
A share of public patronage is solicited.
Aug. 3!-3m. W.JLAI.F.XANDER.
CUILDRENSfursttvemy-five per cent less than
cost at J. SHAW A SON.
TtKY J t.U blankets
will be sold cheap
rt-f "I I f How I made it in 6 mos. with stencil
Oil "XV Samples mailed free
A. J. FlfLLAM,
.New York.
April 13-3ui.
-VJOTTCK. All persons indebted to the subscri"
j ber. are requested to oome and settle with
out delay. K. MOSSOP.
SliOES, Ladies ' and Children's custom made.
Lasting Gaiters. Kid and Carpet Slippers, Moroc
co and Glove Kid Balmoraiit. Children's Colored
Shoes, very cheap Opposilo the jail.
- K- A- iUVIN t CO.. CtirwensTille. Pa.
IlKUNES a quantity en hand and for sale at
. May 27 GRAHAM'S. -
CjALT SALT'.: A prima article of grourd a
O am salt, pat cp la patent socks, for salechea
at tne f :ci$ af R. MOSSOr.
TION Whereas, by an Act of (lie
General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pcnn a,
entitled - An act to regulkte the General Election
wi'hin this Commonwealth," it is enjoined on the
Mierifis of the several counties to give public no
tice of such election, the places where to bo held,
and the officers to be elected : Tn Kit efor b. I. CY
ltEN t:S HOWE. High Sheriff of Clearfield co.,io
herein sirr pirhie notiee to the Electors of the
eountyof Clearfield- that aG EN till A L ELECTION
will be beid on the Sf-,rf Tnr.,!uy of Oetohrr
wrt. (being the ELEVENTH day. of themontb)
at the several election districts in said county, at
which time and place the qualified voters will vote
For one person for Congress, to represent the
counties cf Erie.Warren, Cameron. Jefferson,
Clearfield. Elk, Forest and MelCcan.
For one person to represent the countios of Clear
field. Elk and Forest in tbo Ilotiso of lvopre--sentatives
of this Commonwealth.
For one person f.T Sheriff of Cl-arficld county.
For one person for Commissioner of Clearfield
For or.o person for District Attorney of Clearfield
For one person for Jury Commissioner of Clear
field county. '
Forone person for AudPor of Clearfield connty.
For one pet son for Coroner xif Clear6cld county.
The electors of the county of Clearfield will
take notice that tho said general election will be
held nt the loilowing places, v:x : -
At the Union Hotel, iu Glen Hope for Ecccaria
township. .1
At the house of Aseph Elli for Bell township.
AUhe bouse of the late James Bloom, Sen., for
Blot m township
At the houseof Edward Albert for Poggs town'p.
At the house of Jacob Pearce, foT the township
of Bradford
At the public bouse of R. W. Moore for Tirady
i At Young's Schwd House for Burnside township.
At the school house nuor Simoa Uorabaug&'s for
tie township of Chest.
At the court house for the Borough of Clear6eld-
At tho houseof Jacob Maurer for the township
of Covington.
At the bouse of I: P.Iooui, dee'd, for the llor
ough of Curwensville. i
At Centre school house forthe town'pof Decatur.
At the house of John Gregory, formerly occu
pied by Thus. Kobison. (Broadway) forthe town
ship of Ferguson.
At Congress Hill school liouio for the township
of Girard.
At the public school house for Goshen townsuip.
At the bouso of Jacob Hubler for the township
of Graham.
At the school bouse in Jancsvillc for the town
ship of Gueliith,
At the bouse of J.Wilson tor the twn'p of Huston
At the school bouse in Ansonville for tho town
ship of Jordan.
At Bridgcu's school house for the township of
At thoTurkcy Hill School house for the town
ship of Lnox.
At tho court house in the Boroagh of Clcarflcd
for Lawrenee township
At tho public school house for the borough of
At the bouse formerly oeenpied by Thomas Ky
lcr for the township of Morris.
At tbo public school hunsc for tho Borough of
New Washington.
At the public House of Mito Uoyt. for tho Bor
ough of O.-ceolu.
