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Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, June 21, 1845, Image 3

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Ofjfieeofthe Baltimori Ammcn, June 14.
GRAIN. There re tto Penna. wheat at
market ; we quote light inferior to best reds at
2 a 32 cents. We quote good to best Md. reds
at 85 a 00 cents ; and good to prime Md. whites
at 05 a 100 cents.
We quote Aid. white Corn to-day nt .17 a 3
cents, and yellow at 39 cents. Tenna. yellow, if
here, would bring -10 a 41 cents.
Penna. Rye would command 57 cents, if in
market. Tcnna. Oats are worth 27 a 38 cents, and
Md. do 25 a 27 cents.
WHISKEY. Sales of hhds. at 20 cents, and
of bbls. at 21 cents.
Cojstast Exr.ttcts.tt When constant exercise
cannot be used, com any cause, the occasional use
of opening medicine, ajch as Itrandreth's Vetfelit
ile Universal I'ill, is absolutely required. Thus
the conduits of the m.tion, the fountain of Iff, are
.kept free from those impurities which would pre
vent its steady current ministering health. The
morbid humors are prevented from becoming mix--d
with it. It is nature which is thus assisted
through the meant and outlet! which the ha pro
vided for herself. Daily use of these I'ill will ne
ver be injurious, because the longer they are uo I
the less is required to produce an operation. They
are the only medicine known which possess ih s
quality. Reference can ba given to some of our
most respectable citizens, whom they have cured
of c nstituiinnnl costivene-a.
fj-j-Purchase of II. U. Master, Sunbury, or of
the Ruerits, published in another part of this piper.
. n a u it i k it ,
On the 10th inst. by Rev. F. RnthrautT, Mr.
Gkoiujk P. Hi bss, of Maryland, to Miss Catiia
itiNe K. Ri rtiRAiKF, of Milton.
On Thursday morning last, HARRISON son
of Mr. Simon Mart., of this place aged about (i
Corrected weekly by Henry Yoxtheimer.
Whkat, .... 8.1
His, f(
Cons, 40
Oats, 25
Pork, - 5
Flaxskkii, ... . 112.
llUTTKR, - - 'l
Eutis, .... . 0
IIrkswax, .... 25
TiLLIIW, ... 10
I' LAX, ... .8
lltCKLKII FtAX, - 10
Dkick ArrLKs, - . . 60
1 PtACRtS, . - ISO
Tlic "Suscsir Coatod IMIIrs."
Reward vf Merit Certificate of our Jnvenlinn,
Nr.w Your, June Kill), 1844.
V'STE, the undersigned, never saw or heard of
"Sugar Coated Pill," until Dr. G. Benja-
nun Smith manufactured and exhibited them to us
about a year since.
Ishakl Knholpr, M. D., 86 Lil-erty st.
It Lsit ton & Co, 110 Broadway and
10 Asmi House.
HORACS EvrRKfT, Druggist, KG llud.n st
John CssTRnr, 07 Hudson at.
Lest nome few m.ty he deceived ly ignorant
epiacks. we pu dtsh the following; and none but
unprincipled dealers wdl countenance any imit a
tion of this inv .lu.il'le uicdone.
Ptvt Orrica,
Received this 17lh d.iv of Jun 1844, from Dr.
!. Benjamin Smith, the fv of JoO, payable on his
application for a patent lor a IMI "Coated with
trugar.n H. 1.. Ellswokth,
Contni-tooner of Patenti.
As these Pills are piepare.l by an edueste'd pliy
sician, they have an a.lvantHgc over other prepara
tions so much sdve.liMd. and ure sufficiently ili
tingu shed from all others by their virtues, aside
from their peculiar pleasantness.
03 CAUTION. As a miserable imitation hts
la-en made, by the name of 'sUpir ( "oste.l Pills."
it is ne-ccss iry lo besure thai Dr. G Uf.nj Smith's
cigtia'ut is on ev. ry box. Piice 2.1 tents.
PrliKVpal Olliee. 179 (Srepiiwirh St. New York.
Sold by JOHN W. FH11.ING. Sunlmrtf.
WM. FOilsYTHE, Xorlium'J.
Sunbury. June 81 st, IS45.
Xortliimilwrl'tiitl County, nn.
in the Orphan Court if said County at April
Ten A. D. 1845.
ON motion of II. B. Masser, Esq. The court
grant a rule on the heiis ind legal repre sen
tntives of John Bucher, Senr., late of the horuiigh of
ISurilury. ileeM,. I. svii g issue seven children, to
wit : John Bucher, Ji., I 'a harine, ma ried to Owen
T. Roher's, Ma g ret. in irrn d to Win Fisher, Ma
ry Hucher, Julia Ann Bucher, Deborah, murried
to John Morreon, and George Ilucbe', heirs and
Oia'ri' utees of John Dueher, Senr., late of the bo.
rounh of Sunl'ury, f aid ciunly, dec' J. To ap
eai in our next O.phans (Jourt to he h. Id for
aid county , to wit : on the 4tli day of Auuu-t A.
I). 1845, and acceit oi lefuse the rslsic of the
md lohu Uuehrr, Senr , drc'i!., or show cau
why the same slioul.l not be so'd.
Ortifie.l from the records of our said Orphans'
I'ouit, at Sunhury, this 22il dav of May A. D.
