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II. R. MA88ER,
? PmtiftRKiti Ann
S PnormnTens.
. It. JMSSEH, Editor.
Office in Centre Alley, in the rear of 11. H. Mas-
ser't Store.)
THE" AMERICAN" Is published every Satur
day at TWO DOLLARS per annum to lie
aid hnlf yearly In advance. No paper discontin
ued till Att arrearages are paid.
No subscription!) received for a less period than
six jiohths. All communication or letter on
business relating to the oliice, to insure attention,
must be POST PAID.
1)u!inPfs attended to in the (""onnlica of Nor
liuulcrlnnd, Union. Lycoming and Columbia,
ltribr to I
Thomii II art & Co.,
Low nn & II a nun.
& Hart, -Vhilad.
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JL than thirty familica in this neighborhood, and
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ccntaim no iron to ru-l, niul no rprintM or rollers to
pet out of repair. It will do twice a much wish
ing, with Icsa than hull the wear and tear of an) of
the lite inventions, rind what is of greater in.por
t'ttice, it costi but little over half it much us other
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The snbsi rilicr hn the exclusive riqht for Nor
tliiimberlnnd, Union, L coming, Columbia, Lu
yernc and Clinton counties. Price of sinale ma
chine ?fi. H. U. MASMil!.
'J'he following certificate ' fioni a few of lliofe
who have these rn ichiccs in use.
Si.nhu.y, Auc. 21, 1 1.
We, the subscribers, certify that we have now
in u-e, in our families, "SSIniRctt's Patent Wish
ing M.ichiue,"diid do not htsituto union tint it is
a most excellent invention, 'i'hnt, in Wn-hing,
it will save more than one hnlf the uual labor.
Thnl it d.ies not require more than one third the
usual quantity ol' so ip und water ; hikI that there
i no rubbing, on I const iui nilv, little or no wear
ing or tcniiug. That it knocks ilVno buttons, and
t'r-at the finest clothes, st.ch as collars, lace, tucks,
trills, &c, may be washed in a vc y shoit lime
without the least injury, and in fact wiihotit any
apparent wear and tear, v. hatov. r. We therofire
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2 IV, 1HM.
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v lXiErrtisM: co.tii'oi .i,
im rn- era k f
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The following is one au.oon a number of ccrtili
cates received in iclation to the suice of this me
die me i
Lancaster Co. March .
Dii. (ii.oaor. W. Alles,
Hecr Sir: Il is with (trrat pleasure that I in
form you of die success attending your Dyspeptic
Medicine, while cuij loyed in my p actio. Prom
I n.l experience, 1 firmly believe that In eight esses
out of len, ihe Dyspeptic, by the ue ol your medi
cine, may enur.ly rid himself of this thorn in the
pathway of lite: not only in dyspeptic rases, but
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en a dibililated staid of Ihe nervous system, lour,
tlier with toipid kt ileof the boncls. will your E
lixir be found of inestimable value. Numerous i li
st unets wherein the usefulness of the medicine bus
been realised, may l foi warded, if required. I
wish you great success, and recommend the. medi
cino to the tuH'cring ( art of mankind,
Vouis, with ureal retpcrt,
Pot sale at the store of II. II, Master, Agent
for ihe proprietor, Sunbury, Pa.
Oct.il.er 311th, 1844. ly
ITlllX M:i:i. Theniighe.rp"ricVwiU be
' given for Flax Seed, bv
Aug. 31, 1SU. H. D. MASSE R.
Absolute acquiescence In the decision of the
lly Manser & F.lsclj ,
A Public Patriot,
Tlinmo Jeftnroon Wnsliinpton Jones, was
yesterdny brought boforn the RproroVr, on the
charjreof patlierinij a crowd and creating a dis
turbance thn eveninp previotip, at the corner of
St. Charles and fSravier Streets.
Air. Tltomns Jefferson Washington Jnnps i
a (rcntlcmnn of a full habit but scanty wardrobe
phi ofpatriotisin, but tninu of means.
'In whnt manner did the prisoner pnther a
crowd !' said the Recorder, 'or how create a
disturbance V
Why, he waa a cullin'tip nil kinds of didorp,'
said the watchman 'a-talkin' about Annc.wi
linn and Omrrnn, nnd all that, and rtts.-'in lite
'letoriral Society, 1 tliinks he called it.'
