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Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. [volume] (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, September 03, 1842, Image 4

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The following Mm shows the rtirr nl value of nil
Pennsylvania Bank Notca. The niol implicit re
liance may e placed upon it, as il i every wrrk
can fully compared with ai d corrected I nun Bi.k
dell's Reporter. '
llniiks In llillnil4'lilii.
Ttotik of North America -' . ,
Hunk of the Northern Liberties ,
Commercial Bank of Penn'a. . ,
Farmer' and Mechanic' Bank .
Kensington Dank
Philadelphia Bank
Schuylkill Bank
Sloiithwark Bank .
Western Bank i
Mechanics Unnk . '
iiisc. m
Pill LA It.
. jmr
, par
. par
Country ItnnK.
Rsmk of Chester County
llank ol "Delaware County
Bank of Germantown
Bank of Monlcomery Co.
Dnylrslown llank
Caslnn Bank
Farmers' Bank of Burks co.
( tlnce 0f Bank of I'win'a.
IIrre do - do
Of lice do do
OtTtce do do
Noirislow n
Dnvl. stOWIl
Flank of the Unilcd Slates
Bank of Penn Township
Philadelphia .r.5nt;0
Girar.l Bank . .
Manufacturers & Mechanics Bank
Mnynmeiising Bank
Bank of Pennsylvania
I Sal 8
. 7H
Pot'aville ti7
Lrwistown Id
Miildlelown fi
Northumberland (
Miners' Bank of Poltsvillc
Bank of Lewistown
Bank of Middreluwn
Bank of Northumberland
Ctilumhia Bank & Bridge eo. Columbia 4a!
Carlisle Bank Carlisle G
Etchange Batik Pittsburgh 2
l)o do hranch of Hollidayshurg 3
Farmers Bank of Lancastct Laucaslct 4
Lancaster County liimk Lancaster 4
Farmers' Bunk of Beading Heading 0
Hanishutg Bank Harrisburg fu7
Lancaster Bunk Lancaster 'J
I.elianon Bank Lebanon C
Merchants' & Manuf. Bank Pittsburg 3
Batik of Fills!. urg Pittsburg 3
West Branch B.ink Williamnport
Wy.aning Bank Wilkcsl.arro I0al2
Northampton Bank Allcntown Hi
link County Bunk Heading
OH'ice of Bunk of U. S. Pittsl.urg
Do do do Erio
Do do do New Brighton
Kensington Sav, Ins. A do
Penn Township Sav. Ins. do
Rank of Chamhcrshurg Chnmhershurg !
Bank of Gcllysburg (i Itysl org (i
Dank of Surquchauua Co. Montrose N
Erie Bul k Erin 7
Farmers' ,Si, Drovers' Bank Wayncsburg 15
Franklin Bunk Washington 3
lloncsdale Bank Hotiesdale 1
Mnimiigalit-la Bank of B. Brownsville 6
Yoik Bunk York C
N. B. The notes of those hanks on which we
omit quotations, and substitute a dash ( ) are not
purchased hy the Philadelphia brokers, wiih the
exception of those which have a letter of ri fen nee.
Philadelphia Sav. Ins.
Philadelphia Loan Co.
Melius Ik ill Sav. Ins.
Manual Labor Batm (T
Philadelphia failed
do failed
do filled
V Dyotl, prop.) failed
Tnwauihi lailed
Bedford no sale
Heaver closed
Harrishurg tinted
1 owanda Hank
Alleghany Bank of Pa.
Bunk of Beaver
Bank of Swatara
Bank of Washington
Centre Bank
City Batik
Farmers' & Mech'cs' Bank
Fanners' & Mech'cs' Bank
Fanners' A. Mi-cli'iV Bank
Ilann.uiy Insliluto
Huntingdon Bank
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Bunk
Northern Bank of 1'a.
New Hope Del. Bridge Co.
Northuioti'd Union Col. I!k
Noilh Wrstirn Bank of Pa.
I Mice of Schuylkill Bank
Pa. Agr. A. Manuf. Bank
Silver Lake Bank
Union Bank of Pcnn'a.
eatmorelaud Bank
Washington failed
Belli folllO rinsed
Pltlshutg no sale
Pittsl.urg failed
Fayette co. failed
Crcrncasl'e failed
Harmony no sale
lluiililigdoll no sale
l.en islnwn no sale
Warren failed
DmidMr no nile
New Hope closed
Milton no kali'
MiinUille rinsed
Port t.'a 1 1 ion luilid
Carlitlo failed
Munliime closed
L'tiiulitown failed
trwelrslajrg closed
V'ilkt sbarre no sale
W'ilketibarre Bridge Co.
gj- All note iHirporting to be on any 1'ennsyl.
vama Bank not given in the aliovc list, may he set
down as frauds.
Bank of New Biunswick
Brunswick failed
Belvidere 1
Medford par
Perth Amboy 2
BrMgeton ' pur
Mount Holly pur
Kahway I
N. Biunswitk failed
MkldU tnwn Pi. 3
Bvlvideie Bank
Bmlinglon Co. Bank
Commercial Batik
Cumberland Bank
Furmcur Bank
Farmers' and Mechanics' Bk
Farmers' and Mechanics' I'k
Farmers' ami Merchants' Bk
Franklin Bank of N. i.