1814. EUtt ARD OYSTER. Clk. O O.
Suidmrv, May 31.-1, IS45. 6l
KorllitiiiitM'iiuml Cuuiify, ks.
The t'imunOM wealth of Pi'iinsylvauia, to ISarah
MeGee, Ca'heiine McGer, Nancy Buoy, Nancy
Troxel, intermairied with Jacoti Troxel, Gather,
ino Kmsley, t'n-ey Met ice ami Mauases Mo
Jee, heiis and legatee of Manus McGee, dee'd ,
arid all other a-rson iiiler.slcd. (jin;ri.v,
YOL' are heieby cili'vl and commandiHl to ap
pear before nui Ju 'ges of lh Oiphana' Court,
I buuhury, the 4ih day of Auuu-t, to sh-w raus'
if any you have, w hy the admiiiislratin account ol
Barnard Mctiee, executor ol Manus Mctien, l ite of
ChiliMjuaque township, ilec'd., khould not he le
viewed, reveled and conocted, agieeably to lii or
der made in our raid court.
Witness ihe HutioiahlH Joseph B. Anthony, Esq.
President of our aid court, the 7lh day of May,
A. D. 1845. EDWARD OV'.XTEK,
May 31, 1845. fit Cl'k O. C.
NOTICE ia hereby given to the heirs and legal
representatives of Henry Antra, deceased, that
by virtue of writ of Paitnion iaued out of the
Orphans' Court of Northumberland county, to me
directed, an inquest will lie held at the late residence
ot aaid deceased, in the bctough of Northumber
land, Northumberland county, on Friday the 18tb
day of July next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the pur
pose of making partition of or to value and ap
praise the rejl estate of aaid deceased, at which
time and place you may attend if you think roper,
Sheriff's Olliee, ?
Sunbury, May 31, 1815.$ 6
Sheriff's Sales.
BY Virtue of certain writs of venditioni etp-.
ttss issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Northumberland County to me directed,
will be exposed to public sale, at the Court House
in the Borough of Hunbury, on Monday the 14th
day of July next, at I o'clock, P. M., the follow
ing described property to wit t
A certain tract of land situate in Coal township,
Northumberland county, surveyed on a warrant
granted to Michael Kroll, containing 250 acres
more or less, adjoining lands surveyed in the names.
Frederick Cramer, Matthias immernan, Bernard
H ublc v and others: about 8 acres of which are
A I iSO -The equal undivided three-fourth parts.
(the whole into four equal parts to be divided.) of
three certain contiguous trsrts of Isnd, situate in
Coal township aforesaid : one then of surveyed on
WBrranlgranle.il to John Nicholas Uailpy ; one r
ther thereof surveyed on a warrant to Peter Snssa
man, and the other thereof surveyed on a w.irrsnt
granted to Peter Manrer, adjoining lands surveyed
in the names of U.irnard Hubley, John Cowdcn,
Henjamin F. Young anil otheis, containing in the
whole 542 acres moie or less, about 50 aerea of
which are cleaied ; whereon are erected a 1 J story
log house, a lo'g barn, an orehatd, cVc, now in the
occiipnicy of Michael Kerstetler.
Al.t Ihe equal undivided one-fourth part,
(the whole into four equal parts to be divided,) of
a certain tract or piece ofland. situate in Coal town
ship aforesaid, containing 200 acres or there ihnuts.
(being part of a I rger iracl surveyed in the name
of Daniel Rees, called "Springfield.'') about 40 a
eres of which are cleared ; whereon are ereced a
two story log house, a lug barn, an orchard, c,
now in the occupancy of David Thompson.
Al.SO The equal on livided one-fourth part of
a certain tract of land, situate in Coal township a
foresaid, containing 200 acres or thereabouts, (be
ing part of a Inrger trnrt surveyed in the name of
Daniel Rees, called "Springfield,") about 40 acres
of which are cleared ; whereon are erected a two
story log bouse a Ion, bmn, an orchard, tcr now
in the occupancy of David Thompson, subject to a
morteaen to John C. Hoyd.
Al,.Stt The equal undivided one.f-unh part,
of a certain tract ofland, situate in Cod tp. afore
said, called "Stone Henge," surveyed in the name
ol William Toinlinson, containing 245 acres, of
thereabouts, about 00 ecres of which are cleared ;
whi reon ate rie led a two story log bouse, a log
bat ii, a spring hou-e and a large orchard, now in
the occupancy of John 1 hompsnn, tenr.
ALO The equal undivided one.fourth part,
of a certain tract of land, situate in Coal township
aforesaid, called 'Stone Itt nge,' surveyed in the
name of William Toinlinson, containing 245 acres
or thereabouts about 60 seres of which are clear
ed ; whereon are erected a two story log house, a
spring hiu-e and a large orchard, now in the oc
cupancy of John Thompson, sr., subject ro a mort
gage to John C. Uoyil.
ALSO A ccr'am tract of land, situate in Coal
toe. n-hip aforesaid, adjoining lands now, or late
of It id. lie, Company & others, containing IBS i
cres more or less, about 12 actes of which are
cleared; wber on are erected a two story log h use
and a log stable, subject to certain mortgaces.
