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rim r.s or AnrrnTisi.xo.
I iipinre I insertion, . fO f0
( 75
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tV.tV Sllli.n.ill..,! tnArli.-n - .
Yearly Advertisements : one column, ? 2 p t half
column, J I H, three square. f2 two squares, f ') i
one square, 7.0. llall-yearly : one milium, fin i
nan column, J ; ttiree squares, ; two squares,
"; one square, $. f it,
Advertisenierils h it without directions as to iho
lenuth of time they I'e to he puh'.ihi'd, will ho
Absoluta acipiiesccnce in the derisions of the majority, the vital principle of Kopu1i1ic, front which there I no appeal hut to force, thd vital ptinciple and iniinetlinln parent of despotism.
1. Jerriitisos.
continuetl until ortlereil out, anj charged accord
iimW. Cj-Sixteen lines make a square.
Simbiiry, Norfliiimbei'laiul Co. ln. Snturday, Anmt '2, IS 15.
Vol. 5 .o. 5.-YTiolc Xo. M.:i.
tliuis oi Tin: " au:iiic;.4x.'
H. 1. M ASSKli, rCBUNHHRII asd
It. rr.W.S';, Editor.
Office in Ctnlre lei, in Ih rrr flf It. II. Mas
er'$ Mure.) -
THE" AMERICAN" in published ecry Sator
day at TWO DOLLARS per annum to lie
paid half yearly in advance. No paper d.scotitin
ui'd till all arrcariircs aw pniil.
No subscription received for less period than
aix muTm. All communications or tellers on
business relating to the oltice, to insure attention,
ius( be POST PAID.
IJusinrss attended to in the Oounlie of Nor
Oiuul i-rland, Union. Lvrnining utid Oohuohia.
ItrlVr tnt
Tun has IIaht .V I'd., "
ImwKn Sl It A It II f i ?t .
II411T, I'l'vutim V IIaht, PAW.
Kkixolur, Mr Fa a i v 11 A. On
fSHKUINd, 'idllll vV On., J
siirdKirrs pat nt
rjjlHIS M irliine hia n.iw h. en tested by in..,
.1 than thirty families in this neinhhorhond, and
h is given entire satisfaction. It i s simple in its
construction, that it cannot ct out of order. It
roiiivim no iron to ni-t, nd no -piimsr rollcrs-lo
Ret out of repiir. It will do twice na much w.h
ine, with less than hall the went and tear of an) of
the I tie inventions, and wh it is of greater in por
tal. ce, it costs lint hl'lc over half as mui'h as other
washing machine.
The iil.ril.cr has the exclusive rir-ht for Nor
thun.hf rl-.md, Fnion, L' comii e. I'ohi.iil.ia, Lu
zerne and Clinton counties, I'rire of tingle m.i
vtvit.ejir.. H. U. M AX!Ell.
Ti e following. cmtifir.it'' ' fioin a few ot those
whoha.e these inacl.ii.es in use.
Sui.l.uiy, Aug. 24, IS41.
We, the RuWriher. certify that we have now
in u-e, in our families, 'Shuprii' I'.lcnt VV ..sh
in. Machine." and do not ht.-it.te svyiiiil thsl it is
a most Xt-i-lb-nt invention. Th.it, in Wit-hing,
it will mvctiKirit ihtitl one h.ill the usual hitxir.
That it does nt require more than (11 ihird ihe
usual quantity of 10 ip and water ; and that there
is no rulihnK. ami const qiieiilly. I tile or no went
jut; is? teatiin. I'h it it knocl;j i ll" on Ln,ioii, and
that ihe finesl cto hes, such Hncoll.tr, lares, tucks,
frills, fee, intiy hp cashed in ve y shnrt lime
without ihe Ici.sl injutv, and ill fact without nny
" (ippmcni Rfi and leu', hatev. r. We therefor,
fltitiliilly rei'tniiiiiand it t our f.ier..! and to the
.ut.Uc, as u ino.t Uatful and hh.r saving m .chine.
II A I. I. A l .
Thp maitlen at at the luisy wheel,
Hit. heart was lijjhl ami free,
Ami ever in cheerful snin hroke forth
Her hosonrs haimtess alee.
Her song was in mockery of love,
And oft 1 heard Iter say,
"The Gathered rose nod stolen heart
Can charm hut for a da) ."
I looked on the maiden's rosy cheek,
Antl her lip an full and hright,
Ami I siched to think that the traitor love
Should conquer a heart so litfht ;
15ut she thought not of future duys of wo
While she carroll'd in tones, so gay,
The irathered rose and stolen heuit
Oiiii charm hut for a day."