Jersey City
fail., I
lad, d
ro talc
Hoboken BksrV (iazmg Co I lulu. ken
Jersey City Bank Jersey City
Mecbaniis' Bank Patterson
Manufacturers' Bank Belleville
Morris Company Bank Morristown
Moiimoulll likofN.J. Knell. ild
Mechumes' Bank Newark
Mtn-JiuiuiV and Maisuf. Bk 'I'renton
M ixi is 4 'anal and Bkg Cu Jeisty City
Port Notes
Newaik. Bkg A: Ins Co Newaik
;t vv Hope Del Bridge Co .am('ilskiIo
N. J. Maiiuluc. ai.d likg Co Holx knn -
N J Pruleelon & l.umbaid Ik Je rsey Cily
t 'range Bank 4 trance
Palerson Bank 1'alersi n
I'ei.pliV Bank do
Prineetun Bank I'rinrcton
hulein Banking Cu Salem
Mule Bank Newark
Stale Bank Elralielhlowil
Stale Bank Cuuulen
Siuto Bank of Morris Monistown
Stale Bank Tlilitu!)
S. driii mid Philad Matiuf Co Salem
Sussex Bank Newioti
Trenlnii Bunking Cu Tiei.tmi
i ninii Bunk Deer
V asliiiigtoti Banking Co. J!a Lriisutk
fad, ,1
Ilk ofWilnicV Brand) wine i mington
llank uf J,Jcl arc umu-glou par
Hank of Sm rna Suiyii.a pui
Do liauch Miltord - ai
Faimers' Bk of Stale of Dl Dovn par
Do I ranch Wilmington par
Do biunch Geoigilnwu pf
Do llanih Newcjstle par
Union Bonk Wilmington par
y Under b'$ S
gj- On all bank ma.ked thus () ihere are ci-
thei AuunUrleil or al'sred nolts of Ihe various Ut-
nomuiativni, in citcuUtion.
" These
1 ollirrs
J iln not
issue n.
The brst method for the Abolition of Dixcasc
i to cleanse and purify the Hotly.
AV km; I IT'S
i i i a v i: u i:t a ii i. i: i 1 1. i.s
AVi'A Jlmerirun t tillrge nt tlrallh,
Arc now acknowledged to be the best Medicine in
ihe World for the rum of
BlSCAliSB they rornp'etely cleanse the sto
ma, h and bowels from th re bdlious and cor.
rnpl hiimorn which are the enure not only of
Headache, (jiddiiiess, Paliittion of the Heart,
Pa'na in the Bnnrs, Rheumatism and Gout, but
every malaily incident to mini, SAID INDIAN
VEGETABLE PIM.8 arearenain cure for in
trim neiil, lemiitrd, nervous, inlhimatoiy and putrid
Fevers, hrcaus-e they cleanse the p.xly frem tho.e
moib.d hntnnrs, which, when confined to the circu
lation, are ihe cause of all kinds of FK VERS. So,
ols:o, when the same impurity is deposited on the
membianc and muscle, causing pains, inflama
lions and swellini;s railed 1(11 P.I'.M ATIS.M,
t.'tll T.tSrr. W right's Indian Vrgetnlile Pills may
l relied en as always . ertaiu to give relief, and il
persevered with, nrroiillnu to directions will most
nssuTi dly, and without fail, make n peifer! cu e ol
the above painful n nladies. From three to six of
said Indian Vi gelab e Pills taken every tiinht gv
irg lo bed, will In a slimt time so completely rid
the body fioin every thins: that is opposed to health,
tl.al Rheumatism, (inut. and p iin nl every, deserip
tion.will be Iin rally DRIVEN FROM THE BO
DY. For the s.inie reason, when, from sudden
changes of alii'o-phere, wr any other cause, the pei
Hpiialiou is cheeked, and the humois which should
pa-s nlV bv lb.' skin are thr.iwn inwardly, causing
11 1' AD AC 1 1 1'. CIl'DIM'SS, n.useu and si, k
lit ss, am in the bi.nes, watery and iiillained eyes,
sore tbroat, hoarseness, rongl.s, ronsiim lions
rheitmatir pains in vatioits parts ol'lbe hm!v, and
tnanyollur svmptotin i.f CATCHINO COl.D,
Wright' Inilimi Yigttuhli: I'M will invariably
give immediate relict. From thtee lo six of said
Pills taken every niulit on going to bed, will in a
shott time, not only remove all the above unph as ml
syui tnms, but tlie body w.ll, in a short time, be
restored to even sounder beabhibau la-lore.
IN(i. Wright' hnliiiH 'ritMi: J' will lo.s
eu nod cany oil', by the stomach and bo.veis, iIiom'
tough phb grny huinnrs which slop tip all the air
cells ol the lungs, uii.l are the cause, not only of the
al'.ne disiressiug cmuplaint, but when neglerled,
nll. ti lerrnliintes in that nio.e dteadful malady called
CONSI'MPTIO.N. Itiou'd be alsoteiiieinbeird
that Wright' Inilimi VrgtlnlUr Vilh Ire a cesun
cuiefori'AlN IN THE SIDE, Oppression, nau
sea, and sickness ln-i of appi t'ne, rostivrnrsa. a
yellow tinge of ihe tkin m.d eyes, and every olliet
symptom of a torpid or disiased state of the liver;
because they purge from the body those impurities
which if d, posited upon this important oruau, are
the cause of eery vnriely of LIVER COM
PLAINT. When a nation is convulsed ly riots
outbreaks and r, belli. m. the only means of prevent
ing ihe dreadful coiim .picticcs of a CIVIL WAR,
is to exs-l all traitors, and oil disposed ones limn
the country. Iu like manner, w In n p.iin or sick
ness of any kind, indi, ate that the body is strug
gling with internal foes, the true remidv is to EX
PEL ALL MORBID 111 'MORS, (Traiiors to
hralih and life.) lliaUh trill hr the rcrt'iin risiilt.