At the bouse formerly of Wm. W. Anderson for
tbo township of Penn
At the bouse of I. Bloom, dee'd, in the Borough
of Curwensrille for Pike township
At the hjuseof D. E. Bruhaker ftrr Union tow'p
At tho houseof Thomas Henderson for the town
fhip of Woodward.
AN ACT tcgulatiLg the mode of voting at all
elections in the several counties of this: Com
Suction 1. Be it eiinrtid by the Scnato and
House of Representatives of tho Commonwealth
ol" Pennsylvania in Genera! Asse'mbty met. and
it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same.
That the quulilied. wr4 of the several election
districts cf this Common wealth, at? all general,
township, borough and special elections. are here
by, horenfter authorized and required to vote. by
tickets, piinted. or written, or partly printed and
partly written, severally classified aj follows:
One ticket shall embraco the names of all judges
t f courts voted for, nnd to he labelled outside,
"judiciary;" one ticket shall embrace Ihe names
of tho State officers" Vi-te. fur. and bo labelled.
State;" one ticket shall embrace the names of
all county officers votod for. including oSR;;e of
Senator, member and members of assembly, if
voted for. and members of Coagres-. if voted for
and be labelled ' county ;" or.o tic&rt shall em
braco the r.am03 of all township oflieerc" voted
for. and bo labelled -tswnship ; one ticket shall
embrace the names ol all borough officers voted
for. and be labelled bo.'ough ;" and each class
shall be deposited in separate ballet boxej.
I also give official notioe to the tdeoiors f Clear
field county that, by an act nntitled' -An act fur
ther supplemental to tho act relative to the elec
tions of Ibis commonwealth,' approved April 1 7th
A. D ISli'J, it is provided ns follows: "
Skctiox 1 he it eiiaeird Ay ftirSettafr. nhd Home
of Reyreseiittiltvts 'f the Common K'eahk of Peifa
sytV'itna inGenvral .torm'Iv met.ditti it ts hereby
eitarte.l ty the- anthori ttf of the same.. That it shall
be tho duty of e tch of the assessors within this
commonwealth. on the first Mondayof June in each
year, to take up the transcript he has received
troin the county commissioners onder the 8th sec
tion of tho act of loth April, 1S34. and proceed to
an immediate revision of the same by striking
therefrom the name of every person who is known
by him to have died or removed since the last
previous assessment from the district of nfli'ic'n he
is the assessor, or whoso datW or temoval from
Ihe same shall be mad known to him and to add
to the same the name of any qualified voter wbo
shall be known to him to have moved into the
district since the last previous asfessmct-.t. and
whose removal into the same shall be or shall have
been made known to hi u. ai.d aiso the names ot
all who shall make claim to him to be qualified
voters therein. As soon as this revision is com
pleted he sha!! visit every dwelling house in his
district and mate caretul inquiry it any person
whose name is on his list bus died or removed
from the district, and if eo.to take the same there
from or whether any qualified voter resides there
in whose name is not on the list and if so to add
the same thereto; and in all cases where a name
is added to the list a tax shall be forthwith as
sessed against the person ; and tho assessor shall
in all cai.es ascertain, by inquiry, upon what
ground the person so asscs-ed claims to bo a voter
Upon the completion ol this work. i shall be the
duty of each assessor as aforesaid to proceed to
make out a list. in alpbabeiicalorder.of the white
freemen above twenty one years of age. claiming
to be qualified voters in the ward . borough. town
ship or district of which he is the ne"Or. and
opposite each of said names state whelher sai l
freeman is or is not a housekeeper; and i' be is.