'I protest against nny charge made by that
individual being recorded against me,' aid the
prisoner ; "he has neither copneily to under
stand my position, nor patriotism to appreciate
'lie is a municipal officer,' paid the Record
er, 'and I am bound to receive his statement,'
Then il such be one of the streams tlirouoh
w hich justice flows.' replied the prisoner 'it he
be one of the conduits through which law is ad
ministered, justice necessarily needs filtering
law requires a less impure course. If it
please you, however, let him proceed, and Hea
ven help the Republic, 1 say ! This nnpoal he
accompanied by a reverential twist of his eyes
The Recorder told the watchmen to ijo on and
Mute the circumstances under which he arrest
ed the prisoner.
lie stated the same in substance ns was writ
ton in the charge. The prisoner was harran
gtiing a crowd about Texas Oregon and Alle
ghauia, nnd le; knew not vvlmt. He tuld him
to go on, but, instead of complying, ho ubuscd
him and went on with his speech.
'Fool !' exclaimed the prisoner, 'what cltHs
should I do hut abuse you 1 Praise of you
would be censure in disguise besides '
'I shall not allow you, Mr. w hat's your
name,' replied the Recorder, 'to use such lan
guage to the wn'clnuan in my presence. If
you have anything to say in your defence I shall
hear it ; preserve your vituperation for another
place your invective for a more fitting oppor
tunity.' 'I thank you, most worthy judge,' said the
prisoner, 'for the advice, nnd shall lo guided
by it; mid now for my defence. Rut first of my
name, which you seem to have forgotten, but
which I thought was giaven the door plate that
opened the door I inetin, your honor, not the
plate to the inner chamber of every American
heait. Who, sir what American can forget
a name linked by Hssoci.it ion of i.!cn, at least
with the f age of Moiiticello and thn hero of
Mount Vernon; for both of whom history hns
erected her monumentsmore solid than mar
ble, nnd more enduring than brass ! Now '
'This is all very well, Mr. Thomas Jcllers.ui
Washington Jones. I now remember your
nanip.'mlrrrnpteil the Recorder ; 'but what
has tt to do with thp watchman's charge'
'I was about to come to that, sir,' said the
prisoner, 'but thought it necessary before doing
so tossy so much in vindication of the honored
names I bear. And now, sir, for the charge.
Iwascreatingnodisturbar.ee; and if a crowd
did gather round me, it was done of their own
volition ; if they did wrong, I cannot pereeivo
by what rule of inw or ethics I am to be visited
with punishment for their transgressions. I
was speaking somewhat loudly, it is true, but
am yet to learn lleit there is nny Municipal
ordinance itistittiling a iciice-timetct , nnd mak
nig it pcuul to pitch llio voice uIkjvc a given
standard. I was speukinir, sir, of tliO witdom
and the policy of Annexation, and our right
our imprescriptible right to Oregon ; and he
whom these subjects would not n rouse and
cause to speaK louu at mo present cnts wouiu
j suil'er a man to take his julep front before him
; ... . , i. , ;,i .,, , ,,
ond driu k it without remonstrance, nor would
! ' c'y 'h'"P thief! if a fellow rill away with
! his lust shirt. I touched too, sir, on tho at-
; , . j c , b , ....,,; I,.,,..,,.,....
j to change desecrate, I call it the name of my
J beloved country, and is it to be wondered nt
j that I felt indignant and spoke loudly ! Take
the name ot the United States oway, sir, and
will not niter ages be puzzled to know the land
of my illustrious namesakes ! and then to pro
pose giving it such a name Alle Allegbania!
why it's a name fit only for a country inha
bited by Turk ! I would nut, so help me '
'That will do,' said the Recorder, 'I perceive
that, although you did err, your motives render
the act excusable. You may go, but in future
find some more appropriate place for your lec
tures on Oregon, Annexation and Alleghunia
than the sidewalk ; for however much, in such
a place, you impel the inarch of mind, you re
tard considerably tho movement of the body.'
Thomas Jefferson Washington Jones, regard
ing tho watchmoii as mere human an'unalcuhe,
lert the court impressed with the belief ihut his
release was a decided triumph of mind over
matter. Vkoyunc.
mnjori.y, the vital principle of Republic, from which
Suiibury, IVortliuinbrlaiul to.
Rxtranrtliitiiry Rtortca of an Indian Fakir.