Thai the piiuriple of curing di -ease, by cleansing
and purifyii.g the body, is sttictly in accordance
with the laws which govrrn the animal ironoiuv;
and if properly ranted out by the Use of the above
PILLS, will rcitaiuly result in ihe complete Abo
lition ol Disease; we oil. r the following testimoni
als, from persons of the highest respectability in
New York, who have leccntiy been cuied ol Ihe
most outlinatc complaints, solely by the use ol
Will II Ill's I Mil A 1 YlliCTUHLK PlLLS, of ill,'
A'or American Culltgr nf lliulti t
Jamaica, L. I., June 9iL. ISM.
DoHor William Wright Dear Sir It is with
great sali-f.irlion I inform you of ;.y having lieen
entitelv cured of Dyspepsia, of live years stundti g,
ly ihu use of your Imhan Vn.r.TAin.v. Pills.
Pn viiius to nieeing with your celebiattd midi
cine, I hid lien under the hands of several Physi
cist s. and had tried vanoii- loedii iois; but all In
no elli-et. Alter Usit a one 25 cent box of our
Pills, however, I i-Ih rieiice.l so much bei elil, tint
I resolved In perseveie in the use of them arrmdilig
lo dirrrtiot s, wl.i. h I am happy to slate, has result
ed in a perfect cure. Ingratitude to y.iu for the
great licit, lit I have it-cctwd, and also in the h. pe
that others similarly i.lllicl.d may lie induced lo
make ttial ol your extra. nihility medirine, I send
you Ibis statement with lull hbeity to publish ill.'
same, if you think prn-r. Yours. Ac.
New V oik, June IU, I 1 1 . ti.C. BLACK.
Mr. Ki, bard Dennis, agt ut for Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills,
Dear Sir I have been iifllieled for seeral yenrs
with inward weakness and general debility, aeconi
pauifd at times with pains in the side and other
distressii g coiiiplaints, A ft. I having tried various
inrdietues wi'hont i IV, cl. I was persuaded by a fiiriid
to uiuke trial :f Dr. Wiighl's Indian Vegetable
Pills, which I am happy In slate, have relieved me
in a must wrn.lerful manner. I have used ihe me
dicine, a yet but a shott time, and have no doubt.
I'V a perseverance in lb use , f tin' miilieine accor
ding to diieclions, thvt I shall iu a short lime be
pert, ctly tesloied.
I most witliiiglv rcremim nd saij Pills lo all person-
similaily i lilt. led. ai d in ihe full hrliel that
the same U i.i fieial rrsu tswtll follow their use, I re
main joins sincerely. HENRY A. FOOTE.
Wa'Warsing, l ister co. N, Y.
Niw Vim a, Sept. 2t, IS-U.
This is to certify that I lime used Wiiioht's
Imhik M.t-TAht.K Pills with the greatest bei.e
fit ; haiiia entiri Iv cured my self of II e fr..uiiit al
tacks ol Sick Ht'sdarbe, lo v hi, h I had pieviouslv
be, u hid jeet. AN N M A RI A TIlo.M I'si IN. '
3112 Greenwich irei, N. Y.
To Mr. Rirbaid Dmiils, Agent tor Wnghl's In
di.ui Vegetable 'ills.
c.i r n .v.
As lb, re aic st this time nuuiy wicked persons
Imsi'v lui'iiged in si I'll. a a c uiiti licit medicine nu
lla li e in. n e of the lndi.,11 Vegelable Pills and as
tl i-st i! s i rale rr.i n are so ultetly reckless of e n
i tjii.'i.ci s, tint many valuable lives may be l.sl in
runs. ,in nee of using ll.eir dreadful compounds,
he til l c me cautioned against purchasing any
l i b, un!is on the tidesuf the boxes the following
wi it i u is foiin.1 :
(;(' IHirgnliv.c.')
. -r n k voant amuiicas con tea nr hvaitii.
! .-' i .1 s's,- to I e espcA'iilly ran lul agsiusl piircbs
' .ii t f .id me. Vine of any p ron except Ihe regu-
I 11 ai!'-'l se.l .-t, IHS.
.ii..NV.s- i' H siriiiruttFi;i.A.i co,
II. IS. Mas, r, Suul tiry I'axtie V Rose, Nor
Ibiuub. il .ml J.icoli Haas, SI amokili Sainu. I
Herb, M.ihoimj Bvrrly iV D. IU..S. Autusla
lli-iu-,- ,V I'. lho, r, Mill. hi In land V Meix,ll,
M.Evvei.sM Ir P ffitV Deaiin I, Tuibul tilt
J.iiiia's be..'.. I'otisnrow II- Klase, Snydersiowu
II. II. K i.iib, I, P. M.. Elysbuig P. O. in.
)ji ci.iii t, P M. Union t'orner.
Olbce and Gmcr.il ll.pol for the salt) of
Wrifti' Imliun Yitiitublt I'ltlt, holrsale sod
PlllA. May i, 1813. ly
vm ti:tti:k.
fXj 77ir following errtifm't trcrilir one nfthe
tun! trtntordituiry cures trer rjfecleil hy any
PiHt.Atittrni a, February 10, 1838.
Ij'OU twenty years I was severely afflicted with
Tutikm on the Face and Head: the disease
cotnmencid when 1 was seventeen years old, and
continued until the Fall of 18:1(1, vntving in vio
lence, but without ever disappearing. During in'sl
of Ihe lime, great pari of my face wss covered with
the eruption, frequently attended with vio'etil itch
ing; my head sw. l ed nl tiim s tttitil il felt as if il
would hutM lite swellina was so gieat, that I could
srarcilyget my hat on. During the long period
that 1 was afllietrd with the disease, I tised a great
many n plications (among them several celebrated
prep nation) as w. II as lakina inw.itd remedies,
including a numlier of bottles of Sirniin'x Viinnrea.
r.xlmrl if Karunrilla, Ac, In fact, it would be
impossible to rnumeiate all the medicines 1 used.