tho number of his residence, in towns whero the
same are numbered. with the street. alley or court
iu which situated; ard if in a town whero there
are no nuint-ers. tlie name of the street, alley or
c urt on which said nouc fronts; also, tbc occu
pation of the person ; and where he is not a house
keeper. the occupation place of boarding. and with
whom, and if working lor another, the name of
the employer, and wrre opposite each of said
names lb eword -voier;" whereany person claims
to vote by reason of natnralizatiou be shall ex
hibit his cerlificato thereof to the assessor, unlrss
ho has beeu for av consecutive years i ext prece
ding a voter in said district; and in all cases
where the person has been naturalised, tbe name
shall be marked with the letter' N ;" where the
person has merely declared bi3 intention tn be
come a citizeu and designs to be naturalized be
fore tho next election the name ha.il bclmarked D
I ;' where the claim is to v. no by reason of being
between the ages of "2! and 2'J,s provided by law.
ttie word --age 'shail be entered ; nrd if the per
son has moved into the election district to reside
since the last general elecliou, the letter -R' pha II
be placed opposite the name. It slia 1 he the fur
tnerdntyot oach assessor cs slorcsai.l. upon tho
completion cf the duties herein imposc l.to make
out a separate list of all new assessments made by
him and the amnunt.i assessed upon each, and fur
nish the same immediately to the county commis
sioners, who shall immeiiatVly add the nnmes to
the tax duplicate of the ward, boroueh, township
or district in which they have been assessed.
t-KC. 2. On the list being completed and tho as
sessments made as alorosaid. tne same shall forth
with be returned to the county commissioners. who
shall cause duplicate oopicg of said lists, itb the
observations and explanations required to be no
ted as aforesaid, to be made not as s.oon as practi
cable and plat ed in the hamis of th-c assessor. wbo
shall prior to the first of August in each year. put
one copy thereof on the dooi of or oh the house
where the election of the respective district is
required to be held, and retain the other fn bis
possession, for the Inspection, free of charge, of
any person resident in the said election district
who shall desire to see the same; and it shall le
the duty of the said aj.-cssor to add, from time to
tunc. on the personal application of any one claim
ing the right to vote, toe name of such claimant,
aud mark opposite the name -0. ." and imme
diately asse-ts him with a tax.noting.es in all other
cases, bis occupation, residence. whether a board
er or housekeeper; if a boarder, with whom he
boards ; and whether naturalized or designing to
be. marking in all such casts the letters opnosita
tho name, -N" or -D. I.'- as the case may be; if
the person claiming to be as-essed be naturalized
he shall exhibit to tbo nsscfsor his certificate of
naturalization ; and if be claims thst bo designs
to be naturalized before the next ensuing election
be shall exhibit the certificate of bis declaration
of intention; in al I cases where any ward, bor
ougr, township or election district is dividod into
two or more precincts, the assessor shall note in
all his assessments the election precinct in which
each elector resides, and .-hail make a separate
rolurn for each to the county commissioners. in all
cases in which a return is required from him by
tbe provisions of th is act ; and the county com-mis-iioners.
in making duplicate copias of all such
returns shall make duplicate copies of the names
of tbe voters in each prc-Hnct. separately, and .
shall furn'sh the same to tbe assessor; and tbe
copies required by ibis act lo be placed on the
doors of or on tbe election places on or before the
first day ot August in each year shall be placed
on the door of or on ibe election place in each of
said precincts.