The monotony of our camp life, was broken
this morning by the arrivnl of a very celebrated
character in the Punjnub, a person we had all
expressed great anxiety to see, and whom the
Mahn-Rnjah had ordered over from Uiiirutscr
on purpose. lie is a Fakir by name, and is
held in extraordinary respect by the Sikhs, from
his alleged enpneity of being able to bury him
sclfalive tor any period of time. So many sto
ries w ere current on the subject, and so many
respectable individuals maintained the truth of
these Ftories, that we felt curious to see him.
He professes to have been following this trade,
il so it may be called, for some years, and a con
siderable time ago several extracts from the
letter, of individuals wl.o had seen the man in
the upper Provinces, appeared in the Calcutta
papers, which were nt the time, naturally e
notigh, looked upon ns a mere attempt at
a hoax upon the inhabitants of Calcutta. Cap
tain Wade, political agent nt Lttdhiann, told
me that he was present at his resurrection after
nn interment of some months; (icncral Ventu
ra having buried him in the presence of the
Maha-Rajah and many of his principal sirdars;
and, as far ns I can recollect, these were the
particulars witnessed by (leneral Ventura :
After going through a regular course of prepa
ration, which occupied him seven days, and the
details of which arc too disgusting to dilate upon,
the Fakir reported himself ready for interment
in a vault by order ol the Mnha-Rajah. On the
appearance id Runjoet and hiseourt he proceed
ed to their final preparations that were neces
sary in their presence, nnd after stopping with
wax his cars and nostrils, he was stripped and
placed in a linen bag ; nnd the hist preparation
concluded by turning his tongue forwards, and
thus closing the gullet, he immediately died a-
way in a kind of lethargy. The bag was then
closed, and sealed w ith Runp el's seal. The
box was then placed in a vault, the earth thrown
in and trod down, nnd n crop of barley sown
over the snot, nnd sentries n need round it.
The Malm-Rajah was, however, very sceptical
on the subject, nnd tw ice in the course of ten
months he remained, under ground, sent people
to dig him up, when he was found to be in ex
actly the some position, nnd in a state ol perfect
ly suspended animation. At the termination of
the ten months, Captain Wade accompanied the
Mnhn-Rajah to fco him disinterred, and stales
that he examined him personally nnd minutely,
and was convinced that all animation was per-
lectly suspended. He saw the locks opened j dergo the cntilinc meiit in n place wheic hisae
nnd the scbIs broken by the Mnha-Rnj-ih, nnd thins iiiav be observed, it is needless to form
the box brought into the open air. The man
was then taken out, mid on feeling his wrist
and heart, not the slightest pulsation was per
ceptible. The first thingtowards restoring him
to life, was the forcing his tongue back to its
proper position, which was done with some lit
tle difficulty by n. person inseriing his finder
nnd fo: ciblv pul!;n it back, and conlinuinoto
hold it until it gradully resumed its natural
place. Captain Wade described the ti p of bin , Peking ! Is it to sit nt n shnt'ered table in
head to have, been considerably heated; but PTret, wiili a omise qutil behind the ear,
all other parts of the body cool and healthy in "d a fore !ioei between the eve-brow s, sup
appearance. Pouringa quantity of warm water 1 l""'" an editors nching head over a blank
upon him constitutes tiic only further measures ' 'l"'rc of pnper ! All these euiployn euts may
for his restoration, and in two hours time he is j 00 honorublo so far a they are useful to society
as well asever. and no farther. Do you agree lo this ? Then
On my return to Simla, accident placed ininy ! 'im VVI" "btongree to this plain rule; whatever
hands the nppendix to a medical tojiogruphy of is 1,1,3 "Uh!l ''"' 'I'0 uw"1 honorable nn
Ludhiana by Ir. McGregor of the horse arlille- ; Payment. Apply this rule to the skilful, in
ry.by whose permission I have extracted the ! 'I,,!,lri""s B'1 hmiea eullivalor ol tho earth,
following account of the former in'.erments and Who em'1'1 1,v,! 1,1,1 f"r ! W,,H P""1'"-
resurrecttnt. of the Fakir:-' Fakir who nr- j 0 ,,f w 1,1,1 18 ,,'ll"y ni'l"-H-iib!e to
rived at Lahore engaged lo bury himself tor any ! W:ml" "f ,,M ,l "'m'S aS 1,0 1 ls "0l ,!"S lI,C
length of time, shut up in a box. und without I '"'l) ''''. ". hono.nl.le, ... pro,rlio.i as
cither food or drink. u..jeet nn'.urallv d.sbe. j Ui ,i,U,M bta lU Urtl'ul 1,1 nnf '" ,!iu
lieved the man's nssertions, nnd was determi- ! worM ! ,A'' be " Pffa nb d nceordingly.
