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ilaflsraua s Journal.
rn AiDiroa general:
Col. DAYID STANTON, of .BeaYer.
Eon gcnreron general:
Col. EOBEST B. BEATII, of Srfroylkill.
A bad Democratic "ring" tlie"new
den.irturc riii-." It tolls the death of
the party.
Lost the ""White Man's" party.
The fimler will be liberally rewarded
upon returning the snmc to the Chair
man of the Democratic State Central
'The Philadelphia Press say?, it is
certain that the Democratic ticket can
not be elected in that city. This fact
alone insurer the success of the Repub
lican State ticket, if our friends will
but do their whole duty.
The Democracy knowing that they
are responsible for the late massacre in
New York city, are more despondent
than ever of success at the coming
elections. In fact, they feel that de
feat is their certain doom, if the Re
publicans will stand by their principles,
and poll a full vote. Let our friends
remember this.
The Chairman of the Republican
State Central Committee, in the ad
dress which we print on the outride of
to-day's paper, tersely and truly sets
forth the record of the great party of
progres.;. It is a e.ipitr.! summary of
migniSccnt reforms ccnsr.niated and
eternal principles vindicated. The po
litical history of the Republican party
fills many volumes, but no part of it
is so brilliant as the work it has done
for Humanity.
Certain journals arc making them
selves exceedingly unhappy over the
reported payment by private parties of
the amount agreed upon for a year's
lease of Samana Ray. They say it is
a conspiracy to reagitatc the San Do
mingo question. This docs not follow.
There is not a particle of evidence that
the President has any such purpose
and if he had, the whole afTair must
come fully out. Xo one pretends that
the (jjveruinent is bound by the action
of private parties.
The X. Y. Times appears to hold
the whip-h:!!i Ho in dealing with the
Democratic Mayor and Controller of
that city, as will be seen by an article
in another column. It presents an as
tounding array ot figures which bear
indisputable evidence of fraud, in the
distribution of the public moneys. Af
ter sueh a startling expose, let no one
(iiestion under which rule their inter
ests are best guarded, and forever let
Democratic journals hold their tongues
about Republican corruption.
The fight among the Democratic
leaders on account of the New York
riot, is represented as being exceeding
ly bitter. Hoffman is denounced by
II .ill and others, r.nd it will depend
ve.-y greatly whether Tammany gets
cosily out of its present diLinma wheth
er it gives Hoffman its support for the
Presidency. Hall and the local lead
ers of Tammany are exceedingly sore
th-.it their little gp.me should have been
spoiled, and resent the interference of
the Governor so far as thev dare.
General Hancock has been nomi
nated for the Presidency by a party of
gentlemen at Alum Springs, Yirginia.
The Lynchburg Virginian says this
reminds it of the meeting of the tail
ors of Tooley street, London, who re
solved that "We the people of En
gland," ie. Not exactly. "Tall trees,"
you know, "from little acorns grow"
if not stunted in their growth. And
has not Yirginia long borne the reputa
tion of being the mother of States a3
Wxdl as Statesmen and Presidents?
At no period of th" n.Iuiini-t:-;;:ion
of President Grant ms Mr. Routwcll
more fully shared the confidence of the
people than at the present writing. It
piay be said, without disrespect to his
predecfvsorSjthat no former Secretary of
the Treasury has so thoroughly entitled
himself to t?u: cw&Vflce of our people
by perfect integrity in dus discharge of
his official duties, by quiet a4 unas
suming deportment, a)j$ by sin ini)e;i
blu adherence to tLa iiraiginforward
business rules wLkli Li laid down for
himself whi'ti , .ncceptc th?-? Import
ant j-v-ition.