AL.SO A certain tractor piece of land, situate
in Coal township aforesaid, adjoining lands of the
Asylum Co., Diddle At. Co., Sarah Rees St, o.heis,
containing 1012 acres, 43 perches and allowance,
more or less, (being parts of throe contiguous tracts
ofland, surveyed in the names of William Piich
ard, Gco'ge Coldrain & Andrew Shuber.) about
one acre of which is cleared ; whereon are erected
log house and an excellent saw-mill, on Ihe main
branch of Shamokin creek, which passes through
said land.
ALSO Two certain tracts of land, situate in
Coal township aforesaid, adjoining lards of Tom
linson, Yarnall, Meivine, Mclchnir Smith iV otheis
containing together 1-7 acres, 50 perches and al
lowance. more or less, being the a.ime tncts of
land which was surveyed in pursuance of two
warrants, granted to I'et- r Zeigciifons, dated the
lllth and 2Ul days of December, 1829, respective-
ALSO A certain tract ofland, silnato in Coal
township aforesaid, adjoining lands of Melchoir
Smith others, containing twenty one sens, 131
H-rcbes and allowance, more or less.
ALSO I lie equal uiolivnleil lour-twellth part,
(the whole into 12 equal parts to be divided.) of 31
contiguous tracts ol land, situate in l.iule Mabo
noy Coal townships afore-sid ; one thereof sur
veyed on warrnnt, granted ta William Cook,
Containing 417 acres, 140 ierchc. more or less, ad
joining lands suiveyed in the names of Jeremiah
Jackson, William Gray eV others; one other there,
of, surveyed on a warrant granted to William
Wilson, containing 3113 acres. 101 perches more
or less, adjoining lands surveyed in the names ol
Jacob Shailell, John Cook &o'hers; one otbec
thereof, surveyed on a warrant granted to Thomas
Hamilton, containing 412 acres, 45 perches and al
lowance, more or less, ai'joTimig lands surveyed in
tho names of S .muel Scott, Jeremiah Jackson ami
others; one other thereof, surveyej in pursuance
of a warrant lo Thomas Grant, containing 418 a
cres, 80 perches and allowance, adjoining lands
surveved in the nunies of Thomas Reese. Thorn is
II million & others; one other thereof, surveyed
on a warrant to Tlnun i Reese, contaiuing 433 a
ere, 42 rehea and allowance, more or less, ad
j inini! lands stu veyed in the names of Thomas
Hamilton,'!' Grant others ; one other thereof,
surveyed on a Wi rant lo Jeremiah Jackson, con
taining 315 acres, 50 perches snd allowance, mote
or less, a'j tilling Inula last aforesaid, town:
Tli. Unas K. ese, Thomas Grant snd others ; one
other thereof, surveyed on a warrant to Ah land tr
Hunter, containing 420 acres, 25 peicties, more or
less, adjoining I itids surviyed in the nanus of T.
Grant, Christopher Dunkleberger ami others ; one
other thereof, suiveyed on a warrant to John Cow.
den, containing 403 acres, 137 perches more or less,
adjoining lands surveyed in the names of Will am
C. Dunkleberger and others; one other lher of,
urveved on a warrant to William Gray, contain
trig 31)9 acres. 21 perches mire or less adjoining
lands suiveyed in the names of Jeremiah Jackson,
John Oowdeti and others ; one other thcieof, nr
vcyed on a warrant to Thomas ('ran', containing
419 acres, 37 perches more or less, adjoining lands
surveyed in the names of . ;
one other lie reof, surveyed on a wanautto Samu
el Scott, containing 3'id acres 5 perchea and allow
ance, adjoining lauds surveyed in the names of
William Hamilton, Thorn is Ketse & others; one
other thereof, suiveyed on a warrant lo Jacob Bright,
coiitaiuii'g HS cris 5'J perches inure or lest, ad
joining lands suiveyed in the names of Esther
I'raiuer, tiodlrey Waters ami others one oilier
thereof, surveyed on a warrant lo William C, Black,
containing 121 acrea f.rt perches and allowance,
adjoining lauds surveyed in tbe names of Kiehl,
Hunter, Martin and others; one o'.lier tuereoi, sur
veyed in the name of John Boyer, containing 116
acre. 144 perches more or leas, adjoining lands sui
veyed in the name of John B. Price, Michael Kroll
and othera ; one other thereof, surveyed in lbs
name of Charlea Dering, containing 9.1 acrea 97
perches more or less, adjoining lamia surveyed in
the names of Hunter, Waters, Kiehl and others
one other thereof, surveyed in the name of A lei sli
der Jordan, containing 121 acrea 15U peiches more
or less, adjoining lands surveyed in Hie names of
Grant, Martin, Sharlell cV others; one other there,
of auiveyed ia the name of George W. Kiehl, con
taining 1 12 acres perches mote or less, adjoin,
ing lands surveyed in the names of Hunter, Black
V others ; on other luaieof, lurveyaj ia the imue
of John G. Martin, containing 100 acres more or
less, adjoining lands surveyed in the names of Grant
Bogar V Kiehl ; one other thereof, surveyed in the
name of John O. Martin, containing 174 acre 142
perchea more or less, adjoining lands suiveyed in
the rami s of Himmelreich, Yoxthelmer Sc others t
one other thereof, surveyed in Ihe name of George
Prince, containing 117 acres 86 perches more or
less, adjoining lands surveyed in the names of Zei
gler, Grant, Cowdcn &. Bailey t one other thereof,
surveyed in the name of John D. Price, containing
118 acres 24 perches more or less, adjoining lands
surveyed in the namea of Bogar, Grant and others ;
one other thnreof, surveyed in the name of John D.