ned to put then, to tho test. For this purpose ScxX ,u l,iln U ,l,c Ft,' l"'ic Mechanic, who
the Fakir was shut up in a wooden box, which ' our Bml "'''I'"' ",i,k"i ",,r
was placed in a small npartn.ent below the ! P0"'18- He too should bs honored,
middle of the ground : there was a foldi.o d.mr "'V ll,,,t Invent. .HImt Hihii eucmrage
to this box, which was secured bv a luck and pri'utlu'ro wl.o laU.r to pr. to
key. Surrounding this apartment, there was "iee earth and g.xnl w.!l towards ...en,"
the ga.den-hou.-e, tl.o doo. of which was like- r,,,l!,'r l!u" ,0 ,'', "(! ,!"! 'rr,Brn ""t..athies
Wise h eked, ...id outside the wholo" a hih wall, ! l"'rers ; duel.,., wl.o seek lo prevent
having its doorway built with br.cks and mud, I 'lisl'"sc rj,l,,r '"H,l- ' wh itfi.r alee;
in order to prevent nny one f.oni approarbiie.
tho place, a line of s. nti.c was placed and re"-
lieved at reanlar i,i.,.sU Tl. ..........1
w as keel on for the m.co ,,f fort . b,v I
ly nights, at tl.o e.vpiration of w hieh period the
Maha Raja, attended by his graudsoii and Seve
rn I of his sidi.rs, ns well ns (icncral Ven
tura, Cuptnin WaHe, m l myself, proceeded to
disinter ll.e fakir. The bricks Mid mud were
removed from the outer doorway ; the door of
the garden house was next unlocked nnd last
ly, that of tho wooden box containing the Fakir:
the hitter w as found covered w ith a w hite sheet,
nn removing which the figure of tho man pre
sented itself in a sitting posture his legs and
arms wero pressed to his sides, his legs and
thighs crossed. The first step of the operation
of resuci'.ation consisted in pouring orcr his
head a quantity of w arm water i after this hut
cake of otta (wheat flour) was placed on the
crown of his head j a plug uf wax waancxt re
moved ! 101.1 one vi hi Hc.liiL-, aiidoii Liin
there I, no appeal bat to force, the vital principle
ln. Saturday , June 11, IS15.
done, the man breathed strongly through it. The
mouth wns now opened, and the tongue, which
had been closely applied to the roof of the
month, nnd both it nnd the lips anointed w ith
ghcc(carified hitters.) Durng this part of the
proceeding, I could not feel any pulsation nt
the wrist, though the tcmpernture of the hinly
wns much above tlio natural standard of health.
The legs and arms being extended, and the eye
lids raised, the lormer were well rubbed, and a
little ghee was applied to the latter ; the eye
balls presented a dim sufltised appearance, like
those of a corpse. The man now evinced signs
of returning animation ; the pulse became per
ceptible at the wrist, while the unnatural tem
perature ofthe body rapidly diminished. He
made several inellectual efWtsi to speak, nnd nt
length uttered n few word, but in a tone so low
and feeble ns to render them inaudible. Fy ami
by his speech was re-established, and he recog
nised Fomcof tho bystanders, ami addressed the
Maha-Kaja, who wns seated opposite to him
watching nil his movements. When the Fakir
wns nblo to converse, the completion of the fact
was announced by the discharge of guns nnd
other demonstrations of joy. "A rich chain of
gold wns placed round his neck by Runjeet, nnd
ear-ring1, baubles, nnd shiwls were presi nied
to him. However extraordinary this fact mny
appear, both to the I'oroneans and natives, it is
difficult if not impossible, to explain it on phy
siological principles. The man not only deni
ed hia having tasted hmd or drink, but even
maintained that he had stopped the function of
respiration during a period of forty days and
nights. To all appearance this long fasting had
not been productive of its usual t-fti-ets, us the
man seemed to be in rude health, so that dies
tion and assimilation hml apparently proceeded
in the usual manner ; but this he likewise de
nted, and piously asseited, that during the whole
time he had enjoyed a most delightful trance
It is well k'iown that the natives of llindostan,
hy constant practice, ran bring themselves to
exist on the smallest portion of food for several
days; and it is equally true that, by long train
ing, the same people nre nble to retain the air
in th?ir lungs for some rnin.ites ; hut how the
functions of digestion nnd respiration could be
nrresled for such n length of time, appears uu
nccountable. The coneenltnent of the Fakir
during the performance of his feat, so far from
rendering the latter more wonderful, serves but
to hide the means he employs for its accom
plishment, niul until he can be pursiiaded to tin-
any conjectures repardinu them. i'nptain Ox
home's Ciwrt mul Ctnnp.