A year passed hy and a-iaili I stood
lly the hiimhle cottage door ;
The maid sat nt the husy wheel,
Hut her look was lilythe no more ;
The hia tear stood in the downcast eye,
And with sighs I heard her say,
"The gathered rosi- and stolen heart
Can charm hut for a day.''
Oil ! well I knew what had dimmed her eye,
Ami made her cheek to pale ;
The timid had forgotten her early song,
While she listened to love's sol! tale,
She had tasted the sweets, of his poisoned cup:
It laid wasted her life avtay ;
And the stolen heart, like the uather'd lose,
Had chaiiu'd hut for a day.
Train the JV V. Mirror.
M Mttr.lt ONE.
in mv him e upwards of eiuhl month-, and on not ( Wl.nl thr wrili r lum sa il of this trnrlil Jur
Imitate to tay that I tie. m it one of the mo t ue-rj tuml y-fnur thiyn The ' jiossrnsim of thr
fill atltl vatuaitte huioi-mivii;- mini uiuoi f . t.
led. I fmnierly ! 1 1 two women coi tiiiuully or-
cnpied in washing, who now d. as niocli in two.
Uiys as they then tli.l in m e wttk. Thric is im
w.itr or teur in wiisluni!. and ii re.purea not more
than tine-thiril ihe uul ipiantitv ol soap. I have
ha. I a iiumher ol otht r in .rliines ill my lain I.V, Imt ,
this isstt ileciileilly snpeiior 1 1 every tiling rise, anil
CIIAI5LE.-S w. u:;tiLs,
Oll.-S WKWf.R.
OIUlittN MAIiKl.E.
Hon. ti:i. O. Wr.l.KEK,
lii:.l. HKMMIti'KS,
' f.'lDF.ON I.ia-i;NUINO.
II vn it's HoTT.L, (form, rlv Treruonl House, No.
tin t'h. Hiiut slieel,) Philadelphia, tSeptemhi I
21s'. IS41.
I have usetl Shimert's Patent Wnhini! M
Ihilnuhin- -Tlii ififTiirncr hi tin ft Aimri-
! run timl F.milish Viutoin houxr oflin-rs
Tin' wurbinq cliisx fi-mulr Jm-s littstli s
j Writing against the ihiclor' nrdttx, itc.
I My Dear Moiris All 1 have torn of Ivi'
lutid, for the lust tw elve days, hi sheeu the fmir
' walU of n bed room, ami, as nil I wtw of the
! world for the twelvi; days prrviou-, was the in
! tenor ot a packet' Flale rio;n, 1 limy fairly
1 c!'ni, like the rnKor oriiuL-r, to have "no stury
! In tell." VonsltaJI have, however, wh'tt cub
' webs I picked from the corners.
It the Isriliiiinta hsil litimt on tin pnsvaoe,
... li lie hulile to get mil of icp or, that I would riot
lo without one if they hIiouM cost ten liines the
Jifice 'hey art suit! lor. )MEI. HEIiH.
I'mhrt'Ha ni l'strasul iMaiinracUiry.
.. , t IM 1 . A . . J . I . I..... i K.
. .li nurin ; " ""r """" ""land a ,.h.n,ix had .. risen Ir.un U ashes
l ll ! 1 -l (1 1 l II I it ' p'.ii'liix Would base been tl well rnmpoiituloil
I. WAYS oil l.ai.d. a laran sl.sk of I'M- ( o.llliipnlite, liir dnljuil ever Fee Midi a vari-
Hi;i,I.A S an. I I'.MI IMM.s, mem 'mi! me t
Mil ,-t new si le ot I'lnked Liltfed Paiaroia ot the .
hest winkiii .iislnii and mal. rials, ai price that wil
their condition of life. They act like Imrscs i Capital Puiiistunrnt. j
and cow. A showy rqnipagc goes by, and I We find, in a recent number of the New
they have not the curiosity to look tip. Their York Saturday rimporinm, an nbln essay on the
gait is thut of tireil donkey, saving-as much ' Death I'linishiiunt, published hy the Uev. F.