I was also under the rare of two of the most dis
tinguished physicians of this cjiy, but without re
ceiving mi'chbenefit, and I despaired of ever being
cured. In the fall of ISOfi, the disease i.l the time
being very violent, I commenced usina the In"
Ointment, (prepared by Vaughan cV Davis.) Ill
a few B plication Ihe violent ilebins ei acd, the
swelling abated, the i rti.iim U-oati to disappear,
and la-fore I had used a jar the di-ease wa entirely
cuied. Il has now been m arly a y.ar and a half
since, ami there ia not a vetige of the disease re
maining, except the scars from the deep pits formed
by the disease. Il is impossible for me to dcsrril'e
ina certificate the severity of the disease and my
soil. line, but I will 1 pie iscd to give a fuller ac
count to any person wanting further satisfaction,
who will call on me. At the time I commenced
using the R. se Ointment I would have given hun
dieds of ilo'hus to be rid of tin; disease. Since u
sing it, 1 have rceomini udi d it to several persons,
(aiiionc tlit-iii my mother, who had ihe di-enso bad
ly on her mm.) who w. re a:l cured bv it.
J AMES DI'RNELL, No. loll, Race St.
Qj" The Rose Ointment is prepared bv I'.. I!.
Vanillin, Sou h East comer of Third and Race
strc.ls Philadelphia, and sold on neoiicv in See. bu
ry, bv I'- B. MA-SSER,
May 1 lib, 1X12. Agent.
ISoor Oiiifuiriif, t'ov Tetter.
,1 l'UOOl' Ol' ITS I'.l l'H'ACY.
1'itiLAiii.i.eiiiA, May 27tli, ISil'l.
TTMIIS i to certify tluit I was se verely allhete.1
with Tetter in the hands and feet for upwards
of forty yenrs ; the disease w as attended c oer illy
with violent itching and swelling. I applied lo a
number of physicians, and used a great many appli
cations with, ut Heeling a cure. About a y.ar
since, I applied the lvn-o Ointment, which entirely
stopped the itching, and a few applications imtoedi
ati Iv cured the disease, which (here has been no
reluni of. although I bad never la-en rid ol it at
any lime for folly vims. RICHARD SAVAGE,
Eleventh. Ih'Iow Spruce Stret.
fj j- The Rose Ointment is pr. pireilbvE.lt.
Yaus.hau. S mill East corner of Third and Race
Streets, Philadelphia, mid s.'ldon ajency in Sunbu
,y.l,y H. B. MASSER,
May 1 Ith, 1M42. Aget.
MCDICAIj approbation
Of Ihe liOSi: Ol.TMi:.Ttfnr Tetter.
ALTHOUGH the superiority of the prepaiaiion
over all others is fully established, the proprie
tors lake pleasure in laying la-fore the public the
following certificate from a resH'clable physician,
a graduate of the 1'niversiiy of Pennsj Ivania. Dr.
Butigh, having found in this remedy that relief for
a tedious and disagreeable all'e, tmii w hu h the means
within the ramie of bis profession failed to sllord,
has not hesitated lo give il his appiobutioii, ullln-uuli
Ihe prejudices and ir.ten sts of that profession aie
i pposed to secret Remedies.
PiiiLAi.n.riu a, Sept. 19, innfi.
I was rerenllv Iroiibbd with a tedious hei(ietic
eruption, wbiih covered m atlv one side of my f..ce,
and extended over Ihe ear. Mr. Vaughan. ptopri. -t.
it of the Rose Ointment, obsetving my fn.-, msi
led on my tiying Ins pr. pauition. ol which he hun
,1c! me a jar. Aiihoiiuh in oomiiin with ih- meiii-
bets ol my pr' l.'ssion, I ihscnuuti nance all. I ,n-as
i love nl the numerous nostrums palmed upon the
public by innm ant pr-ten.ti r-, I leel in pis ice Oolinil
lo exc. 1 1 I In- Rose Ointui. nl tioiit that c!a-s of me
ibcines, and In gie it mv approbation, as it ilitire
ly lined the eruption, ahhoiigh it h l resisted the
Usual iippbcalinns. DANE II Al (.11, M. D.
(j'j-The Rose OiutiiMtot is piepand by E. IS.
Vauuhsn, South East cm er ol Third and R ice
Stieeis. Ptiiladclphia, and sold on ni ncv in Suii
burv, by H. B. M ASSER,
Jdiy'lUh. is 12.
(.-itci al i (iiitmisNioii nir liaulsi.
Fur the Sale uf t'lutir, tirnin, SttJ, ie., Sc.
EsPECTFULLY inform their liiends and
the Men-hauls generally, that they hae la-
ken those large and comriKHlious harvis, with two
Doiks, ninth of Ch.'snut slml, on the D.lawire,
loiiether with the store No. Ill S.uilli Wharves,
wheisi they would he pleased to receive consign
iiienls of Grain, Flout. Seed, Whiskey, Iron, Ac.
A c. Being also well prepared to forward all kinds
of Merchandise by the Schuylkill and Union, or by
the I'liesnp. ake and Tiile Water Canals, as low
boals lire kept expressly foi the purpose of towing
boats by either route.
Merchants w ill ple.-se be particular to send their
goods destined by cither canals, to No. 19 Smith
Wharves, la lween Market and ('In sunt sine's, on
Ihe Delaware, w lib directions accompanying theiti
which rout.- they wish Ihi-tit to If shipped.
fj j Plaster and Salt for sale, at th- lowest mar
ket pi ire. BOLTON .V C".
