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Advertisement letl without direction to lh
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continued until ordered out, and charged accord
Cjf"'iitocn tine make a square.
THE AMERICAN" is published every Salnr
day at TWO DOLLARS per annum to be
paid half yearly in advance. No paper discontin
ueJ ti:l all arrearages are paid.
No subscription received for a less period thin
ait months. All communication or letlcri on
business relating to the ollice, to insure attention,
must be POST PAID.
Absolute acquiescence in the, decision of the mnjori'y, the vital principle of Republics, from which there i no opp al but to force, the vit.tl primiplo nnJ immediate parent of despotism. Jrrtnoi.
k . -
Ily Master & Elsrly.
Hunbiiry, Xortliuinhei imul Co. Vn. Sutuidny, January 9,
Vol. I o. XVII.
HE.VRY B. M ASTER, i Peat.,, A,
JOSEPH EISELY. $ Paorair.Toas.
Ills views conrrrnlnff the World,
Van Huron mid IslimcIT
Tlie world has run its annual race,
And came out as heretofore,
Starting, the usual time and place,
It will ru. the same course o'er.
And as we live in ruxsixa times,
Don't think it passixc strange,
That I should Rt'K about with rhymes,
Since I've ru n out of change.
Van Buren too has nus behind,
As many more have done ;
And as to day I'll speak my mind,
I'll tell how that was done.
But first of all, fork o'er your disks,
Then hear me through my bard,
Vor think it strange I speak in rhymes,
Since truth in prose is hard.
lis ilrtvi rnnrrriiliitf Hie recent
defeat ol'llic Democratic Party.
."e whigs and Antics far and near,
Who grace your famous party,
ust listen whilst I now declare
How you defeated Marty,
"irst for that opportunity,
Conceive yourselves tiite lucky,
v'hen you trick'd so skilfully,
The statesman of Kentucky.
c had a hard contested race,
To fear wc were no stranger,
e lost the game wc had in chase,
Which long had been in danger;
lie whigs got up an awful noise,
With cider barrel forces, '
ad drove the democratic bovs,
Clear oil' their undent courses.
;'posc you've read it in the prints.
How Stevens once attempted
i throw old Tip clear o'er the fence,
Hut which the whigs prevented;
r Jemmy Todd received the shock,
And thought the occasion lucky,
shake otTThaddy and his flock,
Who clung to old Kentucky.
pose you've heard how Florida
Aras overrun with savages,
tiering whigs most horridly,
, their bloody ravages ;
i)ko the whigs they made their brags.
JfTip should chance to thrash us,
ei sew them up in cotton bags,
And roast them all to ashes.
hus we, llio' always wide awake.
Were caught this time a napping,
nd got for once an awful shake,
Instead of a gentle tapping;
Id Tip himself got on the stump,
And swore it was past enduren,
fe'd lick'd the Indians in a swamp,
And now could lick Van Hurcn.
Tannlngr of Metals.
Among the important discoveries of
modern times is one of changing the
character of metals by a process re
sembling that which skins go through
in tanning. The pores of the metal
arc filled with another metal, or a che
mical preparation of metals. This is
done, by dipping the plates to be opera
ted upon in a melted metal, or oilier
preparation, and then placing them in
an oven subject to intense heat Hy this
process, the new ingredients become
incorporated with ihe principal matter,
so as to essentially change its character
in some respects, especially the plates
are rendered more maleablc, and at the
same time, incapable of oxydation. A
French discovery, applicable to iron,
has been sometime in use in this coun
try, and so far, has accomplished all
which it professed. The sheets of iron
are immersed in melted spelter, and
then baked, as stated above. The iron
is afterwards softer, and does not rust
at all from exposure to air or salt wa
ter. It is therefore far more valuable
formany purposes Iron so prepared
is called galvanized iron. An Kuglish
man some two or three years ago dis
covered a similar process applicable t
copper, spelter and iron. What the
composition is which he puts upon the
plates, we do not know, but his opera
tion is of the same nature with the one
described above, and the c fleets are the
same. The copper becomes impervi
ous to the action not onlv of air and salt
water, but of powerful acids also; and
what is of no small importance for
sheathing of vessels, marine vegetation
and shells do not form upon it. If these
mucinous scutlemcii will but contrive
now, some way of imparting this anti
oxyding quality to iron and steel, with
out impairing the firmness of their
structure, they will have discovered the
philosophsr's stone in a good degree,
and our servants will thank them for
putting an end to the disagreeable bu
siness of scouring knives and forks. A
steel knife that would not rust, would
be better than a silver one, and the same
might be said of spoons, and almost c
very thing else, The peculiar excel
lence of silver consists in its resistance
of oxvdation. For many purposes an
increase of softness in iron or copper is
on increase of value. Ihe improve
ments of which wchavc been speaking,
both lhat invented in France and thai
in Kngland, scorn to us of very great
importance. The original idea, per
I haps, ought to go to the credit of Sir
Humphrey Daw. He mixed metals
so as to prevent the oxydation of cop.