Sue. 3. After tbe assessments have been com
pleted on tbo tcnilf day preceding tbe second
Tuesday in October of each year, the assessor
shall, on the Monday Immediately full-owing,
make a return to the ci unty eommisionersof the
names of all persons assessed by'bim by the sec
ond section of this act, noting npposiio each name
rhe observations and explanations required to be
noted as aforesaid ; and the county commission
ers sbaii thereupon cause tbc same to- be- adibcd
to the return required by the second sre'ion of
this act, iud a full and correct copy thereof ' to
be made, containing the names of all persons set
returned as rcsideut uxabies in said ward, bor
ough, township or precinct, and lnrnifh tbe same
together with the netre-wary election blanks to
the officers of tbe ejection n said ward, borough--township
or precinct, on or before six o clock In
the morning c f tbe secord P acsday uf October;
and no man shall be permitted lo vole at tbe elec
t ion on that day whose upe is not on said. , list,
unless he shall u:U proqf. of Lis right to vote,
as hereinafter required. ; , . , -
fctc. 4. Oa the day cf tbe clect'on any person
wbuse tiauiejr nut oiKaiJ list, aad claiming tbe
right to vote, at i-aiil..icc'ion., snail produce at
least one qualified voter oflhr disiricl as witness
to tbe residence of tbe claimant in the district in
which "he claims to be a voter, fur tbe period of at
least ten days next preceding said election, which
w tiness shall take and subscribe a written, or
partly writien and partly printed, affidavit Ut the
facts stated by him, which affidavit shall define
eleerly where the residence is of tbe person so
! "laimii g o be ' voter ; and tbe person o claim
ing the ngnt to vole shall also take and subscribe
written, or partly written and partly printed
affidavit, stating to tho best of bis knowledge and
belief, where and when he m ai born ; that he is a
citizenol the commonwealth of PannsvlvanU and
of the United Slates; ihat b hn resided -in tbe
commonwealth one year, or 'f formcrl- a citizen
therein, and has moved therefrom, that he bas
resided therein six months next preceding said
election ; that be bas not moved into the district
for the purposti of voting therein; that be has
paid a stato or county tax within two years.which
was assessed at least ten days before said e'ec-
tion ; and. if a naturalized cil izen. shall also state
when, where and by whateourt he. was natural
ized, and shall also produce his certificate of nat
uralization fir examination;, the said nffidnrit
shall also state when and where the tax claimed
to he paid by the affiant was assessel and when,
where and to whom paid, and tho tx" receipt
therefor .-ball be produce i for examination, un
less the affiant shall state in his affidavit that it
bas been lost or destroyed, or that he never re
ceived any; but if tbe person so claiming the
right to vote shall take and subscribe an affidavit,
that be is a native hnrti citizen of the Pnited
States, (or if bora elsewhere, shall state that fact
in his affidavit, and shall produce evidence that
he has heen naturalized, or that ho is entitled to
citizenship by reason of bis father's naturaliza
tion ) and shall further stale is his affidavit that
be is. at the time ol taking the affidavit, between
the ages of twenty-nno and twenty-two yearn;
that he has resided in the State one year and in
the election district ten days next preceding such
fleation. he shall be entitled to vote, alihouh he
shall not have paid taxes: Ihe said affidavits of
all perstir-s making such claims. ard tbe affidavits
or tbo witnesses to their residence, shall be pre
served by tbe election hoard, and at tho eloe of
tbe election they shall be er-Mosed with the list
of voters, tatly list "nd other papers required by
iaw to be filed by the return judge witii the prp
thonotary, aud shall remain on file therewith In
the prothonotary 's office, subject to examination
as other election papers are ; if the election offi
ecrs shall not find ibat tha applicant or applicants
possess all tho irgal qualifications of voters, he or
they shall be permitted tn vote, and the nni-e or
names shall b" aitdcd to the list of latnh'es by
the election officers, the word tax"' being added
whore tbe claimant claims to vote on tax . and the
wor'J '-a-ge" where he claims to vote on age ; tbe
same words being added by the clerks in ea;h
cafe respectively on the lists of persons voting at
such' election
See. i It shall be lawful for any qjialified citi
zen of the district, nntwithstardinz the name of
the proposed voter is contained on tho lit of res
ident taxahles. to challenge the voe such p'rsnn:
hereupon the same proof of the right of suffrage
as is now. required by law shall be puhticiy made
and acte'd on by the election board, and the id's
admitted or rejected according to the evidence ;
every person claiming to be a naturalize! citizen
shall be required to produce his naturalization
certificate at the election hefore voting except
whero he has heen for ten years- consecutively, a
voler. in the district in which be" offers bis vote :
and on the vote of such person being received, it
shall be the duty of the election officers to write
or stamp on such certificate the word 'voted."
wi'h the t.-tonth and year; an 1 if anyelection of
ficcr or officers shall receive a second vote on
the same day. b? virtue of the same certificate,
excepling where sons are entitled tovoto'by vir
tue cf tbe naturalization of their fathers, they
and Ihe person who shall offer such second vote.