Ptice, containing 24 acres 41 peiches more or less,
sdjoining lands surveyed in the names of Yoxthei
mer, Shissler and others ; one other thereof, sur
veyed in the name of G.nlfrey Waters, containing
1 20 acrea more or less, adjoining lauds surveyed in
Ihe names of B'ight. Hunter and others ; one other
thereof, surveyed in the name of Henry Yoxtheimer,
containing 99 acres 70 perchrs more or less, ad
joining lands surveyed in ihe names of Grant, Yox
theimer and others j one other thereof, surveyed in
the name of Henry Yoxtheimer. containing 173
acres SIS perches more or less, adjoining lands sur
veyed in the names of Reed, Martin. Cowden and
others ; one other thereof, surveyed in the name of
Isaac Ziegler, containing 125 acres 61 perchea more
or less, adjoining lands surveyed in Ihe names of
Grant, Price and Bailey ; one other thereof, survey,
ed in the name of Jacob Heller, containing ?13 a
cres 108 perches more or less, adjoining Boyd,
Kramer, M aurer and Himmelieieh ; one oihct
thereof, surveyed in the name of Henry Himmel
reich, containing 458 acres 40 erches more or less,
sdjoining Boy. I, Wilson, Maurerand othera ; one
other thereof, surveyed in Ihe name of Henry Shis
ler, containing 150 acres more or less, adjoining
Jordan, Keed, Yoxtheimer and others ; one other
thereof, surveyed in the name of John Boyd, con
mining 441 acres 12 perches more or less, adjoin
ing lands surveyed in Ihe names of Frederick Cra
mer, Peter Maurer and otheis ; and the other there,
of, patented to Joseph Wallis, Containing 123 acres
more or less, sdjoining lands suivt yed in the names
of Himmelreich, Yoxlhiemer and others.
ALSO A certain tract ofland, situate in Coil
township aforesaid, surveyed in pursuance of a
warrant granted lo J icob Weiss, jr., dated the 3.1
day of Septemlrrr, 1828. containing 6 acres more or
less, adjoining lands suiveyed in the name ol Ed
ward G. Markleyand othera.
ALSO So much ss is situated in Coal town
ship, Northumberland county, of eleven contiguous
tracts ofland ; one thereof, surveyed ill the name
of William Boyd, containing 440 acies 94 (etches
more oi less; one other thereof surveyed in the
naiec of John R Stout, containing 430 acres more
or less ; one other thereof surveyed in the name of
John C. Royd, containing 372 acres 110 perches
more or less ; one other thereof surveyed in the
n iinu of John C Boyd, containing 390 acres more
or le-s ; one other thereof, surveyed in the n tme of
Samuel Morgan, containing 4 15 acres 1 15 perches
mora or lese ; one oilier thereof surveyed in Ihe
name of John C Boyd, containing 443 acres 64
perches more or less ; one other thereof surveyed
in ihe name of Hester Scott, containing 421 acres
79 perches more or less; one other thereof surveyed
in the name of Hannah M Boyd, containing 427
acres 140 perchea more or less; one other thereof
suiveyed in the name of William Hoyd, containing
458 seres 157 perches more or less ; one other
thereof surveyed in thenamo of Elixa 8. Dovd.con
taining 443 acres 1 perch mote or less, ami the n
the r thereof surveyed in the name of William Boyd,
containing 357 acres 128 perches more or leas.
A LSI ) s much as is sitnotcd in Coal township
Northumberland county, of the equal undivided one
fourth part of 1 55 parts of 220 parts of thirteen
contiguous tracts ol land, surveyed on WMrant for
400 acres esch, dated the 10th day of May, 179:1,
grained to William Elliot. George Ashton. Caleb
Lnwnes John Y ung. John Whiteman, Jorph
Jordan, Richard Tunis loiin Warner, Dalitel Reo,
William Poitpr, William Mill, r, Pete r Dehaven
ai d William Powel; which said tracts of land are
by ihe oil'iciul returns of survey com puled lo con
tain .')'l4fi acies 120 perches and all 'Wanee.
Seir.ed, taken in execution, and lo be sold as the
property of Rurd Patterson.
ALSO The one undivided 5th part of a certain
tract of land silunie in Augusta township, Nor
thumberland county, containing 200 acre., more or
less, adjoining lauds of Augustus lloey, Kocher
and otheis, about 100 acrea of which is cleared ;
whereon are erected a liamo bouse, an olJ log
barn, an orchard, cVc.
Seized, taken in execution, and to le sold as the
s-opeiiy of Jonathan Fuiman.
ALSO -All the defendant's inteiest (supposed
to be the undivided m iety) of and in a certain
tract of land situate in Coal township, Northum
berland county, surveyed on a warrant to Thomas
Hamilton, containing four hundred and twelve
acres mo.e or less, about twelve acre of which are
c'earvxl ; v-heveoti sie erected a small log house
ami a log stable. SaiJ tract of l and is bounded by
lands stirveved in the names of John Carson, Sam
uel Clark, John Brady, John Carson and others.
Seised, taken in execu ton, and to tie sold as the
proerty of Maika K. Lckert.