1 1 oiio nt III e 10 m )) t .
W hat is the iiiokI honorable employment ?
Is it to carry a green big and talk m knotty
Mints of law in opt n court ! N it .. ampiiv a
yardstick with graceful dexl"rify ! Is it to
' W1'nr 8 cockade as a sion ot successful office-
, '", rcU""u w 1,1 ,H,r l"11' "'''!
j ,i,,Mr rN k, ll' ,r"c ai;4l"""i tUv
" HUU'i-a Hi! oilier Classes, nre Us.'.... cwewcs.
! and nre uselul and necessary" in tsoe.e'y,
in isou.e'y, a n.l
should be encouraged and honored accordingly ;
but it is time the not ion was done sway, that
fanning and h.indiciaft nre not lesjiertaMe.
Thry are on the whole more useful, itnl ll.e.e
fere should be regarded mriro honorable. The
men who own the soil they till; whocnnlive
independently by their own productions and
then supply other ila.-srs of citizens w ith Ihe
means of subsistence, nre the true no'.iili'y of a
Rcp-iblic. They ate tho "bone and muscles"
which must keep the body politic together.
We respect them. Would that there were
more such, fewer idle, lazy drones, who scorn
honest labor, and strut in gay attire, living
upon the productive industry of those far better
than themselves.
A.I apt quotation is like n lamp which flings
llbliht o 1 1 1 the whole si ntuicc
a..d immediate p.n,,t of dcspotism.-Jarn.aso,.
Vol. 5Xo. 3Wliolc Xo, 24.
M. CAMtt.R' CtUTAtil 1,KCTIIIK,.
Mn. Caihi.e thinks it "IIioh Tivk' that
I .IK ClIII.DKEM SJIIOI'I.U ii m: Sdmm'.R Clo
1 II i NO.
There, Caudle ! If there's anything in the
world 1 hate and you know it it is asking yon
for money. I run sure, for myself, I'd rither
go without n th ii.tr n thousand times, and I do
the more shnme for you to let me, but there,
now I there yon fly out ngaiu! IVW tin 1
want vnw ! by, you must know what's
wanted, if you'd any eyes or nny pride for
your children, like any other father. What's
thr mattrr und what am I th iving at Oh,
notifense, Caudle! As if you didn't know!
I'm sure if I'd any money of my own, I'd never
nek yoii for a farthing: never; it's painful to
tnr, goodness knows ! Whnt do you say 1 If
it's painful, irhy y opt n ilo it? 11a ! I sup
pose you call that n joke rne of your club
jokes ! I wish you'd think a little more of peo
ple's feplins, and less of your jokes, lla! as I
siy, I only wish I'd any money of my own. It
there js anything that humbles a poor woman,
it is coining to a man's pockets for every far
thing. It's dteadlul !
"Now, Caudle, if ever yon kept awake, you
sbnll keep awake to night yes, you shall hear
me, for it isn't often I spenk, nnd then you may
go to sleep as soon ns you like. Play do you
know whnt month it is ! And did yon sec how
the children looked nt church to-day like no
lnvly else's children ? H7nt wax the mattrr
with than .' Oh, Candle ! I low can you ask ?
Poor thinL's ! were'ut they all iu their thick me
rinos, nnd In aver bonnets ? What do yon say
117; uf it f What, you'll tell me that you
didn't sec how the Ihi'jo's girls, in their new
chips, tinned up their noses at 'em And you
didn't see huw tin; Drowns looked at the Smith's,
and then at our dear girl's, as much aslo say,
Poor creatures! what figures for the month
of May !' Ymt ditln't re i7 The more shame
for you you would, if you had the feeling of a
pneiil but I'm sorry to say, Caudle, you ha
ven't. I'm sure these Driges's girls the lit
tle minxes ! put mo into such a pucker, I
could have pulled their ears for 'em over the
pew. Whnt do you say ! uught tn he asha
med nj rvysi If to mm it ? No, Mr. Caudle ; the
si. nine lies w ith you, thul don't let your children
nppenrnt church like other people's children,
that tnnke 'em uncomfortable at their devotions,
poor things ! for how can it bo otherwise, w hen
they sec themselves dressed like nolnxly else f
".Now, Caudle, it's notisetuiking; those chil
dren shall not cross over the threshold next
Sunday, if they haven't thine for the summer.