trotiblo at leg liltinjr ns possible. Their iiituttlid ; Y, Holland, of Uodiester. Our exchanges, al
and eyes are wholly fensual, expressing no cn- 1 most daily, exhibit the interest which is now go
(ability of a want above total. Their dress is iirrally taken in thin subject, not only in this
with iut a thontrlit of inure than warmth find co- country but also Crent Ilritain. Nearly nil the
verine, drab covered with dirt. Their voices argument we nee is upon our side. One tiling
area half note above grunt. Indeed, compar. ! appears evident, that tltr gullnir miixl fall ami
injf their condition with the horse, I would pre- thut njuvilihj. We present the concluding por
ter being an I'nglish horse to being an Ftiglish ' tion of Mr Holland' essay,
working man. And you will easily see the ve- ' 'Ve can easily imagine a. more awful pen
ry Ftrong contrast there is, between this u'tc- ' alty than the palluw a mimlrrrr'n prison
ture, and that ol the ambitious and lively work- ' separate from all other prisons, beyond the pow
ing men of our country. j er of pardon, except in cose of the alter demon-
Another contrast strike, probably, all Ame- stration ofinnocei.ee, its convicts' earnings ap-
rienns on first landing that of female dress, plied to the support ot their families, when they
The entire absence of the ornamental of any had any, and their intercourse with the world
thing, indeed, except decent covering in all terminated for ever the terrible words of the
classes below the wealthy, is particularly Fog- ' Italian poet inscribed over the fate, Who en
lish nnd particularly un-American. I do not ter here leave hope behind.' This doom would
believe you would find ten female scrvnnls in be unspeakably more severe, yet lesscruel thm
New York without (pardon my naming it) a the gallows ; its sight would not brntali.i: the
bustle." Yet I saw as many as two hundred , community, but would, year after year, coiitin
woiuen in the streets ot Liverpool, and not one Ue to tnoaii forth its dismal warnings. No jury
with a huctle I saw some ladie pet out ot , would palter with their oaths, because of the tin
crringes who wore them, eo that it i not he- u,ral horror nt taking life in cold blood ; the
cause it i lint the fashion, but simply because rpiestiou having already arisen in some Slates
the pride (of thote whose backs form but one ; between no punishment at all and a niihstiin'e
line) does not outweigh the price of the bran. for Ihe seutliild ; the criminal him-elf would he
They wore thick shoes, mich as scarcely a man come (what all chinches are coveting as their
would wear with us, no glovea of course, and high mission) prepared to die; the intemperate
their whole appearance was that of females in man would he released Irntn the lascinalion of
w hose minds never entered the thought of or- his darling mn ; the ambitions would reltntpiish
iiRiiil nt on week days. The trilling exponent of every thought of distinction; the covetous
the condition of woman in Fnglarid, has a large 1 would torget his schemes of wealth. Felt much
field of speculation within antl around it, antl to him.-ilt, with simple food, constant labor and
the result of philosophizing on it would be vast- ' suilable mural teaching, every thing would fa
ly in favor ofonr ride of the water. Ivor the return of the poor prod igul to his Fa-
As this letter is written on my first day of sit- ' ther's house ; Ins ow n conscience would resume
ting tip.and directly against the doctor' orders, ' her reign ; his heart would open with new sen
voti will give my invalid brain the credit of timents, sympathies and aspirations ; his life
coining cheerfully into harness. prepared to change, in (5od's time, trom a heal-
Youis, faithfully, N. P. Wilms. 1 i"g solitude to n blessed society, fn in one con
- - - - - i tinned privation to one endless joy !
Wiil not humanity "tin strength, under tin
impulse of these facts, to repeat the Word wlrcli
cutely in tow n, shut up in a nursery in her child- moved the Finperor Augustus to mercy, and s;e
hood in a boarding school through her youth, ' veil his tribunal from the pollution of passion,
never accustomed either to air or exercise, two ' Hangman, begum; '.' "
thing! that the law of (I.hI makes essential to
health. She marries; her strength i inade
quate to the demands upon it. I lor beauty
Till'. M.W YOltK MKItlll AXT,
All liuiilt nt uf Ik Firr.
A gentleman ol this city, learning early on
Sattirdav that hi store in New York was in
meet drafts made payable, nt sight. 1 care not
for the loss of wealth, but had thut money ln-en
destroyed, I should have lust my credit tor
a I10 wnu'd have known it was placed there?
And though left poor, trusting in Providence, 1
V It Provltlmre 1
Take, fur example, a young girl, bred deli-
danoer from the lire, hastened to the scene of 1 woa determined to pluco my character beyond
suspicion or perish in the attempt." A thun
dering shout rent the ti tr nt these words, and
before it had subsided, the walls full in and llio
store was a heap of red hot ruin.
The clothes of the merchant were burnt from
his body ai;d ho was li:era?ly naked. Ho w as)
conveyed to a neighboring house, where h 9
hums were dressed and every possible atten
tion paid him, and we are happy to say that h
walked to his home in this city, a few Iioum
after the occurrence. TirooU; Athertiscr.
The above is a good story, although it se ind
a little apocryphal.
Tub Conoitiom op thi: Pooh im 1,ov:pon.
Mr. Bryant, of the New York Post, at PrcM nt
in F.ngland, writes home the following account
of the poor in London.