ALSOA certain tract of land situate in A u-
custi township, fsoillium'-erland count'', adjoin
ing lauds of now Lewis Dew art. Christian Shiastei's
heiis, lauds of Mrs. Shalf r. John Claik, jr., and
otheis, containing two hundred and filly acr.s more
or less, about erne hundred and ninety-five acres of
which are cleared ; whereon sie erected two story
log house, a atone tenant bouse (rough cast) and
a la rye hank bun.
Seixed.t .ken in execution, tnj to be sold as the
property of Adam ShissUr.
ALSO A certain tract or piece of land siuiate
in Sham. .km township, N oithuinb. il ind county.
containing fortv eight acres and nine pcielos, ad-
joining lands of John Evert, Georue Arnold, Jacob
Klar.e, John Horn and others, about 34 acres of
which is cleared.
Seiz-d, taken in rXeciitbin, and to be sold aa the
property of Willi im Manx.
ALSO The undivided 5th part of a c. r'sin ..
of ground, situate in the borough of Sunbuty, Nor.
thumb. i md county, being ihe Western half part
of lot No. 12'l, ss m irked in the general p'au of
said town, bounded on tbe north by Dewberry
street, on the a u'h by an alley, on the west by lot
Nn. 140, ami on the east by the other part of lot
No. 1 311 ; on which are erected a two story luick
dwelling house, to which is attached a stone kitch
en, with a shed loof. There are also some fruit
trees and a log viable on said premises,
Seiied, Inken in in cu ion, and lo be sold as the
piopeity ofSamuel Druckemiller.
FELIX M A V I! E It, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, 1
Sunbury, May 31.1, 164.1. $
I. O. ofO. F.
f plIERE will be a grand Precession of Mutual
JL Lodge No. 84, of the I. O. of O. F. held in
Milion. on THURSDAY the 20 Jay of June next,
in full Kegalia. The brethren of the order ate
respectfully iiiviVfd to attend and participate.
A. W. COMLY, Sec'y.
Milion, May 3 1st, ISM.
ALL PERSONS indebted loll. B. Maaer, on
book account, or othe rwise, are requested lo
call and settle without delay
Suubuty.May 17, 1815. JL B. .MASSER.
OF Northumberland County, for August Term,
A. D. 1845.
CiI'.ukI Jurors.
Turlmf. Abraham Kissinger.
Delaware. Win. McWilliams, Christian Gosh,
snr., John N. Oyster, George Mastcller.
.c'. Andrew Kershner, jr.
Jitiltim.- Leonard Beidelman, Jonathan Adam.
Chilli.iluniue. John McWilliams. Jnmes F.
Murray, George W. Fries, Benjamin Troxel.
1'nint. Daniel Purscl.
Northumberland. Georgn A psley,
Sunbury Samuel Gobin, Benjamin Robins,
Gcoige Young.
Augusta. Nathaniel Lylle, James Campbell.
Shomnhin.iuhn Gass.
Upper Muhnnny. Gideon Shadle.
Jenifer Mahmuty. Christian Albert, Peter Reit..
Jackson. George Deppin.
Traverse Jurors.
Turhut. George Kulx-
Deluware Joseph Rynesraon, James Evert,
George O. MeKee.
Letiris. Major Sweeney.
Milon. George Kohler, John Frick, JefT-rson
Landers, Lewis E. Evans, James Miller, John
Chillhiuarue. Hugh McOlnoghlin, Levi
Kaupn, Al'en Shoemaker, Fleming Nesbif.
J'oint. Win. Lemon.
Sorlliumher.'nnd William Wenck.
Sunbury. Mark Scupbam.
Augusta Charles Eckmsn, Samuel Shipe,
John Cooper, Jacob Hoover, George Keefer, Peter
Reitz, John Kiemer, of Beiks, Simon Snyder, J as.
.VAnwrwVii.-.lol'n Kascman. John Punklehereer.
Ruth. William Claik, William Vas'ine, Wil.
liam Meiler, jr., Frederick W caver, John Campbell.
Coal. J.remiah Zimmerman.
X'pner Muhitniw. Michael Reit
lAiwcr Muhiiiiot Solomon Baehman. George
Emrich, snt , Michael Lmrich. John I chupp.
Little Mahiii'iy..ohn Pifer, William Rsker,
Jiithson. I'eler Mock, treorge Itei ner, .loiuis
Bohner, Solomon Dressier, Mich. 1 Wolf, John
Pel it .furors.
Turhut. John M. Housed, Enoch Eshbauch,
John Le'dy.
Delaware. J din Nicely, Menry Reader, jr., 1
Henry Dieflcnderfrr, ilham Hood,
Iswitt. William I' tick ma n.
Miltnn. William Stririe.
Chillinuniur. Joseph K ine.
J'ltiut. John Paul.
Nnrthumlifrlnnd. Conrad Wrnck. jr.
Sunbury. Benjamin Hendricks. Gideon M.
Yoiks. Gcoige Zimmerman, Thomas Robins.
Augusta. Daniel Zaitman, Daniel Zimmer
man. Shamokin. Joseph Kaseman. Solomon Hum
mel, Casper Adams, Augustus Huey. John Dun
kelberger, son of Henry, Philip Keller, Robert
Campbell, jr.
CW. William Gearhart, Stephen Ditlenben-
der, Solomon Wary.
Upper Miilmnny. George Shadle, George
Heiin, John S.mck.
lAiwrr Mtihonoii. Peter Kochcr, George Etn-rie-h,
jr., Peier Bixb r.