upon so offending shall be gmlty of a high misdo-N
meanor. nnd on conviction thereof, be fined or
imprisoned, or both, at the discretion of the court;
but ibe finosball not excee.l one hundred dollars
in each ease, rior the imprisonment one year; the
like punishment shall he inflicted, oa conviction,
on tbe offi rers of election wbo shall refuse or neg
cct to make, or cause to be made, the indorse
inent required as aforesaid ou said naturalization
riEc. 6. If any election officer shall refuse or
neglect to require such pfoof of the right of suf
frage ai. is prescribed by this law. or the laws to
which this is a supplement from any person offer
ing to vote whose name is not on the list of a-?s-se.i
voters, or whose right to vote is cb-O'engcd
by any qualified voter present, and shall admit
such person to vote without requiring such proof,
every person so r.ffndin;. shall upon conviction,
be guilty of high misdemeanor, and shall be Sen
tenced, for every mch offence, to pay a fire not
exceeding on hundred dollars, or to undergo au
imprisonment not more than one year, or either
or both, at tbe discretion of the court.
Sue. 9 The respective assessors, inspectors and
iu lgcsof the elections shall each have tha power
to adiniiustcr oaths to anv pa-ons claiming the
right to be ass-sscd or the right of suffrage, or in
regard to any other matter or thing required to
be done or requirad into by any of said officers
under this act ; and any wilful false swearing by
any person in relation to any matter or ihmg
concerning which they sha'l bo lawfully interna
gated by any of said ofnccrssball bo punished as
Fr.c IO The asssors shatl each receive the
same compensation for the time necessarily spent
in pelf -ru.irg the duties hereby enjnir.cd a is
provided by law for the performance of other
duties. Ci lie raid bv tlie county c'tmiDij'iiners as
in other cases; and it shall not be lawfo-l for any
assessor to assess a tax against any per.-na what
ever within ten days next (.receding the election
tn be held en the Se'-xind Tuefday ef October, fn
tny year rr within ten days nexf before anv cles
lion for President or Vice President of the I'nited
States ; any violation ot this provision shail be a
misdemeanor, and subject tba cfS.-cr so o3ending
to a fine on cor.victioa. not exceeding one hun
dred dollars, or to iinpri-or.roent not exceeding
three months or bith at the discretson of the court
Site. 1 1 . On the petition of five or mora citiaons
of t.he county s'ating un.ler oath that they rerily
believe that frauds will bo practiced at ihe elec
tion about to be held in any district it shall bo
the duty of the c-uit tf rota in on pleas of said co.
if in session. or if not . a judge thereof in vacation,
to appoint two judicious sober and intelligent cit
izens of the comity to act as overseers at said e
lection; said overseers shall be scltATted from dif
ferent political parties, whara tbe inpoeti.rs be
lorg to uiffercnt ps.rtics. aud where h- b of sni i
inspector? belong to the. same political party,
both of the oversesrs shall bo t;iken from ihe ,(j.
posile political parly ; sant overseers shall have
thr right to be present wilh the offi-'er-i of the
election, during the nbo'.o time the s no-is hold,
'the votes counted and (he returns made out and
aiffnet! bv ibe election ofli-ors; to keep a list of
Tc-tors. if ihey se-e propc.-; n: ciiallengo any per
son offering to vote, and InleiTOjrUe hiai and his
witness under oath', ii regard to his rilit of suf
frage at said e'ection. and to examine bis papers
produced ; and tbe officers of said election are
required to afford to said overseers so selected
and appointed every eonvenienceand facility for
the discharge of their duties; and if said e'ec
tion officers shall refuse lo permit said overseers
to be present and perli.tm thoir duties as afore
said, or if they shall be driven away from the
oils by violence or imim-dation. nil tbe votes
polled at such election district may be rejeoted
by any tribunal trying a contest under said e'ec
tion: Provided, i hat no person signing the pe
tition shall be appointed an overseer.