"Beggaring is repressed by the new polica
regulations, and want skulk in the hides en. I
corners, and prefers its petition whor it can
not be overheard by men armed with the autho
ity of the law. There is a great deal of fani'iio
in I-ondon. paid a friend to mo the other day,
but the police regulations drive it out ot Bn-iit.
As I was going through Oxford Mreet lately, I
... . 11 ... ,1.,
saw an eiueriy man 01 suian timuiu, pom y
dressed, with a mahogany completion, walking
slowly before me. As 1 paused him, he tuid in
my ear, with a hollow voice, '1 am starving M
douth with hunger,' and these words and that
hollow voice sounded in my ear all day.
'Walking in Iluinpsteud Heath, a day or two
since with an Fnhih friend, wo weio acco. ti d
by two laborer.-, who who sitting on a bin. I;,
and whotaid that they had coiiio to that, neigh
borhood in search of L'uipliiyiiK'iit in hoy tiukii".',
hut hail not been able to get either work or
Ibod. My fr end appeared to distru-t their etn-
heen burned away. A cry ofhorror broke fn in j ry, ui in tho evening os we were walking
the w itnesses id the sfrnens the three men : home, wo passed a company ol tome lour or li o
laborers in frocks, with bludgeon in their
destruction. On arriving at his store he found
that the lire had already made considerable
progiess in his building. I le hesitated but for
n ni'iiuetit. and was about to spring up the
burning stairway when he wa. seized by two or
three bystanders, and asked if he was a mad
man thus to meet certitn death so rashly. 'Hold
me not hack, gentlemen,' be said, 'Fill not
mad ; hut I must and will save my iron chest,
though I perish in the attempt. Then with a
sudden eflort he released himself from those,
who, in kindness, would have held him back,
and in n moment more he had passed the burn
ing staircase, and was next seen running from
room to room despite the h'ur.e and smoke of
the burning building. The key of the safe, it
appears, was not to be found in the usual place,
ami disnppoiuled in not being able toobtain the
contents, he made an eflort to remove the safe
itself: failing in this, he left the building, and
wildly entreated some of the bystanders to aid
him. All refused, for destruction eeemcd cer
tain. Again did he plunge amidst the destruc
tive element : he had scarcely reached the spot
where stood ihe sale, when two men, who had
witnessed Ins previous eflorts, stood besitle him
and vowed they would stick by him to the last.
The crowd thinking the men had followed for
the purpose of rescuing the desperate man from
hi dangerous purobC, shouted : "Knock him
,,iwn'' "drag him out" "he'll he killed."
With the assistance of the two men, the safe
was dragged close to the hatchway, and the
fall was about tube made fast to as to lower
it dow n, w hi 11 at the moment the rear of the
store fell inward. A biigh mass of smoke and
tlame aseeiitled on high, and the hoisting ap
paratus fell, some part of tin' wood-work having
make 1 an nl iecl u Ooiii lrv Metcilian s ui.d other-
to call and (Xiiui rie his sl.s k h. tor.- puuha-ii.g
rlsewhere. Ke . IStj -l v
. 1 1. ..I mi 1 1. .11 in r.lio film's fidlin.lllV 7
I . , ... (..(.I.'.. ... - - ,
: From Fnglanil, l'i ; Scotlnuil.fi; Ireland, .'I;
; Wales, 1 ; Canada, '1: Foiled States, i ;
France, 1 ; Spain, 1 ; Mexico, 1 ', West Indies
1 ; Fast Intlies, :$ ; Lntisli tltniina, I; (Juali
maU, '2 ; I'oiiiuiirk, 1 ; Poland, 1 : (.eriuany, '.)
Of the Germans, VI worn from Hanover, V!
I from Hamburg, I trom ll nlen, 1 from Jihee, rj
j tiuiii Bremen, and 1 from Hemault. Mr. Ko
1 berl Owen wtia oiiu uf the Scotchmen, and lie.
rO0 1) y I.t IUt 1 Hides fir.-t quality.
:;.( Dry Li Ouii a. do
lOltO Dry Salltd Li (iuira. tlt
OOOO Dry Sail.U Ur ad Hides, tie.
;j." U.iVs. Oreen Sailed I'atna Kips.
MO Hah s 1 try Pa m- Kip.
1MO Marie! Tunncis' Oil.
'I aimer'' and Cunii ra' Tools
For sale lo t'ounlry I'm. m is ut iho lowist prices
rinl i.i.uii li t- I.e. I I mis.
N. K. The highest uisiket prices (niJ for all ; vinity drawn across it. Probably, tlie tnu
kinds ot bather I faith was in some of their keening.
tatles erirly. She languishes! through the hard ,
office ot her giving birth to children, suckling
and watching over them, and die early.