Now ii. mil they shan't, and there's on end of
it. I won't In. o 'em exposed to the P.riggses
nnd the llmwrs afjaiti : no, thev shall know
they hue a mother, if they've no father fo feel
fir "in. What do von sn y. Caudle ! A uortl
that I must !hi) ); if church, if I think so viti'k
if what tee ,ifi in ! I only wish you thought
as much as 1 do, you d be u belter man than you
are, Caudle, I can tell you ; but that's nothing
to do w .th it. I'm talking about decent clothes
for the children for the summer, and you want
to put me oil with something about the church;
but (hut's s I ke you, Caudle !
"Tm tilwaii u ntiling money for clothe ?
flow run yon lie in your bed and say that? I'm
sure there's no children in the world that cost
their father so little) but that's it ; the less a
poor woman d:os upon, the less she may. Il's
the wives who don't caiu where tho money
come from who're best thought of. Oh, if my
lime wus to conic over ngaiu, would I mend and
stitch, u. id make the thing go as far as I have
done ! No--I hi. I I wouldn't. Yes, it's very
well for you to lie there and laugh ; it's very
tnsy to laugh, Caudle very easy, to people
who don't feel.
"Now, Caudle, dear ! What man you uro!
I know you'll give me the money, because, after
all, I think you love your children, and like to
sen the. ii well dressed. It's only natural that
a father should, lei, Caudle, tdi ! Now, you
shan't ii to sleep till you have told me. ip
much i.iom ij io limit f Why, let inc see
love. There's Caroline, nnd Jane, and Susan
nah, and Mary Anne, ami What do you say!
in i ilut count 'im, you Know hoio many there
are.' I In! tleit's jut in-, you take mo up. Well,
now much i. iimey will il take ! Let me bee ;
und don't go lo sleep. I'll tell you in a ininiile.
Von always leVe to see the dear things like
new puis, I know that (.'uudle; and though I
say it bless their little liemls! they do credit
to you, Caudle. Any nobleman of the land
might be proud of Yin Now, dou't swear at
noblemen el the land, and sbk me what they've
to do wiih jitir children; you know v. hut I
meant. Putycu are so busty, Caudle.
'.'oir much f Now, don't be in a hurry !
Well, I think with good pinching und you
know, Caudle, there's never a wile who can
p:nch closer than I can I think, with pinch ng,
I can do with twenty pounds. Whit did yon
ay! Twenty fdillihtickii ? Whnt You won't
pice half the money f Very well, Mr. Cau
dle ; I don't care ; let the children go in rg ;
it li.c tu clop fun. chinch, and j;iow tip lik
,M. ... V rgt-."iWf?. 9f.L .-.
I i iters o r 4 nv i:k tik ixu.
t square t insertion, ff) 80
I da 2 do . 0 73
I ib) :i d i . in
Every subsequent in-ertien, 0 2ft
Yearly Advertisement : cine column, $25 j half
column, f 18. three squares, f IS; two squares, f 9 ;
oim squire, f Half-yearly i one column, I fi i
half column, $12 ; three, squares, $S ; twusquarrs,
$5 ; one square, f 1 f,n.
Advertisements L.(t without directions as to tl.fl
length of time they nre to bo published, will bo
continued until ordered out, and charged accord
ingly, in
Cj-Sixteen line make square.
heathens and cannibals, and then you'll sava
your money, and, I suppose, be satisfied . Yen
pave, me twenty pounds Jive months ago '
What's five months ago to do with now. R.;
sides, what I have bad is nothing to do with it.
"What do you say ! Ten pounds am
enough ! Ye : just like yon men ; you think
things cost nothing for women ; but you don't
care how much you lny out upon yoursehe.
They ojiy wnnl honnetx and frncls f How do
you know what they want ! How phould a matt
know anything at all about it ! And you wno't
give me more than ten pounds. Very well.