Jackson. Jacoti llrosius, Isaac lienr..
rplIK SI BSCRIIIKR has been appointed aeent.
I for tbe salo .4 CONK D MEYER'S CEL.
ANOS, at this place. These Pianos have a plain,
massive and Uautiful exterior l"i .i h. and, for depth
and sweetness of lone, and elegance of workman
ship, are not surpassed bv any in the United States.
The following is a recommendation from Cnt.
Di:ts, a c Minted perfotmer, and himself man
ufacuiicr :
A V, A 11 I).
HvTii.i had the pha-ure of tryii's tl.e excel
lent I'l -mo Fortes inanfaclured by M '. Mey r, and
exhibited at the list exhibi'iou ot tl.e Fr-tiMm In
stitute, I feel it din' to the true merit of the maker
to I'e-clare that these instruments are quite e qual,
and in some respects even superior, to all the Pi
ano Fortes, I saw at the capit da of l"u ope, and
durieg a sojourn nf two years al Palis.
TIkw Pianos will be -u'd at the manufacturer's
lowest IMiiladelpliia prices, it not snine'hinr I .er.
I'ersons are r-pcsic.t to can ami examine I !
.n.'mseives, hi me re-i.ienceoi "tie .uosrriner.
Sunburv, May 17. 1815. II. II. MASSER.
AimisisTit t'roirs s
F l) It SALE.
BY VlltTCE of ihe powei vested in me, by
the will of the la'e Thomis (Imxr, decM.,
will be sold at public sale on Wielue-day, the "M
day of July next, at the M ansion House, uihui Ihe
premises of ihe Mansi in Farm of the late Ttioma
Grant, dee'd., in August township, Northumber
land coun'y, I'a-, sitH ile en the ia-1 si. In ol the Ki
ver Sustpieliauna, i qui.lislai t, and about a mile
from the llorouubs ol Sunbury and Northuinhcr
land, all that valuable estate, late the Mansion
Farm of sa d Thomas Giant, dee'd., a.ljoiiiinn the
farm of Samuel Hunt, r on Ihe south, laud nt Tho
rn is It.. I in on Ihe east, olio r land of the I ile Tito
mas Grant on Ihe north, and ihe SU'i'ochaona Iti
v r oil ihe west, containing, together, two hundieil
and twenty six acres anil seventy perches, more or
less, of which about two tun .Ire. I and fiftieu seres
I ae cleaied and about one huii.l.ed and fill.cn acrea
are fust rate l'ier I. .lio'ti land.
'I he improvements consist of a two s'ory double
firm hou.e, 40 feet from by 30 lei t in depth, with
j frame back building and tiam ki'rbcn, and stone
milk hoosri and oven attached, and a pump aud
well of excellent water in ihe kitt-hcn, a stone
smoke house, a large hank ham, 1st stoiy toue.
2d do. frame, NO leet long by 3G feet in d. pth, a 2
stoiy wagon bouse, with giainny above and corn
crib at ached, a frame earring.! house mid granary,
and a larne l g h.rn and stable, wi h a new and
improved cider press, with ahiucled roof over the
same. And
ALSO ; A two story brick dwelling house, con
t lir.ing in front 20 feet and in depth 27 feel, 10
incbes, and hiick two story kitchen, 20 feet in front
by 14 feet, H inches in dt pth. Them are tipo.i
i lit- prcnii-es two apple oictiards m excellent oid.-r,
of the most valuable fruit, one coinuiuiiiii about
eitbt ami the other about nine acres.
This Firm is one of the most valuable and pro
ductive ii the Mute, is in the bigheal state of cul
tivation, and located in the heart of a district,
which, for salubnty of clim.de and ptctutesijue
sce nery, is unsurpassed. It is situate on the pool
of the Shamokin dam. al ihe eastern terminal! n of
the Northumberland Iliidge, Its proximity to ihe
thriving borouahs of Sunbuiy aud Noiihuinheilaud,
and ihe probability that the hills contain valuable
bodies of Iron Ore, and itsadtn rahla location in the
heart of the Iron and Coal re n ions of Pennsylvania,
to which theie is a heavy and increasing emii;i a
tion, gives this pro(ieriv an additional value, and
renders il well wouby of the attention of capitali
sts anil runners.
tf Terms made known on ihe ,!ay of sale.
Adm'r., Ac, of Thomas Grant, dec 'J.
Sunbury, May 10,1815, bt.
To the Electors of Northumberland
AT the solicitation of a number of my friends in
dim-rent parts of the county, I have consented
to be a canilidite for the office of
Shou'd I bo so foitiinatc ss to be elected, I pit due
myseil to elischarae the duties or the office with
promptness snd fidelity. JAMES BEAItD.
McEwensijllc, Jum. 21st, 1845.
To the Electors of Northumberland
( 'omit v.
EIG solicited by many of my friends, I
19 have consented Id "offer mvself as 'a candidate
for the office eif
T r c u ft ii r e r
of Nerthumbeil in.l county. Should you see pro
per to elect me, I pledge myself to perform the
duties of said olliee with fidelity.
Sunbury, May 31st, 1835.
To the Electors of Northumberland
Count v.