Democratic Economy. 1
There is a very sublimity of audaci
ty in the way the Democratic ring
which misgoverns New York defrauds
the tax-payers of that city. Its trans
actions evince not only an utter disre
gard of that homely, old-fashioned vir
tue known as honesty, but a total
recklessness of consequences and of an
outraged public sentiment. Long im
munity from punishment, clue to the
numercial strength and corrupt condi
tion of the party which maintains them
in power, has emboldened and harden
ed a set of officials never conspicuous
for integrity, and with hands thrust
deep into the public treasury they now
fearlessly pluck out millions when once
they were content with thousands or
This w holesale robbery practiced by
the Democratic government of New
York city, is being clearly shown up
by the N. Y. Times, which is pushing
the work of exposure with commenda
ble zeal. Though Controller Connolly
has refused compliance with the law
requiring reports to be made at stated
times of the city's finances, the Times
has managed to obtain transcripts from
the records, and is giving publicity to
swindles and downright thefts of the
most outragous character, in which not
only tne Controller himself and Mayor
Hall, but other members of the noto
rious Tammany Ring are charged with
participation. Among the items of
plunder mentioned in a recent article
is $So,090 charged to the city for the
rent of ten lofts ostensibly occupied
for armory purposes, but actually not
used at all ; $190,000 a year addition
al being charged for the rent of the
armories really occupied. For keeping
ten armories in repair nine months the
following preposterous sums are charg
ed :
A. J. Garvey. for plastering, $197,330 24
J. II. keyset", for plumbing, 142,3-!S 71
J. 11. Imrersoll, for chairs! 170.72'J CO
G. S. Miller, for carpenter wurk, 534,004 31
Amounting to $941,453 SO
A. J. Garvey, for plastering
and other repairs to Court
IJou-es. in 19 days in Decem
ber, IS&J: 269,027 97
Total, $1,214,031 83
It is not necessary to extend the
list. These charges are no higher than
an average of the whole, and together
comprise less than one-fourth of
those made for work performed in the ,
single month of December, 1SC9. De
cember must hereafter be set down as
a remarkably good month for plaster
ing, even in the cold climate of New
York, no matter what the previous
opinions of housebuilders may have
been; and Andrew J. Garvey is cer
tainly one of the luckiest of plasterers
if he really retained all the earnings
accredited to him for those thirty-one
days. x
Is any Democrat sufficiently idiotic
to believe that the one-hundredth part
of these sums were actually paid to
the parties named, and that the work
actually done and articles furnished
were really worth even one-half that
small fraction ? Of course not. The
other ninety-nine hundredths represent
the profits, or rather the stealings of
the ring. And yet these are only
some of the crumbs.
The whole loaves and fishes devour
ed by these cormorants at the expense
of the tax-payers amount, in many ca
ses, according to the Times, to millions
upon millions of dollars. But why
waste words in further illustrating the
preposterous nature of the robberies
perpetrated upon the people of New
York city by the Democracy who gov
ern it ?
Is it worth while to make an appli
cation of such a nianifiest lesson ? We
think not ; yet, we presume there are
thousands of voters throughout the
country who are so gullible as to be
lieve that the Democratic party, no
matter how damaging its record, is
somehow noted for purity and economy.
Let such be undeceived. The pecula
tions in New York city are but a sam
ple of the rascality of the Democratic
leaders; and should those leaders ever
get a hold on the national government
their plunderings would have no end.
Then, the only safety for the people
from the ravages of the Democratic
cormorants lies in the success of the
Republican party, whose economical
administration of our National and
State affairs, as well as municipal,
where in power, is beyond cavil or dis
pute. The gratifying announcement is
made by the Lincoln Monument As
sociation that it has been able to pay
for all the work thus far completed,
and that only four groups of statuary
arc reeded to complete the monument
in accordance with the original design.
This amount will doubtless be raised,
and the monument finished. This will
be creditable to the Association, and
indjeatf-s that even in this country a
telle enterprise can be properly con
sumated. Have we a Washington Mon
ument Association ?
A Little of EYerything.
Shoitening the days.
Flour from new wheat lias appeared.
Fortune has no power over descrtiou.
The squirrel harvest opened yesterday.
A capital letter one retaining a remit
California will harvest 20,000 gallons of
caster oil. . ''
Plenty tea parties and gossop cause
and eff ct.
Canada is the fourth maritime power in
the world.
Raleigh vouches for a pea-pod two feet
two inches long.
Stunning the ring of some of our church
going "belles."
Kissing over the gate is the popular moon
light amusement.
Prof. Jacob, of Gettysburg Seminary
died on the 22d ult.
"Tammany Commune" has swallowed up
the New Yoik cops.
Yice President Colfax has entirely recoT
ered irom his recent illness.
President Grant is not going to Califor
nia. So says madam rumor.
Wanted two loads of good timothy hay,
for which the cash will be paid.
The line of business some strorg minded
ladies take up the masou line.