Wlril a strange Providence, that a mother
should bo taken, in the midst ol life, from her
children!" Wus it Providence ! No! Pro
vi.lence had assigned her three score years and
ten; a term Ion 3 enough to rear ln-r children,
and to see her children's children ; but she did
not obey the laws on which lilt depends, and of
course she Inst it.
A father, tms is cut oil' ill the midst of his
lays. He is 1111 tiselul am! distinguished citi
zen, and eminent in hi profession. A general
lur.'. ri.'OS, on every side of, "w hat a striking
Frovid. nee." This man has been in the Iirtt.it
of studying half the night, of passing hi day
in his office viid in courts, of euting luxurious
dinners, and drinking various wines. He ha
i was the only one on board, I fancy, for wlnnn j every day violated the law on which health tie
I tame had made any gieal outlay ot Iruiupetiug
'1 S.x clergymen ('.!) served a our protection a
A KI1I1 I'ort.
Poet arc proverbially poor, a well a prin
ters. Yet 11 remarkable exception is found in
Mr. Samuel Rodger, the author of Italy" and
'Plea-lire nt Memory." Mr. R. is a hanker,
and possessed of great wealth as the following
evtract truni a sketch of a visit to him furnished
to the lioston Atlas will testily ;
'Rut tliero wtre two object in tin rtmi,
which more than any nth r, engrossed my at
tention ; the ti'io represented the enormous
wealth of its p ssessor, and the other indicated
his keen appreciation of Ihe Value of the mind.
These arti di's wtre simply two mnll pieces of
piper, in giild frame. One of them w asa bank
of Fngland note for otic million pounds sterling,
and the original receipt of John Milton, tor five
1 pounds, (tin: sum he received for the cony light
uf Paradise Fost.fioin S.mtmmd.-, Ihe hookset
ler.) The bank note was one of the only four
which were ever struck Imui a plate, which was
afterwards destroyed. Tin: Uuthchild have
were eiivelt.peil in smoke anil lire mid hid from
their view. presently the two strangers c
niergetl from the building, tmd were greeted
w ith cheers by tin: crowd. The merchant, it
was thought, was irredeemably lost ; but not to
He had fallen down in a stupor; but quickly
recovering, however, he was seen when the
smoke consequent upon the failing 111 et the
rear wall, had cleared somew hat uway by the
chest, striving w ith nil his might to tumble it
down the hatchway. The people collected a
roiuid, were iiinii.eil, and thought him crazy
and invulnerable. Toe tire w as above, behev,
and all around him, and how the merchant
Mood there al.ve, tun! seemingly unhurt, was a
nivtterv no one could cx.dain. On w itnessing
hi exertion at ihe chest, every one held his
breath and stive the crackling of the timbers
and the ilisfiut shouts ot the firemen, not a
sound or a wi-per could lie heard. See! the
1 h. -l moves and now come tumbling down the
hatchway, amid the applause of the crowd. It
rolled out of the door and fell into the entrance
of the basement. The merchant was hist sight
of for a moment, but si lie ft nod on tho side
i gain-t tlm ineU-rg. I doubt. whether the At-
t Imtic had, ever before, such a hroiilwake of di-
one imuression ; the late Mr. Coutts had lino-
pen.!. Did Providence, cut him ofl ! 'I lie evil j ,,i(,r . t!i(. b.ik (lf yM..Uuil ,, ,.lir( ; ,,
rarely end here. ' ivej.j, Mi Rogers dcco.ale I. id parlor w in.
The disease of iho fathers are often trans. (o r,.M1Iliml, nIl0 There it hang within a-
muted ; and a chit: mother rarely leave he
hind her vigorous children.
It has been eustouiatv in some of our cities,
1 ny one's leach a fortune lo many but valueless
In all excepting it owner. No one would think
of stealing it, for it would be only so nint h
waste paptr. It never could be negcciated
without detection, find, were it destroyed hy
hands, w ho asked us lor something to cat. Voti
see how it is gentlemen,' said one of litem, 'wo
are strong ; we have come for work, and nob
t'y will hire us ; we have had nothing to e .t
nil day.' Their tone was disMiluiicii, almost
menacing; and the Fugiishinun who was with
me referred to it aeveral times afterwards, vv itii
an expression ofatixiety nnd a! r:u.