per on ships, but barnacles lormcu
much faster on the copper prepared by
him. than on that which had not been
prepared, The injury was found to be
where the soil has enough manure and
lime to feed the crop.
household but on the contrary, would
be extremely mortified at ignorance of
such essentials. It is no matter if for
tune has so blessed her that she need
hot soil her fingers in domestic occupa
tions. A knowledge of them is abso
lutely necessary to procure their per
Winter Hulter.
If milch cows were fed with roots,
butler might be made during the win
ter. Some dairy women, however, formancebv servants. She is a wretch-
complain that it is almost impossible to ' ed butt of kitc hen malice, and a victim
churn their cream into butter in cold ! of wanton waste, who cannot detect
weather. Mr. Van Fniberg, See IS', servants in their misdoings by her own
Fj. Farmer, vol. ii. p. 121, 125. directs , kcowledee. To command the respect
to keep the milk till it begins to change, ! and obedience of servants, a housekce
and then to churn it. He advises to per should be so well informed, as to be
mix the night's milk with that of the ' able to answer them upon questions
next morning, and "in summer this sometimes maliciously put. Her eye
change generally takes place about ten I should never lone loose sight of any part
o'clock; in cold weather it requires to ( of the domestic establishment; and she
bo kept longer for this purpose, say in ' should be qualified to oversee undor
spring and autumn, the milk of the fust standingly also. Else might a man rich
mess may be kept till the day following. ! as Crrsfm be beggared by his kitchen,
and then requires the addition of warm and still he fare none ihe better fr it.
water to the milk to bring it to the right j N. V. Tattler.
temperature lor cnurnmg. uiners ad
vise in cold weather to pour as inucl
boiling water into the cream as will
bring it to about the temperature ofi
milk just from the cow. It is said that,
cream managed in that way will re
(iiiuc but very little churning, and is
attended with no disadvantage, excent ; here he nn.V thousands of concerts. He then
that the butter w ill be white a day or I J lhr ri,.v pf I'uhiin, "m'. wlirrP
WO. I ""'i' B "c sunn c
It is said in Hunter's Georeicnl F,s- U,,J Tcinp.nnce Mciials, ami administered the
says, that good butter mav be made "'cf in n less than thi ty-thrte thousand pe
from COWS led oil lui llips as follow s : ora. Lord Morpeth, and several other Hiverim nt
"Let the vessels which receive the, IVgnitmii rbreied him m in the good work, by
milk be kept constantly clean, and well lh i' presence on the. platform, and he announced
scalded With boiling water. Wild! the t the close of the third .'av, tint the Iiith Tempcr-
lnilk is brought from the dairv, W illl nrce Sociity then consisted i.f over three m:llcms
every eight quai ls mix one quart of , f nrmlurt.
boiling water, find then put It Up to: A a further i'htvtration of too rtT c's of thin de
stand for cream." This, it is asserted, linhtful reform, we give the fallowing ske ch fr. in
will destroy the tasle of the turnip, and j Mrs. Hull's I el.im'. I'hiud. Jnj.
perhaps may fac ilitate the process of j We entered one day a roltapc in n ru' urb of
churning. j ("oik: a woman wn knitting stivkTigs at the door ;
Dr. Dearie's X. Fngland Farmer i it wa neat oud con f.rtM.' o any i:i iho most
Stales that "a strong rancid llaVor wiU ! rrosperou!iliict of England. Wot-ll rt Irif
li-OKrr ttf Father Mitlthew.
T 12 M P 12 It A N C K.