Match 19. IHJ2. No. 19 South Wharves.
TnnE ! ! LIIWtE !
Flit!!; su'iscnbris are pn par. d to furnish fanners
I and others with any tpianlity of Lime ol a very
supeiioi .piably l-.r laud, ol p'iii-tcriug, lit the fol
low ii-g va ry reduced pn. e-, i. : 8 els. pi r bushel
lor laid Lime; lit els. fnr the be-l iinility ol plaly
ti ring Lime, at the kdn-. l-elow the borough ol Sun
btnv. They w ill also d- Iimt, at any phiee w illnn i he
l'ormih of Sunbury. Lime lor laud, al It) rents per
bush. I, and Lime for pl n-tcr n-i; al 12 cents per
bushel, Tliu subscribers h ive alwin s on hand, a
large iptatiliiy of Lime, I's ipiali'y is good, and
their hiiK stone is not c.juallnl by any in the neigh
Aiifttsta, April Jd, 112.
Suntiui y, t'u tlitimherlmiil t utility
l't iiiiHUiiiii;i.
flHE suhsridM-r. respteifully inloims be piibhc
I that he ha removed lo thai larno und comino-
dioiis Tuvcin Siau.l, at ihe corner of M ukcl and
Faw ii sir. els, (siun ol the Bin k ) loiioeily oi cu
pi, d by Jonas Weaver, and latily by Dsincl Gib
son, wlure he is now prepared lo scmmiinMlulc all
who may (aor hun it It a call. By suit I addi
tion lo business, and his utuioi-l endeavor lo render
saiislaclion lo ull.be hopes In receive a hht ial share
ol public paliouage. t II AliLES E.W ER.
Suuhuty, Maul) 1 Cth, 1st:.
Connie! fellers' Dculli Hlow. - I
The public will please observe that no Brandrrth
Pills are genuine, unless the hot has three li
bels upon it, (the lop, the sido.and the bottom)
ech containing a fac-simile signature of my hand
writing, Ihus B. Bbuiirkth, M. D. These la.
bel-aio engraved on steel, beautifully designed,
and done at an expense of over f 2,(1(K). Therefore
it will be seen that the only thing nrcessary to pro
cure ihe medirine in il purity, is to observe these
Remember ihe lop, Ihe side, and the bottom.
The following respective person are duly auhri
rcd, and hold
Fot the sale of llriindreih' Yegittthle Unirertal
Til In.
Northumheilnnd county t Milton Mackcy cV
Chamhoitin. Sunbury H. B. Masser. M'Eweri
ville lu-land tc Meixell. Norlhuml ciland Wm.
Foray III. Georgetown F. Midhngcr A. Co.
Union County t New Berlin John lloll'innn.
Selinsgrove Eyer and Schnure. Middleburg
Isaac Smith. Beavcrlown J. iV F. BiiiRaman,
Adamshurg H. A. Smith. Milllinsburg
Swope cNc Lnird Haitlelon Daniel Long. Free
burn il. ft F. C. Mover, tentrevillc Slailej
Lenharl. Lcwishurtt Walls cV. Green.
Columbia county : Danville E. B. Reynold
cV Co. Berwick Shuman Ac. Rillenhouse. Cat
lawissa C. A. et C. G. Brobts. Bloomsburg
John R. Mover. JeiseyTown Levi Biscl. Wn
shinKton Robt. MiCay. Limestone -D. L,
Obseive lhat each Agent has an Engraved Cer
tificate of Agency, containing a representation of
Dr BKANDRETH'S Manufactory ot Sing Sing,
and upon which will also be seen exact copies of
Ihe ntw laheix run- trw, uiun the Itrantlreti l'ill
Philadelphia, office No. 8, North Rlh street.
January 1st, 1812.
A N II -
in:i.i.u;r. s:it.
rP CONCENTRATED Ricord of Medical Sci
nice and Literature, by Roblev Dtn.ulisnn,
M. 1)., Prolessor ol Ihe losliiutes ol Medic. ne, etc.,
in J, If, i son Medical Colleue of Phiiadepbia. pull
lished monthlv by Adam Waldie, No. 'Hi ('iirpen
(er street, Philadelphia. Subscription price, a
yiar. Subscription fur ihe above work received by
the siibscrda-r. II. B. MASSER,
Dec. I Ith, Mil. Aumt.
BTOR rale a small Farm, c.M.ti.uing about one
lion. bed and ten acres, more or le s, situate
to Point township, Nor'hutnl erlaiid roiint,, about
two mibs above Noilhuinhi-il md, on the main
road hading from that place t.i Danville, ndjoining
lands of John l.euhou, Jesse. ('. Morton and others,
now in ihe occupancy ofSjinuel Payne. About
fully acres of said tract arc t Iran ,1, and in good
slat.- ol cu'litation, on which there is a small l.srn
erect, d. The properly will 1 sold on n asm. able
teims. For further particulars, isons arc rcijuisl
ed to apply lo the sul scrih, r.
II. B. MASSER, Agent,
Nov. 27th, 1SI1. if Sunbury. Pa.
A N article unequalled for cleaning and g.vmg a
highly durable and must brilliant p. hsh lo sil
ver, German Silver, Brass, Copper, Brittaiiia ware,
Tin, Steel, Cutlery, and for restoring the lustre on
varnished carriages, Ac. TRY IT.
Prepared and sold al w holesale and retail, by the
Susipiehanna Chrysolite Polish Company, Owego,
I toga county, N. 1 .