"1 hear often rept-uted here, tii t t' e 1! iler
etice of condition between Iho poorer mul tloj
richer classes becomes greater i v 1 ry div, n i.l
w hut the end may be tho w i-ust nicU i.d not to
Tin: Rlm.lv Rich. Tneru is ro greater
fallacy than this supposition that opulence i-ou-
sitts 111 the enjoy mciita of a l..r.;e incuine. J ho
man whose expenditure i quu!.-. hi.- income 1- .i
reality a pour man, whatever position be iviy
occupy in the eye ot tie.' world, ;i;lo a per - 1
moving in a far lower spin re iiiny in in. 1
wealthy, if his income be wore lhuit propor
tionate to his preteiisiotis. There is no .:.
cics uf poverty more urgent ortiislr; . n, 'i. oi
that which seeks its coiicealiiieal in tiie tli.-ni iy
. . . - -.i. - 1... 1 1
wa k, t.!jci,cn..i ami nurni won sui.m, 0 plence, nor is there any vv hicli throws s.i
11 ,-,,., and again asked for aid to remove hi temptations hilhewb, o! honesty. Ti.o
CI.Csl in 111 I s .Of., posoiou. , t.u r.diig j, vilhlu, jH.v.-rty 0f Ihr,
ancient Hreeksand Romans would have bonrht
. . ... . 'I'lilf 't C. b'll W
. .... ,. ... I wish fn msU n nersonii tavor of a 1 the , !"r voting ladies to walk in Itiitl elioca ailU !cli
o. SI.Mouili I luril !M. riiii.uii 111a. - , - t - -
Sei.iriniH-i 11, 1 1-1 1. lv. friends of the Minor who aie in the office ot : cite stocking 111 a midwinter. A healthy,
-tlJ5-is, .jr'-Trf : American (ustom I louses, viz : that tl.ey . i.i.H.tnmg young gin, u.u i.resseu, m v ioiumoii , i:tr cmnrtcr, no loss would
VCUUT.tlll'i: i'OJIIMU'XW, I would retaliate upon Fog! shinen in the most : of Heaven's law s, pays the penally ; a checked ,.niHe , M( Kjj,.w. At his word, however, i '
-.ir -nit rut. 1 r v xatioits maiinrr possible, the silly and useless circulation, Co. it, lever and ueaiii. "vv naia sail
P Si' 'j 1' S I A . i imufdiineiit throw 11 i:i tin w.iv of paengern 1 Providence!"' exclaim her friend. Wus it
fHIHH Medicine . oll.M'1 to ih- pu H.c K..,er- l.vcrnool. We.lro.ined anchor with ' Providence, or her own folly !
r - r ' 1
come trom beneath Iho whole front i full-
ing you will perish " Ho exclaimed "'.hen
shall it cover me, for the safe I will rescue, or
he buried with it," nnd then again rushed into
the burning pile. The feeling- ot' tho.-e who
beheld him cannot be described.
He proceeded to a pln"i in hi office, where
he knew w a placed a small hatchet, took it,
eliined to the Ihird slory with astonishing agi-
llv. from a full conviction th.ti ii i superior
it nih'ht be tran!orined into a golden shower. 1
Ho alone is the nng.cian vvhocau render ,1 all . fr n(" .,.,., j
and severed the rope iVoai the burning dru.n
to vvliich it had been secured, but was not yet
biiml oil", and down he sprang aguin. At time
half the golden Kitraps of the Fj.-I, mill it will
generally be profligate. Riches have little al
lurements to those who have lo expensive
tastes or habits to gratify who have fell lli
joys of temperance and the consolation of inte
grity. However limited our mean may be, wo
shill be among tho number of the truly opulent
if we live enutentcdlv within them. Tin
i perpetual ambition to be thought greater thin
we are, is a source of contempt t.i these almoi
u, of derision to those below, a'l l of c..t:' ni:"l
powerful for good or evil.
discomfort to ourselves. Nor can the nit-
t.Titnv other in .heme 11 . ... use, for Ihe cure of ' a Custom House stea.nhoot alongside, and our I A beaut iful bride goes, night after night, lo . ()nv (,,- po,.f l0 ra air,rd to ke. p
llvMi.t.sia. laser Oo.iielaiol. .Nervou IV'.nlitv or
If . . illy We iknt's. A e.
Its 1 tr. t-'s have t.cen tested in a private prseoee
ef ne.r liehl vea.s, and il is now mere pxteinnvely
eireulatetl, nl die heliciiuile of many who have re
wived the most signal hem lit liom ihe u-e of it.
The folhiwiim ia one mi.otnz a nuinhei of ct rtifi
cate received in itlatioii to Ihe succe of Ihi me
d ie me 1
I.M sTFn Co. March I.