Sue. 12 If any protbouolary. clerk, or the
dtfp-uty of cither, or any other pei'aon. Uall affix
the seal of office to any naturalization paper, or
permit the same afrixed. or give out or cause or
permit the same to be given out. in blank. where
by it may be fraudulently used, or furnish a nat
uralizutiou certificate to any peison .Tbo shall
not bate been duly examined nnd sworn in open
court, in tha presence of some of tbe judges there
of, according to the act of Congress, or shall ai-l
In. connive at, or iu any way permit tho issue of
any fraudulent naturalization eeriifica'e.he sbal!
be guilty of a bigh misleuieinor ;. or if any one
shall fraudulently use any such certificate of nat
uralization, knowing that it was fraudulenily is
sncd. or shall vote, or attempt to vote, on eny
ecrtifienre of naturalisation not issue I to him. he
shall be guilty of a high misdemeanor; ar.d ei
ther or any of the per.-ons. their aiders or abet
tors, guiltv of citberof Ibe ro isdeineanors afore
said, shall oa vaiiviciiuo. bo fined in a sum nut
exceeding one tuou. anil miliars ana imp ..-onci
in the proper penitentiary fcr a porioi bet ex
ceeding three years.
Mic. I.'i. Any per.spii wbo on oath or affirmation
in or before any cmrt in li-is Sta.e, or iitjieer un
thcrized to aniniui-ler oaths, shall, to procure a
ctirlihcate of naturalization, for hiuit-oif or any
other person, wilfullv dttot-c. declare, or a&irui
any matter to be fact, kr.ottii.g tbe s..ine to be
false or sbail in like manscr --Jcr.y any uiaifer to
be fact knowing tbe same tn bo trua..-rjli be guil
ty ot perjury: and any certificate of nature!; v
tion issued iu purmiance of auy such depnsuion
aec'aratton or affirmation shall be null and void ;
and it shall bo tbe duly of ti e court iw-wug. tbe
same, upon proof being made bctoro it that it was
fraudulently obtained, to, take iaitue-fi ate mea
sures fur rocaltiug fl'sHitte'.r e.ince lation. and
any person v.bo shall vote, oratlempt to votc. on'
any paper so obtained, or ulio tball iu any way
aid in. or have any agency whatever, in tbo issue,
circulation or cse of any fraudulent i.atuTdlig i
tion certificate, shall be deemed guilty of a mis
dcmeaBur. und upon com iution tliereof. shall un
dergo an Iinprisoiriuent in the peuitrfa-tiSVy for
not nioro than two yeara. and pay a fine oi not
more than one thousand rhdl-irs: for every such
olfenee. -or-eitiier or borb.uttue discretion oi tbe
Sec: 14 Any assessor, election tfficer or person
appointed as m overseer, who sl;.ill regltct or
refuse to peiform any duty enjoined by this act,
without reasonable or legal cause shall be subject
to a penalty of one hundred dollars, and if any
assessor shall assess any person as a voter wbo is
not qualified. ur shall 'tefuse to assess any one who
is qualified, be shall heguillj of a misdemeanor
inotSce, an on convieHon be punished by fine or
inpr.aonmcut. and also be subject to an action
for damages by tbe pariy aggrieved ; and ii any
person shall fraudulently alicr.add to, dcfJu or
destroy any Let of voters made out at directed by
w,:'.-r 1tar down or ;emav'e tne same from
the pJa ;e ahere it has been fl-wcr. wilh lra i&u
lent or m schevious intent, or for any improper
PrP,0"e'th pvrsonso offending shall be guilty
of a high misdemeaiicr, and on conviction shall
be 'unisbed by a fine not exceeding five hundred
dollars, or imprisonment imI exceeding tao years
or both, at the discretion of the eourt
bat la. All elections for ci:y. ward, borough.
heM,8nh"Dd e,efi'n offers shall hereafter be
held on thesccond Tuesday f October, subject to
all the prov.sinos of , law, regulating the elec?
tioo or such officers not inconsistent with tbis act -hepersonselected
tosucb offices at that time shall
af th.r!. P b" "P'-'1"" of the te.ms
uoh Ieetin'U1 h 0,tJ,D-J1,h."-' t h. time of
br. :. 16 At all elections hereafter held nnder
tba laws of tnis commonwealth, tho polls shall be
opened betwern the boors of si, arjj
clonk, a m., and closed at eeven p. m.