T the solicitation of a number of persons, in
' ililT-rent psrts of the county, I have consented
to be a candidate for the olliee of
Tit K.I Sl'lt K It
of Norlhutiilierland coun'y. I need hardly assure
my Icllow-citizens, that If I am elected, I will en
deavor to discharge the duties of the olliee faithful
ly and impartially.
Sunbury. May 17th, 1845
To the Electors of Northumberland
rP II V, subscriber, from the encouragement recei-
ved from his numerous friends, hereby oilers
himself as a candidate fur the olliee of
of Northumberland county, for which be solicits
the sull'.occs nf his fellow-citizens. Should he le
elected, he will fulfil the duties of Ihe office with
fidelity. FRANCIS BL'CHER.
Sunbury, May 17th, 184 5.
To the Electors of Northumberland
Count v.
ir-KLI.OW CITIZENS: I would respectfully
A olli.r myself lo your consideration, as a candi
date for the oflice of
I' It ft TIO.YO T.I It V.
Shou'd I be elected, it will he my pleasure, as
well ss duty, to attend to the business of the olliee
with fidelity and punctuality.
Sonbury. May 17th. 1845.
To the Electors of Northumberland
a- to oiler tiivself as a candidate for i
1 ecn induced
bdate for the office of
At the cnsi.iug election. Should I fnrtunatelv be
elected, I here' y promise, faithfully and impartial
ly to discharge the duties of said office.
Sunbury, May 10, 1845.
To the Electors of Northumberland
FELLOW CITIZENS. I hereby offer my
self as a candidate, for the oftice of
I can unlv promise, should I be fortunate enoimlt
to be re-clec led, to disch irgo the duties of said olliee
with fidelity mid impartiality.
Sunburv, May 10, 1845.
To ihe Electors of Northumberland
l?ELLoW CITIZENS. At Ihe solicita ion of
a numbirof my Ir.ends, I have consented to
bo a candidate for the olfice of
I promise the eit I -lis ol tl.e county, that .f I am
elected. I ill endeavor to discharge the duties ol
tl.e . lliee faithfully and imp 'riiaHv.
Sunburv, April 13th, 1845.
To I ho Electors
of Northumberland
j t " EI.L' ) CITIZENS: As I have l-een great
, i v
n. outlined by my friends, I solicit your
suppuit lor the ot1.ee of
S II K 11 I F F.
Should von confer ibis olliee upon me, I shall
endeavor to discharge the duties thereof with fide
Siuihu.y. April I'.lih, 1815.
To the Electors of Northumberland
1 El NO solicited by my numerous friends in the
J drllerei.t s ctlons of the n untv, I have consen
led to oil. r my self to your consideration aa Can
didate foi the olliee ot
Should I be elected I pledge myself to fulfil tbe
duties ol the otbee with fidelity and impartiality.
Augusta, May 31st, IS-15.
Tt ihe Electors of
f ELLOW CITIZEN'S Having been eneeu-
- raged by mv Inends, to offer myself as a candi
date lor the othee of
I lespccilully solicit your support. Miould you
see proper to confer the oll.ee upon me, I will en-
deavor to disihuge the duties iheicol with fidelity
and impartiality.
Sunbury, Apiil l.)ih, 14.1.
lo lliJ, lectors of Northumberland
Co i
I ITENS: I beg leave to olfei
as a c .iidi. lute, at the ensuing election,
for the office of ,
County C'oiiiiiilKsifiiirr.
Sbo ill. 1 I he so f .itiiuate as to he elected, I pledge
myself to discharge the duties of the office with
i romi.inesa and fidelity.
Sunbury. April uh, IMS.
ii ixi' TnYf
15 c g i n n c i s .
FI1IIE subscribers woulJ rosnecllullv inform the
I Cniiens of Sunbury and the i ublie aenerallv.
that ll.ey have purchased ihe shop of Mr. William
Hoovei, hi Market stu el. one door west of the Post
Oil'tce, wheie they will continue tho
C'nbiiK-l-.lIiikiiiy llutim-,
in all its br.incbes. The public may rXiect their
work done in the latest lle. They hope, by slriel
attention lo l u-in s , t. merit a share of public
pal. online,
(CjT I'eilbna made to order on the shortest boi'm e.
and ci nirv pro.1 .ee I X- m rxchai.i.1 f..r ..rk.
I DAS. G. ev HENRY C. MAI! 11. .
Sunbury, May 7(i1 14j. ly.
- myself
X o r t li ti m h e r I it it l Count y,
RESrr.OTFIiLLY informs his friends and the
public, in general, that he has taken the brick
stand, in the Borough of Sunbury, lately occupied
ny jonn iiansaa a puttiie House, (west of the Sta n
Mouse, ami nearly opposite the Court Hou-e. 1
where he is prepared to accommodate his friends,
and all others who may lavor him with their cus
tom, in the best possible manner.
His BAK shall sparkle with the choicest of Li-
qi'ona, and his TABLE shall bo well supplied
with the very best Ihe markets afford. In short, u
pains nor expense will be spared to render his
house in every way worthy of public patronage.
A ltla?ral share of cu-tom is therefore solicited.
Hunbnry, April 1 2th. IS45. fun
lii'M awe vj Mam St., in the Iforo of
rr "hct Tr r 9
TIIHE subscriber would respectfully inform hi
L old fiends and the travelling public, that be
haa recently taken and flitted up, in superiur
manner, (his spacious brick edifice, sign of
where he is prepared to accommodate travellers snd
visitors in the very test and pleasing style. His
house is situated in the most pleasant and central
part of the borough, convenient to busineas, and
is large and the rooms airy.