11. (iKonnr. W. Aii:i,
Jhnr Sir f Il u with urt at iileusure that I in-
form you of .he ucc anetitliuu your lys C.tu'
Medicine, while eui..yeil in my p set ice. fioin
past rXperiet.cp, I firmly httievp that in eight cast. .
out of ten, llie lypiic, t'.v Ih use of your nieth- 1
rine, may einir. ty nil himself ol Ihn Itiorn Hi Ihe
pathway of bin: not only in ilysptic cases, hut
in all C4sti of constipation, and disease depending
on a dilulitated stale of ihe nervou system, loce.
ther with a lo.pid stuleof the bnweU, will your E
likir tie found of inrstiin ihle value. NumeroU in
stances whtuein tho uefulne of ihe medicine ban
liet-n realised, nmy le foi warded, if required. I
wish you grrai ucte, and recommend the medi
cine to the kutfering part of mankind.
YouiH, with ereal respert,
fjj For ale at Ihe store of H. 15. Mas.er, agent
for ihe proprietor, nuui ury, 1 a.
OtioWr Sliih, 151 1. ty
naggage lay on tlecK two Hours, inme eiiongu pauiesun .n..r ... ... r ..n. r. ns U1 ,j j,. t,n,.lll( t, liv e 1111
to ho examined twice over,) hetoro it a 1 lias a nightly sore throat, perhaps 1.10 vveattier
tramterrod to the goveruiuelH Vessel. We inclement ; but she tiiu.-r wear her net k mi l
t lis oft
outsu;... and again he would be seen titling n- row (lU,f 1,rclllnsIancfs liy
bout ti lliougli he was proul agatnt (It.strilC
ti ai, aiida cheer vvoillil ascend. Soon he was
Rrvtrnv uiii' Ilviuioi'iioiu. Thetilis- j ,,,H,n standing 011 the side walk with the sever-
. . 1 .. r . i. i.;,.. ..' t , . 1 : t. 1 . .. .
and our baggage were then taken a.l.ore. and i arms bare ; tor whoever s.w a hrid., in ,. close gow Argus mm.,..., re, ne.-v .or , .,- ..- , rope over . m..,,.er. o ...
.,n..e,. at a Custom House, lint not to be ex- ! evening dres ! She ,s conseuucKly eied , bid animals, applied by Dr. David Rtirnes, ,,, ul ,,,e h,nre ..!, ... and I,. was again h.tlden
. .. 1 , u. ... . 1 1. i with an itifhinatioii ol the lime, and I tin itran ! 'be ease of two hn.ie ot that city. j
BlUUieU lilt TV ; Kill, III, , II lour, M,i 1100 . - r. - is-
earl, and carried a tnilrnnd a Iwlf to ,t,wtlr i receives her before her bridal day are over.
Vanity long tlet e.ve one .-.vyept
he nrt'Cccrs of
, perh.i p , p few
jrJiy Vi.:l!i eeteiv.
l.y ti volume ol lire ami sinel,.. 1 Hat cieare.i nn, , ... :.. ,c ...... Lt ,. ,, ;tj.
lie was seen hard at work on the sale , Mr.....n, , .,.,,,,., , 0u!y i-hows that whr.t-
liui the world. 1 large Jog entered, bit them l.otll severe, y. ami . ,.,uleavoriiig ,0 Ihrii-l Ihe lio k at the fH'" rv,.r her gills w. may have, weal least ara
' Alas! did the I ran oil. Dr. N.irne was in ihe hotel, hav ing ,,. u.muol, j,s handle. Ho succeeded, ! l(.f,t.i,,l,t ih.mcstv. Tiie reallv iich, tin !,, a:c
... 1 1 1 ..... I ... . I I 1 ... .1 :.. 1 " ' ...
not cut the thread ot life herself! ' b. 11 on a tour in inn 1 i.gi...,.iu o , ami men carrying ,ne oiner euu 01 ropo ,u,i por.-olis inert ly tf large means re'tiv.y
strangers, vv h i are I.
Our mean, as well us our characters, w..l
sooner or later Iconic known, in tpito of tiny
di-'f'uiec with which we tiny rv.'eno.t tj inve-t
"Thev were in a parlor of a hotel, when a . a w h v and
f Wowi ,irr. and there it would be deliver. ,1 "'l"' Providence !" exel
s. if there lo ten it examined ! We ! ' ' 1,1011 " ' "' 5
lantled at ten o'clock in the morning, and with
my utmost exertions, I did not get my baggage
till three. The cost to me, o? porterage, fee,
&c, w as three dollars and a half, besides the
theft of two or three small article belonging
to my child. I w as too ill to laugh, and I there
fore passed the matter over to my resentments.
I trust my particular share will be retr.c'iibered
in the coming wars of Oregon.