Yeritiont grasshoppers have got round
shouldered chewing short grass.
"Here's what makes us wear old clothes,"
is the latest toast over a whisky "straight."
An undertaker in N. Y. without partiali
ty adrcrtised funerals for $25 after the riot.
Monissey intends according the right to
women nest year to cugage iii the play at
Why should young ladies set good exam
ples ? Because young men are so apt to
follow them.
The Republican Slate Committee have
their committee rooms at the Lapierrc House
oa Broad street.
A "moustache brigade" has been organ
ized in Clearfield. Raw recruits are con
stantly coming in.
While a Cincinnati family were at the
theatre their servant girl stole two wagon
loads of furniture.
AY hen Maryland men want divorces with
out publicity tbey take their wires out fiuh
ing and upset the boat.
Although there are no chinamen in Clear
field, yet we are blesaed with quite a num
ber of "Celestial beings."
A colored military company is on the ta
pis in Wiliiamsnort. Wonder if the "Col
onel" will drill with them?
The "luelon-cholic" season is at hand
judging from the number of green "pills"
on exhibition at the saloons.
Not many years ago women were asham
ed of false hair. Now they are ashamed to
be without it. Funny, isn't it?
An Ohio base ball club buried their catch
er because he stood too near the batter when
he was preparing for a home run.
A cntemporary advises a "new departure"
from former habits, by his delinquents. He
wants them to pay up. That's aH.
A Philadelphia hack driver drove a dead
man around for half a day and never knew
it until he wanted to collect the fare.
The atmosphere has moderated consider
able during the past week makes it ex
tremely Ziarrassing for female equestrians.
It is rumored that Hon. Wayne 31' Veigh,
of Pennsylvania, Minister to Constantino
ple, will return home shortly and resign the
Pleasant to rcceWe a shower of mud
dy water on a pair of white pants or a dress,
while standing near a house with his feci in
the gutter.
Ladies of uncertain age and matrimonial
aspirations are pently reminded that leap
year approacbeth. Another bottle of hair
dye this way.
A Jersey editor was feathered last week
for puMi.diing a wedding description in
which he said there were tight bridesmaids,
instead of eight.
Change of time. -The Express" train here
tofore arrived at 9.30, but a young lady says
it- now arrivts at the moat interesting time
How is it, Ageut ?
The Red Cloud band ot Sioux are report
ed to be getting re.idy for the war path.
Little gangs are out stealing stock to facili
tate their operations.
"I read my papers with more sitisfactioti
when they are paid in alvance." is the tea
timony of one who has tried it for years.
Others should do likewise.
Gentlemen having hip pockets in their
pantaloons, should be careful in depositing
their handkerchiefs therein. They look
j rather suspicious when the tip hangs below
the coat tail.
Philipsburg rejoiced in the first brick
pavement last week. They secin as much
pleased with it, as an old cluck is with a
single chick ; but, then, they expect Jo have
others hereafter.
Our devil says he never heard of but one
old woman "who kissed a cow," but he
knows hundreds of young women who kis
sed great calves. The poor "imp" has had
his share no doubt.
Badly fooled the chap who, on Saturday
night last, pitched pebbles and beans against
his lady-love's bed-room window. Cut the
hoir off your upper lip, and the mistress
will not so easily recognize you by moon
light, next time.
Are girls who work for a living as good
as those who pass their lime in murdering
music and the peace of mind of their neigh
bors, or indulging in silly gossip with soft
young men,, while the "old woman" does
the household work? is a question just ow
agitating Williamsburg (LUair county) society.
The Ku-Klux. It is represented !
by almost every citizen who has been
summoned to give testimony before the
Ku-Klux Investigating Committee, that
it is next to impossible for any man,
white or black, entertaining Republi
can principles, to live in peace and
safety in a Southern State. The evi
dent intention of these midnight des
peradoes is to bully the whites, and ter
rify the blacks, when they do not kill
them, so that the Republican ticket
will not have any open supporters, or
supporters at all, in the election for
President in 1872 throughout the South.
It is their only hope of carrying the
Southern States. In nearly every one
of them, where the people are permit
ted to vote as they wish, the Republican
ticket will secure a majority. The
blacks to a man vote with us, and a suf
ficient number of the Unionist whites
are Republicans to enable us to carry
two-thirds of the States without a
doubt, if an honest election is held.