Then you may go shopping with it yourself, and
see what you'll make of it. I'll have none of
your ten pounds, I cnntell you. No, sir, no ;
yon hnvo no muse to sny thnt. don't u-an.
to drrxs thr. children tip like eountrnsvs ) Votl
often fling that in my teeth, you do ; but you
know it's false, Caudle ! you know it. I only
want to give 'cm proper notions of themselves ;
nnd whnt, indeed, can the poor things think
w hen they sec the Briggses, and the Drowns,
nnJ the Smiths and ti.cir fathers don't make
the money you do, Caudle when they see them '
as fine ns tulips ! Why, they must think them
selves nobody ; nnd to think yourself nobody
depend upon it, Caudle, isn't tho way tomaka
the world think anything of you.
"What do yon say? H'Arre o I pick tip
that ! Where do you think ? I know a great
deal more than you suppose yes ; though you
rien't give me credit for it. I lu-liands seldom
do. However, the twenty pounds I u ill have,
if I've any or not a farthing.
"No, sir, no. don't trant to dress tip thn
children like jii'ucocks ami parrots! I only
wnnt to moke 'cm respectable end what da
you say ! 1 "on 7 eire fifli.cn founds .' No,
Caudle, no not a penny will 1 tuke under twen
ty ; if I did, it would seem as if I wanted tj
waste your money ; and I'm sure, when 1 come
to think of it, twenty pounds will hardly do.
Still, it you'll givo me twenty no, it's no u?e
your offering fiiteen, und wanting to go ts s'eef,
Voti shan't close nn eye until you promise the
twenty. Cuino, Caudle, love! twenty, and
then you maygotosleep. Twenty twenty
twenty" "My impression is," writes Caudle in hia
comments, 'that I fell asleep, sticking firmly. t
the fifteen ; but in the morning Mrs. Caudla
assured me, as a woman of honor, that Bho
wouldn't let me wink on eye, belore 1 promi
sed the twenty, and mnn is frail and woman
is strong she had tho money.'
I.n a "Fix.' Tho editor of lb.; Drandon PiS'
seuuninntor, poor fellow! make the t.!iov in
tunny appeal to his reader : "We beg our re-i'
dcrs lo excuse nny tui.st.ike that may appear in
this number, cs our coiiipositor ii in a ?jrte ail
ovi r and not able to woi !.."
We presume that by being ''in afpr;e all
over ' he means drunk on the "whole beg"' sys
tem ; probably a et-tu with rt tnonkeyn.-Pii:.
A Qcakui Wom.vn'h Set:i:ru. Dejr friends,
there are three things 1 very much wonder
The first is that cltiidreu n'muld be so foolioli
as to throw up stones, and brick-bats and cluiv
into fruit trees, to kno'jk down the fruit if they
would let it alone, it would full itself. The se
cond is that men should be so tooiish and even
so wicked as to go to war and kill one another -if
they would lei one another be, they would di i
of themselves. And the last thing that 1 win -der
nt most of all is that young men going al'u (
the Vollilg women if they would st;;y at hoii.J
the young women would cume after them.
A physician, calling one day on a geililci.l.i i
who had been severely nllbcted with the gotr ,
found, to his surprise, tho disease gone, and t' '
patient rejoicing in his recovery over a bo!? .
ot .vine. ' ( ouie along, doctor," exclaimed t. '
valetudinarian, "you uro just in time to tar i
this boltlo o!" Madu.ra ; it is ihe Urol of a p.;
that has iiist been broached." "Ah!,' rcp'u I
the doctor, "these pipes of Madeira will ncv. r
do; they are llio cause of all your suffering. '
"Well, then," rejoined the gny incurable, "n 1
up your glass, fur now that we have found ou
the eaur, the 6oontr we get rid of it the bt!
Now, Tmk ! Tki.l Mk. What strange n-
taniorphose do people undergo every night !
they lurn into beds.
How may a perfect!) good man bt'coit
better ! I!y laying a wtftr.
What may yuu do legally lo tn which yoi
may not do when they are halihed '. Poi
Divsnu Li.-hcow give buttermilk? So
nothing but her m. Ik.
How does ftinuacineuU renew our exisV ve
il recreates us.
Why is finding a lady driti in a !
near Rsmsgate l.ko thy finking of cur e
ship ? Because we fmind her at ea.
What ssiclutice. does a monarch give his
lies when they are wcali m artillery .'O-nolla.d.

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