Tho Iridh Apnstl.. of Tein er.ince w . s ill, at thy
list d:itiF, (ti:, in rd iii fie earnest and anc PB-fiil
pin rctili n ol hi pit intic nnJ philanthropic a
iK Ur. lie uceritlv inlcil (lie noitli ol l eiuiui,
be given to the butter, if we churn so
near the fire as to heat the wood in the
w inter season. In churning for butler
always have an orifice suflicient for
the air to have access to the cream.
Butter is produced by the union of oxy
story in her own wt rds, n near as we ran r call
tl.eu, 'My uuntiHnd is a wheelwright, and always
enrned his guinra a wek ; he was a Rood woikmin,
and neither a bid mr.n nor a had hu-b.ind, but the
love for Ihe dtink was strong in him, and it wasn't
oflrn he brought me home more than five shillings
to x-nd t ifchool. to siy no'tiit g of the starved look
llit-y had nut of the little I could g've them, We i,
. Raxk was raised they thought it best,
(The old one lhcn was dying,)
V lock the specie in a chest,
And keep the bills a flying ;
Id Nick then reigned within its walls
And wound the" regulator,
iut wousu it lp with cotton balls,
By turning speculator.
'hey seldom left their patience tire,
Tho' long they walch'd for places,
lv keeping up a constant fire,
'They work'd finely in their traces ;
Jut then we ran too near the brink,
Before wc thought to stop 'cm,
W Eightccn-fourtv-four, we think.
'We'll show you' how to drop 'cm.
."ntil that time 'tis a'm 10 fight
We never fight for booty ;
Jut lot the whigs prepare lor flight,
When wc are called to duty.
nd lest now dangers should arise.
By turning round our ladies,
A'c'll send in time our gallant boys,
And keep them from the kkouies.
Sunbury, January 1, lbll.
greater than the benefit.
X. V. Jour. Com.
gen w ith cream, and more butler w ill I out of his me pound on a Saturday night ; and
be produced, and of a, finer flavor, if 1 it i.r, ke my heart to seethe pourch Uten toonc d
the churn is sulhcicntly open.
It i recommended by some writers
to shorten the operation of churning hy . (;,l l praised, he took ihe jlcdg. ; and the next
mixing a litlle distilled vinegar with the j s lturii.,v l.e laid iwni-y-one .hillings up.m the chuir
. , i ..ii i tit
cream 111 IMC cliui ll. , tablespoon lull j v ,u M u,on. )li! min i I r,ive tliank on my
or two to a gallon of cream is advi-ed, j icn.vd ki.ecs th-t ni;htt H ill, I ws f.-u ful it
ami the acid may be carried ofl by j wouldn't last, at.d I p.nt ni mire than the five
washing the butter in two or thee chan- , , hillings I was used, to, sajins to myself, my U
ges ol w ilier. j :1m miney w II lie more w.mied ihmi it i n iw.
Ill Scotland dairy women give their ll. the net wek. he hroimht me the wirn, and
buitcra fine vcllow color, ttv grating
From a London Taicr.
lam ftcott, the American ntrer.
This extraordinary m n on Mot day afternoon
gave a fiyii g leap fiorn the ton-pallsnt yard of the
coal hrig Wakrfiel l, of Blyth, lying iff Itolherhithe,
in the presence of an iininrrnc c nicouiso of sprca
tors, Who lined tho sliorus on both i'los of the
i'hjines. He a-tonislic I the spect.it ira fir upwatd
of an hour on the top-gallant ya-d by hi f ats, al
though i, was blowing a ;iilo at the time. On uioun -
ng al, ft he fisu.l himscif on the top-gillan'-tn.ist
hrad, and w th his feet kicking in the ai", ont his
head rn the top of ihe in ist, remained in lh it p si
lion fir tome time. Itethrndc.c nde 1 to the yar I
which waa brjeed taut, and althouah the hip was
anyililur; hut sto.idy,rnn fiom one end of the yard
to the otl.er, n ihout holding on hy any Mpe, occa
sionally bar niguing the people. He inadu a noose,
which he pl.ict'd r uud his neck, and th ew himself
off the ynul. Hu remaine l susp-iided for a few se
conds, with the ropo under his chin, ai.d rained him
self with grejt dexteiity on to the yard, when he
exel liim d, Come here to morrow and you will
sec me huig niyu'lf aain.'' He thin hung to
the yrd ly one font, l h li s hed downwards,
nml exhibited inmy other unties.