Every ex-Rebel is a Democrat. Every
member of this fiendish order is a Dem
ocrat. Every colored man, and every
Union man is a Republican. " Can any
good citizen hesitate as to what party
he should belong and vote with? All
the traitors and Ku-Klux on one side,
and all the Unionists on the other.
Ten years ago eighty-seven per cent,
of all the steel for machinery and edge
tools made in this country came from
abroad. Now, under the cherishing
influence of protection, foreign steel
supplies but eleven per cent, of our
needs. We make for ourselves nearly
nine-tenths of all we want. No man
is mad enough to imagine that we could
ever have achieved this result under
the policy of free trade.
Free trade keeps every American
workingman under perpetual competi
tion with all the lowest paid workmen
oa the globe. If he attempts to weave
cloth, he is not permitted to do so at a
profit so long as the poorest Manches
ter weaver can do it for less and under
sell him. If he tries to raise wool he
is broken, provided a single Buenos
Ayrean or Australian grower can un
dersell him. Whatever he does lie
must do cheaper than the whole world
beside, and, of course, of all the world's
paupers, he must be the poorest, or else
the national industry must fail in the
fierce competition.
The verdict of" the Coroner's jury in
the cases of persons killed by the New
York rioters, indicates that there wi'l
be no prosecution of such parties, de
spite the fact that it is distinctly assert
ed by New York journals that the par
ties who fired the shots are clearly
known. The verdict rendered by the
jury is, that the parties referred to
came to their death by shots fired by
unknown parties. If the New York
authorities fail to make use of the most
rigorous means to ascertain the guilty
parties, and to punish them to the full
extent of the law, there can be no other
verdict than that they failel in their
duty. If this fact can be clearly as
certained, it will be of sufficient value
todamage seriously the standing of that
party, even in New York, and the Re
publican party should, by means of it,
carry the State. If a fusion can be
made, by which the independent voters
of New York and the Republican vo
ters can be united on a fair representa
tive man, even the city government
ought to be changed at the next elec
tion. Tiie Indiana Democrats are growing
tired of being called "ring-tailed mon
keys," we are told, and desire to make
a full and complete departure to Re
publican principles, or go square back
to the platform of their Southern breth
ren and the one dearest to their hearts,
"the constitution as it was."
That noted and unclean Democrat,
Henry Clay Dean, says : If the Re
publicans were right in making the war,
creating the debt, and changing the
constitution, I can see no reason why
a new 6et of leeches should now be ap
plied to the body politic for the mere
variety of change.
Another earthquake has occurred
with great loss of life this time in one
of the Philipine islands. Earthquakes
in the East and in the West, and, in
fact, nearly everywhere. What is the
matter with good mother Terra? We
shall soon be compelled to address her
as Terra infirma.
The Lebanon, Pa., Courier says that
the Democratic party at the present
moment reminds one of a wasp very
nearly in two pieces, with the larger
piece behind. -
Gek. Hancock was president of the
military commission which convicted
Mrs. Surratt. Pennsylvania Demo
crats want him for President.
Philadelphia Items.
Judge Kelley, the great tariff states
man, is now on a visit to Colorado.
Kelley was one of the first advocates
of the Pacific railroad.
A delegation was here last week to
sec about the centennial celebration.
These delegations from other States
come, and a general speech-making,
champagne-sipping, cigar-smoking and
drives to the Park take place, and then
they depart. So the centennial anni
versary ball goes on.
On September 6th, the iron masters
of the State meet here to form a "Bar
Association." That is, "iron bar as
sociation." .
The Pennsylvania branches of the
Atlantic and Great Western railroad
were sold on the 22d inst., for 620,
000. Gen. S. B. M'CIellan and Sen
ator Thurman, of Ohio, were the pur
chaser?. The sale for overdue coupons
held in the State of Ohio. The prop
erty sold was the Franklin, Meadville
and Oil City branches.
An idea of the commerce of Phila
delphia may be gathered from the fact
that 145 vessels were loading and un
loading on the 23d. Twenty-three
vessels were loading with oil.
It cost 81,197,901 to run the public
schools of this city last year. 1,539
teachers are employed. The army of
scholars amounts to o2,oJl.
The Y. M. C.A. have street preach
ing every babbath.