WM. FORSYTH, Agent lor Northum'd,
H. B. MASSER, Agent for Sunbury.
November 20th, 1811.
r Ii t Y 1 1 TiTi w k is ,
Xo. 7 1 ('allow liil1 Struol, I'liiliiilulpliia.
( Three roi.r.r ulifre Si emu. J
gtllOK Findings alv.ay s kept on hutul, which hi
otl, rs for sale on the loAC-t leims. Country
.Meich mis are particul ,rly to c ill and judge f.n
Pl.tla.l, lhia. Novrmier 1.1, 1S11. I v.
a 15 B..H'.-iS33e
No. 'J; Norili W'nlcr Sircct. l'liiht.
MANUFAtM I RERS and dealer in Oils of
every description both for hti'irng ami
iiiuiiufarturing purposes, which will be sold much
lower than they ran l procured elsewhere, and
warranted in quality to equal any in the city. Any
oil sold by Ihe company nol proving as IC resented,
may be returned without any expense lo the pur
chaser, and the money will fa- refunded.
Their slock now ii store consists ol the following
oils, viz:
311,000 gallons Winter Bleached Spcinrt
do Coloiless Oil,
so. (ion
Fall and Spring Sperm Oil,
Winter Sea Eb-pbant,
do Pressed W 'hale Oil,
Summer do do do
Common Whale Oil,
2d0 Barrels supeiioi Stra 'a Oil,
3111) do Cod Bank Oil,
50 do Neats Foot Oil,
75 Cask Olive Oil,
Tanner's Oil.
(Tj'This Company ha- a liutulvcr of Vessels, en
gaged in the Cod Fishery, and Tanners may rely
upon getting at all times Oil as pure as imported.
I'bllailelpliM, rsov. Ill, 1MI. ly.
G. Vr. & L. 2. T.7LC?
FFER FOR SALE, at the South East Cor
ner of Fifth and Murhtt Strvttx, I'hiltultl-
Mens I. all-skin Hoots, stilcbe.l warranted,
do do do peuged do
d.i do . ilo water piool, doolie soles
ami :o uppers,
do ('all-skin do do
an, I uppers,
do Heavy Water Leather Bonis,
do do Neats do do.
do Iliph quartet SIoh-s, Call-skin
do do do ('rockers d.t
do Fine Monroes warranted
do nailed
Kip do
Calf do
Coaise do
do Shoes
Fine do
Kip ,lo
Calf and Seal Ski
List Sm ks wilh and without soles.
Cupel do do d.t
Patent Warranted aler-prool .Moecasius.
do do iln ' do
tanned India Rill la-r shuts. 11
Gelillemens' do ('v.r -boi s.
Willi every other doc ipiiou of hoot and sIuh-h.
Fur I'aps i I i v, ry ,1cm option.
Traveli ng Trunk- ofev,ry description.
Vcnell Hi rm. lhou It il'S.
Pali-til (ium El tsiie. Sh.M I'dai I,.il-.
Bonnets of ..II kinds. Palm Leal Hals.
Philsdilphu, No.t-iliher Vi, I till. ly.
io. 124 Clicsnut Street," below 4th,
"BjT"EEP constantly on hand a general asnrl
B menl of Books mid Stationary i comprising
Theological, Law, Medical, Classical. Miscellane
oua ami School Books, Day Books, all sizes, Led
gers, do., Family Bibles, Pocket Bibles, Writins
Papers, Wrapping Papers, Ac. Ac, which they of
fer at the lowest pi ices to Country Merchant's Pre
fessinnal Gentlemen, Teachers, and all other thai
may favor them with their custom.
Philadelphia, Not .'mher 1:1, 1811. ly.
.TEicimrl Weaver X Son,
No. 1 3 Kurt h Water Street. I'hilnilelpliia.
MAVE constantly on hand, a general assort
ment of Cordage, Seine Tw ine, Ac, via !
1 ar it Ropes, Fishing Ropes, White Ropes, Manil
la Ropes, Tow Lines for Canal Boats. Also, a
complete assortment of Seine Twines, A c. such as
Hemp Shad and Herring Twine, Best Patent Gill
Net Twine, Cotton Shad and Ileriiug Twii.e, Shoe
Threads, Ar. Ac. Also, Bed Cords, Plough Lines,
Halters, Traces, ('niton and Linen Carpet Chains,
Ac. all of which they will dispose of on nasoniihle
Philadelphia, November 13, 1841. ly.
Jacob I'i isinudi &. Son
"I ESPECTFULLY informs their friends and
acquaintances ge.ierally that they still con
tinue lo keep al lite old stand, No. 210 Noilh Hd
street , Philadelphia, all V n,ls of
Which they will sell in Ihe rriji . uccomtnodaliri
and reasonable terms.
N. B. All goods sold will he guai intced and all
orders promptly tl. tided lo.
Philadelphia, November 1.1, IM1 -ly.
j rE TER "CITC V E R7"
Wholesale ami Hetail Shoe, I'onnct,
antl l'nlin F.eaf Hat Warehouse.
A'o. (iG AyrA "d itlreet. a few tltmrx ubtree . Irch,
' Fhiltuhlfhia.
ALSO Trunks, Cnipet Bags and Valices. of ev
ery deseiiptinn, all of which he ullers for
sale on the most reasonable terms.
Philadelphia, November 13, 1811. ly.
J . W . ; W A 1 .N ,
rmlirella ami Parasol jMantifacttircr.
.Vii. 37 Kimtli Tim it tlrret, (wn dutim littuw the
Ciln I hit I. Vhiltttltlpliia.
COUNTRY Men hunts and others are solicited
to rtamiiie his rjssoiluent bifore ptiichasing
1'lnlu :el bia. N'ovrnder 11. lull. ty.