All 'his was dune with the (jreati tit nppirent indif
ft-ri-nce, arid Indeed he appeared the only Unconcern
id person preeol. lie stated that he had jumpe I
off a place b.low the fulls of Ming.ir:!, a heisht of
107 ft-et from tho watt r, and am m;;st his othrr ex
ioits he hnd leiped from a cl.ff at Port Isaac, in
Cornwall, 31? feel hi h, into the sen from Uanuor
bridge, the hi;hftt in Ureal Britain, 210 f ct high,
and repeatedly from the top ga'lant tn it of E igli-h
and American line ol hattlo bhips. Atlthepre-
pared for his leap, fir-t m ikiog UA a h inilkcrchicf
rolli.d lua load, nnJ a. curing one of his hands with
a rope, which he twisted about his wrist and fi-igTS.
Af-i-r d .irig thi he hi Id up his arm, and t Xcluinn'd,
- I n lv ue one li.md ; tho other is tiid up, and I
cin't move it." Jlr t .Id the eople that his h. ad was
,.s haul as ir. n, :ind to cotni'.ce th in tliat it was to,
he laMb d it a iinut the top must until he actually
made the I iwer must bhakr. He ihen nude his las'
adilrtss prrvinuf to ihe h-np, by acq ia;nting the peo
I le lhat it w is erroneous to supp sj that a nun's
bicsth was taken away by falling from a great
height, for while he was defending lie would upcak
something which he hoped woulJ not be f irgut
ten. Ho then pulleJ offliis bhoea, h IJ them tip a
bove his head, and exclsiming, "Now, h.-re gs,"
he made a flying leap f om the en I of the yard into
the Wjter, calling out na he descended, " O ind bye,
don.t forget me ss I come whoif " When he II
into the liver the p'y roe abovo l im to the h'ight
of 1 2 or 1 1 feet, and in an iniUiit his head and arms
appeared bImv rhe stufice of the wale-, waving ihe
si.k l.umlkerchii f which he had fislened a'loul his
head while on the yar'.. Loud ch-ers greeted htm
front all .pi irtel', and ho i n asUor.-; the p.vpl
.is he bin led rewardoj him with in .hey, wb.eti he
depo.iled in his shoe.-, and iu a b.x tutriid by u mail
on iratcl.c-, f it i- ben fit.
History of Hard Money.
The fullowins; brief history of hard money coin
oge wo extraM from an exchange t
Uopper was not coined in England until ths)
limn of El tib 'th and then in ama'l qumtitics,
ond not well received- In 1672, a greater coin igo
touk place, of half pennies and farthings, Si!er
p-nce, hiilf pence an I f irthings were coined d;wn
to the reii-n of Edward III. 1351 ; then gnats and -half
groats j next a shilling. Hon'y VIII. coineJ
crjwns; Edard Vf. half crown', a'xrMwcs, and
three farthing pieces. From 4JJ of Elizabeth tj
iho pr.afnt time, the coinage has remained the
aime. The frst gold coin was under Henry III.
1557, in g dd penn cs. The guinea was coined in
IGCn. of Guinea gold, to go fir 20a, but it never
went lor less th m 21s by licit consent. It is com
puted that the who'e coined cash of ihe kingdom
passed through the Bank every thrae ycats."
Children Missing.
There are said to bo seventy odd chi'dien mlssin J
in . ur city and lilicrii. within the last few days.
Wc do not say lhat this f jet accounts for the quan
tity of mince meal munuf ictureJ about these limre,
t ut it s rongty reminds us of a ti tle affair th'-U oc
curred in Taiis not long a-jo, near iho Cafe Tvrtoni.
a i our ncighboi ti e Standard would say. One of
the gnu d' or ma, in luting a piece of pie, cncou-
tered a child's finger. 'I ho house of the pie-maker
w is instantly searched. In walking acro-s the shop,
a trsp suddenly opened and cloud, and oue of lh
oirice a w as enwng the missing. 8t arch was mad. ,
s:id he was found under ground with two children,
all of whom, Itko hu idrtds before them, had hern
pifLipitatoJ through the trap, and would probabU
hive made the:r appcataiicc in a day or two after
war Is, in a suit of " pssic" wbh trimmings to su
all tastes and a, peiitO'. Saturday Eve. Pott.