I htinkful for the liberal support while keeping
the old Muncy Hotel and the American Hotel, ia
this borough, for the past three yeers, he respect
fully solicits a continuance nf the same.
Muncy, April 12th, 1845. tf
N. B. The Harrisburg, Northumberland, Potts.
ville, Danville, Willi imsport, Lock Haven an-l
llellcforite Stages atrive at and depart from this
House daily. T. WELLS.
in Fashionalite, Superior and Medium
Fancy a-id Staple Dry (ioodx.
No. 188 Chosrmt st., between Seventh
and Eighth streets,
IS now in tegular receipt of New Styles Silks,
Moused in dc laincs. Lawns. Organdies. Jaconets.
Ginchams, Bareges, Marques, Eolians, Dalzoriuc,
Cambrics Chintcs, Bombazines, Alpacas and o
ther seasonable Dress Goods ; also. Shawls, Scarf,
Veils. Embroideries, Hosiery, Laces, Gloves, Lin
en, Cambric Hankfs. and Irish Linens ; Calicoes at
12) cts. a yard, Muslins, and other cheap Good.
Strangers will luid it particularly to their interest
to call, as the goods are all warranted, aud the
lowest cash prices invariably named first.
Philadelphia. April Siith, 184ft. 2m.
e in o v a 1 .
1)11. JOHN . I'EAIi.
RESPECTFULLY informs the ci
l:j.ens of Sunbury and its vicinity, 'h t
he has removed to the IJ rick Iloua , i.i
Maiket atrect, formerly occupied by
11. ni 1. 1. in Hendricks, east of the store f .rmer'v oc
cupied by Miller & Martz, and now by Ira T. Ce
ment, where he will be happy to receive cvls 111
the line of his rotVs.-ion.
Sunbury. March 29th 181.1.
UHiiSiUt t'g, PAINTS, r.
r4HE subtcribet keeps constantly for sale on the
J. most reasonable terms, an assortment of Medi
cines. Drugs, Dyestutnt. Paints. Oils. Varnishes, & f.
Being largvly engaged in grinding such articles
as Ginger, Mustard and Pepi er, he bus th. tn lor
sale of a superior uualitv. below the market price.
He would mention that he haa a Patent M tcbino
wniked by steam power, wh'ch enable! htm to s, II
t vttt ot tire very hi st iua!ily tor 'i cents u il. ta
uladders, and 3 cents :u lu.k.
He coiifnl. nllv asserts that his prices are such
as to give satisfaction to those who m iv favor loin
with a call. .1. W. . GORDON.
No. 153 West Prait St.. Ilalvm.re, pos.te Bal
timore Mid Ohi i Pad R-.:i.l Depot,
N, B. No rhoge 1 1 1 : i ' foi .Ii tiwrir.g Gjo.'.s in
any part of the ci'v.
March Bin, 184.1. Jm
B o o t & S h o c
HIE slbacriler, lale of Ihe firm of Beck eV Bio
JL sius, would resiH-ctfullv irifoim his old custom
ers and the public generally, that he now occupie
the new building wet of Heiny llaupl's Tail.f
shop, and opposite George Brighl'a Drug More, i.i
M.Hkel street, Sunbury , wheie he intends lo cany
on bis former business of
in all i's various branchea. He will be prepared 'r
do all kinds of work in bis line at the shortest n -lice,
snd in Ihe most durable manner. He is thai V.
ful for former patronage, and by strict attendance t
bu-iness and reasonable charges, will endeavor 1
deserve a continuance of it.
Kunbury, Feb. S3 I, 1845, Om
IHE subscribers have received, and uro imw
opening a splendid asa.ntmcnt of tbe folluwii.i-
Saxony, Wilton and Velvet Carpetings'
lliussvls and Imperial 3 ply do CAK
Extra snpetfine and fine Ingrains do PE I"
Engliah shaded & Danmsk Venetian do lNli.
American twilled and lig'd do
Enghh Drugucits and Wo.ih n Floor Cloths
Stair and Passage Boe'k'ngs
Embossed Piano and Table Covers
LniifW'hf uille and Tufted Rugs
Door .MaW ol eveiy description.
m . ALSO
A laige and extensive rrnrtmeid of Floor (
Cloths, from one to eight yards wi.b-, cut lo fit t
ry description of rooms or p ih. j.
.M, low plteej It.g'a n t.atpel.ligs fiom 31 J
6? cents peryard, (..get her it
get her with a large aiulrn.
. slve assortment of g si.N u-ua:ly
kept tl ll
The shove goods will v sold wkolesile ar tt
nt the looesl maiket prices. Country ni. r!i
aud .ebers are Jiarnci lstly , tie ! t i ' ,. ,
mine our tm-k btfoie ota....' ttoti aaiexoons
I'LARKs . PlCit A Ml l.I.ltJ
Successors to Jese, ' l:i Ke .. .
corner of Fr .i . i p; ... ,
PhiU-nith. P. .. t. i - I '.
"IT 1 11 1, of a :.,vii..i ,.i ,i ' . . ,-a.i ,i
M i M 'he l lius Iv. I. us ol llourv Aiauei, in r
Lui'y. 'May 17, Ul

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