The building of the Penn'a Central rail
road line of steamships will be let by cod
tract in a few days.
The Sons of America meet in narrisburg
next week.
T. J. Duncan, of Pittsburg, has bequeath
ed Bishop Simpson $00,000. This moiety
was squeezed out ot oil.
1,457,698 gallons of coal oil were shipped
tor foreign parts, last week.
306 deaths occurred last week.
The American Protestant Association, on
Friday last, expressed themselves, "that we
view with horror the attempt of the mob to
supersede the government of N. Y. by
force of arms, to arrest the progress of
peaceable procession!), and to shoot down
men and women because of a difference of
religious belief." They denounce the at
tack on the Orangemen as bigoted intoller
ance, and an assault on the rights and lib
erties of American citizens. All of which
is sound doctrine.
Religious speculations are just as honor a-.
ble as any other. V lewinc matters in this
light, the New Jersey Methodist preachers
formed a company, bought grounds in West
Jersey and have a camp meeting overture
on Aug. 1st. $5 is charged for ground to
pitch a tent, and the railroad company gives
a pcrsentaee upon all tickets sold. V enly.
the days of Methodism have changed since
Y esley s tunc,
ReC. Isaac S. Ilortley sent a "brick,"
removed from Independence Hall recently,
in repairing the building, to President
Thiers, ot France. Horlley expects this
brick bat to help construct their new gov
ernment, but does not advise whether it is
for the foundation of a building or an orna
ment for the hat. More bricks !
Francis X. di Maria, a priest sent from
Rome, to engaged in Indian Missions, died
on the 23d inst.
Commercial agencies are fixed insti
tutions, but not always reliable. A case
was before the St. Louis caurts recent
ly which developed the fact that the
reliability of merchants and business
men was reputed according to the per
sonal feelings of the Agent. Clearfield
business men had better not snub the
Agency. Keep on the right side and
be reported A 1. Recollect the Agen
cy spies into all your business trans
actions. Peaches sold on Saturday at 50 cts.
a basket; $1. 25 a box.
July 31, 1871. - Z.
It is stated, in a London dispatch
to New York, that the Pope may at
any time leave Rome for Corsica, and
that the chateau of Corti has been pla
ced at his disposal. The rumor, so
long in circulation, that arrangements
were being made at Rome for the elec
tion of his successor, have assumed
greater definiteness, Cardinal Carnello
de Tietro being named as his probable
Preparations are going forward
that indicate that the ex-Emperor Na
poleon is about to take up his residence
at his house in Ahrenseurg, in Switz
erland. Every part of the residence
is being put in perfect condition, and
horses and carriages are arriving, all
looking to the speedy transfer of Na
poleon to his old home. Switzerland
is very convenient to Paris.
It IS reported that a company of
European capitalists arc about to em
bark for the United States, for the
purpose of inquiring into the condition
and prospects of the Northern Pacific
Railroad. A movement of this kind
doubtless "means business."
The horn of a Patagonian ox lias
been forwarded to Baltimore. It is
sixty-five inches long, seventeen inches
in circumference at the base, and will
hold seven quarts.
Mrs. John Allen was instantly killed by
lightning last week, at Washington, Pa.
Her youngest child and a Mrs. Wolf were
stunned at the same time.
In one day, recently, 10,000 buffalo
robes were shipped from Leavenworth,
Kansas, to the east.
A slight shock of earthquake was
felt at Cairo, Illinois, last week.
Adverticmstit set tip farge tpp,r sf plain
ttylr, trill bi charged dottbts usual rates. No cms
S. M. Pettesgill & Co.. 37 Park Row. N.w York,
and (J co. r. Howell & Co.. 40 Park now, Aew
York, ar tha fole agri.t for the Jocbxal in
that city, and are authorized to eon tract for in
serting adrertinemenU for ui at our lowest eath
rales. Advertiser! in that city are requested to
leave their favors with either of the above houses.
CAUTION. -All persons are hereby caution
ed against purchasing or taking an assign
ment of a certain promissory (exemption) note
given by me to U S. Stewart of liirard township.
cents, and dated July 2 -'J, 1871. As I have re
ceived do value for said note, 1 will not pay the
same unless compelled to do so by due process of
Augnst 2, 187t-3tp.
county, Pennsylvania.