Ilcd Itccl
The Kctl licet generally appears on
, . -i j ii i . ...
our tame in an aciu anu r.om ioim,
ns a nickle onlv: whereas if our te
male friends would take the matter in
hand, wc doubt not that it may be
prepared in a variety of ways ; stipe-
nor to any garden production which
we possess as it is abundantly and
easily cultivated, and kept in a state of
perfect freshness during the whole year.
liv a recent trial it lias been (omul
that pies may be made of it, which
arc equal if "not superior to rhubarb.
Kithcr from tlie leaves, the same as
rhubarb, or from tlie root, by cutting
it into square pieces; vinegar ami su
irar, "and other spices if liked," can
be added to suit any palate, while it
possesses the advantage ol furnishing
... "ii r i
ns with a delicate and Deaimnu pie,
bii-b van rrace oui' tables at
any season of the year.
Farmer's Car
Souk Throat ix Swixb. Turn am
the next, and the next until tight week' pacd ; nnd
glory be to (J.d ! tl.ere w is no chang for the h id in
mv l.u-bandi and all lh while he never ak"d me
w' v there w as n.vhing better for him out of h s
Inn earnings so I fell there was no f-.r lor him ;
and the ninth week when heciineto me, I had
th: table bought, ai.d these 't ehails, one for my
self, fntii for my rhililrmi, and one for hi nso'f. And
I w.is ilis-ed in a rew gown, and th children id.
t.ad to w cloilo a and hoc an t ftoikints, and upon
his own chair I put a bran new bu t; and u.ion hi.
pi ile I put the hill and resa'u f r them alt J i-t the
right sitte, ii t.h:llings thi y cot t'l it I'd kved out
ol his waiies, not k-iowing what might happon, and
hat always tef.ire went for dunk. And he C'ied,
good lady and god gr:i;lo!un, he ciieJ like a baby
but 'twas With har' to f k1 ; and now wheie's
the hrabhier man Oian my husband In the county
Cork, or a happier wife than myself, or dacent r or
hsrler foil child en than our own fiur V"
too expressing the most protund ig
norance respect mi? domestic economy, i wiiiteficin
Credit her ow n words, and vntl WOuU, Or.ee upon a time, when the c V rV.d Wh-tr-
bclievf that she dues not know how, U I field was addressing an immense crowd with his
pi it a toe looks before it is COoked-.or ' aeruslnmed f rvor and el.quence, under the shade
some orange carrots, straining the juice
and mixing it with the cream previous
lo churning. liutler thus made acquires
not only a beautiful yellow color, but
a flavor whith a this greatly to its value.
The quantity of carrot juice to be used,
must be ascertained by experiment and
the judgment of the manufacturer.
.V. Crane, of Newark, X. J. litis
taken out a patent for an improved
ck. It runs ills davs with one win
ding, and is said to be a most ingenious
liecc of mechanism.
i liilly licntccl.
We happened the other day to hear
a young woman, very pretty she is
There- is nith'ng of in'eriKt by the latent da ts
from Florida i xcept the f II iwing p ar igr iphs :
"II is repoeeJ tint Wild Cat (Cj l-coo chee)
ai d Tiger Tail hae had a fijht, and that Whild
Cat was kiia d in the atTray.
"Is ,w a few d ij s since, continues our corespon
dent, Wild Cat's litlle daughier L'hiu-me chst-lce,
who was recently taken hy the Dragoons on tho
W.kiwa. She is a smart firtive child of nine or
ten yeats, and evinced ar ato mic eJucation by
paying little oi no tttont on to her fa'd iw prisomrs,
whom i ha tega d. i s plebians. Of Ihe U'lor etas
was a male child i f four or five, years of ai;e, whom
hi companions deigna'ed a J.ic. Joo tsofa.Uily
d spoitiun, and by no me.ns a fav.ir.te. Chin-mi -
ihat-We, when -he firM saw him blur his cap me,
rcmarliid 'llut she could not sen the use uf keeping
him a prisoner, that ho could not lijtt a flro or
lr nu w .ter. and lhat they ought to dah h s brains
out.' " Globe.
Tables tnmtil on Robbers.