Skc.17. It .hail be tbo duty ..f the Secretary
of tre Commonwealth to prepare forms f..r all
tbo blanks made necessary by tbis act, and fur
nish ..optes of tha same to the county comiuusiou
ers or the- nereral counties of tbe commonwealth;
and the coanty commissioners of each county
shall, as soon as may b necessary after receipt of
tho same, at the proper expense of the countT
procure and furnish to all the election districts of
their respective counties copies of sach blanks in
such quantities as may be rendered necessary for
the discharge of their dutic-i under this act.
Sr.r. 19 That citizens of this Stato tempora
rily in tne service of tne Mate or of the United
Mates governments on clerical or other duiv and
who do not vote where thus emploved. .hall ,i.,t
he thereby deprived of the ritil t..'-Tote ia their
vera I election ti-.tricts if otherwise July aaali-
To the (Sonnt'j ( 'iiunuistiiri'rx ir,.: Sheriff
of the County of CieorjitUl ;
Wiikreas, Tim i'ilteenlh Atner.duieiis of
the Coiintiiutioii of tbe United fc'utes i as
follow :
Sr.KTtox . Ther;.gb(orcitizoi(,f(hclT
nited .States to vote hall not be denied or
abridged by the United States, or by any
State, on recount of race, color, or previous
condition of servitude.
Sec. 2. Tbat Crudes shall have power
to erduioc tbis article- by anpropiute legis
lation. And vrtF.RKAs. The Cot-pros of tbe Uni
ted State on tbe SIs.t day of SJareli, 1ST0,
pospif an act em hied. "An etrf to rfrct
thr. riaht i, f citi'z'n of thr United States of
this Union, tuiil fur other j-nryosn," the
rirstnnd fecend ?ec;ion of wliicii are as lo!
low, :
Section f. f;r it tnacte-.l hj the Smote
anil lluuxe of Reiirrsentotirrs of the United
Stit?,i if America". j",t ConffrrsK iisxt'iuliled.
That all i-hizeaof the United States who ire
or shall be otherwise qualified lo vote at any
elect jon by the people in any S'aie. territory,
district, cotintv.cil v.tiarish. townliin. sr-'iviiil
listriet, munir-ipality.nr other territorial sub
division, shall lie entitled and allowed to vote
at all sueh elections, without disiinelinn of
color, raee.-or previous condition of servi
tude; any constituiion. law, eustom. tisa?.;,
or regulation of any Stato or Teirirr-rv, or
by or under its authority, (o the contiary
Sec. 'Z. And be it farther evicted, .That
if by or under tbc authority of the constitu
'ion or laws of any State, or the lawof any
territory, any act is or shall be rerjuired tf) be
done as. a pre requisite or qualification for
votititr, and by such Cmi-limnon or lws
persons or officers are or tsball be charir.'d
siih the performance o! dutTc:; ir turnisiiir.iT
to cities an opportunity to perform sueli
pre-requisite, or lo Lcc-iinc nullified to vol.)
it hball be tbe duty of every Mich person and
officer to 'give ail citixens of the United
States the same and equal opportunity to
perform such rr!-ri.'iiiiitj. ni w tiecoino
qualified to vote 'without distinction of nrce,
cwl ir. or previous condition of sei vitu.lo ;
and if any audi person or oftVer sball rel'us-j
or knowingly omit t r-Jve full effect to tbis
section, he shall for every such offence, for
feit and pay the sum ol five hundred dwllars
to tho person aereiieved thereby, to b re
covered by an aetion on the cse, with full
cists and such allowance for counsel fees as
the eourt sliail deem just, and ah It also, fur
every .suen offence, be deemed guiiiy of a
iiiisdeiiB'anr.r, and slrall, oTi conviction
thereof, be fined not less than five hundred
dollars, or be imprisoned not less than ono
month and not more than one year, ur both,
al tbe di .cretiiin of the court.