China, (.lass ami Liverpool Warehouse,
A'o lfi4 Knrlh Third rtn rt. third thmr liilmv Yint
ttrat, I'hilndi Ijihia,
VIHERE they ronstaiilly keep on hand a large
assoilineiit of (,'hina. Glass and Liverpool
Ware, which they will dispose of on the most rei
son aide terms.
Philadelphia, November 13, Ifill. Iv.
Manufacturer ami Importer of Sad
dlery, Hardware, ccc.
Xo. 5 South Third street, four doors below Market
EEP constantly on hand a large and general
assortment Conch Lamps, Carriage Bands,
.Vile Arms, K lint ic Springs. Patent Leather. Ac.
Country Merchants and saddlers will be supplied at
all times on the most reasonable teims. They will
find it to their ndvaiilaue to call and examine his
ssiiiliiient before purcha-iin! elsewhere.
Philadelphia. Novi-mler 13. 1811. ly.
Wholesale; Dealers in Foreign liritish
and American Dry (Imuls.
A'o. I T Market trnt, Vhilad, Iphia.
C10UNTRY Men h.int--, and others ran be sup
) plied at all times with an cxl.nsne a-soil-menl
of the best ami mrst fashionable Goods upon
Ihe most reasonable term--.
Pbiladclpbi , Nov. ml er 1 3. IS I L I v.
" I.OWUt As- llAUUOX,
Importers and Dealers in l'lireiirn and
1 tome st ie.
No. 171 NonTii 'I'hiih.
S-mn.T, l'nn.in Lrio
X TW ERE their fiiciuls and i ustomers will always
' find a large and general a-sorlmenl of Foreign
and Domestic Haidware, which they wills, Hal the
lowest prices,
Phtledelphia, November 13, HI I. ly.
.u. Kili l-'J .Market Street, l'hila.
(Ht low Fifth South side )
LWAYS keep on hand a full and genrral as
sa.rlnient of llo-ierv, Lace, and Fancy Goods,
Country Merchants are respectfully request jiI to
give tin in a call and examine for them-elvi s.
Philadelphia, Novrmi er 13, 1811 . ly.
srKKINC,, (i(H)D 6i CO.
Xo. l.'ls Market Street, Philadelphia.
a'I'E (he attention of Countiy Merchants
H to their extensile assortment ot Mulish French
und American Dry Goods, w hich they olVcr luis.de
on the must reasonable terms.
Philadelphia. November 13, ISIL ly.
Au A I, Noilh Set oiid Nlrtt 1,
(l ORM KR lir COOM m'b ALLKT.)
Where ihey constantly keep on hand a gener il
assortment of
Ana ri gri ot rttrnli oj urticits tj a miptrior
quality, which liny idler lo dispose uf
" upon the most reasonable terms.
P10UNTRY MERCHAN'IS and others wi l
Xy find il lo ill if advantage to call and iuu. ini
tio ir sl.x'k before purchasing ebewliere.
I'l.itadelphi.1. Nov.ti, 1811. ly
1 ESPECTFULLY inform the ciiizcns ol Son
buty and vicinity, that lley have lakm Ihe
Shop Ut. y occupied by Win, Durst, where ihey
will carry on lis
tailohino Eusinrss,
in all its vdiious branches. By strict ailtiition and
leasonuhl,- ch.ngcs, they cipcit lo incut a share of
public paliouage.
Sunbury, Sept. 4th, 1841.
Cap una' I'tim l.eof lint Sorr.
No. lOSui rn Iim SrutiiT. PHIL ADEI PHI ,
' III. Rl'. an erloliMve amoilnn-nl ol' the alic
' articles aie e i slanily kept on hand, lor sale
al the most reasonable I, rum.
May 29, 1811.- ly.
AN utiiiarellcled remedy fur common Colds,
Coughs, Asthma, liifluenna, Whooping Cough,
Bronchitis, and all diseases of ihe Breast and Lungs,
leading to constiniption ; composed of Ihe concen
trated virtues of Hon hound, Bonset, Blond Root,
Liverwort and several other vegetable substances.
Prepared only by J. M. Wum-ow, Rochester, New
The innocence nnd universallv admitted perioral
vittues of the Herbs from which the linlmim of
llnrchtmnd is made, ore too generally known to re
quire rcrommeni'air.in ; it is therefore only neerssa.,
ry to observe thai this Medicine contain the whota
of their Medicinul properties, highly concentrated,
and so happily combined with siveial other vege
table substances, as to render il the most speedy,
mild and certain remedy, now in Use, for the com
plaints above mentioned.
The Balsam removes all imflammalion and sore
ness of the Lungs, loosens tough visid phlegm, en
nbling Ihe patient to expectorate with ease and free
dom, ossunges cough, relieves athmatic and dilli
cnll respiration, heals Ihe injured parts, opens the
pores, and composes the disturla'd nerves, and gives
sin luiih lo the temlei lungs, and Ihus produces a
speedy and lasting cure.
IsniMTi-rrnR is Ttir. nnsr.sT cntwt; is Maiv.
Wo are not among lhat class of Editors who for a
few dollars will, (at the expense of truth and ho
nesty) "ciack up" an article and bring it into rapid
sale ; neither aie we willing to lematn silent, after
having tested the utility of an im rovemrrit or dis
covery in science or art. Our readers w ill recollect
we told them we were unwell with a sore throat on,!
violmt cold some few weeks ago. Well, we pur
chased two bottles of WINSl.OW'S BALSAM
OF HOREHOUN D, and so sudden was the cure,
that we forgot we ever had a cold. Those who
are alllicted, may try it upon our recommendation,
xw-t.son T-It graph. For sale by
JACOB BRIGHT, Korlhumbirlatid.