On t'ne Dth in I. three villains mado an uttemi I
to r.ih a bat lying on the Mi-s'ssippi river, ne r
WUhurg. They entrred the bo it 12 o'clock at
rrght, when the captain and ciew wete as'eep. At
t eir oppn arh the captain soon aoke called up
Ins men, and as uracil the defensive. Tho sttitd
captain qui k'y drew a pis'ol and d.sch-irgcd it at
thu titfirhius po-fe. The hall lodged in the hip
of one f How narr.el (JoJfrey, al as Hu'tan. Th
capt iin f.dlowed this wi!i a plunge of hi bowii
knifu, which euteied the bjdy of the same individu
al. The rohliers, at 1'iivling them-eles thus a'.err.l
met, mado their escape by j, imping one after another
intJ the wa'er, r.nJ swimming fur Ihe shore. Ths
wounded man sori began to fail, ar.d cried out
ino.1 lustily to his companions, ' help me or I sink!"
It is said there is honor ant ing thievos, &nd in this
instance it soems so, for ihey immediately turned
nbiut and dragged the poor devil ashore, and took
thvuwlves iff as f ist as their I gs could tarrr
tl em. Hero the miserable wre'eh lay until m.irn
iiig, w utnle I and blecdii.g ptofusodly , dtenched t-
the i-kin in tlie turbid waters of the Mississippi, an I
up d ull niht to the cold damp dews', ho pr
wn'e I a mntt pitiable spectacle. He was placed ia
, jiil and his wounds attended to. Ocean.
Ouur Opinion too.
The fd ow'ng from the P.cayune proses tl editor
to be a gentleman of taste : "If mn waa made in
the imigo of his maker, purely womaa was dosignoJ
to keep hira still in rcm;rubrsnce of heaven. When
a man reflects upon paradise and asks his mind fr
something earthly lhat lescmbloi it, he eat) think of
woman, lovely woman, and nothing elee. Picture,
innocence, youth snj beauty ia woman, ar.d if you
d i not eee paiadise, go to an occulisl immediately,
f. r depend upon it, there is something the mitler
w'uh your eyes."
Preirnttvv ol llu' Tlii?at Insfi-f or
IICNftlaii 1'l.v.
Mr. K. IHommedicu, w ho lived ant
uTiite.. sibout 5(1 vear atro. some excel
mals so alVectcd into an open pasture, . tunr,s upon agriculture, savs "the I setl.
where mere is iresu icco, mw jn-.w..
from confinement
mixed with food, where pasture cannot
whether it grows upon trees with a
shell like a walnut, or is a domestic ani
mal, f-d on corn, ami slap'ntcrcd for
the table. She would hn.ve her friends
or perhaps vc shoM S!,y her ac
quaintanccs suppose that she was ne
ver nearer- a, kronen than in the hall on
the hjv;cr lk,or; and lhat she has no
more idea, r,( culinary operations than
1'obins.m Crusoe's man 1 riday posscs-
vet wc arc ready to stake our
there is fresh feed, and ground to w)cat c-ro, (ur nianv j cars n atx0k r-fi u ,,e fatt tnat ( s,e was not
It is a disease resulting generally N y (his ,-csidence.) averagei Urn in a kitchen, she was educated as
onfinement. 1 oumled cl.arcoa . fiv(J or six uusli;is lr, th(J a,.re seullioilari(i tri!lt her fingers were in
with food, where pasture cannot jnsu.t gr 1,eMi..n j,. her earlier youth she is young yet
be had. or room for exercise, s one of an end to t, -s k;uJ of tlUsbadrV
ihe best preventives of disease in swmc. -n that &
instead of a, Curse : iQ other way being
cj.. , Tim Clearfield (l'a.l Banner found to Prevent the iniurv to this crop
.,t'ti,:,t Salt water has been disco- bv tlji insect, but bv hiulily manuring
vnro.l in that county, and urges capita- tll( land." o observed during the
lists to enage in the nianutacuire. u i devastations of tins insect the past sea
son, that wheat on strong ami
riured artic'tt
is gam ui- - -
could be floated to market very cheaply
on the Susquehanna, in the proper sca
1 1
manured land was but little injured,
while that on poor land made invtriiiig
her earlier youth she is young yet
much more familiar w ith the brasses on
the area iiulincs, and with ihe interior
of the stew-nans, and with the ashes in
the grales, than with the piano lone
keys, or with cambrick needles. Io
thinii but a ridiculous desire to conceal
what would be no disgrace to her, i
know n, could tempt her to such ridicu
Ions and lying affectation.