In the matter ot the partition ef the real estate
of Kit-hard Waple, lateof Bocks township, in said
connty, deceased. To the heirs and legal repre
sentatives of said deceased . lake notice, tnal an
inquest will be held on the premises. in Bogs tp ,
said county, on SATURDAY, the ;h DtY OF
SEPTEMBER, A. D , 1871. at 9 o'clock. A. M , for
the purpose of making partition of the real es
tate of the said deceased, to and among his legal
representatives, if the same can te do be without
prejudice to or spoiling the whole, otherwise to
value and appraise the same according to law, at
which time and place you are required to attend
if you think proper.
Aug 2,'7l-4t. J J PIE, Sheriff.
Wholesale Dealers in
516 MARKET ST.. -
Philadelphia, Pa., July 1st, 187'.
GRAFF withdrew from the firm ot A II. Francis
ens t Ce., Jnne 30th, 1871. July 1st they enter
ed inti a Copartnership under the style of
Schwarti A Or iff, purchased the stock and fix
tures of J as. H. Coyle 1 Co., 515 Market Street,
and are sow prepared to fill all orders for any
thing in their line, promptly, and at the lowest
market prices.
Thanking oar friends for their favors in the
past, we would ask a continuance of their pa
tronage, assuring them that we shall endeavor to
make all their dealings with us pleasant and sat
isfactory. Very truly yours,
Aug2, 7l-3t. SCHWARTZ t GRAFF.
Having disposed of our stock to the above firm,
ws take pleasure in commending them to our
customers and the trade generally.
Late of 516 Market Street.
The bt conducted, most popular and success
ful insti tution in the United Mutes, tor the thor
ough . practical education of young and middle
aged men.
tV for lurg. descriptive circulars, containing
full particulars, address
Jy 28. 7l-3m 1 J C. SMITH. A M- Principal.
-JN THE ORPHAN'S COURT of Clearfield Co :
In the matter of the petition of Hannah Ho'.
der, devisee of David Horn, for specific perform
ance of contract of Joseph Lilies, deoeased. with
said David Horn, the underrign.d Commissioner,
appointed by said Court, to take testimony in
nroof of contract, oavment, 4o., in t'uis ca?e, here
by gives notice thit he will attend to the duties
of his appointment at the office of J. B. Al Enally.
Esq., in Clearfield, on Tuesday, the 12th day ot
September, A. D. 1871, at 2 o'clock, P. M . when
and wb.re all parties interested may attend.
Jy 23 4tp CYRUS GUtiD'JN, Cotn'r.
A Male and Female High School.
Each Department Disti.ict and Cqmpliti i
The Scholastic year of this Institution is divi
ded into two Sessions of five months (21 weeks)
each. The first session commences on the first
Monday in September; the second on the first
Monday in February.
The course of instruction, embraces everything
necessary to a thorough, practical and accomplish
ed education of both sexes
(7 Pupils will be admitted at any time, and
charged from date of entrance to the close of the
7 No deduction will be made for absence, ex
cept in ca?.s of extreme and protracted illness.
17 Pupils, from a distance can b accom
modated with board at low rates.
VST For particulars send for circular, or ad
dress, Kav. P. L HARRISON, A. m.
July 2fi. 1ST1. Principal.
The Keystone Store,
Clearfield, Pa.
His stock compiises thelatest and most fashiona
ble styles of Men's and Boys', Boots. Shoes
and Gaiters; Ladies', Children's and
Misses Shoes. Gaiters and Slipper,
and, in tact, everything needed
for protecting the feet.
July 26.'71-tf.
determined to engage in other business, it is
n.cessar) to settle np with those in arrears lor
ISlacksmithing. For this purpose I have left my
book accounts with L. F. lrvin. Esq.. for collec
tion, of which all persons interested will take
notice, and eall and aettle immediately.
July 12,'7I-4t. AMOs KEXNARD.
A. E
KAPP ft CO.,
Amos E. Kapp, )
Henbt Fbick, Add
Jab. H. Jenkins )
j. n. JEXKI5S,
Northumberland. Pa.
July 19,'71-tf.
The undersigned has taken the above named
Hotel, and respectfully solicits a share of patron
age. Its close proximity to the Depot makes this
House a desirable stopping piaoe lor in iri-
injf public
Iy 19, 1871.