Also, by Druggists generally throughout the
country. J"jf Price, fid cents per bottle.
Autust Mm, 1841. ly.
VNTllON'S Classical Dictionary; Lrmprier's
do.; A ins worth's do ; Cobb's do.; English and
Cfiman do.; Ambon's Ca-sar; Anthon's Grammer;
Autheii's Ciceto; Mail's Latin Reader; Ogilby'sdo.;
Andtew's Latin Lessons; Donnegan's Lexicon;
Fisk's Gre. k Exercises; Davies's I.eccndei; Grarra
Majors; Adams's Roman Antiquities; Pinnock's
Goldsmith's England; do. Greece; Ljell's Elements
of Geol.'Hy; Mrs. Lincoln's llotanv; Elements of
Botany; Bridgc'a Algebra; Porter's Rhetorical Rea
ders; E mi r son's Geocriiphy and History; Olney's
do ; Purit y's do.; Smith's Gramme.; Kirkham's do.:
Kay's Road, rs; Cold's do.; Cobb's Arithmetics.;
Pike's do.; Em rson's do.; CI It's Sprlling Books;
Town's do.; Cobb's Table Books; Evangelical Fa
mily Library; Cottage Bible; Family do; Collater
al do.; Small Bibles aniCTrslnnient-; Parker's Ex
ercises on Composition; Fruit of the Spirit; Baxter's
S dnt's Rest; American Revolution: Marryatt's No-
vi Is; Mrs. Phelps on C hemistry; Iliad; Catechism
of American Laws; Letters on Natural Magic; Che
mistry for Beginners; English Exeicises adapted lo
Murray's Grammer; Sequel to Comlcy's Spelling
Book; American Class Bonk; DalioH's Schoolmas
ter's Assistant; A great variety of Blank Books, Ac.
August 2K, I Ml.
j . s i i: v jo n i: s ,
1y ElJI 'ESTS the attention of his country friend
I who are in want, lo his vcrv large slock of
('arprtiims, Gil Cloths, Mailings, Rugs, Bindings,
Stair Rods, Ac, A c, that he has just opcnul, at
his war. houses, No. 1st North 2d street, and No. U
Church .ML y, next door to Clni.-t Church, Phila
delphia. July 31, Itvll. ly.
D. K 1 1. K T A T II I (' K Ac SON,
iVo. -.M, fkwth Third reel,
HAVE for s.le a large and excellent assortment
ofSy 'ru'i llidis, I'atna Kip., Tanmrt Oil,
,r.. at the lowest maikct prices, ruber for cash, ic
rxchaucr for Leather, or upon credit.
Coiisicninents of Leather received for do, 01
piircbasc.l i.l ihe highest maiki I prices.
Q" Leather sl.ned tree of iharge,
April 17, H'll. ly.
Ir. SSurlU liN
coMi'orsi) sri;i:.;Tw:iso asd
;i:hmas j'FKir.ST ni.Ls
RE warranted lo cure diseases of ihe stomach
and nervous svstcm. Mr. Samuel Phillips,
West Kensington. Philadelphia, was entirely cured
by the uhove highly and in. snmab'c medicine ; his
( hi f symptoms were pain and weight at the pit of
the stotn ,ch af er eatini, loss of appetite, ur,ruc
tatious, ll.iiulency, eos ivene-s, pain in the side, and
weakness in ihe breast, constant he ulnche, diinne-s
and coii!u-ion of sight, nervous iirel ihihty, which
incaparitatt-d hun from attending to his bu-in.'-s
for twelve months, during which tune h tried va
lines medicines, but found lit I.- relief until by uin;
the Compound Sirenglhening Tonic and Crm.iu
A er i-nl Pills, he was enabl. d in live wctk. to re
sume his business.
Principal Otfrce for the United States, No. 19
Noilh Eolith slict-t. Phil ulelpbi.i.
Angus! 57 ill. H 12. Agutt.
I'rint Ipal lU-asons
II Y Dr HARI.ICH's Compound Strengthrn
int and German Aperient Pills are used by all
classes of p. ople, in preference lo other M'dicmes,
l-eeause they are prepared from a pure extract of
hut'f, a w I,..!, some nu-di, ire, mild in its operation
nml pleastni in il 11'. ct the most ctilain jireserver
of health, sate and llcrtu d cure of Dysja psia or
Indiu'i'-ti.-ii, and all st. -much complaints, a ( reserier
an I pu. i lie i ol the w hole s stem.
11,-caus.' ! ey s.'oihe the nerves of sensibility and
foilil'y lb-' nerves of million, imparling to their m. st
subtle llu id its pristine tone, thus giving strength
and clearness of mind.
Because they never destroy the coats of the sto
mach and bowels, as sll strong purgatives do.
BocHU-e science and cX-eu, n,e leach us that no
men; piitu'iittve alone will cure the disease ot the
tlomarh and iicims. Weakness is ihe primary
Cause of a ho.-t ol d'scasrs, and, by coiititiU illy ic
soil'n g lo Prnnlic plligaioi-, you make the dis, .1-0
much worse, in-teinl ol letter.
Because Dr. Il.ii In h's Med cities aie put up U
otl the common sense principle, to '-cieii'se an. I
sireugiben," which is the only course lo pursue to
riled a cue. Lastly,
Because Ihesti Medicines reilly do rurr ihe di-'-ea-e
lor which they are iccoininended. Principal
( lllice loi Ihe United States, is at No. 19 Noitll
Eighth slic, I, Philadelphia.
August yoth, 1I5, ' J.i'i'.

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