Ami Wiikreas. It is declared by tbe
second section of VI. article ol the- Consti
tution of the United Slates, that "Tlii Con
stitution, and the Uws of the United States,
which shall be made in pursuance thereof,
shall be the supre no law of the land, .
anyihine in f.'ie Constitution Or lnwt
of a.t.i iSViO to the contrary nottcithsttiiid-
And Whereas, The legislature of ibis
Commonwealth on the fitli day of April,
lc70, pa-.sed an aet entitled "A further stip
;b inert lo ibe act rel.it in s to electio.;. in
tbis Coti!i!i'"r.vealti." the tenth seeiion of
xhsch provides ss f llows .
."'Li. JO. That tJ much, uf every act of
Assembly at provide that only white free
men shall be entitled to vote or bo registered
as voters, or as cla'niinil to vote at any gene
ral or special election ol this coniinutiwealr b,
lie and 'be same is hereby ie eab d ; and
ihat hereafter all frees. :en, vithont distinc
tion of color, eball br-enrolled and registered
according, to the provisions of tbe lir.st sec
tion nt' t he act approved tbc I7lb day of
April. ISO".!, entitled "An act further sup
plemental to the act relative lo the election
of tbis Commonwealth," and t-hall, when
otherwise qualified tinder existing laws, be
entitled to vote at all peneral and epeeial
elections in tins Comnioiiwealt It "
Ani Whkkeas, It is my corstitutional
and oilieial duty ''Intake care ihat laws be
faithittlly executed :" and it lias enno to my
knottdi'dfe'C that sundry assessors and ren
ters of voters have refused and are refusing
to assess ami register divers colored male;
citizens cf lawful age, and otherwise quali
lieil as electors :
AW Ihrrrfore, in considerations of the
premises', ihe County Commissioners of said
couuty are hereby notified ami directed to
instruct the several Assessors and Ilcfristers
of voters thereof to obey and conlonn to f lie
requirements of said const itiltiomd amend
ments and laws ; and the Sheriff of said
county Is hereby authorized ami required to
publish in his Ml notion IVoclamation f r tint
ensuing elections tbe herein recited coirsii
tutional amendment, act of Congress, and
aut ot czis!atarc. to the end that the sam;
may be known, executed and olieyud by alt
assessors, registers of voters, election offi
cers. sd others ; and that the rights and
piivilcires guaranteed therein tn.-y be secur
ed to all citizens of tbe Common wealth en
titled to the same,
liiveti under my hand and the ?reat
l. s seal of ihe S ate. at Hai-ribiirg, the
day and year lirst above written.
F. To-'iiAX iSec. of Commonwealth.
a1! persons, except .litt'ee tf ihe Peace, who
shall hvld auy office or appoir.tii.eut of trust, un
der tbe government of Ibe United .stsio or of
tbis State, or of anv incorporate I district, whwib
er a commifaioue l tifficvr or otherwise, a sub irdi
nate officer or agent who is or'batl be employed
under iho Legislative, t-'xecn'ire or Judicial de
panmenoiof ihis State or l:ni'ed States, or any
citv or incorpoi-ted di-ir.c.t. .-.! kI-v. that .my
l,, f r.,n..re.- and of tha Stale Lei isiatuie.
i or of the comm-u or select couu n'i of auy uy . .,r
cummissionsr oi any incorpor.11.1 "i"'- '-y
law incapable of holding or exercising, at llio
same time, 'be office or app lintmei't of Judge,! 1
spector, or Clerk of any election of tbis Comm
And the Teturn Jo I'OS of tba riopccliv
tricts aforesaid are re.iue.-do 1 1 1 ioot t t1
l,.tnA. in rhn It'irotiti ot ClooCei.l
! FriJav next ifcr tbe said See in. I I r
(nhr. then and tbeie to do tho,i lb'
G LVI.N" nn.b r my band and -e- -
his Fourteculb Ja of Sieplcmb
our Lord one thousand eight he
and of tbe Independence of
ninety-fuurib. CVIF

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