During the tour or five hour that I was play
ing the baugor-on to a vulgaruud tsuuey custom
. . . ...... ...... 1
Look, my young friends, nt the mas of di. 1 I ady llaninnre. J,r. iiurncs, on a ...v- , me as i .r as 11 woniu perm.i 01 ,0- vvit( ,,,e )msil(1)tls ,,y lllM 1U ,,,ul, ty. A poor
ol eat- uature.d the accident, insiainiy lhi..-i.-i., o.r , war,, tli; crowd and was received Willi llietnosj ; mi. (, W(mIll u, a ut tlp:l!l A, p'y l.ecausu
ease that aie incurred by intemperance
ing and drinking, or in btudy, or in business ;
also being caused often by neglect of exercise,
cleanlines, pure air, by indiscreet dressing,
li.ilii Ineiiirr 'C ami unlike, i.uietlv imnuteii
teTpiovideiice ! I there not impiety as well 0 ret i and he says that no danger whatever is lo
ignorance in this ! Were the physical laws be feared from it, lUhe mouth and lin. are true
strictly observed from generation to generation, j 'rui sores or rl"M-"
there would he an end to the frightful d ist'BsfS j I!h-s TIIK Rh-'OKIILI, tiAMI'.LLII, is lectll-
ltt ! rin" at Oleavelaml. In a sM-ecl, nl a lein;er
pod, and excised the wound ; and had alo re- 1 voc,-,.r.,us accluinatioii. It is needless lo say ' in ,e lUl,r e.iH), ,!.,. , ,,, the s.iino ileutMi-l
source to the eiiigulur incllioU ol uiahii,' un'pu- t.re Wl.ru plenty hud hold of tho roju. I he
for a lurge expenditure
tients suck their wound. Tin course the e.M w;lIj urn ., ,,L.J i.utau.id hurrahs , ud placed 1 ,,nj ,.,
I Doctor recoinineu.ieu leu year ago ... ... i....... , j( (i.,t.,yi
' In the name of Heaven," asked sevcnil,
"vv hy risk your life thus for the sake ol what
wealth the chest may contain ! Ret ween dol
lars and lile, who, buf you, would lies. tale !"
Hold," uid tl.fi inercl.aiit. "Ol my own
. 0: ....... 1 ... ,,. ..,i,lsia , ilnii n.nlien IiI'h b lorinent or u trial. It is tht
... 1 . . , 1.1. i. 1 i .,,... ...oeiiiur. n nave I he Hi d ing answer to I nrotiert v 1 have lost al.ut thousand thd
n 1.. 11 -.. ...... i..t i. 001 11 1 0.1 ni 1 lost W.111 nest .i.tui-isiuiiuttiu ini-'a.ifc . , ,
crcpV , ,v .o, uu r)vm-imllm u.... . . . ( t)ii) u. o iM hmi w,.re ie ri.,ej ,,irs ,,v . ,iri.(lir ,Ut , fare ,llt
what I had lett, and what was Uelore 1110. 1 lie sica. sysic... no...... . .... .....v.,...., .... n Horn a lluckev e, ran.. .1 a ll.sser,
The :utne rclulaJ.n
cii.sses ot society, so taut n.
man to become rich b is . n'y l-j dt set iI frotu
' the pedestal on w hich !. - pn lc h i ex .'ted i
J mid conloriu lo the usages of 'es a;-.d- 1:0. i
, men. Ofuli lb .r.gs m tin w i.':e world, pnii
J is the most .-xp.-u-ive :u. l C.' r 1 . e- ii'l '
! ucipiir.i, just sie-'.r-.cts u or- ; or'. . ' t
' '.y ot weulth, un-1 iiuiKiver.ah.-s -!.., !'!'" '
.inkii... was the utter w :...f nf hone in the . bodv. this goodly temple, w ould giadually de- . .,.,(. ..,,,, m liucinnali I ul, studied and piac
l.li:i:i.-T hihea price I colll.teaucP", tl0 workiutf cl.isses-tho U,k eay", and men would die US falli.ij Urlocp.- I used pun.biing lor twelve year 0.1 the Mimm-
Aug. 31, 1811.
. . . . . 1 1
11. U. MASSCU. 1 of dogged sub:nissiun and uniural etiduranco cl' -Wis -stcut'
tiippi, and Tiadua'cd iii'i'eJl"
1 -l j 1 .el.ls to it. Fvi-rv man h. u
ciiesl contain a large um i.t money e'.'.i rusted ,;P,,illli,., .....i. to live w'.tliu I
. . . .. . ...... 1. . 1 . . . - . . . .... '. . ..... .1... ....I. .
10 11 iv care yt".. ro.ij- iilteriioon, .00 liu mean ; Il.l nn! i-p.' no ei.ee . out vi m
depctitcd in tl.g b'auk, by an FjitciU house, lu tecttul Bufe-juatii uf hci.caty.

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