No true lady i ashamed of a know
lede of the details and duties of a
of a venrrable Uee in the Meadows at K dinhurgh,
a p.xir creature, th nkiog to turn him into ridicule,
had lurched himself on one of the overhanging
hough right above the preachei's hi ad, and, with
inoi. key-like dexterity mimicking his gesticulations
ende avoied to raise a liuh among the, audience.
iuided by the looks of some of his heaters. While-
field caught a glance of him, but w ithout teaming
to have noticed him, coiitiuuid his discourse. He
w as expatiating at the moment on tho power and
the soveregnly of llivinn grace. With gathering
force and earnestness be tuld of the unlikely objects
it had often chosen, and Ihe unlouked for triumph
it had ofieu aehieted. As he rose to the climax of
hi inspiring theme, and when in the full twnep of
his eloquence, he suddenly paused, and turning
round, and palming slowly at ihe wretch above him
exclaimed in a tone of deep and thril ing pathos
Even he may yol be the subject of that free, that
resistless grace." It wss a shaft fiom the Almighty.
Winged by the divine bpiril, it struck the scoffer to
the heart, and realized in hi conversion the glori
ous tiuth il conveyed. Scottish Guardian.
Combe, the phiuiolr-iti-t, it pirpning a wgrk on
i the t'nitid S aits.
Muntflceut Donation.
We leun that our fellow citizen, Mf N.tiiji
Di ss, t fiicntl to liberal education, has iccently
given to the Managers of Haveiford ExIiojI, the
only Quaker College, we bilene, on the continent,
the sum ol iwmiTT THorsisn hollars, which
A ' Cst." In Was! itifiton coun'y Court,
Pennsylvinia, a man named Andrew Miller waa re
cently iried for stoaling a gallon measure, with wAi
key from the distill- ry of J. Gabby, and aenteneed
to 3 years imprisonment. Thi individual was but
recently d aohargaji from the peniuratiaiy, wheie ho
hd been coi.fi led f ir stealin j from tho tame dis
tillery the ari gallon measure, with wMaluy, threw
vears since. .Vt. Ii tl.
Cost or a Diait. In the year 157S a laboring
nnn in Eng'and was pail only three and halfpence
establishes lhat inteneiin inaiitution on a durable h ie more than th-ee centa a day, f..r hummt.
andi n 1272 a IJ.ble, with marg nal no es.sotu
tl.iity p.unl or about one hundrednd ihirty-ihreo
d. liar'. It then nquiied the enliie wages of dab
teen vear' lab r to purchase a Bible. What
Il ha seldom, ifeer,bi en our happy I tto tcord
so munificent a donation, during the life of the do
nor 5 and wh it render il alill in re giutifying is li st
this sum was voluntarily paid to Mr. Dunn ly Mr.
Joseph Arclu-r, .he only suivning sail und rop.-u-senlat.ve
of our la'.o I enevoleul t awnsmnn, Mr. Sam
uel Archer, who ut the timo of his death was large
ly indebted lo Mr. Dunn, This noble act is an ear
nest that the son inherits the vtrlues of his departed
parent, who truly wus a friend toth friendless and
a father to the fitherless. J'hila. North Anwr.
Mit of London.
London is probably the largest city in the world,
ut least if we set down as doubtful the exaggerated
arcountsof Ihe population i f some of the Chine e
and Japanese cities We carl form some Idea of
its six when we aie told it contain as msny in
habitants a do the five slate of M issichusetn,
Mait.e, Connecticut, New Hamfw-hire and Vmuion'.
change hath been wrought hy means of the ait i f
pruning an) Bible Soiieliis. Philad. Star.dird.
Bra.BtsMca. The New York ;ar aays: TL"
opcr.tion for the cure uf squinting is performed, wo
Ul.tve, in fiom two to four minutes anil lh
charge is f orn ate hw.dred to one hundrtd and"
ffty dollar. Th discovery is a very important
ot.o, and we think ihe bene&U derivable tram it
should not be confined solely to the wealthy. CouM
not Ihe praelitiouera who hare introduced the
operation in ihiscoun'ry affud to perfofm h at
less exorbitant charge t
TartTRts. Th curtain drew up at tho rj't
in Katuiday fight lo cur audience; he .pi-nu.a-K
i. sod ih pi rf iim-nre fisdl.
Gijoik An iud.vidual went before Jus'lc Mf
Donald yesterday and rlunUri j took oath to ab.
stain Irom the u of " spirituous li'ioor for ew
ymr sf er 13 o'flock lat nigh. He. aaid ha was
d.-tetoi ned to fi.id onl what hl bocoms of thi
There is no tear of the Hessian Klv,

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