S. B. ROW.
Have just returned from th. east and are now
opening an entire new stock of good, in ft. room
formerly eccupied b, Wm. F. Irwin, en Market
Street, which they now efTer to the public at th.
lowest cash prices.
Their stock consists of a g.n.ral aswrta.nt .f
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensw.re, Hardware,
Boots, Shoes. Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Dress Go..,,'
Fruits, Candies. Fish, Salt, Browns, Kails, at..',
tn fact, everything usually kept in a retail stor.'
can be had by calling at this" store, er will b.
procured to order.
Th.ir steck is well seteeted, and consist, .f ,h.
newest goods, Is of th. best quality, .f the lau.t
styles, and will be sold at low.st price, for cash,
or exchanged for approved country produce.
B. sur. and call and examine our steck before
making your purchases, a. w. ar. determined
nlease all who .y favor as with their custom.
May S, ISG7. J, SIIAW t SON.
Th. undersigned takes pliaiur. in announcing
to the citii.ni or Cl.arfield county, that he has
opened an INSURANCE Of FICE, in Clearfield,
Pa., where all may avail th.mselret of First Cla.s'
Life and Fire Insurance. The following Compa
nies ar. represented :
IIOME,X,v Yorl,
JYOIZ TJI A ME lilC A, rh:laJt!fkia,
FRAXKL1N. Philadelphia,
ENTERPRISE, Philadelphia,
HANOVER, New Yorl,
WYOMING, WiUobarrs, Pa ,
WILLI A MSPOR T FIR E. WxlUamsport, Pa.,
LANCASTER FIRE, Lancaster, Pm ,
ALPS FIRE, Erie, Pa.,
I would warn all to beware of Traveling Agents
representing Fire and Life Insurance Companies,
as you may easily be deceived .and if you do have
a loss, will be unable to find the Agent who in
sured you. or th. Company jou are insured in.
WM. TUCKER, Esq , is connected with me ia
the business, and any business entrusted to hiaa
will be promptly attended to.
Office opposite the Joi-rkal Office, ov.r Harie
wick i Irwin's Drug Store
Ap 5,'71-y.j JOHX II. FCLFORD, Agent.
The undersigned would announce to the public
that he has on hand and is now offering, cheap
lorca?h.the largest stock of furniture ever in
store in this county, consisting of
He also manufactures and keeps on band Pat
ent Spring Beds, the best ever invented. No fam
ily should be without them. Any kind of poods
not on band can be had on short notice. Uphol
stering and repairing neatly executed.
COFFINS, of all si ses. can behad ona half hours'
notice, and at the lowest prices A deduction
of 20 percent, made for cash
METALLIC CASES, or Rosewood. Walnut and
Cherry Cc Oins. with glass or wood tops, tarnish
ed on five hours' notice.
Personal attendance with beare, on funeral c
caaions, and carriage furnished when desir.d.
Thanking the public for past favors, snd by
strict personal attention to business. I hope to
reteivr a continuance of the same.
Rcmemh.r the place the Steam Cabinet Shop,
corner of Market and Fifth Streets.
Mar. 22,'71-ly.
r a. MILLER.
a. a. powsLi.
Whalcsals and Retail Dealers in all ImJs
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Liens, Groceries, Hard ware.Queenswar.. Wood
and Willowware, Flour, Bacon, Fish, Salt,
Ac, Market St., Clearfield, Pa.
They bava Bonnets, Silks, CoburSs. Alpacas, Me
rinos, Wool Dtlaines, Lustres, Ginghams. Prints,
Poplins, Lawns, Sunshades, Handkerchief. A"1
and other Gloves, Hoisery. Balmorals, and a gen
eral variety of Kibbona. Triiami.., Buttons,
Braids, etc., at the lowest prices.
They have Black and Blue Cloths, Black and Fan
cy Cassimeres, Sattinetts, Tweeds. M.ltons.W.ter
proof Cloth, Silk.Satin and common Vestings,.to
in great variety, and at prices that will give gen
eral satisfaction to buyers.
A general assortment of Ready-made Clothing.
Hals and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hardware and
Queeasware, Wood and Willowware, and a fall
stock ef Groceries.
MILLER A POWELL sell all an!ele that are
usually kept in a well-regulated country store
an I hence the people generally will find it to
their advantage to buy goods ef them.
exchange for goods.
February IS, lS71-tf.

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